" CreepyPasta RP "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 666 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Hey just a random CP rp OC's allowed I might not be on much fair warning. But you guys can hang with eachother on here I don't care what the hell you do you can swear for all I care. However I need you to Not type ANYTHING rated R kissing is okie though

1>Lucy Doll (Clown), 16yo.2019,Aug.25 10:41 Hello! My names Lucy Doll! Welcome to my game! (Lucy's appearance is pale skin, long blood red hair in messy pig tails, green eyes, a blue diamond on her left cheek and a blue tear drop on her right cheek just below her
1>Lucy Doll (Clown), 16yo.2019,Aug.25 10:45 Eyes she wears a short rainbow skirt that goes down to her knees with overall straps attached, A white shirt. Long purple boots high heeled, white socks that go up to her knees and a small top hat with a green ribbon around it)

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