" The Phantom Mania City "
This game is destined to players of 15 to 100 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

This is a game I made, it's not perfect but I hope people enjoy playing here :D


And this is a city game the subject is action and future cause I can't add more than one subject.

It's suck that u can't have 50 people in one game.

-You will be given 500$ to start so get a job first and earn some money!
-Stress is something you need to take care of, stay 0 and you will not harm your character.
-Your health is 100 just don't get so much damage.
-If your respect reach 50 or higher, you will get free money randomly by The Mayor/Game Master
-Thirst and Hunger need to stay higher than 10. Buy food and water to stay balanced like all things should be.
-Thirst & Hunger needs to be higher than 10, replenish with food & water.
-Fun is like stress but the opposite of it.

>Mayor/Game Master
>Medical Team/Reviver
>Police/Arresting Criminals & Gangs
>Gangs & Criminals/Can get arrested
>Gun Dealer/Hidden in the city/Can't be arrested
>Drug Dealer/Scattered in alleyways/Can be arrested
>Store clerk/Selling food, water, phone, clothes, backpack, box, fannypack, duffel bag, pouch, and healing items.

-Punch damage is -10 per hit
-Kick damage is -10 per hit
-Flare Gun damage is -25
-Knife damage is -25 per stab
-Grenade is instant kill
-Stun Gun damage is -15
-Drinking (Use) Alcohol damage is -10
-All guns are very dangerous -50 per shot
-Using drugs one time is -20

Gets killed:
-Respawn in hospital for quick revive (Wait for 30 Seconds)
-Wait for the medical team to arrive and take you to the hospital for immersion of the roleplay (Wait for 60 Seconds)

Getting a gun license from the mayor:
You can't have a criminal record that's it.

If you still don't understand you can ask me or anyone in the game, don't be shy.

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