" Dawn of Death - A Zombie Apocalypse RPG "
This game is destined to players of 14 to 100 years of age.
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At the dawn of the Apocalypse, with a population boom going out of control and zombies on the loose, the world is in chaos. Under the watch of Dane Peters, organizations across the globe strive to keep everyone safe. However, these organizations are running out of supplies - and room. Behind the façade, Dane has been scheming...his plan? To bring the population back to its original state, perhaps even less than that. How will he go about doing that? Sending the most ordinary of people out into the wilderness to make it to 'The Haven', a supplies mecca. These people will have to fight against zombie, man, nature, and themselves as they take on the ultimate challenge: to bring back supplies to their people and organization.
Supplies. Death. Zombies. These are the three words that describe the age of the apocalypse as we know it..

1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.27 00:13 (Hi, and welcome to Dawn of the Dead roleplay!)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.27 00:14 (Let me take a moment to explain what will be going down. First and foremost, please create a bounty hunter. Bounty hunters work alongside zombies, as well as Dane, to bring down as many humans as possible. )
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.27 00:15 (After that, feel free to create any character you want. This takes place in a near future atmosphere, so don't make your characters too complicated- we're assuming that the countries that exist now exist in this game, as do current technologies.)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.27 00:17 (Before we begin each mission, we'll introduce our characters briefly, mostly focusing on what brought them to the organization of their state, province, etc. Feel free to add in additional backstory that makes them who they are.)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.27 00:20 (The night before the characters leave, they will be allowed entry into an inventory, where they will select the supplies needed. Each character has 500 dollars to spend. The idea is that they must choose wisely, being on a budget. )
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.27 00:21 (When they venture out, they will be given trackers, so the people at the organizations, plus Dane, can track their progress, see where they are. This also provides Dane an excellent opportunity to throw disasters their way,
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.27 00:21 be it through an engineered disaster, a flock of zombies, or the bounty hunters that have been assigned to go after them.)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.27 00:22 (The goal is for the characters to reach "The Haven" and collect a bunch of supplies. When they make it there successfully, and get the supplies needed, a military chopper will pick them up, thus marking the end of the mission.)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.27 00:23 (It is recommended that your bounty hunter die at some point, and that you only have one surviving "hero". )
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.27 00:24 (As stated, missions will focus on a particular state, province, or region. I'm starting out with US states, but will eventually think about expanding horizons.)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.27 00:25 (MISSION LOCATION: Florida, USA. Base/organization location: Orlando.)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.27 00:26 (When creating a character, please choose a city in Florida for them to be from. It can be one of the biggest cities, or it can be totally random. If you're feeling uncreative, just mouse over the state on Google and choose whatever it lands on. Have fun!
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.27 00:26 (Any questions, just ask.)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Feb.27 01:48 (I guess I'll start with my first character: Jenkins. He's a truck driver from the small town of Milton, FL, which is located in the panhandle. I imagine his faceclaim to be Kiefer Sutherland, except possibly grayer. He always wears a beaten cowboy hat.)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Feb.27 01:52 (Up until recently, Jenkins has had an especially hard life - all due to the fact that he was in a constant battle with alcohol for a good portion of his life. Therefore, his wife left him, he hasn't really had any beneficial jobs, and he's not on great
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Feb.27 01:52 terms with his son.)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Feb.27 01:56 (His career was in fact triggered by this chaotic timeline. One night, he and his son had a huge fight - and the son flipped out, ''leaving for good". Jenkins decided he couldn't take Milton, and worked his way up to becoming a truck driver.)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Feb.27 01:58 (Life on the road has been enjoyable for Jenkins. He's seen most of the country, earns enough money to survive, and most importantly, generates perpetual distractions for himself. But he's been drowning in regret ever since the outbreak. Why?)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Feb.27 01:59 (Yeah. Because he cut communication with his son for good, and now he doesn't know where he is. Jenkins thinks that, if maybe he had stuck around and been more supportive, his son wouldn't have left.)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Feb.27 02:01 (Jenkins has adapted a gruff personality because of this. He's not open about himself unless his life truly depends on it. As a matter of fact, this man is business as usual. You won't be engaging in deep conversation with him. But he does have a soft
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Feb.27 02:01 spot.)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Feb.27 02:03 (Now that he's been chosen to go to The Haven, he couldn't be more ready to diverge from normalcy - and pick up evidence pertaining to his son's whereabouts. His main skills are driving, and he has extensive knowledge on America's major roadways. Watching
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Feb.27 02:04 shows on Nat Geo, the Discovery Channel, and various reality TV shows have also paid off. )
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Feb.27 02:04 (Fun fact: His surname is Jenkins.)
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 02:08 [hello!]
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Feb.27 02:10 (Candace is/was a mom of six living in Gainesville, FL. I'm kind of imagining her to look like Eddie's wife in Christmas Vacation. She wears a denim jumper and T-shirt commemoratingna random event at her church
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Feb.27 02:11 (Hi!)
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 02:11 [i have a question]
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 02:12 [so why is Dane killing the humans?]
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Feb.27 02:16 (I wasn't the creator of this game, but from what I've been told, Dane has been giving America false hope by setting up The Haven and other organizations affiliated with it. And because of the population boom, there will only be so many supplies left to
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Feb.27 02:16 keep the citizens thriving.)
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Feb.27 02:17 (Hopefully that helped!)
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 02:17 [ok so TJ is a white male... he was the best on his varsity basketball team...He was actually very poor]
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Feb.27 02:17 (Anyways, before the zombies infiltrated Gainesville, Candace served as a stay-at-home mom, homeschooled all six of her kids, and was a fervent participant in her church.)
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 02:18 [his mom was a drug addict and his dad was in jail]
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 02:19 [thanks!]
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Feb.27 02:19 (...until tragedy struck. No matter how much she and her family tried to arm themselves against the disease the zombies were spreading, each and every one of them died. Except for Candace, of course.)
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Feb.27 02:19 (No problem!)
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 02:19 [He tried his best...to be better than his mom and dad]
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Feb.27 02:20 (With nowhere else to turn (and refusing to live amongst the corpses of her family), Candace was forced to flee to her church, where she hunkered down in the basement for weeks.)
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 02:20 [He did pretty good...10 years later he was a NBA rookie]
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 02:21 [[that lasted for about two months...then the zombies came]
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Feb.27 02:22 (Although living a meager life during that 3-week time frame, in which she almost lost her mind, Candace survived. Either it was a rare phenomenon, or a testament to her deep faith, or both.)
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 02:22 [so now he is a Bounty hunter...trying to survive]
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 02:23 [he doesn't agree with Dane but its either get killed or survive when you disagree with somebody]
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Feb.27 02:24 (Nonetheless, she has no other choice but to survive again, with the stakes being higher this time around. Maybe she's not as skilled in the survival world as everyone else, but she's a motherly figure, and that might just increase everyone else's chances
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Feb.27 02:24 of survival.)
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 02:24 [They took him from the streets forcefully...He's had chances to run but he didnt]
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 02:28 [He was a rookie for Miami Heat]
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Feb.27 02:32 {Father Jones is a priest...he is locked up in a church in Orlando FL. with 2 others...These Others have left him there to go find supplies...he says that this church is sacred and Jesus will protect him there from the dead]
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Feb.27 02:33 [He has sworn that he will not hurt any living soul (Inculding zombies)]
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Feb.27 02:38 [surviving on the little food he has he will HAVE to go to find supplies]
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Feb.27 02:40 [He has no Children because he has a rare disease that will kill you within to days. It is very easy to treat. It is treated with a ingredient in ibuprofen]
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Feb.27 02:40 [that is spelled wrong]
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Feb.27 02:42 [He just got this a couple days before the dead came...luckly he goes to the doctor all the time...he was saved....he is running out of this drug so this is another reason to go to the supplies drop]
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Feb.27 02:42 [brb if your still here]
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Feb.27 02:46 [well looks like you left....be here tomorrow! bye!]
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Feb.27 03:01 {Frank had no family before the dead...They abandoned Him and put him in adoption he Grew up There untill he was eighteen and was let out]
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Feb.27 03:02 [he profits from the apopacalse..he is a merchant trading things for better things...hes sells things from aspirin to assault rifles]
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Feb.27 03:05 [HIS TRANSPO. is a black SUV with white $ signs painted on each side.. The windows are replaced with bars and a square is cut off from the top]
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Feb.27 03:06 [the holes side's has rubber on them so he doesn't get cut from the sides]
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Feb.27 03:07 [this hole on the top is for shooting out of]
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Feb.27 04:52 [I'm here!]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Feb.27 04:54 (Hi!)
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 04:55 [Just making characters right now.]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 04:56 [Honestly the only place I've been in Florida is Disney World (and I haven't been there for years), so I'm just throwing random well-known cities into my Role boxes. XP]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 04:57 [Also, I recall hating on Tampa Bay sports teams a lot, sooo... XD XP]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 04:57 [Can I play as the mother of any of your characters?]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 04:58 [I'm thinking of playing as a middle-aged woman who's kind of like Tris' mother from Divergent.]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 04:59 [FYI, Dawn of the Dead may not have been the best name for me because it reminds me of Dawn of the Dragon. XD XP That's a game from the Spyro reboot (specifically it's called The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon) which I haven't played, but I've heard
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 05:00 that it's one of those games where you can switch between characters (if you're playing alone), and the AI/bot who acts as the character you're not playing as is absolutely and hideously stupid. XD]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 05:00 [The AI can teleport to you and it is even invincible (thus it can't die during fights) but even that doesn't help almost at all. XD]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 05:01 [There's nothing wrong with the name of this RP - it's just that it reminds me a bit of a video game I know of... XD]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 05:04 [@ Trent: Just so you know, Dane Peters has a secret plan involving the killing of humans and is in charge of the bounty hunter movement, sort of. I think Paige said that the bounty hunters have been hypnotized/transformed mentally in some way to be cold
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Feb.27 05:05 (I don't know if you're willing, but we do need an additional brother to Nick, Jake, and Lauren.)
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 05:05 and heartless enough to kill humans as well as zombies. I won't spoil why Dane Peters wants humans killed, but it'll probably be revealed later, and the harvesting of dead humans actually financially benefits Dane Peters... >:D]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 05:07 [@ Joan: Sure, I can be that brother. Could I be Luke's mother (unless he's not very heroic; I generally want it to be a heroic mother-child pair like Tris and her mom)?]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Feb.27 05:09 (Yeah...as far as I know, he isn't very heroic.)
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 05:14 [How about I play as the mom of Lauren, Jake, Nick, and the brother I'm going to play as?]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Feb.27 05:25 (I'm not really sure what Paige had planned, so she'll have to confirm that for you.)
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 05:26 [Just saw the sad part of the Oscars (a TV in a nearby room is on that channel)...though I've known Gene Wilder's been dead for months, it was the part that hit hardest, sort of.]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 05:26 [Oh, okay. Is she here? Or dead asleep? XD XP]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 05:27 [Oh, and I can't help but share more Spyro music. This is from a level that's part of Dream Weavers (the game is structured like this: There are six "hub" worlds with four or five or so levels that follow the theme of the hub world. The hub worlds have to
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 05:29 do with what each dragon type does: Artisans is a beautiful world full of meadows and castles (and artistic, peaceful dragons), Peacekeepers is full of deserts and tundras (and the protectors of the Dragon Realms), Magic Crafters is full of mountains (and
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 05:30 dragons skilled with magic), Beast Makers is full of swamps and trees (and dragons who create beasts/animals, obviously), Dream Weavers is full of dreamy, floating islands and worlds that range from amazing and bright to utterly nightmarish (and it has
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 05:31 dragons who craft dreams and make sure no one has nightmares while they sleep), and Gnorc Cove is full of harbors (and Gnorcs; it's the garbage dump of the Dragon Realms).]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 05:32 [Here's the soundtrack: ht tps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=cwqxLW9138g It's from Lofty Castle, a level from Dream Weavers. It kinda has piano(-like) music in it.]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 05:36 [FYI, I saw Jimmy Kimmel tweeting Trump, and that was freaking hilarious. XD]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 05:37 [THAT IS THE MOST EPIC THING I'VE SEEN ALL NIGHT (ALMOST)!!!!]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 06:01 [Hello?]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Feb.27 06:01 (Haha! Sorry I disappeared...I'll have to go now, but I'll see you tomorrow!)
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 06:04 [Aw, bye!]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 06:07 [I'm supporting Hidden Figures for best picture BTW...I saw it and it was brilliant.]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 06:07 [Either that or maybe Lion. I haven't seen it but it looks really good.]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 06:08 [I've also seen H**l or High Water, and I'm surprised it's been nominated, but I wouldn't say it's the best. It's good, but I've seen better.]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 06:09 [La La Land won?!!? >_< ]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.27 06:09 [It's like Mad Max: Fury Road or something!!! >____< (And FYI, I saw and hated Mad Max: Fury Road.) I haven't seen La La Land, though...all I know is that Hidden Figures is better. XD XP]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Feb.27 06:17 [FYI, Cooper is Lauren's, Jake's, and Nick's brother and Moa is either their mother or Luke's mother (I'll decide when I know more about these characters). Alaska and Emerson are a father-daughter duo.]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Feb.27 06:17 [Kayden is more on his own, so to speak. Henry is obviously a bounty hunter.]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Feb.27 06:30 (Had to come back and see what you thought of the results...out of the nominated films, I saw La La Land, Manchester By the Sea, and Lion.)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Feb.27 06:31 (All of them were very good. La La Land was excellent; extremely thought-provoking. Manchester was depressing on almost lobotomizibg levels, but still really well. And I would highly recommend Lion. It was great. Very insightful on Indian culture.)
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 12:27 (I'm here for a couple minutes )
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 12:28 (Scratch what I said about time when he turned into a bounty hunter)
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 12:30 (Tj was set up. The Dane cooperation set up a small santaury but it was a trick. They took survivors in and brainwashed them. Outing all these horrible ideas and thoughts into their head)
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 12:31 *puting
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Feb.27 15:42 (Hi Trent! Thanks for joining.)
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Feb.27 15:43 (Do you mind putting a city in Florida in your characters' occupation box? Thanks.)
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Feb.27 15:44 (Oh, and can you put "Bounty Hunter" in TJ's occupation box as well? Just so we can differentiate between who's a bounty hunter and who's not.)
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Feb.27 15:46 (Anyways, I'm going to introduce Jake, who's currently a med school student at the University of Miami. He has close-cropped blonde-ish hair, blue eyes, and is very tall.)
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Feb.27 15:46 (Just saw that TJ isn't a bounty hunter. Sorry for the mistake.)
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Feb.27 15:47 (Jake comes from a rich family living somewhere in and around Fort Lauderdale, so life has never been hard for him. With money from them and his own brains, he's been able to make it big in life without having to fight much. )
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Feb.27 15:48 (Jake's not a snob, though. He's actually pretty nice, and can be helpful. Sometimes, his smarts get in the way, but beneath that, he has a heart.)
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Feb.27 15:49 (Jake's greatest strengths are, of course, his smarts - not only in the classroom, but in the streets as well. In high school, he used to play a bunch of sports, and probably exercises daily to stay in shape.)
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Feb.27 15:52 (Luke, from Palm Bay. He's an eccentric, quirky, smart, and.....very weird kid. He has sort of balmy skin, rectangular, wire-rimmed glasses that are definitely on the "uncool" side, and semi-long wavy black hair, which stops below the ears.)
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Feb.27 15:53 (Wears this kind of old-school but not old-school gray jacket, every single day. He does so because he enjoys war and flight, and the jacket reflects somewhat of a uniform.)
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Feb.27 15:54 (Luke could be similar to Jake - he's extremely smart - but he's not. In fact, he's quite the opposite. He lives in a crappy house in a crappy neighborhood, has a dysfunctional family, and is a school loner, which he put upon himself.)
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Feb.27 15:55 (Spending hours with the textbooks didn't stop him from going "woe is me" on himself. He sought out Internet friends, and after a misunderstanding, has become colder.)
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Feb.27 15:55 (And by Internet friends, we're talking more like Internet "dates".)
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Feb.27 15:57 (He always dreamed of becoming a (psychopath) microbiologist who lived in some cold, desolate place, in a self-made log cabin(preferably with his sweetheart, but he blew it). He's also been preparing for the zombie apocalypse, with Amazon shipments coming
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Feb.27 15:58 in daily. Now that it has actually happened, he's ditched his brothers and sisters to seek out a hiding space....not to mention a mate he can treat as his number one damsel.)
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 21:37 [hello guys...im here but im reading peoples character description]
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 21:44 [@Paige: He still is i was just changing of how he became one...sorry for not being clear]
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 21:47 [ I do like this game..but i do not have time for it with school, and other things....i will have to leave]
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Feb.27 23:15 (Aw, we're sorry to see you leave... do you want us to keep your characters still?)
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Feb.27 23:16 (Anyhow, here's Nick. He's the eldest brother of Jake, Cooper, and Lauren. Nick has curly, dark brown hair, blue eyes, and thick-framed "geek" glasses.)
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Feb.27 23:18 (At 32, you'd expect that he'd be married and have a kid or two. That's partially true: Nick is married to comics, vintage video games, various fandoms, food, and vinyl records.)
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Feb.27 23:20 (Not that he's still living in his parents' basement, because he's far beyond that. Like most of his nuclear family, he's become successful, living a comfortable life as a computer programmer in the middle of Miami.)
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Feb.27 23:25 (Here's the catch, though: Nick (and possibly Cooper) have been a bit AWOL for reasons unknown. The last time he fully reunited with his family was at Jake's college graduation, where a family feud took place. After many moons of zero familial
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Feb.27 23:27 communication, Nick regrouped with his siblings, possibly to freeload off of them. This is sure to create conflict.)
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Feb.27 23:30 (Unlike Jake, Nick isn't very fit. He also doesn't know how to use a weapon of any kind, but he's incredibly smart when it comes to technology.)
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 23:33 (Alejandro, a bounty hunter. He has coffee-colored skin, shiny black hair swept over his forehead, a mole on his right cheek, and dark brown eyes.)
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 23:38 (Before becoming a bounty hunter, Alejandro was pretty normal. He and his family immigrated to the USA from Cuba, and weren't able to get very good jobs. Therefore, he lived in a trailer park for most of his life.)
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 23:40 (Living in the trailer park wasn't easy. It was cramped, unpleasant, and his parents frequently fought about finances until the wee hours. Once, his brother even got arrested. Alejandro managed to work his way to the top, and got a scholarship to college.
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 23:40 *)
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 23:43 (After that, the future looked good, and it was. Alejandro has since moved out to Naples for his new job. Once the zombies started arriving, though, a lot of people left Naples for the organizations set up by Dane.)
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 23:44 (Like some, Alejandro stayed behind to keep his life in check, thinking that the apocalypse would eventually die down. So he did that for awhile, and successfully. But one night, as he was driving down the interstate, he was cornered by a group of zombies
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 23:44 and forced to surrender.)
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 23:45 (Alejandro begged for them not to take his life. In order to stay alive, he had to follow a proviso: become a bounty hunter. )
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 23:47 (Being a bounty hunter has guaranteed Alejandro top notch training with weaponry and himself. He learned quickly, so be careful of him.)
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.27 23:48 (A sidenote: Alejandro isn't as bad as they come. Since he only wants to survive, he's just doing what he has to.)
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Feb.27 23:52 (Lauren, the only sister of Jake, Cooper, and Nick. Has medium length brown hair, and blue eyes. Is somewhat tan, tall, and lean. Some people may find her to be attractive not only in the looks department but in the personality department as well.)
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Feb.27 23:54 (Is somewhat bubbly, usually in a great mood, and definitely a dingbat. Since she and Cooper are the same age, they're probably twins, but obviously not close, since Cooper went AWOL with Nick.)
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Feb.27 23:56 (To Lauren, family is everything. She's super close with her parents and Jake, and because of that, she never really left Florida- much less the Miami area. She was very popular in high school, and was a stellar FSU student later on. Now, she works as a
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Feb.27 23:59 manager for a local Kohl's. Was married, until her husband was shot at the front door of their mini mansion by a random salesperson in disguise. Her heart is broken, but her fury can't be contained. She's seeking to avenge her husband's death.)
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Feb.28 00:00 (Lauren could be described as very fit and athletic. She was a cheerleader in high school, and before all h-ll broke loose, she was a regular at the gym.)
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Feb.28 00:02 (Nancy, a Melbourne resident. Has that not uncommon old lady look: short, curled hair (auburn with hints of gray), sagging skin, salon applied hot pink nails, drawn on eyebrows, a bit of flab here and there...)
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Feb.28 00:05 (Before everything went down, Nancy lived in an old folks neighborhood. Before that, Nancy was a snowbird from New York. She had been enjoying the fun and the sun Florida had to offer, and her days weren't spent doing anything of real importance.)
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Feb.28 00:06 (The highlight of Nancy's weeks were spent at the community center's Friday bingo nights, and the rest were spent preparing for bingo by means of playing tennis, reading National Enquierer,
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Feb.28 00:07 cruising around the hood on her golf cart to snoop on neighbors, making baked goods, watching a lot of TV, and going on Facebook to gawk over her grandkids.)
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Feb.28 00:09 (One evening, her son from New York sent her an urgent message over FB: "FIND SHELTER. WILL MEET YOU DOWN IN ORLANDO". Baffled, but certainly eager to see the (grand)kids again, Nancy took off in her Buick...and is now at the organization inOrlando.)
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Feb.28 00:10 (She plays tennis for fun every week, but that doesn't really make her the strongest person in her 50+ y.o. neighborhood. Nancy's got an abrasive, foot-in-mouth attitude, though, and she's not afraid to flaunt it.)
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Feb.28 00:11 (Maria, a bounty hunter from Fort Lauderdale. Has long, often greasy black hair, olive skin, big brown eyes, and is quite small. Don't be fooled by her timid demeanor...she's anything but.)
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Feb.28 00:12 (All her life, Maria was ostracized by other people. In college, she thought she had a chance at making friends and being happy - but that didn't happen. She completed school with an art degree and a negative attitude.)
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Feb.28 00:14 (In time, Maria began to experience somewhat of an extistensial crisis with a violent twist. She began to dwell on the past a little too heavily. This gave way to a new, violent personality, and she's been with the bounty hunters ever since.)
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Feb.28 00:14 (As a bounty hunter, she wants to avenge "all those who did her wrong" in the past. She's small but powerful, and can really pack a punch.)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.28 03:07 (I will be adding a new counter that involves rolling the dice. This will estimate/determine the candidates' survival probability.)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.28 03:07 (To do this, we will roll the 1-100 sided dice.)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.28 03:11 (I have also added a final evaluation counter. At the end, we'll add up all the points and see who did the best.)
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Feb.28 03:26 [Hey!! You still here?]
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Feb.28 03:31 [I guess I'll create character descriptions while I wait.]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Feb.28 03:32 [I'll kick off things with Cooper, the brother of Nick, Jake, and Lauren (also, yes, he's Lauren's twin). Despite being twins with Lauren, they are mentally quite different (however, physically it is apparent they are twins).]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Feb.28 03:35 [He has the same brown hair and blue eyes as Lauren, as well as the tall and lean stature. However, he spends a lot of time inside and on computers and thus he doesn't have tan skin - his skin is rather pale, really.]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Feb.28 03:35 [From childhood he always had an interest in electronics and liked to tinker with things. As Lauren didn't share such habits (but Nick probably did), he wasn't very close to his twin sister and preferred to spend time alone or with Nick.]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Feb.28 03:38 [Like Jake, he's very smart and very successful. Cooper got a STEM degree and went on to be a great computer programmer (I'm guessing Nick is good with both software and hardware since he has old video game consoles, vinyl, etc. and thus he tinkers with
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Feb.28 03:39 physical stuff more than Cooper does). He especially was good at manipulating vast amounts of data and statistics. He was often hired by various companies to write programs, manipulate clouds, etc. for them.]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Feb.28 03:39 [Of the four, he was the first to learn about the zombie apocalypse, though it only came in hints. Having heard of his expertise in statistics, the government got him to write a program that'll accurately display, predict, etc. things about something (he
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Feb.28 03:40 wasn't told what he was; he was merely given the numbers on it). He managed to get a little "whiff" on what that something was by accidentally finding some documents he probably wasn't meant to see. The something was the statistics on the first zombies
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Feb.28 03:41 and how the epidemic might spread. The wording of the document however made it very hard to tell what it was anyway, so Cooper just learned that the "something" was dangerous and perhaps a virus.]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Feb.28 03:42 [As mentioned above, Cooper mysteriously went AWOL. This is probably because of what he saw in the document, but it's also because of his own motives.]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Feb.28 03:43 [He has always loved the sea and wanted a place of his own and a boat of his own. So, without really informing anybody (except his girlfriend), he moved to Key West. His girlfriend, who is in a pretty close relationship with him, moved in with him.]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Feb.28 03:44 [He was planning to get a boat when the apocalypse struck. He and his girlfriend debated whether to try to get the boat anyway (actually getting one would be very risky, but once they got hold of one they'd be okay), stay where they were (the apocalypse
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Feb.28 03:45 was rapidly approaching Key West, but then again it's an island, sooo...), or go to one of the "safety organizations" run by Dane Peters. They soon decided to go to the nearest Dane Peters place, which wasn't very nearby.]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Feb.28 03:46 [They got back onto the mainland and drove as quickly as possible to the organization, but during one of their pit stops his girlfriend disappeared and a horde of zombies came after Cooper. He barely managed to drive away in time.]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Feb.28 03:47 [He's now at the organization and will be drawn into the Zombie Runner Games. XD XP]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Feb.28 03:48 [Oh, and unlike Nick he's in good shape. He believes physical conditioning is important to keep the mind healthy as well so he exercises regularly. One of his hobbies was going to martial arts class, and though he's not a black belt or anything he's okay
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Feb.28 03:48 at hand-to-hand combat.]
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Feb.28 03:52 [Moa is the mother of Jake, Nick, Lauren, and Cooper. She has wavy dark brown hair with a bit of silver coming in at her scalp. She looks younger than she really is (she looks more like she's in her early 40s).]
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Feb.28 03:54 [She also has blue eyes. She is actually a bit short (her kids tend to tower over her) but her husband is quite tall. She is eccentric and usually in a good mood - it's no surprise where Lauren's personality came from. Moa however can have a more serious
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Feb.28 03:55 and stubborn side. She will remind you a lot of Mrs. Weasley. When she was younger, she came from the northern parts of the midwest; she then moved to the south, where she learned to use a gun (though she wasn't fond of hunting).]
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Feb.28 03:56 [After that she met her future husband on a plane. Learning he was from Florida, they kept in touch and soon fell in love. They got married and she moved to Miami to be with him.]
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Feb.28 03:57 [She has loved being a mother and is quite proud of her kids, especially Jake. She and Lauren also get along fine due to their similarities. However, not being as technical and smart as Cooper and Nick (she does have great intelligence, but chose not to
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Feb.28 03:58 embrace STEM), she doesn't fully understand them and she became especially upset and angered when they went AWOL since it seemed like they simply abandoned her and her husband.]
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Feb.28 03:59 [Things especially got fiery at the family reunion mentioned in Nick's description, where arguments arose between Nick and the others and Cooper showed up for only a little bit and then left again (he blamed it on having to do more work, which was
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Feb.28 04:00 probably true, but he also probably wanted to avoid arguments and get back to the safety and comfort of Key West and his girlfriend's presence).]
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Feb.28 04:01 [Upon going back home, she ended up lashing out and taking a lot of her anger out on her husband, after which she decided to move in with her (even more eccentric) sister in Tallahassee to get away from everything and think things over.]
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Feb.28 04:02 [She was on the brink of trying to get the family back together to apologize and reveal that she's returning to Miami when the apocalypse struck. She had to flee before knowing what happened to her sister (her sister probably became a zombie as well).]
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Feb.28 04:03 [More determined than ever to get her family back together and protect them with everything she's got, she went out to search for them. She found that her husband had died (probably protecting one of the kids) and she also found out about the organization
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Feb.28 04:03 Dane Peters was running, which could be like a "lost and found" for survivors. She has gone there to see if any of her kids are there.]
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Feb.28 04:07 (Hi!)
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 04:07 [Kayden is my sort of "stand-alone" character. He is African-American and has close cut black hair, big hands and feet, and is quite tall. He isn't lanky - he has a firm, strong build, but he isn't stocky either.]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 04:07 [Hey!]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 04:08 [Anyways, Kayden, like Luke, lived in a poor neighborhood with an equally poor family. He was the oldest of seven kids and his mother had to stay home to take care of everyone. His father had two jobs which barely supported the family.]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 04:09 [Both of his parents were often tired, which made his mother firm and irritable. However, his father tried to keep a good attitude (mostly for the sake of keeping the kids happy). His mother on the other hand loved them very much and only wanted what's
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 04:10 best for them. Despite what state he was in, Kayden was happy - he played sports. He also managed to go to school (it was a crappy public one, but hey, at least he was getting an education) and was a decent student. He hoped to go to college and get a
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 04:11 good job so he could help support his family. However, his dreams also were in sports - particularly basketball, which he excelled at.]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 04:11 [Everything was normal (though filled with harsh realism) for Kayden until the apocalypse struck. Not much protection was supplied in the poor parts of town so his family was quickly wiped out.]
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 04:11 (Liking this character a lot!)
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Feb.28 04:12 (Yeah!)
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 04:12 [Kayden barely escaped alive and miraculously made it to Dane Peters' organization (unfortunately he doesn't know that that too might be a death sentence). Some of his siblings might be alive somewhere, but this is very unlikely.]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 04:13 [He was severely traumatized and fell into depression and panic. However, as the medical industry is tied to Dane Peters' industry, he got physical and psychological therapies that have helped to make him somewhat normal again.]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 04:14 [He however needs the comfort of the presence of others, so he has befriended other survivors (you can throw in a character or two of yours as a friend of his if you want).]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 04:14 [Thanks! I decided to give one of my characters a twist of dark realism, and this was my result.]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 04:15 [Which of my characters so far do you like the most, by the way?]
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Feb.28 04:15 (Ok! Maybe Jenkins can sort of "befriend" him, to some level.)
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Feb.28 04:15 (I have to say, I really like Kayden so far.)
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 04:16 [Okay! Kayden lost his family so maybe Jenkins could be a bit of a father/grandfather to him.]
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Feb.28 04:16 (Hopefully you guys won't mind that I steal the last slot... I'm going to create another bounty hunter, since Alejandro seems too benign.)
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Feb.28 04:16 (Yeah.)
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 04:16 (yeah, I agree. I also think Moa's an interesting matriarch.)
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 04:16 [Cooper was inspired a little by the movie "Snowden" by the way. When I think of his appearance I think of Snowden's in that movie. Snowden also lived in a tropical place with his girlfriend for a while.]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 04:17 [@ Joan: That's fine!]
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Feb.28 04:17 (Oh, interesting!)
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 04:18 (Oh, that's really interesting. So I'm assuming Cooper's kind of a mix between good and bad?)
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 04:18 [Nah, he's pretty much good. The only "controversy" to him is that he went AWOL.]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 04:19 [Kinda like Snowden maybe now that I think about it...? XD]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 04:19 [Dun dun dunnnn.]
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Feb.28 04:20 [Anyways, Henry is my bounty hunter. He is a "veteran" bounty hunter that has been around since the beginning of Dane Peters' bounty hunter "experiment."]
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Feb.28 04:22 [He is a caucasian man with short, neat black hair and whiskers (not a beard, just kind of a five o-clock shadow, except slightly more pronounced...not sure what the term for it is). He wears an Indiana Jones style hat that's very, very dark brown.]
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Feb.28 04:23 [He in fact resembles Clint Eastwood a bit. He chews on a toothpick like a cowboy too. However, he has a much more modern getup - a gray T-shirt, a belt for ammo and such, black pants, and a dark jacket.]
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Feb.28 04:24 [He is very intelligent, quiet, and crafty and is often placed at the head of the bounty hunter pack. Being quite experienced, he is a deadly killer and so far has rarely ever missed a targeted person.]
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Feb.28 04:24 [He is quite the survivor and, even when badly injured, can find a way to get out of a nasty pickle. He is mysterious and definitely to be feared.]
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Feb.28 04:26 [Not much is known about his past except he was originally normal, but after a series of turbulent relationships, bad habits (e.g. chain smoking), and fights, he was taken to a mental hospital and diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder.]
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Feb.28 04:27 [Throughout all those nasty things he seemed pretty calm, collected, guitless, and heartless - which is just what Dane Peters was looking for.]
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Feb.28 04:28 [Thanks to Dane Peters' corruptive ties to the medical industry, Henry was put into his hands. After some conditioning (or whatever procedures were used to make bounty hunters into what they are), Henry was made into one of their first bounty hunters.]
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Feb.28 04:28 [Further experimentation over the months improved Henry, making him more and more into the ruthless killer he now is. So, I want you to ask yourself: Who is the zombie now?]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 04:29 [I'll pause before introducing my last two characters so you may continue.]
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 04:30 (Ok, thanks! I'll go ahead and introduce Maya, then.)
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 04:32 [BTW, in case you're confused about Henry's mental illness, Googling it should do the trick.]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 04:32 [Maya and Moa...Moa and Maya...uh oh. XD]
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 04:33 (Maya is (or was) a young college student. Like Candace, she lived in Gainesville, because her school is located there. Her true home is however closer to where Luke and Nancy live. Maya is partially Hispanic; she has flawless tan skin, long, wavy brown
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 04:33 (Just looked it up. Wow, there's a lot more beyond the name than I expected.)
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 04:33 [Maya, Moa, and Maria...?!]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 04:33 [I can see name confusion coming. XD Oh well. It might add some comedy.]
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 04:33 hair, and deep brown eyes. She wears a lot of makeup, which contributes to her flawless face.)
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 04:34 [@ Paige: There definitely is.]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 04:34 [Anyways, I'll stop posting now...sorry... XP]
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 04:34 (Haha, I hadn't considered it, but had at the same time. The name just seemed to click.)
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 04:36 (All her life, Maya wanted to be an actress. As that dream expanded, she became more interested in YouTubing in her teen years. So, she gave it a shot. At age eleven, her channel was uploaded, and she spread the word to friends.)
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 04:37 (Word spread, alright. The feedback Maya received was negative and hurtful. Okay, so maybe the video content was less than mediocre, but it was enough for Maya's self esteem to lower.)
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 04:38 (Still, she kept going strong with the videos. It was a dream she couldn't lose. And at age thirteen, her low self esteem - and unofficial career as a YouTuber - triggered her interest in makeup.)
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 04:40 (By high school, Maya was killing the makeup game more than her peers, and the views on her YouTube tutorials skyrocketed. She achieved gradual Internet fame, all under the same YouTube name she had created at 11: "MayaPuppy", or something.)
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 04:42 (The apocalypse hardly affected her life. What was Maya to care? She was livin' it up between fame, friends, and her entertaining schedule. After a party, though, Maya was forced to care. When she entered her dorm room that fateful night, her roommate was
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 04:42 dead - and there were zombies everywhere.)
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 04:43 (Of course she panicked. Of course she tried to escape. Of course she tried to call the police. All in vain. In the long run, she was forced into following a proviso like Alejandro. But in case, the zombies were a little more benevolent.)
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 04:43 [brb]
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 04:44 (Maya is nothing like she used to be. She gave it her all in escaping Dane's organization, but was seriously lobotomized as a result.)
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 04:44 (Ok.)
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 04:45 *trying to escape
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 04:48 (Ironically, Maya still knows how to apply makeup perfectly. Her main talent has been replaced with a few other more deadly ones: knife throwing and martial arts.)
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 04:51 [Back!]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 04:52 [Just curious: Why would zombies spare any human? Aren't they animalistic killing machines that just know the following command: "Eat brrraaaaiiiinnnsss"?]
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 04:53 (Which side of the brain is better to eat, right or left? Hahaha.)
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 04:54 [Eeeuuuummm...I'm not sure. XD]
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 04:54 (Yeah, that's a good point. Maybe Dane has a couple hundred "scouters" scattered around the nation.)
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 04:55 *thousand
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 04:55 (Probably right... hahaha.)
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 04:55 [Hmm...idea: In the movie World War Z a way to evade zombies was invented. Basically you inject the virus into yourself - they then think you're one of them. After a little while you inject yourself with the cure, which keeps yourself from actually
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 04:55 transforming.]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 04:57 [Perhaps Dane would send out scouters who use the virus and the cure as ways of camouflage to navigate the dangerous enviroment. They then save people and bring them to the organization.]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 04:57 [Because human blood is needed for the cure, however, there isn't much of it, so those sent to the Safe Haven can't be supplied with it (they end up supplying it in a rather gory and nasty way while Dane makes all the money...).]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 04:58 [There's just enough cure for the scouters. It's sort of a vicious cycle for humanity - as human blood is vital for producing the cure, Dane Peters can charge the medical industry huge amounts for it and, despite being sold back the cure, makes a profit.]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 04:59 [The government meanwhile tries to support the medical industry, which is losing money, and soon things are falling apart everywhere (except Dane Peters' organization, which makes everyone rely on him more, which in turn makes him more powerful).]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 04:59 [What do you guys think?]
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 05:00 (That's a great idea. I like it.)
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 05:01 [Thanks!]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 05:02 [BTW, did you guys listen to Lofty Castle?]
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 05:02 (I haven't yet.)
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 05:03 [FYI, I highly recommend looking up pics (or maybe even walkthroughs on Youtube?) of the levels the music is part of - the music tends to match the mentality of the levels.]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 05:04 [E.g. here's LC: ht tps://w ww.google.com/search?site=&tbm=isch&source=hp&biw=1366&bih=563&q=spyro+lofty+castle&oq=spyro+lofty+castle&gs_l=img.3..0j0i24k1l5.6846.9753.0.10503. ]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 05:04 [Mostly I recommend this because the levels are freaking amazing. XD XP]
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 05:05 (yeah, great idea, Brunnhilde.)
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 05:05 [Anyways, should I create more character intros?]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 05:05 [@ Paige: Thank you! :)]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 05:06 [Just in case you're wondering, one of the main themes of Lofty Castle by freeing fairies who in turn will help you reach other areas by creating colorful whirlwinds that'll raise you up into the air. If you see blue cages in the pics, those are cages
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 05:06 fairies are in.]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 05:07 *is freeing
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 05:08 (Ok!)
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 05:11 [Sorry if I'm too Spyro-crazy. XD XP I guess I go through "phases" - one moment I'm obsessed with X-Men, the next it's Spyro. Oh well.]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 05:12 [I guess I'll introduce my other characters since it looks like you guys have run out of characters to make profiles for.]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 05:13 [Like Moa, Emerson is a parent of one (in Moa's case, more than one) of the other characters on here and hails from the north. He started out as an intelligent and successful businessman, who specialized in government and mathematics.]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 05:16 [He soon met an almost equally intelligent woman who soon became his wife. After making enough money to stop working and settle down in life, he and his wife (who was now expecting) moved to the Rocky Mountains around the Idaho-Wyoming border.]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 05:17 [There they raised their only child - Alaska (she was NOT named after the main character of Looking For Alaska; I have not read that book and don't intend to. I was merely looking for unique, wintery names and thought that one "felt" right.).]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 05:18 [They were a very happy family, but then tragedy struck. Around Alaska's 15th birthday, her mother died in a horrible car accident. Emerson alone has ever since been caring for Alaska.]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 05:19 [As they were a small and close-knit family, the death of "one third" of them hit them hard. Plus, Emerson was getting bored with the current location he was at, so, to bring about change, he and Alaska moved to Orlando, Florida.]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 05:20 [He continued to care for her there; to him, she was what mattered most in his life now. However, their lives were shaken again when the zombie apocalypse hit.]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 05:21 [During their time in the Rockies, Emerson and Alaska engaged in athletic activities. Thus he is good at hand-to-hand combat, archery, and is fit. He also knows the basics of shooting a gun and/or rifle.]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 05:23 [He also knows plenty of things about survival and is quite intelligent and well-read. He is determined to keep Alaska alive and safe, especially since he doesn't want to lose another loved one so soon.]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 05:23 [He and Alaska managed to survive together and get to the organization. However, little do they know that they're still in great danger.]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 05:24 [Oh, and I almost forgot: Emerson has dark blonde wavy hair that is short and stunning green eyes. He is quite tall and, though strong and athletic, he isn't really bulky.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 05:26 [Alaska is the daughter of Emerson. As discussed in Emerson's profile, she was born and raised in the Rockies. She absolutely loves mountains and probably would be much better off there (unfortunately she and her father didn't see a zombie apocalypse
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 05:27 coming before they moved). She has long, wavy, dark-ish and mottled strawberry blonde hair and blue-green eyes (her mother had red hair and icy blue eyes BTW).]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 05:27 [She is fairly tall for her age. Like Emerson, she is athletic, and though she's not muscular she's accustomed to being on the move. Living in thin air for so long has also helped keep her strong.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 05:28 [She's good at swimming, but she's also good at archery, okay at some hand-to-hand combat, and knows some basic street smarts and survival skills, all of which were passed down from her father (except the swimming, which came from her mom).]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 05:29 [She and her father are both philosophical and enjoy reading interesting books together. She is also loving, good-humored, and stubborn, like her father.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 05:30 [Though she obviously resembles Emerson more than her mom, her mom's sudden death hit her hard and she was very depressed for a long time. Moving to Florida helped, but she still displayed sadness and irritability every so often.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 05:31 [She also loved the mountains and didn't really want to leave, but, being open-minded, went along with it. Her father regularly tried to keep her cheerful and have fun with her, which helped her regain her positive attitude.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 05:32 [Unfortunately positive attitudes were nearly thrown out the window when the apocalypse started. As discussed above, she and her father made it together to the organization.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 05:32 [Oh, and she inherited her parents' intelligence and is quite smart for her age, so she's not just good at physical exercise and such.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 05:32 [Annnnd I'm done!]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 05:33 [Which of your characters do you guys like the most? Any comments about particular ones?]
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 05:34 (Great! Let's roll the 1-100 dice! As for your characters, I think I like Kayden and Henry a lot. They had some interesting backstory that I enjoyed reading about.)
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 05:34 (By the way, bounty hunters will roll a 1-20 sided dice, since they're not as diverse strength wise.)
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Feb.28 05:35  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=88  
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 05:35  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=77  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 05:35 [Regarding my characters: Interesting. Regarding Dice rolls: Okie dokie.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 05:35  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=10  
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Feb.28 05:35  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=29  
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Feb.28 05:35  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=79  
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Feb.28 05:36  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=65  
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Feb.28 05:36  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=36  
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Feb.28 05:36 (Both Nancy and Alaska's scores surprise me.)
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Feb.28 05:36  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=91  
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Feb.28 05:36  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=4  
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Feb.28 05:36  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=80  [Yeah. Same here. But Alaska is pretty young...oh well. :P]
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Feb.28 05:37  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=5  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.28 05:37   + 88 Chances of Survival points to Lauren  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.28 05:38   + 77 Chances of Survival points to Jake  
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Feb.28 05:38 [How will you "translate" the scores of 1-20 into scores of 1-100 on the scale of chances for survival? Will you multiply each person's score by 5 or something?]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.28 05:38   + 10 Chances of Survival points to Alaska  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.28 05:38   + 29 Chances of Survival points to Luke  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.28 05:39 (The bounty hunters are given different scores, probably secretly administered by Dane. Because of that, the 1-20 dice is used for them. It's definitely more competitive.)
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 05:39 (Yeah, I liked Kayden and Henry the best as well. Yourself?)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.28 05:39   + 79 Chances of Survival points to Emerson  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.28 05:40   + 65 Chances of Survival points to Nancy  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.28 05:40   + 36 Chances of Survival points to Kayden  
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Feb.28 05:40  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=19  
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.28 05:40  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=14  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.28 05:40   + 91 Chances of Survival points to Cooper  
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Feb.28 05:40 [I think I like them all about equally. I tried to put interesting themes and realism into each of their backstories, though I think Alaska's and Emerson's story unfortunately came out a bit less interesting than I hoped it would.]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.28 05:41   + 4 Chances of Survival points to Maria  
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Feb.28 05:41  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=53  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.28 05:41   + 80 Chances of Survival points to Moa  
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Feb.28 05:41  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=11  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.28 05:41   + 19 Chances of Survival points to Maya  
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Feb.28 05:41 [Henry as a villain seems like he had quite a good story, and Cooper's story is interesting alongside his siblings' stories. Emerson's and Alaska's seems to be more positive and philosophical than a lot of the others in some ways.]
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Feb.28 05:41  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=90  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.28 05:41   + 14 Chances of Survival points to Alejandro  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.28 05:42   + 53 Chances of Survival points to Nick  
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Feb.28 05:42 [As you said, Moa makes a strange and interesting mother figure.]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.28 05:42   + 90 Chances of Survival points to Candace  
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Feb.28 05:42 [So, yeah...the characters and their stories all have their strengths and weaknesses.]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Feb.28 05:43 (I thought Emerson and Alaska had a pleasant backstory, and I enjoyed it. )
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Feb.28 05:44 [It's a little inspired by The Caverns, actually. Ashley and her relationship with her father play an important role. However, spoiler alert: Her father's "downfall" comes before her mother's (unless I change things XP).]
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Feb.28 05:44 *plays
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Feb.28 05:44 *Ashley's relationship [Arrgh, typos.]
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Feb.28 05:45 [Also, wait a minute...Joan forgot to introduce Jenkins.]
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Feb.28 05:45 [Or did I miss his profile? XP]
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Feb.28 05:46 (You must have missed it.)
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Feb.28 05:46 [Yes I did. Give me a sec... >_< ]
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Feb.28 05:49 [Read it. I'm ready to roleplay!]
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Feb.28 05:50 (Okay! Well, we've gotta go now, so we'll start this tomorrow. Bye!)
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Feb.28 05:51 [Dang, okay. See you!]
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Feb.28 21:11 [Paige delete my accounts if anyone wants to have my characters just remake them]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.1 03:50 [I'm on!]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.1 03:50 [I'll be on here, Heroes Arise, and A Horribly Amazing World tonight. If you don't want to go on Heroes Arise today, however, that's fine; you might need the time to get this RP started.]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.1 03:51 [However, once it's up and running (I guess it should be by tomorrow unless you guys don't make it on very long - or at all - tonight) I will probably want to start multitasking and go on Heroes Arise again.]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.1 04:12 [Hello?]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.1 04:25 (Does anyone want Trent's character slots to recreate any bounty hunters or characters? I'll probably snatch up Father Jones.)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.1 04:26 (I think I'm good, as far as characters go.)
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.1 04:28  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=29  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.1 04:28   + 29 Chances of Survival points to Father Jones  
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.1 04:31 (Since it appears Father Jones's profile summary has been lost, I'll just remake it. He's got dark hair, which is sort of spiked up in the front, wears a typical priest outfit (minus the robes), and has kind hazel eyes. He's somewhat young-looking.)
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.1 04:32 [I think I'll take Frank. Despite his sad background I'm thinking of making him a Phil Silvers-esque, fast-talking trickster and comic relief, you know what I mean?]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.1 04:32 [His profile is still there BTW. Just reload the page.]
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.1 04:32 (Father Jones originates from Ohio. From there, he went on to study in Wisconsin to become a priest. He worked at a few parishes in Wisconsin, until he was sent to Miami. There, he worked at an old cathedral in the inner city. )
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.1 04:33 [FYI, I'm not only inspired by Sgt. Bilko/Phil Silvers in my new take on Frank, but also Moneybags. XD Moneybags is a money-grubbing - well, actually, gem-grubbing - bear from the original Spyro series.]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.1 04:33 (I guess I'll take TJ Lloyd.)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.1 04:34 (Once I'm done with Fr. Jones, I'll give you the slot for Frank.)
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.1 04:34 [He gets some of the best lines in the games, specifically where you refuse to pay him. He basically guards doorways, bridges, and other sorts of pathways and won't let you through unless you pay...ahem..."a small fee."]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.1 04:34 [Whiiich usually consists of 100-2000 gems. XD]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.1 04:35 [Gems/treasure is a collectible in the classic Spyro games that serve two purposes: Letting you 100% the game by collecting them all and letting you pay Moneybags.]
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.1 04:35 (Jones is used to violence. During a midnight mass, the stain glass windows were shot out. Many other things have happened to him, so he's prepared for the apocalypse. He came to Orlando to help everyone.)
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.1 04:35 [Look up Moneybags pics!! Memes about him are generally pretty darn funny.]
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Mar.1 04:37  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=11  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.1 04:37   + 11 Chances of Survival points to TJ Lloyd  
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.1 04:38 (Oh my gosh, he looks so annoying hahaha.)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.1 04:39 (Hilariously enough, what you just described kind of matches up to what I expected out of Frank.)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.1 04:41 (Frank's up for the taking.)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.1 04:41 (Other than that, are we ready to begin?)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.1 04:43 (I am when everyone else is.)
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.1 04:43 [I can see it now... Frank: *standing in front of the door to the Safe Haven with a bag in his hand* I know you need to get inside to prevent yourselves from being eaten by the zombies, but my arm is just too tired to reach into my pocket and get the key
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.1 04:44 to this door. However, perhaps I will open it for you...for a small fee.]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.1 04:44 (Hahahaha, that would be great! Just when everyone's aggrivated enough as it is, too.)
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.1 04:45 [I'm ready - I just need to grab Frank's slot. Also, this pic is especially true (Moneybags first appeared in Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage, which was made in 1999): ht tps://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/52/d7/b7/52d7b7a454ab7066f9021cc80969b829.jpg ]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.1 04:47 (Haha, seems accurate.0
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.1 04:47 *)
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.1 04:47 [Can I do that with Frank?!?! :D]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.1 04:48 (That would be awesome. We could definitely use the humor.)
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 04:50 [Great!! DEFINITELY doing that!]
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 04:51 [Oh, and there's a fantastic segment of Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon where you get payback. You get to chase Moneybags around and horn/torch him from behind. Every time you do so, gems come flying from his bag to Spyro.]
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 04:51 [Perhaps a similar thing could happen between Frank and the other "contestants" at the conclusion of this round? >:D]
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 04:52 [Here's a pic of that scene from Spyro 3 BTW: ht tps://i.ytimg.com/vi/NpZY5IAAy9c/hqdefault.jpg ]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.1 04:53 (Yeah, it might work as a good finale.)
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 04:54 [Awesome!!]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.1 04:56 (Okay, great! We'll begin at the choosing ceremony, and we'll roll the four-sided dice to see who goes first.)
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.1 04:57  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=2  
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.1 04:57  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=4  
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 04:57 [Let's start!]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 04:57  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=2  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.1 04:57  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=2  
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.1 04:58  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=1  
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 04:58  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=4  
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.1 04:58  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=4  
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.1 04:58  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=1  
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.1 04:58 (Okay Brunnhilde, looks like you're first! I'm just gonna wing this one - it's mostly just an interview scene.)
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.1 04:59 [Oh wait...I thought all our characters were going to roll...? *facedesk* I forgot about how we did the 4-sided Dice rolling in WB...]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.1 04:59 [I am?? XD]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.1 04:59 (That's okay!)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.1 04:59 (Yep!)
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.1 04:59 [BTW, just count my first score (Emerson's). All my other scores were a dumb mistake by me...]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.1 04:59 (Just choose a character to go first.)
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.1 05:01 [Hmmmm...Alaska.]
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 05:02 [Oh, and I almost forgot: Frank has the same backstory has before, but with a bit more detail: He was adopted by a family in which the father was good at business (but he wasn't rich).]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.1 05:02 (Okay, Alaska it is!)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.1 05:02 (Okay, thanks for the detail!)
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 05:03 [His father passed on what Frank now knows and believes about money and money-making. Frank used this values to help him get wayyy ahead in life and now owns a condo in Palm Beach.]
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 05:03 [Unfortunately of course Frank was never all that honest, and like Sgt. Bilko found sneaky ways of making money, tricking people, and getting out of bad situations.]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.1 05:04 (Hahaha, Frank's story is hilarious, yet it is almost pathetic.)
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 05:05 [He even managed to trick someone into letting him take his truck and escape the zombie apocalypse (silly guy - never trust Frank! XD). He made it to the organization and hugged and kissed and flattered the first person he saw there.]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.1 05:05 *it is the night of the ceremony, and everyone is gathered in a huge multi purpose room to watch*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.1 05:06 (It's going to be an interesting "round" with Frank, I can tell.)
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 05:06 [To Dane Peters' great annoyance, Frank fl*rts with a lot of the more attractive female employees at Peters' organization - especially Peters' secretary (whom Peters himself is probably having a relationship with).]
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 05:07 [And his charm and flattery is hard to resist. However, when he starts collecting extra money off fellow contestants in exchange for his assistance, they won't be flattered anymore.]
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 05:07 [Anyways...]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.1 05:07 (Hmmm... this secretary reminds me a lot of Rose Fielders.)
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 05:07 *he and probably several others feel that dubbing this a "ceremony" is a big irony*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.1 05:08 (Ooh...a scandalous twist.)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.1 05:08 (And no, they won't, hahaha.)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.1 05:08 *waits around impatiently, alone*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.1 05:09 *the lights dim, and some employees take the stage to make a speech and introduce Dane* *appears on a huge screen, grinning* Hey everyone. How's it going?
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.1 05:10 *scoffs, beer belly bouncing a bit* *says sort of loudly:* Great. Everything's just wonderful.
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 05:10 [A much younger and more gullible and sweet Rose Fielders. But yes, a Rose Fielders.]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.1 05:10 *some monotonous "good"s fill the air, but nothing much else* Great. Great. As you all know, tonight is the night where I randomly select some of you Floridans to make it to The Haven and collect supplies. It is my understanding that you're running low.
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 05:10 [Probably what Rose Fielders' past self was before she became middle aged.]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 05:11 [Oh, and FYI, Frank looks just like Phil Silvers.]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 05:11 [Sounds like him too.]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.1 05:11 I'm not going to make promises about your journey. It will be a far cry from sunshine and rainbows. *laughs at his lame humor attempt* Anyways. Enough of my dilly-dallying. Time to pick the names out of a hat! *laughs dryly*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 05:12 *a sarcastic "You don't say?" is heard from somewhere*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.1 05:12 *is obviously looking down at an extensive list, not picking names out of hats* Alrightyyyy.....Alaska? Alaska from Orlando, will you please make your way to the stage?
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 05:12 *that was in response to Dane's statement that supplies are running low*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.1 05:14 *her eyes are wide in horror*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.1 05:15 *gets up slowly**Emerson rises quickly**is starting to panic a little* Daddy...? Daddy...?! *pants*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.1 05:15 *cranes his neck to see who Alaska is, and when he does, he's pretty surprised*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 05:15 It's okay, Alaska, it's going to be okay... *turns to Dane and yells:* PICK ME! I VOLUNTEER TO TAKE HER PLACE! PICK ME!
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.1 05:16 Daddy, no!! *grabs onto him**he holds on tight to her as well* Please, don't! *Emerson tries to keep reassuring her, but employees separate them and take her onstage*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.1 05:16 *suddenly snaps to attention* Well...there weren't any rules saying you couldn't take her place....*just sort of laughs*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.1 05:16 *smiling* Hi there, Alaska. How are we doing tonight?
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 05:16 *is very p***ed off to see Dane laughing, to say the least**glares intensely, though he stands still and holds his silence, showing great self-control*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.1 05:17 *her despair turns to witty anger* Pretty crappy thanks to you.
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.1 05:17 *has an angry, slightly pouty face*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.1 05:18 Well, I'm sorry to hear that. So. How do you feel about being selected to take on a heroic job, often something that usually our military would take care of?
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.1 05:20 *her philosophical side comes out* Heroism is flawed in many ways.
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 05:20 *has the urge to yell "Good girl!"**however, he continues to restrain himself **however, he and Alaska make eye contact, and his eyes say more than enough to her**Alaska becomes more confident, brave, and defiant*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 05:20 *and yes, my second "however" is redundant XP*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.1 05:22 (We have to go now. If you want, you can finish your interview with Alaska. See you tomorrow!)
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.1 05:23 [Alright, bye! I'm not sure what Dane should ask so I'll wait until tomorrow.]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.4 04:20 (I think I'm going to make another points counter to make the interviews more exciting: a "confidence" counter. This counter will determine the crowd's confidence in said character.)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.4 04:20 How confident are you feeling?
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.4 04:27 [Okay!]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.4 04:28 I'm about to go into a suicide mission I didn't want to go to. What do you think? *though her words suggest otherwise, her defiance suggests that she's braver than she's saying she is*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.4 04:29 [Sorry about my disappearance. I'm multitasking.]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.4 04:29 (Just roll the 1-10 sided dice when finished.)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.4 04:30 Interesting response. How did you find yourself, here in Orlando, today?
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.4 04:37  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=10  My father and I came here to escape the apocalypse. We live in this city.
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.4 04:37 [Well, I forgot the "when finished" part, buuut...holy crap. o.O]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.4 04:38 Ah, okay. Any final words you'd like to share with us?
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.4 04:38 (Wow! Nice score!)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.4 04:38   + 10 Confidence points to Alaska  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.4 04:38 Not to "us," but... *looks at Emerson* I love you, Daddy. *is nearly driven to tears, and so is Emerson*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.4 04:40 Touching, touching. Well...I'm afraid we've run out of time. Thank you for speaking with us today1
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.4 04:40 *!
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.4 04:45 Dane: Luke, from Palm Bay! Where are you, Luke? Luke: *slowly approaches from the crowd* *his "derp" face suddenly turns serious, and he adjusts his trademark gray jacket* *walks onto the stage, but trips a little* *still manages to look determined*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.4 04:46 *shoots a glare at Dane Peters that shows great wisdom despite her age and perhaps sends a shiver up his spine*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.4 04:46 *then leaves, of course*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.4 04:47 Dane: So, Luke. How are you tonight? Luke: Ummm...*though he can't control his low voice, he can control his volume - he's just choosing to talk quietly* Ummmm...good....? Dane: I'm sorry? What was th- Luke: I'm good.
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.4 04:48 Dane: Good! So, mind telling us a little bit about yourself? How you got here, that sort of thing? Luke: *looks around frantically* Well, uh...if it weren't for the apocalypse, I'd already have my PhD at this point.
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.4 04:49 *is on a roll now* I'd also be living somewhere nice and cold, in a self-made small house. *adds in quickly:* With a like-minded spouse. And a dog.
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.4 04:51 *smiles crazily* The good thing is, I've been preparing for the apocalypse for some time now. Dane: Oh, really? Luke: Yeah. I've already got the supplies. I left the Space Coast and was surviving in the woods for awhile, until some dudes in a chopper took
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.4 04:51 me here to Disney. Sooooo....yeeeeaahh.
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.4 04:52 Dane; *nodding slowly* Alright, okay. That's cool. So how confident are you about, you know, this trip? Luke: *looks around some more* Well, um...I'm confident.
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.4 04:53 Dane: Good, great! Give it up for Luke everyone! Luke: *offers a forced smile, then exits the stage, tripping over his untied shoe laces*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.4 04:53  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=9  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.4 04:54   + 9 Confidence points to Luke  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.4 04:58 [Da h**l?]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.4 04:58 [XD These scores are gonna be reallyyy interesting.]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.4 04:58 Dane: Can I have Jenkins, from Milton? *a long silence fills the air, and he starts looking around as if Jenkins will pop up at any moment* Jenkins?... Jenkins: *calls from the very back:* You talking to me?
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.4 04:59 *is whispering to an employee, trying to volunteer to join*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.4 04:59 (Yeah, that was a surprising score.)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.4 04:59 Dane: Well, if you're Jenkins from Milton, yeah. Jenkins: *is experiencing a shock of disbelief, but he makes his way to the stage dutifully*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.4 05:00 *the employee shrugs him off **intends to speak out after the next interview*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.4 05:01 *stands beside Dane, giving the crowd a side-eye* Dane: Glad we could sort things out. Heh. How are you? Jenkins: *his voice is hoarse but forceful* I've had better days than this, but considering everything, I'm fine. Calm and cool.
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.4 05:02 Dane: Glad to hear that. Anything you'd like to share with the crowd? How did you get here? Jenkins: *has a story, but he's not in the mood to share* *speaks in the same short tone* No, not really.
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.4 05:04 Dane: Oh... okay. That's fine! How confident are you about venturing into the unknown? Jenkins: *smiles wryly* You know what? I'm glad to get out of here. *pauses, signaling that a long tirade is in store*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.4 05:06 *repeats himself* I'm glad to get out of here. This place is superficial living. It's crowded and inconvenient. Who knows? Maybe I'll just go back home and live there. *snorts* I'm probably better off there as I am anyplace. *has very possibly had too
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.4 05:06 much to drink*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.4 05:06 Am I confident? Sure. Dunno where this'll take me, but I really don't care.
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.4 05:07 Dane: *seems irked* Alright then... thanks for talking, Jenkins.
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.4 05:07  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=10  
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.4 05:07 (Wow. The dice have been generous.)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.4 05:07   + 10 Confidence points to Jenkins  (Wow!)
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.4 05:09 [Cruuud...]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.4 05:09 [Well, it kind of makes sense in that to the rest of the crowd the team going to the Safe Haven is their last chance of survival.]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.4 05:10 (Yeah, true.)
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.4 05:15 *yells:* I volunteer!
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.4 05:15 I will go to the Safe Haven! I volunteer!
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.4 05:19 *looks up* What? Who?
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.4 05:21 Me! I volunteer! *is standing and waving*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.4 05:22 *is a bit irritated since he's obviously that same guy who volunteered to take Alaska's place*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.4 05:33 (We have to go now. If you want, you can finish Emerson's interview - all you'll have to do is follow the general interview pattern as seen in the previous interviews. Bye!)
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.4 05:36 [Alright, bye!]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 04:25 [I'm here!]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.6 04:28 (Hi!)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.6 04:30 Okay, well... come on up!
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 04:32 *comes onto the stage*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 04:32 [Heya!]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.6 04:34 What's your name? *holds out the mike* *is asking this primarily for the crowd's convenience*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 04:37 Emerson.
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.6 04:39 Okay, Emerson. Welcome to the stage. Obviously you had a reason for volunteering, so tell us about yourself: where you're from, what you do for a living, all of that.
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 04:43 I'm from Orlando. I'm retired and I was taking care of my daughter, Alaska.
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 04:43 Then she became your first pick for venturing to the Safe Haven and you ignored my offer to take her place, so I'm coming to take care of her since you won't let me replace her or are simply uninterested.
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.6 04:44 Alaska? She was the one we just called up, right? *Emerson gives him a nod* Well, this is DEFINITELY going to be a catch-22. But, you volunteered. You must be confident. Are you? Tell us how you're feeling about this.
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.6 04:45 (Ignore everything mentioning Alaska above.)
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 04:45 I may not be confident about everything, but I am confident that I'm going to keep my daughter safe.
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.6 04:48 Not only that, but it seems as if you've got plenty of determination, Emerson. Have any last words of wisdom for us?
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 04:49 Keep your loved ones close...and your enemies closer. *is perhaps giving Dane Peters himself an implicit warning*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 04:49 [BTW, I would like my next character to be interviewed to be Frank (obviously Dane wants him dead, sooo...yeah).]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.6 04:50 Great quote, but I think it's said differently. Anyways, thank you!
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.6 04:51 Frank, from Palm Beach? Where are you?
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 04:53 [Wait, I thought we were doing this in the order Me-Paige-Joan?]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 04:54 [So one of Paige's characters should be interviewed next?]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.6 04:54 *scans the crowd until he catches sight of Frank materializing* *instantly recognizes him as someone on his (word that rhymes with 'hit') list* *is secretly satisfied*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 04:54 [I meant that the next time one of my characters is interviewed, I want it to be Frank.]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.6 04:54 (Oops... you're right. But we'll continue with Frank. Order doesn't necessarily matter anymore.)
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 04:55 [Okie dokie.]
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 04:57 *is of course fl*rting with an attractive female employee*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.6 04:58 *clears his throat*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 04:59 Oh, uhhh...gotta go, honey. *gets up* I'll be seein' ya soon. *tweaks her nose**she giggles**walks to the stage, seeming just as perky as ever*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 04:59 *...to Dane's dismay*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 05:00  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=4  [Almost forgot...]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.6 05:02   + 4 Confidence points to Emerson  
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 05:02 Heyyy, Daneyyy! How ya doin'? *shakes his hand**isn't fully aware of what is going on; he was too busy with the employee*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.6 05:02 How are you tonight, Frank? It looks like you've been adjusting well to the community.
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.6 05:03 *has probably exchanged pleasantries with Frank once or twice, but now he's treating him like a total stranger*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 05:04 Good, good! You've...got a lot of nice chicks around here, heh heh! *the employee he was fl*rting with waves to him, smiling**waves back, beaming*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 05:05 *Dane's secretary is on stage nearby, probably holding the papers and such with the chosen people's names on them**she is outraged*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.6 05:06 *surpresses a grin* Yeah, I guess so!... Before you arrived here, how was life treating you?
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 05:06 *the Rose look-a-like is taking bigger and bigger swigs out of her wine glass with each minute that passes where Frank actively showing his fondness for another employee*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 05:07 Oh, great, great! I had recently moved to Palm Beach, bought some condos, was livin' the high life!...Until the zombies came and killed my chauffeur, you know, that was a pain in the butt.
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 05:07 BUT I made it here, and it was definitely worth the drive! *again he and the employee wave at each other*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.6 05:10 I'm glad to hear that! Now that you've been selected to find the Safe Haven, you must be feeling something... what might that feeling be?
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 05:11 Uhhhh...say what?
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 05:11 *stares, squinting, with his mouth still open after saying the word "what"**is still casual, but it's beginning to dawn on him what's going on*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.6 05:12 You're going to the Safe Haven. Didn't you know that?
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 05:14 Uhhhhhh...
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 05:14 Yeah, of COURSE, uhhhh...
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 05:15 I'm feeling...confident! Confident, yeah. And I'm sure I'll be able to strike some good deals!
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 05:15 *no one knows what this means, but when they figure it out they'll be sorry (hint hint: MONEYBAGS LOGIC)*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 05:16 And when I get back...boy, am I gonna strike the best deal ever, baby! *looks at the employee he was fl*rting with and quirks his eyebrows**the employee giggles and bounces excitedly a little*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 05:16 Rose: *takes one last swig of wine only to find she's emptied her bottle already (in pretty much one interview)**gets up, slamming her stuff down on the table, and fast-walks to Frank*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 05:17 Rose: *smacks him hard on the face* You ****HEAD!!!!
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.6 05:17 That's the most I expected out of you! *stops talking once "Rose" stalks onstage
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.6 05:18 Uh... *glances at his secretary uncertainly, then at the congregation* Please excuse that outburst... if you will.
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 05:19 *is nearly knocked off his feet**stumbles, regains balance, and holds up his hands defensively* Hey, baby, settle down, it's nothin'... Rose: Don't you "baby" me!!
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.6 05:19 (Hahaha!)
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 05:19 Rose: YOU PROMISED ME A CONDO AND A WEDDING RING AND A... *blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah**starts getting teary during all of this, making her nagging even worse*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 05:20 Employee: *is the woman Frank was fl*rting with earlier**gets on onstage as well* You LIAR! HE promised ME all that, and... *nag nag nag nag nag*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.6 05:20 *is placed in the midst of all of this* Alright now, guys, calm down, CALM down.
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 05:21 Rose+Employee: *they lunge at each other and start attacking one another**they wrestle each other down to the ground and proceed to roll offstage*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.6 05:21 *goes from being awkward to frantic* Thank you Frank! Thank you!... You may leave the stage now!
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 05:22 Why of course!! *gets the heck out of there*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.6 05:22 *claps a hand over his mouth* *his eyes bug out upon seeing this catty scuffle being taken offstage*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 05:22 Random Audience Member: *smirks* Cat fight! His Friend: Rrraow!
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.6 05:22 (I have to go now, see you tomorrow!)
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 05:22 [Alright, bye!]
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.6 05:23 *some other employees rush over and force the two apart**they are still screaming viciously at one another as they are dragged out of the room*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.6 23:58 *it takes ten minutes to get everything back in order* Back to business now. Where is Nick, from Miami?
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.6 23:59 *it takes another ten minutes to sort everything out, as there are actually more than a few guys from Miami named Nick* *things are sorted out though, and he is confirmed to walk to the stage by means of an ID number*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.7 00:01 Dane: So you're the Nick we think you are? Nick: Yeah... I mean, I hope so. *chuckles nervously* Dane: Hi Nick. What do you think about being selected to go to the Safe Haven?
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.7 00:02 *creates a silence that is just waiting to erupt* *gives the assembly tentative glances, like he's about to hone in on some huge secret* Well... This TOTALLY isn't Suicide Squad. Oh, and by the way, that movie s u c k ed. But still.
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.7 00:04 Dane: I guess that's a fair comparison? So, uh... you're doing well? Nick: Yeah. *nods* Dane: You're from pretty far down south. How did you get here?
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.7 00:05 Nick: *segues into another silence* Once the zombies started coming, things just kind of started to work themselves out. Living in Miami posed a threat to me, so I moved up with some friends. *makes sure not to mention his family*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.7 00:07 Dane: We're glad you decided to come here, and also that you're going to fulfill a civic duty for us. How are you feeling about that? Nick: What? Sorry. *adjusts glasses* Dane: About going to the Safe Haven.
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.7 00:10 I mean... *shoves his glasses up the bridge of his nose again* I'll admit, like, I'm shaken. But I won't let that stop me. Survival stuff isn't really my specialty, but I was a software developer back in Miami. Aka, I'm pretty tech-savvy. I'm confident
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.7 00:10 that will help me along with the journey.
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.7 00:11 Dane: Always good to hear. Don't be scared! *smiles, giving Nick a supportive pat* We've got your back. We're ROOTING for you. Nick: Heh heh... thanks. *grins sheepishly*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.7 00:11  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=9  
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.7 00:12 *even though his Suicide Squad joke didn't stand well with everyone, he played a convincing role onstage*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.7 00:13   + 9 Confidence points to Nick  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.7 04:23 (Here!)
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.7 04:28  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=5  [I'm here!]
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.7 04:28 [...That many people are confident in Frank? XD]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 04:30 *is hit hard by the fact that the sibling he spent the most time with when he was younger was chosen**sits quietly, looking emotionless, as that's the way Cooper protects himself*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.7 04:31   + 5 Confidence points to Frank  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.7 04:31 (Hey, maybe he was convincing, haha. After all, he really flaunted it.)
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 04:34 [Yeah... XD]
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.7 04:35 *is sitting next to Lauren and quietly crying*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 04:35 *has been intentionally sitting away from his family members**Nick might've been doing the same*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.7 04:35 (Which of your characters would you like to go next?)
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 04:36 *toys with a Rubix cube partially out of habit, partially out of nervousness*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 04:36 [How about Cooper?]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.7 04:37 (Ok.)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.7 04:37 On with the show! Where is Cooper, from Key West?
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.7 04:38 *she and probably Lauren and Jake are probably in pure shock*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 04:38 *for one moment that feels like forever, he freezes**his hand with the Rubix cube stops moving, and he looks at the stage*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 04:38 *then he rises, still looking very calm*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.7 04:40 *even he is in pure shock* *starts wringing his hands, which are coated in cold sweat* *is already beginning to anticipate the journey to the Safe Haven, and the possibility that he or Cooper may die*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 04:41 *walks onto the stage*
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.7 04:41 *can't stop herself from crying out:* COOPER!! *Lauren and Jake shush her**is still very, very distressed*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.7 04:41 Hi, Cooper! *is all smiles* How are you doing tonight? Welcome!
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.7 04:43 *snaps his head around, detecting his mom, brother, and sister amongst the spectators* *his heartbeat imitates a drumline
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.7 04:43 *
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.7 04:44 Good. *shakes hands with him* You?
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.7 04:47 Great and great! You seem to have migrated from the farthest area... tell us how you got here.
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.7 04:50 Well, my girlfriend and I were living together in my home there. We heard reports about the apocalypse spreading from the north, and decided to try to get to one of the "safe" places like these.
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 04:50 [Crap, wrong slot. Pretend everything was said and done by Cooper.] So we crossed to the mainland and drove.
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.7 04:51 It was a long drive, I'm sure.
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.7 04:52 And your girlfriend. How has she been faring these days? Are you guys still together?
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 04:53 She, um... *adjusts his glasses and clears his throat a little* ...didn't make it.
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.7 04:54 *falls silent* Oh. *initiates a moment of solemnity* I'm sorry to hear that.
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 04:54 *looks down, putting his hands together* It's okay. *has to clear his throat again a little*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 04:55 [Is Paige here yet?]
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.7 04:55 *having not communicated with Cooper for a record span of five months, this bit of news somewhat perplexes him*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.7 04:55 (No, she probably won't be on tonight.)
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 04:56 [Oh, okay.]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.7 04:57 *inhales deeply to make it seem like he's truly emotional* For a change of scenery, I'd like to ask you how you're feeling about going to the Safe Haven. Obviously, you've been through a lot: you drove from the Keys to Orlando - certainly no easy task -
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.7 04:57 and lost your girlfriend. Do you think you're prepared?
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 05:03 *adjusts his glasses again, perhaps out of habit**inhales and exhales deeply as well* Well, I think so. I'm in decent shape and I've worked with computers - specifically, statistics and large masses of data. The government has even needed me to lend them
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 05:04 a hand. So, yes, I think I can do this. I have someone on my side, anyway. *is implicitly offering Nick the chance to be at his side again**glances very quickly at Nick, so as not to give away his true statement to Dane*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.7 05:06 *hastily walks onstage, past a completely oblivious Dane* *throws an arm around Cooper, pulling him close* *although it isn't genuine, he's still making a statement* Uh, believe it or not, we're actually brothers.
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.7 05:07 *forces a tight-lipped smile* *Dane gapes* Dane: Really? Looks like we have another catch-22, folks! *in all honesty, he probably had this planned*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 05:07 *he meant on his side on the trip to the Safe Haven, of course**puts an arm around Nick as well, making a curt nod and a small, perhaps strained and awkward smile*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.7 05:08 You'll be unstoppable now! You're both good with technology, and you've evidently got an impermeable bond.
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.7 05:09 Any last words now, Coop?
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 05:14 Stick with your family. *this is probably very ironic considering what both he and Nick have done in the past*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.7 05:19 Great advice. Many of our contenders now will be needing it. Thank you, Cooper!
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.7 05:19 (Okay, I'm probably going to have to go now. I'll see you tomorrow night!)
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 05:19 *nods curtly again and goes offstage with Nick*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 05:21 [Alright, bye!]
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.7 19:09 Dane:Well, then...alright. Jake, from Coral Gables? *reads off an ID number* Jake, come on up!
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.7 19:10 *gets up dutifully, looking somber and serious* *Lauren lets out a gasp of disbelief, Moa a cry* *marches up to the stage, barely reacting* *steps onto the stage gracefully and takes in the rest of the crowd*
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.7 19:17 Dane: So, uhhh....how are things going with you. Jake: *stares ahead* *edges forward, towards the mike* Good. Fine. Everything's....good. Dane: Good. So, Jake, tell us about yourself. What were you up to before you came here, and what led you here?
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.7 19:20 Jake: Well, I was a student down at the University of Miami. I was hoping to become a doctor....my sister, something happened,and uh...we took off for Orlando.
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.7 19:24 Dane: Ah, okay. What happened? Jake: I don't really know, but it involved this zombie plague. Dane: *nods, seemingly understanding* So, how do you feel about this?
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.7 19:24 Jake: *shrugs a little* I came here for safety purposes, and I guess I'm putting it at risk all over again...it's cool. *laughs bitterly, but only to fill the silence* Dane: Ah. Okay.
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.7 19:25 Dane: Any strengths that you think you'll benefit from out there? Jake: *pauses* Hope. Dane: Hmmm. That's an interesting one. Usually you hear about physical strength, but mental.. that's always good to have. Jake: Yep.
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.7 19:26 Dane: Alright, guys....let's all clap for Jake, aspiring doctor! *the crowd has a laugh, then claps* *Jake goes backstage*
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.7 19:26  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=4  
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.7 19:27 *unfortunately, not many people liked Jake's passive attitude*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.7 19:27   + 4 Confidence points to Jake  
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 19:29 Dane: And now we have...*reads out an ID number* ...Lauren. Lauren, from Fort Lauderdale, where are you? *all is silent* Dane: Lauren. Please make your way to the stage. Lauren: *finally walks up to the stage rigidly, looking shell-shocked*
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 19:30 Dane: Hi there, Lauren. How are you doing today? Lauren: *just stands there, nodding* *a static boom from the mike sounds across the room* Dane: Lauren? Are you okay?
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 19:31 *no answer* Dane: *is kind of loosing his patience* Hello? I asked if you were okay? Lauren: *speaks up, voice strong yet wobbling* Just so you know, they're my brothers.
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 19:32 Dane: Wh- what? Who? Who's your brother? Lauren: *stares into space* Jake, Nick, and Cooper. They're my brothers. *pauses, then begins talking non-stop* My husband...he was shot at the door of our house. Some sort of salesperson in disguise.
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 19:33 I mean, we had five guns in our basement. *sort of throws out her arms, tears streaming down her face* I wasn't thinking. He's dead now. I called Jake, and we came here.
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 19:35 Dane: *just nodding - he's super confused now* Lauren: Nick and Cooper betrayed us. They left us to fend for ourselves, they didn't even think TWICE about our well being...and now, they're here. Coincidence, isn't it? I'm not really surprised. They never
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 19:35 cared about anything other than themselves and their computers. *has a hysterical laugh*
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 19:36 I miss Ben. *referring to her husband* I want him back. Maybe I won't see him, but I'll avenge his death. *walks off the stage, just like that*
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 19:36  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=5  
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.7 19:37 *it was half and half - some of the crowd liked her message, while others hated her for calling out Nick and Cooper*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.7 19:37   + 5 Confidence points to Lauren  
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.8 04:43 [I'm here! I just finished watching the movie 10 Cloverfield Lane by the way.]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 04:44 (Hey! Isn't that like a horror or something?)
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.8 04:44 [It was actually pretty odd yet pretty good. However, it had an especially crazy ending and the kind of ending that announces a sequel coming up.]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 04:46 (Yeah, I would imagine so.)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 04:47 Alright. *glances up sort of uncertainly* Moa, from Tallahassee?
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.8 04:48 [It's a psychological thriller; not really a horror, but has some pretty intense moments.]
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.8 04:49 [John Goodman's the bad guy who definitely has some screws loose.]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 04:49 (Oh, okay.)
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.8 04:50 *is actually relieved; was about to volunteer to "save her babies"*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 04:51 (By the way, I think you may have forgotten to roll the dice for Cooper.)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 04:53 *welcomes Moa to the stage* Hello. How are you doing tonight?
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.8 04:53  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=4  [Oops; yes, I did.]
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.8 04:54 *blurts out* Terribly. *people start laughing**quickly tries to correct herself* U-until now.
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 04:54   + 4 Confidence points to Cooper  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 04:55 Until now? *snaps his mouth shut immedietly after that - was expecting Moa to be feeling terrible after being selected, like most of the others* *covers it up with a chuckle* Well, maybe that's a good thing.
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 04:56 You're from the capital, and that's a long way from here. Tell us what prompted you to seek shelter right here in Orlando.
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.8 04:56 W-w-well, I'm their mother. I was about to volunteer because...because I had to save my babies. *is still shocked and is sort of talking fast and wildly*
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.8 04:56 *said that before he asked about why she came*
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.8 04:57 I moved in with my sister in the capital after having an argument with my husband. Then the apocalypse struck and I had to find my kids and save them.
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.8 04:58 My husband didn't make it...he had gone to meet with Jake and died defending him. I couldn't find Jakey [Her nickname for him, of course], so I went here - one of these "safe places" to see if my kids made it here.
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.8 04:59 Of course, they did, but now... *looks at them**ever since she said "my babies" Cooper has been looking at the floor to hide an embarrassed blush*
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.8 04:59 Now I have to protect them.
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.8 04:59 Their father isn't here to protect them, so I have to. So I'm going with them.
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 05:05 *arches his eyebrows in response to the great detail given* Well... this is definitely some news. *falls silent* *just as he does that, the crowd begins murmuring*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 05:05 *waits for everyone to silence* And you're confident, I take it?
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.8 05:05 *was sort of blurting everything out since she's still in shock*
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.8 05:06 I...I don't know...but I'm confident that I won't let my children die out there.
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 05:07 *nods gravely* That's the most I expected. Is there anything else you want to say?
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.8 05:13 *is suddenly grave, intense, and angry**glares at him* Don't mess with family.
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 05:14 *isn't sure how to respond, so he doesn't* Thank you, Moa. Good luck to you and your family. *gives her a brief, one-armed hug before she exits*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 05:15 *gives the crowd and himself a moment to recover after that bout of drama* Kayden, from Tampa? It's time to make your way to the stage.
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.8 05:17  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=10  
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.8 05:18 *people in the crowd could understand her shock, despair, and compassion, and perhaps could especially relate to her last line*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 05:20   + 10 Confidence points to Moa  
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.8 05:20 *sits there, shocked*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.8 05:21 *is still recovering from his traumatic escape**is elbowed by the guy next to him**gets up, whimpering and panting**is on the verge of hyperventilating*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.8 05:21 *glances at Jenkins, who is practically his only friend here and has been hanging around with him in order to help his psychological therapy (Kayden needs others around him and positive support, as explained before)*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 05:22 Kayden? Please make your way to the stage. *cranes his neck to get a view* *sees Kayden weaving his way through the audience*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.8 05:22 *gives Kayden an encouraging nod, although his overall expression speaks otherwise*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 05:23 Yep, that's it. Right up here.
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 05:26 *finally welcomes him onstage* Hey, Kayden. How are you?
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.8 05:28 G...good. *is trembling**obviously isn't good*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 05:31 *can see right through him* Hey, hey... no need to be scared, alright? Promise me? I'll make this easy on you.
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 05:31 Would you like to share with us a bit about your life in Tampa?
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.8 05:33 [Replies will be slow.]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 05:33 (Ok.)
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.8 05:34 Well... *glances at Jenkins, who gives him another supportive nod**starts to control himself a bit more* I wasn't the most priveleged kid, but I was okay. I lived with my family and went to school...studied and played basketball.
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.8 05:34 Things were normal and we had plans to send me to college until... *trails off, having to control himself again, but everyone knows what he was about to say*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 05:35 Nice, nice... basketball is fun. And you're tall, so I'm sure you were good at it.
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 05:36 *nods, encouraging Kayden to keep going*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.8 05:39 *skips the part about the apocalypse coming* So then my area of Tampa wasn't...priveleged, so we weren't really protected from the zombies.
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.8 05:39 I'm the only one in my family... *closes his eyes and swallows, fighting tears* ...who made it.
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 05:43 *a silence hovers over everyone* *even he kind of just mutters some condolances* But you survived, and you'll do it again, yeah?
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.8 05:43 I doubt it...
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.8 05:44 *with those words everyone realizes that from the moment he was called he thought he was being sent on a suicide mission right after losing everything - which is probably true*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 05:45 Oh, don't be such a downer! *gives him a playful nudge, trying to be lighthearted* You will. I can tell.
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 05:46 *brings an awkward silence to a screeching halt* Got anything else to say?
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.8 05:48 *shakes his head a little*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.8 05:49 Except that I'll try to make it back...for my little brother Mikey...who died when he was 3...and was the youngest of my six siblings...
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 05:49 Alright then. Thank you, Kayden!
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.8 05:51 *walks over to Jenkins and just breaks down*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.8 05:51  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=8  
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.8 05:53 *is not the best at being fatherly, so the best he can do is be there for Kayden*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 05:54   + 8 Confidence points to Kayden  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.8 05:55 (I have to go now, I'll see you around!)
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.8 05:55 [You can have one of your characters be interviewed.]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.8 05:58 [Nvm; bye!]
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.9 04:10 Dane: Next we have Candace, from Gainesville? Candace: *blinks, then does a double-take* *rises dubiously, but then becomes compliant and heads up to the stage*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.9 04:13 Dane: Hello, Candace! How are you tonight? Candace: *her mouth cracks up into a wizened smile, but her mood is indecisive - looks like she could cry or laugh, but not both* *stammers:* I- I'm good.
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.9 04:15 Dane: How have you been liking Orlando so far? Candace: Good, good... *stares into the many faces of the crowd* I've been making some great friends here...
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.9 04:16 Dane: You're pretty local, now. Gainesville? Tell us about it. Candace: *shifts around, folding her hands modestly in front of her* Well, it's a college town... so there's a lot to do... *sounds like a deflating helium balloon*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.9 04:18 Dane: I guess I meant, tell us what your life was like back there, how you got here, the works. Candace: *is still as remote as ever* Well, I had an amazing, loving husband, and the greatest children to have graced my life.
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.9 04:22 The kids were homeschooled, and David was an insurance agent... I mostly organized activities at my church, Faith Christian, and did some volunteering... until the zombies came, of course. We had no idea what to do. Our family was spreading all over the
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.9 04:23 country, and I guess we didn't want to make the move because of finances and the kids and all... it was a huge step, and a huge risk. *coughs a little* So, we stayed.
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.9 04:25 But then... *is very slowly beginning to peel away at the tragedy that changed her life* *five minutes later* And-and then... *the waterworks are now fully functioning* they were all dead, just....just... *inhales excessively* just like that.
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.9 04:27 *squeals a little, hiding her face* I'm sorry. I'm sorry. Dane: No, it's fine. Continue when you're ready. *a silence filled with the occassional sniff, sob, or sigh commences for awhile* Candace: *breaks free of an epic cry face, but her voice still
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.9 04:30 wobbles* *speaks softly now* So, I had to go. I couldn't stay. I knew I had to go somewhere, though, and I knew it would be Faith Christian. For two weeks, I lived in the basement, with hardly much food or water. I don't know how I did it.
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.9 04:31 Dane: Such a brave woman. How DID you do it? Candace: I believe it was a miracle sent by God. *looks completely adament* Like he was sending me a message, encouraging me to keep moving, even if...
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.9 04:34 Dane: Faith can be a beneficient thing. Since you've survived, practically on your own, do you think you can do this? Candace: *nods slightly* My faith will be put to the test. But I'm willing to do that.
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.9 04:38 Dane: I'm glad to hear that. You are certainly determined. Have any last words for us, Candace: *looks weary, but determined* *quotes a verse from the Bible* Always let the Lord lead you, and He will clear a road for you to follow.
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.9 04:39  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=7  
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.9 04:40 *was, for the most part, sympathized with and admired for her persistence*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.9 04:40   + 7 Confidence points to Candace  
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.10 02:46 Dane: *reads out an ID number* Hmm....Father Thomas Jones, from Miami? Father Jones: *gets up instantly and walks up to the stage, looking calm and collected*
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.10 02:49 Dane: Father Jones, what an honor! How are you? Father Jones: I'm great. How are you, Mr. Peters? Dane: I'm doing good! Why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself. Father Jones: Well, I'm a Wisconsin native. But a few years ago, I came down to
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.10 02:52 Miami to run a parish and do some volunteer work in the inner city. Dane: *nodding a little* Ah. And that's really something special. Was it? Father Jones: Well, of course. What I saw was eye-opening, and it was a humbling experience. Dane: Uh-huh.
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.10 02:54 Father Jones: What was really eye-opening was the influx of zombies. I'll admit that I thought it was a local gang pulling our legs, but it wasn't. After a Saturday evening mass, I heard...this colossal crash. The crash was immediately followed by more
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.10 03:25 crashes, and I could just feel it in me...something wasn't right. God was telling me to take cover, so I crept into the basement, fearing and praying for my life.
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.10 03:27 Eventually, it ended. Later that night, I took my chances and went into the cathedral. The baptismal font was stained in blood, the pews severed and stolen...everything was in disarray, and nothing of value was spared.
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.10 03:28 *stares into the crowd distantly* I had no other choice but to come here. My neighborhood was quickly wiped out. I deeply regret leaving those poor souls to suffer, but there was nothing I could do. Dane: *simply nods*
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.10 03:29 Dane: What an intense tale, Father Jones. How do you feel about your newest mission? Father Jones: *pauses* *inhales, then exhales* I believe God will not only be with me, but everyone else on the journey.
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.10 03:31 Dane: Any strengths that will help you along the way? Father Jones: Physically? *laughs a little* Physical strength wouldn't benefit a person more than mental strength, anyways. Dane: Interesting thoughts.
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.10 03:32 Dane: Well, it was certainly nice talking to you. Good luck! Father Jones: Thank you. Peace be with you all!
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.10 03:32  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=8  
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.10 03:32 *most of the crowd was feeling confident in Father Jones and his faith*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.10 03:32   + 8 Confidence points to Father Jones  
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.10 03:34 Dane: *reads out an ID number* Okay, Nancy from Melbourne. Come on up! Nancy: *makes her way up to the stage* Dane: Hi! Nancy: Hiya. How are ya? Dane: Good, and yourself? Nancy: *grumbles:* I've been better...
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.10 03:35 Dane: Well. Tell us a bit about yourself. Where you come from, how you got here...you know, that sort of thing. Nancy: I'm a New Yorker, originally. About...ah..let's say ten years ago, I moved down to Melbourne, and I've loved it here. Just love it.
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.10 03:37 Dane: Great! Florida's a great- Nancy: *cuts him off, continuing:* It's nice and warm, and there's a whole lot to do. Before I came here, to Orlando I mean, things were great. There was a lot of talk going around my town that people were heading out.
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.10 03:40 My son sent me an email, and they were coming down from New York....that's when I knew I had to come out here. And it's been great. I've been volunteering in the kitchens, and boy, I've met some fine peop-
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.10 03:41 Dane: Great! So, what do you think your biggest strength here is? Nancy: *sighs irritably and passive-aggressively* Well, how would I know? *sort of laughs* I'm not some twenty-something year old who works out on a daily basis.
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.10 03:42 *probably aimed that comment at Lauren* Dane: Well - Nancy: I played a lot of tennis back at my place. I have that to my name, but otherwise? *shrugs, widening her eyes* Dane: Well...okay.
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.10 03:43 Dane: It was fabulous talking to you! *being more than a little sarcastic* Nancy: *barks, laughing:* Well, I would hope so!
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.10 03:43  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=3  
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.10 03:44 *Nancy didn't exactly give off good vibes, but being involved in the community gave her more of a chance*
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.12 14:24 *a whole lot of them probably assumed she's semi-deaf or something, which reduces their confidence in her*
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.12 14:26 [Hey guys, sorry I haven't been on (please see my posts on Heroes Arise). I don't think I have anyone left to interview, so perhaps the mission to the Haven should begin?]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.13 23:20 [BTW, unless I change my mind again, I've decided against doing Dragonfinder; I'm saving that plot for later on (whether it'll be a book, RP, or both) and instead I'm thinking of instead using another story idea that I've had for months (but I'm less
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.13 23:20 likely to make it into a book since I don't believe in the Zodiac).]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.13 23:20 [The idea is called Zodiac: Fallen Stars and I'll give you the basic outline...]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.13 23:22  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.13 23:26  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.13 23:28  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.13 23:32  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.13 23:33  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.13 23:34  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.13 23:38  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.13 23:38  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.13 23:39  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.13 23:40  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.13 23:40  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.13 23:59 [Anyways, the only issue is that I haven't been able to come up with powers for all of them yet. I might need help in this area, especially with Capricorn and Virgo (though I may have an "eureka" moment sometime; also, I have plenty of time before this LE
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.14 00:00  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.14 00:01  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.14 00:02  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.14 00:13  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.14 19:45  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.14 19:46  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.14 19:47  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.14 19:56  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.14 19:57  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.14 19:58  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.14 19:58  Secret message to Dane Peters  
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.15 03:00  Secret message to Alaska  
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.15 03:02  Secret message to Alaska  
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.15 03:05  Secret message to Alaska  
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.15 03:05  Secret message to Alaska  
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.15 03:27  Secret message to Alaska  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 03:17 [Hey!!!]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 03:17 [Whoops...you posted that a couple days ago... >__< ]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 03:18 [Ah well...anyways, I'm home and thus I can come on more often! Also, okie dokie. I'll post my reply to the Dane Peters slot so all three of you can kinda join in and see who's saying what.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 03:21  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 03:22  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 03:23  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 03:24  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 03:24  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 03:25  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 03:25  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 03:27  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 03:30  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 03:30  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 03:30  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 03:31  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 03:31  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 03:32  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 03:33  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 03:33  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 03:34  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 03:35  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 03:35  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 04:01  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 04:02  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 04:03  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 04:04  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 04:06  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 04:07  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 04:09  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 04:10  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 04:11  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 04:13  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 04:14  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 04:15  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.17 04:16  Secret message to Dane Peters  
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.18 02:28 [I'm on early (it's about 8:30 PM CT; I'm just clarifying since DST can confuse the crap out of me XP)!]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.18 02:54  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.18 02:54 [Whoops, didn't mean for that to be a secret message.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.18 03:00  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.18 03:00  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.18 03:03  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.18 03:03  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.18 03:28 [Still around... :/]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.18 04:05 [Guess no one's here. Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow!]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.18 16:49 (Oh! We didn't know you were back, sorry about that! We'll be on tonight!)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.18 16:51  Secret message to Alaska  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.18 16:52  Secret message to Alaska  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.18 16:55  Secret message to Alaska  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.18 16:57  Secret message to Alaska  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.18 16:59  Secret message to Alaska  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.18 17:02  Secret message to Alaska  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.18 17:03  Secret message to Alaska  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.18 17:06  Secret message to Alaska  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.18 17:08  Secret message to Alaska  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.18 17:09  Secret message to Alaska  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.18 17:11  Secret message to Alaska  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.18 17:13  Secret message to Alaska  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.18 17:13  Secret message to Alaska  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:04 [I'm here!]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 03:16 (Hi!)
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:17  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:17 [Hey!]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:19  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:20  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:20  Secret message to Dane Peters  
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 03:21 (How are you? Welcome back!)
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:21  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:22  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:24  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:24  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:24 [I'm awesomely awesome, as usual! Thanks! How are you?]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:26  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:26  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:27  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:27  Secret message to Dane Peters  
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 03:29 (Doing good!)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 03:31  Secret message to Alaska  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:31 [Anyways, clearly I've posted replies regarding the Zodiac thing...a lot of them. XD XP]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 03:31  Secret message to Alaska  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.19 03:32 (Right now, we're going to have our characters choose their supplies to venture out to the Haven. It's the next morning RP time. )
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.19 03:32 (How was your trip to Germany, by the way?)
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:33 [Awesome! Though I had to practically live on pizza for a week, it was pretty cool!]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.19 03:34 -it is the next morning, and everyone is given some cash to purchase their supplies in a top-secret warehouse-
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:34 [I'm practically half German and yet I can't eat any German cuisine except sauerkraut...epic fail for me... XD]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 03:34 (Haha, I was going to say...)
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:34 [Oh, and BTW, did you guys listen to the Spyro music I recommended?]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.19 03:34 (I can see how that could become tiring. But I'm glad to hear you had a good experience!)
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:35  Secret message to Dane Peters  
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 03:35  Buying Backpack (x 1)  
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.19 03:36 *splurges, since he feels he's above everyone else in terms of preparedness and knowledge on the apocalypse*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:36  Secret message to Dane Peters  
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 03:37 (I didn't, since I basically took a huge Internet break. But I'll try to soon.)
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.19 03:37  Buying Tent (x 1)  
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.19 03:37  Buying Telescope (x 1)  
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.19 03:37  Buying First aid kit(super) (x 1)  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:37 [I won't bother with secret messages for now since it's getting confusing: Yeah, earlier I came up with the idea of Zeus finding at least some of them during their childhood, which caused them to unleash some of their power in self-defense and/or be
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 03:37  Buying Food (x 5)  
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.19 03:37  Buying Backpack(w/supplies) (x 1)  
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 03:38  Buying Water (x 3)  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:38 protected by a deity who suspects Zeus' dark intentions and opposes him. This would hint to the Zodiac children of what they really are (or send them way off track, e.g. Gemini thinking her condition has worsened dramatically).]
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.19 03:38 *is now entirely out of money* *looks around kind of anxiously with nothing else to do*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 03:38  Buying Basic necessities (x 1)  
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 03:39  Buying Sunglasses (x 1)  
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 03:39  Buying Coat (x 1)  
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.19 03:39 *kind of eyes Luke handling the telescope* *even though he's a religious guy, he's still judging Luke's choices*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 03:39  Buying Heavy duty boots (x 1)  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:39 [Zeus being able to track them all the time would wreck the plot (I'd be like "Errrm, why doesn't he throw a thunderbolt and kill them already? -.-" XD), but I've been trying to figure out ways to have him track them/find them at certain points of the
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:39 story.]
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.19 03:39  Buying Gun (any) (x 1)  
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 03:40  Buying Gun (any) (x 1)  *picks up a Colt .45*
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.19 03:40  Buying Binoculars (x 1)  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:40 [Wotan has magic ravens who he uses to spy on others and send messages. Zeus is meanwhile associated with eagles, so maybe eagles could be used for similar purposes.]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 03:40  Buying Knife (any) (x 1)  
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.19 03:40  Buying Basic necessities (x 1)  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:40 [But that's still just a little idea. I need to research magical objects/powers/etc. in Greek mythology and see if I'm missing something obvious.]
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.19 03:41  Buying Food (x 1)  
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 03:41 (Yeah, that's a good idea.)
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.19 03:41  Buying Water (x 1)  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:41 [Anyways, I'll RP now.]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 03:41  Buying Heavy duty boots (x 1)  *puts the boots on*
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.19 03:41  Buying Grill lighter (x 1)  
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 03:41  Buying First aid kit(basic) (x 1)  
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 03:41  Buying Gorilla tape (x 1)  
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.19 03:42  Buying Shovel (x 1)  *his choice of shovel may just earn him the title of undertaker later on....*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 03:42  Buying Hat (x 1)  *puts the hat and coat on, too*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:42 *enters and just waits**wants her father to be there to advise her on what to get*
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.19 03:42  Buying Axe (x 1)  
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.19 03:43  Buying Backpack (x 1)  
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.19 03:43  Buying Heavy duty boots (x 1)  
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.19 03:43  Buying Safety goggles (x 1)  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:43 *however, when she lays her eyes on archery equipment, she can wait no longer**goes over and grabs a sleek bear bow (wooden bow)*
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.19 03:43  Buying First aid kit(super) (x 1)  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:43  Buying Bow (x 1)  
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.19 03:43  Buying Fire starter (x 1)  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:44  Buying Arrows(100) (x 1)  
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 03:44  Buying Basic necessities (x 1)  *shoves a basic necessity in his backpack - which, in Jenkins' case, is a Willie Nelson CD*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 03:44 *comes in and looks around*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 03:44  Buying Backpack(w/supplies) (x 1)  
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 03:44  Buying Heavy duty boots (x 1)  
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 03:45  Buying Quiver (x 1)  
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 03:45 *his hand hovers over a tent, but quickly recoils once he convinces himself that he already has a heavy load to begin with*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 03:45  Buying Arrows(100) (x 1)  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.19 03:45  Giving Blows (x 100) to all players  
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 03:45  Buying Bow (x 1)  *picks up an English longbow, which is his specialty (whereas Alaska uses recurve bows)*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:46  Buying Quiver (x 1)  
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.19 03:46  Buying Backpack(w/supplies) (x 1)  
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.19 03:46  Buying Rope (x 1)  
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.19 03:46  Buying Basic necessities (x 1)  
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 03:46  Buying Backpack(w/supplies) (x 1)  
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.19 03:47  Buying Food (x 1)  
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 03:47  Buying Gun (any) (x 1)  *Alaska doesn't like guns (and she only knows the basics of using them) so she doesn't take one**he doesn't like them either but is more experienced, so he grabs one as well as some ammo*
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 03:47  Buying First aid kit(basic) (x 1)  
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.19 03:47  Buying Water (x 1)  
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 03:47  Buying Sunglasses (x 1)  
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 03:47  Buying Food (x 1)  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:47  Buying Heavy duty boots (x 1)  *imitates her father to some extent*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.19 03:47  Buying Flashlight (x 1)  
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 03:47  Buying Water (x 1)  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:47  Buying Backpack(w/supplies) (x 1)  
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 03:47  Buying Basic necessities (x 1)  
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 03:48  Buying Sledgehammer (x 1)  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:48  Buying Knife (any) (x 1)  *slips an emergency knife in among her stuff*
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 03:48  Buying Hat (x 1)  
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.19 03:48  Buying Gun (any) (x 1)  *has no idea how a gun works, but he takes one anyways, figuring that he'll learn eventually*
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 03:48  Buying Cooking kit (x 1)  
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.19 03:48  Buying Coat (x 1)  
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 03:48  Buying Hammer (x 1)  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:48  Buying Rope (x 1)  *learned to tie knots and make things out of rope in the Rockies*
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 03:48  Buying Coat (x 1)  
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 03:49  Buying Rope (x 1)  *was the one who taught her, of course*
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 03:49  Buying Flashlight (x 1)  
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 03:49 *sees Alaska poring over the non-edible stuff **takes her over to the food, water, etc.**quietly lectures her on how if the first thing that kills her isn't zombies, it's going to be thirst*
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 03:50  Buying Head net (x 1)  
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 03:50  Buying Water (x 2)  *they pack extra water in their backpacks*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:50  Buying Water (x 2)  
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 03:50  Buying Gun (any) (x 1)  *grabs a rifle she can barely lift*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.19 03:50  Buying Cooking kit (x 1)  *has some food that requires cooking, so he takes an efficient cooking kit*
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.19 03:50  Buying Backpack(w/supplies) (x 1)  
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.19 03:50  Buying Food (x 1)  
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.19 03:50  Buying Water (x 1)  
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.19 03:51  Buying Basic necessities (x 1)  
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.19 03:51  Buying Safety goggles (x 1)  *buys safety goggles to protect his glasses*
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.19 03:51  Buying First aid kit(super) (x 1)  
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.19 03:51  Buying Gloves (x 1)  
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.19 03:51  Buying Face mask (x 1)  
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 03:51  Buying Walkie-talkie (x 2)  
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.19 03:51  Buying Heavy duty boots (x 1)  
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.19 03:51  Buying Coat (x 1)  
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 03:51  Giving Walkie-talkie (x 1) to Alaska  
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.19 03:51  Buying Bulletproof vest (x 1)  
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.19 03:52  Buying Multi tool (x 1)  
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.19 03:52  Buying Gun (any) (x 1)  
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.19 03:52  Buying Binoculars (x 1)  
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.19 03:52 [Crap, you guys are fast... o.o XD]
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.19 03:52  Buying Flashlight (x 1)  
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.19 03:52  Buying Explosives (x 1)  
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.19 03:53 *notices Lauren struggling to carry a rifle - in addition to a sledgehammer - and rolls his eyes* *huffs* *says loud enough for her to here:* Well, you're never going to make it with all that crap.
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.19 03:53  Buying Gun (any) (x 2)  *gets two with ammo for good measure*
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.19 03:53  Buying Backpack(w/supplies) (x 1)  
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.19 03:53  Buying Basic necessities (x 1)  
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.19 03:53  Buying Bulletproof vest (x 1)  *safety first with her...unless her kids are in danger - in that case, [BLEEP] that XD*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.19 03:53 *hear
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.19 03:54 *to Nick:Who you talkin' to? Me? *is currently selecting random items, having little knowledge on what's useful and what's not*
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.19 03:54 *notices Lauren and holds out a hand to her* Here, let me carry some of that.
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.19 03:54  Buying Food (x 1)  
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.19 03:54 *gets shy and embarrassed all of a sudden* Um, uh, no, ma'am.
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.19 03:54  Buying Water (x 1)  
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.19 03:54  Buying Coat (x 1)  *knows that a coat has plenty of pockets, meaning there's plenty of room to carry stuff*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.19 03:55  Buying Backpack(w/supplies) (x 1)  
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 03:55 Oh - no, it's okay Mom, really. I can handle this.
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.19 03:55  Buying First aid kit(basic) (x 1)  
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.19 03:55 *sighs doubtfully and goes back to buying things*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.19 03:55  Buying Multi tool (x 1)  
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.19 03:55 Lauren, I can assure you you're going to regret saying that later on. Just let us help.
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 03:56  Buying Coat (x 1)  *like Moa, he gets a coat to help carry things*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.19 03:56  Buying Food (x 2)  
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 03:56 *snaps off to Jake* I can carry it, okay?! God....
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.19 03:56  Buying Water (x 2)  
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 03:56  Buying First aid kit(super) (x 1)  
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.19 03:56 *puts his hands up* Okay. Just a suggestion.
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.19 03:56  Buying First aid kit(super) (x 1)  
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 03:56  Buying Food (x 1)  
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.19 03:57  Buying Coat (x 1)  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:57  Buying Food (x 1)  
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.19 03:57  Buying Hat (x 1)  
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 03:57 No, it was a demand. I mean, if he can carry all that (BLEEP) - *points to Luke* - then so can I.
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:57 *crams as much of her stuff as she can into her backpack**puts on her new boots**Emerson does the same (regarding the boots)*
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.19 03:57 End of story, okay?
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.19 03:58  Buying Basic necessities (x 2)  *slides a bottle of perscription pills into the front pocket of her backpack*
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 03:58 Yeah. End of story.
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.19 03:58 Okay, brother and sister...*laughs heartily* time to make up. Better now than later.
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.19 03:58  Buying Heavy duty boots (x 1)  
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.19 03:58  Buying Coat (x 1)  *grabs a fashionable coat*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:59 *puts some of her arrows in her quiver and tries to attach the package full of the rest to her backpack* [Note that I find that a quiver full of more than 12 arrows gets weighed down and awkward to use, so 100 is a lot (definitely too many for a single
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.19 03:59  Buying Flashlight (x 1)  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:59 quiver unless it's designed to be super big).]
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.19 03:59  Buying Hat (x 1)  *...and a knit cap with flowers on it*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 03:59 [I'm talking about shoulder quivers. Ones that go on the ground are a different matter, though are less convenient to carry than shoulder quivers.]
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.19 04:00  Buying Cooking kit (x 1)  
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.19 04:00  Buying Grill lighter (x 1)  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:00 *glances at Nancy**realizes that her father's coat full of pockets is far more useful and practical than Nancy's fancy one*
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.19 04:00  Buying Backpack(w/supplies) (x 1)  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:01  Buying Gloves (x 1)  
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.19 04:01  Buying Gloves (x 1)  
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.19 04:01  Buying Tent (x 1)  For the ladies. *tries to shove the "ladies tent" into her backpack, but it's full* Oh, (BLEEP).
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:01  Buying Gloves (x 1)  *they need these to help prevent their fingers from hurting after doing archery*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.19 04:01  Buying Batteries (x 1)  
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.19 04:01  Buying Backpack (x 1)  Ha! *shoves the tent into her other backpack*
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.19 04:02  Buying Gloves (x 1)  
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.19 04:02 *sees Nancy's attempt at staying fashionable and smiles, although it's clear that she's unimpressed*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:02 *he and Alaska find most of their items to be small but useful (with the exceptions of their archery stuff, which isn't small but could save their lives) and easy to pack*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 04:02 *eyes Nancy harshly*
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.19 04:02 *is not very impressed with many people's practicality*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:03 *they find that their extra arrows pose an issue**after filling his quiver, he puts his extra arrows in Alaska's extra arrow package and they decide to take turns carrying it throughout the journey*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.19 04:04 (I realize that the bounty hunters have money too, but just ignore that for now. We'll assume they have the supplies they need.)
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.19 04:04 *doesn't have the nerve to buy another weapon, so she sticks with just a multi tool*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:04 *comes in kind of late, as usual (though he's never late for work)*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:04 [Yeah, that'll make things easier.]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:04  Buying Bulletproof vest (x 1)  *passes by his family members quietly and just minds his own business*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:05  Buying Backpack(w/supplies) (x 1)  
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:05  Buying First aid kit(super) (x 1)  
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:05  Buying Food (x 1)  
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:05  Buying Water (x 1)  
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:05  Buying Knife (any) (x 1)  
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:05 *is much more good at STEM than weapons, so he's just sticking with the basics*
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:05 *makes a point to give Cooper a bit of a glare, while Jake just ignores his brother*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:05  Buying Flashlight (x 1)  
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:06  Buying Explosives (x 1)  
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.19 04:06 *sees the family crumbling before his eyes* *sighs, then goes over with Luke to wait for the ride out
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:06  Buying Gorilla tape (x 1)  [For Red Green style fixes, of course... XD]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:07  Buying Fire starter (x 1)  
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:07  Buying Batteries (x 1)  
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.19 04:07 *huddles near Cooper to avoid everyone else, but he's staying discreet*
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.19 04:07 (Hahaha!)
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:08  Buying Gun (any) (x 1)  
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 04:08 *hangs around Luke and Father Jones, but doesn't talk to them* *reviews a game plan only he knows of*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:09 *noticed Lauren's glare out of the corner of his eye but remains completely passive**even turns away from Nick, focusing entirely on what he's choosing from the tables**his accuracy and focus show he's basically analyzing and evaluating his choices in an
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:09 almost mathematical manner*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:10  Buying Heavy duty boots (x 1)  *knows that if something impairs his walking ability, it's game over, so he might as well protect his feet*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:10  Buying Basic necessities (x 1)  *proceeds to put most of his small things in his backpack*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:11 *has to rearrange it a little since it already has supplies, but miraculously he fits 90% of his stuff in it*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.19 04:11 *shifts from foot to foot awkwardly* *he's skeptical of religion and therefore Father Jones, and is probably scared of Jenkins*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:11 *puts on his boots and bulletproof vest and slips his gun around his belt/wherever he can grab it really quickly*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:12 [Waiiiit...you guys are done already?]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:12 [Oh crap. o_o]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:12 [Sorry for the delay...]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.19 04:12 (Yeah, but it's okay!)
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:13 *comes in**is reassured by Jenkins' presence, but not reassured by the vast no. of things he can take**has to just rely on his instinct and street smarts in what he chooses*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 04:13 *his lips move slightly and rapidly - is talking to himself a plan, a habit he started getting used to once his family abandoned him* *stares at the floor and paces, still silently muttering*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:13 *goes and waits with others who are ready**his entirely calm demeanor and how he just minded his own business shows that he actually was making no effort at all to upset his family - he's just focused on survival*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:14 *kind of stares at Jenkins**Emerson nudges her**realizes how rude she is and looks at the floor instead*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:14 *she was
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.19 04:14 *smiles at Cooper, attempting small talk* Hi there. Your name is Cooper, right? How are you today?
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:14  Buying Backpack(w/supplies) (x 1)  
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:15  Buying Food (x 1)  
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:15  Buying Water (x 1)  
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:15  Buying Cooking kit (x 1)  
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:15 *hovers around Jake and Moa*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:15  Buying Knife (any) (x 1)  
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.19 04:15 *just kind of openly stares at Alaska*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 04:15 *nods a little, making a sound of agreement*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:16  Buying Sledgehammer (x 1)  
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:16  Buying Gun (any) (x 1)  *doesn't know how to use a handgun (his choice of gun) and just hopes someone else on the journey does*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:17 *takes Jenkins' sound as a message that Kayden's choices are okay/good**keeps going*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:17  Buying Grill lighter (x 1)  
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:18  Buying Flashlight (x 1)  
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:18 *puts most of his stuff in his backpack**isn't as neat or accurate as Cooper so he ends up cramming/forcing a lot of it in there*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:18  Buying Tent (x 1)  *puts his backpack on and slings a tent bag over his shoulder as well*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:19 *notices Luke and is creeped, but doesn't look back**decides that he doesn't deserve any attention*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:19  Buying Multi tool (x 1)  *grabs one last thing*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:19 *is nearly out of money so he of course stops*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:20 *walks - or rather, struts - in pompously*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:20 Ahhh, hello everybodyyy!
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.19 04:20 Good morning!
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:20 *looks around at them, smiling* Well, I hope you all saved up on your cash...heh heh... *this confuses everyone else (but they won't be confused for long >:D)*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:21 Morning, Father! How ya doin', huh? *shakes his hand perhaps a bit too enthusiastically and roughly* How ya doin'? *shakes the hands of a couple others*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:21 Ahhh, a little survivor, eh? *tweaks Luke's nose* Heh heh...well, better go choose my stuff! *goes to the tables*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.19 04:21 *looks at Frank quizzically* Uh...hey...
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.19 04:22 *laughs indecisively, wringing her shaking hands together*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:22 *mysteriously doesn't mind buying tons of the more expensive stuff **the others either interpret this as stupidity, a large ego, some kind of plot, or a combination of these*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:23  Buying Tent (x 1)  
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:23 *is going to live in style, of course*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:23  Buying Backpack(w/supplies) (x 1)  
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:23  Buying Cooking kit (x 1)  
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:24  Buying Coat (x 1)  *buys one of the fancier ones - more like a Moneybags-ish upper class business coat than one of actual use**however, it does have some pockets*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:24  Buying First aid kit(super) (x 1)  
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.19 04:25 *he may of splurged, but he's totally juding Frank's choices*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.19 04:25 *have
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:25  Buying Gun (any) (x 10)  *surprisingly, he buys a whole lot of guns and lots of ammo to match*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 04:25 *eyes Frank critically* *isn't looking forward to having him on the same crew, as he hasn't fully trusted him from the beginning*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:25  Buying Explosives (x 1)  
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:26  Buying Sunglasses (x 1)  
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:26  Buying Fire starter (x 1)  
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:26 *sees Frank buying all the guns and starts to feel a little scared*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:26  Buying Food (x 5)  
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:26  Buying Water (x 5)  
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:27  Buying Backpack (x 1)  *mysteriously grabs an empty backpack right after putting most of his stuff in his other one**this new backpack, though, is more sack-like*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:28  Buying Rope (x 1)  
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:28  Buying Flashlight (x 1)  
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:28 *somehow fills his 100 dollar backpack while keeping the other one empty**it's almost like he owns Mary Poppins' bag in backpack form*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:29  Buying Sledgehammer (x 1)  *grabs one of these just in case*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:29  Buying Multi tool (x 1)  *and strangely one of these (perhaps for if he's in a sticky situation)*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:30 *STILL manages to put most of his stuff in the $100 backpack**just has some guns and ammo in his pockets**puts both backpacks on, slings the tent bag over his shoulder, and turns to everyone else* Well, I'm ready to roll!
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 04:31 *eyes Frank unwaveringly until he puts on the coat* *sneers* Lookin' stylish?
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 04:31 *!
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:32 Why not?
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:32 Even in this world, some pieces of humanity must remain! *...as if luxury is a key part of humanity... XP*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:32 Now let's get to that Haven!
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.19 04:32 *while Frank's expertly cramming, he's got a backpack, telescope, and other crap to carry*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:33 I'm excited to see what sort of chics reside there... *winks, smiling*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.19 04:33 *half-expects someone like Luke to proclaim "YOLO" or something*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:34 Welllll...YOLO. *chuckles mostly out of nervousness*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.19 04:34 *a convenient mode of transportation comes to take them to a gate* *security guards escort them out, then it's just them in the wilderness*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 04:34 Yeah, there'll be plenty of 'em. *is unconvinced, partly so Frank will shut up*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:34 *can't really come up with anything else to say at the moment**felt too awkward not commenting, though*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:35 *looks around* Which way do we go? Weren't we given directions?
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.19 04:36 *they are now standing on the fringes of a Florida interstate* *starts chattering, even though it's warm out* *the vastness of the entire thing suddenly slaps her hard in the face*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.19 04:36 *says, voice rocking:* Uhhhh....
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.19 04:36 I got a map with my basic necessities, but it's quite general.
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.19 04:38 *throws up her arms, annoyed all of a sudden* Well, this is sure convenient! This will take months to complete!
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.19 04:38 *her heart races* Do you know where the Safe Haven is?!
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 04:38 *is unusually patient* Guys, calm down.
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:39 [Wait a minute...if the Safe Haven is an important facility that fell to the zombies, shouldn't they know its location (or have been told it by Dane)?]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:39 [If they don't, then they're pretty much dead. XD XP]
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.19 04:39 (Yeah, they know where it is. To get there, they kind of have to wing it.)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 04:40 *extends an arm in Jake's direction, wiggling his fingers* Give me the map.
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:40 Guess that means we should just sit here... Emerson: And wait for the zombies to eat us. Alaska: Braaaaiiiinnnns... *she and her father have a little bit of a laugh over it, but aren't highly amused since they're in a nasty situation*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.19 04:41 *encircles a patch of grass, her head hanging low* *is not calm*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:41 [So they kinda-sorta know their location and they definitely know the Haven's location, and thus they'll have to guess which direction to go in?]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:42 *that last post was meant to be made by Alaska
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.19 04:42 *pulls a granola bar out of his pack and nibbles on it*
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.19 04:42 (Exactly.)
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.19 04:42 *hands Jenkins the map without argument*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.19 04:43 Well, I'm looking for zombies. *takes his telescope to the interstate and attempts to use it*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 04:44 *studies the map* *the major highways aren't depicted, since the map is really simple, but he connects fragments of roadways he's familiar with in his mind and applies them to the map*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.19 04:45 *finds solace in Father Jones* *the two of them say a prayer together*
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.19 04:45 *stares up at the Florida skies, probably some of the last he'll see*
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.19 04:46 *says a prayer for Candance, in the meantime*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:46 [What city are they in again? Sorry, I need a little recap since I've been away for a while.]
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.19 04:46 *hovers over Jenkins* Got a plan, mister?
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.19 04:46 (They're in Orlando.)
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:46 [Also, what does Father Jones look like again? I just can't help imagining he looks like Father Ralph from the old TV series The Thorn Birds. O.o]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 04:48 *focuses on the area where Milton would be* *has plans to go there, without everyone else's further consent, to see if his son is still alive* *figures they could make it there on a full tank of gas, and that's all that matters to him* *the rest is
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 04:48 undecided*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:48 *finds comfort in seeing Father Jones and Candance praying even though she isn't Catholic**perhaps is comforted by seeing normal and peaceful acts*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 04:48 We need a vehicle.
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.19 04:48 (I sort of see him as having wavy dark hair and a somewhat youthful, clean-shaven face.)
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:49 *pops up by Jenkins* Heyyy, Jenkeyyy, baby! So, what's the plan? Give me the full picture - the routes, the roads, the obstacles!
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.19 04:49 *nods* Okie dokie.
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:49 [Sounds like Father Ralph with dark hair (Ralph's hair is fairer). Hmmm...]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:50 Are there any gas stations?
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:50 Along our route, I mean? *takes a look at the map as well*
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.19 04:50 (Perhaps...)
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:50 *takes a moment to look around the general area - like Luke, except without a telescope*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 04:50 *folds the map brashly* You get the simple picture, how about that? We're headed to the Safe Haven, and if we could find a semi truck, that would make everything a h*lluva lot easier.
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.19 04:51 *if he weren
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.19 04:51 *weren't so focused on the telescope, he'd let Alaska use it*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 04:51 *speaks up* We'll need a semi, since there's no way in h*** we'll all fit in an SUV.
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.19 04:52 Well, we don't have many options. The only semi trucks we'll be finding are probably broken down, out of gas, or both.
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 04:53 *huffs, silently mulling over his choices* There might be a weigh station around here.
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 04:54 *awaits Jenkins' answer on the gas stations*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:54 *suddenly pipes up* Doesn't matter if they're broken down.
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 04:55 *answers Emerson* Yeah, but they might not be open no more. It's dicey.
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.19 04:55 *his attention snaps over to Cooper* *looks a little intense* What?
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:55 Before I became a software engineer I wanted to focus more on the physical things - mechanics, mechanical physics.
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 04:56 Yeah. *in agreement with Cooper* If they're broken down, I can fix 'em. It might take a day to try, but it'll get done.
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.19 04:56 Well, we need fuel to keep the (BLEEP) thing moving!
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:56 I've worked with cars and trucks. I might be able to help. In Key West, the car broke down once, and I had it fixed before the tow truck arrived.
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:57 Unfortunately working with the actual thing was what caused me to realize I didn't really like it...I was good at it, but needed a job I enjoyed.
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.19 04:57 *speaks, with a mouthful of granola:* Semis are practically the only vehicles you see on the road nowadays. If worst comes to worst, we can just flag someone down.
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.19 04:57 Wow, no kidding....
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:57 Also, I guess I know more about the math than fixing the real thing, but I can be of assistance.
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 04:58 Kid, you're gonna have ta start enjoying things you don't enjoy so much.
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 04:58 [gtg soon.]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 04:58 I know. I realized that quite a while ago.
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.19 04:59 *slowly crumples the wrapper* So, what's the plan?
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 05:00 *sighs* I don't know about you guys, but I ain't wasting no more time. If we want a truck, we best get finding one.
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.19 05:01 You best know where TO find one. *lets out a short, harsh, burst of laughter*
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 05:01 Well, if we can at least find a car, we can always drive out and find a truck, or whatever it is you're looking for.
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 05:01 *grins slightly, but it's more of an attempt at not cringing*
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.19 05:02 *examines Lauren from head to toe, clearly scrutinizing her*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 05:02 *points at a distant building* That looks like an old auto dealer. Why not start by going there?
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 05:02 *takes to the median of the interstate* Hope you guys have worked out some, or you'll be (BLEEP) tired by the time we're done searchin'.
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.19 05:02 *is by chance pointing in the direction of their (or at least Jenkins') route*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 05:03 *squints at it* Where...? *Alaska points again**looks at Luke for confirmation*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 05:03 *yells over his shoulder* If it's old, it's probably GONE.
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.19 05:03 *turns to Jake, throwing up her arms* *scream-whispers, "I don't know what he's talkin' about!"*
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.19 05:03 We had better hurry up...they are out all the time, but especially at night. *is of course referring to the undead
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.19 05:03 **
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.19 05:04 If it's on the way, why not check it out?
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 05:04 Well, we could try to get a car there.
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.19 05:04 *ignores Nancy and raises his voice* Guys, I say we proceed to the nearest exit. There has to be something there.
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 05:04 Oh yeah BABY! If there's one thing I miss most about normal life, it's luxurious, comfy, whizzy cars!
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.19 05:05 But how far is that? A mile? My joints can't take that anymore...
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 05:05 I don't know about you guys, but I am GOING there!
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.19 05:05 It's a start.
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 05:05 *adjusts his glasses* I've already estimated that we'll be walking far more than a mile, so we might as well get started...
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 05:05 HEY!! You ain't stepping a FOOT over there without the rest of us.
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 05:05 *that was mostly directed at Nancy*
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.19 05:05 *forces a laugh, but mostly looks at Frank like he's insane*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 05:05 *snaps at Nancy* Better oil 'em up, then.
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 05:06 Bahhh, whatever! I'll be fine! Plus, it seems like it's pretty settled among you guys - you're coming with me!
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.19 05:06 *grunts at Jenkins - and with the extra effort of carrying around her junk*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.19 05:06 Yeah. *looks at Jenkins quizically* We're going.
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 05:07 *is actually formulating a plan to get ahead of the others and do his work >:D*
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.19 05:07 *has himself a chuckle at all the chaos that's been going on*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 05:07 *would scream in Nick and Frank's face, but since he's vastly outnumbered in terms of opinion, he trudges along after them*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 05:07 *says quietly* Better knock an arrow, Katniss. Alaska: *smiles, almost chuckling, and loads her bow**Emerson loads his as well*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 05:08 *my characters follow with Frank confidently leading the way*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.19 05:08 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow night!]
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.19 05:08 *loads up his telescope and runs after the rest, nearly collapsing when he reaches them*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.19 05:08 There's no need to be mean. It's only the first few hours of this journey and we're already fighting, so I'd think about what I'm saying if I were you. *aims this comment at Jenkins*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.19 05:09 (Ok, bye!)
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.19 05:09 (See you! Oh, and if you can sometime this week, we'd like to see some pictures of Germany, if you took any!)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.19 05:09 *grumbles*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.19 17:28  Secret message to Alaska  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.19 17:28  Secret message to Alaska  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.19 17:32  Secret message to Alaska  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.19 17:38  Secret message to Alaska  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.20 02:48 [Aww crud... *facedesk* Regarding pictures, I'm not sure if I had any. The camera was acting all crud-ed up while we were there, unfortunately.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.20 02:49 [I can tell you some of the places I went to and you might be able to Google pictures of them, though.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.20 02:50  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.20 02:51  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.20 02:52  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.20 02:53  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.20 02:54  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.20 02:54  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.20 02:56  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.20 02:57  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.20 03:03  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.20 03:03  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.20 03:06  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.20 03:07  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.20 03:14  Secret message to Dane Peters  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.20 03:28 (Aw, that's too bad. But it's okay!)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.20 03:32  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.20 03:38 [Hey!]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.20 03:38 [Why are you talking to yourself? XD]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.20 03:39  Secret message to Dane Peters  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.20 03:40 (Hi!)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.20 03:40 (Crap! Good question. I guess I'm not paying attention.)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.20 03:40  Secret message to Alaska  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.20 03:41  Secret message to Alaska  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.20 03:41 (There we go.)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.20 03:41 (It's just me tonight, so if you want to continue with this, talk about Zodiac, or go on Heroes Arise, I'm fine with either choice.)
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.20 03:46 [Hm...let's go on Heroes Arise. I haven't been on there for quite a while. And thanks for your input!]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.20 03:47  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.20 03:47  Secret message to Dane Peters  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.20 03:47 (Ok! Not a problem!)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.20 03:51  Secret message to Alaska  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.20 03:51  Secret message to Alaska  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.20 03:53  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.20 03:54  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.20 03:55  Secret message to Dane Peters  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.20 03:55  Secret message to Dane Peters  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.20 03:57  Secret message to Alaska  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.20 03:59  Secret message to Dane Peters  
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.21 03:27 [I'm here!]
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.21 03:34 (Hi! Me only again, I don't know if you want to stay on here, go on Heroes Arise, or both, so it's up to you!)
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.21 03:42 [Heya! Let's go to Heroes Arise only. I'm not sure what to do here.]
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.21 03:45 (Ok.)
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 02:55 [I'm here!]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 02:58 [I think I found out why Kubo didn't win the Oscar. I read about how the Animated Feature Oscars work, and apparently a lot of the voters just don't watch the movies.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 02:59 [Instead they ask their kids which one they liked best and go with that. For instance, Big Hero 6 won in 2014; however, How to Train Your Dragon 2 was its clear superior in voice casting, animation, and storytelling.[
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 02:59 *]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:00 [Kubo apparently came in very close "second place" this year in the Oscars - it was a real threat to usurp the Disney domination - but it is truly unfortunate and just plain disgusts me that it didn't win.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:01 [The kids of course probably preferred the silly city full of cuddly anthropomorphic animals to a dark, mature, and spiritual tale of a Japanese boy who's on a quest to find magical armor that will save him from his evil godly grandfather.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:02 [But at least it's the second animated movie ever to be nominated for Best Visual Effects (the first was The Nightmare Before Christmas in 1994).]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:03 [Kubo has honestly one of the best stories I've ever seen (at least in an animated movie). It's one of those rare animated movies that appeals to both kids and adults and got a 97% (97%!!!!!!) score on Rotten Tomatoes.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:04 [I mean, what the h**l does Laika (they're the studio based in Oregon that created Kubo, Coraline, The Boxtrolls, and more) have to do to win the Oscar - make a movie that scores 159% on Rotten Tomatoes?!?!!]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:05 [Oh, and another problem I read about: People are biased towards certain studios (hint hint: DISNEY). An anime movie called Your Name has gotten just as positive (or better) reviews as Studio Ghibli movies. It is not Studio Ghibli, but I think it made
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:05 more money than any other anime movie. And guess what didn't appear in this year's Animated Feature nominations? Your Name, of course. 99% of the time the only anime movies to appear there are Studio Ghibli. WT*?]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:06 [Anyways, long story short: I just watched Kubo and the Two Strings again tonight and I had to rant about how it didn't get the Oscar.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:12 [On a brighter note, I found a garbage (AKA a fake/parody) review by some Swedish guy on Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon and it made my day. XD]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.22 03:12 (Hi!)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.22 03:13 (Wow... I'm literally stumped for words here. That's seriously what they do? Lame...)
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:13 [Would you like me to share it with you? (So you're not lost on his garbage/humorous statements, I'll have to provide some background on Spyro 3, though)]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:14 [I know, right? It's freaking infuriating. I can see it now: Voter: Which one did you like better? Kid: Well...I liked the rabbit and the fox from Zootopia more than the monkey and the beetle from Kubo - the bunny and the fox were cuter...so Zootopia!]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.22 03:14 (We haven't seen that movie yet, but I wanted it to win. Also, Disney has a huge reputation, so of course they want to maintain it. I mean, they've basically bought Marvel and the Star Wars franchises.)
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:14 [Are you both on?]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:15 [Yeah. It seems like they buy everything, really.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:15 [At least they don't do actual harm, unlike some corporations... XP]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:15 [OK, actually they do. Some parts of Frozen may have caused brain damage. XD]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.22 03:15 (And in addition, they're keeping the yearly Oscar influx rolling. The last time I saw a Disney movie in theaters was years ago. They can't be that great.)
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:16 [And by the way, yes, I'm still not much of a Frozen fan.]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.22 03:16 (Yeah, we are.)
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:17 [Okie dokie. Sooo...want me to share the video with you or not? For me it's freaking hilarious - but a word of warning: The guy in it cusses. We're all 16, though, so that shouldn't really matter. Plus, I find that swearing adds to the humor sometimes.]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.22 03:18 (Yeah, go ahead.)
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:20 [OK, so first some background info about the actual game itself: In Spyro's magical home, the Dragon Realms, everyone is celebrating the Year of the Dragon (every twelve years a new batch of dragon eggs are brought to the Realms; this is the Year of the
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:21 Dragon). They finally fall asleep from...egghaustion (*ba dum tssss*). On the other side of the world lies the Forgotten Realms - ancient realms ruled by a tyrannical blue hippo-like creature called the Sorceress.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:21 [Long ago the Sorceress banished the dragons after having a quarrel with them. Now that the dragons are gone, the magic went with them (remember my Dragonfinder idea...?), and so portals (the main mode of transportation in the Spyro series) have been
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:22 shutting down from the lack of magic. She sends her mysterious apprentice, Bianca the rabbit, to steal the dragon eggs and bring them to the Forgotten Worlds.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:23 [Bianca and some Rhynocs (these are rhino-like creatures that make up the Sorceress' army) dig a hole to the other side of the world and steal the eggs. Spyro is the only dragon small enough to go after them, and so his adventure begins.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:23 [As usual, the game is split into several "homeworlds" (peaceful worlds that act as a hub to other worlds) with other worlds accessible in each one.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:24 [After you complete some objectives (often involving traveling to the end of each homeworld, where you're rewarded with a dragon egg and then a native from that world goes to the homeworld to help build a special flying transportation device - such as a
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:25 balloon or a rocket - that will unlock/allow you to travel to other homeworlds later in the game), your latest transpotation device will be completed and you can move on to the next homeworld - except you can't at first.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:25 [A cutscene will play in which the Sorceress is angry at Bianca for not being able to stop Spyro; then either Bianca or the Sorceress create an evil monster to kill Spyro.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:26 [This monster usually starts out as a Rhynoc but then a transformation spell turns him into a dangerous, horrific thing. Spyro has to fight the boss before he can proceed to the next homeworld.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:27 [Once all levels are unlocked, you can fulfill one last objective (mostly involving collecting more eggs) and then finally unlock the Sorceress' Lair, which is where she is hiding in the last homeworld, Midnight Mountain.]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.22 03:27 (Interesting so far. I'm still reading, but I'm going to get things started in the meantime. Hopefully you don't mind.)
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:27 [After defeating her, the game is still not over. There's a world called "Super Bonus World/Round" that can be unlocked IF AND ONLY IF you collect ALL the eggs and ALL the gems in the game. And, by the way, there's 150 eggs (a lot of which are attained
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:28 via diabolical minigames) and I don't know how many gems - 14000 maybe.]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.22 03:28 *they make it to the auto dealer, and it is nearing dusk at that time* *however, the lights are still on, and the dealer is still open* *scans a parking lot filled with shining new vehicles, waiting for owners* *mutters* Waste.
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:28 [Don't worry, I'm almost done. Anyways, I haven't unlocked that level yet, but it's included in the video. Basically in that level you get to collect more gems, get one or two last eggs, and beat the Sorceress a second time (who survived her first
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.22 03:28 (Whoa!)
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:29 encounter with Spyro, unbeknownst to Spyro until Super Bonus Round is unlocked).]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:30 [Oh, and one last thing: In each homeworld Moneybags guards a certain playable character. In Sunrise Spring (the 1st homeworld) it's Sheila the mountain kangaroo; in Midday Gardens (2nd homeworld) it's Sgt. Byrd, the world's only flying penguin; in
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:30 Evening Lake (3rd homeworld) it's Bentley the yeti; and, finally, in Midnight Mountain, it's Agent 9 (the least favorite of mine among them all), the laser blaster-wielding, wild, Rhynoc-killing monkey.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:31 [Also, you get to play as Spyro's dragonfly companion Sparx in things called "Sparx Rounds." They aren't mentioned for some reason in the video though.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:32 [One last thing: Moneybags guards Sheila, Sgt. James Byrd, Bentley, and Agent 9 before you free them. When you free them, the cutscenes in which each critter gets their payback are hilarious.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:33 [Here's the video: ht tps://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=4G314aCdZ-w The guy who did it makes tons of political jokes as well as "grandpas around" (makes obviously untrue statements). He also does fake voiceovers of the characters speaking like Yehya does in
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:33 his movie reviews.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:34 [There's perhaps 1 or 2 moments of more adult humor, but it's super fast-paced and I didn't really mind. Also, he goes through each level one at a time (with the exception of Sparx rounds), giving a funny and perhaps incorrect summary of each one.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:35 [However, in the segment that goes from about 4:55 to 5:15, he speaks the truth. XD XP]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:36 [Oh, and usually levels are structured like this: You encounter the citizens of each world who tell you what's going on (usually it's trouble involving a Rhynoc takeover) and then you help them (this mainly involves getting to the end of the world/level).
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:36 There are optional "challenge portals" inside the level that take you to separate areas/minigames. A lot of the extra challenges are really fun but others are just a pain in the butt.]
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Mar.22 03:36 *meanwhile, she and the rest of the bounty hunter crew have been given secret orders by Dane to make their way to the dealer* *marches ahead confidently, muttering under her breath*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:37 [At the end of the video, when he finally says "[BLEEP] this," Spyro dying in one of the latter types of minigames is shown. It's from the level Haunted Tomb and I absolutely HATE the minigame shown (it's where you ride on floating cannon things and try
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:37 to take out enemies; it's VERY, VERY hard not to die a million times in that segment).]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.22 03:37 (Ok, thanks! I'll watch it when I find the time.)
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:38 [OK.]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.22 03:39 *swings the door wide open, entering* *the place is lit by mostly dim lighting, and a silver tile floor stretches out as far as the eye can see* *at a lone, sleek desk near the door is an employee*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.22 03:40 Employee: *perks up once noticing the influx of potential customers* Oh, hello! You're some of the first customers I've had in awhile. *tosses aside either a device or magazine*
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Mar.22 03:40 *trails behind the rest, looking this way and that nervously*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.22 03:41 Employee: *motions for Jenkins to come forward* How may I help you tonight? Jenkins: *gruffly and quietly* We're actually just one party. Employee: Okay... Let's see what kind of deal I can get for you, then. What's your current price range?
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:42 [I'm actually watching the video again while RPing. I'm getting a mix of nostalgia and laughter at the silliness of the guy's oddball views of each part of Spyro 3, which is awesome.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:42 Price range?!?!
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:43 [Oh oh oh! Idea!]
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.22 03:43 Honestly, we just need a vehicle. Preferably a large one.
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:43 [Could Frank have ditched the others, found some old clothes, and disguised himself as an employee? >:D]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.22 03:43 *leaves a long silence hanging in the air* Look... I need to explain something. Employee: Yeah? Jenkins: We've been sent on a mission by a government organization concernin' the outbreak, ya know? Employee: Yeah...
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.22 03:43 (Yeah?)
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 03:43 [This is perfect Moneybags crap right here!! XD]
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.22 03:43 (Sure, no problem.)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.22 03:44 (Haha, that might increase his longevity.)
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.22 03:44 *paces across the floor, running his long fingers across some tires* *mutters things about such-and-such reacting dangerously with such-and-such*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.22 03:45 And...how much money do ya have?
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.22 03:45 So, we're goin' all the way to the mountains - no idea where specifically, really, and we need a couple a vehicles. But, ya know, we can't really... can't really PAY.
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.22 03:46 I mean, I've got some leftover cash, but...
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.22 03:48 Leftover cash? How much?
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.22 03:48 Leftover cash is fine - a man's gotta survive, ya know.
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.22 03:49 *has his nose pinned shut with a clothes pin, making his voice different*
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.22 03:49 Only, like, thirty bucks. *laughs dryly* It's not enough.
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.22 03:49 *tries to negotiate* If you give us the vehicles, we'll pay you back when we get back.
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.22 03:52 *shoves forward, annoyed* Um, he's not the only one with money. *turns around* Guys, we need to pool our money together.
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.22 03:53 That's EXACTLY what I was thinking!
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.22 03:53 *does a double-take, squinting at Jake* Thirty bucks, really? What did you spend all your money on?
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.22 03:54 Hmmm... *intends to harvest more money off them later, so he won't make the price too great* How aboouut...
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.22 03:54 *walks over* Paying when we get back would be simply illogical. There's too many factors affecting the probability - whether or not we survive, whether or not this place is still standing, etcetera.
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.22 03:54 150 bucks?
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.22 03:54 *rests a balled fist on the counter, inhaling deeply* What if we NEED that money later?
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.22 03:55 *adjusts his glasses* As if we are going to get back.
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.22 03:55 Hey, I can pay that.
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.22 03:55 *nods a little* The offer isn't bad.
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.22 03:56 *settles things yet again* It's a deal. We'll loan the car now, then get it back to you when we can. Jenkins: Make that two cars. Nick: Okay.... two for 150?
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.22 03:57 Hey now, that's a steal.
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.22 04:00 *shakes his head, muttering about the "probability"*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.22 04:02 *gets fed up with Luke* Kid, you're not the one doin' the dealin', so stay out of it.
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.22 04:03 *stares Jenkins down* Doesn't matter. Logic defies your bartering.
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.22 04:03 You want two? I'll take 350.
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.22 04:03 *gives Luke a look that very plainly says, "shut the h*ll up"*
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Mar.22 04:04 *sidles up next to one of the bounty hunters* They're inside, probably getting a car. We should, too.
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.22 04:04 Oh, I don't care anymore. Just get us a d*** car!
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.22 04:04 However, there's a big Lays truck across the street. Apparently the driver didn't make it, but his keys did. Want the keys? *holds out his hand* 175.
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.22 04:04 What??!
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.22 04:05 175. Wanna complain some more?
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Mar.22 04:05 Exactly. *takes out a huge rifle*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.22 04:05 *looks at the others* Take it. Now. Don't complain and just do it.
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Mar.22 04:05 Wait, so we're just gonna walk in there and open fire?
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.22 04:05 *stares the keys down hungrily* Well... really, that's the best of both deals. *shakes his head slightly* It's an offer I ain't willing to pass up.
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.22 04:05 [Dude...Maria's a Bounty Hunter.]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.22 04:06 [*cough**cough*]
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.22 04:06 (Yeah, I'm aware of that.)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.22 04:06 *confirms it* 175. It's on me.
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Mar.22 04:07 *flips around to face TJ, looking confused* Yeah. What, do you have another plan, or...?
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.22 04:07 [So basically she just showed up, took out a rifle, and no one's suspicious? XD]
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Mar.22 04:07 *stammers* It's too soon. Let's wait it out, see what their plans are.
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.22 04:07 [Ohhh wait. I didn't realize she was in another scene...sorry. Brain fart. XP]
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Mar.22 04:08 (She's not within their viewing range. At least, not as far as I'm concerned.)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.22 04:08 Before I pay though, I hope that truck's in good condition.
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Mar.22 04:09 *has broken into a car**the others seem unaware of this though*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.22 04:09 Ohhh, it definitely is!
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.22 04:09 Money first though.
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Mar.22 04:09 *stays hidden behind a wall with TJ* I don't know. I've been...wanting to test this baby out.
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Mar.22 04:09 *is hotwiring it*
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Mar.22 04:10 *sharpens a knife* I'm ready whenever you guys are.
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Mar.22 04:10 *the car starts up to the others' surprise*
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Mar.22 04:10 *shakes his head* That wouldn't be wise.
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Mar.22 04:10 *gets out of the car and looks at them* Problem solved.
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.22 04:11 *finally buys the keys*
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Mar.22 04:12 *stares, wonderstruck, in the direction of the chugging motor*
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Mar.22 04:12 *puts down her knife* Great.
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Mar.22 04:13 *just grins dumbly* Hey now...I like it.
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Mar.22 04:14 *gets to her feet* Yeah. Thanks for fixing that, Henry.
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Mar.22 04:15 *isn't really expecting an answer, but asks anyways* How'd you do it?
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Mar.22 04:16 Experience.
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Mar.22 04:16 *this is perhaps a sort of "Don't ask and just get in the car" sort of answer**having an antisocial type personality and a bad history, it's obvious he's done this - and more - before*
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Mar.22 04:17 *nods distantly, possibly intimidated by the fact that Henry gave him the type of reply he was expecting*
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Mar.22 04:17 Experience, huh? *smacks her lips, smiling widely* *being as twisted as she is, she's probably trying to get Henry's attention, in addition to everyone else's*
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Mar.22 04:19 *keeps a watchful eye on the dealership door* *the team pours out of the door, Jenkins dangling the keys in his hand* *snickers upon seeing Nick's obvious skip in his step*
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.22 04:20 *babbles happily about finally getting a vehicle*
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Mar.22 04:20 *gives Maria a side-eye* *even though he's one of the more subdued bounty hunters, he's not afraid to let his irritation show*
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Mar.22 04:20 Look at them. Bunch of jack(BLEEP)s.
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Mar.22 04:21 *smiles wider, giggling*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.22 04:21 Well, this is good... we have a vehicle now, and it doesn't get any cooler than a Lays truck! *gushes*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.22 04:22 (We have to go now, bye!)
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Mar.22 04:22 *seems to not even really notice (let alone care about) how fl*rtatious Maria is being**gets in the car, ready to drive*
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Mar.22 04:22 [Aw, bye!]
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 04:41 *meanwhile, he runs off, ditches his costume, grabs some car keys, and hops in a fancy, super fast sports car*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 04:41 *managed to find a map of his own in the meantime**is basically ditching the others so he can get more money from them*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 04:42 *has already gotten his money* [Could you take some money points from some characters and add them to Frank's point table?]
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 04:42 [Nvm, just Jenkins' money since he alone paid.]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.26 04:44   + 175 Money points to Frank  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.26 04:44   - 175 Money points to Jenkins  
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.26 04:45 *opens up the back doors so everyone can get in* I'm gonna need someone to be my backup. *pauses, surveying his choices* *points at Emerson* How 'bout you? You're trustworthy enough.
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 04:45 *as the rest of the team exits the car place, they see Frank zooming off *
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.26 04:45 *tries to open the back of the semi, as if trying to prove his strength to the group*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 04:45 Sure.
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.26 04:46 *speaking of trustworthy, he hasn't noticed Frank's disappearance, and FRANKly, he doesn't even care*
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.26 04:46 *assumes shotgun by the driver's seat*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.26 04:46 *takes charge* Okay, let's get everyone inside before we get the supplies in.
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 04:48 [@ Joan: Ouch...you just hurt my brain... XD]
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.26 04:49 (Oh....that was a good one.)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.26 04:49 *is sort of annoyed with Luke, but lets him take the floor anyways* *wanders away to the front of the truck*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.26 04:49 (Hahaha, glad it worked.)
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.26 04:49 *gets in first so she can be near the front**she will be able to communicate with her dad through a little glass window dividing the front and back (not sure if these exist in Lays trucks, but oh well XP)*
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.26 04:50 Pardon me, 'scuse me. *marches to the front and gets into the back of the semi* This lady's gotta reserve her seat!
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.26 04:50 *dumps her stuff by Luke indifferently and takes a leap into the back*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.26 04:52 *in between juggling everyone else's stuff and his own, he nearly drops his valuable telescope* *manages to save it, but breaks Father Jones's binoculars* Oh. Sorry.
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.26 04:52 *my characters jump in*
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.26 04:52 Oh, that's okay. No big deal. Here. *crawls to the opening, helping Luke load the truck*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.26 04:53 *he and Father Jones get the truck packed, and then he jumps in, walking over everyone's stuff like hot coals*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.26 04:55 *she and several other of my characters have kept their stuff close to ensure it doesn't get damaged*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.26 04:56 *is crawl
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.26 04:57 *is crawling to the back of the truck* *uncovers some cardboard boxes* Hey, what's in here. **paws at the taped boxes, and a few fruitless attempts later, he finally pries a box open*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.26 04:58 Oh my God! They have chips in here! *snatches a bag of Lays chips* *holds them up on high like they're the Holy Grail itself*
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.26 04:58 Yippee!
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.26 04:59 *looks up at the box, sporting a twisted grin*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.26 04:59 Chips?! They have chips in here?!
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.26 04:59 *meanwhile, in the front* We need a map.
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.26 05:00 Hey. Guys. What if these chips aren't, like, fresh?
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.26 05:00 *pulls up a couple of bags from under his feet* Apparently a couple bags.
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.26 05:00 I'm gonna see if I can find more boxes. *is blanketed by darkness as he fumbles around for more loot*
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.26 05:00 It doesn't matter, so long as we're fueled up! Would you rather we ended up like the Donner Party?
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.26 05:00 *@ Lauren* They're in a bag. What difference does it make?
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 05:02 *gets in the front with Jenkins*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.26 05:04 We'll never go hungry again, hopefully! *beams*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.26 05:05 *says with a sharp edge* We have a map. It's a (BLEEP) one, but we've got one. If you're thinkin' a GPS, well, think again.
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.26 05:05 *grumbles* It's all fat. Trans fat, saturated fat...practically no nutrition in those bags.
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.26 05:05 Unless.... unless maybe we find one at a nearby Walmart. Hey, that's not sounding like a bad idea.
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.26 05:06 *squawks* The apocalypse is here, and you're concerned about nutrition?! You could use a little meat on your bones, anyways.
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.26 05:07 Hey, and if we go to Walmart, we can get some more stuff we need.
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.26 05:07 Actually, keeping healthy is key. Not having enough of one thing may interfere with our performance.
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.26 05:07 *adjusts his glasses* For instance, a large lack of protein would impair our concentration and reasoning abilities.
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.26 05:08 *gets stared at by a few others who are of course dubbing him as a nerd**shrugs his shoulders* Just my input.
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.26 05:09 Cooper has a point. We can't live on chips alone.
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.26 05:09 *is already chowing down on a bag of Sour Cream and Onion* *after Cooper's comment, he slows his chewing rate and looks at the back of the bag* Umm... I think there's a few grams of protein in here?...
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.26 05:10 The ratio of grams of protein, to say, grams of sodium, is staggering. It's not bad in moderation, but try sticking to the healthy stuff too.
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.26 05:11 *mutters something about "pretentious kids bossing adults around"*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.26 05:13 Guess we'll have to get some fruit juice or something next time we bulk up on supplies.
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.26 05:13 *he and Alaska say something like "That's just as bad" in unison, then look at each other, surprised*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.26 05:14 *lets her explain this time*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.26 05:14 *rolls up the bag* M'kay.
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.26 05:14 Fruit juice is essentially just the sugars in the fruit - plus added sugar. It may seem healthy since it's made up of fruit, but really it's not. Fruit gummies are the same way.
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.26 05:14 [True statement BTW...]
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.26 05:17 (Yep... that's why I stick to water 90% of the time.)
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.26 05:18 That's a good point, but as long as we know we have access to food we're used to - not just survival meals and pond water - then our internal environments should be well-maintained and our homeostasis relative.
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.26 05:19 Sounds like a plan, Stan. Maybe we'll even get a discount, how about that? *starts driving*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.26 05:19 [Same here.]
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.26 05:20 Yeah. Given everything's nearly in chaos, it would be impossible not to find a few dealbreakers.
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.26 05:20 [I also have diet pop if I need a boost, though (while also avoiding the sugar).]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 05:20 *helps Jenkins out with the map*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.26 05:24 Yeah. I mean, nobody's shopping anymore unless it's in the safe communities.
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.26 05:25 Then what was with the guy at the car place?
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.26 05:25 Right. So it would be very possible for us to raid the store.
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.26 05:25 Ummm...guys, where's Frank?
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Mar.26 05:26 *is meanwhile with the rest of the bounty hunters* *checks a tracker* Oh my God...they're heading for Walmart!
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Mar.26 05:27 *examines her nails* *says like it's the most obvious thing in the world* Then we need to go to Walmart.
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.26 05:28 You're right.... I haven't seen him since we left for the dealership.
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Mar.26 05:28 *drives after them**makes sure to stay far enough back so that they can't be seen or detected*
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Mar.26 05:28 No, no, no. You don't understand, Maya. *smirks* *lowers her voice, as if filling everyone in on a juicy secret* The last time I checked, the place was swarming with zombies.
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.26 05:30 *drives through a totally abandoned neighborhood for awhile until a Walmart comes into view* *swings into the massively empty parking lot* *a battered Jeep is parked at the very front, but otherwise, that's it*
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Mar.26 05:31 And?
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.26 05:31 Alright. *opens the door* Let's move.
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Mar.26 05:31 They're basically setting themselves up. Duh...
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 05:32 *there is also a whizzy sports car parked around the back of Walmart, but of course they didn't notice that**is standing at the Walmart door*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 05:32 *my characters hop out of the Lays truck*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.26 05:34 *walks right through the sliding doors* *actually didn't notice Frank*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 05:34 *isn't in disguise this time**is standing with his empty backpack, just waiting for them in front of the automatic Walmart doors - which mysteriously aren't opening*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.26 05:35 Wait... is that Frank? Frank, is that you?
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.26 05:35 *fast-walks to the Walmart doors, which slide open immediately* *a whiff of hot air immediately hits him* *grimaces* Air conditioning out or something?
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 05:35 *okay, nvm, the inner automatic doors aren't opening*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 05:35 *they're locked, of course... >:D*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 05:35 Heyyy, everyone!
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 05:35 It's quite a surprise too see you here!
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 05:36 The inner automatic doors are locked.
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.26 05:37 What? What are you doing here?
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 05:37 Sorry...
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 05:38 Only the power of the mighty American dollar can hope to open them...if only I had such power.
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.26 05:39 *frowns in total confusion* What?
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 05:39 I could find the key that opens them for you, but my arms are way too tired. But I CAN summon the strength for you, for, of course...ahem...
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 05:39 ...A small fee.
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 05:40 [Moneybags must be so proud. XD]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.26 05:41 *proclaims loudly* Frank, I'm not in the mood.
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 05:41 Well, then I guess you won't be getting into Walmart.
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 05:42 *the bounty hunters park quietly on the street across from the Walmart parking lot*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 05:42 [BTW, I can stay on until 12:30 AM your time! :D]
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 05:42 [Whooo...go weekends! XD :D]
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.26 05:43 *pushes forward* What's the price?
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.26 05:43 (Wow, great!)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.26 05:43 We're not paying to enter Walmart!!!
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.26 05:44 *intercepts an oncoming retaliation from Nick* We need to get in there! Paying a small fee doesn't amount to the number of goods we could be getting from inside!
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 05:46 Hm...maybeee...200 dollars.
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.26 05:46 ...WHAT?!?!
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.26 05:47 I can pay that.
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.26 05:47 No. *turns to Kayden* You're not paying.
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.26 05:51 It's fine. I have more than 200 dollars.
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.26 05:52 Some of us have sledgehammers...why don't we just break in?
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.26 05:52 IF that glass is breakable.
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.26 05:53 It probably is, but I'm not gonna pay the price either way. I know somewhere else we can go. *recalls his secret plan*
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.26 05:54 [Have you guys been listening to the Brahms I recommended?]
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.26 05:55 I guess we aren't too low on supplies. We've got enough to last us a week or so.
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 05:55 Whoa whoa whoa, wait guys, wait guys, a guy's gotta live!...Make it 150?
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.26 05:57 We need that GPS, guys.
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.26 05:57 (Not yet, but we will soon.)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.26 05:58 Where we're going doesn't require a GPS. And what are you even doing on your own? *gives Frank an utterly confused look* You were supposed to stick with us.
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 06:01 Trust me, I'm better off on my own. *is getting some intense glares from the others, who by now sorta want to punch him* Anyways...uhhh...gotta go, bye! *runs off *
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 06:01 *gets back in his sports car and speeds away*
11>Frank (Palm Beach), 47yo.2017,Mar.26 06:03 [Okie dokie.]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.26 06:04 *watches Frank until he can't be watched anymore* I don't trust that guy.
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.26 06:05 So, should we go for it, or?....
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.26 06:06 *all is silent for a minute* Well, we ARE here, and Frank's gone. I guess it wouldn't hurt to get a few things, but I'd like ta hit the road as soon as possible.
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.26 06:08 Great. *takes out his sledgehammer* Let's get to it.
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.26 06:10 *takes out her sledgehammer* *rears, then gives the door a weak swing* *despite that, it shatters immedietly*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.26 06:18 *swings at another part of the door, creating more room*
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Mar.27 04:07 [I'm here!]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.28 04:17 *Lauren and Kayden clean up the sharp edges of the door so it will be safe for everyone to get through* Thanks, guys. Real help. Everyone grab a cart.
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.28 04:19 *yanks a cart out of the cart storage station and wheels it inside of the Walmart* *the place is a mess; obviously erratic citizens rampaged it for goods in earlier weeks* *cuts around a dilapitated stack of Cheez-It boxes*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.28 04:21 Hey, Cooper and I are gonna see if we can find a GPS. Jenkins: Okay. Pick up anything ya want on the way. This'll prob'ly be our last pit stop for awhile. Nick: *nods, pushing his cart forward* Noted.
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.28 04:21 *hurries towards the electronics area*
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.28 04:23 *is meanwhile in the clothing section, doting over some somewhat unstylish, glittery American flag shirts* *snatches up two, then hurries for the food aisle*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.28 04:25 *mindlessly dumps whatever she finds useful into her cart* *hasn't even left the savings area at the front of the store*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.28 04:25 *emerges from the electronics aisle, juggling boxes of electronic gizmos and gadgets* *hurries for the food aisle, where he orders Nancy to stock up on healthy food* And we're gonna need a cooler of some sort, too.
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.28 04:26 No, a cooler wouldn't work. The ice would just melt! How 'bout a fridge - wait, no....
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.28 04:27 Hey- *is talking to Candace, but he realizes he doesn't know her name* *doesn't know anyone's name (except for Kayden), but he shrugs that off in favor of more important matters* Mind getting some food? Maybe healthy stuff? We'll need it if we want to
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.28 04:27 stay strong.
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.28 04:28 Sure. *strolls over to the produce aisle, which is pretty much carpeted with brown, wilted greens* *almost rolls over a stray cucumber* *tries to find something that's relatively fresh, but there isn't anything* *discovers that the coolers crashed
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.28 04:29 sometime ago*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.28 04:29 Okay, uh...*paces the floors, in deep thought* *this is interuppted when he sees a deranged, rotting human approaching* Holy fudgesicles...
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.28 04:30 [Annnnd I'm here again! :D]
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.28 04:30 Fudgesicles. Now those sound pretty good...haven't had one in awhile. *turns around to see the zombie fast-walking towards Luke* HEY!
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.28 04:31 *heads to electronics and car-related sections of the store, picking up tools that would be useful in case something needed to be fixed, built, etc.*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.28 04:31 (Hey!)
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.28 04:32 [I'll be on both here and Heroes Arise!]
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.28 04:32  Using Blows  *is so shocked and unprepared that he doesn't have much of a defense* *throws a cell phone box at the zombie*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.28 04:32 *even still, she picks up what she can find, including a bag of decent-looking apples, carrots, and potatoes* *although sparse, she picks up remaining cans of fruits and vegetables*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.28 04:32  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=46  
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.28 04:33 (Ok!)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 04:33  Using Blows  Zombie: *takes a swipe, aiming for Luke's smooth face*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 04:33  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=65  
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.28 04:34 *ends up with a few scrapes* *stumbles back, swearing* *then starts running down an aisle without waiting for Nancy*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 04:34   + 10 Weakness points to Luke  
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.28 04:35 *lets out a dramatic, horrified scream* *quickly grabs a box of Ritz crackers, throws it with surprisingly good aim, then takes off, barely running* *screams:* ZOMBIES!!!1
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.28 04:35 *isn't too far away from where Luke was**hears the commotion and walks over to the end of the aisle she's in to get a peek at what's going on*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.28 04:36 *gasps, turns, and runs back towards the front of the store*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.28 04:36 *looks up abruptly**starts running* ALASKA?!!!
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.28 04:36 *isn't as agile as most, but he's got a headstart compared to Nancy* *dashes around a freezer aisle, where Lauren is selecting some fresh greens* *says breathlessly:* Run! Run! Save your life!
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.28 04:36 Alaska: DADDY! *they yell to each other, using sound to figure out where they are, and finally find each other*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.28 04:37 *he and Alaska look at the zombie approaching**sighs* Just one...
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.28 04:37 *jogs over* But a lot of zombies come in swarms. *takes out his gun*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.28 04:37 *loads up on fiber-rich cereals* *can't help but sneak a bag of Dove chocolates deep into the cart*
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.28 04:38 *looks this way and that* *at that moment, Nancy screams, and that's when she takes her cue*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.28 04:39 *runs, tripping over his shoelaces* *eventually slides to his knees in the women's underwear aisle* *utters:* I knew this place wouldn't be safe!
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.28 04:39 *was comparing a couple of battery-charged GPS models until the commotion broke out* *high-tails it out of there, weaving in and out of aisles to stay out of the zombies' path*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.28 04:39 If there's one, there's probably more nearby. Come on! *starts running**yells:* EVERYONE GET BACK TO THE FRONT OF THE STORE!
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.28 04:40 *Alaska and Emerson run after him*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.28 04:40 *is browsing through things with Jenkins**hears Cooper* Uh oh...
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.28 04:40 *does a dash-waddle-gallop in the direction of the front doors* *keeps screaming, giving herself away*
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.28 04:40 *starts looking frantically for her kids*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.28 04:41 *he, Emerson, and Alaska make it* Emerson: Shhhh, be quiet, you're giving us all away.
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.28 04:41 LAUREN?! JAKE?! NICK?! COOPER?!
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.28 04:41 *sees Nick flying past an adjacent aisle, all in a blur* *her heart rate speeds up, and so does she* *is running with the cart, full-speed* *the cart clatters and jostles beyond its technical means, like it could break down at any moment*
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.28 04:42 *has somehow found himself in the bike aisle* *hears a distant scream* *feels on edge for a minute, then gets truly scared when he hears Nancy screaming* *stands around, frozen in fear* *doesn't even think about praying*
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.28 04:43 *calmly walking to the front doors, looking turbulent*
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.28 04:44 *is taken out on her way to the front, where she is tossed like a ragdoll into a tower of Hawaiian Punch bottles* *collapses, barely conscious* *groans*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.28 04:44 *sees this all happen from his hideout in the underwear area* *suddenly runs out, ready to either save Nancy or get to the front doors*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.28 04:45 *grabs a Hawaiian Punch, hurling it at the zombie*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.28 04:45  Using Blows  
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.28 04:45  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=92  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 04:46  Using Blows  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 04:46  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=54  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 04:46 *the zombie was easily knocked out by the surprise blow*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 04:46   + 10 Strength points to Luke  
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.28 04:47 *bends over Nancy, huffing and puffing* Nancy, come on! We gotta get out of here!
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.28 04:47 We gotta MOVE!!! *he and Kayden escape from the bedding aisle, which was where they were at*
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.28 04:48 MOM! I'M HERE! *runs through a checkout aisle, only to meet up with Jake* Oh, thank God! Thank God. *wraps her arms around Jake, whimpering*
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.28 04:48 *gives his sister an awkward one-arm hug, but he's thankful*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.28 04:48 *hears the screaming, hears his mother's screaming, and this suddenly fills him with love and longing for her* MOM!! *doesn't slow down until he reaches her, almost knocking her over*
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.28 04:49 *stirs a little, but is mostly invalid*
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.28 04:49 *meets up with Jake and Lauren**hugs them both hard* Oh, thank goodness!! Where are Cooper and Nick?!
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.28 04:49 *roars* I NEED HELP! NANCY'S OUT!
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.28 04:49 *then Nick's location hits her (*ba dum tssssss*)*
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.28 04:50 I-I don't know! But all that matters is that you're here.
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Mar.28 04:50 *looks on, flabbergasted* *this is probably the first time Nick and Moa have been on good terms in awhile*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.28 04:52 Mom! *practically throws himself at her* Are you okay? Are you okay?! You're okay. *hugs her*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.28 04:53 *picks up Luke's desperate cries* *stops in the middle of a sauce aisle, debating whether she should keep going* *ends up turning the cart around* I'M COMING TO HELP NANCY!!
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.28 04:55 *hugs him back, a little surprised*
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.28 04:55 Yes, I'm okay.
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.28 04:56 *hears Cooper urging everyone to gather at the front of the store* We had better hurry! *rushes towards the front*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.28 04:56 Alaska, stay close to Cooper. *rushes over to help Nancy as well*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.28 04:56 *tries to catch his breath* Okay, okay.
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.28 04:56 *nods a little and does so, scared for her father*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.28 04:57 *is running all over, with no signs of Nancy or Luke* NANCY?!
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.28 04:58 WE'RE OVER HERE! *stands up, waving his arms around*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.28 04:58 *meets up with the crew at the front* TO THE TRUCK!! C'MON, LET'S GO!!
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.28 04:59 *conjures a burst of exertion to push her way to Luke*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.28 04:59 But my dad - and Luke - and Nancy - and...
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.28 05:00 *gets to Luke and Nancy**gets a good grip on her shoulders/armpits* Pick her up by her legs.
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.28 05:00 *panics* She's out. I can't do this alone!
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.28 05:00 *immedietly kneels down next to Nancy* Oh dear. Oh dear. She's...
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.28 05:01 I just need some help.
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.28 05:01 *takes one of Nancy's legs*
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.28 05:02 *makes a strange groaning sound*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.28 05:03 Candace, get her other leg.
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.28 05:04 We'll put her in the cart!
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.28 05:04 *almost tentatively takes a leg*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.28 05:05 *with the help of Emerson and Candace, he's able to haul Nancy out of there*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.28 05:05 Good idea. We'll lift her up on the count of 3. 1...2...3! *lifts her up*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.28 05:06 *they get her to a cart, put her in it, and roll her towards the truck, where a lot of the others probably are*
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.28 05:06 *has been gratefully reunited with all four of her children*
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.28 05:07 *is still in the bike aisle, standing still* *a hiss sounds from behind him* *slowly turns around to see a small group of zombies standing before him*
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.28 05:07 [I can be on until midnight ET BTW! :D]
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.28 05:07 [My replies will be a bit slow here and there though.]
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.28 05:08  Using Blows  *acts quickly* *grabs a kid's bike and sends it swiftly flying their way*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.28 05:08 *he tripped and fell during all the chaos and is still inside the store*
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.28 05:08  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=13  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 05:08  Using Blows  *the zombies were able to deflect the blow*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.28 05:08 *is rubbing his ankle (he hurt it, but it's nothing serious)**hears the commotion coming from the bike aisle and freezes, terrified*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 05:08  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=52  
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.28 05:09 *checks if his knife is still in his belt - which it is - and then takes out his sledgehammer*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.28 05:09 *gets up, wincing a little*
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.28 05:09  Using Blows  *grabs his only other defense - a bouncy ball - and chucks it their way*
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.28 05:09  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=83  
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.28 05:09 *looks at the bike area and starts to back away*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.28 05:09 [...What.]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 05:09  Using Blows  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 05:09  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=70  
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.28 05:10 [A bicycle does no damage but a bouncy ball probably will?]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.28 05:10 *bouncy ball does?]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.28 05:10 [Logic!!! XD]
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.28 05:10 *was able to at least set them off enough for him to grab a bike, mount it, and pedal as fast as possible out of there*
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.28 05:10 (Yeah...I guess so!)
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.28 05:12 *high tails it through the gardening aisle* *rounds a turn so fast, he nearly falls off* *zips through a checkout lane and right out the sliding doors*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.28 05:12 *sees Father Jones zip by and tries to limp after him*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 05:12   + 10 Strength points to Father Jones  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 05:12   + 10 Weakness points to Father Jones  
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.28 05:13 *since he's limping he's much noisier than before, and the zombies start to track him down*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.28 05:13 *makes it to the sliding doors, but the zombies aren't too far away**has noticed them chasing him* HELP!!! HELP!!!!
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 05:13  Using Blows  the bouncy ball comes soaring Kayden's way - merely a preamble to their plans, too*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 05:14  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=100  
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.28 05:14 *sees Kayden limping into the parking lot with the zombies coming closer and closer*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 05:14 (Well, crap.)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.28 05:14 *looks down at an unconscious Nancy in this unimpressed way once Emerson, Luke, and Candace arrive in the cart* What happened to her?
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.28 05:14 [This RP should be renamed The Wrath of the Bouncy Ball.]
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.28 05:14 [X'D]
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.28 05:15 (Yeah. It's proving to be just as powerful as a standard weapon.)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.28 05:15 *jerks his head up when he hears Kayden* *immedietly circles around the front end of the truck to grab any weapon he can get his hands on*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.28 05:15 *is hit and nearly knocked out cold (dun dun dunnnn)**Moa has taken out her rifle and aims it carefully at the nearest zombie*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.28 05:15 Um, she got knocked into a pile of Hawaiian Punch bottles by a zombie.
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.28 05:15  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=52  *squeezes the trigger*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.28 05:15  Using Blows  *comes around the side of the truck, now with a gun in his hand* *fires at a zombie*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.28 05:16  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=62  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 05:16  Using Blows  *at Moa*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 05:16  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=98  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 05:16 (WHAT?!)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 05:16  Using Blows  *at Jenkins*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 05:16  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=30  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 05:17   + 10 Weakness points to Kayden  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 05:17   + 10 Weakness points to Moa  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 05:17   + 10 Strength points to Jenkins  
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.28 05:17  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=77  *shoots again*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 05:18  Using Blows  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 05:18  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=71  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.28 05:18   + 10 Strength points to Moa  
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.28 05:18 *shoots a zombie that was just about to get Kayden**Kayden weakly starts to get back up*
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.28 05:18 *one look at what's behind him sends him screaming and half running, half limping towards the truck*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.28 05:19 *stands before the opening, ready to help Kayden get in safely*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.28 05:19 *even though Moa didn't get a zombie the first time, hopefully she popped one of the bouncy balls*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.28 05:20 (Haha, probably.)
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.28 05:20 *starts throwing everything into the back of the truck* *even lifts the cart inside*
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.28 05:22 *DEFINITELY managed to pop that darn bouncy ball!!!*
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.28 05:22 *Emerson runs out, grabs Kayden, and helps him get to the truck*
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.28 05:22 *a lot of my characters start piling in*
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.28 05:23 *the bike somehow made it into the back of the semi too* *sits near it, shaking a little*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.28 05:23 *towers above everyone* Is everyone okay?
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.28 05:24 *fires a final shot, then hustles to the driver's door* *gets inside and speeds off, tires squealing*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.28 05:25 *teeters due to Jenkins' burst of gas* *his voice is shaky* Yeah?
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.28 05:25 I am: I hope everyone else is, though. *is huddled under the tipped cart, holding her knees close to her chest*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.28 05:25 *:
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.28 05:26 **;
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.28 05:28 *quickly counts everyone* That's everyone...except Frank. Kayden: *is panting* That's probably a good thing.
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.28 05:28 *is in the front with Jenkins*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.28 05:28 By the way, does anyone here have...erm...ya know...doctor experience? *means medical experience, of course*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.28 05:30 Uhhhrrr... I'm pretty sure Jake does, but, uh... he's in the front. *feels awkward talking about his brother, whom he should be close with but isn't*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.28 05:31 [I thought Emerson was in the front.]
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.28 05:34 (Yeah, but Jake might've been, too. Not 100% sure, though. Anyways, we have to go, so we'll see you tomorrow night!)
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Mar.28 05:50 [OK, bye!]
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.29 04:39 [Here!]
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.29 04:44 (Hi!)
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.29 04:48 *stays close to Nancy to keep an eye out on her* *in the meantime, she takes the prescribed daily dosage of her medication*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Mar.29 04:50 *organizes the food and goods to create a somewhat comfortable living environment in the back of the truck* *uncovers a GPS he took from the store* Hey... wonder if that guy will need this.
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.29 04:50 [Heya!]
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.29 04:51 *shrugs* He seems to know where we're going. And if not... *shrugs again, eyeing the GPS*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.29 04:51 Let me see. *takes the GPS, looks at it for a moment, and then taps on the window in the wall separating the front and the back of the truck**lifts up the GPS and points at it*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.29 04:53 *Emerson looks at it and says something to Jenkins (probably asking if he wants the GPS)*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.29 04:59 [Hello?]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.29 05:02 *glances over at it* I've got it from here. But you can check to see if it's working.
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.29 05:04 *now that he's at ease, he decides to pop in his prized Willie Nelson CD* *gradually turns up the volume to "On the Road Again" to full-on blast mode*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.29 05:05 [Nvm.]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.29 05:17 *drives almost all night* *gets pretty tired, so he stops in a safe, operating town just outside of Tallahassee* *pulls into a parking lot and calls it a night*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.29 05:18 (I have to go now, see you!)
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.29 05:19 [Aw, bye!]
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.30 04:21 [I'm here!]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.30 04:27 (Hey!)
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.30 04:28 [Heya! Is Paige on?]
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Mar.30 04:29 *parking in the middle of a parking lot wasn't really a strategic tactic, because the bounty hunters are able to catch up to them 2 hours later* *says in this sort of low, sing-song way* Therrrre they are...
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Mar.30 04:29 (She said she would be.)
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.30 04:33 [Is she in Connor Mode? XD (Asleep and lost in oblivion for the next 7-12 hours)]
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Mar.30 04:38 (In a way. She's preoccupied with something else, but should be here shortly.)
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Mar.30 04:40 *Henry, who is probably driving their vehicle, stops a few hundred feet away from the truck* They're probably in there. If we want to reach them, we'll have to break in somehow.
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Mar.30 04:40 I'd recommend going for the driver and passenger first.
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Mar.30 04:45 [Okie dokie.]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.30 04:46 *looks through the rear view window* Is it just me, or have I seen that same car at least five times in the last several hours?
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.30 04:47 *cranes his neck to get a good look at the rearview* I ain't been noticin' much...mostly I've been driving. Didn't think we were bein' tailgated...
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Mar.30 04:48 *has stirred a little, and after a bag of chips, she's alive as ever* ....I thought I was gonna die, but no. Here I am!
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.30 04:49 Yeah. *smiles encouragingly* You're doing great.
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Mar.30 04:50 *springs forward eagerly* We should go in on them. Better now than never. I'll wait in the back. *flips his hood over his head and picks up a gun*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.30 04:51 *looks at Jenkins* Zombies with driver's licenses?
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Mar.30 04:51 I'll attack from the driver's side, but I'm gonna need some help. *collects her knives*
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Mar.30 04:51 *takes out his assault rifle*
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Mar.30 04:52 *puts his rifle in one hand while keeping his other hand on the wheel*
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Mar.30 04:52 This should take care of it. *hauls her trademark rifle into her lap from the backseat floor*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.30 04:52 *shrugs* Could be. Still people roamin' about in some places... you just don't see 'em because they're never around. *shuts his eyes*
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Mar.30 04:55 *hits a control button at the front of the car, opening the trunk and allowing Maya to roll out of the car surreptitiously*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.30 04:56 *looks back in the rear-view window**sees movement* Hm...they're on the move, whoever they are.
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Mar.30 04:57 *is lithe on her feet* *seems effortless as she springs up to the driver's window and smashes it open*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.30 04:58 *hears a distant crash* *freezes, looking grave*
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Mar.30 04:58 What was that?
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.30 04:59 *is completely stunned by the sudden attack, especially since he was dozing off* *next thing he knows, Maya is on top of him, threatening his life* *stares into her perfectly menacing cat eyes with pure terror*
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Mar.30 05:00 *has a knife against Jenkins' neck* *whips one out and points it at Emerson*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Mar.30 05:01 *murmurs* Sounded a lot like shattering glass or something. There's only glass up in the front....this isn't going to end well.
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Mar.30 05:01 Oh....oh God....*looks alarmed*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.30 05:04 *has his hands under his coat, which is on his lap since he got too warm*
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Mar.30 05:04 *creases a faultless (and fake-ish) eyebrow* *growls* Don't. Move.
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.30 05:05 *looks through the little window and is petrified**stares*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.30 05:05 *hyperventilates* *hasn't lost this much control... ever, actually*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.30 05:05 [Oh yes, the epicly evil bad guy pause... XD XP This is the kinda moment where I'm like "FOR GOD'S SAKE, KILL THEM ALREADY!!!"]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.30 05:06 [Happens in James Bond movies a lot - the villains take an inexplicably long time gloating while they could just shoot James Bond dead or something.]
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Mar.30 05:07 *is probably thinking the exact same thing as Brunnhilde* *would bust out of the car and take care of business, but she stays put*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.30 05:11  Using Blows  *throws the coat up and at her, trying to make sure it covers the knife and her upper body/face*
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Mar.30 05:11 *meets Ashley's eyes* *lunges for the window like a tiger would its prey* *the glass explodes*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.30 05:11  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=15  
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Mar.30 05:11 *Alaska
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.30 05:12 [Ashley: *burns the crap out of her in response*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.30 05:12 *]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Mar.30 05:13 [Just kidding. XD]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.30 05:13 *jumps back, probably landing on several people*
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Mar.30 05:22  Using Blows  *launches a kick in Emerson's direction*
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Mar.30 05:22  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=68  
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Mar.30 05:22  Using Blows  *swipes her knife at Alaska's face to get past her*
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Mar.30 05:23  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=100  
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Mar.30 05:23 (Ohhhhh....)
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Mar.30 05:24 (Gotta go now, see you tomorrow!)
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Mar.30 05:27 [Aw, bye!] *screams and clutches her face*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.30 05:27  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=19  *leaps into action, grabbing the first weapon he feels - his knife - and trying to use it on Maya*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.30 05:28  Using Blows  [Almost forgot...]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Mar.30 05:28 [Alright, what the "bleep" is with my characters getting such crappy scores? Is re-rolling allowed on this RP?]
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Mar.31 04:43 (I'd say re-rolling is allowed, as long as it's done in moderation.)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.31 04:44   + 25 Strength points to Maya  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.31 04:44   + 10 Weakness points to Emerson  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Mar.31 04:44   + 10 Weakness points to Alaska  
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Mar.31 04:46 *recovers enough so as to notice shadows darting to and fro in the parking lot* *immedietly flops down below the dash and fakes his death*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Mar.31 04:47 *shrieks nonstop, guarding herself behind the grimy grates of the shopping cart* *it proves to be a profitable weapon*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Apr.1 04:10  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=18  [I guess I'll re-roll if my score is under 25 or if I keep getting low scores (I consider 40 and under low) over and over again.]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Apr.1 04:10  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=99  
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Apr.1 04:10 [Well...that worked. XD]
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Apr.1 04:23 *observes from behind a stack of chip boxes as Cooper boldly fights Maya* *would help him out, but due to being paralyzed in fear - and living a mostly selfish lifestyle - he doesn't*
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Apr.1 04:24  Using Blows  *clashes with Nick*
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Apr.1 04:24  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=80  
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Apr.1 04:24 *is swiped by Cooper's blade* *screams, toppling into some people*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Apr.1 04:27 [Hey!]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Apr.1 04:27 [Don't forget to roll against Cooper...as futile as resistance is. >:D]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Apr.1 04:28 [Eh, obviously you don't have to. XP]
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Apr.1 04:31 (Oh, I actually meant Cooper there, sorry! I'm in a Nick state of mind, it seems.)
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Apr.1 04:33 [XD Thaaaat's not good...]
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Apr.1 04:34  Using Blows  *is one of those people**shrieks viciously and rams the butt of her gun into Maya's head*
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Apr.1 04:34  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=62  
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Apr.1 04:38  Using Blows  *rams the blade of her knife in Moa's face*
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Apr.1 04:38  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=91  
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.1 04:39 *shoots at the side of the truck, mainly because he's not brave enough to add himself to the chaos*
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Apr.1 04:46 *screams and falls back**is lucky to be alive*
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Apr.1 04:47 *the knife got her in the eye, but nothing behind it*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.1 04:48  Using Backpack(w/supplies)  *aims his gun through the broken window and shoots at Maya*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.1 04:48 [Oops...um...WT*?]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.1 04:48   + 10 Strength points to Maya  
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.1 04:48  Using Blows  [Can you give that back to me please? XD]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.1 04:48  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=31  
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.1 04:49 [Alright, is Maya invincible or something?!!]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.1 04:49   + 10 Weakness points to Moa  
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.1 04:49  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=95  [I know I said 25 or under, but this is getting ridiculous. If this carries on everyone's going to bleed to death. Re-roll.]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.1 04:49 (I don't know, but it's all about to end soon.)
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.1 04:53 *flinches when the rear view mirror on his side gets shot and shatters**Henry has started shooting as well*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.1 04:53 *says to Jenkins:* Drive!!
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Apr.1 05:05  Using Blows  *missing Emerson's bullet is questionable*
19>Maya (Bounty hunter), 23yo.2017,Apr.1 05:05  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=16  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.1 05:05   + 10 Strength points to Jenkins  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.1 05:05   - 10 Strength points to Jenkins  
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.1 05:07 Now!!!
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.1 05:11 [Still there?]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.1 05:13   + 10 Weakness points to Maya  
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.1 05:15 *picks up his gun from the ground, aims through the shattered window at Maya, and shoots her dead*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.1 05:16 Someone get her out of the truck!!!
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.1 05:24 *sees Maya die**is on the brink of throwing up*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Apr.1 05:25 *wrenches open the back doors* *does everyone a favor by dumping Maya's body out of the truck*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.1 05:27 *shifts into reverse, and, in an unprecedented state of rage, speeds right over Maya's body* *peels out of the parking lot and onto the nearest highway* *although he's still traumatized and tired, he forces himself to prepare for a few more hours on the
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.1 05:27 road*
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.1 05:32 *stares at the body, more or less shocked* *Maya's death only affects him a little, since he didn't connect with her on a truly personal level* What should we do with her?
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.1 05:34 The usual. Harvest her blood. Then leave her.
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Apr.1 05:37 *is sort of disturbed by Maya's death* *expresses his thoughts quietly* She was kind of a pretty girl. Just looked normal in death, y'know? *looks shaken*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Apr.1 05:40 *kind of whispers* Yeah.... but unfortunately , she chose the wrong path in life. The best thing we can do is guide each other and hope it doesn't spread.
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Apr.1 05:42 *stares at the floor* She looked familiar. *gives his head a shake* Weird.
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Apr.1 05:45 (I have to go, see you tomorrow!)
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.1 05:48 [Bye!]
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.2 02:51 *nods* *pulls out a special blood harvesting device from the truck* *inserts needles in several parts of Maya's body to drain the blood out of her* *goes about doing this in professional and detached manner, like it's an everyday job that has to get done*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.2 02:51 -LATER-
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.2 02:52 *has been driving most of the morning, and although he feels like he could drop dead, he pushes himself to keep going in the name of the secret plan - which up to him and him alone to carry out*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.2 02:54 *it is maybe 6 AM when he coasts down the exit to Milton* *the town is completely void of any human presence, so it comes across as a surprise when an ancient Crown Victoria lumbers down the main street*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.2 02:55 *with his eyes barely open, he maneuvers the truck into the driveway of his house* *stares at the simple ranch like it's a mirage - he can't believe he made it home in one piece*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.2 02:56 *debates whether he should wake everyone else up, or abandon the truck and his teammates for his bed* *settles on the former, starting with Emerson*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.2 02:57 *nudges him* *says in a low voice* Hey. We're at my place - will explain later. Help me get everyone into the house, will ya?
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Apr.2 04:16 [I'm here!]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Apr.4 04:34 [Annnd I'm here again!]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.4 04:35 *had dozed off **twitches, waking up**nods a little* Okay.
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Apr.4 04:48 *Jenkins opens the back doors* *wakes up immedietly, having been blinded by the morning light* *squints through his glasses, which have been left on* *the shadow of a man with a cowboy hat materializes*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.4 04:49 [Hey!]
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Apr.4 04:49 *sits up slowly* *most of his joints are cramped from lying in the same position for several hours*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Apr.4 04:49 (Hi!)
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.4 04:50 *his shadow appears as well*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 04:50 *has scared a few people* Hey, hey, it's okay. We're at my house. We're gonna be safe. *helps a disoriented Candace out of the back*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Apr.4 04:53 This is
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Apr.4 04:54 *This is your house? *looks up at Jenkins' small house* *a truck sits lopsided in a gravel driveway, and a Florida forest consisting of palm trees and Spanish moss surrounds it* Jenkins: Yeah. It ain't much, but it's home.
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Apr.4 04:56 *enters through the kitchen* *it's actually pretty tidy, given that Jenkins and his son were the only ones to live in there for the longest time* *a few jars and cans clutter the counter, and a small table and chair set stand right in the middle of the
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Apr.4 04:56 kitchen*
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Apr.4 04:57 *admires the fridge, which is decked top to bottom in souvenir magnets*
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Apr.4 04:59 Vegas.... love that place.
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 05:01 *briefly surveys his kitchen* *is bewildered that everything is in the same condition as he last left it* *eyes a coffee mug he drank out of months ago, sitting near the sink* *refuses to get sentimental*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 05:02 Well, like I said, it ain't much. I got one bedroom, a few couches and chairs... hold on. *strides across the kitchen to a nearby closet* *opens the door and dumps a bunch of linens to the floor*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Apr.4 05:02 *looks around* So...what are we here for?
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 05:03 *looks at his team and assesses them* You. *points at Alaska* You'll get the bedroom, but before anything, we gotta fix that cut. If we don't, it'll get infected.
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.4 05:05 *nods a little**she and others tried to bandage it, but because it was dark and they were traumatized and in a rush they botched it a little*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 05:06 Follow me. You might want your daddy to come with ya.
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.4 05:07 *Emerson holds her hand and they follow Jenkins*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Apr.4 05:08 *@ Cooper* Guess we're just taking a break...
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 05:10 *answers Cooper with a simple tip-off* We're here for safety.
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 05:15 *leads Emerson and Alaska into the bathroom, which is another story* *flicks on an ancient light, revealing a bathroom that could very easily have belonged in the 60s* *the sea green floor tiles are marred with dirt, the mirror is covered in residue, and
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 05:16 the patterned shower curtains are pretty moldy*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 05:18 *points to the toilet, gesturing for Alaska to sit* *pulls open a drawer; subsequently, a cloud of dust and powder billows up* *grabs some hydrogen peroxide and cotton balls*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.4 05:19 *sits, feeling nervous and queasy*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.4 05:19 *has worked with this sort of thing before**helps Jenkins*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 05:20 Just a warnin' - I don't mean ta scare ya or anything, but this'll probably hurt some. So do whatever you gotta to ignore the pain: sing a song, hold your dad's hand, or somethin'.
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.4 05:20 *helps him prepare and clean the things, but after that he has to leave Jenkins to do the work; Emerson would risk fainting or something (it's the issue with doctors treating their own kids)**instead comforts Alaska*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.4 05:21 Remember... *whispers some philosophies they've discussed to her**Alaska nods quickly**they hold hands*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 05:21 *dabs some H2O2 on a towel and applies it to the wound*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.4 05:24 *holds her breath*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 05:27 *keeps on applying it, but blood starts to smear everywhere and Alaska becomes more pained by the second* *flings the bloody rag onto the sink* We're gonna have to do stitches, I think. I have no idea how to do stitches.
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.4 05:29 *has her eyes closed tight to prevent blood from getting in her eyes*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 05:29 *glances at Emerson* I'll see if anyone can help us.
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.4 05:30 I've done them before, but I'm not sure if I'd be able to do them on her...she's my daughter.
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.4 05:30 Yeah, go ask the others.
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 05:30 *leaves the bathroom momentarily, then comes back with Jake* He knows what he's doing. *things get increasingly claustrophobic, especially for Alaska*
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Apr.4 05:31 *smiles, but he looks more constipated* *is clutching a first aid kit* Hey. Let's see what we've got here.
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.4 05:32 *blinks open her eyes for a moment to see what's going on*
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Apr.4 05:34 *has to pull a chair into the bathrooom so he's level with Alaska* *examines her wound closely* Yeah... looks like she got you deep. *kind of cringes*
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Apr.4 05:34 *prepares his materials* Have you ever had stitches before?
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.4 05:38 No.
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.4 05:38 Daddy has. Emerson: Had to do them on myself...it was an emergency.
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Apr.4 05:39 Okay. *washes his hands quickly* You'll probably feel some sharp pinches, but I promise I'm not going to hurt you, okay? Just stay relaxed.
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Apr.4 05:40 *looks up at Emerson* Ah.
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Apr.4 05:44 Alright. Just hold still for me... *carries out the procedure very meticulously*
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Apr.4 05:48 *is done in maybe
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Apr.4 05:48 *in maybe 2 minutes* *pulls back to look at his work* All done. Feeling okay?
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 05:49 You did really well. If you want, I can get you some water.
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.4 05:52 *would only let out gasps of pain here and there but was otherwise pretty stoic**Emerson's presence helped a lot**nods a little* Yes, please. I'm okay.
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 05:57 Okay. *brings Ashley to her room - his son's former room* *it's littered with storage boxes, and the walls are covered with band posters and energy drink decals, but otherwise, it's in good shape* *brings her some water*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 05:58 Take it easy now. Don't apply too much pressure to that head. *pauses* Your dad will be here with ya, and if there's anything else you need, let me know.
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.4 05:58 [Errrm...Ashley? XD]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.4 05:59 *nods* Okay. *takes a sip and looks around*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 05:59 *accomodates everyone else* *Kayden gets a couch, Nancy a loveseat, and Luke a chair with a futon* *everyone else gets to sleep on the floor*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 05:59 (Sorry, I keep confusing the two.)
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.4 06:01 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow! I might be late.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.4 06:01 [It's fine. Anyways, bye!]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 06:01 (Bye!)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 06:02 *finally gets to his own bed and crashes for several hours*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 23:21 *everyone sleeps almost all day* *gets up occassionally to check on Alaska* *has to clean her wound to keep it infection-free* *goes back to bed for awhile, but at midnight, he's fully awake*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 23:23 *turns on his computer* *expects it not to work, but surprisingly it does* *however, the service is pretty bad in Milton, so he has to wait awhile for everything to load*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 23:25 *gets on Whitepages like 45 minutes later* *types in his son's name, and waits for another 20 minutes* *the results are scarce* *the only address that shows up is his own*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 23:27 *there is an additional viewing option, but it is blocked unless you pay* *stares at the screen for a long time, contemplating* *mutters a "(BLEEP) it" before entering his credit card number*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 23:28 *now that he's paid to get in, results are yielded* *uncovers his son's current address, which is an apartment a couple of towns over*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 23:28 -THE NEXT DAY-
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 23:30 *is up and ready to go* *Emerson and a few others are up, too, but they have no idea what Jenkins is up to* *is in the kitchen,digging around in the pantry* *brings a pyramid of maple and brown sugar oatmeal boxes to the floor*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 23:31 If yer hungry, we've got oatmeal fer breakfast. Should be easy to make. Now... *swipes a pair of car keys from the counter* I gotta go somewhere. Don't know how long it'll be, but I'll be back.
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.4 23:32 *leaves the house, armed with a gun, and goes to his own truck* *having not been used for awhile, the pickup sputters, dies, and repeats a few times, but eventually starts up* *drives away*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.5 04:26 [I'm here!]
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Apr.5 04:54 (Hi!)
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Apr.5 04:55 *says cheerily* Good morning, everyone! Rise and shine! Well, I guess it isn't really morning. Or is it? Oh, well. I've lost track of time. *kind of chuckles to herself*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.5 04:55 [Heya!]
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Apr.5 04:56 Where did he go? *stares out the back window* *was probably in range when Jenkins announced he was leaving, but she can't remember* *shrugs* Hmm.
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Apr.5 04:56 *has started to prepare the brown sugar oatmeal like it's routine**he and his family didn't have premium breakfasts so he's probably had this type of oatmeal - or similar - plenty of times*
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Apr.5 04:57 *briefly explains* ...he's been acting pretty strange lately...he had better not be gone too long. He's our guide.
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Apr.5 04:58 *is actually a good cook; his mom taught him cooking and he often had to take her place making dinner when she was doing extra shifts at work (or at her multiple jobs at one point)*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Apr.5 04:58 *scratch that, I forgot - his mom was forced to stay home due to the numerous kids*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Apr.5 04:58 *nevertheless she'd often be too busy and/or tired to cook dinner, so he had to do it several times*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Apr.5 05:05 Oh, so that's where he is... thanks for letting me know. *sits down at the table with one of the oatmeal boxes* *mutters stuff to herself* One and a half cups... okay. *is trying to figure out how much to make for 15 people*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Apr.5 05:11 The amount needed for us 15 is... *tells her the answer**is already starting to cook the stuff *
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Apr.5 05:12 [I'm just going to imply what he's doing since I'm clueless in the kitchen. XD XP Except when it comes to toast, cereal, sandwiches, and that leftover crap in the fridge that is probably a bit old but what the heck, it looks good anyway...]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Apr.5 05:13 [OK, I can make mac n' cheese on a stovetop. But that's as advanced as I get.]
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Apr.5 05:16 (Hahaha, same, same. Don't worry - I'm not going to attempt calculations this late at night, either.)
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Apr.5 05:17 Thank you! That's very helpful. What's your name again?
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Apr.5 05:18 *enters the kitchen and promptly slumps in a chair* *looks irritated and groggy, and one might as well mistake him for a zombie* *has probably been disrupted from his long sleep*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Apr.5 05:23 *is even more irked by Candace's excessive banging around* *doesn't complain*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Apr.5 05:25 Kayden. Erm, you?
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Apr.5 05:35 I'm Candace. Nice to finally get to know you! I mean, I know you, but I didn't really know your name.
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Apr.5 05:36 *cooks oatmeal and drills Kayden, Moa, and Nick with questions about themselves and their lives*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Apr.5 05:37 *also cooks oatmeal, helping Candace and giving her tips here and there**soon breakfast is served*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Apr.5 05:39 *is talking about his life and job in Miami* ....yeah, I love my job. Couldn't have asked for a better one. *runs a hand through his greasy hair* Miami is a great place to live. I mean, it has a rep, but... *yawns* It's cool.
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Apr.5 05:39 Breakfast is ready! If you want some, come and get some!
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Apr.5 05:40 *is one of the first in the kitchen* I'll grab some for Emerson and Alaska. Candace: Okay. But no more than one serving!
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Apr.5 05:42 *Emerson and Alaska are at the TV, seeing if they can get any signals*
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Apr.5 05:43 *receives her portion* *reminisces a little* The kids loved pancakes... every weekend, I'd make them pancakes on their favorite plates, sometimes cut up into pizza slices. Kristen and Cody loved their pizza slice pancakes with peanut butter. *nobody is
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Apr.5 05:43 *really listening to her*
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Apr.5 05:44 *sits down next to Emerson and Alaska* Hey guys. Brought you some oatmeal. *turns to Alaska* How're you feeling?
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Apr.5 05:48 *sits at the kitchen table and eats really slowly* *watches out the doorway, primarily to get a good glance of Alaska and the TV - but mostly Alaska* *wants to see the stitches, but also her full face, since he thinks she's pretty cute*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Apr.5 05:48 *is being very discreet about this*
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.5 05:49 *thanks to the tracker, the bounty hunters are about to arrive at Jenkins' house*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.5 05:51 A little sore...but I'm okay.
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Apr.5 05:52 *has revealed a lot about his life and how he grew up in poverty to the others whilst cooking the oatmeal**Candace was quizzing him, after all*
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Apr.5 05:52 Good. Glad to hear that things are improving. *eats from a bowl of his own*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Apr.5 05:53 *had also revealed how he needed Jenkins' company while in Peters' facility to keep his sanity**makes a cooking joke with Candace and laughs*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Apr.5 05:54 *the bounty hunters are outside, poised with their guns**the first gunshot comes from Alejandro (sorry if I'm powerplaying)**the next thing the team knows, he's on the floor, gasping for breath*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Apr.5 05:54 *was hit somewhere around his right collarbone*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Apr.5 05:55 *screams* Kayden!! *kneels down next to him, checking for a pulse*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Apr.5 05:56 Oh my God! *jumps back* *Luke almost rudely chokes up his oatmeal*
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Apr.5 05:57 *kicks open the door*
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Apr.5 06:01 *pulls Kayden into her lap* *has to come up with a plan, and fast, but her thoughts vacillate* *looks up suddenly as the back door crashes open* *comes face-to-face with a smirking Maria, who is armed with an intimidating gun*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.5 06:02  Using Heavy duty boots  *has forced Alaska to get down and has taken out his gun**shoots at Maria*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.5 06:02 [Um, can I have that back? XD XP]
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.5 06:02  Using Blows  
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.5 06:03  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=81  
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.5 06:07 [Could you perhaps use the Dane Peters slot to give him heavy duty boots please?]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.5 06:11 *is meanwhile pulling into the driveway of the apartment complex*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.5 06:11 (Yeah.)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.5 06:11  Giving Heavy duty boots (x 1) to Emerson  
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Apr.5 06:12  Using Blows  *shoots back at Emerson*
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Apr.5 06:12  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=44  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.5 06:12   + 10 Strength points to Emerson  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.5 06:12   + 10 Weakness points to Maria  
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Apr.5 06:13 *clambers down under the table*
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.5 06:16  Using Blows  *attacks the nearest person - Moa* *since he still has somewhat of a heart left, he weakly drags her from her chair*
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.5 06:16  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=88  
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Apr.5 06:17 *with his mom being attacked, Kayden at a near death state, and Luke under the table, he has to act fast* *turns to stovetop on high and drags the pan over to the sink, filling it up with water*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Apr.5 06:17 *arms himself with the nearest kitchen knife*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Apr.5 06:18 (I have to go, bye!)
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.5 06:19 [Bye!]
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Apr.5 06:19 *screams, wriggling and scratching and punching*
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Apr.5 06:19  Using Blows  
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Apr.5 06:19  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=98  
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Apr.5 06:20 *also spit on his face*
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.5 06:21  Using Blows  *shoots at some of the weaker and more peaceful-looking team members, assuming they're the easiest to take out**using his assault rifle, he unleashes a barrage of bullets on Nick, Father Jones, and Nancy*
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.5 06:21  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=5  
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.5 06:21  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=58  
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.5 06:21 [I guess all three of them can roll against that.]
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Apr.6 03:59 [I'm here!]
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Apr.6 04:15 (Hi!)
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.6 04:15 *backpedals, landing hard on his butt*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.6 04:16   + 10 Strength points to Moa  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.6 04:16   + 10 Weakness points to Alejandro  
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Apr.6 04:20  Using Blows  *lifts the boiling water off the stove and dumps it, aiming to douse Henry*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Apr.6 04:21  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=5  
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Apr.6 04:21  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=93  (I'm going to re-roll.)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.6 04:22   + 10 Strength points to Nick  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.6 04:22   + 10 Weakness points to Henry  
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Apr.6 04:23 [Hey!]
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.6 04:24 *screams, falling backwards over the counter**has some nasty burns*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.6 04:29 *meanwhile, he enters his son's apartment complex* *it is seemingly abandoned, but there are two cars in the parking lot, and the door is unlocked* *walks upstairs*
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.6 04:34 *slaps his hand on the counter and forces himself back onto his feet**looks intense, wild, and deadly serious/cold**raises his gun and starts firing at practically anyone who moves*
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.6 04:34  Using Blows  *one of those "anyone's" is Lauren*
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.6 04:34  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=26  
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.6 04:40  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=11  
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.6 04:40  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=19  
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.6 04:40  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=88  
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.6 04:41 *recognizes the apartment number and knocks on the door* *waits for a few beats, then several seconds, then two full minutes* *knocks again* Danny? You in there?
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.6 04:43 *wrenches the door handle, but it doesn't budge* Son, open the door. I know you're in there, and I know you aren't answering me.
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.6 04:44 *resorts to throwing his entire body against the door* *grunts as he and the door clash* *it rattles, but remains locked*
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.6 04:54 [Still there?]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.6 05:04 *pounds a fist on the door, getting more desperate* Just open the door, son! I know things have been rough, I know. But I'm here to make things right. That's all I wanna do.
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.6 05:05 *keeps repeating that, knowing full well hope has been lost* *little does he know that his own son is rotting on the other side of the door*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.6 05:06 *defeated, he makes the trip back to his house* *punches the steering wheel in a fit of rage, forever unaware of the true reason his son wasn't answering*
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Apr.6 05:09  Using Blows  (in response to an earlier post)*throws something simple, like a lamp, at Henry* *collapses to the floor, sending up a quick prayer for the souls of everyone in the house, and for Henry*
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Apr.6 05:09  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=40  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.6 05:10   + 10 Strength points to Henry  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.6 05:10   + 10 Weakness points to Father Jones  
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Apr.6 05:12  Using Blows  (in response to earlier post)*screeches, caught up in the madness* *her instinct forces her to move in some way, but whether or not the bullet hits her is questionable*
20>Nancy (Melbourne), 71yo.2017,Apr.6 05:12  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=76  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.6 05:12   + 10 Strength points to Nancy  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.6 05:13   + 10 Weakness points to Henry  
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Apr.6 05:14  Using Blows  *screams* *hides behind a couch*
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Apr.6 05:15  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=13  
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Apr.6 05:15  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=34  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.6 05:15   + 10 Strength points to Henry  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.6 05:16   + 10 Weakness points to Lauren  
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Apr.6 05:16  Using Blows  *shoots down a ceiling fan that hangs roughly just above Emerson and Alaska's heads*
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Apr.6 05:17  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=23  (Likewise, this dice roll can count for both of them)
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Apr.6 05:17  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=53  
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Apr.6 05:17 *boils more water on the stove*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.6 05:18  Using Blows  *tries to roll out of the way**at the same time, she rolls towards her and her father's archery equipment, which have been propped up on a wall nearby*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.6 05:18  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=53  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.6 05:19 [Whoa...?]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.6 05:19  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=53  [Guess I'll re-roll.]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.6 05:19  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=36  [WT*?!! XD]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.6 05:19 *got hit by the fan anyway*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.6 05:19  Using Blows  *also tries to dodge the fan*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.6 05:19  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=28  
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.6 05:19  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=67  
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.6 05:20 *succeeds*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Apr.6 05:20 (Haha, that was pretty crazy.)
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Apr.6 05:20 *is occupying the kitchen mostly to keep Kayden and Candace safe*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.6 05:20 *grabs her father's archery equipment and tosses it to Emerson**grabs her own equipment and quickly knocks an arrow**aims it at Maria and pauses**has never aimed at a human being before*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.6 05:21   + 10 Strength points to Maria  
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.6 05:21 *shoots at Nick while he's occupied*
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.6 05:21  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=54  
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.6 05:21  Using Blows  [Let me try that again...I forgot to use a Blow...]
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.6 05:21  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=10  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.6 05:21   + 10 Weakness points to Alaska  
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.6 05:21 [You know what, just keep the 54 score. XD XP]
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.6 05:22  Using Bow  *finally shoots*
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.6 05:22  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=38  
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Apr.6 05:22 *laughs through her nose, amused* *raises her much more effective gun*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.6 05:22   + 10 Strength points to Emerson  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.6 05:23   + 10 Weakness points to Maria  
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Apr.6 05:23  Using Blows  *launches scathing water at Henry once again*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Apr.6 05:23  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=23  
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Apr.6 05:24  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=95  
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Apr.6 05:24  Using Blows  *shoots at Alaska*
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Apr.6 05:24  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=57  
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Apr.6 05:25  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=11  (You know, I think Alaska's been through a lot, and she doesn't really deserve to be shot. Re-roll.)
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.6 05:25   + 10 Strength points to Nick  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.6 05:25   + 10 Weakness points to Henry  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.6 05:26   + 10 Strength points to Alaska  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.6 05:26   + 10 Weakness points to Maria  
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.6 05:27  Using Blows  *is honestly kind of frenzied by all of what's happening* *merely slugs Jake to make it look like he's doing something*
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.6 05:27  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=62  
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Apr.6 05:27  Using Blows  *pushes TJ with all his might*
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Apr.6 05:27  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=75  
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.6 05:28 [Alright, so why the h**l is Nick the nerd doing so much better than both Henry the assassin and Alaska the archer? XD -.-]
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.6 05:29 *I guess he just gets burned again*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.6 05:29   + 10 Strength points to Jake  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.6 05:29   + 10 Weakness points to TJ Lloyd  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.6 05:29 (He may not be strong, but he's got a good idea going. Hot water is not to be underestimated, and I guess Nick isn't, either.)
9>Alaska (Orlando), 16yo.2017,Apr.6 05:30 [Thanks for giving her those last 10 Strength points, but still...what the heck, Dice?! Dice: *they laugh evilly* You shall never know... >:D]
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.6 05:30 *slides across the hardwood kind of stupidly*
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.6 05:30 (No problem.)
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.6 05:37 *ducks down and maneuvers to another spot in the house*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.6 05:37  Using Quiver  *knocks an arrow and shoots at Maria as well*
8>Emerson (Orlando), 47yo.2017,Apr.6 05:37  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=94  
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:00 [I'm on!]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.13 04:09 (Hi!)
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.13 04:11 *sees the bounty hunters' tacky Jeep parked in his driveway long before he gets close to his house* *slows down, giving himself a fragment of time to decide what move he should make*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.13 04:13 *can't abandon everyone else, and he won't* *however, he must think of a good way to drive the bounty hunters out, because if anything, they'll be fighting to the death inside*
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:20 *tromps around the kitchen, looking for a certain someone - that someone being Lauren*
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:21 *runs out from behind the fridge, armed with a hammer* *swings it rather clumsily at Maria*
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:21  Using Blows  
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:21  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=58  
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:21  Using Blows  *won't take it* *lets out a battle roar, aiming to claw up Lauren's face with her fingernails*
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:22  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=71  
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:22 *stumbles back, blood streaming down her face* *shouts:* YOU (BLEEP)!
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:22 *smirks, panting* I'M the (BLEEP)? You were the one who tormented me all those years!
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Apr.13 04:23 *despite being Lauren's brother, he stands by, watching the drama unfold* *never knew that Lauren had a secret feud going on with Maria in the past*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.13 04:24   + 10 Strength points to Maria  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.13 04:24   + 10 Weakness points to Lauren  
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.13 04:25 *notices Jake just standing around, watching his sister get beat up* *doesn't want to seem sketchy, but doesn't want to randomly attack someone* *decides to give Jake some good riddance by slamming him into the kitchen table*
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.13 04:25  Using Blows  
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.13 04:25  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=69  
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Apr.13 04:25 *due to the attack being so sudden, he doesn't have much time to defend himself*
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Apr.13 04:25  Using Blows  
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Apr.13 04:26  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=14  
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:28 [Whoops, forgot to post on here as well.]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.13 04:28 *doesn't have the time or the drive to get strategic* *hustles over to his garage and grabs some makeshift weapons, including some formidable tools*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:28 [I think you forgot to have Maria reply to Emerson shooting at her.]
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.13 04:29   + 10 Strength points to TJ Lloyd  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.13 04:30   + 10 Weakness points to Jake  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.13 04:30 (Oh, sorry about that.)
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:30  Using Blows  
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:30  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=68  
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:31 *was knocked back* *crashes into the oven, wincing in pain* *pulls the arrow right out of her shoulder, roaring with the effort*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:31 [It's fine!]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.13 04:32 *drops some of the weapons on the front lawn, then heads back into the garage* *comes back out carrying a sledgehammer* *raises it up above his head, using much exertion, then takes a dogged swing at his own front window without much care or thought*
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.13 04:33 *jumps as the window is bludgeoned, glass shattering and pooling around him* *ducks*
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:37  Using Blows  *feels inclined to punch a suffering Maria in the face* You killed my husband! You killed him, and it was all over something that happened years ago!
5>Lauren (Fort Lauderdale ), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:37  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=18  
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:37  Using Blows  *dodges the blow*
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:37  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=14  
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Apr.13 04:38 *was moderately terrified when the glass broke* *looks over his shoulder and sees Jenkins - an immediete sign of relief, an angel with a pitchfork*
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:38 *didn't dodge it after all* *blood streams down her nose, but she manages to smile widely, pain notwithstanding* You ruined my life, so I returned the favor.
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.13 04:39   + 10 Strength points to Lauren  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.13 04:39   + 10 Weakness points to Maria  
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.13 04:40 *bellows* YOU GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!! *aims the rusty fork at the first person he doesn't really recognize - Alejandro*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Apr.13 04:40  Using Blows  *runs out from under his hiding space, only to collide with Alejandro* *tries to defend himself*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Apr.13 04:40  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=99  
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.13 04:41  Using Blows  *tries pushing Jenkins out of the way, but he's a bit heavy*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:41  Using Blows  *surprisingly he's the one who comes to aid Lauren**shoots at her*
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.13 04:41  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=99  
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:41  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=13  
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:41  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=4  
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:41  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=20  
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:41  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=6  
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:41  Using Blows  
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:41  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=54  [Two 99's and then this? XD O.o]
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:41  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=6  
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:42 [WT*?]
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:42 [Two 6's?!]
2>Maria (Bounty Hunter), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:42 *barely put up a fight* *slumps to the kitchen floor, passed out*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 04:42 [This is NOT what you call random... -.- XD]
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.13 04:42  Using Blows  *puts on his best challenging act* Too late, buddy. *turns to slug Luke*
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.13 04:42  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=47  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.13 04:42   + 10 Strength points to Cooper  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.13 04:42   + 10 Weakness points to Maria  
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.13 04:43 *oddly, Luke brought him down*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.13 04:43  Using Blows  *swings the pitchfork at TJ like it's a baseball bat*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.13 04:43  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=57  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.13 04:43   + 10 Strength points to Luke  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.13 04:44   + 10 Weakness points to Alejandro  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.13 04:44   + 10 Strength points to TJ Lloyd  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.13 04:44   + 10 Weakness points to Jenkins  
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Apr.13 04:45 *is surprised himself, being the physically uninclined one of the group* *runs into the living room to hide, nearly crying*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.13 04:45 *collides with a coffee table, and nearly falls on Alejandro*
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.13 04:46  Using Blows  *shoots at Jenkins while he's down*
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.13 04:47  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=10  
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.13 04:47  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=23  
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.13 04:47 *he however has been a bit impaired by the burns he's gotten*
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Apr.13 04:47 *is also in the living room, hidden behind the TV set* *is rocking back and forth, mumbling to himself* *looks up at Luke, looking crazed* *whispers savagely:* We need to get out of here!
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Apr.13 04:48 *stands there, nodding*
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.13 04:49  Using Blows  *a domino effect, pushing edition, begins* *pushes Jenkins*
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.13 04:49  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=68  
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Apr.13 04:49 Well then, come on! *grabs hold of Luke and leads him to the front door* *the two escape to the truck*
16>Luke (Palm Bay), 15yo.2017,Apr.13 04:50 *is behind the truck with Jones* *says after a long silence:* Why do you even bother praying? It's not effective.
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.13 04:50  Using Blows  *gravity runs its course, and his butt is set to plant itself on Ale's face* *additionally, he could miss the bullet Henry shot* (dice roll counts for Alejandro and Henry)*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.13 04:51  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=19  
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.13 04:51  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=27  
12>Father Jones (Miami), 49yo.2017,Apr.13 04:51 *says slowly and shakily* I have my reasons. *the conversation, while brief, ends there*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.13 04:51 *missed Alejandro's face, and luckily, the bullet*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.13 04:52   + 10 Strength points to Jenkins  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.13 04:52   + 10 Weakness points to Jenkins  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.13 04:52   + 10 Strength points to Alejandro  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.13 04:52   + 10 Weakness points to Henry  
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Apr.13 04:54  Using Blows  *comes out of nowhere, screaming and shooting wildly**aims her guns at TJ Lloyd and fires*
10>Moa (Tallahassee), 51yo.2017,Apr.13 04:54  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=69  
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.13 04:55  Using Blows  *is caught by surprise, and because of that he's not given a whole lot of time to react* *ducks*
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.13 04:55  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=16  
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.13 04:55  Using Blows  *can tell by Henry's eyes and overall stature that he's the deadliest of them all* *emits a stream of pepper spray his way*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.13 04:55  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=61  
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.13 04:55 *barely stood a chance* *falls to the floor in a heap, having been shot in the thigh*
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.13 04:55   + 10 Strength points to Moa  
1>Dane Peters (CEO), 37yo.2017,Apr.13 04:56   + 10 Weakness points to TJ Lloyd  
4>TJ Lloyd (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.13 04:56 *says weakly:* Finish them!
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Apr.13 04:57 *hears TJ and knows he has to fight the others* *first, he gives TJ a swift kick* *secondly, he goes for Alejandro*
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.13 04:57 *one of Jenkins' tools is on the floor and up for his use* *picks up a shovel and goes for his main target, Cooper, since Cooper was the one who brought Maria down*
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Apr.13 04:57 *charges at Alejandro with his multitool, blades askew*
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Apr.13 04:57  Using Blows  
6>Jake (Coral Gables), 23yo.2017,Apr.13 04:57  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=77  
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.13 04:58 *mutters unapologetically* Sorry. *raises the shovel*
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.13 05:01  Using Blows  *doesn't have much time to react, since his attention was on Cooper and not Jake* *does a last-minute pirouette with the shovel as a response*
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.13 05:01  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=39  
3>Alejandro (Bounty Hunter), 26yo.2017,Apr.13 05:01 *screams* *has been given some nasty slices*
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.13 05:08  Using Blows  *quickly flinches back while shooting at Jenkins*
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.13 05:08  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=99  
18>Henry (Bounty Hunter), 46yo.2017,Apr.13 05:08 *is indeed the deadliest of the bunch*
17>Cooper (Key West), 28yo.2017,Apr.13 05:09 *pauses, a little surprised, and nods towards Jake* Thanks. *adjusts his glasses habitually*
15>Kayden (Tampa), 16yo.2017,Apr.14 04:06 [I'm here!]
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.23 04:30 *is shot down* *falls to the floor, clutching his arm and panting heavily* *snaps his head up all of a sudden, as if Henry is on the verge of another offensive - which he very well could be* *roars* GO!!
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.23 04:32 *his intention is for his group to abort as soon as possible without explicitly stating it, but nobody moves* *meets the eyes of the closest person there is- Candace* GET OUT! LEAVE!
14>Candace (Gainesville), 45yo.2017,Apr.23 04:36 *responds to Jenkins with only a terrified look* *hustles out of there, but lags, since she's carrying an injured Kayden* *trips over the table legs* *screams in frustration and fear*
13>Jenkins (Milton), 57yo.2017,Apr.23 04:37 *doesn't notice that Kayden is injured and possibly on the brink of death*
7>Nick (Miami), 32yo.2017,Apr.23 04:47 *abandons his post at the stove to help Candace* *some of the others help, while the remainder escape to the truck*

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