" The Delightful Adventures of a Most Ingenious Knight "
This game is destined to players of 0 to 100 years of age.
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Once upon a time and long ago lived a most ingenious knight, and his faithful squire. Many a jolly adventure was had by this duo, until the magic was suddenly lost. However, years later, this debonair pair reunited to save princesses from deceitful brothers-turned-kidnappers, spread the influence of their realm far and wide, and fought glorious battles- including some between themselves. At the core of the magic is the story of two merry mates, but is nonetheless one of the most brilliant, gallant - and, indeed, ingenious- story to be imagined.

8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.2 05:50 [The ingenious knight has joined! :D]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.2 05:50 [I don't think we have to do character descriptions except for appearance maybe. We're already pretty familiar with these characters.]
1>Sage of Netherdale (Sage/Elder), 1000yo.2021,May.2 05:51 (Sweet! Should we keep our characters in one slot, or create their alternate personas in another?)
1>Sage of Netherdale (Sage/Elder), 1000yo.2021,May.2 05:51 (I agree. It might be a bit time consuming as well.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.2 05:52 [If you want to do full-on character descriptions that's fine by me though.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.2 05:52 [Oh, okay!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.2 05:53 [Let's keep our characters in one slot for now.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.2 05:53 [We can do obvious transitions when switching between worlds.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.2 05:54 [I made Midas' age blank since, from what I remember, we start out with Midas and Josh inventing this world as children and then transition to years later, when they re-enter this world.]
1>Sage of Netherdale (Sage/Elder), 1000yo.2021,May.2 05:55 (Okay. And appearances should suffice for now. I think the game may start when Midas and Josh are younger, so we may want to describe their appearances then as well.)
1>Sage of Netherdale (Sage/Elder), 1000yo.2021,May.2 05:55 (Yep!)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.2 05:55 [Also FYI, I haven't really seen anything virtual in terms of clubs, though I ought to check.]
3>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,May.2 05:57 [I'll start with descriptions and add more if more characters are added down the road.]
1>Sage of Netherdale (Sage/Elder), 1000yo.2021,May.2 05:58 (Okay and okay. I threw Midas and Redís mom into the mix too. More to be explained in a sec.)
3>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,May.2 05:58 [Real Red: a young boy with brown hair and blueish eyes. He tends to wear red and black, and will never wear any shoes other than sneakers.]
1>Sage of Netherdale (Sage/Elder), 1000yo.2021,May.2 05:59 (Shall we begin with our ingenious knight?)
3>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,May.2 05:59 [Fantasy Red: a young, scheming, fiendish nobleman who also primarily wears red and black, though this time he is dressed fancily, in a nice, frilly suit with a black cape to swish around, a black top hat, and a [don't you dare say it's fake] black
3>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,May.2 05:59 mustache.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.2 06:00 [XD Sorry, I wanted to do Red's fantasy appearance first. It's totally not ripped off from Snidely Whiplash.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.2 06:01 [Real Midas: a tall boy/man with brown hair and amber eyes. He tends to wear white or light-colored shirts, navy blue pants, and brown shoes.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.2 06:02 [Fantasy Midas: a tall and extraordinarily handsome boy/man whose luscious milk chocolate locks glow orangish in the post-rain sunlight, and whose golden eyes glisten more than a 24 carat ring.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.2 06:04 [He wears armor only made of the best, finest quality metal that looks more silver than real silver. He also has a royal blue cape, and fabric on the front of his upper body with his kingdom's (or family's) crest.]
3>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,May.2 06:04 [Go ahead!]
3>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,May.2 06:05 [Oh, and the fabric on Midas' chest is also primarily blue.]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.2 06:13 (Alright, here we go. Real Josh: a fairly tall, toned guy with sandy/light brown hair and hazel eyes. He usually wears a white or dark colored shirts with shorts- I believe weíre picking up where we left off from the last RP, when it was summer.)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.2 06:16 (As a kid, Joshís hair was lighter and he was a tad chubby. Wears a shimmery, navy blue vest and pants in the style of Aladdin (yíknow, to show off that strapping figure) as well as sleek black boots.)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.2 06:16 (Oops, that last appearance was supposed to be fantasy Josh.)
2>Alexa (Princess), ...yo.2021,May.2 06:18 (Real Alexa: is tall, with light brown skin, warm brown eyes, and curly black hair that tends to be worn back. She usually wears patterned shirts with plain pants/shorts.)
2>Alexa (Princess), ...yo.2021,May.2 06:20 (I donít think Alexa will be appearing as a kid, so weíll move on to fantasy Alexa. Sheís the princess of the realm, elegant and gracious, as well as the epitome of style. She often wears gowns in colors such as blue, purple, and pink, along with complex
2>Alexa (Princess), ...yo.2021,May.2 06:21 hairstyles and a hint of makeup.)
18>Midasí Mom (Aubrey) (Mom), ...yo.2021,May.2 06:23 (Midasí mom, Aubrey, will play a pivotal yet small role primarily in the beginning of the game. Sheís of medium height, has auburn hair in a bun, and wears the typical mom outfit of a long-sleeved shirt and jeans.)
18>Midasí Mom (Aubrey) (Mom), ...yo.2021,May.2 06:24 (Aubrey shares a bit of the same whimsical nature as Midas. From a young age, she always loved stories and adventures. Although she may have grown in age, she never really grew in spirit.)
18>Midasí Mom (Aubrey) (Mom), ...yo.2021,May.2 06:26 (When Midas was little, Aubrey would read to Midas every night, directly nurturing his childlike spirit and later interest in philosophy.)
18>Midasí Mom (Aubrey) (Mom), ...yo.2021,May.2 06:27 (Despite being a fantastic parent, Aubrey had a difficult time devoting equal amounts of energy to several different things. Therefore, Midas was rather put to the wayside with the birth of Red.)
18>Midasí Mom (Aubrey) (Mom), ...yo.2021,May.2 06:27 (Alright, done!)
3>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,May.2 06:30 [Yay!]
3>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,May.2 06:30 [I actually thought that we'd play things out from different times during Midas' and Josh's lives.]
3>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,May.2 06:31 [So we'd start out during their childhood. I was thinking they took a break from RPing until Alexa disappeared, Midas was having a hard time, and Midas needed the escape, so he and Josh re-entered their world as adults.]
3>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,May.2 06:32 [I'm thinking of adding Mazy later into the RP, so I'm thinking their RPing would continue after they find Alexa and they manage to drag both Alexa and Mazy into this.]
3>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,May.2 06:32 [What do you think of this?]
3>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,May.2 06:33 [This plan would also all align with Alexa's disappearance/princess Alexa's "capture" and then her subsequent "rescue."]
3>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,May.2 06:33 [I don't think the princess would be named, or at least she wouldn't be named Alexa until they drag the real Alexa into their RPing hobby.]
3>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,May.2 06:33 [Is this all okay with you?]
18>Midasí Mom (Aubrey) (Mom), ...yo.2021,May.2 06:39 (Thatís perfectly fine with me! )
18>Midasí Mom (Aubrey) (Mom), ...yo.2021,May.2 06:40 (Are we ready to start? Before we do, is there any sort of name we can give to this realm?)
3>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,May.2 06:43 [Hm...I'm thinking the name was something Midas and Josh came up with as kids, so it may be a little stupid but they got attached to it so they kept it.]
18>Midasí Mom (Aubrey) (Mom), ...yo.2021,May.2 06:48 (Okay. )
18>Midasí Mom (Aubrey) (Mom), ...yo.2021,May.2 06:52 (What about something like Nethergarth?)
3>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,May.2 06:53 [I'm trying to think of modifications to certain words, such as Epicalia or Fantastica, though those may be a bit too over-the-top. Do you have any ideas??]
3>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,May.2 06:53 [Ooo]
3>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,May.2 06:54 [Nethergarth sounds good if they started out their RP trying to be "edgy" and then it kinda devolved into something more charming XD]
3>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,May.2 07:02 [I just used a random fantasy kingdom name generator and some decent names I got where Elvion, Gweland, and Rhatdell.]
3>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,May.2 07:02 [Any thoughts on those?]
18>Midasí Mom (Aubrey) (Mom), ...yo.2021,May.2 07:04 (Haha, yeah. Iím not really sure about those names... they donít seem like something a kid would come up with exactly.)
18>Midasí Mom (Aubrey) (Mom), ...yo.2021,May.2 07:06 (As for the ďgarthĒ ending, it kind of sounds like something out of Lord of the Rings, which I think Midasí mom would have read to him. As for ďnetherĒ, well, it sort of has a taboo connotation that I can see kids laughing about.)
3>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,May.2 07:07 [Yes. Also there is the Nether from Minecraft and they could've ripped off that a bit]
3>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,May.2 07:08 ["Nethergarth" still sounds a bit too dark...maybe Netherdale? I briefly looked up LOTR locations and there is one called Dimrill Dale.]
18>Midasí Mom (Aubrey) (Mom), ...yo.2021,May.2 07:16 (Netherdale... I like it!)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.2 07:16 [Alrighty!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.2 07:17 [So when Midas and Josh were both about 10-12, they invented Netherdale.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.2 07:21 [Where do you want to start? When they were first brainstorming/creating it? Or do you want to dive straight into in-universe stories?]
1>Sage of Netherdale (Sage/Elder), 1000yo.2021,May.2 07:23 (Got it! Weíll start at the origin of it all, with a little introduction from the Sage of Netherdale. I forgot to describe his appearance- he looks part sage, part aging rocker with spiky white hair, a scraggly beard, a leather cloak, and sunglasses.)
1>Sage of Netherdale (Sage/Elder), 1000yo.2021,May.2 07:24 *emerges from the trees of a Netherdale forest* Well, hello there. What do you seek? *pauses* A story? *chuckles* I know someone who loves all sorts of tales. Maybe Iíll tell you about him.
1>Sage of Netherdale (Sage/Elder), 1000yo.2021,May.2 07:26 *clears his throat* Alright, weíre going to be going all over the place, so bare with me.
1>Sage of Netherdale (Sage/Elder), 1000yo.2021,May.2 07:27 Once upon a time lived a brilliant, chivalrous, and ingenious knight by the name of Midas. Iím not really sure why he was a knight, as he very well could have been king, but Iím getting ahead of myself.
1>Sage of Netherdale (Sage/Elder), 1000yo.2021,May.2 07:29 Midas loved stories- and we can see it was his mother who was responsible for this. *a cloud appears, revealing toddler Midas jumping into his bed as his mom cuddles into him with an open book and begins to read*
1>Sage of Netherdale (Sage/Elder), 1000yo.2021,May.2 07:30 The stories were fantastic, telling of heroes who conjured bravery they didnít know they had, beautiful princesses, and evil tricksters who were vanquished after hard-fought battles.
1>Sage of Netherdale (Sage/Elder), 1000yo.2021,May.2 07:31 Young Midas believed this was what his own story could soon resemble. Until... well, youíll just have to see for yourself.
1>Sage of Netherdale (Sage/Elder), 1000yo.2021,May.2 07:33 Let me take you back a few years ago, when Midasí world changed for better and for worse. *the cloud grows larger, revealing Midasí house* *it is festooned with streamers and a fair amount of guests are lingering on the porch*
1>Sage of Netherdale (Sage/Elder), 1000yo.2021,May.2 07:34 *behind the scenes, a boy with brown hair and amber eyes hops onto his bike and speeds off, escaping the madness in favor of a friendís company...*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.2 07:34 [*applause*]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.2 07:35 [I love this narrator :D]
1>Sage of Netherdale (Sage/Elder), 1000yo.2021,May.2 07:35 (Alright, the RP can begin! I have to go now. Iíll try to be on tomorrow, but if not, Iíll see you next weekend. See you soon and take care!)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.2 07:35 *his younger brother has just been born, and, feeling neglected, he flees to his best friend Josh*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.2 07:36 [See you soon, hopefully! I've been having plenty of fun with this so far! :D]
12>Elyna (Fugitive Maid ), 16yo.2021,May.2 13:24 Hello everyone! Can I play?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.2 19:31 *it is drizzling**he arrives at Josh's house after what seems like the longest, coldest bike ride of his life**dismounts and goes around the house, then starts throwing pebbles at Josh's bedroom window*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.2 19:34  Secret message to Sage of Netherdale  
12>Elyna (Fugitive Maid ), 16yo.2021,May.3 12:16 Lilaph in real life: Wavy black hair, light brown, gold-ish coloured skin. Brown bright eyes. Hates wearing dresses and shoes and anything girly.
12>Elyna (Fugitive Maid ), 16yo.2021,May.3 12:19 Fantasy Lilaph: Looks the same only dresses much more elegantly. Usually dresses with the grandeur of a man from around the medieval age. loves riding and sword duling.
12>Elyna (Fugitive Maid ), 16yo.2021,May.3 13:03 Likes to dress as a commoner and survey her kingdom in disguise.
1>Sage of Netherdale (Sage/Elder), 1000yo.2021,May.8 00:38  Secret message to Midas  
1>Sage of Netherdale (Sage/Elder), 1000yo.2021,May.8 00:39  Secret message to Midas  
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.8 09:38  Secret message to Sage of Netherdale  
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.8 09:40  Secret message to Sage of Netherdale  
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 04:08 [I'm online!]
1>Sage of Netherdale (Sage/Elder), 1000yo.2021,May.9 05:29 (Hey, sorry for being late!)
1>Sage of Netherdale (Sage/Elder), 1000yo.2021,May.9 05:30  Secret message to Midas  
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 05:37 [Hi!!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 05:38 [Just waiting for Josh to reply ^.^]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.9 05:43 *doesnít answer - one of his older brothers does* Brother: *opens the window* Are you trying to crack the window or what, dork?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 05:46 *blows a raspberry at him*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.9 05:49 Brother: *grimaces* Jesus, do you know how to speak English? What do you want?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 06:03 Josh!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 06:03 I want to see Josh!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 06:03 [Sorry for the delay]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.9 06:05 (Itís fine!)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.9 06:06 Brother: Heís not in here. *leans over his shoulder* JOSH!! *there is some yelling heard inside* *then the front door opens*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.9 06:07 *sort of swings back and forth* I thought you were with your baby brother today. *sounds just a tad envious*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 06:17 Nah...baby brothers are overrated.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 06:17 *has gotten out of the rain and is huddling under the porch**tries to sound/act normal, but is shivering*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 06:17 You're way better.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 06:21 Wanna play?
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.9 06:21 *smiles a little* So are big brothers. Letís get out of here.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 06:23 *nods* Where we going?
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.9 06:24 *disappears, then re-emerges from the attached garage wearing a hoodie and mounting his bike* *stands on the pedals and sort of drifts down the driveway* Where do you wanna go?
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.9 06:24 (Actually just ignore that) Wanna go to the park?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 06:28 In this rain??
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 06:28 Not that I'm chicken...I'm not!
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.9 06:37 *slows down a bit* I donít want to stay in my house and you donít want to stay in yours, so...
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 06:46 ...What about Andy's?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 06:46 [Let's say Andy's is a restaurant and bar that's popular in town.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 06:47 [Also no, I'm totally not making a Movie RP reference, you saw nothing]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.9 06:48 (Haha, I was going to say...)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.9 06:48 Sure. I could go for some ice cream. *starts pedaling in the direction of Andyís*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.9 06:50 *once there, the boys are lead to a booth, although the waitress gives them an odd look*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 06:55 ...You got money, right?
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.9 06:57 *shrugs* Yeah. *searches through his pockets just to make sure*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.9 06:57 *when the waitress comes back, he orders a dessert that is similar to a Dairy Queen Blizzard*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 07:05 *orders a milkshake*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.9 07:07 So whyís your baby brother overrated? He hasnít been here that long.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 07:23 Everyone likes him better even though he doesn't talk.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 07:25 *sips on his vanilla milkshake*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 07:25 *looks around a bit**mutters* This place is overrated...
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 07:25 [He's not referring to Andy's, though it seems like he is]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.9 07:26 And even though he cries and pees and poops everywhere, probably. *takes a big bite of ice cream*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.9 07:26 Actually, I think the ice cream is great.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 07:29 Not Andy's, I mean...Grass Creek.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 07:30 I want to go somewhere better.
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.9 07:31 *nods* Yeah. I hate it here.
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.9 07:31 Where do you think we could go?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 07:37 There's nowhere around here to go.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 07:37 It's all boring.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 07:40 [I kind of want Josh to suggest that they "make" a place, but if it's not in character you don't have to.]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.9 07:47 (Ok. I think we can make it work.)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.9 07:48 Plus we canít drive. *says jokingly* Maybe we should just make someplace up.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 07:55 *doesn't seem to register that as a joke* Yeah...
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 07:55 Yeah, we could... *stares off into the distance, sucking on his milkshake*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.9 08:02 Huh? *didnít intend for Midas to take that seriously, but that doesnít mean he doesnít want him to*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.9 08:03 (Alright, I have to go now. Iíll see you next weekend! Good luck with finals! Youíve got this!)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 08:03 Let's make some place up.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 08:03 Some place with magic and knights and free milkshakes.'
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.9 08:03 [Aww, see you! Thanks so much!! Good luck with work!]
3>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,May.16 03:54 [I'm here!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.17 04:26 [I'm here again!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 03:56 [I'm here!!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 05:00 '
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 05:00 [Oops]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.23 05:11 (Hey! Sorry Iím late.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 05:12 [Hey! It's fine. Go ahead and reply as Josh!]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.23 05:20 (Alright!)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.23 05:20 And with optional school?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 05:22 Definitely
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 05:23 Mandatory optional school.
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.23 05:33 *grins* Letís do this.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 05:35 [You want to time skip to after they've developed the world and began RPing, or do you want to continue this conversation?]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 05:38 [If you want to go straight to the fantasy world RPing, then do you have ideas for any of the story lines they came up with as children (i.e. what would've Josh come up with)?]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.23 05:43 (I think we can skip time a bit. By now, theyíve created the name Netherdale, and might be talking about the specifics of it on their way back home (maybe itís getting dark). Stopping near the park, they stumble across a vessel that will launch them into
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.23 05:44 Netherdale. Iím not sure yet what the world would be like, although I can see Josh claiming his abode as a mansion on a cliff, with a large gym and video game hall inside.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 05:51 [Oooo, okay!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 05:51 *they talk about what eventually they come to call Netherdale over the course of several hours**it's beginning to get dark, and it has stopped raining*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 05:53 *reluctantly agrees with Josh when he points out it's getting dark*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 05:57 *they start heading home*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.23 06:00 *they are approaching the park* Iíll bet in Netherdale, we wouldnít have to walk home.
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.23 06:01 *stops all of a sudden* *something seems to have caught his eye* Hey...
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 06:01 Yeah. I bet you can fly home.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 06:01 Hm? *looks at him, confused, and then follows his gaze* What?
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.23 06:15 Look at this. *picks it up, revealing a glittering gold and ruby piece of jewelry*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.23 06:15 Kinda weird that itís just sitting here, donít you think?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 06:16 Huh...really weird...
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 06:16 So weird I may just have to confiscate it. *tries to take it from him*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.23 06:21 Hey- *all of a sudden, there is a whooshing sound* *loses all sense of proprioception; just sees a whirlwind of gold and ruby*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.23 06:22 *moments later, he falls, and hard* Oof! *looks up* *is met with a blast of Technicolor* *literally has to shield his eyes*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.23 06:22 M-Midas?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 06:27 Josh??
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 06:27 *sounds distant, almost like they're in a dream*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 06:28 Where the f--I mean heck are we??
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.23 06:35 *staggers to his feet* *is staring down a cobblestone road, surrounded by emerald green foliage and exotic flowers* *the sun is shining, and it is neither too hot nor too cool*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.23 06:36 *looks down at his new clothes* *then, in disbelief, he slowly turns toward Midas* Uh, why are you dressed like a knight?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 06:37 Uhh...maybe?
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.23 06:37 *sees something iridescent fluttering past* *dismisses it as a dragonfly, but then does a double take* *sounds totally freaked out* Is that a fairy?!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 06:38 Maybe? *looks like a deer in headlights*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 06:39 *locks his gaze on a cliffside with a mansion on it*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 06:39 *they are in a valley; on one side is the cliffside, and on the other is a slope that leads steeply up to a deep, dark forest*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.23 06:42 This- this canít be real! We were supposed to be home!... *is kind of freaking out, his voice getting higher pitched at every second*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 06:46 But home...
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 06:47 Look! *points at the mansion*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.23 06:48 Eh? *seems a bit confused, but things start coming back to him*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 06:48 It's your home--the one you wanted!
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,May.23 06:50 (Real quick- meet Jerry. Heís the bus driver for the optional school. Heís an older man, with slicked back white hair, a mustache, and a wizened face. I canít help but think he looks a bit like Stan Lee.)
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,May.23 06:51 (Jerry is usually in a merry mood, and always willing to help out a person in need. While a proponent of school, he knows that itís completely optional.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 06:52 [XD Oh my gosh]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 06:52 [I love this]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.23 06:52 Yeah... *is starting to gather his bearings* *then, a completely normal school bus rumbles down the road*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 06:53 [Can the bus be magical?]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 06:53 [I.e. it appears normal but in reality it moves like, say, the cat bus from My Neighbor Totoro?]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.23 06:53 *the bus slows to a stop* *a red stop sign is flung out and the doors swing open, even though there is no traffic in sight*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.23 06:54 (Sure! Thatís even better!)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.23 06:54 *the bus wheezes out some exhaust* *realizes that it is rainbow-colored*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.23 06:54 *utters a choice word or two learned from his brothers*
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,May.23 06:55 *yells out in a crackly voice* You boys lost?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 06:58 Maybe?
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.23 07:05 Uh, actually we need to get to that castle over there. *points to the mansion on the cliff*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 07:06 Yeah, that's ours!
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,May.23 07:06 The House of the Grand Squire? *raises an eyebrow, impressed* You two must be important company. Here, hop on. Iíll give you a ride.
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,May.23 07:07 *says when Josh and Midas board* Say, you two look like the school age type. Are you sure you donít want to stop at school first?...
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 07:08 But school isn't mandatory! Am I right? *nudges Josh*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.23 07:08 Yeah. Itís not.
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,May.23 07:10 Well, youíre right. And thatís the answer I get from most people. But I always recommend it, because as I say, the smarter you are, the better you are. Or stinger. Take your pick.
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.23 07:11 *makes his way down the aisle* *there are some kids - more like fey folk - who look the same age as he and Midas* *sits near the back*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 07:18 Yeah!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 07:18 *said that before Jerry said they're rightI*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 07:19 [This reloaded weirdly for me, sorry. I didn't see Jerry's response until I posted "yeah"]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 07:19 *sits down next to Josh*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 07:20 *points out a kid with blue skin and very long ears**whispers* It's Elf Mystique.
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,May.23 07:20 Okay! Weíre ready to roll! *the bus roars off to another part of Netherdale...*
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,May.23 07:21 (I have to go now; Iíll see you next week! Iím looking forward to this next part of the RP. Until then, take care!)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.23 07:21 [Aw, see you! I'm looking forward to the next part too! Good luck with work!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 03:28 [BTW, tonight I saw The Wizard of Oz again for the first time in years. It definitely has given me some inspiration for Netherdale.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 04:18 [brb]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.30 04:57 (Hey! Sorry Iím late!)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.30 04:59 (Thatís awesome! The Wizard of Oz was my all-time favorite movie as a kid- I was really obsessed with it. Iíve been wanting to revisit it... maybe itís about time I should.)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.30 05:00 (Speaking of which, I saw Midnight in Paris a few weeks ago! It was great. I really liked the Paris scenery, and thought Owen Wilsonís performance was great.)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.30 05:00 Wow.... *just kind of stares at the poor elf*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 05:05 [Back!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 05:05 [Hey!!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 05:05 [That's awesome!! I'm really glad you liked Midnight in Paris!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 05:08 *watches the landscape go by in awe**keeps pointing cool things out that Josh barely misses*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 05:10 [Also yes, definitely revisit the Wizard of Oz for some Netherdale vibes! I must admit I kind of cried after watching it though...]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.30 05:19 *has to keep turning around* Wait, what?
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.30 05:20 (Yeah, it is kind of sad like that. Iím scared that it would make me cry like a baby, and thatís the only thing thatís preventing me from watching it, haha.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 05:20 *in real life, he is inventing these things on the fly, of course (which is why Josh can't see them that well)*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 05:21 [I sort of just hid in my room for a little while, but then I learned that my parents cried too so XD XP]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 05:21 [It's okay to cry at the end of it.]
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,May.30 05:21 *the bus approaches an extremely steep incline that leads into a dense forest* *shifts into another gear* Hold onto your hats, everyone... *the bus slowly lifts, emitting clouds of rainbow fuel*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 05:22 *presses his hands and face against the window*
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,May.30 05:22 (Wow, not a dry eye in the house, haha! Youíre right though. Itís just that kind of movie.)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.30 05:24 *sort of shoves Midas so he can get a view too* *his eyes are wide and his mouth is ajar* *swears he saw a creature with a long tail bounding through the woods* Whoa...
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.30 05:24 Did you see that?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 05:41 [Sorry, my family distracted me]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 05:42 Yeah!!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 05:42 ...Your'e talking about the ten-legged thing, right?
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.30 05:43 *stares at Midas* Uh, I think you saw something totally different... *is slightly freaked out*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.30 05:43 (Thatís fine!)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.30 05:44 I hope heís not making a stop here.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 05:48 But it was so cool!
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,May.30 05:52 *sure enough, he pulls over* *the doors are flung open, and some rainbow exhaust is seen floating around* *a furry kid- creature?- boards*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.30 05:53 *watches the kid/creature* Okay, this is kind of awesome.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 05:53 *stares at the kid**whispers to Josh* Is that a furry?
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.30 05:54 *nods matter-of-factly* Yup. Pretty sure.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 05:55 My cousin's sister must be so weird...
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,May.30 05:56 *gasps* Look at the time! Iíve got some royal duties to attend to! *shifts into another gear* *the bus starts lifting above the trees this time*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.30 05:58 *presses his face against the window* This is so awesome! *marvels at the endless ocean and fields of flowers from above as they sail through the sky*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.30 05:59 *points out some multicolored mountains* Hey, the Rainbow Range!
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.30 06:00 This is SO COOL. *looks at some of the fellow passengers to see if they agree, but they appear unfazed*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 06:02 Wait...are those rock candy mountains?
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,May.30 06:12 *speaks up* Indeedio. They produce some of the finest candy here in Netherdale, and can regenerate, too.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 06:12 How?!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 06:13 Furry creature: *their voice is female* They grow, silly. They have roots.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 06:14 Wow...
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 06:15 How much longer until we get to our stop?
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,May.30 06:19 *is hovering over the palace* Alright, hold onto your stomachs! *starts descending* *lands right in front of the palace gates*
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,May.30 06:20 *looks at Josh and Midas in the rearview mirror* I believe this may be your stop?
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.30 06:20 *rises* It is.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 06:21 Uh--definitely!!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 06:21 *hops out*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 06:22 *looks around at the palace*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 06:29 [Hm...what are some things Josh wanted as part of his mansion/palace?]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 06:29 [Maybe a sushi-style conveyor belt for food of his own?]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 06:30 Man, I'm hungry already...
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 06:32 [Also, should we start coming up with characters they invented in this fantasy world?]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 06:33 [I already have an idea for one]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 06:38 [Also doesn't Josh have some annoying and/or domineering relatives if I remember correctly? Perhaps they adapt one of those relatives into an exaggeratedly nasty character they use as a bad guy or the butt of jokes.]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.30 06:42 (Sorry about the delay. Also, sure!)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 06:42 [Do you remember who the relatives were?]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 06:42 [I'm thinking maybe one annoying relative would have a fantasy adaptation who works at the palace.]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.30 06:43 (And yeah, that sort of crossed my mind. I think in the last RP, he had a really annoying aunt.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 06:43 [So they can boss him/her around and whatnot instead of the real life version (which is where the relative bosses them around)]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 06:43 [Hmm
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 06:43 *]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.30 06:43 (As for the palace, food can definitely be figured in there. I also thought about a video game hall and a royal basketball court.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 06:44 [What was the name of that relative? Did I play as her?]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 06:44 [Ooo, okay]
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,May.30 06:44 You boys take care. And you ever want to go to school... Iím only a bus ride away. *gives them a lopsided grin*
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,May.30 06:45 (Yeah, you did. Let me check on the name real quick.)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.30 06:46 *waves, then joins Midasí side* Wow... now THIS is what Iím talking about.
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.30 06:46 (Oh, and the auntís name was Pam!)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.30 06:47 So what do we do? Go inside?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 06:47 [I looked at the Missing Pieces RP but didn't see her name. I think her slot may have gotten overwritten, unless I checked the wrong RP.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 06:47 [Oh, nice!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 06:47 [So how about they have someone working at the palace named Spam? XD]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.30 07:03 (Yesss. I love it.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 07:10 Definitely.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 07:15 *heads inside in search of food, but first they encounter the basketball court*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 07:15 Whooaa
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.30 07:17 Dude.... *his jaw hits the floor*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.30 07:17 (I have to go now, but Iíll be back tomorrow due to the holiday! See you then, and have a good night!)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 07:18 It's the basketball court you wanted!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.30 07:18 [Alright, see you! I look forward to RPing with you! Would you be up for a voice call tomorrow?]
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,May.31 03:42 [Meet Spam, a middle-aged woman with very fakey orange hair often up in curlers. She typically wears flamboyantly colored dresses, as well as an apron. She works as a housekeeper in Josh's palace.]
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,May.31 04:29 '
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,May.31 04:29 [Oops]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.31 05:10 (Hey, sorry Iím late!)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.31 05:10 (I donít know if Iíll be able to do a voice call tonight, but I hope we can do one soon.)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.31 05:11 (Also, I LOVE Spamís appearance.)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.31 05:11 I know! *a basketball dispenses itself, practically from thin air* *eagerly shoots a few hoops*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.31 05:12 *they eventually move on* *the palace seems to be taking on a new glow*
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,May.31 05:20 [Aw, alright. Also hi! I hope we can do a voice call soon too. If you're available later tonight, let me know.]
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,May.31 05:20 *is seen spritzing a table with some kind of cleaner in one of the halls*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.31 05:34 Hey...is that...?
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.31 05:36 *nods* Aunt Pam- *quickly corrects himself* I mean, Spam.
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.31 05:36 *would have turned around in an instant, but Spam is quicker to turn her head*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.31 05:55 [Sorry for disappearing, I forgot to check this RP more frequently : P]
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,May.31 05:55 Mmmmyyyeeeeess?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.31 05:56 *snickers slightly at Pam's/Spam's characteristic greeting*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.31 06:02 (Thatís alright!)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.31 06:02 Uh... hi?....
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.31 06:02 Um... what are you doing here?
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,May.31 06:03 Mmm what does it look like?
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.31 06:09 *just looks at the cleaning bottle with a weirded-out expression* Um...
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.31 06:09 *hisses to Midas* I thought this was supposed to be my place!!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.31 06:14 *whispers back* Look at the apron with the emblem!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.31 06:14 It's like she works here!
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.31 06:22 *groans* Noooo... Nooooooo!!!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.31 06:24 But wait...won't she do your bidding?
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.31 06:47 *looks at Midas with a gleam of newfound hope* Hmm... maybe. *smirks*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.31 06:47 Hey, what about your castle? Donít you have one too?
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,May.31 06:49 My castle?
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,May.31 06:49 This is my castle. I clean it every day.
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.31 06:58 I wasnít talking to you. And this is actually my castle, but Iím going to let you live here.
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,May.31 06:59 Well it's a pleasure to know I can live here after living here and washing your d*rty dishes and cleaning your grubby clothes for 10 years.
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.31 07:17 Clothes? Dishes?
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.31 07:17 I think I need to look around this place a little more.
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,May.31 07:19 Hmph! *the label on her bottle is oddly colored**keeps scrubbing*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.31 07:19 What are you cleaning with?
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,May.31 07:19 Only the finest ammonia solution, my dear.
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,May.31 07:19 (Unfortunately, Iím going to have to go now. Iíll try to make it on next weekend, but itís going to be a pretty busy weekend for me. Have a nice night, take care, and hopefully Iíll see you then!)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.31 07:19 Ammonia?
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,May.31 07:20 Unicorn p***
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.31 07:20 *cringes, looking at Josh*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.31 07:20 [Aww, see you!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,May.31 07:20 [Take care too!]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.6 04:40 No. Way. Josť.
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.6 04:40 You know, I could fire you.
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,Jun.6 19:52 Oh really? Well haven't you heard Wprah Oinfrey on the Most Amazing Channel? She loves this stuff!
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,Jun.6 19:52 And yeah, you could fire me and wallow in your own dirt, sure!
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,Jun.6 19:54 [I'm so sorry I didn't come on last night. I injured myself a few days ago and have been kind of preoccupied by that. It isn't anything serious, though it still kind of sucks. I will keep a lookout for you tonight since it's still the weekend.]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.12 16:27 (Hey! Oh no, Iím so sorry to hear that! How are you doing now? I hope you have a quick recovery.)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.12 16:28 (Sorry I didnít make it on last weekend. We had a garage sale and it was a lot of work, and I also just got back from vacation. Iíll try to make it tonight and tomorrow.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.13 04:16 [I'm doing a lot better now! Last weekend was quite literally rather painful. Now it doesn't hurt anymore; it's just going to take a while to heal.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.13 04:16 [Also that's fine! I hope you make it online.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.13 04:17 [FYI, it's nothing serious, I just dropped something on my toe XD The first few days were really s****y though, and most of the nail is now purple-black.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.13 04:17 *]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.13 05:30 (Hey! Sorry Iím a bit late.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.13 05:30 [Hey!!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.13 05:30 [It's alright.]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.13 05:31 (
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.13 05:34 (Good! Although that does sound awful. Iíve never hurt my toe before, but the pain that comes with stubbing your toe is enough to convince me that what you went through was pretty bad.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.13 05:42 [I didn't expect it to be that painful either XD XP]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.13 05:43 [It's not so bad now. I'm just being super careful to keep it from being infected]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.13 05:43 [RPing?]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.13 05:43 [I replied as Spam]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.13 05:53 (Ok! Sorry for the slow replies.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.13 05:55 [It's alright]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.13 05:55 [How have you been doing lately?]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.13 06:01 Well... *looks hesitant* *isnít sure he wants to clean his own place*
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,Jun.13 06:01 You'd be shocked how d!rty this place gets!
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.13 06:05 (Iíve been doing alright. I just got back from a vacation, but Iím taking a summer class thatís kind of taking over my life.)
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,Jun.13 06:05 [I'm also in an intensive summer class. :P I wish you luck with yours!]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.13 06:05 You s u c k, Spam. But Iíll keep you.
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.13 06:07 (Ah! You as well!)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.13 06:07 Also... if weíre gonna be living in a castle, donít we get nicer clothes? *looks down at his baggy shorts*
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,Jun.13 06:12 Well of course. You left all yours in your room, remember?
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.13 06:24 *nods* Yeah... So can we see them?
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,Jun.13 06:27 Well go to your room! It's just up the stairs! *points*
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,Jun.13 06:28 [Epic plot twist: Josh will find nothing but copies of the baggy squire clothes he's wearing XD]
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,Jun.13 06:29 [BTW, I finally played Spyro again a bit and need to edit a silly video I made. I hope I'll post it within the next few days.]
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,Jun.13 06:30 [If you're still around then I'd love it if you got to see it and shared what you think.]
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,Jun.13 06:30 *thought.]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.13 06:39 (Definitely! I may not get to it tonight as I have to go soon, but Iíll make sure to watch soon!)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.13 06:40 (Also, I love that plot twist. Spam might find herself in deep crap...)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.13 06:41 Sweet. *dashes upstairs with Midas, entering a grand room adorned with portraits of basketball legends* *in the corner of the room is a wardrobe akin to the one in Beauty and the Beast, sans operatic voice*
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,Jun.13 06:42 Whoa!!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.13 06:42 [Crap wrong slot]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.13 06:43 *opens the doors eagerly,expecting to find something exquisite* *however, a dozen pairs of potato sack clothes pour out*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.13 06:43 [Midas said "whoa"]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.13 06:43 ...Whoa...
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.13 06:43 Your clothes SU CK
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.13 06:43 (Got it.)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.13 06:43 *his look of amazement turns to utter disgust*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.13 06:44 I DIDNíT DO THIS!
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.13 06:44 SPAAAAMMMM!!
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,Jun.13 06:47 WHAAAAAT?!!
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,Jun.13 06:48 [I still need to edit and upload the video BTW, so you wouldn't be able to watch it tonight anyway XD XP]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.13 06:57 *is raging* YOUíRE NOT ALLOWED HERE ANYMORE!!!
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.13 06:57 (Ok.)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.13 06:58 *turns to Midas* Letís go to your castle. This place is the worst!
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.13 07:05 (I have to go now, see you! Unfortunately, I wonít be online tomorrow because I just remembered I have an appointment early Monday. But Iíll be back Friday hopefully! Have a great week, and I look forward to seeing your video!)
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,Jun.13 07:08 [Aw, see you Friday hopefully!]
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,Jun.13 07:12
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,Jun.13 07:12 WHAT DID YOU DO?!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.13 07:12 Uh...my castle??
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.13 07:13 Right...my castle...
12>Elyna (Fugitive Maid ), 16yo.2021,Jun.13 11:59  Secret message to Sage of Netherdale  
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.19 04:17 [I'm here! Unfortunately I did not have time to do video editing this week, but I hope to post my video over this weekend. XP]
1>Sage of Netherdale (Sage/Elder), 1000yo.2021,Jun.19 05:35 (Hey! Sorry Iím a bit late.)
1>Sage of Netherdale (Sage/Elder), 1000yo.2021,Jun.19 05:35  Secret message to Elyna  
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.19 05:36 [Hey!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.19 05:36 [How has your week been?]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.19 05:37 (Itís been a bit hectic after a week of vacation, but not too bad. You?)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.19 05:38 Yeah, youíve got one too, dude. And we NEED to get away from Spam!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.19 05:40 [Same. Been kind of stressful but not totally awful.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.19 05:40 Okay, um...let's go!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.19 05:40 We should have steeds, right?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.19 05:50 And stables?
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.19 05:51 Yeah. Come on! *runs to the stables*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.19 05:52 *they only find Josh's steed* Huh...maybe mine's at home...
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.19 05:54 *once at the stables, he heads right for a young-looking donkey* Hi, boy. *pets the donkey affectionately*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.19 05:54 *mounts his steed* Probably. Letís go! *the donkey trots off*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.19 05:55 ...You have a donkey?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.19 05:55 Can it talk like in Shrek?
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.19 05:55 *not too far down the road is Midasí castle, which is a modest abode compared to Joshís* *some guards are standing watch*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.19 05:56 No, you canít. Guard: *perks up* Who goes there? *wields a staff* *his eyes widen, realizing who it is* *starts murmuring with fellow guards about ďthe knightĒ*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.19 06:02 *it isn't even a castle--on closer inspection, it's a souped up windmill*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.19 06:07 *kind of makes a face- in secret, of course*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.19 06:07 *the guards bow* Welcome home, sir.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.19 06:09 Guard #2: Are we getting paid yet, Sir Midas?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.19 06:09 Uhh--soon
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.19 06:09 Guard #2: You've said that for 2 weeks!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.19 06:09 Soon, I swear! *runs past them and into the windmill*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.19 06:25 *follows Midas in* *as nice as his place is, Midas doesnít have a housekeeper as erratic as Spam, and it shows*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.19 06:26 *some more guards are inside* Guard: Ah! Itís the knight! *there is some commotion as more guards scramble to get a view*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.19 06:33 ...how many of them are there...
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.19 06:34 ...a lot.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.19 06:35 Oh no...
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.19 06:35 *one of the guards takes Midas by the shoulder eagerly; another one follows up with Josh* Guard: Weíve been looking forward to your homecoming! Let us find you robes for the heroes that you are?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.19 06:35 Uhhh...guards, where is my steed?
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.19 06:35 ďHeroesĒ? *gives Midas a confused look*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.19 06:35 Also yeah, sure, get robes
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.19 06:36 *elbows Josh*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.19 06:47 Guard: *leads them down the hall* Rosinante will be waiting for you when we are finished.
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.19 06:53 *they arrive in a room with a wardrobe, from which the guard produces their main ďNetherdaleĒ outfits* Your robes, sirs.
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.19 06:55 Wow... *takes it, staring at the shimmery blue material in awe* THIS is what Iím talking about. *goes to change in it* *emerges seconds later looking proud*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.19 06:56 *the outfit is just like the one heíll be wearing when heís ďolderĒ, besides the fact that it has sleeves*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.19 06:56 (I have to go now; have a nice night! I look forward to ďseeingĒ you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.19 06:57 [Epic plot twist: Josh's robes are another copy of what he's wearing now. XD]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.19 06:57 [Aw, see you!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.19 06:57 [Well, they're another copy, except they're more shimmery than his old clothes]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.19 07:00 *puts on a royal blue outfit*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.19 07:00 *looks at Josh* You took my color!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.20 05:12 [I'm here!]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.21 03:39 Uh, I think you took mine.
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.21 03:40 (I like that twist! Also, Iím so sorry I wasnít on. Something came up and I was unable to let you know. I wonít be on tonight, so I just wanted to let you know. Have an awesome week, and see you next weekend!)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.21 04:59 Are you sure about that?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.21 05:00 [Aw, dang it. : ( It's alright; crap happens. See you soon!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.21 05:00  Secret message to Josh  
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.26 04:17 Yeah. I am.
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.26 04:19  Secret message to Midas  
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 05:42 [Hey!! Sorry I'm late XP]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 05:42 [I hope you're still there.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 05:43 *looks at Josh suspiciously* ...fiiiiine.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 05:44  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 05:45 ...So uh...now what?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 05:45 [I ran out of ideas for what to do for now so I brought up a random plot generator and got "
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 05:45 *"A tiny goblin invokes the wrath of the kingdom with an absurdly large amount of marmalade." I really want to use this XD]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 05:46 [Midas probably hates marmalade. Perhaps we could say his kingdom has the death sentence for anyone who makes or distributes it?]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 05:46 [Perhaps marmalade in this world has evil power/is associated with dark sorcery as well or something?]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.26 05:47 (Hey! Still here.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 05:48 [Awesome!!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 05:53 [Perhaps they receive a message or telegram that the kingdom needs help due to the goblin and his marmalade?]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.26 05:56 (We gotta use that.)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.26 05:56 (I do think that the marmalade should have some association with dark sorcery. Obviously Midas hates it, but in Netherdale, that hate goes far deeper.)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.26 05:57 (Maybe at one point marmalade almost wiped out Netherdale. And I do like that last idea- theyíre gonna need an army to defeat it.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 05:59 [Oh my god yes XD]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 05:59 [They could use an army...or they could use one fantastical knight and his trusty sidekick]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 06:01 *a man bursts into Midas' home, panting*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 06:01 *actually nah, it's a centaur*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 06:08 Centaur: Please help!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 06:08 Centaur: The marmalade...*huff*...is back!!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 06:09 [I can play as the goblin unless you'd like to. You could perhaps play as another villain who works with the goblin if you don't want to play as the goblin.]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.26 06:16 (Actually, yeah. This will be the point where they prove themselves as true heroes of Netherdale.)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.26 06:18 (Iíd be glad to play as the goblinís sidekick!)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.26 06:18 *goes pale* ...say that again?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 06:21 Centaur: The marmalade from the Depths of Deepest Darkness!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 06:22 Centaur: The princess has called for the help of the Bravest, Strongest, Handsomest, Bestfighterest Knight of Netherdale, Sir Midas!...and Josh
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 06:25 [Great! Perhaps the sidekick is a formidable villain of his own who has formed a partnership with the goblin?]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 06:25 [Oh no XD I just had a brutal thought...perhaps make a fantasy adaptation of Andy?]
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Jun.26 06:27 [Meet the dreaded Master of Marmalade! This is a goblin who, with the assistance of another villain, managed to release the magical marmalade from its prison in a wretched place known as the Depths of Deepest Darkness.]
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Jun.26 06:27 [He is short, warty, and green. He wears orange armor made of hardened marmalade magic, as well as a special crown that grants him power over the marmalade.]
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Jun.26 06:29 ["Master of Marmalade" is not his real name, of course. It's a special title granted to the wearer of the Fruit Preserve Circlet (his crown). His actual name is Bob.]
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Jun.26 06:29 [I actually would like your character to be the main antagonist of future arcs, and the more dangerous of our two villains. And hey, maybe in the future Bob will unite with the good guys against your character...]
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Jun.26 06:30 [Also maybe your character is the one who hired Red to kidnap Alexa. I dunno; it's up to you.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 06:31 But we just got here~!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 06:31 *!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 06:32 [I'd like Josh to hit or kick Midas or something XD]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.26 06:32 (Actually, I wouldnít mind resurrecting Andy for the heck of it. Why not?)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.26 06:33 *elbows Midas, scowling* Um... remember me? Am I not important too?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 06:37 Uhh--right!
19>Andy (Villain), 45ishyo.2021,Jun.26 06:37 (Heís back, and heís badder than ever... give a warm welcome to Andy. He has slicked back red hair, pale skin, and is of medium height. Heís also got this constant calculating expression on his face, and usually wears a suit. However, in this world, he
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 06:37 So uh...my trusty sidekick Josh who is just as important as I am and me will be headed there straight away!
19>Andy (Villain), 45ishyo.2021,Jun.26 06:38 will be wearing armor of navy blue and gold to appear more ďintimidatingĒ and ďpowerfulĒ.)
19>Andy (Villain), 45ishyo.2021,Jun.26 06:39 (I canít remember what Andyís powers were, but he basically has them all. The only way to get past those, to expose his weakest self, is to resurface some particularly traumatic memories from his past.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 06:41 [Nice!]
19>Andy (Villain), 45ishyo.2021,Jun.26 06:41 (Andy was raised in a broken home, and had only his older sister to rely upon. When a devastating fire burned down his home and killed his entire family, Andy was left to his own devices. So he turned to what he loved best- technology.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 06:41 [Glad that douchebag is back XD]
19>Andy (Villain), 45ishyo.2021,Jun.26 06:44 (Andy+countless hours of technology=his powers manifesting full force. Andy created a device that allowed him to travel within many alternate universes. Instead of telling everyone, he traveled from universe to universe-notably cinematic universes- and
19>Andy (Villain), 45ishyo.2021,Jun.26 06:46 recruited henchmen to help him carry out his evil bidding. He seeks to get rid of these alternate universes as it will ďbring balanceĒ or something, but really he holds a deep grudge against fictional worlds for hiding the dark realities of life.)
19>Andy (Villain), 45ishyo.2021,Jun.26 06:47 (Andy has since been defeated by the movie universe, and several other worlds too. So, now heís here- and perhaps, at his weakest point...)
19>Andy (Villain), 45ishyo.2021,Jun.26 06:47 (Yep! Should be interesting.)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.26 06:48 *nods in approval* Thatís better.
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.26 06:49 So... whatís going on again?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 06:52 [Perhaps we could bring in movie characters as his henchmen in future arcs?]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 06:52 [Since he's at his weakest point, perhaps those movie characters turned on him and some of them are still around in this universe?]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 06:53 [Also, I imagine Andy is just using Bob. Maybe Andy wants the marmalade for himself, but for one reason or another can't get it himself.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 06:53 Uh...good question.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 06:53 Centaur: The marmalade is back! Come! *gallops out*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 06:53 I don't even have my armor on! Give me a second!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 06:53 *runs into a closet that suspiciously looks like a telephone booth and comes out in full armor*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 06:59 [BTW, I'm sorry if I'm imposing too many requirements on Andy. It's just that the invention of Bob and the return of Andy is giving me lots of ideas.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 07:03 Okay...now I need my steed!
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.26 07:04 *hurriedly puts on armor of his own* Wait for me!
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.26 07:05 (I think that the movie characters should stay behind. After he was defeated, they probably didnít see him as a worthy cause anymore.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 07:06 [Ah, okay.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 07:13 *goes outside, looking for stables**finds a horse and a donkey tethered to a pole*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 07:14 Ah, finally... *gets on the horse, not noticing that the donkey has armor that matches Midas', and the horse has a blanket on it matching Josh's clothing and/or emblem*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.26 07:15 Wonder where this marmalade is, exactly. *pets his donkey before mounting it*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 07:20 Centaur: Sir Midas~!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 07:20 *!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 07:20 What?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 07:21 Centaur: Josh has taken your steed!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 07:21 *looks at the horse, then at the donkey*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 07:21 ...wat
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 07:21 Centaur: Are you just going to let him do this?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 07:21 Um...
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 07:21 Yeah
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.26 07:21 What?! No I didnít!
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.26 07:22 You guys just hate me around here.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 07:24 Wait...you want the donkey?
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.26 07:31 Yeah. Heís mine. Weíre friends.
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.26 07:31 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow! Have a great night!)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 07:33 [See you! Have a great night too!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 07:33 Okay, great!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.26 07:33 Onward! *his horse neighs and rears up, and then they go to follow the centaur*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.27 04:14 [I'm here!]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.27 04:38 (Hi!)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.27 05:00 [Hey!!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.27 05:00 [Sorry for the delay. I had to brb and forgot to say so.]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.27 05:01 *his donkey bounds after Midasí steed*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.27 05:01 (No problem!)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.27 05:08 *they hurry down the mountain and across various beautiful lands*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.27 05:11 *however, as they're passing through some colorful woods, the leafy ground caves and they fall into a pit*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.27 05:24 *screams* *they donkey brays*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.27 05:24 *lies on the ground like a pancake before gathering his bearings and sitting up* What was that?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.27 05:26 *also screamed on the way down*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.27 05:26 *gets up and tries to climb out, but fails* We're...we're stuck!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.27 05:30 HEY! HEY HORSE DUDE! HELP US GET UP!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.27 05:30 *the centaur doesn't answer and is out of sight*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.27 05:36 *many small faces suddenly peer at them from the edge of the pit* ...Uhh...
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.27 05:46 *whimpers a little* What the heck...
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.27 05:47 *looks up* Where is that guy?! *realizes they were probably ditched* Oh, no...
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.27 05:49 What are you?!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.27 05:52 *they all chuckle down at them*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.27 06:06 *suddenly they start singing "We are the trapper guild" to the tune of "We are the Lollipop Guild"*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.27 06:13 ......
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.27 06:15 *freaking out* Is this some sort of NIGHTMARE?!
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.27 06:16 Please let us get out of here, please let us get out of here...
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.27 06:21 What the h--??
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.27 06:28 *then, some of the eyes start floating down* *screams*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.27 06:28 Is this the marmalade?!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.27 06:28 *screams as well*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.27 06:28 I dunno!!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.27 06:28 *takes out his sword and swings it*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.27 06:35 *doesnít have a sword* *wields his arms in self-defense*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.27 06:50 [I don't know what the eyes are doing, so that's up to you]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.27 06:52 *the eyes start flying toward them* *shields his face, but all of a sudden, the eyes are thrown back by a blast of blue light*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.27 06:53 *opens a clenched eye* *peers through his elbow to see the eyes lying limp on the ground*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.27 06:53 Was that... ME?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.27 06:56 Uhh...I dunno
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.27 06:57 *looks up and sees that the faces of the little beings are still staring right at them**they look confused*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.27 06:57 *one of them throws down a ladder*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.27 07:06 Do you...have magic? >:0
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.27 07:10 I think?... *throws out his arm, and sure enough, a wave of light is emitted again*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jun.27 07:14 (I have to go; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.27 07:31 [Aw, see you!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.27 07:31 Whoa!!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.27 07:31 Why didn't you tell me?!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jun.28 05:45 [I'm here!]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.2 03:30 I didnít know!
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.2 03:31 (Hey, sorry I wasnít able to make it! I just want to let you know that all of a sudden, itís been a clusterheck of a month. Iíll try to notify you if Iím not going to be on, but I canít guarantee it. I may also have to stop coming online on Sunday. Iím
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.2 03:32 really sorry; itís just that things are starting to get crazy busy and there simply arenít enough hours in the day.)
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Jul.3 04:50 [I understand. This month has been a bit difficult for me as well. I'm rooting for you and I'm sure you'll pull through this.]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.3 05:17 (Thank you! I appreciate it.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.3 05:37 [Hey!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.3 05:37 [My replies will be a bit slow. I'm a bit busy]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.3 05:46 (Hey! No problem.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.3 05:46 Geez... *starts climbing up the ladder*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.3 05:47 *holds up his hands with uncertainty and blasts more eyes with his powers*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.3 05:48 Itís not like I asked for them! But I guess they are kinda nice... *scrambles after Midas, as most of the eyes have been wiped out*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.3 06:03 *had tried waving one of his hands at the eyes to no effect* I guess... *gets to the top**the munchkins help lift him and Josh out of the pit*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.3 06:04 *looks at the munchkins* Didn't you see those eyes coming?! Why didn't you get us out as soon as you found us?!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.3 06:05 Munchkin: We do apologize, sir, *turns to Josh* for we thought you were what qualifies, sir, *turns back to Midas* as a very terribly wicked wizard!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.3 06:05 *waves his arms in frustration* I have no magic!!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.3 06:06 Munchkin #2: We made a mistake, we're afraid. We thought you wielded the marmalade!
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.3 06:10 *says as calmly as possible* Nope, no marmalade here.
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.3 06:11 I have these powers I didnít know I had. I promise you theyíre not marmalade- theyíll actually help us fight it.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.3 06:35 [I'm so sorry about my disappearance. I was finishing up my work XP]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.3 06:36 Munchkin: You mean to say they shall aid
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.3 06:36 Munchkin #2: Against the marmalade?
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.3 06:39 (I totally get it. No worries! I was doing something myself.)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.3 06:39 *laughs a little* Nice one.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.3 06:40 Wow, these guys' rhymes are truly...uh...
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.3 06:40 ...uh... *nudges Josh*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.3 06:41 [Midas wants to rhyme but can't come up with a word XD]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.3 06:50 Um... prime? (Hopefully Josh delivered a decent one!)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.3 06:50 Yeah, that!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.3 06:50 *some of the other munchkins giggle*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.3 06:51 Munchkin: Is there anything we can do to be of service as you persevere towards your purpose?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.3 06:52 [He did!]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.3 06:54 *turns to Midas* I think we need to get to the dude whoís behind all this marmalade. To save all of you.
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.3 06:54 (Great! I have to go now as Iím pretty tired, but Iím planning to be back tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing you then!)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.3 06:57 [Alright, me too!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.3 06:57 Yeah, we're here to stop him!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.3 06:58 Munchkin #2:
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.3 06:59 *Munchkin #2: The Master of Marmalade is in the city of Od.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.3 06:59 Munchkin: He's taken over the castle in which the princess trod.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.3 07:02 Munchkin #2: We can grant you a carriage or anything you need
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.3 07:02 Munchkin: To reach the city of Od at a very timely speed!
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.4 04:26 Okay.... wait. *notices a blast of rainbow gas*
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.4 04:27 *his bus is hovering over them before gracefully landing*
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.4 04:28 *the door opens* *shouts* Hey! Need a lift?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.4 05:15 [Hey! Sorry I'm late. I was finishing up an assignment]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.4 05:17 You can summon the Magic School Bus too?!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.4 05:18 [Also weird question, but does the bus driver happen to be an elderly Jerry Seinfeld? XD]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.4 05:25 [Another weird question: can Jerry secretly be the most powerful being in this fantasy universe? I feel like it'd be hilarious if years down the line it turned out he had godlike power.]
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.4 05:28 (Hey! Sorry I disappeared. My replies will be a bit slow Iím afraid.)
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.4 05:30 (Thatís hilarious! I actually imagine him to look more like Stan Lee for some reason. Also, Iím totally fine with that twist.)
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.4 05:31 (He may be a bus driver, but heís no ordinary bus driver... perhaps the rainbow fuel will provide a hint there.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.4 05:36 [That's alright. Also great! Perhaps his power will be revealed when Midas and Josh are adults and are saving Alexa?]
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.4 05:43 (Yeah! Sounds like a plan.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.4 05:44 [Okie dokie. Also Midas is very confused about Josh's powers XD]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.4 05:44 Munchkin: Actually it was we
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.4 05:44 Munchkin #2: Who summoned the bus, you see.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.4 05:45 *one munchkin holds up a walkie-talkie-like device*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.4 05:45 [Also I had a typo above. The city is called Odd, though obviously it's meant to be a play on Oz.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.4 06:00 Oh...I guess we should go. *starts climbing into the bus*
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.4 06:02 (Got it. Also, so am I, haha. At the moment, I think Joshís powers arenít something produced on impulse.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.4 06:03 [Hm...perhaps you should specify what kind of magic they are? They should probably be something Josh would think is cool.]
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.4 06:03 *chuckles heartily* You sure did...
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.4 06:08 Josh, come on!
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.4 06:16 (Theyíre kind of just defense powers. I probably wonít develop them beyond that so as not to overshadow Midas.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.4 06:18 [No, you can develop them all you want. It's probably better if we have some more solid understanding of how Josh's magic works.]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.4 06:18 Coming! *leaps aboard* *drops himself into a seat up front* *Jerry puts the bus in gear, and theyíre off in a cloud of rainbow magic*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.4 06:18 [You can perhaps develop them more than he grows up. He might have just said they're "defense powers" when he was a kid, but decided to revamp them when he got older.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.4 06:18 [That's what happened with my magic systems. I've revamped them a lot over the years.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.4 06:21 *wanted the front seat**stands poutily behind Josh's seat and then gets flung back into a seat when the bus takes off* OW!
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.4 06:25 (Hmm... maybe theyíre rooted in a sense of insecurity- unlike superheroes, Josh uses his powers when heís at his weakest, not his strongest.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.4 06:29 [Ooo, that's actually rather interesting.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.4 06:29 [That could potentially lead to some hilarious or sad situations.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.4 06:30 [One thing I can think of is that there's a situation where Midas and/or others have to insult Josh nonstop until Josh is powerful enough to get them out of a pickle.]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.4 06:49 (Yeah, for sure. Thatís kind of the gist of it.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.4 06:56 *gets up, looking irritable, and looks out the window*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.4 07:03 So... whatís going on, exactly?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.4 07:04 We need to go to Odd!
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.4 07:13 The entire region is taking precautious. The Master of Marmaladeís making his rounds, alright?
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.4 07:13 Donít worry; thatís right where weíre headed.
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.4 07:14 Master of Marmalade, what- what about the school? Why are you still driving this thing?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.4 07:14 Yeah! Won't the Master of Marmalade see you coming?
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.4 07:15 Thereís a school lockdown. I, however, was needed for more important duties. *grins back at Josh and Midas*
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.4 07:15 Eh, Iím not all that concerned about him. Weíve had words before.
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.4 07:28 But fear not! Iíll drop you off where he canít see us.
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.4 07:29 *the bus lowers towards a canopy of trees* *a brick path can be seen below the leaves* Well, here we are- Odd.
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.4 07:30 (I have to go now; have an awesome 4th of July and rest of your week! Iíll see you next week! )
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.4 07:31 [Happy 4th of July to you too! Have a lovely week! I really hope work lets up for you.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.10 04:40 [I'm here!]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.10 04:47 (Hey! How are you?)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.10 05:12 [Hey!!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.10 05:12 [Sorry for the delay. I'm good; how about you?]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.10 05:15 (Great! No problem. Iím good. Iím still as busy as ever, but things arenít bad.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.10 05:18 4
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.10 05:18 [Oops]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.10 05:18 [Good to hear!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.10 05:18 What's Odd??
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.10 05:29 [So Midas is an idiot XD]
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.10 05:32 (Haha, okay.) Well, itís a city by the water. West coast. Major trade port. Weíve got all sorts of people there as a result, so itís an interesting place.
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.10 05:32 Itís also a major target for Master Marmalade. Go figure. *barks out a laugh*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.10 05:33 Oh--the city...yeah.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.10 05:33 Where's this Master of Marmalade?
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.10 05:50 Iím not sure, but last time I checked the news, he was approaching the city.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.10 05:51 [It's okay if Jerry doesn't know or, more likely, pretends not to know (considering his power).]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.10 05:51 [Nvm, you got me covered XD XP]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.10 05:51 Approaching? Uh... *looks at Josh* What should we do?
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.10 05:51 *turns around to face them* *looks serious* You boys will have to face him. But Iím gonna make sure you have what you need.
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.10 05:52 *whistles* *the munchkins magically appear in the bus*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.10 05:54 Huh?!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.10 05:59 How!?
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.10 06:08 *nods with a smile* Yep, I just did that.
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.10 06:17 *the munchkins hand him two devices* *hands them to each of them* Two devices: one for communication with us, another to track down Marmalade.
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.10 06:18 *observes a confused Josh* Once the sensor lights up red, youíll know Marmalade is in the area.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.10 06:23 I don't need a sensor for that!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.10 06:23 It's so disgusting I can easily find it!
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.10 06:45 Sometimes itís hard to tell where he is. You never know when you might need it.
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.10 06:45 *sighs* Fine.../
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.10 06:46 *looks at Josh* You ready?
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.10 06:46 Alright, boys. Iím going to have to let you go. But if you have any questions, weíll be right here! *points at his communication device*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.10 06:47 *they are essentially dumped off the bus to do their duty*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.10 06:48 *looks around* *they are in a nondescript alley on the fringes of town* *the bus is gone* *skulks along, unusually silent* *never got around to answering Midas*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.10 06:59 (I have to go now; have a wonderful night! Looking forward to picking up the saga tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.10 07:00 [Same! See you!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.11 05:06 [I'm here! Replies will be slow.]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.16 23:28 (Iím sorry I didnít make it last weekend! I was looking forward to picking back up, but I had something to do and I wasnít done until really late. Iíve had a lot going on - Iím still in school and I have a lot of stuff to prepare for for marching band in
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.16 23:29 a month, so my brain is pretty overloaded. I wonít be online this weekend, but Iíll try for next. Hope to see you then, and take care!)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.17 07:32 [Dang... :( Take care too, and see you!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.25 05:27 [I'm here!]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.31 04:07 (Sorry I wasnít online last weekend- there were severe storms here, including some tornadoes. Fortunately though, my area was mostly unscathed and Iím okay.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.31 04:29 [Oof...I've never experienced tornadoes but I've had my fair share of storm-induced outages, so I understand. XP]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.31 04:29 [Glad you're okay! Also hi!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.31 04:29 [How has your family been pandemic-wise?]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.31 04:39 (Hey! Not bad; so far, things have been pretty okay. What about you?)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.31 04:41 [Things have been doing okay. Been a bit stressed and I'm trying to keep up with my summer class, but overall we're alright.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.31 04:53 Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.31 04:53 *holds up the device used to track down Marmalade**it makes slow beep noises like a metal detector*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.31 04:54 I guess we follow the beeps?
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.31 04:56 (Glad to hear things are going well! I hope your class becomes less stressful- totally understand that feeling. When does it end?)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.31 04:57 *isnít able to answer, because a glob of marmalade has fallen on his head*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.31 05:04 [Early next month I believe]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.31 05:04 *turns towards Josh**the detector starts beeping like crazy**stares in shock*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.31 05:05 *screams*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.31 05:26 IT'S ON YOU!
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.31 05:28 (Ok. So youíre in the home stretch!)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.31 05:28 I KNOW! RUN! *is flailing about*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.31 05:31 [Yep!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.31 05:32 *the marmalade begins to sink down and cover Josh's head* NO! *dives onto Josh, trying to wrestle it off* IT'S DISGUSTING!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.31 05:32 *Josh's entire head
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.31 05:56 (Sorry for the slow reply!) *lets out an odd gurgle as Midas tries to wrestle the marmalade off of him*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.31 05:57 *then, a shadow falls over Midas* *points, screeching through the gunk* *is desperately hoping that Midas will be a little more prudent than he was when the marmalade came around*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.31 06:10 *looks around*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.31 06:10 [Is the shadow the Master of Marmalade?]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.31 06:16 (Yep!)
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Jul.31 06:19 *rises up behind them with wings of marmalade* Mwah ha ha ha haaa...
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Jul.31 06:19 Did you really think you could sneak up on me?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.31 06:27 Who are you?!
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Jul.31 06:27 Who do ya think?
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.31 06:39 The Master of Marmalade...
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.31 06:40 I'll end you! *leaps at him, swinging his sword**is flung back and stuck to a wall with marmalade*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.31 06:45 *manages to crawl behind a wall* *dials the device Jerry gave him* *coughs into the receiver* Hello?! We need help!
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.31 06:48 Josh, Iím sorry- weíre trapped too! The Master of Marmalade has cut off access to the city with great gobs of goo!
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Jul.31 06:48 You and Midas, itís all up to you! *the receiver suddenly crackles, dead*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.31 06:49 [Me internally screaming "liiiieeeeess" since Jerry has got tier powers XD]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.31 06:51 *tosses the device* Worthless! *lifts himself up on his elbows, prepared to crawl* *is terrified* *the MoMís shadow is returning, and he has no idea what happened to Midas* *
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Jul.31 06:51 *is still stuck to the wall**is trying to cut through the marmalade with his sword to no avail*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.31 06:51 (I know, haha. Heís basically doing that, just to challenge them.)
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Jul.31 06:52 *laughs evilly, hovering towards Midas* Do you think a sword like that could really counter such awesome power?
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Jul.31 06:52 [Yep]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.31 06:52 *gradually, the marmalade glob covering his head bursts* *is in slight disbelief as he wipes it away* *staggers to his feet*
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Jul.31 06:55 *aims some marmalade at Midas* Prepare. To. Die.
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.31 07:02 *runs towards Marmalade* NOOOO!!
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Jul.31 07:02 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow! It was great being back!)
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Jul.31 07:10 [Aw, see you! It's been great too! Would you be up for a call tomorrow?]
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Jul.31 07:11 [Also I think Josh forgot he has magic XD]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Aug.1 03:59 [I'm here!]
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Aug.1 04:16 *turns and tries to redirect the fatal marmalade blow at Josh, but is probably too slow*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Aug.1 05:06 (Hey!)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Aug.1 05:06 (Sorry Iím a little late. Unfortunately, I donít think Iíll be able to do a voice call, but thanks for putting it out there!)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Aug.1 05:06 *has emitted a blast of fear-induced magic*
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Aug.1 05:27 [Hey! Aw, alright.]
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Aug.1 05:27 [Sorry for the delay; I got distracted. I was playing some online chess.]
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Aug.1 05:27 *gets hit by the magic and falls back**hits a wall and drops to the ground* OW! That...that actually hurt! What the hell?!
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Aug.1 05:28 You messed up my robe!
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Aug.1 05:44 (Thatís alright!) *backs away a little* Um... sorry? *zaps of his powers emerge, probably adding to the ďdamageĒ*
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Aug.1 05:48 Ouch! Oof! Hey! You little sack of-
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Aug.1 05:48 *launches marmalade at Josh*
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Aug.1 06:13 [You still there?]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Aug.1 06:13 *tries to block it, but his powers arenít quite up to speed* *skids back*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Aug.1 06:13 (Yeah. Sorry for the delay!)
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Aug.1 06:17 Fool! Nothing can stop the marmalade! NOTHING! *laughs maniacally as he puts increasing pressure on Josh's magic, trying to break through it*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Aug.1 06:34 *the magic is kind of at a stalemate* *meanwhile, Jerry is kind of seething from the bus, which is hovering around nearby in invisible mode*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Aug.1 06:34 *could really use some backup*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Aug.1 06:35 *manages to cut out of the marmalade binding him to the wall while the Master of Marmalade is focusing on Josh*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Aug.1 06:36 *lets out a war cry and rushes the Master of Marmalade*
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Aug.1 06:39 *almost gets stabbed**flies up barely dodging* Ugh! You two are so obnoxious!
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Aug.1 06:39 *stops pressuring Josh's magic, instead focusing his magic to create goopy monsters out of marmalade around Midas and Josh* Let's see how you deal with THIS!
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Aug.1 06:40 Monsters! AFTER THEM!
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Aug.1 06:40 [FYI, if a lot of his dialogue doesn't sound particularly inspired, it's because I'm trying to write it while keeping in mind that this is a world invented by young boys]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Aug.1 06:45 *slices at a blobby monster*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Aug.1 06:49 *two blobby monsters go after Josh*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Aug.1 06:56 (Okay. I actually really like that aspect though!)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Aug.1 07:04 *is able to wipe the monsters out pretty easily, but it isnít long before others appear*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Aug.1 07:05 *is starting to get more annoyed now* *takes out a sword of his own and fights them head-on* *spins the sword around before impaling an incoming monster*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Aug.1 07:05 (I have to go now. I wonít be able to make it next weekend since Iím going on a vacation, but Iíll look forward to seeing you next time! Take care!)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Aug.1 07:12 [I'm glad you like that aspect! Also dang it...but also that's great! XD XP I hope you enjoy your vacation. Stay safe and see you!]
9>Spam (Housekeeper), 40+yo.2021,Aug.14 04:18 [I'm here!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Aug.15 04:20 [I'm here again!]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Aug.15 04:35 (Hi! Sorry I wasnít on last night. Thereís been even more random, weird weather events that resulted in fallen trees/power lines around me. Fortunately, things are fine. How are you?)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Aug.15 04:35 (I was also wondering if you had seen the Woody Allen movie Manhattan?)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Aug.15 04:50 [Yeah!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Aug.15 04:50 [Things are kind of stressful but I'm hanging in there ^.^]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Aug.15 04:51 [I responded to your questions kind of backwards]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Aug.15 04:57 [Did you recently see Manhattan? What did you think?]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Aug.15 05:14 (Glad to hear it! Also, I havenít, but itís been appearing in some nonfiction books Iíve been reading and it seems like it would be a good movie. Iím also aware that Rhapsody in Blue figures pretty prominently in the film.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Aug.15 05:17 [Yeah, it does. It's one of his more popular movies. I recommend it, though I honestly like a bunch of his other movies a bit more.]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Aug.15 05:33 (Alright! Yeah, after looking at the plot, some of his other movies seem a lot better. But itís probably worth checking out.)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Aug.15 05:35 [It's fine, I just personally like some of his other movies more. I forget...have you seen Play It Again, Sam?]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Aug.15 05:50 [RPing?]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Aug.15 05:57 (I have not had the chance to see it yet. Also, sure! Sorry for the slow response.)
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Aug.15 05:58 *slices through a few more monsters; some others appear almost out of thin air to descend on Midas*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Aug.15 05:58 *yells mid-battle* Do they ever, like, disappear?!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Aug.15 06:05 [It's fine!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Aug.15 06:05 Maybe they respawn!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Aug.15 06:05 Like in video games!
14>Master of Marmalade (Goblin), ...yo.2021,Aug.15 06:06 *suddenly flees, flying away*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Aug.15 06:21 Ugh! *turns to Midas* We have to get him where heís weak. Thatís the only way weíre gonna be able to take him down.
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Aug.15 06:21 *is meanwhile hovering nearby, invisible of course, and probably eating popcorn*
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Aug.15 06:23 *a munchkin urges him to help* No! If theyíre going to be the defenders of Netherdale, they have to learn to use their brains!
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Aug.15 06:33 *another munchkin concurs: "Or else we'll be mashed into marmalade stains!"*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Aug.15 06:33 He's getting away!
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Aug.15 06:37 *a marmalade monster hovers up after its master* *jumps up and grabs ahold of what he can* Come on! *holds out a hand to Midas*
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Aug.15 06:39 *it soon proves to be a useless form of transportation, as the monster flails about* AHHHHHHH!! *is swinging around, trying to hold on for dear life*
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Aug.15 06:39 *huffs* Okay, okay, youíve earned my sympathies! *dispatches some hoverboards*
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Aug.15 06:41 (I have to go now, see you! Iím sorry to say that after tonight, I may not be on for awhile. Things are about to get very hectic. However, I want you to know that itís been an absolute blast coming on and chatting, even if itís been brief at times. Iíll
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Aug.15 06:41 *holds onto Josh for dear life* AAAAAAAAAAAAA
16>Jerry (O. School Bus Driver), 70?yo.2021,Aug.15 06:42 try to check in sporadically, and Iím always open for emails or Hangouts chats. I wish you all the best in school, and hope to talk soon! Take care!)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Aug.15 06:45 [I'm genuinely sad you won't be on for a while; I had been really looking forward to tonight. I wish you the best of luck with your endeavors. I will keep replying on here and I'll also be up for emails and chats.]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Aug.15 06:46 [See you soon, hopefully! Take care too!] *manages to grab one of the hoverboards*
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Aug.15 06:54 Josh! Let go!
3>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,Aug.21 03:37 [Hey, I just want to let you know I sent you some Hangouts messages!]
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Sep.4 17:49 (Hey! Sorry I havenít really been answering. Band is a huge time commitment and classes have already started, so I have homework. I did get your message and I apologize for not answering; feel free to share your ideas on Hangouts! Hope everything is well
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Sep.4 17:49 with you!)
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Sep.5 07:52 [I understand! My semester has been getting hectic too. I am busy tonight, but I plan to send you my ideas on here soon. I hope you're well too!]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Sep.8 07:31  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Sep.10 06:37  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Sep.10 06:37  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Sep.10 06:41  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Sep.10 06:42  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Sep.10 06:42  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Sep.10 06:43  Secret message to Josh  
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Sep.19 03:21  Secret message to Midas  
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Sep.19 03:22  Secret message to Midas  
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Sep.19 03:36  Secret message to Midas  
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Sep.19 03:37  Secret message to Midas  
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Sep.22 08:07  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Sep.22 08:08  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Sep.22 08:08  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Sep.22 08:10  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Sep.22 08:10  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Sep.22 08:24  Secret message to Josh  
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Oct.23 19:01  Secret message to Midas  
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Oct.23 19:02  Secret message to Midas  
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Oct.23 19:10  Secret message to Midas  
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Oct.23 19:12  Secret message to Midas  
12>Elyna (Fugitive Maid ), 16yo.2021,Oct.26 04:20 [I'm new, I don't know if this is a private server or not. I'm just really interest in role playing in something medieval, and this seems like the most recent one! Thanks ;) ]
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2021,Nov.25 03:30  Secret message to Josh  
6>Josh (Squire), ...yo.2021,Dec.17 01:58  Secret message to Midas  
8>Midas (Ingenious Knight), ..yo.2022,Jan.2 07:09  Secret message to Josh  

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