" Debate club "
This game is destined to players of 12 to 100 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

This is a place were we are devided into teams and are given a topic each after we have finished debating a topic we move onto the next one you must be at least 12 to be in a debate

1>Caprial (supervisor/ debator ), 14yo.2015,Dec.25 10:55 Ok here is how it will work once you join you will be divided into Team A or team B you will be given a topic on Monday and time to gather information for your side i will tell you wich side is debating the positive and wich one is debating the negitive
1>Caprial (supervisor/ debator ), 14yo.2015,Dec.25 10:59 starting Saturday at 5pm mountain time or 6:00 PM Central Time the debate will begin you will take turns debating agents your partners one at a time each week you will get a diffrent partner from the other team
1>Caprial (supervisor/ debator ), 14yo.2015,Dec.25 11:01 you will debate ageist this partner for example if Sally and James and Julie are on team and and Jack Jill and fred are on team B sally and Jack would be partners fred and juilie would be partners and jill and james would be partners each week they will
1>Caprial (supervisor/ debator ), 14yo.2015,Dec.25 11:01 switch partners
1>Caprial (supervisor/ debator ), 14yo.2015,Dec.25 11:02 Who ever gets here first will get to debate first for example Sally would debate her side then Jack would do his side then Julie then Fred then james then jill
1>Caprial (supervisor/ debator ), 14yo.2015,Dec.25 11:03 if someone from team A getss here first they debate first then someone from Team B then A then B you get the idea
1>Caprial (supervisor/ debator ), 14yo.2015,Dec.25 11:05 Note you can't star debating until I am here to conduct the debating so it can be fair RULES: Do not insult ANYONE during or not during the debate and dont Start before the designated time *END OF RULES*
1>Caprial (supervisor/ debator ), 14yo.2015,Dec.25 11:07 after everyone has debated you all private messsage me weather you think Team A or B won the round NOTE* be fair please vote not based off what team you are but who you honestly think who made a better argument
1>Caprial (supervisor/ debator ), 14yo.2015,Dec.25 11:08 That is the end of my monologue
1>Caprial (supervisor/ debator ), 14yo.2015,Dec.25 11:10 That is the end of my monologue
16>Cecilia (Human), 11yo.2015,Dec.25 12:10 Hi!
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2015,Dec.25 13:09 hi
1>Caprial (supervisor/ debator ), 14yo.2015,Dec.25 19:12 Hi Cecilia your team A Cindy your team B
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2015,Dec.25 21:35 [I joined first but ok]
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2015,Dec.25 21:35 and what team are you Caprial?
1>Caprial (supervisor/ debator ), 14yo.2015,Dec.25 21:37 I am nutral i just conduct the debates
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2015,Dec.25 22:36 k
1>Caprial (supervisor/ debator ), 14yo.2015,Dec.26 19:42 Alright so we only need to people to start i believe more people will join as we go on so for our first topic lets do something Easy: Is Golf a sport? Team A you will gather information on why it is a sport and present your case on Saturday at the
1>Caprial (supervisor/ debator ), 14yo.2015,Dec.26 19:44 Designated time and Team be you will gather information on why golf is not a sport and present your case on Saturday after team A
1>Caprial (supervisor/ debator ), 14yo.2015,Dec.26 19:47 So to summarize Cecilia on Saturday you will argue why golf is a sport and Cindy you will argue why golf is Not a sport after Cecilia on Saturday not this Saturday i am giving both of you one week to construct a good argument
1>Caprial (supervisor/ debator ), 14yo.2015,Dec.26 19:47 so go search for facts or opinions or anything you think will help you win the argument
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2015,Dec.27 22:14 ok :)
16>Cecilia (Human), 11yo.2015,Dec.28 18:52 But I hate golf........ XD
16>Cecilia (Human), 11yo.2015,Dec.28 18:54 It's OK!
16>Cecilia (Human), 11yo.2015,Dec.28 19:29 I'm ready!
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2015,Dec.28 20:56 me too
16>Cecilia (Human), 11yo.2015,Dec.29 02:45 OK! When shall we start?
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2015,Dec.29 12:47 she sed saturday, but I think I'm redy now
1>Caprial (supervisor/ debator ), 14yo.2015,Dec.31 02:56 Ok if you are ready now you may give your opening statement
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2016,Jan.2 12:58 golf better meets the definition of "game" than "sport," it does not require rigorous physical activity, and can be played professionally by people who are overweight, injured, or non-athletic.
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2016,Jan.2 13:04 Golfers are not athletes. Professional golfers are sometimes overweight, old, or out of shape, and their caddies carry the equipment for them. There is no running, jumping, or cardiovascular activity in golf. If an activity does not make you break a sweat
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2016,Jan.2 13:05 or if it can be done while drinking and smoking, then it is not a sport.
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2016,Jan.2 13:06 If you can compete in a professional tournament with a broken leg, it is not a sport
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2016,Jan.2 13:07 The possibility of getting injured while playing golf does not make it a sport because many non-sport activities, such as sitting at a desk and typing all day, lifting a heavy box, or sleeping in the wrong position, also commonly lead to injuries.
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2016,Jan.2 13:08 Nearly half of the maximum calories burned while playing golf are from walking the course and carrying the clubs, but the US Supreme Court ruled that walking is not an essential aspect of golf.
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2016,Jan.2 13:08 instead of walking you just drove around in little cars in between each shot. they’re called golf carts.
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2016,Jan.2 13:09 Unlike a sport, golf is not a rigorous physical activity. Burning 360 calories per hour
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2016,Jan.2 13:10 Somebody sed "if you don't think golfing is a sport, try walking a few miles in 100 degree weather and swinging a golf club every so often." After watching this person eat a donut, I responded with "If you think golfing is a sport try playing a real sport
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2016,Jan.2 13:10 for 10 minutes.
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2016,Jan.2 13:11 In hockey, a player can steal the puck and a goalie can block a shot. In football, a pass can be intercepted and someone can be tackled to prevent him from scoring. There is no defense in golf, and participants are unable to impact the outcome of their op
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2016,Jan.2 13:11 opponents' scores.
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2016,Jan.2 13:12 and golf can play any aged players
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2016,Jan.2 13:14 OK I think it's all I found :) now your turn
16>Cecilia (Human), 11yo.2016,Jan.3 13:58 My turn! *Checks the microphone* OK..........
16>Cecilia (Human), 11yo.2016,Jan.3 13:59 Golf: The real sport.
16>Cecilia (Human), 11yo.2016,Jan.3 14:01 [BTW, I did not copy and paste anything here, this is all from books, movies I'd seen, and outdoor museums, golf douses and other stuff.]
16>Cecilia (Human), 11yo.2016,Jan.3 14:03 Have you ever wondered if Golf is a sport or not? You probably did, because Golf is a sport.
16>Cecilia (Human), 11yo.2016,Jan.3 14:10 I went to a Golf course, a few days ago and to our luck, the owner was there, [My father knows him, from buesness] he said; "Absolutley! No doubt! Golf is a sport, it may not be phicical like other sports but it definley is a sport. Golf
16>Cecilia (Human), 11yo.2016,Jan.3 14:14 Most people who don't think Golf is a sport, have never played the sport, after all, you can't judge a book by it's cover! Golf may look easy, but it's really not. Golf requires much
16>Cecilia (Human), 11yo.2016,Jan.3 14:16 hours and hours of concentration, and practice just to become OK, and even longer to become good."
16>Cecilia (Human), 11yo.2016,Jan.3 14:19 Golf also is a sport because they sell their idems at sport stores, and I saw a sign [In Dicks sporting goods] saying, 'Golf is a sport, come shop!'
16>Cecilia (Human), 11yo.2016,Jan.3 14:22 Like above, I saw many people concentrating on their Golf balls, but must of all, I noticed that they were sweating, a lot too!
16>Cecilia (Human), 11yo.2016,Jan.3 14:23 *Bows* Golf: A Wonderful Sport
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 19:29 ok maybe it is sport because you have to practice a lot but sport don't need to realy practice so I think golf is a game
16>Cecilia (Human), 11yo.2016,Jan.3 19:33 If it was a game I would of played it.
16>Cecilia (Human), 11yo.2016,Jan.3 19:33 I don't really play sports.
16>Cecilia (Human), 11yo.2016,Jan.3 19:34 Do you know how to play golf really well?
16>Cecilia (Human), 11yo.2016,Jan.3 19:34 I don't. XD. Because I never practiced.
16>Cecilia (Human), 11yo.2016,Jan.3 19:37 Were you supposed to Copy and Paste? I didn't.
16>Cecilia (Human), 11yo.2016,Jan.3 19:38 Yeah, you do. You need to practice a lot in sports!
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2016,Jan.4 00:42 me too, I haven't played it, but my friend do and she seams to like it.
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2016,Jan.4 00:43 I think we can use anything to find info...
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2016,Jan.4 00:44 but to hit a ball in gates you don't have to practice so much... what am I even talking about..... Idk lets end about golf ok?
16>Cecilia (Human), 11yo.2016,Jan.4 01:33 Who won?
1>Caprial (supervisor/ debator ), 14yo.2016,Jan.4 18:17 Ok i am going to ask some random people to help decide who one but in the mean time your next topic is drinking milk healthy for humans Cindy you will argue why it is Not healthy and Cecilia will argue why it is give your statement when you are ready
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2016,Jan.4 20:49 Cecilia have esyer I think, but ok so it will be next saturday as always?
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2016,Jan.4 20:50 Cecilia have esyer I think, but ok so it will be next saturday as always?
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2016,Jan.4 20:50 (a it replied)
2>Euodia (Debater), 11yo.2016,Jan.4 20:53 Hey can I be in Team A, Caprial?
16>Cecilia (Human), 11yo.2016,Jan.5 00:55 It will be fun to do it with you Euodia! I will always help you if you need it Cindy!
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2016,Jan.5 19:54 ok thank you :)
11>Cindy (debator), 15yo.2016,Jan.5 19:54 so who won the first debate?
16>Cecilia (Human), 11yo.2016,Jan.6 13:36 I have know idea.
12> Soph (me), 12yo.2016,Jun.6 20:40 May I join?
4>Cody (debate guy), 37yo.2016,Jul.3 01:09 can i join?
4>Cody (debate guy), 37yo.2016,Jul.4 22:44  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=4  
4>Cody (debate guy), 37yo.2016,Jul.4 22:47 how many groups are there?
12> Soph (me), 12yo.2016,Jul.10 06:59  Secret message to Cody  
3>Bilal (aucun), 10yo.2021,Dec.16 18:33 je peux être dans l'équipe B?

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