" The Digimon Tamers are chosen "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 19 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

In a world with the normal stuff.Wake up, Spend the day Playing video games, playing outside or at school, the day will end.No.this is the future of if your one of the true tamers or not.The ones who do has a heart for the other, not them self.There is another world waiting for you.If you are the ones. (If you are not lucky enough delete your old person for this rp and try again with another account!and save a spot for your digimon.)

1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 21:18 *One day....* The lights were stuck in my eyes as a Digivise is laid in my hands.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 21:20 I had no idea what it came from but I knew it came from my Digimon card game.
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 21:21 [Obviously, it's Rika Nonaka.]
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 21:23 *it is right after she won the Digimon tournament*
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 21:26 *she's at home in her room**a bunch of Digiports appear* I can't tame all of you! I just want one strong Digimon!
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 21:30 *a blue card appears**Rika swipes it through her card-reader*
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 21:33 *Renamon appears in front of Rika**the Digiports vanish*
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 21:34 *is kinda freaked out*
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 21:38 *the card-reader turns into a Digivice*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 21:58 (On the other side of town) I found my favorite digimon card (lunamon) and swiped it through the Digivise
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 22:02 You said that you wanted someone strong.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 22:03 (A weird Digiport appeared and the Lunamon came to my bedroom) Omg
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 22:04 I want to become strong. I want to digivolve. Will you help me?
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 22:04 Yes. I will. *grips her blue Digivice tightly*
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 22:09 Hello.You must be my tamer.
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 22:10 *smiles slightly*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 22:10 I think so.I got this thing. *shows Digivise to Lunamon*
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 22:12 Well, you are the tamer that is destined to be with me.I can tell because of the purple Digivise
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 22:14 Anyway, I'd better get some sleep. Mostly because my mom's gonna make me go to bed.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 22:19 Well, we need a place for you to sleep.*Took out sewing kit*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 22:21 you start sleeping on my bed.I'll move you to your bed when I finish.You just got here from the Digiworld.I think anyways.
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 22:23 *changes into her pajamas**goes to bed, but like always, talks to herself about stuff*
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 22:23 Okay, if you need me wake me up.I'll protect you with my life.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 22:24 You just got here and no random digimon will come and try and kill us on your first night here.
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 22:24 Well, it makes sense.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 22:26 (thought)If im a Digimon Tamer then my other friend has to be.There is no way she isn't
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 22:26 Lunamon is now asleep so time to get working!
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 22:27 *wanders off*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 22:27 *34 minutes later* Finally Done!Now to move Lunamon over here
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 22:28 *weighs 68 lbs* Wow she is heavier than expected
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 22:28 What do I do now that I'm a Tamer? Does that role have a purpose?
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 22:29 (Lunamon weighs that much)
5>Kalista (Digimon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 22:29 *paces in her room* I'm bored! *plops on her bed**digivice falls on her face* Ow! What was that?
20>BlackGatomon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 22:30 *falls from the sky*
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 22:30 zzzz
5>Kalista (Digimon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 22:30 Cool! A cat! C'mere kitty!
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 22:31 I mean, obviously, Renamon is supposed to fight...but what else?
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 22:31 I need to call Kalista, To see what is happening.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 22:32 *calls Kalista* Hello?
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 22:32 *eventually, Rika comes to the conclusion that a Digimon's energy comes from fighting and absorbing the opponent's data**falls asleep shortly after*
5>Kalista (Digimon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 22:32 *phone rings* Hello?
5>Kalista (Digimon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 22:32 Hi!
5>Kalista (Digimon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 22:33 Anna, right?
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 22:33 Its me jk im not singing Adele's song, whats up
5>Kalista (Digimon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 22:33 The sky.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 22:34 What
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 22:34 Did cats and dogs drop out of the sky?
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 22:34 *is sitting in a tree*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 22:35 Come on Tell me!
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 22:36 I bet that Rika thinks that Digimon are only supposed to fight. I know that digivolution requires power, but it also requires friendship.
5>Kalista (Digimon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 22:36 No, the sky is above our heads! So, it's up! See? The sky is up!
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 22:37 Idc did some some sort of something Drop
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 22:39 (thought)Is she a Tamer, or is she not, i cant say that im one if shes not
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 22:42 *glides away*
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 22:46 *sits in the sakura tree outside Rika's house*
5>Kalista (Digimon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 22:48 Oh, by the way, a black cat wandered into my room. It had a black and purple tail with a ring on it, and purple and dark red glove-like claws.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 22:48 (thought)Yes!She is one.I'll have to explain it to her first though.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 22:49 Oh, Im coming to your house to explain something.Try talking to it.Say something to it.You'll be suprised im Coming!
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 22:50 *hangsup*
5>Kalista (Digimon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 22:50 And also a weird pink device fell on my face out of nowhere.
5>Kalista (Digimon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 22:50 [Nvm
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 22:50 Lunamon!
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 22:50 Yes?
5>Kalista (Digimon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 22:50 *]
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 22:52 we have to go.I now another person that is a Tamer.Plz get in my bag i wash it everyday.Lets make sure nobody knows your with me.
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 22:53 okay *Goes in the backpack.*
5>Kalista (Digimon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 22:54 So kitty, how'd you get here?
20>BlackGatomon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 22:54 I fell from the sky.
5>Kalista (Digimon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 22:55 Ahh! It talked!
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:00 *runs to Kalista's house after asking her mom's Permission.*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:01 I made it! *Annza Walks through their door**Kalista's mom welcomes her in and goes to Kalista's room
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 23:02 Can I come out now?
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:02 Sure thing
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 23:04 *gets out of the backpack*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:04 So umm we need to talk,Kalista
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.26 23:07 *woke up* Hi sup
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.26 23:09 Hi Annza
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:09 Oh, Hi Lauren.*Something was in her pocket and that suspitioned Annza*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:09 Whats in your pocket?
5>Kalista (Digimon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 23:10 Me?
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.26 23:11 Oh this uuuuuuuuuuu
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:11 Is that a digivise
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:11 ?
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:11 No Lauren
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.26 23:12 I fond this
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:12 Ummm Whats ur favorite Animal
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:12 Found*
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.26 23:12 Turtles
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:13 Nice.Swipe this in this slider on your thing right there
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:14 *Gives Lauren Kamemon card*
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.26 23:14 Ok
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.26 23:15 *swipes card Annza gives her*
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 23:16 I wonder if she only wants to fight alongside me, and that's all.
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.26 23:17 *a digimon appears in Lauren's arms.*Ahhh so cute!
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:17 Well, Kamemon speak and tell her about yourself
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.26 23:18 What?
18>Kamemon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 23:18 Who are you
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:19 You should know Kamemon.She is your Tamer
18>Kamemon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 23:20 Don't hit me
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:20 Since everyone here is a Tamer, lets talk
18>Kamemon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 23:20 Oh
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:20 Or digimon
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:22 So, Digimon are a living creatures from a different world
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:23 They must have came here cause their or our worlds are in danger
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.26 23:23 So
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 23:23 Possibly I dont know why.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:24 Anyways
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:25 we r digi destined and we were the chosen ones,At least the onesz that I know of.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:25 ones*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:27 Yeah,I guess Kalista and BlackGatomon have already fell asleep.
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.26 23:27 What do we do
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:27 Well, I can explain in the morning.Good night.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:28 First I have to call me mom that im sleeping over.
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.26 23:28 They fell a sleep
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 23:28 Did you bring that bed?Its very comfertable
5>Kalista (Digimon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 23:29 I'M AWAKE!
20>BlackGatomon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 23:29 SO AM I!
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:29 Yes *Places down the sewn bed on the floor hidden so nobody that is not a Tamer nos where it is*
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.26 23:30 I got a bed
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 23:30 [Hey, are you gonna make Annza call Rika or what?]
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:31 Quiet down you 2.Do you want your mom to find out about BlackGatomon?She might think she is a real cat and bring her to the pet store?
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:31 Starts getting her phone out
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:31 * *
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:32 *acadentally calls the wrong number*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:32 Hello?
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.26 23:33 Good nigh zzzzzzz
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:34 \
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:35 {oops}
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 23:35 *her cell phone rings**wakes up**answers it* Yea?
18>Kamemon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 23:35 Hi lauren wake up!
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 23:36 This had better be pretty darn important! It's midnight!
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:36 Hi.... Wait your not my mother...Wait u sound like the digimon queen, Rika... r u
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 23:37 Yes, I'm the Digimon Queen! What do you want?!
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.26 23:39 *goes over* Rika, what are you doing awake?
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:44 wait a sec. Is that a Renamon?Are u a Digimon tamer as well?
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 23:44 *hangs up*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:46 Welp ill never no
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:48 Txts her mom and tells her she's sleeping over
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:48 * *
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:48 *Her moms replys ok*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:48 She fell asleep
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.26 23:49 *goes back to sleep*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:56 * *
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 23:56 (The next Day)
18>Kamemon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 00:58 Good. Day
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 00:58 *wakes up**doesn't sit up* Why are my dreams so disturbing?
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.27 01:01 I love my sleep
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 01:01 *picks up the Digivice**turns it around in her hands*
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.27 01:02 Do you?
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 01:04 *puts on headphones*
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.27 01:05 I whihs
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.27 01:05 I whihso
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 01:07 *keeps turning the Digivice around in her hands*
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.27 01:07 I dint mean to sai that
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 01:09 Maybe it's like the TV show when the Digivices came out of the sky at that summer camp.
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 01:11 But...my card-reader turned into the Digivice.
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.27 01:20 You did it
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.27 01:21 Tv
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.27 01:22 Can we do TV his
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.27 01:23 I love TV
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 01:27 [Rika isn't with them. She's at her house, in the middle of Shinjuku.]
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 05:04 Lunamon, we need to start heading home
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 05:04 Okay
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.27 05:04 I know that
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 05:05 *Packs up bag*
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 05:05 Rika, why do you have your headphones on this early in the morning?
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 05:06 No reason.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 05:07 Well now you have to hide your digimon guys.they basically have bottomless stomachs so they are always hungry *hands Lunamon an Apple*
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 05:08 *sits up*
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 05:10 Rika, what was the phone call last night about?
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 05:10 Well, I'll be on my way.
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 05:11 Looks like there might be other Tamers in Japan. I don't know where, though.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 05:14 Time for school . Hopefully this day goes well.I want to talk to Rika, Mabye after science class
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 05:15 I mean we r both digimon tamers. what could go wrong
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 05:15 *After Science Class*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 05:16 Hi Rika, What's up?
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 05:17 *is walking through the halls of Kagurazaka Girl's Academy after science class*
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 05:18 *walks right by her*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 05:18 Hey! About the Call last night!
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 05:19 What do you know about that?
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 05:19 That was an accident but I wanna talk.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 05:20 And it was me who called
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 05:20 Don't care. *walks off*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 05:20 About renamon
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 05:21 (that was a whisper)
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 05:22 I know 2 other people that r tamers.wanna meet them after school
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 05:22 ?
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 05:22 What do you mean, Renamon? Sure, it's a cool card, but it's just a game.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 05:24 *whispers* Yeah right
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 05:25 And I'm in no way, no how hanging out with goggleheads like you. And what do you mean, real tamers? You know what, I don't care.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 05:26 you don't even care a single bit.How it came to be?
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 05:26 *walks away quickly**puts on headphones so she can't hear anything but her music*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 05:27 wow.Sounds like a big jerk of you
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 05:43 *goes to her math class a little bit early*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 05:49 *School ends 2 hours later...*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 05:50 Finally, Schools out for the weekend.Today didn't go that bad
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 05:51 *is walking home*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 05:51 Googleheads? What does that even mean?
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 05:52 *is completely silent*
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 05:53 *Rika is nowhere near Annza*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 05:53 what , is our heads always searching on google?
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 05:55 *still has the headphones on*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 05:55 Well, whatever it is I'm not messin' with miss notcareaboutdigimon
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 05:57 I don't think she understands.Mabye I could try and help.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 05:57 No, that'll just make it worse
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 06:00 *arrives at home**goes into her room*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:02 *goes to her room and starts looking at her modify cards
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 06:02 *takes off headphones**sees some sort of digital strobing light* Perfect.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:02 *
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:03 43 modify cards and 41 are actually helpful
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 06:04 *changes out if her school uniform and puts on her casual clothes**puts the Digivice and a card pack on her belt*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:04 I have so many cards and most are very strong! Why couldn't I win the tornament!
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 06:05 *shoves on sneakers**runs out of her room* Bye, Grandma, I'm going out for a while!
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:05 I only got into the quarter finals then Rika Demolished me. :(
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 06:06 *Renamon joins her soon**Rika hops on her bike and starts riding to the digital strobing light*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:06 Let's go to the park.On this kind of day most people will be home
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 06:06 *follows Rika*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:06 Come on Lunamon!
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 06:07 Coming!
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 06:07 Rika, the digital field could hurt your eyes. Please tell me that you brought sunglasses or something!
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 06:07 *hops into backpack*
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 06:08 Don't worry, Renamon, I came prepared.
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 06:10 *they arrive at the park where the digital field is**at seven feet away, Rika lets her bike drop to the ground**puts on her sunglasses*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:10 I'm bringing sunglasses! It's a pretty hot day!
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:11 Only 30 seconds till we get to the park! Wait? what's that?
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 06:11 *they run inside the digital field**thinks* Awesome, our first Digimon battle!
5>Kalista (Digimon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 06:11 *writing in diary* I'm still burned about the tournament. But I really can't believe I made it to the finals! I'd say I put up a good fight against Rika. I'm pretty good if I do say so myself! I also can't believe I got BlackGatomon as my digimon partner!
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:11 *Lets Lunamon out of the backpack.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:12 *
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 06:12 Just a simple Greymon.
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 06:13 This is gonna be too easy.
5>Kalista (Digimon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 06:13 *is still writing* BlackGatomon is my favorite digimon! She's so cute, and I really don't like Kari. Which works out even better!
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:13 Let's go!
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 06:14 *they're inside, so she takes off the sunglasses* Renamon, destroy him.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:15 *Walks into digital field with the sunglasses on*
20>BlackGatomon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 06:15 I hear a Digimon! It's a Greymon.
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 06:15 *jumps high into the air**attacks* Diamond Storm!
5>Kalista (Digimon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 06:16 Let's go! Umm, where are we going?
5>Kalista (Digimon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 06:17 *clawpalm* [since instead of hands she has claws!]
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 06:17 *the Greymon shoots his Nova Blast, but Renamon skillfully avoids it*
5>Kalista (Digimon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 06:17 [Wrong person]
20>BlackGatomon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 06:18 *clawpalm* [since instead of hands she has claws!]
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 06:19 *swipes a card through the Digivice* Digimodify! Armor activate!
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 06:21 Lunar Claw!*Hits Grey min in the stoumach*
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 06:21 Greymon*
20>BlackGatomon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 06:22 *runs to greymon**instead of destroying him she hypnotizes him* Cat's Eye Hypnotism! *Greymon falls asleep*
20>BlackGatomon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 06:22 Do. Not. Attack.
20>BlackGatomon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 06:22 *eyes narrow*
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 06:23 *thinks* What the heck?! Why are a ton of people here?
5>Kalista (Digimon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 06:24 *when she goes out she always has goggles**runs in* Hey, what's going on?
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:24 *Looks at Rika*
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 06:25 *takes a shot at Greymon**downloads his data*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:25 so about the not care talk
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 06:26 *thinks* We won the first Digimon battle that we ever had.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:26 and you DO have a digimon?
20>BlackGatomon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 06:27 I SAID DON'T ATTACK!!!!!!!!!
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 06:27 *smiles a little bit, ignoring Annza*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:27 I didn't but they did...
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 06:28 *thinks* So this is how I might become strong.
20>BlackGatomon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 06:28 Cat's Eye Hypnotism! *hypnotizes Renamon**Renamon falls asleep*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:29 Wow.Talk about kitty naps
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 06:29 *wakes up almost immediately* Can you not do that?
20>BlackGatomon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 06:30 Cat naps.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:30 ?
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:31 oh ignores renamon
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 06:31 C'mon, Renamon, let's go. *the digital field has evaporated, so she doesn't bother with the sunglasses**walks her bike back to her house, Renamon not too far behind*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:31 * *
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:32 does she even care about her digimon.or just herself
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 06:32 *arrives at home again**goes into her room*
5>Kalista (Digimon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 06:33 Well at least BlackGatomon cares about other digimon!
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:33 I'm gonna bring her to her senses one day...
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:34 Yeah she really does
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:34 Blackgatomon you r very kind
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 06:36 *thinks* Why were all those other people there?
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 06:38 Looks like we've found the other Tamers, Renamon.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:42 Wow first battle.I would prefer not battling and making them cat nap.U don't need their data anyway
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 06:42 Yes, and it's a little unsettling to think about it.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:42 Protecting the world's so very important though
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:43 and we gotta do it
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 06:44 *hears footsteps* That's probably my grandma. Hide! Hide!
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 06:45 no kidding
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 06:45 *goes invisible like she does*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:46 *Gives Lunamon Mango*
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 06:46 the food is so yummy!
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 06:47 Can I have a little more?
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:48 Sure.*Gives Lunamon another mango
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 06:48 *
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 06:49 Rika's grandma: *pokes head into Rika's room* I just want to tell you that dinner's almost ready! *pokes head out* Rika: *closes clouded glass sliding door to her room*
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.27 14:07 So
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 14:08 *plucks a book off her shelf*
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.27 14:08 Can we play
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.27 14:09 Read the book
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 14:09 [They aren't together. I'm assuming that Lauren is in Odaiba. And I know for a fact that Rika's house is in Shinjuku.]
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 14:13 *sits in the corner of the room**starts reading the book*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 20:34 Another digifield let's go see what's happening.
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 20:34 Got it!
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 20:35 *doesn't notice the digital field*
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 20:35 *hops into backpack*
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 20:35 *doesn't notice the digital field either*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 20:35 I got my sunglasses
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 20:36 *rides her bike to the Digital field in the park Again...
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 20:36 *
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 20:36 *Calls Kalista*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 20:39 Hello we need a little bit of the Cats Eye Hypnotism a digit loud appeared
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 20:40 I'm here in the center of the park with Lunamon
5>Kalista (Digimon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 20:41 On my way!
5>Kalista (Digimon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 20:41 *they arrive* What's up? Which one?
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 20:42 This one
20>BlackGatomon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 20:43 I hear an Ogremon.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 20:43 Your correct!
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 20:44 Good thing Rika is not here
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 20:45 *is now wandering around**catches a glimpse of the digital field* Huh?
20>BlackGatomon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 20:45 These ears never fail me! Cat's Eye Hypnotism! *Ogremon falls asleep* Lightning Paw! *strikes Ogremon**downloads data* Finished.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 20:45 this one is fast.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 20:46 And mabye you should have let his data go
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 20:46 Oh, it's gone.
20>BlackGatomon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 20:47 Not a chance. I never liked Ogremon because he always attacked Gatomon's tamer's brother.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 20:47 You don't even need it and mabye it could have traveled back to the digiworld
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 20:48 Who's he and who's this girl trainer
20>BlackGatomon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 20:48 Like I said, not a chance.
20>BlackGatomon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 20:48 Tamer.
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 20:49 [Wait, Ogremon attacked Tai?]
20>BlackGatomon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 20:49 Tai is the he and Kari is the she.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 20:49 Well anyways I brought so food eat up Lunamon and Blackgatomon
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 20:49 *sneaks up on them* You mean was.
20>BlackGatomon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 20:49 [Yea! At least, he attacked Agumon]
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 20:49 The he and the she.
20>BlackGatomon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 20:50 Do you have catnip?
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 20:50 *passes out mangos, apples, blueberries, and a coconut
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 20:51 Well, sorry I don't even have a cat but I'll no that for next time
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 20:51 *walks away*
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 20:51 *thinks* Looks like they didn't even notice me.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 20:51 Wait! want one?
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 20:52 I got fresh fruits
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 20:53 No thanks.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 20:53 Really?
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 20:54 Take it and think, isn't Renamon hungry?
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 20:55 After all, if you do want to make her digivolve, give her some care
20>BlackGatomon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 20:56 That's the way I digivoled, sort of.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 20:57 Wait, I thought you were only rookie level
20>BlackGatomon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 20:59 I'm a champion! If Gatomon's a champion then I am too.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 21:01 Oh, are you guys twins or something
20>BlackGatomon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 21:02 Not really, we came from the same digiegg.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 21:02 Wow.
7>Lauren (Digimon tamer), 10yo.2015,Nov.27 21:03 Read the book
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 21:59 *walks away in silence*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 22:40 you are so rude and unhappy.Will anything make you smile?
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 22:40 *puts on headphones*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 22:41 Will you ever listen.We can work this out. (yells)
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 22:42 *doesn't hear her*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 22:42 Renamon does she care?
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 22:42 [Renamon isn't there.]
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 22:43 (oh)
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 22:44 *arrives at home again**goes into her room*
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 22:44 do you notice she's not here?
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 22:45 I know but she will always be somewhere near Rika.She is Rika's digimon.
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 22:46 *appears out of nowhere* Rika, what was all that about?
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 22:46 *is a little freaked out when Renamon appeared out of nowhere* You were there?
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 22:47 Yes, just sitting in a nearby tree. It's just something I do.
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 22:48 Well, there was another digital field. A black cat-like digimon defeated the digimon inside it before I got to it.
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 22:49 The cat-like digimon was probably BlackGatomon.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 22:50 Hey Lunamon
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 22:50 Oh, I have her card. *pulls BlackGatomon's card out of her card pack thing on her belt*
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 22:50 Yes
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 22:50 Powerful, for such a little thing.
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 22:51 Can you put a little bit of fruit in the tree?
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 22:51 *goes back to reading her book*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 22:51 For Renamon, I mean someone has to care.
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 22:52 Okay *put fruit in tree*
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 22:53 *goes into some sort of mental fog, holding the book up in front of her, but not reading it*
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 22:54 Rika? Rika? *waves paw in front of Rika's face*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 22:55  Giving Mango (x 3) to Lunamon  
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 22:56  Dropping Mango (x 3)  *puts up in tree for Renamon to eat*
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 22:57 *travels deep into the depths of her mind, recovering an old memory of her father*
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 22:58 *thinks that she's singing, but she isn't*
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 22:59 Mind Rika: 🎵Every morning, every night, you watch over me like the sun in the sky.🎵
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 23:00 Mind Rika: 🎵Every morning, every night, will you promise you will be my gaurdian by?🎵 Hee hee hee!
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 23:01 Real Rika: Is...that my...dad?
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 23:01 *slaps Rika kind of hard, kind of not*
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 23:02 *snaps out of it immediately* Sorry, I was off in Lala-land.
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 23:03 Dinner's probably ready by now. I'll save some leftovers for you. *walks out of the room*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 23:05 Well it's late let's go home Lunamon
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 23:05 Okay
2>Lunamon (Annza's Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.27 23:05 *hops into backpack*
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.27 23:07 *sits at the dinner table**mostly just picks at her food, which is sausage-and-rice casserole, and eats a bite occasionally*
20>BlackGatomon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.28 03:12 *has been spying on them*
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.28 03:15 *has the feeling that someone is watching her*
20>BlackGatomon (Digimon), -----yo.2015,Nov.28 03:24 *hides*
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.28 03:26 *brushes the feeling off as nothing*
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Nov.28 19:40 *pops a piece of sausage into her mouth*
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2015,Dec.31 05:27 [Does anyone do this anymore?]
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2016,Jan.9 21:22 *Sits at dinner table with back and Lunamon underneath the chair*
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2016,Jan.9 21:23 *doesn't really talk to anyone*
1>Annza (1st Digimon Tamer), 12yo.2016,Jan.9 21:23 (backPack*)
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2016,Jan.9 21:25 *her mom and grandma eventually finish, leaving Rika by herself*
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2016,Jan.9 21:26 *shoves about half of her dinner into a plastic baggie*
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2016,Jan.9 21:55 *finishes the rest, then goes to her room**hands the baggie filled with the casserole stuff to Renamon* Here.
11>Renamon (Digimon), -----yo.2016,Jan.9 21:56 I'm just wondering, what is this?
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2016,Jan.9 22:00 Oh. It's sausage-and-rice casserole that my grandma made. It's okay, really.
5>Kalista (Digimon Tamer), 13yo.2016,Jan.30 14:20 BlackGatomon! Dinner!
20>BlackGatomon (Digimon), -----yo.2016,Jan.30 14:21 *scampers in through the window*
20>BlackGatomon (Digimon), -----yo.2016,Jan.30 14:21 What's for dinner?
5>Kalista (Digimon Tamer), 13yo.2016,Jan.30 14:23 *pushes a cat bowl to her* Here. This is tuna casserole. I crushed up some dry cat food and mixed some wet cat food into it and sprinkled on some catnip.
12>Rika (Digmon Tamer), 13yo.2017,Aug.5 23:11 [Heh. When I saw this, I flipped out because I love Digimon, but then i remembered that Anna made this. I'm stupid.]

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