" Dragonfinder "
This game is destined to players of 8 to 16 years of age.
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You're dropped in an unknown world, full of danger. Your only hope is to find a dragon companion, and protect yourself.

1>Sage Draconia (Dragon Finder), 12yo.2016,Sep.11 02:59  Secret message to Darcy Clawtail  
16>Darcy Clawtail (Explorer), 13yo.2016,Sep.17 00:44 *pats dragon* "Life is going to be sooo hard.."
7>Felicita Darshi (girl), 12yo.2017,Jan.1 12:57 (do we find Dragons or buy them?)
2>Kirony Saragami (Dragon Tamer), 37yo.2021,Jun.8 19:09 Hello, who is there?
2>Kirony Saragami (Dragon Tamer), 37yo.2021,Jun.8 19:12 Hello?
2>Kirony Saragami (Dragon Tamer), 37yo.2021,Jun.8 19:14  Secret message to Sage Draconia  
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Jun.9 12:52 Hi, should we describe our characters?
2>Kirony Saragami (Dragon Tamer), 37yo.2021,Dec.7 19:10 Hello?
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.8 10:38 Hello
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.8 10:39 *Demaani jumps on her Emerald Dragon*. 'We have to find the Sapphire Dragon Emerald'.
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.8 10:39  Buying Emerald Sword (x 1)  
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.8 10:40  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Books  
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.8 10:41 'OK. Guess I'd better go research where he might be.' Walks to the forest library.
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.8 10:42  Buying Forest Armour (x 1)  
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.8 10:42  Buying Books (x 1)  
14>Allena (Dragon finder), 12yo.2021,Dec.8 17:05  Buying Lunar Dragon (x 1)  Hello, I'm new here. This server sounds really interesting, and I don't know if it's private or not. If it is, I'm sorry and I'll leave.
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.8 17:38 No, this isn't a private RP. Feel free to join in!
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.8 17:39 *Demaani is reading about the Sapphire Dragon in the Library*
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.9 12:00  Buying Dragon Jacket (x 1)  
14>Allena (Dragon finder), 12yo.2021,Dec.15 00:37 *I wake up and go about my normal morning routine. By the time I go outside to feed my dragon, (Selene, a beautiful white dragon that shimmers with blue or gray depending on her mood, with blue eyes) was missing.
14>Allena (Dragon finder), 12yo.2021,Dec.15 00:39  Buying Shield of Spirit (x 1)  
14>Allena (Dragon finder), 12yo.2021,Dec.15 00:40  Buying Mist Bow and Arrow (x 1)  
14>Allena (Dragon finder), 12yo.2021,Dec.15 00:46 I'm a girl with pale skin, black wavy hair, blue eyes, and very shy, quiet, (moody at times), introvert, and creative. I seem to be 'mysterious' to a lot of people, and am attracted to black and dark things and atmospheres.
14>Allena (Dragon finder), 12yo.2021,Dec.15 01:16 *I run inside and wake my two Utonagans, Nix and Kiona. (In case you were wondering, which you probably weren't, they both mean snow in random languages acording to Google Translate)*
14>Allena (Dragon finder), 12yo.2021,Dec.15 01:18 "Nix, Kiona, come on!" I hurry and put on a jacket, snapping a leash onto both of my dogs. "Selene is missing." I knew that I was probably over reacting, but it worried me that she wasn't here. On all of the days of the week except Saturday, she'd
14>Allena (Dragon finder), 12yo.2021,Dec.15 01:20 occasionally leave, and sometimes stay. But on Saturdays she was always there. It was always that way; ever since the beginning. It was an unspoken agreement between me and my dragon.
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.15 10:18 I guess I should describe my character than.
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.15 10:19 Demaani is rather dark skinned with long black wavy-curly hair, black eye, and though not muscly, reasonably strong.
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.15 10:21 She lives in the open so she's quite tough, though kind and very stubborn, and though not the most bubbly is not at all shy.
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.15 10:23  Selling Books (x 1)  
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.15 10:26 From research Demaani knew she needed a water Dragon to find the Sapphire Dragon so she brought a baby one from the local Dragon store
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.15 10:27  Buying Water Dragon (x 1)  
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.15 10:28 He was stubborn and a handful for sure, but mild tempered Emerald, or Esmeralda didn't mind him.
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.15 10:30 As she walks along trying to think of a name for the Water Dragon she sees Alleana looking a little panicked, so she guesses something's wrong
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.15 10:30 'Is there a Problem? Can I help you?
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.15 10:31  Selling Dragon Jacket (x 1)  
14>Allena (Dragon finder), 12yo.2021,Dec.15 16:03 "My dragon is missing..."
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.16 09:27 Demaani lived out in the open so she knew the surrounding forests and such inside out and thought she might be able to help.
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.16 09:28 Their's a supposedly dark and mysterious mountain that Dragons usually go missing in from what I've heard. It's on the other side of Green Scale Lake. Could she have gone there?
14>Allena (Dragon finder), 12yo.2021,Dec.17 02:58 That's possible. Thank you for your help!!
14>Allena (Dragon finder), 12yo.2021,Dec.17 02:59 I set off back to my house, preparing food, coats, clothes, and supplies.
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.17 14:53 Demaani also prepares her Dragons and packs tools other stuff she thinks they'll need.
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.17 14:55 While she's waiting at the meeting place Allena and her agreed on, she teaches her water Dragon, Tului, various water tricks they might need to pass the Green Scale Lake
14>Allena (Dragon finder), 12yo.2021,Dec.18 04:32 I stop packing my stuff, wondering what I'd use to get to the mountain, apparently called Nubulo Mountain. The journey through the pass was long and difficult, especially without a dragon. Cold and dangerous, even with experience.
14>Allena (Dragon finder), 12yo.2021,Dec.18 04:34 I never kept more then one dragon; in fact I normally sold them quite quickly, (Though not quick enough to be careless and not pick a good owner). Me, Nix, Kiona and Selene were all the friends or companions I had, and (I thought) need.
14>Allena (Dragon finder), 12yo.2021,Dec.18 04:36 A surge of gratitude and warmth surges through me, sparked by the kindness and consideration Demaani had shown. That warm feeling, however, was quickly put after returning to the problem at hand.
14>Allena (Dragon finder), 12yo.2021,Dec.18 04:39 My pride refused to come to anyone for help in finding a dragon, so instead I borrowed my mother's friend's blue roan called Midnight. It's blue and white speckled pelt certainly did sparkle like stars, and for once I didn't mind the original name.
14>Allena (Dragon finder), 12yo.2021,Dec.18 04:39 If only Midnight felt the same about me.
14>Allena (Dragon finder), 12yo.2021,Dec.18 04:41 After three times of trying to get on (and failing miserably), I finally succumbed to the horse and fed it a couple of sugar cubes. Having a dragon made me an expert rider, and that define tally wasn't the problem with Midnight. She just hated me.
14>Allena (Dragon finder), 12yo.2021,Dec.18 04:41 I packed my supplies on her and then rode off towards our meeting spot.
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.18 12:49 'Hello!' I call
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.18 13:16 (I just realised I've been going in third person and you've been going in first so I'm changing to first person)
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.18 13:18 I piled all the packing onto Esmeralda, and rode Tului sometimes, to get him used to being ridden.
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.18 13:19 Nix and Kiona were going to be very useful to find the River.
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.18 13:19 At last we reached it.
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.18 13:20 It was a toxic rushing river, dotted with gigantic whirlpools.
14>Allena (Dragon finder), 12yo.2021,Dec.19 01:31 "We must be careful around here..." I say, even as Nix slipped on a wet stone.
14>Allena (Dragon finder), 12yo.2021,Dec.19 01:33 Kiona grabbed his scruff just in time, but the wait of the two of them was too much. They fell towards the spiral river. I was to scared and astonished to even let out a scream as I jumped off of Midnight.
14>Allena (Dragon finder), 12yo.2021,Dec.19 01:35 I ran to the edge of the river with tears in my eyes as I look down the cliff, choking with relief and horror at the sight below. Nix's collar had caught on a scraggly crab apple tree, hanging out over a whirlpool.
14>Allena (Dragon finder), 12yo.2021,Dec.19 01:38 Kiona had managed to also hang on, but even as I was watching the whirlpool began to grow bigger. When it reached double the size, I realized what was happening. "Take cover!" I shouted as a dark blue, almost black dragon with green eyes and webbed claws
14>Allena (Dragon finder), 12yo.2021,Dec.19 01:39 jumped out of the water.
14>Allena (Dragon finder), 12yo.2021,Dec.19 01:39 I took a deep breath and backed away from the edge.
14>Allena (Dragon finder), 12yo.2021,Dec.19 01:41 As I thought of lovely, goofy Nix and vigilant, protective and smart Kiona, I leapt off the cliff at a sprint.
14>Allena (Dragon finder), 12yo.2021,Dec.19 01:42 All I could hope for was to direct my fall onto the ferocious Water Dragon.
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.19 09:12 'Eyephool Tului!'
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.19 09:14 (As Dragons grow bigger, their protection of sensitive places like the eyes diminishes as their body becomes larger)
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.19 09:16 The ferocious Dragon was blinded, as Esmeralda swooped up Allena, Nix, and Kiona.
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.19 09:17 Nobody was hurt, but I was feeling faint and dizzy from the excitement, and sure that everyone else must feel the same.
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.28 15:29 'What should we do now?'
3>Demaani (Dragon Tamer), 13yo.2021,Dec.28 15:30 'We might be able to fly across of Esmeralda. It's going to be tiring though.'

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