" Drama High School (Girls Only) "
This game is destined to players of 11 to 14 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Who are you gonna be? A popular Girly-Girl, or a Tomboy jock? Only YOU can decide. WARNING: This is a high school roleplay, so some girls WILL be mean-including Skylar-it is NOT cyber bullying, it's roleplay, I am also the character Maddie, if you have any questions just direct message me (to the character Skylar). Have Fun!

2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.12 01:14 umm okay? Btw I didn't
3>Fifi (Skylar's BFF), 15yo.2016,Apr.12 21:19  Buying Lip Gloss (x 1)  
3>Fifi (Skylar's BFF), 15yo.2016,Apr.12 21:19  Giving Lip Gloss (x 1) to Aiko  
3>Fifi (Skylar's BFF), 15yo.2016,Apr.12 21:19 Yeah you look like you need it *laughs*
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.15 00:16 [http://w ww.blog-city.info/en/rpguide.php]
3>Fifi (Skylar's BFF), 15yo.2016,Apr.15 23:11 What's the suitcase for...?
3>Fifi (Skylar's BFF), 15yo.2016,Apr.15 23:11 What's the suitcase for...?
3>Fifi (Skylar's BFF), 15yo.2016,Apr.15 23:13 Plane tickets?
6>Tamika (pretty new girl), 15yo.2016,Apr.15 23:37 hi I'm new!
4>Shiina (New student), 14yo.2016,Apr.16 01:44 Hi, i'm new too
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.16 12:53 *dances by with her headphones in* 🎶Mou ikkai! Mou ikkai! "Watashi wa kyou mo korogarimasu." To, shoujo wa iu, shoujo wa iu, kotoba ni imi wo kanade nagara! "Mou ii kai?" "Mada desu yo, madamada saki wa mienai no de. Iki wo tomeru no, ima!"🎶
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.16 12:56 *bumps into Maddie from the back*
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.16 13:52 *turns around* Hey, just look where you're going next time okay? *says nicely*
6>Tamika (pretty new girl), 15yo.2016,Apr.16 19:14 *walks to Maddie* Hi! I'm Tamika and why are those girls screaming
6>Tamika (pretty new girl), 15yo.2016,Apr.16 19:15  Buying Soda (x 1)  
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.16 20:07 I don't know, but I heard plane tickets, Paris, and screaming, so i'm guessing they're going to Paris...
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.16 21:15  Buying Frappachino (x 1)  
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.16 21:17  Buying Basketball (x 1)  
6>Tamika (pretty new girl), 15yo.2016,Apr.16 22:47 hmmmm
4>Shiina (New student), 14yo.2016,Apr.16 22:59 *walks up to Tamika and Maddie* hi, i'm Shiina, i'm new, and was wondering if you could show me where the "new student" thing is?
6>Tamika (pretty new girl), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 00:14 I'd love to help you but I don't know myself since I'm new too!
4>Shiina (New student), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 00:54 I'll ask a teacher... Maddie do you know where it is?
4>Shiina (New student), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 00:56 Or where a teacher is?
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 00:57 Mmm, oh Ms.Nakamura is over there *points to Ms.Nakamura*
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 01:54 *has just been looking...at Maddie...*
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 02:27 *looks at Shizuko-Neul* umm excuse me do you need something?
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 03:15 Um, sorry about bumping into you. Do you like anime?
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 03:32 It's okay *looks at Shizuko-Neul's headphones* what were you listening to?
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 03:32 My little sister used to draw anime
3>Fifi (Skylar's BFF), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 03:35 Yeah, what are you nerds talking about *chuckles*
3>Fifi (Skylar's BFF), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 03:38 Yes Skylar, it won't happen again *bows to Skylar*
4>Shiina (New student), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 13:43 *walks over to Ms. Nakamura* exuse me, can you help me?
11>Ms. Nakamura (Teacher), 28yo.2016,Apr.17 13:44 Yes, that's what im here for *smiles*
4>Shiina (New student), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 13:46 Can you show me where the "new student" assembly is?
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 13:48 Anyway, it's this Vocaloid song called Rolling Girl, are you familiar with Vocaloid?
11>Ms. Nakamura (Teacher), 28yo.2016,Apr.17 13:48 *points to gym* it's right over there in the gym, just find a seat, and it should be starting in about 5-10 minutes.
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 13:48 [Oh, hi!]
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 13:49 No, I don't reconize the name
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 13:50 *walks over to Skylar* If you have to order your 'best friend' to not bow, then maybe it isn't really a friendship after all. What if, I dunno, she's a really big fan of anime and wants to adapt some of it into her life?
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 13:52 So, Vocaloid is a voice-synthesizing program, and it was intended to be just that, but it grew into so much more! Rolling Girl is sung by the face of Vocaloid, and possibly even the face of Japan itself, Hatsune Miku.
3>Fifi (Skylar's BFF), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 13:54 *blushes*
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 13:55 Why is it any of your business?
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 13:55 Skylar?
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 13:55 I haven't heard of Vocaloid, but i've heard of Hatsune Miku
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 13:56 Really? Cool!
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 13:57 Wow, I just realized that I don't even know your name yet!
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 13:59 Why did you tell Fifi not to bow?
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 13:59 I'm Maddie, and your name?
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 14:00 Is it the same reason you called Shizuko-Neul and Maddie nerds?
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 14:02 Well, that's complicated. My Japanese mother wanted to name me Shizuko, which means 'quiet child', but my Korean father wanted to name me Ha-Neul, which means 'heaven'. Eventually, they just named me both.
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 14:02 My name is Shizuko-Neul.
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 14:03 Then why did you have to go such a mean way about it?
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 14:03 Oh cool! My mom lives in America, and my dad lives with me here [takes place in Japan]
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 14:03 [Omg, I just realized I haven't posted my character's descriptions yet!]
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 14:04 That is cool!
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 14:06 [Shizuko-Neul: Long, crimson hair in a fishtail braid, fair skin, and big gray eyes flecked with purple.]
3>Fifi (Skylar's BFF), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 14:07 Hey umm Ms.Nakamura is looking at us, well kinda *looks*
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 14:09 [Maddie: half american, half japanese, hip length lucious blonde hair in a ponytail, big blue eyes, small nose and lips, fair skin]
11>Ms. Nakamura (Teacher), 28yo.2016,Apr.17 14:11 *looks at Fifi,Skylar, and Rokusaan*
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 14:13 [Black sweatshirt with white writing in that stereotypical Japanese font that says "IT'S AN ANIME THING YOU WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND"(That sweatshirt actually exists, and I want it so bad!), white tee under it, blue jeans, pink leather belt, black sneakers.]
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 14:15 [Well, I guess she has an average body type, and also small nose and lips...she didn't get plastic surgery to look more like an anime character.]
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 14:16 [blue and white stripped oversized sweater,
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 14:16 [didn't finsh]
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 14:16 *looks at Shizuko-Neul and Maddie* I'll just hand with them.
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 14:16 [*hang]
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 14:22 So do you have any pets?
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 14:25  Secret message to Shizuko-Neul  
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 14:26 [Blue sweater and white jeans with black and white sneakers and black leather belt]
3>Fifi (Skylar's BFF), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 14:27 I was gonna ask you to leave anyway
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 14:27 [Rokusaan: Shiny layered medium-length brown hair that's usually tied up in a low ponytail, pale skin, hourglass body shape, brown eyes.]
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 14:31 Yea, I have a Maltese-poodle mix puppy! His name is Mori, and he's super-cute!
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 14:31 *walks over to S-N and Maddie* Hi!
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 14:32 Hi! Whats you're name?
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 14:33 Hi! Whats you're name?
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 14:41 [Black T-shirt with the word 'Awesome' in yellow on it, but it's like '|Au|Some'. Get it?! Periodic table? Nerd? Anyway, also blue Bermuda shorts, periwinkle transparent leggings, white ankle socks, periwinkle flats.]
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 14:41 I'm Rokusaan!
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 14:42 Hey, cool shirt!
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 14:42 Thanks!
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 14:46 [Replies will be slow; there's a digital art program on this desktop and I'm in a fanart mood.]
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 14:48 So what class are you guys in?
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 14:49 [lol same am drawing anime]
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 14:54 *shrugs*
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 15:00 Im in Ms.Nakamura's class
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 15:06 Oh, yea. I remember now. Me too.
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 15:14 Me three!
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 15:21 Well Rokusaan, I wouldn't get you're hopes up, guess who else is in Ms.Nakamura's class...?
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 15:21 Skylar and Fifi are, Skylar's dad got Fifi and her in, her dad's principal
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 15:22 She basically controls him and everyone here but us, including Fifi, thats the real reason why she yelled at her, Fifi dosen't have a sister that makes her bow
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 15:41 Wow.
12>Mr.Abukari (Principal,SkylarsDad), 38yo.2016,Apr.17 17:18 *over the school speaker thingy* everyone please get to homeroom, new students to the gym the assembly is starting in 5.
6>Tamika (pretty new girl), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 17:38 * rushes over to gym*
6>Tamika (pretty new girl), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 17:38 I hope I'm not late!
6>Tamika (pretty new girl), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 18:09 I hope I'm not late!
12>Mr.Abukari (Principal,SkylarsDad), 38yo.2016,Apr.17 18:37 [52 minutes later] *bell rings* *over the speaker* bew students find you're classes according to you're schedule please
12>Mr.Abukari (Principal,SkylarsDad), 38yo.2016,Apr.17 18:38 [*new students]
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 22:46 *looks at her schedule* Looks like I have math next.
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 22:46 who's your math teacher?
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 22:47 Um...Mr. Matsuki.
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 22:49 Oh, I have math next with Ms.Kita
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 22:49 *closes locker*
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 22:50 well at least we're in the same homeroom...
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 22:51 I guess. Bye! *runs off to math class*
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 22:53 I still can't believe little miss know it all aka Skylar is in the same class with me... few years back I was her old Fifi *mumbles to self*
12>Mr.Abukari (Principal,SkylarsDad), 38yo.2016,Apr.17 22:55 [52 minutes later] *bell rings* [free period time]
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 22:57 Math class SUCKED I hated it, I hate math *rants*
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 22:58 *is wherever her free period is**takes an unfinished robot out of her backpack* Finally, I can work on my soda robot.
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 22:59 Soda robot?
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 23:01 Oh, I'm making a robot out of a soda can. *in the library, btw*
4>Shiina (New student), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:02 *walks up to Rokusaan* Whatcha makin there? *asks while swinging back and forth*
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:02 *is just wandering around the school**finds herself at the school store* Hm.
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 23:03 A soda can robot.
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:03 *walks to library* So Shizuko-Neul what dorm are you in? I haven't had the chance to go to mine yet.
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:06  Buying Digital Camera (x 1)  Oh, cool! I need this for my life!
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:07  Buying Book (x 1)  at least now i'll have something to do
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:08  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=3  
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:08  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:08  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Backpack  
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:08  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Lap Top  
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:09  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Swimsuit  Why is this so amusing?!
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:11  Dropping Book (x 1)  *drops book accidentally**makes loud noise and everyone looks at Aiko* opps, sorry *blushes*
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:11  Taking Book (x 1)  
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:11  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Soda  
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 23:12 Hm, maybe I should check which dorm I have...*checks* Room 666, that's cool...Uh-oh.
12>Mr.Abukari (Principal,SkylarsDad), 38yo.2016,Apr.17 23:15 *day ends* *talks over speaker thingy* It's been a great day with new and experienced students, see you all tomorrow, and remember to do you're homework *laughs*
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 23:19 Great. Just great.
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:21 I REALLY hope i'm not with Skylar, I mean her dad IS principal and all but he dosen't get to choose the dorms or dorm-mates...
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:21 What Rokusaan?
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 23:21 You're in luck. I'm with Skylar.
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:22 Well, I guess the Number of The Beast is true to its word!
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:24 OMG i'm SO SORRY Rokusaan! I can't belevie ot of all the students you're with miss know it
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 23:25 It's okay, it wasn't your fault.
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 23:25 Anyway, where's your dorm, Aiko?
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:27 hhhmmmm i'm room 615 with... OMG
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Apr.17 23:28 Omg? Omg, what?
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:28 What is it?
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:30 I'm with Shizuko-Neul !
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:32 Sweet! *immediately realizes that Rokusaan might feel left out* Don't worry, we'll hang out a lot.
4>Shiina (New student), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:32 And of course, in room 665, i'm with Fifi
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:33 Well at least Shiina and Rokusaan are directly next to each other, but so are Skylar and Fifi
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:34 Wow. Coincidence? I think NOT!!!1!!11!
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:36 But Mr.Abukari aka Skylar's dad, dosen't have control over the dorms or dorm-mates, if he did Fifi and Skylar would have the same dorm...
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:38 I know! But still, NOT. A. COINCIDENCE!!!
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:40 But how? The one who controls the dorms is the principals boss, and if he bribes her, he's fired, and if any student tries, they're expelled for a whole week, sometime even two or three!!!
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:42 Mind control! Magic! Insert another anime thing that could make someone do wierd things here!
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:43 ???
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:43 I don't know!
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:45 Well i'm gonna walk to our dorm room *walks out of school* *takes the short way to the dorms*
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,Apr.17 23:48 *looks for secret passageways, and eventually finds one behind a painting in the library*
4>Shiina (New student), 14yo.2016,Apr.18 14:53 Did you find something Shizuko-Neul?
6>Tamika (pretty new girl), 15yo.2016,Apr.19 23:29 hi guys!
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.20 05:49 Hey, so how was the new student thing?
6>Tamika (pretty new girl), 15yo.2016,Apr.21 15:22 It's been good, a bit confusing though
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.21 22:53 Do who's your dorm mate?
6>Tamika (pretty new girl), 15yo.2016,Apr.22 01:56 I don't know yet, I haven't met her
2>Aiko (Tomboy), 14yo.2016,Apr.26 02:08 Oh. Well I wonder where in the world Shizuko-Neul is... It shouldn't take THAT long to walk from the school to the dorms *turns head to look around*.
7>Shizuko-Neul (Otaku), 14yo.2016,May.7 14:16 *is crawling through the tunnel*
8>Rokusaan (TheAwesomeNerd[lol]), 15yo.2016,Jun.30 04:47 *walks to her dorm**claims the bigger bedroom and starts setting up her stuff and unpacking*
18>Holly (A popular Girl), 14yo.2016,Aug.3 15:18  Secret message to Skylar  
18>Holly (A popular Girl), 14yo.2016,Aug.3 15:19 Hi girl can i join
19>Stephanie (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.5 19:01  Secret message to Skylar  
19>Stephanie (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.6 09:06  Buying Soda (x 1)  
19>Stephanie (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.6 09:06 *drinks soda *
19>Stephanie (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.6 09:07 This is refreshing!
19>Stephanie (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.6 09:18  Buying Lip Gloss (x 1)  
19>Stephanie (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.6 09:19  Buying Lip Gloss (x 1)  
19>Stephanie (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.6 09:19  Buying (Makeup) Brush Set (x 1)  
19>Stephanie (new girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.6 09:20 This is fine.
13>Cassidy (Tomboy), 17yo.2018,Feb.21 04:41 Sup
13>Cassidy (Tomboy), 17yo.2018,Feb.21 04:43 *complaining to herself* Ugggg.... I'm roomates with a girly-girl. What can't this school be co-ed?!?
13>Cassidy (Tomboy), 17yo.2018,Feb.21 04:45 OH! I want to trade rooms with whoever is Aiko's roommate!
13>Cassidy (Tomboy), 17yo.2018,Feb.21 04:46  Buying Basketball (x 1)  
13>Cassidy (Tomboy), 17yo.2018,Feb.21 04:48  Buying Hockey Puck&Stick (x 1)  
13>Cassidy (Tomboy), 17yo.2018,Feb.21 04:50  Buying Skater Skirt (x 1)  Isn't prom coming up? I'm sooo NOT wearing something too fancy. I'll wear this.
13>Cassidy (Tomboy), 17yo.2018,Feb.21 04:50  Buying Tank Top (x 1)  And this.
13>Cassidy (Tomboy), 17yo.2018,Feb.21 04:51  Buying Sneakers (x 1)  
13>Cassidy (Tomboy), 17yo.2018,Feb.21 04:52  Buying Shirt (x 1)  And for every other day...
13>Cassidy (Tomboy), 17yo.2018,Feb.21 04:53  Buying Jean Shorts (x 1)  
13>Cassidy (Tomboy), 17yo.2018,Feb.21 04:55 Tamika? Who's that? My new girly roommate.
15>Zia (New student), 14yo.2018,Apr.5 08:52 (Is anybody still here
15>Zia (New student), 14yo.2018,Apr.5 08:54  Buying Sneakers (x 1)  
13>Cassidy (Tomboy), 17yo.2018,Apr.23 22:32 (I am)

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