" Creatures of the Unknown "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 30 years of age.
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Imagine finding a prehistoric or mythical creature one day? What if it happens there are a few left, and now you have to protect them from discovery...
When the Hidden Kingdom, which kept them concealed from humans was destroyed the mythical creatures were scattered across the globe, doing their best to survive in an alien world. With the help of the right humans can they survive, and try to restore the Hidden Kingdom

2 characters per person: Human and creature (Please note that these creatures can not have elemental powers or any other god-like abilities)

1>Sa'dia (Girl), 13yo.2023,Aug.28 18:55 Sa'dia was walking back from school on a winter afternoon. It was getting dark, and the air was chilly
3>Igasia (Beast - Dragon), 100Myo.2023,Aug.29 01:33 [Igasia is walking in the cold winter forest, away from human's sight. She's had bad experiences with them. But that still doesn't mean she doesn't care about them]
9>Firasan (Enfield), 40/15yo.2023,Aug.29 15:45 Firasan sat shivering on a rooftop. He was feeling cold and lonely.
9>Firasan (Enfield), 40/15yo.2023,Aug.29 15:47 All of a sudden he sniffed. He smelt something familiar. 'What is it?' He said to himself
2>Fëarohel Ĕlanha (Wanderer, Öna' human), 15yo.2023,Sep.6 20:00
2>Fëarohel Ĕlanha (Wanderer, Öna' human), 15yo.2023,Sep.6 20:03 Fëarohel Ĕlanha was walking through Elawarnen forest with a step as light as a deer's, when she heard hoofbeats. She stood still, like a rabbit that had heard a fox approach, and listened.
2>Fëarohel Ĕlanha (Wanderer, Öna' human), 15yo.2023,Sep.6 20:08 She heard the hoofbeats slow, and altogether come to a halt, then she heard a snort and the clank of a chain. At this, she sped up a tree silently, for she knew of an enemy of hers who wanted to find her and catch her for evil use.
2>Fëarohel Ĕlanha (Wanderer, Öna' human), 15yo.2023,Sep.6 20:12 But when the horse came into sight, Fëarohel realised that it was no horse, and it was not mounted either. It was of an equine type, yes, but it was not a horse, a donkey or a zebra, and it had a snapped chain around it's neck, and was as thin to the bone
2>Fëarohel Ĕlanha (Wanderer, Öna' human), 15yo.2023,Sep.6 20:18 "What is it?" She muttered to herself quietly, but it was not quiet enough to slip past the ears of this strange animal.
7>Önadur (Stalia), 1498yo.2023,Sep.6 20:24 "I am of the ancient race of the Stalias, the wild horse spirits of the three worlds of Relani. Whence and whom does this question come from?" Said the creature, it's coat changing with each word it spoke.
2>Fëarohel Ĕlanha (Wanderer, Öna' human), 15yo.2023,Sep.6 20:26 Fëarohel leapt quietly out of hiding. "Fëarohel Ĕlanha is who you speak to, and I am a human. What is your name?
7>Önadur (Stalia), 1498yo.2023,Sep.7 15:06 "Önadur I am known as, but my true name is not to be revealed to strange humans, even with the silent walk of a wanderer." said Öna.
2>Fëarohel Ĕlanha (Wanderer, Öna' human), 15yo.2023,Sep.7 15:11 "Önadur? i have heard your name once, a long time ago, from my strange cousin Noura's tales." replied Fea.
7>Önadur (Stalia), 1498yo.2023,Sep.7 15:16 "
7>Önadur (Stalia), 1498yo.2023,Sep.8 15:19 “You may have. I have roamed across the three realms many times, And there may be tales remembered with me in them.” Önadur said.
2>Fëarohel Ĕlanha (Wanderer, Öna' human), 15yo.2023,Sep.8 16:42 ''Many times'? 'remembered'? she speaks as if she is over a few hundred years old
2>Fëarohel Ĕlanha (Wanderer, Öna' human), 15yo.2023,Sep.8 16:43 , but why?' thought Fea.
2>Fëarohel Ĕlanha (Wanderer, Öna' human), 15yo.2023,Sep.8 17:54 “The Relani? What are they?” Asked Fëarohel, striding slowly around the bush between her and Ona.
9>Firasan (Enfield), 40/15yo.2023,Sep.9 12:40 It brought back the days of his childhood in the Hidden Kingdom.
9>Firasan (Enfield), 40/15yo.2023,Sep.9 12:42 'Creatures from the hidden kingdom!' He exclaimed. 'And more than one in the forest. I must go and see!'
9>Firasan (Enfield), 40/15yo.2023,Sep.9 12:44 He flew towards the forest. He was in the suburbs of of the city, but with his wings it was not a long flight to the forest
1>Sa'dia (Girl), 13yo.2023,Sep.9 12:47 Sa'dia looks up to see if it looks like rain. She stops dead when she sees a flash in the sky heading towards the forest
1>Sa'dia (Girl), 13yo.2023,Sep.9 12:47 'What on earth was that?'
7>Önadur (Stalia), 1498yo.2023,Sep.9 13:25 "They are three realms, or should I say two now. My homeland, the hidden kingdom, and the first of the three was destroyed a month or two ago and I came here to survive the danger that came to it.This world, earth, is the third and most liveable."said Ona
7>Önadur (Stalia), 1498yo.2023,Sep.9 13:26 "and Lunaren, the land of cloud, is the second, and quietest."
7>Önadur (Stalia), 1498yo.2023,Sep.9 13:27 "it is inhabited by what i call cloud people. but i cannot tell you of them now."
2>Fëarohel Ĕlanha (Wanderer, Öna' human), 15yo.2023,Sep.13 14:10 "what happened with this chain? you seem to have been starved!" exclaimed Fëarohel, realising she had not taken much notice of how Onadur had been in a bad situation.
7>Önadur (Stalia), 1498yo.2023,Sep.13 14:15 "Ah, that. I was caught by a band of evil men who all wore black costumes. and they chained me, and only gave me the amount of food needed by a young red deer doe, and barely any water. could you get these chains off my neck please?"
7>Önadur (Stalia), 1498yo.2023,Sep.13 14:16 "I have been trying for an entire day to completely free myself, but it is impossible."
2>Fëarohel Ĕlanha (Wanderer, Öna' human), 15yo.2023,Sep.13 14:18 Fëarohel pulled the chain off carefully and looked at the mark they left on Onadur's neck.

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