" OC Easter Ball! (do not join if uninvited) "
This game is destined to players of 15 to 100 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Welcome to the first OC Easter Ball! Claim slots if you've been invited.


1. Formal clothing is mandatory and at least most characters are expected to dance.
2. Characters should not engage in a serious fight/conflict.
3. No bullying, powerplaying, etc.
4. Bring yourself/your Sona and try to bring at least one OC with you.
5. Do not hog slots. Try to claim around 4 maximum.
6. Post a brief introduction for yourself and each of your characters. Not everyone here is familiar with who you and/or your characters are.
7. Roffe must be the butler.
8. Navigate the shop as you please, but choose your purchases wisely.

1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.4 05:49 [Alright, I'll get started on the character introductions. When you do yours, just follow my format and you should be good. ^.^]
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.4 05:50 [First off, there's me/Leonore/Brunny. All of you are probably pretty familiar with me. XD XP I'm playing as the in-universe/in-multiverse version of myself, so I have a human form and a dragon form, as well as magic. I will probably mostly be in my human
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.4 05:51 form for this. I am tall (for a girl) with brown-blonde hair and blue eyes. I am wearing an indigo dress with short sleeves and black boots.]
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.4 05:52 [Wait no, scratch that. I just remembered I have this epic greenish opera coat I got for my birthday. I'm wearing that with black pants.]
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.4 05:54 [Introducing Char, the quick-witted scoundrel who is the Panthean god of heat and also the closest thing my pantheon has to a trickster god. He is wearing an outfit from way back--a red-purple leather suit with a matching top hat and dark shoes. He also
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.4 05:55 has a cane, of course. He has gray eyes and blazing red hair that sticks up like fire. He is charismatic, wild, and friendly, but also quite a good politician when he needs to be one. Be careful around him, though.]
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.4 05:57 [Introducing Khyr, Char's twin sister and the Panthean goddess of cold. She is also wearing a throwback outfit--a long white dress with silver-gray fur in certain places (e.g. around the hood, around her wrists) and silver buttons on the front. She is
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.4 05:58 quiet and introverted, and would probably rather be reading a book than attending this ball. If Char is Sherlock, she is Mycroft--whenever something stumps Char, he comes to her for advice. She is, however, not into field work or being a people person.]
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.4 05:58 [Oh, and her color scheme is the opposite to Char--she has red eyes and silver hair.]
13>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,Apr.4 06:02 [Introducing Red, a character from a series of RPs created by Joan. These RPs are realistic/are about the adventures of a set of young people from the US. However, in an upcoming RP, we shall be delving into sort of an Oz version of these characters--they
6>Sea (Sona; Creator), ♾️yo.2021,Apr.4 06:03 [Sea enters the fray!! She is hard to describe so here's this!! ht tps://toyhou.se/8288928.0-sea#26726847
13>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,Apr.4 06:03 will be versions of our characters who dwell in a fantasy world that is the brainchild of Midas. Red is Midas' little brother; the "fantasy-ized" version of Red is thus an exaggerated rendition of how Midas views his little brother. Fantasy Red is a
13>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,Apr.4 06:06 scheming, morally gray nobleman who holds power over quite a bit of territory in Midas' fantasy world. And yes, Red's power and services are for hire--and those services include princess-napping. Red isn't entirely evil, though. He treats the inhabitants
6>Sea (Sona; Creator), ♾️yo.2021,Apr.4 06:06 Sea is more adventurous and wild, but is inattentive so she can sometimes zone out or fade into the background. She enjoys discovery and
13>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,Apr.4 06:06 of his territories decently, and even offers health care plans that cover carpal tunnel syndrome.]
13>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,Apr.4 06:08 [I'm still deciding on his design. He's definitely wearing a black swallowtail coat that's red on the inside for this occasion, as well as white gloves and a top hat. He has a cane that may or may not be just for show, too...]
13>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,Apr.4 06:08 [Oh, and he has brown hair and blueish eyes.]
6>Sea (Sona; Creator), ♾️yo.2021,Apr.4 06:11 lives on the Moving Planet of Lights or Planet Lightspeed. It rides along a Ooak's crystalline web to move and it a place where Sea gives life and creates! She is also--
6>Sea (Sona; Creator), ♾️yo.2021,Apr.4 06:12 rejective sensitive and may seperate herself from people if she reads too much into a phrase. Make your tone known; she has trouble reading it.]
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.4 06:14 [Ladies and Gentleman, introducing Light Goddess Frea!! She is grumpy and mean and didn't want to be here. She has a lot of emotions under the surface but usually translates them to anger on the outside--
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.4 06:16 she has long, wild hair and diamond shaped green eyes. She is wearing a tuxedo with diamond/star designs(?) on it. She also has her stained glass resembling staff--
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.4 06:17 and she's into girls. She pretends she doesn't need people and says romance is a distraction but... She's a liar. She needs people even if she doesn't know it herself.]
12>Joan (Human), 20yo.2021,Apr.4 06:29 (Hi everyone! Introducing myself. I am wearing a gray blazer, black-and-white checkered shirt, and a black skirt. Iím fairly short, and have naturally curly reddish-brown hair that I normally wear in a bun.)
12>Joan (Human), 20yo.2021,Apr.4 06:29 (As a student, Iím not here much, but I thought Iíd stop in for the holiday. Iím by no means extroverted, but Iím enthusiastic to be here!)
12>Joan (Human), 20yo.2021,Apr.4 06:30 (I also know a thing or two about music, so maybe Leonore will let me help out at the DJ station.)
8>Josh (Squire), 20yo.2021,Apr.4 06:33 (Josh is a character from one of my RPs who will be undergoing a fantasized take here. Heís fairly tall, with dark blonde hair and hazel eyes. In my RP, he was an accomplished athlete; in the fantasy reboot of the RP he is squire to his best friend Midas
8>Josh (Squire), 20yo.2021,Apr.4 06:33 and may have a pretty large share of land in the fantasy world.)
8>Josh (Squire), 20yo.2021,Apr.4 06:37 (In terms of personality, Josh is pretty chill, perhaps a little shy. Heís fiercely loyal to his friends, though, and can be a shameless show-off when the opportunity presents itself. And as a squire, heís of course very noble and chivalrous.)
8>Josh (Squire), 20yo.2021,Apr.4 06:38 (Totally forgot to add in his appearance. Heís taking on the look of a modernized squire: shimmery dark blue vest a la Aladdin, a black sash, dark gray pants, and some snazzy yet simple black boots.)
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.4 06:38 [Say hello to James the fun and loveable Northwestern wolf of the Plane Universe (a universe soon to be full of Chaos). He wears a magical pendent.
5>Alexa (Princess), 20yo.2021,Apr.4 06:48 (Presenting Alexa, now Princess Alexa. She has dark skin, brown eyes, and black hair wound in an elegant chignon and topped with a small tiara. Sheís fairly tall and has a lean build.)
5>Alexa (Princess), 20yo.2021,Apr.4 06:50 (Alexa is wearing a glittering dark blue/purple sleeveless chiffon gown with a matching scarf worn over the shoulder. Think Padme Amidala meets Princess Diana. Sheís the princess of Midasí fantasy world, and lives in the finest castle.)
5>Alexa (Princess), 20yo.2021,Apr.4 06:53 (Alexa has a decisive and intuitive personality, and overlooks the political happenings of the world. She also has a generous spirit and can be found contributing to outreach efforts.)
5>Alexa (Princess), 20yo.2021,Apr.4 06:53 (However, she can also be a bit... daffy. This may end up in a captivity conducted by Midasí very own brother...)
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.4 20:19 (Can't go anywhere without Litho, can I? As if this freak needs an introduction... What is there to say about him? He's Irakurri's most notorious Viscount, the god of time. But who the heck knows him as that?? No one. He's just Lithoe. He's charismatic
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.4 20:26 and sort of a wild card, though he is generally friendly and easy to get along with. Litho's a giant of a man, standing at 7 feet tall, with blonde hair and 2 pink horns on his head. His theme has always been purple and red so it's easy to imagine that
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.4 20:29 the suit he has been forced to wear is deep purple with a red dress shirt and black tie. No reference for the suit but here's his TH ht tps://toyhou.se/3196575.polonius-litho-)
9>Blitz (Paladin), 20yo.2021,Apr.4 20:35 (Naturally Litho's description comes before his creator. Wouldn't have it any other way. Blitz[me]I won't describe her physically other than that she has chosen to wear a nice hat she stole from Roffe and a dark blue cape along with gem-encrusted cuffs
9>Blitz (Paladin), 20yo.2021,Apr.4 20:35 around her wrists. ht tps://toyhou.se/3131956.blitz)
2>Roffe (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.4 20:49 *leans against the wall and takes a second to run his hand over his slicked back black hair* As I have been contracted to be here tonight, I am not obligated to introduce myself. If you wish to meet me, feel free to find me, I won't bite.
2>Roffe (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.4 20:50 I am merely a humble butler. What exactly do I do? I buttle. The butler is the head of the kitchen and dining room. I keep everything tidy.
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 00:34 (Siegfried invited himself to this party. He shows up in a brown striped suit with white gloves. He's a lot like Litho, but is more patient and has much better morals. Also not nearly as tall. Siegfried has three-toned brown-blonde hair & green eyes)
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 01:06 {Data sufficient to reveal another participant in this event! Quinlynn is a 5'7 female with ahs-blinde hair and bright blue eyes. She is wearing some kind of Easter Egg themed dress. She is fun and cheery and raised Litho in his second life--
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 01:08 --and has a good amount in common. They have similar childhood experiences and they live each other very much! She has mechanical wings and snake tail also. Watch those Cadbury Eggs... She might snatch 'em!!}
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 01:09 {Word corrections because I'm rushing: *ash-blonde}
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 04:37 *has gotten everything ready*
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 04:40 Hey Roffe, could you go to the front door and accept invitations?
9>Blitz (Paladin), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 04:40 *sits outside in the car. Has been here for over an hour, just not bothered to go to the door*
2>Roffe (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 04:44 Of course, ma'am. *straightens his jacket and heads to the door*
12>Joan (Human), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 04:45 *me and my characters approach the door*
6>Sea (Sona; Creator), ♾️yo.2021,Apr.5 04:45 *Sea approaches with two marbles. She's levitating them with her magic. She spots Blitz in her car and waves at her.*
9>Blitz (Paladin), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 04:47 *sinks down in her seat*
6>Sea (Sona; Creator), ♾️yo.2021,Apr.5 04:48 *she blinks in confusion and frowns. Part of her wishes to approach to see what's wrong. She pauses in hesitation, looking at her marbles. She stands there, swaying.*
2>Roffe (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 04:48 *opens the door as Joan approaches* Good evening.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 04:51 *he, Khyr, and Red are already inside*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 04:51 *Leonore has been forcing them to help out, though Char has probably been causing more trouble than actually helpingI*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 04:51 **
12>Joan (Human), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 04:52 *nods* Good evening! Thank you. *passes through with Alexa and Josh*
5>Alexa (Princess), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 04:53 *says to Roffe while passing* Thank you very much! How are you?
2>Roffe (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 04:54 Do make yourselves at home. *glances out at the car and stares for a second before turning his attention to Sea*
2>Roffe (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 04:54 *shakes his head and turns back to Alexa* My apologies. I am doing just fine.
2>Roffe (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 04:55 Thank you for asking.
5>Alexa (Princess), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 04:58 Great! *goes into the main area* Hi everyone! Just stopping in for a little bit!
6>Sea (Sona; Creator), ♾️yo.2021,Apr.5 04:59 *Sea spins the blue and green marbles in front of her. Uncertainty in her mind. The marbles glow with narrative energy and importance.*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:01 *goes to the front door and pokes his head out of it, looking at those who haven't come in yet but are here* EYYYYY!
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:02 You know about front doors? Entrances? Ingresses? Entryways?
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:02 There's one riiiiight...*pretends to think* hm, I dunno...here! *points at the ground by his feet*
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:03 Khyr, control your brother.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:03 So if you wanna have a good time-
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:03 *grabs Char by the ear and pulls him back in*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:04 OW
6>Sea (Sona; Creator), ♾️yo.2021,Apr.5 05:04 *Sea looks startled and looks at him* I want to go in but... *She looks at Blitz worriedly*
8>Josh (Squire), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:05 Ummm.. *just kind of stares at Charís antics*
5>Alexa (Princess), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:06 *has also taken notice* I sense a dynamic duo.
8>Josh (Squire), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:08 Yes, but there seems to be an imbalance in the level of dynamo.
13>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,Apr.5 05:08 *sidles over to Alexa* Why hello my dear.
13>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,Apr.5 05:08 *strokes his nonexistent beard*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:08 MOTHER-
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:09 A child is present.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:09 *mutters* A cHiLd Is PrEsEnT
2>Roffe (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:10 *pays no mind to Char* Give me a moment, please. *lets out a short sigh and walks out to the car. Opens the door* Please refrain from doing this here, Blitz.
6>Sea (Sona; Creator), ♾️yo.2021,Apr.5 05:10 *Sea slowly edges towards Roffe and Blitz, curious but not sure if it's her place.*
9>Blitz (Paladin), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:11 You would. *gets out of the car. Litho and Siegfried exit as well*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:11 *dramatically crawls out of the car* Open space!! Oh how I've missed you!
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:12 *sniffs the air*
9>Blitz (Paladin), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:12 Shut up! You chose to sit behind Siegfried so live with the consequences! *gestures for Roffe to go back inside* You're such a child.
6>Sea (Sona; Creator), ♾️yo.2021,Apr.5 05:13 *Sea slinks into the building with her marbles*
5>Alexa (Princess), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:14 *giggles a little uncertainly* Hey Red. Having a good time?...
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:14 *walks up to the door, Glows teal and a teal hand appears and knocks on the door. Stops Glowing.*
8>Josh (Squire), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:15 *snickers at Redís attempt to act 2x his age*
13>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,Apr.5 05:16 Oh, a very good time.
9>Blitz (Paladin), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:16 *follows Roffe inside, along with Siegfried and Litho*
13>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,Apr.5 05:16 *looks at Josh, suddenly turning dead serious* What are you laughing at?
2>Roffe (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:17 Hello, James. You were expected. *opens the door for him* Apologies, I had a matter to deal with out here and could not answer the door.
6>Sea (Sona; Creator), ♾️yo.2021,Apr.5 05:18 *Sea moves to a more empty space in the room and the orbs explode with energy. Her characters appear in all their glory.*
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:19 What is it now?
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:19 *naturally the first place he goes is the food and drinks. He scans the drinks for awhile and mutters some complaints*
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:20 That is fine,*bows his head* thank you for letting me in. *walks in* seems like you guys have quite the company here.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:20 I smell something...very flamboyant...
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:20 *he and Khyr both look at Litho again*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:20 *scratch the again*
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:20 ...Don't.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:21 *his tone is as innocent as a butterfly* I don't believe I know what you're talking about.
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:21 D o n ' t
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:21 *inhales deeply*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 05:21 *Quinlynn blinks and looks around* Well that was weird!! Oooh,, what a nice outfit I'm wearing!! *Looks at Sea* How did you come up with this?
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:23 *gets away from Blitz at a casual pace and finds a place to stand and people watch for a few minutes as he makes himself comfortable*
6>Sea (Sona; Creator), ♾️yo.2021,Apr.5 05:23 You did. Your mind and desires and purpose understood where we were going and came up with this.
6>Sea (Sona; Creator), ♾️yo.2021,Apr.5 05:24 Okay, you two socialize. :) *Walks away*
2>Roffe (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:24 *thinks for a few moments, nods, then closes the door behind himself and Blitz*
8>Josh (Squire), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:24 Red, youíve suddenly turned into someone from a Charles Dickens novel.
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 05:25 Okay!! *Immediately heads to the food*
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:25 *looks over at Siegfried&*
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:25 **
13>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,Apr.5 05:25 Charles Dickens was a fantastic writer. That is not something to be ashamed of.
9>Blitz (Paladin), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:25 *as she's not very social in a group setting she finds a wall to sit against*
8>Josh (Squire), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:26 *raises his eyebrows, surprised that Red has attempted to read one of them*
13>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,Apr.5 05:26 What? Do you not believe I am a man of culture?
13>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,Apr.5 05:26 *chuckles evilly* Of course a peasant like you would.
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:27 *hears Red and just coughs*
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:27 *starts to wander around almost mindlessly*
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:27 *goes over to the music system and turns on Russian Easter*
5>Alexa (Princess), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:27 Come on, heís being totally sweet! Most twelve year-old boys would rather yell at people they donít know on Fortnite or something.
13>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,Apr.5 05:28 Fortnite? *looks disgusted**spits on the floor* That's what I think of Fortnite!
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:28 *yells from across the room:* Red, you're going to have to clean that yourself!
8>Josh (Squire), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:28 *doesnít say anything, probably having been in a situation Alexaís describing*
13>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,Apr.5 05:29 *looks uncomfortable but tries to pretend he didn't hear that* Apex Legends is where it's at--I mean, is uh, far superior.
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:29 *turns around* Any man of culture knows that Apex is the superior battle royale.
12>Joan (Human), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:29 *wanders over to the music station* Nice choice!
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 05:29 *She looks around and stands up.* What. The. FUDGE. *blinks in confusion again* WHAT. FUDGE. I SAID FUDGE. WHY CAN'T I SAY WHAT I WANT TO--
13>Red (Nobleman), 12yo.2021,Apr.5 05:30 *nods at Litho* Indeed
8>Josh (Squire), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:30 Iíll have to check it out...
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:30 Thanks! ^.^
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:30 Once it ends I'll let you pick the next piece. Just make sure it's dance music.
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:31 Oof. Looks like you've been given a special kind of filter, Frea. That is unfortunate.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:31 *has been quietly arguing with Khyr*
12>Joan (Human), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:31 Awesome!
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:32 Oh, I have the perfect song! *Makes his way to the music system*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:32 *finally whispers loudly:* I take care of myself!!
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 05:32 WHAT! *growls angrily* I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE I AM RIGHT NOW AND SOME MAGICAL DUMB HORSE IS CONTROLLING MY SPEECH?!
9>Blitz (Paladin), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:32 *suddenly her eyes widen and she sprints at Litho, then tackles him* NO!
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:32 *looks at Litho awkwardly*
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:33 *raises one eyebrow at Char*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:33 Lay off me!
12>Joan (Human), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:33 *chuckles a little* Still got that song?...
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:33 ...If Leonore tells me off for this, I'm blaming it on you.
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 05:33 *Spots Litho* Oh hey!!! Looks like you're in a pickle. < :3c
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:33 *she and Char part ways*
12>Joan (Human), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:34 *goes to get some refreshments while Litho and Blitz duke it out*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:34 *wrestles with Blitz, basically slowly crawling toward the system* You know you love that song, too!
9>Blitz (Paladin), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:34 Not- Here!
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 05:34 *drops a snack into her mechanical snake tail. It doesn't eat, but it takes it anyway.*
12>Joan (Human), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:34 (I have to go now; have a great evening everyone!)
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 05:35 {([ Bye!!! ])}
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:37 We both know it's not that bad! There are worse songs! *Blitz: That does NOT make it okay!
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 05:37 AAAUUUUUGHHHHHHHHH!!! *Loudly tries to curse but is unable to. Her frustration only grows*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:37 Why are you so flustered by this!?
9>Blitz (Paladin), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:37 Because unlike you I care about my repuation!!
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:38 [Aw, bye!]
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:38 *guides Joan and her characters as well as Red to another room*
6>Sea (Sona; Creator), ♾️yo.2021,Apr.5 05:39 It's okay, Blitz! Songs are good... I don't know which you are referring to, but I won't judge you. It makes you more alive to me anyway! < 3
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:39 *ignores the Chaos and goes to the food* hmmm what here looks good?
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:39 *makes sure the room has a door labeled "PRIVATE" on it*
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:40 *comes back out*
2>Roffe (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:40 Hey Litho. *picks up Litho's plate* You left your plate unattended. *starts walking away with the plate*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:40 *sidles to the food* I would recommend the shrimp brochette.
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 05:40 *Goes back to the food and continues to stuff her face*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 05:41 Anything is good to me!
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:41 *instantly freezes. snaps his head around to face Roffe* You... Son of a b- *gets slapped by Blitz* Hey! HE is the one who stole MY food!
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 05:41 *tries to talk more but her mouth is full*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:42 *scrambles to his feet and chases down Roffe to reclaim his food*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:42 If you want sweeter, rarer delicacies, check out the shop over here. *points to a stand*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:43  Buying Banana bread (x 1)  
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 05:43 *Quinlynn slides closer to Char* Sweeter foods?
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:44 *takes his food and goes back to the food table to, now angrily, add more to his plate*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 05:45 *Quinlynn's attention snaps towards Litho* Hellooo!!! Are you okay?
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:46 Yeah, sure.
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:46 *it is at this moment when he notices James* Hi!
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 05:46 *Quinlynn blinks* Ah okay... :'(
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:47 And this, my friend, is why I just don't curse that often. Part of the reason at least.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:47 *holds his banana bread protectively against his chest**replies to Quinlynn* Indeed
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:48 uhhh, Litho *backs away from the table*
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:48 *goes to mind her own business and ends up sort of just staring at Frea*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:49 Oh, right. *chuckles* Where exactly did we leave off? My whole experience in your universe is a bit of a blur.
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 05:49 That is INCREDIBLY stupid. I'm going to tear that horn off that stupid horse!!
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:49 I believe the stand offers carrot cake and Cadbury eggs in addition to banana bread.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:49 Among other things.
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 05:50 *Quinlynn perks up a little at Cadbury eggs* Cadbury eggs?! :'D
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:51 Oh, don't be so rash. It's not that big of a deal.
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 05:52 It is, idiot. No one should be able to control what I say EVER. *Flutters her wings angrily*
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:53 Then watch your own language.
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 05:53 Don't tell me what to do.
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:55 *walks away from litho*
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:55 *shrugs* Hey, can't hurt to try and make your life easier
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:55 :(
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:56 Mmmhmm
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 05:56 *Grumbles* I don't even want to be here.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:56 Excuse me for a moment.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:56 *sidles back over to his sister*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:56  Giving Banana bread (x 1) to Khyr  
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:57 *sidles back to the stand*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 05:57  Buying Small stuffed bunny (x 1)  
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 05:58 >:)
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 05:58 *finds a place to sit down, confused*
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 05:59 [Shyne is having problems getting the buying system to work so gimme a sec]
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 06:00 [Nvm, I figured out the issue XD]
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 06:02  Buying Cadbury eggs (dozen) (x 1)  
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 06:02 This... Is not enough.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 06:04 Cadbury eggs have recently been exceedingly hard to come by.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 06:04 I believe that explains the inflated prices.
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 06:04 *goes to the shop*
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 06:05  Buying Banana bread (x 3)  Oh I love these.
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 06:05 *unwraps a Cadbury ahh and eats it, getting the cream on her face* ..... *Begins to eat the rest hungrily*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 06:05 Noooo zhat shuckss *mouth is full of cream eggs*
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 06:06 Well I'm going to find something to do.
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 06:07 I don't see anything to do so good luck I guess!! *Grumbles*
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 06:08 *goes to find a chair to sit in and eat his Banana Bread*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 06:09 Chaarrrrr,, do you have moneyyyy so I can get more Cadbury eggs? *Looks up at him pleadingly*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 06:09 ...Well yes, but actually no
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 06:10 It's a yes or no question.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 06:11 And I answered it.
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 06:11 Take this seriously. This is a matter of life or death.
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 06:12 *quietly starts up some waltzes and whatnot*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 06:12 Mmhm
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 06:12 Maybe ask...hm... *scans the room and gestures towards Siegfried* That man over there.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 06:12 He looks like a kind soul.
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 06:13 *Frea looks around and twitches. She goes to the most secluded place she can find and plugs her ears with her fingers*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 06:13 *Gasps* SIEGYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! *Goes over to him*
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 06:15 *shrieks, almost dramatically*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 06:16 HEYYYYYYY!!! *Hugs him* How ARE you BUDDY!!
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 06:17 Hungy
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 06:18 Oh wow, me TOO!! But I can't afford a Dozen of Cadbury eggs!! They're apparently really expensive now. *Makes a sad face at him*
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 06:20 Wow. Inflation really be like that.
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 06:21 Yeah... Do you... Have $1000?? I need.... Them. :'(
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 06:24 But what if I want to buy something? I haven't even been to the shop
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 06:24 *Frea begins scanning the room and sighs quietly.*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 06:25 Uhhh... I guess..... I just really want them....
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 06:26 Maybe later
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 06:28 Ah... Okay... :'(
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 06:31 *looks at everyone*
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 06:32 *turns to Roffe* Could you get everyone's attention?
2>Roffe (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 06:38 *nods. grabs a spoon and taps his glass of water. All of Blitz's characters look up at him*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 06:39 *he and Khyr peer over at Roffe*
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 06:39 *Glares*
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 06:39 *looks over at Roffe*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 06:39 *looks as well as Sea*
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 06:41 *hesitates, then clears her throat a little*
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 06:41 I have an announcement to make.
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 06:42 I am blackmailing everything in this room.
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 06:42 *everyone
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 06:43 owo?
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 06:43 *Narrows eyes and straightens up*
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 06:44 I DIDN'T DO IT!!!!
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 06:45 *points at James* James did it.
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 06:45 Quiet Litho
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 06:45 You didn't talk to me
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 06:45 no one asked for your input
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 06:45 No one asked for your outburst
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 06:46 well it's not like you have been any help with that
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 06:47 ...
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 06:49 Get on with it!!
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 06:49 I apologize for my interjection, but as a neutral third party I'd like to comment that this wolf certainly seems like someone who did it.
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 06:49 Ignore the idiots
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 06:50 Wait.
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 06:50 Which wolf?
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 06:50 Yes
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 06:51 *grumbles*
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 06:52 Absolute morons
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 06:52 Seems legit.
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 06:53 *looks at Leonore* Are you going to continue?
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 06:54 Or was that it?
2>Roffe (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 06:54 *clears his throat* If you wouldn't mind allowing our host the floor.
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 06:54 Whatever.
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 06:54 I have something on everyone here.
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 06:54 That's why I invited you all.
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 06:56 *Glares*
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 06:57 *calms down* alright what do you have?
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 06:57 We are going to be playing some games soon. But for now relax, dance, make impulsive purchases.
9>Blitz (Paladin), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 06:59 OKay
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 07:00 That's all? Seriously? An announcement for that? *Rolls eyes and leans against the wall* Try not to waste my time again, thanks.
6>Sea (Sona; Creator), ♾️yo.2021,Apr.5 07:00 Alright!
6>Sea (Sona; Creator), ♾️yo.2021,Apr.5 07:01  Buying Cadbury eggs (dozen) (x 1)  
6>Sea (Sona; Creator), ♾️yo.2021,Apr.5 07:01 Here Quinlynn :)
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 07:02 :0!!! Thank youuuu!!! *Eats them quickly*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:02 *goes back to eating. Eventually pulls a flask from his coat pocket*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 07:03 What do you got there, Litho? *Eats her last egg*
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 07:03 *has been slowly eating small pieces of banana bread*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 07:04 *sidles up to Siegfried**bows graciously* May I have this dance?
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:05 *examines the plate* Uh... A variety of things. It's not enough. *takes a swig*
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:05 *shrugs* Sure, why not?
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 07:05 *presses herself to the wall but remains glaring and alert*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 07:09 After you.
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:11 *leads Char out to the dance floor*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:11 *triggered noises as soon as he notices Siegfried*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 07:11 You okay, Litho?
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 07:13 *dances quite well with Siegfried*
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 07:15 *watches Siegfried and Char with narrowed eyes*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:15 Y-yes,...
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 07:15 *looks at Siegfried and Char, then at Litho*
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 07:15 *says quietly* Are you drunk?
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:16 No! Whatever are you talking about?
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 07:18 Litho. Are you drinking? Did you bring alcohol? *Looks at him sternly like a mom would.*
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 07:18 It'd be the only logical reason why anyone would like my brother.
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:21 I'd recheck your logic, then, because I'm not that drunk.
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 07:22 Hm
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 07:22 You brought alcohol, Litho?
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:23 I'm not drunk, Quinlynn. This is just a little pick me up.
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 07:24 No, no. That's fine. I just don't know why you wouldn't share.
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:24 What if I run out???
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:25 *goes back to the shop*
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:25  Buying Banana bread (x 27)  
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 07:26 Well. That is a problem... Can you not make more with your magic?
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:26 It's not the same..
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:27 *starts to slightly glow teal as a empty teal bag appears on his back. starts to put the excess into his bag*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 07:28 Oh man... I'm sorry... I didn't bring any because I was trapped in a Marble for a bit haha;;
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:29 *looks at James, a little confused* Um, hold on... *goes to the shop*
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 07:30  Dropping Banana bread (x 1)  *sighs and gets up, leaving her banana bread on the table*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:30 e
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:30 (what the...)
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 07:31 (???)
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 07:32 I spent all my money on Cadbury Eggs
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:34  Buying Banana bread (x 27)  
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 07:34 :0!!!
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:34  Giving Banana bread (x 27) to James  *turns to James* Here.
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:35 *nervously looks at Litho for a sec, then goes back to sit down at his seat*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 07:36 WHOAAAA
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 07:36 So manyyy
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:36  Giving Banana bread (x 1) to Litho  
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:36  Giving Banana bread (x 26) to Litho  
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:36 (he didn't grab them)
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:40 ...
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:42 *leaves the bread at the table and goes back to sit down*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 07:43 *Quinlynn shifts awkwardly*
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.5 07:45 *has disappeared*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:46  Dropping Banana bread (x 27)  
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:48 *sighs*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 07:48  Taking Banana bread (x 1)  
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 07:49 Would dancing cheer you up or do you just want to sit here and eat? *She looks up at him and leans on him a little*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:49 Not really feeling it right now.. *has finished about half of his plate, stopping now and then to take another drink*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 07:50  Taking Banana bread (x 27)  
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 07:51 I'm sorry... Do you want to talk about it?
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 07:52 Not really. Just the usual problem. No one here really likes me, save a select few. Oh well. *takes another drink and leans back* I'll get over it.
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 07:56 I know not many people like you, and they have their reasons but,,, *she hugs his arm* But I love you a lot and I'll always be here for you. I'm sorry you feel so alone and I want to help you feel less alone.
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 07:57 I love you so so much, Litho.
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 07:57 *comes back to her table and looks a bit triggered*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 07:58  Dropping Banana bread (x 1)  
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 07:58 I know it's hard, but I'm here okay? I got you. I'll help you.
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 08:00 *leans toward Quinynn* God I hate this attitude of mine. *swirls the alcohol in his flask*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 08:03 It's okay to be upset, Litho. You can't be happy all the time.
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 08:04 Sure I can. Just not here apparently. *takes another drink*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 08:05 Do you want to leave? It's okay if you want to go home.
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 08:06 No. I should stay. *hiccups* Mmm..
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 08:08 Okay.. I'll go with you if you ever want to. I still have Minty Christmas on dvd and blue ray.
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 08:10 Nah... *drinks some more* As I said I'll get over it. *turns his gaze to Char and Siegfried once again*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 08:11 D***, you're amazing!
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 08:13 Ah okay. If you need anything, let me know! I'll be sitting right next to you. Love you, buddy. < 3
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 08:13 Not so bad yourself.
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 08:14 *
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 08:18 Where have you been all my life?
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 08:20 Living in a forest.
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 08:20 *stares at Char* I see....
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 08:26 You can have some of this if you really want. I dunno how it'd affect you. Just don't spill any.
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 08:27 Oh, thank you! I'm sure I'll be fine! :3c *takes a drink*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 08:28 (note that this is strong stuff. Litho likely brews it himself to be something that can have an effect on him, a god)
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 08:30 (Oh heck lmao Quinlynn is gonna get wrecked xD How many drink do you think it would take for her to get to that point?)
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 08:31 [Yes]
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 08:32 [His drink is called instant alcohol poisoning XD]
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 08:32 *takes the flask after one drink and takes another drink*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 08:32 (Of course xD)
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 08:33 *Quinlynn leans back* Oooh that had a.. very sharp taste. Can I have another drink?
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 08:34 Mmm... Probably not..
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 08:35 Whyyyy it wasn't... That bad .. ... ...
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 08:36 *stares off*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 08:39 No it's good stuff..
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 08:39 Okay, maybe it was a little... String ... String.... Strong... Only a little thoughhh
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 08:39 It is.... Good ..
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 08:44 Got that right.
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 08:45 I do, I dooo! Very right, indeed. SUPER right my guy. Good stffs.
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 08:47 Little too much of this stuff though and you'd be out for a day.
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 08:48 (Hmmm... Mayhaps we're all that remains)
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 08:48 Really? That sounds very cool.ti be honestss.... Just sleep...
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 08:48 (Oh heck mayhaps! xD)
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 08:49 Sleep... I don't know if there's enough in this to knock me out.
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 08:52 Not if you don't ... Believee! You gotta like... Just belieb in yourself, Litho's...
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 08:52 (I'm trying to drag out this conversation but Litho has gotta do something but like... It can't happen as a result of the conversation between him and Quinlynn)
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 08:53 Believe in my ability to fall asleep?
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 08:54 (Ah yeah I understand lmao. I'll handle it.)
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 08:55 heh, i'd like to knock you out
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 08:55 Please do
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 08:55 *has been secretly listening**turns to James, Litho, etc.* Now now, this is not the time nor place for violence.
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 08:55 Yeah!! Believes.... Sleep easy. *Lays her head down* Very easy I oromise..
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 08:56 well this isn't really the place for it, but if allowed I would gladly
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 08:56 What would you know about time?
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 08:57 *Dozes off on the table*
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 08:57 enough to know you don't have enough of it
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 08:59 Buddy... I have way too much of it.
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 09:03 *rolls her eyes at them, as she's been watching*
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:03 yeah we'll see about that
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 09:04 Mood
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 09:04 Idiots *she mumbles under her breath as she watches*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:05 If you want to kill me just do it.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 09:05 Hmm nah
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:06 i can see that you aren't quite the same "version" as the litho I know tho, you're more... tame
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:07 Tame? Heh... Not for long...
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:08 ....I hope at least.
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:10 *goes back to sit by Frea with a couple of drinks*
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:11 ha so the beast has the ability to restrain himself, color me surprised.
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:12 You'd hate me more if I explained myself so I won't tell you that really I don't care what I did to your homeland. I did what I was told.
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 09:13 *Frea nods at Siegfried in greeting. She's calmed down after sitting there for so long* Are they always like that? *She gestured to Litho and them*
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:14 Litho? Yes. Somewhat. I believe he's usually more energetic
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 09:16 Hm. I don't know how they do it. *She narrowed her eyes at Litho*
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:17 He's had a rough life. It's kind of understandable how he acts like there's nothing wrong.
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:18 yeah you did what you were told alright, that i'll never forget, nor how you acted while doing so, you enjoyed it didn't you? thanks to you Giovanni almost has everything he needs to release Lithin.
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:19 (Lithin's name was made before i knew about Litho)
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:19 Oh well. *takes yet another drink*
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 09:20 *she narrows her eyes harder, she's starting to look silly squinting so much* I guess.
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 09:23 I don't understand what people drink that stuff.
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:23 ... I ... you really are just like him aren't you, you're insane. *looks around* I need a sec. *goes outside*
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 09:23 *why
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:24 It's numbing.
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:25 Good riddance... *puts the drink down and gets up. Looks around for the bathroom and locks himself inside once he finds it*
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 09:26 It makes you someone else. Because he can't sit in what he made. How selfish.
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:29 Hmm..
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:29 That's not always the case
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 09:32 That's what it seems to be. That's what I'm seeing right now. I don't understand how someone could potentially do that for any other reason. To lose control of yourself. Sounds terrible.
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:33 *looks at himself in the mirror for awhile*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 09:33 *thinks for a bit**decides to continue thinking while dancing**goes over to Siegfried* Would you mind pausing your conversation with Karen for a few minutes to resume dancing?
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 09:34 What did you call me?
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:34 Yeah, that sounds nice. I'll be back, Frea.
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 09:35 I'm not the one who thinks that *gestures to his hair* looks in anyway presentable.
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 09:35 *growls*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:35  Secret message to Litho  
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 09:35 Enjoy dancing with that freakshow.
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:36  Secret message to Litho  
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:36 I will.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 09:36 Hey, you gotta admit I'm one of the hottest shows you've ever seen. *winks at Frea and goes off to dance with Siegfried*
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 09:37 ((Ahhh Litho stooopppp *cries* baby nooo))
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 09:38 *glares at Char with all the hatred she can muster*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:38  Secret message to Litho  
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 09:41 *Quinlynn raises her head groggily and looks around* Hmm... Where did everybody go...? *She's still under influence*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:42  Secret message to Litho  
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 09:43 *she stands up and immediately gravity takes her much faster than her limbs can respond and she falls on the floor*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 09:47 (Also would I miss anything if I went to sleep rn? Might have to wake up at 5-6am but I don't wanna miss anything)
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:47  Secret message to Litho  
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:48 (yes)
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:48 (Right now? Yes. But you can always read it later)
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 09:49 *sighs and walks over to Quinlynn* Are you in need of assistance?
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 09:49 (Sleep is for the weak I guess lmao.)
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 09:50 Uhhh.. idk maybe..? *Is just laying on the floor*
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 09:52 *sighs and lifts Quinlynn up, putting her back on her seat*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 09:53  Dropping Banana bread (x 1)  
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 09:53 *convertly tak
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 09:53  Taking Banana bread (x 1)  **convertly reclaims what is hers*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:53 *finally exits the bathroom. as he opens the door he stumbles, catching himself on the doorway. He's unbuttoned his suit jacket and half of his dress shirt. The tie is nowhere to be found* Eugh....
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 09:54 *freezes for a moment upon seeing Litho*
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:54 *consumes, full loaf of Banana Bread whole*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 09:54 Hmmm... Thanks. *Shakes her head* Where'd Lithoo go..? He was sad I'm pretty sure and I went *makes a whistling noise and then an explosion noise and almost falls over again*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 09:54 *did a double take prior to freezing*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:56 It's too hot in this five star h***hole...
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 09:56 *raises his hand a little* Uh--that might be my fault.
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 09:56 *rolls her eyes a little*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 09:58 *Eats a banana bread and sways* Hmmmhmmmm
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 09:59 Pffft- You're godd*** right, sir!
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 09:59 *@ Siegfried* Excuse me.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 10:00 *turns to Litho* My sister might be of help to you.
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 10:00 ...
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 10:00 Ohhhhhh there.... There he is. .. he looks busy though hm... Best to jsut *eats more bread*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 10:01 *barely even glances at Khyr* No thanks.
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 10:02 : /
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 10:02 Lmao oof. Guess you're like... *Is talking to Khyr* your not too appealing lol.
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 10:03 No... No offense you are .. good. Good good. *pats her*
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 10:05  Giving Banana bread (x 1) to Quinlynn  
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 10:05 *stumbles forward but quickly regains his composure and walks toward Char* You might be able to help me, though.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 10:06 Oh?
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 10:06 How so?
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 10:07 *Quinlynn laughs and takes the bread* Oh boyyyyyyy things are happeneing. They are hapoening right Now hehee
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 10:11 *hugs Char and suddenly becomes dead weight*
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 10:12  Buying XXL stuffed bunny (x 1)  
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 10:12 *goes to a corner and just hides behind the bunny*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 10:12 Ack!! *struggles to stay on his feet*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 10:12 oboy
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 10:14 Aweee my friend is gonnneee *eats bread* no one is around for meeeeeeee!! Dad days.. wait. Sad days... Dad days also makes sense since mine is dead and that's sad ..... Dad days....
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 10:15 *walks back in, sees Litho* what did i miss?
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 10:16 *struggles to move Litho to a chair but collapses after a few steps*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 10:16 *muffled* Mother-
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 10:17 What. Is happening. Right now.
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 10:19 *laughs in a tired manner* I've got you
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 10:20 Weirdos ugh.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 10:24 Indeed you have
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 10:25 *goes back to his seat*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 10:25 I think...*grunt* I could use...*uff* some assistance myself...
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 10:26 Where have you been? No wait. I've been gone...
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 10:27 *glows Grey as litho is slammed into a chair*
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 10:27 *floats, then slammed into a chair*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 10:29 ...overkill, but thanks. *gets up and brushes himself off*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 10:29 *screams briefly and as soon as he gets back up he throws the chair at James*
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 10:30 *continues to glow grey and catches the chair*
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 10:31 *Blinks*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 10:31 Ahhhh!! What's happennninggg!!?? *Shrinks back*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 10:33 How f-ing dare you-
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 10:33 *Confused noises*
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 10:35 *puts the chair back*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 10:37 I was in the middle of something!
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 10:39 Well this got somewhat interesting.
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 10:40 yeah in the middle
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 10:40 of being an idiot
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 10:42 *Is making quiet commentary for herself*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 10:42 I suggest you stop talking.
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 10:43 as soon as you stop being a napsack
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 10:44 I was being alright!
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 10:44 I was being good!
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 10:44 Oh nooooOOOOOO
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 10:46 *throws bread at James* Stoooooop!!!
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 10:46 *sigh* alright, i'm sorry for that, it was more then what was necessary. *under his breath* but less then you deserve.
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 10:47 *glow gray and catches the bread*
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.5 10:47 i'm going to sit back down
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 10:49 *sits down with an aggrivated huff and holds his head in his hands* ..
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 10:49 That sounds like a great idea.
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 10:49 *Quinlynn looks at James with a strong anger, although she doesn't say anything because she isn't of her right mind*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 10:49 *sits down next to Litho*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 10:50 *She moves over to Litho clumsily and sits next to him*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 10:50 (Pffft. Quinlynn on one side, Char on the other.)
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 10:50 (Had the same idea lmao)
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 10:52 (let me know if you only want Char to sit next to Litho < 3)
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 10:56 [Eh, it's fine XD]
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 10:56 *quietly curses to himself*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 10:58 *slowly leans on him a gently rubs his back* It's okay... You're okay....
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 11:04 ...
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 11:07 I'm sorry... Do you want to go home? Get some sleep maybe...? *Her tone is gentle and slow*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 11:10 *shakes his head*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 11:12 Do you want to just sit here..? That's perfectly fine.. I'm here for you; no matter what happens I am here... *She leans on him*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 11:18 I might go back to the other room for a hot second
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 11:21 If.. if that's what you need... Remember,,, I love you... do t I sult yourself or like... Harm yourself okay??? I worry,,,
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 11:27 It's only hot if you bring me.
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 11:28 *has been peeking out of her hiding spot**immediately withdraws back behind the bunny*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 11:28 ....
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.5 11:29 *looks at Khyr and narrows eyes* Hmph.
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 11:32 *looks thoughtful* Oh? Is this a buddy system I hear coming on? *stands up and goes to grab his flask*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 11:33 Not exactly.
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.5 11:34 Hm. Shame. *takes a drink and heads back to the bathroom.*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.5 11:35 *watches him go**looks at Quinlynn* Quite a son you got there.
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.5 11:36 *looks after him* Huh? Oh,,, yeah. He's great. I love him.
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 04:48 *peeks back out after a little bit and tries to gesture to get Roffe's attention*
2>Roffe (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.6 05:10 *was in the process of cleaning up Litho's mess. Gestures to say 'hold on a moment'. Once he's cleaned the mess he makes his way over to Khyr. Nods* Hello.
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 05:28 *says quietly* Hello...do you know if there are any...good beverages around here?
2>Roffe (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.6 05:31 What might you have in mind?
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 05:33 Perhaps a bloody mary.
2>Roffe (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.6 05:49 Splendid choice. I will be right back with that. *heads to the kitchen. Comes back a couple of minutes later with two glasses*
2>Roffe (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.6 05:49 *hands one to Khyr*
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 05:52 *accepts the glass* Thank you.
2>Roffe (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.6 05:53 Do you mind if I- *gestures to the spot beside her*
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 05:59 *shrugs her shoulders and pushes her bunny farther forward, making room for him*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 06:07 Say...how long do you suppose he'll be in there?
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.6 06:08 I don't know.... Probably a while.... :'(
2>Roffe (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.6 06:08 Thank you. *sits down beside her*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 06:13 That's a shame...
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 06:13 *the lights suddenly go out*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 06:13 *oddly, even those with seeing-in-the-dark abilities cannot see, and everyone is enveloped in blackness*
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 06:13 *doesn't seem perturbed*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.6 06:14 Ohhh.... Okay...
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 06:15 *Straightens up and she produces light from glass like formations on her wings*
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 06:16 *She is on edge and cautious. Ready to fight"
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.6 06:18 Ooh. Spooky.
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.6 06:18 *Is fine with it for a few moments then begins shaking* Wait wait-- No no no no no nooooo-----
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.6 06:19 (Quinlynn is very very afraid if the dark)
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.6 06:20 *is completely unbothered. He does, however, go to Quinlynn and hug her* It's alright, Quinlynn. You're safe.
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.6 06:22  Secret message to James  
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.6 06:22 *starts to shake a bit*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.6 06:22 *Is shaking and grips Siegfried* Ahhh--- but I was good no no no why am I here-- what did I do--
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.6 06:26 Nothing at all. Just close your eyes. I've got you.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 06:28 *seems a bit confused**says loudly* Hey Khyr, can you see?
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.6 06:28 *she does as he tells her and continues to grip him for dear life. She shaking calms down a little bit but she is still unnerved.*
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 06:28 Nope
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 06:29 Hm...this isn't your everyday darkness...this is advanced darkness.
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 06:29 ...
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 06:29 *has so far only been sipping and enjoying her bloody mary**gulps a whole bunch of it down*
2>Roffe (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.6 06:31 *calmly sips his drink*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.6 06:33 *from the other room* Hey! Who turned out the lights!?
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 06:33 *is deathly still, looking around to see if there's any sense of foul play. She remains vigilant.*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 06:34 Maybe somebody should go fix this.
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.6 06:35 *Shakily* Please please please!!! I don't wanna be here!!! *Is crying*
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.6 06:42 Frea. Can you make some clear crystals? Preferably ones that float?
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 06:48 Of course I can. *Walks around the perimeter of the room, creating crystal-like orbs that produce a good amount of light*
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.6 06:49 Thank you. Quinlynn, open your eyes
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 06:52 No problem. *Shakes herself and glowing feathers are sent all over the floor*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.6 06:53 *She hesitates, bit opens her eyes and takes a deep, shakey breath.* O-Oh... Okay... *She relaxes a little but is still shaken*
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.6 06:54 *To himself* That must be some powerful magic to get through shadow magic like this.
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.6 06:55 *to himself* oh wait, that's right, different universe,
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 06:56 *the darkness is definitely not normal/magical**Frea's orbs create these "oases" of light, but the spaces between them can be pretty dark*
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.6 06:57 *Ok*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.6 06:59 Siegy,,,, can I,,,, c-can I have a... One of t-those... Orbs?
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.6 07:00 Sure. Frea?
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 07:01 *looks at the dark patches and growls in frustration.*
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 07:01 Yeah yeah, whatever. *Tosses an orb at him*
15>Siegfried (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.6 07:03 *gives the orb to Quinlynn*
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 07:03 *continues sipping what's left of her bloody mary**a piece of paper suddenly appears in Roffe's lap*
9>Blitz (Paladin), 20yo.2021,Apr.6 07:04 Someone mind fixing this already?
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.6 07:04 Ahhh,,,,, thank you thank you-- *holds it close and begins to calm down*
6>Sea (Sona; Creator), ♾️yo.2021,Apr.6 07:05 Hehe. This just got fun! :3c
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.6 07:05 Do you know what's happening?
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 07:05 Nope!
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.6 07:05 @Blitz
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.6 07:06 (Nvm)
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.6 07:07  Secret message to Roffe  
9>Blitz (Paladin), 20yo.2021,Apr.6 07:08 Say, Roffe, why haven't you done anything to nullify this yet?
6>Sea (Sona; Creator), ♾️yo.2021,Apr.6 07:09 owo
2>Roffe (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.6 07:09 I'm afraid it is part of my contract that I am not allowed to use my magic.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 07:10 Bruh moment
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 07:11 You're going to let a contract stop you? It better be some kind of magic contract because otherwise I'm going to kick your butt!!!! *growls*
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.6 07:12 Yeah I'll see what I can do to make it brighter in here. *golws teal and a teal glowstick appears hovering near him*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 07:12 Uh ohhh, Karen's going to start a fight!
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.6 07:13 Hmm not as effective as I'd like but it'll work
2>Roffe (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.6 07:14 *reads the paper* Alright, then. The first step is to find the breaker room. Our host has neglected to inform me on its location so I suggest we split up to locate it. Thanks to Frea we have a light source to take with us at least.
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 07:15 Shut your stupid mouth!! You ------------- *begins cursing but not because of her block so very random words and noises replace her insults*
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 07:15 @Char
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.6 07:16 (I gotta head into work now sorry guys)
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 07:16 [Aw, see ya!]
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 07:17 {Aww, bye!}
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 07:18 Are you okay?
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 07:18 Do you need me to take you to the emergency room?
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 07:19 NO *is breathing heavy* WHATEVER LETS JUST FIND THIS DANG BOILER ROOM.
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 07:19 BREAKER ROOM AUUUGH
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 07:19 Alright alright. No need to be so passionate about it, dearie.
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 07:20 DON'T CALL ME THAT YOU STUPID FUDGING PIECE OF GOD GARBAGE!!!
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 07:21 So who's going with who?
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 07:21 *looks at her nearly empty glass**@ Roffe* If I go with you, would we make a stop for a refill?
2>Roffe (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.6 07:26 *@Khyr* Why not? *@Everyone* We can always draw sticks. I have some matches in the kitchen. If you'd be so kind as to follow me.
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 07:27 *Frea approaches first, ready to go but also still seething a bit from rage*
2>Roffe (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.6 07:27 *stands up and starts toward the kitchen. He DOES allow the darkness to subtly fade just enough to barely see him through the dark patches.* If you can't see me, follow the sound of my voice,
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.6 07:28 S-should I get Lit-tho?
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.6 07:28 I think he's still... In the bathroom...
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 07:30 Khyr, wait. Don't leave without adult supervision. *accompanies her to the kitchen*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 07:30 *towardss
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 07:30 **towards [hecking]
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 07:30 Calling yourself an adult is a rather generous self-description.
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 07:31 I agree with what's her face.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 07:32 I believe her name is Khyr, not Whatsherface. Unless you've been lying to me all this time?
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 07:32 ...I have.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 07:32 *gasps dramatically*
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.6 07:32 *proceeds to pass out on the floor out of pure nerves*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 07:32 How could you?
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 07:33 I'm sorry. *her speech this entire time has been very monotone and bored*
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 07:34 I see. Well, Khyr seems to be more agreeable than you.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 07:40 You'd be surprised.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 07:40 It's quite the other way around, really.
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 07:41 Not from what I can see.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 07:49 Well, to each their own, dearie.
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 07:50 Stop calling me that!!
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 07:50 Hmmmmmmm
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 07:50 How about nah?
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 07:51 How about, "yah" or I'll kick you so hard you'll be seen as a woman for the rest if your immortal life!!!
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.6 07:55 *Goes to the men's restroom instead and knocks* Litho... Are you in there??
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 07:58 Big difference
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 07:59 Hmph! Is that all?
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.6 08:01 *no response for awhile. He can be heard breathing*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 08:02 I dunno, is it?
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 08:02 *they reach the kitchen*
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 08:03 *gets her bloody mary refill, complete with another piece of celery* Thank you.
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.6 08:03 Litho, it's dark and I have a light but it's still scary and I need to know your okay.
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 08:03 *glances at some lime slices* May I?
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 08:03 It seems to be.
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.6 08:04 ....Sure
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.6 08:06 Can you come out please? I.. I need you.
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 08:09 *@ Roffe*
2>Roffe (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.6 08:09 Of course. *finds some matches and cuts several of them to different lengths. Without anyone seeing, he hides their length* Each of us will draw a stick and whoever you match with will be your partner in the search for the breaker.
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.6 08:10 *hesitates, then gets up* Okay..
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 08:11 *takes a lime slice and squeezes it into her drink*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.6 08:12 *Quinlynn explains to him what's going on. She's talking a little too fast however, still rather shaken and also under influence still*
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 08:13 Okay. *Grabs a stick*
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 08:19 *she and Char also take sticks*
20>Litho (Viscount), n/ayo.2021,Apr.6 08:29 *goes with her to the kitchen*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.6 08:31 *gets a stick for her and Litho and hands Litho one*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 08:32 That's strange...
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 08:32 *turns to Frea* My stick is the same length as yours.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 08:32 Have you been taking steroids?
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 08:33 *looks at her stick, and then his.* I request a other partner, mine is defective.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 08:35 So is mine, but I'm not complaining.
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 08:36 Shut the fudge up you short ash beech.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 08:42 That's a new one
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 08:42 You sure you don't want to go to the emergency room?
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 08:43 *ends up grouped with Sea*
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 08:43 *once everyone's grouped into pairs, the search begins*
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 08:43 *let's out a wary, shakey sigh*
6>Sea (Sona; Creator), ♾️yo.2021,Apr.6 08:44 Oooh okay :3c
6>Sea (Sona; Creator), ♾️yo.2021,Apr.6 08:44 Looks like it's me and you, Khyr! ^w^
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 08:56 Mm
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 08:57 *he and Frea likely argue more than actually look around*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 08:57 *almost misses the breaker room, but pauses* Oh heyyyy, what is this?
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 08:57 *steps into it*
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 08:58 I think it's the room we're looking for, you fudging idiot.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 08:59 Hmmm, whodathunkit?
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 08:59 What?
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 09:00 HEY, I FOUND IT!
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 09:00 *yells down the hallway:* IT'S OVER HERE!
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 09:00 *walks farther into the room* Hmm
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 09:00 *sighs* ....
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 09:00 *has stopped abruptly and is staring at something on the floor* Oh boy
1>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 20yo.2021,Apr.6 09:00 *the lower half of her body is on the floor*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 09:01 This is a predicament.
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 09:02 It's a corpse, just leave it and investigate.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.6 09:03 I think you missed the problem here.
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.6 09:04 Oh, you're right! I did! The problem is you.
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.6 09:06 *wakes up and stumbles to sit up* what in Jerry's name happened... uhhhh where did everyone go?
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.6 09:12 Alright I'm going to sleep for now
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.7 05:24 Maybe...orrrrrr maybe there's a bigger problem that anyone with an intellect equal to or greater than that of a Mirizilian monkey might be able to discern?
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.7 05:24 On the other hand, Mirizilian monkeys are pretty clever...hmm...
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.7 05:27 ahhhrg maybe not
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.7 05:28 *she and presumably most of the other guests are headed in the direction of Char's voice--towards electrical*
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.7 05:32 alright i'm coming
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.7 05:36 *when she arrives and sees the body, she doesn't seem perturbed*
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.7 05:41 *looks into the room* alright lets get the... *sees the body* oh...
18>Khyr (Panthean Cold God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.7 06:31 *sips her bloody mary*
11>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2021,Apr.7 17:21 (I don't have work tonight
14>Frea (Eldest Light Goddess), 23-25yo.2021,Apr.9 20:06 Whatever, Fireball. Let me know when you can come up with a proper insult. Meanwhile, I'm going to do important stuff. *Begins to investigate the corpse and area*
16>Quinlynn (Scientist! Mom! ), 23-31yo.2021,Apr.9 21:18 *Approaches the the body and blinks. Her expression shifts from fretful confusion to a haunting blank one. She doesn't look like she's all there.*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2021,Apr.10 09:10 ...You know, I always had the feeling that our hostess was only...partly there.

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