" Empire of Kasmira "
This game is destined to players of 6 to 100 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

The Empire of Kasmira is one of the most prosperous kingdoms in the world. But when the kingdom enters war, it all rests on a maid called Elyna and her past. Join this great medieval role play! Possible characters: Maids, princes, princesses, kings, queens, servants, slaves, village kid/woman/man, merchant, explorer, etc. Village people MUST be the most common.

1>Elyna (Maid/princess), 17yo.2021,Oct.26 04:46 Welcome, I am Princess Elyna. I am skilled with a bow, creating battle plans, designing buildings, and cleaning (I was a maid up until a month ago, when I discovered my true identity. My father told me on his death bed,
1>Elyna (Maid/princess), 17yo.2021,Oct.26 04:49 "You are my daughter, even though I have put you through being a maid for 17 years, you are my only heir and you need to inherit the throne." yep, he was an awesome dad. Anyway, I am royal blood, have olive skin and dark, curly hair. And I need your help.
1>Elyna (Maid/princess), 17yo.2021,Oct.26 04:50 Our kingdom is in grave danger. Join me, or die! (And I mean that in the most non-threatening and forceful way possible).

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