" Amazing role-play where EVERYTHING is possible!!! Please join! "
This game is destined to players of 0 to 12 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

You may buy anything for free and if you want to buy something, just do *Buys a puppy* *Names him Oreo* *He's a french bulldog* Just do * * to do something in the game. Hope you have fun!!!

1>Ava (Game Master), 8yo.2016,Mar.26 03:18  Secret message to Haru-Inachi Matsuki  
1>Ava (Game Master), 8yo.2016,Mar.26 04:20 Hello everyone! Well, actually you because you made two characters but I am McKeyla McAlister!
1>Ava (Game Master), 8yo.2016,Mar.26 04:22 *buys iPhone* *asks Siri to find a restaurant* *finds the resturant* *eats at the resturant* *brings back a cookie!*
11>Qu-Queen (happy), 19yo.2016,Apr.25 15:37 hi
1>Ava (Game Master), 8yo.2016,Apr.28 21:57 Hello! *throws a party* it's a welcoming pArTy!!! Be cRaZy!!!!
1>Ava (Game Master), 8yo.2016,Apr.28 21:57 *throws confetti*
1>Ava (Game Master), 8yo.2016,Apr.28 22:01 *gets superpower gun* *blasts all of us* now we all have superpowers! Qu-Queen has the power of rainbows, she can change the color of anything, add light and bright colors to thing to make them glow, and blast rainbows anywhere she wants!
1>Ava (Game Master), 8yo.2016,Apr.28 22:07 Moikai's power is Fire, she can draw with fire in the air, blast fire at people, Control flames, make fire small or big, and she can work with Qu-Queen to make colorful flames!
1>Ava (Game Master), 8yo.2016,Apr.28 22:12 Haru-Inachi Matsuki can create anything she thinks of!
20>Katlyn (Sad), 9yo.2016,Aug.3 16:40 Hello
5>Rose (Fairy), ---yo.2016,Oct.5 06:21 [Rose is a fairy, who is only 5 inches tall, doesn't like to talk about her size. She has flown red hair and a matching dress. She also wears a yellow necklace which holds most of her powers] hi!
5>Rose (Fairy), ---yo.2016,Oct.5 06:23 [roses powers are mostly plants, but obviously can also fly. She can talk to animals and just loves all nature]
5>Rose (Fairy), ---yo.2016,Oct.5 18:06 [roses powers are mostly plants, but obviously can also fly. She can talk to animals and just loves all nature]
2>Tiffany (Sexy Girl), 14yo.2016,Oct.10 16:53 Hi all
18>Brendon (idk), 15yo.2016,Nov.27 04:55 Rawr XD
9>Frank (Physical Powers), 17yo.2017,Sep.16 07:31 Hello ther beautiful people
3>Ana (teacher), 12yo.2017,Sep.23 16:15  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
13>tysuma (random person), 12yo.2017,Oct.19 18:02  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=nothing  
13>tysuma (random person), 12yo.2017,Oct.19 18:02 what is this
4>SCP-939 (DINO), ??yo.2018,Mar.10 18:27 ROaAAAAH!
4>SCP-939 (DINO), ??yo.2018,Mar.10 18:27 *gobbles ana up*
4>SCP-939 (DINO), ??yo.2018,Mar.10 18:27  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
4>SCP-939 (DINO), ??yo.2018,Mar.10 18:27  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=73  
4>SCP-939 (DINO), ??yo.2018,Mar.10 18:28 *evolves into SCP-682*
4>SCP-939 (DINO), ??yo.2018,Mar.10 18:28 *runs up to Rose*
4>SCP-939 (DINO), ??yo.2018,Mar.10 18:28 *gobbles rose up*
4>SCP-939 (DINO), ??yo.2018,Mar.10 18:29 *runs to Moikai*
4>SCP-939 (DINO), ??yo.2018,Mar.10 18:29 *gobbles Moikai up*
15>Jackie (Person), 15yo.2018,Mar.11 04:58 Hi
15>Jackie (Person), 15yo.2018,Mar.11 04:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=30  
6>Syrup (Baby), 2yo.2018,Apr.11 17:09 Hewwo? (Syrup has orange hair and brown-orange eyes. She loves pancakes. Her parents abandoned her so she needs a mom or a dad.)
17>Leo (Mysterious guy), 12yo.2018,Aug.31 14:45 *in house*
17>Leo (Mysterious guy), 12yo.2018,Aug.31 14:45  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=49  
17>Leo (Mysterious guy), 12yo.2018,Aug.31 14:45  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=97  
17>Leo (Mysterious guy), 12yo.2018,Aug.31 14:45 why does this life have to be so boring
17>Leo (Mysterious guy), 12yo.2018,Aug.31 14:46 everyone is so joyful. I shouldn't have to keep the end a secret
17>Leo (Mysterious guy), 12yo.2018,Aug.31 14:47 but... my rules i've beeen told to follow. and being loyal... I just get it
19>Alessia (Main character), 15yo.2018,Sep.24 02:29 Hey guys!!!!
19>Alessia (Main character), 15yo.2018,Sep.24 02:29 I'll adopt syrup!!!!
19>Alessia (Main character), 15yo.2018,Sep.24 02:30  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
19>Alessia (Main character), 15yo.2018,Sep.24 02:30  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
19>Alessia (Main character), 15yo.2018,Sep.24 02:31  Secret message to Syrup  
10>Kake (main character), 13yo.2020,Aug.15 14:45 Hiii!!!!

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