" Missing Pieces: A Continuation of Finding Samantha Summers "
This game is destined to players of 13 to 100 years of age.
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Two years have passed since Samantha Summers was found dead in a tent along one of California's most isolated hiking trails.
Two years ago, everyone was supposed to forget. Everyone was supposed to move on.
Not Alexa.
Racked by nightmares and haunted by the memory of Sam, Alexa disconnects herself from the lives of her friends and family. This time, sheís left them without a trace. Sporadic journeys across the country help her recuperate from the devastation of what she's lost - and help her run away from herself.
Remarkably, the friends that joined her on that fateful trip have managed to leave it behind them as their lives progress. But when one of them has a cryptic, chance encounter with Alexa, old wounds are reopened. Important questions are asked about the paradox that she has become, as well as the irrevocable bond they thought they had forged.
Venturing on another epic cross-country quest to reassemble the missing pieces of their friendship are Christina, Josh, Midas, Red, and Luke. Not only do they learn about the value of companionship, but of the power of appreciation, living in the moment, and the pains that come with moving on.

7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.17 05:16 Are we scr*wed? *holds up her camera and aims it at Kai and Christina* Smile!
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.17 05:16 (Haha, yup.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.17 05:16 [The Gracie Allen Show really thrived off of them. XD "(So-and-so) jumped in the pool after his lunch." "What was his lunch doing in the pool?"]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.17 05:17 *makes her signature sarcastic "We're sc***ed indeed" smile*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.17 05:17 *sits up and runs a hand through his hair* Then who were you muttering about just moments ago?
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.17 05:19 (Ha, thatís a good one. It really does force you to do a double take.)
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.17 05:19 *is looking away from the camera apprehensively*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.17 05:19 [You know, MAYBE the frog had a heart attack because I'm just too beautiful and the frog couldn't handle it...]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.17 05:19 [Yeah, that's probably it...]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.17 05:19 [...Eh nvm, I'm average. XP]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.17 05:20 You better get off that rock, then. Letís keep moving.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.17 05:21 (I guess the cause will remain a mystery. And Iíve gotta go now, so Iíll see you tomorrow!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.17 05:22 [I'm feeling goofy and trollish tonight, in case you can't tell. XD]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.17 05:22 [Aw, bye!]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.17 05:23 Me? Muttering? Noooo...you're delusional.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.18 03:54 [I'm on!]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.18 04:26 [Hello?]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.18 04:50 (Hey! Sorry Iím so late. I was doing something, and it took longer than I intended.)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.18 04:51 [Hey! It's fine. Have you seen my video(s)?]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.18 05:02 [Hello?]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.18 05:07 (Yep, Iím watching them right now (hence the slow replies). Almost done with the first one.)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.18 05:11 [Okie dokie! :D]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.18 05:12 [Okie dokie! :D]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.18 05:12 [Crap...double-post.]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.18 05:16 (Okay, so I liked the second one a little bit better. There seemed to be a lot more energy, you were really into the game, and the beginning of the video was great. I also thought the flashback to Toasty was hilarious.)
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.18 05:18 (Toasty wasnít bad. I think you were probably pretty frustrated during that level, which makes it different from Sunny Flight. You did tend to repeat a lot of things, especially that you were rusty on the level. Thatís fine- no need to keep apologizing
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.18 05:18 for that.)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.18 05:20 [Yeah, I was actually surprised at how calm I sounded when editing the Toasty video. I was MUCH angrier than I sounded.]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.18 05:21 [I also had a lot of laughs while inserting the Toasty flashback into the Sunny Flight video, mostly due to how speeding up the footage made my voice's pitch skyrocket... X'D]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.18 05:21 [I totally messed up my intro in the Sunny Flight video, but I was forced to because I simply didn't have the time to do it properly.]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.18 05:22 [I repeated things in Toasty because I was trying to explain why I was having problems, and then I'd get womped mid-sentence. Read my description--I literally couldn't finish a freaking sentence. XD]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.18 05:23 [That's why I ultimately inserted that text after I died the first time. I literally never got the chance to fully explain.]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.18 05:24 [BTW, these were my first videos where I recorded my commentary while playing as opposed to making it a well-disguised post-commentary. That's probably why some of the things I said weren't as coherent--I was concentrating on the game.]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.18 05:27 (Yeah, I understand. When youíre playing, itís kind of hard to provide commentary in the moment. So itís totally fine.)
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.18 05:30 (Yeah, I understand. When youíre playing, itís kind of hard to provide commentary in the moment. So itís totally fine.)
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.18 05:30 (Oops, double post.)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.18 05:31 [I recommend reading the descriptions of both videos, actually. I left a little present of sorts at the bottom of the Sunny Flight description... >:D]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.18 05:32 (If you thought the intro to Sunny Flight was bad, you managed to recover pretty well. I like how you jumped right into the game. It was pretty energetic and got me interested.)
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.18 05:33 (Haha, ďenjoy my agonyĒ. Nice.)
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.18 05:34 (And I loved the description for Sunny Flight!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.18 05:35 [OK, good! I actually liked the Toasty video better because I felt it was more coherent than the Sunny Flight video, but now I think I agree--the Sunny Flight video was better.]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.18 05:36 [I did have a ton of fun editing the parts in Toasty where I died, though. XD]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.18 05:36 *actually initially liked
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.18 05:40 (The part in Toasty where Spyro was flattened like a pancake was pretty funny. It just kinda... happened.)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.18 05:42 [Oh yeah, that's straight from the original. There's tons of enemies that flatten Spyro like that. XD]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.18 05:50 [Thanks for watching my videos! :D I'm really glad you enjoyed them.]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.18 05:50 (Yeah, no problem!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.18 05:52 [RPing?]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.18 05:55 (Sure!)
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.18 05:56 *emerges from the tent* What are you boys arguing about? *is smiling languidly*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.18 05:57 *doesnít like the way Reagan says that* *it sounds almost patronizing*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.18 05:57 Nuthin'.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.18 05:58 *they have hit the trail again* So, Christina. Since youíve done your research... are there snakes around here?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.18 06:06 Because I asked him to wake the (BLEEP) up, and rightfully so.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.18 06:06 *looks around* Well, I guess it would be nice to get out of here.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.18 06:08 Naturally.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.18 06:12 (BLEEP).
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.18 06:13 Just keep walking, Kai.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.18 06:15 Itís hard to when you realize a snake might come at you at any given moment.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.18 06:16 *says impatiently* Can we just get out of here?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.18 06:17 Why not? *starts getting supplies*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.18 06:26 *they gather up all necessary items, then hit the trail* *notices that Sally and Rae are gone when they pass by their camp*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.18 06:27 *takes the lead, marveling at the scenery*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.18 06:33 *keeps stopping for long intervals of time to enjoy the view* *has truly never seen anything so beautiful*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.18 06:34 *he doesn't like stopping as much or for as long, so he compensates by walking relatively slowly*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.18 06:35 *goes behind a rock that forms a ďwindowĒ with another rock* *leans against it and gazes out at a canyon of sorts*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.18 06:35 *doesnít look like sheís planning on moving anytime soon*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.18 06:36 *paces around nearby, stopping to look at the view every now and then*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.18 06:39 *has discreetly followed Midas and co.*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.18 06:40 *notices how Josh seems agitated**just watches him quizzically*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.18 06:45 *looks out at the trail, wondering if he should try to catch up with Christina, Kai, and Midas* *when he turns around, he catches Mazyís eye* *looks at her just as quizzically*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.18 06:46 *kind of wanders around alone for a while* *seems to be in a deeply reflective mood*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.18 06:48 *for one thing, he didnít realize that Mazy had tagged along with them*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.18 06:49 *cocks her head a little*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.18 06:50 *says quietly* You...okay?
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.18 06:52 *they reach an area with a relatively high elevation* *stops to take a breather - and by stopping, he looks over the edge* Long way down.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.18 06:53 *is shocked that Mazy asked him a question, much less said something* *doesnít know how to respond seriously, so his response comes out as clipped* Um. Yeah.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.18 06:54 *adds* Just waiting for them. *Reagan is sitting atop a hill, looking out at the view with her knees hugged to her chest* *has no idea where Midas is*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.18 06:56 *looks doubtful*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.18 07:00 *can tell that Mazy is just as enthusiastic to wait around for Reagan and Midas as he is* Uh... you want to keep going? *gestures toward the trail*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.18 07:01 *walks over to the edge to get a glimpse* Now, donít take a selfie, or you might fall over the edge.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.18 07:03 *replies by moving forward*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.18 07:08 *has no choice but to follow* *seriously has no idea what to say* *anytime heís talked to Mazy in the past has usually involved a dose of snark about one of her odd habits* *stares at the ground, trying to think of something to say* *is uncomfortable in
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.18 07:08 the silence*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.18 07:09 *sees Josh and Mazy heading off together* *chuckles to herself* *muses* Odd pairing.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.18 07:09 *normally she doesn't seem to care if anything seems awkward or uncomfortable at all**however, even she seems rather uncomfortable in this silence*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.18 07:13 So, um. *there is a loaded pause* Howíre you liking the trip so far?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.18 07:16 *pauses awkwardly* ...It's good.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.18 07:18 *nods slowly* ...yep.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.18 07:20 *wonders why Mazy is actively talking/hanging out with him* *would expect her to be totally reclusive, staying back at the campground or venturing on her own*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.18 07:21 *is starting to think that maybe itís all an act* *or, if Mazyís not objecting to his company, then maybe something is going on*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.18 07:23 *glances at him awkwardly**walks a little bit faster so both of them don't have to look at each other's faces/so that she pulls ahead of him a bit*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.18 07:23 *stops walking under the pretense that heís stopping to enjoy the view* *looks out at the canyon and the low late afternoon sun* *then turns to face Mazy*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.18 07:27 *glances at her furtively* Whatís going on? *says it in a quiet voice, in a way that might help her understand what heís trying to get at*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.18 07:29 *stops**knows what he's trying to get at, but pretends she doesn't**turns to face him* We're walking.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.18 07:34 *is thoroughly embarrassed* *would keep going, but he clarifies himself* I know. I meant with you.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.18 07:35 *looks her in the eye* I mean, why are you walking with me?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.18 07:39 *shrugs her shoulders* Why shouldn't I?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.18 07:41 *starts walking* I donít know. Because you never would.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.18 07:44 *would say "Why not" but she realizes he's probably right*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.18 07:45 *doesnít say anything after that* *realizes he probably shouldnít have asked her unwarranted questions*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.18 07:50 *doesn't say anything either*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.18 07:54 *has decided to let Mazy talk when she wants to, which probably makes for a pretty silent walk*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.18 07:54 *meanwhile, she finally vacates her post to find Midas* Hey Midas?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.18 07:56 *finally just decides to apologize to Mazy* Sorry. I shouldnít have asked you that.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.18 07:58 Mm hm?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.18 07:58 (I have to go now, Iíll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.18 08:00 [Aw, bye!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.19 04:07 [I'm here!]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.19 04:25 (Hey! Sorry Iím late. Iím in the middle of something, so my replies will be extremely slow for a while.)
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.19 04:25 Where are you? *is looking for him*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.19 04:26 [Hey! It's fine, I'm multitasking too.]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.19 04:34 Up here. *has climbed up on a rock formation*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.19 04:34 Mm. *just shrugs her shoulders nonchalantly*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.19 04:38 *climbs up the rock formation to meet him* Hey.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.19 04:39 Beautiful views, huh?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.19 04:43 Yup. [brb]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.19 04:43 *looks out at the canyons wistfully* Brings back a lot of memories.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.19 04:52 [Back!]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.19 04:53 *wonders how this brings back memories if she's supposedly never seen anything like this**looks at her curiously*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.19 04:55 (Iím sorry to say that Iíll have to leave a little early tonight.)
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.19 04:56 I mean, you might laugh at me if I tell you. *looks down and bites back a smile*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.19 04:58 [Aw, okay. :P]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.19 04:58 Nahh...what is it?
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.19 05:01 Well... alright. Iíll tell you as long as you promise not to laugh.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.19 05:03 When I was a kid, way back when, I used to be obsessed with all things cowboy.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.19 05:05 I used to wear a cowboy hat all the time. I went as a cowgirl for Halloween for two years. I went through the mandatory horse phase, and even had a cowgirl alter ego: Hattie Hopkins, the most kick(BLEEP) cowgirl in Rusty Junction.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.19 05:05 *doesn't laugh, but he's grinning*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.19 05:06 *is trying not to laugh hard* *forces herself to be more serious* And, well, I always wanted to come out to a place like this. I lost the cowgirl obsession, but not the dream to go out West.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.19 05:07 My five year-old self would be really proud of me, I think.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.19 05:09 *glances at Midas with a small smile* All thanks to you, Sir Poopenschmirtz.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.19 05:09 *is still grinning* I think she would.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.19 05:10 *said that before she said her last statement*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.19 05:12 Naw...we're all in this together.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.19 05:14 Maybe. But you drove me out here.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.19 05:15 *exhales deeply and starts tapping her foot* Yeah... youíre probably gonna laugh at what I have to say next.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.19 05:17 Hm?
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.19 05:21 *takes in another breath* *the foot tapping increases* Midas, I really like you. *sounds a lot younger than sheís been acting*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.19 05:22 Youíre funny and charming and sweet, and... nice for once. *is stumbling over her words* When I first saw you at that fair, I just knew...
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.19 05:24 *just listens**his smile has faded a bit**senses what could be coming*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.19 05:26 *sees Midasí reaction and is thrown into an internal panic* *looks worried* I- Iím sorry. I said that too soon.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.19 05:27 You said nothing too soon.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.19 05:29 *glances at him* So you donít think Iím a weirdo or anything?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.19 05:31 No.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.19 05:33 Okay. *chuckles awkwardly and fidgets* *is pretty embarrassed* *gazes off and waits for Midas to prove her wrong*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.19 05:35 *even though he senses this is the optimal time to go for a kiss, he doesn't*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.19 05:39 *is honestly disappointed by this* *sits there and wallows in her sadness, though she tries to hide it*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.19 05:39 *speaks carefully* Whoís Alexa? *looks at him*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.19 05:43 *is caught off guard by that question, but tries not to show it*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.19 05:43 Someone from back home.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.19 05:48 *nods a little* I can tell that you miss her. I heard you and Josh talking about her the other day.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.19 05:51 *is very uncomfortable, though on the outside he only seems a tad uncomfortable* Mm...yeah...
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.19 05:52 Iím sorry that sheís causing you to suffer, because I see it in the way you hold yourself. You donít deserve it. *by making this comment, sheís nominating herself as the better option for Midas*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.19 05:53 *says a little more softly* You can talk to me, you know. Iím here to listen.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.19 05:53 (I have to go now, Iíll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.19 05:55 [Aw, bye!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.20 04:05 [I'm on!]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.20 04:13 (Hey!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.20 04:14 [Hi!]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.20 04:19 Mmm hmm...
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.20 04:24 *turns away a little* *is disappointed and embarrassed that Midas didnít react in the way she wanted*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.20 04:25 *looks out at the beautiful terrain**late afternoon is beginning to transition into sunset*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.20 04:36 *meanwhile, he decides to stop near the ledge that Kai, Eleanor, and Christina were previously at to take a break* *sits down on a rock, takes a sip of water, and looks out at the sunset* *looks a little contemplative for some reason*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.20 04:36 (Sorry for the slow replies, by the way. Theyíll start speeding up.)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.20 04:39 [It's fine. I'm multitasking.]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.20 04:43 *sits down behind Josh about 15 feet away**awkwardly looks down at her feet, fidgeting with a rock with her toes*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.20 04:46 *the awkwardness radiating between them is palpable* *briefly wonders where Eleanor, Kai, and Christina are* *also wonders if or when Midas and Reagan will show up*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.20 04:47 *glances at what Mazyís doing when the rock-to-ground contact becomes noticeably loud* *seeing her shoes brings back memories of that hotel debacle* *bursts out laughing all of a sudden*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.20 04:48 *abruptly sneezes*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.20 04:50 [Replies will be slow. My Internet connection has decided to su ck all of a sudden. *screams "THIS IS A BUCKET" at the heavens*]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.20 04:50 [...Wait...you may not know what buckets are in networking...need an explanation?]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.20 04:55 (Yeah... I have no idea what that is, so that would be helpful.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.20 04:57 *sort of jumps and stops laughing*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.20 04:57 [OK, so you know how you connect to a network, it's blazing fast for the first few minutes, and then it gets unbearably slow?]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.20 04:57 [That's a bucket at work.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.20 04:57 *slowly turns around* Um, bless... you?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.20 04:58 [Basically a "bucket" is like a certain amount of data you can use before they severely start tampering with your bandwidth. Once you use that set amount of data (think of it like the data is filling up a bucket), they limit your bandwidth.]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.20 04:59 [After a certain amount of time the bucket will be "emptied" and it'll get faster again until you fill it up again. Internet providers don't tell you about buckets, but they're everywhere.]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.20 05:00 [It's basically a way to cheat you out of and regulate Internet speed/bandwidth. It basically makes it seem like the wifi is blazing fast...and then 10 minutes later joke's on you, it was a bucket all along.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.20 05:05 (Yep, yep. Okay.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.20 05:05 (Thatís really interesting. Thanks for explaining!)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.20 05:07 (Anyways, I have to go now. Iíll plan on seeing you tomorrow!)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.20 05:10 [Aw, bye!]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.20 05:11 *just sniffles in response, looking at him quizzically*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.21 04:05 [I'm here!]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.21 04:20 (Hi!)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.21 04:21 (Sorry Iím a bit late.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.21 04:21 *returns the quizzical look*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.21 04:27 *lets out a deep breath and stands up* *mutters* Think Iím gonna head back. Iím tired
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.21 04:28 *walks off without giving Midas time to respond* *is trying to be blasť about the matter, but she canít stop the tears from coming* *quickly wipes one away when it threatens to fall* *walks briskly*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.21 04:29 [Hey! It's fine!]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.21 04:31 *sighs and watches the sunset**his mind is whirling*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.21 04:31 *suddenly bursts out laughing too and then abruptly stops in an attempt to weird him out, or make a point about why she was looking at him quizzically*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.21 04:36 *just starts laughing again, only because heís never seen Mazy laugh - much less smile (unless itís been a creepy- ish smirk)* Why are you laughing?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.21 04:37 Why are you?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.21 04:41 *smirks a little* I asked you first.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.21 04:43 My question was my answer.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.21 04:48 *kind of chuckles* *doesnít want to tell Mazy the truth* Uh, I donít know. I just was.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.21 04:52 *cocks her head at him**clearly doesn't believe him*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.21 05:03 *turns away with a smile* Honestly, itís nothing.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.21 05:03 Nothing's nothing.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.21 05:04 *all but a few moments later, she and the other two are heading into view* *says jovially* Hey, kiddos!
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.21 05:04 *looks a bit worn out* *isnít too surprised to see Josh and Mazy together - figures Midas and Reagan ditched them*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.21 05:06 *on the other hand, heís surprised at the sight of this motley duo* *seeing Josh laugh only confirms his suspicion/curiousity*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.21 05:08 Hey!
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.21 05:08 *she is a little surprised, but doesn't think too much of it*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.21 05:13 Oh, hey. *sits up a little straighter* You guys heading back?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.21 05:14 Yeah. Iím tired. Thatís the most exercise Iíve gotten in a while. *laughs*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.21 05:16 *decides to head back with them* *would've liked to explore the trails more, but he figures heíll be revisiting some cool sights on the way back* *waits for Mazy* *subconsciously, he feels like heís made a connection with her - small, but a connection
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.21 05:17 nonetheless*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.21 05:22 *starts heading back to their van and tents*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.21 05:23 *stays behind*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.21 05:29 *starts walking, but then he realizes that Mazy isnít following* *looks back at her with some concern* You going?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.21 05:32 *continues on without noticing that Josh and Mazy didnít follow*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.21 05:35 *just shakes her head a little*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.21 05:36 Why not?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.21 05:42 (I have to go now, Iíll see you tomorrow!)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.21 05:42 *just shakes her head again*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.21 05:42 [Aw, bye!]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.22 04:07 [I'm on!]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.22 04:16 (Hey!)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.22 04:19 [Hi! Don't mind me, I'm just working on a drawing and expanding my character's booty immensely. XD]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.22 04:20 [Er...context: I showed a WIP to RaeAnna (Caprial's friend who I RP with as well; she's the one who plays as the demon god Mayhem) and she said my character's shoulders were too wide for a woman. So I've been shrinking the shoulders, as well as expanding
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.22 04:20 Seriously, whatís going on? *isnít rude or demanding about it, he just wants to figure her out*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.22 04:20 her hips to balance the shoulders out better. The hip expansion has been a tad difficult due to how easy it is to make her buttocks reach absurd mass.]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.22 04:21 *shakes her head*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.22 04:21 (Hahaha, nice. Good luck with that!)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.22 04:24 [As I'm drawing this, I absolutely cannot stop thinking of the 3:03-3:48 section of this: https://youtu.be/hPn5KPn7E7k ]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.22 04:26 (Oh my GOD. That dark singing had me dying...)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.22 04:26 [While posting about this I'm also internally like "BOW...BA BOW BA DUM BA DUM, GUNNA GET BANNED FROM RP-CITY"... X'D]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.22 04:27 [The cupcake killed me. XD]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.22 04:28 (I was actually guessing that you were imitating Mark while I watched that, haha.)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.22 04:32 [On the side, yes. XD On the outside I'm just getting all giggly and getting weird looks from my family...]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.22 04:32 *the inside
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.22 04:37 (Thatís hilarious, haha. Totally not reshaping someoneís patootie while thinking of a somewhat deranged singing voice.)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.22 04:38 [XD Luckily I've moved on to modifying her face, but god darn...the patootie modification process was quite an experience.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.22 04:48 (Heh, mustíve been.)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.22 04:50 [Anyways, Mazy replied, sooo...]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.22 04:55 (She did? Because Josh replied too.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.22 05:00 (I think it probably got lost while we were talking about Markiplier and patooties, haha.)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.22 05:02 [She just shook her head again.]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.22 05:03 [Read my post underneath the post about hip expansion. XD XP]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.22 05:08 (Ahhhh, okay. Sorry about that.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.22 05:08 *crosses his arms and stands there* *shows no sign of leaving anytime soon*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.22 05:12 [It's fine!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.22 05:13 *notices that Josh and Mazy aren't moving* Er...are you guys coming or not?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.22 05:16 *looks back at Mazy, then resolutely heads after Christina* *figures Mazy wants to be left alone, and heís not going to argue with her about it*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.22 05:18 *seems a little annoyed*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.22 05:22 *Mazy ends up being left behind, though she pretty much asked for it* *it isnít long before they come across Midas* Heya, Midas.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.22 05:23 Whatís up?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.22 05:26 *wonders where Reagan is*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.22 05:27 Nuthin'.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.22 05:29 Eleanor: Just chilliní? Kai: *looks around* Whereís Reagan?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.22 05:32 Went that way. *gestures in the direction she went*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.22 05:34 Okay. Well, weíre heading back to camp. Might find some chow if youíre interested.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.22 05:35 *glances at Midas before following the others*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.22 05:37 *has been moping and periodically crying behind one of the tents* *as soon as Eleanor and co. arrive, she stalks off, en route to the trails* *assumes Midas is amongst them*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.22 05:38 *his eyes follow Reagan* *waits until sheís out of earshot to speak* Looks like weíve got a drama mama on our hands.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.22 05:39 *he has followed Eleanor and co. as well*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.22 05:40 *saw very little of Reaganís face, but it did appear blotchy and red* *crosses her arms* Something happened. And I wanna say it happened with Midas.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.22 05:42 *looks at Midas for an explanation* *has never been more uncomfortable around everyone during this trip, what with the interaction between him and Mazy and all*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.22 05:42 (I have to go now, Iíll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.22 05:44 [Aw, bye!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 04:00 [I'm here!]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 04:07 (Hi!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 04:18 [Hey! :D]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.23 04:18 *pretends not to notice Josh looking at him**gets some food and goes and sits down*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 04:21 (I totally forgot about Red... oops. Letís just say he went with Eleanor and co.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 04:22 *rests her chin on her fist in thought* Maybe I should go talk to her.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.23 04:25 [Same. XD Poor Red...]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 04:25 *is wondering why things had to become so screwed up all of a sudden* *the silent treatment (from Mazy, Midas, and Reagan) is deafening*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.23 04:28 [XD What an irony.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 04:31 *is also pretty sure no one is on Uno terms at the moment*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 04:31 (Yep, haha.)
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 04:35 Whereís Mazy?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 04:36 Honestly, I should make you a t-shirt that says that, because you always seem to be asking that question. *giggles*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 04:37 She decided not to follow.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 04:40 *sounds slightly irritated* Why am I not surprised.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 04:42 I donít know about everyone else, but I think itíd be really nice if people could stop hiding out. It seems passive-aggressive.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 04:43 Also, itís getting dark out...
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 04:44 [brb]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 04:44 *her phone starts ringing* *looks at the number and blinks* Hold on. Iíve gotta take this call.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 04:45 (Ok.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 04:48 *is tuned in to Eleanorís conversation due to proximity* *can hear someone on the other end asking, ďSo, where the h**l are you?Ē to which Eleanor stumbles over a response: ďUm, Big Bend. Yeah. In Texas.Ē*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 04:49 [Back!]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 04:51 *Eleanor and the person on the other line argue, but in a playful manner* *when she says, ďReally? Itís been that long?Ē, he comes to a realization* *figures they could all be getting sick of one another*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 04:51 (Welcome!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 04:52 [Thanks. XD]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.23 04:52 *despite how dark it's getting she still hasn't come back*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 04:54 What? Iím sorry, the connection out here is failing me... Iíll talk to ya soon. *hangs up* Sorry. That was my brother. He was mad that I didnít invite him, but there wasnít enough room.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 04:55 Cool. *sounds disinterested* *is preoccupied with finding Mazy and Reagan*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 04:57 Two of us need to go out and find them. Itís getting pretty dark out there, and I donít want anything bad happening.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 04:58 I mean, Iím just worried that looking for them later will put more of us at risk, so...
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.23 04:58 [Hm...now that I think about it, I'm shocked Eleanor got a connection at all. XD XP Just sayin'.]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.23 05:00 [Sorry about the slow replies BTW. I'm cleaning up the lineart on my drawing.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 05:00 (Yeah... true.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 05:00 (Thatís fine.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 05:02 *decides to take responsibility for leaving Mazy by herself* *accepts an unnecessarily huge flashlight from Kai, who unearthed it from the zombie apocalypse box*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 05:04 Someone else should probably go with him. Donít want him to be alone if, yíknow, he runs into Bigfoot or something.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 05:06 *says coolly* I can handle it.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 05:08 Christina is like a walking field guide for this place, and lemme tell you: after listening to her describe the creatures that roam this place, it would give all of us peace of mind if you went with someone else.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 05:10 *looks a bit worried*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 05:14 *is glancing from person to person, hoping someone will volunteer*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 05:15 [I would prefer if Josh goes alone BTW. I do want to arrange for him and Mazy to have a one-on-one talk.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 05:15 I'll come along.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 05:18 (Alright. Maybe when they find Reagan, Christina can take her back to camp.)
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 05:19 *gives her his pocket-sized flashlight, but itís probably just as effective as the one Josh has* Be careful, alright?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 05:19 [Ah, okay.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 05:20 *nods* *they start off* *says after a while* I hope youíre just as confused as I am. *is insinuating the silence between Midas and Reagan, which has become pretty obvious*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 05:23 *the sky is transitioning from a pale orange to a deep blue* *a crescent moon hangs low in the horizon* *at one point, they get a stunning view of the canyon, which appear as shadowy ridges* *pauses to gaze out at it*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 05:26 I hope so too.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 05:26 *looks out at the canyon, gasping in awe*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 05:28 *looks at the canyon a moment longer, then turns back toward the trail* Sometimes I just donít get drama.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 05:30 *is scanning the area for any sign of familiarity* *tries to remember what his surroundings looked like when he, Reagan, Midas, and Mazy were all together, but everything looks the same* *panics a little* (BLEEP) it. This is gonna be hard.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 05:30 Maybe we should call out their names.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 05:34 Good idea. *just as he is about to call for Reagan, there is a sudden yelping noise* *his heartbeat goes a bit haywire until he recognizes it as being obnoxious, girlish laughter*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 05:35 *clicks on the flashlight with caution* Reagan?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 05:36 *two plodding figures come into view - definitely not Reagan* *one of them says, ďIs that a (BLEEP)ing light?Ē*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 05:37 *mutters* Better question is why they're out here with no light...
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 05:38 *is looking right at their campground neighbors* *likewise, Rae and Sally are staring back at the silhouettes of Christina and Josh*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 05:38 (Haha, that was the perfect comeback.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 05:39 *lowers the flashlight a little* Rae: *furrows her brow* You guys looking for something? Josh: Uh, weíre actually looking for a person.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 05:42 Rae: *glances at Sally* Well, we saw this chick crying back there. Red hair, kinda tall I guess?... I dunno if thatís who youíre looking for, buuut...
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 05:45 Thatís exactly who weíre looking for. Thank you. Rae: No problem. *watches them move on with a smirk*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 05:45 You do realize there's rattlesnakes and scorpions out here, right?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 05:45 And the nearest hospital is in Alpine...right?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 05:45 [Alpine is HOURS away from Big Bend BTW.]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.23 05:47 Rae: Um... yeah? *doesnít sound too convincing*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 05:48 It's your funeral, then.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 05:48 *heads in Reagan's direction*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 05:49 *scouts for Reagan while Christina talks to Rae and Sally* *but because of her rattlesnake comment, he isnít moving too quickly* *wants to make sure his path is clear of them*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 05:49 Sally: *quietly imitates Christina behind Christina's back and snickers*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 05:49 Rae: *rolls her eyes and mutters something* (however... what a burn.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 05:50 Rae: *says kind of loudly* Well, weíre not dead yet!! *she and Sally explode into giggles*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.23 05:52 *the sound of voices donít give her a quick enough warning* *light is bouncing off of the path and grows brighter as it gets closer* *skips off of a rock and into view*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.23 05:52 *doesnít
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 05:54 *Reagan practically jumps into the light* *is a bit startled* Hey, Reagan. What are you doing out here?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 05:54 Reagan! *waves*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 05:54 You shouldn't be out here like this, there are snakes.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.23 05:55 *grins* Hey! Just stargazing. Theyíre beautiful. *points at the sky*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.23 05:55 *shakes her head a little, still smiling* No snake could scare me away from this.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 05:56 *looks up* *has to agree a little - they are pretty dazzling*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 05:57 [Oh yeah, the lack of light pollution makes Big Bend one of the best places to watch the stars.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.23 05:57 (I have to go now. I might be a bit late tomorrow, and thereís a chance I wonít be on at all. Whichever it ends up being, Iíll see you soon!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 05:57 No, but it sure could kill you away from this. Let's get back to camp.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.23 05:58 [OK. See you!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.24 04:28 [I'm here!]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.24 04:35 (Hi!)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.24 04:36 (Oh my gosh... honestly, Christina has the best responses for everyone.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.24 04:40 [It's called being the only sane person present. XD Also, hi.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.24 04:43 Hey, wait, what about Mazy?
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.24 04:45 Mazy? *looks confused*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.24 04:52 [After weeks of work, I've finally finished my lineart for my latest drawing...want to see it? :D]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.24 04:54 Oh yeah...er, we could all look for her together.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.24 04:56 (Sure!)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.24 04:59 *is somewhat uneasy about that idea* Well, if you want to go back to camp, you can. I was just making sure... that we didnít forget her.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.24 04:59 *gives Josh a somewhat perplexed look* Okay...
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.24 05:05 [Okie dokie. One sec...]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.24 05:06 I mean...finding her might be easier if there's more of us, but... *shrugs her shoulders* Alright.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.24 05:09 Iíll be fine. *pauses* She shouldnít be too far off.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.24 05:10 [The lineart has been sent! :D]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.24 05:12 [Nvm, NOW it's been sent.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.24 05:12 *they go their separate ways* *in truth, heís pretty freaked out* *is scared that heíll provoke a hidden rattlesnake, or receive a near fatal sting from a scorpion* *tries to push that to the back of his mind*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.24 05:13 (Great!)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.24 05:18 (That is some pretty freakiní cool lineart! Thanks for sharing!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.24 05:20 [No problem! Also, HER RIGHT ARM'S TOO LONG...NOOOOO...]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.24 05:20 [*redoes lineart for the millionth time*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.24 05:20 *]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.24 05:26 (Actually, I didnít really notice that... maybe youíre overanalyzing? Itís really quite good.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.24 05:29 *pivots the flashlight around in a paranoid manner* *picks up the pace* *finally arrives at the place he thought he left Mazy at* Mazy?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.24 05:29 [No, try imagining her arm straight down. The hand is way too low.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.24 05:30 [Unless...well...maybe...I'm not sure now...]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.24 05:33 [Try imagining her arm being flat against her side as opposed to bent. Is it too long?? I really can't tell now.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.24 05:36 (I do see what you mean. But honestly, itís way too subtle a detail for anyone to look twice.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.24 05:40 [Yeah...plus, she's kind of a tall/gangly character. It may actually be right, and she's just so long-bodied that I'm hallucinating that the proportions are off.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.24 05:41 *heads back to camp with Reagan*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.24 05:42 (Right. I wouldnít sweat it.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.24 05:46 [Okie dokie. I'll leave it be and jump straight to the coloring then. ^.^ Thanks for your input!]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.24 05:54 (No problem! Also, I have to go now, so Iíll see you tomorrow!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.24 06:01 [Aw, bye!]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.25 04:21 [I'm on!]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.25 04:44 (Hi! Sorry Iím late. I had to clean something up.)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.25 04:49 [It's fine! I'm busy anyway, so my replies will be slow.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.25 04:57 (Okay.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.25 04:58 *shines the flashlight around* Mazy?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.25 05:04 *isn't too far away, but doesn't really hear him**was smart enough to bring a flashlight of her own*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.25 05:07 *continues scouting the area carefully* *starts to panic a bit - hopes that Mazy didnít fall over the edge of a canyon or anything*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.25 05:09 *stares down the edge of a ridge* *the flashlight beam is swallowed by the pitch black darkness of the edge* *almost considers giving up - until he notices a light bouncing off a nearby surface*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.25 05:11 *swivels around defensively, then comes face-to-face with Mazy* *his features relax a little* Hey. *walks over*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.25 05:13 Just wanted to make sure you werenít, like, dead or anything.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.25 05:14 [Sorry for disappearing. My replies should be faster-ish now.]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.25 05:15 *just looks at him**he probably expects her to not respond at all, but she does eventually nod a little*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.25 05:20 You... ready to go back now?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.25 05:21 (Youíre fine!)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.25 05:27 *shakes her head a little*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.25 05:31 *shifts around, not knowing what to say* *finally acquiesces* Okay. *sits down on the ground*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.25 05:34 *turns himself around so that heís facing her* Why donít you want to go back?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.25 05:39 *just shrugs her shoulders**she's sitting on a large rock and looking at her feet*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.25 05:48 *is also staring at the ground* Look, I know that you donít want to talk, but... Iím not gonna bite or anything. *chuckles softly*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.25 05:58 I...don't feel like it. *was answering his last question*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.25 06:03 *doesnít want to sound impatient* *hugs his knees* Itís getting dark out, and Christina said there are rattlesnakes and scorpions out here. I donít want us to get lost or hurt.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.25 06:05 *doesnít want to be rude to Mazy, though - sheís someone to be treated with a lot of fragility, in his view anyways* But if you donít want to go yet, we can just.... hang out here for a few more minutes.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.25 06:06 *looks up at the sky* *can see what Reagan was saying about the stars*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.25 06:08 *looks up at the sky as well*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.25 06:09 *after a few minutes she suddenly says:* What happened to you?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.25 06:12 *looks at her with a puzzled expression* What do you mean?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.25 06:16 *looks at him* What are you running from?'
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.25 06:16 *?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.25 06:19 *cuts away from her glance and looks out thoughtfully* I donít know. *pauses* A lot of things, I guess.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.25 06:20 *continues to look at him, as if expecting him to go on*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.25 06:26 *stares at his knees* *says after a while* A lot of people have the misconception that when you follow your dreams, life is like an instant pocketful of sunshine. Donít get me wrong, I love what I do, itís just....
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.25 06:28 *fidgets and exhales* I donít know. Itís just that, you never stop having expectations. And when you reach them, all of a sudden people just want to get to know you for what you can offer them.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.25 06:30 When the only friends you have are the same ten people you see day in and day out - from 5 oíclock in the morning sometimes until two the next - you kind of forget a part of yourself that was once ďnormalĒ.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.25 06:32 I donít know. Maybe I sound too privileged, but not a lot of people realize that thereís another side to me besides the almighty game-saver, you know?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.25 06:34 *his cheeks are a little red* *didnít expect to spill so much* I guess I just needed to get some air. *glances at her with a somewhat sad smile*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.25 06:37 I like to make people uncomfortable so I don't feel as uncomfortable about myself.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.25 06:38 *arches an eyebrow* And thatís why you made me answer your question.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.25 06:41 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.25 06:42 [Aw, bye!]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.25 06:42 No.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.26 04:24 [Here! Sorry I'm late; I was watching one of my favorite shows and got distracted.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.26 04:39 (Hi! No problem. As you can see, Iím pretty late myself.)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.26 04:41 [Hey! RPing?]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.26 04:44 (Sure! By the way, Iím a little tired (Iíve been working outside all day), so I may have to leave a tad early tonight.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.26 04:47 Then... why?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.26 04:50 [Okay, that's fine.]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.26 04:50 *opens her mouth to speak**then hesitates and looks at her feet again*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.26 04:56 *looks at her in anticipation of an answer*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.26 04:58 *says nothing*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.26 05:02 *reiterates the question* Why do you do that?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.26 05:05 *says quietly* I wanted to know...
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.26 05:09 What? What did you want to know?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.26 05:18 [Sorry for disappearing; I got distracted.] The answer to my question. *sounds annoyed, but she's using that to cover up embarrassment*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.26 05:24 *nods a little vaguely* Since you got the answer to your question, Iíd like to ask you the same thing. *pauses a bit* Why did you decide to go on this trip?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.26 05:30 *gets a little fidgety as she sits there in silence for a minute*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.26 05:30 Needed to get away from...things...
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.26 05:36 Like what? *rests his chin on his hand and looks at her*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.26 05:42 Things aren't so good at home...
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.26 05:51 *nods a little and looks down* *doesnít want to ask anything else in fear of pushing a touchy subject*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.26 05:52 *finally canít help but ask* *glances at her* Is it bad?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.26 05:53 *after being silent for a minute she suddenly continues* Parents drink and argue...brother and sister only care about themselves.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.26 05:54 If I have a problem mom and dad have totally different ways of trying to fix it and they just argue some more...
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.26 05:54 So I don't say anything anymore.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.26 06:01 *stares at the ground* *is silent for a few moments* *even though he has falling outs with his dad and brothers, it certainly doesnít get that bad* *mutters* Jesus. Iím sorry.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.26 06:02 *is starting to understand and accept Mazy a lot more now*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.26 06:04 I mean... I donít know what goes on in your house, but I do know that you donít deserve that, and that parents can su ck. *says after a contemplative pause* How do you handle it?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.26 06:06 *replies by looking at him for a few moments, then taking a package of Fun Dip out of her pocket*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.26 06:10 *looks from Mazy to the Fun Dip, then smiles a little* So you just eat candy all the time.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.26 06:14 *shrugs her shoulders* One method of many.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.26 06:21 [I have finished putting the base colors into my Kaliste and Chrysantha drawing. Want to see it? :D I also completely redid the lineart. The previous version I sent was wayyy too thick.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.26 06:21 *shrugs a little* Itís not a bad coping mechanism. *smiles at her*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.26 06:22 (Sure, you can email it to me! I have to go now, but Iíll check it out tomorrow. See you then!)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.26 06:24 [Aw, bye!]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.27 04:54 [I'm here! Sorry I'm so late; I was watching a movie. I have installed a new drawing program called Krita (before I had been using GIMP Paint Studio) and I'm testing it out on my Kaliste and Chrysantha drawing, so my replies will be slow.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.27 05:05 (Hi! That's okay. I'm doing something too, so my replies will also be slow.)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.27 05:08 [Hey! OK.]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.27 05:17 *takes out a second package of Fun Dip and holds it out to him*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.27 05:30 (So sorry for the late replies! They should speed up now.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.27 05:31 *looks at her, then takes the Fun Dip carefully* *mutters* I haven't had this since like, fourth grade. *laughs quietly and tears it open*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.27 05:32 [Okie dokie.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.27 05:34 There's something awesome about eating straight-up sugar, though. It's actually kinda rebellious.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.27 05:38 [I think Josh actually had some Fun Dip in the van just a couple of days ago. XD XP I could be recalling things incorrectly, though.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.27 05:41 (Actually... I think youíre right. Oops, haha.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.27 05:43 *polishes off the Fun Dip, then bites off the sugary stick with a snap* *had the cherry flavor* Great, now I probably look like I have lipstick on. *laughs*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.27 05:52 So?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.27 05:54 Um, because it looks weird? *is still kind of laughing*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.27 06:08 *crinkles up the wrapper in his hands* Thanks for sharing that with me.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.27 06:14 *just nods a little while eating her own Fun Dip*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.27 06:20 *glances at her* Are you okay now?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.27 06:21 *hesitates, thinking for a minute* I've been worse.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.27 06:26 *nods a little* Okay. Do you want to head back now?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.27 06:29 *nods a little**gets up*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.27 06:33 Alright. *gets up too* *begins ambling back toward the campground*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.27 06:34 Be careful of the scorpions and snakes that are probably lurking around.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.27 06:34 *clicks on the flashlight to help guide the way*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.27 06:36 [Krita has an impressionism brush!! :D]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.27 06:36 [It makes van Gogh-like markings for you!! This is awesome!!]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.27 06:37 *has her own flashlight out as well**heads back to camp*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.27 06:41 (Thatís really cool! Can you send an example?)
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.27 06:42 *has been worrying about Josh and Mazy with the others for a long time now* *sees the beams of two approaching flashlights* Is that them?... *stands up*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.27 06:43 *stops Mazy before waltzing back into camp* Hey. Good talk. *smiles at her*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.27 06:43 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.27 06:48 [Maybe. I'll try. I'm actually not going to use it for this project, but I might use it in the future. Aw, bye!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.28 04:19 [I'm here!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.28 04:19 [Sorry I'm a bit late, I was watching Seinfeld with my family.]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.28 04:26 (Hi! Thatís okay. Great show!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.28 04:33 [Indeed it is! :D]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.28 04:34 (Which episodes did you watch?)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.28 04:39 [Season 3, episode 17. The one with Keith Hernandez in it.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.28 04:39 [There were some absolutely fabulous Kramer+Newman moments in that one. XD]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.28 04:42 (I donít know if Iíve seen that one, but it sounds funny.)
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.28 04:45 (I canít remember which episode it is - I think itís called ďThe SlicerĒ - but itís got some great Kramer moments, including him creating an all-American front porch outside of his apartment door.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.28 04:45 [There was this fantastic sequence where Kramer and Newman accused Hernandez of spitting on them, and then Jerry proved it was physically impossible for the spit to travel the way it did. It was a parody of JFK bullet theories, I think.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.28 04:46 [Huh...I think I have seen that one, but not in a very long time.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.28 04:46 [Kramer's probably my favorite character, though Elaine is really good too. Kramer is just so fantastically spastic, though.]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.28 04:50 (I know! I totally agree with you on that.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.28 04:55 [Yep... XD Anyways, RPing?]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.28 04:58 (Sure!)
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.28 05:02 *stands up and walks over to them* Hey, welcome back.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.28 05:05 *stuffs what looks like a constellation chart into his back pocket* Where were you guys? We almost thought you fell off a cliff or something.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.28 05:06 *grins wryly* Sorry, weíre still alive.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.28 05:07 Did you guys see the stars out there? Weíve been identifying tons of constellations. You can even see some galaxies.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.28 05:08 *replies by pulling out yet another package of Fun Dip*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.28 05:10 *looks up* *doesnít know (m)any constellations - at least he can identify one of the Dippers* Yeah. Iíve never seen anything like it.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.28 05:11 Here. Sit down and see what you can find. *hands Mazy and Josh one of her constellation charts*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.28 05:13 *has meanwhile been keeping her distance from Midas* *hangs around Christina and Eleanor to assure herself that sheís in good company, but truth be told, sheís feeling a bit detached from everyone now*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,May.28 05:13 *looks down at the chart and then back up at the sky, but still says nothing*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.28 05:23 *all of a sudden, some loud, crappy pop music is blasted at full volume ďnext doorĒ* *despite being a party for two, itís raging*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.28 05:24 *rolls her eyes* Are you kidding me?
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.28 05:24 *canít heat Eleanor* What?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.28 05:25 *the earth around them is literally shaking*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.28 05:27 Oh my god...
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.28 05:30 This is probably gonna go on all night.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.28 05:31 Surely there's a rule against this.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.28 05:31 If only we had access to their speaker...
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.28 05:32 I mean yeah, itís probably disturbing the wildlife or something. *turns to Eleanor* Are you suggesting we steal the speaker?...
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.28 05:33 *shrugs slyly, then glances over at Red*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.28 05:33 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.28 05:42 [Aw, bye!]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.28 05:42 *notices others looking at him* ...What?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.28 15:33 I'm only suggesting we borrow the speaker, Joshua. I'm not that heartless.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.28 15:33 *turns to Red* You're nimble and lithe... with a little help, you'd be my top candidate for carrying out the deed.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.29 04:28 ...I'm what and what o.o
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.29 04:33 [Sorry I'm late. I was again watching a TV show with family, though this time I was watching Mr. Robot.]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.29 04:33 [I highly recommend it. It makes some pretty interesting points about society and corporate America, and the technical accuracy is absolutely amazing. It portrays technology and hacking in an astoundingly realistic manner.]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.29 04:34 [It also dives into the subject of mental illness in an interesting manner, but I can't say much about that without delving into major spoiler territory. XD XP]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.29 04:36 (Hey!)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.29 04:38 (I think Iíve heard of it. Doesnít it have Rami Malek in it? It does seem kind of interesting.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.29 04:39 Youíre small and you can steal- I mean, BORROW things without being clumsy.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.29 04:41 [Yep, he stars as the main character.]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.29 04:41 ...How do you know these things/
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.29 04:41 *?
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.29 04:42 [BTW, I do want to point out something that's been nagging at me...um...I recall Reagan being like "I've never seen mountains before!!" Erm...have you been to the southern parts of Missouri? XD XP]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.29 04:42 [Central Missouri is full of rolling hills and southern Missouri has mountains. I know it gets flat near Iowa, but Missouri has its fair share of hills and whatnot.]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.29 04:43 [Sooo...just wanted to point that out so you can be "in character" as Reagan more accurately. ^.^]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.29 04:48 (Haha, thanks. My knowledge of geography failed me, but now I know.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.29 04:49 Because I was 13 once, too!
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.29 04:54 ...I'm 12...
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,May.29 04:59 *has gone to bed in one of the tents**otherwise he would have had a say in this by now*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.29 04:59 Hm. Why did I think you were 13?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.29 05:00 Eleanor, címon.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.29 05:01 *suddenly turns grave* Look. Would you rather... lose your hearing tonight? *holds out a hand* Or have some control over your fate? *holds out another*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,May.29 05:02 I guess I donít want to get my (BLEEP) kicked if something goes wrong.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.29 05:11 Thatíll be temporary. Plus, itís just a speaker.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.29 05:13 Speakers are expensive...
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.29 05:13 Uh...don't ask how I know...
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.29 05:22 But...well...I...
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.29 05:24 It could be a tiny Bluetooth cube. Letís check things out. Red, Reagan- I nominate you two.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.29 05:24 *lets out an annoyed huff accompanied by an eye roll* *doesnít want to start a conflict*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.29 05:29 Fine...
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.29 05:34 *heads towards Sally's and Rae's camp*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.29 05:37 *follows Red awkwardly*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.29 05:38 *there are some dry shrubs that provide a barrier between the two campgrounds* Here. We should probably get down. *crouches down in once Sally and Raeís camp is in view*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.29 05:39 *turns all the lanterns off in their camp to give off the illusion that theyíre not there*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.29 05:39 *for some reason, he hasnít noticed Midasí absence* Hey, whereís Midas?
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.29 05:39 *suddenly seems to change the way he fundamentally moves**creeps silently through the darkness towards their camp* [What are they staying in/what's the environment like? Are they in a tent too?]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.29 05:46 (Yeah. Sally and Rae have a tent, maybe a small surface to put things on, and a couple of chairs. They probably arenít in the tents.)
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.29 05:47 *follows Red as carefully as she can* *peeks through some shrub branches and gets a peek of the surface and one of the chairs*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.29 05:48 *thanks to a lantern light, she can see the speaker immediately* *it is indeed cube-shaped, and lights up in rainbow colors*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.29 05:48 *nudges Red* Hey. *points to the speaker*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.29 05:48 *watches Sally and Rae carefully**won't make his move until he knows exactly where they are and/or what they're up to*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.29 05:48 (I have to go now; see you tomorrow!)
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.29 05:55 *nods a little, as if to say he sees it too* [Aw, bye!]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.30 04:19 [I'm here!]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.30 04:23 (Hi!)
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.30 04:24 Isnít sure where Sally and Rae are, either* *like Red, she doesnít want to do anything risky* *whispers* We may need backup.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.30 04:25 *shakes his head* More people makes us more noticeable.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.30 04:25 Maybe...maybe you should distract them. Go talk to them.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.30 04:31 *looks kind of uneasy* What would I say to them?
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.30 04:32 I dunno. You figure that out.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.30 04:38 *kind of frowns at Red* *stares at the camp in contemplation, then finally stands up* Oh, alright. Iíll go.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.30 04:40 *breezes into Sally and Rae territory* *both of them are eating in front of the tent* Um, excuse me?
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.30 04:47 Rae: *looks up from a jar of Nutella* Hey... um, no offense, but who are you? Reagan: Iím your neighbor. As in camping neighbor. *attempts a smile*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.30 05:06 Rae: Can I... *narrows her eyes* ...help you? Reagan: Ah, yes, I- well, my friends and I, our lantern burnt out, so I was wondering if I could borrow one of yours so we could replace the batteries.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.30 05:17 [*internal screaming*]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.30 05:17 [Of course my Internet starts failing... >_< ]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.30 05:18 *starts sneaking towards the speaker*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.30 05:23 Sally: We need lanterns too, you know! *is feasting luxuriously on a bag of marshmallows*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.30 05:25 (Yeah, mineís been acting up too. Sorry for disappearing!)
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.30 05:25 Please, we canít see a thing. Itíll only be a minute. Rae: *drags one of Sallyís marshmallows through the Nutella and watches Reagan pleading*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.30 05:26 [Same. :P]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.30 05:26 *forgot to tell Red not to turn off the speaker right away, but she hopes he understands that*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.30 05:28 Rae: Wellll, Sally has an irrational fear of the dark. And if you were able to get here without a light, then... maybe you can wait Ďtil morning?
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.30 05:29 Sally: Does this look like the Realm of Infinite Lanterns?
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.30 05:29 Sally: We can't spare any lanterns. Sowwy. *leans back, puts on sunglasses (yes, in the dark like Blues Brothers), and munches on Nutella-covered marshmallows*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.30 05:30 Uh... *glances over at the speaker*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.30 05:31 (Oh my gosh, Sally. Hilarious as usual.)
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.30 05:32 Rae: Yeah... sorry. *seems a little more apologetic than Sally*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.30 05:32 *snatches the speaker and starts sneaking away*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.30 05:33 *is standing there like an idiot* Rae: OH MY GOD, THIS SONG IS AMAZING! *leaps up and starts dancing*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.30 05:33 Alright, um... see ya. *briskly walks away to meet up with Red*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.30 05:34 *sort of stumbles into him, breathless* *whispers* Whatever you do, donít turn that off.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.30 05:37 *has been turning up the volume gradually as he moves along to compensate for distance making the music seem quieter to Rae and Sally* I know...
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.30 05:39 *holds out a hand, motioning for him to stop* Letís wait here and wait for this song to end.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.30 05:41 *the song ends* *gives Red a nod to indicate that he can turn it off*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.30 05:41 (I have to go now, see you tomorrow!)
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.30 05:42 *turns it off and heads quickly towards their camp, sticking to the shadows to stay hidden* [Aw, bye!]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.31 01:54 *darts after Red as quickly as her legs will allow* *stops suddenly after arriving to camp, bending down to grab her knees and struggling to catch her breath*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,May.31 01:55 Do you have it? *pushes forward to get to Red as though he has the Rosetta Stone in his hands*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.31 01:58 Wait for it. *everyone gives her a confused look* *but then, the inevitable sound of Rae screeching ďWHAT THE (BLEEP) HAPPENED TO MY MUSIC?Ē is heard*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.31 01:59 *says quietly* Theyíre gonna come after us.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,May.31 01:59 (Unfortunately, I wonít be online tonight. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,May.31 03:55 [I legitimately snickered at Rae's reaction. XD Also, aww...see you soon!]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.1 03:38 [I'm on! BTW, from now on I will have to be offline by midnight CT, which is 1 AM your time/ET.]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.1 04:27 (Hi! Okay. I might have to leave a little earlier this weekend myself.)
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.1 04:33 (Also, sorry for making you wait for like an hour.)
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.1 04:34 [Hey! It's fine.]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.1 04:35 You don't know that...
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.1 04:36 *murmurs* What the h**l?
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.1 04:37 *looks a little worried* I mean, we had a pretty decent plan, right? I doubt they saw you... theyíd never know.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.1 04:38 *meanwhile, Rae: WHEREíS MY (BLEEP)ING MUSIC??
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.1 04:40 [brb]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.1 04:49 (Okay.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.1 04:51 Right. Whereís the speaker? I want to make sure itís nice and hidden on the offchance that they do storm our camp... which, by the sounds of it, is somewhat likely.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.1 04:51 [Back!]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.1 04:53 (Welcome!) I still think we went to very great lengths to ensure ourselves a quiet night, but...
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.1 04:56 [Thanks. XD]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.1 04:56 Let's just try to go to sleep and pretend this never happened.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.1 04:57 Sally: IT GLITCHED OUT, JUST RESTART THE [BLEEP]ING THING! *isn't aware their player is gone*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.1 05:03 Rae: *calm for a moment* Okay. *seconds later* I CANíT (BLEEP)ING FIND IT!!
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.1 05:04 Um, good idea. *edges over to his respective tent* *canít see a thing, so he steps on Midasí leg- hard*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.1 05:05 Sally: It was on the [BLEEP]ING STOOL!
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.1 05:05 *lets out a strangled scream*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.1 05:05 *settles in for a long night of screaming*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.1 05:06 [XD Same here, Kai. Same here.]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.1 05:07 Rae: *has reached a state of acceptance* I donít know. Itís freaking gone, and I donít know what happened to it.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.1 05:08 (Haha, the poor fellow.) *wishes he had some earplugs*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.1 05:09 Sorry, sorry! *scrambles to the other side, but ends up falling again*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.1 05:12 [BLEEP]ing...[BLEEP]!!
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.1 05:20 [BLEEP]!!!
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.1 05:20 *knows Midas is p**sed, so he chucks something soft at him*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.1 05:20 *in self-defense*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.1 05:20 ...Will all of you please shut up?
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.1 05:22 DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW TO BE QUIET?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.1 05:23 *everyone becomes silent*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.1 05:25 *says softly* Does anyone want to tell scary stories?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.1 05:27 Not me.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.1 05:29 If itís short.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.1 05:33 I have one.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.1 05:38 *looks at Reagan eagerly*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.1 05:42 Once, there was a girl named Emma who loved all the flora and fauna of the world. *someone starts snickering, causing her to laugh* Well, okay, so she loved animals and plants and things.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.1 05:43 Her grandmotherís house had a sprawling forest behind it, where Emma would go to explore. One sunny June afternoon, she decided to go on a hike with her grandmotherís dog, Scout.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.1 05:44 *seems tense already*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.1 05:45 *just lies down and tries to sleep*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.1 05:45 The wildflowers in the forest had blossomed colorfully, and since her grandmotherís birthday was that day, she decided to make her a bouquet.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.1 05:46 Emma frolicked from one end of the forest to the other under the warm sun. The flowers she had gathered were impressive, but she wanted... something else.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.1 05:47 She spotted some lily-of-the-valley across the way that seemed like a perfect finishing touch. Emma left her bouquet with Scout to go and fetch them.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.1 05:48 As Emma ran, she slipped - the ground gave way. She tried to get back to her feet, but the ground seemed to buzz violently before it finally exploded.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.1 05:51 Thousands, maybe millions of bees swarmed Emma relentlessly. She swatted, terrified - but the bees only continued a more painful attack.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.1 05:52 The pain itself was unbearable. Emma screamed and cried, growing faint from it, but fighting for her life. As she raised her arm in defense, she noticed it was red, raw, and bulging with stings.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.1 05:53 As all of this was going on, Scout could only bark at the bees helplessly. Meanwhile, Emma gave up her fight and collapsed to the ground.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.1 05:55 She was very well considered dead... until she woke up. But she wasnít standing up. She wasnít on land... none of her surroundings were familiar.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.1 05:55 Because she was below it.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.1 05:57 Emma found herself enclosed in a glass coffin, the faint fluttering of a waspís wing visible in the reflection of the glass. She desperately clawed at the lid. But her attempts only resulted in nails bloodied down to stubs.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.1 05:58 *his eyes are huge*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.1 05:58 Emma had been buried alive, and would be held hostage by the wasps for an eternity.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.1 05:59 Meanwhile, Emmaís grandmother had grown terribly worried. Just when she thought she had given up for the night, she heard a frantic barking... and saw Scout racing to the porch.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.1 06:00 ďWhat is it? What is it, Scout?Ē asked her grandmother. The dog merely dropped a bouquet of flowers at her feet....
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.1 06:00 *says quietly* The end.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.1 06:01 What dark mind did that story come from?
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.1 06:07 *kind of laughs* Man, that was from one of the Scary Stories books everyone used to love in middle school.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.1 06:19 That was actually pretty creepy.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.1 06:19 (I have to go now, see you tomorrow!)
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.1 06:20 [Sorry I disappeared; I got distracted.]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.1 06:20 [Aw, bye!]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.2 01:28 (Just wanted to let you know that I wonít be online tonight. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.2 04:22 [Aw, okay. See you!]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.3 04:56 [I'm here! Sorry I'm so late; I was watching a movie.]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.3 04:57 (Hi! Thatís fine. I probably wonít be able to stay online for long.)
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.3 04:58 *kind of smirks in response to Kai* Iím not denying anything.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.3 04:59 ...thanks for telling that story, Reagan. *pauses for a while* Well, goodnight everyone.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.3 05:03 *there are murmurs of ďgoodnightĒ* *settles in for a quiet night at last*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.3 05:04 *however, being creeped out from Reaganís story, someone starts talking in their sleep pretty creepily*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.3 05:04  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=3  (Letís see who it is...)
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.3 05:05 *unfortunately, Red was the victim of Reaganís scary story*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.3 05:06 [Hey! OK.]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.3 05:06 [XD Why do the Dice always pick Red, and why does it make goddarn sense every time?]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.3 05:09 (I donít know, but you make an EXCELLENT point, haha.)
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.3 05:10 Redrum...redrum...
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.3 05:10 [I hope you appreciate the reference I'm making...]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.3 05:11 [I couldn't think of anything creepy myself, so naturally I decided to rip off a certain horror movie... XD]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.3 05:11 *is having a dream about walking around in the dark, but Redís voice sort of infiltrates it, causing the dream to take a horrifying turn*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.3 05:12 (I LITERALLY LAUGHED OUT LOUD.)
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.3 05:12 [XD Same.]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.3 05:12 [You probably won't be laughing at my next post though...this one I came up with myself...]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.3 05:13 S...spiders in my mouth...
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.3 05:13 *naturally, he wakes up in panic mode*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.3 05:13 (Still, Iím laughing. But that was a pretty good one.)
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.3 05:14 Spiders and cockroaches...
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.3 05:14 *even though sheís not in Redís tent, sheís really freaked out* *doesnít know itís him* *plugs her ears*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.3 05:15 Red?! *sounds more high-pitched than usual*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.3 05:16 *his voice sounds scratchy now* Rrreedddrrruuummm...
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.3 05:17 *is also awake*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.3 05:18 *says tiredly* Who.... who the h**l is quoting The Shining...
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.3 05:18 [BTW, I have added another episode to my let's play. ^.^ Enjoy and make sure to read the description. https://youtu.be/tKdLTd_GDfc ]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.3 05:19 Rrrrreeeeedddddrrrrrruuuuuummmmm...
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.3 05:19 *looks over at Kai with her hands clapped over her ears* What is that? *thinks for a moment that it might be Sally and Rae coming for revenge*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.3 05:22 *wakes up* What the f...
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.3 05:23 RED!! *leans over and shakes him a little*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.3 05:23 (Okay, awesome! Iíll see if I have the time to check it out tomorrow. In the meantime, I have to go, so Iíll see you!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.3 05:27 [Aw, bye!]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.3 05:27 *wakes up with a jolt* What?!??
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.4 02:54 (Hey, I don't think I'll be online tonight. See you tomorrow hopefully!)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.4 03:15 (Actually, change of plans. I'll be online.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.4 04:11 [Yay! My replies will be very slow tonight though. My summer class just started and I have a buttload of physics homework to do.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.4 04:11 [If you get bored waiting for my replies, there's always another Spyro video for you to watch... *wink wink* XD]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.4 04:27 [*internally screaming because we're using the metric system and I miss my beloved foot-pounds*]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.4 04:38 (Hey! Sorry Iím late. I was doing something (studying for physics, actually), and it took longer than expected.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.4 04:39 (Good luck with your own physics homework!)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.4 04:40 (I havenít been able to watch the video yet; Iím really sorry. This week is basically H**l Week for me, so Iíve been pretty busy. I guess I could start it now, but Iím not sure when Iíll be able to finish it.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.4 04:42 [It's fine! It's only 13 minutes long BTW. Oh, and have you seen the end of WKM yet?]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.4 04:42 Dude, you were screaming Ďredrumí!!
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.4 04:43 *is exaggerating*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.4 04:43 (Not yet.)
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.4 04:50 ...wat
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.4 05:02 (I watched the video! There were a lot of funny moments: the mooning Gnorcs, the little dudes saluting before death... I had a chuckle when you were like, ďIím effed upĒ , as well as during the *DISTRESS* moment.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.4 05:03 Yeah. And something about spiders and cockroaches. Are you okay?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.4 05:04 Or were you just trying to freak everyone out?
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.4 05:06 [Thanks! :D]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.4 05:07 (Unfortunately, I have to leave a little early tonight. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.4 05:07 [I don't know why, but Magnus genuinely freaked me out. He just weirded me out at a ludicrous level. Did he have a similar effect on you?]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.4 05:07 [Aw, bye!]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.4 05:07 I...I don't know...I...what...
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.4 05:10 [Oh, and did you read the video's description?]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.5 04:16 [I'm here! Replies will be slow though; I'm doing homework.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.5 04:25 (Hey!)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.5 04:27 (About Magnus: Um, definitely. The entire thing was just weird and random.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.5 04:35 (About the intro: I did! It was funny.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.5 04:37 [Okie dokie!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.5 04:38 [How was my video overall? I was kind of concerned that here and there I didn't sound very coherent. It's hard forming full, good sentences while trying to concentrate on a game, to be honest.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.5 04:39 [It's also hard to be coherent with a dragon like Magnus around... O_0]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.5 04:46 [BTW, this is off-topic, but my physics teacher is hilarious. Earlier today this happened: Teacher: *totally nerding out about Doctor Who* ...so who here has seen doctor who? *total silence--until...* Me: I've seen a couple of episodes... Teacher: SHE'S
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.5 04:46 GETTING AN A!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.5 04:46 *Doctor Who
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.5 04:48 [Another moment in class went like this... Teacher: *doing trig-related stuff * And this--this is not sine...this is sin. *evil smile* I love sinning.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.5 04:53 (I liked the video! Itís probably one of my favorites so far. I didnít notice a lot of incoherence - I mean, itís hard to do two things at once anyways. I donít expect you to keep talking while youíre trying to get through a level seamlessly.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.5 04:54 (Oh my gosh, that is hilarious.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.5 04:54 [That was most definitely not a seamless run BTW. XD XP I blatantly passed by gems left and right. However, I was more focused on the enemies and dragons in the beginning.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.5 04:55 *rules out his latter theory* Are you okay? Like, what happened?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.5 04:55 [Anyways, great! :D I have a Dry Canyon video on the way--it's still in the editing stages--and I hope it's as good or better than my latest one.]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.5 04:55 I...I don't know...
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.5 04:56 [I also goofed at the end of the Peace Keepers video. I usually fade to black and fade out the audio as well. I forgot to do that.]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.5 04:56 [I made a worse goof at the beginning of the Dry Canyon video...as you'll see, I botched my own intro. XD I'll probably be putting in sarcastic captions on that or something...]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.5 04:57 [It wasn't a very noticeable botch, I just did my intro in a way that's different than the usual one. I left out "and welcome back to my let's play of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy."]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.5 05:09 [Hello?]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.5 05:10 (I did notice that, but donít worry too much about it. The way it ended was passable.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.5 05:10 (Sorry for not answering, I got stuck in the middle of something.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.5 05:11 (Actually, I kind of like the ďdifferentĒ intros. They sort of set the videos apart from one another.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.5 05:12 Think you can get back to sleep?
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.5 05:12 [OK. BTW, the Cliff Town intro will be radically different from all my other intros, but for hilarious reasons...you'll have to wait and see what I mean. >:D]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.5 05:12 I can try...
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.5 05:18 (Iím looking forward to it!)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.5 05:18 *reclines back in his sleeping bag, then pauses* Was it that story?
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.5 05:19 [There's a really weird glitch that happens when you enter Cliff Town. I'm not saying anything more, though...]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.5 05:22 I...I think so...
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.5 05:26 [brb]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.5 05:26 (Okay.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.5 05:28 *chuckles a little* Donít really blame you there. *pauses thoughtfully* Really though, itís all a bunch of BS. Donít let it get to you.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.5 05:29 *lays down* Although, I have to wonder why you were saying ďredrumĒ...
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.5 05:45 Did you watch The Shining recently or something? *turns to face Red*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.5 05:45 (I have to go now, see you tomorrow! I might be late.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.5 05:57 [I'm back!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.5 05:57 [Aww, bye!]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.5 05:58 No...I...just...I had a bad experience with it when I was little...
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.5 05:58 *instantly blushes*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.5 18:02 Yeah? *chuckles quietly* Same.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.5 18:03 Thereís this one part of the movie where Jack Nicholson sees this really grotesque woman in the bathtub. I used to think that she lived in my basement bathroom.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.5 18:04 So what kind of trauma did The Shining give you?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.6 04:27 [I'm here!]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.6 04:37 [Still working on physics homework...]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.6 04:37 [0:15-0:23 of this is pretty much me every time I can't find any way to derive a certain number I really, really need in order to solve a problem: https://youtu.be/ThJc8ZDhUBg ]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.6 04:38 I dunno...I just...the whole thing creeped me out from beginning to end and apparently I've been talking in my sleep on and off afterwards...it rarely happens nowadays...
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.6 05:04 (Hi! Sorry Iím so late. I had graduation tonight!)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.6 05:05 (I might not be able to be online for long, but thatís better than nothing I guess.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.6 05:10 (Haha, thanks for sharing that video. Honestly, I donít even know how to do that, so...
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.6 05:12 Huh. Yeah, that entire movie is just... and itís not even the ďHereís JohnnyĒ scene thatís creepy.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.6 05:20 [Hey! Congrats! :D]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.6 05:25 (Thank you!)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.6 05:26 *sounds uncharacteristically meek* Can we please... just not talk about The Shining?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.6 05:29 *mumbles* Tryin' to sleep...
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.6 05:29 *hesitates**then smirks and says in a quiet, scratchy way:* Rrreeedddrrruuummm...
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.6 05:32 Stop!!
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.6 05:35 RRRREEEEDDDDRRRRRUUUUMMMM...
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.6 05:42 RED, I SWEAR!
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.6 05:44 *is laughing* Okay, okay.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.6 05:45 RRREEEDDDDRUUUU- Christina: SHHHH! Red: *shuts up*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.6 05:46 Can we shut up, please?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.6 05:47 Thank you... *falls back asleep quite quickly*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.6 05:52 Yep... (I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.6 05:57 [Aw, bye!]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.7 01:30 [Word of warning: I may not be on tonight, or if I am I may disappear. It's thunderstorming like h**l and for all I know the power could be knocked out at any minute.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.7 04:20 [I'm here!]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.7 04:35 (Hey! Hopefully everythingís okay out there.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.7 04:37 [Hey! Yep, everything's fine.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.7 04:37 [The storm wasn't as severe as the weather guys played it up to be.]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.7 04:46 (Okay, good.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.7 04:47 [RPing?]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.7 04:52 (Sure!)
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.7 04:53 *it is the middle of the night* *hasnít been able to sleep, partially because of the ďredrumĒ episode, but also because he has the urge to pee* *debates on whether or not he should go, but he canít hold it any longer* *sort of bumbles out of the tent*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.7 04:55 *takes care of business behind a shrub* *is about to head back to his tent when he hears an extremely eerie whistling noise*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.7 04:59 *in fact, it sounds very human* *is frozen in his tracks* *gets the impression that the whistling belongs to a forlorn cowboy, or a lonely desperado*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.7 05:00 *the whistling, which started out soft, has grown louder* *is freaked out* *darts back to the tent and sort of falls through the flap doors*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.7 05:02 [Who's in which tent BTW? I lost track.]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.7 05:06 (I think Kai is in a tent with Eleanor, Christina, and Reagan.)
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.7 05:09 OW!!
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.7 05:09 Sorry, sorry! *tries to find his sleeping bag in the darkness*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.7 05:12 *props herself up on her elbow, squinting* What exactly is going on?
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.7 05:13 Didnít you hear it? The whistling? Didnít any of you hear it?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.7 05:14 What whistling? *is very cranky and very groggy*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.7 05:20 What? *looks confused*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.7 05:20 I... I heard someone whistling out there. I swear.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.7 05:28 It was probably just our neighbors... *turns over*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.7 05:32 Huh...
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.7 05:33 (I have to go now. On Saturday morning, I have a very important band audition, so I wonít be online tomorrow night. See you soon!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.7 05:33 Mexicans do come through Big Bend illegally...
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.7 05:33 [Alright, see you! Good luck with your audition!]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.9 04:21 [I'm here! BTW, what instruments do you play again? I recall you play the violin, but that's not a band instrument, sooo...]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 04:29 (Hi!)
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.9 04:30 [Hey!]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 04:32 (Yep, thatís correct; I play the violin. I used to play the clarinet, but I switched to alto saxophone last year.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 04:38 *is pretty creeped out now*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.9 04:45 [Ah, okay. Cool!]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.9 04:47 *is also creeped out**what Christina said was the opposite of reassuring*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 04:51 *can swear she hears some rustling around* Really, Christina?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.9 04:52 Yeah...but this is a main area...I wouldn't think they'd come through here...
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 04:57 *considers this, then calms down* Alright.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 04:57 Sleep well, everyone. *falls back asleep*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.9 04:58 *falls asleep very quickly*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 05:03 -THE NEXT MORNING-
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.9 05:04 [BTW, check your email!]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 05:04 *wakes up after a Shining-themed nightmare* *canít fall back asleep after that, so he gets up for the day* *zips on a jacket, grabs Sally and Raeís speaker, and goes out for a jog*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.9 05:04 *is very much asleep**what Christina said spooked him and he had trouble falling back asleep for quite a while*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 05:04 (Okay!)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 05:06 (That was awesome!! Iíll be sending a response soon.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 05:08 *sneaks into Sally and Raeís camp* *they are presumably fast asleep, so heís able to drop the speaker on one of their chairs without making too much noise*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.9 05:09 [Okie dokie! :D]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 05:10 *goes back to the trail to see the canyon at daybreak before heading back*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 05:14 *is up by the time Josh gets back*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 05:16 *is a little surprised to see Mazy up* Hi. *stands around to catch his breath*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 05:25 Hi.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 05:25 *is eating...erm...something between two slices of bread*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 05:31 *looks at her sandwich creation with the utmost confusion* *can swear that thereís Fun Dip between the slices*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 05:32 *Josh may or may not be right...I'm not saying >:D **finishes up her sandwich; she's a quick eater*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 05:33 *doesnít want to be mean* *ends up asking something pretty lame instead* So, uh... howís breakfast?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 05:37 *just answers with a neutral "mmm"*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 05:39 *suddenly, there is a scream* *jumps a little and whirls around in that direction*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 05:48 *jumps to her feet*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 05:49 Sorry, sorry...
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 05:50 Nearly thought Jack Nicholson was out to kill me. *chuckles a little and emerges from the tent* *has a serious bedhead*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 05:51 *grabs a Pop Tart and joins Mazy and Josh* I guess weíre leaving today.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.9 05:55 ...what THE [BLEEP]?!!!!
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 05:57 *turns toward Midasí tent* Um... did I say something?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 05:58 *mutters* You can say anything and itíll p**s him off these days.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.9 06:04 *comes out* I do not appreciate waking up to a high-pitched scream.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 06:05 Well, sorry. I canít control my dreams... or nightmares, rather.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.9 06:06 Surely you can control your vocal chords?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 06:12 *shrugs* Stuff just happens. Itís an involuntary reaction. *takes a bite of Pop Tart*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 06:14 *stands off after polishing it off* Are we ready to pack this all up?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.9 06:15 *comes out of the tent and stretches, yawning* Yeah...
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 06:17 Alright. *marches over to her tent* *pulls back a flap and yells, ďWakey wakey!Ē* *an annoyed Reagan and Kai stumble out*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 06:19 *goes inside his tent and starts rolling up his sleeping bag* *kindly wakes up Red by whopping him with a pillow*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.9 06:20 *throws on a different shirt and takes his stuff to the van* *does everyone else a favor by stacking their bags next to the van*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.9 06:23 Mmmrph... *rolls over*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.9 06:24 *is a bit tired and lazy, so she doesnít help* *is also feeling a bit disconnected from everyone else after being rejected by Midas* *opts to hang around the van instead*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 06:25 Weíre taking down the tent right now. *hauls his stuff out of the tent*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.9 06:28 (I have to go now, Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.9 06:28 [Aw, bye!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 04:16 [I'm here!]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.10 04:17 (Hey!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 04:22 [Hey!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 04:23 *makes sure the tent is empty before they start taking it down*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.10 04:32 *doesnít make sure the tent is empty before taking it down* *starts taking it down with Red inside, just to get him out of there*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.10 04:38 *somehow sleeps through most of this**when he wakes up to find the tent kind of collapsed on him, however, he freaks*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.10 04:38 *is laughing in total awe of the fact that Red slept through most of that*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.10 04:40 AUGH!! GET ME OUT!!
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 04:41 What the h**l? *lets out an incredulous snort*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.10 04:42 Seriously! He could suffocate!
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.10 04:43 WHAT'S GOING ON?!
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 04:43 *sighs and goes over and lifts up the opening that leads in/out of the tent* Hey.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.10 04:43 *is now scrambling to get Red out of the tent* Just a minute-
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 04:43 We're leaving. Would you like to be packed with the tent or no?
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.10 04:44 ...No...
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.10 04:44 *is snickering*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 04:44 Then...get out! Red: *is blushing**he feels really stupid as he comes out*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 04:45 Got all your stuff? *Red goes back in, gets his stuff, and then comes out again*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.10 04:48 *starts rolling up the tent* *is struggling to hide a bit of a smirk*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 04:49 *helps Red pack his stuff and put it in the van*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.10 04:52 *at long last, they pile into the van and hit the road, en route to Truth or Consequences*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.10 04:58 *everyone soon discovers that itís going to be a very hot journey to their destination*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 04:59 *fans herself with a magazine*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.10 05:04 Itís not even 3 PM yet and itís like, 90 degrees. Is that even normal?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 05:06 [It's really stormy tonight BTW. If I disappear, it's going to be because my Internet connection will have been knocked out.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 05:06 90? Normally it's 100 around this time of year here.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 05:07 [It's been in the 100s for the past few days here BTW... *facefloor*]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 05:07 [*technically the term I should've used is "faceplants," but whatever*]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.10 05:11 (Okay. Stay safe.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.10 05:12 (Yikes... that must be unbearable.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.10 05:12 Welcome to H**l.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.10 05:13 Then, scr*w the gas. We need to blast that A/C.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.10 05:14 We are blasting the A/C.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 05:14 *notices that the windshield wipers are looking a bit... bent out of shape*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 05:16 Um...when were your windshield wipers due to be replaced, Midas?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.10 05:16 Erm... *thinks for a minute* 5...6...10 months ago...
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 05:16 I donít think they looked like that earlier.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 05:17 That...may be a problem.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 05:17 *looks out the window and notices that there isnít a desert oasis in sight - not even a McDonaldís*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 05:18 Yeah...
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 05:19 I mean, it sorta looks like they melted to the window.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.10 05:19 *feels a bit guilty**ultimately resorts to Markiplier's tactics when someone is on his trail in Prop Hunt* ...You don't know that!
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.10 05:20 Is it seriously that hot out?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.10 05:20 [This is not a joke: there was a Prop Hunt video where Mark was hiding in a dark corner as a milk jug. At one point Bob said "Okay, someone here's a milk jug" and Mark instantly replied "YOU DON'T KNOW THAT!"]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 05:21 *says quickly* I guess we donít.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 05:26 (Hahaha, really? Thatís funny.)
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.10 05:27 You could always turn them on, yeah? *sounds a little rude/patronizing*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.10 05:29 What for?
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.10 05:32 To check if theyíre actually broken?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.10 05:38 I dunno...they look okay to me...
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.10 05:38 *since there arenít any exits in sight, she pulls out the vault of snacks and food and makes a lunch for everyone out of them*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 05:39 Weíll get to them later. Letís focus on our destination for now.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.10 05:40 So serious!
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 05:42 Sorry. Iím not looking forward to seeing Alexa if Iím being honest. *restates that* I mean, Iím just nervous.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.10 05:42 Yeah, same... itís been a whilez
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.10 05:43 *.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.10 05:43 *canít say heís prepared to meet Alexa, either*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.10 05:44 *doesn't say anything*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.10 05:45 *offers Reagan some crackers/chips and water* *Reagan doesnít respond* *says loudly* Hey Reagan, want anything to eat?
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.10 05:47 *was purposely ignoring Eleanor to get a rise out of everyone else* *is starting to become uncomfortable around them, and she wants some type of validation from anyone so she wonít feel as isolated anymore*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.10 05:48 *of course, nobodyís going to give her what she wants**says passive-aggressively* No thanks. Iím not feeling well.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.10 05:49 *gets the impression that Reagan is in a (BLEEP)y mood* *backs off* Okay...
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.10 05:50 *stuffs the remaining snacks away* *was actually hoping theyíd all play Uno, but clearly that isnít going to work out*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.10 05:51 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 05:52 Ugh...this heat's getting to all of us. *hopes that saying that will cause everyone to calm down a bit*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.10 05:56 [Aw, bye!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.11 04:21 [I'm here!]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.11 04:26 (Hey!)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.11 04:27 [Hi!]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.11 04:34 *doesn't seem as affected by everyone else's grumpiness as everybody else is**just passively su cks on a lollipop that materialized out of her pocket*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.11 04:37 *soon enough, it is evening* *Truth or Consequences is 5 minutes away* *canít believe theyíre almost there* *is starting to get a nervous stomach*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.11 04:38 So, whatís the plan for when we get there?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.11 04:39 Hotel. Sleep.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.11 04:50 *nods a little*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.11 04:50 A/C.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.11 04:50 Hadnít really thought about that one.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.11 04:51 ...Why not?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.11 05:02 *shrugs* Iíve been baking for too long...
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.11 05:03 *sees the Truth or Consequences sign coming into view, but whatís peculiar about it is the van parked next to it and a group of people taking pictures*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.11 05:03 Heh. Well, that definitely isnít weird at all.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.11 05:08 *looks curiously at the van and the people*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.11 05:09 Wait. *leans forward into driverís seat/shotgun territory to get a better view* Wait, stop the van.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.11 05:12 *his heartbeat is threatening to explode out of his chest* *is getting really impatient* Stop the van!
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.11 05:13 What? *looks up, suddenly a bit terrified*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.11 05:15 *murmurs* Scr*w it. *opens the door while the van is in motion, and Midas brakes* *leaps out of the van* *isnít really thinking at all, he just knows that Alexa is among the group*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.11 05:16 *is running toward them* *everything happens in a blur*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.11 05:17 [Sorry for disappearing, I got distracted.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.11 05:18 Josh? *sounds a bit shrill* *notices Alexa right off the bat, and how her friends disperse when Josh reaches them* *this makes Alexaís expression of shock all the more apparent*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.11 05:19 (Itís okay!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.11 05:19 *slams his foot on the brakes* The [BLEEP]?!
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.11 05:20 *spotted Alexa too**jumps out of the van and follows Josh*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.11 05:26 (I have to go now, and I leave you on a major cliffhanger because Iím going to London tomorrow! Sorry... I donít think Iíll have time to check in, but Iíll be back in about a week. See you then!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.11 05:27 [Aw, bye! Also, that's awesome!! Let me know how your trip goes! :D]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.12 20:55 (Alright! In the meantime, Iíll say hi to the Queen for you if I see her, haha.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.13 04:19 [XD Thanks!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.13 04:20 [Oh wait...I'm of northern German heritage...I actually have some Viking/Scandinavian blood in me too...should my relationship with the Queen really be that diplomatic? XD]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.18 18:00 (Hey, I probably wonít be online tonight. My flight was delayed and Iíll be back really late. See you soon!
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.18 20:47 [Alright, see you!]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.20 22:49 (I plan on being online tonight!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 04:27 [Okay! :D]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 04:38 (Hey! Long time no see!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 04:40 [Long time no see indeed! :D]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 04:48 (Yeah, itís honestly felt like forever! Glad to be back. So, how have things been with you?)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 04:49 [VERY busy. I'm being bombarded with physics homework...I'm actually working on that right now.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 04:49 [How was your trip? :D]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 04:55 (Oh man... good luck with that!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 04:59 [Thanks! I'll need it.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 04:59 (It was great! London is an incredible city, albeit a crowded one. Itís modern, but I think to really enjoy it you need to appreciate history, because thereís a lot of it. I ended up coming back with a fascination of the English monarchy.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 05:00 (A few of my days were ruined by fatigue and nausea caused by prolonged jet lag (trying airplane food=never again). However, I did get to see a considerable amount. I also met up with a friend of mine from Germany.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 05:01 (If youíre interested, I can send pictures of the sights. Warning: there are quite a lot of pictures.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 05:03 [Sorry to hear about the airplane food issue. XD XP I've never had such an issue, but I have a strong stomach, and I only have the vegetarian meals, sooo...]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 05:03 [I also never eat anything I just don't want or like the look of. I stick to the things I know will be okay for me.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 05:04 [Anywho, send away! I'd love to see pictures of your trip. :D]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 05:10 (Yeah... I made the mistake of not looking at the menu, and was surprised by a pasta dish I didnít think I would like. I gave it a try, and paid the price. Every time I think of it, I still get the urge to vomit.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 05:12 (Okay! Iíll let you know when I send them. Itíll probably be in the next few days.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 05:15 [Okie dokie! :D]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 05:16 [We usually choose what food we want beforehand. If we don't, we always go for the vegetarian option.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 05:19 (Yeah. I made sure to do that on the way back. It was a lot better, all things considered.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 05:27 [Good. Anywho, RPing? You left me on one heck of a cliffhanger. XD XP]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 05:32 (Sure! Yeah, it really was... time to pick up from where I left us off at!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 05:32 [Yep! :D]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 05:34 *scrambles to get out of the van, heart pounding* *is sort of scared to see Alexa since itís been so long* *on the same token, itís about time they had some words*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 05:35 *climbs out of the backseat* *on her way out, she notices that Midas is stationed in the driverís seat, staring straight ahead* Hey. Are you coming?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 05:40 *follows Kai*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.21 05:40 I...
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.21 05:40 I don't know if I'm ready. *when he looks at Eleanor, she sees something exceptionally strange--genuine fear in his eyes*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 05:45 *sits down in the passenger seat* *can tell heís nervous about seeing Alexa, and she wants to be as supportive as she can* *nods a little* I know this is a lot at once for you. Iím not even sure if Iím ready, to tell you the truth. *glances out the window
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 05:48 Midas, from what Iíve heard, and from what I can tell... youíve done a lot for her. *doesnít want to add that heís done a lot for Alexa without it being reciprocated* *decides to be less point blank about it* I donít think she really understood the extent
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 05:49 that you went for her. *pauses* But maybe she would, if you went out to see her right now.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 05:50 Iíll go with you if you want.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.21 05:52 *nods a little* Al...alright.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 05:54 *smiles a little* Itíll be fine. You got this.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 05:55 *she and Midas head over to everyone else* *Reagan, who is alone in the van, lets out a huff and forces herself to follow*
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 05:57 *is shocked to the point of tears when she sees Eleanor and Midas walking forward* *notices Midas has changed a little - and maybe not for the better* *feels awash in guilt for a split second*
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 05:57 *her eyes crinkle a little* *sounds a bit strained* Why... why are you guys here?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.21 05:58 *tries to seem as stoic as possible, but hurt and fear are just barely visible in his eyes*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 05:58 We came looking for you.
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 05:59 *looks confused and sad* How?....
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 06:01 We had to figure it out. *give a nod toward Kai and Mazy* *looks around at Alexaís friends and their van* We werenít just going to give up on you.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 06:02 I mean, we couldnít. We were worried about you. Maybe you didnít want anything to do with us, and I get that, but we somehow needed to let you know that we still cared. And this is how we did it.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 06:03 *nods a little* *says solemnly* Thatís pretty much it.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 06:05 *actually seems a bit nervous herself **discreetly scooches over to Josh's side*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 06:07 It's alright, Alexa. We're here for you. We can help you, we just need you to talk to us.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 06:07 Like you always used to.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.21 06:09 *has a foul look on her face* *is hanging around near the back*
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 06:11 *doesnít respond* *instead, one of her friends - a fairly attractive dude with curly blonde locks - comes forward to say something* Friend: Kai? Mazy?? What the h**l are you two doing here?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 06:13 *practically shrinks behind Josh*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 06:13 *glances at the ground* *says quietly* Just, yíknow. Checking up on you guys. *implies that itís been a while since heís heard from them*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 06:13 *definitely had a bit of bite to his tone*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 06:15 *doesnít prompt Mazy to say anything* *thinks Kaiís answer was pretty fair* *doesnít know Alexaís friend at all, but notices that heís been protectively at her side the entire time*
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 06:18 *takes a breath* Itís great to see you guys, but... *keeps nervously looking at Midas* ...I canít see you right now.
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 06:20 *has also noticed Reagan* *has no idea who she is, and itís making her apprehensive*
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 06:26 *motions for her friends to step back* *exhales shakily* Iíve been going through some really tough times for a while now. *sort of looks at Kai* Itís because of Sam. And I canít... I need to leave that behind me before I start figuring things out.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 06:27 *looks a little confused* So, youíre saying that you canít see us because we remind you too much of Sam?
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 06:28 *nods a bit shamefully* *canít look any of them in the eye*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 06:32 *is starting to feel like the purpose of the trip is slipping away at the first possible time* But youíre acting just like Sam by closing out everyone who cares about you and running away and pretending to be someone youíre not. Your parents havenít even
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 06:33 heard from you, and they miss you.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 06:33 [Sorry for disappearing, I got distracted.]
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 06:34 (Itís fine!) *says firmly* Iím ďrunning awayĒ because I need to take care of myself.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 06:37 *is starting to raise his voice* No, youíre running away because youíre scared. Youíre scared of yourself. And you may think weíre part of the problem, but we didnít let the accident make us who we are.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 06:37 You've been causing a terrible sense of deja vu. Surely you realize that by emulating Sam, you are instilling great fear in those who love you?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 06:38 *starts preambling* Alexa, I know things have been hard-
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 06:39 *nods in agreement with Christina*
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 06:40 *is extremely overwhelmed* *says shakily* I just need time to think things over.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 06:42 *is bitter now, and his emotions take charge* Time? Really?? Youíve ignored our calls and everything weíve tried to send you for, what? Two years?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 06:44 Youíve had so much time, and you pretty much went off the radar. We had to ask your parents who your roommates were just to come close to contacting you, and to make sure you were actually still alive!
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 06:46 Youíre using time as an excuse to abandon everyone who like, truly cares about you!
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 06:47 *shakes her head and wipes away a tear* That isnít true.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 06:49 *puts a hand on Josh's shoulder as if to tell him to stop*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 06:50 *says kind of nastily* Yeah, it is. You did it to Midas, and to be quite honest, I think he suffered more than you did. *knows that was hurtful from the moment he said it*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 06:52 Josh- *is defending Midas*
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 06:53 *that does it for her* *bursts into tears*
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 06:55 *wails something along the lines of ďI canít do this anymoreĒ* *her male friend storms forward like a provoked wasp* Friend: What the (BLEEP)? *looks from Josh to the entire group* Leave her alone!
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 06:59 Friend: *mutters* Címon. *guides Alexa back to their van* *looks over his shoulder on the way* Kai? Mazy? You guys coming? *saw Mazyís hand on Joshís shoulder, so heís particularly hostile when he mentions her*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 07:09 *at the end of the day, Alexa is his friend, and heís glad to see her* *cares more about being on her good side, but he also wants to get her back on a communication basis with everyone - including Midas and co.* Yeah. *walks toward them*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.21 07:09 (I have to go now, Iíll see you tomorrow!)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.21 07:10 [Aw, bye!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.22 04:19 [I'm here!]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.22 04:27 (Hey! Sorry Iím late.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.22 04:31 [Hey! It's fine.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.22 04:36 *gapes at Kaiís unexpected betrayal*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.22 04:38 *passes Christina and Eleanor on his way to the other van* *says quietly* Iíll talk to you guys later, alright?
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.22 04:39 *her internal reaction throughout:* https://media1.tenor.com/images/54451401d52c0dd2fe9ee5752857d53c/tenor.gif?itemid=3579864
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.22 04:42 *stands behind Josh, glancing uncertainly at Alexa and co.*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.22 04:42 *doesn't know whether she wants to go with them or not**is kind of daunted by the blonde one's hostility towards her*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.22 04:43 [XD Reagaaaaan...]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.22 04:46 (Hahaha, honestly, I can kind of relate to that in similar situations.)
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.22 04:47 *glances at Mazy before eventually trudging off to Alexaís friendís van*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.22 04:48 [Reeeaaagaaaan... XD]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.22 04:49 *sighs**her tone is irritable and maybe even a tad condescending* Josh...we came here to give her support...you remember that, right?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.22 04:50 *is hoping deep down that Mazy will stay back* *Kaiís decision was enough to hurt - and make him feel crappier about what just happened*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.22 04:51 *doesnít answer* *even though itís true, he doesnít want to accept it*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.22 04:54 *before getting into the other van, the friend faces them* Friend: *says reluctantly* Well...take care, yíall. *has a touch of Southern twang in his voice*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.22 04:54 *doesn't move, choosing to stay back with Josh and co.*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.22 04:57 *is starting to feel the sting of tears* *was so certain theyíd get Alexa back, but sheís disappearing for another indefinite amount of time* *says bitterly* Thanks. It was real.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.22 04:58 *is mad at Josh for scr*wing up their shot, at Alexa for being so stubborn and selfish, and at Kai for abandoning them*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.22 05:00 *Alexaís van peels down the highway* *stares ahead* *is in a withdrawn state*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.22 05:02 *eventually heads back to the van* *presses the heel of her hand against her nose and sniffs a little*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.22 05:04 *follows suit, but stops about 5 feet away from Midas like thereís some kind of invisible boundary* *debates whether or not she should say something*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.22 05:08 I don't blame Kai for leaving. He probably thought we'd come to help, and then... *sighs*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.22 05:13 *shrugs a little* I guess youíre right... I mean, sheís his friend, not us.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.22 05:15 *decides to go for it* *goes up to Midas* Uh... hey.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.22 05:15 I know you probably donít want to see me right now, but I just wanted to say that Iím sorry about all of this. *gives him a gentle pat on the back*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.22 05:31 [Sorry for disappearing, I got distracted. XP]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.22 05:36 (Youíre fine!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.22 05:48 *just nods a little*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.22 05:49 (Iím gonna have to go now. See you!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.22 05:53 [Aw, bye!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.23 04:22 [I'm here! Sorry I'm a bit late.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 04:26 (Hi! No problem - I just got done with something myself.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.23 04:27 [Hey!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.23 04:30 [RPing?]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 04:32 (Sure!)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 04:33 *everyone gets back in the car* *declares they find a hotel for the night* *Midas gets back on the road*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 04:34 *watches the dry terrain roll by as they approach T or C* *canít help but feel that the trip was all for nothing*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.23 04:35 [BTW, there are hotels that also have hot springs--e.g. you stay there for a night and get in their hot springs. I stayed at one of those once.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 04:36 *has been ruminating and replaying the entire meeting in his head since the moment it happened* *blurts in an almost self-pitying way* I (BLEEP)ing blew it. Iím sorry.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 04:37 (Thatís pretty cool. Maybe we can draw inspiration from your stay here?)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 04:39 If you think Iím gonna tell you that you didnít, Iím not.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.23 04:40 [Sure. If I remember correctly, though, such hotels were kind of expensive, and the room we were in was a bit crowded, so they'd probably have to get multiple rooms.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 04:41 *is so mad, she thinks about saying, ďNext time, donít ask me to go on one of these tripsĒ* *refrains (after figuring there probably wonít be a next time)*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 04:43 (Okay. That would work well, considering the current conditions.)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.23 04:44 [I recall they're kind of on a budget...do you think they can afford it?]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 04:45 *turns off the solar powered radio* Well, I guess weíll go back tomorrow...
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 04:46 (Well... on second thought, they may have to settle on a ch e a p motel.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 04:49 *is silently infuriated at Eleanor* *a simple comment crushed any remaining hope he had left*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.23 04:51 [Crap... XP]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.23 04:52 *is kind of stuck in the middle of this situation* *feels bad for Christina, Midas, and Eleanor, but she also sees that Josh is being treated with hostility*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.23 04:53 [I did a quick Google search and there's a Holiday Inn.]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.23 04:53 [It would be more cool if they got to go to one of the hot springs hotels, though...]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.23 04:55 (I agree... I think a Holiday Inn is probably on the more affordable side, so we should go for it.)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.23 05:02 [Alright.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 05:12 *they arrive at the hotel* *goes with Christina to check in* *since Iím assuming the rooms are a little bigger, they get a single room with 2 beds and a pull-out couch*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 05:13 *says when they get back* I hope everyone brought a swimsuit or something. *doesnít sound too jovial*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.23 05:15 *drives around and ultimately stops at the Holiday Inn*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.23 05:15 [Whoops, I posted that before I saw your latest posts as Eleanor.]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.23 05:18 *my characters take their stuff to the room*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.23 05:21 Well, I did.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.23 05:23 I didnít. *chuckles at her own misfortune*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.23 05:23 *quickly adds* Iíll find something, though.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 05:25 *gets dressed and heads straight for the hot springs* *is kind of in a solitary mood - the only person she really wants to talk to is Christina*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.23 05:27 [Wait, are they at the Holiday Inn or one of the hot springs hotels?]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.23 05:29 [I don't think the Holiday Inn has hot springs. XD]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 05:33 (Oops... the hotel. I guess theyíll have to stick with the hotel pool, then.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.23 05:41 *goes to the pool as well*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 05:43 *is sitting in the hot tub* *is there by herself when Christina comes in*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 05:44 *looks up* Hey.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.23 05:45 *puts on some shorts and a long t-shirt and goes down to the pool*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 05:51 *figures itís only a matter of time before everyone else leaves, and besides, he wants to be alone* *mutters* Forgot something in the van. *snatches the van keys off the TV stand and leaves*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.23 05:52 Hey. Are you okay?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 05:54 *rolls the windows down a tad and shuts himself in the van* *just sits, stares, and thinks, one hand slung lazily over the wheel* *his phone keeps going off all the while* *ignores it*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 05:54 *pauses* Eh. *stretches her legs out and lifts her toes out of the water* Are you?
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.23 05:57 *enters the pool area* *wades out into the 4 ft. area before diving underwater* *attempts a handstand*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.23 05:58 I'm still deciding...
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 05:58 *her attention is caught by two legs wavering over the pool water* *it isnít long before they slap down against the water* *a red head comes back up, gasping for air - Reagan*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.23 05:58 *just stays in the room and broods*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.23 05:59 *heads to the pool as well, figuring he has nothing better to do*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 05:59 *gets a good look at Reagan, and determines that she must still be in high school* *nods a little in regards to Christinaís response* Yeah.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 05:59 *there's suddenly a light tap on the van window**it's her*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 06:01 *leans back and crosses her arms* I just wish I couldíve been there when Sam... yíknow, when you found her. I want to understand the damage. Because I sure as h**l donít understand why Alexa is acting like this.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 06:03 *looks over, surprised* Oh. Hey. *out of all of them, Mazy is the only one he can stand to talk to*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 06:04 *unlocks the car doors* You can get in on the other side if you want.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 06:04 *gets in the van quietly*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.23 06:09 We all have our coping mechanisms...this is hers.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.23 06:11 *waves at Red eagerly, then sinks below the water*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.23 06:13 *waves back and goes underwater too*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 06:13 *sits there in silence for a minute**then takes out a bag of candy and holds it out to him*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 06:15 Yeah, I see. But - I donít know, I guess it wasnít worth it to drive all the way down here if she was going to be so selfish.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 06:16 It was just a huge ďscr*w youĒ, you know?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 06:16 *glances at it, then tentatively reaches for a handful* Thanks.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 06:17 *puts the whole bag in his hand*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 06:17 Skittles - my favorite. *has the smallest hint of a smile on his face*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.23 06:18 I wouldn't call it selfishness. I'd call it shock.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 06:18 *takes the bag and lets out a surprised laugh* No, I canít take this...
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 06:20 *shakes her head a little* I still think she couldíve been more accepting of our arrival.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.23 06:21 *just shrugs her shoulders*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 06:23 Yes you can.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 06:25 Are you sure?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 06:27 *mutters* Iím just worried about how this is affecting Midas. He hasnít been himself for a few days.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 06:27 Well, itís felt like that, anyways.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 06:37 *nods*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.23 06:38 True...
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 06:40 He doesnít talk anymore... even if you prompt him. Itís hard to know whatís on his mind.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.23 06:43 Yeah...he is kind of shutting us out.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 06:45 Thanks. That was really nice of you. *looks genuinely grateful* *has been thinking about how he felt like everyone was selfish- including himself* *Mazyís gift has proved otherwise, and uplifts him from his hopelessness*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 06:45 *appreciates her for that, and for not prodding about Alexa*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.23 06:47 *the name ďMidasĒ sends her dog-paddling across the pool toward the hot tub* *joins Christina and Eleanor* Hi.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.23 06:49 I thought Midas might be joining us... *lowers herself into the water*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.23 06:49 Well, normally he is very fond of hot tubs...he hasn't really been himself lately though.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 06:55 Yeah. I think todayís events have been hard for him to deal with.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.23 06:56 I feel really sorry for him... wish there was something we could do.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 06:58 *finds it suspicious that Reagan joined them while they were discussing Midas* Are you perchance pining for Midas? Reagan: What? *pretends to look confused* Eleanor: *restates herself* Do you like Midas?
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.23 06:59 *her face flushes red* Well, weíve talked and stuff.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.23 07:01 *is talking rapidly* I mean, I just think heís- Eleanor: *dismisses Reaganís attempts to pretend* Itís okay. Kinda sweet, actually. *pauses* Maybe you should go make sure everythingís okay with him.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 07:03 *eats a few Skittles while sitting silently with Mazy* *offers her the bag for a handful*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.23 07:03 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.23 07:03 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 04:06 [I'm on!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 04:06 [I'm studying so my replies will be slow; I have an exam tomorrow. Oh, and I somehow found the time to upload this thing today: https://youtu.be/nODOrjujkHE Let me know what you think of it! ^.^]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.24 04:21 (Hi!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 04:22 [Hey!]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.24 04:23 (Okay, great!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 04:23 [You can watch my video now if you want. I'm studying while RPing.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 04:24 [My current evaluation of my video is this: it started out pretty weak (for some reason I feel like my voice's audio and the footage weren't entirely synced up at first--well, either that or my brain was laggy XD) but it got better/funnier towards the
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 04:24 end. I'm eager to see your evaluation and how it contrasts or overlaps with mine, though.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 04:51 [Hello?]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.24 04:55 (Okay, sorry for that disappearance. I was watching your video.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.24 04:57 (Actually, I sort of disagree. The beginning was great - I was smiling several times at some of the scenarios.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 04:58 [Okay, whew, good. XD XP]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.24 04:58 (The end was funny too, of course. The ďold schoolĒ rant was the most amusing part of that segment.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 05:07 [Good. ^.^ Were there any weak points/places that needed improvement?]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.24 05:18 (Sorry again for the disappearance; I had to do something. Anyways, not that I could discern. For the most part, it was a pretty enjoyable video. Iíd even say itís one of my favorites.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 05:21 [Okay, great! :D]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 05:22 [Oh, and BTW, what do you think of the Reignited music vs. the original?]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.24 05:23 (Hmmm... I did like the original when you switched it.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 05:27 [Yeah, the original generally has more of a "punch" to it. The Reignited version doesn't have as good dynamics, and the bass isn't as strong.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.24 05:32 (Itís not. I actually didnít really notice it until you switched it.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 05:40 [Hm...lemme give you two tracks to compare in case you're curious about the differences in Reignited vs. original.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 05:42 [OK, so here's one of my very favorite tracks from Spyro 1: https://youtu.be/cwqxLW9138g Note the powerful bass and piano, as well as the strong dynamics ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dynamics_%28music%29 ).]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 05:44 [And here's the Reignited version: https://youtu.be/uMIv_6pz8oA The bass isn't as strong, the piano's power has been gutted, and some instruments have been outright removed (I swear some lower piano notes were removed).]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 05:45 [I HIGHLY recommend looking up pictures of Lofty Castle on Google Images. The music is meant to match the mood of the level.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 05:46 [Now, I actually quite like the Reignited version, which even surprises me. This is because the level Lofty Castle is one of the dreamiest ones in the series. The Reignited version sounds like of like a more subdued, lullaby/music box version of the
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 05:46 original--a version that's comforting and kind of lulls you to sleep or relaxation.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 05:46 [But this is only one level we're talking about here. Other levels aren't as dreamy, and as a result gutting the power from the music just sometimes doesn't work at all.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 05:48 [The Reignited track isn't bad. In my opinion, it's actually quite decent. But why fix something that isn't broken? I have been listening to the Reignited versions of the music for levels I haven't played through yet, and 90+ percent of the time I find
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 05:48 that I like the original more.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 05:48 [Oh, and keep in mind that the Reignited soundtrack comes in two "flavors." You may have noticed this when I play with the music options in the Spyro Reignited menus.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 05:49 [You can either listen to the Reignited sountrack with dynamics on or with dynamics off. Having dynamics on means the music will shift depending on what you're doing--e.g. becoming intense during battle or quieter during exploration. Dynamics off means
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 05:50 it'll play "normally," like the way it does on Youtube I think.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 05:50 [I've been listening with dynamics on 'cause why not?]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 05:50 *been playing
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.24 05:54 (The Reignited version definitely doesnít have the same energy. Iíd probably prefer it if I were casually listening, but if I were gaming, it would probably put me to sleep.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 05:57 [You want me to share a piece that I think Reignited actually did better?]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.24 05:58 (Since they revamped the entire game, they probably figured theyíd update the music, too - maybe to give it more modern appeal.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.24 05:59 (Yeah, thatíd be great.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 05:59 [I was in absolute shock when I realized I actually liked the Reignited version better. Mind you, I haven't played through the actual level the music is for yet--it's actually a Spyro 3 track. I just listened to it out of curiosity on Youtube.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 06:00 [Yeah, that's probably what they were going for. But the Spyro community went so nuts about the music revamp that the developers had to implement the switch-back-to-the-original-music feature, sooo...yay for the Spyro community! :D]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 06:01 [Alrighty, so here's the original: https://youtu.be/O0mP-W3DaJI This is for the first boss fight from Spyro 3. I again highly recommend looking up pictures--it looks like you're in the freakin' underworld, hence why this track is so dark.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.24 06:02 (Agreed - that actually is pretty awesome!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 06:02 [Annnd here's Reignited: https://youtu.be/_trtSk8G1yY I'd say the beginning is weaker than the original, but once it drops the beat (e.g. around the 0:37 mark) it REALLY gets better.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 06:06 [A lot of the tracks are hit or miss from what I can tell. Most are kind of "eh"/sort of a mild miss. A few are a pretty bad miss (*cough* I'm looking at you, Dark Hollow *cough*). But then there's a couple rare gems that are a hit...]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 06:06 [This is all my opinion, but you probably get the point.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.24 06:08 (The Reignited version is tons better. It really lends itself to an ďepic battleĒ sound. The alarm clock noises in the original were kind of bothering me; in the Reignited version, they were less pronounced.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.24 06:08 (Yeah. I would say itís much softer than the original versions.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.24 06:09 (I have to go now, so Iíll see you tomorrow! Good luck on that exam!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 06:10 [Alright, see you! Thanks! :D]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 06:11 [Hm...funny how you think that's an alarm clock sound...I always thought it was a chainsaw-ish sound. XD XP That sound actually kind of matches the boss BTW--Buzz is a giant toad monster who's capable of rolling at high speeds. He makes a terrifying
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 06:12 chainsaw sound when he rolls--at least he did in the original.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.24 06:19 [Or was it a buzzsaw sound? Crap, I don't remember the difference. XD XP It was some sort of saw sound.]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.25 04:14 [I'm on!]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 04:20 (Hey!)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 04:22 (Yeah, thatís kind of what came to mind, haha. I used to go to this waterpark when I was younger, and when the wave pool would start getting wave-y, this alarm would go off. It sounded exactly like that. Now that you mention it, it does have kind of a
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 04:23 (chainsaw-like sound.)
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jun.25 04:28 [Ah, okay. BTW, hi! Sorry if my replies are slow; I'm drawing. I think I did OK on my test.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 04:30 (Okay, thatís fine. And thatís good to hear! At least you got through it!)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 04:31 *extends the candy bag to Mazy so she can have a handful* So, which one is your favorite?
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.25 04:32 *goes back to the room and knocks on the door - she forgot to take a key*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 04:33 *sinks neck-deep into the hot tub and sighs* *mutters* I shouldnít have sent Reagan.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 04:46 *just shakes her head a little and takes out her own Skittles bag* I dunno...
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 04:46 I guess...I like Skittles...
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 04:51 The purple ones are probably my favorites. And I used to like green when they were still lime. I mean, whatís wrong with lime? *chuckles a little*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 04:51 *turns to her* Is there anything else you like besides candy?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 04:53 [BTW, do you use Google Hangouts?]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 04:56 (I donít. Why do you ask?)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 05:00 [I've been using it recently to do voice calls with Caprial and RaeAnna. I was wondering if we could do voice calls too. ^.^]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 05:05 (That would be cool! Iíd just have to figure it out.)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 05:08 [Okie dokie! It's not too difficult to use. ^.^]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 05:08 [I'm a bit busy right now, but perhaps we could try it out another night.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 05:14 (Yeah! Iím currently putting together those London pictures myself.)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 05:18 [Great!]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 05:47 [Still there?]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 05:47 PB&J...
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 05:48 (Yeah, sorry!)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 05:49 No, like actual interests.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 05:54 Well...I...I like painting... *looks down, a bit embarassed*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 05:54 *embarrassed*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 05:56 Really? *isnít being critical; heís interested*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 05:58 I respect anyone who can paint. All those different colors... I donít know how you do it.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.25 05:59 *knocks a little harder* Midas? *is worried*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 06:00 *smiles a little* Thanks...you um...want to see some?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 06:04 Yeah, of course. *leans in a little closer to see what sheís got*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.25 06:09 *gives up* *goes back to the pool to tell Christina and Eleanor*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 06:11 *takes out her phone and brings up some pictures of her works*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.25 06:11 *is just keeping to himself for now*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 06:18 Wow... these are incredible. *looks at a particularly good one Mazy did of a person* You did this?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 06:21 Yeah...
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 06:21 *she has kind of a neo-Impressionist style*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 06:27 Donít worry. Weíll take care of this. *she and Christina go upstairs*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 06:28 You could sell these, you know. *glances at her* Youíre really talented.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 06:32 Really?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 06:37 *nods* Iím serious.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 06:38 *opens the door a bit brusquely* Midas?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.25 06:39 I have the door closed for a reason.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.25 06:41 [Sorry for the slow replies, I've been multitasking like h**l.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 06:45 (Thatís fine!)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 06:45 Well, I have a key to it.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.25 06:47 I need time to think.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 06:47 *pulls back the spinning chair and takes a seat* Midas, can you please tell us what the h**l is going on? Youíre not talking. Youíre not doing anything. Youíre just not yourself.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 06:48 I know it has something to do with Alexa, but you werenít like this when we left.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 06:50 *says to Mazy* I mean, the last time I painted something, it looked like a two year-old had a field day with the watercolors. But I know quality when I see it.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.25 06:54 I said I need time to think. Does personal space mean nothing to you?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 06:57 *looks momentarily shocked* *says quietly* I think youíve had enough time.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 06:58 Thereís only so much more of this passive-aggression that I - we - can take.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 06:59 *tries to soften her tone* We just want to help. And when youíre not saying anything...
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.25 07:00 I've been crammed in tiny spaces with seven other people for the past week. I've been sitting in here alone for 20 minutes tops.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.25 07:01 If you think that's more than enough alone time, you're the one with a problem.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 07:03 *stands up* Okay. I respect that. *has an edge to her voice, though* But since youíre about to spend seven more days with us, I think we deserve to know. *turns around and leaves* *slams the door pretty hard*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 07:05 *mutters angrily, throwing a few obscenities around* *gets in the elevator and walks outside, still clad in a towel and bathing suit*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.25 07:06 Don't take it personally. He's always been sensitive about personal space.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 07:07 *stalks over to the van by default, but notices itís occupied* *peers into the window with narrowed eyes* *sees Josh and Mazy bent over something* What are you guys doing in here? *sounds more annoyed than inquisitive*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 07:11 *looks at Eleanor* Can you maybe leave us alone?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 07:13 *instinctively and protectively hides her phone*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 07:13 *shuffles off* *all this mixed messages are causing her to lose her patience with everyone* *plops down on the parking lot curb and mulls it over* *also thinks of the many ways she could just leave if she had the chance*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 07:15 *tries to ignore the peripheral obstruction that is Eleanor by asking to see more of Mazyís paintings* *admires the small details*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 07:17 *his phone rings* *pauses to look at it* *it is Kai* *is perplexed* What does Kai want?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 07:18 *glances at Mazy before tentatively answering*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 07:19 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow! By the way, I might have those pictures sent in sometime tomorrow.)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.25 07:31 [Alright, see you!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.26 04:29 [I'm here!]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.26 04:41 (Hi! Sorry Iím late. I was watching a movie.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.26 04:47 [Hey! It's fine.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.26 04:49 [Replies will be a bit slow. I have homework to do.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.26 04:50 (Okay.)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.26 04:55 *shrugs her shoulders**she looks just as confused as Josh feels*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.26 04:56 *answers the phone* Hello? Kai: Hey. Itís me. *both of them ask one another where they are at the exact same time*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.26 04:56 Kai: Iím just calling because I have news on Alexa. Josh: *nods slowly* Okay.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.26 04:58 *basically, Kai was able to talk Alexa into meeting with them and talking it out* *he proposes that they meet at a diner somewhere in T & C* *thinks it over for a bit* Okay. Iíll let everyone else know.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.26 05:00 *thanks him and hangs up* *sits back* That was Kai. He talked to Alexa.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.26 05:02 [Ah, there's are several nice places to eat in T or C. I think I went to the Brewing Co. and had fried food, and there was a restaurant that served Mexican food too. A diner type place sounds a bit more like the Brewing co., though.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.26 05:02 *mutters* I have to tell everyone else. *opens the van door and leaps out* *goes to Eleanor first, since sheís out there* *breathlessly tells all*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.26 05:05 (Yeah. That seems like it would be a good choice.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.26 05:07 Really? *seems dubious* Josh: *senses that* Well, itís worth a shot. Eleanor: Of course it is. *adds* Consider yourself lucky. You said some pretty nasty things to her.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.26 05:09 *is a little exasperated* Look, I didnít mean it. I was mad, and I just needed to get some things off of my chest. *Eleanor is vaguely dismissive* We should let Midas know.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.26 05:09 *hasn't left his room*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.26 05:10 We can try. *they go back to the room* *opens the door*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.26 05:11 *sees Midas just laying around, staring at the ceiling* Midas? Dude. I have some news for you.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.26 05:14 Mmph.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.26 05:14 What?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.26 05:19 Kai called me, and he said Alexa wants to meet us tomorrow.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.26 05:22 *sits up and looks at Josh*...what?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.26 05:28 *nods* Yeah. He told me he talked to her. Sheís interested in meeting us.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.26 05:29 I donít wanna get my hopes up, but maybe she wants to work things out.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.26 05:34 ...Don't [BLEEP] it up this time.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.26 05:39 *looks a little surprised* I wonít even talk if thatís what you want.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.26 05:40 *goes to get Christina* *tells her about the meeting thatís been arranged with Alexa*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.26 06:00 *the next day arrives soon enough* *everyone packs their bags and they leave the hotel to the meeting place*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.26 06:01 *her stomach clenches a little when they pull in* *sees that Alexa and co.ís old van is parked there*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.26 06:03 Do you think we better go in? *this comes across as more of a rhetorical question, as sheís already making her way out of the van*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.26 06:05 *stays put* Iíll stay here. This is something I should probably sit out of. Eleanor: You sure? Reagan: Yeah. Iíll find things to do - play Uno by myself. *smiles*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.26 06:06 Alright... weíll keep the windows down for you. *walks inside* *instantly spots Alexa sitting at a table and looking out the window next to it* *Kai is at her side*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.26 06:08 *when Alexa looks her way, she musters up a smile and waves* *leads everyone over to the table, and they get seated* *a waiter comes over to take their drink orders*
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.26 06:09 *smiles, although itís more diplomatic than anything* Itís so good to see you guys. *is obviously sweeping last eveningís events under the rug*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.26 06:10 [I'm so sorry!!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.26 06:11 [I was on another RP and got to an extremely emotional part of a storyline and got really caught up in the dialogue...I forgot about this RP...]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.26 06:11 [I'm so sorry...]
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.26 06:20 (No, itís fine!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.26 06:21 *knowing Kai's relationship with Alexa, he is a bit apprehensive about meeting with him again*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.26 06:21 Yeah, you too.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.26 06:21 How have you been these past months?
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.26 06:30 *grins* Iíve been fine... doing a lot of traveling and seeing a lot of things... how was your trip down here?
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.26 06:30 *meanwhile, the drinks are delivered* *swirls her straw around in the cherry Pepsi she ordered while listening*
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.26 06:31 (I have to go now, see you!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.26 06:34 [Aw, bye!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.26 06:36 Pretty fun.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.27 02:40 [Word of warning: I will probably be late tonight.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.27 04:49 [I'm here!]
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.27 05:25 (Hey! Sorry Iím late.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.27 05:35 Weíve had a few cases of raging carsickness, a lot of bad restaurants, a lot of traffic jams, and a flat tire. So yeah, itís been alright. *laughs a little*
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.27 05:36 *looks concerned* The van made it though, right?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.27 05:38 [Hey! :D]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.27 05:39 Amazingly, yes.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.27 05:45 Letís just hope itíll make it back.
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.27 05:46 *grins* Good.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.27 05:48 We've also been playing a lot of Uno lately...]
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.27 05:48 *shifts uncomfortably and changes the subject* Well, the reason I wanted to see you guys today is to say sorry, and to explain myself.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.27 05:50 *no ]
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.27 05:50 When I saw you yesterday, I was shocked. I didnít know how to react, and itís complicated, but my first instinct was to run. *glances at Josh, who quickly looks away* So, Iím sorry for that.
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.27 05:52 *lazily swirls her straw in the ice in her drink* I realized that Iíve been acting pretty out of line, and I wanted to make you guys aware. Youíre the only ones who can understand, and... maybe youíll forgive me for my behavior after I tell you.
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.27 05:54 After Sam, I was just... super unhappy. When we came back, I discovered voicemails that she left me a few days before she died. She was pleading for me - us - to help her. I couldnít stop blaming myself for it, and what I couldíve done differently to
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.27 05:55 prevent it from happening. That is what I thought about for most of my days. It got unbearable to the point where I didnít really want to be here anymore.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.27 05:57 *looks pretty sad at the revelation of the Sam voicemails*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.27 05:58 *is staring with tears in her eyes**she didn't see this coming*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.27 05:58 *gets up, goes to the other side of the table, and hugs Alexa*
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.27 05:59 Fortunately, I got help. And I came to the conclusion that Iíd be my happiest self if I cut off ties, left it all behind me, and sought out the world around me. I thought maybe it would be my mirror to happiness.
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.27 06:02 *hugs Christina tightly, tearing up herself* As cheesy as it sounds, happiness was a Gold Rush Iíve never stopped searching for. Which is why Iím sitting in front of all of you, right here in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. *smiles a little*
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.27 06:04 *wipes a tear from her face* *says with a wobbling voice* What I did to you was unfair... and Iím an idiot for it. I missed you guys. Like, a lot. You donít even know.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.27 06:05 *wipes away the tears and pulls away, sniffling* Look...Alexa...it's not your fault...
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.27 06:05 With the voicemails and all, I mean...we all did our best back then...
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.27 06:05 *has just been oddly quiet*
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.27 06:06 Whenever I hit the road, I think of that one trip we took together. Itís always managed to find its way back to me. Remember Redís headless Barbie? *laughs*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.27 06:07 *smiles at that memory*
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.27 06:07 *nods in response to Christina* *says quietly* It took me a while to figure that out.
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.27 06:12 (I have to go now, Iíll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.27 06:19 [Aw, bye!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 04:03 [I'm here!]
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 04:10 (Hi!)
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 04:14 (I finally got around to sending the pictures! Theyíre part of a Google Drive folder, so I just wanted to make sure that you got it.)
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 04:15 *is making hand gestures as she speaks* Iíve basically been from coast to coast, and while Iíve seen some things, I donít think Iíve ever been on a road trip as wild.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 04:16 *looks a little uncomfortable- heís definitely the third wheel in this discussion*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 04:19 [Hey! Yay!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 04:22 [Geezus...Google Drive drove my CPU nuts and nearly crashed my browser...hopefully viewing the pics will work...]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 04:24 (Yeah. Itís just a folder; I sent you a notification so hopefully all youíll have to do is open it without much of a problem.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 04:26 [What I'm saying is that I tried opening the folder and it nearly crashed my browser.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 04:27 [It had a runaway script that I had to stop; the script was freezing everything. Unfortunately, stopping the script seems to have made opening a picture impossible, so I closed the tab and will try again.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.28 04:32 (Sorry. If Iíd have known, I wouldíve tried to send it another way. )
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 04:34 [I let the script run even though it was eating up my CPU and waited about 5 minutes. My CPU's back to normal; I think it finished. I'll see if I can look at the pictures now.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 04:34 [It's not your fault. Google seems to be having an issue with runaway scripts. They happen everywhere for me on their services.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 04:35 [They're probably trying to force me to switch to Chrome or some other backhanded thing...I know there've been reports that Google purposely runs slower on Firefox and other non-Chrome browsers, sooo...]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.28 04:43 (Okay. And I can definitely see Google doing that. )
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 04:46 [Well, this thing's officially impossible to use...I asked my dad about it and he said it might be an issue on my end. He explained that I have an unusual browser that is probably confusing it, so I'm going to switch to Firefox and see if it works there.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.28 04:49 (Okay. Hopefully it works.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 05:00 [It seems to be working!]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.28 05:07 (Great! Glad you got it figured out.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 05:12 ["Firefox can't update to the latest version"...SHUT UP FIREFOX[
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 05:12 *]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 05:16 [Very lovely pictures! I especially like the one of the telephone booth for some reason. Also, your comments are very informative/helpful. :D]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 05:18 [What kind of camera did you use?]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.28 05:20 (Thank you! Iím glad you liked them.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.28 05:21 (Most of the pictures were taken by Paige on a DSLR camera, actually. Others I took on my phone.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 05:23 [Ah, okay. ^.^ I was curious because the pictures looked quite good. I recently got a new Panasonic camcorder.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 05:23 [You went to the Handel house?! Yay!! :D]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 05:27 [Kind of reminds me of how I went to Kafka's house in Prague. ^.^]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.28 05:32 (Yes! It was pretty small, but it was still a cool experience and nice escape from all the tourist hubs. The crazy thing is that part of the staircase in that house is actually in the art museum in Detroit. Itís a small world...)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.28 05:35 (Kafka was a writer, wasnít he? I think that visiting houses of famous writers/musicians are pretty interesting experiences. You get to see where they wrote, relaxed, etc., and you usually learn a lot.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 05:35 [Yeah, he was arguably the Czech Republic's greatest author. He wrote dark but very interesting stuff.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 05:36 [I recommend checking out some of his stories. The Trial and Metamorphosis are two of his more well-known stories, but both are very good.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.28 05:36 (The neat thing about London is that they had blue markers on buildings indicating where famous Brits once lived. I saw Alfred Hitchcockís home on the way out. I think Paige might have seen Benjamin Brittenís home. Thereís actually a blue marker for
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.28 05:37 Mozart, because he lived in London for a bit during his childhood tour of Europe.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.28 05:40 (I think I was slated to read the Metamorphosis this year, but I dropped out of the class (ironically, I chose British literature instead). It does seem like an interesting book - I have considered reading it several times after dropping out.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.28 05:43 (While visiting the Handel house, I got the impression that he was a simple man. Maybe his house was more opulent when he lived there, but it contained really essential furniture (including many keyboards and harpsichords). For being a practical rockstar
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.28 05:44 in London, it was a bit surprising. But I think he was a pious man (and unmarried), which would explain that. Also, the floors creaked a LOT. )
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.28 05:46 (Did you find Prague to be really crowded?)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 05:49 [Hm...I went in the winter, so it really wasn't too bad.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 05:50 [So long as you go in the off seasons--like winter or fall--European cities generally aren't too crowded. Prague is more crowded than most, but still not that bad.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 05:51 [I remember seeing an organ in Prague that Mozart played in. I think it was in St. George's Basilica, but I could be wrong.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.28 05:51 (Okay. Iíve been interested in going there sometime in the future, but I read recently that itís become a bit of an overcrowded destination.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.28 05:52 (Thatís really cool!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 05:55 [Try going off season then. It'll be colder, but it works.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.28 05:57 (Alright. Iíll keep that in mind!)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.28 05:59 (Did you see any Dvorak-related things while in Prague?)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.28 06:06 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow! And thanks again for looking at the pictures!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.28 06:16 [Yep! I took a picture by a Dvorak statue. :D Also, aw, bye! Sorry for the slow replies BTW, I've been very busy today.]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 02:38 (Oh yeah, I recall you saying that! Also, I might be pretty late tonight.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 04:17 [Okie dokie.]
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 05:39 (Hey! Iím finally here.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 05:44 [Hey! :D]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 05:50 [RPing?]
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 05:55 (Sure! Sorry about the disappearance.)
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 05:56 *launches into conversation with everyone else, highlighting some of her travel experiences* *says casually* One day, Iíll have to bring you guys along.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.29 05:58 *is really, really relieved that things seem to be back to where they used to be* *smiles a little, but doesnít break his promise to Midas*
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 06:00 *an hour goes by* *Kai nudges her a bit* Dang, look at the time. I should probably be getting back... *looks at everyone sadly*
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 06:02 *after paying and everything, they make their way out the door* It was great seeing you all. Really great. Maybe Iíll be able to see you again this summer?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 06:05 [Sorry for disappearing myself. I'm drawing as well as on multiple RPs.]
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 06:07 (Thatís alright.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.29 06:09 Maybe. *smiles a little*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 06:10 Yeah, that'd be great!
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 06:10 *notices Josh hasnít said anything until now* *gives him a hug to let him know that everything between them has been forgiven* Thank you.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.29 06:11 *hugs her back, despite not being the best hugger* *gets a bit emotional*
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 06:13 *turns to Christina and gives her a tight hug* Thank you so much for coming out here - and for being my friend. *kind of chokes on her words*
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 06:14 *murmurs* Iím sorry for being a not-so-great friend.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 06:14 *hugs her tightly* We're all doing our best...it's alright...
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 06:18 *pulls back and looks Christina in the eye* When you get back home... can you tell my parents Iíll see them soon?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 06:18 [I want Midas to talk to Alexa alone BTW.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 06:19 *smiles gently, looking right back at her in the eye* Of course.
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 06:20 (Yeah, me as well.)
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 06:21 *smiles gratefully* Thank you.
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 06:22 *turns to hug Eleanor* Bye, El. Iíll see you soon, okay? Itís been way too long since Iíve seen you.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.29 06:23 *chuckles* Yeah. See ya. *tries to keep her composure* *pats her on the back*
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 06:24 *knows exactly who sheís missing* *pivots toward Midas, but finds it too awkward to say anything* *looks at the ground, then casts a diplomatic smile his way* See you.
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 06:24 *gives everyone one last smile* *heads back to her van*
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 06:25 *however, sheís feeling really crappy about what she just did to Midas*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 06:26 *sidles up to Christina and Eleanor* Uh- Iíll be riding back with you, if thatís okay.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.29 06:26 *is in good spirits* I donít see why not.
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 06:28 *finally turns around and hurries over to Midas* *says quietly* Can I... talk to you for a moment?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.29 06:31 *hesitates, then nods*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.29 06:35 *walks away with Alexa*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.29 06:35 So...what do you want to talk about?
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 06:38 *sighs a little* I just wanted to say that Iím sorry. For everything.
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 06:39 Donít act like I didnít do anything, because I treated you terribly. I shouldnít have left you like that.
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.29 06:52 (I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.29 06:55 *just hesitates silently, thinking**then tears actually come to his eyes and he leans in to kiss her*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.30 04:09 [I'm online!]
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.30 04:20 (Hi!)
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.30 04:22 *puts her hand to his cheek, but doesnít go for the kiss* *looks down and says quietly* You donít have to forgive me, you know.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.30 04:22 [Hey!]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.30 04:23 Why shouldn't I? Lack of forgiveness only hurts more...and I'm tired of hurting...
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.30 04:30 *nods a little* Okay.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.30 04:36 *since she didn't go for the kiss he just hugs her*
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.30 04:38 *hugs Midas tightly and gives him a kiss on the cheek instead* Thank you.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.30 04:39 When will we see each other again?
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.30 04:40 *can see some of Midas and Alexaís conversation in the rearview mirror* *forces herself to look away*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.30 04:43 [Oof.]
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.30 04:46 Iím gonna try to make it back home before the summer is over. Maybe Iíll see you then. *smiles a little*
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.30 04:48 (Yeah. Itís just rejection through and through for Reagan.)
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.30 04:49 *says distantly* I still have my parents to apologize to.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.30 04:50 *while everyone else is probably spying and celebrating, sheís hurt to the point of anger* *wants to confront Midas about this later*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.30 04:51 Alright...
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.30 04:54 *@ Kai* By the way...thanks.
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.30 04:55 Hopefully Iíll be back soon. And in the meantime... do me one favor. *smiles mischievously*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.30 04:57 *nods at Christina* Yeah.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.30 04:58 Hm?
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.30 05:04 Be nice to your brother, alright? *still has that grin on her face*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.30 05:05 Who says I haven't been nice to him? *smirks a little*
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.30 05:10 I just know things. *smirks back*
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.30 05:12 *shifts a little* *knows she should probably get going* *gazes at Midasí van* I wish I could go with you.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.30 05:12 Well...why don't you?
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.30 05:17 *gestures to the van behind her* Iíve got my own van to drive.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.30 05:21 ...Plagiarism.
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.30 05:24 *smiles a bit regretfully* Yeah. I know.
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.30 05:26 I really should get going now... *takes out her keys* *fiddles with the keychains*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.30 05:27 Alright...later this summer, then?
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.30 05:27 *gives him a sudden hug* Iíll see you. *pulls back and gets in her van*
1>Alexa (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.30 05:28 *backs out and waves as energetically as possible*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.30 05:29 *waves too, even though Alexa probably canít see her all the way in the back* *Christina leans over and honks the horn*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.30 05:33 *smiles and waves back at her**seems to be himself again*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.30 05:41 *even she musters the courage to wave*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.30 05:44 *waits for Midas to reclaim his seat at the wheel* *says somewhat cheerily* Well, are we ready to go back home?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.30 05:44 (Sorry for the disappearance. I thought I posted that, and I didnít.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.30 05:45 Yeah. I think itís about time.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jun.30 06:03 [It's fine. I kind of got distracted, so I apologize for disappearing too.]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.30 06:07 *he indeed gets back at the wheel* Red: Ah yes...it's the Midas Disgusticus in its natural habitat.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.30 06:07 *they hit the road* *the first day of their journey back is full of pit stops* *the heat forces them to drink more water* *Red nearly has to pee in a water bottle again, but they make to a bathroom quickly enough*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.30 06:10 (Haha, Red.)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.30 06:12 ...Escusez
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.30 06:12 *Excusez-moi?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jun.30 06:12 *said that to Red before they set out on their journey back home*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jun.30 06:17 *has taken this as an opportunity to bother Josh about connecting her to Midas* *isnít brave enough to initiate a conversation with him anymore*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.30 06:22 *is silently annoyed by this* *doesnít know how heís going to arrange this* *decides he probably wonít*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.30 06:23 *after all, Midas has reconciled with Alexa, and why try to meddle with that?*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.30 06:24 So...anyone want to descend into h**l? Red:...wat o_o
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.30 06:24 Oops...had a Freudian slip there...I mean, does anyone want to play Uno?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.30 06:25 *itís pretty late when they approach the Texas panhandle* *Midas swerves into an In-N-Out for dinner, since thatís pretty much the dominant fast food chain* *amazingly, not a Mickey Dís is in sight*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.30 06:26 I think Iím gonna eat first. I canít play Uno on an empty stomach. *impatiently wrangles the locked van door*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.30 06:31 *files into the place with everyone else* *has to do a double take upon seeing the limited menu* Um...
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.30 06:31 [Really? In-N-Out Diners are the dominant chain there?? I haven't noticed. XD]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.30 06:34 *is apprehensive about eating fast food for the Xth day in a row* *tries to laugh it off* Well, this menu isnít conducive to many dietary needs.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.30 06:34 (Apparently. Iíve never seen one in my life, but Iíve heard theyíre hugely popular out there.)
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.30 06:36 *quips* You can have the lettuce from my burger if youíre so worried about staying slim, Martha.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.30 06:37 [Huh...]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.30 06:38 [I just go to Subways and gas stations and whatnot. Huge gas station type things like Bucees are really popular in this state.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.30 06:38 *Buc-ee's
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.30 06:40 *says in a weirdly masculine way* Sometimes, you just gotta have a burger. *saunters up to the counter and makes her order*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.30 06:42 (Ah, okay. Interesting.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.30 06:45 *has Midas go ahead of him while he makes up his mind*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jun.30 06:46 (I have to go now; see you tomorrow!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jun.30 06:47 [Aw, bye!]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.1 04:07 [I'm on!]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.1 04:34 (Hi! Sorry Iím late. My replies might be slow, since Iím doing something.)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.1 04:36 [Hey! OK.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.1 04:38 *goes back to the van with his food and waits there with Midas while everyone else is ordering, peeing, looking for ketchup, etc.*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.1 04:38 So... howíd everything with Alexa go?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.1 04:40 It went well.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.1 04:49 ...Methinks a thing is going on with you and Mazy. *looks at Josh and quirks his eyebrows mischievously*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.1 04:55 (Apologies for the already late replies!)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.1 04:58 *tries to be dismissive* No, weíre just... *doesnít deny anything, but he quickly changes the subject* Are you two back on?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.1 05:02 [It's fine! I've been occupied myself.]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.1 05:04 Well... *looks straight ahead* We're on good terms.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.1 05:09 *nods* Good.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.1 05:10 I almost thought this trip would turn out to be all for nothing, but I think things ended up turning out pretty well.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.1 05:26 *changes the subject yet again* How do you know about Mazy?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.1 05:28 [Sorry for disappearing myself.]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.1 05:37 It's pretty obvious...
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.1 05:37 Haven't you noticed the way she looks at you?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.1 05:43 *shrugs a little* *is a bit embarrassed* *mutters* I mean, she winked at me once.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.1 06:05 (I have to go now. I wonít be online tomorrow night, so Iíll see you Tuesday!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.1 06:07 [Aw, bye!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.3 00:07 [If I don't come on it'll most likely mean that my Internet/power got knocked out; it's thunderstorming a lot here.]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.3 03:51 (Yeah, same. My power is actually out, and wonít be on until later. Iím not sure if Iíll be online tonight, but itís doubtful.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.3 04:35 [Crap, OK. BTW, sorry I'm late. I did my physics final today and decided to wind down by looking for gems in an empty Ice Cavern because I'm an idiot who missed the Level Complete thingy.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.3 05:30 [I'm still around.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.3 06:36 [Guess you're not here. See you tomorrow!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.4 00:33 [Whee, it's another part in my let's play series... https://youtu.be/o7OBo4TkMc0 ]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.4 04:25 [Well I just learned today that the spiders in High Caves still scare the h**l out of me. Wheeeee...]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.4 04:29 [I have turned very sarcastic during these last few recording sessions...not sure why...sooo... XD XP Expect to see the sassy side of me in the next episodes of my let's play.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.4 04:30 (Hi! Sorry for being late. My replies might be slow for a while.)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.4 04:34 [It's fine!]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.4 04:35 [I was a bit late myself because I've been slacking off and playing Spyro.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.4 04:44 (Alright, itís even, haha. Speaking of that, Iíll be watching the video in a minute.)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.4 04:46 [OK, great!]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.4 05:11 (Sorry that took so long! I finished the video.)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.4 05:12 [It's fine! I had to go out and shut down my PS4 anyway. It was transferring my latest recordings onto a USB key.]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.4 05:12 [What did you think?]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.4 05:12 (My favorite part of your videos are probably the end. There are a lot of bits of random hilarious. I was kind of laughing out loud at the ďInto the abyss!!Ē moment. All of that was a bit random.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.4 05:13 (The ďslappy mamasĒ were also amusing.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.4 05:14 (One thing Iíd ďcriticizeĒwould be the acne comment - I think people get sensitive about that. But you caught yourself afterwards, so it wasnít super bad.)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.4 05:16 [Ah, okay. I actually didn't know people are sensitive about it because acne really isn't a big deal to me.]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.4 05:17 [I still couldn't resist, though, with that one dragon's weird chin design...]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.4 05:21 (I mean, itís still funny. Sometimes you just have to go for it without worrying if youíre going to offend people or not.)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.4 05:24 [...That's pretty much what I do in all my recordings. XD]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.4 05:25 [I'm often just blithering on with whatever comes to my mind. I can't put too much thought into my words because I'm trying to play the game decently.]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.4 05:34 [Anywho, RPing?]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.4 05:35 (Sure!)
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.4 05:38 *sees Josh and Midas talking outside, and she couldnít have more of a golden opportunity* *walks outside and stands near the door, waiting for Josh to notice her and give her some sort of cue*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.4 05:41 *notices Reagan* *only mentions her to Midas to get out of the discussion at hand* Um, it looks like someone wants to talk to you.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.4 05:42 *wanders a bit from the van*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.4 05:44 ...Oh. *now he's the one on the awkward side of things**doesn't show it, though*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.4 05:44 Hi.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.4 05:47 Hey. *stares at the ground for a few moments*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.4 05:48 So, that was Alexa, he?
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.4 05:48 *eh
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.4 05:54 Yep.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.4 05:55 You shouldíve told me about that. Maybe I wouldnít have tagged along if Iíd known about you guys.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.4 05:56 *says this mostly so heíll feel remorseful* I didnít want to interfere with you and her.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.4 05:59 No...you... *hesitates, unsure about what to say*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.4 06:03 What? *sounds a little bit defensive*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.4 06:03 Even with her I don't see why you shouldn't have come...this was an opportunity for you to get out, see the world...
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.4 06:09 [If I disappear completely it's because it's thunderstorming like h**l outside.]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.4 06:10 (Okay. Hope everythingís okay!)
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.4 06:11 *looks down and nods a little* *doesnít want to say that she basically wasted her time with strangers, because she kind of feels like that now*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.4 06:12 It was cool.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.4 06:13 *looks up at him* Are you gonna take me back home? *still sounds hostile*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.4 06:15 Well why wouldn't I?
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.4 06:20 *shrugs* In case you forgot.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.4 06:25 And why would I forget?
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.4 06:26 I donít know - because Iím not your friend?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.4 06:29 ...Excuse me?
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.4 06:35 Well... Iím not. I met you a few days ago. You havenít talked to me for a number of those days. So yeah.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.4 06:36 I've talked to you practically every day.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.4 06:38 What are you talking about?
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.4 06:38 It wasnít like you wanted to.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.4 06:39 *walks out of In-N-Out and instantly sights the confrontation* *is internally reacting like this: ht tps://pics.me.me/me-i-hate-drama-also-me-whenever-there-s-a-hint-26911555.png
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.4 06:40 You were miffed about something, and you never told me. I wasnít expecting you to, but it just seemed like you were avoiding me on purpose.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.4 06:47 I wasn't miffed. I just needed time to think.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.4 06:47 [XD Eleanorrr...]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.4 06:49 Okay. Iím acknowledging that I got in the way of that, and Iím sorry.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.4 06:50 *watches not-so-discreetly from the side of the van*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.4 06:54 You didn't get in the way of it.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.4 06:55 What is your problem? I really want to know.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.4 06:59 I donít know- things started out great between us, and then I find out that the entire purpose of your trip out here is to reconnect with this Alexa chick.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.4 07:00 I feel like an idiot and an intruder, and you played along with it. When I tried to ask you what was going on, you shut me out.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.4 07:04 That's not what... *sighs, trying to control his annoyance/anger* Okay fine, maybe I was an [BLEEP]hole. Maybe you're right. Would you be happier being right? Is that what you want?
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.4 07:05 (I have to go now. Tomorrow, Iím going up north; Iíll be there for about a week and a half (until the 16th). Iíll be on for a few days after that, but will have to leave again the weekend of the 19th.)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.4 07:06 [Aw, okay. See you soon; I hope you enjoy your trip!]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.4 07:06 (There isnít great internet connection up north, so I wonít be online. However, Iíll try to stop in and post occasionally. Have a great holiday, and Iíll see you!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.4 07:10 [Alright. Thanks; see you!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.7 18:35 [BTW, I recall you're a guru at sending letters to celebrities and getting replies. How would you go about getting the mailing address of someone? I would like to send a letter to one of my favorite directors, Woody Allen.]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.7 22:32 (Hey! So, the internet connection wasnít as great as I thought. Itís basically nonexistent. I donít think Iíll be able to check in as often as I said I would be able to.)
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.7 23:00 (Yeah, Iíd be glad to help! The site I used was called w w w.fanmail.biz . The addresses there worked every time, depending on the celebrity. Thereís also feedback for most of the addresses on there.)
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.7 23:03 (To be honest, Iím not sure if Woody Allen will read the letter, since heís a really famous director. I actually think directors in general are rarely heard back from. If youíre sending an autograph request with that, Iíd be happy to explain that process
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.7 23:03 as well.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.8 00:02 [Thank you for the tips! They are greatly appreciated.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 23:12 [Guess who's in a road trip and currently in T or C?! :D]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 23:14 [I also will confess that I've been an idiot...I'm at one of the hot springs hotels and it costs just as much to stay here per night as it would at the Holiday Inn.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 23:15 [So I would like to ask that we revise what the road trip "gang" did and say that they stayed at one of the hot springs hotels, and instead of getting in the pool a small group of them got in one of the hot springs.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 23:15 [At least the rates for the Holiday Inn on Google are right now just as high as the rates here, which is so freaking stupid...]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 02:32 [I also was at the brewery and realized I was an idiot when it comes to what they serve. XD XP They barely have any food apart from snacks (pretzels, chips, jerky, etc.), but their menu says that they do serve food sent to them from local restaurants, so
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 02:33 the idea that our characters went there and ate isn't too unrealistic. It is still a bit impractical, though I wouldn't be surprised if Midas ordered a beer.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 03:45 [I was at the brewery again and there's a food truck near it that delivers their food into the brewery (though you have to go outside and order at the truck itself), so again the idea of them going there to eat isn't unrealistic.]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.14 01:43 [BTW, I have arrived at my destination in Arizona! I am attending this summer camp: https://w ww.facebook.com/westerninvitational/ And yes, I am in the group picture on that page.]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.14 01:43 [As a result I won't be on as much. On some nights I may not be on at all.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.16 01:00 (Hey! Thatís pretty awesome that youíve been able to retrace the steps of our characters in T or C, haha. Do you have any pictures?)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.16 01:03 (Yeah, itís really not a big deal. I remember they ordered drinks, so maybe they just got drinks. Also, Midas ordering a beer is actually a pivotal revelation to Reagan, who doesnít really know how old he is, haha.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.16 01:12 (Thanks for the picture! It looks beautiful out there, and I hope you have fun at camp. The picture had me wondering though... are you one of the only girls at the camp? )
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.16 01:14 As for me, Iím back from up north. It was pretty fun, but my skin is begging for mercy: I got terrible heat rashes from the sun, plenty of bug bites, and this thing called swimmerís itch (research at your own risk!).)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.16 01:15 (I plan on being online tomorrow. Just let me know if I can expect to see you!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.17 07:23 [I believe I do have pictures. ^.^ I will send them when I have time to transfer them onto my computer.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.17 07:24 [And yes, I am one of the only girls at camp. Girls are always a minority on the chess scene.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.17 07:27 [*immediately looks up "swimmer's itch" like an idiot* OH GAWD]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.17 07:27 [Oh...I hate myself...I hate everything...eugh... XD XP]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.17 07:29 [I do not think I'll be on tomorrow--at least not at the fixed times because there's a blitz tournament during those times. I'm not so sure about the day after either, but I should be back on by Saturday unless some sort of technological issue arises.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.18 23:38 (Alright, same here. Iíll be offline tonight and tomorrow, so Iíll see you on Saturday. Good luck at the tournament!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.19 02:47 [OK, see you soon!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 00:44 [I am on my way home now. The blitz tournament went pretty well. ^.^]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.20 22:39 (Great! Iím not sure if Iíll be online tonight. See you soon, I hope!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 03:37 [I'm on! Okay.]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 04:23 (Hey! Iím here. Sorry Iím late.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 04:34 [Hey! It's fine.]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.21 04:35 [Long time, no see!]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 04:40 (Yeah! Itís been forever!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.21 04:44 [I'm not back home yet BTW, but I will be tomorrow.]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.21 04:44 [RPing?]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 04:51 (Sure! Weíll pick up from where we left off.)
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.21 05:00 *talks quietly, in a sort of ďIím getting p**sedĒ way* Can you maybe just listen to me? Acknowledge where Iím coming from?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.21 05:05 I have been.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.21 05:07 Swear to god, talking to you is like talking to a wall - everything comes back to me, and I feel like an idiot! Iím tired of you just Texas two-stepping around me!
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.21 05:10 I didnít tag along thinking this would happen.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 05:13 *everyone else has crowded around the side of the van, watching the altercation go down* *tries to get a good look from behind Josh and Christina* *murmurs* Wait, whatís going on?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.21 05:15 *sighs*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.21 05:17 Look, I know I didn't tell you everything about the purpose of this trip, and I'm sorry. I made a mistake.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.21 05:17 Now let's go home, okay?
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 05:19 *was seemingly oblivious to whatever connection Midas and Reagan had made*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.21 05:24 *stares at the ground and nods reluctantly* Fine.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.21 05:26 *Reagan and Midas start walking back to the van* *hisses* Open the door. *everyone rushes back into the van*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.21 05:28 *despite the speed at which they got back in the van, he definitely noticed what the others were doing*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.21 05:28 *gets in the driver's seat*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.21 05:30 *after Joshís episode of falling asleep behind the wheel, they decide not to take a chance at it and stay in a hotel instead* *by mid-morning the next day, theyíre back on the road and preparing to spend most of the day traveling through Texas*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.21 05:33 *has been in a generally better mood, though things are still awkward with Reagan*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.21 05:36 *as for her, sheís been in a distant mood* *is making sure everyone understands that she and Midas are on hostile terms *
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.21 05:38 *has tried to propose a game of Uno, but everyoneís either sleeping or disinterested* *gives up* *turns on the solar powered radio and looks out the window*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.21 05:39 *decides to bring it up to Christina and Kai during a pit stop* I donít know. Nobodyís feeling it today, and itís getting on my nerves.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 05:41 Well, we HAVE been on the road for almost a week. I think weíre all tired.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.21 05:44 Um, I think weíre all tired of Reagan and Midas. *glances at Midas, who swiftly curses when the gas pump refuses to work*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.21 05:54 [Sorry for disappearing. I got distracted drawing.]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 05:58 (Thatís fine!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 06:07 True...if it's any reassurance, Reagan will be dropped off before we get home, so...
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 06:07 Why don't we start a game of Uno once we get going again?
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 06:09 But what the h**l is going on with her? *chuckles a little*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.21 06:11 *whispers* Havenít you noticed? She basically came with us because of Midas.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 06:12 Oh... *is a little confused, and honestly, he doesnít really care to get the full story*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 06:12 We canít just ignore her, even if she is a little bit crazy. Uno would be a great idea.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.21 06:14 *nods* *at that moment, Josh passes with a bag in hand* *calls out* Hey Jishwa! Whatís in the bag?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.21 06:15 I thought we agreed youíd stop calling me that. *keeps walking*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 06:15 Yeah Jishwa, we really want to know. *smirks*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.21 06:15 *snickers* I hope youíre ready for Uno.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.21 06:37 (Sorry for the slow responses.) *waits until they hit the road to start Uno* Alright, weíre playing Uno. Whoís in?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.21 06:37 Okay.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 06:38 Iím in.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.21 06:38 *says unexpectedly* Sure.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.21 06:39 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 06:40 [Aw, bye! It's fine, I got distracted by drawing rage. XD XP Lips are freaking hard...]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.21 06:40 Me!
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.21 06:40 *raises her hand
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.21 06:40 **
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 06:47 I'm in too.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.22 04:10 [I'm online!]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.22 04:31 (Hey! So sorry Iím late, I was trying to finish a book. My replies might be slow for a bit.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.22 04:42 [Hey! It's fine.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.22 04:42 *shuffles the cards and deals them out*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.22 04:47 (Clockwise, the order is this: Christina, Josh, Kai, Red, Eleanor, Mazy, and Reagan.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.22 04:47 Legend has it that whoever starts first gets the worst luck... Red, youíre up.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.22 04:48 *snorts a little* Thatís BS.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.22 04:48 *corrects him* Itís legend.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.22 04:49 [Okie dokie.]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.22 04:50 *puts down a skip card*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.22 04:52 ...Oof.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.22 04:54 *smiles bashfully* Spoke too soon? *puts down a yellow six*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.22 04:55 Yeah. *watches as Mazy prepares to make her move*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.22 04:57 [Uhh...Eleanor was skipped. XD]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.22 04:57 [She can't put down a card because she was skipped. XD]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.22 05:05 (What the heck... sometimes I donít know where my brain is at, honestly.)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.22 05:12 *puts down a yellow card on top of Red's yellow card*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.22 05:15 *has to draw cards because she doesnít have any yellow* *mutters* Really?...
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.22 05:20 *plays a blue card with the same number as soon as Reagan plays a yellow card*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.22 05:22 Finally. *smugly plays a blue card*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.22 05:24 *puts down a wild card immediately after Joshís turn*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.22 05:25 *slaps down a +2 card*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.22 05:29 Off to a great start, right? *laughs it off*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.22 05:32 Oof.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.22 05:33 *sets down a blue card of her own*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.22 05:35 Guys, I donít have any blue cards! *has to draw even more cards* *puts down a red card with the same number*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.22 05:44 That sounds like a you problem...
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.22 05:44 *puts down her own red card*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.22 05:48 Uno is the wrong place to ask for mercy. *plays a red card*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.22 05:49 *glances at the secret weapons in her arsenal of Uno cards*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.22 05:50 *hesitates, then changes the color to blue again*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.22 06:01 *unleashes another +2 card*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.22 06:02 (BLEEP) it. *isnít laughing anymore*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.22 06:07 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.22 06:08 *puts down her own +2 card that's yellow*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.22 06:08 [Aw, bye!]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.22 19:38 [AAUUGGHH]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.22 19:38 [My inner Midas just came out today...my headphones flew off while I was jamming to Elvis...]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 04:35 Double oof.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 04:35 [I'm on! ^.^]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.23 04:36 (Oh my gosh, thatís funny. The channeling Midas part. Other than that, having headphones fly off your head is one of the most annoying things that can possibly happen.)
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.23 04:36 (Hey!)
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.23 04:37 *gives Mazy a side-eye* Well thatís really nice of you. *draws two with a chip on her shoulder*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.23 04:38 Thereís no ďniceĒ in Uno. Just like thereís no crying in baseball.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 04:41 [Indeed.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 04:43 *puts down a normal card*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.23 04:45 The meaner, the better, honestly. *smirks and debuts the first +4*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 04:46 (BLEEP). *would follow up with a ďyouĒ, but he holds his tongue and draws 4*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.23 04:48 Finally! A card I have! *puts down a yellow*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 04:57 [Sorry for disappearing. I got distracted. Replies will be faster now.]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.23 04:58 *changes it to red with her next card*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.23 05:00 (Thatís alright!)
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.23 05:01 *chirps* Skip! *smacks down a red skip card*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 05:01 *inhales deeply*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.23 05:08 *is just smirking maliciously this entire time*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 05:10 *plays a reverse card after Joshís turn* *probably saved Eleanor there*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.23 05:12 *happily puts down another card* *is only one card away from an Uno now*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 05:17 *puts down her own skip card*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 05:18 I think someone named Nietzsche had a word for what I'm experiencing now...I believe he called it... *grins darkly* ...schadenfreude.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.23 05:21 What? *looks puzzled*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 05:22 Look it up...
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 05:23 Red's full of it.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.23 05:25 Uh... okay. *looks paranoid*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.23 05:29 (I would say Red for sure has it.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.23 05:30 *doesnít have any cards that could negatively impact Red* *changes the color to blue in hopes that itíll save Kai from Redís wrath*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 05:34 [Indeed. >:D]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.23 05:37 Kai...
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.23 05:37 Heart of the cards?
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.23 05:37 *has a +2 card at ready*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 05:38 What? *hasnít played Uno enough with them to understand that term*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.23 05:40 *just sighs, irritated, and slaps the +2 card down*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 05:40 Get the train going...
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 05:41 *throws his hands up in a ďWtfĒ way* *draws two*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.23 05:42 Yesssss... UNO! *throws down his card*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.23 05:42 *mutters* Iím not quite ready for this game to end...
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 05:44 *facepalms* You were supposed to chain the +2s...
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.23 05:46 Too bad. *smirks and waves his single card around*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 05:46 *puts down a normal card*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 05:47 How the h**l was I supposed to know? I have no idea what kind of Uno talk that was. Iíve never heard it in my life. *rolls his eyes, already exasperated*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.23 05:47 Well, now you know.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 05:48 Well it doesn't matter since you obviously don't have a +2 of your own.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.23 05:48 *is listening to all of this with amusement*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.23 05:49 *plays a normal card as well*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.23 05:53 *puts down a wild card and changes the color to green*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.23 05:57 *puts down a card by default* *is just waiting to see what will happen when Kaiís turn is up8
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.23 05:57 *
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.23 05:58 Do you have any useful cards at all?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.23 06:02 *looks at Red* Me?
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.23 06:02 ~.~
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.23 06:03 Who am I looking at? *is looking straight at Kai*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 06:05 *stares at Red a little bit intensely* Maybe.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.23 06:06 *sighs and runs a hand through his hair* *mutters* (BLEEP).
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.23 06:10 What color?
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 06:11 Same one.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.23 06:12 *is practically sweating* *prays for a skip card*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.23 06:13 *sets down a normal green card*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 06:18 *lays down a +4 and waits for the eruption*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.23 06:19 *brings his hands to his face and slowly leans back* (BLEEEEEP)....
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.23 06:19 NooooOOOO!
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.23 06:20 *stifles a laugh*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 06:21 The meaner the better, right? *his mouth quirks into a mischievous smirk*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.23 06:22 *sits up, looking sullen* *doesnít respond and draws the four*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.23 06:22 *cackles evilly*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.23 06:22 (I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 06:23 ...Oof. *smirks*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 06:23 [Aw, bye!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.24 04:11 [XD I swear, with every game of Uno Josh becomes more like Wade.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.24 04:23 (Hey!)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.24 04:24 (Hahaha, yeah. Itís sort of my angle, but he just seems naturally competitive.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.24 04:34 [Hey! Yup. He has to be, being a basketball player.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.24 04:37 *glances at Christina* Your turn.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.24 04:45 *puts down a normal card*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.24 04:49 *looks at Reagan*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.24 04:50 *plays a normal card, but switches the color to red*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.24 04:56 *hesitates**then gives Reagan a death glare as she slowly draws cards*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.24 04:57 *her glare gets more intense with each card she draws**finally puts down a red +2 card*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.24 05:01 *sighs irritably* *draws two*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.24 05:03 *puts down a normal card slowly (so as to scare Kai)*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.24 05:03 *is still weirded out by Mazyís looks* I had nothing to do with that, I swear.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.24 05:05 I thank you for not getting involved. It couldíve gotten ugly.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.24 05:06 *would play a normal card, but no - heís not feeling very nice today* *skips Josh*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.24 05:07 *leans his head back* Whyyyyyy
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.24 05:13 WHY does this always happen to me??
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.24 05:15 I donít know what youíre babbling about. You have less cards than I do!
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.24 05:16 But I was so close to winning!
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.24 05:16 *puts down a normal card again*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.24 05:16 I suppose it's just karma. *smirks*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.24 05:17 Just wait for your next turn and move on. *sounded a bit annoyed*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.24 05:18 *changes the color to green*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.24 05:25 *slaps a skip card down*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.24 05:36 *shrugs* *chances are, she mightíve had to draw more cards*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.24 05:44 *also plays a skip card*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.24 05:44 Oof.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.24 05:46 Thanks. *plays a reverse card, since itís the only one he has*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.24 05:46 Thanks. *slaps down a +4*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.24 05:47 WHOAAA!
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.24 05:48 *realizes what just happened* *his expression brightens* Hey, that worked out, didnít it?
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.24 05:53 *his face turns...well, red*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.24 05:53 *slowly draws four*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.24 05:53 *has a murderous glint in his eye*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.24 05:56 *gets rid of a normal card*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.24 06:04 [Sorry about the super slow replies...I've been working hard on a drawing and slowly going insane as I redo one part of the drawing over and over...I just can't get it to look right...]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.24 06:05 *also puts down a normal card*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.24 06:08 (Thatís fine! I completely understand drawing rage.)
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.24 06:08 *reverses the order*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.24 06:10 *puts down her own reverse card*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.24 06:10 *it's red*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.24 06:12 *wouldíve used one of her secret weapons on Christina, but she views Kai as a rising threat* *can see Red is waiting for revenge*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.24 06:13 *didnít see that one coming* *lays down a +4 to see if she can push Christinaís buttons*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.24 06:13 (I have to go now; see you tomorrow!)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.24 06:24 [Aw, bye!]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.25 03:19 (Hey, I might be a little late tonight.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 04:09 [I'm on! OK.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 04:11 [I'm reposting the order you posted above so I don't have to scroll up so much: Christina, Josh, Kai, Red, Eleanor, Mazy, and Reagan.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 04:11 *DEEP INHALE*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 04:11 ...You must be joking. *draws four*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 04:11 *her voice is disturbingly monotone*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.25 05:27 (Hey, sorry Iím so late! I was watching a movie and it ended later than expected.)
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.25 05:28 Well, now you know what itís like. *smirks a little pompously*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.25 05:29 *mutters* Whoa. *knows better than to mess with Christina when sheís in that mood*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 05:31 [Hey! It's fine.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 05:37 Josh go. *her voice is still monotone*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.25 05:38 *shakes his head a little* Itís tough. *changes the color to blue*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 05:38 *lays down a card* *has three cards left*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.25 05:47 *slaps down a reverse card that's green*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.25 05:47 [Whoops, just realized that's illegal. XD XP It was blue, not green.]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 05:49 *has a blue card at the ready* Uno!
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.25 05:51 [...So he magically went from three cards to one? XD]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.25 05:54 *stares into space until he realizes he needs to put down a card* *has to draw a few until he gets a blue* *browses his newly acquired cards, brows furrowed, chewing on his bottom lip*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.25 05:55 (Oops. I meant to say that before Kai put down a card the first time around.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.25 05:56 *is hoping someone will reverse the order yet again*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.25 06:04 *begins staring intensely at anyone sitting opposite him*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.25 06:06 *narrows her eyes at Josh, weirded out at first* *then Josh nods his head toward Kai ever so subtly* *starts to understand* *looks sympathetic*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 06:07 *puts down a normal blue card*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.25 06:07 *is too preoccupied with studying her hand of cards*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.25 06:09 Darn. *draws a few cards* *changes the color to yellow*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.25 06:11 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 06:14 [Aw, bye!]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.25 06:15 *slaps down a yellow reverse card*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 03:52 [I'm on!]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 04:21 (Hi! Sorry Iím late.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 04:22 *gives Mazy a small smile and nod*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.26 04:23 *slyly glances at Christinaís hand of cards* *inhales loudly and keeps it at yellow*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 04:24 *blurts out before Christina makes her move* Wait.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 04:24 Christina.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 04:32 [Hey! It's fine. Replies will be slow; I'm multitasking.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.26 04:32 What?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 04:33 *smiles a little bit back at Josh**her smile is surprisingly sweet*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 04:38 *is momentarily distracted by Mazyís smile* Um. *snaps back to reality*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 04:39 *says quietly* Heart of the cards?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 05:01 [Sorry for disappearing, I forgot to check this tab.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.26 05:02 ...Heart of the cards. *lays down a yellow +2*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 05:05 (No worries!)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 05:05 *follows suit*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.26 05:06 *calmly draws four*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.26 05:06 *grins*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.26 05:07 *slaps down a reverse card*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.26 05:07 *is slightly offended by the fact that Kai didnít even react*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.26 05:09 Címon, guys. I may not know what a heart of the cards is, but I knew you were all conspiring against me. *puts down a skip card* Thanks, Red.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.26 05:25 *puts down a normal card*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.26 05:32 *plays a +4 card* *since Kaiís been dethroned, sheís quick to return to a lone wolf status*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 05:39 *gives Reagan the death glare as she draws every card*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 05:44 *this continues for some time* *everyone continues to backstab one another, Uno-style, until finally Red emerges as victor*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 05:45 *around this same time, Midas declares that heís tired and that theyíre stopping for the night*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 05:46 *is fuming* Itís always Red.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 05:46 I now know why heís called the Devil.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.26 05:51 Correction: I call him demon!
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.26 05:52 *cackles evilly*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 05:53 Either way... heís something diabolical.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 05:55 *they arrive at a somewhat outdated but nice hotel* *exits the van and basks in the cool evening air while getting her bags* *now in a better mood, she remembers the plan she made to help include Reagan*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 05:56 *asks casually* So, what is everyone doing tonight?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 05:58 *is confused* Why? *figures theyíll be doing the same thing: sleeping*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.26 05:59 *mumbles* Iíll probably just go to bed.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.26 05:59 Why don't we do something fun? We could see what's on TV. Maybe there's a good movie on.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 06:00 Ah ah ah. Iím not going to allow that.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 06:01 Yeah. Bonding sounds like a great idea. I actually thought we could walk up and get something to eat. Itís a nice evening, our trip is almost over, and I think weíre all getting sick of McDonaldís.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 06:03 I saw this sit-down place on the main drag. It didnít look like a Golden Biscuit - the opposite, actually. So, why donít we walk up there.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 06:03 Sound good?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 06:04 *unexpectedly puts her hand in Josh's and looks at him, nodding a little**is blushing a bit*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.26 06:04 Sounds great to me.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.26 06:04 Do they have beer?
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.26 06:04 *is chipper* Yeah.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 06:06 *is taken aback* *looks down at Mazyís hand, then at her* *lets his hand relax in hers*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 06:06 Midas....
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 06:06 I mean... probably. It looked like that kind of place, anyway. *says after a beat* Letís go!
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.26 06:09 *canít deny that itís a perfect evening, albeit a balmy one* *is a little self-conscious about walking in a huge group down the street, especially since she doesnít feel like she belongs in it* *Midasí beer comment confirms that sheís younger than
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.26 06:09 everyone else - not just literally, but also intellectually*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 06:15 *they reach the restaurant* *studies the sign on the door* Okay, weíve got time.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 06:17 *everyone is seated and their drinks are ordered* *to Midasís satisfaction, beer is indeed served*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 06:17 *picks up a menu* Wow, an expansive menu!
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.26 06:17 (I have to go now; see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.26 06:27 [Aw, bye!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.26 06:43 Mm...the burgers here look good...
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 04:25 [I'm here!]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 04:52 (Hey, sorry Iím late!)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 04:56 Everything looks ten times better!
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 04:58 [Hey! :D It's fine.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 04:58 Anything looks better compared to the Golden Biscuit.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 05:00 *the time to order comes* *orders spaghetti* *Kai gets some sort of vegetarian dish, and Reagan orders comfort food*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 05:01 That place was just flat-out deceiving.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 05:02 I have to say, it did taste like cardboard.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 05:08 *orders a burger*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.27 05:08 *gets some mac and cheese*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.27 05:11 *orders some sausages to go with his beer*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 05:11 *orders a small pizza*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 05:14 *says after everyoneís ordered* So, do you think we got everything accomplished that we wanted to during this trip?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 05:15 *surprisingly, she's the first to reply**nods*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 05:16 *smiles* Aw, you donít have to remind me that itís almost over...
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 05:17 *is surprised to hear that from Kai* I was afraid we wouldnít, but we did.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.27 05:18 *is neutral about that*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 05:20 Yeah. I think that even if we hadnít found Alexa, we still wouldíve had a pretty good time.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 05:23 Yeah. This has been fun.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 05:23 We all ought to get out of town more often. And hey...maybe we can make this an annual thing?
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.27 05:24 *lets out a garbled but enthusiastic "Yeah!" as he drinks some water*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 05:27 *smiles* I hope so, but yíknow. Itís hard to get everyone together, and it costs a lot of money.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 05:28 *smiles wistfully* *is in agreement with Christina, but Eleanor makes a good point* *doesn't even know if heíd be included, anyways*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 05:30 What was everyoneís favorite part of the trip? *sips on her lemonade*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 05:31 I dunno...maybe I can find myself a job.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 05:31 *said that before Eleanor asked that*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 05:32 I donít know... Iíve really enjoyed these past few days. With everything out of the way, I feel like weíve been given a sense of closure.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.27 05:32 *his response is instantaneous* The Golden Biscuit. *quirks his eyebrows in a trollish manner*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 05:35 Midas...shut up.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.27 05:35 Uno was fun.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.27 05:35 [*please cue somebody yelling angrily at Red because he won nearly every game*]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.27 05:36 [*I think we both know who that enraged, Wade-like somebody should be*]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 05:37 *smirks a little* Yeah, it was.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 05:37 Really Midas? *laughs* Why am I not surprised?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 05:39 I think Iíll always remember Walmart. And Big Bend. And Midas walking out of the van in the midst of bumper-to-bumper traffic.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 05:40 *recalls getting really p*ssed at Walmart, but now itís something he looks back on with a laugh* *snorts a little* Oh yeah.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.27 05:41 It was fun meeting you guys at Summer Daze. *glances at Midas*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 05:43 *says animatedly* Remember the Barf OíSpinner?!
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.27 05:44 YES!
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.27 05:44 *avoids Reagan's gaze, feeling a bit awkward*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.27 05:45 *almost howls with laughter - genuine laughter*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 05:46 God, that thing. *laughs* You guys wouldnít stop getting back in line.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 05:46 *even she cracks up*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.27 05:51 It was AWESOME!
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 05:51 Remember those two girls at Big Bend? *chuckles* What a handful.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 05:53 Iím surprised it didnít spin you into an unbearable nausea.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.27 05:54 *laughs after remembering the semi-heist she and Red had to pull off* Itís hard to believe that was less than a week ago!
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 05:55 Itís been one crazy trip.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 05:56 *says in response to Kai* Hey, but cheers to that. *raises her lemonade*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 05:57 Oh god...it sure spun me into unbearable nausea.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 05:57 *holds up his Sprite*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.27 06:00 *raises his water*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 06:00 *raises her Diet Coke*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 06:01 *raises some sort of drink that is now an odd color because she most likely slipped some sort of candy into it*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.27 06:01 *raises his beer*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 06:03 *brings up his Coke* *Reagan raises a water*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 06:05 Cheers to a crazy trip. *they clink glasses*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.27 06:06 Cheers.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 06:06 Cheers. *takes a swig of Sprite*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.27 06:06 *all my characters take a good, hearty swig of their respective beverages*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.27 06:14 *the food finally arrives, and they eat one of the most satisfying meals theyíve had in a while*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.27 06:15 *polishes her dinner off fairly quickly* Iím glad we decided to stop here.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 06:15 Iím glad it didnít turn out to be a Golden Biscuit.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 06:17 *adds* Still have to give those guys a review on Yelp.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 06:21 *the waiter comes over with the bill, politely reminding them that itís nearly closing time* Oh, crap. *fumbles around for her wallet*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 06:22 *everyone pitches in for the dinner* *by that time, the restaurant is closing for the night* *walks out the door thinking that sheís settling in for an early nightís sleep, but things are just about to get crazier*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.27 06:23 (And with that, I have to go. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.27 06:52 [Aw, bye! I'm so sorry about disappearing BTW. I got into an argument with some other friends.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 03:59 We ought to give these guys a good review.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 04:32 (Hi! About last night, thatís okay.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 04:34 *pushes the door open* Yeah, we should.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 04:36 *the air isnít just balmy now; itís still* *a few raindrops fall against his arm* Is it really about to rain now?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 04:37 Donít worry. We should be able to make it back. I donít see this getting bad.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 04:55 [Hey! Sorry for the super slow reply; I'm multitasking like crazy.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 04:55 *the raindrops fall quicker... and quicker* *is trying to fastwalk back to the hotel, but itís farther than she gauged it to be*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 04:57 (Hi! Thatís alright.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 04:57 ...uh oh.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 05:00 *holds her purse over her head* Oh boy.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 05:04 *the sky then decides to unleash an unholy deluge of water upon everyone* *canít move, canít see - might as well be drowning* *lets out a scream*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 05:05 *is swearing up a storm - literally*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.28 05:07 *a fierce gale of wind blows torrents of rain into their faces* *her hair and clothes are soaked through, and plastered against her skin* *in a rare moment of mercy, she is able to make out the glare of headlights*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.28 05:09 *blinks the rainwater out of her eyes and forges ahead in spite of everything* GUYS, CíMON! I FOUND A WAY BACK!
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 05:12 *she and Midas follow close behind Reagan, relying more on her voice than on their ability to see her*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 05:13 *instinctively grabs onto Josh's hand as she forges ahead*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 05:20 *is glad Mazy grabbed his hand, or else he wouldíve been in trouble*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.28 05:21 *what she didnít she were the nicely dressed people trying to crowd into the bus all at once* *is nearly mowed over by a guy running full-speed ahead in a ridiculous-looking poncho* *waits patiently in the haphazard line*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.28 05:23 *isnít sure where this bus is going, but she figures sheíll find out when she gets out of the rain*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 05:31 *the line gets moving* *boards the bus and collapses into an open seat in the front* *Reagan joins her* *the bus is thick with the smell of perfume, cologne, and rain* *looks around her and realizes that the other people must be going to a wedding party*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 05:34 *he and Mazy take one of the only seats left in the front* *Kai, Christina, Midas, and Red have no other choice but to sit in the back*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 05:52 *makes his way to the back* *definitely feels a bit like an intruder*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 05:53 [Sorry...got into a stupid argument with my friend again...]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 05:54 *some partygoers laugh when he walks by* *whether or not theyíre laughing at him specifically, heís still a little irritated by Reaganís choice*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 05:56 *mutters* This was a bad idea...
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:06 (Itís fine. I hope everythingís okay!)
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.28 06:06 Where are we going??? *blinks water out of his eyes*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:08 Where are we even going? *watches as a guy in front of Midas and Red tries to take a selfie* *he seems to struggle with switching the view of the camera, and Midas and Red appear on the screen* *can tell the guy has had a few drinks*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:09 *stands up* *at that moment, the bus lurches forward* *falls back butt-first*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.28 06:12 *clambers to the front of the bus, grabbing the sides of seats to maintain balance* *is getting some looks*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.28 06:12 [Eh, I'm fine.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:13 *says quietly* Better question is who all these people are...
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.28 06:14 *approaches the driver* *heís listening to static AM radio* *can swear she hears something about a tornado warning* Excuse me?
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.28 06:15 Driver: *doesnít look back* Yeah. Reagan: I donít know if itís possible, but... my friends and I ended up on your bus because of the rain, and I was wondering if you could take us back to our hotel.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.28 06:17 Driver: *after a pause* Well, I donít know if I can. *explains that heís on a schedule, and that itís not his ďresponsibilityĒ to take them back* My best advice is that you catch the next bus at the wedding venue.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.28 06:18 *goes back to her seat angry and confused* *mutters* Some bull(BLEEP).
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 06:19 What? *Josh looks their way with concern*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.28 06:20 I scr*wed up. Weíre headed to a WEDDING, not the hotel, not shelter. The driver guy canít get us back because itís apparently- *does air quotes* -not part of his job.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 06:23 Youíd think heíd ignore what his (BLEEP) boss says and bring us back. I mean, usually people will go out of their way for scenarios like these. *leans back, sick at the thought of spending an entire night at a strangerís wedding*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:23 ...Well that's because it's not.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:24 Let's just get off before we get too far from the hotel, alright?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 06:24 *just stays close to Josh**is shivering and soaked through*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 06:24 (Christina is in the back with Kai, Red, and Midas, so theyíre not yet aware of whatís going on.)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 06:27 [Oh, whoops, okay.]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 06:27 [Nvm what Christina said.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 06:29 Unfortunately, not everyone is sympathetic like that.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.28 06:30 *puts her head into her hands* Iím really sorry. I feel so stupid for getting us into this mess... *sounds panicked*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 06:31 *considers the positives* Hey, you got us out of the rain. It doesnít look like itís going to let up anytime soon.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 06:33 Reagan: I still messed up... Eleanor: *has always suspected Reagan to be a bit insecure, and that proves itself in that moment*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 06:33 *just shrugs her shoulders like this is all no big deal*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:35 *meanwhile, the back has become Party Central* *the rain is getting more violent, and when an earth-quaking rumble of thunder strikes, everyone goes, ďWHOOOOOAAA!Ē*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:36 *his back is getting karate chopped by the sheer amount of people who have either kicked his chair or stumbled into it* *someone raises their phone and blasts ďStayiní AliveĒ to make a joke out of the dire storm outside*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:38 *a girl in front of Midas and Red has noticed them, particularly Red* *she starts talking to him sweetly, and her voices really grates on him for some reason*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:38 *looks down* Someone get me a (BLEEP)iní Tylenol.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.28 06:41 *@ Kai* Someone get me [BLEEP]in' alcohol.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 06:41 *can hear the strains of ďStayiní AliveĒ from the front* *would normally find something like that funny, but not right now* *watches the storm with extreme apprehension* *is reminded of the tornado that caused him to break his wrist*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.28 06:41 *is also royally annoyed by the girl, but tries not to show it*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:49 *at Midas* These people seem to know where itís at.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.28 06:50 Indeed...
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:50 *a girl behind them shrieks and nearly topples into the seat heís sharing with Christina* Okay, this is getting (BLEEP)ing annoying. Someone needs to go up there and ask Reagan whatís going on.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:51 To be honest, I donít know what was going on in her head when she saw this bus.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:56 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 07:10 [Aw, bye!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 07:11 *mutters when the girl nearly falls on them* That's okay, I didn't need personal space anyway...
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 07:54 *@ Kai* I'll be that someone. *gets up and tries to get to the front of the bus*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 04:27 [I'm on!]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 04:31 (Hey!)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 04:32 (Sorry Iím late.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 04:38 [Hey! It's fine.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 04:40 *notices Christina standing over them* Oh. Hey.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 04:45 What's going on exactly?
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.29 04:53 *stares ahead, looking ashamed*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 04:54 Uh... we canít get a ride back to the hotel.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 04:54 Weíre actually headed to someoneís wedding.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 05:03 Why did we get on the bus, then?
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.29 05:05 *spins around and cries* Because I didnít know!!
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.29 05:06 I thought I was doing everyone a favor by just getting us out of the frigginí rain!
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 05:13 *does a bit of a double-take* Whoa...okay, calm down.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 05:29 (Sorry I disappeared. I had to write an email.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 05:29 *gently pushes Reagan back against the seat* Weíre just gonna have to catch the next party bus when we get there.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 05:30 [It's fine. I'm kind of distracted right now anyway--I'm watching Youtube videos as well as being on three RPs at once.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 05:37 Yeah...this isn't exactly the end of the world.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 05:40 When will that be?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 05:40 Probably 10 or later.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 05:44 Hm...when we get there, let's ask the driver about his schedule and other buses.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 05:44 *just when he thinks he canít take any more, the bus pulls up to a multipurpose center* *gets to the front of the bus as quickly as possible - itís not going to be an orderly exit*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.29 05:46 *sullenly walks past the driver with everyone else in tow* Driver: Good luck getting back, kids. Next bus should be back at 9:30, and it might stop at that same hotel.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 05:48 *nods* Thanks. *realizes the driver wouldíve helped; he just couldnít afford to get off schedule*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.29 05:49 What time is it?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 05:49 *brings up the time on her phone and holds her phone up for the others to see*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 05:50 Itís 8 oíclock.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.29 05:51 [BLEEP]...
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.29 05:52 *starts heading towards the multipurpose center*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 05:53 *exits the bus and allows the wedding guests to empty out* *says to the others, to be honest, I canít see that bus showing up on time. Theyíre usually a bit later.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 05:53 That guy wasnít.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 05:55 *follows Midas* I donít think every bus driver would emulate his shining example.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 05:57 Letís be positive, okay?
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.29 05:58 Where are we going??
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 05:59 *walks in* *feels like a total, absolute loser* *is dressed in yesterdayís clothes (which are now drenched), and her hair is plastered down from the rain*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 06:00 *isnít prepared to break it to Red* Uh- nobody told you?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 06:01 I feel like a trash bag that was blown into the wrong yard.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.29 06:01 No...
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 06:01 *nods vaguely* Same.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.29 06:02 *@ Eleanor* You look it.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 06:03 *explains like he would to a five year-old* Well, weíve showed up at someoneís wedding.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 06:05 Thanks for the confirmation.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 06:06 *doesnít want to risk making eye contact with anyone, but she canít help but scan the place* *most of the guests seem three sheets to the wind and are dancing near the front* *itís pretty dark in the place, but not too dark for the guests not to notice
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 06:07 several ďcreepersĒ loitering by the door*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.29 06:13 *is annoyed by his tone* Thanks Sherlock.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 06:14 *sighs and leans against a wall* Well, this is going to be awkward...
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 06:16 It will be. *starts gravitating toward the food table* But at least thereís food. *discreetly munches on a pizza popper*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 06:18 We need to brainstorm. Whatís our disguise, and why are we here? *glances at the bride, who shrieks as the groom throws her into the air*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 06:21 Well, currently it looks like we're a bunch of creepy kids looking for free food.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 06:21 Surely there's other rooms in this place to wait around in?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 06:21 What we need is for people to like us. We need to impress people. I donít care how, but- *glances at Eleanor* -if we just stand here, looking like creepers and eating their pizza rolls or whatever, then someoneís probably gonna call 9-1-1.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 06:24 What Iím saying is that if we manage to charm at least a few people in here, they MIGHT be willing to let us get back to our hotel first.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.29 06:25 Charm them with what? Our extravagant looks? *flips his hair and flexes "seductively"*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 06:26 So youíre saying we need to use our wiles to earn sympathy?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.29 06:26 *of course he looks a tad ridiculous being soaked through and all*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 06:26 Yeah. Iím not sure how weíll carry it out, though.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 06:27 Thatís easy. We tell the truth.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 06:28 We got stuck in the rain. We didnít know where to find shelter, because weíre not even FROM here.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 06:29 Believe me, people will put themselves in your shoes if you can convince them to.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 06:30 Weíre not going to achieve anything if we just sit here waiting for someone to catch us.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 06:32 Then what do you want us to do? Maybe Midas was right?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 06:33 Hey, didn't some lady start talking to Red?
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.29 06:33 Yeah...she was so annoying...
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 06:33 Maybe if you could find her or recognize her and talk to her again with Midas that'd be a start.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 06:34 Honestly, I- *is starting to see that maybe his plan wonít work* -just let me think, okay? *pauses* You could figure something out too, yíknow. Eleanor: It was your idea.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 06:35 *is glad Christina spoke up* There you go.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 06:36 *nods along to the music, seemingly in another world* I have another idea if that doesnít work out.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 06:36 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 06:41 [Aw, bye!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 06:50 *@ Kai* Hm?
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 03:49 (Hey, I might be a little late.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 04:30 [I'm on! OK.]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 04:45 (Hi!)
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 04:46 *kind of ignores that question* Who wants to help me find that lady, besides Red?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 04:54 [Hey!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 04:54 [I saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood today. ^.^ It was pretty good. It wasn't great, but it was entertaining.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 04:55 *raises her hand* Red: *groans**mumbles "Don't wanna find her..."*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:00 (Really? Cool! What exactly was it about?)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:07 [Basically it followed the lives of an actor named Rick (played by Leonardo DiCaprio) and his stunt double and friend Cliff (played by Brad Pitt) during the era shortly before the murders of Sharon Tate and co. by the followers of Charles Manson.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:07 [Tarantino likes to rewrite history by involving fictional characters of his own...Inglourious Basterds was one example of this, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was another. I personally think IB was much better, though.]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:13 (Ah, okay. So how do the Charles Manson murders affect the plot of the movie? I saw the trailers, and it was a bit vague.)
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:14 (I donít think Iíve ever seen a Tarantino film, but Iíve heard that they can be a bit disturbing.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:15 [Well...the movie is fairly lighthearted and clean-ish (for a Tarantino movie) until a bunch of murderous hippies show up at the end, after which there is a sequence of EXTREME violence. I can't say much more because the ending does have some twists.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:16 [Oh yeah, Tarantino is known for his extremely graphic violence.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:16 [Some of his movies are still great, though. Inglourious Basterds and Django: Unchained are two of my favorites. Kill Bill Parts 1 and 2--well, mostly Part 2--are also great.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:17 [Oh, and yes, hippies are present all over the place in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:18 [If you're going to watch a Tarantino movie, I'd recommend starting with IB or Django: Unchained. Beware, though, the violence in his movies is indeed pretty graphic.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:18 [Oh, and of course some of his older ones are good too. Jackie Brown and Pulp Fiction are both pretty good.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:19 [To me, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood isn't award-winning. It's better than a lot of movies, but it isn't as good as some of Tarantino's other stuff.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:21 [Oh, and...uh...you may want to steer clear of The Hateful Eight. XD O_O That one just goes WAY too far in terms of mature content, and I consider the plot to be weaker than the stories in his other movies anyway.]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:25 (Okay. Iíve actually seen a bit of The Hateful Eight, and yeah... pretty intense stuff.)
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:28 (Violence and gore isnít really my thing, so maybe I shouldnít take a chance on this movie - although the setting does interest me.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:32 [Oh, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood has WAYYY less violence than 90% of his other movies.]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:35 (In that case, maybe I should steer clear of all of them - for now, anyways.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:35 [It's mostly a short sequence at the end that's disturbing. The rest i
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:36 *starts walking ďinto the lightĒ with Christina and Red* *stops not long later* I donít think I can do this.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:36 *The rest is completely nonviolent.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.30 05:38 (Okay.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.30 05:39 *may have suggested the scheme, but he would rather stand outside than at a strangerís wedding* *does just that*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:42 [I still recommend those movies. I mean, you love superhero movies, so I wouldn't think violence in general is the problem--it's more like the excessive gore here and there that'd be a problem.]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:44 (Yeah, thatís pretty much it. Even if itís insinuated, it can be a little hard for me to stomach.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:45 [I can tolerate it okay. It's disturbing, but I can tolerate it.]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:45 Weíre already getting weird looks, and we havenít even had time to make an impression.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:53 *an upbeat song comes on, and people flood the floor* *inhales deeply and walks forward, in a totally contradictory move*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:56 *begins busting some moves that are extremely well-choreographed* *a few people notice and cheer him on* *pretty soon, that few becomes a crowd*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.30 05:58 *has been hanging around the snack table with the others* *out of the corner of her eye, she notices a mob of guests closing in on one area, clapping and cheering*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.30 05:59 *chuckles like she can hardly make sense of it* Whatís going on?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.30 06:03 *narrows her eyes* Is that KAI? *now she really canít believe it*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.30 06:04 (I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 06:09 [Aw, bye!]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Jul.31 04:28 *just has a knowing smirk*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.31 04:37 (Hi!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 04:37 Oh my god it is...
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.31 04:39 *sees Christina and Red nearby* *their presence pretty much confirms it* *sounds astonished* Thatís really Kai.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.31 04:48 *his mouth has actually dropped open*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.31 04:50 *has to see whatís going on* *pushes her way through to see that a few people are eagerly asking Kai questions*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 04:51 *chuckles awkwardly in response to an inspired guest* ...I donít know, itís just one of my favorite songs.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.31 04:52 *whispers to Christina and Red* Kaiís making connections - alleluia!
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 04:54 Hallelujah indeed.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 05:10 *chuckles again in response to someoneís question* *is heard saying, ďWell, Iím actually here on accidentĒ*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.31 05:12 *watches intently as Kai explains the ordeal* *pretty soon, a guy comes up to Kai, pats him on the shoulder, and says, ďWeíll help you, manĒ*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.31 05:13 Looks like the deal has been sealed.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 05:14 *a couple of guys begin their mission to accommodate the ďoutsidersĒ as much as possible* *points to the food table* Uh, all of my friends are over there- *rushes up to Eleanor, Christina, and Red*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.31 05:15 So what was THAT up there?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.31 05:16 *begins talking with one of the guys enthusiastically*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 05:16 I was in high school dance club.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.31 05:23 *seems impressed*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.31 05:24 Bachelor: You guys must want some food. Help yourselves. Other bachelor: Wait, whereís the other stuff! This is cold. Eleanor: *is touched that theyíre going out of their way to help them*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.31 05:26 *the bachelors actually dish food out for them* Aww, thanks! *takes a plate graciously*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.31 05:26 Bachelor 2: *suggests he and Midas go to the bar and talk about life*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.31 05:28 *agrees eagerly*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 05:28 Thank you so much!
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.31 05:38 Bachelor: Yeah, no problem. *his eyes linger on Christina*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 05:39 *is invited to join Midas and the other guy* *accepts the invitation*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 05:40 So...where are you from?
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.31 05:40 *the bachelors return to their respective family members and friends* Bachelor 1: *hollers* Just let us know if you need anything!
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 05:40 *adds some Tobasco to her food*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.31 05:41 *nods* *tries to eat with one hand while balancing the plate in the other*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.31 05:43 Well... guess itís just us now. *pulls up an empty chair to make things easier* *it is pretty much just her and the rest of the girls, plus Red* *has no idea where Josh went*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.31 05:52 *glances in the direction Midas and co. went**sort of wants to be with them*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 05:57 *her question was directed at Bachelor 2*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.31 05:59 *unfortunately, the bachelor didnít hear Christinaís question* *their paths will undoubtedly cross again on the bus, though*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.31 06:05 *the night drags on, and itís not a lot of fun for them* *is poking at another pizza popper when, to her horror, the guests start doing a (drunken) choo-choo-train around the room* *does a double take when she sees Midas, Kai, and Red hanging on the end*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.31 06:06 Looks like they made out pretty well here.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.31 06:07 *is particularly enthusiastic*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.31 06:07 *is mortified when the train makes its way toward them/the food table* Can this... not... happen...
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.31 06:08 *sees Midas pumping his arm up and down like heís pulling on the whistle* *cringes* When can we leave?
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.31 06:10 Maybe we should wait outside for the bus. Itís gotta be close to 10:30.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.31 06:11 *the song changes to Elvis* *watches Midas positively lose it* Okay. *stands up*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Jul.31 06:14 Let him get his Elvis fix, and then weíll see whatís going on. *heads for the door*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.31 06:14 *starts doing a pretty darn good Elvis imitation*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.31 06:15 *slowly but surely, the guests swarm around Midas* *turns back and looks at him with a smile* *his Elvis obsession will always be endearing to her*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Jul.31 06:16 (I have to go now; see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Jul.31 06:17 [Aw, bye!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 06:17 Yeah, it's about time we get out of here. *follows Eleanor**Mazy stays behind, looking around for Josh*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Jul.31 06:24 *laughs as he watches Midas*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 04:52 [I'm here! Sorry I'm so late; I was watching a movie.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 05:05 (Hi! Thatís alright; so was I!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 05:18 [Hey! BTW, have you seen Alfred Hitchcock's Frenzy?]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 05:18 *walks outside* *is met by a slight drizzle and a 10 degree temperature drop* *crosses her arms and paces around* *then sees Josh sitting on a bench nearby*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 05:18 (No, but I was actually watching one of his movies tonight - Rear Window.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 05:21 [Ah, I love Rear Window!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 05:21 [I watched Frenzy last night, actually. Really disturbing, but still an excellent movie. I still say you should try watching Tarantino movies. The stuff in Frenzy was arguably just as bad or worse than anything in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 05:22 [I'd personally classify Frenzy as a realistic horror movie...yeesh, some sequences were downright terrifying...]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 05:23 *gets up and walks around inside a bit, looking for Josh*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 05:26 (Yeah, Hitchcock really knows how to make his viewers uncomfortable. Rear Window wasnít bad at all, but there were definitely some really suspenseful moments.)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 05:26 *stands near Eleanor**has spotted Josh as well*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 05:26 *Christina did that, not Mazy*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 05:27 [Hitchcock is a master of paranoia...I remember watching his thriller Rebecca and I recall getting really paranoid in sequences where there really wasn't anything to be afraid of (yet).]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 05:31 (Yeah, same for me.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 05:32 What have you been doing out here?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 05:33 Yeah, it's kinda chilly out here.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 05:33 *turns to them and shrugs* Just sitting.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 05:34 I couldnít be in there. It was too weird for me.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 05:35 Oh. Well, you missed out on some free food. And by the way, your idea worked. Midas, Kai, and Red are in there doing the choo-choo-train with all the guests.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 05:38 *laughs in an exhausted manner and runs his hand through his hair* So, when is the bus showing up?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 05:40 Should be any moment now. Hey, maybe- *turns around* Wait, where did Mazy go?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 05:40 She was just here...
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 05:41 *stands up* Want me to go look for her?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 05:43 *is a little surprised by Joshís eagerness to find Mazy* Uh... sure. Why donít you get all of them.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 05:43 [Mazy wasn't outside.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 05:43 [I accidentally posted as Mazy and then corrected myself, explaining that was Christina.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 05:44 [I guess I wouldn't be surprised if she popped outside and then went back in for mysterious reasons, though. XD XP]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 05:45 (Yeah, I know. Eleanor mightíve thought she saw Mazy leaving with them.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 05:45 *realizes he has a hefty task on his hands* Okay... *faces the doors*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 05:47 [brb]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 05:51 (Ok.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 05:53 *forces himself to walk inside* *is welcomed by a sensory overload: flashing lights, thumping bass, and moving people*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 05:56 *hangs back by the food table, a safe distance away from the hoopla, and scans the crowd furiously* *isnít having much luck at first*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 05:58 [Back!]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 05:58 *there's a tap on Josh's shoulder**naturally she's staying away from the crowd as well*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 06:01 (Welcome!)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 06:01 *nearly jumps out of his skin* *whips around* Oh- hi. *suddenly seems embarrassed about freaking out like that*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 06:03 Uh- whatíre you doing in here?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 06:06 [Thank you. XD]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 06:09 It's rainy outside.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 06:10 [If I disappear completely it's because my Internet has been unreliable today. My Internet provider has been doing repairs.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 06:11 *would know that* Right. So... have you seen Midas, Kai, or Red anywhere?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 06:11 (Got it.)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 06:15 *points in their direction**Midas has stopped imitating Elvis, but is still having a good time*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.1 06:19 *just looks kind of tired at this point**though he took part in the choo-choo train, he has been a bit alienated at this party*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 06:20 *nods* Time to go into that mess. *by now, the train has broken up* *the floor is one huge mass of people*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 06:22 *struggles to make it through* *has to keep looking over his shoulder to make sure that Mazy is still behind him*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 06:24 *a new song comes on, and the crowd goes haywire* *is jostled back and forth* Older guy: *comes up to Josh, grinning a bit fiendishly* DANCE!! Josh: *before he can even respond, he collides into Mazy*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 06:27 Sorry! *stumbles forward* *turns around to see if Mazy is behind him; to his disbelief, sheís not*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 06:28 *laughs hysterically at the impossibility of the situation* MAZY!!
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 06:30 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.1 06:31 [Sorry for disappearing, I got distracted. XP
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.1 06:31 *]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.1 06:31 [Aw, bye!]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.1 06:33 *she spotted Kai and went over to get him*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 04:13 [I'm on!] *looks in Josh's direction, just barely hearing him**calls out:* JOSH?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 04:23 (Hey!)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 04:24 (I saw Once Upon a Time in Hollywood today!)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 04:26 [Hey! What'd you think?]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 04:33 (I actually liked it. The hippie break-in at the end wasnít as bad as I expected. Charles Mansonís ďfamilyĒ did some horrendous things, so it was justified. It was also presented in an almost comical way.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 04:34 (I liked that in the end, Sharon Tate and her friends got spared. But I guess thatís why the title of the movie is what it is.)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 04:47 [Yeah. It's supposed to be like a fairy tale, I guess.]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 05:00 [That dog was the real hero of the freakin' movie...she was totally under control.]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 05:04 [Sorry for disappearing; I was occupied/had to brb and forgot to say so. XP]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 05:07 (I know!!)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 05:07 (Also, thatís fine!)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 05:12 (Anyways, Iím glad the dog leaped into action. I was nervous that the event would reverse itself and Rick and co. would end up being the victims.)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 05:14 [Yeah, that's the direction I thought it was going in.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 05:18 I CANíT SEE YOU!! *is taken down by the sheer force of the crowd* *hacks out a ďGodĒ*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 05:22 I'M OVER HERE!
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 05:27 *decides heíll have to be rude for once* *bulldozes his was through the masses* *finally, FINALLY, discovers Mazy* *and itís an added bonus because Kai and Midas are nearby*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 05:31 *points to Kai as if to say she found him*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.2 05:31 *spots Josh and points at him* EYYYY!
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 05:34 *his face lights up* Hey! *waves to Midas*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 05:34 *slings his arm around Midasí shoulder* Whatís up?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.2 05:37 The ceiling.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 05:38 *literally cringes at that joke*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 05:38 *laughs* I mean- whatíve you been doing?
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 05:42 *walks over to Midas and Josh* Hey, anyone see Red?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 05:44 Do we really have to look for another person?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.2 05:45 Dancing.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.2 05:46 You should join me, it's great.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 05:49 *chuckles* Itís not my strong suit.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 05:51 *wordlessly goes off to find Red* *finds him standing around a corner*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.2 05:52 Hi...
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 05:57 You know, the bus is gonna be here soon- *at that moment, another Elvis song comes on*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 05:58 Hey. Everything okay?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.2 06:01 *resumes his Elvis imitation*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.2 06:02 *shrugs his shoulders*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 06:03 *nods a little* Well, I think weíre leaving soon.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 06:04 -20 MINUTES LATER-
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 06:05 Where ARE they? Geez, it feels like weíve been waiting forever. *a bus then pulls up - an old school bus, to be exact*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 06:05 Thatís it. Iím going in. *doesnít look happy* *is tired and ready for this trip to be over*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 06:06 *mutters while walking inside* I feel like Iím living in my own version of Planes, Trains, and Automobiles!
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 06:06 *doesn't say much, just pushes Midas and Josh towards the door*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 06:07 *is meanwhile jumping up and down with Midas, basically going crazy*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 06:12 *appears* *looks like she might combust at any time*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 06:13 *waves at Eleanor* Hey!
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.2 06:13 Eyyyy!
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 06:14 *is annoyed when Josh randomly cracks up* *yells* The BUS is here!
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 06:15 *saw that Mazy was trying to push them toward the door* Will you continue to do the honors?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 06:19 *pushes them right through the door and outside*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 06:20 *sees the school bus and laughs* This is gonna be fun.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 06:20 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.2 06:22 [Aw, bye!]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 03:58 (Hey, Iíll probably be late tonight.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 04:03 [I'm on!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 04:03 [OK.]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 05:20 (Hi! Sorry for being so late.)
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 05:26 *boards the old school bus a bit tentatively* *the driver, who is donning an unusual cowboy hat, stares ahead as everyone gets on* *doesnít think he looks as approachable as the other guy*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 05:26 [Hey! It's fine. I'm multitasking; I'm actually in a Hangouts call with some friends and screensharing as I draw. ^.^]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 05:30 *is starting to wonder if maybe their plan will fall through, but fortunately, the bachelors have everything covered* *sits by Reagan this time* *Eleanor sits with Christina, Josh with Mazy, and brother with brother*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.3 05:34 *is still jamming a bit**it takes him a while to wind down*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 05:34 (Hi! Cool!)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.3 05:36 *the bachelor that was looking at Christina sits in the seat next to them with a friend* *can tell he wants to talk, and sheís really not in the mood*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 05:38 *she's quite tired and thus also not really in the mood*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.3 05:38 *the bus jerks forward* *almost slides to the floor as it careens around a corner*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.3 05:39 Why school buses lack seatbelts, I will never know.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.3 05:41 *the bus then accelerated to an abnormally high speed, bouncing violently all the way* Bachelor: Bit of a bumpy ride, isnít it?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.3 05:42 *nods* Sometimes I wonder why the tires on these things are still intact.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 05:45 Mm hmm.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.3 05:50 Bachelor: So where are you guys from? You were both at the wedding but not actually, like, invited, right?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 05:56 [Crap...I keep forgetting...are they from Ohio or Iowa? I think it's the former, but if I'm wrong pretend I said the latter.] We're from Ohio.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 05:56 We're on a road trip and got a little sidetracked. We needed to take cover from the rain.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.3 05:56 Yeahhh... weíre from Ohio. We went on a road trip to New Mexico, and weíre on our way home now, long story short.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.3 05:58 Guy: Cool, cool. Iím from Kansas myself. I work for a... *describes his office job in great detail* *nods along, but sheís practically falling asleep*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.3 06:01 *the bus is barreling down a two-lane highway now* *someone gets the bright idea to stand, and when the bus brakes, she falls in the aisleway* Man. *chuckles, only because itís a pathetic and absurd sight*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.3 06:14 Guy: *notices they arenít listening* ... sorry if Iím being a Chatty Cathy. *chuckles* Eleanor: Yeah, no problem. *looks in the window and sees the bachelorís friend smiling creepily at them in the reflection*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 06:24 [Sorry for disappearing, I got distracted drawing. XP]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Aug.3 06:26 (Thatís fine!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 06:30 *has actually fallen asleep*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Aug.3 06:32 *some guys behind her start making obnoxious farting noises* Ughhh...
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.3 06:33 *helps the woman who fell up*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.3 06:34 *sounds annoyed* Is someone farting back there? *can tell itís fake* How old are we again??
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.3 06:34 *the farting noises stop* *mutters a swear and dozes in and out of sleep*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.3 06:35 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.3 06:40 [Aw, bye!]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.4 03:39 (Just letting you know that I might be late tonight, since Iím watching a movie.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.4 04:06 [I'm here! OK.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.4 05:12 (Hey! Sorry Iím late again.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.4 05:19 [Hey! It's fine.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.4 05:21 *the farting noises start up again, but thatís not what causes her to lose it* *flies upright* How much (BLEEP) further do we have to go? Because it feels like weíve been driving forever.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.4 05:22 ďChatty CathyĒ: *is trying to calm Eleanor down* It canít be too far now... maybe a couple of miles?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.4 05:23 [I was at a chess tournament today. I did decently.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.4 05:35 (Thatís good to hear!)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.4 05:43 *finally, the bus begins pulling into familiar territory* *perks up a little*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.4 05:46 *they pass the restaurant from earlier* *expects the bus to stop at the hotel when the sign comes into view, but it just rolls right past* Wait- Bachelor: *rises from his seat, stumbling a little* *bellows drunkenly* STOP, MOTHER(BLEEP)R!
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Aug.4 05:46 *the bachelor that yelled was not the one sitting next to Christina and Eleanor
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.4 05:47 [Sorry, I got distracted...I'm kinda tired and had to do some research. XP]
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Aug.4 05:47 *gasps a little* Did he just say that?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.4 05:47 *says very quietly* I see Samuel Jackson is riding with us.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.4 05:47 Yes.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.4 05:48 (Thatís alright; I completely understand.)
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.4 05:48 For us, apparently.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Aug.4 05:50 *sinks in her seat* Iím embarrassed.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.4 05:54 *the bus driver backs up submissively* *chuckles a little* Well, that just happened. ďCCĒ: Yeaahhh... sorry about that. Tyler doesnít always know when to shut his mouth. Yíknow, he doesnít have, like, any filter. Yesterday we were.... *etc*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.4 05:58 Alrighty, this is our stop. *grabs Eleanor's arm and literally pulls her away from this situation*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.4 05:58 *@ the pottymouth:* Thank you!
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.4 06:04 ďCCĒ: Alright. Have a nice night, ladies. *smiles and waves* (his friend smiles creepily)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.4 06:04 Tyler the Pottymouth: *@ Red* No problem, kid.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.4 06:05 *makes sure to say thank you to the driver*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.4 06:07 *the bus revs back up* *briefly stops in front of the bachelorsí window and gives them a salute* *Chatty Cathy salutes back, grinning*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.4 06:08 *watches the bus drive into the night* Interesting bunch. *chuckles softly* Interesting NIGHT.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.4 06:10 *also salutes the bachelors*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.4 06:16 Thatís putting it lightly, I think.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Aug.4 06:17 Sorry for putting you guys through this.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.4 06:26 Donít worry about it. We made it back safely.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.4 06:28 I canít believe we did. I mean, I almost thought we were tagging along on a cross-country bus tour.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.4 06:30 Weíre just lucky everyone was as nice as they were. *pauses* And I daresay it was kinda fun.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.4 06:30 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.4 06:31 [I can't freaking find anything...ugh, this research su cks...]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.4 06:31 [Aw, bye!]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.4 06:31 Ahem...it was VERY fun.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 03:51 [I'm online!]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.5 04:52 (Hi! Sorry Iím like an hour late.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.5 04:52 (What was the research on?)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 04:56 [Philosophy. I was trying to find texts to read for my upcoming philosophy class.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.5 04:58 (Ah. Yeah, I hate when that happens - you try to research something specific, and the only thing that shows up are unreliable sources.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 05:02 [My issue wasn't so much that the sources were unreliable. My issue was that I couldn't find the original writings of the philosophers themselves. All I could find were commentaries on those writings done by other people (e.g. professors).]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 05:05 [I did manage to find some Nietzsche though.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.5 05:14 (Yeah. Iíve had issues like that with history classes. Itís frustrating, so Iím glad you were able to find something.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.5 05:14 *everyone stares at Midas*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.5 05:18 Well it was.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.5 05:21 *cocks her head to the side and smiles mischievously* And what was so fun about it?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.5 05:21 *all things considered, she hasnít seen Midas in this fantastic a mood for a while*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.5 05:28 Elvis...dancing...talking with interesting people...beer...oh, did I mention Elvis?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.5 05:34 *laughs* Yeah. You did.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.5 05:36 *walks into the hotel - could call it home, itís been distant for so long - and prepares for a restful sleep before they get back on the road the next morning*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Aug.5 05:37 -THE NEXT DAY-
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Aug.5 05:40 *the drive back to Missouri is quiet* *has been gone for so long, but her hometown hasnít changed a bit* *an old Summer Daze sign is still standing on a lawn, but barely* *neighbors take their afternoon walks, and the same pots of geraniums sit on every
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Aug.5 05:40 other porch*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.5 05:43 *seems oddly solemn*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Aug.5 05:46 *it isnít hard to find her house because of her Dadís van* *Midas pulls up in the driveway and cuts the engine* *stares at her house* *couldnít be more relieved to be back, yet her eyes are watering*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.5 05:47 *says quietly* Well...
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Aug.5 05:48 *notices a figure standing expectantly behind the screen door* *rises shakily and navigates her way out of the backseat* *mutters* Guess Iíd better grab my stuff.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.5 05:49 *climbs out of the van and wordlessly offers to help*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.5 05:57 *gets out of the van to say goodbye*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.5 05:57 *also gets out to help*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Aug.5 06:02 *distractedly hands Josh her things* *is trying not to cry* *is glad to be back home*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.5 06:03 *comes forward* Thanks for coming along with us. Itís gonna be weird without you... playing Uno and everything. *smiles sadly*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.5 06:05 *helps with carrying Reagan's stuff too*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Aug.5 06:06 *laughs a little and tucks some hair behind her ear* Yeah... thanks for having me. It was fun.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.5 06:07 Aww... *wraps Reagan in a hug* Call if you need anything. *pulls out a pen and takes Reaganís arm* *scribbles out her number like Reagan did to Midas not long ago*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.5 06:11 It was a pleasure.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Aug.5 06:11 *says her goodbyes to everyone* *then turns to Midas*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Aug.5 06:13 Umm... *lets out a choked laugh* Yeah. *wipes her eyes fast* *isnít sure what to say*
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Aug.5 06:15 *finally gathers up some words* *says quietly* Thanks for finding me.
9>Reagan (Tagalong), 18yo.2019,Aug.5 06:16 *swivels around and skips up the porch steps, Josh trailing her with her bags* Reaganís mom: *emerges from the door, arms outstretched* Reagan!! So good to see you!!
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 06:19 *watches Reagan hug her mom and disappear inside* *doesnít feel like he got to know her too well, in spite of everything*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.5 06:19 *suddenly pulls her into a hug*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.5 06:20 [Crap, I swear I reloaded...he did that after she said "Thanks for finding me."]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.5 06:21 (Thatís fine. Weíll assume it happened then.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.5 06:22 *drops the bag in the doorway* *says to Reaganís mom* Uh, excuse me? Díyou think I could use the bathroom? Itís been- Reaganís mom: Oh sure, sure! Go right ahead! Josh: Okay, thanks!
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.5 06:23 *hurries down the basement steps* *skims the area* *the sleeping bags and sheets are folded against the couch, the jukebox glistens in the corner - yeah, Red definitely broke that - and there it is*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.5 06:24 *puts the things he was carrying for Reagan down beside her bag*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.5 06:24 *snatches the oversized Spiderman bear and heads for the door* Bye Reagan; it was nice meeting you! *hurries out so she and her family donít accuse him of stealing*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.5 06:26 *sees Josh and narrows her eyes* What in the h**l-?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.5 06:27 *stuffs the bear in Midasí arms* Here. Make sure to give this to Alexa.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.5 06:29 Will do.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.5 06:35 *they get back in the van* *Midas lingers in the driveway for a bit before leaving*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.5 06:37 *gazes at Reaganís house as the van slowly passes* *doesnít see anyone in the doorway or the window anymore*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.5 06:37 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.5 06:44 [Aw, bye!]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.6 04:38 *seems rather sad as he slowly pulls into the road and drives away**often looks back at Reagan's house via the rear view mirrors*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.6 04:52 (Hi!)
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.6 05:01 *they stop at the same hotel that they stayed in after passing through St. Louis* *once again, the arrangement is the same: Christina and Eleanor share the same bed, Josh and Midas share, and he and Mazy take the floor*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.6 05:02 *just as before, there is sort of a mad rush for the shower* *Eleanor gets out, then Josh goes in* *sits on the edge of one of the beds and waits around*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.6 05:03 *puts her book down* I donít know. Itís weird not having Reagan around.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.6 05:06 [Hey!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.6 05:12 True...
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.6 05:20 I kind of feel like I should call her.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.6 05:21 Hmm...seems a little early, but...why not?
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.6 05:22 Donít call her. Sheís probably tired of us. *chuckles* *Josh emerges from the bathroom and heads straight to the mirror to style his hair* *rapidly digs through his backpack to find shampoo, etc.* *is bent on getting in next*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.6 05:23 *considers calling anyway* Eh, maybe youíre right.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.6 05:24 (BLEEP)... *throws clothes onto the floor and digs more furiously than before*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.6 05:25 *stops brushing and looks at Kai through the mirror* What?
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.6 05:25 *slips into the shower while Kai is busy getting out his stuff*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.6 05:26 I forgot some things back at the hotel. *mutters a swear*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.6 05:27 Do you need to go Walmarting?
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.6 05:28 *pauses* Yes.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.6 05:33 Anyone want to go with me?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.6 05:34 *puts his brush down* A Walmarting we will go.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.6 05:37 I shall join your noble quest.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.6 05:38 Are we by any chance going to encounter windmills--ahem, giants along the way?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.6 05:43 I donít know. Itís entirely possible.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.6 05:44 I trust youíll keep your eyes out, Don.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.6 05:45 Indeed I will!
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.6 05:45 And I trust you'll assist me in this endeavor, Sancho?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.6 05:45 *laughs a little* You two are so weird... Iím staying back this time. Have fun.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.6 05:46 *nods* I will.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.6 05:47 *smirks at Eleanor* No Bieber karaoke? Not even a cart ride?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.6 05:48 Iím afraid not this time. Maybe someone else will, though.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.6 05:49 *tosses the van keys to Midas* *announces* To Walmart!
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.6 05:50 To Walmart! *heads to the van with Josh and Kai and starts driving*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.6 05:50 *recalls seeing a Walmart on the way to the hotel, so he drives in the general direction of it*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.6 05:55 *the mostly empty parking lot and glowing sign (minus the ďmĒ) signals that they have arrived* *Midas cuts through the parking lot a bit recklessly* Díyou think people really sleep in Walmart parking lots? *is looking at a truck*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.6 05:56 Yes.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.6 05:57 Yeah, it actually happens. My neighbors used to take cross-country road trips in their van, and theyíd park at Walmart for the night.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.6 05:58 Oh. Thatís interesting.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.6 06:00 This van had nothing on theirs. They had a toilet and bed back there and everything. It was a bit crazy. *yanks the door open* *runs/ďgallopsĒ to the doors in Sancho mode*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.6 06:08 *is hit by the aroma of Subway upon walking in* *pulls a cart out of the corral and pushes past the automatic doors*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.6 06:09 Uh. *chuckles* I donít think weíll be needing that.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.6 06:09 *shrugs a little* I might want to pick some things up.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.6 06:09 *gallops after Josh*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.6 06:10 (I have to go now; see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.6 06:10 [Oh god...I forgot Midas' alter ego's full name... XD]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.6 06:10 [Aw, bye!] DON MR. DR. SIR KNIGHT VON POOPENSCHMIRTZ IS IN NEED OF SUSTENANCE! *heads straight for the mac and cheese section*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.6 06:11 [That's my best guess. XD If I forgot one of his titles...oh well.]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.7 04:25 [I'm on!]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.7 04:35 (Hi!)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.7 04:36 (Hahaha, that looks pretty close.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.7 04:38 And sustenance you shall have! *speeds down the aisle*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.7 04:38 *rolls his eyes* *to an outsider, itís truly a ridiculous sight*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.7 04:50 *dumps some Easy Mac in the cart because thereís a microwave in the hotel*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.7 04:51 [Hey! Good. XD] *dumps even more Easy Mac in the cart and disappears off to another aisle**comes back with Mrs. Dash seasoning*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.7 04:52 I only ingest seasoned Easy Mac--plain Easy Mac is for peasants!
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.7 05:01 *sputters out laughing* What?!
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.7 05:03 *browses the shelf* *then pulls out a slightly larger container of Easy Mac* Look- DELUXE Easy Mac. White cheddar flavor.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.7 05:04 Do you consider this an upgrade?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.7 05:10 YES!
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.7 05:11 *tosses a few containers in the cart*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.7 05:12 *pauses for a while, then takes inventory* I think we have a lot of Easy Mac.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.7 05:26 *shrugs and pushes the cart into another aisle* Do we need anything else?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.7 05:27 [brb]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.7 05:33 [Back!] Yes! *gets hot sauce and some microwaveable dinners*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.7 05:35 Wow, weíve got a lot of stuff... *sneaks a microwaveable dinner back into the freezer*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.7 05:38 *also adds a pair of cheap sunglasses* Alright Sancho, let's go check on our ally!
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.7 05:40 Okay. *sneaks a cup of Easy Mac back on the shelf* *says to distract Midas* So, how do you feel now that Reaganís gone?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.7 05:52 Well...it's different...
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.7 06:00 *nods a little* Yeah... itís weird, because I really didnít talk to her a lot. Except for that one time when I was driving the van. I know she liked you, though.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.7 06:10 (I have to go now; see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.7 06:16 [Aw, bye!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.8 04:08 [BTW, I'm sorry my replies have been so slow over the past weeks. I am multitasking more than ever before (I'm often doing research, drawing, on Hangouts calls with other penpals, etc.), but really I should be replying faster on here.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.8 04:09 [I'm going to try to improve my slow replies. I think my main issue is that talking while RPing slows me down considerably, and that's what I've been doing quite a lot. I'm gradually getting more and more used to it, though.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.8 04:09 [Also be warned that my fall semester will start in a couple weeks and I will be flooded with work. I'm taking more classes than ever before.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.8 04:59 (Hi! Sorry Iím late; I was watching a movie.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.8 04:59 (Donít worry about it- I completely understand. Sometimes Iím doing other things too, like reading, so it works out.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.8 05:01 (Also, yeah, about that... I think this is going to have to be my last RP, unfortunately. Iíll be moving out to a university in a couple of weeks, and as far as coursework/load goes, Iím not sure what to expect. That being said, I will have to say
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.8 05:02 [Hey! Okay. BTW, have you figured out how Hangouts works yet? ^.^]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.8 05:02 farewell to RP-City.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.8 05:02 [Aww...okay... :(]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.8 05:03 [It's been fantastic RPing with you. I will say that from my college experience so far I have managed to find time for RP-City at night.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.8 05:04 [I was hoping to discuss plans with you regarding the revival of movie RP or a superhero-themed RP...ah well... :/]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.8 05:05 (Yeah, you as well! Weíve had some great times on here, and itís really hard to believe that weíve been doing this practically since middle school.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.8 05:08 (Yeah, Iím really sorry. I had plans and everything, but I figured it might not happen. Iím just not sure how much work Iíll have to do. It is later here, and I have a hard time getting up in the morning. Most of my classes are at 8 am. I also plan on
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.8 05:08 [Yeah. What university are you going to?]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.8 05:08 getting involved in some clubs and ensembles, and Iím not sure how much of my schedule itíll take up. I know itís all going to be a big adjustment.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.8 05:09 [I've been having a full time college load and I've still found time to RP. It helps me wind down/blow off steam. I don't think you'll have to quit, though you may have to go to bed earlier (that's what happens with me during semesters).]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.8 05:09 (About Hangouts: I havenít figured it out yet, but I know I have to set it up on my computer. I can look at that right now, actually.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.8 05:10 [I also sometimes have to skip RPing during exam days, but otherwise I still find the time to RP every night.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.8 05:11 [It's pretty easy. All you have to do is have a microphone and camera as part of your computer and download and install the Hangouts plugin. Then you can go to hangouts.google.com and you're good to go.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.8 05:11 [The calls are free and don't require a phone or anything--you just have to be signed into Gmail.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.8 05:13 [I just hit the button in Hangouts to disable my camera every time we start a call and it turns it into a voice call.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.8 05:14 (I will be going to Michigan State University!)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.8 05:15 (Okay. I might be able to maintain my presence on here, but I don't know if I'll be able to be online every night. I'm a little anxious because I have to take a lot of science classes, and I don't handle stress too well.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.8 05:15 (Alright, I'm looking into it.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.8 05:17 (Yeah... cameras on any device make me look like Shrek, haha.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.8 05:20 [Cool! Good luck with your classes. I'm sure you'll do fine. :)]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.8 05:20 [Try to use stress as a strength--it's how I power through exams and chess tournaments. I harness the stress/fear to force myself to do better.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.8 05:23 (Thank you for that advice. I'm going to keep it in mind!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.8 05:23 [I would definitely love it if we continued RPing even if you couldn't come on every night. ^.^]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.8 05:23 (Okay, I think I figured it out. The options I see include phone call and video call - which do you generally do?)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.8 05:28 [Video call. Phone call requires actual phone numbers and money.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.8 05:29 [One sec...lemme see if I can invite you to a conversation thing...]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.8 05:30 [Done!]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.8 05:54 *just nods a little* Yeah...
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.8 06:07 So... you don't miss her or anything?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.8 06:09 *frowns a bit* Of course I miss her.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.8 06:10 *is not expecting a response* *kind of talks to the walls - or shelves, rather* I mean, the way things unfolded between you two was...weird. You guys were practically strangers, and then you just hit it off.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.8 06:44 *just nods*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.8 06:47 *wanders over to the TV/electronics region of Walmart* *surprisingly, Kai is waiting there for them*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.8 06:48 Thought you two might be making fun of JB back here.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.8 06:49 *looks up at a screen* *a Bieber music video is indeed streaming on one of the TVs* Um, no.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.8 06:49 *glances into the cart* Do we really need all of that?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.8 06:49 Um, YES.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.8 06:50 *faces Midas* Um, what?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.8 06:52 *laughs a little* Alright, then. Let
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.8 06:53 *let's see how badly you can bash Bieber.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.8 06:53 I mean what I said and I said what I mean.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.8 06:54 Wait, hold on. We need to leave. And do we even have enough money for all of that?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.8 06:56 We'll see. I can take care of it.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.8 06:57 Yes we do.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.8 06:57 Also...hmm...is that Miley? *points at blonde Bieber on the screen*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.8 06:58 *looks up* *squints a little* Yeah... dang, yeah, I think it is?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.8 06:59 How did she end up in there?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.8 07:02 I dunno man. Maybe she rode a wrecking ball into the screen.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.9 04:19 [I'm online!][
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.9 04:26 *]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.9 04:41 (Hi! Sorry Iím late. I had some things to do.)
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.9 04:41 (By the way, it was great talking with you yesterday! I hope we can do it again sometime soon!)
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.9 04:42 *decides thatís when they REALLY need to leave*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.9 04:44 [Hey! It's fine!]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.9 04:45 [Yeah, it was great talking to you too! I'd talk with you, but unfortunately I'm in another call right now. Also Hangouts has glitched out on me and I can't get audio via my headset, which means I have to have the people I'm talking to on speaker, sooo...
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.9 04:45 ugh... >_____< ]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.9 04:53 (Yeah, last night gave me a good idea of what youíre dealing with, so absolutely no worries.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 04:55 *busts into the hotel room carrying bags of food that probably cost him nearly all of the savings he had left* We come bearing gifts, guys!
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 04:56 *gags from the sudden glare of light* *sits up groggily - had been sleeping* Dudes, Iím really NOT in the mood.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.9 05:01 Too bad! *sets a bunch of bags down*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.9 05:02 *gets to work preparing an Easy Mac*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 05:04 *slams the microwave door with extra bang*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.9 05:05 *is hanging around near the microwave, helping with the preparation process* *isnít going to miss out on an Easy Mac*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 05:06 *opens the microwave door when it reaches 01 seconds* *slides an Easy Mac over to Midas so he can mix in the cheese powder*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.9 05:07 *hands Josh the king of kings of their food haul- a TV dinner*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 05:09 *he almost forgets to set the timer out of blind hunger* *doesnít remember how long he needs to put it in for* Um, can I have the box. *extends an arm and wiggles his fingers*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.9 05:10 Uh, I... *looks around* *canít it anywhere*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 05:10 *find it
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 05:11 Where did the box go? *turns around and scans the general area around the microwave*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 05:11 I need the directions.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.9 05:12 Um, I really donít know where it went.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 05:13 *yells in a random, somewhat anguished outburst:* THE SACRED TEXTS!
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.9 05:14 WHERE ARE THEY?!
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 05:15 *had just thrown away the box**very awkwardly and discreetly takes it out of the trash and leaves it nearby*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.9 05:22 THIS IS VIOLATING MY RELIGION!
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 05:22 Why do I always throw the box away when I can never trust myself to remember the frigginí cook time?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.9 05:22 WE MUST FIND THE SACRED TEXTS NOW!
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.9 05:23 Chill, dudes. Weíll find it.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.9 05:24 My mom always said that you gotta look under things. *lifts up the wastebasket* *nothing*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 05:25 *looks under the table* Oh.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 05:25 *chuckles a little* Well, Iím an idiot.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 05:26 *holds up the box, looking pleased* It was right under me! I swear... *is kind of laughing* ...miracles can happen.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.9 05:26 WE MUST-oh what?
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.9 05:27 See? *is grinning* All upset for nothing.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.9 05:28 *is giving Mazy a look*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 05:29 *just looks at Christina innocently until it gets awkward enough such that Christina looks away*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 05:36 Yeah... *slams the microwave door bombastically*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 05:37 *was seriously annoyed by Midasí frantic yelling, but the constant, loud slamming of the microwave does it for her* *launches a pillow at Josh*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 05:39 *is nailed in the back of the head* *despite looking dazed, he laughs it off* *has a feeling Eleanor did it in jest*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.9 05:41 *cracks up* Ooo, she got you good.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 05:42 *isnít smiling* *in fact, sheís furious* Can you guys shut the (BLEEP) up?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 05:43 *the best response he has is to do as told- to shut up*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.9 05:48 Whoa...geez.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.9 05:48 *says after a loaded pause* Okay, weíll be quiet.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 05:49 *tosses the pillow back onto her bed*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 05:50 *when the Easy Macs are done, the three of them retreat to the area between the bathroom and the door* *parks on the floor and eats*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.9 05:51 *lies back, trying to sleep*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.9 05:51 *pours a bunch of Mrs. Dash on his Easy Mac and eats standing up*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 05:53 *says after finishing his microwaved dinner* Yíknow, Iím kind of gonna miss this lifestyle - being on the road, learning how to adjust to it, meeting new people, not really knowing whatíll happen the next day...
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.9 05:55 *tries a dash of Mrs. Dash on his Easy Mac, too* *finds that he likes it* If you woke up in a strangerís van, I think youíd be singing a different song. *chuckles*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.9 05:57 *there are a few snickers, but he feels like that comment didnít go over too well* *tries again, this time expressing himself more genuinely* Yeah... itís been fun. I didnít expect it to be, honestly. But it was. That wedding, though... I told myself in
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.9 05:58 the moment Iíd never go on another road trip, but look what happened - we ended up having a pretty good time.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.9 06:05 *looks wistful* Some of it kinda reminded me of the road trips I used to take with Alexa.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 06:15 *is curious* What was Alexa... like? *doesnít know how else to ask*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.9 06:16 *laughs* Geez. A little crazy.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.9 06:18 At first.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.9 06:18 Our car had a sunroof, and she liked to open it so she could stand through it. *pauses* If she saw something interesting, she would trespass to get to it. She liked driving at night. We never went to hotels. If we were near a park, sheíd have us camp out
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.9 06:20 so she could look at the stars. She always mentioned something one of your friends said - that the stars had like, died 3,000 years ago or something, and that you were looking at something that wasnít really there. I donít know.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.9 06:22 So, yeah. She was crazy, but we had fun. *takes another bite of Easy Mac* Mm. *points at the bowl with his fork* This combination is excellent. Who came up with it?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 06:24 *is trying to make connections* *all of that sounds like Alexa, but also like someone who really wanted attention - maybe as a way to be validated*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.9 06:28 [Oh, sorry. I misread things and thought Josh had asked Midas that. Scratch what Midas said.]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.9 06:37 Me.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.9 06:38 Thank you. ^.^
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.9 06:41 *gives Midas a nod* So, what was Alexa like in high school? She never really mentioned it.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 06:45 *didnít know Alexa too well until that first road trip* *shrugs a little* I donít think she was like that, but then again, I didnít really see her a lot unless she was with Midas.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.9 06:45 (I have to go now, Iíll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.9 07:03 [Aw, bye!]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.10 04:21 [I'm online!]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.10 04:49 (Hi! Sorry Iím late.)
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.10 04:50 *remembers that Alexa and Midas were a thing* *that makes things a bit awkward*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.10 04:56 [Hey! It's fine.]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.10 04:59 [I'm sending an email to you. I recommend checking your inbox in a couple minutes (I have an upload going, hence why it's kind of slow in sending).]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.10 05:00 [BTW, is it okay if I try to improvise Midas' description of the younger Alexa based on my experiences from the original FSS, or do you want to give me a description of what she was like then?]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.10 05:05 (No, go right ahead with an improvisation! And thanks for letting me know about the email.)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.10 05:12 [The email's been sent! Okie dokie.]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.10 05:12 *can feel the sheer awkwardness, but decides to go ahead and share his side of Alexa's story* Mm...about the same, but a bit less wild.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.10 05:13 She was nice. Smart, too--she got good grades. Heck, I relied on her for help in a couple classes.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.10 05:13 (Just replied!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.10 05:16 But ONLY a couple.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.10 05:16 [I got your reply!! :D]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.10 05:18 Anywho...she did like camping back then, but we didn't have the time to do it much. I remember we did camp in the park once...I scared the h**l out of her by talking about bears all day and then making a growling noise just as we were going to sleep.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.10 05:22 [I replied!]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.10 05:22 Huh. *that anecdote makes him smile a little*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.10 05:23 (Great!)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.10 05:24 Wait, remember that one time we camped out behind the shopping center? By the Grass Creek sign?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.10 05:27 Alexa insisted we do it for Sam. Or maybe it was Christina. I canít remember; I just know I was complaining a lot. *laughs*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.10 05:29 [brb]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.10 05:29 Yeah - Sam. She used to mention her a lot.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.10 05:30 (Okay.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.10 05:32 *says bluntly* Sam ruined her a bit.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.10 05:34 *was always under the impression that Sam was a good friend that suddenly cut Alexa off in the most unforgiving way possible* *but the way Josh speaks suggests something more* Why?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.10 05:37 *lowers his voice* Sam killed herself. *pauses* We found some things that led us to California - I think she wanted someone to try and save her, but she was too far gone by the time we made it.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.10 05:39 *realizes how sad Samís situation really was* *she was controlled by the monsters inside of her, and yet she was begging for help*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.10 05:41 [Back!]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.10 05:41 *remembers what Alexa told them during their meeting* Sam was really in distress. First, she went to her auntís house. When her aunt didnít listen to her, she tried calling Alexa from an unrecognizable number. Alexa didnít pick up, and... we found her a
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.10 05:41 (Welcome!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.10 05:42 [Thanks. XD BTW, are you up for a call on Hangouts tonight?]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.10 05:43 few days later, in a tent along a hiking trail. *looks down and shakes his head a little* *can still see the blood, can still remember steering Red away before he could get a glimpse of it himself*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.10 05:44 (I wish I could, but I might have to leave soon because I have to get up early tomorrow.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.10 05:46 Alexa blamed herself a lot for not answering those calls. Thatís pretty much why she cut herself off from us- because we were there when it happened, and seeing us was too painful for her.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.10 05:49 [Alright. Perhaps we could do a call sometime later this weekend then. ^.^]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.10 05:52 (Yeah, for sure!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.10 06:03 Yeah...her self-blame was why she left. She shouldn't have been so hard on herself.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.10 06:05 *looks down, staring ahead blankly* *a chill goes down his spine after hearing that* *canít believe that they had to see that, then deal with the aftermath*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.10 06:09 *can now understand why Alexa acted like she did* And what was Sam like?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.10 06:10 Sam? Eh...I never really understood her. Alexa and Christina were close to her, though.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.10 06:11 She was apparently really fun...the life of the party, in fact. Then something happened...
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.10 06:19 Yeah, thatís pretty much it. She had a way of making an impression on people. She wasnít the type to fit into any one group, although she was the edgy, artsy type. *would say she was the extroverted version of Mazy*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.10 06:20 She kind of slipped away from what I heard...she had problems and gradually her wild behavior turned into the bad kind of wild. She got into a bad circle of "friends," sabotaged a parade, and fled town.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.10 06:21 *stops talking, letting Josh fill in more info*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.10 06:22 I actually went to a football game with her once - we talked a bit on social media and decided to hang out She was kinda cynical, but also really hilarious.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.10 06:23 *nods* Yeah. That was later. You never wouldíve thought she was struggling - until all of that happened.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.10 06:29 I really think she wanted people to see that she was struggling; she just did it in the wrong way.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.10 06:30 *begins to draw parallels between Sam and Alexa* Do you think Alexa?...
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.10 06:31 *suddenly seems very serious* Do you think Alexa what?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.10 06:34 Alexa tried to hide her problems, and Sam didnít. After seeing her though, I think sheís started to work out her problems.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.10 06:36 *says to Midas* I was just wondering if maybe Alexa was going through some of the same things as Sam.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.10 06:37 Maybe. Probably. I think she tried to like, reinvent herself, but as a way to distract herself from her issues.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.10 06:38 Earlier this year, I saw her on a bus at my school. She was a wreck. Nothing like the girl in the sunshine-and-rainbows blog posts.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.10 06:40 It seemed like she tried to live up to someone she wasnít during those road trips. Maybe she learned something from that. It seemed like she did, anyways.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.10 06:42 I hope so. I havenít seen her in forever. She seemed a bit different when I saw her, too.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.10 06:43 *remembers he suggested Alexa take the road trips to take her mind off of things* I think itís just been a healing process.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.10 06:43 You live. You learn. All that jazz.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.10 06:43 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.10 06:44 [Aw, bye!]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.11 03:10 (Hey, so today I went to my school to check out the buildings where my classes are at, and we lost our car keys. Iím kind of stranded up here, so I wonít be online tonight.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.11 04:01 [Crap, okay. I hope you find your car keys. See you tomorrow!]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.12 04:26 [I'm online!]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.12 04:26 Amen.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.12 04:27 *holds up his Easy Mac* Let's toast to that.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.12 04:52 (Hi! Sorry Iím late; I was watching something.)
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.12 05:08 *raises his Easy Mac* Amen.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.12 05:10 [Hey! It's fine, I was a bit late from watching a movie.]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.12 05:11 *"clinks" Easy Macs with Kai and Josh*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.12 05:12 [What happened with your car keys and all? Are you okay?]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.12 05:15 (We didnít find them, but luckily we had a spare set. Someone had to drive them up though, so it was an entire issue.)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.12 05:16 [Crap...well, I'm glad you're okay now. ^.^]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.12 05:17 (Yeah. Worse things definitely couldíve happened.)
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.12 05:19 *looks at the time* Whoa. Itís almost 12:30. *chuckles* Think I better get to bed.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.12 05:19 I dunno. I've stayed up later.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.12 05:23 Then again...I am the main driver.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.12 05:24 *says in a joking way* Hey. If you plan on driving early tomorrow morning, then you might want to get your (BLEEP) in bed.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.12 05:26 *rises* Good talk, guys. *tosses his empty Easy Mac in the garbage bin and sort of drifts over to bed*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.12 05:28 *at Josh* Yeah. *turns to Midas* Well, itís up to you. Me, Iím crashing. *walks over to his sleeping bag* See you in the morning.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.12 05:29 *mumbles groggily* Jush go to bed already...
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.12 05:38 -LATER-
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.12 05:40 *just like their last visit, itís basically a sleepless night* *is too hot* *turns on the A/C without remembering that the room will turn into a freezer within the next half hour*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.12 05:40 *he can't sleep well and basically takes over the bathroom*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.12 05:41 *hides in there, playing games on a phone*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.12 05:44 [You up for a call tonight?]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.12 05:45 *is a human rock, as usual*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.12 05:45 *tosses and turns a bit, but is otherwise sleeping okay*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.12 05:46 *has a lot of trouble staying asleep*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.12 05:47 *has crippling insomnia* *to top it all off, heís freezing cold* *grabs a jacket and leaves the room* *wouldnít normally do this, but he just wants the insomnia to go away* *heads to the 24 hour fitness center*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.12 05:48 (I wish I could, but I have a doctorís appointment tomorrow morning. Maybe sometime this week?)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.12 05:49 *is fast asleep - a rarity for her* *is kind of stealing the covers from Christina*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.12 05:50 *once the A/C starts blasting, heís dead to the world*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.12 05:50 [Alright, sure.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.12 05:50 *winds up waking up a while later feeling frozen stiff*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.12 05:51 *tries to pull her covers over her, only to find that the small amount of covers she can reach and pull won't budge*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.12 05:51 *looks over at Eleanor and sighs**gets up, shivering, and staggers over to the A/C**turns it up several degrees*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.12 05:52 *staggers back to bed**is a bit cranky from how cold she is, so she just goes ahead and yanks hard enough on the covers to wake up Eleanor in order to get a few more precious square feet*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.12 05:53 [Is it okay if Red "borrowed" Josh's phone?]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.12 05:57 (Yeah.)
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.12 05:58 *is woken by the shift in temperature* *sits up and slowly turns the A/C down to where it was*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.12 06:00 *concedes that she was being unfair* *doesnít engage in a tug-of-war match with Christina*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.12 06:01 *has fallen back asleep*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.12 06:01 *stumbles upon chats in which Josh has texted people**smirks fiendishly*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.12 06:02 *finds Josh's contacts and smirks wider*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.12 06:03 *sends a few people--including Mazy and Eleanor--some...ahem, odd messages**then puts the phone back where he found it and returns to bed*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.12 06:09 *has her phone under her pillow* *wakes up when she hears it go off, and naturally, she looks at it* *is surprised to see a weird text from Josh, but sheís too tired to think about it* *flops back down onto her pillow*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.12 06:10 *Red has probably contacted some other random people - people Josh might not even talk to on a regular basis*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.12 06:15 *hears a few phones going off in the distance - possibly Mazyís, then Joshís with a couple of ďWtfĒ replies* *her phone goes off again, too* *itís the same notification, but she gives it a good look this time*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.12 06:17 *the message comments on how spectacularly she drools in her sleep* *spins around to look at Joshís side of the other bed* *he isnít there*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.12 06:18 *is still convinced itís him* *murmurs* D*** him. D*** him! *stays sitting up for a bit*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.12 06:28 [Sorry for disappearing, I got distracted watching Markiplier. XP]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.12 06:29 [Also the fallout of what Red did is freaking hilarious. XD]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.12 06:32 *suppresses maniacal giggles as the phones go wild*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.12 06:37 (Thatís fine!)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.12 06:37 (Haha, thanks.)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.12 06:38 *is still a rock*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.12 06:39 *wakes up partially from the cold, partially from what's going on with the phones and Eleanor**says quietly to Eleanor* The [BLEEP] is going on?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.12 06:39 *returns about two hours later* *by then, the phones have temporarily ceased to blow up* *goes right to bed* *has no idea what heís in for the following morning - and neither does anyone else*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.12 06:41 *before Josh got back, she told Christina about the texts*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.12 06:42 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.12 06:59 [Aw, bye!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.12 07:00 *just told Eleanor to go to sleep and discuss about it in the morning**then turned up the A/C again and went back to sleep*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.13 04:37 [I'm on!]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 04:40 (Hey! My replies might be slow, as Iím trying to do something.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 04:41 *wakes up to the sound of someone trying to turn on the coffee machine*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.13 04:47 [Hey! It's fine, I'm multitasking.]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.13 04:51 *wakes up, groans, and turns over slightly*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 04:51 *is still a human rock*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.13 04:53 *is the one making coffee*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.13 04:53 *is still asleep from sheer tiredness since he stayed up for so long*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 05:00 *is passed out* *has her arm covering her eyes*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 05:01 *slowly drags himself out of bed to get his phone* *takes it back with him to bed and lays around looking at it to adjust to the morning*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.13 05:02 *tries not to become enraged as he finds that the coffee machine is a tad broken (or just very cheap)*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 05:02 *is fairly used to the flood of notifications* *is not used to the various ďWTFĒ and ďare you okay???Ē texts on his screen*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 05:07 *quickly checks one of the conversations to see what he sent* *except... he canít remember sending any of it at all* What the (BLEEP)...
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 05:13 *wakes up abruptly and checks her phone**her eyes grow huge*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 05:18 *keeps saying that* What the H*LL... *furiously types back*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 05:19 *turns over* *croaks* What?
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.13 05:29 *wakes up and covers his mouth with his blanket to hide an evil smirk*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 05:30 *sounds equal parts enraged and panicked* Who was on my phone? Someone sent all these weird texts on my phone, and it wasnít me.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 05:42 Oh. That explains everything, then.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 05:42 Explains what?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 05:43 That I got a text from you at 2 in the morning saying how fantastic I looked drooling in my sleep!
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 05:44 *covers his eyes with his hand and shakes his head, cringing* I didnít send that.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 05:45 *doesnít give Josh a hard time about it*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 05:47 *gets up and thrusts her phone in his face**raises on eyebrow as if to ask for an explanation*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 05:48 *the text she received says "u look so hot when ur asleep honeymunchkinsweetiepoo ;)"*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 05:55 *just about dies*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 05:56 *is talking quickly* I didnít write that, I swear to god- seriously, who did this?!
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 05:57 To be honest, it doesnít seem like something you would write.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 05:58 *sighs*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 06:04 *looks at Mazy* Do you really think I wrote that?
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 06:12 *hesitates, then shrugs her shoulders*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 06:16 For what itís worth, I didnít even see you in this room when my phone went off.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.13 06:18 *has been listening in on this conversation* *wonders if Josh was in the bathroom when he sent the texts, therefore refuting Eleanorís claim*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 06:19 Because I wasnít!
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.13 06:19 Well then, where were you?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 06:21 *doesnít feel like answering that question* *mutters* Can we just pack up and leave already? *is suddenly in a terrible mood*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 06:25 *glances at Midas* Uh... I donít see why not.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.13 06:26 *suddenly explodes* THIS COFFEE MACHINE IS [BLEEP]!
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.13 06:27 *sighs and goes about packing her things**also helps Red pack, as she usually does*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 06:27 *starts sweeping her possessions into order, as does everyone else*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.13 06:28 *hides a laugh* Chill, man. Weíll get coffee at McDonaldís. Itís better there, anyways.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 06:29 But that coffee is basically free...
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.13 06:30 Doesnít seem like itís worth it. Plus you canít drink it while youíre driving - youíll have to chug it.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.13 06:32 Says who?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 06:32 *has been exuding a very palpable passive-aggressive silence as he packs his things*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.13 06:33 Well... youíre not planning on stealing that mug, are you?
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.13 06:41 It's styrofoam.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.13 06:41 Will it really be missed?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 06:46 Letís just stop arguing about the coffee and get going.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 06:56 *says on the way out the door* Whoever sent those texts - thanks for scr*wing with me. *sounds pretty dark*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.13 06:56 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.13 06:58 [Aw, bye!]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.13 06:58 *suppresses a giggle*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.14 04:37 [I'm online!]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.14 04:44 (Hi!)
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.14 04:50 [Hey! Sorry I'm late, I was watching a movie.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.14 04:53 (No problem.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.14 04:54 *helps pack the van and then gets in**Red, Mazy, and Midas pile in too*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.14 05:00 *5 minutes into the drive, and heís already warning everyone that somebody in the van is guilty of sending spam messages from his phone*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.14 05:00 Look, I know it had to be one of you guys. You might as well admit it now.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.14 05:02 *silence* *2 minutes later:* One of you guys had my phone last night.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.14 05:12 *a few minutes after that* I didnít have my phone last night, so it was clearly one of you-
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.14 05:13 I was asleep. Mazy: Me too.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.14 05:13 *cuts Josh off* We KNOW!
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.14 05:13 I had a restless night but I was never on anybody's phone. Say...who took over the bathroom last night? That was annoying.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.14 05:20 *says kind of aggressively* Yeah, you know, that was annoying. Whoever was in there kept burping and giggling and stuff.
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.14 05:23 *instinctively stares at Red in his rear view mirror*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.14 05:31 *slowly faces Red*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.14 05:32 *nudges Red* Alright. Itís time.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.14 05:41 *starts sweating*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.14 05:43 Címon. Time to fess up.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.14 05:59 [Sorry, got super distracted. XP] I...didn't do anything but poop...
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.14 06:04 Now that I think of it, the text I received seemed VERY Red.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.14 06:05 (Itís fine; donít worry about it.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.14 06:05 *sighs, annoyed* Whyíd you do it?
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.14 06:09 Because...because...
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.14 06:12 ...I...wanted...to... *shrinks in his seat*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.14 06:14 *is waiting for an answer*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.14 06:16 Seriously?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.14 06:16 You have a little too much schadenfreude.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.14 06:19 Next time, donít do it. Because I have a lot of people who are either confused or p**sed with me right now.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.14 06:20 If you donít want to go through a next time, Josh, you may want to put a passcode on that phone.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.14 06:21 Okay then...
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.14 06:21 *is the one shrinking in his seat now*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.14 06:23 *the drive goes on in silence* *tosses the pack of Uno cards from hand to hand out of sheer boredom* *suddenly, she makes an epiphany - why didnít she propose a game earlier?*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.14 06:24 Hey, anyone up for a final game of Uno?
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.14 06:24 *raises his hand*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.14 06:25 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.14 06:25 [Aw, bye!]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.15 04:48 [Here! Sorry I'm so late, I was watching a movie again. XP]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.15 05:12 Let's do this.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.15 05:20 (Hi! Sorry Iím even later. I was watching TV, then got carried away with some things.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.15 05:20 [Hey! It's fine.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.15 05:20 *deals out the cards* *the order is the same - Eleanor, Mazy, Christina, Josh, and Red* Youngest goes first. *glances at Red*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.15 05:29 *slaps down a +2 right off the bat*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.15 05:37 Um... okay. *draws two*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.15 05:37 (I forgot about Kai. Heís after Josh.)
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.15 05:37 *puts down a normal card of the same color as Red's*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.15 05:38 Already off to a great start, arenít we?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.15 05:39 Psht. Yeah.
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.15 05:39 [Okie dokie.]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.15 05:39 [You up for a call?]
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.15 05:42 *puts down a card with the same number but a different color--namely, blue*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.15 05:46 (Probably not tonight - itís a little late here. But hopefully later this week! Iíll let you know if thereís a day that works best for me.)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.15 05:46 *puts down a blue card*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.15 05:48 *has to draw a few until he comes across a card with the same number on it* *changes the color to green*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.15 05:49 [Crap, okay. BTW, be warned: my semester starts next week and I won't be available for calls nearly as much then.]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.15 05:53 *slaps down a green reverse card*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.15 05:55 (Okay. Hopefully Iíll be able to talk sometime this week. I know Saturday wonít be an option, but weíll see what the next two days bring.)
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.15 05:56 *doesnít have a green to save him from drawing more cards* *sighs* *5 cards later, he puts down a green*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.15 05:57 *slides a green +4 into the pile*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.15 06:01 [Okie dokie.] *inhales deeply*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.15 06:08 *says in an exaggerated way* Yikes!
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.15 06:09 Breathe, Christina. Breathe.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.15 06:10 *draws four**Mazy then puts down a reverse card of her own*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.15 06:14 *smirks and puts down a +2*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.15 06:18 *bites his lip and draws two, very reluctantly of course*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.15 06:18 *cackles quietly* Sweet revenge...
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.15 06:19 *is also smirking about Christinaís comeback* *plays a standard card*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.15 06:27 *puts down a normal card very slowly to torture Eleanor*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.15 06:31 *was practically sweating* *blows on a tuft of loose hair when the suspense has ended* *tortures Mazy by playing a skip card*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.15 06:36 -__________-
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.15 06:36 *puts down another +2*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.15 06:40 .... *mutters* Oh my god.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.15 06:40 Please forgive me for that +4. Please.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.15 06:42 Clemency doesnít exist in Uno.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.15 06:42 *gives Eleanor a puppy-dog expression* *is not his usual angry self*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.15 06:43 Go on. Draw your cards already.
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.15 06:44 :)
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.15 06:46 *now heís angry* *draws cards with a p-d off flair, shaking his head and muttering things*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.15 06:46 (I just about cracked up seeing that response.)
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.15 06:47 Midas, you sure are missing out. *puts down a wild card*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.15 06:49 [XD That was my intention.]
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.15 06:49 Sorry, I'm the designated driver.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.15 06:50 (I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow, and hopefully we can arrange a call this week!)
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.15 06:56 [Aw, bye! Okay.]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.15 17:44 *has to draw since he doesn't have the color Kai picked**gives Kai a downright disturbing/savage glare as he draws cards*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.15 17:44 *finally slaps down a normal card*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.16 04:25 [I'm on!]
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.16 04:32 (Hi!)
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.16 04:33 *is freaked out* *knows that Red will probably get his revenge soon*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.16 04:34 [Hey!]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.16 04:35 *plays a normal card too*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.16 04:39 [Do you have time for a call?] *puts down a +2*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.16 04:39 *takes a deep breath, draws two, and waits to see what Josh plays*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.16 04:50 (I probably can, but I have to do something for a minute.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.16 04:55 [Okie dokie. Let me know when you're ready.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.16 04:56 (Okay. Probably in about 15 minutes.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.16 04:58 [Okay, got it.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.16 05:09 (Iím almost ready, I just need to get everything set up.)
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.16 05:13 [Okie dokie. Post on Hangouts when you sign in.]
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.16 05:25 *puts down a normal card*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.16 05:26 *plays a skip card for the good of everyone else (but mainly Eleanor)*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.16 05:32 *glares even more intensely at Kai*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.16 05:32 *is able to get rid of a yellow card she's had in her hand for the entire game*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.16 05:45 *now it's her turn to inhale deeply**she doesn't have yellow**draws several cards and puts down a yellow reverse card*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.16 05:46 *has a yellow +4* *smirks slyly and places it on the pile dramatically*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.16 05:50 ... >_____________<
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.16 05:51 *has to draw some cards* *doesn't have a yellow card to his name*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.16 06:06 *puts down a red card, changing the color* Hip hip hooray. *looks smug while admiring his hand of only four cards*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.16 06:08 Mazy...heart of the cards? Mazy: *looks at her intensely, then nods* Christina: *puts down a +2* Mazy: *puts down her own +2*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.16 06:13 ...how could you be so cruel?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.16 06:20 Please don't tell me you don't have the heart of the cards too.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.16 06:25 Do I? *shuffles through her hand*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.16 06:25 Yes... I think I do. *smirks like the Grinch*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.16 06:26 Merry Christmas, Red.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.16 06:26 *his eyes grow wide**he didn't see this coming*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.16 06:28 *his eye twitches as the 3rd +2 hits the deck*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.16 06:30 ...NOOOOOOOO!
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.16 06:35 *can hardly hide a huge smirk* Enjoying all your presents?
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.16 06:38 *chuckles quietly* Ho ho ho...
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.16 06:40 *makes a gorilla-like growl8
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.16 06:40 **
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.16 06:42 *plays a random normal card without thinking about how it'll help Josh*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.16 06:42 Oh, is Red a gorilla now? *gets rid of yet another card* Thanks, Kai.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.16 06:43 I didn't mean to help you?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.16 06:44 *says casually* It's fine.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.16 06:47 *just stares ahead with nothing but bleakness and unending anger in his expression*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.16 06:49 Uhh...I think we need a new Red.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.16 06:50 *watches Red* A bit salty about that, huh?
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.16 06:51 *puts down a reverse card*
8>Midas (Alexa's Boyfriend), 21yo.2019,Aug.16 06:52 So the demon is finally getting the torment he deserves, huh?
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.16 06:52 As far as I'm concerned, NOT having Red would make life so much easier. *plays a +4* Uno.
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.16 06:53 *murmurs at Josh* (BLEEP).
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.16 20:11 *angrily slaps down his own +4 after Kai draws his cards*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.17 05:09 [I'm here! Sorry I'm so late, I was watching a movie and spending time with family.]
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.17 05:14 (Hi! I literally just got done doing the same thing, so youíre fine.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.17 05:16 What?! That doesnít help anything, you know!
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.17 05:26 *swipes up her cards*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.17 05:35 [Hey! Okie dokie.]
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.17 05:43 *puts down a normal card*
5>Christina (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.17 05:46 *puts down a normal card of a different color*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.17 05:50 *watches intently* Moment of truth.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.17 05:54 *holds his breath*
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.17 05:56 *sighs and drops down a card* Thank god. Thank god!!
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.17 06:01 Well. Looks like youíre the Uno champion.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.17 06:03 *roars* YEAH! Whoo!
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.17 06:03 *leans back lazily, hands in the air* *murmurs* Bow down.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 12yo.2019,Aug.17 06:06 *groans*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.17 06:06 *claps and bows*
4>Mazy (Loner), 19yo.2019,Aug.17 06:06 *smiles*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.17 06:07 Do we have a badge or anything? I feel like this warrants a badge.
6>Josh (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.17 06:07 *smiles back at Mazy*
2>Kai (Friend), 20yo.2019,Aug.17 06:08 Here. *gives Eleanor one of the +4 cards* Because heís overcome the worst.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.17 06:09 But weíll be one card short... Kai: *shrugs* I donít think that really matters.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 19yo.2019,Aug.17 06:11