" Fear Street and Stranger Things roleplay "
This game is destined to players of 13 to 17 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Hi this is a roleplay for stranger things and fear street. If you're interested to join, come join!
Shadyside, Sunnyvale and Hawkins. Put protagonist or antagonist in your character role if you're either of them or any.

2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Sep.29 04:43 Heyyyyy everybody
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Sep.29 04:43 Heyyyyy everybody
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Sep.29 04:43 oop the messege doubled
3>Eleven Hopper (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Sep.29 04:45 Hi
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Sep.29 06:01  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=2  
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Sep.29 06:22 Hellooooo
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Sep.29 06:25 Hi guys so these are some of my friends and if u visit this rp group and ur willing to join, pls pick a role or character from the following show and movie: Fear Street and Stranger Things
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Sep.29 06:26 and yes ur free to rp thank you
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Sep.29 06:27 Can i use dialogue?
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Sep.29 06:28 ofcc
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Sep.29 06:29 thx
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Sep.29 06:39 Hi
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Sep.29 06:39  Buying Water bottle (x 1)   Secret message to Simon Kalivoda  
5>Mike Wheeler (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Sep.30 13:01 Hello
5>Mike Wheeler (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Sep.30 13:02 I like this roleplay
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 13:44 Thx
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 13:45 Ok so should we start the rp
5>Mike Wheeler (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.1 13:51 Sure
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.1 13:51 Hi I'm new here
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 13:53 Hi goodnight
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 13:54 Its 7 here
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 13:56 *gets bag and goes to school*
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 13:59 *gets bag and goes to school too*
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:00  Buying Bag (x 1)   Secret message to Simon Kalivoda  
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:01  Secret message to Kate Schmidt  
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:01 Oh hi good morning
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:01  Secret message to Kate Schmidt  
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:02 Good morning
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:02 New boring day
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:02 Yeah class is boring today
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:02 Mhm
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:07 Btw yall are allowed to use dialogue if your rp is for multi people to lessen the maximum character if you want to rp as 2 or more different kind of people
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:08 Nice
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:08 Btw yall are allowed to use dialogue if your rp is for multi people to lessen the maximum character if you want to rp as 2 or more different kind of people
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:08 Ok lets continue
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:09 The messege doubled oml🤦‍♀️
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:09 Its alright
5>Mike Wheeler (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.1 14:09 Hiii
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:10 Hello
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:10 Supp
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.1 14:13 Who want to play D&D?
5>Mike Wheeler (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.1 14:13 Mee
5>Mike Wheeler (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.1 14:13 Sup Will
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:13 Wow new player welcome
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:14 Hi welcome to the rp
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.1 14:14 Thanks
8>Sam and Deena (Protagonist), Idk yo.2021,Oct.1 14:28 Im a fan so i joined dis rp
8>Sam and Deena (Protagonist), Idk yo.2021,Oct.1 14:29 Sam: fruity fruity🤩🤩
8>Sam and Deena (Protagonist), Idk yo.2021,Oct.1 14:29 Deena: yess🤩🤩
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:30 Hi welcome to the rp
8>Sam and Deena (Protagonist), Idk yo.2021,Oct.1 14:30 Thx
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:31 FRUITY LMAOOAOAO
8>Sam and Deena (Protagonist), Idk yo.2021,Oct.1 14:31 HAAHAHWHW
8>Sam and Deena (Protagonist), Idk yo.2021,Oct.1 14:32 Fav shipp
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:32 Samee
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:32 Aq din mars
8>Sam and Deena (Protagonist), Idk yo.2021,Oct.1 14:33 Mars?
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:33 Oh sorry it was a Filipino word or slang
8>Sam and Deena (Protagonist), Idk yo.2021,Oct.1 14:34 Its ok lol
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:34 It means me too
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:34 Yuh
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:37 *the class ends*
8>Sam and Deena (Protagonist), Idk yo.2021,Oct.1 14:38 Deena: let's meet up in Simon's house were gonna have some sleepover
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:39 Sure i have extra sleeping bags here or you guys can bring one
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:39 Im bringing one
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.1 14:40 Hawkins rp: *playing D&D with friends*
5>Mike Wheeler (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.1 14:42 *playing d&d*
5>Mike Wheeler (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.1 14:43 Will the wise its your turn
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.1 14:44 Ok Ill use fireball!
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.1 14:47 *after d&d*
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:48 Sorry for not chatting i was eating biscuit lol
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:48 *sleeps*
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:48 Lol its ok
8>Sam and Deena (Protagonist), Idk yo.2021,Oct.1 14:50 Deena: *sleeps*
8>Sam and Deena (Protagonist), Idk yo.2021,Oct.1 14:50 There's still no Josh for now lol
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:51 I hope someone joins as him lol
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.1 14:51 *goes home*
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.1 14:52 Ok off roleplay but theres not enough characters
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:53 Ikr
5>Mike Wheeler (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.1 14:54 Are we the only ones who chat???
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.1 14:54 Yes i guess
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:55 Everyone can join with multiple rps so it doesn't maximize the characters they can also use dialogue thingzz lol
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 14:55 That was what im saying earlier tho
5>Mike Wheeler (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.1 15:01 Ok lets continue lol
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.1 15:01 Ofcourse
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 15:01 *sleeps*
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 15:02 *sleeptalks about random stuffs*
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 15:02 Simon-
8>Sam and Deena (Protagonist), Idk yo.2021,Oct.1 15:02 Zzz
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.1 15:03 *goes to my room*
8>Sam and Deena (Protagonist), Idk yo.2021,Oct.1 15:03 Wait can i be Josh for a while since nobody was playing as him lol
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 15:03 Ofc
8>Sam and Deena (Protagonist), Idk yo.2021,Oct.1 15:03 Kk
8>Sam and Deena (Protagonist), Idk yo.2021,Oct.1 15:04 Josh: *sleeps*
5>Mike Wheeler (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.1 15:04 Oh wait someone's calling on the telephone
5>Mike Wheeler (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.1 15:05 *answers*
5>Mike Wheeler (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.1 15:05 Oh hi
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 15:06 *keeps on sleeptalking*
8>Sam and Deena (Protagonist), Idk yo.2021,Oct.1 15:06 Josh: huh?
8>Sam and Deena (Protagonist), Idk yo.2021,Oct.1 15:06 Josh: whats wrong with Simon
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 15:07 Josh just don't mind him, he's just sleeptalking
8>Sam and Deena (Protagonist), Idk yo.2021,Oct.1 15:08 Josh: oh ok
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.1 15:09 Yall i gtg now bye
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 15:09 Oh ok byee
5>Mike Wheeler (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.1 15:09  Secret message to Will Byers  
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.1 15:10 Bye
8>Sam and Deena (Protagonist), Idk yo.2021,Oct.1 15:10 Bye bye
8>Sam and Deena (Protagonist), Idk yo.2021,Oct.1 15:11 Lets continue
5>Mike Wheeler (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.1 15:15 *falls asleep on the sofa*
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 04:11 Hi everyone its morning here^^
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 04:12 Gandang umaga pi^^
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 04:12 Gud morning
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 04:13 Yun iba hindi online hahaha
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 04:13 Oo nga hahaha
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 04:22 Hi
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 04:22 Hi
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 04:22 Sup
3>Eleven Hopper (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 04:55 Hiii
3>Eleven Hopper (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 05:01 Who wants to rp?
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:02 Sup
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:02 Mee
5>Mike Wheeler (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 05:02 Helloooo
5>Mike Wheeler (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 05:02 I do
3>Eleven Hopper (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 05:02 yayy
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:03 hello
3>Eleven Hopper (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 05:03 hi
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:03 i want to rp too hahah
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:04 ok
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:04 supp
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 05:05 hey
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 05:07 Should i roleplay as grown up Ziggy or 1978 Berman sisters
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:07 hmm
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:07 Maybe 1978 one
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:07 yuhh
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 05:07 kk
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 05:17 1978 Camp Nightwing roleplay: Cindy: *cleaning*
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 05:33  Buying Sponge (x 1)   Secret message to Simon Kalivoda  
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:33  Secret message to Simon Kalivoda  
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:33  Secret message to Berman sisters  
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 05:35  Secret message to Shadyside killers  
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:36  Secret message to Berman sisters  
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:36  Secret message to Berman sisters  
3>Eleven Hopper (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 05:36 *calls mike on telephone*
5>Mike Wheeler (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 05:36 *answers* El?
3>Eleven Hopper (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 05:37 Hey
5>Mike Wheeler (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 05:37 Hi how are you?
3>Eleven Hopper (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 05:37 Good.
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:37 *wakes up*
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:38  Buying Sponge (x 1)   Secret message to Simon Kalivoda  
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:38  Giving Sponge (x 1) to Berman sisters   Secret message to Berman sisters  
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 05:39  Secret message to Shadyside killers  
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 05:39  Secret message to Shadyside killers  
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:39  Secret message to Berman sisters  
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 05:40  Secret message to Berman sisters  
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 05:40 Cindy: *starts cleaning the floor*
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 05:50 Cindy: these dirt wont come off!
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 05:51 Cindy: *starts getting mad*
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:51 Tommy: chill
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 05:52 sponge: *rips*
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 05:52 Cindy: :0-
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 05:52 Cindy: SHOOT! SHOOT SHOOT
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:53 Tommy: just chill out Cindy
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:53 *1994 roleplay* *wakes up*
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:54 Morning Simon
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:54 Morning
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:54 oop are we the only ones awake
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:55 yuh
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 05:56 Ziggy: *gets hurt*
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:57 Simon you were sleeptalking last night HAHAHA
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:57 i am?
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:57 yes HAHAHA
3>Eleven Hopper (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 05:58 *talks to Hopper*
5>Mike Wheeler (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 05:58 wait gtg now byee
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:59 bye bye
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:59 byee
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 05:59 k cya later
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 05:59 k byee
3>Eleven Hopper (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 05:59 byee
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 06:08 Tommy: *calms Cindy down*
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 06:09 Cindy: Thanks..wait, where are Alice and Arnie?
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 06:10 Cindy: *goes and finds them*
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 06:11 Cindy: *walks and sees them* Oh OH GOSH-
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 06:12 Cindy: *talks to them* YOU GUYS DO YOUR WORK NOW!-
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 06:17 Cindy: *walks outside and talks to Kurt*
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 06:17 i really had a random dream so thats why i kept on sleeptalking
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 06:36 Kurt: hey Berman your sister is in trouble
3>Eleven Hopper (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 06:39 Hop, Can Max have a sleepover here?
3>Eleven Hopper (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 06:39 Hopper: sure
3>Eleven Hopper (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 06:39 Ok
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 06:44 Ziggy: *talking to Nurse Lane and sees Cindy*
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 06:46 Cindy: hey Nurse Lane, is Ziggy ok? Ziggy: oh hey Cindy
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 06:48 its Saturday today im really bored, gosh!
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 06:48 Sameee🥱🥱
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 06:50 Btw off rp, i asked my other friend, Mia to play as Ziggy and she accepted and i gave her the pass for this profile
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 06:50 Hii its me Mia!
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 06:50 Hii
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 06:50 Sup
3>Eleven Hopper (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 06:50 oh ok! hey
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 07:04 Hii
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 07:04 Tommy: *hearing voices inside his head*
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 07:10 Tommy: Hey everyone were gonna play capture the flag!
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 07:11 Hey, lets just go to the grocery shop and buy random things
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 07:11 sure
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 07:13 wait are we gonna free roleplay or the actual scenes from the movie or show
3>Eleven Hopper (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 07:13 both!
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 07:13 yeah
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 07:13 kk
3>Eleven Hopper (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 07:13 Mixed tho
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 07:14 sure
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 07:15 *after shopping with friends*
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 07:15 Guys! who wants to play snakes and ladders
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 07:16 Ziggy: *talks to Nick*
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 07:17 Thats a great game!!
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 07:17 Yeahh
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 07:17 lets roll the dice to see who is first
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.2 07:20 Ziggy: ugh i hate Sheila!
8>Sam and Deena (Protagonist), Idk yo.2021,Oct.2 07:22 Hi
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 07:24 hello
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 07:24 Hii
3>Eleven Hopper (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 07:24 hi
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 07:24 Sup
5>Mike Wheeler (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 09:05 Hi what did i miss?
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 09:05 Heyy Mikeee
5>Mike Wheeler (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 09:06 Hiiii
9>Josh (protagonist), 16yo.2021,Oct.2 09:15 Joshua is hereee
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 09:16 OMG FINALLY SOMEONE JOINED AS JOSH THANK YOU
9>Josh (protagonist), 16yo.2021,Oct.2 09:16 No probs
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 09:17 Lets rp
9>Josh (protagonist), 16yo.2021,Oct.2 09:18 Ok
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 09:18 Hii Josh
9>Josh (protagonist), 16yo.2021,Oct.2 09:18 hey
9>Josh (protagonist), 16yo.2021,Oct.2 09:19 You guys want to go to our house and play video games?
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 09:20 sure
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 09:20 ok
9>Josh (protagonist), 16yo.2021,Oct.2 09:20 lmao i always stay up late irl
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 09:20 why?
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 09:21 yeah why?
9>Josh (protagonist), 16yo.2021,Oct.2 09:21 Nothing im just bored
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 09:21 you need more sleep tho its ok
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 09:21 yeah
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 09:23 Hi
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 09:23 Hello
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 09:23 Sup
9>Josh (protagonist), 16yo.2021,Oct.2 09:23 Hey
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 09:24 Who want a character collaboration rp?
9>Josh (protagonist), 16yo.2021,Oct.2 09:24 Me
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 09:24 mee
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 09:25 that's great we could add their personality in it
9>Josh (protagonist), 16yo.2021,Oct.2 09:30 yeah
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 09:56 but the years apart from it lol
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 09:56 yeah but lets continue
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 09:57 Hey *sees Josh chatting someone* lol who is that?
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 09:57 LMAO
9>Josh (protagonist), 16yo.2021,Oct.2 09:57 *cant hear because of the loud music
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 09:58 Josh can you hear me
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 09:58 oh my gosh i guess not
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 09:58 LOL
9>Josh (protagonist), 16yo.2021,Oct.2 09:58 *keeps on chatting*
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 10:25 *feels the mind flayer coming* oh no..
9>Josh (protagonist), 16yo.2021,Oct.2 10:25 It is i sir silence LMAOOAOA
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 10:26 HAHAHA
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 10:26 HAHAHHSHSHAS
11>Sinclair siblings (Protagonist), 14/10yo.2021,Oct.2 10:51 Hello
10>Dustin (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 10:51 Hi
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 10:52 Hii
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.2 10:52 Yayy new member welcome
11>Sinclair siblings (Protagonist), 14/10yo.2021,Oct.2 10:52 Thxx
11>Sinclair siblings (Protagonist), 14/10yo.2021,Oct.2 10:56 Lucas: *walkietalkie* Does anybody copy
10>Dustin (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 10:57 I copy!
5>Mike Wheeler (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 10:57 I copy too!
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 10:57 Copy!
11>Sinclair siblings (Protagonist), 14/10yo.2021,Oct.2 10:58 Lucas: ok! Can we meet up in the mall?
10>Dustin (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 10:58 Sure!
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 10:58 Yeah
5>Mike Wheeler (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 10:59 Mhm
11>Sinclair siblings (Protagonist), 14/10yo.2021,Oct.2 11:00 (Arcade i mean)
11>Sinclair siblings (Protagonist), 14/10yo.2021,Oct.2 11:00 Sorry
5>Mike Wheeler (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 11:00 Lol its ok
10>Dustin (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 11:01 Its ok
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 11:01 Thats ok
11>Sinclair siblings (Protagonist), 14/10yo.2021,Oct.2 11:01 *in the arcade*
8>Sam and Deena (Protagonist), Idk yo.2021,Oct.2 11:03 **1994 shadyside roleplay** Deena: *makes a note for Sam*
10>Dustin (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 11:05 *sees the game and a player named "Madmax" who beaten me(Dustin) with a high score*
10>Dustin (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 11:06 :o
5>Mike Wheeler (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 11:06 *shock*
11>Sinclair siblings (Protagonist), 14/10yo.2021,Oct.2 11:06 Lucas: :000
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 11:06 😦🤐
10>Dustin (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 11:07 WHAT HOW
10>Dustin (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 11:13 WHO IS MADMAX?!?!
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 11:14 THATS IMPOSSIBLE
11>Sinclair siblings (Protagonist), 14/10yo.2021,Oct.2 11:15 *Keith comes to us*
10>Dustin (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 11:15 WHO IS MADMAX?!?
11>Sinclair siblings (Protagonist), 14/10yo.2021,Oct.2 11:15 Keith: better than you
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.2 11:16 Is it you?
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.3 03:03 Hello
3>Eleven Hopper (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.3 03:04 Hi!
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.3 03:05 your d&d addict is here!
3>Eleven Hopper (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.3 03:05 Heyyy
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.3 03:05 Helloo
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.3 03:05 hii
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.3 03:06 heyyaa
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.3 03:06 wassupp
3>Eleven Hopper (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.3 03:06 Hellooo
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.3 03:06 hiii
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.3 03:06 who wants to roleplay
3>Eleven Hopper (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.3 03:07 mee
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.3 03:07 me
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.3 03:07 Me
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.3 03:08 *sees the upside down*
3>Eleven Hopper (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.3 03:08 *escapes cabin and tries to find who my real mom is*
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.3 03:09 ok ill roleplay as Old Ziggy or C. Berman
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.3 03:12 hi
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.3 03:12 hello
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.3 03:12 heyy
3>Eleven Hopper (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.3 03:12 wassupp
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.3 03:12 hii
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.3 03:12 *babysitting with Kate*
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.3 03:14 C. Berman: *hears alarm clocks alarm and stops every alarms that makes noise*
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.3 03:16 hey
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.3 03:16 hi
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.3 03:16 hello
7>Will Byers (Protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.3 03:16 hii
3>Eleven Hopper (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.3 03:16 heyy
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.3 03:16 helloo
6>Berman sisters (Protagonist), Unk. yo.2021,Oct.3 03:19 C. Berman: *does routine*
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.3 03:21 Simon? are you still wearing the shirt you wore yesterday?
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.3 03:21 yeah
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.3 03:21 disgusting-
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.3 03:31 why?
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.3 03:31 It has Sam's blood on-
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.3 03:32 oh-
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.3 03:42 Skull mask: *stabbing the shirt that has blood on*
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.3 03:43 😳😦
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.3 03:43 *gasp* :O
4>Shadyside killers (killers/antagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.3 03:44 *runs out of the house*
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.3 03:44 *sneaking to get the shirt*
3>Eleven Hopper (protagonist), 14yo.2021,Oct.3 03:45 *having a flashback of something*
1>Simon Kalivoda (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.3 03:51 *wears jacket and covers up the evidence*
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.3 03:51 *talking to someone*
2>Kate Schmidt (protagonist), 17yo.2021,Oct.3 03:51 Yes everything is alrighty
12>Banshee (Hawkins student), 15yo.2023,Oct.18 05:02 Hello??
12>Banshee (Hawkins student), 15yo.2023,Oct.18 05:03 I didnt read the description so I accidentally put Hawkins student and not protagonist so oops

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