" Heroes of Angadsalia "
This game is destined to players of 7 to 14 years of age.
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1>Jamashian (Wolf girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.1 14:41 Once upon a time, there was a hero named, Ablangis. He belonged to an isolated tribe of forest people. And it was he that found the most important discovery in the history of that tribe. He found a belt. And not just any belt. A belt with pockets!
1>Jamashian (Wolf girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.1 14:42 And in those pockets were millions of diamonds! The most beautiful diamonds in the world. Also the most powerful diamonds in the world. Ablangis, however, was unaware of this, and took them back to his tribe thinking that they were normal diamonds.
1>Jamashian (Wolf girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.1 14:42 The chiefs decided to bury the riches their tribseman had found for times of emergencies. Summer, had passed, and it was late autumn, when the thing that would change the tribe's future began to happen. New species of animals, creatures that no one had
1>Jamashian (Wolf girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.1 14:42 ever seen in those parts before, began to appear.
1>Jamashian (Wolf girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.1 14:43 For days, everyone was afraid to venture out of thier homes for fear of the invasive animals, until one day, Runablaf came. She was Ablangis' daughter, and had come back from one of her own interesting adventures. When she heard what had been happening
1>Jamashian (Wolf girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.1 14:43 she said, 'I am not afraid. Such animals are beasts like we, they are simply people you do not know yet. You must not be afraid of the unknown.' So she set off in the direction of where all the new animals had been gathering, with only one small dagger
1>Jamashian (Wolf girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.1 14:44 for protection. The first animal she met was a stag. It was hidden in the trees, in the shadows, but the minute he and Runablaf saw each other they stopped dead in their tracks. Runablaf had never seen so big and grand looking deer in her life,
1>Jamashian (Wolf girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.1 14:44 and the deer had never seen a human in his life. And the minute their eyes locked they had built a trust. From then on Runablaf and the Stag became companions,
1>Jamashian (Wolf girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.1 14:45 doing everything together. The people of the tribe also began to forget their fear and made companion animals as well. One day Runablaf realized she was able to run swifter and quieter than ever before. She had large freckles, like the Roe deer have,
1>Jamashian (Wolf girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.1 14:45 and her ears could hear twice as well. Her friends an family were also making small transformations in their skills and slightly in their looks. They had not become half-animal half-human. They had only absorbed the powers of their companion animals.
1>Jamashian (Wolf girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.1 14:45 But a few weeks later, the animals began to leave till they were all gone. But Runablaf and all the other people had not lost their powers. The next year the animals came again, and the human's powers grew stronger. Then they left again and came back the
1>Jamashian (Wolf girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.1 14:46 the next year. The month when the animals came soon became a festival month. The marking of the new year.
1>Jamashian (Wolf girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.1 14:46 All the newborns would be left out in the forests so that they could find their companion animals. And slowly, as the people of the tribe grew more powerful, they became a Kingdom called Angadsailia. But a hundred and seventy five years later, something
1>Jamashian (Wolf girl), 11yo.2022,Apr.1 14:47 happens. Some animals no longer come to the festival. People who's companions do not come fall ill, and their powers begin to evaporate. And this is where the story of six heroes is set, and they embark on a great adventure...

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