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If you have watched the movie called ''Descendants'', then you should know how this game is. There are a few rules.
1. No power playing, that is taking over peoples characters.
2. You can have only at least three characters.
3. Your character must make a post in the first three days.
4. No cussing. If you want to cuss just insert [BLEEP!]
5. No inappropriate/bad-minded messages.
6. Don't post personal info and addresses.
7. HAVE FUN!!!

1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.1 21:11 Welcome To Descendants A quick story for those who don't know:
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.1 21:13 After their marriage, Belle and Beast unite all the famous fairy tale kingdoms into the United States of Auradon, and are elected King and Queen. Villains and their minions are imprisoned on the Isle of the Lost, a slum-like island surrounded by a barrier
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.1 21:14 that prevents the use of magic (deceased villains were resurrected to succumb in this punishment). 20 years later, their son, Prince Ben, is soon to be crowned king. As his first proclamation, Ben wishes to give the kids on the Isle of the Lost the chanc
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.1 21:14 chance to live in Auradon. Though skeptical, his parents accede to his idea. The kids chosen are: Carlos, son of Cruella de Vil; Jay, son of Jafar; Evie, daughter of the Evil Queen; and Mal, daughter of Maleficent.
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.1 21:15 The quartet are causing mischief until they are summoned by Maleficent ("Rotten to the Core"), who orders them to use their school trip to steal Fairy Godmother's wand;
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.1 21:15 with it, the villains will break the barrier and control of both sides of magic.
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.1 21:16 At Auradon Prep, Carlos, Jay, Evie, and Mal are greeted by Fairy Godmother the school's headmistress, as well as Ben and his "girlfriend" Princess Audrey, daughter of Aurora and Prince Phillip. During a campus tour, Mal and Ben seemingly connect while Dop
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.1 21:17 Dopey's son Doug is smitten with Evie. That night, Evie uses her mother's magic mirror to locate the wand at a nearby museum and the four attempt to steal it. Using her mother's
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.1 21:18 spellbook, Mal activates Maleficent's spinning wheel (an artifact in the museum) to put the guard to sleepThey see statues of their parents, realizing they were once impressive. Questioning her nature, Mal is convinced to follow through with the mission
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.1 21:18 upon having a vision of Maleficent enticing her ("Evil Like Me"). Jay attempts to take the wand, but is repelled by a barrier and sets off an alarm. The group escape and reluctantly prepare to attend class.
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.2 21:45 Jay is soon recruited for the school's tourney (a fictional sport) team due to his physical aptitude. Carlos ends up befriending the school's mutt Dude and also joins the tourney team. Evie excels academically (by cheating with the magic mirror)
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.2 21:47 and becomes infatuated with Prince Chad Charming: son of Cinderella and Prince Charming who convinces her to do his homework so he'll have time to see her. She learns from Doug that Fairy Godmother will bless Ben at his coronation
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.2 21:47 with her wand. Mal manipulates Fairy Godmother's daughter Jane by using magic to restyle her hair and saying only her mother's wand can do more. Mulan and Li Shang's daughter Lonnie befriends Mal, paying for Mal to improve her hair as well thus becomes
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.2 21:49 popular among many girls.
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.2 21:49 When Mal learns Ben's girlfriend is the only person besides his family to be seated near the wand at the coronation, she bakes a love potion into a chocolate chip cookie (obtaining a tear of human sadness, a critical ingredient, from an unwitting Lonnie,
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.2 21:50 who cries when she learns villains are not loving parents) and convinces Ben to eat it by playing on his trust. Jay, Carlos and Ben work together to win the tourney game and Jay is named MVP. Ben declares
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.2 21:51 his love for Mal, asking her to the coronation. In retaliation, Audrey announces Chad as her new boyfriend, much to Evie's dismay. Evie has to take a chemistry test without her mirror after Chad has the teacher confiscate it. She gets a
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.2 21:51 B+, proving she possesses more than beauty; she shows Doug, who believed in her, and agrees to spend more time with him. Ben asked Mal on a date, taking her to a picnic by a lake. Ben goes for a swim alone, while Mal reflects
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.2 21:51 on how confused she's becoming. When Ben disappears, Mal jumps in to find him despite her inability to swim. Ben surfaces and rescues Mal asking if she reciprocates his love. Mal says she doesn't know what love feels like, Ben offers to teach
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.2 21:52 During Auradon Prep's family day, the four are permitted a video chat with their parents. Maleficent subtly warns them against failure and the conversation then devolves into embarrassing squabbling among the adults. Mal reiterates that they will be punis
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:15 punished if they fail the mission, but it's clear that they are all reluctant because of the bonds they have formed ("If Only (Reprise)"). The visiting parents are welcomed ("Be Our Guest"
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:34 Ben shocks his parents by introducing Mal as his new girlfriend. Audrey's grandmother Queen Leah berates Mal over being robbed of her daughter's childhood by Maleficent's curse. When Chad insults the quartet, a fight breaks out
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:34 and the villains' children are ostracized. Jane joins in the mockery, a hurt Mal undoes her hair back to its previous style. The four are recommitted to their mission.
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:35 During the pre-coronation procession, Mal gives Ben a brownie with the love spell's antidote, feeling it would be unnecessarily cruel to keep him in love with her during Maleficent's invasion. He eats it prematurely, but then admits that he already knew a
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:35 about the love spell as it had been lifted by his swim in the Enchanted Lake during their first date. Believing she was motivated by her crush on him, he tells her that his feelings are genuine and gives her his signet ring. After the coronation blessing,
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:36 Jane snatches the wand to give herself the magical makeover her mother won't allow. Unable to control the wand, Jane accidentally breaches the Isle of the Lost's barrier. Maleficent immediately flies away. Mal seizes
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:36 the wand from Jane. Torn over what to do, she heeds Ben's advice to make her own choice and, recognizing that she and her friends have found happiness in their new lives in Auradon, leads them to decide to be good.
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:37 Maleficent arrives as Mal returns the wand to Fairy Godmother, but Maleficent easily overpowers her, freezes everyone at the coronation except for herself and the four children, and takes the wand. Mal rebukes her mother and her evil ways, extolling the v
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:37 value of love and taking the wand from her. The four battle Maleficent who transforms into a dragon. Mal counteracts a spell that turns her mother into a tiny lizard. Fairy Godmother unfreezes and explains that Maleficent's size is equivalent
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:38 to the amount of love in her heart, and she can be freed from this form if she learns to love. She unfreezes the other guests. While Maleficent's lizard form is taken away, Mal tells Fairy Godmother not to be too hard on Jane
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:38 Cruella, Jafar, and the Evil Queen have ambiguous reactions to seeing the coronation fireworks from the Isle of the Lost. Everyone in Auradon celebrates the coronation ("Set It Off"). The film ends with Mal's eyes glowing mischievously and hinting at more
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:38 adventures to come.
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:39 Okay. so I copied it from Wikipedia.
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:39 Here are the characters:
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:40 Mal, daughter of Maleficent.
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:41 Carlos, son of Cruella de Vil.
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:41 Jay, son of Jafar.
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:41 Evie, daughter of the Evil Queen
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:42 Prince Ben, son of Queen Belle and King Beast.
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:42 Princess Audrey, daughter of Aurora and Prince Phillip
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:43 Lonnie, daughter of Fa Mulan and Li Shang.
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:43 Doug, son of Dopey from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:44 Jane, daughter of the Fairy Godmother.
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:44 The Villains are:
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:44 Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, Mal's mother, the leader of the villains and the main antagonist
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:44 Cruella de Vil from One Hundred and One Dalmatians, Carlos's mother.
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:45 Jafar from Aladdin, Jay's father, who owns a junk shop on the Isle of the Lost
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:45 The Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Evie's mother
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:46 The Heroes are:
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:46 Queen Belle from Beauty and the Beast
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:47 King Beast from Beauty and the Beast.
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:47 the Fairy Godmother from Cinderella, the headmistress of Auradon Prep.
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:47 Snow White from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, a local news anchor who reports on the activities at Auradon.
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:48 Queen Leah from Sleeping Beauty, the mother of Princess Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty and the grandmother of Princess Audrey.
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:48 Other Characters are:
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:48 Coach Jenkins, the gym teacher at Auradon Prep who is the coach of its tourney team.
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:49 Mr. Deley, a science teacher at Auradon Prep.
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 11:51 Feel free to now post about your characters. Their looks should include; color of hair, skin, eyes, and lips, what they wear, their habits, their likes and dislikes, attitude and personality.
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.4 12:01 [Mal has purple hair, blue eyes, light skin and slightly red lips. She often wears dark purple, body fitting body suit and a pair of boots. She's often quiet and likes jokes. She likes most things.She is the main leader of the four kids who are chosen.]
16>Queen Belle (Queen), 43yo.2015,Dec.13 18:02 Hello! I really only watched trailers and stuff, but I read about it and I think I enough about Decendents to play.
16>Queen Belle (Queen), 43yo.2015,Dec.13 18:03 Belle: The princess you saw in the stories.
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.14 19:11 Welcome!, please make a description of your character.
16>Queen Belle (Queen), 43yo.2015,Dec.15 13:22 Belle: Light brown hair, green eyes and a yellow dress.
16>Queen Belle (Queen), 43yo.2015,Dec.15 13:27 Backstory: Belle is the princess from Beauty and the Beast. Also, she is the mother of prince Ben, who is her own son. Belle is very kind, sweet and can get funny sometimes. But, like most mothers, she can get quite serius when danger happens.
1>Mal (Maleficent's Child), 19yo.2015,Dec.15 19:46 Okay can you make the King Beast?
16>Queen Belle (Queen), 43yo.2015,Dec.16 01:25 Sure! Also, can you post something on The Manor??
12>King Beast (King), 43yo.2015,Dec.18 03:05 Beast: Brown hair, brown eyes. Black suit.
12>King Beast (King), 43yo.2015,Dec.18 03:09 Backstory: King Beast is the prince from Beauty and the Beast. Also, he is the father of prince Ben, who is his own son. King Beast is very kind, funny but can't really spend time with his family because he is king. But, other than that, he is your
12>King Beast (King), 43yo.2015,Dec.18 03:10 tipical father.
3>Lonnie (Mulan's Daughter), 16yo.2016,Mar.3 22:35 Hi! I'd like to play this because I'm a big fan of Descendants
3>Lonnie (Mulan's Daughter), 16yo.2016,Mar.3 22:48 Description: Dark brown hair, brown eyes, light skin, and pink lips. she often wears a flower shirt with a blue skirt and a red ribbon around her waist, sneakers, a headband, a ring, and LOTS of bracelets! she would not leave her house without them!
3>Lonnie (Mulan's Daughter), 16yo.2016,Mar.3 22:59 her closest friend is Audrey. she loves to chat, LOVES chocolate! she doesn't dislike anything! She's the happiest and most fashion-forward girl in Auradon Prep.
3>Lonnie (Mulan's Daughter), 16yo.2016,Mar.3 23:09 *Looks for Audrey*
3>Lonnie (Mulan's Daughter), 16yo.2016,Mar.18 13:16 Does anybody even write back on these messages?!?!!?!?! I mean, some people have joined but haven't wrote, and the game master doesn't check messages!!!!!!!!!!!!
4>Audrey (Lonnie's BFF), 16yo.2016,Sep.21 01:34  Buying Magic Mirror (x 1)  
4>Audrey (Lonnie's BFF), 16yo.2016,Sep.21 01:35 Personality Self-absorbed, sassy, petty (sometimes), slightly rude, caring, naive Appearance Slender, light-brown skin, long brown hair, brown eyes (Hair and eyes are lighter in Wicked World as well as the Descendants Doll line)
4>Audrey (Lonnie's BFF), 16yo.2016,Sep.21 01:35 Hey Lonnie. *checks hair in new magic mirror*
3>Lonnie (Mulan's Daughter), 16yo.2016,Sep.24 06:03  Buying Backpack (x 1)  
3>Lonnie (Mulan's Daughter), 16yo.2016,Sep.24 06:04 I've been looking for you everywhere! How does this new back pack look?
4>Audrey (Lonnie's BFF), 16yo.2016,Sep.24 12:59 *snaps* Girl, that backpack is on fleek.
3>Lonnie (Mulan's Daughter), 16yo.2016,Sep.24 14:10 Thanks!
3>Lonnie (Mulan's Daughter), 16yo.2016,Sep.24 14:11  Buying Magic Mirror (x 1)  
3>Lonnie (Mulan's Daughter), 16yo.2016,Sep.24 14:12 These are cool mirrors!
3>Lonnie (Mulan's Daughter), 16yo.2016,Sep.24 14:14  Buying Wand (x 1)  
3>Lonnie (Mulan's Daughter), 16yo.2016,Sep.24 14:14  Giving Wand (x 1) to Audrey  
3>Lonnie (Mulan's Daughter), 16yo.2016,Sep.26 02:34 *gives Audrey invitation* want to come to my party on Thursday?
4>Audrey (Lonnie's BFF), 16yo.2016,Sep.26 18:35 Totes! What are we gonna do?
3>Lonnie (Mulan's Daughter), 16yo.2016,Sep.26 20:06 It's a dance party!!! So dress up in something sparkly!
4>Audrey (Lonnie's BFF), 16yo.2016,Sep.28 02:22 Ok!!
4>Audrey (Lonnie's BFF), 16yo.2016,Sep.28 02:22 *goes to the mal and gets a sparkly dress that's a pretty shade of blue, her favorite color*
4>Audrey (Lonnie's BFF), 16yo.2016,Sep.28 02:22 *mall
4>Audrey (Lonnie's BFF), 16yo.2016,Sep.28 02:23 *texts Lonnie a pic of the dress*
3>Lonnie (Mulan's Daughter), 16yo.2016,Sep.28 23:55 *texts Audrey* perfect! That dress is so adorbs!
4>Audrey (Lonnie's BFF), 16yo.2016,Sep.29 02:01 *texts Lonnie back* Thnx :D
4>Audrey (Lonnie's BFF), 16yo.2016,Sep.29 02:02 *arrives at the party* Wow Lonnie, looks awesome!!
3>Lonnie (Mulan's Daughter), 16yo.2016,Sep.30 02:34 Thanks! But I need help. Which Music should I play. Aladdin and the Lamps, or Dalmatian Nation?
4>Audrey (Lonnie's BFF), 16yo.2016,Oct.7 02:08 Dalmation Nation. Obvs!!
3>Lonnie (Mulan's Daughter), 16yo.2016,Oct.21 21:15 That's like, my favorite band! *puts in cd* *starts dancing jumping and flipping around
4>Audrey (Lonnie's BFF), 16yo.2016,Oct.30 19:28 *is too lazy to dance so eats some cake instead*
3>Lonnie (Mulan's Daughter), 16yo.2016,Oct.31 23:08 We have only the best cake ever, because, obi it's pink cake! What would world be like if cake didn't have fashion?
4>Audrey (Lonnie's BFF), 16yo.2016,Nov.1 16:55 *tries to speak but mouth is full so just nods head*
3>Lonnie (Mulan's Daughter), 16yo.2016,Nov.7 16:12 *starts dancing again* hey look! The pizza's here! Brb!
4>Audrey (Lonnie's BFF), 16yo.2016,Nov.10 17:58 Yaaassss pizzaaaaaaaaa
3>Lonnie (Mulan's Daughter), 16yo.2016,Nov.28 23:07 This game is getting WAY boring
4>Audrey (Lonnie's BFF), 16yo.2016,Dec.3 01:53 Yep xD
13>Hoyt (former king), 23yo.2016,Dec.3 01:56 [hello]
13>Hoyt (former king), 23yo.2016,Dec.3 01:57 [please delete me]
5>Amy (Daughter of Rapaunze), 15yo.2016,Dec.6 17:28 *walks scarcely up to Audrey* UUm hey Audrey
5>Amy (Daughter of Rapaunze), 15yo.2016,Dec.6 17:29 Description/0:Like her mother ,Amy has long hair but hers is the colour of her mothers hair when it's cut off.
5>Amy (Daughter of Rapaunze), 15yo.2016,Dec.6 17:30 Blue eyes tanned pale skin.Is very shy but is mean to people Dhe knows well.Has no best friends is an only child.Adkresurple and her pet Pascal the cute chameleon
13>Hoyt (former king), 23yo.2016,Dec.6 18:40 [hello]
13>Hoyt (former king), 23yo.2016,Dec.6 18:40 [nvm]
13>Hoyt (former king), 23yo.2016,Dec.6 18:40 [please delete me]
5>Amy (Daughter of Rapaunze), 15yo.2016,Dec.6 19:07 [hey]
14>Uma (Ursula's daughter), 16yo.2019,Aug.1 16:32 Hey Mal you should give me the wand or else
6>Jane (fairy god mother kid), 18yo.2019,Oct.4 00:55 blue eyes brown hair the hair style mal gave light blue skirt white shirt dark blue bow tie and light blue swearter when its cold
6>Jane (fairy god mother kid), 18yo.2019,Oct.4 00:55 I was shy but now I am not
6>Jane (fairy god mother kid), 18yo.2019,Oct.4 00:55  Buying Magic Mirror (x 1)  hand mirror
6>Jane (fairy god mother kid), 18yo.2019,Oct.4 00:56  Buying Backpack (x 1)  
6>Jane (fairy god mother kid), 18yo.2019,Oct.4 00:56 pink
6>Jane (fairy god mother kid), 18yo.2019,Oct.4 00:56  Buying Wand (x 1)  
6>Jane (fairy god mother kid), 18yo.2019,Oct.4 00:56 yay
6>Jane (fairy god mother kid), 18yo.2019,Oct.4 00:57 oh wait I have blue heels
6>Jane (fairy god mother kid), 18yo.2019,Oct.4 00:59 where is my phone
6>Jane (fairy god mother kid), 18yo.2019,Oct.4 00:59 there it is
6>Jane (fairy god mother kid), 18yo.2019,Oct.4 01:00 sorry my lip stick is dark pink
11>Lexi (honest kind loner), 13yo.2020,Jun.10 03:33 Description/daughter of elsa/white hair like her mom/13/fear of hurting someone/has ice powers/unfriendly when in fear/sleepy like her aunt anna/*

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