" Godzilla Vs Kong ETC. Roleplay "
This game is destined to players of 16 to 100 years of age.
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This is a game that is going to be scripted by 2021s Newest Action Movie, Godzilla Vs Kong, Thus You Play as The Main Character Madison Russell, Now I know she may not be the main character in the actual movie But Hey this a Roleplaying Game and anything is possible, Anyway You Play as Madison and you Explore the world of ManKind and The Titans. This Game is Called Godzilla Vs Kong ETC. because Madison is played by Millie Bobby Brown, I wanted to make the game a bit more Fun So in the game lobby, Choose a story to play, YOu can Plays as Madison in Godzilla Vs Kong, Enola In Enola Holmes following the same story but with a twist of two different endings. Or you can play as 11 in the stranger Things Story Mode, Notice that you have the choice of doing a story or the roleplay, the only downfall is that you won't have everything unlocked unless you play the story.

Here are a few tips that you can do in a game.

1. In each and every game Madison, Enola, Or 11 have 100 health points, But you can upgrade her health in-game

2. At the start of each of the Games, You can choose to start off with 200 coins instead of 50, but get rid of 50% Health, Or you can do Maximum Health which is 500, and get rid of 30% of Your Money

3. In each Game you can play as any character if you have unlocked them in the story. ( Only some characters are playable in the actual story

4.These are Decision-Making games, Which means the story tailors by how you play, thus meaning the choices you make, the characters you choose to let live, and the ones you choose to kill.

And finally, my last tip, Hidden throughout the walls of the roleplaying mode for Enola Holmes are secret codes to unlock characters and items for Godzilla Vs kong and the Stranger things Roleplay mode, You can enter these codes in Tewkesbery's treehouse, to the southside of the marquess manor.

Oh, and one more thing, the choice you make in a game's story will affect your players' emotions. thus meaning it will affect how your character acts around other characters.

Don forget to do side-missions to earn more money!!

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