" Hogwarts Life RP "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 16 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

If you're interested to roleplay as a Hogwarts student or characters from the film Harry Potter, feel free to join! This roleplay will take place sometime in the Cursed Child era.

Just a note: please don't use strong languages or cause trouble.

Thank you and have a nice day/night!

1>Lily Luna Potter (Student(Gryffindor)), 11yo.2023,Jan.6 06:16 Helloooooo
11>Hermione (Hermione), 12yo.2023,Jan.6 07:50 hello
11>Hermione (Hermione), 12yo.2023,Jan.6 07:51  Buying Chocolate Frog (x 1)  
12>Hugo W (Student), 11yo.2023,Jan.6 14:18 Hi mum
12>Hugo W (Student), 11yo.2023,Jan.6 14:50 You time travel or something?
2>Lucy Longbottom (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2023,Jan.7 06:13 -roaming around-
3>Ginny (student), 13yo.2023,Jan.11 12:21 Hello
3>Ginny (student), 13yo.2023,Jan.11 12:22  Secret message to Lucy Longbottom  
2>Lucy Longbottom (Ravenclaw Student), 11yo.2023,Jan.21 02:33  Secret message to Ginny  

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