" Awesome Harry Potter Roleplay "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 20 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

This is a game for all HP fans!I am a big HP fan myself.So this game is when we are going to hog warts with Lily,James and Albus (who I will play)

1>Asha Browne (Witch), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 21:47 [Wwlcome to my game fellow potter heads !You can join as anyone Exept,James,Lily and Albus.Anotfing and fights are aloud in this RP]
1>Asha Browne (Witch), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 21:47 -*Snogging
1>Asha Browne (Witch), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 21:48 [Plz shop for all your supplies and I will decide what house you are put in.Id you want to sort yourself into your house secret message me]
1>Asha Browne (Witch), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 21:50 [Hipe you have fun!]
1>Asha Browne (Witch), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 21:51 *is waiting at the station with mum and dad*
1>Asha Browne (Witch), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 21:51 Mommy,will I really make new friends here I mean..
1>Asha Browne (Witch), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 21:52 Mom:Yes you will sweetheart,you're so like able
1>Asha Browne (Witch), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 21:53 *smiles* I am like able,but what Bout Jamie?Will I still be her friend ?
1>Asha Browne (Witch), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 21:54 Mom:Of course honey!Just don't give her any hints k?
1>Asha Browne (Witch), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 21:55 K mom I can't believe magic is real,I knew I was special I didn't know THIS special...
1>Asha Browne (Witch), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 21:56 Mom:well you are so believe it,now go make some friends before you have to leave
1>Asha Browne (Witch), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 21:56 *nods* and walks up o red haired girl
3>Lily (Witch), 9yo.2016,Dec.9 21:58 Hi I'm Lily the daughter of Harry potter!
1>Asha Browne (Witch), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 21:59 Hello I'm Asha daughter of pageant queen Mona lavish
3>Lily (Witch), 9yo.2016,Dec.9 21:59 Jolly nice to meat you Asha!Oh Albus!James!Come meet Asha!
1>Asha Browne (Witch), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 22:00 -*blushes in embarresment*
9>James (Wizard), 13yo.2016,Dec.9 22:02 Hi I'm James the awesomest guy on earth!Im the son of Harry potter!
3>Lily (Witch), 9yo.2016,Dec.9 22:03 *rolls eyes at James* ignore him Asha
8>Albus (Wizard), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 22:04 I'm Albus um....nice to meet you
8>Albus (Wizard), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 22:05 *whispers* my sibblings are crazy,don't mind them
9>James (Wizard), 13yo.2016,Dec.9 22:06 Shut up Al!I AM awesome! I'm the first son of Har-
3>Lily (Witch), 9yo.2016,Dec.9 22:07 YOU shut up James! No one cares if you're the son of Harry!
7>Hayley Granger (A student), 12yo.2017,Aug.16 18:24 Hello! As you may know, I am HZermirone's daughter!
7>Hayley Granger (A student), 12yo.2017,Aug.16 18:24 Hermirone's!
7>Hayley Granger (A student), 12yo.2017,Aug.16 18:25 Hi!
10>Hermione Granger (Witch), 11yo.2018,Jan.1 21:25 Hi! I am on book five of Harry Potter. Could I join in the game?
10>Hermione Granger (Witch), 11yo.2018,Jan.1 21:27  Secret message to Hayley Granger  
10>Hermione Granger (Witch), 11yo.2018,Jan.10 21:04 Happy new year..can't wait for the next year at Hogwarts! :)
10>Hermione Granger (Witch), 11yo.2018,Mar.12 18:28 Hello!
10>Hermione Granger (Witch), 11yo.2018,Apr.8 22:34 HI!

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