" Special Power Roleplay "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 18 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Hey Everyone! This Roleplay is basically where everyone has special powers that can be used for good or evil. Please do not make up one has never been used before. I'll explain more.
Rules: Make each character at least 15-30
At least 4 characters, each with different powers.
You can make a Villian, who are immortal and have their own powers.
Please no stealing others ideas and please ask if any questions!
Rolling the dice: 5 or more= 10 health loss
1 to 4= 5 health loss
Have Fun!

1>Jeremy (Shapeshifter), 30yo.2015,May.10 05:08 Jeremy: He has brown hair, brown eyes, looks a lot like Jeremy Renner, but is nothing like him. He is a shapeshifter, which he can turn into anything he wants. Usually nobody knows it's him until he changes back. He is extremely nice and very brave.
1>Jeremy (Shapeshifter), 30yo.2015,May.10 05:08 He is wearing jeans, black t-shirt, and nice boots.
1>Jeremy (Shapeshifter), 30yo.2015,May.10 05:12 He is wearing jeans, black t-shirt, and nice boots.
1>Jeremy (Shapeshifter), 30yo.2015,May.10 05:13 (Stinkin Double Post!)
11>Tony (Time Wizard), 28yo.2015,May.10 05:18 Tony: He has black hair, brown eyes, sort of tall. He doesn't look anything like Tony Stark, but has his personality. His power is Time Wizard, which basically he can freeze and speed up time whenever he wants. Only people without powers are infected.
11>Tony (Time Wizard), 28yo.2015,May.10 05:19 He is wearing jeans, a t-shirt , black leather jacket and nice dress shoes.
3>Elizabeth (Mind Control), 28yo.2015,May.10 05:20 (Ok, here's my character: Elizabeth, based off of Scarlet Witch. Has long brown hair, brown eyes, usually wears black. Has the power of mind control.)
11>Tony (Time Wizard), 28yo.2015,May.10 05:23 (Awesome!)
2>Nicole (Telekinesis), 16yo.2015,May.10 05:23 [Nicole:Has long, jet-black hair, strange violet-blue eyes, and wears a black bodysuit w/ a deep purple/violet cloak. Might change her name sometime because I have so many characters named Nicole... XP]
11>Tony (Time Wizard), 28yo.2015,May.10 05:24 (Dang you brunny!)
2>Nicole (Telekinesis), 16yo.2015,May.10 05:24 [Anyway, her power is telekinesis, and since she can control anything she is VERY powerful. She lacks control over her abilities and can become very dangerous VERY quickly.]
2>Nicole (Telekinesis), 16yo.2015,May.10 05:24 [She is quiet and tries to keep to herself to keep her powers under control. However, she loves playing chess, reading, and other things, and can become very nice and enthusiastic when someone joins her in doing those things.]
2>Nicole (Telekinesis), 16yo.2015,May.10 05:25 [@ Jack:Sorry. XD]
19>Natalie (Teleportation), 28yo.2015,May.10 05:27 (Natalie can use teleportation. She has short red hair, bright blue eyes, and wears a black bodysuit. Can travel virtually anywhere in a span of a second or less.)
19>Natalie (Teleportation), 28yo.2015,May.10 05:27 (In her free time, she enjoys annoying people. Is a bit of a mystery, actually.)
2>Nicole (Telekinesis), 16yo.2015,May.10 05:29 [Hey, can our characters have aliases? For instance, Edna's real name is, well, Edna. Her Special (since our superpowered characters are called the Specials or something) name is Phoenix.]
9>Edna (Pyrokinesis), 27yo.2015,May.10 05:30 [An intro on Edna:She looks a lot like Jean Grey, but has different powers. She has long deep red hair, orangish-hazel eyes, and wears black pants, black shoes w/ a red-orange hue, and a red-orange, fancy leather jacket.]
9>Edna (Pyrokinesis), 27yo.2015,May.10 05:31 [Her power is pyrokinesis-control and manipulation of fire. She has a fiery temper and tends to be grouchy and emotional, but is VERY brave and bold at heart, as well as compassionate.]
9>Edna (Pyrokinesis), 27yo.2015,May.10 05:32 [Like Nicole, she is VERY powerful. However, unlike Nicole, Edna's powers have the habit of controlling her rather than her simply losing control of her powers; her special abilities are full of rage, power, and passion, which tends to make her destroy
9>Edna (Pyrokinesis), 27yo.2015,May.10 05:32 things.]
9>Edna (Pyrokinesis), 27yo.2015,May.10 05:32 [She will start out as a good guy at first, but then her powers will corrupt her, control her, and turn her evil. Therefore, she will eventually join the baddies.]
12>Blake (Duplication ), 18yo.2015,May.10 05:33 (Blake- He has the power to duplicate himself. This power can completely wear himself out and even weaken him. It is mainly used to help fight friends and to get things done.)
12>Blake (Duplication ), 18yo.2015,May.10 05:35 (He has longish blonde hair, blue eyes. Mainly wears jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. He has a very short temper and even his power can be used to kill or harm others,)
15>Hazel (Super Strength), 18yo.2015,May.10 05:35 (Hazel: she has super strength. Wears a black jacket with red borders, black pants, etc. Has strawberry blonde hair. Her power is super strength. Can resist most injuries, and can fight better than the average wrestler.)
15>Hazel (Super Strength), 18yo.2015,May.10 05:35 (Sometimes her power can be taken too far - she can become pretty brutal and it will take her over.)
12>Blake (Duplication ), 18yo.2015,May.10 05:35 (But he mainly loves going to the movies with friends, playing chess or checkers, or just being lazy and watching tv)
1>Jeremy (Shapeshifter), 30yo.2015,May.10 05:37 (Let me know when you are done creating characters and we can talk about the first Roleplay!)
2>Nicole (Telekinesis), 16yo.2015,May.10 05:37 [Speaking of bad guys, who are they exactly??]
2>Nicole (Telekinesis), 16yo.2015,May.10 05:37 [I want to make two more characters-a male good guy and a male bad guy. Just not too sure who the baddies are exactly yet.]
1>Jeremy (Shapeshifter), 30yo.2015,May.10 05:40 (The baddies are basically a group of people(male) that are sent from below the earth and are sent to stop the good guys ano take control of their powers for their own needs)
1>Jeremy (Shapeshifter), 30yo.2015,May.10 05:40 (*And*
2>Nicole (Telekinesis), 16yo.2015,May.10 05:43 [I guess Edna will be their first female character, then.]
2>Nicole (Telekinesis), 16yo.2015,May.10 05:43 *bad guy
2>Nicole (Telekinesis), 16yo.2015,May.10 05:43 [What are the bad guys' abilities?]
1>Jeremy (Shapeshifter), 30yo.2015,May.10 05:44 (They can vary. One can control metal, another weapons, mass destruction, etc. Whatever you want)
1>Jeremy (Shapeshifter), 30yo.2015,May.10 05:45 (Just like the good guys, the bad guys can have their own powers too, but have different effects.)
2>Nicole (Telekinesis), 16yo.2015,May.10 05:45 [Preferring metal since I'm a Magneto fan, so I'm making a baddie that can control metal.]
2>Nicole (Telekinesis), 16yo.2015,May.10 05:47 [BTW, can our characters have superhero names/aliases? E.g. Edna's real name is Edna, but her Special name is Phoenix.]
18>Metallo (Villain), Imrtlyo.2015,May.10 05:49 [Metallo:A bad guy based on Magneto from X-Men. One of the most ancient of the villains, giving him his elderly look. Wears the typical Magneto outfit, except it's black and gray instead of black and red.]
1>Jeremy (Shapeshifter), 30yo.2015,May.10 05:49 (Yeah that's fine)
15>Hazel (Super Strength), 18yo.2015,May.10 05:49 (I might not make up aliases if that's okay.)
18>Metallo (Villain), Imrtlyo.2015,May.10 05:50 [His power is the control over metal. He is one of the more smart and dangerous villains and has good leadership skills, but is still evil.]
18>Metallo (Villain), Imrtlyo.2015,May.10 05:50 [@ Joan:Yeah, it's fine. The alias thing is just something I want.]
1>Jeremy (Shapeshifter), 30yo.2015,May.10 05:52 (I'll create my Villian mow)
1>Jeremy (Shapeshifter), 30yo.2015,May.10 05:52 (Now)
2>Nicole (Telekinesis), 16yo.2015,May.10 05:55 [Nicole's alias:Not sure yet...probably Telekinesa.]
9>Edna (Pyrokinesis), 27yo.2015,May.10 05:55 [Edna's alias:Phoenix.]
18>Metallo (Villain), Imrtlyo.2015,May.10 05:55 [Metallo's alias:Just Metallo. Doesn't really have another name.]
13>Disaster (Villian), Imrtlyo.2015,May.10 05:58 (Disaster: He is the leader of the Villians. He wears a large black cape, has dark hair, brown eyes that turn red when he's about to unleash his power.)
13>Disaster (Villian), Imrtlyo.2015,May.10 05:59 (His power is mass destruction! Basically, when at breaking point of angry, he unleashes waves of strong energy that can completely wipe out someone or even destroy a building, vehicle, anything.)
18>Metallo (Villain), Imrtlyo.2015,May.10 05:59 [Guessing Disaster's power is basically he launches a wave of some sort of psychic energy that destroys anything in its path.]
18>Metallo (Villain), Imrtlyo.2015,May.10 05:59 [Yep, knew it.]
18>Metallo (Villain), Imrtlyo.2015,May.10 05:59 [I posted that first message about Disaster before I saw that Jack revealed his power, BTW.]
1>Jeremy (Shapeshifter), 30yo.2015,May.10 06:01 (Grrrr..Brunny)
14>Gerald (Super Speed), 17yo.2015,May.10 06:02 [My final character:Gerald, who is based on Quicksilver from X-Men:Days of Future Past but a bit more mature than him.]
14>Gerald (Super Speed), 17yo.2015,May.10 06:02 [Has grayish-green eyes, very dark brown-almost black-hair, wears goggles, and wears a biker type outfit-black leather jacket, black pants, black boots, and a grayish-green shirt that matches his eyes.]
14>Gerald (Super Speed), 17yo.2015,May.10 06:03 [He is very funny, speedy, and friendly. A good friend of Tony. Like the young Quicksilver, he grew up as a criminal who often stole arcade games and 100000 boxes of Twinkies.]
14>Gerald (Super Speed), 17yo.2015,May.10 06:04 [Was sent to the Special Power school after a while.]
1>Jeremy (Shapeshifter), 30yo.2015,May.10 06:04 (They aren't at the school yet)
14>Gerald (Super Speed), 17yo.2015,May.10 06:04 [While fun and mischievous, he is mature and smart, and often cares about his friends a lot. Dislikes the bad guys a lot. Power is super speed.]
14>Gerald (Super Speed), 17yo.2015,May.10 06:04 [OK, so he will be sent to the school in this RP.]
14>Gerald (Super Speed), 17yo.2015,May.10 06:05 [Alias:Speedy for now. Might change it later.]
1>Jeremy (Shapeshifter), 30yo.2015,May.10 06:06 (First Idea is gonna start like this: Every one of the good guys is going to be doing their own thing, unaware of the others or who they are yet. Then one day Metallo and Disaster appear at every one of their houses and try to attack them.)
1>Jeremy (Shapeshifter), 30yo.2015,May.10 06:07 (They will win of course and then the next day get an envelope from the School of Specialized Powers and are quickly transported to the airport and taken there)
14>Gerald (Super Speed), 17yo.2015,May.10 06:11 [OK, sounds cool!]
1>Jeremy (Shapeshifter), 30yo.2015,May.10 06:14 (It will change as the idea progresses)
1>Jeremy (Shapeshifter), 30yo.2015,May.10 06:14 (Progresses)
14>Gerald (Super Speed), 17yo.2015,May.10 06:14 [Let's start! :D]
14>Gerald (Super Speed), 17yo.2015,May.10 06:15 *stealing Twinkies, as usual XD*
2>Nicole (Telekinesis), 16yo.2015,May.10 06:15 *it is a dreary and stormy day in her hometown**sits upstairs in her room, looking out the window and levitating a pencil in her hand*
15>Hazel (Super Strength), 18yo.2015,May.10 06:16 *is working at the local grocery store*
1>Jeremy (Shapeshifter), 30yo.2015,May.10 06:16 *Shapeshifte in a golden retriever* *Sees Gerald stealing from a store*
11>Tony (Time Wizard), 28yo.2015,May.10 06:17 *Is working at Target* *Makes time go by fast so he can leave*
15>Hazel (Super Strength), 18yo.2015,May.10 06:17 *is working at the same store Gerald is in* Employee: SHOPLIFTER!!
15>Hazel (Super Strength), 18yo.2015,May.10 06:18 *doesn't see anything* *turns to the employee* You sure about that? Employee: *shrugs* Yes - well, no - well - yes!
14>Gerald (Super Speed), 17yo.2015,May.10 06:18 Shoplifter? Where? *zooms back to his house with several boxes of Twinkies, turning virtually invisible since he's going so fast*
14>Gerald (Super Speed), 17yo.2015,May.10 06:18 *puts the Twinkies in his basement, laughing to himself*
9>Edna (Pyrokinesis), 27yo.2015,May.10 06:19 *lives in the same town as all the other Specials**sits in front of the fire in the fireplace, curiously making the fire bend and shift with her powers*
1>Jeremy (Shapeshifter), 30yo.2015,May.10 06:19 *Walks into the store as the Golden Retriever* *Barks*
11>Tony (Time Wizard), 28yo.2015,May.10 06:23 *Walks quietly back to his house*
14>Gerald (Super Speed), 17yo.2015,May.10 06:26 *speeds back to the store and grabs some Ding Dongs**then speeds back to his house**goes back and forth, collecting everything he wants*
14>Gerald (Super Speed), 17yo.2015,May.10 06:26 *the employees gradually begin to notice that stuff is disappearing off the shelves unexpectedly XD*
11>Tony (Time Wizard), 28yo.2015,May.10 06:27 *Walks past the store and sees the door to the grocery store opening and closing fast* *Starts to slow down time*
15>Hazel (Super Strength), 18yo.2015,May.10 06:27 *looks at the dog* *looks up at a random shopper* Excuse me - no dogs allowed.
1>Jeremy (Shapeshifter), 30yo.2015,May.10 06:28 *Gives Hazel begging eyes*
15>Hazel (Super Strength), 18yo.2015,May.10 06:30 *looks down at the dog* No dogs allowed. Sorry.
1>Jeremy (Shapeshifter), 30yo.2015,May.10 06:30 *Hides somewhere in the store and changes back*
15>Hazel (Super Strength), 18yo.2015,May.10 06:31 (I have to go, bye guys!)
1>Jeremy (Shapeshifter), 30yo.2015,May.10 06:31 (Bye!)
14>Gerald (Super Speed), 17yo.2015,May.10 06:32 [gtg too! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
1>Jeremy (Shapeshifter), 30yo.2015,May.10 06:33 (Ok!)
9>Edna (Pyrokinesis), 27yo.2015,May.11 17:13 *sighs and decides to go shopping**puts on a casual outfit-black pants, a red T-shirt, and black and red tennis shoes-and gets in her car**makes sure to bring an umbrella since it's pouring outside*
9>Edna (Pyrokinesis), 27yo.2015,May.11 17:14 *is basically the normal single, middle class, adult citizen...or at least that's what she thinks she is**drives her car to the store Gerald is robbing and gets out*
9>Edna (Pyrokinesis), 27yo.2015,May.11 17:15 *for a few moments, the rain water sizzles her skin like acid**winces and quickly grabs her umbrella, finding relief when she avoids getting even more wet*
9>Edna (Pyrokinesis), 27yo.2015,May.11 17:15 *walks into the store, unaware that she gave off smoke when the water hit her*
2>Nicole (Telekinesis), 16yo.2015,May.11 17:16 *still sitting in her room**her little sister, who looks a lot like Prim, comes in**she and "Prim" alone know about her powers*
14>Gerald (Super Speed), 17yo.2015,May.11 17:17 *goes to the local Peter Piper Pizza and steals some of the arcade games**lugs them off to his room/the basement*
14>Gerald (Super Speed), 17yo.2015,May.11 17:17 *is content**starts gaming like crazy*
16>Silver (Master Assassin), 17yo.2016,Jun.9 18:58 (Hi, if it's not too late, can I join?)
8>Jackson (Absorber), 18yo.2016,Dec.13 08:12 (Yeah, me to please. Cool looking so far, I want in.)
7>Fire Spark (Demoness), 18yo.2023,Aug.24 03:22  Buying Specialized Weapons (x 1)  
7>Fire Spark (Demoness), 18yo.2023,Aug.24 03:40 [Fire Spark: Civilian identity, unknown. Can shapeshift into 5 forms. Only ever seen as a Fire Fox or a Phoenix. Can control darkness but would never use it form harm. May be suspected as a villain but she would never hurt peope]
7>Fire Spark (Demoness), 18yo.2023,Aug.24 03:42 [Has short messy blue hair with red streaks. Her eyes are a glowing hot blue, but the others are black. Wears a scaly Red and Blue outfit and has red and blue demon wings and tail]
5>selena (demon/vampire), 12yo.2023,Nov.13 15:47 hi
17>hannah (Spy), 13yo.2024,Feb.15 05:25  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
17>hannah (Spy), 13yo.2024,Feb.15 05:25  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Anything  
17>hannah (Spy), 13yo.2024,Feb.15 05:39  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Med Pills  

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