" Harry Potter RP please play "
This game is destined to players of 0 to 999 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Hi and welcome to my hip RP now listen in this RP you make up you're characters for example Lilly rose or Mia granger
Here are the rules
1:don't bully(unless it's part of the RP)
2:follow the rules
3:have fun

To get sorted private message me what kind of character yours is and I'll sort it(this is the first year RP to start whith then we will work up to the last year)

1>Zia potter (Student), 11yo.2018,Apr.5 09:07 My game master account isn't the one I'll be on
3>Lia potter (Student Zias twin), 11yo.2018,Apr.5 09:15 Hey sis
1>Zia potter (Student), 11yo.2018,Apr.5 09:17  Secret message to Zia potter  
1>Zia potter (Student), 11yo.2018,Apr.5 09:18 If you join and you don't get replied to don't leave I'll just be eating
4>Norbert (Student), 11yo.2019,Apr.15 22:48 Hello everybody!
4>Norbert (Student), 11yo.2019,Apr.15 22:50  Secret message to Zia potter  
4>Norbert (Student), 11yo.2019,Apr.15 22:50  Secret message to Zia potter  
4>Norbert (Student), 11yo.2019,Apr.15 22:51  Buying Pet cat (x 1)   Secret message to Zia potter  
4>Norbert (Student), 11yo.2019,Apr.15 22:51  Buying Books (x 1)  
4>Norbert (Student), 11yo.2019,Apr.15 22:51  Buying Writing paper (x 1)  
4>Norbert (Student), 11yo.2019,Apr.15 22:51  Buying Ink (x 1)  
4>Norbert (Student), 11yo.2019,Apr.15 22:51  Buying Quils (x 1)  
4>Norbert (Student), 11yo.2019,Apr.15 22:51  Buying Cloak (x 1)  
4>Norbert (Student), 11yo.2019,Apr.15 22:52 By the way zia I have messaged you on your other account ( sorry! )
5>Kaila-Jane (Ravenclaw ), 13yo.2019,May.5 23:42  Secret message to Zia  
5>Kaila-Jane (Ravenclaw ), 13yo.2019,May.5 23:42 * Kaila Jane hides in the corner and reads a book
5>Kaila-Jane (Ravenclaw ), 13yo.2019,May.5 23:43  Buying Pet cat (x 1)  
4>Norbert (Student), 11yo.2019,May.7 00:24  Secret message to Kaila-Jane  
6>Merula Malfoy (Draco malfoy daughte), 11yo.2019,Nov.13 12:46 Hi I don't know how to play can you help
7>Artemis (ravenclaw) (I luv transfiguratio), 16yo.2020,Mar.6 21:44 I'm new, I has gotten every thing though
7>Artemis (ravenclaw) (I luv transfiguratio), 16yo.2020,Mar.6 21:45  Secret message to Merula Malfoy  
7>Artemis (ravenclaw) (I luv transfiguratio), 16yo.2020,Mar.6 21:46 Is anyone on?
7>Artemis (ravenclaw) (I luv transfiguratio), 16yo.2020,Mar.6 21:47 I'm going on wild craft

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