" 1st Edition Jacksmith "
This game is destined to players of 12 to 999 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

This roleplay is set far away in the ravines & canyons of Chreerin, a huge region of an unknown land. You may encounter some friends or foes along the way, but keep in mind that they aren't generally human. (NOTE: YOU MAY HAVE MORE THAN 1 CLASS BUT YOU CANNOT HAVE 3 OR MORE)
Before you begin, grab your class (pick 1 or 2), get 1 piece of armour and some food or essentials.
1. Swearing is allowed - don't go too extreme or say slurs.
2. No FRP. Examples include:
2a. Killing everyone in the game: Instead of playing by the rules, a player my try to kill everyone in the game.
2b. Twinking: This is when characters act nonsensically from an in character perspective. This is a violation of realism and believability.
2c. Cheesing: This is forcing the plot or expected outcome of roleplay by invoking an unmentioned fact.
2d. Munchkin: A munchkin is a roleplayer show plays a non-competitive gave in an aggressively non-competitive manner.
2e. Drop and Swap: This is when a bad roleplayers picks up and drops characters very frequently. They dont maintain a character long enough to establish themselves.
2f. Godmodding: having absolutely overpowered weapons or characteristics.
3. Don't be toxic.
4. Have fun.
=Item Legend=
(C) = Class
(A) = Armour - used to be less vulnerable
(F) = Food - used to stop hunger
(W) = Weapon - used to defeat enemies
(H) = Healing - give health

11>bobberty (bobert), 600yo.2023,Jul.1 21:17 bobert
11>bobberty (bobert), 600yo.2023,Jul.1 21:17 bobert
11>bobberty (bobert), 600yo.2023,Jul.1 21:17 bobert
1>Fred (idk), 12yo.2023,Jul.1 21:28  Dropping (H)Lucozade (+50) (x 1)  free lucozade
1>Fred (idk), 12yo.2023,Jul.1 21:31  Dropping (H)Lucozade (+50) (x 1)  free lucozade

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