" Finding Samantha Summers - an LE RP "
This game is destined to players of 13 to 18 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

The confines of a small town are bound to break when they're tying down a restless adventurer, and that's exactly what happens to emboldened high school senior Samantha Summers. So when she shocks the town of Grass Creek by crashing their annual Memorial Day parade and takes off without a trace, her best friend, Christina, is even more surprised to unearth a clue related to Sam's whereabouts hidden in her saxophone case.

Willed on by an ingenious series of revenge plots crafted by Sam herself, Christina, along with a group of friends and classmates, uncover a lead in the case of the unpredictable Samantha Summers. Soon enough, wild weather, road rage, unprecedented bonding, and plenty of mystery winds the team up at California's Lost Coast, and the trip of a lifetime suddenly reveals a life-changing discovery about the value of a friend.

**This is a Limited Edition Roleplay. It is only open for a limited amount of days**

8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.3 05:52 *slipped out the store without being seen**maneuvered around the parking lot and gets in the van*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.3 05:52 *takes her dear time to get back to the van* *opens the door* Is something wrong? You dashed back here like a bat outta h***.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.3 05:53 Which probably wasn't a wise thing to do.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Feb.3 05:53 *was too busy keeping track of the donut box's location to notice the redneck and his truck*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.3 05:54 *noticed something vaguely familiar about the redneck's truck, but otherwise didn't notice anything wrong*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.3 05:54 *gazes into the truck window - specifically, the back window, where the dog is barking its head off*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.3 05:54 Josh, drive out of here. Do it naturally--don't appear to be in a rush, but get us out of here quickly.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.3 05:55 *opens his pop and takes a long swig* *says after a while* Remember that guy who pulled a gun on Midas in Chicago?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.3 05:56 Josh, drive NOW.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.3 05:56 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.3 05:56 Yeah? *immedietly looks at the truck* *all is the same, except for the planks of wood that used to be in the back*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Feb.3 05:56 Huh?? What about him? [Anyways, bye!]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.3 06:03 (Bye!)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.3 06:03 Well, that's him. That truck - *points at it* -it's his. *starts up the van*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.3 06:04 Wait... we forgot Luke!
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.3 06:06 *sees Luke leaning against the gas station, one hand in his pocket* *he's enjoying his cup of joe and appears to be in no rush* *the redneck exits the gas station, and Luke says 'good morning'* *can hear the guy shouting in response*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.3 06:06 *sounds really annoyed* What the (BLEEP) is he doing there? Alexa: I have no idea. Just pick him up.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.4 03:58 [fluff bean]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.4 04:18 [fluff bean]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 04:24 [That sounds like something that appears in the toilet after you've eaten something particularly moldly. X'D]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.4 04:27 [No, I mean a cute fuzzy baby animal.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 04:28 [Then maybe that moldy something was made of meat...? You know what, I'm not even going to think about that. O.o XD]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.4 04:30 (Hi!)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.4 04:30 (Hahaha, that's so random.)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.4 04:32 *speeds up to the front of the store*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.4 04:33 *waves at Josh and everyone else, an idle smile on his face* Hey guys. What's- Josh: *rolls down the window* Just GET IN THE CAR!
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.4 04:34 ....Um. Okay. *Alexa opens the door* *jumps in*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.4 04:34 [A fluff bean is a cute fuzzy baby animal, and I meant while it's still alive. I don't make bathroom jokes!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 04:45 [Nothing can ever stop my everlasting stream of bathroom jokes.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 04:45 [NOTHING. >:D]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 04:46 [MWAH HA HA HA HA HA HAA...]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 04:46 [But I mean, seriously, the only way to stop me from spewing potty humor would be to kill me. And that doesn't take into account my style of humor in the afterlife. >:D]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.4 04:47 [Anywho...] Yeah Josh, scream at the top of your lungs at him, that's totally natural and the redneck with the gun can't hear you at all.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.4 04:47 Alright, move over. I'm driving.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 04:48 But your head-- Midas: I'm fine. Let me drive.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.4 04:53 I'll drive! I got my license before I was arrested. Sure, I might be a little rusty, but it's better than an injured person driving!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.4 04:58 *is about to object, but Christina cuts him off *
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 04:59 *with an injured Midas and a totally panicky Josh, she knows that it's probably better for Ga-Eun to drive--after all, Ga-Eun's probably one of the most street smart people in here, having been with gangs for a while* Yeah, Ga-Eun, go ahead.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 04:59 *is hoping that Ga-Eun's background means that she'd be able to keep calm in a situation like this**remembers how Ga-Eun sort of broke down last time the redneck confronted them, and just hopes that that won't happen again*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.4 05:02 *scrambles to the front and takes the wheel* When I was in the gang, I drove a car a couple of times, but never as often as the others. They're all older than me. *is hoping that she doesn't crash the car*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.4 05:09 Wait, what's going on? *was offended by Josh, but he's trying to act unsuspecting*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 05:10 *points at the redneck's truck*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 05:10 Remember that guy who tried to shoot Midas in Chicago? Well, he was in that gas station, and he saw us.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.4 05:10 Let's go. And DON'T crash this thing, whatever you do!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.4 05:11 Don't worry, he didn't see me. He and I definitely saw each other in Chicago, so I made sure to avoid him. He may not have recognized the rest of you.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 05:13 Guy: *is exiting the store* *looks long and hard at the van, eyes squinted*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.4 05:13 Go go go go go go go...
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 05:13 Guy: *probably did see Midas at some point* *and even if he didn't, he recognizes Christina, the van, and the Ohio plate*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.4 05:13 How many [BLEEP] times do I have to say "Let's go"?!?!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.4 05:14 [Midas made sure to keep himself hidden from the redneck. However, the redneck recognizing Christina is fine.]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.4 05:18 *steps on it**but not too hard**she doesn't want to look suspicious*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.4 05:20 *sighs with relief* Somebody finally gets it! THANK you!
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.4 05:21 *is slightly relaxed now that they're on the road* Midas, chill.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 05:22 Ha. A few minutes ago, you weren't.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Feb.4 05:23 *suddenly perks up from the back* Dudes.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Feb.4 05:24 Dudes. Dudes. Dudes. Dudes. Dudes. Dudes. Dudes. Dudes. Dudes. Dudes. Dudes. Dudes. Dudes. Dudes. Dudes.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Feb.4 05:24 Chilllll...
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.4 05:24 Yes, Red?
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.4 05:25 [Lets just say she said that before "chill". Kay?]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 05:25 [That's fine. ^.^]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.4 05:26 *says while laughing* Oh, that's just something we did when we were younger. A gag of sorts.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.4 05:26 *stifled giggling*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.4 05:26 We watched some cartoon where one character would call the others "dudes" all the time and we started imitating him, which led to long strings of that one word like that.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.4 05:26 Sometimes we'd throw in some surfer dude type word in it to add variety.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 05:27 Was it Teen Titans? With Beast Boy? Midas: No...Red likes that show, though. I don't. The girl with the purple hair scares me.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 05:27 *starts cracking up* Raven? But she
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 05:27 *But she's my favorite.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.4 05:27 *is forced to laugh* *has memories of that for sure*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.4 05:28 That doesn't mean she isn't scary. *Raven's a heroic character on the show, so he's just saying this to mess with those who have seen Teen Titans*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 05:28 Teen Titans? I love that show.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.4 05:29 Hm. I've heard of that. Isn't Raven's father a demon?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 05:33 Yes, and it's awesome. *starts geeking out over their entire relationship, and Raven as a character*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 05:33 Raven just... she has so much potential as a Titan.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.4 05:36 And I also heard that the Cartoon Network adaptation didn't do any of the characters any kind of justice. Is that true?
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 05:38 Teen Titans was always part of Cartoon Network, I think. I think it just got rebooted as a comedy by Cartoon Network and made into something called Teen Titans Go.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 05:38 *@ Josh* Blasphemy!
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 05:38 Raven and Beast Boy forever!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 05:39 Teen Titans started on Cartoon Network, but they stopped airing it. Then they rebooted it like, eight years later. And that reboot is called Teen Titans Go.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 05:39 *gives Midas the death glare*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.4 05:39 What? I've barely seen 1 minute of it. I'm just saying whatever's the most irritating. *smiles crazily*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 05:40 Teen Titans Go is crap. They cut the drama and threw in lame humor. I mean... it defeats the purpose of the brain. The original Teen Titans didn't.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.4 05:41 *grins* Hey, I thought you actually agreed with me on that.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.4 05:42 *has probably watched TTG just for kicks, but he's not going to admit it*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.4 05:42 Hm...maybe I do, maybe I don't... *smirks*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 05:42 TTG was okay when I was younger. The older I got, though, the more I saw that it turned my brain to mush.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 05:43 The original had actual plots. The spinoff has some funny moments, but is much worse in terms of plot and animation.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 05:43 I mean, look at Raven! Oh my god. What did they do to her?!
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Feb.4 05:43 I like Teen Titans Go...Beast Boy's my favorite.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 05:44 Well, wait 'til you're older.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.4 05:46 Sounds like the original's way better. I guess I should watch the original when I eventually get around to watching it like I kept promising myself that I would do for seven months before I was arrested.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.4 05:46 Sounds like a plan.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.4 05:48 *phone rings in the backseat**Ga-Eun realizes it's her phone ringing after 2.5 seconds* Hey, someone toss me my phone!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.4 05:51 I'm not gonna do that, 'cause 1. you shouldn't talk on your phone and drive, and 2. that would require me to move.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 05:51 *shakes her head a little**grabs Ga-Eun's phone and hands it to her, but adds:* Keep your eyes on the road.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.4 05:53 *answers the call and begins to converse with her mother--in Korean**literally nobody has any idea what she's saying*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 05:56 *has studied Chinese, but obviously that doesn't help her*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 05:56 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.4 06:00 (Bye!)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.4 06:01 *is, to say the least, intrigued by this other side of Ga-Eun* *can't speak languages for the life of him, but hearing other people do it is interesting to him*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.4 06:04 *turns around and looks out the back window while Ga-Eun is on the phone* *the truck is following them at a steady pace* *the grill on the front looks as sinister as ever* Oh no... OH NO...
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.5 04:25 *notices Alexa freaking out and looks back* Um...we're being followed!! *her voice becomes more high-pitched with panic*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Feb.5 04:26 *sort of just freezes up*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.5 04:27 [squish-a-squish floof-a-floof]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Feb.5 04:28 [Hi? XD O.o]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.5 04:32 [idk lol]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.5 04:33 Make four right turns. Or four left ones, it doesn't matter.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.5 04:34 *is thinking**sees a highway nearby* Oh wait, I have an idea!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.5 04:34 You can get on the highway and then get onto the farthest left lane. If he follows you, you can go down the next exit--but I don't mean carefully and normally switch lanes to enter the exit.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.5 04:35 I mean put the pedal to the metal and swerve right as fast as you can and try not to hit anyone while exiting sort of exit. Got it, Ga-Eun?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.5 04:35 That'll give him the chance of missing the exit.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.5 04:36 *to mother in Korean* Hold on, Mom. *to others in English* Why is everyone panicking? What did we ever do to that guy?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.5 04:42 Nothing. But that's not the point, is it?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.5 04:43 The point is that he's got a gun! Now follow my instructions!!
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.5 04:48 *to mother in Korean* Gotta go bye. *hangs up**proceeds to follow instructions given to her*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.5 04:53 [I don't know if the truck will successfully follow them or not...that's up to Paige and Joan, and they're not on yet, sooo we've kinda come to a standstill. :P]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.5 04:53 [I do know that if Ga-Eun successfully cuts across the lanes really fast and gets in the exit without hitting anyone, it'll be darn hard for the truck to follow them without also risking getting into an accident.]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.5 04:55 [Wait, question. You're legally old enough to drive a car. Do you have your license yet?]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.5 05:05 [No, I don't.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.5 05:06 [I just know someone who's a good driver, and I asked him what to do if you're being chased (I asked this after the event with the redneck trying to carjack us happened, naturally).]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.5 05:06 [One of his tricks was cutting across a highway super fast to go down an exit. If someone wildly cuts across in a similar fashion, you know you're being followed.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.5 05:07 [I imagine that Midas is street smart, so I decided that Midas knew that trick.]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.5 05:10 [ok so after this point, staying on would most likely be nothing more than an inconvenience so bye.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.5 05:13 [Alright, bye!]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.6 04:21 (That's a good tactic, but I think it would depend on the road. In this case, it's a highway in Iowa: you're down to two lanes (so they're basically banished to the right) and you could go for a couple of miles without seeing an exit.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.6 04:22 (Oh yeah, and there's virtually no one on the road, so it's an accident free zone, redneck not included.)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.6 04:24 [Ah, okay. I'm used to much wider, busier highways.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.6 04:24 [My friend was originally from a city up north where the traffic's terrible, so he probably was also used to there always being other cars around.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.6 04:25 [Anyways, hi! I'm on here, Fartlandia, and Questscape.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.6 04:26 [I'm also listening to Dvorak's Piano Quintet in A. It's one of those things that makes you say "Being alive and able to hear is the most wonderful thing ever." :)]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.6 04:30 [Sooo...RPing?]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.6 04:33 (Hey!)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.6 04:33 (Yeah. There will be more obstacles this time around, and I have some plans in mind.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.6 04:34 (Awesome! I might actually have a recording of that, although it could be something else I'm confusing it with.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.6 04:39 *Ga-Eun is forced to slow down as they come close to a tractor hauling bales of hay* *sighs, putting her head in her hands* Great.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.6 04:49 Let's just hope that gun's not loaded.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.6 04:54 *the van's speed is reduced to 25 in a 75 mph zone, and the redneck doesn't haste in speeding up so he's practically touching the rear of the van*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.6 04:55 *starts to freak out* Oh my god.... *whimpers a little*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.6 04:57 *turns around* *can vaguely see the redneck laughing through the windshield* *can also hear the uproarious barking of the dog-
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.6 04:58 *realizes Red is at a higher risk of being injured than anyone else in the van* I think you need to pass this tractor, Ga-Eun. But the question is, how. *the bales of hay are obscuring a good view of the opposite lane, making it impossible to know if
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.6 04:59 another car is coming*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.6 05:06 *tries not to sound panicked, but fails* We should go for it.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.6 05:11 Ummmm...our previous encounter with him PROVED the gun is absolutely, phenominally loaded.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.6 05:12 *glances in the rearview mirror**sees that the dude has his gun out* NOW OR NEVER! *steps on it, violently swerves around the bales of hay, and finds an empty road to escape down*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.6 05:12 *sees the truck speeding at them* GA-EUN, DRIVE LIKE A SON OF A [BLEEP]!!!! [Subtitles: Speed like h**l] GO AROUND THE TRACTOR NOW!!!!!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.6 05:12 *yelled that as Ga-Eun yelled "NOW OR NEVER!"*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.6 05:16 (I was actually able to find the recording I have. I have both Op. 5 and Op. 81 in A major.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.6 05:17 *was waiting for the end of time, but it didn't happen* *looks up* Is it?...
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.6 05:18 [Ah, okay. I listened to Op. 81, I think.]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.6 05:19 *watches out the back window* *the guy tried to pass the tractor, but unsuccessfully* *instead, it collided head-on with another vehicle in the opposite lane* *the fallout from the collision is grisly* (BLEEEEEEPPP)....
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.6 05:24 *sees the collision* Oh...[BLE...
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.6 05:25 *turns back to Ga-Eun* Keep going keep going keep going...
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.6 05:25 *feels kind of bad, even though the guy had malicious intentions* *that doesn't outweigh his gratitude for Ga-Eun's driving skills* Hey, really well executed. Thanks for saving our lives.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.6 05:25 *is just staring out the window, a hand over her mouth* Oh my god...
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Feb.6 05:25 *is also staring out the window, his mouth wide open*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.6 05:25 *hears a sudden cry of a digitized voice screaming "MUN GA-EUN!"*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.6 05:27 Yeah, really. *watches the crash get smaller and smaller* *says grimly* Instant karma....
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.6 05:27 I hope we didn't cause that accident.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.6 05:28 *is once again panicked*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Feb.6 05:28 *just keeps staring out the window**Christina meanwhile sighs and turns back to the front*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.6 05:29 Yeah, you really did save our lives. *pats Ga-Eun on the back*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.6 05:29 Quick, someone check my phone. Voice: YOUNG LADY, ARE YOU DRIVING THE CAR??!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.6 05:29 *sees how distressed Alexa is**cuddles up by her, putting an arm around her* Hey, it's okay...
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.6 05:29 *says after a moment* Look at it this way: he should've checked before high-tailing it after us. I mean, I feel bad, but...you have to pay attention.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.6 05:30 He caused it. He shouldn't have been driving like that.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.6 05:30 If he had been driving normally, that wouldn't have happened.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.6 05:30 Plus, he's a [BLEEP]hole.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.6 05:30 *an
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.6 05:31 *suddenly realizes what happened: she put the call on speaker instead of ending it* Mom, I'll explain later. Bye for real this time. *reaches over and actually ends the call*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.6 05:36 *cuddles into Midas* *her eyes are puffy and wide* *nods along, looking more vulnerable than she ever has* *sniffs* You're right. He got what he deserved.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.6 05:39 *they are the only ones talking* *everyone else is probably taking in Ga-Eun's stunner shut out with her mom*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.6 05:39 (I have to go now, see you guys!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.6 05:42 [Bye!]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.7 01:39 (Actually, I forgot to point out that I won't be on tonight. So I'll see you tomorrow!)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.7 04:28 [Darn...see you! @ Felicity: Meet me on Fartlandia. ^.^]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.8 04:43 [I'm here! Felicity's doing homework, so I'm not sure when she'll be on.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.8 04:49 (Hi! Ok.)
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Feb.8 05:07 She's in trouble. *is referencing Ga-Eun, of course*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.8 05:07 We KNOW.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.8 05:26 Can't we try and avoid it though?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.8 05:28 Maybe he got the plate numbers! *loses it yet again*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.8 05:29 *says precariously* Hey, I think everything's gonna be alright. *somewhat doubts that* Alexa: *surpresses a wail*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.8 05:30 So? He should be afraid we got HIS plate numbers.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.8 05:38 Do we even have any evidence?! Josh: Alexa. It was his accident, not ours. Nobody's really in trouble here.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.8 05:38 (I have to go now. See you!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.8 05:42 [Alright, bye!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.9 04:16 [I'm on, and FARTLANDIA RP IS STARTING!! GO THERE ASAP!!! :D]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.17 04:35 [I'm here!]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 04:36 [*punch* lez do dis]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 04:39 His plate numbers are PO98Y63.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 04:40 [I pulled that out of a hat, by the way.]
7>Andrew (Aquentince), 16yo.2018,Feb.17 04:40 (I think ima quit FSS, beacause I never really do much on this rp)
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 04:40 [Not literally, but you know what I mean.]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 04:41 [Well, that's because you don't come on much.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.17 04:49 [None of us really come on here regularly...]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 04:51 [Well, most of us did before Fartlandia stole the spotlight.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.17 04:59 [Hm...yeah, that's probably true.]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 05:04 (Hi! Sorry I disappeared.)
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 05:04 [Probably? We neglected this place for a week because Fartlandia happened.]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 05:04 (I'm sorry to hear that, Caprial, but I respect your decision if that's what you want to do.)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.17 05:08 [A week?]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.17 05:08 [Geez...time flies...]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 05:09 [anyway rp.]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 05:10 *they hit the road, but have to stop when a few of the passengers have to take a bathroom break* *takes over at the wheel*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 05:13 *cruises along* *it is a very sunny afternoon, with nothing but clear blue skies, cornfields, and open road up ahead* *averts his gaze from the road to admire it all*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.17 05:14 [What state are they in now?]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 05:15 *glances into the rearview mirrors and watches Alexa and Midas playfully fighting* *notices Ga-Eun with her headphones on, engrossed in a heavy rock banger, and Luke, staring introspectively out the window*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 05:15 (approaching Nebraska.)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 05:18 *smiles faintly, basking in his freedom driving in the middle of a different state with the van and his friends* *really doesn't want it to end, but he reminds himself that it doesn't have to if he locks it down in his memory*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 05:21 *however, the clouds start to roll in right as they exit Omaha, and soon churn into an ominous vomit green* *the wind also picks up* *is internally freaking out - they're pretty much in the middle of nowhere, and things aren't looking good*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.17 05:21 [Okie dokie.]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 05:25 *singing* Never was and never will be, you don't know how you betrayed me~ *notices the sky* Well, that's weird.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.17 05:32 *casts a wary eye out the window* *a tree is doubling over due to the force of the wind* It absolutely IS weird. And I don't really want to know what might happen.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 05:33 *keeps his cool* We'll be fine. *clutches the wheel, his knuckles turning white*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.17 05:38 [XD The ominous vomit green clouds. Maybe it's the word vomit...I don't know...but I find that statement very amusing.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.17 05:38 Maybe we should stop soon.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.17 05:39 The weather's getting rough...we should find shelter or something.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 05:39 [Change "vomit" to "olive" and maybe you'll be able to take it more seriously.]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.17 05:44 (Haha, that's kind of what they look like. And vomit can be ominous, so... yeah.)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.17 05:44 [XD Nooo, I like vomit more.]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 05:45 Okay. I'll keep a look out for the next exit.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 05:50 *the clouds briefly grow darker before an apocalyptic light of sorts materializes in the horizon* We should be fine. I don't see this being more than a thunderstorm.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.17 05:51 Um... *arches an eyebrow* You sure about that?
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 05:53 Don't green clouds mean tornado?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 05:55 *a bolt of lightning flickers from afar* *his stomach lurches* Um, yeah.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 05:56 We're screwed.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.17 05:59 *pauses in his amusing shenanigans with Alexa**gets one look at the sky and says:* We need to get to a building. Now. And I mean NOW.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 05:59 For, like, the fifth time on this trip.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 05:59 We are screwed for the fifth time.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.17 06:00 *glances around**they're out on a highway in basically an empty plain in Nowhereland* Yeah, good luck.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.17 06:00 *Yeah, good luck with that.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Feb.17 06:00 Tornado?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.17 06:01 See the clouds? Red: *nods* Mm hm. Midas: See how they're a lovely shade of vomit green that clashes wonderfully with the [BLEEP] brown ground? Red: *nods*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.17 06:01 That means we're going to Oz.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.17 06:01 We should now all pray that our van will land on the Wicked Witch.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.17 06:02 We just came out of Omaha. Maybe we should turn back.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.17 06:03 Hey Red? I think you should get out of the trunk*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.17 06:03 *.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 06:05 I really don't think we'll be going to Oz anytime soon. *somehow still has sunglasses on* *then, the van is pelted by hailstorms at complete random* (BLEEP).
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 06:05 Maybe we are after all.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 06:06 I knew I wouldn't last long in this world...
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.17 06:07 *her heartbeat kicks against her chest erratically* *sighs a little, sweeping a hand over her head* Just pull over.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 06:07 *suddenly realizes* I'll finally get to leave...
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 06:08 *obediently does so* I'm just gonna wait this one out. *winces after hearing an earsplitting crack*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 06:08 Maybe I'll get to drift around through time and space...maybe I'll wake up in someone else's body...maybe it'll be nothingness for eternity...
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.17 06:14 *just hearing Ga-Eun's ramblings - and the thwacking of hailstones outside - increases her stress levels by tenfold* *murmurs* I really don't want to die today...
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 06:16 ...Well, I stopped caring a while ago.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Feb.17 06:16 *climbs out of the back awkwardly, falling onto Luke and Andrew*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.17 06:17 You should probably just get off the road entirely.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.17 06:18 *turns to Ga-Eun* I'm hoping to be reborn as a marshmallow.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.17 06:18 They're squishy...soft...tasty...there's nothing bad about them.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 06:18 *the hailstorm ends, but an intense downpour begins* *can't really through the rain, but he definitely catches a bona fide tree flying across the interstate* *can feel his blood pressure spike* *has the sudden urge to high tail it out of there, but he
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.17 06:18 *bounces her knee, becoming quite stressed herself *
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 06:19 holds back for the benefit of all*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.17 06:19 *sees the tree* ...the [BLEEP]...
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 06:27 *grips the wheel by means of an anxious reflex*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 06:28 Yeah. I know.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Feb.17 06:28 Are we...going to be okay?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 06:29 *is caught up in the thrill of it all, having never seen a tornado in his life, but mostly, he's terrified as crap*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 06:30 *doesn't want to scare Red* We're just waiting it out. We should be okay. *outside, the wind howls, and the van shifts a little due to its force*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.17 06:30 *is actually trying not to cry*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 06:31 *really doesn't care if she dies or not, as depression and autism sometimes go hand-in-hand**in her case, it's dysthymia*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.17 06:38 *cuddles with Alexa to comfort her, though he's scared himself **doesn't show it, though*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.17 06:39 (I have to go now. See you guys tomorrow!)
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.17 06:39 [Brunny. Check your email now.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.21 04:21 [I'm online!]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.21 04:31 (Hi!)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.21 04:32 [Heya!]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.21 04:34 *some branches swoop in and slap the windshield and the van in general* *and speaking of the van, it starts rocking back and forth more violently than before* *feels an inner pang of fear*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.21 04:35 YOU WANNA DIE? THAT'S A SURE WAY TO DIE!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.21 04:36 All we can do is just stay where we are!
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Feb.21 04:36 *slides down in his seat, trying to seem as small as possible**is pretty freaked out at the moment*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.21 04:36 *can hardly see out the window, but once he adjusts his glasses, he can be sure of one thing: a funnel has touched down, and it's impossibly close* (BLEEP), we need to go. NOW.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.21 04:38 *can feel his heart rate picking up to Luke's urgent voice - and everyone else's* *shakes his head* I'm not going.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.21 04:39 You need to drive! Trust me on this one! We're better off moving than sitting around like potential roadkill!!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.21 04:39 DRIVING MEANS DEATH!!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.21 04:40 And I thought you were Mr. Crazy Prepared For Every Kind of Apocalypse Ever!!!
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.21 04:40 *raises his voice* I have no idea where I'm going! Luke: Just DRIVE!! Josh: BUT I DON'T KNOW WHERE THE H***- Luke: GO!! Josh: (BLEEP)!
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.21 04:41 *sends a quick prayer up above, then floors it*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.21 04:41 [Midas is right BTW. Read the "In a car or truck" portion of this: ht tp://w ww.spc.noaa.gov/faq/tornado/safety.html ]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.21 04:41 DRIVING IS SURVIVAL!!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.21 04:42 THAT MEANS YOU TOO! *points at Luke*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.21 04:42 YOU'RE A BLITHERING MORON!!!
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.21 04:42 *is just covering her head with her arms and trying not to cry*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.21 04:44 *between the fighting and Josh's crazy driving, she's absolutely terrified* *has never witnessed any of them so angry* *shrieks* JUST SHUT UP!!
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.21 04:46 *is just stopping and going, not really sure what to do* *doesn't even know if he's on the road anymore*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.21 04:47 *the van is perpetually s u c k e d in and out of the wind* *turns around and sees a vacuum of wind right on their tail* OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!! PULL OVER!!!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.21 04:48 JUST STOP THE [BLEEP] VAN, GOD [BLEEP] [BLEEP] IT!!!!!
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.21 04:50 *doesn't even have time to react - the van lurches forward* *instinctively lets go of the wheel, then crashes back forward* *his sunglasses fly into the windshield, immediately mangled* *when he is flung back forward, he smashes his wrist against the
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.21 04:52 wheel* *there is a searing bolt of pain* *yells out, but manages to seize the wheel and turn a violent right* *speeds off-road* *the van jostles up and down, creating a cacophony of screaming, crashing, and overall noise*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.21 04:53 *starts screaming like h**l*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Feb.21 04:53 *is too scared to make any noise*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.21 04:57 *sobs uproariously* *is half-smashed into Midas, half-smashed under the chair*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.21 04:58 *forgot he was snuggling with Alexa**is holding onto her so tightly with one arm that his arm feels both painful and numb and she probably is in pain as well*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.21 05:03 *was tossed across the van like a football* *is passed out and paying the price*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.21 05:06 *waits under the dash for what feels like an eternity* *finally gets up when his back becomes too cramped to stay hunched over* *looks out the window* *of course, everything's been ripped from its hinges, but the sun is starting to crack through the cloud
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.21 05:06 *clouds
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Feb.21 05:08 *is curled up in a ball on the floor*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.21 05:08 *stares at it like it's a solar eclipse instead of a standard sun* *says cautiously* Hey guys?..
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.21 05:09 *is leaning over with her hands over her head like she's on a plane*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.21 05:09 *well, a crashing plane*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.21 05:09 *is bent over in a similar fashion with Alexa*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.21 05:09 *makes a half snort, half "Hmph" sound, as if she just woke up abruptly*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.21 05:10 *looks up at Josh**sits up slowly*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.21 05:10 (I have to go now. I won't be on tomorrow, so I'll see you soon!)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.21 05:15 [Alright, see you around!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.23 04:17 [I'm on!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.24 04:10 [I'm on again!]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 04:49 (Hi! I'm sorry I'm so late.)
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 05:13 [snail]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.24 05:15 [Hey!]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.24 05:20 *her voice is still wavering* Is it over? *can still hear the rushing vacuum of wind in the back of her brain*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 05:21 *nods* Yeah.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 05:23 Oh look, I'm alive.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.24 05:26 *can only respond to this with one thing*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.24 05:26 Whoop-dee-[BLEEP]-doo.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.24 05:27 *starts laughing, but it's more hysterical than anything else*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 05:27 *can't ignore the excruciating pain in his wrist* *can feel a rush of blood to the center of the injury, and it almost feels like it has its own heartbeat* *winces* *is slowly putting two and two together, and he knows he's irredeemably scr*wed*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.24 05:27 Yeah, we're all alive. Let's sing our praises for that.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Feb.24 05:28 *gets back in his seat slowly**is shaking*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 05:30 *notices what's going on with Josh* Huh? Josh, you okay?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.24 05:32 Maybe we should get going, unless the van hasn't been beaten to a pulp - which I don't think it has. *to Josh* Mr. Chauffeur? Can you start the van?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.24 05:32 *sees that things aren't right* Wait... Josh? You okay, dude?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 05:35 *is trying really, REALLY hard not to give in to the waterworks, but it's difficult not to considering his world is slowly shattering* *lifts a clearly disfigured wrist* Something happened to my wrist - I don't know, I must've hit it when we got caught in
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 05:35 the wind.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 05:36 *whips out cell phone, calls 911*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 05:40 No no no! Please don't call 911! This isn't an emergency. I can make it.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 05:41 I dealt with plenty of injuries when I was in the gang. I know if something's an emergency, and that's clearly broken.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.24 05:41 *a bruise that resembles a spoiled raspberry starts swelling up on his wrist* That doesn't look good.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.24 05:43 That ISN'T good.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.24 05:44 Do you have health insurance, Josh?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 05:46 *pulls his knees closer to his torso, leaning his head to the side* Yeah, but I have no idea what it is.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.24 05:47 If it's a broken bone then you need it fixed. Otherwise it'll heal incorrectly and that'll be possibly worse.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 05:47 Alright...*hangs up before they answer*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.24 05:48 We're not that far from Denver. Maybe we should stop when we get closer to the city, take him in to urgent care, and find some place to crash.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 05:48 [Please tell me Josh didn't break the wrist of his dominant hand.]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 05:52 (He did.)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.24 05:52 [Josh broke the wrist of his dominant hand.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.24 05:52 [>:D]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.24 05:52 [I posted that before I saw Joan's confirmation...]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.24 05:52 [Don't tell me to blatantly not say something. Reverse psychology works marvelously on me. XD]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 05:52 *lashes out since he's highly distressed* I KNOW!! It's not like I asked for this to happen!!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.24 05:53 *Don't blatantly tell me not to
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 05:53 (Hahaha.)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.24 05:53 Alright Josh, let's switch seats.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.24 05:53 *is calm with an air of grimness*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.24 05:54 *knows she shouldn't take it personally, but since she's stressed herself, she does* Well, maybe you could've avoided it by not driving?? *immedietly regrets saying that*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 05:55 *gives Alexa a dark, puffy-eyed grimace* *mutters* Just leave me alone.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 05:57 *crawls over to Midas' seat, struggling like a martyr* *mopes around, ultimately worried about his parents' reaction - especially his dad's* *it's sure to be a grisly one*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.24 05:58 *starts driving**seems calm, but his mind is hyper-aware of everything and whirling, calculating this outcome and that*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 06:00 *dissociates in two seconds*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 06:01 [IF YOU COULDN'T TELL YET. Being in that gang and everything else that happened sort of screwed up Ga-Eun's mental health.]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 06:01 *eventually, they enter Colorado and exit at a suburb of Denver* *Midas pulls up to the closest urgent care*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 06:04 [For example, this is something that Ga-Eun would say: "Self care is taking ten adderall and chugging a gallon of sunny d and getting in a knife fight with your 47 mental illnesses."]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 06:04 [SHE'S NEVER ACTUALLY DONE THAT. And I didn't come up with that. But. Yeah.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.24 06:05 (Ok. Good to know that about her.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.24 06:07 *says quietly* Midas, you should probably go in with him. I'll go get some gas, find a hotel, and somewhere to eat, and then I'll trade off with you in a few hours.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 06:08 *is unmoving in his seat* This (BLEEP) su cks.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.24 06:08 *nods* Yeah, I will. Thanks. *kisses Alexa's cheek and then gets out of the van with Josh*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.24 06:09 Yeah, well my butt hurts. Yours doesn't. You have that going for you.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.24 06:10 *is finally awoken by the urgent blue glow of the sign* *fumbles with his glasses so he can read it* *notices Josh and Midas walking inside* Um... are we okay?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 06:10 *would normally laugh, but he doesn't*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 06:11 *barely notices**sees it, but it doesn't register*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.24 06:12 *says absentmindedly* Yeah, everyone's okay. *swings into the driver's seat, then takes out her phone* *stares at it intently* *mutters to self* Oakcrest Urgent Care... okay. *shifts into reverse*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.24 06:13 *says pointedly* We're in the parking lot of an urgent care.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.24 06:15 Yeah, Josh broke his wrist, but he'll be fine. *is paying attention to the road* *mutters to self* I hope this van doesn't break a bone on me... *swings out of the parking lot*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Feb.24 06:16 *is stressed but says and does nothing*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.24 06:18 *drives around town, getting lost about ten times* *says between gritted teeth* How about we find somewhere to eat.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.24 06:19 *says faintly* That'd be nice. *has very dark circles under her eyes*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 06:21 *finally snaps out of everything* Wait, what??! What's happening??!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.24 06:22 *cruises down a thorougfare, which consists mostly of high-end restaurants* *is losing her patience until a small cafe called the Phoenix Cafe* We're going there.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Feb.24 06:23 We're gonna get something to eat...
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.24 06:24 *pulls into an impossibly tight parking space* We're getting something to eat at this cafe. It looks chill enough, and I'm sure coffee is what we all need.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 06:25 Why don't I remember anything??! Where are Midas and Josh??!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.24 06:27 Ga-Eun, they went to urgent care to fix Josh's wrist. Remember?
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.24 06:28 ...sort of???
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Feb.24 06:28 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.24 06:28 *gets out of the van and paces outside*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.24 06:29 (Bye!)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.24 06:32 Okay. Good. *gets out of the car* *the evening air is cool, and there is a light breeze* *the sun has long since dipped below the horizon, allowing some stars to twinkle* *looks up at the sky* *realizes for the first time that she is very far from home -
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.24 06:33 and her comfort zone* *even though the stars are the same as they were in Grass Creek, they don't feel the same* *her stomach sinks*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.24 06:36 *opens the door* *there is some loud, aggressive strumming of a guitar* *a guy in skinny jeans and flannel is sitting at the front of the cafe, wailing about the beauty and pain of unrequited love*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.24 06:37 Awesome. Live entertainment. *browses the menu, which is almost entirely made up of tea, as well as other organic treats*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.24 06:38 *reads the ultra specific titles, which range from Zen Peachy Peony to Temple of Heaven* *is a little disappointed by her choices*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.24 06:39 *approaches Ga-Eun* Hey. Everything alright?
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.25 04:30 [I'm on!]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.25 04:41 [fzoom]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.25 04:43 [Was that the sound of your imaginary sports car? XD]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.25 04:53 [idk lol]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.25 05:29 *orders the closest thing to coffee and finds a table* *the table she finds stands only a few feet from the floor, and there are wooden stools for chairs*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.25 05:31 *being a tea lover, he freaks out over the menu* *says in a nervous murmur* Oh my god, I can't choose...
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.25 05:32 *the hipster at the front leaves the "stage
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.25 05:34 *"stage"* *a guy managing the audio speaks into a microphone* Alright, now we have... Happy...? Let's give it up for Happy! *everyone bursts into a respectful applause* *turns her head to see a burly black man stomping forward, clad in a worn jacket,
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.25 05:34 eskimo hat, and sunglasses*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.25 05:37 Happy: *walks up to the mic* You may be wondering why I have on sunglasses, or a hat and coat, but here's what I'm gonna tell you: I always wear my sunglasses because, whoa! The sun's always shining, and my future's looking bright!
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.25 05:39 *is trying desperately to order something remotely normal on the menu*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Feb.25 05:39 *just has some pop**watches Happy blankly*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.25 05:40 *is distracted by Happy*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.25 05:42 *there is some applause* Happy: But ya know what? I don't care what people think of me. If I did, I wouldn't be the person standing right in front of ya'll.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.25 05:43 Happy: I've got a beautiful daughter, and a beautiful baby-mama, and they're all that matter to me. I'll tell you one thing: me and my girl, I took her to the park to the playground and she tells me, "can we go to McDonald's and get some McNuggets?" And
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.25 05:44 *hears someone in the crowd yell "Amen!"*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.25 05:46 I'm thinking about it because I don't exactly have the money. But... I don't get to see my girl all the time, either. And she looked so happy, and it was a beautiful day, so I thought, "why not?"
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.25 05:47 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.25 05:48 Happy: So I wrote a few verses about that day, and here you go. The beats are from my homies at (insert radio station here). *the audio guy cranks up the volume, and he begins his simple but clever rap about McNuggets* *the crowd loves it, probably
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.25 05:48 (Bye!)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.25 05:49 because it's the most lighthearted rap tune they've ever heard* *Happy is drowned out by applause*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.25 05:50 *walks over to the table with a cup of chamomile tea and a panini made with goat cheese* *leans in towards Alexa* What's going on? I missed everything.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.25 05:51 *is clapping extra loudly* *nods for Luke to sit down*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.25 05:53 Happy: You know, the baby-mama and her friends are all on Facebook - I'm not on Facebook, because I don't want to be. Who would ever want to waste time on Facebook? All it does is make you put yourself down. Anyways, they're arguing over something that
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.25 05:54 went down in the DMs, and I'm like, "what the (BLEEP) is going down in the DMs?" They didn't tell me because they never do, but that had me asking a bunch of questions about the baby-mama. *continues to ramble on and on*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.25 05:56 Happy: *begins his rap, aptly titled "It's Goin' Down in the DMs"* Everybody says it's goin' down it the DMs, what the (BLEEP) does goin' down in the DMs mean? *waves a hand around, pacing aggressively*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.25 06:10 *bobs his head spastically, trying to jam along*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.25 06:14 Happy: *finishes* Everyone who got up here tonight has all my respect. You come up here in front of all these people and share your talents, and man, that's respect. *keeps giving nods to a "fantastic young man" in particular, who looks like he wants to
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.25 06:15 shrink* You're gonna go far, man. You've inspired me to go out there and put out what I got, and I appreciate that. Send me an email, because I know who just the right people to play in your band.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.25 06:17 *Happy keeps on rambling* *is already lost, but some racket in the back distracts him further* *sees some guys in cowboy hats stumbling through the door, bogged down by instruments and speakers*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.25 06:18 (Just a sidenote, but Happy is based on a real life experience. The McNugget and DM rap actually happened.)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:22 [I'm on!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:28 [I frankly don't consider rap to be music at all, but I can imagine some verses about McNuggets being very amusing.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:32 (Hi!)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:33 [Hey!]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:34 (Yeah, I don't either. I went somewhere to see live music (people just stand up and perform whatever), and so a guy very similar to Happy went up and started rapping about McNuggets and FB. Needless to say, nobody was expecting that.)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:38 [Definitely no one expected that. XD]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:38 [Hey, mind if I share what I think is my favorite Spyro 2 soundtrack?]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:41 (Sure.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:43 *the guys squeeze through the aisle and make a clamor out of setting up* *can tell they're a serious country band, with their cowboy hats and boots and deerskin vests*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:45 [Ironically, it has vocals, which I normally dislike in Spyro music. However, the vocals add to the feel of the level--I always felt like they made it sound like the volcano was alive, or at least had some giant beast inside it.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:46 [This is one of the more intense Spyro 2 soundtracks, actually. Spyro 2 is the most light-hearted and easy of the original trilogy. It also has the worst music out of the original three--not that the music's bad. It's just that it has a lot of "meh"
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:46 tracks.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:48 [I'll add that the fauns...are just...freaking heartless. XD]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:49 *the lead singer pulls the mike towards him so that his lips are practically touching it* Hey ya'll... *has a distinct Southern twang* We're the River Boys, and you're in for a treat tonight. See, we're on our first tour, here to deliver some real
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:50 [In the intro, a giant boulder comes out of the volcano as two fauns are laying around, getting a tan. The rock lands on one faun. The other faun responds by lazily moving aside a little.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:51 Nashville sound to you folks. We may not be mainstream, but we promise you won't be disappointed. Audio guy: *smiling* Alright- let's give it up for the River Boys! *there is some cautious applause*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:51 [In the outro, the fauns are finally dancing and having a party. One faun pushes another off a ledge; that other faun falls to his (her?) death in a lava pit. The faun who pushed him just sneakily kicks the dead faun's hat off the ledge as well and
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:51 continues dancing.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:51 [The intro is like "Okay, their volcano's having problems..." The outro is like "What. The. [BLEEP]."]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:51 (Ok! Thanks for sharing.)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:52 [No problem!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:53 Get me some bottles.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Feb.26 04:53 What...
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:55 They're about to learn why Bob's Country Bunker had chicken wire.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:55 *smirks*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:55 (Wow, that world seems insanely merciless.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:56 Lead singer: *stamps his foot continuously* Alright, let's fire 'em up, boys! *some wicked fast banjo strumming accompanies him*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:58 [XD It kind of is. Just watch this: https://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=1ZxFrdElt9s Both scenes together are only 40 seconds long...]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 04:59 [I'll also point out that they have these Irish accents when you talk to them in the level, though they have these weird, high-pitched, wordless squeaks in the cutscenes.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:00 *some band members start whooping like cranes* *the lead singer dives into an uptempo tale from "a long time ago" that recounts a summer romance*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:00 (Haha, ok. That's kind of unusual.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:01 *sits there, deadpan* Hey, about those bottles....
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:03 *can't believe that some people are clapping* *also can't deny that it's catchy, albeit a song that resembles cheesy bluegrass songs from the '50s*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:04 [Oh, and did you see my/Christina's Blues Brothers reference?]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:04 *ponders aloud amidst the madness* Is this what you would consider a "Nashville" sound? Or something straight outta the boonies of Georgia?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:06 (I haven't watched it yet because I'm not on my computer. About the reference, totally, haha.)
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.26 05:07 [Hey, so I'm thinking of creating a "business" at school so I can buy a microphone to do music with on my YouTube channel, and I need your opinion: Does $7 for a beaded wire bracelet sound reasonable?]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:07 *the lead singer emits an extremely off-key yodel/howl mashup* *outright cringes*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:09 [I'll be honest...nah, I doesn't.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:09 [Even 3 dollars sounds a little pricey. Maybe something like $1.50 would do. But it depends also on how much the materials cost.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:09 (Because, yeah, if the price is too high, you won't get enough buyers.)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:10 [Hm...nah, 2 dollars sounds okay, now that I think about it.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:11 [Something in the 1-2 dollar range would be what I would aim for if shopping for that sort of thing. But again, it depends on the cost of the materials.]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.26 05:11 [Well, I've seen terrible quality bracelets that costed $5, so maybe that's why I thought $7 was reasonable.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:12 [Hm...if there are really bad bracelets out there that cost 5 dollars, then maybe you can settle for something a little below 5 dollars, e.g. 4, like Joan said.]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.26 05:13 [My materials were glass beads and memory wire from a beading kit from Walmart.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:14 *the band segues into a typical country ballad about driving trucks down an endless dirt road, "that whisky on the mind", small town vibes, and plenty of girls* *her threshold of tolerance is passed when the lyrics detail a girl's tight jeans*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:15 [How much did the materials cost?]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:16 (If crappy bracelets were being sold at $5, then the seller wasn't making very fair decisions...)
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.26 05:17 [The beading kit was $8, and I decided on $7 before I looked at the receipt.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:18 *shakes her head* These lyrics...they're outrageous. Senseless. Mysogynist. *impulsively launches her mug of coffee at the stage* *it explodes like a cannonball against the lead singer*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:19 (How many bracelets would you say you can make with the entire kit?)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:20 *the music stops abruptly* Lead singer: *is shocked, but he manages to keep his cool* Whoa...what in the h*ll was that?
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.26 05:20 [28 at most.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:21 *gives the lead singer an unwavering glare, her eyebrows quirking* *the entire situation has made her furious without intending to* Audio guy/manager: Um...
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:23 (Ok. Then I'd say charging $2 would be a good start. If you find that you're not making enough money with that amount, you can raise the price a dollar or so.)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:23 [That means that the customer could buy around 25 (it's just an approximation) of those beading kits rather than buy one of your bracelets.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:23 [If you decided to charge 7 dollars for each bracelet.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:24 Manager: *definitely saw what happened, and who did it* Uh...we can't accept troublemakers, so... *looks Alexa dead-on* You're gonna have to leave.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:25 [I don't know how much the microphone you want costs, though. You'll have to factor that in and adjust your price accordingly.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:26 *throws Red's bottle of Coke at the stage too and rises*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:26 *stands up* Okay, fine. Because, just sayin'- I don't know what kind of "sound" you claim to have, but it SU CK S. *marches out, feeling the burn of shame on her cheeks*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:26 Oh, excuse me. I guess I will have to leave too.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:27 C'mon. *grabs Red* Red: Hey, I wasn't finished yet-- *is pulled out anyway*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.26 05:28 *quickly shuffles out after them, utterly humiliated* *left his tea and sandwich behind*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.26 05:29 *had been eating a lemon poppy seed muffin but I forgot to mention that**takes the muffin with her*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.26 05:30 *makes it known to Alexa and Christina that he's not happy with them right away* Guys, what the h*ll was that for?!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:32 *breaks out into maniacal laughter* *mutters something about all of it "being stupid"* I don't know. I don't know. I've just been really stressed out with the tornado and Josh, and I'm worried about Sam, and it- it wasn't... *starts crying*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.26 05:32 I suspect that the lyrics were going into not-safe-for-children land and she had had enough. Am I correct, Alexa?
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.26 05:33 *wait nvm that*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.26 05:33 *awkwardly hugs alexa*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:33 No, the lyrics were just plain stupid.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:34 *ignores Luke's wrath and lets the tears flow* *forces herself to get it together* *scrubs the tears from her eyes* It's just... I'm sorry, okay? That was uncalled for, I guess.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:34 You know, it's those typical country songs about *puts on ultra heavy Southern accent* sittin' on the porch wid yer hound dawgs and ridin' down the road wid yer gal in a pickup truck...
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:34 Ugh. Pure brain rot material.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:34 Nah, it's fine. Seriously, Midas would've gone berserk during the whole Happy thing.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:34 *gratefully hugs Ga-Eun back*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:35 *pats Alexa on the back while she and Ga-
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:35 *mumbles* Thanks for understanding.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:35 *and Ga-Eun hug*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:36 *has to laugh at Christina's impersonation/review* Yeah. Exactly. Thanks for restoring my faith in society.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.26 05:39 *isn't the best at resolving issues, especially when it revolves around girls* *on the same token, it's his chance to prove himself* *comes forward and puts his arms around everyone - a true change of heart* Hey. It's alright.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.26 05:39 (I have to go now, bye!)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:40 [Aw, bye!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.26 05:40 [@ Felicity: I'm on Fartlandia as well, BTW.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.27 04:02 [I'm on!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.27 04:02 [Replies may be slow. I'm going to try to be on five RPs tonight while doing calculus homework (*screaming internally*).]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.27 04:20 (Hi!)
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.27 04:21 (Well, in that case, feel free to take your time.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.27 04:32 *pulls herself together and drives back to the urgent care* *probably gets lost like five times before arriving at the proper destination*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.27 04:35 *tries to help Alexa, but she's lost too*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.27 04:35 *turns to Christina* Can you stay in here and supervise the kids? Thanks. *leaves the car* *turns on her phone while walking in* *can't believe that it's going on 10, and she's starting to notice some extreme fatigue seeping in*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.27 04:37 *the waiting room is quiet and dim, almost abandoned had it not been for an exhausted looking Midas sitting there* *inches forward* *feels obligated to keep her voice down to a whisper* Hey.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.27 04:42 *sits down next to Midas* How are things?
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.27 04:49 *taps his foot and pats his knee* *looks out the window*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.27 04:50 *stares out the window* Hey. Look, there's Polaris. And Mars. And maybe Jupiter? Wish I had my telescope...
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.27 04:52 *rambles on about Polaris being a certain number of light years away, and that it would take less than a few hours to travel there by light* *rattles off some other stars while he's at it*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.27 04:55 So, these stars we're looking at, they're like a shell of their former selves. We aren't looking at the stars we know - we're looking at the stars we THOUGHT we knew. Some of them are probably already dead.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.27 04:55 *gradually starts to fall asleep*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Feb.27 04:56 *is listening to every word Luke says* Whoa...
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.27 04:56 *nobody responds* *gives himself a mental pat on the back for sharing that nugget of knowledge*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.27 04:56 Slowly.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.27 04:56 *Slow.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.27 04:59 *nods a little* *waits in an anxious silence until the door finally opens* *a puffy-faced Josh shuffles through, his eyes sunken and his forearm wrapped in a neon orange cast*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.27 05:00 *rises immedietly* *extends her arms, inviting Josh towards an embrace*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.27 05:00 *has put an arm around Alexa**sees Josh and gets up quickly*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.27 05:02 *wanders right into Alexa's outstretched arms* *weakly drapes his arms around her* *they stand like that for a while*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.27 05:03 Are you okay? I'm sorry. I'm sorry. *is in part apologizing for her comment earlier* *asks the question that was on her mind all along* Did you talk to your parents?
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.27 05:04 *decides to go into the urgent care place**doesnt say a word, just gets up and walks in*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.27 05:05 *sniffs a little* *sounds extremely bleak* They're threatening to take away my scholarship. Alexa: *feels like something inside just shattered* *even though she hasn't really known Josh for long, she knows how important his sport it to him*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.27 05:07 Alexa: *doesn't have words, but she offers an apology* But I can't play anymore, so what the h*** does it matter. *lets out a muffled sob* I'm tired of just- just being their circus animal all the time. All they do is live vicariously through me.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.27 05:11 *would recommend Josh try to do something other than basketball to please his parents - something small, like joining them for dinner instead of hiding in his room, or going somewhere with them instead of working weekends* *knows that it's not an easy
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.27 05:12 transition, especially since Josh is not emotionally stable* You mean more to them than you think. Maybe... maybe they're just not sure how to show you. *is trying really hard not to give subpar advice*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.27 05:13 *sort of quietly* Hey, what's going on?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.27 05:14 *clears her throat* But you're with us now, and we care a lot about you. I've been worrying about you all day, honestly. I'm sorry this had to happen. It's not fair.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.27 05:15 *Josh leans back and wipes away a tear* *tries to lighten the mood* I didn't think you were the crying type. Josh: I think the last time I cried was when I watched the end of Breakfast at Tiffany's. Alexa: Wait, you've seen that? You're a man of surprises
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.27 05:16 Josh: I guess so. *cracks a small smile, staring at the floor* It was in school.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.27 05:17 *at Ga-Eun* He's got a cast now. I wish we had a Sharpie. Then we'd all be able to sign it. Bold color choice, by the way. I like it. Maybe pink would've been better.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.27 05:18 *smiles maybe for real* Thanks, Alexa. *turns to Midas and gives him a one-armed hug* *then turns to Ga-Eun* *offers her a half-hearted grin* Hey. *doesn't want to admit that he's really happy to see her*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.27 05:21 *briefly explains the details to her* They took a bunch of x-rays, and my wrist is really jacked up. It's probably gonna take a while to heal. *looks down at his cast* Which is a major disappointment. I've never broken a bone in my life.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.27 05:22 (I have to go now, see you!)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.27 05:31 (Scratch that, I'm back. Just for a few minutes though.)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.27 05:31 [Alright. Sorry about my disappearance.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.27 05:32 Welcome to the club.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.27 05:35 And yeah. Uh... thanks for being here. It, uh, it means a lot. *gives her an awkward but meaningful half-hug*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.27 05:39 *stops Midas outside the van* Hey, man. I just wanted to say thank you. For everything. For driving my whining (BLEEP) around and waiting for me in there. And also for just being there for me.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.27 05:40 I know I don't say it a lot, but... *isn't the best at saying what's on his mind*...but that was pretty epic of you. *pauses* Thanks for just being awesome.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.27 06:03 Oh, you don't have to...
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.27 06:03 Everyone knew I was always the awesomest person around.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.27 06:04 *half smiles, half smirks**gives Josh a tight, one-armed hug of pure friendship*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.27 06:04 No problem.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.28 04:17 [I'm on! I'm going to be on here, Fartlandia, A Horribly Amazing World, and A Horribly Amazing World 2. I'm also doing some calculus problems. I'm listing all the RPs I'll be on to help show that my replies will most definitely be slow. XD XP]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.28 04:24 (Hi! Ok.)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.28 04:24 [Hey!]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Feb.28 04:27 *the next morning, they pick up some painkillers for Josh at a nearby pharmacy and resume their trip* *an hour or so out of Denver, some mountains start appearing* *gazes at them from out the window*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.28 04:29 Wow. Those are some real purple mountain majesties. Josh: *has never been out of the Midwest, let alone Ohio* Yeah. I thought that was just a rhetorical effect, but wow.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.28 04:31 Meh. It's all just scattered lightwaves to me.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.28 04:31 Midas, you're a killjoy.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.28 04:31 Well, scattered lightwaves are pretty. *puts her elbow on the windowsill or whatever and rests her chin on her hand, looking out at the mountains*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.28 04:32 That's true. But also, sometimes you have to step away from science and admire nature. It's beautiful. It's magnificent. And well, I guess it's also science.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.28 04:34 The science makes it more beautiful.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.28 04:39 *begins a long ramble about the formation of mountains, the inverse relationship between atmospheric pressure and altitude, etc. etc. etc.* *is lecturing like a college professor*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.28 04:40 *gets tired of the lecture fast* Okay, I get it, I was joking!!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.28 04:40 I like purple mountains...blue mountains...pink mountains...
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.28 04:40 Since when are mountains ever pink?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.28 04:41 They can be pink. Christina: When? Midas: Look an ostrich! *points* Christina: *looks out of instinct*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.28 04:41 Gotcha.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.28 04:42 *scoffs* Shut up... *rolls her eyes and is unable to hide a smile**flops back in her seat, looking out at the landscape*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.28 04:49 Well, the Badlands are sort of pink. Because they're a sedimentary rock, layers of clay and silt have built up - and eroded - over time, giving them the bands of color they have.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.28 04:49 But as Midas points out, the light only makes them appear that way.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.28 04:52 Luke, you're basically the Internet with limbs and other human features. Luke: Was that an accusation? Alexa: More like a compliment. You're smarter than anyone I know. *to everyone else* Sorry, guys.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.28 04:54 Are you planning on going to an Ivy League school? Luke: We'll see what I can afford, or if I can even go out-of-state. Alexa: I doubt you'll have to worry about that. You'll be getting scholarships left and right.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Feb.28 04:56 Okay, guys. I've kind of had a thought. Luke: You KINDA had a thought? You either did or didn't. Alexa: Uh... I guess I did. *is extremely self-aware*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Feb.28 05:00 [Is it normal to only be able to describe your side on an issue in two sentences unless it's an active debate?]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.28 05:03 [I guess it depends on what you're arguing for is exactly.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.28 05:03 [@ Joan: BTW, did you listen to Magma Cone and watch the cutscene?]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.28 05:08 (I did not - sorry. I keep forgetting to, but thanks for the reminder.)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Feb.28 05:10 [It's fine! The cutscene's only 40 seconds long and you can listen to the music while roleplaying, so you can do it now if you want. :)]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.28 05:10 *looks it up* The entire stretch is more than 100 miles. Alexa: *sighs* Luke: But I have better news. The trail, which is open to the public, is only 25 miles long. I'm guessing Internet's spotty out there, so for now, the best way we can find her is by
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.28 05:10 walking the trail.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Feb.28 05:14 She might not be on the trail.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Feb.28 05:14 (I have to go now, bye!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.28 05:14 Well, if she isn't, she's going to be one major pain in the [BLEEP].
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Feb.28 05:14 [Aw, bye!]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.1 04:34 Yeah. And if we can't find her after we finish the entire trail, then we're not looking any further. Hopefully this address she left on that Post-It will give us a lead of some sort... *begins some deep research*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.1 04:35 *furrows her brows indignantly* But... we have to. *nobody seems to acknowledge this*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.1 04:38 *they travel in silence for a while* *manages to find some helpful information on the trail, despite his connection crapping out* Okay, so the trail itself is VERY rigorous. Did I not tell you guys that earlier, and provide you with a specific packing
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.1 04:40 list? *there are some murmurs of agreement* Alexa: I brought winter boots. Those were the only boots I could find. Luke: Then you'll never survive. But be thankful that I've got my entire inventory in the trunk.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.1 04:45 I hope you guys have some extra dinero, because you'll need it - each of us needs a permit and bear canister to enter, and those will cost approximately ten dollars each. Luckily, I have a few bear canisters.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.1 04:46 I'll register for our permits when we get closer to the trail. Maybe we can register there. I actually had a thought: if Sam went there, she would've needed a permit, right? If we register there, maybe we can ask for a list of registered hikers and see if
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.1 04:47 Samantha's on it.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.1 04:48 *nods vaguely* Great. Sounds like a lot of fun.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.1 04:49 [I'm on! Sorry I'm late; I was watching a movie.]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.1 04:50 Yeah. I'm just worried about Josh and his wrist, though. The trail could be pretty rough on it.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.1 04:50 (Hi! It's okay.)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.1 04:51 Don't worry, I have a bear canister.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.1 04:51 Yeah... no need to worry about me. I'm pretty fit. I can make it. At least attempt to. Alexa: We'll still worry about you. Josh: I appreciate your thoughts.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.1 04:51 *was digging through some of his stuff, which now also consists of plenty of trash he hasn't bothered to throw away**lifts up an empty, bear-shaped plastic container that probably held honey or animal crackers or something*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.1 04:52 What's a bear canister? Midas: It's one of these. *tosses Red his "bear canister"*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.1 04:52 [Hi.]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.1 04:53 Umm...
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.1 04:53 (Hey!)
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.1 04:54 It's a bear-resistant jar that you put your food and scented items in. Keeps the black bears away.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.1 04:55 And it's no joke. You NEED ONE. Otherwise, our tent will be clawed to shreds and we'll be mauled by bears.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.1 04:56 [Hey!]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.1 04:56 Also also, when you have to poop... go on the beach. But make sure to dig it up. That also keeps bears away. And be careful of the tide. If it gets really high, parts of the trail are completely inaccessible.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.1 04:57 Eh, even bear canisters won't prevent that.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.1 04:57 The bears will surely be attracted by the smell of Alexa's farts.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.1 04:57 Of course, I can track the tide in advance. If we have to stop for a few hours because of it, we have to stop. But I think we might be able to avoid it.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.1 04:58 [Errrrr...]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.1 04:58 *raises a slow, challenging eyebrow at Midas*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.1 05:08 *raises an eyebrow right back at Alexa*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.1 05:09 Wha? We're going to have to poop on a beach?!?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.1 05:10 *finally speaks* You sure about that?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.1 05:10 You sure that you're talking about yourself, and not me?
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.1 05:10 Yeah. But it shouldn't be too bad. The trail is practically always remote.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.1 05:13 *the group is approaching the Utah border*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.1 05:15 Absolutely positive.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.1 05:17 My farts smell like the balmy spring breezes and succulent, fresh flowers of yesteryear.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.1 05:18 [make someone react to what ga-run screamed!]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.1 05:18 *ga-eun
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.1 05:18 They absolutely do not. *narrows her eyes, but her mouth is curving up into a sly grin*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.1 05:20 *kind of laughs* I'm sorry but... who the h*** is Mimi?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.1 05:20 (I have to go now, bye guys!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.1 05:21 I have a three-word response: I don't care.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.1 05:21 Though you might prefer this variant: SMELL MY FARTS! *farts*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.1 05:21 OH GOD...
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.1 05:22 I have to totally agree with Alexa, that is NOT the smell of spring breezes or weird flowers or whatever the h**l you said of yesteryear!! *covers mouth and nose with sleeve*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.1 05:24 You just don't know what real art of olfaction is!
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.1 05:25 I know it isn't THAT.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.1 05:35 [someone slap her in the face and she'll shut up. Unless you want her to keep screaming.]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.2 04:33 Hey, Ga-Eun? Do you mind, like, shutting up? There's only so much hysterical screaming I can take in a day, and if you multiply 10 years by approximately 180 days, that's 1,800 days of moderate brain damage, give or take. Plus hearing loss.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.2 04:41 *cringes a little* C'mon, Midas. You're poisoning us all! *holds her breath in hopes that the fumes will pass soon* Mind cracking the window, Christina?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.2 04:43 *isn't discreet about covering his nose* Geez, Midas. One does not simply... fart out of nowhere.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.2 04:47 [I'm here!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.2 04:48 One does not simply...tell someone they cannot just fart out of nowhere.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.2 04:48 *Ga-Eun continues screaming**it's getting on his nerves, though he doesn't show it--until he slaps her lightly on the cheek*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.2 04:48 You know what else has obliterated my senses, specifically in educational institutions? Flatulence. So, please: take some laxatives. Get checked out.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.2 04:48 *blurts out* Oh slap.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.2 04:49 *gives Luke a sideways look* Laxatives only make it worse... Luke: Uhh... *has been thrown off-guard for once*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.2 04:49 (Hi!)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.2 04:50 *bursts out laughing at Christina's one-liner*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.2 04:51 Although, I do think you should cut down on the bean burritos.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.2 04:53 *is slowly hunching over in laughter*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.2 04:54 *turns to Josh* *says in a childish way* What, does someone have a case of the sillies? The funnies? What just tickled your funny bone? *is only making Josh laugh harder - and that's making her laugh*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.2 04:56 [Hey!]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.2 04:57 *sits there silently**her soul leaves her body to go explore Mongolia**not literally but whatever*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.2 05:05 *jumped at what Midas did*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.2 05:05 *starts laughing himself, getting caught up in the craziness*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.2 05:07 *smirks slowly*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.2 05:09 *the fun literally comes to a screeching halt* *some orange barrels pass by, and the van comes to a complete stop*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.2 05:09 *is putting on a very good stoic face*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.2 05:09 *however, he starts to crack up--and then there are the barrels*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.2 05:11 Great. A traffic jam. *figures it'll pass, but after being stuck in a standstill for 10+ minutes, he's starting to think otherwise* *is fully convinced when some cars start turning around, one after the other*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.2 05:12 Oh... (BLEEP).
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.2 05:12 *is only half-there* Bad thing?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.2 05:13 *can quickly feel the heat settling in* How many degrees is it outside? Luke: Um... *looks that up* about 90. Josh: *slumps in his seat, no longer infected by the sillies*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.2 05:13 Very bad thing.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.2 05:14 Midas, I'd suggest turning the engine off.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.2 05:14 (I have to go now, bye!)
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.2 05:18 [So, I priced the bracelets at $4. And, since I already have $1.25, tomorrow, I'm gonna be worth $5.25. Awesome. At least, for a teen girl who doesn't get an allowance because her family technically lives below the poverty line.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.2 05:22 Yeah...we're getting a tad low on gas, anyway. *turns off the engine*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.2 05:22 [@ Felicity: OK, sounds good!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.2 05:23 [@ Felicity: Meet me on Fartlandia! Joan just left, leaving 2 of us; I'd like to uphold the "3 people rule" for once. XD XP]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 04:16 [I'm on!]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 04:26 (Hi!)
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 04:26 *the traffic moves maybe a couple of inches in five minutes* Okay. What the h*** is going on here.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 04:27 *sees some trucks pulling over, hazard lights blinking* *more people turn around and speed down the shoulder*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 04:29 [Hey!]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 04:30 Someone pour water on my hand.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.3 04:32 Why??
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 04:32 Just...do it.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 04:32 *scoffing a little* Red, you don't...you don't just ASK someone why they want water poured onto their hand, Jeezus...
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.3 04:32 I was just asking.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.3 04:32 *@ Ga-Eun* Why?
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.3 04:33 [Just had an amusing thought...Red's a 10 year-old who's gonna act like a 10 year-old. Don't judge. XD]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 04:33 JUST. DO.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 04:34 I mean, seriously. This is ridiculous. *manually opens the backseat door and hops out onto the road*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 04:34 LUKE!!! Luke: *ambles around, blocking her out*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.3 04:37 Why?
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 04:37 *starts rummaging around for water*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 04:47 You know, water is kind of a precious resource at this point. I wouldn't use it.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 04:47 *the terrain is flat enough for him to see that the traffic stretches on for infinity* *sighs* Oh my God.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 04:47 [@ Joan: QUICK QUICK LOOK AT THE FLAMING ZINGER I POSTED ON FARTLANDIA!! :D]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 04:50 *pulls out a nearly empty water bottle*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 04:50 *gets back in the van* Well, we're scr*wed. Josh: What? Luke: It's backed up for at least a few miles. And it's not moving.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 04:50 Josh is right...but...
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 04:50 *shrugs* Whatever... *pours as little as she can on Ga-Eun's hand**still, this nearly empties the bottle*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 04:51 *sCREAMS*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 04:53 We're in traffic.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.3 04:54 *...sinks down in his seat*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 04:54 o__________o
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 04:56 *says after pausing for a while*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 04:56 Looney on board.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 04:57 Nah, I'm not crazy. Allow me to explain. [brb]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 04:57 [OK.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 05:00 [@ Joan: Are you still there?]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 05:00 [@ Joan: Oh, and did you listen to Magma Cone and watch the cutscenes?]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 05:01 [haha back]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 05:02 So, I heard about something called dissociation on Tumblr. They described it as your soul leaving your body and forgetting that flesh vessel exists. And I went, "hey, that kinda sounds a lot like what I go through sometimes!"
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 05:02 (Hahaha, I get it.)
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 05:03 (I haven't. Right now I'm studying so my replies will be slower than normal.)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 05:04 *nods a little absentmindedly, not really catching on*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 05:04 When I dissociate, I often have delusions or dreams or hallucinations or whatever they are. One second, I was Garnet from Steven Universe, the next, I was in Brazil, mugging a French man for his satchel full of Tide Pods!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 05:06 [Okie dokie.]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 05:06 And another weird thing is, I only remember the delusions. I never remember reality. And that can be bad. I might miss something important that someone said! I have found a few ways to stop myself from dissociating. One of them is talking endlessly.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 05:06 [Also, I'm glad you enjoyed my joke. I thought you in particular would, since you have visited Chicago and all. ^.^]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 05:07 ...is it okay if I do that?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 05:07 Oh, wonderful. *is being sarcastic, but it's actually really hard to tell*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 05:07 Hey, whatever works.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.3 05:07 O.o
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.3 05:08 ..."flesh vessel"???
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 05:10 I'm allowed to talk??! Okay! And I have no shortage of things to talk about! And if I run out, I'll just sing random stuff!
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 05:12 I'm not sure why I was Garnet in one of my delusions. Garnet is black, VERY tall, like, she's gotta be at least eight feet tall, and VERY curvy. She's kinda hot, actually.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 05:13 On the other hand, I am Korean, short, and thin. It would make more sense for me to be Pearl. She's thin, and often seen as Asian, and while she's not exactly short, she's closer to my height than Garnet's.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 05:13 (Yeah. It seemed like a Blues Brothers reference to me.)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 05:14 *says too loudly* Oh that's so interesting! Luke, did you bring that radio?
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 05:14 *says abruptly about Garnet* She sounds hot.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 05:14 [Hm...it was actually a real insult, but it'd work just fine in Blues Brothers too. XD]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 05:14 LUKE?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 05:15 *kind of snickers at Luke's eagerness* I think the inside is what matters most, but okay, whatever.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 05:15 [Midas can just feel his brain rotting. XD]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 05:15 Yeah? *still fantasizing about Garnet*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 05:15 Yeah, I think she's hot, too!
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 05:16 *at Josh* Hm. Didn't think you were the type to hold that philosophy.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 05:16 [If it's not obvious, Ga-Eun is pan!]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 05:18 Oh, and I think I know why I was mugging the guy for Tide Pods in the other one! Tide Pods are really squishy and I love it. And I wanted them! I'd probably bite them if it wasn't dangerous.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 05:20 [Does that mean she only likes guys who wear green tights and can fly?]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 05:20 [(I know what it really means. I just could absolutely not resist. >:) )]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 05:22 Speaking of that! One time, I was rolling a Tide Pod around in my hand, and it caught on my fingernail and broke. Ended up going to the hospital for chemical burns. Couldn't use that hand for a week. And it was my right hand, too. Lucky I'm ambidextrous!
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 05:22 [I don't get it.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 05:23 Hey...Midas is left-handed. Right, Midas?
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 05:23 [AHEM... *pointing wildly at a certain Peter from Neverland*]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 05:23 [-_____________-]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 05:24 [Don't take that last face personally. I just hate explaining jokes--it ruins them. XP]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 05:25 [Ah, okay. For the record, it wouldn't've been funny even if I had got it the first time.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 05:27 [Admit it, it's freaking hilarious. XD]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 05:27 [At the very least, a close friend pulled that pun on me and he and I must've laughed for at least 5 minutes.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 05:28 [You also have a tendency to say "Not funny" to a lot of things, sooo...]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 05:29 *gives Luke this incredulous smile after receiving that comment* Um, really? Trust me. Just because someone is hot, doesn't mean they're, like...
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 05:29 [Oh. I can prove that Garnet is hot. Right here. First part of episode 20 will show you everything. If you want me to clarify anything, just ask. https://youtu.be/SCInrzKOiic]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 05:31 Ah, Tide Pods. Those deceiving little (BLEEP)s.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 05:31 LUKE, GET THE [BLEEP] RADIO.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 05:31 EARTH TO LUKE?
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 05:31 *at Midas* I might have a solar-powered radio somewhere back there. In the meantime, I'd suggest you turn around.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 05:32 *continues to prattle about Steven Universe* PEARL IS GA Y. THAT IS CANON. GARNET IS ALSO GA Y, AND THAT IS ALSO CANON. I think Amethyst might be aroace, I'm not sure about anyone else. *moves on to Digimon theories because she has a lot*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 05:33 Get the radio and I'll turn around,
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 05:33 There's no way we can turn around. **sees a semi-truck pulling up on the shoulder right next to them*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 05:33 *yells at Ga-Eun* Not interested!
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 05:35 Okay, okay. I'll get it. *rummages around in a plastic bin until he unearths it* *holds it up and adjusts the antenna*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 05:35 There ya go.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 05:36 *responds to Ga-Eun* Awesome. They'd be a perfect match.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 05:38 *is vlogging everything, including the solar-powered radio handoff* *turns the camera towards the window* Yeah... not much going on here. Except for that guy, who seems to be looking for his shoes. *sure enough, an older guy is wandering across the street
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 05:38 towards a grassy median, barefoot*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 05:38 *stops talking about Digimon for a sec* Wait, Pearl and Garnet? No, no, no. Garnet is a fusion of two gems who were already a ga y couple, and Pearl likes Rose Quartz. Or liked. Rose died.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.3 05:42 Ooo, are you vlogging? *puts his nose right up by the camera*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 05:42 Not trying to sound like a nihilist or anything, but what the h*** - we all know I am. Anyways, wouldn't Rose dying open the door of opportunity?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 05:42 *says without looking back at Red* Red, are you doing the stupid nose trick?
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.3 05:43 Yes.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.3 05:43 *chuckles and sits back*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 05:43 Hey, Red. Yeah. Say hi to the camera. *is capturing every detail of Red's face, maybe including some boogers in his nose*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 05:45 But Garnet is already a fusion of two gems who were already a ga y couple. Her two halves are in a relationship with eachother.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 05:46 *is transfixed by the guy standing on the median* He's probably taking advantage of being able to walk around. Alexa: Interesting theory, Josh. Wouldn't you agree that he's going bold in that case? Josh: Totally. What a rebel.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 05:46 Okay... forget it. That would be utterly complex.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 05:48 Red, go wave at the people behind us. Let's communicate with our fellow passengers.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.3 05:49 *waves**then shoves his finger as far as he can up his nose*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 05:49 Reeed! Gross! *is laughing, though*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 05:50 He's definitely Midas' brother.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 05:50 No he is not!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 05:50 He'd have to eat the boogers too to fully qualify.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 05:54  Secret message to Luke  
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 05:54 Actually, it's been scientifically proven that eating boogers provides some key benefits to your immune system.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 05:56 Please excuse me while I dig for some gold.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 05:58 Guy behind the van: *looks a lot like Steve Martin - very deadpan* *has one annoyed hand slung over the wheel* *forces a grin when Red performs his trick*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 06:00 [Question. Are Joan and Paige on as their own characters, or is Paige busy and Joan knows her password?]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 06:01 *a gargantuan Jeep plows by, coming to a halt next to the van* *the back window is covered with bumper stickers, like a South Caroline palmetto and a pink MLB logo* *identifies the silhouttes of sky high ponytails/messy buns*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 06:02 [I think Paige doesn't really come on anymore, so Joan plays as her character.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 06:02 (Paige doesn't come on here, so I play as Luke.)
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 06:03  Secret message to Alexa  
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 06:03  Secret message to Ga-Eun Mun  
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 06:05 *the Jeep is packed with college-aged girls* *once they realize they're in for the long haul, they resort to smiling and waving at Midas through the window*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 06:05 *is partially unaware of this*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 06:05  Secret message to Luke  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 06:13 *takes notice**winks at the girls*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 06:13 *then turns around and pokes Alexa on the shoulder* Hey, could you lean forward towards me? Just enough so you could maybe stick your face out the window...
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 06:14 Whoa. *scrambles between the passenger and driver's seats* Talk about hot... *drools*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 06:15 Wait, what? *is already fairly certain as to what this could mean* *shoves past Luke and next to Midas*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 06:15 *suddenly grabs Alexa and kisses her for at least 30 seconds*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 06:16  Secret message to Luke  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 06:16 *finishes and turns back towards the girls in the van**winks again and gives them a thumbs-up*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 06:16 *a whole bunch of the girls look quite put off, disappointed, and/or outright p***ed*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 06:18  Secret message to Ga-Eun Mun  
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 06:20 *smiles at them before disappearing* *a few of them laugh, but out of spite*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 06:20 *claps for Midas, Dumbledore-style*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 06:24  Secret message to Luke  
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 06:24 *is in a sort of giddy mood* I'm calling Sam. *calls* *the phone rings once, twice, thrice... and then two more times before going to the answering machine* *expected that, but she can't help but feel disappointed*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 06:24 *has continued her prattling through all of that, and nobody cares*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 06:25 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 06:25 Maybe I should prank call a company. Luke: I wouldn't do that. You should ideally keep as much data as possible.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 06:25 (Bye!)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 06:26 *an hour of sheer boredom passes by* *however, the traffic starts moving along, but it's still at a glacial pace*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 06:27  Secret message to Ga-Eun Mun  
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.3 06:30 *HAS CONTINUED TALKING*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 21:50  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.3 21:52  Secret message to Samantha  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 21:53 *has gotten the solar radio working, but even that can't blot out Ga-Eun and the boredom*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 21:54 *finally turns to Alexa* Let's do that prank call.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 21:55 *says to Luke before he can object* If we don't do this, my brain will explode and everyone will be infected by my splattered, insanity-riddled entrails.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.3 21:57 Or I'll go running out of the van screaming into the wilderness and get eaten by jackrabbits. Take your pick.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 04:16 [I'm on!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 04:17 [The last part of the 2nd mvt. of Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto no. 2 is playing on my computer...oh god, I'm almost teary...]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 04:20 [OK, mvt. 3's on. I'm good.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 04:27  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 04:28  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 04:29  Secret message to Samantha  
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 04:36 [ruby and sapphire are too precious hnnnnnn]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 04:36 (Hi!)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 04:36 (I know! It's a great piece.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 04:38 Let's just do it, because why the h*** not. *whips out her phone* Okay, which company would you like to prank call? Colgate? American Girl? Target? I'm just throwing out random suggestions.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 04:42 Ooh, do American Girl! When I sent my doll to their hospital where they fix damaged dolls, I never got it back, and I want to ask why. Completely out of context stuff is always funny.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 04:42 Preparation H.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 04:42 [Midas is totally one of my very favorite OCs... XD]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 04:43 [He does whatever he wants and says whatever he wants, and he does it with style. XD]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 04:48 Wait no, let's call Colgate. I have an idea.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 04:48 We can do American Doll right after that. I just got another idea.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 04:48 Wait, you're gonna do MULTIPLE calls...?
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 04:48 Midas, you're driving.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 04:49 I'm drinking too. *pulls out bottle of Dr. Pepper and takes a good swig*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 04:49 *quietly facepalms*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.4 04:49 Prank calls?! *is crawling forward over the seats* I wanna prank call someone!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 04:50 Not yet, young padawan. This is the major leagues. You're still in little league.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 04:50 *laughs* Christina, we're not even moving.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 04:51 *answers Ga-Eun with a smirk* Show them up for what they did.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 04:52 Okay, calling Colgate... *dials the number, then puts it on speaker*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 04:58 Alright everyone, be quiet, Alexa and I alone will do the talking!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 04:59  Secret message to Alexa  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:03 *watches the phone, eyebrows creased slightly as he brainstorms*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 05:07 *shuts herself up*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 05:08  Secret message to Midas  
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 05:09  Secret message to Midas  
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 05:10 *the phone rings a few times, then leads them to their calling options* *presses 1 for inquiries*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:11  Secret message to Alexa  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:11 [IT'S HAPPENINGGGGGGG!!!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:11 [THE SPYRO REMASTER IS HAPPENINGGGGGGG!!!!!!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:12 [OK, I'm exaggerating, but there was new evidence found that basically confirms all the rumors in my mind.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 05:12 *a bored-sounding guy soon answers* Guy: Hello, this is Ryan speaking, how may I help you.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:13 [This is a video about said evidence, and the video publisher's reaction: https://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=pH21AtnXsqE ]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:13 [I saw a forum post about the evidence before I saw the video, and when I saw the post I flung my arms in the air and waved them around and tried not to scream hysterically.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:13 [(My previous posts are mostly directed at Joan since I use her to get most of my Spyro mania off my chest. XD XP)]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:14 [CrystalFissure (the video publisher) is a huge Spyro community contributor. He is the pinnacle of what it means to be Spyro obsessed. XD XP]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:18 [I'm just sharing this because I'm excited and if I didn't share this with someone I'd freaking burst. >_< ]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:18 Yeah, Ryan, can you tell me why I found a reptile in my tube of toothpaste?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:18 *has put on a sort of Eastern accent*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 05:26 (That's awesome! I hope it actually happens, because I know how epic that would be for you.)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:28 [Yep! Unfortunately I don't have a PS4...I think I'll have to fix that if/when Activision announces the Spyro remaster.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 05:28 Ryan: Um... that wouldn't be possible. Our products are carefully packaged in a safely enclosed environment. *chuckles* Maybe you should check and see if that was actually a Crest product instead.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:29 [And they had better NOT alter the soundtrack and sound effects. Those weren't as vital to the Crash Bandicoot series--thus there aren't that many complaints about the totally remade soundtrack in the Crash remaster--but the sounds of Spyro are absolutely
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:29 iconic.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:29 I checked--I have it right here...it's Colgate.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:30 I just went to brush after lunch--I brush after all meals--and I opened the new tube of toothpaste and out comes this...lizard thing.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:31 It's rotty and icky and gooey and now I got this black stuff all over my shirt, and Imma hypochondriac, ya know?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:32 And then it fell on the floor and I slipped on it and hit my head and then my hat fell off...it was terrible, terrible!!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 05:32 (Yeah. I hadn't considered the PS4 factor. And I know they aren't ch e ap...)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 05:34 (Personally, I think a soundtrack alteration could be interesting, but if they completely butcher the original, then...)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:36 [I wouldn't mind it if they just "cleaned up" the soundtrack so it sounds better (due to the old console it's on, it doesn't sound as good when you play it on the PS1 as it does on Youtube).]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 05:36 Ryan: *can probably hear the stifled laughter in the background, but he tries to be serious and sincere because it's his job* I wish I could believe you, but I'd honestly need concrete evidence in order to reimburse you.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:37 [If they made new tracks, I'd like them to include them so long as there's a way to switch back to the old soundtrack.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:37 [Messing with the sound effects is, in a lot of cases, a big no-no. The cackling of the blue thieves, certain laughs and screams of enemies, the breaking of treasure chests...all of those sounds are iconic.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:38 Well, I can send you the reptile, but now it's this black guck, ya know, 'cause I stepped on it.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 05:38 (Yeah. Maybe they'll just tweak it. Rewriting is a long process, and it might not happen depending on the release date of this potential remaster.)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:38 *has this nasal, East coast sort of accent**he could easily be this highly insecure, little, frail middle-aged man*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:39 [Well, the video shows evidence that they could've been working on Spyro for at least 3 years.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:39 [But, at the same time, even that time frame could be small. Insomniac needed about 3 years to make the original Spyro trilogy.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:40 [And it was mentioned that Spyro games are inherently bigger and more complex than Crash ones, so the extra time was/is definitely needed.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:43 I also would have to clean its guts and stuff off my shoe...uhm...would you mind if I sent you the shoe?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:43 I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but, um, I'm a hypochondriac, you see, so I don't really want to have to touch that thing again...
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:44 And my niece, she, like, has these pet iguanas and geckos and she really loves...oh...oh god...
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:45 What...what if that lizard was hers?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:45 Oh gawwd...there is this toothpaste plant in town...um...if-if it's really hers, then her mother...my sister...oh geez, no, not again...
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:46 She'll come after me with the lobster tongs again, I'm serious, and I really...*pauses, trying not to laugh and keep up the facade*...I REALLY don't want that.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:46 Ryan, you sound nice, can you do something? Please?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:46 Ryan? Are you still there?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:47 Oh...you-you haven't got lobster tongs, have you?!
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 05:47 *is pressing her face very hard against one of the seats, her face red**if she didn't do this, her laughter would be heard loud and clear on the phone*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 05:48 Ryan: Wellll... I'm sorry about all of your problems, but I'd need to see a picture of the lizard itself in the tube of toothpaste.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 05:48 *cackles quietly*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:53 I told you, it came out of the tube and then I stepped on it and now its guts and feces and tail are all over the floor and my shoe, and my hat fell off!!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:54 I'm a hypochondriac, I don't even wanna look at it again! It gives me the heebie-jeebies...
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:54 I could try to send you the shoe, but it'd be messy...
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 05:58 Ryan: Well, you can't send it to me over the phone, so I don't think I'm much help at the moment. Send us a picture, and we'll see what we can do for you in 14 to 28 business days.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 05:59 I don't have 14 to 28 business days!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 06:00 Those were some of my only shoes!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 06:00 I want my shoe back! A-and my hat!!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 06:02 Ryan: *sounds vaguely irritated* I'm sorry, but that's the best we can do right now. Alexa: *yells* That isn't very efficient management! Ryan: *intercepted that* *is now defensive* What?
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 06:02 *butts in because she is on the edge of dissociation and wants to make a joke out of it**screams into the phone* SAVE ME FROM THE TIKI GODS!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 06:03 Sorry, um, that was my niece, she's delirious and a hypochondriac too, and, um, she has this horrible, horrible phobia of tiki gods, you see.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 06:04 *while saying "horrible, horrible phobia of tiki gods," his normal Midwestern accent came back a little as his voice cracked from the strain of not laughing*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 06:04 Ryan: *downright perplexed* What?... *is hoping that something - anything at all - will save him from the madness*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 06:10 Ryan: *responds in a deadpan way* Yes. That's very true.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 06:12 *is trying to laugh at all of this, but since the painkillers have worn off, he can't think of anything else besides the screaming pain in his wrist* *to add on to the misery, a sweltering, horrible heat has settled in the van*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 06:12 She's hysterical! Hysterical, I tell you!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 06:13 Ga...Gabrielle! Calm down, Gabrielle, calm down!
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 06:13 Nahhh, it's a prank call. Have a good day, Ryan! *walks away singing Setsuna Drive*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 06:13 There are no tiki gods stealing your underwear again, I mean it!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 06:14 *said that before Ga-Eun said it's a prank call*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 06:14 OH, AND MY NAME IS GA-EUN!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 06:14 ...-_________-
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 06:14 *hangs up*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 06:14 *sarcasm* Thanks a lot, Gabrielle.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 06:14 *despite being trapped in his personal h**l, he suffers in silence to spare everyone else the burden* *finds some medicine, downs some water, and peels off his shirt to cool down* *clumsily traps his head and arm in a t-shirt sling due to only using one
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 06:14 arm*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 06:14 Rule 1 of prank calling: You never, not EVER give away that it's a prank call.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 06:15 Sorry, I've never done this before. I'll keep that in mind.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 06:17 Ryan: *stares at the phone, then emits a long sigh* *mutters* Good God. Co-worker: Um... what was that? Ryan: *wheels back from his desk in his chair* *has his head leaned back on the edge* *about the call* Idiocy on your part does not constitute as an
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 06:17 You also put on a facade. That's why I called you Gabrielle. It'd be an itty bitty bitty bitty bit weird for a frail, insecure East coast old man--AKA me--to have a niece named Ga-Eun.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 06:17 emergency on mine.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 06:19 Well, now's your time to learn, because you'll be talking with American Girl. *dials their number* *once it's done ringing, she hits one* *but this time, they are on hold*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 06:22 *leans back a bit, thinking about what whacky crap he'll pull now*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 06:22 *some soul-s u c k ing easy listening music blares through the phone, frequently shattered by static bursts* Hm. Groovy.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 06:25 [Wait, is Midas going to get revenge on Ga-Eun? He can't blame her for not knowing! Revenge isn't the answer. She already learned her lesson, and won't do it again.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 06:25 *finally, the line is answered* *an equally as bored representative answers, but she sounds warm and maternal compared to Ryan* Rep: Hello, my name is Cindy, how may I help you today.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 06:28 Ah, hello, Cindy. In 2008, I think I was 7, my doll got her hand cut off. I sent her to your hospital, and you never sent her back.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 06:29 Cindy: Okay. *pauses so Ga-Eun can continue*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 06:31 Why was she never sent back? According to seven-year-old me, she was my son.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 06:31 [No, of course not.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 06:32 Cindy: I'm sorry about your doll. *is supportive, but nothing more* *is probably eating a bag of fudge stripes while talking* I'm not sure why she wasn't returned to you. Did you move?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 06:32 [He wouldn't dare ruin a prank call like she accidentally did, even if she was his archenemy. He holds comedy to very high esteem.]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 06:33 No. I've lived in the same house since I moved to America when I was a year old.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 06:33 [Ah, okay.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 06:34 Cindy: Your address could've been lost in our database, or it was a mistake on the return carrier's part. I'm not sure what else to say, other than I'm sorry for our inconveniences.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 06:35 Cindy: *has sort of a recriminating tone* Maybe if you or your parents had notified us when it happened, we could've sent your doll back.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 06:35 Wait...I just remembered that I sent her 10 years ago...no wonder you lost her! *awkward laughter*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 06:37 *puts the phone closer to her mouth* That's it? That's ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY?!?! You and your company have committed one of the largest offenses ever known: an infringement on childhood!!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 06:38 Cindy: I- Alexa: Don't "I" me, woman! You've stripped her childhood of magic. You've left her bereft of all the love and joy she could've experienced, just like every other girl around her!!
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 06:39 [Wait, who said that???]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 06:39 No, no, Alexa, it's fine! It's fine. I had plenty of other dolls!
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 06:39 [Nvm, I just got confused.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 06:40 *has to pause so she can try to stop laughing* Cindy: *is defensive - more so than Ryan* That wasn't my intention, was it? American Girl holds integrity to a very high standard. Alexa: *darkly* Bull(BLEEP).
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 06:42 Cindy: Sometimes mistakes happen. Alexa: A fulfilling childhood only happens once, if at all. Cindy: *laughs incredulously*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 06:43 Cindy: *referring to Ga-Eun* Would you like me to send another doll to your daughter? Alexa: If that's the best you can do, then no. Cindy: Well, then, I'm sorry...
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.4 06:44 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 06:44 *puts on best Garnet voice**her best Garnet voice is just her voice, but with a British accent* This is Garnet, back together, and I'm never going down at the hands of the likes of you because I'm so much better!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 06:44 *looks up at Ga-Eun* Any last words you'd like to share?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 06:44 (Bye!)
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 06:45 And every part of me is saying "go get 'er."
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.4 06:45 Cindy: *tries to sound as indifferent as possible* Perhaps that's true.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 06:45 The two of us ain't gonna follow your rules! Come at me without any of your fancy tools! Let's go, just me and you. Let's go, just one on two!
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 06:48 Go ahead and try and hit me if you're able~ Can't you see that my relationship is stable? I can see you hate the way we intermingle...but I think you're just mad cause you're single~!
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 06:51 You're not gonna stop what we've made together~! We are gonna stay like this forever~! If you break us apart, we'll just come back newer, and we'll always be twice the gem that you are!
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.4 06:52 I am ma-ade o-o-o-o-of lo-o-o-o-ove~! Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh~
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.5 04:14 [I'm on!]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.5 04:15 [Yes, those are song lyrics.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.5 04:17 [I could tell. XP]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.5 04:17 [I'm pretty sure I'm familiar with the art of music. XD]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.5 04:20 (Hi!)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.5 04:20 Cindy: *chuckles long and hard*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.5 04:21 Cindy: Well, thanks for singing for me, honey!
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.5 04:23 Haha, you're welcome!
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.5 04:23 [I'm on Fartlandia as well! ^.^]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.5 04:34 *says quietly so Cindy doesn't hear:* You done?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.5 04:35 Cindy: *after an awkward pause* Is there anything else I can help you with? Alexa: *speaks into the phone* No. *hangs up*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.5 04:39 Alright...
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.5 04:39 Another rule about prank calls: The purpose of a prank call is to put the person on the other end in a state of inconceivable duress.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.5 04:41 You know, sitting for excessive amounts of time can block circulation in the legs. So I've decided that it's time for a workout.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.5 04:41 Oh, and a quick thing I want to say. That is a 100% true story. My doll actually did get her hand cut off! And my doll was a boy who used she/her pronouns. Seven-year-old me was smart enough to know that some boys use she/her.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.5 04:47 ...That's disturbing, but okay.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.5 04:47 *sniggers*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.5 04:48 Anyways, Josh, can I borrow your phone? I would like to show everyone how the true masters perform a prank call.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.5 04:49 *seizes the solar-powered radio and turns the dial* *there's a static wave, and then a cheesy pop song - probably Michael Jackson's Thriller - blared through the speakers*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.5 04:50 I'm sorry about your loss. *smiles jokingly at Ga-Eun* *hands off his phone*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.5 04:52 *dials the American Girl number*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.5 04:53 *several sighs are heard throughout the van when he's put on hold and the "soul-sucking" music resumes*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.5 04:53 *finally, someone answers him (@ Joan: You can play as him/her; it's up to you if it's Cindy again or not)*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.5 04:54 *curses* Why must they play that (BLEEP). What is it, like a fusion of disco and jazz?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.5 04:55 Sales rep: Hello, my name is Gina, how may I help you today? *has a thick voice, like smog*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.5 04:56 *bounces spastically and turns up the volume* *stretches his legs against Alexa's chair*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.5 04:57 *makes his voice lower, so that he passes for a considerably older man* Hey, um, can you tell me if my daughter's doll has gotten out of the lab yet?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.5 04:58 *nudges Alexa and points back at Luke and then mimes turning a notch**is trying to tell Alexa to turn down the music*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.5 05:05 *hisses at Luke* Cut it out! *the volume is lowered*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.5 05:06 Gina? You there?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.5 05:10 Gina: Oh, you mean the doll hospital? If you haven't gotten her back yet, then she's still with us.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.5 05:15 No, no, I mean your lab in Area 51.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.5 05:16 You know, the one where you do all the experiments with alien organs.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.5 05:16 When my little girl signed her doll up for this, she really didn't know what she was doing. If the doll isn't out yet, I want a refund.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.5 05:17 I also want a guarantee that, if it comes back, it won't murder us with its tentacles or whatnot.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.5 05:17 Gina: *is kind of laughing* No. No. You mean the doll hospital.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.5 05:18 *is silently dying of laughter*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.5 05:20 No, I don't, I mean your laboratory in Area 51!
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.5 05:21 Well, this is way better than my story.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.5 05:21 Where you dissect the aliens!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.5 05:21 My brother-in-law Theodore works there, you don't have to try to cover it up.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.5 05:22 So is the doll coming back or not?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.5 05:25 And if so, can it come back in one piece without the cephalopods attached?
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.5 05:26 *is taking a sip of juice from a bottle**snorts from laughter, almost choking*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.5 05:37 Gina: I...I really don't know what you're talking about. *chuckles*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.5 05:37 Just answer my question.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.5 05:39 (I have to go now, bye!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.5 05:39 [Aw, bye!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.6 04:18 [I'm on!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.6 04:20 [Replies will be a bit slow. I'm on multiple RPs and doing calculus again.]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.6 04:33 (Hi! It's fine. Good luck with your homework!)
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.6 04:34 [WHAT HAPPENED TO PERIDOT AND LAPIS??!]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.6 04:40 Gina: *sounds amused* Maybe you should call another company for help.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.6 04:44 *says pretty loudly* Guys, if harrassing Gina, Ryan, and Cindy is something you consider entertainment, then the lives you lead must be very pitiful.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.6 04:46 [@ Joan: Thanks!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.6 04:50 SHHHH!!!
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.6 04:51 SHHHHHH!!!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.6 04:51 Okay, can you give me a number for Area 51?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.6 04:51 *covers the phone with his hand to keep Gina from hearing and turns to Luke* If you don't consider this entertainment, then the life you must lead is beyond pitiful. It's outright depressing.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.6 04:52 Oooo...
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.6 04:52 *uncovers the phone and listens for Gina's response*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.6 04:53 *nods in response to Midas' comment* Luke: *obediently but reluctantly shuts up*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.6 04:54 Gina: *definitely heard more than one voice in the background, but nothing very clear* *is trying hard to mask her obvious amusement* We don't have a number for Area 51. *is probably getting looks from her coworkers, which was the desired response*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.6 04:56 Of course you do. You have a lab there. It's part of the, uh...SCP Foundation, right?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.6 04:59 Gina: No, it's not. We are the American Girl Company, though. I'd be glad to answer any questions you have about that.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.6 04:59 (I'm starting to wonder how a sales rep would actually answer to some of these questions...)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.6 05:00 [Not my problem... XD]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.6 05:00 [That's exactly why I haven't volunteered to play as the sales rep... X'D]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.6 05:03 (Hahaha, I know. But if someone were to call and ask a similar set of questions, I seriously wonder how that would go down.)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.6 05:04 [Watch The Jerky Boys. XD]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.6 05:04 [There's your answer for you. The Jerky Boys are a pair of comedians who specialized in recording prank calls and selling these as hilarious albums.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.6 05:04 (Hahaha, okay. I'll take that recommendation up.)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.6 05:05 [They made a Jerky Boys movie that is honestly one of my favorite comedy movies ever. David Letterman loves the Jerky Boys--probably because he liked to pull similar, whacky stunts.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.6 05:05 [I personally recommend watching the movie. I think the actual albums have more adult content than the movie--that isn't necessarily a bad thing, as adult jokes can be funny as h**l sometimes, but better safe than sorry.]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.6 05:06 *forgot to mention that ga-eun has resumed talking, just under her breath*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.6 05:07 *the traffic starts moving forward just a little*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.6 05:08 (Okay, I'll have to look into that! Anyways, I have to go now! I'll see you guys tomorrow!)
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.6 05:09 [I have to leave, too.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.6 05:23 [Aw, bye!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 04:22 [I'm here!]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.7 04:26 [Just...Pearl wearing a tuxedo.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 04:29 [Meet me on Fartlandia! Corona has to go super soon; let's get in some RPing while we can!]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.7 04:32 (Hi! )
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 04:34 [Hey!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 04:44 [Let's RP!]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.7 04:45 (Sorry for disappearing; I was doing something.)
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.7 04:49 [So how does a fantasy-romance about a teenager who falls in love with the person they see in their dreams every night sound?]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.7 04:51 *Midas keeps asking for the Area 51 number, which Gina fails to give every time* *at one point, though, she concedes* Gina: Okay, I might be able to hook up to another line that can answer your questions about Area 51... one sec.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.7 04:52 *then, the line goes dead*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.7 04:53 *one of the things she said to herself sends her into deep thought...which makes her forget to keep talking*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.7 04:53 (Well, I think you'd have to do some worldbuilding in order to avoid as many cliches as possible.)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.7 04:53 (Just being honest. Romance is kind of a tricky genre in that sense.)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.7 04:54 Alexa: She friggin' hung up on us. Josh: *laughing* Oh man, she just disowned you.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 04:57 She's got a better BS detector than the rest of them, I'll give her that.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 04:57 [I know one thing: Unless your writing is fantastic, avoid. Love. Triangles. Just...no. There's way too many out there.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 04:58 [I don't mind love...erm...octagonals in comedies/farces. They can prove to be hilarious if the farce is played out quite cleverly. But love triangles have been overdone.]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.7 04:59 [I wasn't going to write a love triangle. She sees one girl in her dreams for weeks on end, and is trying to save her and bring her to life, and falls in love with her in the process.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 04:59 [There are plenty of good love triangles out there. I just feel like everyone who dives into romance stories is like "And now, for extra drama-ness, there's a second person the main character must choose!! Dun dun dunnn!!"]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.7 05:01 Alexa: How about another one? Luke: No. You guys really need to exercise. Get some blood flowing, for God's sake. Stretch your legs, wiggle your toes! Alexa: ...no. Luke: *mutters* Sorry for the suggestion. Sorry for trying to improve your health.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:01 [Hm...okay. There have been person-tries-to-bring-inanimate/imaginary-lover-to-life stories. This kind of thing was even seen in Greek mythology--there's a myth where a guy makes a statue of a beautiful woman and falls in love with it/her. He prays for
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:01 the gods to bring her to life, and they ultimately do.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:02 [I would recommend investigating that kind of genre and seeing what the dos and don'ts are.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:02 (Yeah. You could probably do a spin on that myth. A lot of stories do that.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:03 *kind of laughs* That's not what I meant, Luke. Luke: *rolls his eyes* *is actually mad* Obviously I'm too much of an inconvenience for you to mean that.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:03 [I personally would change the heck out of the ending. I mean, s***w that self-absorption crap--I'd turn it into a lesson about how one must ultimately face reality.]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.7 05:04 [No, it has nothing to do with mythology! Absolutely nothing!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:04 [There's absolutely nothing wrong with having something linked with mythology.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:04 *is no longer laughing* *chews on her lip, trying to think of something to say*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:05 [In fact, at this rate, it's extremely hard not to find something that isn't at least remotely linked to myth.]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.7 05:05 [And I should've said "bring her back to life". And what's wrong with self-indulgence??! It's love!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:05 [Our language alone is full of stuff from the myths of the Romans and Greeks.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:05 (Right. A modern spin doesn't have to follow it verbatim - it can just share a few elements.)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:05 [Ever heard of Narcissus?]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:07 [That's one issue with self-absorption right there. XD XP OK, narcissism is a different kind of love, but that is one issue with excessive self-indulgence.]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.7 05:07 [But...there's nothing more powerful than love. There's a girl trapped in another girl's mind. She needs to be saved. And love is what saves her.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:08 You're not an inconvenience. I mean, you equipped this entire van with the supplies necessary to survive. You've kept us relatively informed about everything and anything. It's just that... don't take this personally, but, you can be a little annoying
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:08 sometimes.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:08 [Whether or not the love is justified depends on whether the girl in the other girl's dreams is real or not.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:08 [If the girl is real and is actually a sentient being trapped in the mind of another girl, then okay--that's justified.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:09 Luke: *tries to speak* Alexa: *cuts him off* I love that you're looking out for us, and I love you for that, but not everyone wants to wiggle their (BLEEP) toes.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:09 [If the girl is nothing but a figment of the dreamer's imagination, completely made up by the dreaming girl, then it's going to be a tragic tale in which the girl battles having to face reality.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:10 [The dreaming girl would be just as well off being in love with an inanimate object if the latter is the case.]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.7 05:11 *leans against the window, gazing outside* You think everyone's annoying.
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.7 05:11 [I might be watching too much Steven Universe, but love will always come out on top. If my father disapproves of my future girlfriend, I'll give him the bird. I already stopped loving him. I'll love my girlfriend more.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:11 [I don't know whether or not the girl inside the dreams is real or not; I assumed at first that she wasn't.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.7 05:12 I wanna wiggle my toes. *takes off shoes and puts feet up on dashboard**wiggles toes excessively*
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.7 05:13 [The girl was real. She'll be real again.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.7 05:14 [I'd say that the former case--the girl being real--is the lighter and more fantasy-oriented path to go down. The latter case is much more realistic and dark.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.7 05:15 [Okie dokie. I think I got confused because I, personally, would've chosen the latter case if I were to write a story like that.]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.7 05:15 *feels bad for Luke of course, but he's trying in vain to stifle a laugh*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.7 05:15 [Also, just curious...how is the girl not real even if she's in another person's dreams?]
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.7 05:16 [I'm not going down either path. You know what, I don't need your input. You know what??! After all of the ableist, transphobic things you've said, I don't even consider you a friend anymore!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.7 05:16 [It's sort of like Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Harry is somewhere in between life and death with Dumbledore. He asks Dumbledore "Is this real, or has this been all in my head?" Dumbledore replies "This has all been in your head, but that doesn't
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.7 05:16 mean it isn't real."]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.7 05:16 *isn't humored* *continues to stare out the window blankly*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.7 05:17  Secret message to Samantha  
9>Ga-Eun Mun (Teen Fugitive), 17yo.2018,Mar.7 05:18 [It's over, Brünnhilde!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.7 05:22 So...who we gonna call next?
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.7 05:23 Ghostbusters!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.7 05:23 I'd love to, but there is one unfortunate drawback: They don't exist.
1>Samantha (Runaway), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:25  Secret message to Midas  
1>Samantha (Runaway), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:26  Secret message to Midas  
1>Samantha (Runaway), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:27  Secret message to Midas  
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:28  Secret message to Midas  
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:29 *sounds pretty glum* Let's just stop for a while.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.7 05:29  Secret message to Samantha  
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:30 -LATER-
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.7 05:30  Secret message to Samantha  
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:31 *like a champion, Midas has survived the traffic and driven through the night* *at nearly 1 am, they are approaching the outskirts of Vegas*
1>Samantha (Runaway), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:33  Secret message to Midas  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.7 05:35  Secret message to Samantha  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.7 05:36  Secret message to Samantha  
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:37  Secret message to Midas  
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:38 *is only staying awake because she's eating a bag of lime chips* *eats them slowly and zombie-like*
1>Samantha (Runaway), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:40  Secret message to Midas  
1>Samantha (Runaway), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:42  Secret message to Midas  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.7 05:43 [@ Felicity: Gee, you really know how to hurt a person.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.7 05:43  Secret message to Samantha  
1>Samantha (Runaway), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:44  Secret message to Midas  
1>Samantha (Runaway), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:45  Secret message to Midas  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.7 05:45  Secret message to Samantha  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.7 05:46  Secret message to Samantha  
1>Samantha (Runaway), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:47  Secret message to Midas  
1>Samantha (Runaway), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:49  Secret message to Midas  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.7 05:49  Secret message to Samantha  
1>Samantha (Runaway), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:52  Secret message to Midas  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.7 05:52 *is humming to help keep himself alert*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.7 05:53 *suddenly...* Red light city gonna set my soul, gonna set my soouul on fire...
1>Samantha (Runaway), 18yo.2018,Mar.7 05:53  Secret message to Midas  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.7 05:54 [True story: When I was 2-3 years old, I was in a plane landing in Vegas (we were visiting relatives) and I started singing that Elvis song.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.7 05:55  Secret message to Samantha  
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.7 05:55 *is fast asleep**Christina is kind of half-asleep*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.7 05:55 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.8 04:26 [I'm online!]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.8 04:29 (Hi!)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.8 04:30 *Midas' singing pushes her out of her trance* *looks around nonchalantly* Where are we?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.8 04:31 *digs around in the bag of chips* What time is it?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.8 04:33 (Haha, that's pretty funny.)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.8 04:40 [Hey! Sorry about disappearing.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.8 04:40 [Indeed; people all over the plane started cracking up. :D]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.8 04:41 Mornin'.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.8 04:41 It's 3 o'clock.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.8 04:41 *1 o'clock.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.8 04:45 Oh. It's late.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.8 04:45 We're in Vegas, baby!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.8 04:46 Wait, really? *looks out the window* Josh: Yeah. Alexa: We're almost there... Josh: We're basically here. Alexa: No, I meant California.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.8 04:47 *wakes up at the word "California"* We in California??
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.8 04:47 Vivaaa Las Vegas... Christina: Nevermind...
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.8 04:48 [Crap, I meant "Bright light city" above, not "Red light city." I haven't heard that song in years, though, sooo...]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.8 04:48 *admires the Vegas Strip from afar, which is twinkling with a myriad of muticolored lights* I'd definitely get married in Vegas.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.8 04:49 *sounds heavily disenchanted* Oh, so you're one of those people.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.8 04:49 (Hey, it was pretty accurate for the most part.)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.8 04:50  Secret message to Alexa  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.8 04:50 [Yup...]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.8 04:52  Secret message to Midas  
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.8 04:52 *entertains Josh's idea anyways* Okay. Who would you get married to?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.8 04:56 You mean "what". I'd probably marry sushi - specifically Kroger brand sushi - at The Mirage. It'll be glamorous. You're all invited when the day draws nearer.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.8 04:57 OF COURSE you'd marry food in Vegas...
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.8 05:01 Thanks for the invitation, but frankly, I have no desire to travel to Vegas. All it is is a superficial metropolis tailor-made to the materialistic needs of flabby, leather-skinned Florida retirees.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.8 05:04 [Sorry about the slow replies. I'm watching the Muddy Heights video still. X'D]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.8 05:05 If it makes you feel any better, I fully support your opinion. Alexa: *turns around to face Luke* Right? Is it just me, or is Vegas a... a garbage dump of knockoff landmarks, light pollution, fake palm trees, and chlorine?
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.8 05:07 Well, those palm trees might actually be real, but I agree. I'm surprised you left out the casinos, or rather, wasted money.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.8 05:07 (Haha, no problem.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.8 05:09 Well, yeah. That's obviously the base of the garbage dump.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.8 05:09 [OK, now I'm watching the Muddy Heights 2 video. >XD]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.8 05:10 It sounds like a fabulous garbage dump. Alexa: Josh, no one garbage dump can be considered fabulous.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.8 05:11 *feigns a pout while Alexa rambles on about her metaphor* Thanks for crushing my hopes and dreams. Alexa: Some dreams need to die at some point.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.8 05:12 (I have to go now, bye!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.8 05:12 [Aw, bye!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.9 04:17 [I'm on!]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.9 04:25 (Hi!)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.9 04:29 [Heya! Let's RP!]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.9 04:37 (Ok! Hold on, I'll be right back.)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.9 04:40 [Okie dokie.]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.9 04:43 (Ok, I'm back.)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.9 04:47 *looks out the window* Well, at least I got to get close to it tonight.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.9 04:47 Yeah. Everything works out for a reason. I mean, hey - three weeks ago, you probably weren't even expecting to be in Vegas.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.9 04:50 Yeah. Crazy how things work out. I can't really believe I'm this far away from home, honestly. It kinda feels forbidden, but I like it. *pauses in reflection* *suddenly, the van swerves* *nearly crashes against the side door*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.9 04:51 WHAT THE- *her eyes land on a zombiefied Midas at the wheel* Oh no. He is NOT OKAY. SOMEBODY STOP HIM!!
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.9 04:53 HIGHWAY HYPNOSIS! HIGHWAY HYPNOSIS! CODE RED! *rifles through one of his plastic bins until he unearths a 5 Hour Energy* *pops off the cap*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.9 04:53 [Replies will be slow. I'm multitasking.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.9 04:54 *screams*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.9 04:54 *wakes up abruptly and gasps*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.9 04:54 *sort of facepalms at Luke's outburst* *despite it being the wee hours of the morning, traffic is steady, and people are getting p***ed* *one car violently passes them, honking in the process*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.9 04:54 *hangs on with his life as the van slowly careens towards the right lane*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.9 04:55 *stumbles past armrests and general crap in order to deliver the "Elixir of Life" to Midas*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.9 04:58 *sort of went into a state of half-sleep*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.9 04:58 *wakes up from the people screaming and pulls over rapidly*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.9 04:58 No no no... *pushes away at the "Elixir of Life"* I shouldn't drive anymore...I'm too tired...
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.9 04:59 Someone switch with me...
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.9 05:00 *nosedives between the passenger and driver's seats* *5 Hour Energy splatters everywhere*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.9 05:01 *rises, shoving his glasses up his nose clumsily* Sorry, sorry, I'm okay... *grumbles* So much for that.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.9 05:02 I think we should stop for the night. We can finish our drive by tomorrow, with time to spare.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.9 05:02 Just pull over, and I'll take over.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.9 05:03 *Midas abides* *takes the wheel and drives to the nearest rest stop, which isn't very close* *it's probably pretty close to the California border*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.9 05:03 (Alright, I have to go now. I won't be on Friday or Saturday, but I'll be back Sunday. See you soon, and have a good weekend!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.9 05:05 [Aw, bye!]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.12 03:19 *the rest stop is mostly vacant, save for a few semi trucks parked across the vast st r i p of parking spaces* *turns into a parking space closest to the exit and cuts the engine*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.12 03:20 [Heya!]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.12 03:29 (Hi!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.12 03:29 *is fast asleep**so is Christina**Red is too awake and jumpy to be able to sleep, let alone sit still at this point*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.12 03:30 *yawns* Well, I take it we're sleeping in the car. *pulls out his own sleeping bag and curls up against the window* Goodnight, everyone.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.12 03:31 *the van lights fade* *punches them back on* *fidgets, on high alert*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.12 03:32 *is wide awake, despite efforts to settle in* *notices Alexa jumping in his peripheral vision* You okay? Alexa: Yeah. Just a moth. A freakin' huge one.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.12 03:35 Okay. Well, just lean the seat back and try to sleep.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.12 03:35 Um, I don't think that's a moth.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.12 03:36 *snores**mutters something that sounds horribly like "It'll crawl in your brain if you do that"**goes back to snoring*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.12 03:38 What is it?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.12 03:38 *tentatively turns on her flashlight, only to shriek and find herself paralyzed in fear moments later* *planted on the windshield is an obscene, beastly fly, with an ebony body and wings*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.12 03:38 Holy (BLEEP), what the h*** is that?!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.12 03:39 IT LOOKS LIKE THE (BLEEP) GRIM REAPER!!
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.12 03:41 *speaks calmly* According to my resources, that is a Mydas fly. It's native to Nevada, and rarely reaches adulthood in its lifespan, so what you're seeing is rare.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.12 03:42 *abruptly stops snoring and looks around drowsily* Imma fly?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.12 03:42 *spots the fly* AW NO!!!!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.12 03:43 [You chose to have this happen based on my character's name, didn't you? XD]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.12 03:43 (Yeah, of course!)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.12 03:43 *wakes up, sees the fly, and screams a little*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.12 03:43 *smiles a little* You're a fly, alright.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.12 03:43 [Of course. XD]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.12 03:44 Why THAT fly?!?!?!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.12 03:44 Why couldn't I be a dung beetle?!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.12 03:44 I'm already accustomed to dealing with what dung beetles roll around on a daily basis! Why can't I be that?!
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.12 03:45 Windshield wipers!!
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.12 03:45 Don't!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.12 03:45 *growls* Get off my car, ya little (BLEEP). *fires up the van, and gets the windshield wipers swiping* *the living representation of Death itself is immedietly flung over the rest stop roof, and then some*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.12 03:46 *settles back in her seat*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.12 03:47 Are you good now?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.12 03:54 You...
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.12 03:54 You killed me.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.12 03:54 *it takes her about 10 seconds to process this due to the grogginess**then she starts laughing uncontrollably*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.12 03:56 *huffs a little, sounding mostly unapologetic* Sorry. I just have a thing against huge-(BLEEP) flies. And rest stops.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.12 03:59 *smirks at Midas' reaction* Well that wasn't a very loving thing for you to do. Appreciation at its finest.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.12 04:00 I'm just freaked out, okay? I hate rest stops... *glances at a fairly innocuous yet hulking silhouette of a semi truck* Luke: Why? Alexa: This one time, me and my family went on a trip to Florida to visit my grandparents. We stopped at a rest area
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.12 04:01 somewhere in North Carolina, at night. And there was this guy lurking in the woods nearby: long, ratty hair, baggy clothes... he was tall. That's all I can remember.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.12 04:02 When we were getting back in our car, he was walking toward us. He had this weird gait. I'll never forget it, and it'll never stop haunting me.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.12 04:03 ....wow. Are you sure he wasn't Bigfoot? Alexa: No. Pretty sure he was a cross between hobo and serial killer. Or fresh outta the psych ward.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.12 04:05 So, I'm just kind of scared, because there are windows everywhere. If something shows up, it'll be point blank. There's no way to block it out. Also, I'm not particularly fond of murderous-looking insects, either.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.12 04:06 Well, you're in luck. I don't think they'll be able to get in, just as long as the windows are sealed.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.12 04:09 Okay. *reclines her seat, which is possibly on the verge of crushing Midas, and stares up at the fuzzy ceiling* *says quietly* Sorry for killing you, Midas.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.12 04:09 (I have to go now, bye! I'm sending my drawing of Connor after I leave, so look out for it! I hope you have an awesome trip!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.12 04:10 You've seen horror movies. There are some things that windows can't block.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.12 04:10 [Aw, bye! Alright, I'll watch for the drawing! Thanks!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.12 04:10 *sneaks his hand behind Alexa's head and starts to tickle the back of her neck very lightly*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.13 04:03 *screams, almost jumping out of her chair* *hysterically combs her hair to get any sort of critter out of it, until she feels Midas' fingers* Hey!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.13 04:04 *Midas snickers* *whines* Cut it out... Midas: Okay, okay. *at approximately 3 am, the van goes silent*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.13 04:04 -LATER-
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.13 04:08 *three hours later, everyone is knocked out from sleep* *at one point, she thinks she hears the door opening, but she can't differentiate that from the dream she's having (which involves recklessly driving through Vegas with Ryan from Colgate)*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.13 04:10 *definitely heard the van door opening, although he was too passed out to see what happened* *now that the pain in his wrist has reached its typical dull, morning intensity, he's slowly starting to wake up*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.13 04:18 *sluggishly twists open the bottle of painkillers, wincing a little* *swallows his medication with a bottle of water* *tries not to let the plastic crinkle too loudly* *surveys the van, from back to front*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.13 04:22 *Luke is awkwardly burrowed against the window, hidden behind a barricade of supplies* *Ga-Eun appears to be sleeping sitting up, and apparently forgot to take her headphones off* *can hear a tinny rock song streaming from them*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.13 04:23 *Alexa is dead to the world, her tongue lolling from the corner of her mouth like a lazy dog* *can't really see Christina, since she's in front of him* *and Midas? Well, he's nowhere to be seen*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.13 04:25 *is struck with nauseating alarm* *looks out the window - virtually no one is in the parking lot, and one of the two semi trucks has disappeared* *is slightly more panicked than before* *leans forward and gently pokes the back of Christina's neck*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.13 04:25 Christina? Hey, Christina?
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.13 21:20 *jerks forward a bit* Mm...what... *blinks her eyes open groggily and turns her head to the right, but not enough to see Josh (she's too tired/lazy to twist around fully)*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.20 16:12 [I'm back in the US! :D I'll be online tonight (Tuesday night)!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.21 03:41 [I'm on! Sorry I'm so late; I was watching a very entertaining Fred Astaire movie. ^.^ It's called The Band Wagon; I recommend it.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.21 04:21 [Hello?]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.21 04:38 [Guess you're not here...see you around!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.21 05:25  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.21 05:26  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.21 05:28  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.21 05:29  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.21 05:29  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.21 05:30  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.21 05:31  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.21 05:32  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.21 05:32  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.21 05:33  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.21 05:34  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.21 05:34  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.21 05:37  Secret message to Samantha  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.22 03:24 [I'm on!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.22 03:40 [Still around...]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.22 04:07  Secret message to Samantha  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.24 03:23 [I'm here again!]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.24 15:51 (Hi! I hope you had a great trip! Sorry I haven't been online for a while. I have an audition coming up on Monday, which has kind of been worrying me, as well as taking up a lot of my time.)
1>Samantha (Runaway), 18yo.2018,Mar.24 16:17  Secret message to Christina  
1>Samantha (Runaway), 18yo.2018,Mar.24 16:27  Secret message to Christina  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.24 17:22 [No, it's fine! I've had a not-so-great quiz and an exam is coming up next week, so I can understand your stress to some extent. (My musician friend told me once, however, that music stress is even worse than pre-chess tournament stress, so I guess I'd
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.24 17:22 only be able to truly connect if I had a big chess tournament coming up. XP)]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.24 17:31  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.24 17:44  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.24 17:45  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.24 17:46  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.24 17:46  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.24 17:46  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.24 17:47  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.24 17:48  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.24 17:48  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.24 17:49  Secret message to Samantha  
1>Samantha (Runaway), 18yo.2018,Mar.25 04:00  Secret message to Christina  
1>Samantha (Runaway), 18yo.2018,Mar.25 04:00  Secret message to Christina  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.25 04:02  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.25 04:02  Secret message to Samantha  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.25 04:05 (Yeah...I'm sorry about your quiz, and good luck on the test. Music and chess are two very competitive things, so I'm sure your stress is tandem to mine when you have a tournament coming up.)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.25 04:06 (By the way, hi!)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.25 04:07 *stumbles over his words, barely awake* Hey...got any idea where Midas is? Because he's not here.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.25 04:07  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.25 04:07  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.25 04:08  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.25 04:08 No.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.25 04:08  Secret message to Samantha  
1>Samantha (Runaway), 18yo.2018,Mar.25 04:09  Secret message to Christina  
1>Samantha (Runaway), 18yo.2018,Mar.25 04:10  Secret message to Christina  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.25 04:11  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.25 04:11  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.25 04:13  Secret message to Samantha  
1>Samantha (Runaway), 18yo.2018,Mar.25 04:19  Secret message to Christina  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.25 04:21  Secret message to Samantha  
1>Samantha (Runaway), 18yo.2018,Mar.25 04:24  Secret message to Christina  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.25 04:27  Secret message to Samantha  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.25 04:28  Secret message to Samantha  
1>Samantha (Runaway), 18yo.2018,Mar.25 04:41  Secret message to Christina  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.25 04:48  Secret message to Samantha  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.25 16:52 [Hey Joan! Just so you know, I felt the ball was too short (RaeAnna's Christmas party was considerably longer despite lasting one night--namely, because everyone stayed on far longer), so I decided to have it continue Sunday night. I know you probably
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.25 16:53 can't come on, as you need to prepare for the audition and all, but if there's a change in plans and you manage to come on, then join us at the ball again! :) Also, good luck with your audition!]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.26 21:10 [Hey again Joan!! Good news--the party is still going (RaeAnna convinced me to extend it another night; it is Spring Break themed, so having it last more than one day makes some sense). Join us there tonight!]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.26 21:10 [Also, let me know how your audition went! :D]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.27 01:02 (Hi! That's awesome; thanks for letting me know! And thanks for wishing me luck on my audition! It went well. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it tonight - I have a lot of homework that I have to finish. Do you think you could put it on pause? If
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.27 01:02 not, that's totally fine. I'll see you soon!)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.27 04:19 [Hm...I probably can't put it on pause unless RaeAnna and Caprial don't make it there. Sorry. :P]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.27 04:20 [Also, it's fine; I have a lot of work to do myself. Good luck with your homework as well, and I'm glad the audition went well!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 04:26 [Here! Sorry I'm late, I was watching a movie.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 04:27 [The ball is now over, though you can feel free to read what happened next. Some of it was quite amusing.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 04:28 [Did you read the rules? If so, did you enjoy rule 7 and its "subsections?" You probably don't know who Eloise is, sooo...she
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 04:29 *she's a spider-monkeyish (in body shape) mad scientist who I play as on one of Caprial's RPs. She's absolutely off-the-walls insane, and also an absolute genius when it comes to biology. She was at Blitz's 2nd Christmas OC party and was one of the
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 04:29 "primary combatants" in the massive food fight there.]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.28 04:31 (Hi!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 04:32 [Hey!]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.28 04:33 (Aww...that's completely fine, though. I'll admit that I just skimmed over the rules. Some of them were pretty amusing(like the Eloise part), but since I'm not really sure who she is, I didn't really get it.)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 04:34 [Yeah, it was kind of an in-joke, though you should be able to understand it now.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 04:35 [Also, sorry about not having you with us these past 2 nights. Darn that audition... XP]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 04:35 [Then again, you did well, so maybe not darn that audition. XD XP]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 04:36 [Also, you probably don't quite understand what all the Ravens were about. XD XP Well, Blitz has a clan of quite powerful, elite beings called Ravens who live in a Rift in the multiverse.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 04:37 [As you might be able to guess, one of their forms is that of a raven. However, they can shapeshift. Namely, the first Raven, Corvis, can become any living being he wants. His descendants (with the exception of Cassius, who has perhaps even more powerful
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.28 04:37 (Haha, yeah. Anything to make sure I was prepared, though. I also had some homework I didn't see coming, which included finding every simple, compound, and complex sentence in an inaugural speech - and then some. By then, I knew my fate had been sealed.)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 04:37 --or at least varied--shapeshifting powers than Corvis) can only turn into what their non-Raven parent is, however. Most of them can turn into humans.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 04:38 [Oh god no.]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.28 04:40 (Yeah, I was sort of wondering about them. Cool!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 04:44 [Anyways, the Ravens also happen to love destroying civilizations. Most of them like using manipulation and deception. Corvis--the odd one of the bunch, but also perhaps the most relateable one (to normal people, that is, since he has some moral
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 04:44 standards...kinda sorta maybe...)--prefers more direct methods.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 04:46 [Saxon's the exception. He's the rogue of the group who refused to live the way they do, and prefers a more normal, human-ish life.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 04:47 [Strangely though, I'm not sure whether my favorite Raven is Corvis or Saxon. Corvis is definitely a ba***rd, but he has style. XD XP]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 04:47 [Just curious: What music have you been listening to lately?]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.28 04:51 (Hahahaha, yeah. As for your question, I guess it can vary: I've been listening to different kinds of classical, and I've started getting back into jazz lately. What about you?)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 04:52 [Eh, the usual...classical, opera, Spyro. But I've noticed my classical has shifted. I tend to listen to either piano or dark chamber music.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 04:52 [Regarding piano, I listen to Chopin (mostly polonaises) or even a bit of Rhapsody in Blue here and there. Regarding chamber music, I listen to Death and the Maiden.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 04:53 [I think the latter is due to the fact that I've had a story idea bouncing around in my head for the past few weeks (admittedly, it's kind of based on Corvis--well, the villain is inspired by him, anyway).]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 04:54 [It involves a young female protagonist facing off against what basically amounts to an Eldritch Abomination taking on the form of a man.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 04:54 [The theme of that Schubert music matches my story, I suppose.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 04:54 [Mind if I recommend another Spyro soundtrack? I'm not sure if I've had you listen to the one I have in mind yet. It's truly bad[BLEEP].]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:01 [I'm listening to Rubinstein play the Tragic Polonaise by Chopin, BTW. ^.^ It's my favorite one. The Heroica is my close second favorite.]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.28 05:01 (Those are great! I've been listening to a lot of solo works myself. Isn't Death and the Maiden a string quartet? I've been listening to those a lot as well. Although it's not a string quartet (it's a string orchestra), I've been really liking Grieg's
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.28 05:01 Holberg Suite lately.)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.28 05:02 (Your story idea sounds intriguing - I think you should go for it. And sure, I'll try to listen to it soon.)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:03 [You want to hear more about the story idea? ^.^]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:04 [Hm...I might've heard the Holberg Suite. If so, though, it has been a long time since I did. And yes, Death and the Maiden is a string quartet.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:04 [I like dark, intense music, and Death and the Maiden is even REALLY dark for me. XD O.o]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:04 [It's still magnificent, though.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:05 [Here's the soundtrack! It's for the first boss of Spyro 1, Toasty. https://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=f4IbvdqyNcQ It's only 3-4 minutes long (I know it says 5-something-or-other, but there's quite a bit of silence after it ends; the video thus kind of
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:06 needs editing/cutting on the end), and there's no video (apart from a pic of the cover art of the game), so you can just turn it on in another tab and listen while RPing if you want.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:06 [It's one of the more intense and dark soundtracks, but as I said, it's freakin' bad[BLEEP]. XD >:D]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.28 05:08 (Thanks!)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.28 05:08 (About your story idea: for sure!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:11 [Here's some screenshots from Toasty's level to give you a "feel" for it: ht tp://w ww.mobygames.com/images/shots/l/26485-spyro-the-dragon-playstation-screenshot-gazing-at-the-beautiful.jpg ]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:11 [https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/thumb/4/42/Spyro_ingame_psx.jpg/220px-Spyro_ingame_psx.jpg]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:12 [And here's the eponymous Toasty himself...in his disguise: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/spyro/images/8/88/Toasty.JPG/revision/latest?cb=20090427152432 ]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:12 [You might wonder why I said disguise. Well, here's the truth...]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:12 [He's a sheep on stilts.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:13 [That is not a joke. Once you flame him enough times, his disguise burns away, and he's a sheep on stilts. Look: https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQDE5RFGJa0LifPkEoBB46SDJ4eZ5XKdVFHmHvZsK-yaMpTVIiL ]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:14 [Anyyyways...regarding the story... XD]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.28 05:14 (Hahaha, well that's interesting. Thanks for the links! I have to go now - spring break isn't exactly on for me - but I'll be able to stay on a little later starting tomorrow, I think. See you then!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:15 [Oh, I forgot to mention: The gray thing lying in front of Toasty in the first pic is a sleeping dog, a common enemy in his level. They're ironically much more dangerous than Toasty himself and can be a big pain in the butt for beginning players.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:15 [Aw, dang it. Bye!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:17  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:18  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:19  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:19  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:20  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:21  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:21  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:22  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:23  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:24  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:24  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:25  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:25  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:26  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:27  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.28 05:28  Secret message to Josh  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.29 04:28 [I'm here!]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 04:29 (Hey! My Internet is being SUPER slow, so I'm not sure how long I'll be able to stay online.)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 04:36 [Hey! Dang it, alright...]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 04:36  Secret message to Midas  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 04:39  Secret message to Midas  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 04:40  Secret message to Midas  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 04:40  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 04:41  Secret message to Josh  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 04:42  Secret message to Midas  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 04:42  Secret message to Josh  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 04:42  Secret message to Midas  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 04:43  Secret message to Josh  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 04:44  Secret message to Midas  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 04:45  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 04:46  Secret message to Josh  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 04:46  Secret message to Midas  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 04:47  Secret message to Midas  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 04:47  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 04:47  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 04:49  Secret message to Josh  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 04:49 *says partially to Christina, partially to himself* I don't know where Midas is, so I'm gonna look for him. You can come with me if you want. *slowly and carefully opens the van door* *stumbles towards the restrooms*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 04:50  Secret message to Josh  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.29 04:51 Yeh, okay... *dozes off again instantly*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 04:52  Secret message to Josh  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 04:52  Secret message to Midas  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 04:57  Secret message to Midas  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 05:00  Secret message to Midas  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 05:02  Secret message to Josh  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 05:02 *pushes the door open with his hip and walks inside* *briefly browses the vending machine upon entering* *is reminded of how much he'd give for a Pop Tart, except he has no money on hand*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 05:02  Secret message to Josh  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 05:03  Secret message to Midas  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 05:04  Secret message to Midas  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 05:04  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 05:04  Secret message to Josh  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 05:06 *shuffles into the bathroom* *the air is tinged with the acrid smell of flatulence - specifically, with familiar notes of chocolate chip pancakes* *backs away* *is surprisingly still alive, sans hazmat suit*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 05:08 *a fart rips out like a tugboat letting off steam, confirming the source* *coughs a little* Midas?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 05:08 [X'D Oh gooood...]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 05:08 *replies with a fart*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 05:11  Secret message to Midas  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 05:13 *presses a hand over his nose* *is mildly concerned* *says in a muffled voice* Is everything okay in there?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 05:13 How long have you even been in here?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 05:18 ...I hate the god-forsaken world. *toooooooooot*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 05:18 And geez, what did you eat last night?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 05:21 *the odor becomes stronger after that long fart* *mutters "god" and leans around the side of the door to take a breather*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 05:23 Look... I can't take it in here anymore. I'm guessing you'll be out soon, but I just wanted to make sure you were still alive. *shifts, unsure of how to leave* *finally says "have a nice (BLEEP)!" and flees that gassy domain*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 05:24 Thanks!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 05:24 [In retrospect, that was a very strange scene. XD]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 05:24 [I loved it though.]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 05:25 (Hahaha, yeah.)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 05:25 [Sooo...time skip?]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 05:27 *deeply inhales the fresh air after pushing through the doors* *jogs back to the van* *everyone is still asleep, and he's still a little worried about leaving Midas in that bathroom* *thinks about telling Alexa and Christina, but he contemplates so much
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 05:27 that he falls asleep*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 05:27 (Yeah.)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 05:28 [No Josh, no, don't ever share that bizarre and traumatizing experience with them. Ever. XD]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.29 05:29 *wakes up a few hours later* *it is late afternoon, and some cars are starting to roll in* *has to use the bathroom, and conveniently enough, the rest stop is but a stone's throw away*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.29 05:30 (Hahaha, we'll see about that...)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.29 05:31 *feels the urge to announce this to the entire van* *is surprised when nobody answers, so she turns around to see what's up* *besides the fact that everyone is sleeping, Midas is still gone*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.29 05:31 Um, where is Midas?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 05:34 *suddenly wakes up* What? Alexa: Midas is gone. Where is he? Josh: He's still gone? *stares ahead before slowly exiting the van* *wanders towards the restrooms as if something intangible is beckoning him there*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.29 05:34 *wakes up a little* Wha?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 05:34 *snoring is heard in one of the stalls*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.29 05:35 *looks at Christina, reflecting her confusion* Huh? *leaps out of the van and follows Josh*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.29 05:36 (Hahahahaha, oh my.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.29 05:37 *catches up with Josh* What's going on? Josh: *sighs, finally revealing all* I don't know. Midas has like, diarrhea or something. He's been in the bathroom all night. Alexa: *grimaces* God.. poor thing.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 05:39 Yeah. I know. *tentatively follows a man inside* *cringes when the guy heads towards the men's bathroom* *mutters* Don't go in, don't go in, good god don't go in...*the guy gives him a look, then continues on inside*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 05:40 *snores very loudly at that exact moment*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.29 05:41 What? Josh: Oh my God, can't you smell it? Alexa: *confused* No... *pauses* I'm going to see if he's okay. Josh: You shouldn't. Alexa: Why? Josh: *laughs a little* Well, I mean, obviously.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.29 05:43 Alexa: *is wholly indifferent* I do this all the time. Josh: Since when? Alexa: I used the men's bathroom a few times while shopping with my grandma at Joann's. It was a very liberating experience.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 05:43 *tooooooot**snorrrrrre*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.29 05:44 Josh: Well, of course! What guy goes shopping at Joann's? Alexa: I don't know, but whatever. I'm going in.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.29 05:45 *walks inside* *the odor has definitely subsided* *is greeted by a toot/snore combo* Midas? Everything alright? *possibly embarrasses the crap out of Midas, and startles the h*ll out of the guy*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 05:46 *wakes up* Huh wha bleh? *fart*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 05:46 *jumps to his feet* OCELOTS ARE ATTACKING MY A**!!!!!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.29 05:46 *there is another abrupt snore* *mutters* Did he seriously fall asleep on the toilet? Guy: ......
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.29 05:47 What?! *meanwhile, the guy in the stall goes into alarm mode*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 05:49 FLY YOU FOOLS!!! UP AND AWAY!!! *races out of the bathroom with some toilet paper still in his pants, streaking behind him like a long, white tail*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.29 05:49 *another guy walks inside - a very beefy, burnt guy, wearing a trucker hat and tank top* Guy: *stops in place after hearing Midas and Alexa* What the heck is goin' on in here?!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.29 05:50 *is speechless* *runs out of the bathroom and after Midas*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 05:51 SHZOOOM!! *darts past another normal person who has come to the rest stop and flees into some bushes and trees*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 05:52 *is just as speechless* *catches up with Alexa* What the h**l? Alexa: I...I have no friggin clue.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.29 05:53 If diarrhea is what he has... he does NOT handle it well.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.29 05:54 *Midas makes a spectacle of himself as he cuts through the parking lot* *people actually stop and crane their necks to watch him*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 05:55 I'm gonna go get him. *runs after Midas*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 05:56 *is close enough to Midas where he can swipe at his toilet paper tail* *grabs Midas by the forearm* Hey! Dude! Dude. Stop.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 05:57 Are... are you okay?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.29 06:00 (I have to go now, bye!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.29 06:03 [Aw, bye!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.30 01:20 [Hey, I can probably come on early tonight! Please check in around an hour early (8 PM CT/7 PM MT)!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 01:49 *stops and turns to Josh* I am Mr. Dr. Sir Knight von Poopenschmirtz! Are you here to save me from the ocelots attacking my ***?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 02:02 Also, did I mention that I'm a ninja?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 03:07 [I'm here!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 04:00 [Still here.]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 04:08 (Hi! Sorry I kept you waiting; I didn't see your post.)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 04:08 *looks utterly confused* *almost laughs* ....no? What the (BLEEP) is wrong with you?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 04:11 [Hey!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 04:11 Come, Sancho Panza! We must find windmil--er, GIANTS! *runs back towards the van*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 04:18 *slams against the window* POUF! *whoever was still asleep is NOT asleep anymore**Christina even jumps*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 04:23 [Hello?]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 04:31 (Sorry! I was doing something.)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 04:32 *is pretty embarrassed when he sees people rolling down their windows to watch the action* *considers the fact that they could call the police* *nonetheless, he gallops after Don/Midas in Sancho style*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.30 04:33 *began running towards the van after Midas faceplanted against the window*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.30 04:35 (I'm listening to the Spyro soundtrack you sent me, and honestly, it kind of captures the weirdness of this scene in a way.)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 04:36 *Midas yanks on the door handle, but all attempts to open it are futile* *jerks it open, a little frustrated* In you go.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.30 04:37 *looks genuinely concerned* Midas, are you okay? Can you see me?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 04:38 *glances at Alexa* Don't worry, it's probably all an act. Alexa: How do you know?! Josh: Well, knowing him...
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 04:38 [Sorry, got distracted.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 04:39 *jumps in* Ride, Sancho, ride!!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 04:39 *@ Alexa* Hello my dear, it is I, Don Mr. Dr. Sir Knight von Poopenschmirtz!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 04:39 You can call my Schmirtzy-wirtzy, though, my dear! *winks, grins, and kisses her hand*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.30 04:40 ...what the [BLEEP]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.30 04:40 *is laughing in the back seat*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.30 04:40 *her jaw goes slack* He didn't even answer my question...
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.30 04:40 *has a knowing look on his face*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 04:41 *just sounds kind of annoyed* Oh my God.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 04:41 SILENCE, DEMON! *Red goes silent for about 2.372 seconds, and then starts chortling his butt off again*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 04:42 We must find some giants! They are the ones responsible for sending ocelots to attack my privates!
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 04:42 *gets in the van* Now now, Poopenschmirtz... *pats him on the shoulder obliviously* *is seriously wondering if Midas got ahold of some, ahem, substances, although that seems extremely unlikely to him*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 04:42 LET US RIDE!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 04:42 [You'll learn the truth soon. >:)]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 04:42 (Hahaha, oh my gosh, this is getting insane.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.30 04:43 *sits still in the driver's seat* We're not going anywhere until you stop - until the actual Midas returns.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.30 04:44 *tries to surpress a grin* What kind of royal nonsense is this?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 04:51 Royal?!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 04:51 I heard the word royal! I come from 522 generations of royalty!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 04:52 *starts listing many of the eponymous Poopenschmirtzes*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 04:52 ...and great-great-great grandma Poopenschmirtz was well known for the lobster incident! And...
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.30 04:53 *more and more people are staring and/or gathering around* Alright Poopenschmirtz, we're riding! *gets in the driver's seat, revvs up the van, and starts driving*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 04:54 YES! ONWARD!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.30 04:56 *is just shaking her head* *says warningly* I'm done playing games, Midas.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.30 04:57 Why not set the mood? *connects his phone to a Bluetooth speaker and blasts a galvanizing track from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack as the van accelerates*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 04:58 *jams along until suddenly making a high-pitched scream and ducking, throwing his arms over his face*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 04:58 SMAAAUUUG!!!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 04:58 DON'T KILL ME BRO!!!
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.30 04:58 *is basking in the music, feeling really inspired*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 05:01 *faces Midas, looking more than a little confused*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 05:01 TURN IT OFF!! TURN IT... *messes with Luke's phone*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.30 05:01 Wrong movie. This is actually from The Fellowship of the Ring.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 05:01 *activates a soundtrack that is basically some little girl going "Fa la la la la..."*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 05:02 *stares*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.30 05:02 *calmly wrestles his phone back* I'll handle the playlist, thank you.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 05:02 *then starts jamming, bobbing his head and flailing his hands really hard* YEEEAAAAH!!!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 05:02 POOPENSCHMIRTZ LIKE!!!
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 05:03 *smirks a little* What is this from?
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.30 05:04 *his cheeks flush a little* Just some really obscure video game. *that's only partially true - it's probably from a "kawaii" anime-themed game, or maybe even My Little Pony*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.30 05:04 *tentatively turns up the volume since Midas approves*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 05:05 It's from Papa Poopenschmirtz's Fantabulous Rockin' Album 4 Kool Kidz Only!!!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 05:05 YEH-YUHHH!!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.30 05:06 *tries to express her sentiments with Christina* I really don't know what's going on with him.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.30 05:06 (Oh my gosh, I'm kind of losing it.)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 05:07 *lets out something between a giggle/howl* What?!
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 05:07 *laughs* *goes along with Midas* Yeah, it definitely is. I love it.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 05:08 *promptly turns around to the trunk* Okay, Red. Tell me what's going on.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.30 05:10 *continues to keep the music going, and awkwardly* *next to him, Ga-Eun puts on her headphones* Ga-Eun: *sounding deadpan* Okay. I'm done with this.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.30 05:11 *can hear the crashing and banging of heavy rock, even over the la-la-ing*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 05:13 [XD That's the point.]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.30 05:13 I'm not saying anything! *giggling*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.30 05:13 *@ Alexa* Hey, don't ask me! *betrays some pent-up laughter while saying this*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 05:14 *starts dancing while sitting* Gotta show mah s*xy moves! Ladies can't withstand Don Dr. Mr. Sir Knight von Poopenschmirtz
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 05:15 *Poopenschmirtz's s*xayyy moves!! *hair flip...sorta (his hair is kinda short)* Whoo!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.30 05:21 I'm serious though! Nobody understands...
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 05:23 Okay. *can't stand the suspense, but he returns to his seat in defeat* *glances at Ga-Eun on his way back, who is definitely checking out Midas' moves* *can't really tell if it's out of interest or annoyance-
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.30 05:23 I do. *his voice is laced with conceit*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 05:24 HAIR FLIP MANIA!! YEH-YUHH!!! *jerks head back and forth really fast* THIS-ONE-ALWAYS-MAKES-EM-FALL-FOR-DAH-POOPEN-SCHMIRTZ!!!!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 05:24 *a little crack is heard* OWW!! *clutches neck* Aww...
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 05:24 GIANT!!! *puts out window*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 05:25 *a windmill is seen*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 05:27 (Hahaha, poor Midas. Also, it's kind of funny that you say he has short hair - I always imagined him to have long-ish hair.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.30 05:28 *says carefully, as if instructing a preschooler* No, that's a windmill.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.30 05:29 Did a different person inhabit you overnight? Maybe an unstable third-grader?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 05:30 *chuckles* I have no idea, but that diarrhea really did a number on him.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.30 05:33 *sighs, then picks up her phone when it starts ringing* *stares at the number* Why do these people keep spamming me? I've put myself on the National Do Not Call Registry like, maybe three times already.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 05:33 [Eh, his hair is about medium length--longer than some, shorter than some. It's about this length (but not this color or type; his hair is kind of wavy and is Titian brown):
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.30 05:33 Maybe it's Ryan from Colgate, back for revenge. Also, I thought I'd let you guys know that we're getting closer to California.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 05:34 https://smhttp-ssl-33667.nexcesscdn.net/manual/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/medium-hairstyles-for-men-with-wavy-hair-steal-this-look.jpg ]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 05:34 California?!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 05:34 Yes, of course, exactly, that's where we're going! *sounds like his normal self now...*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 05:35 *and thennn he doesn't* That is where the Ocelot King is! That is where we shall do battle!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 05:36 In the meantime- *turns to a random person*- THERE ARE TINY SENTIENT PANCAKES DIVE-BOMBING YOUR ***!!!!!!
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.30 05:36 (Ok. I'm not sure if you've seen the movie Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, but I always imagined it to look a bit like Ted's... maybe a little shorter.)
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.30 05:37 Yeah... California. *was unsettled by that random outburst*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 05:38 [I haven't seen that, but it sounds familiar.]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 05:38 *was the one sitting next to Midas* *turns away slowly, somewhat shocked*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.30 05:40 Actually, we're here. *watches as a state sign zips past* *the land becomes increasingly flat and dry, and bushes of scrub dot the ground as far as the eye can see* *a vast range of mountains materializes in the distance*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.30 05:41 Wow, this is breathtaking. *sees a sign announcing their arrival in the Mojave National Preserve not long later* Wait, we have to stop. I want to take some pictures.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 05:41 USE DAH PINK SPARKLES!!! USE DEEEEM!!!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 05:41 *@ Josh*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 05:42 *chuckles dryly* I don't have any, sorry...
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 05:44 Yes you do! Just fart like this! *makes fart sounds with his armpits*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.30 05:45 *Christina pulls over on the shoulder, and everyone gets out* *the sun is shining so brightly that the sky is almost white* *puts on some sunglasses, grabs her camera, and sets off*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 05:47 *laughs a little* Classic. *gets out of the van and stretches* *wanders around, wistfully looking at the road and mountains*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 05:50 *sees Ga-Eun sitting amongst the scrub* *heads over there and sits down next to her* Hey. Ga-Eun: *brings her knees to her chest* Hi. *an awkward silence ensues* Josh: *glances at her, noting that she's visibly unhappy* *has really been noticing that a lo
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 05:50 * a lot
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.30 05:51 *at this point he's kind of bursting to tell someone the truth, but no one's interested anymore*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.30 05:52 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 05:53 Are you okay? Ga-Eun: Why does everyone always ask me that? Josh: Sorry - I mean, it's just that I've been noticing that a lot, and um... I'm just worried.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 05:53 (Bye!)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 05:57 *there is a silence* *respects Ga-Eun's decision not to share* What makes you happy? Like, actually happy - not rainbows and sunshine and (BLEEP), but things that normally wouldn't come to mind.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 05:59 *leans back* For me, it'd have to be wasting a moment - like right now. *smiles a little* I don't get to do that a lot. It's kinda nice, knowing that there's extra time to do that.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.30 06:03 *wanders around, taking pictures of the mountains, the desert, some close-ups of the scrub, and the van* *stands out in the middle of the road when it's clear enough and takes a picture to capture the illusion that it's leading directly to the mountains*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 06:06 Ga-Eun: *looks down* *finally blurts* Watching Steven Universe and thinking about my ships. Reading something or hearing a lyric that really understands me. Walking alone on a sunny afternoon. Putting on my headphones after I've left them off for a day.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 06:08 I didn't think that was possible. Ga-Eun: *smiles just a little* And hearing my brother laugh. Remembering the time when we would pretend to fight each other in the basement.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.30 06:08 You know, I think you're a lot prettier when you're happy. Ga-Eun: *blushes a little*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.30 06:10 *starts vlogging around the van* *even captures some of Midas' inane ramblings* *turns around to film in the other direction, and that's when she catches Josh exchanging a subtle kiss with Ga-Eun*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.30 06:14 *is brimming with the urge to expose them to Midas or Christina, giving Josh a bit of h**l in the process* *but something about the furtiveness of it all makes her realize that some moments are better left untouched*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.30 06:15 *smiles to herself and moseys back around the side of the van* *didn't realize that the video was running all along*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 16:36 [Hey, I'm sorry to say that I probably won't be on tonight, or possibly the night after (or even the night after for that matter >.< ). I was actually in a hotel last night and I'm heading home today; my Internet at home was knocked out by a storm. I'm not
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 16:37 sure when it'll be fixed, but hopefully soon (e.g. when I get home... *hey Internet company**nudge nudge*). See you around!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 16:40 *suddenly pops up in front of the camera* Mah fluberblubberschnitz is shaped like a pruned warpvoglnyanyah!!!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.30 16:40 Nrrrrrr...!! *shoves his nose in the lens**then starts bounding away like a ballerina* WHEEE!!
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.30 16:42 *has gotten out of the van and is walking around**sees Midas prancing around in front of Alexa (and her camera) and gets an idea**excitedly runs o Alexa*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.30 16:42 *to
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.30 16:43 Hey, are you recording that? *Alexa explains she's vlogging* Before you post that, you have to set THAT to the waltz from the Nutcracker. You HAVE to. *smiles almost maniacally* Even better--put him in slo mo while playing it.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.30 20:03 [Actually, nevermind. I'll probably be able to come on tonight, but I'm not so sure about tomorrow night. See you around!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 03:51 [I'm on!]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 04:22 (Hi! Hopefully you're still around.)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 04:23 [Hey!]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 04:26 (Oh my god, Midas, hahaha.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 04:27 *smirks slowly* Yeah, I might be able to whip something like that up. *zooms in on Midas, who is spinning in circles near the front end of the van* Hey Midas, what was that crazy comment supposed to mean?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 04:29 *yells while prancing* It means the flooperschnitzels are attacking my nostapoopersnoopers!!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 04:29 WHEEE!!! *jumps*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.31 04:29 *saunters around the van* *eyes the camera cautiously, his hands jammed in the pockets of his jeans* Alexa: Hey Luke, how are you not boiling in those jeans? Whew! Luke: *shrugs* I dunno. I like wearing jeans in the summer.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 04:30 You're totally a jeans-in-the-summer kind of guy. Wow Midas, that was definitely the best, most unsubtle euphemism I've heard in a while.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 04:32 *explains to the camera* Midas is a little crazy at the moment. Not sure what caused this whacko shift in his behavior, buuuut... Josh seems to think that it was diarrhea or something. *pans the camera over to Josh, who is very likely still going at it
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 04:33 with Ga-Eun* *doesn't care about being invasive at this point, but she have the courtesy to swipe the lens back towards a leaping Midas*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 04:34 *giggles* Reaching for the sky, Midas?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 04:37 I WANNAAA CATCH A RAINBOWWW!!! *leaps pretty darn high*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 04:37 [I have no idea where these lines come from. Just...don't ask.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 04:39 (This is so random; I'm literally laughing my rear off - and wondering what the eff is wrong with Midas.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 04:39 Hahaha, maybe another day... it's all sun and no rain, as far as I can tell.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 04:40 *zeroes in on Red, who is twisting some brush between his fingers* Red, can you maybe help us understand what's wrong with your brother? *her voice is laced with hysteric laughter*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 04:41 [XD You'll find out soon, don't worry.]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.31 04:41 *just quirks his eyebrows several times in response*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.31 04:41 *returns to the van with Ga-Eun* Hey, what's going on? *casts his gaze to Midas* Is Midas a ballerina now?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 04:42 *pops up out of practically nowhere in front of the camera*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 04:42 DON MR. DR. SIR KNIGHT VON POOPENSCHMIRTZ TO THE RESCUUUUEEEE!!! *puts his face in the camera, sticking out his tongue while blithering nonsense* BLUDUGLARABLUGLAHDLBLUH!!!!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 04:42 *jumps back, practically roaring* *the camera shakes wildly*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 04:43 SCHWOOM!!! *zooms around*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 04:43 *Alexa's reaction is what does it**laughs so hard it hurts*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.31 04:44 Guys, calm down, he's really--
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 04:44 *runs up to Red and gets in his face* SILENCE DEMON! *goes back to prancing like a ballerina*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 04:45 (BLEEP)! What was that for?! *attempts to recover the camera by focusing it on Josh and Ga-Eun, but it still quivers* I honestly have no clue. First he wants to catch rainbows, the next he's Mr. von Poopenfitz. What is life!?!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 04:45 [BTW, I won't have the truth come out until everyone's back in the van, perhaps taking a break from the heat.]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.31 04:46 (Ok.)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 04:46 *running in small circles now* THAT'S DON MR. DR. SIR KNIGHT VON POOPENSCHMIRTZ TO YOU!!!
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.31 04:47 *watches Midas* *mutters dryly* He's a bird, he's a plane... he's a ballerina. Ga-Eun: *her eyes are wider than her face* Um... I'm just gonna... be in the car.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 04:49 *jumps in front of Josh* THAT'S POOPENSCHMIRTZ FOR YOU!
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.31 04:50 That actually sounds like a great idea. Alexa: Yeah. We should probably get back on the road, anyways. We'll see what happens with Midas, but until next time... *ends the video*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 04:50 DA DA DA DAAAA! *runs about 20 feet away from the van**then turns around and runs straight at the van*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 04:50 *doesn't stop**winds up hitting the van**falls back flat on his back*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.31 04:50 *appears to be sort of ruffled* *climbs into the car* Wow. He's a jack of all trades. Impressive.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 04:51 *winces, freezing* Oooo... that had to hurt.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.31 04:52 What actual idiot would set themselves up to faceplant against the front of a van?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.31 04:53 *answers instantly* Poopenschmirtz.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 04:53 *his hand is seen being raised*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 04:53 [He actually hit the side of the van, BTW.]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.31 04:54 No wonder he's a jack of all trades. Somewhere in there, he's also a professional idiot.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.31 04:56 *opens the door* Need a hand?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 04:57 *jumps to his feet, sighing and smiling like nothing happened* No thanks my good Sancho, I already got two! *waggles both hands*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 04:58 *gets in the van, sweaty and tired*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 04:58 Onwards! We must find GIANTS!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 04:58 I'll help. *opens the door and hauls Midas into the van* Next time you decide to sumo wrestle a van, just remember that it will never be possible. Okay?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 04:59 (Never mind that.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 05:01 *Christina books it out of there* *tries to ignore Midas' copious babbling and enjoy the California scenery* *as a Midwestern plebeian, she's a little more than enchanted by it*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 05:03 *is also having a hard time believing that she and her friends put it in their hands to go to California - and actually made it* *can't help but brim with pride over that*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 05:04 *finally goes silent and just sort of stares ahead*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 05:04 [I need someone to ask Midas himself now what the h**l happened.]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.31 05:10 *glances at Midas once he goes silent* *is surprised by that* Uh... is everything good?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 05:13 *burp*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 05:14 Wait - things are actually good now? What the h*** happened earlier?!
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 05:14 What the h**l happened to you? Did you get the crazies or something?
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 05:14 [Nvm what Christina said.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 05:14 I was playing pretend.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 05:15 0_0
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 05:15 >_<
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 05:15 Why?!?!?!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 05:15 Because I thought it'd be funny.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 05:16 Somebody better give you an Oscar, because you (BLEEP) near fooled us all.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.31 05:17 I mean... I guess it was just really weird.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 05:19 [MWAH HA HA HA HA HA HAAAA!!!]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.31 05:25 (I kind of predicted it, but...)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 05:30 [Darn. XP]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.31 05:31 *blurts out* He's done this before.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.31 05:31 That's how I knew. He went into Poopenschmirtz mode when I was about 6.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.31 05:33 His parents grounded him and he got really bored, so he did that.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.31 05:33 He only cut it out when they threatened to take him to a psychiatrist.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.31 05:38 *nods a little* Yeah. I was kind of wondering what the h*ll was going on.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.31 05:39 Like, it wasn't the usual Midas. You were way off, dude - somewhere in Wonderland.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 05:39 Okay... I'll admit: it was kind of hilarious.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 05:40 (It was still very much a mystery though, trust me.)
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.31 05:43 [Okay, good.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 05:43 No!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 05:43 It was VERY hilarious.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.31 05:44 Yes it-- Midas: SILENCE DE--oh... *pauses* Red: Shut up jerkbag.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 05:44 ...Ooohh!!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 05:45 No, it was KIND OF hilarious: 50% hilarious, 50% annoying.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 05:45 *starts laughing a bit*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 05:45 *@ Alexa* Why not 60-40?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Mar.31 05:45 *laughs* Nice one, Red.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 05:46 Well, maybe. I sort of forgot that it was also concerning.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 05:49 *the drive continues* *they get hung up in some LA traffic, but manage to slog along and reach San Jose mid-afternoon* *the GPS takes them to the address Samantha scribbled out on that neon pink Post-It* *it is situated in a shady, crappy neighborhood*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 05:50 *can tell that Christina is nervous* *isn't much better* *looks out the window frantically* I hope nobody shoots us. Ga-Eun: Don't worry. We'll be fine.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.31 05:52 Yeah. Just keep to yourself and you'll be fine. Ga-Eun: Actually, I've learned that the best thing to do is stare anyone right in both eyes.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 05:53 What
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Mar.31 05:53 What
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Mar.31 05:54 Isn't that sort of thing...a sign of aggression?
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.31 05:54 *the stagnant voice of the GPS lady announces that they've reached their destination* Alexa: This is probably the home of a former convict. Or a serial killer. We shouldn't go inside.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 05:54 *keeps glancing at the GPS**her hands are sweaty, but she keeps driving*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.31 05:55 I really don't think she would've hidden that address in the folds of the map for no reason.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 05:57 I don't know... *digs her nails into the side of her arm, staring at a beat-up clunker of a car ahead of her* None of us really knew Sam. Up until now, anyways.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.31 05:58 Isn't this what we came here for? Alexa: *has been caught*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.31 05:59 Ga-Eun: You guys seriously haven't seen the worst of it. We should go - it's now or never. *bounds forward, leaning over Josh to open the door* Luke: Yeah. It'll be fine. I have a knife, just in case anything gets out of hand.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 06:01 *relaxes a little when she remembers that Luke's been mobilizing for the zombie apocalypse for quite some time* *slowly opens the door and trudges out*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.31 06:03 *walks towards a primitive brick ranch that is pretty much the sole survivor of the rest of the real estate on the block* *a few bushes and exotic palms block some open windows, and a empty ceramic pot sits abandoned on the front porch*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.31 06:05 *he and Ga-Eun arrive at the front door, side-by-side* *can hear the murmuring of televised voices streaming through the window* *glances at her, as if asking her if she's going to knock* Ga-Eun: *knocks aggressively*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.31 06:07 *a raspy voice inside mutters "oh, h*ll", then roars:* Who is it?! Roy, if that's you, I swear I'll call the cops! Ga-Eun: This isn't Roy! Just answer the door!
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 06:08 *my characters are out of the van as well (Midas told Red to stay put, but Red got out and followed once everyone else was out)*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.31 06:10 Voice: *mutters* God(BLEEP)it. Luke: *can hear someone wrestling with the lock* *the door is eventually fumbled open, revealing a frail woman* *her face is wrinkled, her expression aggravated, and her eyes are hollow and sagging* *she has frizzy crimson
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.31 06:12 hair that sticks out like a mad scientist's, and her thin lips sit in a stressed line, smothered in yesterday's lipstick* *notices a gun pressed against the folds of her baggy khaki shorts*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.31 06:14 Woman: *frowns a little* What do you want? Alexa: *comes forward* Do you know who Samantha Summers is? Luke: *notices the woman's sharp features soften, and her grip on the gun relaxes*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Mar.31 06:14 (I have to go now. I won't be on tomorrow, Sunday, and maybe even Monday night, but I'll keep you updated. Have a happy Easter, and I'll see you soon!)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Mar.31 06:17 [Alright, see you around! Happy Easter to you too!]
1>Samantha (Runaway), 18yo.2018,Apr.3 00:44 (Hey, I won't be on tonight. See you tomorrow!)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.3 04:30 [Dang, alright. See you!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.4 03:22 [@ both Paige and Joan: Please check your email! :D]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.4 04:13 [I'm on!]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.4 04:21 [Hola?]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 04:23 (Hi!)
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.4 04:24 [Hey!]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.4 04:24 [Did you get my email?]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 04:26 (I did! I still have to reply to it, though... honestly, it was a lot, and I'm not quite sure where to begin. As far as I'm concerned, it seems pretty logical (and awesome). If you need help in certain areas though, just let me know where and I'll do my
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 04:27 best to give feedback where it's needed.)
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.4 04:28 [Alright, great! Regarding round 3, I can't come up with anything to tinker with; really, I'm awaiting criticism from you, but if you have none, that's fine.]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.4 04:28 [And yes, it's way too long...sorry. XP]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.4 04:31 [BTW, guess what I'm listening to right now! :D]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 04:33 (I'll re-read it again, level by level, and see where I can help.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 04:33 (What?)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 04:34 (Oh, and about Questscape: the 4th round (or after each of us have designed a game) is where we'll have the winners return, right?)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 04:36 *the woman leads them into her house* *is attacked by the strong smell of cigarette smoke* *looks around the house to see boxes of cigarettes everywhere, as well as lighters of all colors and designs* *floral notepads from Easter Seals litter the
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 04:37 countertops, random reminders scrawled all over them* *the fridge, which stands against an okra green wall, is dotted with magnets from Vegas, Disney, Route 66, and other superficial destinations*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 04:39 Woman: *leans over the table, which is draped by a pretty ancient-looking plastic tablecloth* *says briskly* So, what are your relations to Samantha. Friends? Long-lost relatives? Lovers? What.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 04:39 *glances at Christina*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.4 04:40 [Yep, the 4th round is the anniversary round type thing.]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.4 04:40 [I'm listening to Beethoven's Emperor Piano Concerto (piano concerto no. 5) played by Friedrich Gulda. :D]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 04:42 (Sweet! That's a masterpiece.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 04:42 (Ok, just wondering. I'm trying to get that figured out.)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.4 04:45 *is trying not to cough - his respiratory organs have asthmatic tendancies - but he eventually can't help it* *coughs in several different spurts, probably irritating the woman*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 04:46 I'm her best friend.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 04:47 Well, we're all her friends.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.4 04:47 *wrinkles his nose while taking in the smell**says under his breath (so the woman doesn't hear) to Josh:* Gag-a-maggot.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.4 04:48 *sneaks in behind everyone else, eager to hear what's going on**makes a face at the smoke, though*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 04:48 Woman: Well, I'm her aunt. *is Samantha's only aunt, and the fabled one Christina was used to hearing about* *stares at them like she's still expecting an explanation*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.4 04:48 *nods, his eyes watering profusely*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.4 04:50 *explains a little more thoroughly* We've traveled here all the way from Ohio. Samantha's been missing for about a month now. A missing persons report was filed and everything, and your address just so happened to be on the back of a map she left behind.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.4 04:51 Aunt: *briefly rummages around in the fridge, then looks back at Luke* Was there a reward? Luke: Um, yeah. Aunt: Son of a (BLEEP). If I had known, maybe I'd have turned her in.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 04:53 *is concerned that this aunt doesn't even consider Sam's safety, but the reward that comes with finding it* *immedietly shoves that aside when the aunt implies she's seen her* Wait, what? You've seen her?
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 04:53 You mean you know where she is?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 04:54 Aunt: *ignores that question and saunters into the living room* Does anyone here watch the news?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 04:55 *struggles to figure out why that's relevant*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.4 04:59 *answers after a collective delay* Well, yeah. It informs me on current events.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 04:59 *frowns slightly, then says:* We've been in a van for over a week. We haven't been able to watch TV.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:00 Do you mean she's been on TV?
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.4 05:02 Aunt: *stares at a news anchor spitefully* I don't even know why I watch it. All it is is a stream of negativity: what storm ripped apart which town, this person taking a (BLEEP) on that politician... it's disgusting. *aims the remote at the TV,
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.4 05:03 transforming the screen to black* *then proceeds to slam the remote on a wooden coffee table*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.4 05:04 Aunt: Well, if you've been in a van all week, sit down. *motions towards a dingy couch, likely a garage sale find*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:04 *cautiously walks towards the couch* *sits down, feeling her butt gradually sink to the floor*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.4 05:06 *he and Ga-Eun sit on another end of the couch* *Christina, Red, Midas, and Luke smash themselves in the middle* *everyone looks like survivors of a shipwreck trying to stay afloat on a measly raft*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:07 *casts Christina a grimace, as if to communicate her annoyance with the aunt*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.4 05:09 *tries to pull his leg out from under Midas'* *asks the aunt* So, do you trust them? The politicians? Aunt: No - why should I? They don't mirror my thoughts, much less anyone's. And why should you? Luke: Because they listen to the people.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.4 05:10 Aunt: That's bull. Who's to say they aren't stripping you of opportunities? You wouldn't know. Luke: *opens his mouth to say something, but Christina gives him a nudge before he can retaliate*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:12 Aunt: *pulls out a pack of cigarettes and a lighter, then looks up at them as if someone had spoken* Oh. Cigarette? Alexa: Um... no thanks.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:13 *is making a point to wrinkle her nose* Aunt: In my day, everyone smoked. Didn't matter who you were, where you were, you just did. Now, everyone's acting holier than thou to gain higher ground. *pauses* Anyways, you must want something to eat.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:14 *the aunt leaves to find some refreshments* *glances at Christina, then shakes her head*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.4 05:16 Maybe that "holier than thou" mentality has something to do with smoke, ya know, killing you.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:16 Aunt: *comes back with plates and silverware* Quiche, anyone? *starts dishing it out anyways* It's fresh... I made it last night. Alexa: Um... no thanks... *evades the quiche*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:16 *is annoyed with the aunt as well**exchanges a look with Alexa, gets up, and follows the aunt*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:17 Look... *the aunt just passes her by and starts passing out the quiche*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:17 *follows the aunt back to the couch and starts again* Look, we need answers.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:17 Aunt: *has a cigarette dangling from her mouth, in fact* I know. But I've been doing it for twenty plus years, so I might as well keep going. *dumps a plate in Midas' lap*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:17 Do you know where Samantha is?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:18 Aunt: *squints at Christina* What answers? Sit down and eat, then I'll answer your questions. Okay? *goes back into the kitchen*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.4 05:20 *stares at his plate* *from a few sniffs, it smells very similar to vomit* *really, really does not want to eat it* *pokes at it with his fork, even cutting a bit off the edge, just to make it look like he's eating it*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.4 05:21 *has eaten half of the quiche already* Not too bad.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:22 *slowly looks at Luke*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:23 Aunt: You people must be famished. Cookies, anyone? *opens a bag of Hostess powdered donuts and plops one on everyone's plate* Alexa: *puts up a hand* Aunt: You don't want one? Alexa: No thanks. Aunt: What? You've gotta be starving, and here you are not
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:24 eating... *grumbles, returning to the kitchen*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.4 05:24 *just plain stares at Luke*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.4 05:25 Well, I suppose some people like the taste of amoeba. *directed this comment at luke once the aunt was out of earshot*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.4 05:25 *Luke
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:25 Aunt: I've got salted peanuts. *comes back out, shaking a can* *dumps a handful in her palm and throws them back in her mouth* *sets it down on the table*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.4 05:26 *shovels a forkful into his mouth* Anything to survive.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.4 05:27 Ga-Eun: *eats her donut in small bites* *the quiche remains untouched*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.4 05:28 *immediately grabs the peanuts*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.4 05:28 *has already eaten his donut*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.4 05:28 *ironically he tries the quiche*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:29 Aunt: *continues to scrutinize Alexa* ...and here's this girl, she ain't eating anything... you need to eat something. Alexa: *sighs, irritated* What I want are answers - about Samantha.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.4 05:29 Mmm...reminds me of something...
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:29 Aunt: *gives Red a grateful nod* Glad to see that the kid's enjoying those. Pretty good, huh?
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:29 *hasn't eaten anything either* Yeah, that's what I want too.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:29 We have a right to know.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.4 05:30 *nods*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:30 *is more assertive* Can you just sit down and answer our questions? That's all we ask. It'll take you two seconds, and then we'll leave you alone.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:32 Aunt: *has possibly been enjoying the attention, so she's thrown off-guard when Alexa and Christina demand answers* *says simply* She was here last night. Appeared to be in a fit of some sort, although she wouldn't explain - was crying and everything.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:33 Where is she now?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:33 Aunt: I managed to sit her down for some dinner, but she left abruptly after than, taking my little green Coleman tent with her. She said she was going someplace called Matt-something-or-other. I can't remember.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:34 [Oh, BTW, did you listen to the Toasty music?]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:34 *is already concerned* But why... did you give her the tent? Aunt: Well, yeah. That's what she needed in the first place.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:35 (I did.)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:35 [How was it? ^.^]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:36 Aunt: I don't know where she is, but she's gone now. *chews the inside of her cheek* I never knew the girl too well. Her mother was reckless, though. No wonder the girl came cryin' on my doorstep.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:36 (I liked it! I listened to it while we were RPing on here, and it fit the mood.)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:37 [Yep...I find it to be one of the most bad*** tracks in the series. I like its irony in that regard, considering that the boss is corresponds to--Toasty--is actually a sheep in disguise.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:38 *feels her heart sink* *is certain they won't be able to find Samantha, but she doesn't want to believe it* You must know where she is. She just doesn't want you to tell us. Samantha left your address for a reason.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:40 .Aunt: *pauses, then begins a monologue* The fate of the performer is to leave behind picture postcards; a frozen moment that turns into nothing more than a verbal memory upon the lips of the performer themselves.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:42 Aunt: Then, the performer has a choice - to go on with the show, or drop the curtain. To keep the memory alive, or let it disintegrate altogether.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:45 Aunt: All we our are memories, captured in photos, but better represented by the words of those who remember us. And once those people are gone, who will remember us? Who will remember Meryl Streep, or Joan Crawford, or anyone?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:47 Aunt: Maybe we consider them to be remembered, but maybe they aren't at all. Alexa: *says briskly* And what's your point? Aunt: My point is that nobody will be remembered. In this world, everyone has an entrance and an exit.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:48 *just looks even more confused* I don't get what you're trying to say. Aunt: Maybe what you saw isn't what you knew. Maybe you need to close doors to open new ones. *pauses* Samantha left. Maybe she wanted you around, but she doesn't anymore.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:49 No...
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:50 *can feel her face heating* Tell us where she went. Aunt: *smiles a little* She's gone, that much I can tell you. *lights another cigarette* Alexa: *furiously launches Christina's plate at the aunt* Answer me!
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:50 No, I don't believe it. She's been calling us by leaving hints everywhere. She wants us to find her. She wants us around.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:50 *said that before Alexa threw the plate*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.4 05:51 Alexa! *grabs her arm, but the plate has already been sent flying*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:51 Aunt: *suddenly turns grave* Get out of my house. Alexa: *is near tears* I just want answers. Aunt: You won't get them here. I want you to leave. Get the h**l out of here.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:52 Aunt: *is shouting* There's one thing I can tell you, and it's that she doesn't want you - or anyone - around!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.4 05:52 *gets up* Oh, (BLEEP) off. You never knew her well anyways. *stalks out of there*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.4 05:53 *sets his plate on the table, following Alexa* *the rest of my characters and Ga-Eun follow*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.4 05:53 (I have to go now, bye!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.4 05:57 [Aw, bye!]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.4 23:47 (Hey, unfortunately, I won't be able to make it on tonight. I'll see you tomorrow!)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.5 04:18 [Dang...see you!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.5 18:36 [SPYRO'S BEING REMASTERRRRRRRRED!!!!!!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.5 18:36 *NO 1, DANG IT >.<
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.5 18:37 [*RACES AROUND AND FLAILS ARMS AROUND*]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.5 18:39 [YOU CAN SEE THE TRAILER HERE, IT'S FREAKING AWESOME AND SHOWS A REMASTERED TOASTY TOO!!!! https://w ww.reddit.com/r/Spyro/comments/8a0f8s/spyro_the_dragon_reignited_trilogy_official/ ]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.5 18:39 [As I was saying...AYAYAYHJREGHRGHWGJHDIURFHZLFUYEGWOYfygsrehlgrhfekGHRUTRAHTLIUKHLIEH!!!!!!!! *RACES AROUND*]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.6 03:47 (Hey, I don't think I'll be on tonight. Today has been draining, and I should probably just go to bed. I should be back tomorrow night.)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.6 03:55 [Dang...alright, I understand. See you!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 04:02 [I'm here!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 04:24 [Replies will be slow. I'm doing homework.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 04:29 (Hey!)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 04:30 (Wow, that's awesome! Will you be able to play it?)
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.7 04:34 *is the last one out* Aunt: *says darkly* You should just go back home. Luke: *shrugs awkwardly, then runs down the steps two at a time*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 04:41 [Hey!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 04:41 [My dad (he loves Spyro as well) made me promise him I would, so yes. :D I hope to get a PS4 this year.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 04:42 [I've been considering getting a Youtube channel, so maybe I could do a Let's Play of the Spyro Reignited Trilogy once it's out...]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 04:42 [BTW, I jumped for joy yesterday so wildly that I hurt my foot. XD XP]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 04:43 [Now the stage of elation has ended and the stage of nitpicking has begun, though. I keep looking at various pics of the levels like "That grass isn't green enough, the skybox should have a purple hue, WHAT THE H**L DID YOU DO TO LOFTY CASTLE IT'S WAY TOO
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 04:44 DARK (albeit still pretty)... (etc.)"]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 04:45 [My main nitpick is obviously the tiny glimpse of Lofty Castle shown in the trailer. I didn't even know it was Lofty Castle until people started posting pics comparing the remake and the originals. The remake's Lofty Castle is veryyy dark and veryyy
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 04:45 purple--it's still pretty, it's just that the color scheme feels much more like another level called Dark Passage (which is supposed to be kind of nightmarish, whereas Lofty Castle is just breathtaking).]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.7 04:46 (Yeah. I can tell they made some major modifications, especially to the settings. They look nothing like the original.)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 04:47 [I've been trying to keep track of things on Spyro Reddit (I'm not a member of Reddit, but I find the Spyro Reddit to be a very good way of keeping track of the Spyro community), and the remaster hype memes are getting freaking overwhelming. XD]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.7 04:47 (Also, if you have a Gmail account, you automatically have a YouTube channel.)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 04:47 [Actually, the level geometries are almost exactly the same. Spyro's movement speeds also seem spot on. It's just the lighting/shading and color pallete that seem genuinely off.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 04:48 [Really? Great!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 04:48 [I'll have to check that out.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 04:49 [Anyways, gameplay-wise, it looks the same. At this point it seems more like the aesthetics and such need tinkering.]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.7 04:49 (Yeah. You'll have to set things up if you want to use it, but I'm pretty sure all you'll need to do is log into your Gmail account to access it all.)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 04:49 [For instance, Stone Hill (one of the levels from the lush Artisans portion of the game) has a lot of dead grass in one of the shots taken of it. It's supposed to be SUPER green.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 04:50 [The Artisans homeworld also isn't green enough. It's close, but the lighting feels too orange.]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.7 04:50 (Hahaha, there's a meme for anything, isn't there?)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 04:50 [Toasty's lighting felt just fine. At most, I think the skybox might need some tinkering. I'd appreciate having a remastered version of Toasty's mountains-in-the-distance skybox.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 04:51 [Oh yes there is. XD]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 04:56 [This is probably one of my favorite memes...someone dug up a pic of Spyro 1's villain, Gnasty, hidden in the trailer, and someone else used it for this meme... https://w ww.reddit.com/r/Spyro/comments/8a4i4t/gnasty_gnorc_watches_the_spyro_trailer/ ]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.7 05:03 (Hahaha, funny.)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:05 [So...RPing? :D]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.7 05:05 (Honestly, I don't find the remastered worlds to be TOO bad. I guess that's kind of the point - for them to look different. It's kind of cool to see them reimagined.)
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.7 05:05 (Yeah, sure!)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:08 [Yeah--really, the remaster is here to 1. bring three fantastic games to a modern platform and 2. give them a major graphics update. The graphics of the PS1 originals were fantastic in their day, but I've always wanted to see the wondrous dragon worlds
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:08 shown in modern HD.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:08 [Let's RP!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:11 *my characters also exit*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:12 *strides over to the van, kind of crying*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.7 05:12 *wordlessly stumbles into the back of the van*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:13 *is fuming, though she doesn't show it--until she punches the van really hard, then swears and shakes her hand in pain* Midas: Whoa whoa hey hey, remember whose van this is! Christina: [BLEEP] YOU!
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:13 [BLEEP] ALL OF YOU!
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.7 05:14 *sits up straighter* *his brow creases* Whoa, whoa, what the heck?
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:14 *her voice becomes dangerously quiet* I'm going to find her. I'm going to find her, and you can all go [BLEEP] yourselves for all I care.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:14 *turns and walks away into the night*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.7 05:15 *stares out the window, refusing to say anything* *can see the curtains in the aunt's house ruffling*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:16 *swipes away some tears* *says with a wavering voice* We'll never find her. We don't even know where she is anymore.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.7 05:17 *sits in the back of the van, as usual**is probably the least upset of the bunch* What's her problem?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:18 *is in the midst of a teary babble* Maybe this was a waste of time and money after all. Maybe we should've just let her go and do whatever the h**l she pleased, because that's what she wanted.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.7 05:19 *replies to Red* I don't know. We should probably find her, though - it's dangerous out there.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.7 05:19 *is p***ed at Christina, but sees how upset Alexa is and goes over to her**puts his arms around her*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.7 05:19 *says quietly* There
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.7 05:20 *There's still hope.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.7 05:20 This wasn't a waste of time and money. You got those videos of me as Don Mr. Dr. Sir Knight von Poopenschmirtz, didn't you?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.7 05:20 Those will be worth millions in a few decades, you'll see.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.7 05:21 *@ Josh* I'm sure she'll come back.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:21 *wipes her face with both hands, then shakes her head vigorously* No, Luke Skywalker, there's not still hope. You're just saying that to get us to shut up while you devise a- a worthless plan.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.7 05:22 She just needs to go and put dents in a few more vans.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.7 05:22 *@ Alexa* Oh, c'mon, my plans aren't worthless! Name one that was worthless. [Feel free to make up some super whacky thing Midas and co. tried in their past that backfired hilariously.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:22 Samantha's not coming back. And if you don't do anything, neither will Christina. *swings open the passenger door, then slams it shut*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:24 *walks along the side of the road, which is lit by an old, flickering streetlamp* *can't really see* *a dog barks in the distance*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:26 *arrives at a 4-way stop sign* *feels so crushed by hopelessness that she doesn't have the energy to figure out which way Christina went* *hangs her head down and starts sobbing about everything - about Samantha, about Christina, about leaving, even about
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:26 ditching the rest of her friends in the van*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.7 05:27 How many do you want me to name? Midas: Shut up demon. *sounds more tired than irritated*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.7 05:28 *is debating whether to go look for Alexa**decides to try to track her down in a few minutes so as to give her a bit more alone time*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.7 05:28 *seems pretty agitated**he was using humor moments ago not because he felt light-hearted, but in an effort to try to cheer up the others*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.7 05:29 *leans back and stares ahead at the empty passenger seat* *is trying not to worry too much*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:30 *wipes her eyes* *screams hoarsely* Christina?
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:32 *actually isn't too far away**chooses not to answer*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:33 *is standing at the edge of a very tall, steep hill, looking out at the land below*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:36 *is probably not looking around too thoroughly* *tries again* Christina? Can you please just answer me so I know you're okay?
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:41 *stays silent, staring out at the darkness*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.7 05:42 *finds Alexa* You alright?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:42 *hears someone's back door slamming nearby* *jumps* *turns left, mostly out of fear* *sees the steep hill up ahead, which is illuminated by a single streetlamp* *can barely make out a small figure standing atop it*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:43 *stops near the hill's edge* *stares at the figure, hoping that it's Christina* *answers Midas quietly* Yeah. *pauses a little* I'm fine. We should go back now
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.7 05:44 I can help you get Christina if you want.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:45 *they return to the van* *slumps in the passenger seat*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:45 (Never mind my post.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:45 *nods a little, looking at the ground*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.7 05:52 *says quietly* Let's go. *starts climbing up the hill**recognizes Christina's bobcut in the moonlight*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:55 *climbs after Midas* *is nearly at the apex, and she can see what's below* *a vast stretch of twinkling lights extends itself to the ocean* *if she looks hard enough, she can see the waves crashing upon the shore*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.7 05:56 Nice view you found here.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:57 *doesn't turn to look at them* She's out there somewhere.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:57 *looks to her left, seeing that the glimmering stretch of land continues on almost infinitely* *has never seen something so breathtaking in her life*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:57 Out there...
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 05:58 *avoids Christina's statement* Thank God you're okay. I didn't know where you were. *would hug her, but she decides that Christina isn't exactly in the hugging mood*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 06:00 We're going to find her.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 06:00 (I have to go now, I'll see you tomorrow!)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 06:00 I know we will. I'll make sure of it. *her voice is calm*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.7 06:01 [Aw, bye!] *without another word, she starts heading back to the van**Midas and Alexa exchange a glance and follow*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.8 04:23 [I'm on!]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.8 04:29 (Hi!)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.8 04:30 *doesn't want to crash Christina's party, but she just doesn't know anymore* *promptly slumps into the passenger seat and waits for someone to speak*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.8 04:33 *Midas enters and sits frozen in place for a good three minutes* *is the first to break the ice, albeit cautiously* Sooo... we're not staying here forever, are we? The city could ticket us - or tow us - if we do.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.8 04:34 [Hey!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.8 04:35 I'm just waiting for someone to make a decision about where we're going.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.8 04:37 *looks on his phone* The nearest rest stop is 13 miles away. Think you can make it?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.8 04:38 *mumbles* I don't care if we have to crash at a McDonald's all night. Let's just get out of here.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.8 04:43 Yes-sir-ee. *starts up the van and drives to the rest stop*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.8 04:45 *the van ambles all the way to the rest stop, which is where they park for the night* So... are we going back tomorrow, or what? *after some reflecting, he's accepted the fact that they might as well turn around*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.8 04:45 *barely shrugs* Dunno. I guess. *is still staring ahead mopily*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.8 04:47 No.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.8 04:47 We're going to find her.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.8 04:48 And that's that. Goodnight. *closes her eyes and settles back*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.8 04:48 *has decided to shut out everyone else for the night and not respond to anyone*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.8 04:49 Ga-Eun: *pulls off her headphones, which coil around her neck* Ya know, just saying... but I never got the whole hype around finding Samantha. She hasn't shown up yet. If she wanted to be found, she would've already.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.8 04:51 Ga-Eun: *says almost to herself* I mean... what could've been so spectacular about her?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.8 04:54 *leans forward a little after hearing Ga-Eun's words* *is steaming inside* *says slowly and carefully* Maybe it's because you never knew her, honey. *knows her words were harsh, but in her anger, she refuses to take them back*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.8 04:56 Ga-Eun: *retorts, her voice wobbly* You're right. I wouldn't know, because I've never had any friends to begin with.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.8 04:58 Ga-Eun: *puts her headphones on, turning the volume up to the max* *leans her head against the window and tries to cry* *is experiencing an existential dose of underappreciation* *feels resentful, because after running away from her own family, no one
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.8 04:58 bothered to find her* *instead, she found people who were looking for someone else*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.8 04:59 *took that comment as a shot to the heart* *exhales deeply, not really looking forward to tomorrow*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.8 05:00 *is caught in the crossfires of an awkward moment* Well, I guess we'll figure things out tomorrow. Goodnight, everyone. *probably doesn't receive an answer*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.8 05:00 -THE NEXT DAY-
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.8 05:04 *it is late morning* *a steady stream of travelers are already flowing in and out of the rest stop parking lot* *is hunched over and sunken-eyed from staying up all night on his phone* *scans the van for any signs of life*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.8 05:10 *has left the van and is sitting outside, thinking*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.8 05:10 *is asleep with his mouth wide open**a little bit of drool is seen hanging out of his mouth*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.8 05:11 *has been awake since the sun's rays have tried to penetrate her eyelids* *is forcing herself to go back to sleep so she doesn't have to negotiate the day's plans*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.8 05:16 *has been awake for a little while*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.8 05:24 [Sorry about my slow replies; I'm doing a lot of homework.]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.8 05:25 (It's fine!)
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.8 05:26 *sees Midas and Alexa stirring* Turns out I'm the Jedi Master you thought I was.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.8 05:26 *says groggily* What? *stretches and turns around to look at Midas*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.8 05:29 Clearly, all of you disregarded an important detail that lady shared yesterday. She said Samantha went somplace called "Matt-something-or-other". Well, there's actually a place called Mattole Beach at the Lost Coast.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.8 05:29 Specifically, it's at the start of the Lost Coast trail - a portion of it, anyways.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.8 05:29 *glances at Midas*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.8 05:32 We know that she took her aunt's green Coleman tent. We think she started at Mattole Beach. That's nearly six hours away. We could make it.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.8 05:33 *nods a little* *can feel her spirits being lifted*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.8 05:34 See, I told you there was hope. Alexa: I'm sorry I doubted you. Luke: Nah, I get it. It's hard to have hope when you're not the one saying it.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.8 05:35 If we get there, we shouldn't start hiking right away. We first need to make sure that we have our supplies, and the tide will be high anyways. Apparently, the Lost Coast trail is a force to be reckoned with, so I want to make sure we all have suitable
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.8 05:35 gear before leaving.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.8 05:36 Great. I'm gonna find Christina and let her know. *swings open the door and heads out*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.8 05:36 (I have to go now, hopefully I'll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.8 05:38 [Aw, bye!]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.9 02:24 (Hey, I don't think I'll be on tonight. Actually, I probably won't be on until Wednesday night, because I have to take the SAT on Tuesday and Wednesday. Sorry, and I'll see you soon!)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.9 03:59 [That's fine. Good luck with your SAT!]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 04:05 (Thanks!)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 04:06 *is rapidly explaining to Christina that they might be able to find Sam after all due to Luke's lead*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 04:20 [I'm on!]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 04:24 (Hi!)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 04:25 [Hey! How'd the SAT go? :D]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 04:29 (I hope it went okay. I had huge migraines during both test days, so I'm hoping that didn't affect my scores.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 04:30 *returns to the van with Christina, who is in considerably brighter spirits* *peeks through the door* Well, what are we waiting for? *hikes herself into the passenger seat* Let's go!
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.12 04:31 I'll drive. *is starting to come forward*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 04:32 *puts up a hand* No. Luke: What? I know where we're going. Alexa: Do you even have a license? Luke: Um, I have a permit? Alexa: That's not enough.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.12 04:33 It doesn't matter. Alexa: Yeah, it does. Luke: Then at least let me sit in shotgun. Alexa: Fine. *climbs into the very back*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.12 04:34 *starts up his GPS* *puts it on the dash so Midas can see, and then they head out on their adventure*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 04:34 [I'm sure you did great. :D]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 04:34 [Did Paige take an SAT too?]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 04:35 *is sitting directly behind Midas, bugging him and Luke about every turn they make and where they're supposed to go nonstop*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 04:35 *is indeed in much higher spirits and won't shut up*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.12 04:38 *the van cruises up Highway One most of the day, offering everyone scenic views of seemingly endless coastline* *the sun shimmers against the ocean, and mighty waves are seen crashing upon the shore* *beaches of sand stretch infinitely, looking untouched*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.12 04:38 *is squirmy and a bit bored*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.12 04:39 *is heavily indulging in the view while driving**this makes Christina's nagging all the more difficult for him to bear**finally, he snaps at her* Shut up you nag! I'm sure there's plenty of hay for you to snap at elsewhere!
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 04:40 *is taken aback**starts trying to retort, but Midas cuts her off right away*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.12 04:40 Jesus [BLEEP], just look at the VIEW!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.12 04:40 Man...
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 04:41 *considers trying to retort again, but then looks at the view and is in absolute awe**decides he's right about her needing to shut up...well, for maybe just a few minutes*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 04:41 [BTW, which of my characters on here is your favorite? Just curious.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 04:42 [I know who mine is, but I'll let you state your favorite first.]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.12 04:44 I always thought the California sun was a myth, but now that I'm here, I can see for myself that it's not. *gazes sort of wistfully at the sky, which is a deep, lazuli blue*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.12 04:45 (Hmm... it's a tossup. I'd have to say Midas, because he's the comic relief of the group, and his remarks honestly crack me up. But I've always liked Red. He may be a background character, but he's literally along for the ride and putting up with everyone
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.12 04:46 and the mayhem they experience.)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.12 04:47 (Yep, Paige and I both took the SAT. We also took some variation of the ACT.)
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.12 04:49 Christina... just chill, okay? We'll be there soon. *is kind of laughing, though* *is internally glad to see Christina's spirits have lifted*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 04:51 Ugh, what is up with these junk calls? *furiously scrolls on her phone screen* I don't want your friggin' voicemails!
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.12 04:52 You know what you should do next time? When they ask for your name, spell out "spam". My brother used to do that all the time. Worked like a charm. *smiles mischievously, but his eyes look distan
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 04:52 [Midas is my favorite character too. Namely, he's based on one of my best friends, who has a similar heavily blunt and sharp-witted demeanor.]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.12 04:52 *distant
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 04:53 [The Don whatever von Poopenschmirtz was entirely me though. My friend would probably not ever do that. XD]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 04:53 *smirks slowly, Grinch-style* *nods* Now THAT's an idea.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 04:54 [And I can agree that Red is sort of an underappreciated character. He doesn't say much, but he does have to bear a crapton of...well, crap each and every day.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 04:54 (That's cool. And also, the Poopenschmirtz thing was fantastic.)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 04:54 [I think it's his attitude about the whole thing that pulls him through the bullcrap. He's optimistic and sees this all as one big, fun adventure. He really doesn't care whether or not they find Sam--he's here to come along and have fun.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 04:55 [Thank you. ^.^ *bows*]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 04:55 (Yeah. And for being 10, he has some real courage.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 04:58 (Which of our (or mine, I guess) is your favorite?)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 05:01 [Hm...I'm leaning towards Alexa. Josh is good too, though, and Luke turned out to be a pretty good guy despite being so eccentric.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 05:01 [I'm really not sure. They all seem pretty good.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 05:01 [Sorry for disappearing; I had to take a moment to go back and re-read the gloriousness that makes up the Midas-as-Poopenschmirtz posts. I'll admit that I started cracking up like h**l.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 05:04 (Hahaha, no problem.)
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.12 05:08 *later in the afternoon, Midas maneuvers the van from the hilly highway to some rougher backroads* *the van is jostled back and forth, probably doing some serious traction damage* *it doesn't stop until they reach a clearing with several cabins, and at
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 05:08 [You can feel free to take a moment and read them. Has Paige read them?]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.12 05:09 that point, a good portion of the passengers are carsick* *rifles through his wallet before declaring* Alright, I'm gonna need everyone's money. We need it for permits, bear jars, and a place to stay overnight.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.12 05:11 *sighs* *reaches for his backpack, which Ga-Eun hands him* *uncovers a $20 bill* This is it. *forks the dough over to Luke*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.12 05:12 (I don't think she has.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 05:13 This is all I have. Take it. *only has $3 to her name, and it's flung towards Luke*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.12 05:14 *like Josh, he has around $20 as well*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 05:14 *hands over around $15*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.12 05:15 [Get her to read them ASAP. >:D] *digs around in his stuff *
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.12 05:15 *finds 72 cents--it's all he has**quietly hands them over to Luke*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.12 05:15 *pulls out his own wallet and adds it to the stash* *Christina and Midas donate to the cause, and Red is exempt* Um, I'm missing someone. Ga-Eun: *grumbles* Fine. *contributes $2.00*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.12 05:16 *sees what Red did but doesn't say anything**Christina glances pointedly at Red and then Midas, admiring what Red did*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.12 05:16 *looks at the coins Red handed him* Are you sure? You don't have to pay.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.12 05:17 I'm seriously wondering how we're gonna get home.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.12 05:18 I mean, I'll reimburse you guys. And I'm convinced that a few of you still have some leftover cash. *is pointedly referring to Ga-Eun*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.12 05:19 No, take it.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.12 05:19 *returns the coins to Red* Just keep it. You don't have to pay - really. It's fine. Buy yourself a candy bar, or whatever you can get with less than a dollar.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.12 05:20 No. *shoves the coins back at him*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.12 05:21 *Red shoves the coins back* *looks down at them* Okay... *exits the car and saunters over to a nearby station* *is seen negotiating at a station*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.12 05:21 Let him pay. *gets some surprised looks, since he and Red tend to only insult each other when referring to one another*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.12 05:21 *said that before Luke took them*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.12 05:21 (Well the last part was awfully repetitive, haha. I meant the window, not a station. Anyways, I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.12 05:22 *pats Red on the back and then turns to watch Luke negotiate**Red is seen smiling at Midas as he sits back, though Midas doesn't see Red, as he's facing the other way*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.12 05:22 [Aw, bye!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.13 04:20 [I'm on!]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.13 04:27 (Hi!)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.13 04:33 [Hey!]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.13 04:40 *returns to the van, juggling his backpack and seven bear jars* *Josh opens the door for him*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.13 04:42 Where to?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.13 04:43 *Luke struggles to get in* Uh... need some help? *takes a couple of the bear jars*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.13 04:46 *dumps everything into Josh's lap and gets into shotgun* *unrolls a map* The park ranger gave me a map. I think we're somewhere over here. *points to a scattering of cabins on the map*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.13 04:48 By the way, I didn't get much money back. Whoever paid the cost of their permit - Josh, Christina, Midas - you get your reimbursements first.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.13 04:52 *the van bounces and twists down more gravel road before they arrive at their designated cabin* *it is a wooden, fairly decrepit lodge hidden between some pines*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.13 04:53 *there is a long moment of silence* Well, it's what I could afford.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.13 04:54 Hey, anything's better than the van. *eagerly scampers out of the van*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.13 04:56 Help me unpack. Alexa: All of it? Luke: *pulls out a box* Yeah. We might need it. Alexa: I don't think so. Luke: Um, yeah, I think so.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.13 04:57 *jumps out and looks around excitedly*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.13 04:57 Everyone lend a hand - except for Josh. Well, actually, let's put him on backpack duty.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.13 04:58 *immediately helps them get their stuff unpacked**Midas takes a quick look around and then follows suit*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.13 04:58 *lugs a box towards the cabin* *unlocks the door and looks around* *there are a few bare bunks and couches* *makes a mental note of that*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.13 04:59 *is standing in between Alexa and Luke, helping them hoist a big box, when he releases a silent fart* Ahhh, smells wonderful here, doesn't it? *is of course provoking everyone to take a deeeeep sniff*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.13 05:00 *almost unenthusiastically carries some backpacks inside*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.13 05:01 *opens one of the boxes and tosses a sleeping bag to the floor* Yeah. It smells like fresh cedar in here.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.13 05:02 *scrunches up her face* *says pointedly* No, it smells like fart in here.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.13 05:05 *drops the backpack and surveys the place* I have to say: this is pretty nice. Alexa: I'd give it 3 and a half stars. We could definitely go without Midas' farting. Josh: We both know that's not going away anytime soon.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.13 05:07 *he, Christina, and Red carry in the last of the supplies* Whew. *wipes his hands together* Thanks for the help, guys.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.13 05:08 *everyone chooses a bed or couch and covers it with their sleeping bag or whatever else they brought* *passes everyone their permit and bear jar*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.13 05:11 I wasn't farting!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.13 05:11 My butt was just speaking and whispering how much it loves you all.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.13 05:13 Ok, we need to talk about some things - namely, the gear you guys brought.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.13 05:14 Midaaaasss.... stop. *can't help but smile though*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.13 05:15 I like you too, butt. *probably gets some looks*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.13 05:16 *flops down on a bed and pulls out his phone*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.13 05:16 Wait, gear? Luke: Yeah, like stuff you plan on wearing. This trail isn't going to be easy. I told you guys to pack boots and jackets and stuff.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.13 05:16 *eh, technically, it's Midas', but Red likes to "borrow" it*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.13 05:17 (I have to go now, I'll see you tomorrow!)
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.13 05:18 [Aw, bye!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.14 04:25 [I'm here!]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.14 04:34 (Hey! Sorry I'm late.)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.14 04:38 [Hey! It's fine.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.14 04:39 [gtg early, though. :P]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.14 04:39 [Not right now, but later.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.14 04:43 *likes wearing military style boots and jackets, so she's all set**the only downside is that said boots and jackets are mostly black*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.14 04:45 All right.Whatever you plan on wearing, just take it out. I want to see it.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.14 04:52 *pulls out some industrial-style boots, which are actually his dad's* *then removes a pair of warm-up pants and a windbreaker with the Grass Creek High basketball logo on it*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.14 04:53 I'm fine. *in other words, he doesn't intend on changing his clothes**he's in sneakers and such*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.14 04:53 *pulls out a spare jacket and just gestures towards the boots she's already wearing*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.14 04:53 *is in casual shoes**switches to tennis shoes*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.14 04:53 Oh yeah. Forgot about this. *sets a first aid kit on the floor*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.14 04:55 *glances at Red and Midas* You guys are gonna need to wear pants at least. AT LEAST. I don't lie when I say that this trail is difficult - it's not even advised for beginners.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.14 04:55 *gives Josh's ensemble a careful once-over* It barely passes, but okay.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.14 05:04 *sheepishly removes a pair of winter boots, then lays out a jacket and some cargo pants that are more stylish than protective* Luke: *stares at the boots* You'll never make it wearing those.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.14 05:06 Well, I'm still going. We're still looking for Sam. An unreliable pair of boots can't stop me. The trail can't be THAT bad, and I'm guessing we won't go more than half of it.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.14 05:07 [All of my characters are wearing pants BTW. Well, Midas is technically donning jeans.]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.14 05:08 *says pointedly*Like I said... Alexa: You could at least help us out if you happen to have any spares. Luke: Well, I do. I might be able to lend them to Midas. And Red still has those jeans I gave him.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.14 05:09 (Ok.)
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.14 05:11 *is pleasantly surprised to see that Ga-Eun is prepared* Now. The next thing you need to do is clear out your backpacks. Take only the necessities. Some of you may even want to leave your backpacks behind, because we're gonna need to carry the tents and
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.14 05:11 sleeping bags.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.14 05:19 *moans*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.14 05:20 *grabs Red's backpack and dumps everything out of it* Red: Hey! Midas: Get packi--oh...wait...what is THIS? *eagerly picks up a headless Barbie doll that came out of Red's backpack*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.14 05:20 *helps everyone streamline the packing process* *Alexa and Midas put every ounce of food into the bear jars* *puts more of the lighter stuff in Josh's bag - the bear cans, first aid, and water*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.14 05:20 *his face rapidly turns red* Nothing.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.14 05:20 I see...you find decapitation attractive? Red: Shut up! It's probably some thing left over from 3rd grade...
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.14 05:21 *wordlessly stares at the headless Barbie* *then kind of laughs*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.14 05:22 Well, that sure is morbid. *jams some more bear jars into her bag, then a sleeping bag* *struggles to zip around it*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.14 05:27 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.14 05:27 Riiiiight... *winks at Red**Red goes berserk* [Anyways, bye!]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.14 05:28 (Alright, bye!)
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.14 05:30 *as they continue packing, he checks his phone* The tide is high. We should probably wait until tomorrow to start.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.14 05:30 Okay. That's fine. *is visibly restless*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.15 04:14 [I'm on!]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.15 04:22 (Hey!)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.15 04:22 (I'm doing something at the moment, so I'll be back in about 15-20 minutes.)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.15 04:26 Do we really have the time to wait? She could be on the move. For all we know, she's here and will leave tomorrow. *is referring to Sam, of course*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.15 04:27 [Hey! OK. Replies will be slow; I'm doing math.]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.15 04:41 (Ok! Good luck with your math!)
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.15 04:42 Yeah. It'll be dark out, and the tides literally demand we wait. If they're too high, we could die.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.15 04:43 Just a warning, but we'll probably have to wait a lot.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.15 04:45 *checks on his phone* Okay. So, the tides will be high around ten, then at 6, then at 1, which we won't have to worry about. So we should leave at noon, but stop at around six depending on where we are.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.15 04:48 [Hey!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.15 04:48 *hesitates stubbornly* Red: Sounds fine to me. *snatches the Barbie doll back when Midas isn't looking and buries it in his stuff **then gets on Midas' phone again*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.15 04:56 *with that, they crash for the night in preparation of tomorrow's schedule*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.15 04:57 -THE NEXT MORNING-
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.15 04:59 *Midas drives the car to the campground parking lot, which is where they leave it* *afterwards, they eat a quick lunch, use the restroom, and check their belongings before hitting the trail*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.15 05:03 *finds the Barbie doll packed in the stuff he's bringing along on the hiking trip**he did NOT put it in here--he left it with the stuff he doesn't need*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.15 05:03 *is dressed quite extensively, wearing a windbreaker, hiking pants and boots, a hat, and sunglasses* *is still disapproving of everyone's outfits, but he doesn't mention it*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.15 05:03 *sees Red lifting up the Barbie doll and a very mischievous look appears on his (Midas') face*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.15 05:07 *ended up wearing shorts, despite Luke's suggestions* *looks around* *the sun is shining brightly and the sky is a deep blue* It's a beautiful day for a hike.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.15 05:07 *glares at Midas* Jerkbag.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.15 05:08 Feeding your attraction to headless women, I suppose? *starts laughing, though**it wasn't his statement that made him laugh, but Red's*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.15 05:08 Shut up.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.15 05:09 Yep...wonder where she is. *is preoccupied with Samantha*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.15 05:10 *laughs along with Midas* That was clever.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.15 05:11 *high-fives Josh*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.15 05:11 *is snickering uncontrollably*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.15 05:12 At this point, she could be anywhere. So, we should probably get going if we want to travel at a timely pace.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.15 05:12 *@ Red* I didn't put her in there, honest. I think she's returning your affections. Red: I said shut up!
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.15 05:12 Yeah, let's go! *immediately gets up and starts walking*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.15 05:13 *starts walking quickly too, his face red (pun not intended), eager to get away from Midas and Josh*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.15 05:13 *is probably making things worse for Red by laughing and continuously looking back at him*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.15 05:14 *can't stop laughing either*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.15 05:14 *leads the pack onto the trail, which starts at the beach* *ambles along a stretch of beach prairie, admiring the ocean*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.15 05:16 Such a shame her head is missing. But love has no boundaries, right?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.15 05:18 No no no, the headlessness makes her all the more beautiful to Red!
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.15 05:19 *yells over his shoulder* Shut up!
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.15 05:20 Technically, I think headlessness is where you should draw the line.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.15 05:21 Yeah. Think about that. *laughs*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.15 05:22 Ga-Eun: Um, guys? Don't you see that you're humiliating him? It's not funny. So shut up.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.15 05:23 Yeah, we should be more considerate. It's not funny.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.15 05:23 ...it's [BLEEP]in' hilarious. *resumes snickering with Josh*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.15 05:27 *is immedietly shut down, although he doesn't stay silent for long* *notices some sea lions basking on the beach nearby* Holy crap. What are those?
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.15 05:29 *says factually* Those are sea lions. Josh: *attempts to get closer*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.15 05:31 *also tries to get a closer look*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.15 05:32 Ooo! *immediately tries to get closer*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.15 05:34 But I wouldn't get closer if I were you. Josh: *stops* Luke: I mean, they're practically harmless, but... Alexa: *says flatly* We're on a schedule. Luke: Yeah. Exactly.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.15 05:34 *sighs, annoyed* C'mon, guys, let's goo!! Red+Midas: *whining* But I wanna pet the sea lion... *they look at each other*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.15 05:35 Uh...
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.15 05:35 Great minds think alike.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.15 05:35 *moves forward while Red, Josh, and Midas lag behind* *suddenly screeches*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.15 05:35 But yeah, they're right. *goes walking back after Christina and Luke* They'd probably nibble our noses off anyway.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.15 05:36 *said/did that before Alexa started moving forward again**jumps when Alexa screeches and rushes towards her*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.15 05:36 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.15 05:36 *darts after Midas, backpack flapping against his back* What?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.15 05:37 (Bye!)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.15 05:37 SNAKES?! Luke: Uh... yeah. Forgot to warn you, but there are snakes around here, sooo... be careful.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.15 05:39 *keeps moving* *stops at a creek that empties into the ocean* *pulls out a water bottle and a custom device, then fills the bottle up* *once he's done, they proceed*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.15 05:50 *the trail transforms into a mixture of sand and rocks* *is finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with her winter boots* *is glad when Luke comes to a stop at a corner*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.15 05:58 *observes some whitecaps crashing over some rocks and the beach* *whips out his map and scans it thoroughly* *then, like a referee calling a first down, he looks up and wordlessly points toward a steep incline*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.16 04:00 [I'm on!]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.16 04:16 (Hey!)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.16 04:24 [Hey!]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.16 04:24 *after climbing the steep hill, which requires much exertion, the trail flattens out and they get a break* *some rugged, rustic cabins come into view*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.16 04:26 I wonder who owns those cabins. Luke: Pretty sure it's private property. Josh: *wanders towards them, Midas and Ga-Eun following* Luke: *sighs* I wouldn't do that if I were you... Josh: Don't worry. I'm just taking a quick look.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.16 04:28 *encompasses the property* *peers through one of the tiny windows, cupping his hands around his face to get a better view* *can see a few things, but the window is rather dusty* *goes over and raps on the door* Knock knock knock... anybody home? *looks at
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.16 04:28 Midas and grins*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.16 04:30 *takes a few steps back, but continues to look around* I wonder who owns this place. Ga-Eun: You said that already. Josh: I know. But still. It's probably someone rich, like a doctor, or a surgeon, or an archaeologist.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.16 04:30 Ga-Eun: From the looks of it, it's probably been owned by a lot of different people. Josh: Actually, that's probably true.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.16 04:31 Luke: GUYS... Josh: We'd better go. *runs back to the group, an arm around Ga-Eun* *they resume their travels*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.16 04:36 *had a good time making weird faces in the windows in case people were actually there*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.16 04:36 *she partially agreed with Luke that they may have been trespassing, but also was jumpy due to the prospect that Sam could've been in those cabins**keeps looking back at them as they continue on*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.16 04:37 *pulled out a granola bar while Josh and friends were exploring the cabin* *ambles along, taking a bite here and looking at the scenery there* *points to a structure nestled at the base of a slope* There's a lighthouse.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.16 04:39 *looks at it with mild interest* *the lighthouse is pretty small, so it's nothing very notable to her*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.16 04:41 *is enjoying the sunshine and scenery, and he wants to put a soundtrack to it* Hey Luke, do you have the radio with you? Luke: Ummmm... I don't know if it'll work. Josh: Can we try it?
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.16 04:41 Maybe we should check it out.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.16 04:44 Luke: Fine. *drops his bag, uncovers it, and hands it to Josh* Josh: *turns the knob until some discernable music breaks through the static* *has tuned in to an AM station that streams mostly oldies*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.16 04:45 (I have to go now, bye! From now on, it'll probably be better for me to get here at around 10, because I'll have to start leaving earlier. I'll see you!)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.16 04:49 [Alright, bye!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.16 04:49 *is referring to the lighthouse, of course*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.16 22:32 [Hey guys, I might not be able to make it on tonight; my Internet at home is down and I'm not sure when it'll be fixed. See you around! :P]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.16 23:40 [I just got home and the Internet is working again, though I can't guarantee it'll continue to work. Hopefully I'll see you tonight!]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.17 01:54 (Okay. I don't think I'll be able to make it either, since I have a lot of homework. I'll see you tomorrow!)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.17 04:16 [I'm on! Aww, okay. See you around!]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 03:59 *adjusts the long antenna and turns the volume up a notch* *starts nodding his head along subtly*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.18 04:05 [I'm on!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.18 04:08 *looks around, awaiting a response* Well?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 04:11 (Hi!)
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.18 04:11 I honestly don't think she'd be in there. Her aunt gave her a tent, right?
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.18 04:14 *once he recognizes the song, he too starts jamming in a stately manner*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.18 04:16 Can't hurt to check it out, though.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.18 04:21 *absentmindedly snaps along, really getting into it*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.18 04:24 *the radio dies to static* *answers Christina* We have a schedule to follow. I doubt that lighthouse is even accessible to hikers.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.18 04:25 [My Internet still isn't behaving, so my replies will be a bit slow.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.18 04:26 *sighs through her nose* Alright. Let's hurry, then. *takes the lead*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.18 04:26 *bobs his head along to the music too**Midas remains indifferent*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.18 04:32 *they follow some more slopes until they descend towards some rugged shoreline* *stops, whipping out his map* *after examining it, he holds out his arm, reads his watch, and looks up* We've got time.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.18 04:33 Time for what? Luke: Prepare yourselves for a couple of miles of rock scrambling and beach wandering. This is the impassable zone. Alexa: That sounded pretty ominous. Luke: I'm not kidding.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.18 04:36 Wait what?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.18 04:36 Great. My butt's gonna hurt after this for five months.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.18 04:36 *leads the group along* *in the beginning stages, they are blessed with an undemanding trail along the beach* *soon, it disappears, and is replaced with water and jagged rocks*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.18 04:37 I don't know about your butt, but... *walks over an intermediate-looking rock*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.18 04:43 It's starting to take the pain.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.18 04:43 *my characters follow Luke**Christina is full of determination, Red is full of wonder and a sense of adventure, and Midas is trying to minimize the butthurt*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.18 04:47 *is wading through shallow water and trying not to trip over the pebbles crunching under her boots* *is also keeping a close watch on Josh* *knows that if he falls, he could injure his wrist further*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.18 04:48 *is not paying attention, so she trips over a rock* *scrapes her knee against its jagged edge* *winces* *the immediate burn tells her it's a pretty deep cut*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.18 04:50 *rolls back on her butt, just sitting in the water* *the top of her knee is gushing blood* *bats at Josh's hand when he tries to offer help* Stay back! I don't want you falling, too.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.18 04:51 Josh: *looks a little confused* I can help. Alexa: No. Just stay back with Ga-Eun.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.18 04:51 (I have to go now, bye! I'll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.18 04:52 *hears Alexa let out a pained sound**turns towards her* You oka--*sees her knee*--ohhh...
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.18 04:52 Luke, toss me a first aid kit!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.18 04:53 [Aw, bye!]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.19 03:12 *pulls out a first aid kit* *tosses it to Christina* *Christina tosses it to Midas*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.19 03:20 (Hey, I don't think I'll be able to be online tonight. I've had a pretty bad migraine all afternoon, and in addition, I have some homework. I'm really sorry this has been dragging lately - the weekends are usually better for me nowadays. I'll plan on
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.19 03:20 seeing you tomorrow!)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.19 04:02 [Alright, I understand; it's fine. I hope you feel/get better soon! See you around!]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.20 01:20 (Thank you for understanding! I am feeling much better, but I'm afraid that I won't be able to make it yet again. I've got several tests to take/study for, and right now, it's sort of preventing me from doing anything else.)
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.20 01:21 (This weekend will be much better. I'll see you tomorrow!)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.20 04:39 [Alright, that's fine too. Good luck on your tests!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.21 04:07 [I'm here!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.21 04:12 [brb]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.21 04:17 [Back!]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.21 04:27 (Hi! Sorry I'm a little late.)
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.21 04:27 (Thank you! I think my tests went well.)
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.21 04:27 (Oh, I was wondering: what happened to Fartlandia?)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.21 04:34 [I don't know. We all just stopped going on there, I guess. :P I should hope we return to it soon. Also, regarding your tests: Great!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.21 04:34 [Replies will be slow. I'm multitasking.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.21 04:35 (Ok!)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.21 04:38 *stands precariously, her knees wobbling* *has one hand planted over the bloody gash*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.21 04:40 *stares in the distance, assessing the path* *up ahead, some enormous rocks replace the sand on the beach, and the beach itself grows narrower and narrower until nothing separates the water and the rocky ridges*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.21 04:41 *has no idea how he's going to survive that, with only one arm to keep him balanced*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.21 04:42 *flips his wrist to check his watch* *then helps Midas crack open the first aid kit and find some gauze pads*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.21 04:43 *wades over to Alexa and, with Luke's help, he tries to clean up the wound and stop the bleeding*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.21 04:56 *adheres the gauze with some waterproof tape* There. That should stop the bleeding for a bit.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.21 04:58 Thank you. *stumbles over to Midas and gives him a gentle hug*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.21 05:00 *his eyes cast towards Midas and Alexa, then flicker back to the daunting trail that awaits* *says awkwardly* Uh, there's no time to waste!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.21 05:04 *hugs her back**@ Luke* Yes there is!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.21 05:04 *@ Alexa* Alright, let's try to take this slowly... *stays beside her, supporting her physically and mentally and helping her get across the water*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.21 05:05 *is sliding and staggering over the rocks, but compared to the others, he's practically bounding thanks to his hiking boots*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.21 05:08 *is moving slowly mainly because she's trying to make her move carefully, but also because her boots have been soaked through and are heavier as a result* *almost falls again, but Midas grabs the crook of her elbow before she can hit the rocks*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.21 05:09 *sighs a little, clearly distressed* Thanks, Midas. Really. Without you, I'd probably have cracked my skull by now.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.21 05:11 *he and Ga-Eun bring up the caboose* *is really struggling, and making his choices a little too carefully* *wobbles across a pair of rocks*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.21 05:13 Eh, it's nothing. I've always been this awesome.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.21 05:13 *mutters* Not...
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.21 05:17 *pulls something out of his backpack, which is no longer than a drumstick* *gives it a swing, extending it* *then uses it like a cane or crutch to propel himself forward*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.21 05:18 *laughs a little* I beg to differ, Red.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.21 05:19 *turns around and sees that he is wayyy ahead of everyone else* *waits for Christina to catch up, then gives her the walking stick* Here, this should help.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.21 05:20 *helps Alexa steady herself **@ Red* Shut up demon.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.21 05:20 *is getting pretty worn out**takes the stick, panting* Thanks...
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.21 05:21 *pulls another one out of his backpack - his last one - and waits for Midas' caravan* *hands it off to them when they meet*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.21 05:23 *finally, he waits for an exceptional amount of time for Josh and Ga-Eun* *Ga-Eun has her arm around Josh's waist and is staggering just by trying to keep him steady* *their difference in height is making it hard for both of them to cover much ground*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.21 05:25 *she, Midas, Red, and Alexa catch up with Luke*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.21 05:26 *sees how much effort Ga-Eun is putting into helping Josh, and yet, he's just standing around watching them* *figures he should do what everyone else is doing: accept the burden*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.21 05:27 *scrambles over the rocks, tripping at times* *nearly knocks a tooth right out of his mouth* *but he makes it to the two in one piece* *is out of breath when he gets there* Hey guys. Need a lift?
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.21 05:29 Ga-Eun: *pants, nodding urgently* Luke: throws an arm around Josh's shoulders, much to his gratitude, and the trio hobbles forward*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.21 05:32 *she, Midas, and Red group with Christina, and they keep pushing forward until they reach the opening of a grassy valley* *it is littered with driftwood, mounds of rock and soil, and scrub*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.21 05:33 *is exhausted* *collapses, half-jokingly and half-seriously*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.21 05:34 *flops down flat on his back* Awww mah butt! *rolls over onto his stomach* Awww mah belly!
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.21 05:35 *sits down, his face red with heat and exhaustion (pun not intended)*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.21 05:35 *partially sits up* *Josh, Ga-Eun, and Luke are still in the throes of the trail, but they're getting closer to the finish line* *waves weakly*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.21 05:35 *sits down, sighing with relief at getting to rest**@ Midas* Lie on your side. Midas: *does so* Awww mah hips!
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.21 05:35 ...You're hopeless.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.21 05:36 Indeed.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.21 05:36 *after panting and awkward silence, he and the rest of the resting group start to crack up*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.21 05:37 Who can blame him? Everything is painful!! *lets out an agonized groan, falling to her side*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.21 05:39 *they arrive 15-20 minutes later* *comes to a standstill, and he, Ga-Eun, and Josh drop their supplies in unison* *bends over and grasps his knees*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.21 05:40 *pants* I think we're stopping for the night.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.21 05:41 *walks straight forward, his eyes bloodshot and his body completely stiff*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.21 05:41 Welcome to h**l.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.21 05:41 I thought we'd already been there for a while now...
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.21 05:42 *looks at Luke from under her arm* We're going back that way, aren't we.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.21 05:42 *pauses*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.21 05:42 Good point.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.21 05:42 *@ Alexa* Wait what?!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.21 05:42 No. No. NOOO NO NO.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.21 05:43 *take a while to catch his breath* *finally answers* Yeah. I mean, eventually.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.21 05:44 Anyways, I think it's time to set up camp. This is a nice area. *drags the tent forward*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.21 05:44 You go right ahead and do that. *lays back down*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.21 05:45 Actually, you guys are helping me.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.21 05:47 UGGHHH... *literally crawls after Luke*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.21 05:47 *LATER*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.21 05:48 NOOO! You can't do this to us! We'll have no butts left at the end of this!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.21 05:48 *after much strife and exhaustion, the tents are pitched and a camp is established* *celebrates by taking a nap* *by the time she emerges from the tent, evening is settling in*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.21 05:48 This is UNACCEPTABLLLE!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.21 05:49 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.21 05:49 (Bye!)
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.21 05:50 *he and Josh are preparing a substandard dinner, a smorgasboard of peanut butter crackers, protein bars, beef jerky, canned goods, and Pop Tarts for dessert*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.21 05:53 *glances at the meal preparation, hardly enthusiastic about it* *then turns toward the horizon, where the sun is beginning its descent into the sky* *it is burning white against the sky, which is a palatte of brilliant golds, yellows, and oranges*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.21 05:56 *the stress from the hiking trip is replaced with wonder and longing* *can't believe that she's standing on the California coast watching a dazzling sunset, but she also can't believe that they've made it this far without finding Sam*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.21 05:56 *there is a deep ache in the pit of her stomach* *doesn't know if it's from hunger or disappointment*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 04:13 [I'm here!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 04:19 *isn't paying much attention to anything**since they started hiking, she's been hyper-focused on finding Sam*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 04:19 *nibbles absent-mindedly on some peanut butter crackers*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.22 04:20 *is eating a Poptart/his dessert first as opposed to eating "dinner" first because he can get away with it*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.22 04:20 *like Alexa, he's fixated on the sunset and enjoying the moment*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 04:25 (Hey!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.22 04:26 [Hi!]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 04:26 *turns around and goes to graze on the selection of snacks* *picks up a granola bar and takes a single bite* *says what almost everyone has been thinking* When are we gonna find Sam?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 04:28 *peels back a Slim Jim absentmindedly* I dunno. That's sort of a rhetorical question at this point.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 04:31 What if we didn't look as thoroughly as we could've?
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 04:34 Yeah, we totally should've checked out that lighthouse.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.22 04:35 Too late now if that's the case.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.22 04:37 Guys, you're overthinking this. If she's anywhere off the trail, then she's a (BLEEP). Simple.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.22 04:38 Also, that lighthouse is inaccessible to hikers. She wouldn't be able to get inside, so don't lose any sleep over it.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 04:39 *frowns a little* *says pointedly* What's got your boxers in a twist?
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.22 04:40 I don't know. *shrugs a little* I just don't... look, you guys are worrying way too much.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 04:43 Well, I don't know about you, but Sam's our friend. We have no idea where she is, and we miss her. *mutters* And it's worse knowing that you can't find her.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 04:45 *there is a long moment of silence* *glances at Luke, who casts his eyes towards the ground* *stands up after awhile and walks away* *Ga-Eun follows him*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 04:46 Well, we will find her. We have to.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.22 04:47 *is very skeptical and his face shows it, but he says nothing*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.22 04:47 *is just eating, a bit annoyed with the others' arguing*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.22 04:48 *almost corrects Christina* We'll try to.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 04:53 No...we WILL do it.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.22 04:54 You sound like Yoda. Christina: What? Red: "Do. There is no try." Except you're stupider than him. Christina: *disbelieving silence* Red: Just saying.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.22 04:54 Ahh, some of me is rubbing off on you. About time. *puts a hand on Red's head and messes up his hair*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 04:54 *laughs a little out of awkward disbelief at what she just heard*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 04:56 (Hahahaha, oh my gosh, Red.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 04:57 *gets up and walks around* *sees that Josh and Ga-Eun have relocated to a summit nearby to watch the sunset*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 05:03 Okayyy then...
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 05:03 [Oh my gosh indeed. XD I almost didn't have him say that because it felt unnatural, but it was too amusing to resist. Plus I have the excuse that a bit of Midas is finally appearing in Red.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 05:04 (Yeah, I've been noticing that.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 05:04 (I think it fit, haha.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 05:05 *returns to the camp site to find that Luke and some of the others are cleaning up* *goes over and robotically helps out*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.22 05:05 *stashes some wrappers away, fully aware of Alexa's presence* You don't need to help me.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 05:07 No, I should. *puts most of the food away* Anyways, I'm sorry for being a (BLEEP). Luke: It's fine. I understand. I was being the jerk, so I should say sorry. I mean, I am.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 05:10 [Good, good. XD]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 05:10 *helps clean up the camp**naturally, Midas and Red don't*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 05:13 *finishes cleaning* *stands up, staring into the distance* Luke: That's kinda nice. Alexa: What? Luke: Ga-Eun and Josh. They're cute. Alexa: *is shocked to hear Luke utter the word "cute", but she doesn't show it* Yeah, I guess. Luke: It gives me faith in
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 05:13 *glances at Luke, still irritated by his "We'll try to" comment, but doesn't say anything*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 05:14 the future. Alexa: *nods, shuffling forward* *after she can practically feel Luke breathing down her neck, she changes the subject* You know what's nice? All of this gear you managed to bring along.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 05:16 I mean, without your knowledge, or your zombie apocalypse stuff, we'd probably be lying on the rocks, suffering from a brain hemmorhage. Luke: *looks down, shoving his hands into his pockets* Eh... it's nothing.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 05:18 *glances at Luke with the smallest of smiles* How DID you obtain all of that gear? You weren't really mobilizing for the zombie apocalypse, were you?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.22 05:20 *says loudly before Luke can answer:* Yes!
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.22 05:20 Well... yes and no. I've always been studying the zombie apocalypse, but... I did it because I was planning on running away. *pauses, puffing out his cheeks*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.22 05:23 My dad is a psychopath, so he's never around. My mom is also never around because she's either working or frolicking with her newest boyfriend. I have two brothers and one sister, and we practically fend for ourselves everyday. I'm the one who makes sure
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.22 05:23 they get up in the morning, eat, and go to bed at night.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.22 05:27 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.22 05:27 All the worrying and stress got to be too much, so one day, I told my siblings we were running away. I never promised them, but it became this unspoken understanding. I guess that was around the time I became obsessed with the zombie apocalypse, and that
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.22 05:27 (Bye!)
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.22 05:30 sort of gave me more of an incentive to run away. I started buying all this crap on Amazon. Once I amassed a collection, I was waiting for the perfect worst day to come around. I mean, there were some pretty bad days, but I just kept waiting.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.22 05:31 *faces Alexa, smiling* So, I guess this was my zombie apocalypse.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 05:34 *chuckles a little* *has so many questions swirling in her brain, but she's uncertain of what to say* Wow. I mean... thank you. I understand this was kind of a sacrifice for you, to give up your collection for us...
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.22 05:37 *smiles* Nothing's a sacrifice if it's done to the fullest. In this case, used. Alexa: *turns to Luke, suddenly looking worried* Are your siblings okay? Luke: Oh, they're fine. I talk to them almost every day. The eldest - Dylan - is in charge.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.22 05:39 *the two watch as Midas and Red leap out of some scrub behind Josh and Ga-Eun, causing to scream and topple over each other* Teaching Red his wise ways, it looks like. *starts walking over, assuming Alexa was going to at some point* *notices she isn't
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.22 05:40 following* *turns around* You coming?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 05:42 You go ahead. *watches as Midas and Josh yell at each other in jest, Luke running in to join the fun* *suddenly feels like she understands him more, and realizes that a cloud of judgement was preventing her from seeing anything more than what she assumed
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 05:45 about him* *is also realizing that many people are made up of different parts, different fragments - there are some you know about, some you don't, and others that completely surprise you*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.22 05:46 watches her friends mess around against the setting sun, and experiences an outpouring of appreciation for them* *smiles a little and returns to camp, a skip in her step*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.23 04:03 (I'm here!)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.23 04:28 (Unfortunately, I have to go. I don't think I'll be able to stay on for long during weekdays. Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.24 04:25 [I'm online!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.24 04:26 [Sorry I wasn't on last night; I had some important quizzes today and was studying like h**l.]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.24 05:07 [Guess you're not here...sorry again for not being on last night. See you tomorrow, hopefully!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.25 04:05 [I'm on! I have a music recommendation; mind if I share? ^.^]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.25 04:05 (Hi! That's okay!)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.25 04:18 [Hey!]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.25 04:18 (Yeah, go ahead! And I'm sorry for disappearing. I had some things to do.)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.25 04:18 [I recommend Rose adagio from Tchaikovsky's ballet Sleeping Beauty. ^.^]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.25 04:19 [It's fine! I'm busy as well.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.25 04:24 (Ok! I'll try and listen to it soon. I'm not sure if I've heard it before or not, but I guess I'll find out.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.25 04:25 *joins Christina and watches the shenanigans unfold, with Midas and Red being the ringleaders* Like brother, like brother.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.25 04:26 [Okie dokie. It's very beautiful. ^.^]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.25 04:26 Yup.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.25 04:27 *sighs* Wow...just...I can't believe how much Luke has done for us.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.25 04:31 Yeah. *looks around at the supplies and gear, which are mostly Luke's* I just told him: if it hadn't been for him and all of this, we'd probably be dead. Or close to dead.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.25 04:32 Definitely. *suddenly has a thought that gives her quite a jolt* Wh...what if Sam is dead?
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.25 04:32 Well...I mean, that's very far-fetched, but...she doesn't have someone like Luke.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.25 04:32 I mean, he's practically brought us one step closer to Sam. *hugs her knees close to her chest* *stares into space for awhile* I hope we find her. I'm starting to miss her - like, a lot.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.25 04:35 *keeps staring* She never did anything she couldn't handle. And I think she liked risks anyways. So this place is probably, definitely her thing.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.25 04:41 Rocky beaches guaranteed to trip you... numerous inclines certified to wipe you out before you reach the top... yeah. I can see her digging this place for many reasons.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.25 04:42 [Sorry for disappearing; I'm multitasking.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.25 04:42 Me too.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.25 04:42 Yeah...yeah, I think she's alright.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.25 04:43 *is meanwhile trying to calm everyone down* Okay, okay... maybe we should head back now. We should probably try and get up early tomorrow.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.25 04:44 *nods slowly* *is starting to get tired, and her mind is exhausted from pondering Sam's whereabouts*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 04:46 *stands around Midas- occasionally following him around - until everyone disappates towards camp and they're alone*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 04:48 *the two chat for awhile before he launches into his original question* So... what do you think about this Sam deal?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 04:48 (I have to go now, see you tomorrow!)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.25 05:02 [Aw, bye!]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 04:13 (I'm here! I won't be able to stay online for long, though. Maybe 15 minutes tops.)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.26 04:14 [I'm on!]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 04:16 (Hi!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.26 04:23 [OK. Sorry for disappearing. :P]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.26 04:24 Well...it's complicated.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.26 04:24 Really, Sam is just a friend of a friend of a friend to me--she's Christina's buddy, who is Alexa's buddy.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.26 04:25 I came along for Alexa, as well as just for the sake of traveling and living in itself, so I suppose that gives me a more critical, "outside" viewpoint of all these Samantha shenanigans...
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.26 04:26 I sense something off about this whole thing. I sensed it from the start, but after we met her aunt I have had a strong feeling that something isn't right.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 04:26 (It's fine!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.26 04:26 Or, well, something isn't as it appears.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.26 04:26 I know how much Alexa and Christina admire Samantha, but really, I don't trust her.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.26 04:27 Don't get me wrong--I would prefer it if we found her. I mean, we came all this way to get her. But I think we should be careful.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.26 04:27 What do you think?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 04:27 *looks at the ground, nodding along to everything Midas is saying* *kicks a rock around* Yeah.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.26 04:30 What do you think "about this Sam deal?"
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 04:32 I don't know Samantha. I mean, I guess I really don't know who she is as a person. But she seems dangerously spontaneous, and if anything happens... *is transfixed by kicking the rock* I just don't want them to get hurt, you know?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 04:34 The fact that she left her aunt's place a hot mess says a lot about her stability in her relationships.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 04:36 And I have a feeling she had a plan all along. The clues, the plans to come here.... it's like she's begging for attention, and doesn't want it all at once. *sounds almost bitter*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 04:39 So, yeah. I definitely agree that this is getting weird - it speaks for itself. But, who knows - maybe we'll find her happily camping in a forest glen sometime soon.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.26 04:41 I doubt that last part. And I agree--this all seems premeditated.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.26 04:41 But we shall see what we shall see.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 04:41 *casually kicks the rock out of sight, then looks up at Midas* Guess we'll see what happens tomorrow.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 04:42 (Ok, I have to go now. I may not be on tomorrow - not sure yet. In any case, I'll see you soon!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.26 04:45 [Alright, see you around!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.27 03:47 [I'm on, but I'm multitasking. I'll check this RP occasionally for you. ^.^]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.27 05:05 [Guess you're not here. See you!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 04:13 [I'm here!]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 04:14 (Hi!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 04:20 [Hey!]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 04:29 -THE NEXT DAY-
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 04:30 *the morning dawns bright and blue* *is up by 10* *doesn't wake anyone up out of courtesy, so of course, everyone's up by roughly 11*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 04:30 *looks absolutely terrified at the idea of another day on the trail*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 04:33 *is just nervous about the prospect that they might not find Sam*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.28 04:34 *is partially happy because of how much of an adventure this is, and partially grumpy due to some of the discomforts of camping*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 04:34 *notices Alexa and tries to cheer her up by exchanging hilariously stupid banter with Josh*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 04:44 *is eating a Pop Tart* Yeah. Don't worry, it'll be fine. *is a little too casual for Alexa's taste* *looks at the Pop Tart* Hey, what does Midas call a Pop Tart? *initiates a long pause* Alexa: *sounds annoyed* What? Josh: A Poop Fart!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 04:44 *shakes her head, cringing* God... you two are so immature.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 04:47 *laughs very weirdly* Hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee...
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 04:49 *joins the weird giggling* *guffaws very strangely at one point*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 04:54 Okay, OKAY... stop.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 04:56 Wait, wait, I've got one: why did the artist stop what he was doing? Because he was "dye"ing! Har har har...
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 04:56 *doesn't even bother smiling* That was really bad, Josh.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 04:57 Fine. What about you? *nudges Midas* You're the comedian here.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 04:57 *begins to pack up passive aggressively*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 04:57 Ummm...
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 04:58 Butts.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 04:58 *guffaws weirdly and fiendishly again*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 04:58 [That was literally the only thing I could come up with. I'm so, so sorry. X'D]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 05:00 (Hahaha, no problem. It was still funny.)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:00 *laughs for a full 30 seconds*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 05:02 *cracks a small smile* So THAT'S what's always on your mind... I gotchu, Midas.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 05:03 Wanna hear a joke? *has a sharp edge to his voice* Okay. So, once there was this man - an old man. He had an attic... *rambles on, telling one of those jokes that will lose anyone midway*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:04 NO...
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 05:05 What? Anyways- Josh: Please... please, not one of those. Luke: No. I'm telling a joke. So, anyways, there was this old man- Josh: For the love of god... no.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 05:06 Fine. I'll stop. But you guys need to get off your (BLEEP)s and help me pack up.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 05:06 *raises an eyebrow* *promptly helps out*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 05:09 Hehehe..."[BLEEP]s"...hehehehehe...
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 05:09 *helps anyway*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 05:10 *says to Josh in a whacky voice* Heyyy, he said "[BLEEP]s"!! Hee hee hee hee hee!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 05:10 [XD Midas' and Josh's inner 9 year olds have emerged.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.28 05:10 *even he starts snickering*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 05:11 *rolls eyes* Oh, please. *helps pack up*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 05:11 **]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 05:13 (Hahaha, truly.)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:14 *raises his voice a few octaves* *giggles* Oh mah god, (BLEEP)s!
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 05:15 *despite a profound lack of help from Josh and Midas, he and the others get everything packed by noon* *convinces everyone that the trail will be easier, and they head out*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 05:18 *his voice gets lower and scratchier and wilder* [BLEEEEEEEP]SSS... *giggles hysterically and creepily (in a funny way)*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 05:19 *the trail is significantly easier, save for a few inclines here and there* *it also becomes sandier and more narrow, and is surrounded by wild scrub and flowers* *wide open spaces are plentiful*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 05:19 *marvels at the scenery a bit while Midas and Josh continue their shenanigans**Red stays near Midas and Josh, eager to hear everything they say*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:21 *is STILL joking about butts with Midas* *launches into a rendition of the Diarrhea Song that sounds closest to helium* *loses it midway, as he and Midas struggle to add their own lyrics*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:22 *stops in the middle of the trail and sings "I Like to Move It" while shaking his rear*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 05:23 *looks mortified at first, but then she starts laughing*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 05:24 *is uber annoyed* *whines* STOOOOPPPP....
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 05:25 I think we need to stop for lunch. *mutters* Maybe that'll calm them down.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:26 *caught that* *feigns a gasp* Are you trying to manipulate me, Luke?!
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:27 Ga-Eun: *adds her own two cents, looking deadpan* No offense, Josh, but you really need to stop acting like a first grader.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 05:27 *pauses, looking like he's deeply in distress**finally says to Luke:* But I like to move it move it.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 05:27 [I'm assuming you were referring to the song from Madagascar. XD]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 05:27 Why can't I move it move it?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 05:27 Why don't you move it move it?
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 05:27 (Hahaha, yup.)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:28 *nods, his brow furrowed* Yeah, we like to move it. We want to move it, move it. What's wrong with that?
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 05:30 I'll tell you why you can't - *pauses to roll his eyes and air quote* -"move it move it". Because, for two guys who are nearing or already in college, I'm surprised you haven't grasped the definition of self-control.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:30 *seems to shut up at the mention of college*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 05:32 *walks further, then stops near a grassy ridge* We're eating here. *sets down his pack and uncovers some food*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 05:34 *sits down next to Luke* *looks out at the ocean* So, where are we?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 05:34 "Self-control"???
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 05:34 What's that word mean??
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 05:36 *doesn't even pull out a map* We're at the Spanish flat. Alexa: It does look kinda Spanish. It's mountainous... and a little flat, too. Luke: You could say that.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 05:37 *at Midas* Hopefully you'll discover that for yourself one day.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:38 *sits down* *has sobered up considerably since "moving it" with Midas* *stares at the ocean* I wonder what's out there.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 05:38 Hm...nah, no thank you.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 05:38 *hasn't quite "sobered up" yet**sits down with Josh*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 05:39 *looks hard at the ocean, squinting a little**finally says to Josh* Umm...water.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 05:39 *is already aggressive* If butts are what you're thinking, then you're wrong.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 05:40 *continues arguing with Midas* One day, you'll thank me instead.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:42 I don't mean butts or water... like, what's under the surface? Alexa: Fish. Seaweed. Sand. Lots of rocks. Josh: Shipwrecks? Sharks, maybe? Alexa: Shipwrecks... probably not. But sharks... *sings the Jaws theme*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 05:43  Secret message to Alexa  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:43 Alexa: I honestly have no idea. It's a mystery. Josh: Maybe. I've just been wondering. I guess that's the thing about oceans - you never know what's below the surface, it's the surface that you always see.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 05:44  Secret message to Alexa  
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 05:44 *nods a little* Philosophical. Josh: *squints a little, still staring out in the distance* I guess.
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 05:47  Secret message to Midas  
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 05:47  Secret message to Midas  
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 05:48 *everyone eats a quick lunch, and then they hit the trail* *by the time they conquer a few miles, afternoon is beginning to set in*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 05:49  Secret message to Alexa  
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 05:49 *the trail becomes more rugged and closer to the beach, and the amount of vegetation increases* *there are more trees, and even a few forests close by*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 05:50  Secret message to Alexa  
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 05:51  Secret message to Midas  
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 05:52 *is starting to become very tired and easily drained of hope* Does anyone know what day it is?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 05:54  Secret message to Alexa  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:54 You never know what day it is. Alexa: How do you know? Josh: Because I had Physics with you last year. You were always asking Mr. Jackson for the date.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 05:54  Secret message to Alexa  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 05:55  Secret message to Alexa  
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 05:55 I actually don't remember having a class with you. You learn something new every day. Anyways, back to my original question.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 05:55 *says abruptly* There may be a day when I stop saying the word "butts"...but it is not this day!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 05:56  Secret message to Midas  
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 05:57 Well, yesterday was the Fourth of July.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:58 Happy belated Fourth of July, everyone. Alexa: Wait, we've been gone this long?....
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 05:59 Wait...what? *is baffled as well*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 06:00 Alexa: I wish we had fireworks... Luke: Wait... *digs out a lighter from the side of his backpack* It isn't much, but... *flicks it on and off, making "pew" sounds* Yayy, America. Independence! Woo hoo.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 06:00 *claps*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 06:01 *smiles* Yayyyy!
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.28 06:01 O.o *doesn't know what to think*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 06:01 *groans a little*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 06:01 And today is officially Butt Day!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 06:01  Secret message to Alexa  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 06:02 *pulls Midas in for another round of "I Like to Move It"*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 06:05 ....what's your age again? Josh: I really don't know. Alexa: I hope you mean your mental age...
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 06:07 *shakes her head a little* I think this trip's driven everyone crazy. *follows Luke, who already started walking*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 06:09  Secret message to Alexa  
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 06:09 *they are walking along when she notices something ruffling in the breeze* *upon closer look, it is of a denim material, and it is caught on the branches of a pine tree* *wordlessly branches off from everyone, her heart pounding with every step*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 06:10  Secret message to Midas  
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 06:11 *notices that it is a denim jacket covered with odd colored/patterned patches* *would recognize that jacket anywhere* *breaks out into hysterics*Sam! SAM! SHE'S HERE!! SAM!!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 06:12 *runs back towards everyone, waving the jacket like a flag* THIS IS SAM'S! THIS IS SAM'S! *shrieks* CHRISTINA!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 06:13 *tackles Christina with a hug* *is so happy that she's nearly in tears* We found her! We found her. *nearly squeezes the life out of Christina*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 06:14 Wait, what?
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 06:15 *tries to mask the excitement in his voice* You found the jacket, not Sam.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 06:15  Secret message to Alexa  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.28 06:15 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 06:19 (Bye!)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 06:20 Then we need to find her! Let's go! *pulls Christina along, and they run in the direction of the trees like two giddy kids on an Easter egg hunt* *briefly vlogs, the camera shaking wildly and her voice breathless* *then continues on*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.28 06:22 *she and Christina find a small, green Coleman tent that the aunt described* *some of Sam's clothes hang on a makeshift clothesline tied between the branches of two smaller trees* *internally admires how totally Sam that is*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.29 04:25 [I'm on! Replies will be slow. I'm multitasking.]
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.29 04:26 (Hi! Ok.)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.29 04:28 *crouches next to the tent* Sam? *pulls back the flap*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.29 04:29 *she was practically hysterical when Alexa presented the piece of jacket to her; her voice rose in excitement**is pretty giddy*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.29 04:30 *he and the others struggle to catch up with Christina and Alexa*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.29 04:30 *is about to say something until her voice gets caught in her throat* *suddenly drops the flap, looking down, her expression unreadable* *feels a kick of adrenaline in her chest* *is certain of what she saw, but she doesn't want to believe it*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.29 04:30 Sam, you in there? *pokes her head in before waiting for an answer*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.29 04:32 *stands up unsteadily and wanders away, unsure of where she's going* *her head spins in confusion until it goes numb, and her hands and knees start shaking* *breaks out into a sweat*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.29 04:33 *stops near the edge of a ridge, close to the beach* *her mind is racing with denial, with everything, until hope becomes a loss and she is forced to accept that things will never be the same*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.29 04:35 *refuses to cry, and at the same time she wants to* *reminds herself that nothing has been confirmed, but something gurgles up in her throat* *can feel her eyes burning*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.29 04:37 *sees Luke, Josh, Midas, and Red heading for the tent entrance* *can feel her adrenaline spike* No. No! *gets more hysteric* *is practically shrieking*NO! DON'T GO IN THERE! *claps her hands over her ears* *can hear the rapid beat of her pulse*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:38 *squints at Alexa* Is she okay? Luke: I have no idea. What happened to Sam?
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.29 04:40 [Sorry for disappearing; I had to clean the smudges off my blue light blocking glasses. :P]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:41 *all he can remember from that moment is Luke pulling back the tent door, revealing a pale arm streaked with blood* *feels his stomach drop to the ground, and turns away* *when he turns back, Luke stares ahead somberly*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:41 (That's okay!)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:41 *in the distance, Alexa is howling*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.29 04:42 *stares at what's inside for a little bit**then rises as if in a dream and starts to slowly walk away*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.29 04:42 *slowly and smoothly sits down on a large rock and stares into the distance at nothing*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.29 04:43 *everything feels unreal; she can't pull the pieces in her mind together enough to form a reaction, so she just stares ahead blankly*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.29 04:43 *sees the bloodstained arm and knows instantly what's going on**goes off to find and comfort Alexa*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.29 04:44 *is shaken, but not to the core like Alexa or Christina* *speaks up after a long time* Guys... I- I don't know, but I think... I don't think she's alive in there.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.29 04:44 *still doesn't get what's happening, as he's around the back of the group**starts walking past Josh (who probably should stop Red)* What?? What the heck is going on??
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.29 04:44 *is heading for the tent*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.29 04:45 *her body begins to shake wildly, racked with sobs that came out of nowhere*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.29 04:45 *impulsively grabs a rock and hurls it at Luke**it narrowly misses him* YOU DON'T THINK?!?! YOU DON'T THINK?!?!?!
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.29 04:45 *her brain is still trying to process what her brain saw, but she already knows that she can't unsee it* *starts crying when Midas approaches, but she's too numb to fully appreciate his presence*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.29 04:46 SHE'S DEAD!!! SHE'S [BLEEP] DEAD!!!! MY BEST FRIEND IS DEAD, AND ALL YOU CAN SAY IS "I DON'T THINK"?!?!?!?!
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:46 *aggressively pulls Red away from the tent* *says quietly between gritted teeth* Stay away.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.29 04:47 [BLEEP] YOU!! [BLEEP] ALL OF YOU!!! I HAVE NOBODY LEFT!!! MY SISTER'S GONE, THEN SHE'S GONE... *starts crying too hard to be able to form sentences*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.29 04:47 *stumbles away, spewing sentence fragments and sobbing hard*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.29 04:47 *silently puts his arms around her and holds her close*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.29 04:48 What--why?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.29 04:48 *is not ready to believe that she'll never see Sam again before going to college, will never be able to call her to rant or ask for advice, will never be able to tell her that things work themselves out in the end* *especially regrets the last part, and
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.29 04:49 it becomes too much of a burden to bear* *Christina's raging in the background adds more distress, and soon, she's practically doubled over with tears*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.29 04:51 *wordlessly stares at Christina* *can feel himself shaking* *everything and nothing races through his mind*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:51 Just- just don't. *goes over to Luke* Can we call the authorities?
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.29 04:52 *stares at the ground, mumbling under his breath*I didn't mean it. I didn't mean to say that to her. Josh: *can feel himself crumbling* I know you didn't. Don't take it personally.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.29 04:53 *sighs, shuddering a little* We have no connection out here. One of us will have to go back - two, maybe.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.29 04:53 *tries to get out of Josh's grip, irritated* What-is going-on?!
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.29 04:53 Where's Sam or whoever?
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.29 04:54 *just continues to be there for Alexa, hugging her*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,Apr.29 04:54 Ga-Eun: *comes forward* I'll go. Luke: Okay. *pauses* I guess I will, too. *walks towards the trail with Ga-Eun, carrying their gear*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.29 04:55 *Samantha had become so close to Christina that she was almost like another sister to her**in turn, though Christina's sister's death was considerably different, this is bringing back horrible feelings and flashbacks from the dark time that arrived after
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.29 04:55 her sister's death*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.29 04:55 *is already regretting some of the things she said, but is too caught up in her emotions and memories to do anything about it**wanders a bit aimlessly, just wanting to get away from it all*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:56 *grabs Red's hand and follows Luke and Ga-Eun* Be safe. And make sure to come back. Luke: We will. Josh: *comes forward to hug Ga-Eun* *stares over her shoulder at Christina, her body racked with sobs* *feels empty seeing this, and his eyes sting*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:57 *they part ways* *watches Ga-Eun and Luke disappear before heading behind a rock with Red*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:58 *initially doesn't know what to say* *is using the silence to collect his thoughts* *leans against the rock, arms crossed, looking around*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:59 You know why we're here in the first place? Because we were looking for Sam. Sam is Christina's best friend, and also Alexa's. I went to school with her, and so did Luke and your brother.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.29 04:59 *keeps glancing at the tent, curiosity almost getting the better of him*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.29 05:00 *focuses on Josh once he begins to explain*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.29 05:00 Yeah, I know.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:00 She left us clues that led us here. We found her, but... *inhales shakily* she's in there, but she's also not, if you know what I mean.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:02 So, don't go in there. I don't want it to scare you. It scared me.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.29 05:03 No, I don't know what you mean.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.29 05:03 *thinks for a moment, then says:* Is she dead?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:04 Well... *is figuring out how to say it, but he concludes that a point-blank description is the only thing that will get Red to understand* She's dead. We're pretty sure of it. *his stomach twists at the mention of it*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:05 *nods a little, looking away* *is trying to keep his composure for Red's sake*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.29 05:06 *hesitates**nods a little* Okay.
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.29 05:07 *barely knew Sam, so he's the least affected by it, but the whole thing is weird and uncomfortable and new to him*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:08 Christina and Alexa are really upset about this. We should probably leave them alone if we can. *assumes Midas may not be emotionally stable himself after being with Alexa* It's just me and you, buddy.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:09 I'm gonna try and talk to Midas. C'mon. *heads in that direction*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,Apr.29 05:16 *nods a little* Okay. *follows*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.29 05:16 *is still cuddling with Alexa*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:20 *reaches Midas and Alexa* Um... is everything okay?
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,Apr.29 05:21 *doesn't bother acknowledging Josh* *remains buried in Midas' side*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.29 05:22 No.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.29 05:23 *gives Josh a grim, warning, we-need-to-be-alone look*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:23 *explains that Midas and Ga-Eun went to find help, and they could be stuck here for a few days in the interim* We should probably get out of here. And we need to get Christina.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:24 *nods a little, expecting no less* I don't want to stay here, though. We can't.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:24 (I have to go now, bye!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,Apr.29 05:25 [Aw, bye!]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 04:27 *neither Midas nor Alexa answer* Well, I'm going to set up the tent over there. *gestures to an area that isn't too far away, but far enough from Sam* And I'll try and let Christina know... *walks off*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 04:40 *approaches Christina, who is hanging around near a sandy, rocky ledge* *treads lightly, making sure to keep a 100- ft. radius between them at minimum* Um. Christina?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 04:42 I- I don't want to bother you, but, uh- *pauses to scratch the back of his head* I'm setting up a camp down the trail. I... *is trying so hard not to say the wrong thing* I think you should come. *quickly adds* Whenever you want, though.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 04:42 And, um... I'm sorry.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 04:42 (I have to go now, so hopefully I'll see you tomorrow!)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.30 04:50 [I'm here! Sorry I'm so late; I have some exams coming up and I lost track of time while studying.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,Apr.30 04:52 [Dang, I missed you...see you tomorrow!]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.1 02:33 (Sorry, but I don't think I'll be on tonight. I've been traveling around lately, which has made me tired, and I'm also having some allergies due to the change in weather. I hope to see you tomorrow night!)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.1 03:51 [Dang, alright. See you!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.1 23:52 [I'm sorry to say this, but I won't be on tonight (Tuesday night). I have an exam tomorrow and I need to study. See you on Wednesday!]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.2 04:04 (Alrighty. Good luck! :) )
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.2 15:05 [Thank you! :)]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.2 15:07  Secret message to Josh  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.3 04:10  Secret message to Midas  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.3 04:17 [I'm here!]
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.3 04:18  Secret message to Josh  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.3 04:26  Secret message to Midas  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.3 04:26  Secret message to Midas  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.3 04:26  Secret message to Midas  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.3 04:27  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.3 04:27  Secret message to Josh  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.3 04:31  Secret message to Midas  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.3 04:32  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.3 04:32  Secret message to Josh  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.3 04:39  Secret message to Midas  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.3 04:39  Secret message to Josh  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.3 04:43 *is staring down at the bottom of the cliff **is uncomfortably close to the edge**says very quietly:* No, Josh. Don't be sorry. I'm sorry. *is facing away from Josh/Josh can't see her face* Go to the van with the others, Josh.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.3 04:49 *just stares* *barely whispers after a long pause* Okay. *shuffles back to the tent, contemplating all the way there*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.3 04:51 *has helped Alexa regroup with Luke and Red**has heeded Josh's call to return to the van*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.3 04:52 *on his way back, he nearly stumbles over something- the patterned denim jacket* *figures Alexa dropped it in her distress* *gingerly picks it up, examining every fold and stitch* *understands Sam probably had it on not long before death*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.3 04:55 *can feel his eyes stinging, but inside, he's just empty* *looks around quickly before hiding it under his jacket* *shoves it in his backpack when he returns to camp*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.3 04:55 *still has his arms around Alexa*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.3 04:57 *it is late when Luke and Ga-Eun return, claiming that found some hikers who turned around to notify authorities* *he and everyone else stay up all night waiting for something to happen*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,May.3 04:58 *even though her eyes are drooping and her mind is sagging, she stays up until a chopper whirs into the vicinity*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,May.3 05:00 *is not in awe when the chopper lands and authorities flood the area, looking for Sam with their flashlights wielded* *watches on as some police question Josh, Luke, and occasionally Midas*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.3 05:01 *hasn't returned yet*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,May.3 05:02 *catches an officer roaring, "we've got three minors!" to another* *nearly has another breakdown when Midas and Josh are asked to identify Sam*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,May.3 05:04 *is answering an officer's questions* We're from Grass Creek, Ohio. It's by Cleveland.... we're here because we were looking for Sam. She's a friend of ours, and she left behind some clues that lead here. *the officer scrawls that onto a notepad*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,May.3 05:05 *witnesses some authorities hauling a blanketed gurney into the chopper* *is frozen to the core* *would look away, but a sight like that is nothing you can easily look away from*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,May.3 05:06 *before she knows it, she is being ushered into the chopper* *hides her face behind her hands and gurgles out a series of anguished sobs* *can't bear the thought of being in a confined space with her dead friend*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.3 05:08 *helps Luke pack up as quickly as possible, having to leave behind some things that they can't afford to take* *sees everyone heading to the chopper, and that reminds him of one person*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.3 05:08 *some cops found her sitting by the cliff and brought her over**was questioned but stayed silent most of the time**at most, she admitted that Sam was her best friend and that she and her friends had come to search for her, but found her when it was too la
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.3 05:08 *late*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.3 05:08 *springs to his feet, flashlight in hand* Christina? *Ga-Eun calls out for him, but he ignores her*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.3 05:08 *is one of the last to be taken to the chopper*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.3 05:09 (Never mind that part.)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.3 05:12 *the chopper whisks them away to the nearest hospital* *is exhausted physically and emotionally* *nobody says a word for those same reasons, and the only sounds to be heard are Alexa's sobbing and the muttering of the authorities*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.3 05:14 *once they arrive, they are requested to answer more questions, particularly concerning identification, since foul play has not been ruled out completely* *Alexa, Christina, and Midas are taken to another room, while he, Luke, Ga-Eun, and Red stay in a
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.3 05:15 *has clearly been crying; her eyes are red and puffy*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.3 05:15 waiting room* *decides he should probably call his parents*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.3 05:17 *enters the nearest hallway* *calls, but it goes right to the answering machine* *lets the seconds keep on ticking, reflecting on the failures of the trip: neglecting his parents, breaking his wrist, not finding Sam alive*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.3 05:19 *finally, the emotional weight is too heavy to bear, and he breaks down* *sputters out a few ugly sobs, eventually pulling his phone away from his ear and hanging up with nothing*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.3 05:21 *when being questioned, she refuses to speak at first**however, she finally starts to tell the story of what happened, her voice quiet and scratchy*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.3 05:21 *tells the police the truth about what happened--AKA the same story everyone else has given--and then insists on having them talk to his lawyer*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.3 05:22 *pulls himself together for the sake of himself and Red* *goes back in the waiting room* *at about 7 am, the rest of the group returns* *Sam has officially been pronounced dead, with the results clear*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,May.3 05:23 *refused to say anything, and she probably put up a bit of a fight* *looks slightly irritated when entering the waiting room*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,May.3 05:24 *slowly rises when the authorities offer to return them to the van* *looks tired and dejected* *is the first to follow*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,May.3 05:24 (Alright, I have to go now. This isn't quite over yet, but I suspect we'll have it done by next week. I'll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.3 05:30 [Alright, see you!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.3 06:09  Secret message to Josh  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.4 02:02  Secret message to Christina  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.4 04:35 [I'm here!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.4 04:36  Secret message to Josh  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.5 04:16 [I'm online!]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.5 04:32 (Hi!)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.5 04:33  Secret message to Christina  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.5 04:33 (My replies will be slow, and I may have to leave early.)
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.5 04:34  Secret message to Josh  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.5 04:35 [Hey! Replies will be slow. I'm multitasking.]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.5 04:35 *and thus, the journey back begins, with a weary Midas at the wheel* *the trip back seems longer, and for once, all he wants to do is go home*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.5 04:42 *goes completely silent for most of the way back**Midas is quiet the first day or two, but soon starts getting back to his usual banter to try to help cheer up the others**Red was very spooked by the whole thing the more he thinks about it, and constantly
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.5 04:43 shifts back and forth between his normal, enthusiastic self and a very subdued demeanor*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.5 04:44 *only starts talking again about a day or two before they reach home*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,May.5 04:45 *is mute all the way back, like Christina* *stares out the window, ignoring the highway signs that flash past* *is just staring into space*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,May.5 04:48 *is constantly reminded of all of Sam's quirks that she'll never see again: her crazy outfit creations, silly expressions in the morning, the unmade bed that reflected her scattered brain, all of her playbills, and her theatrical imitations of people at
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,May.5 04:49 school* *realizes she'll have no one else to go on a Ben and Jerry's run with, or obsess over Marvel hunk with* *every waking moment, she's haunted by the loss of one less friend, one less dreamer, one less sister, and one less birthday*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,May.5 04:51 *wishes she could've done something different, but once they roll into Grass Creek late one July afternoon, there's no going back*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,May.5 04:52 *can't believe he's back* *watches the banal town roll past through the windows* *even catches sight of the vandalized Grass Creek sign, which is masked by tarp and surrounded by construction tape*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.5 04:53 Nooo!!
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.5 04:53 They ruined my masterpiece!!
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,May.5 04:54 *the first stop is Alexa's* *the van pulls up to the driveway of a small, red brick ranch* *the door is open, as if a awaiting a visitor, and a silver SUV is parked in the driveway*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,May.5 04:56 *can tell her dad just got back from work, and her parents are probably eagerly awaiting her* *is smacked in the face by reality* *now that she's back home, she has no idea what to do, no idea how things could possibly be normal again* *but, they are*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,May.5 04:57 *doesn't move for a really long time* *has to be prompted by someone*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.5 04:58 *it's him who gently helps Alexa get out of the van*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.5 04:58 *gives her a very long hug before letting Alexa go back home*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,May.5 04:58 *feels like she is leaving her home to go live in a new one* *has practically lived in the van for close to a month, and she's finding it hard to part ways-
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,May.5 04:59 *stands around, her bags in hand* *is trying to pretend to look normal* *finally speaks after awhile, albeit quietly* Is this really it?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:00 *nods slightly*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,May.5 05:01 *looks down, exhales, and then gives everyone one last unreadable expression before shuffling up to her porch*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,May.5 05:03 *the door remains open, but Alexa disappears* *can see some figures hovering around in the doorway*
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,May.5 05:03 *unclicks his seatbelt* *sighs* I should be on my way, too. *climbs through the van and opens the door*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:05 *Luke rummages in the trunk, then comes back around with only a backpack* *keeps the door open* Hey Luke. *Luke looks over his shoulder* Thanks for everything.
10>Luke (Traveler), 16yo.2018,May.5 05:06 *turns around, giving Josh and everyone else a quick nod* *then walks into Alexa's backyard as if it were his own*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:08 * Luke hops some fences with the stealth of a ninja* *watches him until he is completely out of sight* *realizes that he left all of his gear in the back only after leaving Alexa's neighborhood*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:10 *the van journeys to the other side of Grass Creek, where every house look the same: the subdivisions, aka Josh's neck of the woods*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.5 05:11 *stops in front of Josh's house*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.5 05:11 It's been great having you with us. *pats Josh on the back*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:13 *the van pulls up to a spacious one-story suburban home, complete with beige siding and an attached garage* *there is a basketball hoop in the driveway, but it's not unlike many other houses on the block*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:14 *sluggishly hauls his bags out of the trunk* *mutters* It was fun.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.5 05:14 Yep. *can't deny that it was fun...for a while*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:15 *pulls his backpack strap over his shoulder* *waves a little* Bye guys.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:15 *Ga-Eun suddenly leaps out of the van* Ga-Eun: Wait! I'm going to help him.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.5 05:16 *can't help but smile even though he and Ga-Eun never really got along very well on the trip*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.5 05:17 [Are we going to wrap this up tonight? How much longer can you stay on?]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:17 *of course, Ga-Eun's (and Josh's) definition of helping means excessive making out and whispering of sweet nothings in front of the van, Breakfast Club-style* *says his goodbyes more than once, trying to make this moment mean forever* *deep down, he knows
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:17 that the end of the road trip and the distance between them will inevitably lead them down seperate paths*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:18 *pulls away from Ga-Eun* Okay. I'll call you later. *isn't so sure if he means that* *hesitantly turns towards his empty-looking house*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:20 *Ga-Eun returns to the van, likely in tears* *Midas navigates the van towards Cleveland*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:20 (It'll probably end tomorrow. There are a few more scenes I'd like to do.)
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:21 *Ga-Eun is dropped off* *Midas goes back to Grass Creek, with only Christina left*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:22 (I might have to go soon, but I can maybe add some things tomorrow afternoon.)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.5 05:24 [Okie dokie.]
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,May.5 05:25 *...and Red*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,May.5 05:25 *but Red probably fell asleep or something, so...*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.5 05:28 *stops in front of Christina's house* Well, here we are.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:29 *Midas arrives at Christina's house, which is more on the outskirts of town and closer in proximity to Josh's neighborhood*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.5 05:29 Need help with anything? Christina: *is grabbing her stuff and getting out* No.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.5 05:29 Hey, um...word of advice. *Christina is out on the sidewalk**she stops and turns back to him, sighing, her eyes bloodshot*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.5 05:30 It's okay to cry. Even in front of friends.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.5 05:30 The problem is I can't. It hurts too much.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.5 05:30 I just...I just can't.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.5 05:31 Well...think about it this way. No one ever really dies. Everyone lives on in the memory of those who loved them.
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.5 05:31 *they are silent for a little while*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.5 05:31 So...see you around.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.5 05:31 See you. I guess. *Midas drives off to his home, which is farther out of town than Christina's place*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.5 05:32 *watches the van until it's out of sight**then goes to her house*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.5 05:32 *reunites with her family, which consists of her parents and many younger siblings**at first starts doing normal stuff--unpacking, a little bit of chores here and there and whatnot*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.5 05:33 *while loading some laundry into the washing machine she suddenly thinks about one of the times she and Sam sat in Christina's backyard, talking about going off and having a great adventure together out in the world some place*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.5 05:34 *she had hoped so much that this would've been their great adventure**her voice cracks as she quietly says to herself:* We'll never have that adventure.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.5 05:34 *sniffles and falls on her knees**breaks down completely, muttering "We'll never have that adventure" quietly as she is racked with sobs*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.5 05:34 *night falls as she sobs hard and her family finds her**all her siblings and her parents, who were notified of what happened to Sam and know what's going on, come into the room and hug her together*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.5 05:35 *after what feels like forever, she slowly calms down until she's stopped crying, still in the arms of her family*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.5 05:35 [You can skip time/change scenes here if you want.]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.5 05:43 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.5 06:07 (Alright. Sorry I disappeared. I'll see you tomorrow!)
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,May.6 00:53 -CLOSE TO ONE WEEK LATER-
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,May.6 00:55 *has had no motivation to do anything so far* *spends the majority of her days in her dark, primitive room wearing yesterday's shirt and tee* *has managed to make a small improvement in going on her phone*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,May.6 00:56 *decides to listen to voicemails left behind by her parents during the trip* *moves her way up the line, eventually coming across the spam voicemails* *has to smile inside when she remembers Midas' calls to Colgate and American Girl* *considers calling
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,May.6 00:57 *him soon
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,May.6 00:58 *finds herself listening to the voicemails, probably out of sheer boredom* *but the voice that starts speaking doesn't belong to an automated telemarketer- it's actually Sam*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,May.6 01:00 *listens intently, her heart accelerating* Sam: *sounds dark and muffled* Hey... it's me, Sam... *long pause* look, I'm really sorry, okay? I called Christina, but she didn't answer... maybe she's mad at me. I'd understand. Anyways, I just wanted to talk
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,May.6 01:01 Sam: to you. To anyone, honestly... I'm sorry, okay?? Alexa: *the message ends abruptly* *can swear Sam's voice was wavering near the end* *with shaking hands, she listens to the next "spam" voicemail*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,May.6 01:04 *Sam is on the line once more, but her ragged sobs make everything incomprehensible* Sam: I'm sorry, okay? I'm just... I wish you would answer. I need to talk. I need to talk. I just can't... *begins crying again* *her voice fades out*
2>Alexa (Friend), 18yo.2018,May.6 01:07 *by now, tears are steadily streaming down her face* *cups a hand over her mouth, trying to suppress a sob* *finally lets everything out* *cries for a full fifteen minutes, still holding her phone*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.6 01:09 *has meanwhile been trying to get his life back to normal* *has been working out, going back to work, and hanging out with some of his other friends to take his mind off of things* *has not heard back from Ga-Eun since parting ways*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.6 01:12 *like any normal teenage boy, he hasn't unpacked yet* *is finally getting around to that* *puts a few things in their respective places, tosses a few shirts on the floor* *does a double take when he notices one of them is actually a denim jacket*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.6 01:14 *soecifically, a denim jacket with multicolored, multipatterned patches* *his stomach twists as he picks it up* *holds it lightly, as if it were a sacred relic* *traces some of the patches and folds with his finger, feeling himself getting choked up*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.6 01:16 *even brings it close to his face* *it smells like a rainy afternoon and nights well spent* *has no idea what he's going to do with it* *but after reflecting on the trip and its purpose more deeply, he knows that there's only one person deserving of it*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.6 01:18 *throws on some workout clothes and ties up his sneakers* *acts like he's going on a run, but he isn't - not really**jacket in hand, he runs all the way to the next subdivision*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.6 01:19 *arrives at the house he's pretty sure must be Christina's* *knocks on the door*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.6 04:21 [I'm on!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.6 04:22 *had probably gotten very similar voicemails from Sam, but there's a catch: Christina was in such a rush that she didn't bring her phone on the trip**really, all Christina brought were the clothes on her back and probably an extra set of clothes and a
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.6 04:22 toothbrush*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.6 04:23 *that's why Christina didn't call back**in addition, her siblings found her phone, messed with it, and broke it, so the voicemails from Sam sent to Christina were lost*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.6 04:24 *over the past week, Christina has been just trying to pull herself back together again, mainly through distracting herself with work**just going through the motions of the day help take her mind off things quite a bit*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.6 04:24 *inevitably throughout the week she'd run into something that reminded her hugely of Sam and wind up crumpled on the ground and racked with sobs, but over time she's been getting better*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,May.6 04:25 *was probably the quickest of the group to recover**he needed to talk with his parents about what happened, as it disturbed him for days and he had some nightmares about what happened, and he even wound up crying after having a particularly bad dream at
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,May.6 04:25 some point*
3>Red (Midas' Brother), 10yo.2018,May.6 04:26 *however, once his parents set his head straight, he's been able to go back to his old self very quickly*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.6 04:27 *has been one of the more stoic members of the group**hasn't cried, but then again, he and Sam were never all that close**he tried to spend time with Alexa and visit her, but stopped when she made it clear she wanted a lot of alone time*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:28 (Hi!)
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.6 04:29 *thus, he's spent most of his time doing work around his home**the person from the road trip he's visited the most is definitely Josh; Midas has tried to help Josh recover by offering philosophical advice and lightening the mood with his jokes and banter*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:29  Secret message to Christina  
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.6 04:30 [Hey!] *hasn't left everyone else to their own devices, however**he made sure to call the rest of the road trip group**most of the calls wound up as voicemail, and usually the calls were either him making sure whoever he was calling is alright and/or him
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.6 04:30 going into Poopenschmirtz mode and trying to make whoever he's calling laugh*
8>Midas (Friend), 19yo.2018,May.6 04:30 *the person he's called the most is Alexa, and most if not all of those calls wound up as funny voicemails*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.6 04:31 [Hey!]
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.6 04:31  Secret message to Josh  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:32  Secret message to Christina  
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:34 *is at Christina's doorstep waiting for an answer* *can hear some racket coming from the house* *looks in the window and sees a gangly figure scrambling off of the couch*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.6 04:35  Secret message to Josh  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.6 04:35  Secret message to Josh  
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.6 04:36 *her mom yells at some of the kids to stop whatever they're doing**then her mom answers the door* Christina's Mom (CM): Yes?
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.6 04:36 CM: Oh...you're her friend, right?
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.6 04:36 CM: Joshua?
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:38 *nods quickly* Yeah. Yeah.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:38 I'm, uh, looking for Christina. There's something I wanted to give her.
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.6 04:41 CM: Oh. Okay. *goes off somewhere, yells Christina's name, and comes back* She'll be here in a moment. *sees the kids doing something again and goes over to stop whatever shenanigans they're up to*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.6 04:41 *arrives a few moments later* Hey. *spots the jacket in his hands and her throat tightens immediately*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:43 Um... hey. *is tongue-tied and very self-conscious of the sweaty tank he's wearing* *there is a long pause*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:44 I have something for you. *extends the jacket* I found it near... where Sam was. I thought you should have it.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:46 *scratches the back of his neck* It's just been getting me pretty emotional lately. We hung out in sophomore year- *is using the phrase "hung out" as a euphemism for a short-lived relationship* -and she had that jacket on. It was definitely unique.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:48 *continues* She just seemed like she was always running away, you know? I think the people in this town just built her up to knock her down, and that's what happened.
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:48 *says sort of quietly* I'm sorry you couldn't keep her. *hands her the jacket*
6>Josh (Friend/Acquaintance), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:49 *pauses, shifting from foot to foot* Anyways, how are you doing?
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.6 04:50 *takes the jacket**stares at it in silence for about a minute and holds it close**to Josh's surprise, she doesn't cry*
5>Christina (Samantha's BFF), 18yo.2018,May.6 04:50