" Anime Total War: Lucia "
This game is destined to players of 18 to 65 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

We are the Silver Dawn council in desperate need of new protagonists from other planets to join with us! The Lucians and Chasers is entering a global war, a war that we cannot win on our own without outside help. I can only wish your stay will be worthwhile, life is very short in this world, and we dedicate our lives to safeguard it at all times.

Your Grace,

Lucia Konohana and Azure-san from Planet Lucia (2218 AD)

1>Azure-san (Narrator), 46yo.2017,Jan.24 04:58 I am now open for new protagonists. There are 19 available seats waiting to be taken for the Silver Dawn council. Once all are filled, Season 1 will begin.
3>Mada Diaburo (big brother), 19yo.2017,Dec.15 21:03  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=7  
4>Miku (Teen), 12yo.2018,Jan.26 21:45 What stuff are cheap?
4>Miku (Teen), 12yo.2018,Jan.26 21:46 What stuff are cheap?
4>Miku (Teen), 12yo.2018,Jan.26 21:46 Oops sorry for repeating it.
4>Miku (Teen), 12yo.2018,Jan.26 21:47 I'll buy some chips.
5>Ree (Girl), 16yo.2018,Apr.11 17:14 Wow this game seems fun! Can i join?
6>Leo (Werewolf ), 20yo.2018,Aug.31 14:55 werewolf from another planet where every human is a hybrid with a random animal. There are only 5 werewolves left on his planet and he has joint the team to hope the other 4 can survive

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