" Movies, Assemble! "
This game is destined to players of 0 to 100 years of age.
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Welcome to my rolepay, Movies Assemble. Kind of like Avengers, Assemble! Anyways, this roleplay is designed to be fun, have adventure and action! So take it seriously or just be fun with jokes! The villian will be a guy name OverKill. He doesn't have special powers exactly, but basically has the weapon of mass destruction. He has a bunch of henchmen that work for him.Some rules I have though:
1). No bad words
2). Choose the characters you would, please make them from any movie that you enjoy. There is no limit. Even horror movies!
3). No Swearing or fighting. If fighting, please handle it on your own.
4). Be nice to others!
5). Have at least 1 villian and 4 characters you want to be good. If you would like to be the main villian, ask please!

1>Hawkeye (BowMan), 30yo.2017,Dec.26 00:47 (Any questions, please ask me! I will be checking this roleplay frequently! :)
18>Katniss (District 12 tribute), 16yo.2017,Dec.26 20:22 [Hi! It's me, Brunny! :D I decided to join!]
1>Hawkeye (BowMan), 30yo.2017,Dec.27 04:42 (Awesome!)
1>Hawkeye (BowMan), 30yo.2017,Dec.27 04:42 (Just make your characters whenever!)
1>Hawkeye (BowMan), 30yo.2017,Dec.27 04:42 (Which ones would you like?)
1>Hawkeye (BowMan), 30yo.2017,Dec.27 22:01 (Which ones would you like?)
1>Hawkeye (BowMan), 30yo.2017,Dec.28 19:36 (Make about two more!)
1>Hawkeye (BowMan), 30yo.2017,Dec.28 19:36 (And one villian if you like. :).)
1>Hawkeye (BowMan), 30yo.2017,Dec.28 19:37 (Is Joan going to join?)
18>Katniss (District 12 tribute), 16yo.2018,Jan.1 04:16 [I asked her to and she said she'd check this out soon. :)]
18>Katniss (District 12 tribute), 16yo.2018,Jan.1 04:30 [Alright, I'm ready! I have two heroes (Katniss and Dr. Strange) and two villains (Magneto and Silva). Perhaps you should make more characters too (e.g. OverKill, Han Solo, etc.)?]
18>Katniss (District 12 tribute), 16yo.2018,Jan.1 04:31 [Also, sorry if I'm bugging you about this, but I'm still confused about your age. XD XP I swear you're supposed to be 2 years older than me (when I was 13 you were 15), and your birthday's in October, and yet your GM slot says you're 17.]
18>Katniss (District 12 tribute), 16yo.2018,Jan.1 04:31 [Are you a time traveler? XD]
1>Hawkeye (BowMan), 30yo.2018,Jan.4 17:39 (Might as well be! Hahaha! :P)
1>Hawkeye (BowMan), 30yo.2018,Jan.4 17:39 (So sorry I haven't be on, work and stufff)
1>Hawkeye (BowMan), 30yo.2018,Jan.4 17:39 (I did turn 18 this year, but don't want to like you know creep kids out with it. :P)
1>Hawkeye (BowMan), 30yo.2018,Jan.4 17:40 (I'll let Joan be Overkill, she's good with Villians.)
18>Katniss (District 12 tribute), 16yo.2018,Jan.7 17:47 [I can't confirm that she or Paige are joining...I chatted with them about this RP not too long ago, and they've got too many chores and too many RPs on their hands already. They're much busier nowadays than they were before.]
18>Katniss (District 12 tribute), 16yo.2018,Jan.7 17:47 [Also, this website is open to students--it's linked to SOTW--so I don't see what's creepy about an 18 year-old being here as long as he/she is a student.]
18>Katniss (District 12 tribute), 16yo.2018,Jan.7 17:47 [I'm getting close to being 17. I don't find 17 creepy. Why should 18 be creepy? XD]
18>Katniss (District 12 tribute), 16yo.2018,Jan.7 17:48 [I love the Mood slot in the James Bond slot BTW. XD]
18>Katniss (District 12 tribute), 16yo.2018,Jan.7 17:49 [Also, I thought Freddy Krueger was from a TV show?? I've never seen Nightmare on Elm Street, so I have no idea... XP]
1>Hawkeye (BowMan), 30yo.2018,Jan.16 21:09 (Dang, that is busy for them.)
1>Hawkeye (BowMan), 30yo.2018,Jan.16 21:09 (Well if they can't join, then we can just start whenever you are ready. And no freddy Krueger is not from a TV show, Nightmare on Elm was a movie, they made a few of them I think)
1>Hawkeye (BowMan), 30yo.2018,Jan.16 21:10 (How old are Paige and Joan now?)
18>Katniss (District 12 tribute), 16yo.2018,Mar.30 01:24 [They're around my age.]
18>Katniss (District 12 tribute), 16yo.2018,Mar.30 01:24 [I'm ready whenever you are! ^.^
18>Katniss (District 12 tribute), 16yo.2018,Mar.30 01:24 *]

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