" The Marvel and DC Roleplay "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 18 years of age.
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Hey all! Are you a fan of comic books? Do you have a favorite superhero?? Well then join this roleplay! There aren't many rules except to have fun! I'll explain the rules as simple and easily as possible. Here ya go:
1). You can be any character from Marvel or DC.
2). Please have up to 4 characters. If you want more, please ask. One character from Marvel and one from DC. And then the other two are your choice to have another one or a villian.
3). You can choose to keep their powers the same or change them up.
4). Just have fun!
5). Any questions! Just ask!
6). For character role please put where they are from!

1>Wolverine (Marvel), 30yo.2015,Aug.31 18:09 (Wolverine: He has dark hair, brown eyes, always wears t-shirt and jeans. His ability is he can have claws extended out of his hands and hes basically bullet proof)
1>Wolverine (Marvel), 30yo.2015,Aug.31 18:10 (He hates Magento and doesn't like it when people say immature stuff around him or ruin his plans. XD)
1>Wolverine (Marvel), 30yo.2015,Aug.31 18:10 (Otherwise, he's a fun guy and easy one to get along with)
11>Hawkeye (Marvel), 23yo.2015,Sep.1 14:16 (Hawkeye: He was dark brown hair, brown eyes, always wears black shirts with a jacket and black pants. Has a bow and arrows.)
11>Hawkeye (Marvel), 23yo.2015,Sep.1 14:16 (He can be pretty mean sometimes, but is really easy to get along with when it comes to the Avengers and others)
12>Sabretooth (Marvel ), 40yo.2015,Sep.1 14:22 (Sabretooth: An exact version of Wolverine except he has wolf like claws that extend from his hands. He's been after Wolverine for a while and won't stop until he's dead)
12>Sabretooth (Marvel ), 40yo.2015,Sep.1 14:23 (He's just as tough as Wolverine and built just like him. He has dark black hair and brown eyes. Wears a shirt, jacket and jeans.)
12>Sabretooth (Marvel ), 40yo.2015,Sep.1 14:23 (He is really evil and will be throughout the Roleplay)
3>Magneto (Marvel), 60+yo.2015,Sep.3 05:05 [Sorry, couldn't help it. o.o >XD]
1>Wolverine (Marvel), 30yo.2015,Sep.3 05:13 (Awesome! Create up to 4 if can!)
3>Magneto (Marvel), 60+yo.2015,Sep.3 05:15 [Anyway, Magneto is a well-known supervillain from X-Men. He has the ability to alter magnetic fields, which lets him control metal. He is super powerful, but he's not all brawn; he's got the mind of a genius too.]
2>Raven (DC), 16yo.2015,Sep.3 05:16 [Raven is from the DC Comics show "Teen Titans" and the comics based on the show called "Teen Titans Go!" (don't confuse this with the comedy CN show of the same name).
2>Raven (DC), 16yo.2015,Sep.3 05:16 *]
2>Raven (DC), 16yo.2015,Sep.3 05:17 [She has black magic powers and such because she is a half-demon, half-human hybrid. She is dark, mysterious, and a goth, but also quite smart and will get along well with her friends/comrades if you give her some time.]
9>Slade (DC), 35yo.2015,Sep.3 05:19 [Slade is from the show "Teen Titans" and the comics "Teen Titans Go!" (not even sure if he appeared in those comics, but you get the point; he's Slade, not the original Deathstroke version).]
9>Slade (DC), 35yo.2015,Sep.3 05:19 [He has no powers, but he has a buttload of weapons: Mastery of martial arts, a staff, a hoard of robot henchmen, tons of smarts, and more.]
9>Slade (DC), 35yo.2015,Sep.3 05:19 [He's also quite manipulative and is good at tricking people to make them side with him. Watch out!]
16>Captain America (Marvel), 90yo.2015,Sep.3 05:22 (Captain America, one of the most popular superheroes out there. He appears in a lot of the comics, as well as the movies "Captain America: The First Avenger", "The Avengers", "Captain America: The Winter Soldier", and "The Avengers: Age of Ultron".)
9>Slade (DC), 35yo.2015,Sep.3 05:22 [@ Paige: I don't mean to be the annoying correction fairy, but I think Mystique is immortal, so you may want to correct her age slot.]
16>Captain America (Marvel), 90yo.2015,Sep.3 05:23 (He was really sick before he entered WWII, but then they gave him some steroids and he got really strong. He carries around the famous shield, has super speed, and super strength. )
16>Captain America (Marvel), 90yo.2015,Sep.3 05:24 (Is all about justice and stuff, makes a very good leader.)
6>Wonder Woman (DC), 18-23yo.2015,Sep.3 05:26 (Wonder Woman- another famous hero. She's appeared in the comics, as well as movies and TV shows. Is a lot like CA in ways. Powers include super strength, agility, healing , and more.)
7>Mystique (Marvel), 20yo.2015,Sep.3 05:28 (Mystique is a villian from X-Men. At first, she was part of Professor Xavier's school, but turned to the Brotherhood of Mutants. Is very unpredictable and sneaky. Can morph into anyone she wants.)
1>Wolverine (Marvel), 30yo.2015,Sep.3 05:30 (If you guys wanna create more, go ahead!)
15>Iron Man (Marvel), 50yo.2015,Sep.3 05:33 (Iron Man- he's one of the more popular Avengers. Is great at technology, and is most famous for his red suit as well as sarcastic, witty personality.)
13>Thor (Marvel), Imrtlyo.2015,Sep.3 05:40 [Thor is an Avenger like Captain America and a popular superhero. He is based on a god of the same name from Norse mythology.]
13>Thor (Marvel), Imrtlyo.2015,Sep.3 05:41 [He has been seen in movies such as "Thor," "The Avengers," "Thor: The Dark World," and "The Avengers: Age of Ultron."]
13>Thor (Marvel), Imrtlyo.2015,Sep.3 05:41 [Don't mess with Thor or he'll zap you with his thunder and lightning powers. XD]
13>Thor (Marvel), Imrtlyo.2015,Sep.3 05:43 [Hm...trying to pick more characters to create...]
13>Thor (Marvel), Imrtlyo.2015,Sep.3 05:44 [BTW, awesome, Wonder Woman! :D Don't forget that she uses a special whip and has bracelets that she uses to deflect bullets.]
15>Iron Man (Marvel), 50yo.2015,Sep.3 05:45 (Yeah, I know.)
8>Terra (DC), 15yo.2015,Sep.3 05:46 [Terra is from the show "Teen Titans" and has in fact appeared a few times in the "Teen Titans Go!" comics during the time when Season 2 of the show was being aired and she was a Titan.]
8>Terra (DC), 15yo.2015,Sep.3 05:47 [She has the power to control the earth. However, she has a LOT of trouble controlling that power and has caused many natural disasters during her lifetime. She'll start out on the good guy time, but after causing another disaster Slade will get her to
8>Terra (DC), 15yo.2015,Sep.3 05:47 become his apprentice and spy (he'll teach her how to control her powers in exchange for her loyalty).]
19>Black Widow (Marvel), 30yo.2015,Sep.3 05:49 (Black Widow, an Avenger. I'm sure you know what she looks like. She's a spy and agent for S.H.I.E.L.D., as well as an Avenger.)
19>Black Widow (Marvel), 30yo.2015,Sep.3 05:49 (She's a skilled martial artist and uses a gun and her combat skills as a weapon.)
8>Terra (DC), 15yo.2015,Sep.3 05:52 [Oh, and BTW-Terra will eventually die, so this slot will be deleted sometime.]
8>Terra (DC), 15yo.2015,Sep.3 05:53 [That's all my characters for now. I'll probably introduce a new fifth character after Terra's death.]
19>Black Widow (Marvel), 30yo.2015,Sep.3 05:54 (I think I'll just stick with Black Widow for now.)
8>Terra (DC), 15yo.2015,Sep.3 06:00 [OK. It seems like we have a hero overload again (in other words, tons of good guys and only a few bad guys), so I MIGHT make one more character (a villain).]
18>Ultron (Marvel), ...yo.2015,Sep.3 06:08 [I was kind of puzzled on what villain to create...and then...BINGGGGOOOO!!!!! Which epic Marvel movie did I see not too long ago with an equally epic villain? THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON!]
18>Ultron (Marvel), ...yo.2015,Sep.3 06:08 [I think we all know about Ultron by now, so no need to introduce him. ^.^]
18>Ultron (Marvel), ...yo.2015,Sep.3 06:15 [Are we going to start?]
18>Ultron (Marvel), ...yo.2015,Sep.3 06:20 [gtg! *offline* I'll come back tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
1>Wolverine (Marvel), 30yo.2015,Sep.3 17:55 (Okay! Awesome characters by the way guys!)
4>Green Lantern (DC), 30yo.2015,Sep.3 17:57 (Green Lantern and yes I picked the green slot for him! :D)
4>Green Lantern (DC), 30yo.2015,Sep.3 17:57 (The Green Lantern will not be based apon Ryan Reynolds because well that stinked! XD)
4>Green Lantern (DC), 30yo.2015,Sep.3 17:58 (He has a green ring that is the universes most powerful weapon and he is extremely strong, can construct force fields, is very durable, and ailen technology)
4>Green Lantern (DC), 30yo.2015,Sep.3 17:58 (He wears all green and is a good guy XD)
4>Green Lantern (DC), 30yo.2015,Sep.3 17:59 (We will start today!)
4>Green Lantern (DC), 30yo.2015,Sep.3 17:59 (We will start today!0
14>Penguin (DC), 40yo.2015,Sep.3 18:02 (The Penguin is a very evil guy and can be very manipulative. He is very fat, always wears suits and has a cane. He is not the smartest villian, but is very smart)
14>Penguin (DC), 40yo.2015,Sep.3 18:02 (Just keep an eye out for him and be careful not to get in his way XD)
2>Raven (DC), 16yo.2015,Sep.4 00:01 [BTW, a question about Sabretooth: I don't remember him being an evil copy of Wolverine. I remember him being a big, brawny, ugly, super strong guy who has real claws (not metal ones) and works for Magneto.]
2>Raven (DC), 16yo.2015,Sep.4 00:01 [So, what's with Sabretooth? Is he different in the comics or something?]
1>Wolverine (Marvel), 30yo.2015,Sep.4 02:00 (No, he's like Wolverine but has claws like a wolf)
1>Wolverine (Marvel), 30yo.2015,Sep.4 02:01 (I mean he does work for Magneto)
2>Raven (DC), 16yo.2015,Sep.4 19:00 [Just looked up Sabretooth...you're right. I've only seen him as a normal(ish o.O) mutant who works for Magneto in the films, so I guess that's what confused me.]
2>Raven (DC), 16yo.2015,Sep.4 19:00 [BTW, just say "The roleplay starts...NOW!" or something to begin the RP. I can't wait for this to start! :D]
1>Wolverine (Marvel), 30yo.2015,Sep.5 00:24 (The Roleplay will start now....!!)
1>Wolverine (Marvel), 30yo.2015,Sep.5 00:25 (All of the characters will be doing what they normally do until a bomb is put in the Statue of Liberty and they have a serious of obstacles to fight trough until finding it)
1>Wolverine (Marvel), 30yo.2015,Sep.5 00:25 (Will they stop it? Or not?!!)
2>Raven (DC), 16yo.2015,Sep.6 21:51 [Dun...dun...DUNNNN!!!!!!]
2>Raven (DC), 16yo.2015,Sep.6 21:52 [Anyway, let's get this show on the road! :D]
2>Raven (DC), 16yo.2015,Sep.6 21:53 *the Titans are-as usual-in Jump City**since Terra is currently a good guy, I guess the time is set to when Terra was one of the Titans (Season 2 in the Teen Titans world/timeline)*
2>Raven (DC), 16yo.2015,Sep.6 21:54 *is reading a book**Starfire is cooking a traditional dish from her planet (I remember the name of the planet, but I can't remember how the heck to spell it XP), Robin and Cyborg are battling things out at an epic video game, and Beast Boy and Terra are
2>Raven (DC), 16yo.2015,Sep.6 21:55 having a little tofu eating contest**the only one who is actually interested in the contest (other than BB and Terra) is Starfire, who keeps looking from her pot of...er...something REALLY weird O.O XD towards BB+Terra*
8>Terra (DC), 15yo.2015,Sep.6 21:55 *shoves piece of tofu after piece of tofu in her mouth* Nom nom nom nom...
13>Thor (Marvel), Imrtlyo.2015,Sep.6 21:56 *in S.H.I.E.L.D. HQ with some of the other Avengers**hangs around, sort of bored*
9>Slade (DC), 35yo.2015,Sep.6 22:01 *is in his lair, watching the Titans (specifically Terra) closely via security cameras**is also, however, watching various villains**is formulating plans on creating an alliance with the villains so he can wreak havoc with them and ultimately take over
9>Slade (DC), 35yo.2015,Sep.6 22:01 the world*
15>Iron Man (Marvel), 50yo.2015,Sep.8 21:35 *works on his latest technological creation in Stark Tower*
4>Green Lantern (DC), 30yo.2016,Feb.18 23:24 *He is sitting at a diner eating some waffles with Hawkeye and watching the news*
2>Raven (DC), 16yo.2016,Feb.22 21:56 [Wait, how are the characters going to find out that there's a bomb in the Statue of Liberty?]
2>Raven (DC), 16yo.2016,Feb.22 21:56 [Will they be called and alerted about it or something?]
10>The Winter Soldier (Assassin/Soldier), 33yo.2016,Jun.9 09:33 [Hi! I know I'm late, but can I join? If so, I'd like to role play as Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier. :)]
20>Iron Fist (Warrior), 36yo.2016,Jun.30 18:51  Buying Car (x 1)  
20>Iron Fist (Warrior), 36yo.2016,Jun.30 18:51  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Car  
20>Iron Fist (Warrior), 36yo.2016,Jun.30 18:51  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Gun  
20>Iron Fist (Warrior), 36yo.2016,Jun.30 18:52 [Hi, I'm Iron Fist. Can I join?]
20>Iron Fist (Warrior), 36yo.2016,Jul.9 16:50  Buying Motorcycle (x 1)  

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