" Miraculous tales "
This game is destined to players of 9 to 14 years of age.
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Its like Ladybug and cat noir you put Like Isabelle/Uincorn the first name is when your not a superhero and just a teen the second is when your a superhero

1>Isabelle/Uincorn (superhero), 15yo.2018,Nov.10 18:12  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=2  
1>Isabelle/Uincorn (superhero), 15yo.2018,Nov.10 18:13  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
1>Isabelle/Uincorn (superhero), 15yo.2018,Nov.10 18:14 theres a big icecream man big as a building oh we live in pairs
1>Isabelle/Uincorn (superhero), 15yo.2018,Nov.10 18:16 my wepon is a wip whith a spike ball it hearts only when villan it does not heart anybody only the villans when a villan I can use it to get around like ladybugs yoyo
7>Bear (citizen ), 10yo.2019,Jan.1 19:50  Buying ladybugs earings (x 1)  
7>Bear (citizen ), 10yo.2019,Jan.1 19:50 whats sspppp people
7>Bear (citizen ), 10yo.2019,Jan.1 22:57 Hi Isabelle
7>Bear (citizen ), 10yo.2019,Jan.2 19:44 Hi there Isabelle I am Bear your next door neiphor
7>Bear (citizen ), 10yo.2019,Jan.2 19:45  Buying uicorn superherdoll (x 1)  
7>Bear (citizen ), 10yo.2019,Jan.2 19:45 ok Isabelle I bought the unicorn superherodoll
16>Jordan (Cool Girl), 14yo.2019,Jan.5 20:02 Hello Everyone just to say I was Bear befoe but now she is not on sotw anymore so don't talk to Bear
16>Jordan (Cool Girl), 14yo.2019,Jan.13 00:44 Hi
12>Isabelle/Unicorn (super hero), 15yo.2019,Apr.11 01:17 I am the game master i forgot my password
12>Isabelle/Unicorn (super hero), 15yo.2019,Apr.11 01:18  Buying food (x 1)  
12>Isabelle/Unicorn (super hero), 15yo.2019,Apr.11 01:18  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=73  
12>Isabelle/Unicorn (super hero), 15yo.2019,Apr.11 01:18 I get a chicken
12>Isabelle/Unicorn (super hero), 15yo.2019,Apr.11 01:19 what up
12>Isabelle/Unicorn (super hero), 15yo.2019,Apr.11 01:19 "hi my name is Isabelle BYE"

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