" pony academy "
This game is destined to players of 0 to 18 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

you are a teacher, mare or a filly in this. teachers are only allowed to be made if you ask the game master first, but in the other rp chat: https://roleplay-city.net/game.php?REF=myrpchat100

4>Koui (Mare), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:58  Buying hired tutor (x 1)  
4>Koui (Mare), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:58 Do we study normal subjects? Or something horse related
4>Koui (Mare), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 14:58 ?
1>Lailah (filly), 13yo.2022,Apr.4 15:00 both,
4>Koui (Mare), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 15:01 OK
4>Koui (Mare), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 15:03 What's the first lesson?
1>Lailah (filly), 13yo.2022,Apr.4 15:03   + 100 Money points to all players  
4>Koui (Mare), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 15:03
1>Lailah (filly), 13yo.2022,Apr.4 15:08 math
4>Koui (Mare), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 15:09 Ok. What's your favourite subject irl?
1>Lailah (filly), 13yo.2022,Apr.4 15:11 english, but i quite like language as well.
4>Koui (Mare), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 15:12  Secret message to Lailah  
4>Koui (Mare), 11yo.2022,Apr.4 15:13 Mine is literature, history and maths
2>Casey (filly), 10yo.2022,Oct.18 09:25  Buying lesson (x 1)  
2>Casey (filly), 10yo.2022,Oct.18 09:25  Buying hired tutor (x 1)  

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