" Becoming the Heir "
This game is destined to players of 9 to 18 years of age.
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There are five powerful families in the Crairian Empire. Teavaria, Cusal, Studora, Phorus and the Imperial family, Coburg. The head of the Teavaria family has died, leaving an only child, young and inexperienced, to fend of all the hungry predators eyeing his power. And then, the rising star of Studora comes to his aid. The star will teach him how to be the head of a noble family

2>Star of Studora (?), ?yo.2023,Jan.10 15:16 This account's password is Star. You can change all the information and password once you choose to play as him/her.
1>King Leo (Head of Coburg), 45yo.2023,Jan.17 12:08 Let me explain some features about the world.
1>King Leo (Head of Coburg), 45yo.2023,Jan.17 12:12 Long ago Five Beasts appeared out of nowhere in the place that is now the Crairian Empire. Five great heroes captured these beasts and restored peace to the lands.
1>King Leo (Head of Coburg), 45yo.2023,Jan.17 12:14 They also absorbed and gathered their power, and they became the most powerful people in the region. They were treated like princes, but these 5 princes needed one to rule over them so they held an election among themselves
1>King Leo (Head of Coburg), 45yo.2023,Jan.17 12:17 Coburg was chosen, and he built them all castles on the ground they had previously had owned, and at the center of those castles, in the most secure, underground chamber, guarded by twisting tunnels and mazes and hidden, secret entrances lay,
1>King Leo (Head of Coburg), 45yo.2023,Jan.17 12:20 bound and chained, the creatures that had raved havoc among the lands. No one, except the current heirs of the heroes, remember what they look like, for their first appearance in Crairian was almost a thousand years ago
1>King Leo (Head of Coburg), 45yo.2023,Jan.17 12:22 Bet we do know, that they are horribly frightening to look at, and must be guarded carefully. That is how the basic lore of the land goes at the moment.
1>King Leo (Head of Coburg), 45yo.2023,Jan.17 12:22 Now for more modern developements.
10>Teavaria noble (Minister/Villain?), ?yo.2023,Jan.17 12:28 My password is minister. You can change that and some other things once you choose to play me. I will tell you about the situation of Teavaria.
10>Teavaria noble (Minister/Villain?), ?yo.2023,Jan.17 12:30 The recent head's of Teavaria died in a sudden storm, drowned they say when they went on the river for some a sail. For now let's say I had nothing to do with that, I might scare away anyone to play as me
10>Teavaria noble (Minister/Villain?), ?yo.2023,Jan.17 12:32 But the stupid son that they left behind is now so frightened of his new responsibility and so grief struck he's leaving most of his duties to me, his father's most competent minister
3>Heir/Head of Phorus (?), ?yo.2023,Jan.17 12:37 My password is Phorus. You can change that, including whether I'm the head or heir when you choose to play me!
3>Heir/Head of Phorus (?), ?yo.2023,Jan.17 12:40 Phorus is on good terms with Teavaria, and rather concerned for the current prince, and genuinely sad for his loss. We're one of the most loyal to the Empire and our main enemy is Cusal, probably because we're in an eternal competition with each other for
3>Heir/Head of Phorus (?), ?yo.2023,Jan.17 12:41 who can serve the Empire and coburg family best. Phorus is one of the most honest and straightforward families
12>Heir/Head of Cusal (?), ?yo.2023,Jan.17 12:46 My password is Cusal. The cusal family has high expectations for their heirs, and are of a competitive, determined nature. We can sometimes be a little arrogant, we ARE the one of the most highly esteemed families in the eyes of Coburg and the Empire
12>Heir/Head of Cusal (?), ?yo.2023,Jan.17 12:47 But we always fight for what we believe to be right and are NOT in the habit of giving up
9>Ami! Heir of Studora (Comidic releif), 17yo.2023,Jan.18 14:42 Studora is my password. I don't have a very good relationship with the Teavaria family, and I'm not sorry about the recent news, but my son/daughter seems to be interested in the Daen's situation
9>Ami! Heir of Studora (Comidic releif), 17yo.2023,Jan.18 14:45 The Studora family is, on the outside, rather aloof. We possess great intelligence, and you would do well to stay in our good books
1>King Leo (Head of Coburg), 45yo.2023,Jan.19 10:39 So now you know all the different houses, and you can play as any of the given character's as well as create your own. Maybe a loyal general to one of the houses, or a page who takes interest in his master's troubles
1>King Leo (Head of Coburg), 45yo.2023,Jan.19 10:40 5 characters per person are the maximum
7>Daen (Head of Teavaria), 12yo.2023,Jan.22 11:09 Daen has silver hair, with bangs to the right of his face. He wear's his hair semi long, but not long enough to reach his shoulders
7>Daen (Head of Teavaria), 12yo.2023,Jan.22 11:10 He has dark grey-blue eyes, and fair skin
7>Daen (Head of Teavaria), 12yo.2023,Jan.22 11:11 He mainly wears neutral colours and is a bit quiet, more so since his parents died
9>Ami! Heir of Studora (Comidic releif), 17yo.2023,Mar.2 07:21 Hello! i am Ami, hier to Studora! I come from a serious family, but I prefer a more laidback, maybe even slightly mischievous way of life. I wear bright clothes, and have short, purple hair.
9>Ami! Heir of Studora (Comidic releif), 17yo.2023,Mar.2 07:22 I am trully saddened by the news of the recent deaths, and want to do anything I can to support the Teavaria family.
9>Ami! Heir of Studora (Comidic releif), 17yo.2023,Mar.2 07:24 And maybe bring a smile to wherever I can ;P
1>King Leo (Head of Coburg), 45yo.2023,Mar.2 13:34 Hello Ami!
1>King Leo (Head of Coburg), 45yo.2023,Mar.2 13:36 Welcome on board! Heir of Studora will actually be star of Studora! Sorry if I didn't make that clearer. Would you mind moving to the star of studora? Thanks! Fun RP in the future I hope
1>King Leo (Head of Coburg), 45yo.2023,Mar.2 13:36 !

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