" NYC Arts Academy Boarding School "
This game is destined to players of 11 to 17 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Welcome to NYC Arts Academy Boarding School! This school is only for the most talented and the best young artists. This is a high school roleplay so you have to be ages 14 to 17 years of age. You must be 11 years old to 17 to be in this roleplay. Be serious! When you are talking outside of roleplay use parentheses and also when joining the roleplay don't ask just wrte a description of your character. Write your roleplay name, age, grade, art major, and 4 of your hobbies.

12>John Stewart McCall (Find Friends), 16yo.2015,Apr.16 01:37 Argh
5>Janna Mart (Popular gal), 16yo.2015,Aug.9 23:52  Buying Powerups- creativity (x 1)   Secret message to Donnie  
5>Janna Mart (Popular gal), 16yo.2015,Aug.9 23:53  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=71  
5>Janna Mart (Popular gal), 16yo.2015,Aug.9 23:54 Hi I am Janna the good gal lets be friends
11>Amy (Potter(clay pots)), 15yo.2015,Oct.2 17:03 Hello, I'm Amy and i"m 15 and love to make clay pots.My 4 hobbies are drawing, clay flowers, playing music, and making clay pots.
11>Amy (Potter(clay pots)), 15yo.2015,Oct.2 17:04  Buying Powerups- creativity (x 1)  
11>Amy (Potter(clay pots)), 15yo.2015,Oct.2 17:05  Secret message to Donnie  
3>Levena (Actress/Singer/Model), 16yo.2016,May.6 03:41 Hello, my name is Levena(duhhh), and I am 16 years old. My major is the Preforming Arts, which includes being an actress, singer, and/or model. I am all three. Well, hope we can be friends! Tata!!!!!!!!!!!!
3>Levena (Actress/Singer/Model), 16yo.2016,May.6 03:42 Oh, and four of my hobbies are acting, singing, modeling, and hanging out with friends! Once again, tata!!!!!!!!!!!
4>Lilian (Writing major ), 14yo.2016,Jun.16 12:19 [Hi, I'm Lilian, I'm 14 and my major's writing,4 of my hobbies are writing, drawing, going online and baking.
13>Ben (Teenager), 12yo.2018,Feb.4 19:51 Hi I am ben, I'm 12 and my major's Science. My 4 hobbies is Baking, Drawing, Playing my tablet and playing.
13>Ben (Teenager), 12yo.2018,Feb.4 19:52  Buying Textbooks (x 1)  
13>Ben (Teenager), 12yo.2018,Feb.4 19:52  Selling Textbooks (x 1)  *Reads my Textbooks* To borring............
7>Hazel (Actress), 14yo.2018,Jun.11 04:20 [Hazel is 14. She majors in musical theatre. She also does all other kinds of acting. Her hobbies are skiing, writing, drawing, and acting.]

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