" Fairy Tail "
This game is destined to players of 10 to ? years of age.
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Welcome to Earth Land! Join a guild, pick your magic, take jobs, earn jewel (money), and MORE! I don't advise you to join if you know very little or nothing about this anime. If and when you join let me know what magic and guild you chose. Enjoy!

1>Cree (The Liar), 16yo.2015,Jan.15 22:38 WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy an adventure in the East Forest or just stroll around Magnolia, remember, if you join just tell me what magic you use and what guild you want to join!
1>Cree (The Liar), 16yo.2015,Jan.15 22:39 This is my magic and guild: Plant Magic, Fairy Tail
1>Cree (The Liar), 16yo.2015,Jan.20 03:01 *sigh*
1>Cree (The Liar), 16yo.2015,Jan.20 23:31 Am I the only one who likes Fairy Tail? The Japanese anime?
1>Cree (The Liar), 16yo.2015,Jan.21 21:51 I'M NOT ALONE!!!!!!!
1>Cree (The Liar), 16yo.2015,Jan.21 21:51 YAY!!!!!!!!!
1>Cree (The Liar), 16yo.2015,Jan.22 21:44 What is your magic and guild?
1>Cree (The Liar), 16yo.2015,Jan.24 17:42 If you don't come on in a week, you will be BANISHED FROM THE GUILD!!!!!!!!!(deleted)
7>Haru (Fire Dragon Slayer), 20yo.2015,Jan.30 22:20 (hi)
1>Cree (The Liar), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 01:22 (Hey!)
1>Cree (The Liar), 16yo.2015,Jan.31 01:23 (Now if a girl named Lucy joins, annoy her as much as possible, and u know to say aye sir!)
1>Cree (The Liar), 16yo.2015,Feb.8 19:14 I'm sorry, you didn't come on in a week.....
1>Cree (The Liar), 16yo.2015,Mar.2 23:22 (Hey Bella Boo, ik u don't have internet soooo.... :)
4>Alisha (Mind Manipulator), 15yo.2015,Apr.10 01:09 Hi!! My name is Alisha~ *smiles* I come from a small town right outside of Magnolia. I've come to joing FAIRY TAIL!!! I have mind manipulation magic. It sounds stupid, but I PROMISE it's the coolest thing EVER! My parents taught it to me. Hehe~
4>Alisha (Mind Manipulator), 15yo.2015,Apr.10 01:09  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=45  
1>Cree (The Liar), 16yo.2015,Apr.11 06:47 Thank you!!
1>Cree (The Liar), 16yo.2015,Apr.11 06:47 Makarov: *sees someone new enter the hall* Who's this now?
1>Cree (The Liar), 16yo.2015,Apr.11 06:47 *everyone in the guild is fighting as usual*
1>Cree (The Liar), 16yo.2015,Apr.11 06:48 (Welcome to the RolePlay!!!!!!!!)
4>Alisha (Mind Manipulator), 15yo.2015,Apr.11 19:33 *runs to Makarov* Hi! I'm Alisha~ Nice to meet you. Can I join Fairy Tail? I heard that it was SUPER fun :D
3>Natsu (fan of FT), 12yo.2015,Jul.16 16:00  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
3>Natsu (fan of FT), 12yo.2015,Jul.16 16:04 hi, my name is natsu !! i have fire magic and i love all of my friends :)
1>Cree (The Liar), 16yo.2015,Jul.17 01:37 Makarov: Nice to meet you Alisha, go talk to Mira Jane first.
4>Alisha (Mind Manipulator), 15yo.2015,Sep.1 05:35 "Ah, ok!" Alisha shouted and bounced over to Mirajane. "Ano, you're Mirajane right? I saw you on a magazine, neesan!"
5>atsuko (shadows manipulator), 17yo.2015,Sep.12 12:22 hello~ may name is Atsuko! I want to come in fairy tail because someone say me that every one is a little ... crazy!
5>atsuko (shadows manipulator), 17yo.2015,Sep.12 12:25 my*
5>atsuko (shadows manipulator), 17yo.2015,Sep.12 12:44 my*
5>atsuko (shadows manipulator), 17yo.2015,Sep.12 12:53 my*
6>Moshina (The Breaker), 17yo.2016,Jul.30 04:35 Hello, I am Moshina! I uss destruction magic, like Gildarts, but it is different. (i can like disintegrate things) And I would like to join Fairy Tail.
6>Moshina (The Breaker), 17yo.2016,Jul.30 04:38 (does anyone use this roleplay anymore? :(

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