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1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 04:41 oooh...those are really big rocks...
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.11 04:41 Well good for you. *is stoic, so it's impossible to tell whether she's being sarcastic, snarky, or sincere*
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 04:42 (Pandemonium holds the same title as Beltane.)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.11 04:43 [I'm not familiar with Beltane's title, sooo...could you eludicate? ^.^]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.11 04:43 *elucidate
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 04:49 *unpacks some of her stuff and goes to seek out the highest point in the tree houses*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 04:49 Did you and Aidan live in a lab together? I lived in a lab with my mom and my brother until I was 10 then I woke up and met Aidan and Dr.Nixon then I got taken to Saxon and now im here
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 04:51 ("Nasty boi" Bel was called that for multiple reasons. He was a cruel tyrant for one of those many reasons.)
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 04:52 *goes silent*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 04:54 Aidan is a good brother but I miss my mom and my real brother...
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 04:55 Nixon said they were probably dead but mom said to never trust doctors or Scientists so I think they are probably still alive I think....Mom would love trees...they are so pretty just like her
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 04:55 [XD Hey wait a minute, that's my secret nickname for Prisim.]
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 04:55 (No its not allowed. That title is sacred)
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 04:55 (Prisim isn't as bad as Bel)
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 04:56 ...
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 04:59 I drew a picture of her but I drew a new one using the pencil and pen and its better *shows Raina*
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:00 *looks at the drawing, but doesn't really focus on it* Oh, it's nice..
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 05:00 [Dagnabbit...]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 05:01 Yeah I Draw dogs to...even tho they scare me I draw lits of things from the lab
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:01 (Pandemonium is the first of AHAW characters to be bad enough and have the personality for the title)
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 05:01 *lots
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 05:02 [Oh god...I found the perfect Markiplier moment that'd apply to Kaliste and Armis... XD]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 05:03 Some are of how they look but some is how they look to me
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 05:04 [The 6:52-6:59 section of this video ( https://youtu.be/hPn5KPn7E7k ) is essentially what would happen if Kaliste was asked if she had anything nice to say about Armis.]
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:04 (*screams* Sasha, stop rolling in the dirt!!)
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 05:04 [Kaliste = Wade, naturally.]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 05:05 *reaches the top of one of the tallest trees in the area (probably with the assistance of her wings) and sits up on a branch**whips out some art materials and gets to work on sketching some of the things she sees from up here*
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:06 (Nice, that means Armis gets to be Mark. I condone this and I am not letting it go)
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:07 (HOLY CRAP MARK IS THE SAME HEIGHT AS ARMIS)
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 05:07 Sometimes things look diffrent then what they really are
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:08 ...Most of Vulkanisch staff isn't what they appear to be..
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 05:09 [Technically Mark is 1 inch taller. Get rekt, Armis. XD]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 05:10 Do you wanna see my drawings of dogs...they are scary
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:10 (Mark is 5' 10".)
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 05:10 [Kaliste is actually Mark's height. Aedona's three inches shorter, though.]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 05:10 [I thought Armis was 5'9"??]
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:10 (Nope he's 5' 10")
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:11 (I think you're thinking of Cataclysm)
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:12 Sure, why not?
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:12 *is speaking considerably quieter now*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 05:12 [Probably. Whoops. XD XP]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 05:13 [Kaliste's still technically quite tall for a woman, though. Her being Wade still kind of stands. XD]
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:13 (Matthew was over 6')
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 05:14 *shiws her the pictures the dogs are snarling and terrifying some of the teeth are bigger some have souless eyes all of them are frightening* dogs are scary
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 05:14 [She'd be talking to Armis the way he is now, naturally. XD]
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:15 Huh... Dr. Nilsson is scarier...
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 05:15 [If he used to be taller then I can really see her saying something like that just to irritate the h**l out of him.]
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:16 (He'd respond with something along the lines of "well what's the fun in being able to intimidate everyone before killing them?)
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:16 *"
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 05:17 [Kaliste would then just try not to smirk because he just insulted himself a bit.]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 05:17 Dr. Alman is terrifying...he sets the inside of your arms on fire...and he cuts you open and stuffs things inside you....sometimes when your awake...*looks off in the distance a bit*
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:18 ...I don't like thinking about Dr.Nilsson and Sarge.. They're...
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 05:18 Bad men...
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:20 Sarge is dead, though... Dr.Nilsson is a demon... He'll never go away..
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 05:21 Dr. Alman is scary...he makes you watch the dogs eat...hes a bad man...if you do what he says tho he wont hurt you as bad as other people....he...he likes to show me....what happens when people get in trouble
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.11 05:21 [Kaliste spoke to Corvis BTW.]
8>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:25 Yeah, good for me.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 05:26 I dont wanna go back to that lab but I would If I got to live with my mom and brother again...
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:27 Sarge was... He hurt people.. There was a lilac colored creature that he'd always beat up. She seemed real sweet, from what I could see from my cell...
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 05:28 Im happy your family gets to live outside of labs..
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 05:29 Dr.Alman...he liked hurting 073078...he used to make me watch...she always broke the rules...I...I dont break the rules
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:30 I hope they never go to any of them.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.11 05:30 ...What is it you want to talk with my husband about?
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:30 Dr.Nilsson... He likes surgery.. *holds her hand to her belly* I never broke any rules. I did as Nixon told me.
8>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:30 The kid.
8>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:31 He needs to come to the Rift.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.11 05:32 How come?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 05:32 *lifts up her shirt to show scars on her stumach and chest some or from injections some from incisions some you cant tell what it was* Dr.Alman liked surgery to...I tested alot of medicine
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:33 I'd have rather had that..
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 05:33 He always said I did super well and let me play with toys when he was done...
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 05:34 *puts her shirt down* I didnt like it but I am good at fallowing rules
8>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:35 None of us noticed the birth of that kid. Even to this day, we haven't sensed any form of magic coming from him. That's not a good sign.
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:36 Saxon was the only one I really talked to...
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 05:36 Sometimes he makes it hurt really bad...he...he said..he..he likes it when I cry...he...he says..its...cute
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 05:37 I talked to my mom and my brother my moms the nicest ever
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 05:39 Forgive me.. I have to be alone. *whistles. A minute later, a large, grayscale dutchie, flies overhead and lands in front of her, chirping excitedly. She chirps back and the dragon crouches down for her, then flies off*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 05:40 *sighs and keeps drawing*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 05:41 *sees Raina and the dragon fly off and is a little confused/concerned*
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 05:42 *helps Aidan up to Eira*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.11 05:42 It's pretty up here.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 05:42 *starts draeing Aidan in the tree*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 05:43 *drawing
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 05:43 Hey. *smiles at Saxon and Aidan*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.11 05:44 What was that thing flying away?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 05:44 I think it was Raina and...some kind of dragon.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 05:44 Is...everything okay?
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 05:44 That was Ying Yang. She's one of Raina's sisters.
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 05:45 Probably not. She did the same thing last time she thought about Vulkanisch, namely, the staff.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 05:46 *stops drawing Aidan and starts drawing things from the lab*
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 05:52 (My phone's nearly dead and I have to make a call soon, so I'll be back when I get my computer)
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 05:52 [OK.]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 05:52 I miss my mom...
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 06:00 [Sooo...]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 06:00 *is drawing more as she sits down a tear or two drops onto her sketchbook as she draws*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 06:01 [Sooooo]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 06:04 [Sooooooooo... XD]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 06:05 [In case you can't tell, I don't know what to do. XD]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 06:07 [Well its not like I can do anything unless its with Sara or something]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 06:07 [ooh we can wait on AHAW]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 06:10 (I'm not actually back, but I came to just say that there's someone in McDonald's that looks just like Markiplier, but it isn't.)
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 06:11 [@ Caprial: Okie dokie. @ RaeAnna: The heck? Huh...]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 06:12 [Scream at the top of your lungs there for me]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 06:23 [If the guy who looks like Markiplier really is Markiplier, I'm sure he has you covered in the screaming department. XD]
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 06:40 (Im finally back)
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 06:41 [Yay!]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 06:43 She will come back in about an hour.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 06:44 [Welcome back! ^.^ XD]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 06:44 [I'm still going to be on here and AHAW though.]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 06:44 [same]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 06:45 *looks at Eira and Saxon and Aidan in the tree and just starts crying as she hugs her bear*
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 06:45 Until then, go explore. The valley goes on for miles and it's all protected from malintent. The valley's edge is winter weather while down here is spring weather.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 06:48 *nods**puts her little notebook away and looks at Aidan, smiling* You want to get an aerial view? I can take you flying.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.11 06:49 Yeah!
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 06:50 *hugs them both* I'll see you soon. Have fun! *climbs down the tree*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 06:51 Bye!
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 06:52 ("If you use facial recognition for anything... The govt has your face lol." *other person: "Wait until you find out about driver licenses." r/murderedbywords)
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 06:52 [XD]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 06:52 *hangs her cloak up on a branch to get it out of the way* Okay Aidan, see if you can scooch in front of me. *pants the branch she's on*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 06:53 [XD]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 06:54 [Not to mention that unless you have the camera on your computer or phone or whatnot covered up (this site hates the actual word for "computer camera" for some reason), the gov. has your face even if you don't drive.]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 06:55 You should ask Raina if she can get Ying Yang to fly you around for awhile, Kate. When she gets back, of course.
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 06:56 (Meh)
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 06:56 *quickly wipes away her tears* n...no thank you
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 06:56 (https://i.redd.it/ru0c0gdasfc01.jpg)
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 06:57 (https://i.redd.it/eptkp54c2af01.jpg)
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 06:59 (https://i.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/newsfeed/001/338/856/f64.png)
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 06:59 (Done)
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 06:59 [XD the thing I love about the fbi Therory joke thing is that everyone is assigned there own FBI Agent allegedly and I think thats hilarious]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 07:01 (XD Me, too!)
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 07:01 (https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/vp/fb83e4b8851de1582652dc45b55f9c7c/5D1A2002/t51.2885-15/e35/s480x480/30077653_167560557294550_1841214392025219072_n.jpg?_nc_ht=scontent-sea1-1.cdninstagram.com)
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 07:02 [XD The heck?]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 07:05 we were talking about the labs...I miss my mom and brother...I...I wanna go back and find them...but...but I dont know were to look
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 07:05 [That's amusing, but seriously? Why would there be FBI theories when we all know what happened with a certain Mr. Snowden?]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 07:05 [I'm just sitting here wanting to tell these people "You've got the wrong defense agency there, buddy." XD]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 07:06 [Mark Zuckerberg covers his laptop camera...he's a jerk, but a smart jerk. XD XP If that's good enough for him, that's good enough for me.]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 07:07 [Its a joke hon]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 07:08 [Of course I know that.]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 07:09 (r/woooosh)
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 07:09 Things will get better before you know it. I'll be back soon enough and you and Aidan can come home. *pauses to let Kate hug him if she wants to, though he doesn't really expect anything*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 07:11 will I ever see my family again?
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 07:13 ("If you're ever scared you're not a good person, remember that bad people don't care about getting better." Mayhem needs this quote)
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 07:13 *helps Aidan scooch in front of her so that his back is facing her* Alright...this is going to feel a little chilly. *puts her arms around him and then makes some straps out of twilight-snow magic that strap him to her for good measure*
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 07:13 I don't know. Considering the minority, the truth is that it's unlikely. You never know, though.
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 07:14 They could still be around
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 07:14 [Indeed he does...]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 07:15 *summons her wings and then lets herself fall off the tree**her wings act as a parachute, keeping her from falling very fast**flaps them after dropping about 10 feet and soars upward*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 07:16 Will....will you help me try to find them?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.11 07:16 ("His ghost fell out" XD YIS!!)
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 07:17 As soon as we get back home, of course I will.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 07:18 *nods a bit* ok...how long til we go home?
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 07:20 (Oh gosh... No... Jack no... Your hair... Help, the top of his head makes me think of Riyu and it kills me to imagine Riyu as an Irish man)
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 07:21 A couple of weeks.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 07:22 [Riyusepticeye? XD]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 07:22 oh...ok
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 07:22 [I just imagined Riyu saying "TOP O THE MORNIN' TO YA LADDIES" and lost my crap...]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 07:23 [Wait no, he'd be TRASHsepticeye.]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 07:26 You should do some exploring. If you check on the swimming hole, you might be able to catch a couple of gods having a conversation.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 07:26 *shakes her head Quickly* no...no I...I dont like swimming I dont like water....
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 07:27 You don't have to swim. They won't show up if anyone's in the water, anyway
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 07:28 [is Theseus ever gonna finish his statement?]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 07:28 I dont like being near it...
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 07:29 [oh he did nvm then]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 07:31 That's too bad. Some of the gods have quite the personalities. Anyway, best if I leave now, so we can get back home sooner. *opens a portal* Goodbye.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 07:32 bye...
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 07:33 *heads back through the portal* Alright, Corvis, what is it?
8>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2019,May.11 07:39 Something's wrong with Aidan. We should have noticed his birth. He's not showing signs of magic. *Saxon: Could he just be human? *Corvis: That's not how it works. By now he should show even the slightest hint of magic, but there's nothing.
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 07:41 I fail to see how this is a problem. *Corvis: Saxon, Ravens cannot live long without magic. If he continues going on like this, he will not live to adulthood.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.11 07:43 *is visibly very alarmed*
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 07:44 So, what do we do about it?
8>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2019,May.11 07:46 This hasn't happened before. We aren't sure what caused this, but hopefully introducing him to the Rift's magic will be enough to help him.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 07:49 *flies high above the valley*
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.11 07:52 What's the cache?
8>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2019,May.11 07:52 We don't know exactly what will happen by introducing a child to such magic, as opposed to a newborn.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.11 07:53 Whoa! Look at all the trees!
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 07:59 Have you ever seen snow?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.11 08:00 No
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 08:02 Okay, hold on! *flies up higher and towards the edge of the valley* See all the white stuff
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 08:02 *?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.11 08:02 (*screams* Waves of emotions are evil)
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.11 08:02 Yeah? That's snow?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 08:04 *sits nervously waiting for anyone to come back*
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 08:07 *Comes back a little while later, followed by another sky blue dutchie. They both land near Kate. The blue dutchie doesn't approach her as willingly as Ying Yang*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 08:11 *quickly backs away from yinyang as she approaches her shes quite scared of her*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 08:12 Yeah!
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 08:13 You want a closer look? I could land there if you want.
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 08:15 *Ying Yang backs off, embarrased*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.11 08:16 Let's land!
8>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2019,May.11 08:18 If all goes well, he will accept the magic with no repercussions. If not, he will require a guardian to teach him to manage the magic in a safe manner.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 08:19 t....they are...are...really big...
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 08:21 They don't like humans much. *hops off YingYang's back and presses her forehead against the dragon's muzzle, whistling quietly. YingYang and the other dutchie fly off*
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 08:22 She's trying to come to terms with some of them. Humans really hurt her sister a long time ago.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 08:22 *lands among the snowy trees*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.11 08:29 *touches the snow and shivers* It's cold..
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 08:29 I....I...dont like big Dogs...
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 08:30 She doesn't even look like a dog
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 08:35 Oh, you can feel the cold? That's weird...
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 08:35 I don't really notice it at all...
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 08:38 Is it too cold for you? Do you want to go back down into the warmer areas?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 08:39 She is big and furry....
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 08:40 A lot of things are big and furry. You probably wouldn't believe me if I said I looked similar to that not too long ago
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.11 08:41 No, it's fine. Just cold
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 08:42 Okay.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 08:43 I can make snow, actually. *creates a giant snowflake**its edges are white and frosty, but the other parts are pinkish and purplish like a twilight sky* It's not normal snow, obviously... *chuckles*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 08:43 *shrugs* I dont know what to belive anymore...a month ago I thought the Lab was the only place that existed I didnt know there was this whole world outside of it
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 08:43 [I really need to draw Eira's magic too when I get around to drawing Eira...it's really freakin' pretty...]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.11 08:44 Can Dad make snow?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 08:45 Yeah--he specializes in ice.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 08:45 I can do ice too a bit, but...I'm better with snow.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 08:46 The part of the magic that looks like a sky comes from my mother. *blows on the snowflake**it bursts into many little beautiful snowflakes that drift towards Aidan's head*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.11 08:47 *laughs*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 08:49 *chuckles*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 08:49 Oh...I'm guessing you've never played with snowballs?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.11 08:50 What?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 08:51 Snowballs. Here, I'll show you. You make a ball of snow like this... *makes a snowball* And then you throw it at someone! *gently throws it at Aidan*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 08:52 Snowball fights are great.
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 08:52 Despite everything that's happened, I can't believe everything's out to hurt me. This place is safe, so there's no need to worry..
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 08:53 [I wouldn't be surprised if Eira made snow as a child just for the sake of doing a snowball fight. I just imagined little Eira chucking a twilight snowball at Mayhem from behind and it was adorable and hilarious. XD]
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 08:53 *It's kind of hard to tell who she is talking to here*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.11 08:53 [Annnd I've been awake for way too long. :P See you! *goes to crash in my bed*]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 08:54 ....my mom said your never really safe but you can be as safe as you can be by fallowing the rules
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.11 09:00 Everyone else will tell you that rules are meant to be broken. I would agree, until you get caught breaking them.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.11 18:35 Yeah....I...I dont like breaking rules...I...I broke one for Aidan...but...but It got us someplace very scary until Saxon saved us
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.12 04:05 [hi I will be on here and AHAW tonight replies might be a bit slower then usual]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.12 04:30 [I'm here! OK. Sorry I'm late; I was watching a movie.]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.12 04:33 (I'm finishing watching a movie, then I have a couple places to go)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.12 04:37 [OK.]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.12 04:39 You want to have a snowball fight?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.12 05:03 Yeah, okay!
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.12 05:03 Well... I don't know..
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.12 05:12 At least neither of you were hurt.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.12 05:15 yeah...
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.12 05:20 Alright, let's go! *starts making snowballs*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.12 05:20 *she doesn't make ones out of her own magic to be fair--instead she makes ones out of the actual snow on the ground*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.12 05:25 *starts trying to make snowballs*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.12 05:30 Try rotating your hands around the snow and pressing it together until it becomes firm.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.12 05:42 Okay... *makes a sloppy-looking snowball*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.12 05:57 *she could've thrown some snowballs at him by now, but she keeps making more, giving him the chance to strike first*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.12 05:57 I dont like police...
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.12 06:54 (Im alive)
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.12 07:01 [Congratulations. XD]
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.12 07:07 (Well I went to the park wearing essentially furry pajamas. Never gone out at night wearing such weird attire.)
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.12 07:08 Okay.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.12 07:10 *crafts a few more snowballs before throwing one*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.12 07:13 [XD Err...I guess there's a...first time for everything?]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.12 07:16 (I guess)
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.12 07:18 *ducks (you can decide if it hits or misses)*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.12 07:21 *the first snowball misses, but the second one he throws is significantly more accurate*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.12 07:24 *gets hit in the chest by the second* Oof! *throws several snowballs of her own back at him*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.12 07:29 *dives out of the way, dropping most of the snowballs he was holding*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.12 07:33 *throws a snowball at him while he's down**all of her throws are accurate, but gentle*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.12 08:04 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.13 00:19 How long is he going to be in the Rift? *Corvis: No more than a day, hopefully. *Saxon: Alright.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.13 03:13 [I don't know if you guys are on, but I'm here!]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.13 03:43 *hides behind a tree and starts making more snowballs*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.13 04:08 *she could pick up snowballs and go after him right away, but she decides to make things more interesting**carries a bunch of snowballs in one arm and climbs up a tree*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.13 04:10 *hides among the branches of the evergreen tree, waiting to see if Aidan can track her down or at least come under her tree*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.13 04:39 *sits behind the tree, listening*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.13 04:48 *accidentally snaps a twig in the tree she's in*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.13 05:09 *whips around the tree and throws a snowball at Eira*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.13 05:43 *some of the snowball winds up caught in the leaves, but some does hit her* Oof! Oh no! *dramatically pretends to fall out of the tree**carefully slides off the branch, landing in some snow*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.13 05:44 *quickly makes a snowball and throws it back at Aidan*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 04:06 You probably didnt live in the same lab but...you might have...did you ever see my mom?
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.14 04:14 Probably not. I didn't see much of anyone in the lab.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.14 04:16 [I'm on here, AHAW, and AHAW 2!]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.14 04:23 [If I seem a tad depressed, it's because I just watched episode 9 of season 1 of Mr. Robot, and holy h**l...it was a wham episode ( https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/WhamEpisode )...I put the pieces together even though the show didn't outright
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.14 04:24 say anything and wanted to cry like a freakin' baby because it revealed something about a character that I really, really wish wasn't true...]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.14 04:24 [If there's a show I HIGHLY recommend, it's that. Good god, the technical accuracy is astounding, and it has some of the best writing I've ever seen/heard.]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 04:25 [hi I will only be on here tonight]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.14 04:26 [Okie dokie.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.14 04:26 [I sent you some secret messages on AHAW, but I guess I'll relay them/copy and paste them on here.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.14 04:26  Secret message to 073056  
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 04:26 [should we time skip a few days]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.14 04:27  Secret message to 073056  
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 04:27  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.14 04:27 [I don't know...we may need to determine what's going to happen with Aidan first. E.g. do Corvis and Saxon want to take him to the Rift right away??]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 04:28  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.14 04:28  Secret message to 073056  
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.14 04:28  Secret message to 073056  
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.14 04:30  Secret message to 073056  
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 04:31  Secret message to Kaliste  
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.14 04:32 (Nothing will happen with Aidan until Saxon comes back to bring them home. Corvis is patient.)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.14 04:33 [OK. So I guess we can do a skip?]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.14 04:33  Secret message to 073056  
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 04:34 [A few Days Later..]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 04:34 *is alseep under a bed probably in a spare room*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 04:36 *calls Raina*
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.14 04:38 (Raina has a phone?)
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.14 04:39 (Lol it's unlikely.)
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 04:41 [nvm then]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 04:46 *telaports into Rainas Kitchen with muffins and donuts and bagels and biscuits and other supplies* 8am...breakfast....Raina...should be back from her walk soon so...better start on Gravy *starts cooking gravy, eggs, pancakes and sausage along with fresh*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 04:47 *squeezed orange juice, she also is making strawberry syrup and fresh whipped cream*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 04:48 *has mostly been working on her art here and exploring with the kids, though the other day she did disappear off on another trip during most of the afternoon*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 04:49 *is already awake, out, and about**smells the food and heads to Raina's kitchen, poking her head in, confused*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 04:49 Um...hi?
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,May.14 04:50 *is out on a short walk around the kiosk-like structures where the people have various goods for sale*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 04:50 What the h**l are you doing here?!
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 04:50 *is fast asleep in bed*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 04:53 *looks at Eira really confused and a bit offended*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 04:53 Um...I should be asking you that.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 04:54 I've been staying here for days with my siblings, so...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 04:55 Since when do you have siblings?! I hang out with your parents nearly every month since when did they have other kids?!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 04:57 Oh your dad is never gonna hear the end of it...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 05:00 Seriously I'll kill him. Anyway dont freakin touch the food its not for you ya hear?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 05:00 Two kids moved in with us literally weeks ago...
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 05:00 I don't know where you've been, but...okay, fine, geez.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 05:03 I spoke and talked and visited your parents a few days ago
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 05:03 how old are the kids?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 05:06 One's 8, one's 12.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 05:06 And the kids weren't with my parents a few days ago, they were here.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 05:06 they can eat breakfast go get em
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 05:07 I wanna meet em
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 05:07 *sighs and goes to Aidan's room**puts her hand on his shoulder, shaking him gently* Hey Aidan...we have a visitor and she made breakfast.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 05:08 [I'VE DRAWN BOOTS SO MANY EFFING TIMES BEFORE!]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 05:08 [WHY CAN'T I MAKE KALISTE'S FEET LOOK RIGHT?!]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 05:09 *is asleep under the bed so Eira probably has no Idea were she is*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 05:09 (Well I'm going to the park before I explode)
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 05:10 [oh ok]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 05:12 (I've been working at this background for 3 hours. This is exactly why I wasn't recording it)
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 05:15 [XD OK.]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 05:21 *goes to wake up Kate but can't find her* Hey Aidan...where's Kate?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 05:22 10 more minutes... *rolls over*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 05:23 *continues sleeping*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 05:27 I'd give you 10 more minutes, but the visitor would like to meet you.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 05:28 Come on! *yanks his blanket off of him and starts tickling his feet*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 05:31 *laughs and tucks his feet under legs* They can meet me when I finish my dream!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 05:33 *starts setting the table and cleaning up from cooking*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 05:33 Or...you can resume your dream later.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 05:33 After having the best breakfast in the world, of course. Can't you smell that?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 05:34 But if I wake up now, the dog will be gone
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 05:35 The dog?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 05:36 [THE BOOTS ARE FINISHED! YES!]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 05:36 [*realizes I have to draw two more hands and a type of pants I've never drawn before**internally screams in agony*]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 05:36 [*not to mention this is just my first lineart layer...I intend to make a new layer afterwards to refine it further*]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 05:37 Yeah, a really big white and gold dog. We went on a big adventure and he was about to get us some ice cream.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 05:38 He was super fluffy and really pretty. I think even Kate would have liked him...
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 05:42 *climbs out of bed and goes to wake up Kate*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 05:42 Well, I wouldn't be too sure that ice cream is as good as today's breakfast.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 05:42 *said that before he got up*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 05:42 *is fast asleep*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 05:44 Kate, come on! We have to eat breakfast! *shakes Kate lightly* No, the dog said the ice cream we were getting was divine. I'll never know now.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 05:47 no...I dont like food... I will eat later..
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 05:47 Eh, divinity is overrated...well, that's what my mom says, anyway...
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 05:47 But then we can't explore later
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 05:49 yes we can...we can explore after lunch..I wanna sleep more
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 05:50 Are you.. Dreaming about that pretty dog, too? He's really nice.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 05:51 no I dont like dogs...Im...dreaming about my mom
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 05:52 I only see her in dreams so im gonna stay sleeping
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 05:52 I think you'd like him.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 05:53 *smiles a little*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 05:54 mmm I'll eat later let me sleep *trys to go back to sleep*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 05:54 Can you draw him for me?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 05:56 later...i wanna sleep...after you eat..k?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 05:56 Okay... *gets up*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 05:57 Come on. *heads to the table with Aidan**@ Sara* This is Aidan.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 05:58 *waves quietly*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 05:58 Hi bud, *smiles big* Do you wanna eat? I made lots of yummy food!
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 05:59 Yeah..My sister doesn't want to come eat, though..
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 05:59 Im a friend of your dad and mom go ahead and eat whatever you want
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 05:59 oh...why not?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 06:00 She wants to sleep
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 06:00 Dad's not here. I'm here with my mom. She's out on a walk.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 06:01 oh..is Raina your mom?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 06:01 Dad will be back later today if you want to talk to him.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 06:02 Yeah
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 06:02 Raina is the best mom huh? she is very nice...so Raina is you and your sisters mom you live with your mom then thats lovely!
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 06:02 *picks some food and starts eating*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 06:03 I lived with Dad for awhile, but the police took us away, so we are here for awhile.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 06:03 Dad says we can come home soon.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 06:05 oh thats nice, Id rather stay here tho im a friend of your mom to I dont visit her as much as I should tho so I brought breakfast, Eira why dont you get Aidans sister? She will want to eat probably
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 06:06 I can try. If she didn't listen to Aidan, though, I doubt she'll listen to me. In addition, she isn't into food all that much. *goes to try to wake up Kate anyway*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 06:07 what?...
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 06:12 I like it here, but I also like living near the city. There's a park at the city that Dad says he used to take my older sister to all the time.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 06:13 yeah...I knew Eira when she was really little she used to pick up purple and blue rocks in a little basket
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 06:13 There's a visitor here who made us breakfast...she'd like to meet you.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 06:15 fine...*comes out from under the bed* I dont like eating..but I'll go anyway
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 06:17 No, not Eira. I have another older sister. She's real busy, I haven't met her yet.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 06:19 oh do you know her name?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 06:20 I can't remember how it's said.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 06:22 thats ok, your a very sweet boy whats your sisters name the one sleeping?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 06:23 Kate
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 06:24 thats a lovely name
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 06:25 *walks to the kitchen with Eira holding her pen pencil sketchbook and bear like always but Drops them immediately when she sees Sara* Mom?!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 06:26 *turns and looks at kate* oh..no honey Im Rainas friend I guess our hair looks a bit similar from the back
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 06:26 *is surprised, but keeps eating while listening.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 06:27 **
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 06:27 *shakes her head tearing up and smiling* no...no Raina is Aidans mom your my mom 018765! Its me! 073056 and *picks up her bear quickly* Mombi! Mommy! *runs over and hugs Sara*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 06:28 *Quickly hugs Her back and picks her up crying* oh.. my sweet baby I thought I lost you! *holds her tightly*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 06:30 *has her arms wraped around Sara neck and her feet wrapped around her neck as they both hold each other crying*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 06:32 [Sorry for disappearing, I got distracted watching the Damien animation that recently came out on Markiplier's channel.]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 06:33 [ALSO I EFFING KNEW IT]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 06:33 [You know how earlier I was like "I have a hunch as to who Kate's related to" and you're all like "You're probably wrong?" My response to you is ERRRRRRNT XD]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 06:33 [My hunch was that she's related to Sara.]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 06:34 [I know]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 06:34 [I tried to throw you off the trail]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 06:34 (And with that... I don't have any more plot points until Aidan is about... 11-12. Also brb i got a bloody nose)
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 06:36 [Okie dokie.]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 06:37 t...they said you died...
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 06:37 (Twice this week, jeez)
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 06:38 p...please dont...leave me alone again..p..please
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 06:39 I Will never let anyone take you from me again baby its ok...n...now we are going...going to wait for...for Aidans mom....mom to come back...and...and maybe his dad to...ok?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 06:39 ok mom *they continue holding each other crying*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 06:40 *finishes his food and goes outside*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 06:46 *leaves the room quietly to let Sara and Kate be together**is also trying to conceal how emotional she's getting**she's a little bit reminded of when she reunited with her parents*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 06:47 *looks at Eira and smiles big* I...I found my mom
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 06:47 (This is one annoying bloody nose... Ugh I just wanna get back to work)
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 06:47 [nvm...]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 06:49 *sets her down* go play outside ok? I will be out there in a minute
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 06:49 [Sara said that...]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 06:50 *hugs Sara again* ok mom...d...dont leave ok?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 06:50 I wont ever leave without you I promise now go play...
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 06:50 ok..*runs outside* Aidan!! Aidan!!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 06:51 *walks out of the room to Eira she looks Very Very mad* Give me your phone now.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 06:51 *is hanging by his legs from a tree branch*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 06:52 *seems annoyed, but she's wiping tears from her eyes* Why? You have a phone.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 06:53 Now. Im not asking
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 06:54 The dog from my dream said he used to do this when he was a kid. *swings lightly*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 06:54 I found my mom!
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 06:56 Does that mean you're leaving?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 06:56 It's my phone. What do you want to do with it?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 06:57 *has started reaching for the pocket her phone is in, though*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 06:57 I...I dont know
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 06:58 Im calling your Dad give it Here before I knock your teeth out
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 07:02 Why can't you call him with your own phone? *hands her phone to Sara anyway*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 07:03 *grabs her phone and calls Saxon* pick up...Pick up
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.14 07:05 *answers* Hello? Is everything alright over there?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 07:11 No no it Definitly not Get over here Right Freakin now.
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.14 07:12 Jeez, alright. No need to yell. *hangs up*
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.14 07:13 *teleports back to Urmukka*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 07:13 *hangs up and Hands Eiras phone back to her*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 07:14 *paces waiting for Saxon*
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.14 07:14 *comes inside the house*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 07:16 *as soon as she sees Saxon she punches him in the jaw* How ****** Dare you?!
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.14 07:19 *falls back against the wall* How dare me?! Who spat in your coffee this morning? I haven't done anything.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 07:19 Hey!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 07:19 How Long have You had my Kid?!
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 07:20 Back off! None of us knew she was your kid!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 07:21 *turns to Eira* YOU Stay out of this! back off
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 07:21 *looks back at Saxon* How long?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 07:22 [Would you guys like a WIP pic of my drawing? I've made a lot of progress (in my mind, anyway) since the last one.]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 07:27 At just so we are perfectly Clear if you were not my friend I would have shot you by now
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.14 07:37 *is getting a little irritated at her tone* You should be grateful that I, of all people, had her. Nixon brought her and Aidan to me a few weeks ago. He didn't have to risk his life to help her escape the lab, you know. I don't have to take this
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.14 07:37 s*** from you, cause I know that I could have so easily turned Nixon away and made all three of them return to Vulkanisch, where Sachiel would certainly have made her life a living h***.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 07:40 We both know you wouldnt be able to turn those kids away and You Should have called me and Told me! She Is MY kid and I thought she has been dead for over a ******* Century! Every *BLEEPING* SECOND of her life is precious do you understand that?! YOU
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 07:41 Should have called me the Second she turned up at your door! and weeks? you said weeks! I was at your house I called your wife alot and none of you SAID A word about MY freaking kid let alone yours!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 07:44 you know Maybe a call a nice "Oh hey someone dropped off kids they are both from Labs maybe you know her? She keeps calling herself by weird numbers" ANYTHING you could have Said ANYTHING
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.14 07:47 Eira already said none of us knew whose kid she was, there was no possible way to figure that out, and calling people by numbers isn't a calling card to just your lab. In case you forgot, even I had a number. It's also not our fault that you never asked
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.14 07:47 Why we were so busy.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 07:50 [I'm too tired to keep drawing, so I'm going to take a screenshot, send a WIP pic, and then quit for today. I made good progress today, though again the lineart isn't done.]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 07:51 Every lab has Numbers yeah I know that but you Didnt even mention it "Oh hey my Son came back" I talked to you and Kaliste alot these past few weeks and you Said absolutly Nothing IF I didnt Accidently meet her tonight I would still think my baby girl was
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 07:53 Dead do you get that?! I have already been robbed of her for Her whole life! And The fact that YOU had her during that time even if it was small is Devastating for me! You stole those moments from me
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 07:54 I wanted to be there when she first saw the world I wanted to be there when she started discoving things to see those smiles on her face for the first time and even tho you didnt mean it YOU Robbed me of those moment Saxon
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 07:55 [Okie dokie, check your email. Let me know what you think. ^.^]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 07:56 Not to mention you kept her on Earth IF anyone tested her dna it would send a Red flag Straight to the lab and they would have taken her again. By being with you you were risking her life
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 07:58 We had no way of knowing any of this! None of this was intentional!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 07:59 now. I am taking my daughter whoes name is Joy...Joy Marie Thompson NOT Kate and I am taking her home and I dont want you or Kaliste or your little Rug rat out there to so much as Call me for a VERY long time GOT It?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 07:59 We didn't rob you of [BLEEP], it was the lab that robbed you!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 08:00 *looks at Eira* I said Shut UP I dont CARE If it was intentional or not I am mad More mad I have ever been and the only REASON You two are not DEAD on the ground is beacause I Concidered PAST TENSE Saxon a friend
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 08:00 It's a waste to be angry at us over something we had no way of knowing or controlling! Just be grateful you have her back! *there are tears in her eyes again*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 08:01 And yes You did rob me of those moments WETHER or not it was Intentional I know it wasnt but I DONT CARE And now I am leaving with my kid before I end up shooting you two *walks off to the yard*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 08:02 It's just like mom and Mayhem all over again! Why can't anyone just be grateful for what they now have?! Why do you have to just scream at each other all the time when in the end all of us were just trying our best?!
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 08:02 *said that before Sara walked away*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 08:02 Just stop it! All of you just STOP! *storms away*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 08:03 *breaths for a minute putting on a fake calm and walks up to Joy* honey we are going home now ok? say goodbye to Aidan
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 08:03 *looks at Aidain worriedly* he...he isnt coming with?...
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 08:05 *yanks her cloak off and summons her wings**takes off*
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.14 08:07 *after Sara leaves the house* Whatever.. *goes out front and climbs up onto the roof*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 08:08 *closes his eyes*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 08:09 no...no Aidan belongs here with his mom Raina and his Dad and his big sister and you belong with me ok Joy?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 08:10 who is Joy?
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.14 08:10 Serves me right for trying to be a decent human being. *lays back on the roof*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 08:11 [Huh...I actually just realized this about Eira...she absolutely hates it when multiple people she loves argue. It stresses her out and she doesn't want to take sides. Originally she'd just respond to it very passively by staying back or just trying to
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 08:11 Thats your name sweetheart your name Joy...Joy Marie Thompson in the lab...we got in trouble for having names but your name was saposed to be Joy...is that ok?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 08:12 alleviate the situation (e.g. when she hugged Kaliste after she gave Mayhem the riot act), but I imagine that her frustration over these kinds of things has just built up over the years, and now she loses her temper more and more during arguments like
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 08:12 *smiles*Ok mom...*hugs Aidan* mom Will I see Aidan again?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 08:12 this.]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 08:13 yeah...probably...
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 08:13 [Essentially she's gradually gone from just enduring it passively to occasionally snapping and saying "[BLEEP] all of you and your stupid bull[BLEEP]!" XD XP
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.14 08:13 *]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 08:14 ok *hugs Aidan* Bye! mom..can I say bye to Kaliste first? and...Aidains Dad and Eira?..
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 08:14 *sighs a bit* you will see them again but yeah lets say by to Kaliste...hold my hand we telaport...its like the sleeping game remember?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 08:15 Yeah except no needles with telaporting mom!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 08:15 You right no needles *telaports to Kaliste with Joy*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 08:15 *smiles big* Kaliste I found my mom!
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 08:18 *holds his eyes shut tight, trying to keep tears from falling out*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.14 08:19 *does kind of a double-take*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.14 08:19 Oh really...?! Oh my...I can't believe it, that's wonderful!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 08:20 *smiles* Hi *hugs kaliste and wispers in her ear* If you ever keep my kid from me again wether or not its intentional I will kill you. *steps back and speaks normally smiling* Joy just wanted to say goodbye before we head home
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.14 08:22 *doesn't seem fazed**she probably understands what Sara's going through to some extent**just nods* Ah.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.14 08:23 Well, come visit sometime. This place honestly feels a little empty without you and Aidan... *chuckles a little*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.14 08:23 *anytime.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.14 08:24 Keep up with your art. *hugs Joy* It's beautiful and I'm proud of you.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.14 08:24 bye!!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 08:25 *Glares at Kaliste when she hugs Joy*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 08:25 bye * takes Joys hand and telaports home*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.14 08:25 *again doesn't seem fazed**lets go of Joy and smiles at her* Goodbye. Take care!
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.14 08:26 *did that before they teleported*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.14 08:26 *her smile disappears once they're gone**sighs and leans against a wall, deep in thought*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 08:26 *she upgraded her shack a bit to a home so its a little nicer its a small 3 bedroom home*...this is home baby....
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.14 08:29 *climbs up onto the branch and tries to sleep*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.14 08:31 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 08:41 *2 months later she shows up at Saxons house and Starts pounding on the door*
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.14 08:44 *Opens the door a crack* Can I help you? Or better yet, should I help you?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 08:45 Is Aidan...home?
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.14 08:46 No, he's at school right now.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 08:46 When dose he get home?...
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.14 08:47 4PM
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 08:48 ok...can...you call me when he gets home...Joy needs to see him *is trying to hide her worry but you can tell its there*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 08:55 P...Please?
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.14 08:56 We'll see.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 08:57 Shes Is refusing to Eat Saxon...she hasnt eaten for a week and she Said that If I want her to eat to let her see Aidan or stick an I.V in her arm and Im Desperate ok? So..I need you to call me when he gets home from school please..*his hand is shaking a b
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.14 08:58 *bit*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.15 01:20 *is behind Saxon**her facial expression gives away that she's perfectly open to letting Joy visit, but she says nothing, letting Saxon decide*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.15 01:30 [I may not be on tonight, or if I am I may disappear. It's very stormy here again; I can't guarantee that my Internet won't be knocked out.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.15 03:43 [I'm on early!]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.15 04:01 If Aidan wants to see her, it's fine by me.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.15 04:05 *remains silent* [I'm on here, AHAW, and AHAW 2!]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.15 04:13 ok...thanks *telaports home*
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.15 04:21 (Me mother has disappeared)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.15 04:21 [Hey!]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.15 04:21 [Oh no. XD]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.15 04:22 (Found her. Now me sister is missing)
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.15 04:22 *mouths something, then closes the door*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.15 04:28 [Guess you can't have everything. XD]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.15 04:29 (Just gonna call her "sister" now. She said it's a lot easier to just say "sister" than "sister-in-law")
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.15 04:30 [Okie dokie.] Don't be too hard on her...we've gone through what she's going through.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.15 04:40 *is pacing in her house with her phone around 4PM waiting for Saxon to call*
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.15 04:41 I know..
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.15 04:42 (So I'm heading out to take my sister back home, so.... I'll be awhile.)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.15 04:43 [OK.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.15 05:30 [@ Caprial: Are you still online?]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.15 05:31 [yup]
8>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2019,May.15 06:45 (So there's a random car parked behind my house. That's kinda why I haven't been on since I got home about an hour ago)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.15 06:48 [The heck?!]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.15 06:48 [want me to come over?]
8>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2019,May.15 06:49 There's no one inside, I'm just wondering why it's here. Already checked every room in the house.)
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.15 06:50 [lock your doors and windows]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.15 06:52 [Yeesh... O.O]
8>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2019,May.15 06:54 (It's probably someone staying the night at the neighbor's house.)
8>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2019,May.15 06:58 (Replies may still be slow anyway, since I'm going to be recording and want to do as little video splicing as possible. Dunno yet)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.15 07:03 [OK.]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.15 07:05 *a few hours later, the bus stops outside and lets Aidan out. As soon as he comes inside, Saxon calls Sara*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.15 07:06 *answers* Hey....can he come over?
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.15 07:12 *covers the mic* Aidan, would you like to go see Joy?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.15 07:13 Yeah! I wanna show her what you drew for me!
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.15 07:14 Oh, that thing? Right. *uncovers the mic* Yeah, he wants to come by.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.15 07:19 *smiles a little*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.15 07:53 [Sooo...]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.15 07:57 (*cough*)
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.15 07:57 (Well I'm nearly done with the outlines, then I can get to coloring)
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.15 07:57 (Still wondering how I'll explain the speedpaint. I'm not kidding when I say it's a major spoiler to one of my plans)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.15 08:03 [Okie dokie.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.15 08:03 [Again...I'm both eager to see it and apprehensive. XD From my experience, if any of us is excited about our secret plans, it often means something really bad is going to happen.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.15 08:04 [When do you think you'll have the speedpaint posted?]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.15 08:06 (Well, depending on my dedication and the fact that I don't really have plans for tomorrow, it could be uploaded sometime tomorrow)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.15 08:08 [OK.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.15 08:10 [@ Caprial: Are you still here?]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.15 08:11 [I'm mostly still on because I'm also working on video editing...I'm getting pretty tired, though.]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.15 08:14 (I can probably still work for a solid... 2 more hours. Need to go get an ice pack, though. It's hot in here...)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.15 08:14 [Heat? In Idaho? XD The h**l are you talking about?]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.15 08:15 [Eh, just kidding...I've been out West, I know even the more northern states can get pretty hot...]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.15 08:16 (Got 2 dogs, a laptop, and myself in a fairly small room.)
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.15 08:16 (Tis hot)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.15 08:19 ['Tis hot indeed...h**l, I've had one TV alone heat up a fairly big room once.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.15 09:21 [I gtg...I'm super tired. See you!]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.16 03:45 [I'm here a bit early!]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.16 04:34 [Hello?]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.16 05:24 [Caprial?]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.16 06:07 [Hi]
13>Olson (human), 10yo.2019,May.16 06:09 *knocks on Saxons door*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.16 06:18 [Hey!]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.16 06:22 [I'm on AHAW as well. ^.^]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.16 06:47 [Hello?]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.16 06:52 *answers the door* Yes? Oh, hello...
13>Olson (human), 10yo.2019,May.17 04:08 hi can Aidan come out and play?!
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.17 04:16 He's a bit busy at the moment.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.17 04:17 [Hi!]
13>Olson (human), 10yo.2019,May.17 04:19 oh...ok...*sighs and walks off*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.17 04:20 ok thanks...*telaports Aidan to the house Joy is sitting on the couch*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 04:20 *Smiles big* Aidan!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.17 04:26 *gives Joy a big glass of Soylent and she drinks it*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 04:26 I missed you!
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 04:29 *cringes*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 04:30 whats wrong?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 04:34 (So we got a police officer to come look at that car from the other night. Turns out the driver was arrested for a DUI and gave the wrong address.)
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 04:34 [oh]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 04:35 Why doesn't she have normal food? Dad and Kaliste always gave us good food. Even Nixon gave us good food.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.17 04:38 she can have any food she wants but she dosent want to eat any of it
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 04:39 I dont like eating it feels weird and takes to long
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 04:43 That's the fun of it. You get good exercise for your mouth. It tastes really really good when it's chewed, too
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.17 04:43 [Oh geez.]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 04:44 *shakes her head* I dont like it
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 04:44 (It's apparently now my responsibility to make sure GCAT comes and tows the car by 10pm)
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 04:45 [at the owners expense?]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 04:47 (Yeah)
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 04:47 *sticks his tongue out in a half-attempt at a gag* Oh! Dad drew that dog for me! He's REALLY pretty! I haven't seen him in any more dreams, though..
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 04:48 *pulls out a piece of paper to show Joy a picture of a beautiful white and gold dog*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 04:49 oh...yeah he is pretty
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 04:50 I wish I could finish that dream... Really want that ice cream...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.17 04:51 If you kids want icecream I can get some for you, what flavor?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 04:51 He never told me what flavor. What do you have?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 04:51 Ooh, do you have mint?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.17 04:53 Yeah we can go get mint come on I will take you two out for icecream *Telaports the three of them to an icecream parlor* ok here we are!
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 04:54 I never had ice cream before
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.17 04:54 its super easy we go over to this counter and you can see all the flacors then you pick the ones you want and they give it to you
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 04:55 I just want mint chip!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.17 04:56 Alright and what kind do you want Joy?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 04:56 that one *pints to the strawberry* Its pink!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.17 04:57 ok *goes up to the counter* 3 ice cream cones please 1 mint chip one strawberry and one Huckleberry. *she pays the man and gives the kids there icecream* Lets sit down over here *goes to sit at a table*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 04:57 how do you eat it?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.17 04:58 you lick it like this see? *starts eating her ice cream* its cold tho
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 04:58 Thank you! *sits down and starts eating*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 04:58 *licks it and giggles a bit* I like this food...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.17 04:59 no problem *smiles at Aidan* I herd you go to school now thats must be exciting yeah?
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.17 05:01 [I'm still around, I just got distracted drawing.]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 05:02 (I'm distracted as well. Mostly just hanging out with family)
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 05:06 Yeah! There's a lot of people my age there! My teachers say I must be a progidy. Dad says that means I'm real smart!
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 05:07 whats School?
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.17 05:10 [...I just got jumpscared by a frog.]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 05:10 [huhuhu]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.17 05:10 [I'm sitting by a window with the lights on, so of course there's moths all around the window...and suddenly I see something leap onto the window and have a mini heart attack.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.17 05:11 [Annnd it's a frog. XD]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.17 05:12 [Of course with my incorrect use of language you can ask "why did the frog have a heart attack?" Misplaced modifiers, that's why.]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 05:15 It's like what Nixon was teaching us, but much better and there are lots of kids and more than one teacher
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.17 05:18 [Or maybe I'm just too pretty and the frog couldn't handle it... ^.^]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.17 05:18 [Yeah, it's probably the latter. ^_^]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.17 05:19 [...Nah...I'm average... XD XP]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.17 05:23 [I'm feeling extra goofy and trollish tonight. I'm not sure why. XD]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 05:28 I wanna go to school!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.17 05:29 no you have to eat lunch at school Soylent isnt allowed
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 05:30 Thats ok I can eat real food
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.17 05:30 we...will talk about it later ok?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 05:44 The food at school is usually pretty okay. Not at all like stuff at home. Except when they serve peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Those are so good.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 05:46 ooh...I wanna go to school..
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.17 05:46 its to dangerous for you to go to school Joy.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 05:46 What?! Why?!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.17 05:47 lets go home we will talk about it after Aidan leave but for now you two have fun *telaports home with them*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 05:48 *sighs a bit* Aidan wanna see my room?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 05:49 Sure!
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 05:50 ok! *lead him to her room there isnt a bed but there is a sort of blanket fort she made and she has lots of stuffed animals and toys and new clothes and shoes the walls are pink and she has soft carpet* This is my room!
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 05:51 *in one corner of the room there is also a hammock*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 05:52 *goes up to the hammock* Ooh, it's like a big spider web
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 05:53 Its a hammock you sleep in it like this! *climbs in and lays down then sits up* you can also sit in it! wanna try?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 05:56 *it takes a few tries, but he climbs into the hammock* I want one of these.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 05:57 they are better then beds I dont like beds I like these
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 05:58 (Finally a happy medium)
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 05:59 I slept in a box awhile ago. It's surprisingly comfortable
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 05:59 [She dosent like beds Sara didnt at first eaither hammocks are a good alternitive]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 05:59 Not ad comfortable as a bed, though.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 06:00 why...would you want to sleep in the box? its cold and dark and scary...
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 06:02 I put blankets and a pillow in the box and kept the night light on.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 06:05 *looks a bit confused and gets out her sketchbook and a shows a drawing of a small concreate square with a metal hatch locked on top its drawn in such a way were you can see someone squashed and locked inside* The box is were you go if your in trouble...
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 06:06 its super dark and hard to move you cant see in or out I just drew it like that...
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 06:06 No, this box didn't have a top. It's cardboard and flimsy
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 06:11 oh...ok like a shoe box
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 06:11 Yeah, but bigger
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 06:15 yeah
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 06:19 You should meet some of my friends at school. They're really nice. Dad told me not to talk to them about Nixon and the lab, though.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 06:19 oh why not?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 06:22 He said most kids don't know about the lab and the adults don't need to know. I dont know why. Where do I say I came from?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 06:23 *shrugs* I dont know...if they ask just say your house...I think that would work
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 06:23 Good idea
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 06:26 I wanna go to school...
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 06:31 You should. It's a lot of fun.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 06:32 My mom just said no you herd her
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 06:36 Maybe you can convince her sometime.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 06:43 maybe
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 06:51 Do you get to go see people?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 06:52 sometimes....not alot tho
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 06:59 Oh. I got to go meet the rest of my family. Karasu is a good big sister. Corvis said I'll be coming back when I'm ten.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 07:01 Cool
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 07:07 Dad doesn't seem very happy about it, but he said he'd bring me back anyway
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 07:09 oh...Im happy living with my mom...but it gets lonely and she gets worried alot...
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 07:14 Oh...
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 07:15 Dad doesn't seem too concerned about me. He takes me out to the bus every morning for school, but I spend quite a lot of the day away from him. He has work
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 07:16 I...I dont think...she knows what to do...and I know why she wouldnt but...she is scared I might be taken away again
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.17 07:21 [I'm still here, I've just been reading everything/following along.]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.17 07:36 (AHHH BACK TO THE COMPUTER! My dad forgot to bring me home)
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 07:39 [oh]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 07:41 I should ask Dad why he does things so different.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 07:43 yeah....I...wish my mom and me could live with you and your dad...its more fun there
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 07:47 Yeah, my dad's pretty cool. Not many of my friends see much of their dads. They're all hard workers. Dad works a lot, too, but I get to go to work with him on weekends when he goes to Urmukka
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 07:50 Thats fun I never met my Dad before
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.17 07:51 [BTW, I doubt Kaliste would embrace a life of stay-at-home mom. It's too boring. Is it okay if she helps with Saxon's job or is involved with his business as well? She's good at math. I wouldn't be surprised if he got her to calculate financial stuff for
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.17 07:51 him.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.17 07:51 *the life of a
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.17 07:52 [It would be nice if she had some sort of work she did do at home.]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.17 07:59 [ima go to bed now goodnight]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.17 08:00 (It's possible, except for the work on Exocoel)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.17 08:02 [Okie dokie. @ Caprial: Okay, goodnight!]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.17 08:04 [gtg to bed myself. See you! *offline*]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.18 03:49 [I'm here!]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.19 04:10 [I'm on again!]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.19 04:53 [Soooo...]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.20 05:15 *sara comes to tell Aidan its time to go home* I will see you later Aidan..*hugs him*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.20 05:16 [Hi!]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.20 05:19 [Over the past 3 Years Sara's kid and Adan have regularly hung out together Aidan is now 11 and Saras kid is now 15 They are hanging out at Aidans this week*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.20 05:19 [Er...]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.20 05:19 *hugs her back* Bye!
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.20 05:19 [That time skip may have been a tad speedy, buuut okay. XD XP]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.20 05:19 *said that before the time skip*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.20 05:20 (Oh I am listening to the wrong song for this-)
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.20 05:24 [-_-]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.20 05:25 [Time skip bc we got nothing planned til Aidan is 11]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,May.20 05:27 *Far away, in the Misyach galaxy, a portal opens on a desert planet. Through this portal steps a tall, blonde-haired man. He takes a deep breath and smiles, gazing upon the empty city before him. With a snap of his fingers, lights come on in every
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.20 05:28 [Oh, okay. I was confused about when Pandemonium would be involved. For some reason I thought something would happen before the time skip; my bad.]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.20 05:30 *is drawing while talking to Aidan*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,May.20 05:31 building. The path leading to the cathedral in the distance glows a faint, soft blue. The sky above turns from day to night.* Just as I left it. *he nodded his satisfaction and proceeded toward the cathedral*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,May.20 05:32 (Casually ignores my mistakes)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.20 05:35 [I'd scream at you about your tenses but it'd give me PTSD flashbacks to my struggles with Latin. X'D]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.20 05:37 *she spends the majority of her time away from home at this point*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,May.20 05:38 *Runs his hand down the winged decor on the front door before pushing it open and entering. A wave of fresh scents hit him as he takes his first step inside* What? *sniffs, then smiles, before continuing down the corridor. He sits on his throne in a lazy
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,May.20 05:43 manner, looking out at the empty room. Something seems off, though. He glances at the pillars lining the carpet and frowns for a minute. The shrines of the gods were missing. He snaps his fingers, but nothing happens. With a sigh, he gets up and
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,May.20 05:45 smells the air again.* So a foreigner came here and thought to rob me. Huh... Never thought anyone would have the gall. *the smell is familiar to him. He'd smelled the same scent when his brother had come to visit him in Escletxa.* Looks like someone
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,May.20 05:50 wants to play a game with me. *returns to his throne and stares off toward the opposite side of the room, thinking about whether or not he even wants the shrines back and what he will get out of playing the game*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.20 05:54 *is doing his math homework* Do you wanna go to the park later?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.20 05:55 *comes to visit Kate and Aidan**she likes telling them stories about her travels and giving them drawings and paintings of the places she's been*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.20 05:56 *Joy, not Kate XP
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.20 06:00 yeah sure I havent been to the park in a while
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.20 06:00 *knocks on the door of whatever house they're in (unless it's Saxon's house, in which case she'd just come right in)*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.20 06:08 (They're at Saxon's house)
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.20 06:09 [OK.] *comes in and knocks on the doorway to the room Aidan and Joy are in* Hi! *beams*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.20 06:12 Eira! *closes his math book and hugs Eira*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.20 06:17 *hugs him back tightly*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.20 06:21 How have you been?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.20 06:22 *lets go and steps back a little, looking at him* Wow...I swear, you grow 2 inches each time I leave!
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.20 06:23 Keep this up and eventually we'll need a taller house. *ruffles his hair*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.20 06:28 *giggles* I'm tallest in my class!
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.20 06:29 I bet you are!
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.20 06:29 *@ Joy* How have you been doing?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.20 07:06 [Hello?]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.21 04:04 [I'm on!]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.21 04:59 [Hello?]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.22 04:07 [I'm here!]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.22 05:57 [im stilll on vacation but im bored atm so im here]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.22 05:58 *shrugs a bit* Fine I guess
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.23 04:11 [Hey! Sorry I missed you; I didn't realize you came on.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.26 04:24 [Here!]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.26 05:26 [hi im on sorry im late!]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.26 05:29 [Hey! :D]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.26 05:29 [Welcome back!! :D *glomp hug*]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.26 05:29 [How was your vacation?! :D]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.26 05:52 [ok]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.26 05:52 [OK then. ^.^ RPing? I really want to get the story going again. I'm honestly kind of excited to start the Solvig arc, but I know things need to be done on here first, sooo...]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.26 05:58 (Gonna be slow. Kinda busy rn)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.26 06:04 [OK.]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.26 06:15 [ok]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.26 06:15 I want to go to school but my mom said no
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.26 06:16 [Sorry for disappearing. I was finishing up my Kaliste and Chrysantha reference drawing. I'm sending it in to you guys right now. :D]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.26 06:16 [I know you just need Kaliste, but what the heck, consider Chrysantha to be a bonus. XD XP]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.26 06:21 (Heck yeah 3 kills! I met my brother's average in Apex! Kinda proud of myself for not being terrible at this game)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.26 06:24 ["Kinda busy right now" eh? XD]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.26 06:24 [BTW, please let me know what you think of my drawing...I had to redo the lineart 3-4 times and it was utter agony...I really want to know if the effort was worth it... XD]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.26 06:28 [The drawing is nice not how I imagined them but its good Also Yes Raeanna is Busy spending Quality time with her older brother, Family is important]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.26 06:31 [Indeed it is. ^.^]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.26 06:32 (Heckin dogs won't calm down!)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.26 06:32 [I'm guessing it's their skin color that surprised you? It actually surprised me. XD If I had drawn Kaliste a year ago she would've been lighter. I don't know why, but the way I've imagined the skin tones of the Sahlemese has gradually gotten darker over
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.26 06:32 the past year.]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.26 06:33 [huh ok]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.26 06:34 [Otemjarians have changed in another manner that surprised me...over the past year they've gotten steadily shorter. XD XP They're supposed to be based loosely on Scandinavia/Vikings, but they're actually the shortest ethnic group on Panthea.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.26 06:34 [Actually they may still match Scandinavia in that now they match dwarves. XD]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.26 06:34 [Well, not really. Solvig's Otemjarian and she'll be 5'5". This isn't dwarf height compared to us, but compared to the tallest Panthean ethnic group (the Nakadans) it sure is.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.26 06:36 [I really want Kaliste's glaive...I'm actually kind of proud of the draconic design I managed to do. It may be simple, but it's cool. :D]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.26 06:38 [ye] lets rp]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 06:39 Well, there's always homeschooling.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 06:39 [BTW, how is your project going (the one with Kaliste and Eira in it)?]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.26 06:40 I want to meet more people..and see the world more
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 06:41 *smiles a little* I know how you feel...maybe I could talk your mom into letting you come with me on one of my trips sometime.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 06:42 I go to all sorts of places...sometimes I even leave go to another universe.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 06:42 *even go
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.26 06:43 Really?! *smiles big*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 06:48 Yes, really. I wasn't even born in this universe. *smiles*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.26 06:49 Thanks! *hugs her* you should probably talk to her when im not there or she will tell me we will talk about it later then she says no
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 06:50 *hugs her back* Alright, I'll do that.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.26 06:51 *smiles and Draws more By Aidan* Wanna play add on?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 06:54 *looks curiously at Joy's drawing* Add on? What's that?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.26 06:56 its a Game *turns to a blank page* You take turn drawing 1 thing at a time so I would start with a circle *draws a circle* then I give it to Aidan and he Draws something *passes Aidan the sketchbook and pen*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.26 06:56 My mom isnt busy right now So you should go talk to her
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 06:57 Alright. *goes to find Sara*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.26 06:57 *draws a simple triangle ear on the circle and passes it back*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.26 06:58 *drawrs a Really Detailed eye and passes it back*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.26 06:59 *is notified of Eira trying and Failing to find her location as she is showing up and many of the false spots so she telaports Eira to her a bit annoyed* What do you want?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 07:00 I just wanted to talk to you about Joy.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 07:00 She and I were both thinking that maybe she could come with me on some of my trips. It'd be a lot of fun, and she'd get to learn a lot.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:00 what about her?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:01 *said that before she mentioned the trips*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:01 Absolutely not
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 07:02 Why not? She needs to learn about and see the world eventually.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 07:03 And it's not like I'd take her anywhere even borderline dangerous.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:03 Eira how old am I?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:06 Very old I am Very very old alot older then you, any universe is Dangerous for her beacause I am her mother
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:07 I have been keeping that on a VERY low profiles because People alot of people hate me and alot more would kill to get there hands on my daughter, letting her visit Aidan on earth is Dangerous enough there is no way I am letter her travel with you is that
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.26 07:07 (So my brother needs me to take something to him. I'll be back in a bit)
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:07 Clear?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:07 [ok]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 07:07 And there's a million ways to disguise her if you're worried about people figuring out her identity.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 07:07 *said that before Sara talked about low profiles and whatnot*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 07:08 You can't keep her cooped up forever. That'll only eventually hurt her, no matter how much good you intended to do. I know from experience.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:09 She is the only thing in this universe that I value. The only thing in any universe I value so I am not going to put her at Risk. And Im not going to keep her cooped up She lived like that for years but Im not going to put her in danger by sending her
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:10 with you. And being cooped up You were cooped up in a mansion with lavish gardens. we were kept in cages so Yeah we have our fair share of experiance I dont need you telling me how to Raise my kid
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 07:12 If you're kept in one place for decades after decades it can eventually start to feel like a prison no matter how lavish it is.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 07:13 Do you not think I could protect her?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 07:14 I'd only take her to places I'm extremely familiar with. I'd take the proper precautions.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:14
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:16 Eira She is not your kid If you want to put your kids at risk Go for it. No matter were you take her it will be more dangerous for her then you or anyone beacause of me. Dont you Dare tell me how to raise my Kid beacause you have no Idea what I have been
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:17 through or what She has been through. She is not your responsibility she is my Child and if you dont like how I raise her then Tough because I know whats best for my daughter.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 07:19 Even if you say no now she's going to have to see more of the world eventually.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:20 That isnt your concern Get out of my house better yet I will Join you Since I need to pick up Eira
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:21 *Joy not Eira
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:23 unless you Have anything else to yell to be about my own *Bleeping* Kid
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:24 *to say about
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 07:26 I'm only trying to help both of you. She needs to learn about the world and she needs to see it eventually. If she doesn't it'll wind up hurting both of you.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:27 She will when she is ready she isnt ready Yet Get off my back worry about your own kid oh wait you dont have any so you doing understand
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:27 *dont
8>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:28 *teleports to Aidan* Hello! Been awhile, hasn't it? *stares, a bit confused, at the drawing for a moment*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 07:28 The very least you could do is tell her something as to why it'd be so dangerous for her so she doesn't feel like her rights are being violated.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 07:28 *Then the
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.26 07:28 *draws a weird nose* We're playing add on
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 07:28 *why everything would be so
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 07:29 And don't give me that "you don't understand" crap. I've been given that a million times before by everybody. There are some things I do understand, despite what everybody says.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 07:30 *sighs* I've tried being patient, but I'm really getting sick of your tone. *tessers back to the house Joy and Aidan are in, looking a bit flustered*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 07:30 *sees Corvis and goes from flustered to irritated*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:30 Eira She has been affraid her whole life she is finally gaining some confidence I am not about to scare her again. her whole childhood was filled of Danger and fear she belives the world is safe and wonderful and Im not killing that vision for her just ye
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:30 *yet
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:31 *said that before she tessered off*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.26 07:31 Hi *draws some hair on the head and passes it back*
8>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:32 Interesting. *waves at Joy then clears his throat* Anyway, are you ready to come back to the Rift? Yes, I know you were supposed to return last year. Things got busy.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.26 07:33 Can I go to?
8>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:35 If you'd like. Aidan is going to get magic today and more than likely his wings.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.26 07:35 Cool! I wanna see
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.26 07:37 *heads over to Corvis* A bit late, don't you think? Let's just get this over with... I want him out of the Rift sooner than later.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 07:38 *glances at Saxon**she wants to come along too*
8>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:38 Of course. *Aidan: Let's go! *Corvis: Mm hmm. *opens a portal to the Rift*
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.26 07:39 *picks up Aidan and gestures for Eira and Joy to go through the portal*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 07:41 *goes through the portal**is protective of Joy, so she waits for Joy to come through so she can stay near her*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.26 07:42 *goes through excitedly*
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.26 07:43 *is the last to go through the portal*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 07:44 *holds out her hand to Joy*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.26 07:45 *dosent take her Hand* This is so coolQ
8>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:46 *closes the portal behind him and guides them all to a chamber with a light platform in the middle* As said before, these platforms are like magicka fountains. Quite a useful piece of tech we've built.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.26 07:47 nice...
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 07:49 *follows Corvis while staying near Joy*
8>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:49 I will be honest, though, we've never had to use such measures to give a Raven its magic. They're usually born with it. Saxon, if you'd like, you may stick with Aidan, but be warned, with your history, it'll be an uncomfortable experience.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.26 07:50 can I go or do I have to wait here?
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.26 07:51 I know too well how these platforms work. *carries Aidan to the platform*
8>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2019,May.26 07:52 Oh, no, you have to stay over here with us. This magic tends to have a bad effect on mortals.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.26 07:53 oh ok *sits down and starts drawing the area around her*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.26 07:53 Dad, what does he mean, "uncomfortable"? Is this going to hurt? *Saxon: It may, but you're strong and this will keep you strong for years to come.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.26 07:55 Okay...
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 08:01 *sites down beside Joy and watches*
8>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2019,May.26 08:02 *sighs* Let us begin. Shouldn't take long at all, really. Aidan, hold on to your father. *changes into avian form and perches on the edge of the platform. Three other avians perch on the other sides*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.26 08:04 *watches Aidan as she draws this event*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.26 08:05 (*screams at the internal references I'm making*)
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.26 08:05 *holds onto Saxon and looks around at the other avians. Not much appears to happen for awhile* ...Dad, I don't feel well..
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.26 08:06 [If you heckin do the heckin thing I'll heckin cry]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.26 08:06 It's fine. You'll feel better soon. *the effect on him isn't quite as bad, but it does indeed make him nauseous*
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.26 08:07 (XD I ALMOST SAID THE LINE WITHOUT THINKING, THEN I REREAD IT LIKE "ohhh... Mr.Stark.... i don't- NOOOOOOO!!!")
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 08:07 [I haven't even seen Infinity War and I think I know what you're talking about. XD XP]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.26 08:08 (*Aidan fades away*)
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 08:08 [I'm in the same boat as Caprial here...don't you effing dare do the heckin' thing...DON'T YOU DARE]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 08:09 [...Also why is it that I just realized just now that the only thing in Pandemonium's role box is a smiley face...]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 08:09 [...I really don't like that...why did you do that...]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.26 08:09 ( :) )
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 08:10 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 08:10 [DON'T DO THAT]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 08:10 [Anyways, bye!]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.26 08:11 (I could have used another face(
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 08:11 [I've never been more unsettled by two simple characters...OK, NOW I'm going. See you! XD]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.26 08:12 (Do you wanna see what other face I could have used? XD)
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.26 16:42 (Nah, that smile is more than enough :) l
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.26 16:57 *starts crying in his efforts to keep fairly quiet. He's trembling and holding his eyes shut tight*
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.26 17:03 *holds Aidan close* Not much longer, then we can go home.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.26 17:08 *sure enough, a few minutes later, he calms down. He's still crying, but he's no longer trembling. Saxon comforts him as he carries him off the platform*
8>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2019,May.26 17:21 Well, he's got the magic he needs now. No wings yet. You may have to test him. See if they'll appear now. In the event of... Issues.. We know who can help him out.
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.26 17:23 *nods* Let's hope not. I'm not looking forward to coming back anytime soon.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.26 18:55 [Actually I am curious as to what the other face you could've used is. XD I can't think of anything more unsettling than what you chose to use.]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.26 19:03 (( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡))
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.26 19:05 (The smile is simpler, tho, so I chose that instead. It's the simple things)
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.26 19:07 (I looked up what that face meant and it does fit. Namely mischief and spammage)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.26 19:18 [Yeah, the simple smile is still worse. XD]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.26 19:24 (Now what really surprises me is that the lenny face survived the night on my clipboard)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.26 19:27 [Oh god...why did I look up lenny faces, I just found one that would've been worse than the normal lenny face you posted just now...]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.26 19:28 (Oh boy...)
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.26 19:30 (With how lazy I'm being today, I doubt I'll finish any drawings)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.26 19:31 [XD Okie dokie.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.26 19:31 [This is the one I found that I think is worse...]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.26 19:31 [ ( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡) ]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.26 19:32 (XD)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.26 19:34 [I'm laughing too but I'm also cringing like h**l...help...what have I done to deserve this...]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.26 19:36 You looked up lenny faces, that's what)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.26 19:40 [Yeah...I guess I brought this upon myself... XD Anyways, I gtg. See you later!]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.27 04:32 *continues drawing she starts drawing Saxon holding Aidan in his arms*
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.27 04:51 (All I can think of is how many unfinished drawings there are)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.27 04:52 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late; I was watching a movie.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.27 04:53 [I installed Krita and I'm testing it out on my Kaliste and Chrysantha drawing, so my replies will be a bit slow.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.27 04:54 [I'll just be on here and AHAW 2.]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.27 04:59 [I will only be here]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.27 05:07 *dosent seem to be phased by Aidans crying*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.27 05:15 [OK.]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 05:16 *she does seem a bit fazed, however**looks at Aidan worriedly*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.27 05:18 Its over now he is ok, you dont need to be scared Eira its ok
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 05:25 *just doesn't say anything*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.27 05:26 ...people act weird outside the lab I dont understand it sometimes...
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.27 05:30 *shakes his head*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.27 05:33 your acting weird Eira...or maybe I am...I guess I am...
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.27 05:35 I can't help but feel worried for your future..
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 05:35 Can we go?
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.27 05:40 Yeah
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.27 05:40 *stands up and closes her sketchbook and hugs Aidan*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.27 05:49 I wanna go home...
8>Corvis (Raven), ?yo.2019,May.27 05:50 *opens a portal for them* Remember, don't hesitate to contact me if any problems occur.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.27 05:52 *walks through the portal with Aidan and hands him a paper its a picture she drew of the dog he saw in his dream* here
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 05:53 *goes through the portal*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.27 06:01 ...
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.27 06:05 are you ok Aidan?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.27 06:07 No.. I feel weird...
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.27 06:07 You should feel better after some rest.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.27 06:09 *nods a bit* I used to feel weird after the scientist did experiments on me with medicine trials...usually it passes
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.27 06:10 *telaports in* Joy time to go home
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.27 06:11 Cant I stay a bit longer?....
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.27 06:12 no, not now maybe some other time *telaports off with Joy*
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.27 06:14 She's going to have a lot of problems in adulthood... *carries Aidan to his room*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 06:14 *sighs*
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,May.27 06:19 *curls up beside Aidan before Saxon tucks him into bed*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 06:22 *glances into Aidan's room**she still fears for him a bit**leans against the wall just outside his room, thinking and waiting for Saxon to come out*
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.27 06:25 *turns off the light and closes the door behind him* I wish we hadn't had to do any of this.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 06:29 *doesn't say anything for a few moments, still thinking*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 06:29 ...Dad?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 06:30 You said...you knew how those platforms worked "too well"...what did you mean by that?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 06:34 [Krita has an impressionism brush?!?!]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 06:35 [YES!!! *makes everything look like van Gogh*]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.27 06:37 It's... Riyu and Cassius used one for a trap back when I still refused to accept the Rift's magic.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.27 06:38  Secret message to Eira  
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 06:46  Secret message to Sara  
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 06:46 Oh...
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 06:49  Secret message to Sara  
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.27 06:49 The effects are different based on your views of the magic, I do believe.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 06:50 Do...do I have access to the Rift's magic? Or is that something that needs to be...set up?
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.27 06:54 You should already have access to it. Those platforms are usually used for replenishing magic.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 06:55 Alright.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.27 06:58  Secret message to Eira  
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 06:59  Secret message to Sara  
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.27 07:02 {is now a good time to time skip?]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 07:04 [There's nothing I need to do, so I'm open to a time skip so long as it isn't massive. XD XP]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.27 07:07 [A few week Later Joy is back at Saxons house visiting Aidan]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.27 07:10 (Freaking... Internet)
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 07:10 *is at Saxon's house as well**during the past few weeks she was away a couple of times, but she's been staying home more and more because she's concerned about Aidan*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.27 07:11 *is using Eiras paints with permission and is painting her bedroom but it looks very dull and gloomy even with the toys and hammock she somehow makes it look very sad looking*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.27 07:16 its very boring outside my house....its just...dirt and rocks around the whole planet..
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.27 07:17 I like this house more it has a tree outside and grass and stuff
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 07:21 *is working on her computer in her bedroom*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 07:21 Oh? So you live on a desert planet?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.27 07:25 no its not sandy its dirt and rock and its cloudy outside and kind of cold
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 07:26 Oh...like Otemjar. *snorts, laughing to herself a bit*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 07:26 If Mom heard what I said just now she would've killed me... *chuckles*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.27 07:27 why would your mom kill you?... *looks very concerned*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 07:33 ...It's an expression.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 07:34 You know...like...how "blue" has multiple meanings? It denotes both sadness and the color?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 07:34 "Kill" can refer to both being beaten up and being...well...killed. And I was...exaggerating...so...
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 07:34 It-it was a joke, okay?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.27 07:35 blue is a happy color tho...
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.27 07:35 your jokes are weird...
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 07:38 Well...you probably don't know what Otemjar looks like, sooo...
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.27 07:40 I have to stay inside at home alot...I dont like it I wish I could live here instead..I wanna see new things and meet more people
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 07:49 I know how you feel, but...it is pretty dangerous out there.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 07:49 I mean, there are plenty of places I'd say are safe enough for you to visit with supervision, but...I don't think she agrees...
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.27 07:51 (YES I THINK MY INTERNET IS ALIVE AGAIN!)
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.27 07:51 I know...your safer if your trapped your whole life...I was relatively safe in the lab and Im safe at home but it...it is not safe for your mind I dont think..
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.27 07:52 (Okay it's back, but super slow. It took my almost a minute to load the page)
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.27 07:53 [oh Yeah my house has been having slow internet its okish now tho]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 07:54 *hesitates, thinking**seems a little uncomfortable now* ...No...no, it's not...
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.27 07:55 [Annnnd of course I gtg as soon as your Internet gets better. XD XP Sorry. See you tomorrow! *offline*]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.27 07:56 ("You could pour soup on my lap and I'd apologize to you")
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.27 07:57 [XD]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.27 07:59 (I didn't realize John Mulaney had a Netflix special)
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.27 08:06 [oh...I wanna watch it I should sometime]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.27 21:16 [XD]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.27 21:16 [BTW, just felt like sharing this fun fact...Aedona's twilight energy/magic looks quite a bit like the sky in this wallpaper: https://img.wallpapersafari.com/desktop/1920/1080/28/25/zYtJM1.jpg ]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.27 21:17 [At the very least the color scheme matches (her energy is purple, pink, and dark blue).]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.27 21:19 [I mostly felt like sharing this because her energy used to look very different before I revised her backstory and made it so that she has twilight powers instead of night ones. Also, the fact that she projects a sky onto the ceiling when she has
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.27 21:20 nightmares has not changed (except it's a twilight sky instead of a night one now).]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.27 22:26  Secret message to Kaliste  
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.27 22:26  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.27 22:38  Secret message to 073056  
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.27 22:39  Secret message to 073056  
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 00:15  Secret message to Kaliste  
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 00:18  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.28 00:31  Secret message to 073056  
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.28 00:33  Secret message to 073056  
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.28 00:33  Secret message to 073056  
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 01:45  Secret message to Kaliste  
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.28 04:20 [I'm here! Sorry I'm a bit late; I was watching Seinfeld with my family.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.28 04:20  Secret message to 073056  
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 04:37 but I get to visit here so Im not stuck that bad, Its better then the lab
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 04:37 I....I know I shouldnt...but sometimes I miss the lab...
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 04:37 Well...from what I've heard, anything's better than the lab.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 04:37 *said that before she said she missed the lab*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 04:38 *hesitates*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 04:38 [hi im on sorry im late[
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 04:38 ...Mind if I...let you in on a little secret?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 04:38 [Hey! It's fine.]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 04:39 I know it was bad and I shouldnt...but...life...was easier in a way
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 04:39 Hmm?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 04:41 I sometimes miss the mansion...mostly I...worry about the garden...
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 04:41 Still...I don't think I would've done anything differently with my life. *shrugs her shoulders a little*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 04:43 I love gardens...
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 04:43 whats a mansion?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 04:49 Well...it's like a house, only...it's giant and usually fancier.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 04:51 that sounds cool!
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 04:51 Well...I guess it is kind of cool... *chuckles*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 04:52 *works on her computer again for a minute or two, but she has other things on her mind**sighs and sits back, thinking**looks at Joy again* When is your mother getting back again?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 04:57 *shrugs* I dont know she says she will get me when she gets me but its usually a few hours at least
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 05:08 Hm...
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 05:11 *continues painting it looks almost photographic if it wasnt for the added texture its a sad but beautiful picture*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 05:12 Well...you got here not too long ago...maybe... *sighs*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 05:22 Nevermind...it's probably a bad idea...
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 05:38 whats a bad Idea?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 05:41 I...well, I was thinking of taking you to another planet so you could see it...just for a little while...
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 05:42 *Smiles big excitedly* Really?! Can we?!
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 05:44  Secret message to Eira  
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.28 05:46 (Bruh.... They could totally go to the mansion...)
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 05:48 (ooh they could)
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.28 05:50 ("The man with the mustache told me to do it.")
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 05:51  Secret message to 073056  
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 05:54  Secret message to Eira  
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 05:56  Secret message to 073056  
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 05:57 Well...maybe...
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 06:06 *hesitates, then shuts down her laptop* Alright...I'll take you on a short excursion. But this will be our little secret, alright?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 06:18  Secret message to 073056  
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 06:23  Secret message to Eira  
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 06:23 [Hello?]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 06:24 Yay!!
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 06:28 In fact, we'll go to the universe my mother and I came from. How does that sound?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 06:28 [Hi]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 06:29 That sounds super cool!!
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 06:35 Let's go! *gets up and holds out her hand to Joy*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 06:42 *once Joy takes her hand she tessers away and takes Joy to the gates between universes*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 06:52 *goes through the gates with her and into Yinyang*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 06:57 Thus is cool *giggles*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 06:58 *smiles a little* Yeah...so, where do you want to go first?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 06:59 There's Panthea...that's the world my mother came from...there's also a lovely place called Kvetti where these little draconic creatures live.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 06:59 Oh, and there's Geysir. It has glowing rain and tiny deer.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 07:06 Can I see panthea? I wanna see were your mom comes from then the tiny deer! I dont know what a deer is but I wanna see it
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 07:12 Alright. Come on! *tessers to Panthea*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 07:12 *arrives on some golden hills beside a Sahlemese town* This is the country of Sahlem. My mother was born here...twice, actually.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 07:14 Ooh..its so Pretty!
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 07:15 I was
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 07:17 Yeah...it's changed quite a bit over the last century, though. When mom was born it hadn't gone through an industrial revolution yet.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 07:20 Its so cool! I wanna see...the prettiest trew here!
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 07:21 *tree
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 07:21 *chuckles* The prettiest tree? Hm...that's a tough one...there's a lot of nice trees.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 07:23 Let's walk to the town over there...sometimes people grow some really nice plants on the outskirts.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 07:24 [Oh...I just thought of something...time in Irakurri passes faster...that's an issue for Eira and Joy. XD XP]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 07:24 [Wait...how about we go with your/Caprial's idea of the opening of the gates stabilizing the time difference?]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 07:25 [That way we won't have to deal with the time-in-Irakurri-passes-faster bullcrap anymore because that's gotten to be annoying sometimes. XD]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 07:29 *heads over towards the town**there a lot of stone walls with vines all over them**some of the vines are flowering*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 07:29 *the branches of an orange tree are seen over one of the stone walls*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 07:29 *or, well, the Panthean equivalent*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 07:34 *sees a weeping willow* that tree is the best tree!
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 07:34 Oh, that? That's a willow.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 07:34 *runs ubder the braches quickly laughing*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 07:35 There was one at the mansion too.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 07:35 *chuckles and follows Joy*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 07:37  Secret message to Eira  
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 07:37  Secret message to 073056  
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 07:38 I like this tree its like a room it has leaf walls!
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 07:38  Secret message to 073056  
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 07:39 Yep. It's real easy to hide in here.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.28 07:40 *is lying luxuriously up in some of the branches**it's probably hard to see her due to the leaves*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 07:41 Yeah *starts climbing* my mom says trees cant grow outside on the planet I live on
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 07:43 Huh...wonder why.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.28 07:43 Perhaps the soil there is full of salt?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 07:46 *look up* Hi is this your tree?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.28 07:50 Well...some would say it is. *smirks*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.28 07:50 I'm not so big on trees myself though. Though palms are nice.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 07:50 *looks up, alarmed* Who's there?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.28 07:52 Merely the creator of all.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.28 07:53 ...That's in jest, of course. Do you really think I'm that stuck up? *lifts the leaves with some golden magic, revealing herself*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.28 07:53 Call me Katrin.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 07:54 *looks concerned* Um...Joy, we should go.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 07:58 Why? Is she a scientist?...
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 07:59 Just...let's go see the deer now.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.28 07:59 C'mon, don't be like that...
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 08:00 *starts slowly climbing down* your hair is really pretty
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 08:01 *looks down at Eira* why do you wanna go? This tree is fun and cool
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.28 08:04 Aww, thank you.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 08:05 There are some people you hang around and others that...just...come on. *there's an edge to her tone now**is trying to warn Joy that Katrin is dangerous*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 08:05 Why?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.28 08:06 *@ Eira* What, have you not gotten over what happened to your mommy? Times change, people change. Have a little respect for change.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 08:06 I said come on! *grabs Joy's wrist and tessers to Geysir*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 08:07 My mom sure has changed alot
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 08:07 She's dangerous...really dangerous. She's way more powerful than me, and as she hinted she has done bad things to my mother.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 08:07 *said that before they tessered*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 08:08 *yanks her arm away* That hurt and she cant be that bad I recognize her..
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 08:08 I was looking in my moms bedroom dresser drawr and found a cirlcle necklace with her picture and my moms picture inside
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 08:09 My mom wouldnt keep a photo of someone super bad
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 08:10 Well, as she herself said people change. Who knows what she might do to you or me now?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 08:10 We ought to go back to Irakurri...
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.28 08:11 *tessers near Eira and Joy* That was rather crass.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 08:11 No I dont wanna go back my whole life I didnt get to make any choices for myself and I should be able to! *steps away from Eira*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 08:12 *said that before Katrin arrives*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 08:13 *looks at Katrin* my mom has a picture of you at our house in a necklace...do you know my mom?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.28 08:17 Of course I know Sara. She and I go way back.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 08:20 Are you guys friends?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.28 08:20 ...In a way we used to be.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 08:21 Oh are you not anymore?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.28 08:23 Mmm...not really.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.28 08:33 Your name is...Joy, correct?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 08:35 Thats what people call me
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.28 08:37 Pleased to meet you. Now, we came here to view deer, did we not?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 08:38 Yeah we did
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 08:39 [I gtg to bed now goodnight]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.28 08:42 [Alright. Goodnight!]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.28 08:48 Right this way then. *starts walking*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.28 08:49 *grabs Joy's hand and says very quietly and quickly to her* Let's go back to Irakurri now.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.28 08:53 *yanks her hand away quickly and fallows Katrin*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 04:02 I have never seen a deer before
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 04:29 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late; I have the same reason for being late tonight as I did last night, except this time I was watching Mr. Robot instead of Seinfeld.]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 04:30 [I think you guys would like Mr. Robot...DID plays a heavy role in the story. I can't say anything more--I can't even say who's the one with multiple personalities because it's a MAJOR spoiler. Let's just say that near the season 1 finale, it turns out
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 04:30 that one of the characters was never even real.]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 04:30 [If you guys consider watching Mr. Robot, do NOT look up stuff about the DID part of it, it'll ruin the impact of everything.]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 04:32 [I actually like Mr. Robot more for the technical aspects than the mental illness aspects though. The technical accuracy is astounding; technology and hacking is portrayed exceptionally realistically.]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 04:32 *are portrayed
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 04:35 Really? *chuckles* I would've guessed you had never seen a tree before. Guess I'm not that far off.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 04:35 These aren't deer like you'd see on other planets...this is one of the smaller species. They're called fialuk.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 04:40 *reaches the top of a slope and looks out at the valley before her* It should start raining soon...they tend to come out to splish splash.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 04:40 [the dik dik is a small breed of antelope I imagine them to be similar ]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 04:45 [True. It's not like Katrin is well-versed in every single species across the various planets, though.]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 04:46 [ye]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 04:55 *sure enough, it starts drizzling glowing rain*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 04:55 *the fialuk come out to play in the puddles shortly afterward*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 04:59 Whoa...! *giggles* those are so cool!
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 04:59 Mmm...
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 05:00 *has followed close behind Joy**sighs and stands there, still worried*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 05:05 I wish I could stay in Panthea longer but my mom would worry
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:06 Oh, this isn't Panthea. This is Geysir.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 05:08 oh, ok I like this universe
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:11 What? You think Panthea and Geysir are whole universes?! *starts laughing hard8
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:11 **
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:12 They're mere planets, though I'd think a lot of people would wish more of the universe was like at least one of them.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:19 And, anyways...who's to say you shouldn't go back to Panthea and stay there longer?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:19 Who's to say you shouldn't go anywhere you want here and stay longer? I can take you wherever you want to go.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:19 As for your mom...eh. It's no big deal. Live a little. THAT'S what matters.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 05:20 Well my mom would get worried if she didnt know were I was or if she came to pick me up and I wasnt there
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 05:20 No Joy, you're right. We should go back, she could be back home any second now.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 05:20 I dont want her to be scared that Im missing
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 05:20 *scratch the "No"
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 05:20 Yeah. We need to go home. This was our secret, remember?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:21 Ooo...sneaking off without her permission? *smirks* Naughty naughty.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 05:21 It hasnt even been an hour yet Eira... I have an hour more but after an hour I have to go..
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 05:22 I....I guess your right...we...we shouldnt have gone without asking...we should probably go home then...
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 05:24 Time passes differently on other planets!
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 05:25 Minutes on one could be hours on another. We need to go.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 05:25 *grabs Joy's wrist and tries to tesser**they flicker a little but otherwise stay in place* What the...
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:25 I'm not done talking yet.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 05:26 *pulls her wrist away again*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 05:26 *glares at Katrin* Don't block me...
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:26 Don't cut me off before I'm done.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,May.29 05:28 *watches from a mountaintop in his alternate form. His intrigued gaze switches from Katrin, to Eira and Joy, to the fialuk*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,May.29 05:29 *He's mostly lying in brush*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:30 Joy, you have no idea what you're missing out. It's fine if she's scared. She's been scared before, she'll live. I mean, she can't die.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 05:31 *looks confused* What do you mean? Everyone can die and I dont want my mom to be scared
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:31 *is aware that they're being watched*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:32 You don't know? Oh my god... *laughs*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:32 Have you heard of the term "immortal?"
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 05:32 *backs up a bit* I...I should go home now...
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,May.29 05:34 *snorts and turns his attention to the fialuk*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:34 Relax, I'm immortal, she's immortal...which makes me wonder...would her long lost daughter be immortal?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 05:39 I dont understand what your Saying...Eira can we go home now?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 05:41 *tries to tesser with Joy but can't* Will you stop blocking my tesseracts?! Katrin: I'm not done speaking.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:42 *@ Joy* Come on now, don't tell me the word "immortal" makes you nervous. If Eira's this much of a buddy to you, you must know you live amongst beings who are called gods, right?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 05:42 ok...what else do you wanna say?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 05:43 *said that beofre Katrin continued*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 05:44 long words that I dont know make me nervous beacause they are usually bad and I dont know what a god is
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:44 I mean, technically they're not...old age should get Eira here, for instance, in about 10,000 years...but seriously? Immortality is nothing abnormal. There are plenty of immortals. I could take you to meet some if you'd like. Beware, though,
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:44 immortality seems to cause...hm...what's the right term...scumbagnality? *chuckles* Don't look for that last one in any dictionary.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:45 Hm...definition of immortality...how do I put it...it means you can't die, at least not of old age. Often immortals can be killed, but they react to death differently.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,May.29 05:45 (The life expectancy has probably gone up to about... maybe somewhere between 15,000 & 20,000 years now.)
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:46 Your mother, for instance, pops right back up as if nothing happened. I, on the other hand, would have my soul sent back to where it came from, where a new body would be constructed for me.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:46 [Oh yeah. Increasing Raven populations makes them live longer, right?]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,May.29 05:46 (The more Ravens, the higher the life expectancy)
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:47 I mean, technically everyone can die, but immortals react to death much differently. They have this really annoying tendency to come right back.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 05:48 Your really confusing...can we go home now?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:49 I think a better question is...would you really like to go home?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:49 This universe is indeed much nicer than Irakurri. *laughs a little* Irakurrians still look down on us, even after all these years...I would say they're uptight, but they have a point.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 05:49 I...I dont know...I...I dont want my mom to be scared or be worried so I should go home
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:50 I'll take you where you truly WANT to go.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:50 I can...take care of your mother.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:51 How's this...I will send her a quick message explaining the situation so she won't be worried, and then you can go wherever you like.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 05:51 I dont want my mom to worry and she will worry if im not home so I need to go home
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 05:51 Joy, we need to go home. *there's an edge to her tone again*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 05:51 can...can I talk to my mom? that way I know she is ok with it
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 05:51 *said that before Joy said that*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:52 She and I go way back. It shouldn't matter whether you talk to her or I talk to her.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 05:52 No, it does matter. It matters a lot.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:52 Need and want are two very different things, you know...and sometimes you just don't know what you need.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:53 You know what I think you need? You need to go after what you want more. You're your own person, are you not? I've seen your type a million times before...you're trapped and smothered...but here you're free.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 05:53 I want to talk to my mom first so I know its ok
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:53 And I can help you stay free if you'd like.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,May.29 05:53 *coaxes a fialuk over to him, then quickly snaps its neck and drags it deep into the brush*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:54 But I think we both know something...
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:54 I think we both know what she's say in response.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:54 *she'd
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:54 *glances the slightest bit in Pandemonium's direction, but her glance is barely noticeable*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 05:55 *she notices, though**tries to figure out what it was Katrin was looking at*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 05:56 *looks towards the direction Katrin glanced at*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,May.29 05:57 *it was far in the distance, but there is the slightest trace of blood and disturbed brush on the mountaintop*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:57 Why call her if her response is inevitable?
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,May.29 05:57 (Depends on your definition of "far". Close enough that he could have been spotted, but far enough to not be smelled)
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 05:57 *doesn't see anything unusual, but when she looks back at Katrin, Katrin's expression has become more serious*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 05:58 *shakes her head the tiniest bit as if to warn Eira*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 05:58 beacause I care about my mom...
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 05:58 *stubbornly glares back at Katrin, but is rather uncomfortable now**wonders what Katrin senses that she does not*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 06:00 Of course you do. She's your mother. But who says the act of not calling her would invalidate the fact that you care for her?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 06:00 The person you need to care about more right now is yourself.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 06:01 I think I should just go home if I cant talk to her
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 06:02 It's not that you can't talk to her...I just wish for you to see that talking to her may not be the best option for you.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 06:04 I want to talk to her....
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 06:06 Alrighty then.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 06:07 *tessers the three of them to a rocky planet**the landscape is desolate and flat, but the galaxies that can be seen in the sky are awesome*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 06:07 Interuniversal communications are still a somewhat tricky thing...this is a better place to perform one from.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 06:08 *performs some spells and then gives Joy a phone*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 06:09 *grabs it* Hello? mom?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 06:09  Secret message to Katrin  
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 06:14  Secret message to 073056  
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 06:16  Secret message to Katrin  
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 06:19  Secret message to 073056  
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,May.29 06:20 (*Makes Pandemonium answer* "Hello there, child..." Me: *Slaps Pandemonium*)
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.29 06:21 Hi Joy is everything ok?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 06:22 I was wondering If I could stay in...panthea a bit longer....
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.29 06:22 what?....Joy can you hand the phone to Eira right now please?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 06:23 ok *holds the phone out to Eira* My mom wants to talk to you
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 06:24  Secret message to 073056  
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 06:25  Secret message to Katrin  
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 06:25  Secret message to 073056  
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 06:26  Secret message to 073056  
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 06:26  Secret message to Katrin  
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 06:26 *the look on her face is akin to the expression she has during a really bad stomachache**takes the phone and braces herself*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.29 06:27 Why the [BLEEP] Is my kid in Panthea?!
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 06:28 Because we decided a short excursion to a place we know is safe would do her some good...
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 06:28 *holds the phone an inch from her ear, bracing herself for yelling*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.29 06:32 What did I tell you?! and why are you calling from Katrins Number?!
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 06:32 *tries not to crack up at Eira's mannerisms*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 06:33 Because...Katrin is with us...right now...
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 06:35 She...decided she wanted to meet Joy...I guess...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.29 06:35 oh my freakin...You took my daughter to see my Ex? Really?! wht the [Bleep] would you do that?!
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 06:35 Really I don't know. *glares at Katrin* Katrin: *says loudly so Sara can hear her* No, Eira's a clever girl, she's right.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 06:36 *both of them said that before Sara continued with "oh my freakin'... (etc.)"*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 06:36 I didn't take her to see your...look, she decided to visit us herself, okay?! I had nothing to do with it!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.29 06:37 let me talk to her...
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 06:40 *holds the phone out to Katrin*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 06:41 *takes it* Mmmyes?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.29 06:45 *talks to katrin and after a while the phone is handed back to Joy* You may stay with Katrin for a few weeks if you would like to
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 06:45 Really?!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.29 06:46 yeah, Katrin is safe enough you can trust her I gotta go now though love you bye *hangs up*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 06:46 *smiles a bit and hands the phone to Katrin* My mom said I could stay with you a few weeks if I wanted!
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 06:47 Oh really? *grins*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 06:47  Secret message to Katrin  
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 06:48 yeah! Eira you can go home if you want since I know you dont like it here I will talk to you later ok?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 06:51  Secret message to 073056  
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 06:52 No, I come to this universe--Yinyang--all the time and I love it here, it's just that... *sighs*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 06:52 *@ Katrin* Would...you mind if I stayed with her?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 06:52 Yes.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 06:52 You're a big girl, you can take care of yourself. Sayonara.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 06:53 No wait--
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 06:53 *tessers away with Joy*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 06:53  Secret message to 073056  
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 06:53 is this your house?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 06:54  Secret message to Katrin  
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,May.29 06:54 *stretches and yawns after his meal and rolls down the mountain since everyone had gone*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,May.29 06:55 *he takes the skull with him*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 06:55 *went to her big underwater house* Mmm hmm.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 06:56 *sighs**turns and is about to tesser to the gates between universes so she can go back home, but she remembers the way Katrin looked at her when she looked towards Pandemonium's location*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 06:57 *is a bit haunted by Katrin's expression**it was the only point throughout their whole encounter where Katrin seemed actually genuinely concerned about whatever was happening*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 06:57 *sees the specks of blood in the corners* why is there dried blood in it?....
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.29 07:00 [Those are gone by now. XD XP I mean, c'mon, it's been decades.]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 07:01 [ok nvm then]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.29 07:01 I like your tv its really big! *sits infront of the window*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.29 07:06 *telaports to Saxons house and knocks on the door*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.29 07:06 *Opens the door* Oh, hi Sara...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.29 07:09 Hi I came to pick up Joy
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.29 07:11 She and Eira weren't here when I got home from school.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 07:12 *her curiosity gets the better of her**tessers back to the area of Geysir she, Joy, and Katrin were at earlier*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.29 07:13 Really?...huh...do you know were they went?
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,May.29 07:14 *at this point he's still at the bottom of the mountain he was once on, examining the skull, which is completely clean. There's no trace that he'd eaten anything, other than the skull*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.29 07:14 No. I wish I could have gone with them..
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.29 07:15 maybe..they went to the park...wanna go check with me?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.29 07:17 I don't know if I'm allowed. Dad said he has to talk to me when he gets home. That usually means I'm in trouble.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.29 07:20 You will be fine if he says Anything I will tell him I took you so its my fault not yours
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 07:20 *sees Pandemonium**he's still quite a distance away, though not as far as before**isn't sure what to make of him*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 07:21 *doesn't approach him, but doesn't back off either*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.29 07:22 Oh... Alright?
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,May.29 07:23 *glances in Eira's direction, then looks back at his trophie*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.29 07:26 come on *starts walking twards the park with Aidan*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.29 07:27 *follows Sara* Why don't we drive? The park is a long walk away
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 07:27 *decides not to investigate further and heed Katrin's subtle warning**tessers away and returns to Irakurri**goes home*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.29 07:28 beacause Joy hates cars so they would have walked so if they are walking home I dont want to miss them
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,May.29 07:28 *smiles and mouths something, then returns to his own home*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.29 07:32 eh they probably tessered *grabs Aidans hand and telaports to the park* Were dose Joy like to go when she comes here?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.29 07:36 I like the monkey bars, but Joy spends a lot of time drawing up there. *points up at the window near the top of the playset, next to the slide*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.29 07:37 ok lets look up there *walks up looking* she isnt here
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.29 07:40 Hmm
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 07:41 *looks around a bit**finally runs into her mother* Hey Mom, where's Aidan? Kaliste: Aidan? I think I saw him go out the front with Sara.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 07:41 Oh, okay.
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,May.29 07:43 *knock on the front door of Saxon's house, then opens and calls out* Hello?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.29 07:44 should we check back home then or do you guys go other places?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.29 07:45 I don't know. We mostly go to the park. Sometimes Dad takes us to a creek. She likes drawing the water.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.29 07:46 ok lets go there then were is it?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.29 07:51 That way. *points in the direction of the creek* It's out of the city
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.29 07:51 alright lead the way
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 07:52 Kieron?! *rushes to the front door*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 07:53 Kieron! *hugs him*
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,May.29 07:57 *hugs Eira back*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 08:01 Where have you been?! *beams*
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,May.29 08:03 All over the place.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.29 08:05 I'll just call Eira, *picks up her phone and calls Eira*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 08:06 Like wh-- *her phone rings* Oh...one second... *picks it up**sounds irritated* What?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.29 08:10 hey were are you? I came buy to pick up Joy but Aidan said you went out with her I thought you would be at the park but your not
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 08:11 What...? But you just...
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 08:12 You just had a call with me and Joy and Katrin...you said she could stay with Katrin...just...what...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.29 08:13 What....no...I havent talked to Katrin in years....Eira were is Joy?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.29 08:14 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.30 04:18 [I'm online!]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.30 04:26 What?? You know where she is...I took her to Panthea, Katrin confronted us out of nowhere, Joy wanted to call you to see if it was okay to stay with her, and you gave her permission.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.30 04:26 What's going on?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.30 04:53 [Hello?]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 04:56 You need to telaport Aidan back home beacause I am 2 minutes away from killing someone and he is the only person nearby.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 04:58 *puts his hands in his pockets* ...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 04:59 I told you not to take my kid anywear I told you it was dangerous and now the most dangerous person I know has my kid and I am trying very hard to stay calm right now and not telaport over to you and snap your neck.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 05:00 You're a rude person.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 05:00 And you shouldn't talk to my sister that way.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 05:02 *looks at Aidan* screw it *grabs Aidans arm and telaports to her home with him and turns on the macking blocking and hangs up and starts pacing around* im not gonna hurt you Aidan just use you to scare Eira...
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 05:02 (Might randomly lose connection)
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 05:03 You never let Joy have any fun...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 05:03 And about being rude to your sister She took joy to another universe A dangerous universe and Now Joy is stuck and its Eiras fault and you are not going anywere until I get joy back
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 05:04 I told you not to take my kid anywear I told you it was dangerous and now the most dangerous person I know has my kid and I am trying very hard to stay calm right now and not telaport over to you and snap your neck.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 05:07 Dad says danger is unavoidable so there is no point in living in fear.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 05:10 [ugh repete :p]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 05:11 Aidan there is a big diffrence between the danger of crossing the street and the danger of crossing a god Danger is unavoidable but Some danger is worse then others,
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 05:12 I try to let Joy have fun but WE dont have the liberty of exploring the universe like you or Eira beacause Stuff like this happends Aidan Joy has been kidnapped PEople hate me alot and they will hurt joy or even kill her To hurt me do you understand?!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 05:13 Beacause of your stupid sister Joy might end up Dead or worse.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 05:13 And I am keeping you here to remind myself not to do something Like kill your sister beacause I am very close to doing that right now.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 05:15 You make it sound like you are the only one who has a god against you. I'm not stupid, I know there's a lot more than just Earth.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 05:17 People hate me alot more then people hate your father, even going to earth to see is Is Very dangerous for joy...I need to make a phone call...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 05:18 *gets her phone and ups the strength to make a multi-universe Call and trys to call Katrin*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.30 05:18 [Hey! Sorry, my Internet connection started failing. XP]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 05:21 *curls up in a corner and snorts, muttering* She probably wouldn't have disobeyed you if you werent a bad mom...
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 05:21 *has set things up so that calls from Sara get an automated response**said automated response is Katrin singing "Never Gonna Give You Up" in a very off-pitch manner*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 05:21 [GET KATRIN-ROLLED >:D]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 05:27 *hangs up and throws her phone across the room* I know Im not the best mom Aidan But I am doing the best I know how Alright?!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 05:28 You wouldnt understan Aidan You will never be able to understand. I am Trying to be the best mother I can be And Joy would still be here if it wasnt for your sister...
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 05:30 If it wasn't for your controlling... We were going to explore the worlds..
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 05:31 *sees that Joy is looking out the window* You like it? *her house is still surrounded by a beautiful coral reef **it's probably even more lush and diverse than before*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 05:32 *pulls up a holographic map its fillled with tiny dots and almost all of them are red beside like 2* See this map Aidan? how many white dots can you see?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.30 05:32 yeah its a cool tv
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 05:33 Two
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 05:33 how many red dots are there?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 05:34 A lot
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 05:35 *chuckles* That's not a TV, that's a window.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 05:35 And that out there is what is called a coral reef.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.30 05:36 *tries calling Sara back*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 05:37 every red dot is a planet in the milky way with a minimum of 5 people who wouldnt hesitate to hurt or kill joy to get at me. and when I say hurt I dont mean a papercut I mean stuff that would cripple her for life. She cant travel and explore worlds Aidan!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 05:37 It isnt safe for her.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 05:37 Says you..
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 05:37 *picks up her phone seeing its Eira* What?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 05:39 It's no life, sitting around doing nothing.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 05:39 *covers the phone speaker for a second and looks at Aidan* go ahead and touch a red dot see what happends
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 05:39 *uncovers the speaker so Eira can hear her again*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 05:41 No
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.30 05:43 Where's Aidan?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 05:43 *reaches behind her and pokes a read dot and it starts showing a Video of Sara being violently killed by diffrent people on that planet some are quick but some are slow and very horrifying looking the sound is off on it*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 05:43 Where's Joy.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 05:49 *is kind of shocked at first, but quickly brushes it off* It's wrong to scare her and keep her locked up.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.30 05:51 With Katrin in Yinyang somewhere. I don't understand, you gave her permission...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 05:51 *covers her speaker again* I dont scare her she dosent know how dangerous it is out there and I try not to keep her locked up thats why she plays with you!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 05:52 *uncovers her speaker again* I havent talked to Katrin in years. I had no Idea you took Joy to yinyang like I told you Not to until you called I told you why she couldnt go and you did it anyway and now Katrin has my kid you idiot!
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 05:54 Stop talking to my sister like that. She's not an idiot, you are..
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.30 05:55 But we called you and you answered!
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.30 05:55 Did someone wipe your memories of the last 20 minutes or something?! What is this?!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 05:57 Shes a god We used to date she has my voice print re creating someones voice is easy She tricked you and She wont return my calls so Eira You get Aidan back when I get joy back.
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:01 I'm actually here for Aidan... Corvis called, said I could help him learn to control his magic.
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:02 (That was @Eira, of course)
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.30 06:06 What?!
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.30 06:07 We have problems of our own, we need him back now!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:07 If she is hurt in any way shape or form Eira I swear...I will kill you.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:08 You get Aidan back when I get Joy back
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:08 *grabs Aidans wrist and puts an anti magic bracelet on it for good messure*
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:09 You've probably heard of him having behavioural issues, most likely at school.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 06:10 *bites Sara's hand* Don't touch me...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:11 *smacks the back of Aidans head in response to being bit*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 06:11 *growls under his breath*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:12 *looks at Aidan* Dont growl at me your not an animal
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 06:12 Not true..
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:14 yeah well birds dont growl *goes back to the phone* Get me my kid back Eira *hangs up*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 06:14 It's called mimicry.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.30 06:14 D*** it!!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:14 Your a very rude little boy
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.30 06:15 *comes outside* Hello Kieron. *turns to Eira* What's the problem?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 06:15 Only because you're a very rude person.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.30 06:15 *opens her mouth to speak, but then guilt finally hits her hard**the guilt on her face is very clear*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.30 06:15 *sees her expression and takes a deep breath*
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:15 *nods his hello*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.30 06:16 Where's Joy and Aidan?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.30 06:17 Um...I...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:17 Joy needs diffrent friends your not a good influence on her
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.30 06:18 I took Joy to see Panthea...and...Katrin came and...
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.30 06:18 *sounds and looks stoic, but she's very worried already* And?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 06:18 Everything was great until you came along.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.30 06:19 Katrin wanted Joy to spend time with her...Joy wanted to call Sara...so we called Sara and we thought she had given her permission to stay with Katrin, but... Kaliste: It was fake. Eira: *nods a little*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.30 06:20 So Joy's off somewhere with Katrin and Aidan is...? Eira: With Sara... Kaliste: And Sara won't give him back until she gets Joy back, right? Eira: *nods*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.30 06:20 Oh, and Kieron's here because Corvis sent him to help Aidan with his magic.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:20 it really wasnt
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.30 06:21 *takes out her phone* I'll call Saxon...he should be able to talk to Sara about this...in the meantime, we need to get Joy back as soon as possible.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.30 06:21 *calls Saxon*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:21 *returns to Panthea and hangs upside down from a tree branch, quietly watching the civilization*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 06:22 At least with my dad she could have had more friends than just me.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 06:22 And she wouldn't draw sad things
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.30 06:23 *answers the phone* Yeah?
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.30 06:25 There's trouble. *quickly explains what happened*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:26 Hey, brother, you should join me in this game since Alex isn't around this time. *???: *drops down to the branch beside him* You know I care about you, Litho, but you are a bad bet. Besides, I have matters of my own to deal with.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:28 Matters that are more important that helping your elder brother? Whatever, it's your loss, man. Go back home while I determine where I'll make my first move.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:29 she dosent draw sad things beacause of me her sad drawings are mostly of the lab
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.30 06:29 Go figure. I'll be home soon. *hangs up. A little while later he arrives back home*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.30 06:30 *says once Saxon gets back home* ...I'm sorry...
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.30 06:30 *shrugs her shoulders a little* I don't entirely blame you for what you did. She's overprotective.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 06:30 ...You only think you know her... You don't even try.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:31 *his brother leaves him to silently watch the people*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:32 oh what and you do know?! *scoffs a bit* no you have no idea about her. Like why she hates beds or why her bear is named mombie or why she thinks dogs are terrifying, or why the beep at the checkout lane makes her panick but more importantly you dont know
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.30 06:32 What are we going to do?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:34 how to keep her safe, how to calm her down when she has a panick attack, what songs to sing when she wakes up from night terrors...you dont know her first word or the first time she smiled you dont know her favorite smell or how many times she can jump in
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.30 06:34 She won't listen to me. You know what went down last time.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:35 30 seconds! you dont know how she dances when she used to get new clothes...or how she would hug you and never let go if she thought her brother or mom was hurt or sick...you dont know how much family ment to her...it was her world and my world for years
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:36 It wasnt A good life at all But at least this life is better!
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.30 06:36 I doubt she'd listen to me and she'd definitely never listen to Eira.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 06:36 But you don't know how she feels, being stuck here...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:38 Yes I do Aidan I know exactly what it feels like and it kills me that I cant let her go out and explore like a normal kid I try to let her explore as much as I can and right now my baby girl is in danger...and I just got her back and I might loose her
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:39 again *starts tearing up* I dont want this life for her but I cant give her anything better beacause of whats happening right now...I have no idea if she is safe or not and she probably isnt beacause Katrin hates me alot and she would probably hurt Joy to
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:40 me
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 06:40 That makes you a hippo crate.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 06:40 *is pointing out various sea creatures to Joy and explaining what they are as they pass by*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 06:41 I bet Dad doesn't want to lose me, but you just copied what the bad person did.
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:42 I don't know if she'd listen to me.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:42 the diffrence is Aidan your dad and mom know I wont hurt you beacause Im not that kind of person but with Katrin Joy could be Dead by now do you get that?! she is in real danger and I cant save her beacause Katrin would have blocked me from everything
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 06:43 [Hey guys, I've been thinking about your Google Hangouts offer and I think I would like to try it out tomorrow night. I can't do it now (my family is asleep and I'm in a hotel), but unless plans change radically I should be home tomorrow and able to try
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.30 06:44 wow...
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 06:44 it. Of course, if you're not okay with this and/or unable to do this, I understand and we can postpone this.]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 06:44 [In addition my retainers are in and I'd lisp like h**l if I said anything. XD]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.30 06:45 [Cool :D I can do it tomarrow no problem]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 06:45 (Tomorrow during the day, yes. Tomorrow afternoon, maybe not. The ceremony is tomorrow)
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.30 06:45 [meh lisps dont bug me]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 06:47 [I won't be able to do it during the day--I need to get back home, and after that I have errands to run--but I should be able to do it when I come on at night.]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 06:48 (Tomorrow NIGHT... I really don't know)
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 06:48 [I can't guarantee it'll work--I just upgraded my operating system so my software is rather different now, and I've rarely tried using my computer's microphone--but I'll try to make it work. ^.^]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.30 06:49 [I can do it tonight]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.30 06:49 [*Tomarow night*]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 06:50 [I can't. :P My family's asleep in the same room. I have my laptop brightness set on 2%, actually.]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 06:50 [Nvm, I posted that before you corrected yourself.]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 06:52 (If I can't join the call I can just text in the chat)
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 06:52 [I recently got my retainers replaced with a different kind because the original type wasn't working so well...with thith new kind, it ith phythically impothible for me to thspeak without a lithp.]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.30 06:52 [ok]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 06:52 [Okie dokie.]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 06:53 *thpeak
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 06:55 *hugs his knees* ...Then trade me for her...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:56 She wouldnt want you I dont really care about you so she dosent care about you.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 06:57 She doesnt know that...
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 06:58 ...And those are bottlenose dolphins. They're from Earth. They're fairly intelligent and very playful...they're a favorite among Earth humans like you, though I've seen more impressive species...
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 06:58 (*cue Fairly Odd Parents "weird mood swings!"*)
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:58 oh yeas she dose...
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.30 06:58 I...like the jam fish....
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 06:59 Joy said she had a brother... How does she know that Joys brother is actually dead?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 06:59 no if I could I would trade you for her in a heartbeat I care about her more then anything in any universe
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 07:00 Beacause Joys brother is the same age Joy they were twins Katrin knows that and dont talk about him
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:00 Oh, the jellyfish? *smirks* I like them too...extraordinarily beautiful and extraordinarily deadly...well, at least some of them are. Others are just annoying.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.30 07:02 yeah...
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.30 07:02 my brother would like them...
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 07:03 Then why bother caring about getting her back if you know she's only keeping Joy to hurt you?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.30 07:03 Aidan would like them to...I Wish Aidan was here...HEY! Can we call Kaliste or Eira and see if Aidan can come over to?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:04 Why not?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:04 *calls Kaliste*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 07:04 I dont want Joy to get hurt Aidan I care about her! I care about her alot and I dont want Katrin to hurt her or keep her away from me I thought she was dead for over a century and I just got her back I dont want to loose her again
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.30 07:05 *takes out her phone* What the... *doesn't recognize the number**answers it*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:06 Hey Twilight Sparkle, how ya doin'?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 07:06 But if you didn't care, maybe she wouldn't be in this much trouble.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.30 07:06 *is waiting excidedly for Kalistes answer*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:07 I just wanted to ask for Joy here if Aidan could come join the party. We're having a great time over here, it'd be a real shame to leave him out.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.30 07:07 ...Is this a joke?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 07:07 When you care about someone you cant just turn it off Joy is my child I will always care about her I always have I always will
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.30 07:07 *sounded very monotone*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:07 Well for once it is not. So...what do ya say?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 07:08 People can shut off their emotions... The bad person doesn't have to know how much you still care..
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.30 07:09 He most certainly can't right now. Sara's got him.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 07:09 You cant shut off your emotions for your kids It dosent work like that Aidan
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:10 Ooo, bummer.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 07:10 (Brb big fluffy dog)
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:10 That's too bad. I'm about to take Joy to pet some dolphins.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:10 [Okie dokie.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.30 07:11 What is it you want with Joy?
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.30 07:11 We know the phone call was fake.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:12 I want to get acquainted with her. In addition, it's good to spend quality time with the next generation, is it not?
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.30 07:12 I think I should have asked what you want from Sara.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:12 Hmm...
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:13 *@ Joy* Give me one second. *tessers out to the beach*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:13 You want to know what I want with Sara? Well, first I want you to know what I think of Sara.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:14 I think of Sara as the type who'd tear your chest open, rip your heart out, and eat it fresh with fava beans and a nice chianti.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:16 What do I want from Sara? I want nothing. I want to be as far away from her as possible. I just want to spend a nice day...or week...or, well, maybe year, I'm still deciding...with a nice kid.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:16 Have a nice day, sweetums. Hope you get your kid back. *makes a kissing/"Muah" sound and hangs out*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:16 *up*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:17 *tessers back to Joy* Sorry, kid. Aidan's a little busy right now.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.30 07:18 *she had turned the phone on speaker so everyone could hear once she realized the caller was Katrin*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.30 07:18 oh....ok *looks a bit disappointed*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.30 07:19 *has been left standing there with a what-the-h**l-was-that sort of look on her face*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:20 If you're lonely, though, I know just the thing. *smiles and holds her hand out to Joy* Come with me.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.30 07:20 *grabs her hand*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 07:21 (Aaaand now I might lose reception again. Back on the road)
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.30 07:23 [oh ok]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:23 [OK.]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:24 *tessers out to a tiny sandy island with a palm tree on it*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.30 07:24 ooh thats a cool tree
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:24 *claps her hands while casting a spell, and within a few minutes a whole bunch of dolphins have arrived at the shore*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:25 Mmm hm. It's a palm tree...my favorite kind of tree. Do you know how to swim?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 07:25 *passes a bit* Wait a minute....Oh Aidan you gave me a great Idea
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.30 07:26 I....I dont like going in deep water
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 07:26 Shes blocking me but she probably isnt blocking you...
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 07:29 (So we are talking about how my brother's truck just totalled by an elk. We told Dad that the truck still turned on and off and the elk is dead. Dad just says "the elk won't turn on?")
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 07:30 ("No, we tried jumpstarting it, but it didn't work")
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 07:30
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 07:30 *just got totalled
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 07:30 [oh]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 07:31 Oh? *lets go of his knees*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:31 [XD]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:33 *snaps her fingers* There's a platform. The water should only go up to your knees.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:33 *snaps her fingers again, changing her clothes to a swimming suit, and jumps into the water**the dolphins play and frolic all around her*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 07:33 im setting you on a special type of telaport its set to Joy and Katrin and you are just going to keep trying to telaport and it wont stop until you land nest to one of them and once you do Im calling your dad and mom and your family they will try to get
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:34 You really are missing out, though! *imitates the dolphins' noises and splashes at the dolphins**they vocalize and splash back*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 07:34 you and get joy while they are at it
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.30 07:35 mmm I dont like this water...
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.30 07:35 c...can we go back to the...the palm tree?..its...I like land
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 07:35 *nods*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:36 [She didn't move Joy. Joy's still on the sandy island. The platform juts out from the island like a dock, except it's a few feet underwater.]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 07:36 if you dont land in 2 hours it sends you back to me though...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 07:37 [oh ok nvm then]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:37 [Oh, and Aidan is blocked--basically Katrin has everyone blocked except those she specifically chooses to let into her home--but she will sense Aidan being repeatedly and unsuccessfully teleported to her.]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 07:37 here we go *Sets Aidans antimagic bracelet to telaport and sends it*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:37 [Oh, and don't forget that Katrin's home is in Yinyang. Sara'll probably have to take Aidan through the gates first.]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 07:38 [Yeah Sara assumes as such which is why she put it on repeate]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:38 [Though I'm guessing that maybe teleporters can be designed to be sent through the gates too.]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 07:39 [Lets just Say Sara took him though the gate first]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:39 *stops splashing* Oh...Joy, I have a pleasant surprise for you. *lets Aidan in**he lands on the island next to her*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.30 07:39 Aidan! Hi! *hugs him*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:40 [Well...it is strange that calls can be transferred through the gate but teleportations cannot. Perhaps some of the most advanced teleportation technology can be programmed to go through the gate?]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 07:40 *hugs Joy back* Are you okay?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 07:40 *gets a notification saying Aidan has landed then goes back to Irikurian and calls Kaliste and Saxon on a group call*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 07:40 (*recalls how many times Armis has teleported between universes with his own technology*)
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.30 07:41 Yeah Katrin is playing with the Dolphins but im staying on land beacause I dont like deep water
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.30 07:42 Sara said you were in danger, though..
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.30 07:47 what? no I called my mom to ask if it was ok to stay with Katrin she said yes
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.30 07:51 *continues playing with the dolphins*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.30 07:53 we called your mom to but she said you were busy
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 07:54 com on Saxon...Kaliste pick up your phones...*Adds Eira to the group call she is sending out*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.30 07:58 *sighs**she and Eira both answer*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 08:02 I sent Aidan to Katrin...hurting 1 kid is hard enough but if you have 2 kids its much much harder. I wont be able to get anywere near Katrin but you guys might..you have a better chance then I do anyway
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.30 08:06 You did what?!!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 08:08 I took your kid knowing full well that you wouldnt approve brought him to yin yang and let Katrin take him without much of a fight knowing full well that she is dangerous, Sound familiar Eira?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.30 08:11 now bring Both of them back safe
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.30 08:13 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.30 08:15 im glad your done being busy tho Aidan
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,May.30 08:19 (I have arrived at my destination)
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.30 08:23 [Yay!]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.31 03:52 [I'm online!]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 03:53 [Hi im on to :D]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.31 03:54 [Hey!]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 03:55 [Hi]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.31 04:03 [Hi again? XD]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.31 04:03 *is blushing*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.31 04:03 Alright...but...how?!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.31 04:05 I have no Idea but You Started this mess...fix it...*hangs up*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.31 04:07 [*internally screaming for the past 5 minutes because my Bamboo Splash Pad pen disappeared**finally realizes I'm sitting on it* FFFF-]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.31 04:08 [Oh]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.31 04:10 [Sooo...are we going to try out the Hangouts thing?]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.31 04:12 [Yes yeah lets try it out]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,May.31 04:13 (I am currently still at dinner and the ceremony hasn't quite started yet. I can text but not join any call yet.)
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,May.31 04:14 [OK.]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.31 04:15 [Im on ans waiting :3]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.31 04:22 Calling Katrin and just talking to her would be a start. She's a god...there's not much that can be done.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,May.31 04:23 *much else
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.31 04:23 I have homework though. Hopefully I can get home in time to finish it.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.31 04:23 Dad's not going to be happy with me. I got in a fight today.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 04:24 why did you get in a fight?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.31 04:26 I don't know. The other kid was being really mean.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 04:27 was it a word fight or did it get physical?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.31 04:30 I hit him.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 04:30 *just continues swimming with the dolphins**smirks a little*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 04:30 Aidan...you cant hit people even if they are mean..
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.31 04:32 Of course I can, it's not hard..
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 04:33 I don't know...I like kids who stand up for themselves.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 04:36 you shouldnt...people who hurt others are not good people
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 04:36 I dunno about that. That means your mother isn't a good person.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 04:38 my mom hasnt ever hurt people on purpous
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 04:43 *just laughs a little in response*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 04:56 Im kinda hungry I should go home now and eat dinner
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 05:24 Why not eat at my place?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 05:28 I...um would rather eat at home..
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.31 05:28 I just want to explore while I'm here.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 06:03 Katrin can you telaport me home so I can eat dinner?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 06:30 Are you sure?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 06:31 *looks rather sad* I was thinking you could have a sleepover here...it'd be fun...
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 06:35 I...I cant sleep without Mombie...
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 06:37 I can get you Mombi.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.31 06:38 *is holding Mombi in Joys room worrying*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 06:38 ok I guess....
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 06:56 *tessers back to her house and switches back to her normal clothes**calls Sara*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.31 06:58 *picks up her phone while holding onto Mombi* Katrin...Why are you doing this?....
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 06:59 Hey Sara, could I borrow Mombi? Joy misses him.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.31 07:03 Katrin please...j...She has been through enough just...promise me you wont hurt hurt or have someone else hurt her....When I said I didnt care about anything I was Lying...she is my child Katrin please!...dont do this to me...to her she is innocent she
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 07:03 I would really hate to see her upset.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 07:03 *said that before Sara replied*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.31 07:03 dosent need this in her life please!
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,May.31 07:04 *taps on the window curiously*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 07:15 Send Mombi.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.31 07:19 Just please dont hurt her dont hurt my baby girl *is Crying alot she hugs Mombi and sends him through*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 07:24 Ah, thank you.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.31 07:26 Katrin please....I...Im sorry I broke up with you and didnt tell you ok?! I...I was scraed! and Selfish P...Please...I'll do anything Please just let my baby go!
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 07:29 I'm thinking I'm going to have a sleepover--me, Tethys, Joy, Aidan. You're not invited, though...sorry not sorry.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 07:29 If I need anything more, don't worry, I'll call. *hangs up*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.31 07:31 *sits down crying*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 07:47 *holds Mombi out to Joy*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 07:47 *takes mombi and hugs him*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 07:50 I can show you to your rooms.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 07:51 mm ok....
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 07:55 *leads them to the bedrooms*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 07:57 .....we should go home tomarrow...Aidan has school and I have plans with my mom..
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 07:59 Hm...we'll see about that.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 08:05 *her stumach growls a bit
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 08:05 * ok...goodnight *crawls under the bed*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 08:14 *raises her eyebrows* Erm...I believe you are supposed to place your body above the mattress.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 08:15 I...I dont like sleeping on beds....
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 08:16 What do you like, then?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 08:18 the....floor is fine thank you
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 08:19 Well there are many kinds of floors. Would you like wood, carpet, tile?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 08:19 this is fine thank you...
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 08:23 Alrighty then...
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 08:25 *goes to bed but a few hours later at like 3am she is screaming in her sleep she sounds terrified*
18>Tethys (Old Woman?), ...yo.2019,May.31 08:33 *comes into Joy's room and shakes her gently* Joy...Joy, wake up.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 08:35 *wakes up in a panick and hits her head on the bed before quickly sliding out from under the bed she isnt screaming but she is crying and holding her head as she rocks back and forth* No...No...Stop it! please!
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 08:36 *continues rocking and crying in a panick* No...no Im good please! I'll be good!
18>Tethys (Old Woman?), ...yo.2019,May.31 08:37 *gently hugs Joy* Hey...hey, it's okay...you're safe...
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 08:38 *goes stiff when Tethyls hugs her* No...d....please I..I dont need the ropes I'll be good please I can be still *cries harder*
18>Tethys (Old Woman?), ...yo.2019,May.31 08:44 *lets go* Joy...Joy, you're okay...
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 08:45 *continues rocking again* Please...stop...I...I dont wanna be alone dont leave me alone here Please!!... Mom!! Mommy Please!! I want my mom!
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 08:46 I'lll be good, Please! I'll be good...Im good I am good I fallow the rules!....Please stop!
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 08:48 *starts screaming in pain again* No! stop it! Please stop it! It hurts! It burns so Bad Please Stop! *is sobbing and screaming*
18>Tethys (Old Woman?), ...yo.2019,May.31 08:49 You are good...it's okay...what's wrong?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 08:50 *ignores her and continues sobbing screaming and begging people to stop and saying other things and phrases*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 08:50 *bursts through the door into Joy's room, looking extremely ruffled*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 08:52 Stop it! stop it It hurts Please its burning Please!....No..No..Dont please dont! Please NO! no! *starts screaming more*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 08:55 *waves her hand in front of Joy and snaps her fingers, trying to see if Joy notices her at all*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 08:55 *dosent responds and continues with her episode*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 09:01 *stops screaming and just sobs* It..hurts so much...please...just make it stop please...
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 09:01 *sighs and calls Sara*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.31 09:01 *picks up quickly* I...is she ok?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.31 09:05 Please just send her back...anything you want I will do it just please dont hurt her..
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 09:06 She's having a panic attack. How do you stop it?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.31 09:07 s...she wont respond to you..I...I sing her a song and help her calm down s...send her over or send me Please
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 09:09 *hesitates, thinking*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 09:10 Come to my place.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 09:10 *starts screaming again*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.31 09:12 *telaports over Quickly and runs over to Joy and holds her and starts singing softly while slightly petting Joys hair as joy crys*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,May.31 09:13 *after a few minutes of singing she isnt stuck anymore she hugs sara tightly with tears pouring from her eyes* mom...I...I wanna go home
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.31 09:15 *hugs her back stroking Joys hair as joy rests her chin on Saras shoulder* I..I know baby.. *looks up at Katrin with tears in her eyes Pleading her to let them go without saying anything*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 09:19 *stares**appears emotionless*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 09:19 You two can stay here. Aidan's in the room just downstairs.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.31 09:21 *nods a bit and says softly looking directly at katrins eyes* thank you...
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,May.31 09:22 *turns and walks out**tessers away*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.31 09:22 *continues sitting on the floor with Joy as she cries on her shoulder*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.31 09:25 *looks at Tethys with tears in her eyes* you were right...
18>Tethys (Old Woman?), ...yo.2019,May.31 09:26 *says quietly* About what?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,May.31 09:27 Katrin...
18>Tethys (Old Woman?), ...yo.2019,May.31 09:27 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.1 03:37 *puts her headphones on and turns on some Dvorak*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.1 03:38 [I'm here! BTW, from now on I will have to be offline by midnight CT, which is 11 PM MT/your time.]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.1 03:59 [I am proud to say that I think I'm done shading and highlighting Chrysantha, meaning all I have left is the shading and highlighting for Kaliste.]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.1 04:15 [*internal screaming* Why must the shading for Kaliste's hair be so complicated...]
18>Tethys (Old Woman?), ...yo.2019,Jun.1 04:15 *doesn't say anything in response*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.1 04:16 (I may or may not be slow. Working on the computer won't be the only thing I'm doing tonight. I have places to go)
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.1 04:17 (I will be on hangouts tho
18>Tethys (Old Woman?), ...yo.2019,Jun.1 04:27 [OK. I'd have to reboot into my other operating system to go on Hangouts. If you want me to do so, though, just ask.]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.1 04:34 (I'm always down for a call when I'm on the computer. You might hear fighting in the background.)
18>Tethys (Old Woman?), ...yo.2019,Jun.1 04:40 [XD Okie dokie. brb then. I need to reboot and set my stuff up...]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.1 04:46 (K)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.1 04:51 [*internal screaming* I'm running out of USB slots...]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.1 04:52 [Anyways, I'm in Hangouts now.]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,Jun.1 05:03 *she has been trying to call Katrin with Kaliste's help to no avail*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,Jun.1 06:58 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.1 18:10 [I had a dream about a desert with white sand and decided that the desert region the Junayd lived in is like that--it's a white desert. Look up White Sands National Monument (NM) if you want to know what it looks like. I imagine that the Junayd painted
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.1 18:12 themselves white to camouflage themselves while hunting. The Junayd culture collapsed along with the rise of the industrial revolution; they're still around on AHAW 1, but on AHAW 2 and here they have been long gone.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.1 18:14 [In contrast, the Nakada live in a much less flat/much more mountainous desert region to the south. The rocks there are not white, but reddish. The landscape there is probably more like Big Bend National Park.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.1 18:16 [South of them, in Monserrat, the mountains are green and gray, like the Andes.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.1 18:19 [During my dream I saw the most dramatic of transitions in biomes--white sand dunes that lead right up to a great red canyon. The clash between red and white was actually very aesthetically pleasing. I like to think that the transition from the Junayd's
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.1 18:23 deserts to the Nakadan mountains is really that stark.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.1 18:24 [Nakada probably grabbed most of the deserts once the Junayd fell. They probably were a huge reason the Junayd fell; they've been enemies for a long, long time. The Nakada are also a fairly warlike culture; they're a bit like Panthea's Moors. Long ago
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.1 18:26 they probably tried to take over the world. I wouldn't be surprised if they got close, though I imagine they ran into problems when they started clashing with the Otemjarians (sort of like how various conquerors ran into major issues when their conquest
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.1 18:27 led them to clash with Russia; it's cold/harsh, it's big, and the people are pretty good at what they do).]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.1 20:38 (I'd decided that the main mountainous region of Exocoel looks like Mt Rainier National Park.)
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.1 20:47 (Outside the walls of Auceaster mostly consists of white pines and douglas firs and countless creeks/falls. It actually doesn't look half bad, but the air isn't breathable for long)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.1 21:02 [Ooo...I looked up pictures of Mt. Rainier National Park, and holy heck it's pretty. It reminds me a bit of Otemjar too. The most northern parts of Otemjar are outright tundra, but just south of the tundra is a pretty (and chilly) taiga/boreal forest
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.1 21:03 region.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.1 21:06 [The majority of Otemjarians live in the southernmost parts near the border with Sahlem, where there's some temperate deciduous forest. It's still pretty darn cold in the winter, but winters up in the taiga and the tundra are outright brutal.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.1 21:07 [Now that I think about it, most regions of Panthea are mountainous. Otemjar, Nakada, and Monserrat are all very mountainous. Sahlem isn't so flat either, but it doesn't really have mountains; it has a lot of rolling hills, though. The flattest region is
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.1 21:07 probably the sand dunes where the Junayd lived, as well as some flatter parts of Sahlem.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.1 21:09 [I'm thinking that if I ever write a fantasy book I'll probably borrow/recycle a lot of my worldbuilding for Panthea. I've tried building fantasy worlds numerous times before, but none of them really felt all that inspired or personal (none of them felt
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.1 21:10 like "me"). Panthea, however, is different; it feels like my own world.]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.1 21:10 (Hey I'm still here, but I'm at a hydroplane museum with my family. If you want pictures I can take some and send them to hangouts)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.1 21:14 [Cool! Sure, I'd like some pictures; I can't stay on for much longer, though, so I'll probably check them out later tonight.]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.1 21:17 (I finally get where they coined the term "hydroplaning" when on the road)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.1 21:20 [XD Yay.]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.1 21:20 (...I could see Saxon owning one of these...)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.1 21:21 [Annnd I gtg. See you later!]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.1 21:21 [Oh god yes. XD Anyways, bye!]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.1 22:30 (Welp, time to start designing)
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 04:03 *lays by Joy the rest of the night*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.2 04:22 [I'm here! Sorry I'm a bit late, I was watching a movie.]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.2 04:25 (I might be a bit late. My phone needs to charge)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.2 04:26 [OK.]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,Jun.2 04:27 *has been trying to contact or track down Katrin with her parents' help to no avail*
18>Tethys (Old Woman?), ...yo.2019,Jun.2 04:29 *makes breakfast the next morning for everyone*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.2 04:29 (We are heading to the coast, to our hotel. I'll likely lose reception several times. We should arribe maybe by 9:17 PT)
18>Tethys (Old Woman?), ...yo.2019,Jun.2 04:32 [OK.]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 04:34 [hi im on]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 04:35 *sits with Joy in the room Joy is sitting there kind of blank*
18>Tethys (Old Woman?), ...yo.2019,Jun.2 04:35 [Hey!]
18>Tethys (Old Woman?), ...yo.2019,Jun.2 04:36 *brings food into the room and just quietly sets it down beside Sara and Joy*
18>Tethys (Old Woman?), ...yo.2019,Jun.2 04:40 [BTW, if you want to chat on Hangouts that's fine with me.]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.2 04:41 (Aiight. I won't be able to talk yet, but I can listen if you call. I have been checking in here now and then. Typing is just a major pain when the phone is plugged in and too far away from my seat)
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 04:42 [ok]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 04:43 no.. no its ok...dont leave it here it will go to waste..
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.2 04:43 *finds a corner to sit in and bites his finger, not enough to break the skin, but enough to leave a mark. Holds his hand to his mouth for the next several minutes, staring at the ground*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.2 04:44 *now and then he glances at Sara*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 04:48 *looks at Aidan* you..should go eat she wont say anything for a while..
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.2 04:54 *huffs*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 04:57 she dose this...
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.2 05:01 *mutters under his breath*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 05:02 if your going to bother speaking you should make sure you are herd.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 05:10 If its worth saying at all then it should be said Loudly no matter who you think it will offend
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.2 05:10 *snorts and bites his finger again*
18>Tethys (Old Woman?), ...yo.2019,Jun.2 05:11 *just leaves the food by Sara and Joy and goes to the kitchen**sits at the table alone**there are two plates--one for Aidan and one for her**eats*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 05:13 *pushes the food that Tethys over to Aidan* here you eat this she wont its one of her bad days, you only see her good days
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.2 05:18 They weren't like this before you came along..
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 05:19 no...Joys bad days are not from living with me its from living outside the lab its called PTSD and she has a severe case of it Aidan.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.2 05:25 She didn't act like this before.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 05:27 thats beacause she was living in a tramatic situation then adjusting to a new situation PTSD happens after trauma so you wouldnt have seen it before
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.2 05:40 Yeah... Over three years later... Makes sense..
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 05:41 she...has been having this for along time it didnt just start now
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.2 05:46 *comes back to the house, looking a bit beat up*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.2 05:46 *goes silent and glares, not at anything in particular*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 05:48 your father has PTSD not to severe tho
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.2 05:52 *paces a bit*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.2 05:53 *finally just goes into the room Sara and co. are in* What do you want?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 05:53 *looks at Joy then at Katrin* Can we not do this in front of the kids please?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.2 05:54 I do what I want wherever I want. What do you want?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 05:55 I want to go home with my Daughter. I want her to be safe and happy Katrin.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.2 05:56 She's safe and she was happy. Don't know what happened with her dreams though.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 05:57 they were not dreams those were memories. I want To go home with my daughter...she has been locked up for almost her whole life She dosent need Any more of that.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.2 06:03 I agree. That's why I volunteered to take care of her. She has been locked up and she still is.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.2 06:03 In the meantime, Tethys doesn't need any more of your shenanigans. *@ Aidan* And you should be getting back to school, should you not?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.2 06:04 *tessers Sara and Joy back to their home and Aidan to Eira (Eira is in Yinyang by now, trying to track down Katrin)*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.2 06:04 I don't want to leave Joy here...
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.2 06:04 (Nvm then(
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 06:06 *starts packing up Quickly*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.2 06:08 mom...why are you putting everything in boxes?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,Jun.2 06:10 Aidan!! *hugs Aidan*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 06:11 Its called moving its were you take all your stuff ang go to a new house...um a nicer house with Trees and...and plants you...you like that right?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.2 06:11 I love plants! *smiles big* are we really going to a house with plants?!
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.2 06:12 *hugs Eira back tightly* ...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 06:13 We...We are going..to stay with Raina ok?...
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.2 06:13 OOh I like that house
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,Jun.2 06:14 Let's...let's go home. *is shaking a little from the sheer shock of Aidan just being sent back to her**calls her parents and tells them Aidan was sent to her while taking him back to Irakurri*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 06:16 *grabs some boxes then telaports with Joy to Raina* Hey...Raina can we crash here for a bit?....
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.2 06:22 *hugs Aidan once he gets back*
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 06:26 ... Why?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 06:28 Joy...how about you go Draw some plants outside ok?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.2 06:28 Ok *walks outside with her sketchbook*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 06:29 This...Place is The only place I can think of were she Cant get Joy...My...My Ex is a vengful God who I broke up with and she Kidnapped Joy last night and she got depressed and let her go since she dose that but She will try to get her again and I need
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 06:29 You to be safe
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 06:33 *her to be safe
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 06:43 I don't know if it's safe to let you stay after what you did last time.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 06:43 what? I didnt do anything
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 06:45 I take threats very seriously..
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 06:46 Ok, Im sorry ok I was mad and over emotional threats like that are few and far between with me Saxon and Kaliste and Eira we are all good now we talked it out and fixed it I know I was wrong and out of turn of me
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.2 06:48 *excuses himself from his class and heads to the restroom where he locks a stall and teleports home. Picks up Aidan and hugs him* So glad you came back. Are you alright?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 06:51 I...I wouldnt be here if I could protect her on my own....This person is Terrifying I dont want her anywere near Joy this is the only place she cant get to her
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.2 06:52 [I should hope that "excuses himself" is a euphemism for "NAP TIME!!!"]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,Jun.2 06:55 [Annnd I gtg. See you tomorrow! *offline*]
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.2 18:07 ...These are good people here. I don't want to see the peace disturbed at all.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 04:37 I wont I promise I...I Wont I wont even mouth off or joke about anyone I promise Please just let us stay here..
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 04:38 I....I wouldnt ask If I didnt need it...
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 04:56 *sighs* You'd better keep your word.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.3 04:56 [I'm here! Sorry I'm so late; I was watching a movie.]
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 04:59 (I'm losing reception, going through mountains)
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 04:59 (We just left Portland)
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.3 05:06 I hope Joy's alright...
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.3 05:06 [OK.]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.3 05:08 I'm sure she'll be alright. Are you alright, though?
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.3 05:09 [BTW, do you guys want to do a Hangouts call tonight? I need to know because I'm in the wrong Linux operating system to do this. If you want to do this, I'll switch to the right one.]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.3 05:10 I guess... Am I... Still in trouble for school?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 05:11 *shighs a bit* Yes I will Thank you! thank you so much! I wont be any trouble neither..neither will Joy
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.3 05:12 (Well I won't be home until well after 2AM tonight. If there is a call, I can only listen. The family is listening to the Beverly Hillbillies rn. Wouldn't want to subject you both to hours of this. As much as I like the show)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.3 05:14 [Beverly Hillbillies? XD I haven't seen that in such a long time...]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.3 05:14 (Neither have we. It's on Amazon Prime)
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 05:22 Just...wondering is there a School here?...Joy has always wanted to go it just hasnt been safe anywere else...
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.3 05:23 [@ Caprial: Sooo...what about you? Hangouts or no Hangouts?]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 05:24 [not tonight Im not really in a talking mood but Tomarrow is good probably]
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 05:26 Sorry, we do not have public schooling. There are plenty of other kids to meet. The other Surtil kids are back now as well, so you won't be the only kid in the house.
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 05:26 *she
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.3 05:29 [Okie dokie, that's fine. I need to concentrate on finishing my Kaliste+Chrysantha drawing anyway. My summer class starts tomorrow and I won't have nearly as much time to draw.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.3 05:34 [Oh, and I finally got around to posting this...it had been sitting around on my hard drive for a while...I hope you enjoy it. ^.^ https://youtu.be/tKdLTd_GDfc ]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,Jun.3 05:36 [Make sure to read the description. ^_^]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 05:51 ok thats good...she needs more friends since she wont be able to see Aidan in a while...
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 05:56 Oh, why not?
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 05:56 He comes by every weekend
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,Jun.3 06:00 [I'm still here. I'm just not sure about what to do with my characters.]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 06:01 Oh he dose? thats good...ok yeah Right your his mom of course he comes by sorry
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 06:05 (Well Eira and Kaliste are with Aidan and Saxon. Aidan was asking if he was still in trouble)
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 06:09 Saxon has work to do here, so he brings Aidan along with him on his business trips
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,Jun.3 06:11 [I don't know if he's still in trouble, though after what just happened I doubt they'd want him to still be in trouble.]
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,Jun.3 06:12 *looks at Saxon and Kaliste as if to say "don't you dare"**is vying for Aidan*
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 06:12 (Well he's asking)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.3 06:13 Well...no, no...but don't get into any more fights, okay?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 06:13 Thank you for letting us stay...really...It means the world to me..
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.3 06:14 I'll try..
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.3 06:15 *Kieron walks toward them. Points at Kieron* Who's that?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,Jun.3 06:19 *smiles, trying to contain her excitement* That's my brother Kieron!
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 06:21 *nods* Hello, Aidan. I've been waiting to finally meet you. I heard you've been having trouble coping with your magic.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.3 06:23 *looks down* Who told you that? *Kieron: Corvis did.
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 06:24 No worries. I am here to help you learn to control that power of yours.
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.3 06:26 *puts Aidan down* He's alright. There's a lot you can learn from him.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.3 06:27 It's... Good to meet you, Kieron.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.3 06:31 *doesn't know what to do*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.3 06:31 *looks at Eira*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,Jun.3 06:37 [Unless I goofed and need to revise something, all I have left to shade is the glaive and the hand Kaliste is using to hold the glaive.]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 06:37 now I can imagine...you probably dont want us here long so Is it ok if I leave joy for the afternoon while I try to settle this? If not thats ok tho
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,Jun.3 06:38 I don't see why Kieron shouldn't start teaching you now. *smiles*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,Jun.3 06:38 *looks at Kieron* Can I help?
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 06:39 No one would judge the kid, but the others might be hard to convince that you can be trusted
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 06:39 Yes, if youd like.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 06:40 ok...ok what can I do to help regain there trust then?...
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 06:42 Don't do anything stupid. As I said, we are peaceful people.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.3 06:44 I have school. *Kieron: Yes, training will begin after school.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 06:46 I wont yeah...I'll wait a week or two then Talk to Katrin and sort this out..
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,Jun.3 06:47 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 06:49 Huh. You'll have to stay in the treehouse. The rooms are all filled now.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 06:50 thats fine Joy and I can stay in the treehouse no problem.. Thank you
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.3 07:14 *grabs her boxes and goes outside and starts carrying them into the treehouse*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.4 04:13 [I'm here! I'd like to talk on Hangouts, but my summer class just started and I have a buttload of physics homework to do. I'd like to concentrate on that and get some of that out of the way before talking. I think I can get it done before I go offline
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.4 04:13 tonight, though, so I'll let you know later tonight when I can chat.]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.4 04:14 (K. I found my mic, which means I can now hopefully talk in calls while on the phone)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.4 04:20 [Okie dokie. In the meantime, off to homework-land... *internally screaming because I'm not really used to the metric system (GIVE ME BACK MY BELOVED FOOT-POUNDS PLEEAASE T_T)*]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.4 04:24 [Also I would've finished my Kaliste+Chrysantha drawing tonight (all I have left is shading for the blade and some final touches), buuuut there's homework... >_< ]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.4 04:29 (I'd be working on my art but I'm not home-)
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.4 04:29 (I had to go get food for the animals)
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 04:32 *kisses Joy on the head a little bit* I need to go but I will be back soon ok? be good and Polite to Raina ok?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 04:33 were are you going?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 04:34 I am going to fix something and I will be back soon Love you baby *telaports off to Irikurian and Telaports to Katrins place knowing she was probably to upset to re-block her*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 04:40 *has changed it so that it's night**is sitting on a comfy chair and staring out one of the biggest windows at her coral reef*
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.4 04:46 I have to be getting back to work. Aidan, you mind your manners. Do as Kieron says. *teleports back to work*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 04:49 *walks over to Katrin and stands infront of her* Katrin. we need to talk.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.4 04:50 So... What are we going to do?
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 04:50 I'm going to teach you how to control your magic without necessarily having to use it and without suppressing it.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 04:52 You're blocking my view. *tessers Sara behind her*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 04:53 Your veiw isnt as important right now Katrin. We need to talk This is serious
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 04:54 *walks over and sits by Katrin* Listen I know I broke up with you but that dose not give you any right to kidnap my [Bleeping] Kid!
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 04:56 *scoffs* "Kidnap?" I'm low, but not that low.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 04:58 Besides, what I did was no worse or better than what you do, keeping her cooped up all the time.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 05:01 The only Reason I keep her cooped up is beacause of People like you alright?! I broke up with you beacause I knew you would pull this kind of crap if you knew about her!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 05:01 I dont mind other people messing with me and hurting me but I will not have Anyone Touching my daughter especially you!
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.4 05:02 *grabs Eira's hand while Kieron opens a portal to another planet*
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,Jun.4 05:08 *smiles at Aidan and gives his hand a reassuring squeeze*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.4 05:08 Stay safe, okay?
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,Jun.4 05:08 We'll be fine.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.4 05:08 *just nods a little*
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 05:09 *walks through the portal and waits*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 05:11 Lets make this perfectly Clear I left you beacause I wanted you to Stay away from my daughter so you stay awway from her you got that?!
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,Jun.4 05:12 Hey, maybe while we're away you could make nespera cobbler? Kaliste: I'd have to go to Panthea for the ingredients...but why not? *smiles* Will do. See you soon.
7>Eira (Raven), 70+yo.2019,Jun.4 05:15 *goes through the portal with Aidan*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.4 05:16 *gets her things, leaves a note for Saxon in case he gets back before he does, locks the house up, and tessers to the gates between universes**heads on through and tessers to Sahlem*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 05:18 *is fast asleep, still hanging from the tree*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 05:24 Don't tell me what to do.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 05:25 What makes you think you have any authority over me? I do what I want whenever I want wherever I want. It's always been this way and it will always be this way.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 05:27 And what's so terrible about your daughter going on a joyride around the universe with me? She needs to get out more, and she sure as well won't get hurt with me around.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 05:27 *as h**l
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 05:31 The Fact that you didnt tell me, You scared me half to Death, My daughter had another episode Without me to help for Who knows how long you waited to call me and SHE is my kid NOT yours! She is mine if you want a kid go adopt one but Joy is my baby girl
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 05:32 And there is no chance that you are taking her away from me in any way shape or form!
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 05:36 You wanna bet?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 05:38 Katrin She is the only Family I have. I know you get Family she is mine I thought I lost her a long time agao and there is no way I am letting that happen Again.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 05:40 *hasn't been looking at her this entire time; she's been just looking at the coral reef **finally does turn and look at Sara* You really think me taking her for spin around the universe equates to losing her forever?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 05:41 *laughs a little, but hurt shows in her eyes, as well as anger**just silently looks at her for 10 seconds before looking at the coral reef again* If you want it to be that way I can sure as h**l make it that way.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 05:45 loosing her for an afternoon is the end of the world for me Katrin there is a reason I never talked about my kids, Every [Bleeping] Day they took them from me and I couldnt do anything about it! And then one day they showed up without my kids and told me
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 05:45 [*fending off the barrage of Despicable Me jokes in my head as I perform vector math*]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 05:46 That they died. Those Sick {Bleeping Bleeps] Showed me how they killed me son and then asked If I wanted to see my daughters death while smirking *has tears in her eyes* I thought I lost her and I dont want anyone EVER taking her away from me even if its
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 05:47 For a Second. Maybe a spin around the universe Dosent seem like a big deal to you but for me thats the end of my world. When I say she is all I have left I mean it. and she is human her lifespan is Short so I want to protect her and be with her.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 05:50 You have No Idea what its like to raise a kid Let alone in a lab I never thought I would see her again so every Second I get with her is valuable Katrin.
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 05:50 *a couple of kids, a young man about Joy's age and a little girl under age 10, come out of their room and head to the kitchen to make themselves some food. The older kid stops on the way out and looks at Joy* Oh, did uncle Saxon bring you here? *looks
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 05:51 behind her* Where's Aidan?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 05:53 I hope you realize I could've made her immortal for you.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 05:53 Now get out before I do something I may or may not regret.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 05:53 No My mom brought me here I dont know were Aidan is
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 05:54 I dont want her to be immortal Katrin thats a curse! I just want her to live a safe happy life were I dont have to worry about you or anyone else taking her away from me!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 05:55 I came here to Settle this And I am not leaving until we do Katrin because I am talking about my daughter and I will do anything to keep her safe..
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 05:56 Panthean immortals can take their own immortality away any time they want.
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 05:57 Kid: Oh, well that's odd. We don't get visitors that weren't brought in by Saxon. There's actually a law against it.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 05:58 She isnt Panthean she is from earth and she is my baby girl and I want her to have the most Normal life possible!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 06:00 And she cant have that if you are going to take her away from me just beacause your mad at me! *is crying* Katrin look I do love you but Joy comes first she will always come fist and you cant be mad at me for that
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 06:01 *sounds very irritated* You don't understand...if I were to grant her immortality, I would do so by promoting her to the status of Panthean god. From there it doesn't matter if her origin is not from Panthea, she can strip herself of that status and
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 06:01 revoke her immortality at any time.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 06:01 *despite sounding irritated she looks rather uncomfortable now*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 06:03 Have you not remembered anything from the past decades? When I say get out, GET OUT! *violently warps space, pulling Sara into a tesseract that thrusts her out of Katrin's planet and kills her in the process*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 06:03 You hate other Panthea gods...I just want her to be a normal human kid Katrin! I want her to be able to go to school and play with friends and climb trees and swim in river and do all the things I never got to do and all the things she missed out on her
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 06:03 first years of Life
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 06:04 *said that before she got thrusted out*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 06:04 *blocks Sara from her planet and gets up**paces for a few minutes before tessering elsewhere and proceeding to trash that "elsewhere"*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 06:05 *telaports right back to Katrin* That is EXACTLY Why I had to leave you beacause You are dangerous and you kill people when you get mad And I cant have a [Bleeping] Monster like you around my daughter When I say leave her alone I mean it *telaports off*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 06:06 [nvm]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 06:06 *telaports back to Rainas house*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 06:06 my...mom says we are moving here so its not visiting
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 06:10 [I got a bunch of work done and can chat on Hangouts now if you want.]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 06:15 [Ok in a little bit I gotta finish eating]
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 06:15 Kid: I hope you have Saxon's permission to stay. Anyway, my sister and I are going to make some sandwiches. You are welcome to join us. *he picks up his sister and puts her on his shoulders* My name is Pierce. This is Leila. *heads for the kitchen*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 06:19 [Okie dokie. I'll reboot into the operating system I use for Hangouts, sign in, and wait there.]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 06:20 [ok im good]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 06:21 *fallows them smiling a bit*
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 06:51 *Pierce pulls peanut butter and jelly from the cupboard* Know how to make PB&J?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 06:57 *shakes her head* no I...I never had it I..I dont like eating much food
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 06:58 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 18:38 Pierce: Huh... That doesn't sound very healthy. I think Saxon said there was a term for that.
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 18:42 Leila: *grabs the bread and a knife and puts them beside the peanut butter. Pierce ruffles her hair and sets up makings for three sandwiches*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 19:05 I drink Soylent it has all the nutrition that I need
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 19:07 Pierce: I don't know what that is. *assembles a sandwich* What shape do you want your sandwich, Leila? *Leila: *giggles* Pony! Pony! *Pierce: Alright, coming up. *cuts the sandwich into the shape of a pony*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 19:08 Oh cool thats Like food art! I draw and paint and Soylent its a drink its a bit thick you drink it with water
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 19:09 But I like...ice cream and those square crackers and cucumber slices
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 19:10 Pierce: Drinkable food... *makes a weird face for a moment*
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 19:10 Pierce: *sets aside the scraps and assembles another* Do you want to make your own sandwich or do you want this one?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 19:10 Im not big on trying new foods tho
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 19:11 *thanks tho
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 19:14 Pierce: Whatever. *cuts the sandwich into another pony and puts the scraps on his plate* Come on, we're watching Leila's favorite tv show. *grabs some juice boxes from the ice box and heads back to his and Leila's room*
19>Bloom (Dog), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 19:28 [Heyyy C.J. hey Brunny and does anyone know where is Felicity? >-< and well the others I was friends with... but but do you remember me? >///< I'm baaack and I just wanted to let you know that I missed you xD
19>Bloom (Dog), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 19:28 and if you want I would like to keep contact and be friends again - also roleplay of course ;3 it was fun... I read that you use hangouts, I have that too >~< you can add me?..]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 20:27 (OwO?)
19>Bloom (Dog), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 21:27 [hey hey RaeAnna ^^ ooh I just remembered another human I knew on here x3 Cecilia~ anywayzzz I'll just wait for a reply - I hope chu don't mind that I msged all this here...]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.4 22:00 (I don't mind much. Dunno if Brunny will be on until later tonight.)
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 22:06 [Hey, what rps have we done together Cindy I forgotten]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 22:18 *fallows them*
19>Bloom (Dog), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 22:23 [um... I forgot... but the one I remember the best is about wolves, you had a brother Leo and an important hoodie heh...]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.4 22:24 (Do you remember any of the plots?)
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 22:24 [what was your character? bc C.J and Leo were in alot of rps]
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 22:26 *Pierce and Leila hop onto the bed and press play on the tv remote. Pierce opens a juice box for Leila and sits quietly*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 22:28 Aidan and I saw a t.v screen once it had half of a map on it
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 22:31 Pierce: Cool. Uncle Saxon brought us a lot of different shows. Leila likes this one the most. She loves ponies.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 22:32 *smiles a bit* Abby used to try to finger paint ponies we only had the color black tho
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 22:33 no one else knew what a Ponie was but she talked about them alot *smiles a bit as she draws*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 22:33 *pony
19>Bloom (Dog), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 22:36 [well I remember I was a puppy, then an older wolf, I could shift into a cloud? I bite someone, there was an evil experimenting guy and Sarah a not dying human hmm was it named Horribly amazing world maybe?]
19>Bloom (Dog), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 22:37 [tbh my characters got deleted pretty often cuz we had different time zone and I couldn't come online -]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 22:38 [oof was that the only rp you ever did with me or did you do other ones to? like my kidnapping rp series?]
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 22:38 (Oof this was during the time when I was gone)
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 22:43 Leila: *picks up some papers with drawings and doodles of ponies. There are a few cartoon dragons here and there*
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 22:45 Leila: *picks up some papers with drawings and doodles of ponies. There are a few cartoon dragons here and there*
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 22:45 (What the-)
19>Bloom (Dog), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 22:45 [I remember a kidnapping rp yeah
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 22:52 [what character did you play?]
19>Bloom (Dog), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 22:55 [uhh I really don't know... it was like 3 years ago I was active here I think..
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 23:00 Pierce: I drew the dragons and the dog in the corner. Aidan says that is what he saw in his dream. I don't know if I believe him because that looks like one of the Kvettian kings.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 23:04 *flips through her book and shows the version of Aidans dog that she drew* I drew this one
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 23:10 I think he's been looking through the history books. The Lustran Fox and his brothers and sisters haven't existed since the early days of Irakurri. Besides, the way Aidan describes him is not at all how he is depicted through history.
19>Bloom (Dog), ...yo.2019,Jun.4 23:16 [maybe I roleplayed with the others that I mentioned more than u that's why u don't rly remember me that well >-< ]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 23:17 maybe its just someone pretending to be what your saying
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 23:17 [yeah...tbh I dont remember you like at all sorry]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.4 23:19 [@ Cindy: Hey, welcome back! This isn't really a chat, this is an RP. If you want to chat, please go here: http://www.roleplay-city.net/game.php?REF=TheRoleplayAlliance Thank you!]
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 23:21 *shakes his head* It's not that easy to impersonate one of these deities. Not to mention doing so would surely incur their wrath
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.4 23:21 [Annnd I gtg. See you! :P]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 23:22 unless the person copying them is stronger
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 23:22 I don't believe that is possible.
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 23:26 Perhaps the other gods could impersonate him, but history says most of the gods ceased contact millions of years ago
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 23:29 my mom says Gods are just over glorified self absorbed arrogant people
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 23:32 Maybe in other universes, but the gods here mean a lot to the balance of Irakurri. Without them, this universe would surely fall apart. Most of the gods don't ask for anything in return, either.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 23:34 oh ok
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 23:37 Most of them. The Lustran Fox is one who demanded respect. He's depicted as a liar, a cruel and selfish beast. That's why I can't believe Aidan's story. What he described was a kind, generous soul.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 23:38 Lustran sounds like Dr. Adam...
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 23:43 I dont know who that is. We don't have much written history on labs.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 23:46 your lucky then
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 23:49 That doesn't mean we don't know about the labs. Aunt Raina was taken to one when she was a kid. Uncle Saxon was there, too. Every now and then they'll talk about it. We aren't allowed to write any of it down.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 23:51 my mom went to one when she was a kid and I was born in the lab so was my brother
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.4 23:54 Saxon says Aidan was born in the lab. He doesn't act like he came from a lab. A lot of the time, even Saxon doesn't act like it, either. I think Raina has a hard time coping, but she's happy to be back home.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.4 23:59 were Aidan grew up it was nicer...Nixon acted like a dad so it wasnt tramatic for him. he was lucky
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.5 00:04 Saxon told me it used to be a lot different. Said those places are scariest when they have little purpose.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.5 00:13 maybe
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.5 00:14 but in my experience its the scariest when your the subject
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.5 00:15 I think he meant its scariest when the lab doesn't have any specific intentions.
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.5 00:17 Simply put, doing things because they can, as opposed to doing things for, say... A government commission.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.5 00:21 yeah...they are called "Curiosity projects"...they are for higher level scientists Like Dr. Arman who unfortunately liked to make me watch him work.
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.5 00:33 Yeah, Saxon hasn't told us much more about what the lab used to be. Apparently what they recently did was legitimize their work. I'm not really into lab research. I've got more interesting things to look into.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.5 00:34 yeah...I draw things from the lab alot they are terrifying things but it helps me cope
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.5 00:39 Saxon sits on the roof or goes to some caves when he's not feeling well. Raina goes off with her Angel Dragon sisters.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.5 00:45 I get really bad ptsd usually at night...my mom pulls me out of it tho
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.5 00:50 well most of the time...she cant always
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.5 00:55 Raina plays one of the night songs before she sleeps to avoid having nightmares.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.5 00:59 Sometimes I get nightmares but the Memories are the bad thing sometimes Its like I get stuck in it
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.5 01:00 Well, nightmares often come from things that you are afraid of, either consciously or unconsciously.
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.5 01:01 Usually always built off of memories.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.5 01:02 yeah I know...I know alot about dreams and nightmares...my memories are usually wore though beacause I cant wake up sometimes it lasts for hours
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.5 01:03 I.T.D.S 98471...Its this substance that makes other people manipulate your dreams and nightmares...they were testing it on me
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.5 01:13 but not anymore
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.5 01:17 It is irritating that so many humans try to play god. It's a mockery of their power. The gods could enter and manipulate dreams. One in particular was a master at dream manipulation. If there was a way of contacting him, he may be the only being who could
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.5 01:19 put an end to your nightmares. *flips through his book* There have only been a few recorded instances of such a thing happening, though, and word through the village is that he's been gone for generations.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.5 01:23 oh..I dont have a problem with my dreams I have a problem with flashbacks mostly
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.5 01:24 Its..diffrent you wouldnt understand unless you had them yourself
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.5 01:38 I'm not trying to understand. I just have records of the abilities each god was known for.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.5 01:49 oh so your like Dr. Min he was always nice...sometimes he would sneak me some sugar pills from the medicine trials they were sweet he did fallowed people around with a clipboard writing everything down he knew everything about that place
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.5 01:53 I don't think so. I didn't write any of this down.
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.5 01:54 I'm going to be Urmukka's next historian
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.5 01:57 oh so do you memorize it all?
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.5 01:59 Only important things. Most things I can just refer to the books for. Historians get to speak with the Chroniclers and record history in the making. They never give us all of their accounts, but we get just enough.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.5 02:02 oh cool
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.5 02:06 We aren't supposed to bring in newcomers because it compromises the safety of our people. That's how we lost Raina. We do want to be hospitable, but the outside world is dangerous. The elders just don't want to lose anymore kids.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.5 04:19 [I'm here! Repli
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.5 04:23 *[I'm here! Replies will be slow though; I'm doing homework.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.5 04:37 [Nvm, I read your message on AHAW 2. I'll be back here after 10 PM MT/11 PM CT.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.5 04:47 [I hope we get to talk on Hangouts later...I have a story to tell you guys that I think Caprial in particular would love...]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.5 04:48 [Spoiler alert about said story: my physics teacher is goddarn hilarious. Yes, it's one of those this-funny-thing-happened-in-class-today kinds of stories. XD XP]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.5 06:10 (Im back)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.5 06:12 [Wahoo!]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.5 06:13 (Hangouts quick)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.5 06:16 [OK. brb, I need to reboot to do that.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.5 06:56 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.6 04:26 [hi]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.6 04:27 [Hey! I'm working on homework once again, sooo yeah...]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.6 04:28 [thats A-Ok]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.6 04:35 (Aiight. I have things to do right now so the best I can do is talk. Won't be able to text until I finish my work)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.6 04:36 [0:15-0:23 of this is pretty much me every time I can't find any way to derive a certain number I really, really need in order to solve a problem: https://youtu.be/ThJc8ZDhUBg ]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.6 04:36 [Talking on Hangouts has proven to be distracting as h**l for me, so I'd like to at least solve the problem I'm working on now before switching to Hangouts. I'll let you guys know when I'm done.]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.6 04:39 [ok I will watch youtube until we are ready]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.6 04:43 [Okie dokie.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.6 05:01 [Sorry this is taking so long...I've never encountered a type of physics problem like this one before...]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.6 05:03 (Who took the cookie from the cookie jar?)
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.6 05:03 [your fine]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.6 05:04 (Litho! Took the cookie from the cookie jar!)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.6 05:18 [wat]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.6 05:20 [Also I FINALLY got that problem out of the way...I'll reboot and sign into Hangouts shortly, gimme a sec...]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.6 05:21 [mmk]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.6 06:03 *6 Months Later ( ͡ ͜ʖ ͡)*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.6 06:04 [(ง ͠ ͟ل͜ ͡)ง ]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.6 06:07 *is walking with Pierce* I want to see the universe like this town is great but I want to see Everything I can ya know?
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.6 06:16 *has been running errands with Aidan and Kieron accompanying her**once they're finished she takes them to the park*
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.6 06:25 Pierce: Yeah. Maybe you can come with me when I get to go out into the world.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.6 06:27 when do you go?
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.6 06:28 In a couple years, once I finish my training.
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,Jun.6 06:31 *sits on the swing and watches Aidan play*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.6 06:32 *is playing with Aidan*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.6 06:35 Thats a long time
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.6 06:46 *is laughing and overall having a good time*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.6 06:48 *is also quite happy**feels almost like a kid again--which is a good feeling, considering that up to the age of 12 her childhood was a candidate for the best era of her life*
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.6 06:48 Pierce: Not for us. Urmukkans have pretty long lifespans. Grandpa Cenric only passed away about 150ish years ago
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.6 06:49 *is cutting vegitables and helping Raina cook* Im...worried about Joy....She still only drinks Soylent and Saltines.. I want her to eat real food but I dont want to force her to do it
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,Jun.6 06:49 *smells the air and starts looking around, confused and a little concerned*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.6 06:50 humans life til about 75 on earth
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.6 06:50 *live
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.6 06:51 I'm not sure what to do, really. I'd grown up eating regular food, then had to drink that... Stuff... Going back to real food was hard, but it's certainly better. I also notice that she doesn't chew any solid food, either
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.6 06:52 Pierce: the longest living Urmukkan lived to be 195. Cenric passed at 173.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.6 06:52 I know...It worries me
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.6 06:53 Pierce: Cenric was a great man and a worthy leader.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.6 06:53 thats a long time..
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.6 06:57 *normally she'd notice Kieron, but she's so relaxed and focused on Aidan that she doesn't*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.6 07:00 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.6 12:00 Pierce: 200 years is nothing, really. I feel bad for the beings who've been around since the earliest days of Irakurri. I cannot begin to imagine what kind of nightmare immortality is.
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.6 12:03 Pierce: Also, uncle Saxon is part of a group of deities known as Antitheses. They are ALMOST gods, but their job renders them mortal, but with long lifespans. Saxon is expected to be around for another... 15,000-20,000 years. Earth-time, of course.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.6 12:07 *appears suddenly behind Kieron* Looking for someone? *Kieron spins around to face him* Oh- You're not Malaucay. Ah, yes, you must be his traitorous son. And those are... *his gaze slowly shifts to Kaliste and Aidan*
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 00:53 I can't understand how anyone lives off of Soylent... It was... Nightmarish, being on it..
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 01:31 [Word of warning: I may not be on tonight, or if I am I may disappear. It's thunderstorming like h**l and for all I know the power could be knocked out at any minute.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 01:35 *has put her hand on Aidan's shoulder warningly and is looking at Pandemonium**is tense, but otherwise her body language and expression are unreadable*
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 01:51 (Well I got ddos'd so my internet is crap)
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 01:58 Who are you and how do you know my father? Unless you are one of his brothers. Which one are you?
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 02:00 *scoffs lightly* Please do mind your manners. I asked you a question, it's only right to answer me before you ask your own questions.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.7 02:41 *because of Kaliste and Kieron's concern, he is a little off-put, but he can't help but feel a little curious*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 04:19 [I'm here! I have one more problem left in my homework. After I do it I'll be able to chat on Hangouts. For now I'll just be on the RPs.]
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 04:20 (Well I'm watching Netflix with my cousin and sister. I'm almost crying, but I'll be here for the most part)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 04:21 *isn't sure what to say since she doesn't know who this is**figures that Kieron would be best equipped to deal with this situation if this is another Viscount, so she chooses to keep her mouth shut unless she is directly spoken to*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 04:21 [OK.]
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 04:24 They're... Friends. I am in charge of monitoring and training the kid.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.7 04:24 The Soylent that was in my lab was alot diffrent then the Soylent I drink now I felt sicker back then I guess but I Dont like food its weird
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 04:27 See, was that so difficult? As for your question, they call me Pandemonium, but you can call me Litho if you'd like. Now, do any of you happen to know where my brother's body is?
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 04:28 *holds Aidan close with her hand on his shoulder*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 04:28 (That last post was Raina responding to Sara)
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 04:28 (Pierce doesn't really know what Soylent is)
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 04:28 (He doesnt know much about it)
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 04:32 Surely you would have noticed that my father died several years back.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 04:34 [Annnnd I'm done!]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.7 04:34 [oh nvm then]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 04:34 [Now I just have to binge-read various books and binge-watch Khan Academy to prepare for the test on Monday! *suppresses hysterical laughter*]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 04:34 [I JUST HAVE TO GIRAFFE A FLOWER HAIR NOW AND THEN I'M-- *spoopy noise* OH GAWD]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 04:35 yeah...but Thats all she ate for her first 7 years of life she didnt know anything diffrent....
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 04:35 [Also yeeaah...16 years is totally "several" years... XD]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 04:36 I'm no moron. Of course he's dead. But where did he die? *Kieron: I don't know.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 04:36 [Though I guess for people who live a super long time, a decade probably doesn't seem too long, considering it makes up a much smaller percentage of their lifespan than it does ours...]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 04:36 *is getting nervous but doesn't show it*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 04:41 I am his brother, I deserve to know. *his tone of voice hasn't been anything less than light*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 04:41 [@ Caprial: XD I just thought of the "A KNIFE!" vine and realized which character of mine that matches. That is 100% Nycro when he was little.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 04:43 [Considering that he was incorrectly put into the Machinist family at first, I wouldn't be surprised if something like that happened when his true Custodian nature manifested during his time with the Machinists.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 04:44 *is still determined to not say anything unless directly spoken to or unless Kieron gives her an a-OK of sorts*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.7 04:45 whoa thats a long time
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 04:45 Pierce: Yeah, it is..
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.7 04:51 I think food is really like weird and gross I dont know how everyone eats it
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 04:52 Kieron: I told you I do not know. *Pandemonium: What about your Panthean friend? Speaking of Panthea... *chuckles* Nevermind.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 04:56 (Hey Brunny.... https://images.app.goo.gl/Q1Jo6m848W7L33s56)
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 04:56 (DEEP V NECK THERE WE GO)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 04:58 [Don't you effing dare bring up the v-neck argument again.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 04:58 [DONCHU DARE]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 04:58 (*character comes back to life* Awh, I'm not shipping a person with a dead person anymore. *same episode that person dies again* Well that was short-lived)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 05:00 *hesitates, but figures that there's no use in lying* I know the last place where I saw his body, but...that was 16 years ago for me...I don't know what's happened to it since.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 05:01 [XD Well heck.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 05:01 *wonders what he was going to say about Panthea, but decides not to ask*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 05:03 (Something important is happening in the show. Gonna slow down a lot)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 05:04 [OK.]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 05:09 Yin Yang or Irakurri?
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 05:11 Pierce: The same can be said about that weird stuff you drink by everyone else.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.7 05:12 I Hated the lab but sometimes I miss it..its weird
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 05:14 Yinyang.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.7 05:15 like I dont know things were simple in the lab
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 05:16 Pierce: Life sounds kinda boring if everything's simple.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 05:18 Oh. Well that's too bad.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.7 05:19 there were lots of surprises and unexpected things...rarely good things but still...eh you wouldnt understand
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 05:20 (Two drunk demons. Sounds like quality time.)
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 05:25 Pierce: We're optimists here, so we don't necessarily want to understand such pain.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.7 05:27 How can you appreciate beauty without understanding pain?
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 05:28 *doesn't say anything back, though her otherwise stoic expression now seems a little somber*
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 05:33 Pierce: We do have our personal pains, and I don't expect you to understand the cache to our lives here.
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 05:34 So... Now that you know, are you going back home?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.7 05:34 here sit down in the grass with me *sits down*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 05:38 Mmm... Perhaps.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 05:42 You know, I cannot seem to shake the feeling that I've met that one before. *points at Aidan* Dunno why, though. Elder brother told me I wasn't allowed around kids.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.7 05:44 I... Don't know you, sir.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 05:49 *her grip on Aidan's shoulder immediately gets a bit stronger*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 05:50 You sure? I never forget someone's scent.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 05:57 I don't think you two have met before.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.7 06:00 *is even more off-put by Kaliste's concern* ...Your eyes.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 06:00 Excuse me?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.7 06:05 They look like that dog I saw in my dream. You can't be him, though. You look human.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 06:11 Interesting. Maybe you did see me- A-ha! RIGHT! We were gonna go get ice cream, weren't we? You still down for that?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.7 06:11 Yeah!
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 06:13 *checks her watch* I'm sorry, I don't know if we have the time...
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 06:15 There's always time for ice cream. "The best ice cream in the universe", as I do recall.
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 06:17 I thought you were going home, Sir Litho. *Pandemonium: Oooh, 'Sir Litho'! I like that one! And yes, I will go home, but I didn't come here to leave emptyhanded. So how about it? Why don't we all go get some ice cream?
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 06:18 *glances at Kieron as if she's trying to ask him something**she most likely is basically making a silent request for his input regarding evaluating this situation*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 06:19 *she did that before Kieron spoke again*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 06:19 [Do you guys want to chat on Hangouts?]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.7 06:20 (Perhaps.)
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.7 06:21 We should!
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 06:24 *doesn't say anything**she doesn't approve but she isn't keen on finding out the consequences of opposing him*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 06:25 [I'll reboot and sign in. brb...]
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 06:26 Aidan, you do not even know this man. *Aidan: Sure I do! We went on great adventures in my dream!
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 06:26 Dreams aren't the same. People can easily mask who they are in dreams.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 06:28 You really are my brother's son. He taught you well and you should be proud.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 06:34 Aidan and I really should get going.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 06:42 Please do stay awhile.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 06:53 I don't think we can.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 07:00 Says you. There's absolutely no reason you cannot stay. If you really wanted to you could stay
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 07:01 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 10:17 What do you want with us?
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 10:27 I simply wish to spend some time with mortals. What better way than to give the kid what I'd promised him? *beckons Aidan toward him* We won't be long. *turns to Kieron* Oh, and I would like you to come with me as well. I want your help with something.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.7 10:28 *tries to go to Pandemonium*
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 10:32 I don't want to sound rude, but I'll have to decline. *Pandemonium: *puts his hand on Kieron's shoulder, smiling* If we are successful, you will be able to rest easy, knowing your father is proud of you.
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 10:34 What do you mean? *Pandemonium: I mean you will be able to learn firsthand how proud Malaucay is of you. Only if you come help me, though. Your expertise will prove most useful.
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 18:39 *Pierce sits down in the grass*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 18:44 [Uhhhhh...]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 18:45 [I was just looking up outfit design ideas on Google Images in hopes of finding something promising and um...]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 18:45 [Um... https://images.app.goo.gl/pvuPhqVP8zQd7G979 ]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 18:45 [UM... https://toyhou.se/3143081.mayhem#13688947 ]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 18:45 [WT*?]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 18:47 [I have zero clue who the character in the first iage is, but...uhhhhhh...]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 18:48 *keeps a firm grip on Aidan's shoulder, keeping him from moving forward* We actually do have some matters to attend to at home.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 18:49 *image
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 18:50 (Wat hold on-)
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 18:51 (XD BAAAAAAAAAN!!!)
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 18:51 (YOU FREAKING BET I GOT PANDEMONIUM'S OUTFIT FROM BAN!)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 18:52 [I'll leave you to figure this out. XD XP I've been procrastinating...I need to study. See you! *offline*]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 18:52 (Except the convenient hole in the back... Pandemonium doesn't get impaled that ofte
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 18:52 [I have no clue who Ban is, I was just scrolling down on Google Images minding my own business and suddenly ".....red Pandemonium???"]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.7 18:53 [Anyyyways, see ya!]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 18:53 (O coulda took inspiration from the v neck that also showed off his midriff xD)
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 18:53 *I
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 18:59 (Here's the story. My sister had me watch the Seven Deadly Sins with her. I instantly fell in love. Ban, in particular, was my favorite. Sin of greed, Ban is immortal and thus can be put through the worst crap on-screen. I saw his alternate outfit from
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 19:00 season 3 and thought "this looks like something Pandemonium would wear, but his would be shinier." And Pandemonium's main outfit was born. I'm honestly not even ashamed of this one.)
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 19:03 (I kinda wanna say Pandemonium is more like a mix between Meliodas and Ban. I dunno how to describe Meliodas... Really easygoing? Inappropriate but you can't help but love him?)
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 19:05 (I was originally gonna go with a more white and gold design for his clothes, but then I decided that I wanted him and Mayhem to kind of match)
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 19:09 (And yea, I used that same pose for Pandemonium's initial drawing. I'll admit my first ever drawings of new characters hardly look any good without a lot of referencing)
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.7 19:27 But I wanna go!
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 19:34 Do you really? *Aidan nods* Alright. *snaps his fingers and teleports Aidan onto his shoulders* Let the adventure begin!
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.7 21:47 Look closley at the ground and tell me what you see
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 22:08 Pierce: I see the grass, the dirt in which it plants its roots, the insects who cultivate their own little forest down in there own little world. I see the tiny beads of water clinging to each little blade, waiting to be harvested.
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 22:09 What I see and what I feel are not one, however. Sight brings a shallow view of things. We focus not on sight, but feel. *puts his hand on the ground* The earth is always shifting, but our eyes will never take notice.
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 22:09 Thousands of living creatures move right below us, keeping the delicate balance which gives us the privilege of seeing the fruits of their labor; the grass.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.7 22:17 I love it...Outside is so beautiful and complex and teeming with color and beauty and light
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.7 22:19 Everything from the tiniest ant to the sky is breath taking *smiles*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.7 22:21 I want to see more of it Pierce! I want to see all the wonders of the universe
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 22:44 Pierce: Well, you have the right people around you to do so. It's dangerous, but that's life.
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.7 22:45 Adventuring is all about taking risks.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.8 01:02 I guess I will have to learn to eat normal food before adventuring huh?
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.8 01:29 Pierce: Probably, yeah. You start small. There are plenty of foods that aren't quite solid to start with.
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.8 01:35 Pierce: If I finish my studies soon enough, maybe you can come with me on my venture to Blaceald?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.8 01:49 sure...I mean I eat saltines alot but thats the only real Solid foods
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.8 01:49 I eat, back when I met Aidan in his lab I ate food I hated it its gross but they didnt have soylent
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.8 01:54 Pierce: The world of food is an adventure in itself.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.8 02:03 I dont like it...its...food is overwhelming to much happening all at once..
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.8 02:05 Pierce: If you have that much of a problem with "too much happening" with food, then I dont think adventuring is for you..
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.8 02:13 to much happening Around me I think is wonderful and beautiful to much happening inside my body I find to be deeply disturbing
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.8 02:34 Ice cream is ok beacause its cold and that numbs it making it simpilar and Saltines are fine beacause its simple for me to comprehend
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.8 02:37 Pierce: It really is practically the same thing. Either way you still must have some kind of sustinance.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.8 03:24 Soylent has enough sustinance but if im going off into the universe Soylent probably is alot harder to find
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.8 04:04 [I'm here! I got sick and tired of having to reboot into a different operating system every time I want to use Hangouts, so I figured out a way to install the Google Talk Plugin on the operating system I use 90% of the time.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.8 04:04 [I'd like to test it out/see if it works, sooo...shall we chat on Hangouts? ^.^]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.8 04:05 [I also feel like an effing moron BTW. XD The thing is, when I first tried to install the Google Talk Plugin, I was like "herpaderp, they don't have anything for my distribution, so Imma switch to this other one that's supported." Next thing you know, I'm
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.8 04:06 snooping around in my operating system's Control Panel and guess what's under the "Updates" category? A big button that says "Get Google Talk Plugin." So not only does the plugin support my version of Linux, my version of Linux has a button BUILT INTO IT
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.8 04:06 in order to get the plugin.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.8 04:08 I don't mean to be rude, but...Kieron had a point. You're a stranger. I don't think this is a good idea. Please put him down.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.8 04:08 [oh]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.8 04:11 [Sooo...do you want to do a call on Hangouts? If you're not in the mood or can't that's fine.]
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.8 04:13 (I'm eating dinner rn)
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.8 04:14 [when Raeanna gets back ye]
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.8 04:15 (K I'm done)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.8 04:17 [Okie dokie. That was quick. XD I'll sign into Hangouts.]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.8 05:10 You'll deny him what he's been promised?
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.8 05:14 That was a dream. Dreams are different.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.8 05:14 Please put Aidan down.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.8 05:18 He may have been promised that in a dream, but I never once said it wasn't real.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.8 05:23 I think...I will go in two weeks
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.8 05:27 Nevertheless...he's a child and you're a stranger. I don't think this is appropriate.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.8 05:27 If you absolutely insist on this, the least you could do is let us accompany Aidan.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.8 05:30 I mean, Kieron is already coming with
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.8 05:32 Do you absolutely insist?
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.8 05:42 Of course I do.
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.8 05:43 Pierce: If you do, be careful.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.8 05:44 Absoluty not, I spent my whole life being careful I wanna live a little *smiles*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.8 05:49 *sighs* May I accompany Aidan?
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.8 05:53 Sure, why not?
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.8 05:59 *teleports everyone to a remote planet and starts walking down a path*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.8 06:01 *looks around*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.8 06:05 *most of the land appears dead*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.8 06:13 *follows Pandemonium and Aidan*
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.8 06:17 Pierce: A level of care should always be taken.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.8 06:22 Where are we exactly?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.8 06:24 Yeah I know but im not playing it safe this time
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.8 06:25 I honestly cannot remember
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.8 06:31 ...
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.8 06:34 You tend to forget things when you've been gone for thousands of years. Thousands? I think.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.8 06:34 *just nods a little*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.8 06:40 *turns off the path and goes through some bushes*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.8 07:19 *continues following**is very uncomfortable but doesn't show it* [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.8 19:19 *through the bushes is a run-down tavern. Ducks really low so Aidan doesn't hit his head as they enter. Several people are inside. A few greet him*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.8 19:22 *the people have humanoid forms, but look more like creatures that used to be human. Most of them have various monstrous mutations* Person: Litho! I never thought you'd come back! Care for a drink?
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.8 19:24 *sets Aidan on a stool at the counter* I'd love one, but I have an obligation to fulfill. We came for some ice cream.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 03:03 (So I'll text tonight, but otherwise cannot call. Well I can, but I wouldn't be able to hear you and I don't know how you'd feel about loud "nyooooms" drowning every sound)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 04:21 [OK.]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.9 04:23 [Hi]
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 04:27 *takes a seat at the bar*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 04:29 [Hey!]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 04:30 [Want to go to Hangouts?]
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 04:33 (I can text, not talk.)
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.9 04:35 [not really tbh]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 04:42 [OK. I'll just be on here then.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 04:46 *sits beside Aidan*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 04:50 Bartender: So ice cream for all of you? *Pandemonium: Yep. You know what I always get. *Bartender: Of course. So what can I get you three?
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 04:51 I don't want any, thanks.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 04:51 [*screams internally as my Internet hiccups*]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 04:52 I'll pass. I don't drink.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.9 04:53 Can I have mint chocolate chip? *Bartender: Sure thing!
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 04:58 *the bartender gets Aidan his ice cream first, then brings Pandemonium's bowl. It appears to be a creamy foam color that fades into a wine red, topped with a cherry*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 04:59 [You may wish to check your email. ^_^]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 05:00 (Yeah I got the notification.)
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.9 05:01 Whoa, what flavor is that? *Pandemonium: It's a simulation of bloodwine. Care for a taste? *Aidan: Sure!
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.9 05:03 ("No, the voices in my head are unplugged.")
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 05:08 Pierce: You're going to end up really hurt if you go out like that, though. Even the most experienced adventurers know what risks not to take.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:15 [I'm going to be drawing an Eira ref next for you guys, though I really want to draw all of the primordials and Vitar...eh...I'll do Eira first, her design is much simpler than many of my gods' designs...]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:16 [Though Vitar's design is even simpler than Eira's...he kind of surprises me that way. He's one of my more complicated characters--I quite like him, actually--and he's the top Panthean god, but he doesn't wear anything particularly fancy. I guess
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:16 practicality is more of his style...]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:20 [I really wish I could show you what I see every time I visualize all of the primordials in my head. XD One primordial out of all of them really sticks out like a sore thumb. All of them wear some sort of intricate, long, and beautiful thing...all of them
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:20 have this sort of mystical, flowy style...Izar with his night sky robes, Khyr (Cold) with her beautiful silver clothes...and then there's Char (Heat). XD]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:22 [Char goes full out futuristic goth biker dude...he wears black and bright red leather and has spiky hair. XD I'm sure even the primordials have given him looks sometimes, and the thing is he just doesn't care.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:24 [If Panthea has a trickster god, it's definitely Char. He easily competes with Izar for the position of the most cunning primordial. Unlike Izar--who's just a freaking [BLEEP]hole--Char is a genuinely fun guy.]
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 05:24 (There's yet another "new" character I'm going to be drawing sometime. He won't show up in any rp. Also Armis is due for an outfit update for the future)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:24 [Anyways, I'll stop nerding out about my pantheon... XD XP]
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 05:25 (I still have to draw the Chroniclers)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:26 [If there are two really minor characters I really wish I could bring into these RPs more, it's Vitar and Char. I have ideas as to how I'll bring Char into the story at least a little bit, but those ideas contain spoilers, sooo...]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:27 [I'm not talking about bringing him into this arc BTW. My ideas actually are set pretty darn far in the future--e.g. the post-Solvig-arc era.]
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 05:27 (Simply put, Armis is a demon with a sword. There is an ancient with a demon sword. History on that later)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:28 [I will say that my ideas mostly concern Amadeus. If we ever do an RP set exclusively in the post-Solvig-arc times, Amadeus will most certainly eventually enter the picture, and so will Char.]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.9 05:28 Im not gonna do anything stupid Im just not going to be as super cautious as I used to be
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 05:28 Pierce: Okay.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:28 *is still uncomfortable and concerned for Aidan's safety, but she looks perfectly calm*
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 05:29 (Kaliste says nothing about Pandemonium offering that ice cream to Aidan xD)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:30 [Well I was going to have her ask if there's alcohol, but I asked a friend if there's such a thing as ice cream with alcohol in it and he said no... XP]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:31 [I'm skeptical of what my friend said, so what the h**l, I'll have her ask.] *@ Pandemonium* Is there alcohol in that?
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 05:31 (Bruh this is fantasy)
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 05:32 Sometimes
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:34 [Yeah. XD]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:35 *clearly isn't so fond of that answer* Aidan, don't.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 05:35 (Alcohol doesn't freeze well, if I recall correctly.)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:36 [True. But there are a butt-ton of other mystery things that could be in it, and again...freakin' magic solves everything. XD XP]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 05:36 He can have some if he wants. Who is it gonna hurt?
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:36 Just because he can eat it doesn't mean it's safe for you.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:37 *said that to Aidan*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.9 05:38 *eats some of his own ice cream, thinking of what to say*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.9 05:39 ["Your Not my Mom you cant tell me what to do" and many more Fun saying for kids!]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.9 05:39 [A book by Sara]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:41 [XD]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 05:42 Would I do anything to harm my partner in crime? Figuratively speaking, of course. *takes a bite of ice cream*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:42 [If he said that Kaliste would legitimately be hurt BTW...he's lived with her and Saxon for years now, she probably loves him quite a lot.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:44 *doesn't answer him*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.9 05:44 What does it taste like? *Pandemonium: Exactly how you would imagine it'd taste.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.9 05:44 [Tbh tho someone living with you and Acting like they are your mom Or Dad is Very frustrating and annoying I.E D.J]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:44 *glances at Kieron**is sort of trying to quietly ask him what she's supposed to make of this or what they're going to do*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:46 [Well she is kind of like a stepmom to him. XD XP If she's not supposed to be a mother figure of sorts to him, how the heck is she supposed to act?]
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 05:47 *isn't really paying attention. He's just pushing an empty shot glass around the table*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:47 [I'd be extremely annoyed if someone close to my age tried acting like a parent to me, but Kaliste is both far older than Aidan and married to his dad, sooo...]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 05:48 *continues cooking* So Raina do you mind if I ask, Why dosent Aidan live with you?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.9 05:49 [even if they are 20+ years older then you its Frustrating AF My older cousin lives with us He acts like hes our dad and its infuriating ]
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 05:52 I.. *sighs* I want to keep seeing him, but I'm honestly afraid that something will happen to him because of me. It's irrational, I know. I also believe he'd be happier living where he can see the world like I once wanted.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 05:53 *nods a bit* your a...a good mom
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.9 05:55 *takes a small spoonful of Pandemonium's ice cream and smells it curiously*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:57 [Huh...well, I guess with a cousin it'd be different, but again, Kaliste is technically Aidan's stepmom.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 05:58 *shakes her head at Aidan*
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 05:58 I do worry for him. Urmukmans usually fall under the "light" side of the celestial system, but Saxon is on the "dark" side. I don't know what that will mean for Aidan... History doesn't work in our favor in terms of magic..
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 06:00 [its the same principal you wouldnt understand]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 06:01 its not about the magic its about how they are raised
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.9 06:01 Pandemonium: Go on. *Aidan: *eats the ice cream* ... That's really good. Kaliste, you should try this.
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 06:02 There's a very good reason why light and dark is called "chaos".
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 06:04 I've been hearing about his attitude recently.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 06:05 No thanks.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 06:07 I told you it was good. Kaliste, you really need to lighten up a little. Get whatever you'd like, put it on my tab.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 06:08 Really, I'm fine.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 06:10 *finishes his ice cream pretty quick* I don't hold any grudges against you, in case you're the slightest bit curious.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 06:10 you know...most kids grow up in towns there whole life its not bad...whats bad is being cooped up in 1 building or room
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 06:10 You only killed my older brother.
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 06:12 I won't make him stay where he doesn't want to. He's a lot like his dad and knowing that, he needs a lot of freedom.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 06:17 *instantly becomes a bit tense**doesn't look at him* Armis killed your brother.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 06:19 Nonsense. He delivered the blow, but we both know he died for you. By proxy, you killed him.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 06:21 He made a choice. He could've not done anything and still be here today.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 06:22 I wish I could give Joy that choice...shes stuck and its my own fault
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 06:26 Exactly. He wouldn't have made that choice if it wasn't you. *taps on the counter, the bartender fills a shot glass and slides it over to him* As I said, I hold no grudges.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 06:27 [Oh my god...I just found a Markiplier video where Mark is acting just like teenage Nycro and I cannot stop laughing...]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 06:28 [9:55-11:02 is teenage Nycro behavior in a nutshell: https://youtu.be/TlvenUPlXg8 ]
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 06:29 I heard Aidan complaining about this awhile back. He's really independent.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 06:30 If you think I wanted him dead you're entirely wrong.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 06:31 *chuckles* His death was at some point a desire, even if for a very short amount of time. *drinks the shot* A lot of people wanted him dead, anyway.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 06:33 [11:12-11:33: Markiplier Emulates Teenage Nycro Part 2. XD]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 06:34 yeah
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 06:36 [And part 3 is 12:10-12:29. XD]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 06:38 (Ah, cool the races are over)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 06:38 [Oh, and Pandemonium's entirely right. There were times in her life when she wanted to kill him.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 06:38 What is it you want from us?
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 06:39 *she doesn't sound spiteful**most of her words throughout this whole thing have simply sounded calm and firm*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 06:41 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.9 06:51 [Markiplier=young Nycro part 4 is 20:08-20:52 part of the video I sent. XD Particularly the first few seconds where he's thrusting his head forward qualify. Anyways, bye!]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 07:17 What do you mean "us"?
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 07:22 *leans over to Aidan and speaks quietly* So who's this "Joy" you so want to protect? Aren't you a little young for a girlfriend?
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.9 07:22 *says back quietly* Joy is my sister. Adopted sister.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.9 07:26 I see. *smiles* Maybe we can help each other achieve our goals?
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 04:16 [I'm on!]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.10 04:17 (Eyy)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 04:17 Then what is it you want from Aidan?
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 04:18 [*gets instant flashback to that doodle of Mayhem saying "eyyy" to Aedona*]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 04:19 [...Oh god...what if Aedona was in a V-neck when Mayhem approached her like that...NO BRAIN STAHP AUGH]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.10 04:21 I don't necessarily want anything from him. I originally intended to leave with just my dear nephew, but... I'm having second thoughts.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 04:21 [If there's a promise I shall forever keep, it's that V-neck Aedona will never ever be a thing. XD]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 04:23 [Unless you guys make it a thing, in which case I will never forgive you.]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.10 04:24 (It cannot be nearly as bad as my Grease drawing)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 04:26 [Your Grease drawing?]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 04:26 [God dang it, now I'm curious. XD]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.10 04:26 (Nope I made a promise)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 04:31 [XD OK then.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 04:37 Aidan will have to go home soon...otherwise the rest of the family will be worried.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.10 04:48 (So everyone in the house is watching markiplier. Hold on)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 04:49 [Yay! XD Which video?]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.10 04:53 (Try not to laugh)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 04:54 [Ah, okay. How is your family faring?]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.10 05:01 They'll be alright. What do ya say, Aidan? Adventures with your old friend Litho?
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.10 05:02 (Well I just found out that my sister watches Markiplier)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 05:05 [Yay. XD]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 05:05 [It's really stormy tonight BTW. If I disappear, it's going to be because my Internet connection will have been knocked out.]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.10 05:12 That sounds really fun, but what about school?
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 05:15 Yes, and in addition, he's a stranger. I don't mean to be rude, but anything more than this would be a bit much.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.10 05:18 [hi]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.10 05:20 I'm no stranger.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 05:22 [Hey!]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 05:23 We might not be strangers to you, but you are a stranger to us, even counting the dream.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.10 05:28 Nah, I'm only a stranger to you.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 05:30 Nevertheless...I am one of his guardians and this is something that takes time.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.10 05:31 And what if I decide I wanna take him along on some adventures?
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 05:39 Then I would think you're being a bit too hasty.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.10 05:44 Oh? How so? "I don't even know this kid?" "My type shouldn't be around kids?" That may be true, but I don't care. I like kids. Sometimes. Malaucay cannot stand most kids under a certain age. Oh, jeez, I'm rambling. *laughs*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 05:56 [Sorry for the slow replies. I have an exam tomorrow and I've been studying.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 06:03 *doesn't reply**just looks at Aidan with concern and glances at Kieron again*
3>Kieron (Demigod), ?yo.2019,Jun.10 06:07 We should be getting back to Earth soon. Saxon is supposed to be meeting us at the park for lunch.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.10 06:10 Oh, how interesting. Yes, let's go back to Earth. *picks up Aidan again and teleports them all back to the playground*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 06:15 *is still very uneasy*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.10 06:22 *sits on a swing next to Aidan* You should really come visit my home planet. I just cleaned the place up, it looks amazing again. Well, most of it. There was an.. *coughs* incident, which I am going to deal with eventually. Anyway, I think you'd like it
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.10 06:23 there.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.10 06:26 What's your home like? *Pandemonium: It's called Auceaster, but many dub it 'the Golden City'.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.10 06:27 As for what it's like... I'd say it's a pretty fun place to be, or at least it is when there are people there.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 06:27 [Who is he talking to? I was going to respond with Kaliste but then realized that it might look stupid if he wasn't addressing her.]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.10 06:28 (He's talking to Aidan)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 06:29 [Nvm, since Aidan replied I'm guessing he was speaking to Aidan.] *remembers the little bit she read about Auceaster in Mayhem's book**for the first time, alarm shows in her eyes, albeit for only a split second*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 06:30 [Both of my last two posts were made before I saw many of your replies. My Internet's getting slow. XP]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.10 06:35 Would we be able to get back here before lunch if we left now? *Pandemonium: We could, but it's easy to lose track of time over there.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.10 06:40 [Btw Raeanna I texted you on FB]
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.10 06:43 (The timing just seems off. It seems unlikely that both of these events would happen at the same time.)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 06:44 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.10 06:45 [Alright Come get me when I can rp again]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 06:47 Aidan, no.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 06:48 Don't go there...that's not a good place. [How much longer will this last? I don't really want Caprial to be left out... :P Anyways, bye!]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 06:49  Secret message to Kieron  
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.10 06:49  Secret message to Kieron  
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.10 06:51 {I have something planed that I can do with just my characters but apparently "The timing isnt right" so Just let me Know when I Can rp again and Thats when I will come back on ]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.10 16:59 What are you talking about? Auceaster is an amazing place! How rude of you! Aidan, let's go, I'll show you that the place isn't bad.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.10 16:59 But Kaliste said-
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.10 17:07 Kaliste isn't your mom. You don't need her, nor are you required to listen to listen to her. She's never even been to Auceaster.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.10 20:41 (Go ahead and start whatever)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 01:25 I've read about it though. And I know enough to say it's a place that an innocent child should never ever be taken to.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 01:26 Value is subjective. It may be amazing for a Viscount, but it's most likely h**l for a child.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.11 01:28 You know nothing of that place.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.11 01:34 Auceaster can be whatever I make of it. It's not for you to judge what the place is like.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 01:35 But it is my duty to protect my kid.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.11 01:35 *scoffs* You have no blood-relation to this one.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 01:36 It doesn't matter if I'm not his biological mother. The best friend I ever had was the man I call my father, and I wasn't biologically related to him in any way.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 01:37 Please...don't take him to Auceaster. *for the first time, genuine fear registers in her eyes**even Aidan can probably see it*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 01:39 [gtg! *offline* See you later!]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.11 01:41 *smiles* If I didn't expect that from you, I'd get some satisfaction out of seeing you afraid. *Aidan: Litho, stop. *Pandemonium: *inhales and casts a light spell on Aidan, putting him to sleep*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.11 01:42 *catches Aidan before he falls off the swing*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.11 03:39 (You will have to go to Hangouts for my next couple drawings.)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 04:07 [OK.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 04:14 Please.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 04:21 [I'll brb and reboot so I can use Hangouts...]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 04:22 [Sorry about the slow replies BTW. I just watched the Best of Bob and Wade compilation Markiplier posted and I can't breathe... X'D]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.11 04:54 *smiles a little wider but says nothing*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 04:55 He's just a kid. What do you want with him?
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.11 04:57 Eh, not much, really. Well see what I have in mind as time goes by. Call me spiteful.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.11 04:58 *later that night she quietly starts packing a few things into a backpack her mom gave her*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 05:05 [Hey! Want to join the call? ^.^ I have an idea I want to share with you.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 05:05 You said you had no grudges.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.11 05:06 Doesn't mean I can't be spiteful.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 05:06 If this is designed to hurt me or others, leave him alone.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 05:07 You can come after me all you want, just keep the children out of this.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.11 05:09 I really don't care about you. I wouldn't hurt you for any grudge, I'd hurt you because it's fun to.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.11 05:16 *The next morning after breakfast she walks off heading twards the barrier*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 05:16 Please...let Aidan go. I am more than willing to trade places with him.
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.11 05:17 Pierce: *is waiting by the barrier already*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.11 05:19 I think not
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.11 05:20 *gets to the barrier a while later* Oh hi Pierce
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 05:21 ...Why?
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.11 05:24 Don't really feel like it. With my brother gone I feel like I can be a little... Rebellious.
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.11 05:25 Pierce: I still think this is a bad idea.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.11 05:29 whats the worse that can happen?
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.11 05:32 Pierce: Quite a lot, actually.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.11 05:35 I will be safe bye! tell my mom Im ok if she worries which she will beacause she dosent know im doing this
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.11 05:46 *walks out of the barrier and keeps walking*
20>Raina (Human), ?yo.2019,Jun.11 05:46 Pierce: Alright.. There's no stopping you.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.11 05:48 *about 20 minutes later she appears near Joy*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.11 05:51 *sees Katrin and backs up Quickly* You...You stay away from me!
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 05:52 Is this really worth it?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.11 05:53 Why? I mean no harm...I think.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.11 05:54 Beacause Im busy and...and Im doing this on my own
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.11 05:55 Sure it is. Anything is worth it if I feel it is.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.11 05:57 What did she tell you about me?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.11 05:59 I...I dont want any trouble...I...I...Im going *starts walking off quickly*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.11 06:00 I don't think so. *doesn't move to stop her, but she has sealed off the area with magic*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.11 06:03 *bumps into the magical barrier and starts panicking* No...No...Stop..Please...Let me go!
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.11 06:04 Are you going to answer my question?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.11 06:07 she didnt tell me anything about you she dosent like talking about you
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 06:08 *just looks at him*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.11 06:12 Then what's the fuss?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.11 06:13 I'm practically your stepmother. I don't see what this behavior is about.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.11 06:14 *smiles* Oh wait. I forgot. The little [BLEEP] you call your mother tore my psyche to pieces in a matter of seconds. Whoopsies. *stops smiling* I'm not sure if I qualify as your stepmother anymore.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.11 06:16 I...I met you for like a day...and I...I am not my mother...Please let me leave!
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.11 06:17 *smirks*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.11 06:19 Oh sure, you can leave. Let's go to the Yinyang Universe, shall we?
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.11 06:20 *shakes her head scared* no...no
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.11 06:22 Oh, but Yinyang's a wonderful place. It's quite safer than Irakurri, especially when you have someone like me to escort you. *tessers away with Joy*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.11 06:24 *starts panicking and freaking out* NO! NO! Send me back!! Send me back!!
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.11 06:25 I don't think so.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 06:26 *breathes slowly and deeply, thinking extremely quickly*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 06:26 *a fraction of a second later she and Aidan are gone*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.11 06:27 *starts crying* Why are you doing this?! I didnt do anything to you!
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 06:28 *has gone to a Panthean cathedral**gets a horrifying sense of deja vu as she sits on her kneels before an altar of Lior, holding Aidan close and praying desperately for her to come and help*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.11 06:30 I hope you adjust to new places fast. I won't be this patient with you for long.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.11 06:32 Send..Send me back right now!
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.11 06:33 *sighs and teleports Kieron to Auceaster and tracks down Kaliste. Stands outside the Cathedral* Nice. Very nice... Not quite as grand as my cathedral, but still nice.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.11 06:33 No.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.11 06:35 Why are you being so mean?!
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.11 06:38 Oh, don't worry, my anger isn't directed at you. *smiles coldly*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 06:38 *hugs Aidan tightly, praying as hard as she can*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.11 06:39 *glares at Katrin things for a second then stomps on Katrins food as hard as she can*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.11 06:39 *foot
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.11 06:39 *goes inside the cathedral and follows Kaliste's scent, calling out as he does so* There's no use in hiding, Aedona. I always find my prey.
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.11 06:39 Send me Back!
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.11 06:39 Oof, that tickles.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.11 06:41 Tethys should keep you good company for now. I have things to do, though. I'll be right back, don't worry.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.11 06:42 *tessers away*
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.11 06:42 *Telaports behind Joy* Oh...Oh...you are bein quite mean...She small Joy dosent belong to you oh no no no...
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.11 06:42 [Nvm..]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 06:43 [Nvm her leaving.]
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.11 06:43 [nvm the nvm]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 06:44 *her instincts are screaming at her to tesser again or at least run, but she forces herself to stay put, knowing that Lior has better chances of hearing her and coming if Kaliste stays where she is*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.11 06:44 *jumps and backs up Quickly* W...Who are you?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.11 06:45 Better question...how the h**l did you get in here? *looks p***ed*
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.11 06:46 Ethan...Joy...no you...you are called Joy but you like your numbers Yes 073056 Is what you like to be called mmmhmm *nods and smiles and then looks at Katrin*
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.11 06:47 *points to Joy* Thats mine. Im taking it...ooh I need to fix it first turn off the cooking.... look *snaps his fingers and Joy drops dead on the floor*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.11 06:47 This is my house and you are uninvited. You are obligated to answer my questions.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.11 06:47 *creates two magical rings around his wrist as he rounds the corner. Uses said magic to pull Aidan over to him* Found you!
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.11 06:48 *raises her eyebrows when Joy drops dead* ...
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.11 06:48 Good...good She can sleep if you wanna talk we can talk while she resets she goes a long long time I had to hit her stop button so she can go go go...
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.11 06:49 mmmmmhmm Your house but *points to Joy* My property I came to her to collect her...Job...Small girls have jobs to do...more important then your revenge yes..
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 06:49 *is holding onto Aidan so she winds up dragged along with him*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 06:49 Leave us alone!
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.11 06:50 What sort of job?
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.11 06:51 *grabs Kaliste as soon as she's close enough to him* You really should let him go.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 06:52 I'm perfectly willing to if you leave him be.
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.11 06:52 she...she has to make the Bloom Blossom!...important job the Flower withered and the bud needs to blossom Joy needs to do that Its her job to care for it...the other ones failed...failed so bad...
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 06:53 Please...there's no reason for this...leave him alone...
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.11 06:53 this time I guide her I will guide her to do it right...right and fix the broken flower...poor broken flower she wasnt sapposed to be broken like this...so we restart yes..
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.11 06:54 What kind of flower is this? Perhaps I could be of service to you. I have experience in agriculture...among other things...
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.11 06:55 Wrong answer. *breaks Kaliste's hand to get her away from Aidan*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.11 06:55 I'll break the other if I have to.
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.11 06:56 *laughs* No! No no! Its not a plant oh silly little tiny God...so little power cute little god...you have to purpous a Purposeless god no wonder you are so grumpy grumpy
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 06:56 *cries out in pain for a split second but stifles it*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 06:57 *continues holding onto Aidan with her good arm despite his threat*
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.11 06:57 do not break my things...altho one of my things already broke you....she...shes a defective thing failed her Job...Which is why the little one will be guided
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.11 06:57 Excuse you?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.11 06:57 [Katrin said "Excuse you," not Kaliste.]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.11 06:58 I have a purpose. And that purpose might just include punting your big-mouthed [BLEEP] outta here if you continue having that kind of tone.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.11 06:58 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.11 06:59 Im a big big big God I look small I picked small body not to scare the child SHH shes sleeping.....Im poerful god you cant smell this tho you Cant no no no tiny gods cant smell my magic...special magic secret magic SHHH....dont tell
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.11 07:03 Im so so so big that tiny god magic wont even scratch or bruise...big...big...big God...I usually stay...stay...stay in Hadau were most of my..my things are but I lost 3 things....3....2 broke small child is 3 little damaged I think I can fix it yes!...
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.11 07:06 *breaks her other arm and drags Aidan behind him. Smiles triumphantly, then his gaze softens considerably as he pulls Kaliste closer* It really is a shame to have to do this to one as pretty as you.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 00:50 Hadau? Haven't heard of it...what sort of place is this Hadau?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 00:52 Also, geezums...might wanna tone that ego down slightly big boy. Even I don't shove my "bigness" in other people's faces unless their faces are already in the ground.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 00:55 *didn't cry out when her other arm was broken**breathes heavily in her efforts to hide her pain, though the pain shows in her eyes*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.12 00:57 *chuckles* You really are like her... Malaucay was right.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 00:58 *is taken aback by the last thing he said, so again she just looks at him without responding*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 00:59 [I posted that before seeing your next post, so I really meant "the thing before the last thing he said." BTW, hi!]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.12 01:00 (Okay. Also hi.)
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.12 01:03 (So that post came before mentioning Malaucay?)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 01:03 *is confused*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 01:03 [Yeah.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 01:04 [Kaliste is basically internally like "WT*?" right now, among other things...she's still terrified for Aidan, and she's just trying to buy time in hopes that Lior will arrive to save them. But a civil war among the Panthean gods is brewing, so Lior is
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 01:04 rather busy at the moment...]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 01:05 [Also I think I'll say it's evening or something outside. Lior doesn't hear prayers as well/as quickly when it's not daytime.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 01:06 [Oh, and fun fact: Panthea's landmass is simply a single continent in the northern hemisphere. This is why all parts of the planet experience seasons in the same way.]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.12 01:07 Elder brother once told me he'd found someone I had cared for, or at least thought I cared for, in my youth. You are a lot like her, even to the point where I'm the cause of death.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 01:07  Secret message to Pandemonium  
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.12 01:08 *something flashes in his eyes for a few seconds*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 01:09 [BTW, I'm not sure how he's holding her/pulling her around. Is it just magic?]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 01:10 *her eyes widen a bit**tries to push herself away from him*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.12 01:10 (He's actually got a grip on her)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 01:11 [OK.]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.12 01:15 It's no use trying to escape. You don't have the strength. I will admit that I was stringing you along, trying to get you to make some kind of move.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 01:15 *tries to break free*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 01:16 [Again posted that before seeing your reply.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 01:17 [BTW, her attempts to escape would be much more substantial if it wasn't for Aidan. For Aidan's sake, she doesn't want to risk making a move that might p*** him off.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 01:20 *still wriggles a bit, though not nearly as hard as before because she knows it's no use* ...Why are you doing this?
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.12 01:26 I guess I do owe you SOMETHING for taking your kid away... I don't have to kill you, I just want to. It's the beginning of a grander plan, one which I am choosing to be a pawn to. For now. So, Kaliste, how would you like this to end?
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 01:28 I...I don't want this to end, I'm...not ready...
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.12 01:35 *brushes her hair behind her ear, speaking softly* No one ever is.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 01:38 *flinches, jerking her head away from his hand a little*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.12 01:40 (Brb)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 01:40 [OK.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 01:46 [Annnd I gtg. See you later!]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.12 01:51 I don't mean to make you uncomfortable. I just want you to know.. I'm not killing you out of anger.
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.12 02:01 No no no Not shoving warning Im big big big If you blast me shwoosh! I suckk It all up I consume I cant stop it and then you turn human gods get sad when they become human
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.12 04:12 [Replies will be slow from me and Raeanna wont be on tonight]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 04:17 [OK. Replies will be slow here too; I'm doing physics homework.]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.12 04:18 (It all depends, really. I might respond now and then)
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 04:20 So you're a magic black hole?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 04:20 [Okie dokie.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 04:21 Then what are you killing me for?
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 04:21 *sounds a bit bitter at this point*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 04:23 Interesting...not like you'd turn me mortal if I blasted your big boy butt since you clearly have no idea how my magic works, but interesting.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.12 04:23 (Well xbox didn't work out)
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 04:25 [I have a general idea of how zauber works BTW. If what Ethan said meant what I think it meant, then the results of blasting him would be nasty but would be different.]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 04:25 *the results of a Panthean god blasting
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 04:26 [A Panthean god who blasted him wouldn't have their godhood su cked out of them, but they would probably wind up dead.]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 04:27 [Obviously they'd instantly reincarnate in the Panthean spiritual plane, but considering that it takes time for them to get their memories back, this would be extremely inconvenient--if not outright really bad--for some gods.]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 04:28 [I ought to explain in more detail how zauber works...it's going to get a bit important to the plot later on...]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 04:31 [*turns on some Mozart on Youtube and suppresses a scream of agony when an ad blasts in my ears at full volume*]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 04:32 [[BLEEP] YOU GOOGLE]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 04:37 What's your name?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 04:38 I ought to at least know who my uninvited guest is, hm?
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.12 04:41 Various reasons. It's been awhile since I've killed anyone.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 04:55 If you owe me, then all I want is to know why this is happening.
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.12 05:06 My name is secret Shh! Musnt tell...but this body body is named Ethan..
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.12 05:08 And yes youd be mortal i shhhhuck all magic thrn fix you mortal so you dpnt die yes...im nice god
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.12 05:08 So dont blast i dont wanna take all you power
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 05:10 Excusez-moi?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 05:11 Buddy...if something ever happened involving your su cky qualities, lemme just tell ya, we'd both be better off if you let me die.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 05:11 Other gods might say otherwise, but with me there's an exception. *grins*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 05:12 I've gotta lotta enemies...don't really want to end up on the mortal side of things, do I? *chuckles*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 05:15 Not that death would be a very good thing, but I think I'd take that over being demoted.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 05:16 Now...what is it you want with Joy again exactly?
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.12 05:16 Oh if you moral My creation wilk take care of you maybe
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.12 05:17 Oh Joy...Joy young child Joy is mine
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.12 05:18 My thing I have 3
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 05:19 I can take perfectly good care of myself, thank you very much...so long as I'm immortal, that is.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 05:20 What do you mean by "things?"
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.12 05:21 My things I made them Joy is 1 im in charge of making the Special Special things...Shhh secret job...
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 05:23 Oh, I won't tell. *grins*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 05:23 And who is your...employer?
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.12 05:25 *laughs* on no no no I need to go Chikd will wake up soon *gently picks up Joys Body*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 05:26 I think I'll come with you.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 05:27 I am currently in charge of the kid. I just want to make sure she stays safe.
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.12 05:27 [Raeanna and I are gonna be gone the rest of the night]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 05:33 [Aw, okay. See you!]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.12 06:06 (You still around?)
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.12 06:10 Wish I could tell you exactly why.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.12 06:35 [Yep, kinda.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 06:40 Then tell me.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.12 06:44 I can only tell you my biggest reason for killing you. You remind me of the one human I distinctly remember. For the sake of my health and yours, it's best I end you here.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 06:48 I don't see the point...there are plenty of women who resemble me, and Pantheans reincarnate...
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 06:50 [gtg soon.]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.12 06:54 You look nothing like her. It's your soul. That soul of yours is what Malaucay and I find absolutely stunning.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 07:01 What...?
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.12 07:01 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.12 15:55 You should know by now that Irakurrians care an awful lot about souls. Yours is... *sighs*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.12 16:08 It's strong, yet delicate, both at the same time, much like a rose, protected by its thorns.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.13 04:18 [*screams in agony because my physics teacher just doubled the number of homework problems I need to do this week*]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.13 04:20 [I also have a fantastical image of Amadeus and Char in my head. It's really cheeky and really says something about them...I wish I had the time to draw it.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.13 04:24 [If I did a speedpaint of me drawing that I would most certainly choose the overture for Don Giovanni as the background music--that music is perfect for them. For now all I'll say is that the image I have in my head of quite reminiscent of this Deadpool
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.13 04:24 parody poster: https://am21.akamaized.net/tms/cnt/uploads/2017/04/deadpoolguns.jpg The image of Amadeus and Char in my head is not as silly, but it has a similar feel.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.13 04:25 [In the meantime... *fends off madness as I confront yet another physics problem*]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.13 04:26 *in my head is quite reminiscent
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.13 04:27 (Urban dictionary is killing my faith in everything)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.13 04:29 [XD Pro tip: when looking up the definition of something, avoid the urban dictionary definition, otherwise you will be mind-effed.]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.13 04:30 (I always avoid it for official definitions, but the comments section of youtube got me confused and curious)
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.13 04:30 (And now this song is no longer listed for Mayhem-)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.13 04:30 [I also will add that I am partially grateful my next project is the Eira drawing instead of the Amadeus-Char image because drawing the giant crowd of enemies surrounding them would be the biggest pain in my butt I could ever experience.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.13 04:31 [XD Not sure if I wanna ask what happened...]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.13 04:32 [After all, I kind of have a love-hate relationship with Youtube comment sections...they're often either the funniest places on Earth or the most horrifying places on Earth, with very little room for anything in between...]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.13 04:34 [Anyyyways...RPing...lemme see...I'm running out of ideas for what Kaliste can say...]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.13 04:35 (Btw my first ever prototype sketch of a wing for Pandemonium is on Hangouts. I only sketched and colored one wing because I was tired)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.13 04:36 [XD I should not be listening to the Don Giovanni overture during this scene...it's one of several pieces that really revvs me up and makes me want to RP as someone cunning and fiendish...]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.13 04:36 [Okie dokie. I can't really talk on there right now, so I'll just sign in and look at it. I can talk once I get some of this homework out of the way, though.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.13 04:37 [I recently came up with ideas for stories involving Amadeus...they'd take place WAYYYY the heck in the future though--e.g. 20+ years after the Solvig stuff goes down.]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.13 04:38 (I shouldnt talk I'm at the park during cherry fest)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.13 04:40 [Okie dokie.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.13 05:07 Again...what's the point?
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.13 05:08 Death may end this iteration of me, but I'll still be around. I'd have a different set of memories, but life on Panthea never truly ends.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.13 05:09 So I'll kill you again. Eventually.
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.13 05:12 No you scare the chuld you upset her you may not come with No...not now never...*Telaports off To his hone Katrin is unable to fallow or track him even a little bit*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.13 05:13 What's the point if you can't get rid of me?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.13 05:14 *tries tracing him for a solid hour**then goes out and starts planet-hopping, going to various data centers and whatnot in search of anything that sounds like Ethan* [Lemme guess...she won't find squat?]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.13 05:16 What's the point? I can always get the satisfaction of seeing you afraid and in pain. *sends Aidan back to the playground* Now, as I said, how shall we end this?
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.13 05:28 I... *trails off, deciding not to go for what she was about to ask*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.13 05:29 *wonders desperately where Lior is*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.13 05:36 Oh? What did you have to say?
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.13 05:36 What do you ask of me in your final moments?
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.13 05:39 No...it's not a good idea...
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.13 05:39 Well I'd tell you if I could or couldn't fulfill the request
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.13 05:50 I don't want it...I...
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.13 06:01 *appears in a powerful blast of yellowish energy directly in between Pandemonium and Kaliste**the energy is designed to drive them apart (without dealing too much damage to Kaliste)*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.13 06:13 *looks a bit distant. Cups Kaliste's cheek, lightly brushing her face with his thumb* Shh... It'll all be over soon. I think I know what kind of death you are deserving of now..
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.13 06:13 *did/said that before Lior interfered*
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.13 06:21 *is in her armor**a bit of her blood can be seen on her clothes*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.13 06:23 *shakes his head slightly, taking a deep breath*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.13 06:24 *falls back, suppressing a scream of pain from her broken bones*
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.13 06:25 *is exhausted**tries to tesser to Kaliste as quickly as she can and get her out of here*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.13 06:32 Would you mind not interrupting me? I was just getting to the good part. *pulls Kaliste back toward him with the spell he'd used to bring Aidan to him*
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.13 06:36 *tessers in between them again, this time to intercept, grab, and escape with Kaliste while she's being magically dragged towards him*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.13 06:39 (I might have to save this for tomorrow. I gotta wake up really early tomorrow)
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.13 06:40 [OK.]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.13 06:41 (Holdo n)
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.13 06:42 (How close would you say Kaliste is to Pandemonium)
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.13 06:47 [I would say the blast made it so that there was a distance of about 30 feet between them. Since Lior's next tesser was not instantaneous, I imagine that Kaliste wound up being about 20 feet away when Lior tessered again.]
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.13 06:49 [Lior probably anticipated where Kaliste would be and tessered about 15 feet away from him/5 feet away from the position Kaliste was about to be dragged to.]
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.13 06:50 [yup nothin]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.13 06:52 [Okie dokie.]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.13 06:52 *heads back home and sits down in front of her favorite window, very deep in thought*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.13 06:55 *sighs, then smiles again* You'll wish you'd not done this. *summons his fauchard in his right hand while he pushes Lior aside just enough for a target with his left, then launches the weapon like a spear at Kaliste*
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.13 06:57 *tries to stop the fauchard with her magic*
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.13 07:00 *well, it's more like she's trying to blast it off course*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.13 07:01 *the blade sparks as it absorbs the magic and continues on its path*
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.13 07:04 *realizes what just happened and tessers in front of Kaliste, hoping her armor will be enough to protect Kaliste*
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.13 07:14 *crumples to the ground in pain once the blade enters her body*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.13 07:15 *a few hours later she slowly starts breathing again*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.13 07:16 Mom!! *bends down, reaching out to take her hand*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.13 07:17 *teleports to Kaliste, glancing at Lior* You'd better not take that weapon with you. I'd REALLY show your planet what I'm capable of, then. *picks up Kaliste*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.13 07:18 Where was I?
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.13 07:19 *is just stuck lying there**doesn't have the strength to pull the blade out**silently cries, weakly coughing up blood*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.13 07:20 *vehemently tries to resist his grip*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.13 07:24 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.13 18:29 (I do have a dilemma stated on the other rp)
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 04:15 (So I'll be late. I gotta ride the Starship 2000 20 times in a row)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 04:19 [...Why? XD]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 04:27 [Anyways, I'm here!]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 04:28 (Because I wanna break my record of 15)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 04:36 [XD Because you're insane, that's why.]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 04:39 (SOMEONE RODE THIS THING 67 TIMES IN A ROW)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 04:40 [...And proceeded to die of dysentery.]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 04:48 (We were told we could come back tomorrow so hoping the operator wasn't lying to us, we are going to come break the record tomorrow)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 04:57 [Oh boy... XD XP Good luck and be careful/stay safe. I haven't ridden anything like that, but I know that it's similar to the Rotor, and I have friends who've told me things that amount to Rotor horror stories. XD XP I know the Starship 2000/Gravitron is
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 04:58 a more modern ride, so it should be safer, but still, be careful.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 05:00 [I'm curious now...does it tilt?]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 05:04 (No it just spins. Really really fast. Centrifugal force makes it feel like you aren't facing upright)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 05:11 [Ah, okay. I've heard stories of these things of rides that spin AND tilt...not a fun combo. XD]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 05:11 *these kinds of rides
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 05:20 (I'll be on in a few)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 05:20 [Okay.]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 05:27 Let's try this again, shall we? *the red ring on his wrist shifts away from the pink as he, in a surprisingly gentle manner, holds her head still so he can look deep into her eyes*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 05:27 *the spell he casts takes effect immediately, making it considerably harder to move* You really are something. I just wanna... I gotta... *hesitates for just a moment, then leans in and kisses her*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 05:38 *is too shocked to really respond*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 05:40 (I sent a meme to hangouts)
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 05:41 *starts feeling rather sick*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 05:42 [I saw.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 05:52 *though she can't make any big movements, she is shaking a little all over*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 06:09 *backs off after several seconds. His voice is almost a whisper* Goodbye. *the rings combine into a single dark square* Fifth configuration: Wither. The paralysis should numb much of the pain. *lays her on the ground, but props her head up on his knee*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 06:09 *once some of her initial shock subsides she makes effort to jerk her head away again, though the spell probably makes this nigh impossible*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 06:09 [That was before your last post.]
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.14 06:14 *slowly wakes up but her chest is aching alot she groans a bit as she sits up*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 06:15 [Hi!]
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.14 06:16 Hello you can call me Ethan sorry for the crazy antics back there with Katrin, i litterally go crazy when Im not in my home universe wich we are in now on my planet
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 06:16 *her expression is a mixture of hurt, humiliation, and fear*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.14 06:17 I...I dont like this...I...I wanna go home
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 06:18 *holds silence for awhile* I'll take care of your boy.
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.14 06:19 Technically in a weird way you are home this is the Hadau were you, your mother and many others are from you mom wouldnt have told you tho since she dosent know herself
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.14 06:20 Y...Your lying J...Just send me home to my mom!
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.14 06:23 Your mother and her twin sister were made to Help emotionally protect 2 beings C.J and Alfie but somehow they got separated the twin ended up in another universe and your mom ended up on another planet and it was a mess...while they did eventually find
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.14 06:25 each other the damage was mostly done...so I made you For now this time to deal with Bloom who has been hurt excessively, unlike your mothers job to try to prevent emotional harm your job is to help Bloom learn to live with her emotional pain and move on
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 06:26 *the fear in her expression increases markedly**tears are in her eyes*
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.14 06:26 and properly porcess it...I made you with curiosity and Love and compasion and an eye for beauty to help her. That is why you were made to help her. and unlike last time with your mom im not leaving it to chance
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.14 06:29 and an...understanding from your past experience so you van empathize with her on some level
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.14 06:30 *starts tearing up* No!....No just send me home! Please I dont wanna do this I just wanna go home!
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 06:30 Give him back...
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 06:31 M...maybe I deserve this...but...he didn't do anything wrong...
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 06:32 *her voice is very quiet**can't hold back her tears anymore*
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.14 06:32 When Bloom is better and healthy enough to re join her real family then you may go home Ok? that is my terms and no amount of crying or whining will change my mind this is your bedroom there isnt a bed in it since you dont like those I am closing and
17>Ethan (Human?), 28yo.2019,Jun.14 06:34 locking this door so you can sleep and think and Tomarrow I will show you Blooms home this is her home but I supervise like a caregiver and this is your room you will also meet her tomarrow goodnight *Walks out of the room shuts and locks the door*
1>073056 (human), 15yo.2019,Jun.14 06:34 *curls up and starts crying*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 06:35 *its getting late and she is starting to Worry* Raina...Have you seen joy around...she is usually home by now
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.14 06:47 *is still thinking**has made it so that Sara has access to her house again**figures Sara will arrive any minute now*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.14 06:48 *only gets up to help herself to a drink and then sit down again in her comfy chair in front of her favorite window*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 06:49 *spend a few hours looking for Joy and then trys to track her and her last location is registered at Katrins house so she telaports over there* Were is she?!
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.14 06:51 I dunno. I was hoping you could tell me.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.14 06:51 Your reaction time's gotten much worse by the way.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 06:53 usually she is out with her friends I thought that is were she was And he location Is tracked to here!
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.14 06:56 Yes...that's because after an hour had gone past the time I expected you to be here, I made her location traceable.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.14 06:57 As for where she is now, I haven't a clue. *sips on her drink**this is most definitely not her first drink at all*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.14 06:58 Some looney showed up at my house...god knows how the h**l he got past my magic...claimed he "owned" her and you and took her away because I was supposedly being "mean."
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 06:58 *though his voice is still quiet and calm, his expression is becoming a little more excited with each passing moment* I won't give him back, but don't cry.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.14 06:58 He probably was a god. What I don't like is that I can't find anything on him in this universe or in Irakurri. It's almost like he didn't exist until recently.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 06:59 It'll all be over soon.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.14 06:59 [Yes, that's a fourth wall reference/joke. No, neither Katrin nor I regret it.]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 07:01 *keeps crying**she can't help it* Don't lie...you'll just find me again and kill me again...
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 07:06 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 07:12 Wait...Wait...What did he look...like sound like show me everything I need your interaction with him...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 07:12 If hes not from Irikuri or yin yang I do know of a 3rd universe but not much about it nothing about it
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 07:28 Unlikely. *wipes the tears from her eyes* I don't think I'll kill you next time around.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 18:30 Then what are you going to do?
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 18:35 [How is the magic affecting her exactly?]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 18:38 (Well... Imagine an untreated brown recluse bite, but there is no external damage. The paralysis numbs a significant amount of the pain)
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 18:40 *smirks* We'll see.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 18:41 [Eugh...so basically she's rotting away on the inside...ouch...]
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 18:46 [How fast is it affecting her?]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 18:47 Don't think about our future. Just close your eyes and try to sleep. You'll pass in a matter of minutes.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 18:55 *is silent for a minute*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 18:55 ...I...I'd rather be alone with my mother...
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 18:57 And I'd rather be alone with you, but we can't always get what we want, it seems.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 19:08 *looks over at Lior, who hasn't moved or made a sound* She's...she's not going to die too, is she?
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 19:10 *glances at Lior again* Doubt it. It's only a flesh wound, plus a bit of magic. No, she'll most likely just be in pain until I take the blade back.
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 19:18 *can feel herself physically shutting down**silently cries at the thought of losing her memories of Saxon, Eira, C.J., and others*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 19:26 *pulls her closer and lightly strokes her hair* Goodnight... Sleep tight... *stifles a chuckle*
11>Kaliste (Human), 56yo.2019,Jun.14 19:32 *if it wasn't for the paralysis and how close she is to death, she would've shuddered in revulsion**tries to hold on tight to an image of Saxon, Eira, and others as her breathing slowly stops and she goes completely still*
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.14 19:35 *a Denadror who was hiding nearby tentatively comes out and approaches Kaliste's body**the Denadror hesitates, and then very quickly takes Kaliste's soul and backs away from Pandemonium, glaring at him a bit*
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.14 19:36 *holding Kaliste's soul, the Denadror quickly flies off to the Panthean spiritual plane*
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.14 19:36 [gtg! *offline* See you later!]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 19:39 *kisses her forehead and leaves her on the ground while he gets up. Goes over to Lior and yanks the fauchard from her body*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 20:35 Wait...No! Hey no one gets in here unless you let them so what did you actually do to my kid?!
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.14 23:28 *kneels beside Lior and puts his hand on her shoulder* Thank you so much for keeping this warm. In return, I think I'll let you take the body. I was originally going to share her with Exodus.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 00:06 Well duh. Were you listening to a word I said? I don't know how he got past my magic, but he did. If you don't believe me, here. *uses magic to expose footprints and other residue Ethan's body left behind*
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.15 03:35 *cried out in pain when the fauchard was removed**pants and shrinks back a little, moving her shoulder away from his hand*
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.15 03:36 *apart from the tears, her expression seems rather placid until she makes an effort to spit at him**her effort winds up just translating into another bloody cough, though*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 04:08 I think I might go home about now, before I change my mind and take the body with me. Have fun with that wound. *steps away from Lior*
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.15 04:11 *teleports to the park and looks around the playground, confused that no one is around, until he spots Aidan, asleep by the swings* Aidan! *runs over to him and tries to wake him up* Aidan, wake up! What happened...
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.15 04:12 *a man with silver hair and deep blue eyes appears down the hallway before another altar**his robes glitter with stars*
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.15 04:13 *the man seems startled for a split second when he spots Lior, but quickly regains his composure, sighs, and walks over*
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.15 04:14 Izar: Really Lior...I keep telling you to stick to being the diplomat. Fighting really isn't your strong suit or style. You could've at least considered healing up a bit before coming here.
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.15 04:15 *her voice is really worn out* No...time... Izar: *sighs again and lifts her up into his arms*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 04:15 Shes all yours. I don't feel like killing two people today. *makes a dismissive gesture*
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.15 04:21 Izar: Wise choice. Not to say you wouldn't put up a good fight against us, but...provoking us isn't the brightest of ideas.
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.15 04:22 Izar: *turns away and is about to tesser when Lior speaks again* Lior: Get...the body... *coughs up more blood*
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.15 04:23 Izar: *sighs* It's just a body, let the mortals deal with it. Lior: Get it...
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.15 04:23 *glances in Pandemonium's direction fearfully**Izar follows her gaze, glancing in his direction as well and understanding to some extent* Izar: *sounds annoyed* Fine.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 04:25 *laughs and opens a portal* You're one to talk. Be careful in the future.*Goes through the portal, closing it behind him*
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.15 04:25 Izar: *his annoyance is a front, though**he's more curious than irritated; he wonders what would prompt Lior to be so adamant about keeping the body away from Pandemonium**goes over to Kaliste's body and tessers away with it and Lior*
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.15 04:33 *Izar takes her to the zauber sources, where she rests and is gradually being healed by the magic* Izar...please...get Telr... Izar: Really now...this is getting to be a bit much.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 04:35 (My phone is about to die yaaay)
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.15 04:35 Please... Izar: First you abandon your post to do heaven-knows-what, and now you don't seem to realize how much of a favor it is for me to do the same. Telr is busy and you know that.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 04:36 Hey, Saxon, why don't you do us both a favor and put the child down?
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.15 04:36 [ https://chargetech.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/arnold-phone-charger-meme.jpg ]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.15 04:38 *backs up with Aidan in his arms* Excuse me? Who the h*** are you and have you done to my family? *Pandemonium: You should really do as I say.
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.15 04:39 Answer my question! *opens a portal behind him as he backs up*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 04:39 Fine, fine. I put your kid to sleep while I killed your wife. Satisfied?
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.15 04:41 You... What? *Pandemonium: You heard me. And you're next if you don't hand him over. *Saxon: ...*shakes his head* Why do you want him?
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.15 04:42 ("You stole Goku's kid?! HOW DID YOU STEAL GOKU'S KID?!" "Well, first we beat up his wife.")
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 04:43 Well at this point, I don't know. Spite? I'll leave it at spite for now.
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.15 04:44 [I literally just posted the same reference on AHAW 2. XD XP]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 04:46 *Saxon backs through the portal and lands in the bark in front of him* You didn't seriously believe I wouldn't notice the portal, did you?
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.15 04:50 I won't let you take him. *Pandemonium: What are you going to do to stop me?
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.15 04:53 *instinct tells him to fight, but he doesn't want to put Aidan down. He takes a chance by summoning his wings and launching himself away from Pandemonium*
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.15 04:54 (This is a scene I've been waiting for since... awhile)
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.15 04:54 [*internally screaming: "TELEPORT TO URMUKKA"*]
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.15 04:56 (Boi he tried)
9>Lior (Goddess of Day), Imrtlyo.2019,Jun.15 04:56 [...Crap...]
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 04:58 These games, huh? *pulls Saxon from the sky with his magic* Hey, look! I can control it again! *gently places Saxon on the ground* You have no clue how hard it was to cast the final death spell.
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.15 05:04 *launches several long-range ice attacks at Pandemonium. All of them melt before they make contact*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 05:11 Is that all you've got?
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.15 05:13 Certainly not! *puts Aidan down and creates a protective ice shell around him, then rushes Pandemonium*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 05:16 You probably still don't believe me, but frankly I don't care. It's your loss. You'll never get her back if you don't believe me.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 05:18 *holds his arms up to block the coming attacks. He is rather impressed with the power behind the punches* I might actually break a sweat in this fight. *simply dodges a few of the blows* Bored now. *holds his hand up to Saxon's forehead and flicks him*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 05:18 I can tell you all you want about this guy I met. By the way, is that third universe called Hadau?
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.15 05:20 *there is a spark of red magic a split second before he is launched backwards, through the playground fence and into a tree*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 05:27 *before Saxon can get up, he pulls the ice shell to him, as well as Saxon*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 05:31 *notices a small puddle of blood on the floor were joy died* Why is there blood here?
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.15 05:31 *gets up to try and continue fighting, but he finds himself immobilized as Pandemonium points at him* What did you- *Pandemonium: On your knees. *points at the ground, forcing Saxon to his knees*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 05:32 *notices a small puddle of blood on the floor were joy died* Why is there blood here?
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.15 05:33 *gets up to try and continue fighting, but he finds himself immobilized as Pandemonium points at him* What did you- *Pandemonium: On your knees. *points at the ground, forcing Saxon to his knees*
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.15 05:33 (*screams)
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 05:33 Oh, forgot to mention, he killed her.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 05:34 He said she'd reset though.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 05:34 He really seemed like he had a screw loose...or two screws loose...or twenty...eh, eff it, his entire head seemed to be falling apart.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 05:35 But otherwise he seemed like a cool guy.
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.15 05:35 *the initial look of confusion and surprise quickly turns to horror* (brb)
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 05:42 H...he what...
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 05:43 I think you heard me.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 05:44 He took her to his world...kept blabbing about how she's supposed to help fix some Bloom or flower or somethin'...
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.15 05:48 Don't... Please don't... Please... *Pandemonium: Ooh... Begging sounds beautiful coming from you.. Go on.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 05:48 *looks almost emotionless* You got my daughter killed.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 05:50 I don't think so.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 05:51 I don't take responsibility for some insane god claiming to own her and you getting through my defenses and taking her away.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 05:51 This is her own fault for deciding to leave Urmukka.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 05:52 *looks at Katrin in the eye pulls out her gun and quickly shoots her in the chest 5 times*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 05:52 *and you, getting through my defenses, [Freaking commas...]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 05:54 *her eyes widen and her chair flips backwards**her drink table falls down and glass breaks*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 05:54 *winds up doing a backwards somersault of sorts**coughs up a bit of blood*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 05:55 Kill me and keep me dead Katrin. Kill me for good
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.15 05:55 Pleaae, sir... Please don't take my son away from me... I don't think I can live with myself if I lost him, too...
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 05:57 Mmm... I like it. I won't take your child away from you.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 05:57 Don't be stupid... *coughs* I'm sure she's alive. His name is Ethan...see what you can find out about Hadau...
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 05:57 *releases Saxon from the spell*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 05:58 Thats the chia wolf universe there are no humans there and all the gods are wolves or deer
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.15 05:59 Th-thank you, sir... *catches his breath and attempts to calm himself down* *Pandemonium: *smirks* I'll take you with me as well- *teleports all three of them to Auceaster*
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.15 06:00 What- No! *Pandemonium: Now you both get to live with me! Isn't that a wonderful idea?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 06:02 I want you to kill me and keep me dead Katrin!
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 06:03 As if gods don't shapeshift... *goes silent for a little bit, holding back a groan of pain* Geezus...ever thought of reserving a BB gun for these kinds of scenarios?
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 06:04 Just Bleepin Kill me for good Katrin!
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 06:04 No can do...even if I wanted to...you're one of the few people who's also permanently stuck in this h**l that I might like...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 06:08 What kind of [BLEEPING} God are you if you cant even kill one pathetic human?! *a few tears fall out while she is yelling*
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 06:11 Let's play a game! *snaps his fingers* You are now invisible to your son! The goal is to get him to recognize you!
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 06:15 You know how many people I've killed you filthy little hypocrite...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 06:17 *she shoots herself in the head dies and dose it again multiple times until she is out of bullets then she starts crying with the gun to her head*Why cant I Just Bleeping Die Already.... *is sitting on the floor in tears*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 06:21 *is just on her hands and knees, bleeding**her expression softens considerably* ...If...if it helps at all...I looked for Ethan for hours...if I had found her I...would've sent her back...
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 06:21 I think...
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 06:21 *laughs a little to herself* Filthy little hypocrites...that's what we all are, aren't we...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 06:22 *is crying heavily curled up* No you wouldnt have no you wouldnt you {bleeping] Pathetic excuse for a god
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 06:22 The world would be so much different if we all had words pertaining to what we REALLY thought of others written on our foreheads or our shirts or on signs around our necks...
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 06:24 Shut up just {Bleeping] Shut up! you took my daughter and now she is Dead!
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 06:28 *breaks the ice shell and wakes up Aidan* Hey, I convinced your parents to let you come here. Welcome to Auceaster, Aidan!
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 06:32 I severely doubt she stayed dead.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 06:34 shes not imortal like I am you IDIOT!
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 06:35 She is very Very Mortal just plain human and She died beacause YOU took her so I couldnt protect her!
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 06:36 How are you this ignorant about gods even though you've been living with one for decades now?
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 06:37 (And now everyone Eira cares for is gone)
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 06:38 A god never just perma-kills someone they have plans for...Ethan had plans for her, many plans. He said she'd reset, and despite how bonkers he seemed, I trust his word.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 06:38 Your not a {Bleeping} God your an egotistical Super human with an inflated Ego!
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 06:38 [... :(]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 06:39 That's what all gods are.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 06:39 (... :) )
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 06:40 and Great Im so comforted you Trust the maniac who killed my daughter!...how are you so sure she is alive?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 06:45 I don't have proof. All I have is a gut feeling. And for once I trust my gut feeling.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 06:46 He reiterated over and over that he has a job for her. I don't see how she'd be able to do any job if she stayed dead.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 06:49 You can do alot of jobs with a dead body especially a child and especially if your an insane sick twisted man...I dont wanna be alive anymore
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 06:49 [I'm not even disturbed by that smile anymore, I'm just angered by it.]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 06:49 He could've chosen any other body if he wanted a corpse.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 06:50 (>:3c)
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 06:50 And besides, it sounded like he wanted her to fix something for him...some sort of "bloom", he called it...you can't fix [BLEEP] if you're dead.
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 06:53 My kids Dead and I cant die so im going to the closest thing I can to Death *telaports off*
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.15 06:53 Whoa, this place looks cool... What is that over there? *Points at the cathedral* *Pandemonium: *smiles* That is my home! Waaaaaay up at the top, where that window is, that's where my room is.
12>Aidan (Raven), 11yo.2019,Jun.15 06:54 Awesome... You have a really big house.
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 06:55 Yeah I do. I'll show you around. Kieron should be around somewhere. He can continue your training. ...Unless you'd like to learn to actually use your magic. It seems you aren't satisfied with just learning to push aside such power. Perhaps I can help you.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 06:56 *lies there for a few moments**then laughs to herself a whole bunch, but she's crying as she laughs*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 06:56 *then traces Sara's teleportation and tries to follow her to wherever she went to*
5>Saxon (Raven), 300+yo.2019,Jun.15 06:57 Aidan, don't listen to him! *but Aidan cannot hear him* *Aidan: That sounds like a lot of fun! Can we eat, first?
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 06:59 You bet we can! *lifts Aidan onto his shoulders again and takes off down the path* I know the perfect first lunch!
4>Pandemonium (:)), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 06:59 (And the rest of this I will continue elsewhere I think)
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 07:01 [Same...]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 07:01 [This ending is particularly painful now that I realize it's going to take around 3 decades for any of this to be fixed...]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 07:03 *Telaported to the middle of the lab with her gun* HEY LOOK SOMEONE BROKE IN! *Gaurds quickly saround her as she starts reloading her gun they yell at her to drop it but she ignores them so one of them shoots her she falls and dies but gets up again*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 07:03 [Can Katrin get there?]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 07:05 Ta-da I cant die A few decades ago I was a test subject my number was 018765 also known as Sara And I belong in hig sucurity So [Bleeping] Take me there! *she drops her gun and kicks it over and puts her hands on her head*
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 07:07 [Sara would have scrambled her location but in about an hour yeah]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 07:09 *the gaurds quickly take her while some scientists look up her records they take her tech and she changes into the lab clothes and is taken to the high security concrete cell she sits down and sighs this whole process took about an hour*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 07:09 *arrives where Sara first came**knows she's way too late, but doesn't care*
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 07:10 [Hm...I'm considering naming the new RP A Horribly Amazing World 3...I have a lot of plans that stretch far into the future--I wouldn't mind if that RP is long-lasting...]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 07:11 [Would it be okay for that to be AHAW 3 or no?]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 07:11 *several gaurds quickly saround Katrin* Gaurd: Put your hands in the air!
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 07:11 [I literally have nothing left to do except give the RP a name and then I can open it.]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 07:11 [idc]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 07:12 *grins* Like I just don't care?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 07:12 You're right about that one. I just don't care, but I really don't feel like exerting the effort needed to do that.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 07:13 [Alright, guess I'll name it AHAW 3. I can't come up with anything better anyways.]
14>Sara (human), ?yo.2019,Jun.15 07:13 Gaurd: Hands in the Air or we shoot!
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 07:13 [I've also frankly kinda sorta lost interest in AHAW 2. I want to move on to the next generation.]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 07:13 Oh boo hoo.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 07:14 By the way, have you seen Sara?
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 07:14 She should've been here around an hour ago.
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 07:16 [XD Oh god...my name is way too long...I'm on the brink of naming it "A Horribly Amazing World 3: The Future Has Somehow Gotten Even Worse"...]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 07:18 [An alternative title: "A Horribly Amazing World 3: The Future Has Somehow Gotten Even Worse OR Why Are Our Characters Even Still Trying?"]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 07:20 [I also considered AHAW 3: Sara Is Still a Jerk, but considering what's going on here it'd be unfair (true, but unfair) and that's more of the A Thing series' running gag...]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 07:20 *more the
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 07:20 [Eh, I'll just stick with the first title. If I feel like changing it I will.]
10>Katrin (Panthean Goddess), ...yo.2019,Jun.15 07:21 [And so another round of agony begins... XD XP http://www.roleplay-city.net/game.php?REF=AHAW3 ]