" Anyone May Join "
This game is destined to players of 13 to 99 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Welcome to the Plane. If you feel the need to kill a character, please talk with the owner of the characters. If there are any problems please speak with the Sona, Jerry K. Watson.

5>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.9 01:17 Elder: It's time for them to know we are here, and you have been chosen. Go and reveal yourself upon the Plane.
5>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.9 01:22 Yes Elder I will make you and everyone proud *leaves through a portal*
5>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.9 01:27 hm there's no one here
4>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.9 01:35 a a dragon!?
5>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.9 01:36 wow your, um, smaller then I thought you would be
4>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.9 01:36 well I am a human after all
4>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.9 01:42 *while talking he is looking up and down Salvar* we are defiantly smaller then dragons
5>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.9 01:49 yea
4>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.9 01:50 where are you from?
5>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.9 01:52 I come from a dimension long sealed from the rest of the plane
5>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.9 01:59 But now I, Salvar, have been chosen to be the one to bring dragons back to the Plane.
4>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.9 02:05 Yea, all we have now is Wyverns.
5>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.9 02:05 what are Wyverns?
4>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.9 02:12 well Wyverns are... lesser Dragon? They're not dragons but, there close
13>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.11 01:33 *appears*
13>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.11 01:34 AAAAAHHHHHHH
13>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.11 01:34 what happened?
4>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.11 01:36 James?
4>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.11 01:36 what are you doing here?
13>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.11 01:37 *to distracted by Salvar* a... a... dragon!
5>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.11 01:38 greetings, my name is Salvar
13>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.11 01:39 uh um h... hi
13>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.11 01:42 so if this is, then when did you die? (@Alvin)
4>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.11 01:44 I'm not dead
4>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.11 01:44 wait did someone try to kill you?
13>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.11 01:47 yea, his name is Armpits
4>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.11 01:49 you sure that was his name?
13>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.11 01:49 close enough
4>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.11 01:51 okay
4>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.11 01:54 anyways what do you plan to do now Salvar?
5>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.11 01:55 um not sure
5>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.11 01:55 didn't really plan that out
5>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.11 01:55 non of us did
5>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.11 01:55 none*
4>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.11 02:18 alright then why don't we just go on an adventure. What a better way to get yourself know then got from place to place, and introducing yourself to everyone you meet.
5>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.11 02:29 sure why not
4>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.11 02:37 alright, you want to join us James?
13>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.11 02:49 no I'm fine, plus my head still hurts
4>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.13 22:39 we'll find you something on the way
13>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 21:21 no no really, I'm fine
4>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 21:23 Come on James it'll be fun, something to get you out and about instead of being stuck in that arena all the time
13>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 21:24 *sighs* fine, where are we gonna go anyways?
4>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 21:25 probably somewhere not that populated. Don't want to scare the crap out of everyone.
5>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 21:26 that would be favorable
4>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 21:26 agreed
4>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 22:15 lets go to my new home town, Raska.
18>Sean (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.31 08:57 There you are James *he says as they are on their way*
13>James (Wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.31 08:58 Oh, hey Sink
18>Sean (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.31 08:59 you know, kinda wish you died now
18>Sean (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.31 08:59 *looks at Salvar*
18>Sean (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.31 09:01 and who are you?
5>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.31 09:07 I am Salvar, a Dragon sent to reveal that we are here, and that we wish to bring a new age of prosperity between us and the species of the Plane.
18>Sean (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.31 09:14 neat
2>Nelly (Princess), 16yo.2021,Feb.21 20:12 Hi. How to play this. I am new here. 0 exp.

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