" Pageant Moms "
This game is destined to players of 7 to 16 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

This is a pagent you get two slots only,the pagent mom and the little girl.The girl cannot be over the age of ten.No swearing Plz!Thanks and enjoy!

1>Ashlyn (Pagent mom), 27yo.2016,Oct.27 01:10 [welcome to my Roleplay no swearing and have fun!]
1>Ashlyn (Pagent mom), 27yo.2016,Oct.27 01:12  Dropping Orange patent dress (x 1)  
1>Ashlyn (Pagent mom), 27yo.2016,Oct.27 01:13  Taking Orange patent dress (x 1)  Dang!
1>Ashlyn (Pagent mom), 27yo.2016,Oct.27 01:16 *applies makeup*
1>Ashlyn (Pagent mom), 27yo.2016,Oct.27 01:18 Amy are you ready?!
7>Amy (Pagent princess), 9yo.2016,Oct.27 01:21 Duh!
7>Amy (Pagent princess), 9yo.2016,Oct.27 01:21 *flips hair that slaps her but*
7>Amy (Pagent princess), 9yo.2016,Oct.27 01:24 Yup let's go,I can't win here!
7>Amy (Pagent princess), 9yo.2016,Oct.27 01:25  Buying Cat bellyshow costum (x 1)  
2>emma (pageant perrrttyy), 12yo.2016,Oct.27 01:46 [It feels weird to be a girl]
2>emma (pageant perrrttyy), 12yo.2016,Oct.27 01:47  Buying Beach gal costume (x 1)  
7>Amy (Pagent princess), 9yo.2016,Oct.27 01:47 [yeah lol]
2>emma (pageant perrrttyy), 12yo.2016,Oct.27 01:47 LOL, I look ppprrreeeerrrrtttteeeyyy
7>Amy (Pagent princess), 9yo.2016,Oct.27 01:48 [be serious Trent make a mom and a firl]
2>emma (pageant perrrttyy), 12yo.2016,Oct.27 01:48 Can i getoff to tell trent??
7>Amy (Pagent princess), 9yo.2016,Oct.27 01:48 *drives with mom to pagent* Mom I want my IPod!
2>emma (pageant perrrttyy), 12yo.2016,Oct.27 01:49 Oh, delete my account so i can make the things in the desc.
7>Amy (Pagent princess), 9yo.2016,Oct.27 01:49 [ok]
7>Amy (Pagent princess), 9yo.2016,Oct.27 01:49 [make things what you not joining :(]
2>emma (pageant perrrttyy), 12yo.2016,Oct.27 01:51 I'mmaking new accounts
1>Ashlyn (Pagent mom), 27yo.2016,Oct.27 01:51  Giving iPod (x 1) to Amy  
1>Ashlyn (Pagent mom), 27yo.2016,Oct.27 01:52 [oh ok]
4>walkerina jr. (pagaent daughter), 10yo.2016,Oct.27 01:52 Hi, wantto be freinds??
4>walkerina jr. (pagaent daughter), 10yo.2016,Oct.27 01:52 I'M GOINGTO BE IN THE PAGAENT TOO! [SORRY FOR CAPS]
4>walkerina jr. (pagaent daughter), 10yo.2016,Oct.27 01:53  Buying Cute shoes (x 1)  
7>Amy (Pagent princess), 9yo.2016,Oct.27 01:54 Never you dork *walks to pagent room and starts to get ready*
4>walkerina jr. (pagaent daughter), 10yo.2016,Oct.27 01:54  Buying Cheetah costume (x 1)  
4>walkerina jr. (pagaent daughter), 10yo.2016,Oct.27 01:54 she's rude>whispers to mom
3>walkerina (mom pagaent), 30yo.2016,Oct.27 01:55 Stay away from them..
3>walkerina (mom pagaent), 30yo.2016,Oct.27 01:55 I don't like her mom....
3>walkerina (mom pagaent), 30yo.2016,Oct.27 01:55 anyways.. which one looks better??
1>Ashlyn (Pagent mom), 27yo.2016,Oct.27 01:55 Right !^starts getting Amy ready in her orange pagent dress *beauyt section is first*
3>walkerina (mom pagaent), 30yo.2016,Oct.27 01:56  Buying Fashion girl costume (x 1)  
3>walkerina (mom pagaent), 30yo.2016,Oct.27 01:56 We are the cheetah and her tamer.. stylish..
3>walkerina (mom pagaent), 30yo.2016,Oct.27 01:56 ~twirls around
3>walkerina (mom pagaent), 30yo.2016,Oct.27 01:57 Let's get away from these losers..
3>walkerina (mom pagaent), 30yo.2016,Oct.27 01:57 Drives home~
1>Ashlyn (Pagent mom), 27yo.2016,Oct.27 01:58 You cutie!
3>walkerina (mom pagaent), 30yo.2016,Oct.27 01:58 [give a phone]
3>walkerina (mom pagaent), 30yo.2016,Oct.27 01:58 please]
3>walkerina (mom pagaent), 30yo.2016,Oct.27 01:59 We look fab!
4>walkerina jr. (pagaent daughter), 10yo.2016,Oct.27 01:59 Yea!!!!
1>Ashlyn (Pagent mom), 27yo.2016,Oct.27 02:00  Secret message to walkerina  
4>walkerina jr. (pagaent daughter), 10yo.2016,Oct.27 02:00 We're gonna beat those other girls.. they were mean!
3>walkerina (mom pagaent), 30yo.2016,Oct.27 02:00 Oh.
3>walkerina (mom pagaent), 30yo.2016,Oct.27 02:01 Honey, I made amistake, the pageant is earlier.
3>walkerina (mom pagaent), 30yo.2016,Oct.27 02:01 drives back~
7>Amy (Pagent princess), 9yo.2016,Oct.27 02:01 *smiles and does believable fake giggle*
7>Amy (Pagent princess), 9yo.2016,Oct.27 02:02 *mom curls her hair and put it in cute ponytail*
7>Amy (Pagent princess), 9yo.2016,Oct.27 02:03 I am totally ready *playes Cold Watee on Ipod*
1>Ashlyn (Pagent mom), 27yo.2016,Oct.27 02:05 *sighs in admiration*
1>Ashlyn (Pagent mom), 27yo.2016,Oct.27 02:06 *texts on iphone*
3>walkerina (mom pagaent), 30yo.2016,Oct.27 02:07 Uh oh..
3>walkerina (mom pagaent), 30yo.2016,Oct.27 02:08 we are runningout of time..
3>walkerina (mom pagaent), 30yo.2016,Oct.27 02:09  Buying Chocolate (x 2)  
3>walkerina (mom pagaent), 30yo.2016,Oct.27 02:09 here
3>walkerina (mom pagaent), 30yo.2016,Oct.27 02:09  Giving Chocolate (x 1) to walkerina jr.  
3>walkerina (mom pagaent), 30yo.2016,Oct.27 02:10 That'll make you better
3>walkerina (mom pagaent), 30yo.2016,Oct.27 02:10 gets taming whip~ puts both hairs into ponytails
7>Amy (Pagent princess), 9yo.2016,Oct.27 02:11 Mom it's time I'm nextnquick
3>walkerina (mom pagaent), 30yo.2016,Oct.27 02:11 I am the tamer-
7>Amy (Pagent princess), 9yo.2016,Oct.27 02:11 *rushes with Mom*
4>walkerina jr. (pagaent daughter), 10yo.2016,Oct.27 02:11 and I am the cheetah
7>Amy (Pagent princess), 9yo.2016,Oct.27 02:11 Pat
7>Amy (Pagent princess), 9yo.2016,Oct.27 02:13 Pagent Lasy:This is Amy King!
7>Amy (Pagent princess), 9yo.2016,Oct.27 02:14 Pagent Lady:Amy is sweet and sassy New York princess.Has won every pagent she entered
7>Amy (Pagent princess), 9yo.2016,Oct.27 02:19 Have to go!
4>walkerina jr. (pagaent daughter), 10yo.2016,Oct.27 03:06 and I am the cheetah
4>walkerina jr. (pagaent daughter), 10yo.2016,Oct.27 03:07 Are you sure we will win?!
3>walkerina (mom pagaent), 30yo.2016,Oct.27 03:07 Yes, honey.
4>walkerina jr. (pagaent daughter), 10yo.2016,Oct.28 02:25 We can do it!
3>walkerina (mom pagaent), 30yo.2016,Oct.31 01:33 Let's watch them fail.
5>ashley (mom), 25yo.2017,Feb.5 01:20 are you ready kate?
5>ashley (mom), 25yo.2017,Feb.5 01:20  Buying Fashion girl costume (x 1)  
6>kate (daughter), 9yo.2017,Feb.5 01:21 yes mom
6>kate (daughter), 9yo.2017,Feb.5 01:21  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Blue pagent dress  
6>kate (daughter), 9yo.2017,Feb.5 01:21  Buying Chocolate (x 1)  
5>ashley (mom), 25yo.2017,Feb.5 01:21 i sad no chocolate
6>kate (daughter), 9yo.2017,Feb.5 01:22 but why mom
6>kate (daughter), 9yo.2017,Feb.5 01:22 i like chocolate
5>ashley (mom), 25yo.2017,Feb.5 01:22 because it is unhealthy and you'll ruin your fashion girl costume!!
6>kate (daughter), 9yo.2017,Feb.5 01:23 fine
6>kate (daughter), 9yo.2017,Feb.5 01:23 whatever you say, mom
5>ashley (mom), 25yo.2017,Feb.5 01:23 thats my girl
5>ashley (mom), 25yo.2017,Feb.5 01:24  Secret message to kate  
6>kate (daughter), 9yo.2017,Feb.5 01:24  Secret message to ashley  
6>kate (daughter), 9yo.2017,Feb.5 01:24  Secret message to kate  
6>kate (daughter), 9yo.2017,Feb.5 01:25  Secret message to kate  
5>ashley (mom), 25yo.2017,Feb.5 01:25  Secret message to ashley  
5>ashley (mom), 25yo.2017,Feb.5 01:25  Buying Book (x 1)  
6>kate (daughter), 9yo.2017,Feb.5 01:26  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Dictor costume  
6>kate (daughter), 9yo.2017,Feb.5 01:26  Buying Book (x 1)  
13>Voilet (Pageant mom), 29yo.2017,Mar.8 22:15 Hi!
14>Violetta (daughter ), 8yo.2017,Mar.8 22:16 Hi!
13>Voilet (Pageant mom), 29yo.2017,Mar.10 23:37 Hi! I'm Violet, and that's my daughter, Violetta.
13>Voilet (Pageant mom), 29yo.2017,Mar.10 23:38 Hi! I'm Violet, and that's my daughter, Violetta.
14>Violetta (daughter ), 8yo.2017,Mar.11 12:04 Mom, I want to buy a pageant dress
12>Maria (mom), 24yo.2021,Jun.2 11:57 get ready rosy is time to goto the supermarket to buy your dress
15>rosy (daughter), 8yo.2021,Jun.2 11:59 okay mummy
12>Maria (mom), 24yo.2021,Jun.2 12:02  Buying Fashion girl costume (x 1)  
12>Maria (mom), 24yo.2021,Jun.2 12:02 for my daughter rosy
15>rosy (daughter), 8yo.2021,Jun.2 12:08  Rolling 6 sided dice... Result=6  

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