" Pokemon RP "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 15 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

This game is an RP for Pokemon. If you are going to play this game, talk in 3rd person please. If not everything would be happening all at once and that would be confusing. I'm not going to include anything to buy, so that means that you can buy pretty much anything as long as it follows the story and is pretty reasonable. Please use a real pokemon ( I suggest serebii.net ) when you play this game so that it remains consistent. Also, if you do decide to play, you must choose one starter pokemon to begin battling, adventuring with other players, and pretty much doing anything. Have fun!
(Ps: There is still room for more people to join in at this point, just contact me.)

1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 18:22 Alen sat on his porch while he played with his Charmander. He was just about to set out on a journey through the Kalos Region. His goal is to become stronger with his pokemon and become the League Champion.
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 18:23 He watches the Pidgeys and Fletchlings chase each other through the sky as he waits for his mom to come home so that he can say goodbye.
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 18:57 His Charmander looked up at the path into the woods as Alen's mom hurried towards them.
10>Mom (Mom), 28yo.2017,Jan.3 18:59 Mom hurried down the path towards Alen. She had been happy that he hadn't left before she got back
10>Mom (Mom), 28yo.2017,Jan.3 19:00 "Are you ready?" she asked Alen, "Do you have everything you need? Is Charmander okay?
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 19:01 "I'm fine,Mom" said Alen, picking up his bag,"I just didn't want to leave without saying goodbye"
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 19:02 "I'm going to miss you" said Alen
10>Mom (Mom), 28yo.2017,Jan.3 19:03 "I'm going to miss you too, honey" said Mom, " But you're going to love being out with your pokemon. Just be safe, okay?"
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 19:04 "I will Mom," said Alen as he started walking down the path. He turned and started jogging into the forest.
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 19:09 The next day, it looked like it was going to rain, so Alen stopped in Vaniville town.
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 20:09 After it stopped raining, he went to the pokecenter to heal Charmander in case they find any pokemon. He walked up to the counter and gave Nurse Joy Charmander's pokeball.
2>Laura (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 20:12 Laura had been waiting at the pokecenter all day. She was looking for a new trainer to battle. She had just gotten her Bulbasaur and wanted to start training.
2>Laura (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 21:29 She hadn't seen anybody all day and she had just been starting to get bored when a boy who looked about her age walked in. He wore a blue jacket and a black and blue hat.
2>Laura (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 21:31 But the thing that she really focussed on was that when he reached out his hand to give Nurse Joy his pokeballs, he only gave her one. She knew that he might only need one pokemon healed and had many more, but she was going to try anyway.
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 21:56 As Alen waited for his pokeball back, he noticed a girl with long red hair staring at him. He didn't look at her, not just yet. he wanted to wait and see what she was going to do.
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 21:58 A couple seconds later, the girl walked slowly over to him. She didn't look directly at him but Alen knew she was still watching. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a pokeball strapped to her belt.
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 21:58 He turned to look at her. She seemed startled and backed up a step.
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 21:59 "My name's Alen" he said, "Are you a pokemon trainer?" he asked, gesturing at the pokeball on her belt.
2>Laura (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:15 Laura had been startled when the boy, Alen, turned towards her. Had he seen her watching her? It took her a moment to remember to answer the question he had asked.
2>Laura (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:15 "Yeah" she said,"My name's Laura"
2>Laura (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:17 "This is my Bulbasaur" she said, patting her pokeball.
2>Laura (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:33 "Hey" she added, " you wouldn't want to battle would you?"
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:38 "Sure!" said Alen,"Just let me get my Charmander"
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:39 After Alen got his Charmander back, he and Laura went outside to battle.
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:39 "Alright, Charmander, I choose you!" Alen said throwing the pokeball up and releasing his Charmander
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:40 "You can have the first move, if you want" said Alen.
2>Laura (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:41 "Thanks. Come on out, Bulbasaur!" said Laura, tossing her pokeball in the space between them.
2>Laura (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:45 Snive Move Set: Tackle, Leer, Vine Whip, Wrap
2>Laura (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:46 Quickly, Snivy, use Wrap and cover Charmander in vines.
2>Laura (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:46 Snivy lept up and used Wrap
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:47 Charmander Move Set: Growl, Scratch, Ember, Smokescreen
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:48 "Quick, dodge it and use Scratch before it hits the ground" yelled Alen.
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:49 Charmander quickly dove out of the way, turned, and used Scratch on Snivy.
2>Laura (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:50 "Snivy!" cried Laura, "are you all right?
2>Laura (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:50 Snivy slowly stood up and looked to it's trainer for instructions.
2>Laura (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:51 "Use Wrap one more time, but be careful" said Laura.
2>Laura (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:51 Once again, Snivy leapt up into the air, preparing to use Wrap again.
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:53 "Quick, Charmander, use Ember again" said Alen
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:54 Charmander quickly moved it's tail towards Snivy to do Ember.
2>Laura (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:55 But Laura was ready.
2>Laura (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:55 "Quick, Snivy, use Vine Whip on Charmander!" yelled Laura
2>Laura (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:56 Snivy quickly spun around mid-air and streched out it's vines at Charmander. Charmander wasn't ready for this and was ensnared in the vines.
2>Laura (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:57 "Now, Snivy us Tackle, over and over again" said Laura, getting caught up in the heat of the battle.
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:58 "Charmander, use Ember on the vines, and then again at Snivy" yelled Alen. He was determined to win his first battle.
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:58 Charmander quickly burned the vines and then turned towards Snivy, but it was too slow.
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:59 Charmander was hit head on by the Tackle and flew back
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:59 "Charmander! Are you alright?" yelled Alen.
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 22:59 Charmander slowly got up, but it was wobbly on its feet.
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 23:00 "Alright, Charmander, use Smokescreen, just how we practiced.
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 23:00 Soon, the field was enveloped by smoke.
2>Laura (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 23:01 "Snivy, use Wrap on the ground around you" said Laura, peering through the smoke.
2>Laura (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 23:01 Snivy formed a wall around itself using Wrap.
2>Laura (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 23:02 "What are you up to?" muttered Laura to herself
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 23:03 "Charmander, use Ember twice towards Snivy. Let's finish this!" yelled Alen
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 23:04 Charmander lept up into the air and used Ember at the dome of vines on the ground.
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 23:04 The first attack incinerated the vines and the second hit Snivy head on.
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 23:05 After the smoke cleared, Snivy lay unconsious on the groung.
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 23:05 "We won!" shouted Alen, pumping his fist into the air.
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 23:06 Charmander ran over to its trainer and stood proudly next to him.
2>Laura (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 23:07 Laura ran over to her Snivy and held it in her arms.
2>Laura (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 23:07 "Good job, Snivy." she said. She walked over to Alen.
2>Laura (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 23:08 "That's a pretty strong Charmander. You two are really close." Laura said.
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 23:09 "Thanks" said Alen, " We've been training for a while."
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 23:10 "We're training to get to the Kalos League! Do you want to come with us?"Asked Alen.
2>Laura (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.3 23:11 "Sure!" said Laura, "One day, I'll be strong enough to beat you"
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.5 18:40 While Alen waited for Laura to take her Snivy to the pokemon center, he spoke to his Charmander.
1>Alen (Pokemon Trainer), 12yo.2017,Jan.5 18:41 "Good job out there, bud," he said, patting the Charmander's head," Get some rest" he held out the pokeball and Charmander was safe in its confinements.
3>Calem (Trainer), 10yo.2017,Nov.10 22:51 Hi im leo And nice to meet you
3>Calem (Trainer), 10yo.2017,Nov.10 22:51 i will choose Bulbasar why its good
3>Calem (Trainer), 10yo.2017,Nov.10 22:51 bulbasaur
6>Uio (Trainer), 17yo.2021,Dec.4 15:08 Is any body still active here?
6>Uio (Trainer), 17yo.2021,Dec.4 15:08 I'm guessing not, but in case any body new comes along I'll just play
6>Uio (Trainer), 17yo.2021,Dec.4 15:10 Wait did I write seventeen? Uio is fourteen. And has a Squirtle for her starter pokemon

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