" Portal Adventures: Story Mode "
This game is destined to players of 12 to 42 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Welcome, testers, to the first installment of Portal Adventures! In this Rp, well be making our own story based off the canon one, from GlaDOS'toxin injection in the facility, to our own end of the final Portal 1 fight. Enjoy!

Now, the characters. I will be Glados, and everyone else( including me) will either be a test subgect, or a surviving scientist. Like I said earlier, Enjoy!

1>GLaDOS (Aperture Manager), 82923yo.2016,Feb.3 02:35 Okay, Guys! Were going to start with bring your child to work day, so people can be boys and girls. Glados is still asleep, Cave Johnson is still alive and walking around greeting Scientists and thier children.
1>GLaDOS (Aperture Manager), 82923yo.2016,Feb.3 02:36 All test subjects must start as children on this day, and Scientist must start with thier children or in thier offices. Let the story begin!
2>Cave Johnson (Aperture Founder), 47yo.2016,Feb.3 02:37 *walks into main science lab where parents and kids are setting up*
2>Cave Johnson (Aperture Founder), 47yo.2016,Feb.3 02:38 Hello, Scientists, and Scientists of the Future! Today, as well as having these fun projects, were going to be showing off our new computer AI!
2>Cave Johnson (Aperture Founder), 47yo.2016,Feb.3 02:38 Its name is GLaDOS, and my science guys will explain that later, but today will be the official awakening of her!
2>Cave Johnson (Aperture Founder), 47yo.2016,Feb.3 02:39 And yes, it is a her! Now, enjoy the projects until the we have GLaDOS ready!
3>Mark (Test Subject), 16yo.2016,Feb.3 02:40 *Is standing next to his father and his science project, Possibilities of Time Travel.*
3>Mark (Test Subject), 16yo.2016,Feb.3 02:41 Dad, Can I go to the bathroom?
3>Mark (Test Subject), 16yo.2016,Feb.3 02:41 *dad approves*
3>Mark (Test Subject), 16yo.2016,Feb.3 02:41 Thanks!
3>Mark (Test Subject), 16yo.2016,Feb.3 02:41 *Runs off to bathroom, where coincidentally, there are no vents, and all cracks are sealed*
2>Cave Johnson (Aperture Founder), 47yo.2016,Feb.3 02:43 Okay Everyone, before the big Girl is activated, lets get some personal profiles on these Future Scientists!
3>Mark (Test Subject), 16yo.2016,Feb.3 02:43 Dad: My son is in the Bathroom right now, so someone else should go first!
1>GLaDOS (Aperture Manager), 82923yo.2016,Feb.3 02:44 (Now other people, put your character profiles here, like you were presenting them to all these people)
4>Liz (Test Subject), 15yo.2016,Feb.24 19:06 Hello everyone. My name is Liz. I'm fifteen years old. And my Science project is a model of Jupiter and it's moons.
4>Liz (Test Subject), 15yo.2016,Feb.26 07:56 Hi Emma, what did you make?
5>Emma (Test Subject ), 15yo.2016,Jul.16 19:20 Hello. My name is Emma. I'm fifteen years old. My Science Project is on energy and the Law of Conservation of Energy.

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