" Probably An Apocalypse "
This game is destined to players of 8 to 100 years of age.
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Hey there, roleplay enthusiast! Welcome to my very first roleplay game! Please tell me if I should add something to make this game better, if I can.
I intend this to be a zombie apocalypse roleplay, where players will have to work together to survive, and eventually find an end to the virus. Will life go back to normal? That's up to you!

The Backstory:
About a year ago, the infection appeared. People didn't think too much about it at first. 'It's just like the common cold,' they said. Little did they know about where we are now...
When a month had gone by, over 50,000 citizens had contracted the virus, and just under 15,000 had died from complications from it, their minds started to change. Scientists tried to find what caused the infection, or at least give these people some relief. Hundreds of lab tests and experiments had been carried out, but to no avail.
Recently, people started noticing a mutation in the virus. People stopped dying as often, but instead showed signs of a symptom which was previously unknown. Scientists noticed that somehow, the infection started affecting the patients' neurological function.
Patients infected with this newer strain of what is being called the 'Z-Virus' behave differently; unlike their normal selves. The public has started calling these cases 'Zombies'.

If you would like to take part in this roleplay, please include what your role is (like a business owner, scientist, doctor, mother/father, child, mayor, tourist, etc.). I will take the role of the local store clerk, and will sell supplies to players. Our characters must work together as a town to stop the spread of the virus, and figure out how to stop it, if they can survive that long...

1>Maddie (Store Clerk), 26yo.2021,Apr.8 16:28 Hello! If you want, you can start by saying your role, and a description of your character. You can buy supplies, and meet other players as they join. This is my first roleplay, so please tell me if you have any suggestions! (like for the shop, etc.)

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