" Another Thing(Private rp) "
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It's crossovers galore!
Irakurri meets the Plane meets Strong Hearts are Mandatory meets more....

3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.3 08:49 "Alright now, lets see where I can go"
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.3 08:50 (slashes John's sword)
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.3 08:50 (portal opens)
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.3 08:52 (another portal opens near John)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.3 08:54 *Armis tumbles through the portal near John, followed by a wave of water and a few fish. Several fish are scewered on his sword* Oof!
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.3 08:56 *had been walking with Paroxysm when the portal opened below them, dropping them in front of Sam* What the?!
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.3 08:56 *on the ground with a sword through his heart
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.3 08:56 *gets straight to the point, glaring slightly at Sam* Who are you?
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.3 08:58 "What? What are you, you adorable thing"
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.3 08:58 *regains his stature and looks John over. Oh, neat. Another sword. *pulls the sword from John's chest*
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.3 08:59 "The names Sam and what doomed planet are you from?"
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.3 09:00 *after a fer seconds Gasps for air
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.3 09:00 "doomed"? My planet is not doomed.
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.3 09:00 "It will be when I get there"
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.3 09:01 *looks back at John* Oh hey, youre alive. .......Heck you're like Sara, arent you...?
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.3 09:02 "Who in Jerry's name is Sara?"
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.3 09:02 (that was soppose to be john)
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.3 09:03 Ha. Good luck with that. The barrier around our land can only be destroyed from within and with extremely powerful magic.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.3 09:04 This annoying little teen who would always come back to life when you kill her.
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.3 09:05 "Magic, wow! I mean, nothing I can't handle"
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.3 09:06 "so an immortal being? killed plenty of them.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.3 09:07 as have i. shes a different kind of immortal
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.3 09:08 "how?"
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.3 09:09 *struggles to get up against a tree
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.3 09:09 Whatever. Karma, come on, might as well find a new place. We can't go back home ourselves. *starts walking away. while walking he concentrates and makes a crystal cube appear floating beside him. it glows cyan*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.3 09:10 how what? how is she different? dunno.
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.3 09:11 "wait get back here and fight me"
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.3 09:12 "the names John, John Sin"
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.3 09:12 *chuckles and turns* As much as I want to, I'm in a good mood right now and don't wish to hurt my friend.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.3 09:12 Armis.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.3 09:13 So why am I here? It was like I was summoned.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.3 09:14 I don't do summoning anymore. Nothing's more annoying than being taken from my current activity to fight alongside some weak, stupid mortal
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.3 09:14 "Armis. Wait, didn't I see you at" (falls)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.3 09:15 Rip. And yeah, I remember you. You wouldn't give me a Pepsi
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.3 09:15 (asleep)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.3 09:16 *the sudden loss of consciousness ticks him off so he kicks John and jumps into a tree several yards away*
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.3 09:17 "scared are we? i'll make this quick
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.3 09:18 *wakes up
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.3 09:19 "not again dang how long was i out this ... time"
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.3 09:19 No, I'm just bored.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.3 09:20 *yell "GIVE MY SWORD BACK YOU FOOL"
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.3 09:20 Bored with you, bored with this place. I'd rather be pestering the nonmages
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.3 09:20 "if you wont start it I will
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.3 09:21 *dashes at Paroxym
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.3 09:21 *throws the sword back* It's useless to me anyway! *still sits at the top of the tree, now holding his own sword and an ancient looking staff*
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.3 09:23 "thanks
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.3 09:23 *without a moment's hesitation the cube slams into the ground, rippling it and sending out blasts of cyan plasma*
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.3 09:27 *a crystal appears creating a energy shield around Sam
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.3 09:28 "ha is ... that all ... you... go... t" *falls*
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.3 09:30 Thank you for not killing him, Paroxysm. *nuzzles him and they start walking away*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.3 09:31 "yes I see it"
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.3 09:32 "Just outside the city, I'll go investigate"
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.3 09:33 "Stop. Who and what are you two"
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.3 09:34 Well clearly we are cats.
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.3 09:34 And we are from far away. The fool back there brought us here.
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.3 09:34 "i can see that
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.3 09:40 "So your John, my name is Sean. And who might you be
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.3 09:40 *goes to help john
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.3 09:42 My name is Armis. Why are you here?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.3 09:45 "there was a disturbance in the plane. I was sent to examine and inform.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.3 09:46 "thanks Sean"
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.3 09:49 "I found you, it may have taken a while but it's time for Lithins 'collection' to start"
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.3 09:50 *growls* The question is are you going to be helpful to us or not?
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.3 09:53 "that all depends on what you plan to do."
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.3 09:54 "sorry but I have nothing for him
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.3 09:54 *looks at Karma* as of now its either find a new home or someone who can send us home
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.3 09:54 "you know what he wants, your soul"
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.3 10:00 "well I can help you with that. Now where you two from, as in world, universe, etc."
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.3 10:01 "like to see you try to take it, and i am aware of the topaz. It won't help you.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.3 10:03 "lets find out
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.3 10:04 We do not have a name for our universe, but we come from the land of Media
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.3 10:05 "ok"
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.3 10:06 "this take a second hold on a sec"
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.3 10:08 *pulls out two swords on his back* "Now where are you truly from, and tell me fast."
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.3 10:09 *Paroxysm takes in a breath to retort but she clamps his jaw shut* That is where we are from!
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.3 10:12 "according to my device, there is no such thing, nothing has that name. not a single one. now you have five seconds"
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.3 10:14 "hold on a sec guys i need to fix something"
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.3 10:14 Listen, last thing we remember was walking through my forest looking for Gallery and avoiding the monitors in the sky as to not be spotted. Mages aren't the most welcomed in Media. Then next thing we know we fall into a weird portal.
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.3 10:15 "not buying it"
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.3 10:16 "You don't buy anything George"
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.3 10:17 "also we have code 497J"
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.3 10:17 "we haven't fix the last one
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.3 10:18 The last what now?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.3 10:20 "Someone made a portal to another Plane. We have yet to have time to fix it.
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.3 10:21 Never heard of such a thing before.
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.3 10:23 "well it's like a dimension, but one level higher."
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.3 10:24 That disturbance was likely me. Universal travel is iffy
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.3 10:24 "the one who went through it the first time was named John Sin"
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.3 10:25 "maybe"
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.3 10:25 We don't know who that is.
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.3 10:26 "not surprised"
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.3 10:27 "He is new to our team"
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.3 10:28 "he said that he slammed into a house full of talking animals like yourself"
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.3 10:28 "so I thought to ask
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.3 10:30 We do not have contact with many other animals so we wouldn't have met him before anyway
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.3 10:32 "alright come join George at his Home"
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.3 10:32 "HEY"
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.3 10:33 "i have things to do
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.3 10:33 As long as theres food
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.3 10:33 "you have no idea
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.3 10:34 "well i'm off" *teleports to Jerry
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.3 10:39 "lets go Jerry there is a small town about an hour northeast lets start walking"
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.3 10:40 "Can't we... teleport?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.3 10:41 "That's right you wanna come?"
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.3 10:41 *to Armis
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.3 10:41 might as well. got nothing better to do
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.3 10:42 *teleports all three to a inn in the town
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.3 10:43 "Welp follow me"
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.3 10:45 "Sean I wasn't expecting you"
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.3 10:45 "well i need a room
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.3 10:45 "always
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.3 10:46 "alright here we are my humble abode
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.3 10:47 *takes the cube from Paroxysm. It changes from cyan to yellow. she makes it disappear* okay. *starts following george*
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.3 10:48 Huh.. It's... different from where I live, thats for sure.
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.3 10:49 "Yea i went for the old village look"
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.3 10:50 "here are your keys, and you know where your room is
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.3 10:50 "thanks
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.3 10:51 My home is a glorified tree. *her gray eyes fill with yellow as she creates a mini model of her home: a thick tree with a ladder to a wooden door at the top. inside are several rooms and windows*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.3 10:51 'Wait is that a crystal floating with Jerry?
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.3 10:52 "oh that's cool
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.3 10:53 "Well there's the table feel free sit while i get some food"
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.3 10:53 "what do ya guys want?
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.3 10:54 *takes a seat. Paroxysm is hesitant to follow through and sit as well*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.3 10:54 "Yes.Why?"
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.3 10:55 Got any fish? or just meat in general?
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.3 10:56 "all I can say is that the eight heal the one
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.3 10:57 "Yes I do. how would you like it cooked?
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.3 10:57 cooked?
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.3 10:58 "yea cooked. wait. you want it raw?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.3 10:58 "i'll keep that in mind
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.3 10:59 Ive never had cooked food. that stuff is usually kept for those in the city. the non-mages.
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.3 11:00 "ok, so do you want it raw or not?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.3 11:01 "k come on Armis we have this room
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.3 11:02 Cooked i guess?
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.3 11:02 *still sits down beside Karma*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.3 11:02 Aiight.
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.3 11:03 "ok how about you * looks at Paroxysm
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.3 11:04 "gees what happened?
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.3 11:04 "hey where'd they go?
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.3 11:05 I don't want to eat
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.3 11:05 *heads twords the town
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.3 11:06 "alright to each their own. it will take a bit"
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.3 11:09 "hey have you seen two talkin animals come through?
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.3 11:10 "I have not but may I ask what that floating crystal does?
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.3 11:13 "I don't know really, but it made this cool energy shield!
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.3 11:14 "that crystal you have must be the crystal of creation
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.3 11:14 "the what now?
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.3 11:16 "you can make anything out of thin air, but at a price, it takes some of your energy.
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.3 11:19 "I have one too. It's called the Tanzanite of Time, it stops time.
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.3 11:19 "cool now give it to me or i'll kill you
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.3 11:20 "what about stopping time do you not understand
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.3 11:21 "the part that i can create something to stop you from stopping time
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.3 11:22 "just leave
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.4 08:10 ( https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tMrSZL4qzWkXu3iEeu6FURwZlhZwGTIU/view?usp=drivesdk )
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.4 08:25 "not until i have..." *gets thrown from the inn
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.4 08:27 "here is your fish
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.4 08:28 Thank you. *takes a bite* You really should have some. *holds some down for Paroxysm*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.4 08:28 "so tell me about where your from
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.4 08:30 *suddenly snaps* I DON'T WANT ANY FOOD!! *his irids fill with cyan magic as he slaps the fish from Karma's paw, clawing her in the process*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.4 08:32 "gees ok then
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.4 08:32 That was uncalled for! *pulls her paw away to start cleaning the wound*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.4 08:34 "let me help with some of our instafix stuff. it really just me pointing at something and it fixes it
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.4 08:36 If you want to--
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.4 08:36 *jumps onto the table* You'll do no such thing! *slams his paw onto the wood, a small bit of cyan plasma blasts from the impact*
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.4 08:37 "ack. I'll be back remember that
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.4 08:39 "oh hey calm down *looks at Karma "what his problem
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.4 08:39 *leaves
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.4 08:40 He
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.4 08:40 "is this what it feels like to be dying?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.4 08:40 "No"
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.4 08:41 He's having a moment. *hops from the table and heads for the door* I'll be outside when you come back to your senses.
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.4 08:41 "alright then
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.4 08:42 "you won't be the hardest thing i'd have to handle
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.4 08:43 *sits outside the house*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.4 08:43 "i've been waiting for you, i need your help *to Karma
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.4 08:43 Help with what, sir?
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.4 08:44 "i'll explain on the way, follow me
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.4 08:44 I'd really rather not stray too far from my friend
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.4 08:44 " what do you think is causing this?
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.4 08:47 "your the only one that can help us though, you need to help us
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.4 08:48 "if I had to guess i'd say that it was that crystal
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.4 08:48 You don't even know me.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.4 08:50 "your wrong, your coming from another world has been prophesied for years
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.4 08:51 "that makes sense
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.4 08:51 I find that unlikely. What is it that you need from me, anyway
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.4 08:52 "let add some light on this crystal
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.4 08:53 "this world is dying and you are one of the chosen eight to save this world
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.4 08:55 *sighs* what if I dont want to save this world?
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.4 08:56 "It is called the crystal of chaos it sucks the life energy out of the weilder
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.4 08:57 "then it and everyone one will die from the planet exploding, this will include you two
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.4 08:58 "make it stop
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.4 08:58 "I can not
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.4 08:58 Now wouldn't that be wonderful? Two less mages to worry about
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.4 08:59 "well your no help
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.4 09:00 "guess time for plan C, give me the cube
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.4 09:00 "why not?
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.4 09:00 *licks her wounded paw* Cube? Why would I have a cube?
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.4 09:01 "because only the Ruby of rebirth can give him his strength back
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.4 09:03 "because you took it from your friend in there, give it and you won't be hurt more than you already are
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.4 09:03 "where can we find it?
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.4 09:04 Where would I even keep a cube? I don't have any place to keep one
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.4 09:06 "alright your dead *the topaz floating behind Giovanni glows and a tornado appears around Karma
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.4 09:07 "you can find it when John needs it most
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.4 09:08 *bits of debris slice through her fur. using her magic she grows a thick dome of plants around her*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.4 09:09 *Yells "Why does nothing effect you
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.4 09:09 *calls back* because we've practiced our magic for just these occasions!
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.4 09:10 "Stop the tornado G, or do you want me to Jerry
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.4 09:11 "Stop calling me G, I AM LORD GIOVANNI, and you will bow at my feet
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.4 09:13 "thanks. I kind need it now
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.4 09:14 "maybe maybe not. I am not the one to say
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.4 09:15 *runs from the house and pulls the cube from Karma* Hey, G! First off, perhaps YOU should be bowing! Second, do NOT treat Karma that way! *launches the cube at Giovanni*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.4 09:15 "your a lot of help
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.4 09:20 *stops it with a small tornado from his hand "You will refer to me as lord Giovanni *looks at the cube "And i have to think you for giving me what I wanted
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.4 09:21 "by the way your brother was here a few seconds ago John
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.4 09:22 "thinks *gets up and leaves
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.4 09:23 "hey i'll come with you. Armis stay here and don't cause any trouble
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.4 09:24 Don't think I've given it to you. I'm still in control. *commands the cube to release a wave of magic*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.4 09:25 *gets pushed back a few feet
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.4 09:27 "you call that magic, get a load of this *sends a bolt of lightning towards Karma
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.4 09:28 *Yells "SAM GET BACK HERE"
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.4 09:29 *commands the cube to shield Karma. it creates a thick cyan barrier which shatters when struck by the force of the lightning bolt*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.4 09:29 "perfect" *Dashes at Paroxysm with two daggers
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.4 09:30 *Shields Paroxysm
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.4 09:31 "why won't you die John
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.4 09:31 *trips Giovanni with a small twig which she grew over his foot while he ran*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.4 09:32 *trips
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.4 09:34 "this is not the last you'll see of me *teleports away
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.4 09:34 We have to get back home. THIS doesn't happen there.
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.4 09:35 Usually WE are the ones causing problems
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.4 09:35 "easier said then done
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.4 09:38 "that was G he's been mad ever sense Jerry beat him almost 600 years ago
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.4 09:39 "you can't kill me that easy
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.4 09:39 Sore loser
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.4 09:39 "you can say that gain
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.4 09:40 "
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.4 09:40 "lets find out
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.4 09:40 *Lounges at Johne
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.4 09:41 *tries to block his attack but gets sent backwords
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.4 09:42 "you cant even block my attacks
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.4 09:43 *Guess this is truly the end for you *jabs his sword at Johns heart
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.4 09:53 "NO *a ruby appears as John grabs his sword from Sam
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.4 09:54 *gets up to face Sam
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.4 09:55 "you might want to start running
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.9 09:35 "CRAP"
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.9 09:39 *starts to run*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.9 09:49 *the ruby glows as John raises his sword*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.9 10:14 *a beam of light shoots out of from the tip of his sword at Sam*
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.10 07:32 "Energy Shield!
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.10 07:32 *a energy shield appears and protects Sam
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.11 06:40 I'm getting some sleep. *stalks back into the house, Karma takes and hides the cube again, following him inside*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 06:42 *sits back and watches the battle*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 07:00 *pulls out his book and grabs a bag of popcorn from it*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 07:35 that won't protect you for long
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.11 07:36 no, just long enough for me to beat you. Sword *a sword appears in Sams hands
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.11 07:37 *dashes at John
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 07:38 *blocks and uses a pulse of energy from the ruby
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.11 07:39 *goes flying 15 to 20 feet back
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 07:40 You can't beat me Sam with this I have more power than ever. I could kill you in an instant
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 07:41 *at Armis* where did you get the popcorn from?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 07:41 more importantly can I have some
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 07:41 Oh, want some? *holds the bag our for Sean to take some*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 07:42 (Nvm the dialogue)
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 07:42 thanks
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.11 07:43 there are empty rooms up the stairs and to the left
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.11 07:45 then why haven't you. you obviously only care for yourself
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 07:45 *drops a few pieces of popcorn into the book*
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.11 07:45 oh, and your sword
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.11 07:45 Got it. *finds a room and lies down*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 07:46 Sam I regret that day you know
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.11 07:47 doubt it I've seen you. You love death you always have
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.11 07:48 i saw you when you killed her. you were happy to do so
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 07:48 Sam... *gets cut off by Sam
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.11 07:49 NO
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 07:49 *chuckles* this gets more and more interesting by the second.
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.11 07:49 you can't say anything here
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.11 07:50 after mom and dad left she was all I had
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 07:51 *To Armis* shut it
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 07:51 lets go
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.11 07:51 you have never known what it is like to lose everything
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 07:51 I don't want to. How about I go when someone dies?
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.11 07:52 and... and... this this is why I will beat you
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 07:55 *throws popcorn in Sam and John's direction* GET ON WITH IT!
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 07:56 (WHAT THE ACTUAL CRAP ARMIS)
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 07:57 ARMIS I WILL MAKE YOU STOP
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 07:57 Go ahead
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.11 07:58 can we kill him?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 07:58 yes
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 07:59 *Makes a Bubble around Armis and kicks it away
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 07:59 I can handle him
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 07:59 *laughs as he rolls away*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:00 thanks Sean
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.11 08:01 John one day you WILL die
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.11 08:01 I will find a way
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.11 08:03 for now this is good bye *walks away and mumbles* I hope you all go to H***
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:03 wait Sam. WAIT
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 08:03 *laughs even harder from where he settled* Been there!! It's actually quite nice!
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.11 08:06 *falls through a portal
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 08:07 Didn't knew you had a soft side John
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:07 *waits a moment then says* I don't
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 08:07 Man, my home universe is dark but this place got DRAMA! LOVE IT!
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:08 Everyone has things they want to take back
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 08:08 Ain't no drama where I come from. We don't negotiate we just fight each other. May the darkest evil win!
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:09 so Armis about that fight we wanted a while back
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 08:10 *pops the bubble Armis is in*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 08:10 Yes?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:11 I'm ready when you are
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 08:11 wait
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 08:12 how about we use Jerry's arena
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:12 I don't see why not
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 08:14 Cool, a fight. I haven't fought in so long. Lifes boring when you're on a leash 24/7.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 08:14 I guess I'm ready. May be the tiniest bit out of practice but I should be fine
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 08:17 then it's settled. follow me *creates a portal to the arena
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 08:17 *walks through
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.11 08:17 yo Sean wait what happening?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 08:18 *follows* so shall we keep this simple? 1v1 duel?
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.11 08:18 *goes in after Sean*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:18 only the best.. George what?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:19 yes a 1v1 duel
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.11 08:19 whats happening here, why are we at the bosses arena?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:20 *goes through the portal
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 08:21 Alright so no dragon. But she will watch. She's gotta learn about fighting. *finds a wall and sets the book down. He opens it and a medium-sized dragon crawls out* There you are! Now watch daddy fight! *the dragon chirps as he returns to John*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.11 08:21 *alone* guess it's soon. I hate to see the look on the face of the one who gets the fake tanzanite.
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.11 08:22 (RIP)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 08:23 (Ahahahahaa!)
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 08:23 because those two wanted to fight
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 08:23 Y'ello! *waves at George*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 08:24 now we will go up to our spots
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.11 08:24 well time to watch John obliterate some else
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 08:26 *starts practically jumping around excitedly* Oh, if Blitz could see me now! *stops* No, she'd stop me... IF MAYHEM COULD SEE ME NOW!
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 08:27 (This may sound weird, but when I make random remarks it means I am considering these times canon to my character's story)
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:27 hey guys whos fighting this time?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 08:28 (And I'm being as real as possible in terms of my character's responses and actions)
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 08:28 *George and Sean at the same time* James?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 08:29 what are you doing here?
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:29 I know when someone enters, and I haven't seen a good fight in a while
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:30 (ok)
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 08:30 alright you can watch
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 08:31 *the dragon sees everyone moving to their seats and decides to fly up to find her own seat. She takes the book with her*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 08:31 *to Armis and John* so will this be a no magic fight?
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:32 oh hey a Dragon
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 08:32 Do the powers of our swords count as magic?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:32 I'd say yes
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:33 (that was to Sean)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 08:33 (Btw this is taking place after the events of my comic. Therefore Armis doesn't have any of Blitz's power anymore)
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:33 well that would be to easy Armis
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 08:33 (Lucky everyone)
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:33 (ok)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 08:34 How so?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:35 remember when I said that I killed over a million people by closing my sword?
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:35 DON"T FORGET ABOUT YOURSELF
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:35 SHUT IT
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.11 08:36 welcome back Sam
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.11 08:37 Oh hey what do you want
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 08:38 That's sounds fun.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:40 just a drop of blood or whatever you essence is made of, your gone
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.11 08:41 that is no way to treat your lord. start over again
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.11 08:41 Sorry. What is your wish Lord Giovanni
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.11 08:42 better
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.11 08:43 you and I have some business we need to talk about involving your brother.
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.11 08:44 *looks at Giovanni* like what?
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.11 08:45 I have the way for you to get rid of him, forever.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 08:46 Even more so. But that's the only thing your sword can do?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:47 oh no it can do more. But that is all I need.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 08:49 I doubt you could even land a hit.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:52 lets find out
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 08:53 so no magic?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 08:53 Bring it.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:53 nah lets leave that there
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 08:54 Whatever he wants I guess. I'm fine with or without magic.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:54 it will keep the fight interesting
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:55 lets go *dashes at Armis swing twords his left
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 08:57 *jumps back, drawing his own sword* ah, so no starting places, then? Interesting!
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 08:57 *slashes at Armis
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 08:58 thats not ho it works
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 08:58 *how
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 08:58 (not ho it works hahaha
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 08:59 *blocks with his sword* that's how formal challenges usually work.
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 08:59 a fight can start anywhere anytime
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 08:59 well here formal goes out the window
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 09:00 you learn or you die
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 09:00 Oh, shut it. *shoves Johns sword back and slashes at him*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 09:00 *steps back and blocks
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 09:01 *the sword starts to glow a light red
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 09:02 lets see what your sword is made of
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 09:02 (he is heating Armis's sword
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 09:03 Already resorting to magic, huh? Alright. Hmm... Light vs dark, which would be best for you? *looks him over* it'd be nice to see you lose some more, wouldnt it?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 09:04 what do you mean lose? *pushes his sword more into Armis's
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 09:04 *jumps back* also good luck melting this thing. It'll get hot but itll never melt. It's not made of metal. *bites open his hand and drags the blood down the blade. It shimmers red for a moment, then sparks into black*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 09:06 well i'll have to brake it then
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 09:07 Ha! *slashes at John a few more times*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 09:08 *blocks all but one* ack
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 09:08 nice job
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 09:09 but it will take more then a scratch to take me down *the scratch heals it's self
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 09:10 What next, then?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 09:12 what do you mean what happens next is I win
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 09:12 *slashes again
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 09:13 I really wanna see you in pain. *jumps back again and starts swinging the sword in Johns direction. It emits a blast of shadows with every swing, each one explodes into flame upon impact with the ground directly in front of John, creating a lot of smoke*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 09:16 Somkescreen huh *lowers* it's not that effective* dashes at where Armis was
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 09:19 (also Pokemon reference)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 09:19 Pfft! you just fell for the oldest trick in my book! *slashes at John from the side*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 09:20 (Yep)
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 09:20 (Johns gonna get hit I can feel it)
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 09:20 (oh)
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 09:20 AAAAAHHHHHHH
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 09:20 aaaahhhhhhhh
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 09:21 *the Ruby glows as the wound starts healing
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 09:22 (kinda glad I gave him that now)
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 09:22 what is happining?
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.11 09:23 uh Sean
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 09:23 we can't help him here
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 09:23 Well that's stupid. You can heal yourself.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 09:24 well, ack... thats partly from, being Immortal
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 09:26 I think this Ruby is a big help two
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 09:27 we haven't fought anyone like Armis
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 09:28 I think I might want to fight him
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 09:28 but then again maybe not
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.11 09:29 How?
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.11 09:30 My two daggers were made to be able to kill the god of the plane himself. Jerry K. Watson
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.11 09:41 I could use them
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.11 09:47 then i will avenge every one he killed
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.11 09:59 bring me to where he is
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.11 10:00 no not now. we have to wait for the right time
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.11 10:00 alright
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 10:44 I do know one thing though. I WONT lose to you. *the Ruby glows brighter as the light surrounds John* I know the fear of death, I've felt the fear of those who I have killed. I know the wrongs that I have done! When I, beat, you, I will be...
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 10:48 *the glowing goes to Johns right hand, then to his sword, then dissipates. John falls to his knees* I don't know what i'll be.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 10:49 *lowers his head and drops his sword*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.11 10:49 ...
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 10:49 ...
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.11 10:49 ...
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 20:25 *puts his sword away* Trust me, you won't be any more than you are now by beating me. Possibly less. Beating me wouldn't prove anything to anyone.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 22:15 *the top left of Johns head starts to bleed*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.11 22:36 Dang it old man, why *wipes the blood off his head
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.11 22:46 *talks to himself* with every fight his sword and him lose their power. With every loss he loses more of his Immortality
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.11 23:52 What happened? I didn't hit your head.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.12 01:23 it's nothing
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.12 01:25 there are reasons on why I wont be able finish this fight
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 01:28 How about we call this a tie for now? I refuse to call this a win, anyway.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.12 01:30 agree
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.12 01:30 *agreed
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 01:32 well if were gonna ignore that lets go back to try to fix the current problem *looks at John*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.12 01:33 It wasn't me this time
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 01:34 It was your sword wasn't it
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 01:34 We will finish this later.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.12 01:34 Sam opened the portal
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.12 01:34 yes we will Armis
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.12 01:35 we will when I can finish fights
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 01:36 well why didn't you try to get your sword back?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 01:36 Is your sword causing you problems?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.12 01:36 No Armis that is not the problem
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.12 01:36 Sean I hate you, you know why
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 01:39 oh yea you had a sword through your heart
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 01:39 Welp if you two are gonna talk. *whistles and the dragon flies down to him* time to practice. *draws his sword again and the dragon moves to breathe green flames at him*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 01:40 so much for the greatest swordsman if he can't even beat a 15 year old kid
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.12 01:40 you need to STOP Sean
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 01:41 why what are you gonna do, kill me? I'd like to see you try
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 01:42 *stops in his tracks, signalling for the dragon to stop fighting* I'm far from 15 years old, sir. I do believe I've had much more experience than him
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.12 01:42 you know I would
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 01:42 After all I have been practicing with swords since I was a few years old
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 01:43 I was talking about John's brother
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 01:44 Ah. Okay then. *goes back to fighting.*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.12 01:45 I done *slashes his sword to make a portal then goes though it, it closes before anyone else can go through
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 01:46 *ends up being tackled by the dragon* Good job! *kicks her off* So what now, Sean?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 01:46 you two can stay here if you want
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 01:47 as for me and George
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 01:47 we have a problem to fix
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 01:47 I don't want to stay here.
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 01:48 alright then you can join the party at my house
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 01:48 opens a portal to George's house
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 01:49 *sighs* very well
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 01:50 *Sean and George walk through*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.12 01:50 It's time Sam use them to kill John
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.12 01:50 (OH NO)
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.12 01:51 *opens a portal to where John is Sam walks through*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 01:51 *goes through the portal with the dragon holding onto his shoulders, dragging behind him*
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 01:52 yes my lord
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 01:52 Are you both going to find John?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 01:53 *exhales* no
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 01:53 we have to fix this problem that he has created
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 01:54 Where is he now?
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 01:54 why do we keep on using my house?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 01:54 somewhere
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 01:55 George your house is the closest to the portal
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 01:56 also the other houses even mine are in other dimensions
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 01:56 I sort of want to make sure he doesn't die before I can fight him again..
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 01:57 he is immortal he can't die
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 01:58 hey John you ready to die
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 01:58 (HAHAHA)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 01:58 Yeah heard that before.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.12 01:58 very funny Sam
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 01:59 (brb)
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 01:59 I'll make sure you can
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 01:59 (ok)
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 02:01 I wan't kidding. I have these daggers which have been made to kill the god of the plane.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.12 02:01 where did you get those?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.12 02:02 are you working with Giovanni?
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 02:02 It's Lord Giovanni, but yes I am
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.12 02:03 before we fight can I say something?
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 02:04 no *slashes both daggers at John*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.12 02:05 *blocks* You want to know why I killed her?
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 02:06 Don't you talk about Sara
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.12 02:07 *shoves Sam back*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.12 02:08 I thought that you were Jerry and she was lucria.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 02:09 *smells Karma. now intrigued, he finds her* Karma?! What the h*** are you doing here?
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 02:10 that doesn't make it any better John.
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.12 02:10 Surprise. It's me. I was drug here by an unknown force. You?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 02:11 Same here. Say, do you have what I think you have? *Karma: What do you mean? *Armis: *Focuses and commands the cube to him. It turns black* you do! How'd you get your paws on this?!
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.12 02:12 maybe but I know what he would have done and that is why I killed your friend *looks down a little*
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 02:13 She was our sister John
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 02:13 (BRB)
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.12 02:13 Please give that back... you shouldn't have that power.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 02:15 *karma tries to take the cube back, but it doesn't budge* sorry, my will is stronger than yours. Now... *asks the cube to show him John Sin. A view of John and Sam fades into view* Ah, perfect.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 02:16 *John and Sam won't find anything but they may definitely feel like they're being watched*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 02:16 (Ok)
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.12 02:33 *looks back up at Sam* What?
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 02:34 Sara Elisabeth Sin, that was her name you never even knew her name
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 02:36 (that was suppose to be Olivia not Elisabeth)
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 02:37 (Don't know why I put Elisabeth)
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.12 02:42 Sam I...
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 02:42 I don't care
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 02:43 it's time for you to die
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 02:44 *puts the daggers to John's Chest*
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 02:44 any last words, Brother?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 02:46 (i could so easily let armis speak now.)
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.12 02:46 I'm sorry for what I've done to you and our family.
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 02:48 thank you *thrusts the daggers into John*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.12 02:48 *fall to the ground life less*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 02:49 Sean I figured it out
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 02:49 the eight to save the one
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 02:50 the one sin
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 02:50 Sin as in John?
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 02:50 or Sam
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 02:51 where are they?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 02:51 i don't know right now
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 02:52 what are you two talking about?
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 02:56 there is a prophesy, it states: The eight to save the one, the one Sin, when the fight between two Is won, let time begin.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 02:56 (who is george talking to?)
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 02:57 (Sean and Raze)
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 02:57 (they are in Georges living room)
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 02:59 *falls to his knees and starts crying*
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 03:00 what have I done
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 03:01 *quietly calls out to Sam using the cube's power* I'm interested in hearing your motives for this. You should tell me sometime.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.12 03:01 he is of no use to us anymore Master Lithin
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 03:03 (forgot to mention that there was a small light that faded from the back of Sams neck after he killed John)
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 03:04 wh... who's there?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 03:06 Oh, I'm just a bystander, watching from a distance. Dont bother looking, you wont find me nearby
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 03:08 he needed to be stoped
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 03:08 but now...
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 03:09 i don't know
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 03:10 i saw that he cared when he died
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 03:10 he would have never just let anyone kill him like that
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 03:11 so why did he
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 03:11 *the daggers disappear*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.12 03:12 that is one down
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.12 03:13 now *looks at his daggers* how next
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 03:13 Perhaps you should have looked a little deeper into his character.
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 03:17 what would you know about him
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 03:17 (brb dinner)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 03:18 Well I fought him just before you happened. Let's just say that I can learn quite a bit about someone through a swordfight.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 03:18 Of course I don't know much at all, but I didn't quite see myself in him, so that's something
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 03:32 (when ever you want give Karma her Tanzanite do it)
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 03:32 why can't I find him
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 03:32 D*** it!
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 03:33 hes dead
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 03:33 *creates a portal, he Raze and George go through*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 03:34 Sam, what have you done
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 03:35 Sean, let time Begin
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 03:35 what do you mean?
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 03:35 what is the time limit on death?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 03:36 Hey, you all didn't bring me with you, what the heck?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 03:36 10 minutes
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 03:36 the portal is still open you idiot
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 03:37 i'm sorry I... I...
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 03:39 we need the the eight gems
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 03:39 Woohoo! *is heard running away when the voice cuts out. he runs through the portal with the cube*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 03:42 Hello
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.12 03:46 where did my topaz go?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.12 03:48 *six of the eight gems surround John* (all but Sams crystal and the emerald of energy)
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 03:49 wait isn't that G's topaz that he used?
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 03:50 HEY THAT'S MY LAPIS!
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 03:51 we have at most nine minutes and at least seven minutes to find the emerald
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 03:52 where can we find it
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 03:53 Not sure but there was a recurrence of the word Karma that I found in my research
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 03:56 What about Karma, now?
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 03:56 just something i found in my reserch
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 03:59 why?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 04:00 Oh, nothing. But out of curiosity, why do you need Karma?
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 04:02 Karma is a thing that we don't need
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 04:03 George go and look for emeralds
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 04:03 got it
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 04:04 As for you Sam
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 04:05 you need to stay there
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 04:06 \
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 04:06 (BRB)
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 04:11 wait you know someone named Karma
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 04:20 Yes, she's an... Old friend.
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 04:20 where can we find he?
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 04:20 *her
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 04:22 At his house. *points at George* You won't hurt, her, right?
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 04:22 (BRB again)
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 04:33 only If I have to
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 04:34 goes through the portal
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 04:34 Just saying I won't stop her from defending herself.
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 04:34 Karma we need your help and fast
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 04:35 *follows george back*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 04:35 *lets Karma take the cube back*
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.12 04:35 Why do you need MY help?
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 04:36 we have to help John
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.12 04:37 Who?
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 04:37 a friend of mine
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 04:37 we don't have much time
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 04:38 how did you do it Sam, how were you able to kill him?
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.12 04:38 Very well. I'll do my best
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.12 04:39 We have to move quick, or Paroxysm is sure to follow
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 04:40 okay
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 04:40 *George goes through the portal*
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 04:42 I used L... Giovanni's ddaggers
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.12 04:42 *sighs and follows George through the portal, Armis follows as well*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 04:43 k got her now what?
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 04:45 now we *looks at Blitz* now we have to do something that may hurt a little
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 04:46 *stops time and hits a few spots on Blitz
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 04:46 *then starts time*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 04:48 how did you get them?
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 04:49 uh uh he gave them to me. But there gone now, I don't know where they went
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 04:50 have you been working for him?
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.12 04:53 (ill br back on this later. its too hard to keep track of the other two)
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 04:53 ok
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 04:54 sam
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 04:54 (ok)
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 04:57 yes.
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 06:51 SAM do you know who he his do you know what he has done?
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 06:51 well he said...
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 06:52 why do you listen to him?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 06:52 he only has one goal
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 06:55 and that is to become the god of the plane by killing me, George, Jason, and the god of the plane himself!
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 06:59 you killed one killer at the demands of one ten times worse.
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 06:59 Sean
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 07:01 WHAT *a Emerald appears and glows, at the same time a small light starts to glow on the back of Sean's Neck*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.12 07:02 good, now we wait
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 07:06 calm yourself
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 07:06 Shut it George,
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 07:07 he has been working for Giovanni
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 07:07 he needs to be punished for his actions
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 07:08 he already, has look at him
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 07:09 pulls out a sword and holds it to Sams right arm
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 07:13 HEY stop *steps in front of Sam*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 07:14 do you wish to be punished as well?
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 07:15 Sean why are you acting this way? *pulls out his twin blades just in case*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 07:16 *points his sword at George* you know what happened to me right. all those years back?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 07:18 Giovanni killed everyone I knew and cared about. from then i swore to kill everyone that worked for him
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 07:19 that would include Raze, Jason, Jerry, and me. is that what you want?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 07:20 it's time for you all to be gone forever. *slashes at George*
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 07:21 *gets up and starts sneaking around a tree, then starts sprinting.*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 07:24 please excuse me for a second *heads after Sam, goes around him* where do you think your going. we still need you here.
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 07:25 f f for what reasons?
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 07:26 *blocks* Sean think about this
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 07:29 you have been slow for a long time now. I didn't expect you to understand. Now it's time for you all to die.
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 07:30 your starting to remind me a lot about giovanni
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 07:31 I AM NOTHING LIKE HIM! *Sean and George fight for a while*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 07:35 *exhales* I don't know anything about John or what he has done. But you know i have a little power that isn't from my gem. It allows my to sense the relations between two people..
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 07:39 I can see that he cares for you. I can see that he would put his life down for you Sam, and he has. Now it's your turn to help him. All you need to is to give him his life back. Now I can't say what will happen after.
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 07:39 But I am sure that he will be thankful.
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 08:24 *Reluctantly says* lets do this
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 08:27 *They both walk back*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 08:28 hey you two need to stop fighting
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 08:28 Not til you both dead
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 08:29 why now Sean, why now?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 08:30 wouldn't you like to know
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 08:30 sorta why I asked
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 08:32 I've had enough of your laziness, you don't do anything while I am fighting the rest of Giovanni's Army
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 08:33 I am doing what I have been sent here to do
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 08:33 that's not enough *hits George's left leg
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 08:34 And I am doing this now. *takes the cube again and smacks it hard into Sean's back, enough to knock the wind out of him*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 08:35 *falls to the ground*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 08:36 *imagines repeatedly hitting Sean with the cube, then realizes that he wasn't actually doing so*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 08:36 heh nice try *gets up grabs the cube and it disappears*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 08:36 Are you done?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 08:37 (literally grabs the cube?)
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 08:37 (no but close enough to teleport it away)
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.12 08:38 ARMIS!
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 08:38 Sean stop
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 08:38 Don't worry, they don't know how to use it
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 08:39 *draws his sword* I'm kind of confused about all of this, to be honest
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 08:39 lets dance demon boy
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 08:39 Bring it
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 08:39 *slashes at Armis's left*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 08:40 *quickly pulls his dagger and blocks*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 08:41 *using the force of his sword bouncing off he spins to hit Armis 's right leg
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 08:43 you'll find it harder to beat me
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 08:44 *staggers from the blows, but keeps himself up* thanks for that. *swipes his hand over the wound, then wipes the blood over the blade. The color of the blade sizzles away into a brilliant white*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 08:44 quick Sam use your crystal
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 08:44 nice color change but it will make no difference
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 08:45 ok. uh how
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 08:45 think life
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 08:46 wait don't we need all eight?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 08:46 *he is surrounded by light, which seals the wound, but doesn't heal it. He swings the blade, several beams of light spring from it, aiming for Sean*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 08:46 George help Armis
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 08:47 ok *gets Hit*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 08:48 *doges but sees what happened to George*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 08:49 Fool! *shake his head at George before rushing Sean, using the light energy to boost his speed*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 08:50 Freeze tag huh your not the only one how can play* holds his hand out to shoot a freeze wave out at Armis*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 08:50 (that was the only way to explain)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 08:51 *quickly surrounds himself with blinding light*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 08:51 *as soon as the wave hits the light shatters*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 08:52 *jumps around 10 feet up gives himself some Ice shades*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 08:54 block this *crates a big block of ice and hurls it at Armis* (it's big enough for Sean not to be seen behind it)
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 08:55 why the ice shades you don't need them
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 08:55 *slices through the ice block*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 08:56 *as soon as the ice black get cut through Sean, using a portal he made attacks Armis from behind
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 08:57 Um life to John
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 08:57 I guess that works
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.12 08:57 *leaps in and bites Sean's hand, whipping him with magical vines as she does so* Armis, MOVE!
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 08:59 Use you Gem Karma!
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 08:59 *brings his hilt to Karma's face*
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 08:59 wait why is there 9 gems
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 09:00 oh
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.12 09:00 *screeches and falls to the ground*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 09:00 *turns around* Thanks, Karma. Now let's judge that hate of yours, shall we? *swings his sword, releasing multiple thin waves of light. How much hate he is harboring determines how damaging the blow is*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 09:00 (USE THE GEM USE IT USE IT)
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.12 09:00 *struggles to get up and back away* how do i do that??
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 09:02 think about it then it's effect should happen. Unless it's like mine and it's a passive ability
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 09:03 ahhhhhhgggg
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 09:03 *falls to the ground*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 09:04 nice try *dashes at Armis
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.12 09:04 *thinks for a moment. A gem appears and begins to glow. But when she tries to use its energy, a bunch of thyme is created in front of her* ...What...
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 09:05 He's normally a nice guy, the nicest I know.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 09:05 *slashes at Sean when he nears*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 09:05 (YES)
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 09:06 *blocks then grabs Armis's Sword then gut checks him*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 09:07 That one is the Tanzanite of Thyme!
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 09:08 *is surprisingly not that affected by that hit* Funny thing, I've long since been desensitized to hits like that. However, this might hurt. *the sword lights up and emits fog, touching the blade feels like holding salt and ice*
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 09:09 did it work?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 09:09 AAAAAAAAhH
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 09:10 *pushes down on the blade, driving it deeper into Sean's hand*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 09:10 this is refreshing. Haven't had a good fight for a long time.
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 09:11 still hurts though
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 09:11 Nor have I.
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 09:12 (can I freeze the sword?)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 09:12 (he can try, but it cannot really break)
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.12 09:13 it will take a few minutes for his soul to return but yes it worked
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 09:13 *starts to freeze the sword
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 09:14 does anyone else see the light on the back of Sean's neck?
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 09:14 yes why?
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 09:14 should I hit it?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 09:15 Hmm... Welp, desperate times call for desperate measures. *drives his sword forward, more as a means of staggering Sean*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 09:16 you go to the left i'll go to the right and tell karma to hold him down with *laughs* with thyme.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 09:18 That's too much work, guys. *shoves the sword further forward, again as a means of staggering sean*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 09:18 heh *Pulls his hand off and brings the hilt of his sword to Armis's Face
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 09:19 *falls back a step and lets go of the blade and lets go of his humanoid form, returning to his natural, lion-like form. He tackles Sean, holding him down with his paws, holding his head within his teeth* hurry up and check out the light!
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 09:19 ok
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 09:21 do you take me for a weakling? *opens a portal below them to make them both fall through*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 09:22 Of course I don't. *still holds on to his head*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 09:25 *Kicks Armis off opens a portal for Sean to fall through*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 09:26 (ouch, that mustve torn a bunch of flesh, then)
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.12 09:26 here we go *tries to pick up the cube*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 09:26 (burrrrrnnn)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 09:26 (the cube cannot be touched. it either burns hot or burns cold. depends on the person_
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 09:27 (yes it most defiantly did)
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 09:27 (that is why i said tries to)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 09:28 *snarls and sits back, picking the flesh from his teeth* I forgot what blood tasted like...
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.12 09:28 oh *drops the cube* ok then we will have to do this another way
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.12 09:29 Where did he go?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 09:29 (so the cube is technically still in Armis' control then?)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 09:29 (if so, then its black)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 09:29 (in color)
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 09:29 not sure yet he is pretty good at hiding. One thing is for sure he is not here
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 09:30 He ran or something. tore up his own head in the process.
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 09:30 (i think It's in another Dimension right now, but no I don't think it would be)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.12 09:31 (if no one has control it is just a dull gray)
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.12 09:31 (what color would it be if no one had it)
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.12 18:36 *appears through another portal and starts sniffing around, tail flicking irritably*
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.12 18:38 *the grass is dry against her paw pads. She jumps into the air, her magic forming opaque wings and tail. The magic holds her midair as she hovers across the land*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.12 23:28 *the gems fuse themselves into there owners* hm it's back. *uses the topaz to make a small tornado around then makes a portal that he and the cube go through*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.12 23:30 *lands in another world* aAAhHHHHHHHHHHHH MY FACE!
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.14 01:40 *tries to make it through the portal but it closes before he can* dang, missed it
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.14 01:42 (were Giovanni is right now is protected by Lithin)
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.14 01:42 (not even Jerry can get there)
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.14 01:47 come on John wake up
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.14 01:49 (nothing is showing up for Giovanni)
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.14 01:49 (work)
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.14 01:49 (now it works)
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.14 01:54 (My sentience won't type)
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.14 01:55 why do we need this cube?
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.14 01:56 Litthin: it is one of many things that will help us beat them.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.14 01:57 Lithin: Sean has been preforming according to plan
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.14 01:59 with that new group it makes things a little difficult
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.14 02:01 *places the cube on a stand* what does this cube do anyways?
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.14 02:02 (now it works)
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.14 02:05 Litthin: it is a cube that holds limitless magic.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.14 02:05 I see
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.14 02:08 Litthin: for now, I have another target for you. You may remember him. His name is Mike Swellburn.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.14 02:09 ah the first. this will be a fun reunion
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.14 02:16 Sean... Why?
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.14 02:17 it will a second Sam.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.14 02:23 *gasps for air* WHY!?
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.14 02:23 John! *Hugs him*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.14 02:24 Get off
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.14 02:24 ok *backs up a little, offers hand*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.14 02:25 *grabs hand and gets up* what happened to you guys?
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.14 02:26 Sean turned on everyone
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.14 02:26 it has to be that light on his neck
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.14 02:29 *makes portal to Georges house* Raze, Sam and who ever else go to my house , John and Armis you need to help me with Sean.
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.14 02:30 we will. come on Sam
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.14 02:35 alright. *they both go through the portal
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.14 20:08 hope your ready to meet the persona Armis because were going to his house
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 01:57 Whatever. *retakes humanoid form*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 01:58 It'll be nothing new I've met four of them already. And they say meeting the Sonas is a difficult feat.
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 02:00 how many are in you plane?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 02:12 Only two in our universe. But others meet up all the time.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 02:14 They're a bunch of weirdos. *Blitz calls from where she is, "You're one to talk!!"*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 02:14 *smirks, knowing she heard*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 03:16 *makes a portal to Jerry's house* thought there could only be one but anyways lets go
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 03:16 *goes through*
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.15 03:18 *find's a box of Legos pulls them out and dumps them on the ground and starts building*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.15 03:19 why does everyone have to do that *finds a place to lie down*
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.15 03:21 *Climbs onto Armis' shoulder as he goes through the portal*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 03:22 *goes through the portal then closes it at the other end*
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.15 03:22 *wakes up from his nap and stretches* That was refreshing. *walks out to see Sam and Raze* What the?! Where's everyone? WHERE'S KARMA?
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.15 03:23 (UHHHHH OH yea forgot about him)
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.15 03:23 Looking for someone, who are you?
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.15 03:24 What's it to you? I need to find her!
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 03:25 I UNDERSTAND THAT BUT WHY CAN"T I JUST GO!?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 03:26 Lucria: Because YOU can't intervene with this problem.
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 03:26 HE IS MY FRIEND, WHY NOT.
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 03:28 *snaps his fingers a portal opens he points* GO, NOW, disconnect the light!
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 03:28 ok then, you guys first
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 03:29 Lucria: now was that hard?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 03:29 Wait, is a so-called "Sona" claiming they CAN'T intervene within their own universe?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 03:29 you know that it is dumb that I can't go
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 03:30 yes
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 03:30 lets go
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 03:30 *goes through the portal*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 03:32 That's ridiculous. Sonas are all powerful as long as their in their own universe. *follows him anyway*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 03:33 *goes through*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 03:33 there he is
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 04:19 (im confused now. who is where?)
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 04:22 (sean
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 04:23 that was slower then expected
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 04:25 maybe but were here now
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 04:25 Armis left, John Right
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 04:26 alright
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 04:31 Sean you know what happens here right *pulls out his duel blades*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 04:33 i've been ready
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 04:36 *pulls out his sword a a icy blue sword*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 04:57 and* a icy blue sword
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 06:24 You really expect me to keep fighting all day?
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 06:25 no
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 06:25 if you wish
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 06:25 I can fight all day
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 06:26 pull his sword out
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 06:27 **
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 06:27 oh can you
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 06:29 lets find out *attacks John*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 06:30 *watches the battle for a while*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 06:32 *blocks* so you'll choose the water starter. bad choice. *uses some energy of the Ruby to Blast Sean back*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 06:33 why water John? wait does that make me the fire or Grass starter
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 06:34 Grass because your useless and nobody likes you.*makes ice spikes and shoots them at John*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 06:36 *blocks all but two one that misses and one that scrapes his shoulder* nice hit.
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 06:39 *dashes at John with both swords* you know you can't beat me John so give in.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 06:40 what and make this easy for you *blocks* now why would I do that?
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 06:42 Armis,I am guessing that that light is controlling him so either we need to come up with a plan or we join the fight and wing it
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 06:42 *his tail flicks* I hate ice. My rival uses ice.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 06:43 *punches Sean in the face*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 06:43 arg why the face?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 06:44 Never mind that I know why
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 06:44 *stumbles back*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 06:45 *slashes again*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 06:46 nice try *blocks then stabs John*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 06:46 ack
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 06:47 this blade will be your end. it has, like yours, killed immortal beings
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 06:47 *falls to his knees*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 06:48 again John, we just revived you
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 06:48 VuSahDiil! *the book opens and the dragon jumps from the book. she breathes a steady stream of noxious gas at Sean and John* John, get back!
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 06:48 *exhales* well Armis lets go
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 06:49 *jumps in, covering John's mouth and nose, pulling him away, all within a VERY short amount of time*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 06:49 (um he can't)
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 06:49 (ok thanks)
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 06:50 *makes an ice mask*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 06:50 (the gas isnt strong enough to kill yet but itll knock people out)
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 06:50 that won't work Armis
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 06:52 fought an enemy that used noxious gasses meant to kill anyone who breathed in once.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 06:54 (whoops wasnt meaning to send that yet)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 06:54 (forget tat)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 06:57 *once out of the gas he drops John and opens the book again* Dark, take him to the infirmary and heal him. Once healed, send him back. *a dark purple wingless dragon pops out of the book and pulls John in*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 06:57 (ok then)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 06:58 *tosses the book to George and draws his sword* Round two?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 06:59 Dance dance Revolution
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 06:59 Stop it Sean
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 07:00 hm looks like he might be be a bigger problem then we thought, lets fix that
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 07:01 that's not even the second one
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 07:02 *Vusahdiil spits a more potent poison on Armis' sword, potent enough to make the blade itself smoke*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 07:03 your smoke will do nothing for you
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 07:04 *smirks* funny
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 07:04 You're in for a surprise. Now fight me
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 07:05 *brings both blades to around an 70 degree angle when his body and swords start to glow red*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 07:06 the demon dance, you might want to back up Armis
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 07:07 (forgot to mention that this is a colder area where it is a little snowy but still warm)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 07:07 Vusahdiil, to me! *she runs over and grabs ahold of his shoulders*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 07:08 *the glow intensifies as he starts to crouch, the glow becomes a red aura around Sean*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 07:08 (its not heat thats making the sword smoke. its pure corrosive poison. poison potent enough to affect his sword, which is something not much can do)
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 07:09 in this form he is faster and stronger.
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 07:09 (ok)
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 07:10 *to himself* but I thought that could only be done with the aid of demon pills
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 07:11 there we go
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 07:11 I'm waiting.
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 07:13 NOW IS THE END FOR YOU AND YOUR DRAGON! *Dashes faster then before and tries to plunge his sword through Armis's Heart*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 07:14 *eats a Pill and gets the glow dashes and slams into Sean*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 07:15 you aren't the only one with this demon form
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 07:15 *Armis kicks himself backwards while Vusahdiil bats her wings wildly, sending gusts of wind and dust at Sean all the while further propelling Armis backwards*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 07:16 *gets pinned against a rock*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 07:17 Armis cut his neck
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 07:18 sorry we have to do this Sean, I truly am
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 07:18 with pleasure. *vusahdiil propels him forward, sword aimed at the back of Sean's neck*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 07:19 I doubt that.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 07:19 not so fast *blacks Armis and forces him back with a small tornado* I still need him
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 07:20 Giovanni
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 07:20 what about him
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 07:21 He won't be able to see me
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 07:22 *lessens his grip on Sean*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 07:22 *shoves George off of him* your to nice George
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 07:22 Hey! Don't interrupt my fighting!
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 07:25 Who do you think you are!
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 07:26  Secret message to John Sin  
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 07:30 I am the god of evil, god of destruction, ruler of dimensions, chief commander of Litthin's Army. If you seek death you'll you will find me Lord Giovanni.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 07:31 *pops out of the book* you are not the god of destruction. that title belongs to me
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 07:32 *almost starts laughing* Oh my Gods you sound like Lord Mayhem with an ego!
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 07:32 who are you guys talking to?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 07:32 (@Giovanni)
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 07:33 doesn't matter *dashes at George*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 07:34 (his ego is ten times the size of kaiba)
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 07:35 *blocks Seans attack and takes the device out of Sean's neck, then confronts Giovanni*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 07:37 aaaaarrrrgg. What happened.*puts his hand to his face* WHY DOES MY FACE HURT?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 07:37 *doesnt even look over* that would be because of me
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 07:39 I remember you. we used to work together until we fought Jerry. He let you live in peace, while he left me to rot in one of his cells.
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 07:39 yes it would
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 07:40 *snickers under his breath* sucks to be you
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.15 07:40 I will kill you *his emerald stops glowing and he falls*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 07:41 well it's time for you to leave, unless you wish to die
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 07:42 you think you can beat me? you couldn't beat me if your life depended on it. which it will.
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 07:42 I got you buddy
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 07:43 Armis this fight will be between those two don't join unless John dies... again.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 07:44 as i've told many i'd like to see you try
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 07:44 You really are Lord Mayhem with an ego.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 07:45 *steps back the lunges at Giovanni*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 07:47 *doesn't move but grabs Johns sword with a magic guard*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 07:47 got anything else?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 07:48 Funny thing, George.. Anything I put in that book Dark sees as mine and doesn't like letting my belongings die.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 07:48 He's a weird dragon
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 07:48 Oh gosh he thinks I own the man...
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 07:48 *facepalms*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 07:49 lets try this *lets go of his sword and grabs two small blades and tries to cut Giovanni's arms*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 07:49 (HAHAHA)
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 07:51 *the attacks go strait through Giovanni*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 07:52 there are only six people who can hurt me *looks down at John* and your not one of them.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 07:58 *grabs John and sends him 3 feet into the ground*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 07:59 how?
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 08:00 as for your sword, it is now mine
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 08:01 now *looks at Armis and George* how would you like die?
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 08:03 well seeing that you just about half buried our friend, I see that as a good end for you in this battle.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 08:08 You know, I've always imagined a tragically slow sort of death which everyone I ever knew comes back to haunt me and try to make me feel guilt toward their murders but that ain't happening anytime soon.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 08:10 tell me, what is your name?
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 08:10 *looks at Armis
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 08:10 Armis. (this actually isn't his real name. He doesn't like being called by his real name)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 08:10 (also for many things, names hold so much power)
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 08:11 (ok)
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 08:12 Armis. I like it. How would you like to join my side, and kill everyone?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 08:13  Secret message to John Sin  
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 08:14 Oh. My. Gaahh.... I SWEAR YOU ARE HIS ALTERNATE! HE SAID THE SAME THING JUST A COUPLE OF MONTHS AGO!
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 08:14 *puts John's sheath on his back and sheaths the sword*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 08:15 you should introduce me to him then then this and every plane shall be ours.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 08:16 *mumbles*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 08:18 George I guess you will die here then you and Sean will finally be out of my way.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 08:19 for...in__r_at_
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 08:20 what are you rambling on about?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 08:22 For I, am Death, the eternal being. That is what I am. That is what I will always be!
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 08:22 What? I am death
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 08:22 Jeez, you're ambitious. Yeah, let's go to my plane right now. (definitely wont be destroyed so easily)
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 08:25 *jumps out of the ground grabs his sword* You were merely adopted by it. I was born from death, Molded by it.
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 08:26 STOP QUOTING THINGS!
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 08:27 *grabs Giovanni* you have done enough here
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 08:28 a how?
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 08:28 *shoves John out, makes a portal that he goes through*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 08:29 I guess we win here
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 08:30 *makes a portal to is house* come on guys lets go
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 08:30 *sighs*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 08:31 I've got things to do *looks at Armis* next time we will have a proper fight
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 08:32 *makes a portal and goes through and closes it before anyone can get through*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 08:32 see ya
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 08:34 *grabs Karma and goes through the portal*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 08:34 *goes through his portal*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 08:35 *drops Sean* WHY ARE THERE LEGOS EVERYWHERE!?
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.15 08:35 uh... well... I...
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.15 08:36 how did things go George?
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.15 08:37 *smacks Armis against the wall with his magic* DROP HER, DEMON!
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 08:37 Oof! *drops Karma* Rude
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 08:38 *sighs* pretty well, got the thing off of Sean's neck *puts Sean on a couch then sits down and starts making things with Legos*
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.15 08:39 Where did john go?
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 08:40 Don't know, he left. He's fine.
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.15 08:40 now what?
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 08:41 make things with loges
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.15 08:41 done
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 08:42  Secret message to John Sin  
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 08:42 *appears and punches Armis into the ground*
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 08:43 Don't, I repeat, DO NOT, conspire with Giovanni.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 08:43 *groans* Everybody hates me. So who are you?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 08:44 I am Jerry K. Waston
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 08:44 Oh, you mean by that comment about going to my plane?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 08:44 And nice to meet you.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 08:45 *is still lying in the ground, not bothering to get up*
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 08:45 sorry I couldn't help earlier, I was... unable to.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 08:45 answer me
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 08:46 he doesn't need more lives to torment
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 08:46 agreed
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 08:47 If you wanted him gone asap you'd help me take him to my plane. MY Sona has quite the defense system. He'd be more than dead in minutes.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 08:48 None of you know my home universe. It's called the dark paradise for a reason.
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 08:48 I'd rather not have him lose in somewhere i don't know
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 08:49 also Sam
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 08:49 Haha he'd more than lose. You'd never find his remains. Unless you tell the Sona that you want him alive.
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.15 08:49 yes?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 08:50 your now a god congrats
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.15 08:50 YAY!
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 08:51 *looks back to armis* I need to beat him.
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 08:51 .
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 08:52 but he is somewhere that I can't reach
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 08:53 Anyway, I conspire with whoever I want. No one's been able to control my will since I was twenty five
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 08:54 I have my own lord to thank for that. Can't say we're on the best terms anymore, but I still have his blessing
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 08:56 you might be able help me
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 08:57 how would you like a job?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 08:57 depends on the job
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.15 08:57 I think I will take my leave, thank you George for letting my stay.
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 08:58 I need you to lure Giovanni out so I can kill him.
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 08:59 okay bye Raze.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 08:59 how so
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 09:00 you need to "help" him to beat us
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 09:01 sounds interesting. im down
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 09:02 I'll get you close to there, you tell him something believable.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 09:03 aiight
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 09:03 so you want me to work with him for awhile?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 09:03 if you mess up. you die
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 09:03 but yes
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 09:04 so Armis is gonna do what you did to him the first time?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 09:04 yea, he is
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 09:07 alright, lets get this done
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 09:08 *makes a portal* this is a portal to where you were, when you get there just call out to him.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 09:09 alright
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 09:09 *closes it behind Armis*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 09:10 You think this will work?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 09:11 I sure do hope so.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 09:12 *is still practically wearing Vusahdiil as a cape* Giovanni! Get over here!
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 09:14 *after a few seconds a portal opens and Giovanni appears* ah Armis, you have five seconds before your dead.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 09:18 *holds his ground* Now you hold on just a minute! YOU were the one offering to make me your associate! THEN you left before I could properly answer, so don't give me that five seconds before I'm dead crap.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 09:19 hmph well answered
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 09:19 follow me
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 09:19 *goes through his portal*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 09:20 *follows Giovanni*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 09:22 * closes the portal* well now that planet is gone. (it exploded)
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 09:22 what shall we do first
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 09:24 any idea?
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 09:25 (you aren't anywhere near the cube BTW)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 09:25 Whatever you want. And you should consider yourself honored that I accepted your offer. I didn't even accept Lord Mayhem's offer to take over Irakurri.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 09:25 (figured. Armis doesn't really care about it anyway.)
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 09:26 how would you like to kill a wolf named James
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 09:27 Sure why not?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 09:28 well anyways *looks at Paroxysm and Karma* as I said I am Jerry K. Watson, the persona of this plane
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 09:29 well here you go *makes a portal to the battle arena*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 09:29 have fun
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 09:31 Yeet! *goes through the portal*
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.15 09:31 *doesn't even look up* Good for you.
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 09:33 well that was... as expected honestly
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 09:34 yo your Armis right?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 09:35 yep
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 09:35 where are you guys from?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 09:35 you must be james
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 09:35 that was a nice fight. to bad it had to end like that.
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 09:36 yes, I am.
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 09:37 sits down on the couch
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 09:38 *^*
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.15 09:40 my ship is bigger then yours
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 09:40 maybe, but mine has a strong defense.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 09:40 Yeah, too bad
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.15 09:41 but mine will run yours over
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 09:43 why? i'm sensing hostility. please don't hurt me *starts to step backwards.* i'm only a janitor.
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 09:47 run my little ship
3>Sam Sin (Human), 15yo.2018,Jul.15 09:48 get his ship aaaahhhhh *Sam starts chasing George and his ship*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.15 09:49 you'll never catch me alive!
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 09:49 Oh, please don't run, I can end this quickly.
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 09:49 *looks at Sam and George then looks down*
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 09:51 uh... but you... *stops talking as he backs into a wall*
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 09:52 no more ground. makes several cleaning supplies fly at Armis*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 09:53 *Draws his sword and slices through the supplies*
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 09:54 Jerry will find out.
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 09:54 he will be mad
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 09:58 Yeah.. I don't really care what Jerry thinks.
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 09:58 oh
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 09:58 This is the end
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 09:58 He's not my Sona. Like I listen to Blitz, either.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 10:00 'Fraid so.
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 10:01 *looks down*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 10:03 *drives his sword through Jame's head*
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.15 10:03 *DEAD*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 10:04 *the portal opens back up*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 10:05 *goes back through the portal* That was satisfying. Also familiar.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 10:06 good
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 10:07 now give me your sword
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 10:09 yeah, no.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 10:09 I worked to hard to forge it
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 10:11 i only mean to enhance it
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 10:12 how so? Explain yourself
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.15 10:14 how would you like to be able to kill any Sona with that sword.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.15 17:45 Why would I want to kill a Sona? Especially after what I've seen from stealing one's power?
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.16 02:57 why wouldn't you, after all they are the most powerful beings in each plane.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.16 02:58 doing only what they want.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.16 03:00 where as the day I kill Jerry, I will become a being of ultimate power. All will bow. All will obey.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.16 03:02 for I will be the new Persona
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.16 03:05 You will help me. You will be my key to victory. *he grabs his two daggers and fuses them into Armis's Sword* here is your next mission.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.16 03:08 Jerry has four "saviors" that he works with. you already know Sean and George, but there are two others, Arnold, and your next target, Jason.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.16 03:10 be warned nothing can effect him. he can only be killed with the blades i have infused into your sword. but you have to cut off his head, or he will live.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.16 03:11 and we can't have that.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 03:21 It won't work like you think, sir. The one I serve did the same thing, and he actually succeeded. And then the universe started to fall apart. Also, those blades wont stay long, for my sword is ever so slightly alive. Gods cannot truly die, therefore
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 03:22 it has a sort of immune system. I'd say within minutes those blades will be expelled from the sword.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.16 03:23 interesting
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.16 03:24 *makes a portal* you don't have much time then, go fight
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 03:27 Whatever you say. All of this is pointless though. *goes through the portal*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 03:29 *a giant wyvern falls on the ground in front of Armis*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.16 03:29 *closes it behind Armis*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.16 03:29 don't tell me what is pointless
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.16 03:30 it will work
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.16 03:34 now I have to deal with John
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 03:35 Oh hey, discount dragon.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 03:38 true, but are still difficult. I mean to most.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 03:39 Eh, wyverns are nothing compared to dragons.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 03:42 Dragons are majestic, insanely powerful creatures that you could only hope you don't have to fight
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 03:43 well we ain't got any any dragons here.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 03:44 well technically thats not entirely true *vusahdiil lifts her head from under her wings, revealing that armis isn't wearing a cape. Armis pets her muzzle, smiling*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 03:44 this here wyvern is know as the king of the sky
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 03:45 ah so your one of them dragon tamers
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 03:45 I've heard about them, in another unverse
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 03:46 no. most dragons hate me because i kill them. this one was given to my by the highest dragon counsel of my universe.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 03:46 *Council
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 03:46 I've raised her from an egg
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 03:47 I feel bad that your universe doesn't have real dragons. every universe ive been to had them
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 03:47 so your a dragon tamer
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 03:48 n
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 03:48 no i am not.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 03:48 but you have a pet dragon there fore you tamed it
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 03:49 such a title does not exist in my universe for dragons are far more intelligent than any of you could possibly be. no one tames a dragon because they are sophisticated enough to know who is friend or foe and how to deal with people in civilized manner
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 03:50 there are dragon riders but no tamers. its like how you cannot own a cat
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 03:50 where you from stranger
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 03:51 The Irakurri universe.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 03:52 hm never heard of it
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 03:52 good
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 03:53 ha forgot my manners, the names Jason. *puts his hand out in for a hand shake*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 03:53 *shakes his hand* Armis.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 03:54 ah a strong name. you seem like you'd make a great hunter.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 03:55 I WOULD make a great hunter? Son, I've been hunting things bigger than your wyverns for generations.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 03:56 *COULD
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 03:57 like the Dalamandre?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 03:59 the what?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:01 a 440 meter long Serpent many have tried but all have failed
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:08 3.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:08 (oops)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 04:16 I bet i could defeat it. I fought a dragon larger than hundreds, maybe even thousands of two story houses stacked on top of each other. the beast was well over several miles long
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:18 I would love to fight some that size
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:19 *hears a roar in the distance* be wary my friend, the queen stalks near.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 04:20 it really is a rush. i mean, as long as you do not get hit by his acid. *lifts up his shirt to reveal a dark, sickly black-green burn scar in his side* and that was just the tiniest speck of acid that did such damage.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 04:20 Cool
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:22 here *tosses a small palm size pack* use them to protect your ears (they're earplugs)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:23 the monsters in this world have loud roars. you'll need them.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 04:24 oooh, you should hear Decay's roar! *puts in the earplugs*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:27 There *points up as a gold Rathian starts descending at Jason* get behind me and attack when she lands.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:28 *puts his shield onto the ground where it stands about 5 feat up*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:29 *crouches behind it*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 04:30 She is a beauty
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 04:30 *hasn't really taken any defensive measures*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:30 that she is
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:32 *the Rathian hits Jason's shield Head first lifting him and his shield and sword*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:32 now
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 04:33 *vusahdiil draws his sword for him and coats it in poison* thank you. now where to start.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 04:33 *rushes the Rathian and attacks from below*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:34 *grabs the Rathian's head and swings around to the top of the head*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 04:35 *slashes at the beast's belly*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:38 *Armis barely hits as the Rathian starts to fly up*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:38 *jumps to the Rathian s wings and starts slashing them
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 04:39 Vusahdiil, be my wings! You can do it! *the dragon stretches out her wings and lifts him into the sky after the Rathian*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:39 *the Rathian screams then falls*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:40 pin her down!
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 04:40 *he forces the poison to the tip of the blade and aims for the Rathian's heart as it falls*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:43 *a man sized monster tackles Armis*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:44 *the Rathian and Jason fall to the ground*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 04:44 the h***?! *pulls out his dagger and stabs the monster*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:46 watch out for my attack Armis *puts his sword on his shield then swings the whole thing hitting the Rathian then Exploding*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 04:46 *rolls out of the way*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:48 now how did y'all like your first Rathian?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 04:49 it was okay
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:50 well we be on our way
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 04:50 seemed too premordial, though. Most things I fought knew exactly what they were going to do and attacked intelligently
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:50 i'll introduce you to my caravan
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 04:52 *his sword starts to shutter violently*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:52 yea, might find that in the Kushala Daora but not much else
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 04:52 Oh great timing.
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:53 I'll be right back *teleports to Armis And Jason*
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:53 i'll take those *grabs the daggers*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 04:54 *the sword stops shuttering* ah, good.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:54 so how how has it been Jerry?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:55 eh, could be better, could be worse. *looks at the daggers* I have a special place for you.
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:56 good bye *teleports away*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:56 so long
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 04:57 well now that THAT'S over. let's go, shall we?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 04:57 so what brings you here to this world Armis?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 04:59 Well I was sent here by some egomaniac name Giovanni to kill you but hey, he didn't make a pact so I don't make promises. I'm not a mercenary, after all, and I know his plan will fail.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 04:59 *named
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 05:00 is that so. Well you seem to be on good terms with Jerry, so, your good with me
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 05:01 that's another story
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 05:01 anyways lets head off
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.16 05:02 yes lets go
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 05:03 *teleports to Georges house* so i am guessing you two want to go back to where you were right *looks at Paroxysm and Karma*
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.16 05:04 Correct
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 05:05 well lets go and do that. follow me
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.16 05:05 mmk
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 05:06 do you two have everything you brought with?
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.16 05:07 Yes-- Wait no. The cube.
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 05:07 Cube?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 05:08 what kind of cube?
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.16 05:08 yes a cube containing practically limitless magic. that sean guy took it from Armis
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 05:09 oh okay lets find it then
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.16 05:09 ah *gets up* my face
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 05:09 oh good your awake
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.16 05:10 hi Jerry. whats happened to my face?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 05:11 not sure
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 05:11 but do you know where you sent a magic cube
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.16 05:12 magic cube? i don't remember a cube
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 05:12 well then
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 05:12 that makes a slight problem
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 05:13 *looks back to karma* can you describe your cube?
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.16 05:15 its about the size of my head, maybe a little bigger. its a dull gray when not being controlled but glows the color of its handlers magic
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 05:17 alright *closes his eyes*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.16 05:18 you might want to sit, this may take awhile *to karma and paroxysm*
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.16 06:12 *sits down with paroxysm*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.16 06:15 so are you guys talking about that cube that G wanted? then Sean teleported away?
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.16 06:16 yes
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.16 06:17 that makes it a bigger problem
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.16 06:17 thanks Sean
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.16 06:17 what are you talking about?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 06:18 *sighs* dang it. I can't find it
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 06:19 You know what that means?
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.16 06:19 he has it in his trophy case
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 06:19 yes
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 06:20 and none of us can get there
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 06:22 except for james
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 06:22 he might be able to get in
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.16 06:23 he has gone to that universe before
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 06:27 oh
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.16 06:27 oh what
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.16 06:27 *sighs* well... What do we do? *is referring to her and Paroxysm*
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 06:27 James is dead
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 06:28 we are unable to go into the universe of the under-dead
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.16 06:30 what about raze?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 06:30 who?
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.16 06:31 she is the leopard that helped save John.
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 06:32 oh. maybe. lets give that a try *teleports to Raze*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.16 06:33 *goes back to playing Legos with Sam* Sean wanna join?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.16 06:34 sure
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.16 06:34 *growls* we aren't going to get much help from them. *stomps outside* I'm going for a walk
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.16 06:34 *goes and sits next to George and builds*
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 06:35 Is your name Raze?
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.16 06:35 have a nice walk
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.16 06:36 so what happened George?
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 06:36 who is asking?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 06:37 My name is Jerry K. Watson, and I have need for your help.
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.16 06:38 well you controlled by G and tried to kill everyone
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.16 06:38 how did he control me?
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.16 06:39 devise on the back of your neck
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.16 06:40 oh *goes back to building
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 06:41 that doesn't answer much
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 06:41 i'm a friend of George
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 06:42 So you know one of the four Saviors
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 06:42 yea sorta the leader of the group
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 06:43 then that makes you... I am so sorry, what do you need my help with?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 06:45 I need you to go somewhere that we are unable to go because of a enchantment spread through out that universe
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 06:55 how would I get there?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 06:56 through a portal that i'll make
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 06:56 then why are you unable to go?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 06:56 because the enchant effects me and a few others
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 06:57 alright
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 06:57 what do I need to do?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 07:13 are you aware of a man who goes by the name Giovanni?
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 07:13 I have learned about him through my studies
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.16 07:16 *spots Raze and Jerry in the distance and floats over to them* Hello, strangers! You haven't seen a cube around here lately?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 07:22 well *looks at Blitz* one second please, anyways you need get into his house and get a magic cu.. wait
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 07:23 *looks back at Blitz* do you know Karma and Paroxysm?
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.16 07:26 Yes but they do not know me. I am here to set things straight, they arent supposed to have that cube
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 07:31 well we have to go get it now
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 07:31 you want to help?
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.16 07:33 Of course. I cannot allow its power to fall into the wrong hands.
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 07:36 so here is the plan. you two need to ascend to the highest level of the building, get into a secret room on the top floor and grab the cube and a Silver staff.
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 07:36 are you unable to get us to the top floor?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 07:37 yes
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.16 07:39 I can just float to the top.
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 07:40 one more thing, what every you do, do not get found out by a Black wolf like creature with red marks from his eyes to his tail tip.
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 07:40 ever*
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.16 07:40 Easy peasy.
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 07:43 alright
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.16 07:44 *makes a portal* here you go and good luck
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 07:45 *goes through to see a fiery waste land with one big tower in the middle*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 07:46 not much of anything here
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.16 07:47 *she lets the magic fade away from her body*
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.16 07:47 Well let's get going. I need that cube back
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.16 07:47 *starts for the tower*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 07:48 *follows after*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 07:48 this is the Under-Dead Universe
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 07:49 the opposite of the Upper-Dead Universe
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 07:50 this is where those with evil heart go when they die
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.16 07:51 Interesting
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 07:51 not only should we get these things fast but we need to get out even faster
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 07:51 they will know we were here
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 07:51 they will find out
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 07:52 and when they do, we might be able to get out
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 07:53 our powers are practically nonexistent here
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 07:56 *opens the door* well now where?
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.16 07:56 *lifts her paw out of sight of Raze and lets the fur split into shadow. she smirks and lets physical form take back over*
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.16 07:56 To the top
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.16 07:56 one way or another
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 07:58 lets find some stairs then
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 07:59 i found them
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:00 *starts walking up them
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:01 this place is oddly empty
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.16 08:02 Hmm..
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:02 i don't know, I though there would be more here.
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:02 this being the land of the dead and all
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.16 08:03 Where I come from there is no afterlife
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:03 looks like we have to go up six or seven flights of stairs
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:03 oh
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:03 you sure?
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.16 08:04 Yep
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:04 i mean everyone from every universe go here or to the upper universe
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:05 I am sure the same is for yours
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.16 08:06 Nope
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:07 why not?
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.16 08:07 Once youre gone youre gone. Unless you have the magic to stop aging
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:09 but the dead go here or to the upper, while yes sometimes the universe can't be contacted after your dead, you still go to one of the two
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:10 *starts to look down*
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.16 08:11 Word has it the Irakurri Universe has its own versions of what you've got here.
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:11 you mean plane
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:12 ?
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.16 08:15 Everywhere else just calls their "planes" universes
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:19 oh... I... I was unaware.
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:21 *they reach the top*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:21 Now where do you think that door might be?
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:26 maybe a book need to be moved
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:27 or maybe a chair, or maybe a secret lever
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.16 08:27 hmm... *scans the books* how about... this one? *pulls a book from the shelf*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:29 *nothing happens*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:29 nope lets try this one *nothing happens*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:31 *notices the chess board in the middle of the room*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:32 hey chess
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:33 didn't know that he would play
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:33 did you know, after both players move, 400 possible board setups exist. After the second pair of turns, there are 197,742 possible games, and after three moves, 121 million.
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:35 there are just so many different ways it can play out. You can never use just one plan
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:35 wait come over here and look at the book shelf
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.16 08:37 *walks over* hm?
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:39 there are six shelves and ten books in each so lets try doing the numbers going down first
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.16 08:40 i'll get the first three *pulls book 1 9 and 7 of the first three shelves*
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.16 17:54 *pulls the next three books*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 00:26 *a door in the middle of the room appears and opens*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 00:27 yes, it worked! Lets go in
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 00:42 *hops on into the room* what happened here, its a mess
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 00:44 *there are things everywhere* you find your cube and I'll find the staff
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 05:54 someone sure doesn't know how to keep things organized.. *looks around for the cube. she senses it's power nearby*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 06:17 it looks like someone threw a temper tantrum in here *she says as she steps over a piece of glass*
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 06:23 Yeah.
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 06:23 *summons her power to make the cube light up*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 06:45 here we go *grabs the staff and puts it on her back*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 06:46 alright lets get our of here before were found out.
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 06:47 *pulls the cube to her, it turns a bright, almost painful pink*
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 06:48 Very well.
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 06:48 i think we might have to go back down to where we got here
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 06:49 lets get going
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 06:51 Or we can just- *goes back through the door and smashes the cube into the wall. the impact causes a massive explosion, blowing a huge hole in the side of the tower*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 06:52 oh I guess that works, but on the other paw, everything now knows were here
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 06:54 *a mass of a whole bunch of Monsters, men, and a dragon come rushing to the building*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 06:55 well that is one way to set off the alarm.
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 06:55 *stares down at the ground, smiling* Brilliant
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 06:55 we can't get to the portal now
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 06:56 Make me a slide down to the ground. *the cube's power makes a magical slide*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 06:56 looks like we will have to fight our way through
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 06:56 *jumps into the slide*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 06:57 *follows* This looks safe
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 06:58 *as Raze goes down, the slide behind her fades away*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 06:59 *the dragon disappears then the whole place goes pitch black*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 06:59 great now what?
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 07:00 *shrugs*
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 07:01 I finally have it back, though. *stares into the cube. it flickers black a couple of times before remaining pink*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 07:01 um, is it a bad time to say that I can't fight
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 07:05 *turns to Raze* Well isn't that a hinderance to me? *she pins Raze to the ground, grinning as her eyes flicker to black with sparking white pupil, which are now just a slits*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 07:15 Ah, but why?
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 07:20 Frankly, I am in no need of such a useless "partner".
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 07:23 but I can't use my powers here
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 07:23 other wise that would help us
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 07:24 Hmph. what kind of power
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 07:24 i can't stop a-and start time
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 07:25 *the dragon appears above the two and shoots a massive fire blast down on the two*
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 07:26 *digs her claws ever so slightly into Raze's neck* And what could I do with that?
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 07:26 *said that before*
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 07:27 *rolls away, accidentally dragging Raze with her*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 07:29 I can't help you sneak in and out of places *starts running towards the portal site*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 07:30 *the dragon goes to land on Blitz*
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 07:32 not today, buddy. *she whips around to slash her magic-coated claws at the dragon*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 07:43 *the dragon gets hit and lifts that arm* Dragon: that burns, and now so shall you *encases itself in fire and slams itself into the ground next to Blitz creating a massive fire wave*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 07:44 come on we need to get out!
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 07:44 *creates a field around her*
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 07:44 You don't scare me, beast, so just stop
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 07:45 *the dragon fades into the ground*
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 07:45 *hovers over toward Raze*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 07:45 come on Jerry make the portal
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 07:46 *Makes the portal*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 07:47 Its open, come on lets get through *the dragon's mouth appears around Raze and eats her*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 07:47 (RIP)
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 07:49 *goes to the portal* would you be so kind as to spit the cat out?
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 07:50 *disappears*
6>Raze (leopard), 34yo.2018,Jul.17 07:50 *the dragon does*
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 07:51 where is Raze?
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 07:52 Rude. *goes through the portal* the dragon ate the her
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 07:54 Dragon? You mean Litthin's Fire dragon?
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 07:54 i guess?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 07:56 Dang it. Do you have my staff?
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 07:58 nope
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 07:58 Double dang it.
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 07:59 now how do I get it
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 08:02 kill the beast
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 08:03 that might make things worse though
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 08:03 wait it's already dead
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 08:05 (riiiip)
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.17 08:05 what am I doing *throws the legos to the ground and gets up* i need to be out there, fighting. good bye guys.*makes a portal and goes through*
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 08:05 (yes)
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 08:11 Well now that I've got my artifact back, I'll be heading home. Oh, and I want my cats back
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 08:12 you cats? you mean Karma and Paroxysm?
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 08:13 yes
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 08:14 yes, of course
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.17 08:15 Litthin: what have you brought to me this time?
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.17 08:16 Litthin: hm, I could use you again. But don't betray me again.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.17 08:18 there won't be any problems with this one
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 08:19 your friends are back at the house *points to George's house in the distance*
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.17 08:25 Good good. *heads toward George's house*
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 08:29 *sighs*
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 08:30 why did you have to get eaten?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 08:36 ahh good old Val Harbar
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 08:37 It may seem small but it is quite the town.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 08:38 Whatca think?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.17 08:39 It's a lot different from where I'm from.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 08:41 I bet
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 08:42 this place a one of a kind
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 08:43 Caravaneer: ahh the mighty hunter returns. With a friend none the less
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 08:44 Caravaneer: I am the Caravaneer *holds his hand out*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.17 08:45 *shakes the caravaneer's hand* nice to meet you.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 08:47 Caravaneer: ahh it seems you brought in another mighty hunter with you Jason.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 08:47 you always have been good at picking good hunters
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 08:48 Caravanner: I've seen many in my days
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 08:50 this is the leader of our caravan know as Caravan C
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 08:52 over there are our blacksmiths, that there is the cook *points to a cat*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 08:52 (it is Capital C)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.17 08:53 and there is the GuildMarm
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.17 16:48 Alright.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 06:44 she is where we get our quests
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 06:49 GuildMarm: hey, doodle, I have a nice mission
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 06:49 *walks over to her* what you got?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 06:50 GuildMarm: this one here.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 06:52 ah, the Black Gravios
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 06:53 whacha think Armis? You in for another fight?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 06:54 Anytime
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 06:56 GuildMarm: Don't forget cool drinks doodle!
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 06:56 Of course
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 06:59 first thing first friend. I don't know about you but I am mighty hungry after that hunt. lets stop by the street cook.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 07:00 *walks over to the street cook*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 07:00 we got a fellow hunter here, lets have the best.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 07:02 Street Cook: of course, the best as pawsable.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 07:04 *after a few minutes the cook brings out two plates of whole chicken with other sides*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 07:04 enjoy
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 07:04 This place really is interesting
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 07:05 Street cook: where is your Ace, hunter Purrson?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 07:05 he is off on at palico Island
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 07:09 it is quite the spectical *his plate of food is empty after on;y a few seconds*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 07:12 once your done, i'll be at the blue box
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 07:13 *he on the other hand, takes his time eating*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 07:13 mmk
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 07:14 k so i'll need these for sure
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 07:14 cool drinks are a must
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 07:15 (it looks like he is going through a box of nothing)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 07:16 *mumbles more*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 07:18 *goes back to Armis*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 07:19 Back so soon?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 07:19 here you'll need these *hands a few small bottles to Armis*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 07:23 Cool. So what are the details on the next mission?4
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 07:24 (whoops i hit the number pad)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 07:24 we need to capture a Black Gravios.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 07:24 (rip)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 07:25 (i can fit all my fingers between my main keys, and my number pad
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 07:27 And that is...?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 07:30 a large rocky monster that is one of the many inhabitants of the Volcanic Hollow
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 07:31 Sounds like fun
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 07:32 yes but you'll need those cool drinks I have given you to keep yourself from cooking alive.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 07:34 we will need the help of our flying whale to get there
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 07:36 *points to a airship that looks like a Red whale*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 07:38 *puts the bottles away* I'll just save them for you if you need them. Or if I get bored. You mustn't know where I come from, I guess.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 07:40 afraid not my friend
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 07:40 *walks to the airship and gets on*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 07:45 *gets on the ship* I come from the Umbra, otherwise known as Hell
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 07:46 oh well then you won't need them then
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 07:48 *goes to the drivers spot, does some stuff, and the airship takes off* I will take a few minutes until we get there. In the mean time take a seat and tell me about yourself.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 08:03 j
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 08:04 Oh gee where to even start?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 08:17 how about how you got caught up with ol Giovanni
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 08:18 Oh. Jerry wanted me to become his ally so we could lure him to his demise.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 08:20 makes sense. but it seems like there would be more of a reason then just that
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 08:21 I don't know. I don't care. I'm just trying to find something to do
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 08:23 ah
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 08:26 now you have a story about that there sword?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 08:33 Ah, yes, that! My sword is made from the horn of an Elder dragon. I fought that beast for days just to get what I needed to forge this. Of course I didn't go for killing him because gods cannot stay dead so what'd be the point. But as a reward I now have
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 08:35 the most powerful sword in all of Irakurri. Not to mention it can always get stronger.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 08:35 It's even held the magic used by Irakurri's Sona
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 08:36 it's that powerful
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 08:38 sounds like you certainly are a powerful ally to have
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 08:41 to hold a sona's power is a feet I have yet to see
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 08:43 Well unfortunately I have had to give up said Sona's power due to what recently happened in the universe
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 08:45 a power to hold none the less
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 08:48 such a power is not up to those like us to control.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 08:49 one such case has happened in the universe that I am from
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 08:51 It was fun, but a pain to use that power. Because I wasn't a Sona, or a god for that matter, using even the slightest bit of the magic drew straight from my life force.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 08:52 as I am aware that it will
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 08:53 Dang I miss the armor created by it..
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 08:53 Armor?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 08:53 *starts to look a tad upset*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 08:56 I used that magic to create some pretty epic armor.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 08:58 we are here at the volcanic hollow
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 09:01 *pulls out a map* we are here at sector Zero. this is where the entrance camp is. we need to get here, sector Eight. this is where the Gravios should be.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 09:02 remember, we want to catch it not kill it
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 09:03 Whatever you say.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 09:03 i have a few traps and some tranq bombs three tranqs should work once we tired it out.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 09:04 lets head out
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 09:06 *steps off the ship and to a cliff and starts climbing down the 50 feet*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 09:14 waits for Jason to reach the bottom before using Vusahdiil to glide down to the bottom
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 09:15 Jerk
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 09:15 this way
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 09:15 huh?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 09:16 (that was meant to be in **)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 09:16 (i figured)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 09:17 come, follow *walks to sector 2 then jumps off a ledge into sector 8*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 09:18 *jumps after Jason*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 09:19 By the way, what universe is this?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 09:20 this universe has come to be known as the Plane
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 09:20 get down
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 09:21 *crouches to the edge of the ledge*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 09:21 *crouches* ..
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 09:26 there it is. *points a bunch of blackened rocks*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 09:26 Any tips on fighting this beast?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 09:26 now we need to weaken it, so that it will go to sector Nine to sleep.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 09:27 have sharp weapons.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 09:27 done
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 09:28 it is also weak to water based weapons
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 09:28 but I have a fire based weapon
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 09:28 so it will take a bit longer then normal
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 09:29 it looks like it is resting so I will place some bombs around it
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 09:30 then I will clime the monster, and that is when you will... uuhh
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 09:32 kick the bombs
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 09:33 Aiight. Let's get to work, then
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 09:34 don't worry they shouldn't hurt you *gets down the ledge and walks slowly to the Gravios*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 09:35 *starts placing four bombs around the Gravios*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.18 09:37 *climbs up the Gravios* now Armis, kick the heck out of them
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.18 09:42 *starts kicking the bombs*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.18 09:49 Litthin: you are reborn Nova. Go and reek havoc all across the Plane
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 01:19 *the bombs explode, The Gravios stands*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 01:21 great *starts stabbing between the rocks on the Gravios*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 01:22 *after a few seconds the Gravios falls*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 01:23 Hit the legs!
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 03:12 *draws his sword and drives ti into one of the legs*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 03:15 *the Gravios Screams*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 03:15 *it gets up and starts limping away*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 03:15 let it leave
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 03:17 *the Gravios walks into the Lava at the edge of the area then digs into it and goes in*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 03:18 good now we wait about ten seconds.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 03:19 three
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 03:19 two
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 03:19 one
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 03:20 now *runs to a cliff then jumps off into sector Nine*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.19 03:21 what shall you have me do?
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.19 03:22 Litthin: there are many things for you to do. *opens a portal* Go
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.19 03:22 Yes. *walks through*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 03:26 *silently follows*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 03:28 *as he reaches the bottom a portal opens up above him, dropping Crevan through, right on top of him* Oof! What how and why?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 03:28 take this tranq bomb, and use it after the Gravios is trapped (the Gravios is asleep right now)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 03:28 *pushes Crevan off of him*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 03:29 quiet
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 03:29 we don't want to wake it
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 03:30 *gives the Tranq Bomb to Armis*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 03:31 *walks over to the Gravios and places down a small trap, that opens and stuns the Gravios in place* now throw it *throws two tranqs*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 03:32 *both hit and give off a red smoke*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 03:33 *chucks the Tranq bomb at the Gravios*
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 03:34 *looks up at the portal as it starts to close. On the other side is a child about 6 years of age crying out for him, trying to reach through the portal* Aiden! No! It's too dangerous! Stay back! *The child cries as the portal closes*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 03:34 *it hits the Gravios and gives off a red smoke. The Gravios falls to the ground with a thud* perfection.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 03:35 now who are you? *looks at Crevan*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 03:35 Smells like an Irakurrian
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 03:35 It's... so hot... *still hasn't turned from where the portal was*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 03:36 so he's from the same Universe as you, Armis?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 03:37 Drink this *hands him a hot drink*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 03:37 (cold drink)
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 03:37 *slowly sips the water* I sure hope he can get along without me..
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 03:38 Yes, but I've never heard of this man before. Hey! Where do you come from?
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 03:39 Ex--Exocoel, Armis, sir.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 03:39 hm, the problems getting worse *he says to himself*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 03:39 Oh, THAT MAN'S planet. *snorts* But more importantly, how do you know me?
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 03:40 I've... Been compared to you... on occasion..
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 03:40 *the Gravios fades as it teleports to a predestined place*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 03:42 Don't lie to me, kid, though it is flattering to be known like that.
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 04:25 I am not lying. The only ones to not see me as a monster are my stepparents and my little brother.
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 04:27 *looks down* though I'm sure my they only see me as a means of protecting their real son..
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 04:33 So you're an adopted son, then?
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 04:35 They took me in when Vulkanisch couldn't keep me. And when I tried to protect them, it only changed how they saw me. They never spoke up, but I knew they did not like my presence.
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 04:37 However, they also know how much I care for Aiden. Perhaps even more so than they do. So why NOT keep someone like me around, knowing I'd never hurt him?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 04:38 I see. Isn't it good that you left such a place though? Sounds like no one there appreciated you.
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 04:39 I had a purpose there. I know from experience how bad the schools are and I do not want him to go through the same thing.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 04:40 Bullies.. You remind me of Andrew, my elder brother.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 04:43 come, we should leave before anything finds us.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 04:43 *nods* come with us.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 04:45 *starts climbing the wall*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 04:46 *sighs* Vusahdiil, carry him, please. *she grabs ahold of Crevan and lifts off toward the clifftop while he starts climbing*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 04:48 *you hear screeches in the distance along with the sound of weapons*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 04:50 sounds like hunting party. It's coming from Sector One.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 04:52 come, we need to go through sector three, to get to to sector two
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 05:21 *all three get to sector one*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 05:25 *some spikes are sent towards the three which Jason blocks* that's a Seregios, what is it doing here? *a hunter is weaving around both the Seregios and a Azure Rathalos*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 05:27 *the seregios flies off in towards sector eight while the Azure Rathalos chases after it*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 05:28 Stanfreed: Jason great to see you. I need your help. There have been Seregios's showing up everywhere and we need to deal with them.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 05:29 you have any Idea why?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 05:30 (FYI Stanfreed is the hunter)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 06:30 Stanfreed: Rumors say that it is the frenzy
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 07:19 Frenzy? I thought that you dealt with that? Also, how would that effect the Seregios?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 07:22 Stanfreed: don't know but we need to deal with this one
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 07:25 alright, i'll head after the Rathalos
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 07:26 you get the Seregios
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 07:28 lets go Armis and ... haven't gotten your name yet (@Crevan)
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 07:52 Oh, I'm Crevan.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 07:54 k hows you fighting skill
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 08:02 Okay I guess? I've only ever fought people.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:02 *Stanfreed heads off to sector eight*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:07 ok, then you need to get up that cliff and get onto the airship
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:07 Armis lets go
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:08 *heads off to sector two where the Rathalos is*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:13 Goal, cut the tail off, then the rest should be easy
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:14 *runs into and onto a wall, then jumps onto the Rathalos and hits the wings*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:14 *the Rathalos lands and charges at Armis*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 08:14 *armis follows Jason while Vusahdiil remains with Crevan, per her orders*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 08:15 Come at me, bro! *dodges the Rathalos*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:16 *before the Rathalos gets to Armis it spins*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:16 (this is a small area the spin takes up most of the width of the room)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 08:18 *jumps to avoid the beast's tail, drawing his sword to counter*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:19 cut the tail then it will lose its counter balance
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:19 *rushes to slash at the legs*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:21 *hits the legs*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 08:23 *slashes at its other legs
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 08:23 *
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:24 *goes to hit the Tail but the Rathalos spins again, so he gets hit instead*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:24 aarg
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 08:25 *stabs the Rathalo's leg*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:27 *the Rathalos shoots a fire ball at Armis for stabbing him*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:28 *to himself* not the time to be thinking of such things
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 08:28 *leaps out of the fire's way*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:29 *jumps at the tail* your tail is mine
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:30 *gets hit by the tail*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:32 *falls to the ground*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:34 *The Rathalos smacks its tail on the ground making rocks fall onto Jason*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 08:34 Would you mind being of some help, Crevan, or are you just a dead weight to us?
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 08:35 *jumps in and grabs Jason, moments before he is crushed*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:37 thanks friend
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:38 *gets up*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:38 *to himself* Shade
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 08:39 huh?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 08:39 *continues stabbing the beast*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:40 nothing
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:40 *goes to the Rathalos and starts cutting its tail
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:40 *
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:43 *after a bit the tail comes off and it falls forward
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:43 Cut the Head off Armis
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 08:45 Got it! *jumps at the Rathalos' neck, slashing down at it*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:46 *Armis cuts a large chunk, enough to kill it*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:48 good job Armis *goes to the tail and cuts out a gem* ah a Rathalos gem
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 08:49 What's that?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:49 now for the Seregios
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:50 this is a rare gem that now all Rathalos have
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:50 (Not instead of now)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:51 it is mainly used for making top quality Armor and weapons
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:52 *it gives of a silvery color*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:54 ha took Jerry ages to get two of them
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 08:56 Cool
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 08:57 *covers his mouth and starts coughing*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:57 lets go after Stanfreed and the Seregios
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 08:58 something wrong my friend? (@Crevan)
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 09:01 *falls to his knees* N-no. I'm fine.. *looks down at his hand to find a purple and red substance. He just stares at it dully*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 09:01 Are you sick or something?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:02 get him to the airship
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 09:03 No. I'm fine. *stands up*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:03 you sure?
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 09:05 I'm sure.
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 09:06 *taps on his collar, making sure the light flickers back to green*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:06 ok *looks at Armis* keep an eye on him
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 09:06 Alright.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:07 *jumps off the cliff and charges the Seregios*
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 09:09 I promise I'm alright. I just overexerted myself trying to save your friend.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 09:10 Yeah, because that makes you cough up blood mixed with.. I don't even know what that is, which is saying something.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 09:11 I know you come from Vulkanisch. That collar of yours is a trademark. Go on and tell me what twisted experiments they used YOU for.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:11 Stanfreed: Jason, Mount
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 09:12 I swear I only remember going there as a child and then being raised in a loving family. I only recently got this.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:12 right *jumps as the Seregios attacks Stanfreed and starts stabbing*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 09:14 And whatever they wanted to suppress and control with that collar must be quite powerful. Mind if I take a look at said power?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:14 *the Seregios falls*
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 09:16 Of course I mind. You do not smell like that lab. How do you know ANYTHING about it? About this collar? there's only been a total of ten collars ever produced, only three remain ready for use so tell me how you know.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:17 *puts his sword into his shield then swings the whole thing at the Seregios which then explodes*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:18 Stanfreed: and it's dead
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 09:19 My rival has a more powerful form of that collar implanted in his neck. Your collar only suppresses your power. His allowed others to control him. We may hate each other but now and then we exchange stories, that is how I know about the lab.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:20 Stanfreed: maybe the frenzy can also effect other monsters, that might explain it.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 09:20 *unsheathes the sword and makes the blade turn white. he then shoves the hilt into Crevan's gut* Show me what you are hiding.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:21 hm, we might have to look more into it
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:22 lets get out of here. I'm out of Cold Drinks anyways
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 09:23 *the collar flickers for a moment, then shuts down. The sword's light power forcibly draws out Musang, the nine-tailed fox, who takes over Crevan but only in mind* Ah! Freedom at last!
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:24 *they start off back to Armis and Crevan*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:24 (oh no)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 09:24 Your eyes.. You're a fox! And not just any fox! *smiles* Never thought YOU of all the nine-tails would be cursed like this.
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 09:25 Yes. It is quite unfortunate to be trapped in someone else's body, but it'll do.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 09:29 I know the feeling.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:30 but wait, why would that work *they enter where Armis and Crevan are*
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 09:31 *looks over his shoulder* Oh? Guests?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:31 Stanfreed: when it affects us we get stronger or weaker. the same thing could happen for the monsters.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 09:32 *whispers* You might want to let Crevan take back over, mistress, just to not catch any suspicion.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:32 Stanfreed: what? we are the same two people as earlier.
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 09:32 Smart. *lets herself be cast back into her chamber, causing Crevan to fall to the ground, unconcious*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:33 Armis? what happened while I was gone?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:34 *they walk up to Armis.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:35 Stanfreed: while you two talk I'm gonna to inform the Caravaneer.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 09:35 Nothing much. I just checked to see if there was anything wrong with him
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:35 see ya
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:35 and?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 09:37 He's fine. Likely just some allergies from travelling between universe. That does happen on occasion. At least with Irakurrians it does.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:37 alright, lets get goin.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 09:38 *picks up Crevan* aiight
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:38 have your dragon grab him
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:39 we will have to climb 50 feet
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 09:40 Very well. *vusahdiil grabs Crevan and flies him to the top*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:40 *Heads to the cliff and starts climbing*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:41 *gets on the Airship*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 09:42 *gets on the ship and sits beside Crevan* He should wake up soon.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:43 alright
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:43 *starts the airship then goes below deck*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:45 *sits and looks at a picture he grabbed of him and someone else*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 09:48 *a minute later Crevan wakes back up* Have a nice nap?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:48 hm, this is just what I remember.
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 09:48 What happened?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 09:49 You fell unconscious. Don't worry, you're alright now
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:49 a poor excuse for a home
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:49 *blows up a house*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:50 there. all gone
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:51 I wonder how everything is going in MoonShade city?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:52 I wonder if everyone is still as dumb as always
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 09:52 huh... My stomach hurts..
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:52 *heads out to MoonShade City*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 09:53 Here, take this. *gives him a spare water bottle*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:54 *sighs* Shade...
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:59 *put's the picture down and goes back to steer the ship*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 09:59 your awake
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 09:59 Say, where'd you get that cloak?
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 10:00 Yes I'm awake. And my little brother helped me design it.
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 10:00 I made it
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 10:01 Cool. I quite like it's design
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:02 were here *lands the ship in a crowded Val Harbor.*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 10:04 Ah, good1
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 10:05 Will there be food?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:05 GuildMarm: hey doodle, good timing. We found out why the Seregios are showing up everywhere
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:06 what is causing it?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:08 GuildMarm: the Ace Lancer came back from a expedition. he said he found a Seregios that fought off the Frenzy, and transformed into what he calls an apex form. It was driving all the others off
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:09 GuildMarm: They sent Stanfreed off to beat it.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:10 a wise choice
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:12 GuildMarm: but that's not all Doodle, they want you to take care of a frenzied Brute Tigrex!
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:12 alright
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:12 me and Armis will take care of this
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:13 GuildMarm: take this
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:13 A Wystone? I already have some on me
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 10:16 Sounds like I've got another job to do. How about you stay here for now and get some rest. We will come back for you.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:17 GuildMarm: this is made to combat the frenzy. when you hit the monster enough it should suppress the frenzy
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:19 this could be helpful, thanks *grabs the wystone*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:20 we will be off, take care
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:23 GuildMarm: it is at the Astral-Stepe Doodle, there may also be a Stygian Zinogre there.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 10:23 Bye!
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 10:23 @GuildMarm Do you have any food?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:24 thanks *to Crevan* you can stay there in my house
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:25 here is 200 Zeni for food should only cost 50 per meal
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.19 10:25 Thank you.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:25 Of course my friend
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:25 *gets on the Airship*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 10:26 *calls Vusahdiil back to him*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:28 *pulls out a map* this is Astral Steppe
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:29 it's not too far out
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:30 but close enough that they could threat this town
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 10:31 So how do we kill it?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:32 The brute Tigrex is a load monster capable of killing you just by yelling loud enough
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:33 (think along the lines of the fus ro dah)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 10:34 (FUS RO *the universe implodes*)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:34 when it screams there are air currents around it that will hurt you and send you flying back
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:34 (yes)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 10:34 Well isn't that a hinderance?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:35 not only that but it is fast
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:35 to us yes
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:35 not to it
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:36 then there is the Stygian Zinogre.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:37 it has the power to control thunder bugs
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:38 it can use them to charge up itself to strengthen its attacks, and it can shoot them at you to shock you.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:38 then there is the Frenzy
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:40 *sighs* the frenzy improves a monsters speed, strength, and durability. it is dangerous. it can effect you if not delt with properly it makes you slower, you hurt more from frenzy infused attacks,
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:41 and um...
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:41 it may cause you to...
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 10:42 to what
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:43 use these Nullberries to counteract the frenzy. If you use two after your hit the frenzy increases your defense and speed.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:43 your hit by the frenzy*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.19 10:44 mmk
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:44 also here are some more Earplugs. they will break after one scream so we will need to take it down fast.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:46 lets go
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.19 10:46 *starts the AirShip*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 06:36 How long do you suppose this will take?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 06:50 one minute to get there
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 06:51 then if we don't do bad it should only take ten to thirty minutes.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 06:52 Wonderful.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 06:53 when we get there we should head after the Tigrex first
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 06:54 Kay
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 06:55 *they arrive at the Astral Steppe*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 06:56 hm, where are you tigrex
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 06:57 most likely sector 3
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 06:57 lets head there first
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 06:57 *goes to Sector three*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 06:59 MoonShade city, just as load as always
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 06:59 where to start
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 06:59 the bank sounds like a good place
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:00 *when they arrive at Sector 3 the tigrex charges them* out the way!
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 07:01 *for once is just itching to finish the mission and return to his fellow Irakurrian*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 07:01 *barely dodges*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:02 *the Tigrex roars hitting them both*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:02 ah
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:02 it doesn't seem to be in the frenzy yet. lets keep it that way
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:03 *charges the tigrex*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:03 *the tigrex spins*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 07:04 *quickly jumps in to attack*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:06 *the Tigrex steps back to roar*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:07 *Jason hits its legs which stutter it enough for Armis to get in an attack*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 07:10 *jumps onto the Tigrex's back and stabs its neck*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:11 *the sword goes in a little but bounces
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:12 hmm
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:13 *hits the bottom of the neck but it bounces off also*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:14 *the tigrex Roars again*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:15 *this sends both flying backwards*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 07:16 *rolls along the ground* oofff!
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:16 arg
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:17 its hide is strong
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:17 you get the belly i'll go for the top
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 07:18 Okay!
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:19 *throws his shield at the ground, jumps onto it then onto the tigrex
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:20 *slashes the Tigxrex's back*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 07:20 *slides unter the Trigrex and slashes at its belly*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:21 *jumps off*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:21 *the tigrex thuds to the ground*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:22 *uses the wystone to sharpen his sword*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:22 here use this *hands the wystone to Armis*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:23 it's not dead yet
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:23 *it looks dead though*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 07:23 Thanks. *sharpens his sword*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 07:24 I wanna behead this thing.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:25 this will only last for a minute so lets act quick *a dark cloud starts flowing from the Tigrex's mouth as the sky darkens*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:26 *the Tigrex gets up and screams louder than before
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:27 the wystone's effect will let you do that
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 07:28 Let's just kill this thing and finish this mission
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 07:28 *rushes the Tigrex again*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:28 i'll blind it, then you can kill it. close your eyes *throws a bomb at the tigrex*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:29 *the bomb explodes in a blinding light*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:30 *the tigrex steps back and is stuned by the flash*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:32 now Armis!
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:35 the bank looks new
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:36 they must have updated it recently while I was away
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:36 lets have some fun
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:36 *goes into the bank*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:37 alright everyone, it's a lucky day, you all are now being robbed.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:38 *a man says* some one call animal control, because I thinks one of them has escaped
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:38 *looks at the man and he blows up*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:39 anyone else?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:39 *everyone gives her their money then they try to leave*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:40 not so fast *closes the door with magic*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:40 you aren't leaving. I haven't had my fun yet
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:41 I know the police are on their way and, well? I wan't to come
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:41 *them to come*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 07:49 *rushes in for a quick decapitation*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:49 *it works so have fun*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:52 nice hit
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:53 *it drops the ground with a severed head*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 07:55 Cool, so who is next?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:58 *you can see small puffs of black smoke come from Jason, and some liquid coming from his armor*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 07:58 *the liquid comes from the midsection*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 07:58 Woah, is something wrong?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:00 well judging by the that the sky is still dark, the Zinogre is in frenzy mode
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:00 no
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 08:00 What's going on, then?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:00 just got some frenzy on my
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:00 me*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:01 i don't need to use the bathroom now *runs off to the next area*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:03 (the last effect of the frenzy. you pee your pants. only did it because of the meme)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 08:04 ...
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:04 (don't judge him)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:04 (not cannon_
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:05 come this way
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:06 (it's the only thing that effects him)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:06 (nothing else does only this)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:08 there it is
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:09 in all its beauty
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:09 eat your null berries they will help the combat the frenzy
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 08:11 As you wish. *eats the null berries*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:11 beware of it's tail, it is a dangerous tool
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:11 lets go
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:12 *rushes to the left of the Zinogre*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:14 *the Zinogre jumps up the cliff, and starts Charging dragonbugs
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:15 *while it charges red thunderbolts start hitting around it*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:15 *it hops back down as Jason starts climbing*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:15 kill it
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:16 *jumps off the wall and onto the Zinogre*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:16 *starts stabbing the back*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 08:17 *joins Jason in the stabbing of the Zinogre's back*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:17 *while being stabbed the Zinogre wails around trying to get Jason off*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:18 *they both get shaken off, then starts charging again* don't let it fully charge
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:21 *attacks the tail cutting some of it off*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:23 *the Zinogre spins and two clumps of Dragonbugs appear and go after Armis*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 08:25 *jumps back and slashes at the dragonbugs*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:26 *while the Zinogre faces Jason and back flips to try to hit Armis*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 08:27 *ends up getting clipped by its tail, crushing him into the ground*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:28 *hits the face of the Zinogre*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:28 (legit one of the moves the Zinogre uses in the game. it is soooooooo annoying*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:29 *cuts off one of the horns*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:30 *the zinogre jumps to the side to charge again*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 08:31 *finally crawls from the ground*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:33 *it roars as it finishes charges. there are bolts of red lighting that shoot out from it*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:33 watch out
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:34 *the bolts shoot out at them both*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:35 *jumps out of the way*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 08:38 *jumps back into the hole he just crawled out of*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:38 we'll have to knock it out of this charge state
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 08:39 And how do we do that?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:39 *goes and jumps at the zinogre*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:40 hit is alot
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:40 it*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:42 *hits the zinogre with the hilt of the sword*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:43 *it stumbles back a bit*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 08:45 *returns to the fight, slashing and stabbing*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:45 *gets below it and hits it chest sending it a little upwards*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:46 *after a few seconds the Zinogre gets sent back from Armis, it loses its frenzy status and charge state*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:47 go for the head
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:47 *charges the head*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:49 *puts his sword through its head*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:50 it's dead
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:51 *sits down*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 08:51 Good. Now what?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:51 we head back
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 08:52 Yes!
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:53 *gets back up* alright lets go
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 08:55 *runs back toward the ship*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:55 *goes to the ship and starts it*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 08:56 it will take a minute to get back
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 09:00 Got it
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:01 what are you so exited for?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 09:03 I get to talk to another Irakurrian. Believe it or not I do get homesick
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:04 *looks down* most of us do
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:06 *the police arrive* THIS IS THE POLICE! GET OUT HERE NOW, OR WE WILL HAVE TO DO THIS THE HARD WAY!
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:06 I choose that way
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:07 lets count how many we have here. One. Two. Three.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:07 *smiles more and more the more she counts*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:09 ooooooo yea, we have 43 here.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:10 *the police call the bank she is in* hello?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:11 Officer: what are your terms?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:12 Term!? My terms are fun.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:12 And terror.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:14 this is only the beginning. They will all die. One, at, a, time.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 09:15 I'm also kinda hungry
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:15 you can save them though. But you'll have to kill me. You have 43 minutes. that's how many there are here.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:16 there is food under deck
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:17 (there is a table with a picture with Jason with someone else on it. and behind that is a cabinet with food in it*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:18 (it's a wedding picture)
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:20 one dies now *picks a american short fur cat. it implodes*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:20 that leaves you with 42 minutes left. good luck.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:23 have what you want
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 09:25 Alrighty *goes below deck*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:32 37 left. What now?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:36 *a sniper takes a shoot, But it stops right before it hits her.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:36 your gonna have to try harder then that to get me.
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.20 09:38 *had bought himself a meal and has been slowly picking at it*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:38 *sends the bullet back*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:39 Armis, were here.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:40 *lands the ship
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:42 *to the GuildMarm* We got them
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 09:42 WUNDERBAR! *runs out to find Crevan*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:43 GuildMarm: great job doodle! we don't have anything else that we need to do for now, but wait for Matthew to get back.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:44 So Stanfreed is still out with the Seregios?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:44 GuildMarm: yes
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:46 GuildMarm: the aces are up at the Guild ship right now waiting for him.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:46 thanks. Armis, I am gonna be at that ship over there if you need me.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 09:47 Matthew?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 09:47 Oh, ok
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:47 that is Stanfreed
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:47 the one we met earlier
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 09:48 Ah.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 09:48 *finds Crevan* How're you feeling?
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.20 09:50 Fine. Why would I feel anyway else?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:51 what should I do with this one?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 09:51 Good. Good. Say, wanna go for a walk and you can tell me what I've been missing in Irakurri?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:51 hm?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:51 I could do so much
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.20 09:52 Uhh, sure.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:53 Implode, explode, disintegration, oh, how about my favorite one. Death by one thousand knives. *a lot of knives appear and kill him*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:54 34 remaining
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 09:54 Aiight. *looks around to make sure no one is watching, then knocks Crevan out* You can wake up now, Musang.
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.20 09:55 *Musang wakes up* Back in the waking world again. So.. A walk, then?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 09:56 Yep. *starts walking in a random direction* You know, why haven't you just completely taken over by now?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:56 *sends a man through the
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:56 Door*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:57 24 left
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.20 09:57 This collar prevents me from doing so. Otherwise I would. I cannot stand this horrid human smell.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:58 this is getting boring i am just gonna kill the rest *Explodes. Destroys the bank and some of the area around it*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:58 there all fixed
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 09:59 now to deal with you *grows 4 times her size and starts trampling on everything*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 10:00 You know, I might be able to get you some help from Blitz when we get back.
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.20 10:00 Oh? You have connections with the Sona?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:01 oh someone wishes to stop me
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:02 how cute. *chuckles* And utterly useless
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 10:02 Indeed I do. How about we make a deal?
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.20 10:02 Depends on what you can do
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:04 you sure about that?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:04 I've been told that I'm a talented fighter
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 10:05 I'll get that collar off of you, or at least somewhat deactivated to the point where you can access your full power. In return I want an armor ability. Not for physical attacks, but magical. Also you'd work for me.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:05 is that so?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:05 (timeing)
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:05 of course it is
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:06 *Dashes at Nova*
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.20 10:06 I do not enjoy working for others, but if it means I can be free... You've got yourself a deal.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:06 *stops John in his spot and sends him flying backwards*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:07 as I said useless
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:08 what is with you magic users
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 10:08 Perfect. *a piece of paper appears. He pulls out his dagger and stabs his hand, coating it in blood, then makes a hand print on the paper.* You next. *gives the paper to Crevan*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:08 just enchant a sword or something
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:09 a sword fight?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:09 tons more fun then throwing others into walls
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:09 then you get to know the other
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:10 that is, before you kill them
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.20 10:10 *adds his hand print and gives the dagger back. the paper disappears* Get this collar modified and I'll be able to give you your power.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:10 hm I'll have to try that out.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 10:12 Gotcha. Kneel down. *pulls a bunch of tools from his book and starts tampering with the collar. He ends up changing the light's color from green to purple* There ya go, I've modified it. Try changing your form.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:12 *shrinks to normal size*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:13 *makes a sword appear* will this work?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:13 yes, it will.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:14 *charges at Nova*
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.20 10:14 *steps back and changes into her natural fox form, only a small version.* Awesome, I'm back. *creates a ball of pinkish magic* Take that. It's the magic that will help defend you against magical attacks.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:15 *blocks with the sword* gotcha *sends John into the Air into some spikes*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:16 agh cheap shot.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:16 your not dead John. your powers have improved for sure.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:17 wha... how do you know my name?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 10:18 *grabs the magic, which absorbs into him instantly, forming pinkish riblike structures around him.* Astounding. *makes the magic disappear* So where do we start? How big can you get?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:18 oh how could you say that. We had such a good time together. We killed so many.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:19 who are you?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:20 *brings John down to her* Nova
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:20 your one true friend
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:21 Nova... how did I ever forget that name.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:21 the one who was my second death.
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.20 10:21 As big as I want. I am the original and thus have no limit to my power. *changes her body size nearly 100-fold and tries to not smash any structures*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:21 so you do remember
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.20 10:22 *or knock anything over with her nine tails*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:23 GuildMarm: What is that? *her face lights up* I hope no one has recorded this monster before. *grabs her notebook and starts drawing*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:24 (everyone but the GuildMarm is inside right now)
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:25 you betrayed me
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:26 I did
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:26 and it was fun
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.20 10:27 lets go for a walk through town *uses John as a projectile, smashing him into everything*
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.20 21:07 *condenses light and dark magic into one massive sphere then launches it at a mountain in the distance. Upon impact the sphere explodes, reducing the mountain to nothing*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 21:10 *smiles* I can see why the humans wanted your power. Just imagine what we could do as partners! *Vusahdiil lifts him onto Musang's head, then goes back into the book* How about we level some more ground?
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.20 21:11 Partners? *chuckles* Interesting. *leaps out of the vicinity of any buildings and starts for another mountain*
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.20 21:13 *before she can take another step, her size changes back to that of a human, causing Armis to fall to the ground* Ugh, he's waking up.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 21:14 Oh. That's fine for now. *sighs* Let's just go back until he wakes up. Let him have some conscious time.
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.20 21:15 *stares at Armis* ... Do you ever let YOUR host take over?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 21:15 *frowns* I don't have a reason to..
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.20 21:16 Let's make another deal, then. On occasion when Crevan is awake, you'll let your host take over. It can't hurt anything, after all you can take over whenever. I cannot.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 21:17 Very well... *mutters* Have fun, Zach. *stumbles a bit* Wh-Where am I?!
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.20 21:18 I cannot tell you. Just follow me. *stalks back toward the GuildMarm, taking human form again*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 21:19 *nervously follows Musang* Did... Something happen?
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.20 21:19 Huh? What do you mean?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 21:20 Armis NEVER willingly let me take over.
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.20 21:21 I convinced him to. Now in a moment I will not be able to speak with you, but my host is a good person. Just don't talk about me, okay?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.20 21:21 Um... Alright? *Musang falls to the ground. Minutes later Crevan wakes up* ...
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 00:20 GuildMarm: th... the valcano is gone!
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 00:44 what happened?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 00:46 *the GuildMarm points to the mountain* it's gone
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 01:02 *looks* the volcanic hollow
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 01:04 HEARTH!
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 01:06 we need to see if they survived
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 01:06 do you know what did this?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 01:09 *the GuildMarm gives Jason a surprisingly accurate picture*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 01:09 thank you
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 01:11 *looks around to find Armis*
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.21 03:11 *had bought another meal and begun eating again*
14>Zach (Armis' host), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.21 03:14 *is sitting against a building, looking at his tail*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 03:37 *goes up to Zach* Armis have you seen this Monster? *shows him the picture*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 03:39 it seems to have appeared and disappeared rather fast
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 03:40 but not before destroying a mountain
14>Zach (Armis' host), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.21 03:58 No. I've just been sitting here talking with Crevan.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 04:00 so you didn't see a giant monster shoot a loud blast destroying that mountain?
14>Zach (Armis' host), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.21 04:06 I did not. *his tail flicks, gaining his attention* This stupid thing.. *tries to grab it*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 04:06 alright
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 04:08 I need to check on Hearth
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 04:08 you want to join?
14>Zach (Armis' host), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.21 04:08 Okie-dokey! *sits down on his tail* Ha. Try flicking now.
14>Zach (Armis' host), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.21 04:09 No thank you
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 04:09 alright
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 04:10 see ya two
14>Zach (Armis' host), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.21 04:11 Bye!
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 04:12 *gets on the ship and starts it. then he leaves*
14>Zach (Armis' host), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.21 04:14 So what do we do now, Crevan?
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.21 04:15 *shrugs* Wanna play a game?
14>Zach (Armis' host), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.21 04:15 Sure! How about fugitive? I know there's only two of us.
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.21 04:16 That sounds good. Let's flip a coin to see who is the fugitive
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.21 04:16 (yes is heads, tails is no)
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.21 04:16  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.21 04:16 (ugh hold on)
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.21 04:17  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.21 04:18 Heads is the cop. Tails is the fugitive
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.21 04:18  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.21 04:18 (ive messed this up several times XD)
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.21 04:20 You have 5 minutes to hide yourself.
14>Zach (Armis' host), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.21 04:20 *runs off to hide*
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.21 04:27 *finally makes it to George's house*
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.21 04:27 *knocks on the door*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.21 04:27 *opens the door* hello?
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.21 04:28 Hi there, human. I am here for my cats
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.21 04:29 oh, Alright. Karma someone is here for you
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.21 04:30 paroxysm is out for a walk right now
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.21 04:32 Yes, hello-- Who are you?
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.21 04:32 Silly girl, I'm your queen! I've come all the way from our home universe to bring you two back
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.21 04:33 Wait... You can get us back?
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.21 04:33 Of course I can! As soon as Paroxysm gets back we can return home!
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.21 04:34 *leaps with joy* YES! WE'RE GOING HOME!
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.21 04:34 Come sit! Paroxysm will be back and minute now!
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.21 04:34 *goes inside and sits on a couch*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.21 04:36 alright
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.21 04:37 *goes back to playing with the legos
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.21 04:37 *returns with a mouse* I'm bac-- ...
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.21 04:37 Paroxysm! We can go home now!
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.21 04:38 Yes. Let's go now. *casts a spell that opens a small portal* you first.
7>Paroxysm (Scottish Fold), 26yo.2018,Jul.21 04:38 Yes! *jumps through the portal, followed by Blitz*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.21 04:38 good bye
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.21 04:39 *tries to jump through, but is unable to pass through* What.. No.. *paws at the portal* Why can't I go back!?
5>Litho (Viscount), ??yo.2018,Jul.21 04:39 ... I'll keep Paroxysm safe for you. *the portal closes*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.21 04:40 not sure
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.21 04:40 I wasn't sure that it was gonna work for anyone
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.21 04:43 *starts pacing* What'll I do now?
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.21 04:44 sit and calm down first
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.21 04:46 How can I calm down? I have no one now
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Jul.21 04:46 And I'm stuck in this stupid place
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Jul.21 04:46 we still have the other portal
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 05:41 I'm not enjoying this!
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 05:42 but why not? Don't you love destruction?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 05:43 yes, but when it's me killing everyone myself
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 05:44 oh.. I'm sorry. But I can't let you do that
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 05:45 why not? you scared?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 05:46 of you? Hardly
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 05:49 only of the one who created me
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 05:52 you are of no threat to me
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 06:34 how could you be
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 06:35 just look at you
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 06:36 your just a puppet
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 06:37 *makes John do a little dance*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 06:37 stop
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 06:38 I am now a god, and you will obey me
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 06:39 *tries to break free, but can't*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.21 07:06 try as you will, but your no god
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.22 19:03 Minutes later he goes off in search of Zach. Of course he has his sense of smell and is able to easily track him down.* found you! You are under arrest!
14>Zach (Armis' host), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 19:05 Wow! You're great at this game!
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.22 19:06 Why thank you. So now what?
14>Zach (Armis' host), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 19:07 Why not just get some sleep for awhile? I'm awful tired from all that running.
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.22 19:07 Mmk. Let's find a place to sleep.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 19:09 *before they can move Armis takes back over* Well that wasted my time. Crevan we are getting out of here. *starts walking toward the city's exit, Crevan following*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 22:11 *is Waiting at the Exit* so how did you like my little gift *looks at Crevan*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.22 22:12 you couldn't be a god. we both know that
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.22 22:13 if you were you wouldn't let me catch you like this
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 22:16 Your little gift?
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 22:18 your friend here
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 22:18 I made the portal
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 22:19 think of it as a, trust gift
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.22 22:19 You mean to tell me YOU took me from my brother? I haven't done anything, so why me?
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 22:19 I trust you to do as your told, and you trust that you get stuff in return
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 22:20 your not he wants though
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.22 22:22 *chuckles from within her chamber. Only Crevan can hear.* You should let me kill him. Release me and you'll receive all of my power.
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.22 22:23 *ignores the voice*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 22:24 Armis only wants the other inside you
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.22 22:25 I find that hard to fully believe. Otherwise this collar would he gone and I'd be practicslly dead.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 22:27 *looks back to Armis* You have more time. Don't leave me waiting.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 22:27 *opens a portal and goes through*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 22:27 Giovanni, you really should have taken the time to learn about me before trying to make me work for you. I've been under no obligation for you have not made any pact with me.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 22:29 *goes back to Armis*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 22:29 then your dead* makes a portal under Armis*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 22:33 *the magic Mustang gave him appears and keeps him floating above the portal* You know you do not want to make an enemy out of me. I am extremely hard to kill and can so easily ruin everything you work for. Grudges are a b**** aren't they? *smiles*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 22:35 *musang
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 22:48 you don't scare me
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 22:52 I know this. I don't scare anyone until they know what I can do.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 22:53 why don't you show me *A staff appears in his hands*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 22:58 A staff, huh? Staffs are overrated. That's why I've got this. *shows the gem in the hold of his sword*Took me awhile to get this to work. But if I've got this correct.. *points the blade at Giovanni, picking him up. He swipes the blade and throws him*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 22:59 (That staff he was working with in the rp's beginning.)
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 23:02 How did you... It doesn't matter
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 23:03 *a faint purple glow appears around Giovanni*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 23:03 you wont be able to do that again
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 23:05 *tries to hit Armis with the staff*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 23:06 *blocks with the sword*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 23:09 *clicks a button making a explosion at Armis's end, the staff spins in the air, Giovanni grabs it*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 23:09 *is merely thrown back, being guarded by the magic surrounding him*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 23:11 *makes a tornado appear behind Armis pulling Armis towards him*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 23:12 *lets himself be pulled*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 23:13 *puts his staff in front of him, then clicks the button again*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 23:14 *once again is protected* You're gonna have to do a lot better than that.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 23:15 As of yet you don't seem any stronger than Saxon. Possibly even weaker than him.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 23:17 try this *snaps his fingers and the town explodes*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 23:17 Ha. Rip.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 23:20 Was that supposed to mean anything to me?
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 23:21 maybe, maybe not
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.22 23:22 release me
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.22 23:22 ha if you wish *throws him through a portal*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 23:24 *points the sword at him again. a ball of spiraling energy forms at the blade's tip then fires a beam at him*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 23:26 *it goes through him
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 23:26 ah there we go
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 23:27 Interesting
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 23:27 you can't hurt me
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 23:28 So it appears we've reached an impasse
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 23:28 for now
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 23:28 but I have a question for you
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 23:29 do you like Vacuums?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 23:30 I honestly do not care.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 23:30 Whatever you can do I'll get out of it
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 23:31 *goes through a portal*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 23:36 Really wish he had more to offer.
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.22 23:36 What do you mean?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 23:38 We weren't able to even hurt each other. Comparatively he isn't much of an opponent. I compare all my battles to the one with Saxon. That battle was outstanding! We fought for hours, trading blows like playing cards. By the end we could barely walk home
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 23:40 due to our injuries. I'm always seeking another battle similar to that one. There's nothing quite like the rush of meeting someone who can take hits as well as I do and is smart enough to actually land a hit in the first place
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.22 23:41 I see.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 23:42 Come on. The gem from that old staff works. This means we can use it to get out of here.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 23:43 *goes back to the remnants of the town and sits in wait for Jason*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 23:44 *a vacuum appears*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 23:47 ?
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 23:48 (the vacuum is in front of Armis)
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Jul.22 23:48 (oh ok)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 23:50 Am I supposed to be afraid of this thing..?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.22 23:53 WHAT DID YOU DO?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.22 23:54 First the Mountain, then Val harbor
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 23:55 The town wasn't my fault. It was that Giovanni guy
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.22 23:56 what about the mountain
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 23:57 that was a nine-tailed fox
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.22 23:57 testing its power
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.22 23:59 you obliterated a city
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.22 23:59 maybe inform me before you go and DESTROY A MOUNTAIN
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:01 I knew what happened but it wasn't me
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:02 You can also thank Giovanni for the fox's arrival. Supposedly he was the one who brought it here
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:03 sure blame it on the one your working for
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:04 I don't fight the ones I work for
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:04 and why don't trust you
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:05 oh yea, you have killed two cities
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:06 You do not know how bad I wish I could count those to my tally of civilizations destroyed, but I do not take credit for other's work
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:06 My record is still two. My home city, AKA the humans, and Neolithia, that ridiculous fox civilization
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:09 *pull out his sword and shield*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:09 they are still dead
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:12 I don't want to fight you. You're one of the rare few that I actually think are worth keeping alive.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:13 .
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:14 you should have said something when I ask you if you saw anything
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:15 I wasn't there when you asked me.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:15 what?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:16 The boy you were talking to was Zach. He's my host. Did you notice how uncomfortable he felt, especially about having a tail? He hates having one.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:18 *sighs* yea *puts his weapons away*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:20 Now It appears Giovanni wants to make an enemy out of me, but we cannot seem to harm each other. I need more power
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:21 *the vacuum starts*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:22 *goes to the Vacuum*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:23 where did this come from?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:23 I wouldn't go near that..
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:23 Giovanni asked me if I liked vacuums, then that appeared
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:24 (just Reading that line makes me laugh)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:26 *touches the Vacuum. the planet disappears*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:26 we can leave that here while we leave this realm
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:26 (b=nvm)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:26 (XD what the)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:27 (do you like vacuums?)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:28 (wait so are they just floating in space or whats going on)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:29 (yes)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:30 *tosses a bottle*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:30 You HAD to touch the vacuum. *surrounds everyone's heads with dark magic, providing breathable air* Y'all are lucky I still have a bit of Lord Mayhem's magic
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:30 *closes his eyes*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:31 shh
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:34 everything is gone now
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:34 *curls up into a ball and does slow flips*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:34 Yep
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:34 all because of you
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:36 In the long run, probably. But only really because I didn't want to kill you.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:36 sometimes you have to hurt those you care for
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:37 if only to protect them
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:39 *starts to cry a bit*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:39 Oh I don't care. You're just worthy of keeping alive. It's kinda funny how Giovanni expected to get work for free. I wonder if he can hear me. That foolish man thinking he can become more powerful than the Sona
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:40 nothing to remember now
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:41 D*** you
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:42 "D*** you all to H***!" *cackles*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:42 you can't control that power
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:43 Eh? What power?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:43 only if y... your chosen
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:43 the power of a sona
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:46 Kid, you cannot kill a Sona. You can only steal their power. But that just gives you power. There's a whole different aspect to being a Sona. Something that only the original can comprehend and control
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:46 Without being the original the universe cannot survive and starts destroying itself
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:47 Sonas never die
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:47 I know that! I know that all too well.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:47 (brb)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:48 (ok)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:51 (back)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:52 (yo yo yo)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:53 *is holding back the tears*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:53 *also is getting really mad*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:54 I wonder what would happen in this universe of someone stole the Sona's power
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:54 Shadow
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:56 Shade*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:56 What?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:58 the same with mine
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:59 as*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.23 00:59 (ok now i gtg)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:59 the same as mine*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.23 00:59 (see ya)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 02:58 the one who gets the sona's power dies, and the universe implodes onto itself
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 03:19 you only have a short time to get out if you can
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 06:24 I was the only one to get out to my knowledge
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 06:51 sorry about that
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 06:51 lets find a planet to land on
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 06:53 *starts moving*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 06:55 we will land on that planet
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 06:57 *points to a reddish Green planet*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:09 this planet is mine now
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:09 there is nothing you can do to take it from me
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:10 Man: Why are you doing this?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:11 Because I can
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:12 *throws the man into a building
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 07:12 Lord Mayhem did not even come close to dying when he stole the Sona's power. In the end he realized what was going on and we needed to figure out how to give the Sona her power back.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 07:13 It takes a REAL god to hold such power. No one can just become powerful and say their a god
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:13 The sona died when the Universe stopped existing
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 07:14 *huffs* He'd just leave to another universe again
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:14 well I think I am done with
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:16 Iso sent me to leave instead of saving himself
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:16 MoonShade
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:17 *the City explodes*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:17 now where next
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 07:18 Now.. Landing?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:18 how about Spark City
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:19 there should be a good spot there. it's a small town named shrink
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:20 it's abandon right now so it would make a perfect spot
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 07:21 Kay.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:23 *they land in the town with no problems*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:24 *looks around* this is where I landed, when I got to the plane
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:28 they used this place to help build technology
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 07:28 Cool
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:29 now all of it is centered in Spark Town
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:30 Snow Wolf: hey, you two. Get over here quick
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 07:30 Spark town? If that's where the tech is, we should go there
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 07:31 *turns to the wolf* Huh?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:31 who are you?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:35 the name is astro
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:36 (that was the name of the wolf)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:37 Astro: you guys survive the attack too?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:38 what attack?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:40 Astro: MoonShade is gone
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:43 *looks at Armis* looks like we might have a job
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:44 Astro: no she is too powerful
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 07:44 Oh boy. You hear that, Crevan, we have another job.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:45 Astro: No you can't go
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:46 she has magic
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:46 (that was suppose to be Astro)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:47 That makes things a little difficult
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:47 do you know who 'she' is?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:48 Astro: No. all I can say is that she is a Snow Leopard.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:48 A snow leopard that can use magic
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 07:49 *pats Crevan's back* The time may be coming for your help.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:50 sound familiar
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.25 07:50 hmm...
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:50 what way did she go?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:51 Astro: I wont tell you, I am not going to let you kill yourselves!
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 07:55 Well then we will find her on our journey to Spark Town
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:57 agreed
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:57 so long Astro
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:58 Astro: fine, go kill yourselves, as for me I am gonna rebuild here and help those who are hurt and injured from the attacks
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:59 good luck my friend
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:59 this way to Spark Town
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 07:59 *starts walking to Spark town*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:01 *after they leave* ah shrink town. forgot this place existed
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:03 wonder if anyone took refuge here *transforms into a light Grey Russian Blue cat*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:05 hey i-is there anyone h-here?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:06 Astro: hey there. I'm here *goes over to Nova*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:06 someone else survived!
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:07 after what happened I thought that...
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:08 Astro: Shhh, calm down kid, whats your name?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:08 M-my Name is, Nissa
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:10 Astro: alright Nissa, follow me, I have a hidden camp over here where survivors are going to hide.
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.25 08:10 Do you suppose we could rest soon? I'm sort of getting tired.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:10 You can see Spark town in the distance *points to Spark City*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:11 when we get there we can rest
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.25 08:12 If I can make it there.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 08:12 If you pass out I can carry you
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:14 we can rest here then. *finds a tree and puts his stuff down next to it* but we need to get moving again soon.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:14 the less time we spend here the better
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:15 Has anyone else come here?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:17 Astro: Yes. Three others. but they left to Spark City. They think that they could go and beat that beast.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:18 Astro: it's useless
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:18 Astro: Not even the sentry bots could beat her
9>Ophelia (God), 21yo.2018,Jul.25 08:19 *sits down and almost immediately falls asleep*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:20 Astro: here we are. this is where we will be staying for now
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:21 thank you sir
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.25 08:22 *wakes up in Crevan's place but pretends to still be asleep for several more minutes*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:22 Astro: Of course, and the name is Astro.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:23 It looks like Spark Town has grown.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:24 not too much surprise to that
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:24 they are one of the tecnocenters of this world
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:25 thanks Astro sir.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 08:25 Awesome
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 08:25 Cant wait to see the place
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:26 Astro: I am gonna go out and look for anyone else who may have survived
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:27 see ya
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:27 its been years since I've been here
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:28 but I'm sure you'll love it
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:28 I wonder if bestie Burger is still there
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:29 *once Astro Leaves Nova goes after Jason, Armis, and Crevan*
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:32 now what do I do about my staff?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:33 Lucria: I don't know, but at least you have his daggers
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:34 yea
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:34 but now Raze is dead because of me
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:36 I need to find a way to get into that universe myself.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:38 *spots them in the distance*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 08:38 It's been too long since I've used technology
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 08:39 Let's get going. *gnudges Musang* Come on, let's go
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:39 *makes scars appear on her front left leg, down her left side and a small scar on her face. Then she starts limping to them*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:40 HELP!
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:41 *Grabs his stuff* Over there *points to Nova*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 08:41 *turns around* Oh look, a wounded cat. Want me to put you out of your misery?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:41 *rushes over to Nova* are you okay child?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:43 there all gone
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:44 who is?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:45 e-everyone in MoonShade
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:45 she blew it up
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:46 The Snow Leopard?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:46 yes
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 08:48 How unfortunate.
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.25 08:49 Very unfortunate indeed
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:49 here i'll carry you to to Spark Town
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:51 thank you
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:52 lets go *carries Nova to spark town* whats you name child?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:53 Nissa
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:53 how old are you Nissa?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:53 I'm 9
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:54 alright
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:55 *when they get to Spark City a police officer stops them* Officer: halt. Who are you 4?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:56 I am Jason, this is Nissa
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:56 Hi
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 08:56 Whatsit to you?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:56 this Is Armis and Crevan
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:57 quiet Armis
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 08:58 *snorts*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:58 Officer: we know that someone has Destroyed MoonShade, we are trying to protect the city
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 08:59 Yes and I'm here to kill that someone because I am bored and want something to do
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 08:59 Also I'm trapped in this stupid universe
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 08:59 *Officer pulls out a tablet and starts looking through files* Where are you all from?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:00 I am from the Monster Hunter World
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 09:01 I'm from Amyls. Or.. What used to be Amyls. Sorta made it a wasteland with only 20% of its original native species
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:02 Nissa is from MoonShade Ciry
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 09:02 You won't know that place, or any place where I'm from for that matter
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:04 Officer: alright then. Jason you are here in our records, and with the information of who you are I can let you all in.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:04 thank you sir
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:05 Officer: I'll call an ambulance for you *calls*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:05 thank you once again.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:06 Officer: go into the city and to the right, there is a bus stop there and the ambulance will meet you there
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:07 come on guys
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:07 *goes to the bus stop*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 09:08 I wonder what I can get from this place...
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:09 *after a minute the ambulance gets there* Medic: here we will take her. take this. this will let you in to see her when we are done
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:09 thank you
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:10 *the ambulance leaves with Nova*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:10 there is one place I want to find
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:11 that is Bestie Burger
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 09:12 You go find that place. We are going to explore.... That. *points at the nearest tall building and runs to start climbing the side*
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.25 09:12 *follows* I'll race you! *passes Armis*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:12 don't climb the... and he's gone
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 09:13 You're gonna eat my dust! *speeds up, passing Musang*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:13 where are you Bestie?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:14 *after a few seconds he finds it*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:14 ah the worlds best burgers
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:24 yea i'd like a
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:24 hm
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:24 i'd like your number 4 meal
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:25 *takes a cup and fills it. then takes a seat*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:27 *starts eating*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 09:34 *reaches the top but Musang is already there, transformed back into a fox*
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.25 09:34 You're so slow
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:36 I would like to get two more of these to go
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 09:37 No, you're just that much faster than I am. It's fascinating
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:38 *starts walking to the building that Armis and Musang are on.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:39 *
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 09:42 Just imagine what chaos we could create back in Irakurri? Perhaps we could be 2nd only to Blitz herself.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:43 *goes into the elevator. hits the roof button*
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.25 09:43 IF we get back, yes. Nothing could stop us
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 09:45 WHEN we get back, what should we do first? Shall we pester that new planet?
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.25 09:45 *chuckles* You mean the one Blitz helped that second-rate Sona create?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 09:46 Yep! Let's show him why he shouldn't have chosen our universe as a home
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.25 09:46 Yes.. *looks down below* But what about here?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 09:47 They DO appear to have an organized police force. That'd be fun to toy with.
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:47 *Elevator opens*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:48 hey guys I got food for ya
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:48 *hands them the food*
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.25 09:49 Oh how sweet. Thank you, human. *eats the food in one bite*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:50 *glares at Musang*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 09:51 *eats his food* So how about we get some money, Musang? *Musang nods and he stands with his back to the edge* Let's do our job, then. *falls backward, off the edge*
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.25 09:51 Yes sir! *leaps off the edge*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:51 *the hospital explodes*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:52 Nissa!
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 09:52 That is NOT what I meant by job! *glares at the hospital* THAT'S OUR JOB
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:52 oh what a wonderful place this was
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:53 (HAHAHAHAHA)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 09:53 *his magic lets him land softly as he runs for the hospital* Whoever is stealing my work from me is going to pay!
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:53 *blows up another building*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:54 (she is in her normal form)
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.25 09:54 *follows close behind* So no bank robbing today??
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 09:54 Nope. Not this time.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:55 *lifts a car and throws it*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:56 boom-lay boom-lay boom
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.25 09:56 *destroys the car with a mini bomb, much like the massive one she used to destroy the mountain with*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:57 oh who are you?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 09:58 *skids to a stop* The one who'll stop you from stealing other people's jobs!
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:58 oh? this is my job though
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 09:59 *glares* I've had it longer
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 09:59 Guaranteed
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:59 *catches up with them*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 09:59 you sure about that?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 09:59 Absolutely sure
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 10:00 I have been alive for a tens of thousands of years
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 10:00 you?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 10:01 *pulls out his charge blade*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 10:01 Longer
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.25 10:01 I've lost count
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 10:02 neat
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 10:02 you will all still die
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 10:02 what did you do to all those people?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 10:03 they exploded
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 10:03 I'm sorry Nissa... I failed you
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 10:03 thank you Jason
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 10:04 nice to know that you cared about me
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 10:04 *makes a fire wall around the three*
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.25 19:23 Cute.*dispells the fire with her own magic*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 23:46 this might be more fun than I had though
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 23:48 *another explosion happens behind Armis, Musang, and Jason*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 23:50 not going to work *dashes at Nova*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 23:50 *stops him and throws him into Armis*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 23:51 did you really think that would work?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 23:51 no not with the magic I control
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 23:52 *sends a blast of magic at Musang*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 23:55 *falls through a portal* gees *sighs and wipes the blood from his forehead* not again
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.25 23:56 didn't you already get passed this?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 23:56 oh hi Sean
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 23:56 I thought I did
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 23:57 although I still haven't won a single fight since then
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.25 23:57 but you beat Giovanni
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 23:58 that's what I thought. but now that I think of it, he left before we could finish the fight.
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.25 23:58 he did
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.25 23:59 so what is with this enchant that has been cursed upon you?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.25 23:59 your not Raze Sean
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.25 23:59 shut it
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 00:00 soon after I left Jerry's house, I... I lost for the first time.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 00:08 it was against a dead man named Shelos
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 00:08 he stabbed me right here where it is bleeding
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 00:09 he made it so I could never finish a fight
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 00:09 he made it so that I had to question why I fight
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 00:09 I can't win till I find out why
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.26 00:10 that's easy
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.26 00:10 you enjoy the fight
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.26 00:10 you love to see others fall at the hands of your blades
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 00:11 Yes I know that
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 00:11 but I still can't
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 00:24
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.26 01:46 *counters the blast*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.26 01:47 Musang! *tosses his sword to her*
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.26 01:49 Interesting. Let's take this battle out of the city, shall we? *uses the magic from the blade to strengthen her own. She pools a bunch of magic into a dark beam to send Nova out of the city*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:01 *doges* we can't leave I worked so hard to get in
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:03 plus that shield that protects the city has been reinforced
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:04 because I started to make things go boom
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:07 hahaha
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:10 *stomps on the ground, sends a shock wave at them*
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.26 02:12 I really insist that we leave. *counters the shock wave by slamming her own hand into the ground, creating another shockwave*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:13 I agree
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:14 fine but your getting me back in *runs to the Shield*
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.26 02:15 *grows in size, Armis grabs his sword and jumps onto her head*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:15 *runs after her*
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.26 02:15 *runs to the shield*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:16 *The Shield opens*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:17 *They all go through*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:18 *the shield closes*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:19 *turns to them* lets make the sides a little more fair
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:21 what do you...
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:22 *throws Jason about a mile*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:22 that's better
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.26 02:24 Now let us see what you can do
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:27 here have a taste *starts to glow a faint green color as a ball of magic forms in front of her* time for breakfast *sends the blast at them*
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.26 02:28 *creates a massive ball of magic and fires it at Nova's attack, jumping back, anticipating the explosion*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:29 *no explosion happens instead they join together and dissapear*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:29 disappear*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:30 not many can counter my attacks like that
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:30 but you'll have to try harder
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:31 hahaha
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.26 02:31 Oh I'm not even trying
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:31 good
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.26 02:32 * while musang creates another ball of condensed magic, he surrounds it with razorlike wisps of light*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:32 *makes a small bubble, invisible to the eye, and sends it to the side*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:33 it's time for brunch
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:34 *glows a teal color*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:35 *spikes appear on both sides of Armis and start to close*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.26 02:37 *cuts his finger and writes a series of symbols on the blade. Musang's magic lines the blade* Well isn't this fun? *thick blackish purple magic armor grows around Musang*
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.26 02:37 Bring it on, cat. *holds her hands out to face the spikes*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:38 alright
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:38 I guess we can have a quick snack then
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:39 *glows red and dashes at them at blinding speeds pinning Musang to the ground, then changes to green and charges a blast*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:40 D*** magic users
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:40 *starts walking to them*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.26 02:42 *the gem on the sword's hilt starts to glow as it surrounds himself and Musang with golden magic* It's time, Musang. *teleports them into the sky above Nova*
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.26 02:43 *is holding the sphere of magic encased in light, driving it down at Nova*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:44 *shoots the magic ball at Musang's attack, causing both attacks to fuse and disappear*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:46 *looks down at Musang* I hope you are still hungry, cuz it's lunch time.
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.26 02:48 Oh, does that mean you're getting close to using all your power? That's sad
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:48 not even close *turns purple*
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.26 02:49 Good
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.26 02:51 hmm.. what else do I have.. Ooh, yes. *uses the gem's power to change the size of the sword* Musang hold onto this.
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.26 02:51 *grabs ahold of the sword*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:52 *shrinks it back to normal size*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.26 02:52 Jam it into the ground when I say
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:52 nice try but it is lunch time and we will have no swords at the table
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:53 *turns gray and throws the sword*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.26 02:53 Don't tell me what I can and cannot use
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.26 02:54 *pulls the sword back to him and gives it back*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:54 you seem useless in this fight *sends him flying*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 02:58 *turns purple again*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.26 03:00 *the now larger gem glows and he reappears on top of Musang* on the contrary, I am Musang's greatest asset in this fight
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 03:00 now for lunch *sends a bolt of purple lightning at Musang*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.26 03:01 Now!
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.26 03:02 *musang drives the sword into the ground and the gem flashes gold. it absorbs the lightning*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 03:03 hm okay
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 03:03 time for another snack
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.26 03:04 *takes the sword back*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 03:04 *turns a dark orange color* hope you like fruits
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 03:05 *A thousand oranges start appearing above Musang and Armis*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.26 03:05 We can take whatever you have to throw at us
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.26 03:06 *covers himself in magical armor*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 03:07 we got sweet, tangelo, and my favorite, Mandarin
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 03:08 grabs a Mandarin orange and eats it whole
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 03:09 **
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.26 03:09 oooh. This will be nice. *pulls out his book* Dark, have fun!
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.26 03:09 *dark pops out of the book and holds it like a gun, only it's like a vacuum*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 03:11 *turns a silver color, then becomes invisible*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 03:13 time for linner
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 03:14 *a large silver blast of magic is sent at Armis*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.26 03:15 Not gonna work. *the sword's gem absorbs half of the blast, the rest is blocked by the armor*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 03:16 *still invisible goes around the and sends another blast at Musang*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.26 03:18 *jumps down to absorb that blast*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 03:20 you are quite the nuisance *tries to teleport Armis to the other side of the planet*
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Jul.26 03:21 *surrounds armis with magic to prevent him being teleported*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 03:22 Tea time *the area around the turns pick black*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.26 03:23 Darkness, huh? You'd try to use my own element against me?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 03:23 you enjoy this then
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 03:24 lets make this interesting
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 03:24 you have three choices
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 03:25 choice one
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 03:26 you die by spikes
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 03:26 choice two
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 03:27 you die by black hole
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 03:27 choice there you join the millions in my maze
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 03:28 what are your choices
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jul.26 03:30 choice four. I cut you in half and go rob some banks just for the h*** of it.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 06:20 there are only three
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 06:20 choose or I choose for you
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 07:08 *grabs a locket from his shirt* at least I still have this *the locket starts glowing*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 07:09 what? *the locket opens revealing a picture*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 07:10 *it is of a Half normal, half Snow leopard and a normal leopard and a snow leopard*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 07:11 *its a family picture*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 07:12 who are these three?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 07:13 Nova... Nova... Nova... I know that name
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 07:13 she gave this to us and said she was free
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 07:18 it seems that it still holds on
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 07:18 if only Shelos was still living
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 07:18 I would kill him
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.26 07:20 that you would
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.26 07:20 what brings you here?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 07:20 Nova. she sent me through a portal
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 07:20 and now i'm here
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Jul.26 07:25 who is Nova?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Jul.26 07:26 an old Friend of mine
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 01:22 She's a Snow Leopard
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 01:26 I met her in my second life, and we became... close.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 01:29 then one day, she betrayed me. she found a way to kill me
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 01:34 i thought you couldn't die?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 01:35 this was before that
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 01:35 oh alright
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 01:38 anyways, what are you doing?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 01:39 not much really
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 01:40 Got bored, left, fought some creatures, and now I'm here
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 01:41 right
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 01:41 you want to train at the arena
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 01:42 sure why not
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 01:43 after seeing how bad you sucked after fighting that Armis guy, you could use it
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 01:44 *stares at Sean* lets just get going
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 01:45 hahaha *opens a portal to the Arena and goes through, John follows*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 01:49 *when they both are through the portal closes, he then slashes at John*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 01:55 *blocks* nice try *pushes him back and slashes back*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 01:56 *blocks* your never gonna hit me when your this slow
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 01:58 *slashes again and again, but all hits get blocked*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 01:58 relax your hits
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 01:59 you'll find that it'll help
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 02:00 I have won plenty of battles with way so why should I?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 02:01 *blocks an attack and steps forward punching John in the stomach*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 02:02 *halls to his knees* D*** move
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 02:17 you move to slow to be effective
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 02:18 I am surprised that you have killed so many
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 02:20 I've killed so many because I am better then them
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 02:20 you must have fought the weak then
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 02:22 *gets up* they were not weak, they were the best of the best
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 02:25 Obviously not. If they were, you would not fall so easily.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 02:31 let me prove it to you *his sword starts to glow green* lets start
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 02:33 *attacks Sean but still gets blocked*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 02:36 Sean still blocks*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 02:37 *slashes again*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 02:38 *just barely gets hit*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 02:39 ah, nice hit.
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 02:44 but it's only a scratch. Still nothing compared to what you could do
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 02:44 how would you know what I could do
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 02:46 so you mean your weak?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 02:46 I hate you
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 02:49 *attacks again*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 02:53 you wont be able to hit me again *blocks*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 02:55 *reaches out and his Ice blade appears in his hand*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 02:55 *he slashes at John*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 03:00 *he gets hit and stumbles back*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 03:04 that's a little cheap
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 03:08 all is fair in love and war
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 03:08 your gonna go with that one
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 03:08 sure
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 03:11 *attacks Sean again*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 03:33 *blocks* you gonna try anything else?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 03:39 hmph. ok then, lets try this new one out. *starts out glowing red*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 03:45 *sends out a blast of energy
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 03:48 *blocks the attack* what was that weak thing?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 03:49 how did you block that?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 03:49 it was weak
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 03:50 come on, I know you can do better.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 03:56 how
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 03:59 first you need to not be so forced in your...
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 03:59 not what I ment
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 04:04 do you want to be a better fighter?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 04:04 I am a better fighter
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 04:06 you have only hit me once
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 04:07 while I...
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 04:10 Shut it Sean
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 04:25 I don't need you advise
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 04:27 alright John
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 04:27 *looks around* where is James?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 04:29 he normally watches any fights that take place here
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 04:38 don't know
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 04:44 don't care
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 04:45 k
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 04:46 I am gonna look for him
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 04:49 you have fun with that
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 04:51 thanks *goes looks around*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 04:51 I don't need his help
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 04:51 I can figure this out myself
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 04:59 One, Two, or Three?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 05:00 two are death, one is life
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 05:24 James!?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 05:24 Where are you?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 05:27 James! Jame...
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 05:29 JAMES! *runs over to where James is*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 05:29 what happened to you?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 05:30 who got in here to do this?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 05:34 *gets bored and goes to find Sean*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 06:02 hey Se...oh he's dead
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 06:03 yea, but who did this
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 06:06 not sure
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 06:08 Lucria: Hey you couldn't have done anything
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 06:10 I didn't need to send Raze
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 06:11 her death is on me
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 06:14 Lucria: you know things have been getting a little more dangerous since the ones from the other universe showed up. I think we should freshen up our skills with some training. whacha think?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 06:21 *sighs* Fine
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 06:32 *Walks through a portal followed by Lucria*
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 06:35 *they arrive at where John and Sean are*
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 06:49 so this is the one Armis killed.
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 06:49 *Sean and John* Armis did this?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 06:50 unfortunately yes
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 06:58 how could I let this happen?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 06:59 Lucria: you let this happen?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 06:59 Lucria: why Jerry?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 07:00 I wanted to have Armis be on Giovanni's side, so that he could help us take him down.
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 07:02 D*** it
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 07:03 you guys seem to have this handled well enough, so I am gonna train down in the arena
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 07:03 *goes into the arena*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 07:05 Why didn't you stop him!?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 07:07 I had to make his agreement look authentic.
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 07:08 you could have done that without James death
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 07:09 Maybe I could have. But it's to late for that
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 07:09 Lucria: I'm going to the arena guys
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 07:10 it's too late because you never told anyone that this was happening
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 07:11 I could have saved him!
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 07:11 you could have sent me in after Armis left
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 07:12 then it could have looked like I happened to turn up right after he died! Then I could have revived him!
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 07:14 well I'm sorry I got caught up in something else
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 07:14 which ended up in another failure on my part
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.1 07:14 oh and what was that!?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 07:16 I sent Raze and someone else into the under-dead to get my staff and a magic cube.
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 07:17 on their way back Raze got eaten by Litthin's Dragon
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 07:18 *Lucria gets to the arena where John is training* Lucria: mind if I join you?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 07:19 Uhh... sure, why not
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 07:23 Lucria: thanks *makes a glowing blue bone appear in front of her as she grabs it* *she rushes forward at John, trying to hit him*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 07:24 *blocks the attack and tries to hit her back but is blocked*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 07:25 Lucria: your slower then I thought you would be, you know the killer of millions.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 07:25 *tries to hit her again* funny Sean said the same thing
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 07:27 *Lucria sidesteps and says* he is right *swings upwards and hits John sending him flying*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 07:47 arg. Hm that hurt.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 07:47 your pretty good
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.1 07:53 Lucria: thanks you two. not many have the power to block my attacks
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.9 02:15 you know this is why I should have been given the Sona powers
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.9 02:27 *disappears*
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.9 02:28 what?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.9 02:29 well maybe it would have been better
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.9 02:29 or maybe I should just give everything to Geovanni
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.9 02:30 how would that make this any better?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.9 02:36 then we wouldn't have to worry about my choices!
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.9 02:38 NO, Then we would have to try to take him down
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.9 02:38 all of us minus you
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.9 02:39 *intensely sighs*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.9 02:42 I you weren't so obsessed with your stupid insect glave, you would have never had sent ether of them, and both of them would still be alive right now!
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.9 02:46 you don't know the significance of the Universus
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.9 02:48 maybe because you never tell anyone anything
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.9 02:49 I you would talk to any of us about what your plans are we could try to help
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.9 02:49 then things like this *points to James* woul... where did he go?
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.9 02:52 not sure, it might be because of the space that were are in
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.9 02:52 he might not actually be dead
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.9 02:54 well doesn't this make things all rosy. I'm gonna look for him. You stay here.
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Aug.9 03:03 *teleports away*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Aug.17 04:42 I already told you my answer.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Aug.17 04:42 Option four.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 21:08 alright option four it is
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 21:11 *the darkness disappears around them and they appear somewhere else somewhere near a cliffside*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Aug.23 21:33 Ah, a setting change. How interesting.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 21:37 (Musang is still trapped in the darkness)
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 21:37 (nvm)
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 21:39 thought that this might be a good spot for your grave
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Aug.23 21:40 Hmph. Or yours.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 21:40 you will join the rest who chose option four
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 21:40 look your sword is gone how are you gonna fight without that?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Aug.23 21:42 *pulls out his dagger* I've got other weapons
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 21:43 why do I... Question. Have you fought anyone named John Sin?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Aug.23 21:44 Yep. Why do you ask?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 21:44 just a question
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Aug.23 21:48 Let's hurry and get this over with. *lunges at Nova*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 21:53 *glows silver and disappears*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 21:54 *moves out of the way*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Aug.23 21:56 Well aren't you clever. You can dodge.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 21:56 *turns teal and a Teal wall of bricks appear infront of Armis*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 21:56 *moves it into Armis*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Aug.23 21:59 *clings onto the bricks by driving his dagger into them*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 22:01 Guess what? It is time for dinner!
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 22:01 what would you like to eat
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Aug.23 22:03 Everything.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 22:06 As for me, I'll have a Demon kabob *glows Grey, Armis's Sword appears behind him as she sends it through his chest
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 22:06 *
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 22:06 *sends him flying off the cliff*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 22:09 *teleports his book to her* thanks for the book
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Aug.23 22:10 *since his sword is magic, Musang's magic kicks in, but it does nothing* Heh. Good one..
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Aug.23 22:10 *ignores the fact that his book was taken*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 22:13 thank you Armis it's been fun
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Aug.23 22:18 *hits the cliff floor, limp*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 22:18 now for seconds *looks at Musang*
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Aug.23 22:22 *snarls and changes back to a small size* I'll be back... *is completely surrounded by darkness as she teleports*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 22:23 *A bubble appears over Musang* This really was a blast, but it's time for this bubble to burst. *the bubble pops in a explosion with the energy of all the magic used throughout the battle
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 22:24 hm got away
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Aug.23 22:24 *locates Armis' body and sits beside him for a few minutes before getting up and moving into the shadows*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 22:25 to bad *the bubble reforms and retains all of it's energy
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 22:26 *teleports back to the city* now how do I get back in
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Aug.23 22:27 *finds her way to George's house. She remains in the shadows, watching everyone inside*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Aug.23 22:30 you need to calm yourself Karma
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Aug.23 22:31 we can still get you back
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Aug.23 22:33 How?! My one shot to get back and I just couldn't make it! I'll be trapped here forever!
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Aug.23 22:33 you'll be fine
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Aug.23 22:34 all we need is John and his sword
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 22:37 *Teleports to his house*
1>Karma (Maine Coon/Mix), 25yo.2018,Aug.23 22:40 I just want out of here!
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Aug.23 22:48 and we will get you out of here, we just need time to make that happen.
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 23:32 I am one of the best in the plane
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 23:33 Lucria: No your not. Your not close to being one
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 23:33 What do you mean?
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 23:34 Lucria: you may have the power to be one of the best, but your skill is not there
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 23:37 well why don't you shut your mouth and let me prove it to you! *dashes at Lucria but she dodges and smacks him to the ground*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 23:39 Lucria: you haven't fought anyone yet, who can give you a challenge. the only ones you have fought are weak compared to us they are nothing compared to what we fight
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 23:40 *gets up and swings his sword at Lucria but she jumps out of the way*
2>John Sin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.23 23:50 Lucria: your gonna have to learn how to fight properly, instead of flailing around randomly
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.31 08:03 Jerry, got bad news
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.31 08:10 what is it
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.31 08:11 Nova is back
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.31 08:12 Nova! When, where?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.31 08:17 *glows Teal and a giant teal battering ram appears* *it smashes through the barrier*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.31 08:28 Spark Town here on the world, next to the Monster Hunter World. She took Armis and Crevan, neither of them have returned, and Nova is back
8>Jerry K Watsen (Persona), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.31 08:32 D*** it. Stay there i'll get Sean, George, and Alvin
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Aug.31 08:32 alright sir
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 06:43 *the barrier regenerates faster then it was destroyed*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 06:52 hm, knew this was strong. this might take a While
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 08:31 *after a few minutes Sean, George, and Alvin arrive* what is the situation Jason?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 08:32 not good
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 08:34 don't know where Armis and Crevan are but Nova is back and is trying to get into Spark City
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 08:39 alright you three need to go and stop Nova, I will go find Armis and this Crevan guy
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 08:39 alright but where is Jerry?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 08:41 don't care
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 08:42 okay then George, Alvin you two ready?
17>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 08:43 It's been a while, but yea I'm ready
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Oct.12 08:48 ofcourse
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Oct.12 08:52 still can't believe that there are still dragons out there
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 08:54 *as they start heading to Spark City* wait dragons are real?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 08:57 alright Armis where the h*** are you
17>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:00 yes they are and they wish to be known to the Plane
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 09:00 *teleports away and comes back with James and Salvar*
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:02 so who exactly am I looking for
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 09:02 Armis
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:02 what?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 09:03 I need you to help me find Armis
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:03 no can do Sink. not after what he did to me
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Oct.12 09:04 (I changed this character btw)
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 09:04 you call me Sink again and a sink will be the last thing you see
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:07 sorry Sean but I still won't
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 09:08 alright then you can just come with me to fight Nova then
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:08 N N Nova she's back?
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Oct.12 09:09 *a portal appears behind Musang, a silver-haired guy is shoved through by a man with dark grey hair* Man: Let this be a lesson to NOT cross me, boy. You'll come back when you learn your place in existence. *glances at Musang with disgust, then drags her
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 09:09 yes she is back
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Oct.12 09:09 back through the portal, saying something about "The Midden" as the portal closes*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 09:10 and... *looks around feeling the disturbance in the Plane*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 09:11 and with Jerry not being useful right now I need someone who can track
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Oct.12 09:12 *growls under his breath*
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:12 *after a second of thought* fine but just make sure he doesn't kill me again
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 09:13 as long as you stop calling me Sink
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:13 *starts sniffing around*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:14 *is continuously smashing stuff against the barrier*
17>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:14 (BRB)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:19 Nova!
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:20 what? didn't get your filling Jason?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:22 *turns around* Oh we have more
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:22 hows it been George, Alvin?
17>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:22 good, til we heard you were back
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:23 *Jason and George look at Alvin*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:23 I'm touched
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:24 to bad you all still have to die
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:25 *goes in to attack*
17>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:25 *moves to the left side of Nova*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Oct.12 09:26 *attacks from the right*
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Oct.12 09:26 *leaves the area around George's house, teleporting to a random place. Sees Nova in the distance* ...No thanks... *sits down anyway to watch the event unfold*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:29 *glows teal and a barrier forms around her blocking all attacks*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:30 JAG 4 S
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Oct.12 09:31 *jumps onto the shield*
17>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:32 *glows silver and disappears*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:33 *starts attacking the barrier*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:33 *steps back and charges a strong attack*
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Oct.12 09:34 (i honestly forgot Armis is at the bottom of a cliff XD)
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:34 *starts laughing*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:34 (rip)
17>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:35 *appears behind Nova puts his hand to the barrier and glows purple and destroys the barrier*
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Oct.12 09:36 *jumps off the barrier as it breaks*
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:38 *Slams his weapon on the ground barely missing Nova* *it explodes as it hits the ground*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:39 *absorbs the explosion into a new bubble*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:40 *hits George with Tomas the tank engine*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:41 ha, that won't work a second time.
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:43 he is this way about 20
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 09:43 *teleports the three there*
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Oct.12 09:44 Bunch of weirdos...
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 09:48 HEY ARMIS WHERE ARE YOU
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 09:49 *after no response he notices the battle marks nearby and goes to investigate*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 09:53 looks like he is at the bottom of the cliff
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 09:54 *jumps to the bottom*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 09:54 what happened to you?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 09:55 *doesnt respond*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 09:55 *picks up Armis and brings him back up to the top*
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:56 is, is he dead?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 09:56 yes and no
12>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 09:57 What do you mean? How could you be both dead and alive?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 09:59 his body functions are still working to heal the wound but his spirit is somewhere else, most likely in purgatory, while it waits for the body to heal or to be destroyed
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:00 *in his head* kill him kill him kill him
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 10:01 *pulls the sword out of Armis*
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:01 D*** IT!
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:02 you really think just the three of you can beat me?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:03 *once the sword is removed the wound starts healing rather quickly, using up the last of Musang's magic since she was no longer around to supply it.*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:04 *sits up, furious* SON OF A B****!!
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Oct.12 10:04 that would be the best option
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 10:05 what happened?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:07 of course it would
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:07 but that won't happen
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:10 What the h*** is wrong with you people!? You see someone dead on the ground and your first impression is to remove it and bring them back?! You could have waited like... ten more minutes!
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 10:11 you sound like George if you wake him from his nap
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 10:12 what where you doing in purgatory?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:13 Why the h*** do you think I was in purgatory?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 10:14 Nova
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:14 exactly
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:14 *checks his pockets* I don't even have my journal anymore! *snaps his fingers. nothing happens* THAT LITTLE THIEVING-- IT STOLE MY BOOK!
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 10:14 but did you do in purgatory?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:14 I COMPLETELY FORGOT
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 10:15 okay then
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:15 I killed things. Spent time with a guy, and dealt with... *growls* a hinderance. Almost killed a dragon when YOU ruined everything!
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 10:15 right now we still have to deal with Nova
12>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:16 A dragon?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:16 I'd say send me back, but I am NOT doing all that again!
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:16 Yes, a dragon.
12>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:17 who was this dragon
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:17 I haven't killed a dragon since... my early years? Boy, has my reputation been tarnished...
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 10:17 doesn't matter
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:17 It didn't have a name. Why should I care?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 10:18 you guys stay here and I'll go deal with Nova
12>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:18 why would you be killing dragons
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 10:19 *Teleports away*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:19 Cause they are more intelligent than humans and thus prey worthy of my respect. And meeting their fate by my blade.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:22 My name used to strike fear into the hearts of those immortal lizards. I'll bet I'm the laughingstock of demons to them now. *folds his arms and taps his foot* When I get back I'll have to commit regicide, won't I?
12>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:22 the beings in this universe have become more barbaric then they where before we closed oursel... wait your eairly years. we have been gone for several thousand years. How old are you?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 10:24 ok Nova, I am having a bad day today, so why don't you, just die now, so I don't have to deal with this.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:25 (hold on)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:27 Let's see... I was born in the year.. 328... Last year I remember was... 9,370... Wow, I'm almost as old as Corvis... No wonder the dragons don't know me anymore..
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:27 Definitely making myself known again when I get back. I could go for another genocide...
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 10:28 (just another casual Genocide run)
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:29 *hides behind Salvar*
12>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:30 you monster
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:30 (yep)
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:30 sounds like fun
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:32 Don't care.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:33 you know after killing that Armis kid I have worked up quite the appetite
12>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:34 no wonder we closed ourselves off
12>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:35 we did it to keep those like you away
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 10:35 he'll be fine
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:36 how I stabbed with his own sword and sent him off a cliff
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 10:37 good healing powers
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:37 I can go fight dragons whenever I want. Well, not right now, of course. Well there's YOU, but... I have... Standards.
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 10:38 *pulls out his swords* your death will be swift
12>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:38 Standards?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.12 10:39 and permanent
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:40 *Glows Black and the area turns Black*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:40 maybe someday but not here
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:41 Yep. I prefer killing wyverns or members of the royal families of the dragon lands. wyverns are powerful criminals and well, royalty. killing them makes quite an impact.
12>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:43 I am royalty
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:45 Are you now?
12>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:45 yes
12>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:47 I am the daughter of the king, sent to this land to start our relations between our species
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:49 Interesting. *smiles* Won't kill you, though. Killing you wouldn't make me feared. Not back home. In fact, everything I've done here is for nothing. ...Why am I showing mercy? This place is meaningless.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:49 Okay, no promises on not killing you.
12>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:50 like to see you try
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:51 no you don't
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:51 Don't challenge me
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:52 Oh, hey, James- oh.... right, yeah. Welp, I don't know why I didn't see that coming. People come back from the dead all the time. Surprised I haven't been hunted down by my past victims. *gasps* Maybe I'm still feared in Heaven! *starts jumping with joy*
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:52 yea don't challenge him
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:54 hm who should die first
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:54 BLITZ, BRING ME HOME I HAVE A MISSION!! *Blitz appears* Blitz: Leave the dead alone, Matthew! *Armis: Don't call me that! *Blitz slaps him to the ground and disappears*
12>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:56 who?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:56 Who, what?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:56 *sits up again*
12>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:57 who was that?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.12 10:59 *grimaces* The only one with power over me.
17>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.12 10:59 *focuses and the darkness fades*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.14 09:38 Forget she exists.
12>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 10:24 ok?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.14 10:25 Good. Now where are we?
12>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 10:26 I don't know
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 10:27 neither do I
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 10:28 how did you...
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 10:28 that doesn't matter
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 10:28 you should have been the first to go down
17>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 10:29 well you can't do that now
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.14 10:30 Well great. We're stuck here.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 10:30 let's test that shall we?
12>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 10:31 I was going to travel the lands and meet new creatures, want to join me?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.14 10:33 no
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.14 10:33 I'd rather find new things to fight. Exploring is fine as long as there are some poor fools to challenge me along the way.
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.14 10:33 your going to die and we will leave
12>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 10:33 I hope not
12>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 10:34 I don't like fighting
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 10:35 you will all have fun elsewhere *teleports everyone near her into her Maze*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.14 10:36 We'll never get along, then.
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.14 10:36 this is new
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Oct.14 10:36 *teleports nearby Nova* Hey, where am I?
12>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 10:37 come on just enjoy the trip *starts walking in a direction*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 10:38 you can join *teleports him to the maze*
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.14 10:39 Fine, whatever. *finally takes the time to assess the wound he had received* Dang.. That's going to be an interesting story back home.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.14 10:42 +
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Oct.14 10:43 Well.. I do like puzzles... But... I'm really not in the mood. *looks over at Sean* Should I cheat or not? I really don't like cheating.
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.14 10:44 who are you?
17>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 10:44 looks like she split us up
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Oct.14 10:44 Right. Names. I'm Kieron. And you are?
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Oct.14 10:45 hm
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.14 10:45 Sean, one of four protesters of the Plane
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Oct.14 10:46 where are we Sean... Sean... Sean where did you go?
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Oct.14 10:46 Better than being a destroyer.
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.14 10:47 agreed
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Oct.14 10:48 *starts walking*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.14 10:48 you can't cheat here
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Oct.14 10:48 And why's that?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.14 10:51 this is a bit of a pseudo universe created by Nova. Not sure how she got the power to handle a Universe, but that is what this is
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 10:51 Nova
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 10:51 what is this place
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Oct.14 10:52 If it's magic-based I'm fairly certain I can break out easily
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 10:52 what have you... Shade?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.14 10:53 (he can try but it won't work here)
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.14 10:53 It wont work
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 10:54 *continues to smash into the barrier*
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Oct.14 10:55 Can the cat hear me in here?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 10:55 Shade! *rushes over to her* what are doing her?
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.14 10:55 not sure, you can try
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 10:56 I thought that I had lost you after what to Iso and and... Shade? can you here me?
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 10:57 Shade: who are you, who am I, am I... Shade
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 11:00 yes you are Shade, you were greatest friend I knew we fought off countless baddies in our days we... we
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 11:01 Shade: that doesn't, sound like me, I just hate violence
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 11:01 but I love this Maze
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 11:02 (That was Shade)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 11:02 Shade: you should join me
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 11:03 *after a few seconds* sure anything for you
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Oct.14 11:03 Well if she can hear me... I wonder if she knows that trapping gods takes a lot of effort. Trust me, Father has escaped imprisonment multiple times. (he actually doesn't know if he's a god. he has the same abilities as his father, but his existence is a
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Oct.14 11:03 complete mystery.)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 11:04 (ok)
16>Jason (Humanoid Lion), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 11:05 *follows Shade*
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.14 11:05 It does
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.14 11:06 come on lets get going
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.14 11:06 *starts going down the maze*
12>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 11:08 how far do you think it is till a city James?
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.14 11:08 nnnnot sure
11>Kieron (Human?), 26yo.2018,Oct.15 04:26 Whatever. I'll just ride this one out. *follows Sean*
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.15 04:47 I just hope we get there soon
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Oct.15 04:49 wait haven't I been here before?
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.15 04:52 Yes, my thoughts exactly.
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.15 04:58 heh heh... yea
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Oct.15 04:59 maybe
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Oct.15 05:00 or maybe not
4>George (Human), 568yo.2018,Oct.15 05:00 who knows
17>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.15 05:00 where are you three
17>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.15 05:01 oh hey a book
17>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.15 05:02 *picks up the book* it's a song book *starts reading it as he walks*
17>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.15 05:03 (he is gonna talk to Sean but it wont actually be Sean)
17>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.15 05:03 Sean great I found you
17>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.15 05:04 Sean: yea agreed
17>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.15 05:04 Sean: any sign of the others?
17>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.15 05:04 no not yet
17>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.15 05:05 Sean: *sighs* dang it. Okay lets go this way
17>Alvin (Human), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.15 05:05 alright
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Oct.15 05:07 why wont you stay dead *@ Armis*
12>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.15 05:07 who are you?
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.15 05:08 uuhhhhhhh
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.15 05:08 I'm going to wreak havoc on this place when I get my book back. Why? To send a message.
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.15 05:08 *said that before giovanni showed up*
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.15 05:09 (ok)
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.15 05:09 *smiles* Death hates me for killing his minions. Why would he take me back now?
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Oct.15 05:10 I would
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Oct.15 05:10 but now I heard you like contracts
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.15 05:10 How flattering.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Oct.15 05:11 So I made one just for you
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.15 05:11 It's good to know that you pay attention.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Oct.15 05:12 hows about it. This time you stay side
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.15 05:13 no please don't
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.15 05:13 You got my book?
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Oct.15 05:14 what's this? your still alive too? *@James*
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Oct.15 05:15 never mind this it looks like your no good at killing anything
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.15 05:17 *thinks for a moment* Wait did you call yourself 'Death'?
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Oct.15 05:18 yes
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Oct.15 05:18 I am Death
13>James (wolf), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.15 05:19 *whispers to Salver* I think we should get out of here
12>Salvar (Dragon), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.15 05:20 yes the would be the best option
18>Sean (Human), 569yo.2018,Oct.15 05:22 we got to find the others fast
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.15 05:22 Funny, Death is practically three beings. An egomaniac demon, an oriental dragon, and a massive venomous bone dragon. Now if you are somehow all three in one body, I'm surprised you actually NEED a contract.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Oct.15 05:24 I think you have our universes confused
15>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Oct.15 05:25 No I just don't acknowledge your authority.
20>Giovanni (Anti-God), 607yo.2018,Oct.15 05:26 I cannon control others, I can only demand their obedience