" Royal Kingdom RP "
This game is destined to players of 11 to 16 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Please be decently appropriate and make your character something to do with a kingdom such as servant, orphan, knight, etc. * also please if you wanna be queen or king its first come first serve. Only 5 princesses and 5 princes pls

2>Amaani (Warrior Princess), 10yo.2021,Feb.6 10:05 Hello! I want to be Queen but I prefer to be called princess
2>Amaani (Warrior Princess), 10yo.2021,Feb.6 10:06  Buying Princess crown (x 1)  
2>Amaani (Warrior Princess), 10yo.2021,Feb.6 10:06  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Princess crown  
3>Anna (Orphan), 6yo.2021,Apr.1 07:22 Hello there! I would like to be a part of this role play. Is anyone here still active?
2>Amaani (Warrior Princess), 10yo.2021,Apr.1 08:34 Hello Anna! I'm still on!
3>Anna (Orphan), 6yo.2021,Apr.2 03:48 Ah, hello Amaani. It took a while to find a roleplay game that hadn't died out years ago! I'm Maddie, and I was wanting to roleplay as a little orphan girl named Anna living in the huge kingdom.
3>Anna (Orphan), 6yo.2021,Apr.2 04:05  Secret message to Amaani  
2>Amaani (Warrior Princess), 10yo.2021,Apr.2 11:16 Hello Anna, If you want to find the most recent Roleplay games you can press the by date button to see which one are the latest ones. You'll find there are quite alot!
2>Amaani (Warrior Princess), 10yo.2021,Apr.2 11:17  Secret message to Anna  
3>Anna (Orphan), 6yo.2021,Apr.3 20:37  Secret message to Amaani  
2>Amaani (Warrior Princess), 10yo.2021,Apr.3 21:05  Secret message to Anna  
2>Amaani (Warrior Princess), 10yo.2021,Apr.3 21:06  Secret message to Anna  
3>Anna (Orphan), 6yo.2021,Apr.4 03:44  Buying Pig (x 1)   Secret message to Amaani  
2>Amaani (Warrior Princess), 10yo.2021,Apr.4 12:19  Buying Horse (x 1)  
2>Amaani (Warrior Princess), 10yo.2021,Apr.4 12:20  Buying Knight armor (x 1)  
2>Amaani (Warrior Princess), 10yo.2021,Apr.4 12:20  Buying Sword (x 1)  
2>Amaani (Warrior Princess), 10yo.2021,Apr.4 12:42 I'll call this horse Carlamu.
2>Amaani (Warrior Princess), 10yo.2021,Apr.4 12:48 And I'll call my sword Wolfsklinge.
2>Amaani (Warrior Princess), 10yo.2021,Apr.4 12:48  Secret message to Anna  
3>Anna (Orphan), 6yo.2021,Apr.6 05:54  Secret message to Amaani  
2>Amaani (Warrior Princess), 10yo.2021,Apr.26 12:24  Secret message to Anna  
3>Anna (Orphan), 6yo.2021,Apr.28 00:56 Yeah, that seems to be the best idea we have. I made a roleplay a couple of weeks ago, but nobody has shown any interest in it. Maybe a few characters could be the King, Prince/Princess, or some more commoners. I could make my character a new friend too!
2>Amaani (Warrior Princess), 10yo.2021,May.9 11:37 Ok, I made Saras a witch. Do you mind if I call one Anastasia because it's kind of the same as yours?

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