" A Story Roleplay "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 18+ years of age.
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Hi Welcome To A Roleplay...
If You Want To Join...
Come Join Right Ahead...
The Roleplay Takes Place In A Forest..
It's Being Occupied By Different Characters/Creatures (Ex: Demon.. Etc..)
And They Have To Survive Till They Are Unable To Stay Alive
(Be Whatever Creature You Want To Be)
The Roleplay Starts Here... Have Fun
(For New Roleplayers: Play With Your Character As Much As You Can With Other Characters In The Roleplay Be Funny)

How To Get Stuff From List Of Items (Roll Item-Sided Dices)

2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 04:27 The Story Begins In The Forest Where Ryni Is Alone And Is In Need Of A Place To Stay...
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 04:29 Sadly The Forest Was A Place Where Wolves And Other Creatures Live In
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 04:29 Ryni Was Scared And Wanted To Find Shelter Quick
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 04:31 So He Went Searching And Searching For Hours And Hours Sadly Nothing To Be Found
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 04:34 Ryni Has Lost Track On Where He Was Going And Fell Over Some Fallen Logs
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 04:38 Ryni Banged His Head On Some Rocks And Was Knocked Out And Was Unable To Wake Up Until Rain Dropped On His Face
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 04:39 A Wild Creature Was Wondering Around Ryni While Ryni Himself Was Scared
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 04:58 Ryni Ran Off And Went Searching For Somewhere To Stay, Lucky He Found A Village Full Of Unknowns
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 04:59 Huh? What Is This Place?
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 04:59 Where Am I?
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 04:59 How Did I Get Here?
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 05:02 *Ryni Hears A Voice* You Are Not Allowed Here!!
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 05:03 Huh? Who's There?
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 05:04 *The Echoing Voice* Leave Now!!
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 05:06 Ryni Finds A Random Paper On The Ground
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 05:07 Huh?
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 05:08 The Paper Says "Cursed Village"
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 05:47 What??!
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 05:48 Oh No! I Have To Get Out Of Here!
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 05:48 Ryni Runs But Something Happens
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 05:51 A Group Of The Unknown Blocks The Entrance Of The Village And Stands In Place With No Movement
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 05:51 Oh No!! I'm Stuck!!
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 05:56 Need To Get Out Of Here!
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 06:00 *The Echoing Voice* I Warned You!
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 06:03 No!! Leave Me Alone!!
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 06:04 The Group Of The Unknowns Grows Under A Heatbeat
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 06:09 Ryni Scoots Back
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 06:10 *Heavy Breathing* Oh No!!
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 06:10 *In Thoughts* I'm No Longer Here.....
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 06:16 The Group Of The Unknowns Disappears And Ryni Woke Up On The Floor
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 06:16 What The...?
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 06:16 It Was A Freakin Dream! Really?!
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 06:19 Ryni Gets Up And Leaves The Place Untouched
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 06:20 Ryni Hears Another Voice Coming From A Distance
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 06:20 Huh? Who's There?
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 06:20 The Voice Disappears In An Instant
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 06:21 Wind Starts Blowing
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 06:21 Clouds Starts To Block The Sun
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 06:21 Uh? Why Is It Getting Dark?
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 06:22 Ryni Looks Around
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 06:22 No.. Please Not Right Now!
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 06:23 Ryni's Strength Became Weak And Parishes Away Slowly
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 06:23 W-whats Happening?!
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 06:24 I-I C-can't M-move!
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 06:26 A Shadow From The Village Controls Ryni And Ryni Himself Became Unconscious
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 06:26 A Few Mins Later
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 06:27 Ryni Wakes Up In The Middle Of Nowhere, Blood On Him, And A Lost Of Memory
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 06:27 *Heavy Breathing* W-what is T-this?!
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 06:28 *The Shadow From Before* You Are Now Mines!
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 06:29 Ryni Runs...
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 06:29 No! This Can't Be..!
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 06:29 I Have To Get Out Of This Forest!!
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 06:30 Hours Later, Morning Reaches
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 06:30 Ryni Wakes Up With Hunger In Needed
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 06:31 So Hungry...!
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 06:33 *Struggles* N-need T-to E-eat!
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 06:37 Ryni Falls Over And Squeezes Into A Ball
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 06:37 Can't.. Find.. Food..
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 06:42 Ryni Absorbs The Shadow's Power And Unconditionally Uses It Without Knowing
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 06:42 W-what The...?
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 06:43 What Is This?
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 06:43 The Power Was Too Powerful Ryni Lost Control And Goes Berserk
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 06:44 A Day Later
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 06:44 Huh? Again..?
1>Ryni (Human), 100yo.2019,May.3 06:44 Ugh My Head Hurts
2>Story (Story), 000yo.2019,May.3 06:46 ((2BContinued Maybe Tomorrow Or Later On))
3>Uny/unicorn (a unicorn), 15yo.2019,Jun.29 05:42 hi I am a talking unicorn
3>Uny/unicorn (a unicorn), 15yo.2019,Jun.29 05:44 I am sweet but brave
4>Demon (evil but not harmful), 666yo.2019,Aug.1 05:37 The shadow become like a man
4>Demon (evil but not harmful), 666yo.2019,Aug.1 05:42 I'd ask you that is possible
4>Demon (evil but not harmful), 666yo.2019,Aug.1 05:46 I want to listen opinion about it if you'd like, Ryni.
4>Demon (evil but not harmful), 666yo.2019,Aug.1 05:47  Taking Test 2 (x 1)  How about you, unicorn?
5>Night (night elf ), 15yo.2019,Oct.1 05:57 (I have Dark pink tiny tiny horns blound wavy hair pretty long but not too long pink light pink shirt galaxy pants jean style pontiy ears
5>Night (night elf ), 15yo.2019,Oct.1 05:58 I have a bow and arrow sweet brave but a first scary
5>Night (night elf ), 15yo.2019,Oct.1 05:58  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Useless Books  
5>Night (night elf ), 15yo.2019,Oct.1 05:59 any spell books
5>Night (night elf ), 15yo.2019,Oct.1 05:59 I live in a treee
5>Night (night elf ), 15yo.2019,Oct.1 06:04  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Light Source  
5>Night (night elf ), 15yo.2019,Oct.1 06:05 what I do not need this * I throw it behind me*
5>Night (night elf ), 15yo.2019,Oct.1 18:16  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Campfire Supply  
5>Night (night elf ), 15yo.2019,Oct.1 18:17 yes I need this
8>Toshiro Hitsugaya (Soul Reaper), 16yo.2020,Apr.14 22:13 ...
8>Toshiro Hitsugaya (Soul Reaper), 16yo.2020,Apr.14 22:14  Rolling 6 sided dice... Result=3  
10>Rose[female (a blind newborn foal), 0yo.2020,Jul.30 23:12 I,m a newborn and blind female talking uncorn.

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