" AHAW Chronicles (Part 1) "
This game is destined to players of 13 to 99 years of age.
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AHAW Chronicles, an expansion upon certain events less explored in the main storyline. Essentially sidestories not necessarily required in the grand scheme of things, but stories that would be enjoyable to read anyway.

This expansion takes place right after the events of Mayhem's attempted Irakurrian revolution, after he'd lost his life, been reborn, and given a second chance to change himself. The story opens in the courtyard of Mayhem's home. Mayhem had just brought young Eira back to life after she'd been caught in the crossfire of a battle between Aedona and Riyu and brought her back to his home, knowing the state both of her parents were in and not wanting to leave her alone with the Ravens.

(If you are not part of this storyline or AHAW in general, feel free to read, but please do not attempt to join, at least without strict permission, as this is a private rp.)

1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.6 05:06 *sits in the grass, pondering his choices over the past hour or so. Often turns his attention to Eira, checking to see if she has awoken*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.6 05:10 *wakes up slowly*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.6 05:14 *groans a little*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.6 05:21 *rubs her eyes with her arm while sitting up before opening her eyes*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.6 05:22 How are you feeling?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.6 05:24 Hurts... *finally looks up at him**becomes wide-eyed and doesn't say anything more*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.6 05:31 Yes, that'll go away after a couple days of rest.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.6 05:32 *continues looking at him*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.6 05:38 I'll give you the option to either sleep or eat.
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.6 05:39 "Play" isn't an option right now, I'm afraid.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.6 05:44 *says very quietly* Where's my Mommy and Daddy?
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.6 05:49 They're... Gone.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.6 05:53 Gone??
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.6 05:56 Gone. Do you... Remember anything?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.6 05:58 *nods, her expression guarded*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.6 06:00 What do you remember?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.6 06:05 I remember my Mommy and my Daddy and Fluffy and Sara...
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.6 06:10 Right, "Fluffy"...
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.6 06:10 *doesn't say anything more**starts crying*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.6 06:11 I can still be Fluffy for awhile if you'd like. That way you'll still have someone you recognize.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.6 06:16 *sniffles* "Fluffy??" Wh-where's Fluffy and Sara??
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.6 06:22 Frankly, I don't care much about where Sara is, but.. *changes back into Fluffy* Fluffy is still here.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.6 06:23 FLUFFY!!! *hugs him*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.6 06:28 *smiles* Riyu won't bother you here. Neither will Izar.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.6 06:35 Riyu and Izar gone?
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.6 06:35 They are, not that they'd dare try anything again.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.6 06:39 *nods*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.6 06:40 *then says:* Mommy and Daddy gone? *sounds like she's on the verge of crying again*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.6 06:41 Afraid so. I could only save you.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.6 06:44 *starts crying some more*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.6 06:44 Sara gone?
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.6 06:46 I don't know where Sara is.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.6 06:52 *snuggles up against him* I want Mommy and Daddy...
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.6 06:53 I know..
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.6 07:08 I want to go home..
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.6 07:08 You have me, though. I'll always be around, one way or another.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.6 07:13 *continues snuggling against him and crying for a little while**then wipes/rubs her eyes and says:* I'm tired...
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.6 07:15 If you're tired, then sleep.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.6 07:19 I want Mommy to put me to sleep...
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.6 07:20 She can't do that this time, I'm sorry.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.6 07:31 *cries a bit harder* I want Mommy to put me to sleep!
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.6 07:37 *sighs and picks Eira up* I'll take you to your bed..
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.6 07:41 *buries her face in his fur, crying and clinging to him*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.6 10:02 *carries Eira to a spare bedroom and tucks her into bed, then lays down beside her*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.7 04:41 *snuggles up against him again, refusing to let him go*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.7 04:47 *uses a bit of magic to help Eira fall asleep*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.7 04:59 *that was possibly a good idea on his part, as she wouldn't have actually fallen asleep anytime soon if he didn't do that*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.7 05:00 *her grip on him loosens as she falls asleep*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.7 05:08 *doesn't fall asleep, but still stays by Eira until an hour before dawn, when he gets up and goes to the kitchen. It takes him a little while to become familiar with the area again*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.7 05:18 *wakes up later in the morning*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.7 05:22 *is sitting in a chair in Eira's room, half-asleep*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.7 05:36 *gets out of bed, staring at him**starts heading off towards the doorway*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.7 06:10 Go ahead and wander anywhere you'd like. There is one room you cannot go. It's currently marked. Please do not try to go in there. It's not safe.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.7 06:43 Okay...
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.7 06:45 Where's Fluffy??
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.7 07:19 *changes back into Fluffy*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.7 08:30 *is visibly relieved**comes over and hugs him**looks up at him* You're big...
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.7 08:32 Yes, I've gotten a lot bigger since last you've seen me..
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.7 08:33 *rubs his fur with her hands and smiles* You're more fluffy! *hugs him some more*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.7 08:35 You can pet me later. For now you need to eat. I made you some breakfast.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.7 08:41 Okay...
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.7 08:53 *lifts Eira onto his back and carries her to the dining room, where he's laid out some food for her. It's a dish she's had before, but slightly modified*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.8 04:56 *at first moves to get down once she sees the food, but now that he's bigger she's a bit too scared to get down, so she stays put*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.8 05:08 *shakes his head slightly and lies down*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.8 05:09 *slides off of him**walks over and climbs up onto one of the chairs*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.8 05:39 *takes his food to the ground and just eats there*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.8 05:55 *eats**makes a bit of a face when she realizes it's modified**it's not a face indicating that she finds the modification unpleasant--it was more an expression of surprise*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.8 06:18 I changed the recipe a little. Hope you don't mind.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.8 06:30 It's funny...
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.8 06:59 How so?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.8 07:29 It's weird. *keeps eating*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.8 07:31 It's different.
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.8 07:40 Not bad, though, right?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.8 07:41 It's tasty!
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.8 07:43 That's good. *smiles and continues eating his own food*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.8 07:46 *once she finishes eating, she gets off the chair and heads over to a doorway, looking around*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.8 07:48 *follows Eira, not saying much
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.8 07:48 **
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.8 07:50 *comes out into atrium**looks at the piano, a bit mystified**walks around it, looking around**seems confused*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.8 07:55 *stops and turns in a circle, looking around*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.8 07:55 You've never seen a piano before, have you? Wanna see how it works?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.8 07:56 *turns back towards him* What's a piano??
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.8 07:59 The thing you were just walking around
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.8 08:01 Big black thing?
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.8 08:12 Yeah, that. It's a musical instrument. Here, I'll show you how it works. *taps some of the keys with his claws, careful not to scratch them*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 04:23 *stares, intrigued**climbs up onto the seat and starts pressing keys as well*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 04:30 .
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 04:30 (whoops)
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 04:32 I can't play very well like this.
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 04:35 (*cough*)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 04:38 *presses keys seemingly at random* I like it!
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 04:47 Perhaps I'll teach you to play sometime.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 04:48 Okay!
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 05:01 *plays Mary Had a Little Lamb since it's simple and he knows he won't damage the piano*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 05:02 *continues banging away at some of the piano keys*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 05:02 *she did that before he started playing**once he started playing she stopped and watched*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 05:10 *is completely silent until he finishes* Again!
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 05:11 *chuckles and plays the song again*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 05:13 *after he finishes she tries to imitate him to no avail*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 05:16 *plays the song slower than before*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 05:21 *tries to imitate him again once he's done**does a little better*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 05:26 *seems a little frustrated, as her imitation is still pretty bad*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 05:27 You'll get better with time
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 05:39 *sighs and resumes looking around**the windows catch her eye**gets off the seat and runs up to one, looking outside*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 05:45 We can go outside if you'd like. Explore the courtyard and perhaps the garden as well
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 05:52 *reaches over her head and grabs the doorknob**opens the door and goes outside*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 05:58 *stares at the barrier, mystified*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 06:00 *looks back at him, then looks at the barrier again* Clouds are too low...
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 06:01 Those aren't clouds. That's magic. It's how we can be safe here.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 06:03 *starts walking towards the barrier curiously*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 06:06 *follows close behind* Don't touch the barrier. It'll hurt you.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 06:07 *stops* It hurts?
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 06:10 Yes. That's how it protects us.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 06:18 Okay... *backs away from it a little, looking around**seems confused again*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 06:18 Where...??
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 06:22 Where? Where are you?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 06:25 *nods, looking around*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 06:26 You're at my home. It's been a long time since even I've been here.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 06:31 Where's my home?
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 06:32 Far away from here.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 06:36 *starts walking again, this time towards the garden**hesitates, then walks in a circle, looking confused and scared**sits down*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 06:40 What's wrong? *sits beside Eira*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 06:46 I want to go home...I want Mommy and Daddy...
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 06:47 Your mommy any daddy aren't at home anymore.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 06:51 Where are Mommy and Daddy?
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 06:52 I don't know anymore.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 06:58 *her fear only increases dramatically**starts crying* Something bad happened to Mommy and Daddy?
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 07:04 Afraid so..
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 07:19 Are Mommy and Daddy okay?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 07:20 *is crying harder after hearing his answer*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 07:21 I don't know...
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 07:25 I wanna look for Mommy and Daddy...
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 07:31 *shakes his head* We cannot do that right now..
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 07:34 *cries even harder* But I wanna look for them!!
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 07:43 You can't
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 07:48 Why?!
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 07:52 It's not safe out there for you.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 07:55 *gets up and hugs him again and keeps crying*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 07:59 We'll stay here for a few days, okay? We can head out then.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 08:03 *sniffles, still crying* Okay... *keeps hugging him*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 08:04 Let's go see the garden.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 08:08 *nods, wiping her face with her sleeve**continues to cry a little and holds onto him with one hand*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 08:27 *guides Eira to the garden. There's a lot of grassy areas, but also chunks of land covered in flowers and plants and trees of various species.*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.9 08:31 *looks around, her crying gradually getting less and less intense**some blue flowers catch her eye**starts walking towards them, though she refuses to let go of him, so she winds up trying to pull him towards the flowers*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.9 18:08 *doesn't do anything to resist being pulled away from the path he was walking*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.10 05:22 *walks over to the blue flowers, pulling him along with her**goes to pick one with her free hand*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.10 05:22 Hey- *cuts himself off* ...
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.10 05:25 *picks the flower and fiddles with it a bit*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.10 05:25 *remembers something at least one of her parents used to do with her**turns and yanks on Mayhem as if she wants him to get down*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.10 05:26 *is still crying a little, though it isn't as bad as earlier*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.10 05:30 *sits down, but doesn't crouch down*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.10 05:31 *tries to reach up towards his head, but isn't nearly tall enough*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.10 05:33 *lowers his head just enough for Jane to reach him*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.10 05:43 *jumps up a little and tucks the flower stem behind his ear*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.10 05:47 *blinks* Thanks..
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.10 05:52 *sniffles, smiling a little for a few moments* You're welcome... *goes and gets another flower and tucks it in her ear*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.10 06:41 *sits up* Want to help me expand this garden? We could go on adventures and find new flowers to add to it.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.10 06:48 Yeah.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.10 06:48 *again seems a little less unhappy*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.10 23:06 *picks a few tiny white flowers* Hmm... I can't do this very well without thumbs..
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.11 04:56 *starts picking little white flowers too and gives them to him*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.11 05:06 No, I can't pick them up right or anything. I can pick them easy. *cuts a few more flower stems with his claws*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.11 05:19 Oh...
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.11 05:19 *picks up some of the flowers he cuts**looks around a bit, then says:* Where's my basket?
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.11 05:22 You don't have a basket here.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.11 05:23 I want my rock basket...
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.11 05:28 We can get it when we go out to find new flowers.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.11 05:33 *sits down, looking frustrated*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.11 06:02 *picks a few more flowers up for him, then stops and sits there, saying nothing*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.12 05:04 *sighs* I wasn't necessarily asking for them to be picked up... Hey, close your eyes.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.12 06:15 *hesitates, still seeming frustrated, then says "Okay" and shuts her eyes*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.12 06:19 *changes back into his human form and puts the tiny white flowers around the blue flower, then changes back*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.12 06:21 *around the blue flower in Eira's hair*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.12 06:21 *-*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.12 06:32 *keeps her eyes shut, waiting for him to say that it's alright to open her eyes again*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.12 06:37 Alright, you can open your eyes
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.12 06:39 *opens them*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.12 06:39 *instinctively reaches up to touch where she felt Mayhem touch her head*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.12 06:52 Careful they might fall out of your hair if you mess with them too much. Here. *takes Eira to a little pond so she can see her reflection*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.12 06:59 Ooo...
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.12 07:00 *looks at her reflection**seems happier again**hugs Mayhem*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.14 04:56 Thank you!
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.14 06:42 *lightly pats the water with his paw, just playing with it* You're welcome.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.15 05:21 *after hugging him, she looks around**sees the willow tree and stares at it, rather mystified*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.16 04:18 Right, you've probably never seen a willow tree. *stands up and trots toward the tree*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.16 04:29 *follows him* Willow tree?
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.16 05:47 It's a beautiful species of tree. The first thing I ever planted in this garden was the willow.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.16 06:04 It has lots of moss.
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.16 06:05 Moss- *chuckles* That's not moss, those are leaves.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.16 06:08 It is??
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.16 06:28 Yes. Willow trees have strange leaves.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.16 06:33 *reaches up to try to touch some of the leaves*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.16 06:39 *there are a lot of really low-hanging branches so reaching some of the leaves isn't difficult*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.16 06:52 *grabs onto some of the leaves and pulls*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.16 07:05 *tears off a few of the leaves and loses some of her grip, falling on her butt**looks at the leaves in her hands*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.17 04:57 *smiles a bit and picks a couple of leaves* This is the crown jewel of the garden. The only one of its kind that will ever exist here.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.17 05:54 "Crown??"
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.17 05:57 "Crown jewel". The most valueable part of the garden.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.17 06:08 Okay...
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.17 06:11 Are there any rocks?
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.17 06:22 There are rocks everywhere.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.17 06:30 *looks around* Where?
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.19 02:44 Everywhere. Some are on the surface, some buried in the dirt.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.19 04:33 *starts wandering and looking around for rocks*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.19 04:46 *picks up several that she likes and puts them in her pockets*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.23 04:34 *sits by the tree and watches her*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.23 05:53 *collects rocks until she can't put any more in her pockets**at this point she keeps having to pull on her pants to keep them from slipping down*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.23 05:54 *finds more rocks that she wants, but she can't carry any more**tries to get them anyway, but juggling the extra rocks and the issue with her pants proves to be frustrating*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.26 05:53 Make a pile by the tree. We'll have to make multiple trips to move them to your room.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.26 07:39 *looks a bit confused for a few moments, then comes over and starts putting rocks down by the willow tree* Like that??
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Jan.26 07:40 Yeah.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.28 04:05 Okay... *dumps the rest of her rocks by the willow tree and then goes in search of more*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Jan.28 04:43 *soon she has accumulated quite a pile of rocks*
3>Saura (-), 24yo.2020,Feb.3 12:15 ummmmmmmmmm
3>Saura (-), 24yo.2020,Feb.3 12:15 excuse meee
3>Saura (-), 24yo.2020,Feb.3 12:15  Secret message to Eira  
3>Saura (-), 24yo.2020,Feb.3 12:16  Secret message to Eira  
3>Saura (-), 24yo.2020,Feb.3 12:16 i want to be your friend yhat is a;ll i wany
3>Saura (-), 24yo.2020,Feb.3 12:16 i do not vie with yoiu suir
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.24 04:56 *picks some branches of the willow and uses his magic to weave a small basket. It's not the most sturdy but it'll hold the rocks until they return to the house*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Feb.24 05:20 *gets more rocks and then comes back**sees the basket and gasps a little**runs over* Rock basket!!!
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Feb.24 05:21 *dumps the rocks she got in and then goes to put the rock pile she made into the basket as well*
3>Saura (-), 24yo.2020,Feb.24 11:33 hey guys :333333 thanks for not deleting meee uwu
3>Saura (-), 24yo.2020,Feb.24 11:34 look at my manateee meat
3>Saura (-), 24yo.2020,Feb.24 11:36 but i would prefer if you did rrespond to uss
3>Saura (-), 24yo.2020,Feb.24 11:37 rrespnd or doie
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.25 00:55 (I choose death, please. Who are you?)
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.25 01:01 (*Jeopardy theme* ...DOO WEEE OOOOO)
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.25 04:46 (Hey is it possible for you to say something at 12:00PM or 4:30PM? I have work and cannot reply until then. HOWEVER I do go to sleep late but I prefer checking this RP at those times.)
3>Saura (-), 24yo.2020,Feb.28 14:41 I see you chose both so I will reply to you
3>Saura (-), 24yo.2020,Feb.28 14:43 No sorry I only respond at HIGH TIDE 🌊🌊🌊
3>Saura (-), 24yo.2020,Feb.28 14:43 I think you mean who are WEEE
3>Saura (-), 24yo.2020,Feb.28 14:44 (Why are you using brackets - I am somewhat of a genius)
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.29 01:00 (Brackets for a reason)
3>Saura (-), 24yo.2020,Feb.29 19:16 (Why are you using brackets - I am somewhat of a genius)
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.29 22:31 (Good for you, mate)
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.29 23:42 (Ah, yes. I, too, am somewhat of a genius. I am the organizer and ambassador for the official cult of Mayhem; Malaucay's Witness. There we praise the tall, dark, and handsome god in all of his aubergine glory.)
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Feb.29 23:45 (I'd like to extend an invitation to our community so we may all share in the love for our lord. Every new member is gifted with a replica of the very cape Mayhem wore when he took on his role as Irakurri's hottest deity. So how about it?)
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.1 04:31 *picks up the basket*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Mar.1 04:31 *looks up at him* We done?
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.1 04:52 Yes. We must go back inside so we can get the rocks cleaned up.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Mar.1 05:00 Okay! *starts following him*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.1 06:04 Maybe I can even carve some of them into some animals.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Mar.1 06:19 "Carve??"
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.1 06:35 I'll cut the rocks so they look like little animals
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Mar.1 07:01 Okay!!
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.1 07:34 *brings the basket into the house, to the kitchen sink where he can set the rocks to soak in some water*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Mar.1 08:00 *tries to reach up into the sink so she can't get at the rocks, but isn't nearly tall enough*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.1 08:15 *lifts Eira up onto the counter*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Mar.1 08:28 *starts pawing through the rocks**picks out a few with interesting and distinct markings and colors* I wanna give to Mommy and Daddy...
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.1 08:29 Maybe at a later time..
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.5 03:29 --TWO WEEKS LATER-- *it's about noon and Malaucay has just finished packing lunches for himself and Eira*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Mar.12 05:59 *has been talking on and off throughout the weeks about seeing or looking for her parents or showing them things**she can and probably often is distracted from that topic, though*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.12 04:36 Are you excited to go on a trip?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.12 05:01 *nods vigorously* Yeah!!
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.12 05:18 What do you think you're going to see today?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.12 05:27 *hesitates, thinking**then shrugs her shoulders, shaking her head a bit as if to say she doesn't know*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.12 06:14 *looks at him expectantly*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.13 04:16 I was thinking that we go visit Earth for awhile. Visit some gardens, zoos, just a simple adventure.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.13 05:00 Okay!
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.13 05:00 What's "Earth?"
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.13 05:08 It's a planet with a lot of people and animals. No magic there, but it's got a lot of fun things.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.13 05:12 *looks rather confused*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.13 05:13 I'll teach you when we get there. Now go get ready.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.13 05:16 Okay. *runs off to get some of her things*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.13 05:20 *heads to his room and grabs a change of clothes fit for Earth and changes into his human form again. Doesn't change his eye/hair color, but hides his horns*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.13 05:23 *puts on her jacket and grabs her favorite stuffed animal, which is a rabbit-like creature with wings*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.13 05:25 *runs back out of her room, looking for Fluffy*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.13 05:26 *waits by the front door with a backpack strapped to his back*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.13 05:46 *looks around for Fluffy for a few minutes before spotting Mayhem**looks up at him without saying anything*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.13 05:51 *smiles* Sorry. I can't go to Earth looking like Fluffy. Wouldn't want to scare them.
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.13 05:52 *scare the people.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.13 05:53 *says quietly* Where is Fluffy?
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.13 05:55 I'm right here.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.13 06:01 *looks confused*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.13 06:07 I am Fluffy, but for now I look different so I can take you to Earth.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.13 06:13 *still looks confused**starts looking around, as if she's still looking for Fluffy*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.13 06:18 *sighs* Eira.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.13 06:20 *looks at him again*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.13 06:22 *changes back to look like Fluffy*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.13 06:24 *runs up and hugs him*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.13 06:30 I can't go looking like this.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.13 06:35 Why??
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.13 06:36 It's scary to the people there.
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.13 06:36 they don't have animals that look like me and I don't want to scare them.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.13 06:46 *lets go of him* Okay...
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.13 06:58 *changes back* Okay?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.13 07:06 *backs away a bit, looking at him wide-eyed, but nods a little*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.13 07:48 *holds her stuffed animal close to her*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.13 07:57 *holds out his hand* Come on. It'll be alright.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.13 08:21 *hesitates, then walks over to him a bit slowly**keeps holding onto her stuffed animal*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.13 08:29 I'm no different from the Fluffy you know.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.13 08:33 *just looks at him**also looks at the backpack curiously*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.13 08:36 It's got our lunches, plus plenty of room for anything you want to bring back.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.13 08:41 Okay.
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.14 04:50 Come on, then. Let's go. I'll help you add some new, cool rocks to your collection.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.14 05:25 *hesitates, then says "Okay" again and reaches out and takes his hand*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.14 06:20 *teleports them to Earth, specifically Greece*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.14 07:01 *stumbles a little, almost falling**isn't used to teleportation*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.14 07:13 *drops her toy and holds onto him, dizzy*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.15 05:21 *looks paler than before*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.15 08:40 *picks up the toy. You'll get used to teleportation eventually. It's a bit of a trip for now.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.15 08:51 *looks a bit confused, but nods a little*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.15 08:51 *still seems pale and borderline shaky**keeps holding his hand and looks around*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.15 09:00 Welcome to my homeland, or at least something similar.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.15 09:09 *some flowers she's never seen before catch her eye**starts towards them, not letting go of his hand*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.15 15:03 *follows her lead*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.16 04:23 Flower... *touches the flower, then goes to pick it*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.16 04:29 *lets go of his hand so she can use both hands to pick and hold flowers*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.16 04:41 *a few people are not too far away**after a few minutes of picking flowers, she looks up and spots the back of a man in a dark blue suit through the trees*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.16 04:50 *stares for a few moments, then takes off running towards the man* DADDY!!
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.16 04:55 *runs through the bushes and trees, but stops upon getting within a few feet of the man**the man heard her coming and turned around**he's just a somewhat elderly Greek man*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.16 04:55 *just stares up at him in silence, her eyes wide**is still holding the flowers in one hand*
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.16 05:15 *shakes his head a bit and catches up to Eira* I'm sorry, Eira.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.16 05:17 *takes a few steps back from the Greek man* I want my Daddy...
1>Malaucay (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Apr.16 05:38 I know you do.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.16 05:42 *the Greek man looks at them, a bit confused and a bit concerned*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2020,Apr.16 05:43 I want my Daddy and Mommy! *starts crying again*
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 05:54 [The Mayhem-Eira story is paused for now. We're switching to the Roffe-Quasar arc.]
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 05:58 *
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 05:59 [Whoops]
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 06:01 *is in the Midden, standing before the doors at Escletxa**approaches the only one with power emanating from it*
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 06:07 *takes a deep breath and applies a careful and coordinated but powerful amount of magic to the door*
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 06:16 *intensifies the magic, and manages to open the door*
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 09:51 *then he waits**for how long, he doesn't know**he just knows that he sits down at one point*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.21 10:10 *sees Hyakujo through the dark mist as his body reforms. He takes a deep breath and changes form, exiting as a sort of raven*
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 10:12 *looks at Roffe and tips his hat to him*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.21 10:18 *nods* You have my thanks.
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 10:20 You are welcome. Are you able to escort us out of this realm? I find this place tiring on the soul.
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.21 10:22 Of course. Just give me some time to process having a body again.
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 10:23 Naturally.
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.21 10:24 *looks up* I think I can get us up there.. *takes flight and grabs ahold of Hyakujo's shoulders* Up we go.
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 10:28 That experience looked fatiguing. I can follow you with my magic.
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.21 10:30 The portal will not stay open long enough at my current strength.
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 10:36 *sighs* If you insist...
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.21 10:46 *lifts Hyakujo into the air. Above him he opens a portal and just after he flies through it, it collapses* Not far now. *opens another portal in front of him* After you.
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 10:48 *nods* Thank you. *heads through quickly*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.21 10:49 *the portal leads to a house. Once he closes the portal behind him he hops to his room and shuts the door*
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 10:51 *looks around at what's around in the house, but doesn't touch anything and doesn't leave the room he's in*
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 10:51 *at what's in the house,
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.21 10:52 *sometime later he leaves the room as a human, straightening his suit jacket* Much better..
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 10:53 *looks at Roffe and nods* Indeed.
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.21 10:53 (This is why he had to be a bird)
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.21 18:24 A proper thanks is in line, but first.. You may call Roffe. *holds out his hand to Hyakujo* Pleasure to make your acquaintance.
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:32 [I doubt I understood you correctly, but uh, Hyakujo is ace. XD XP]
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.21 19:33 (What)
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:33 Same to you. *shakes his hand* My name is Hyakujo.
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:33 [Yep, I didn't understand you correctly then. XD XP]
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:33 [I didn't follow what why he had to be a bird.]
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.21 19:34 (Well Roffe would prefer to be decent.)
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:36 [oh wait okay XD]
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:36 [So a Viscount comes back like the Terminator. XD]
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:37 *Terminator travels through time.
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.21 19:37 (It's not like it's out of the ordinary. Clothing is solely materialistic for most deities.)
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.21 19:38 (Until they're infused with magic, of course.)
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:38 [Ah, okay.]
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:39 [Makes sense. Not sure why I didn't consider that at all.]
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.21 19:39 I must ask whatever made you decide you needed me?
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:40 *his grip is strong but his shake seems a bit weak* Would you mind if I sit down?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.21 19:40 (Wait what does this have to do with Hyakujo being ace???)
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.21 19:40 Go ahead.
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.21 19:41 *gestures toward the various seats in the living room*
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:42 [I thought you interpreted "Indeed" as fl!rtatious. He only meant that as a complement.]
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:42 Thank you. *walks over to a cushy seat and sits down*
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:43 *just breathes deeply for a few seconds before speaking* I suppose I should get straight to the point. I have a problem to solve, but I'm not sure if I'll be here much longer.
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:44 I have been trapped in a loop trying to solve a single problem since...well, probably since before you were created. I could never figure out how. I wondered if a bright mind with a foreign pair of eyes would be able to find the solution.
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:44 I am getting very tired, and frankly this is the first time I have asked for help with this, so pardon me if I seem a little...awkward.
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:47 The problem is- *is interrupted by a fit of coughing**quickly covers his face with a handkerchief **the back of it--the part Roffe sees--winds up looking a bit darker than before*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.21 19:47 What is the problem?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.21 19:48 *asked thos before he began stating the problem*
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:48 *wipes his face a little once the coughing stops and puts his handkerchief away**clears his throat* Pardon me...this body hasn't been so good to me in a while.
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:49 *hesitates, gathering his thoughts again* A long, long time ago, a creation goddess made her first truly working prototype deity.
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:50 It went out of control and she tried to kill it. She thought she did. In reality, she merely stripped it of its material form. It wound up hopping from body to body for millenias. Any host of the being wound up obtaining its power.
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:51 It has no self-consciousness, so the only way it affected its host is that it gave them its power. I was given the task to watch over it and try to give it a life of its own. To keep more bad-minded individuals at bay, I spread the false rumor that this
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:51 was merely a force of nature that randomly picked hosts rather than a living soul.
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:52 I've tried over and over to extract it from its hosts. A long time ago I accidentally split it in two when doing this. Needless to say, my attempts were unsuccessful, and on occasion lethal.
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:53 As of late I've tried to train these hosts--which I've been calling the "Yinyang duo" due to the theme of their powers--to be strong enough such that maybe I can extract the soul pieces safely. But they either die of external causes or bad actors, and I
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:54 have died several times as well. Each time it gets harder to return.
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:55 *sighs* Frankly, I've gotten very tired as of late. I don't know if I can do this anymore. I used to want so much to go back to the way I was before all this...now all I really want is rest.
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:55 *his eyes looks distant for a few moments* Perhaps I'll take a train sometime.
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:56 *his eyes go back to normal**looks at him again* So that--the puzzle of the Yinyang duo--is my problem.
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:57 I know who the current hosts are and I can point you to them.
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 19:57 [I gtg to my online lecture/live class now. See you!]
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 20:03 [*when your professor expresses (perhaps fake/joking) terror at someone's profile picture of a plague doctor mask*]
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 20:04 [Me: *states in the plague doctor guy's defense:* It's fitting for the times.]
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 20:04 [Anyway, bye!]
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.21 20:47 (Oh rip)
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.21 20:51 I would like to meet them, yes... So what would you propose I do in terms of gaining their trust in order to keep tabs on them while I do my research? I have ideas, but what do you think?
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 21:18 One is a man and the other is a dragonness. Beware of the man, as he can use speech to control anyone of human form. He is not trustworthy. The dragonness, on the other hand, is very kind-hearted but can be slow to trust.
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 21:19 I myself have not met these ones formally. I have only monitored them from time to time. Since I do not know them personally, there is not much I can say about gaining their trust. I'm not sure if the man's can be gained anyway, but the dragoness'
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 21:20 probably can.
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 21:20 I can assist you in your research if need be.
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.21 21:21 I just hope attaining my goal will not result in any more deaths...
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.21 23:10 Gaining ones trust is something I like to think I have been good at. We'll see if I still have it.
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.22 05:19 If that's what's best for this job.
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.22 05:43 I'm grateful for your willingness to listen.
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.22 07:18 It's the least I can do.
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.22 07:53 ~YEARS LATER...~
9>Hyakujo (Was Once a Fox), ..yo.2020,Oct.22 07:53 *has assisted Roffe in solving the problem the best he can**during the last few weeks, however, he has disappeared*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.22 10:05 *without Hyakujo around, he decides to settle with his best bet and steal Armis' sword to use its power.*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.22 10:30 *ultimately leads the YinYang duo to Mirizil, claiming he'd found something new and intriguing. Once they arrive at their destination, they explore for a time before he sets off a trap to at least incapacitate Vera for a short time while he took out Theo*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.22 10:34 *is left on the ground, stunned*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.22 10:35 *sees a bit of what Roffe is doing, but she's seeing double and her head hurts and she isn't sure if anything is real*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.22 10:37 *gets up fairly slowly, shaking her head to clear it*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.22 10:38 Theo...? *gets no answer* Theo! *runs forward*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.22 10:42 *once Theo is dead he turns and throws the sword at Vera as if it were a mere throwing knife*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.22 10:48 *gasps and tries to dodge but is too slow*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.22 10:51 *the sword goes in deep and she falls down again*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.22 10:52 *intuitively makes a forcefield of black magic around herself*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.22 10:55 *uses his portals to get inside the forcefield*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.22 10:57 *has curled up around herself, taking in the pain and trying to get the sword out*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.22 10:58 *hears his footsteps and tries to aim a blast of ice breath at him, but a sharp jolt of pain from moving with the sword inside of her makes her inaccurate*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.22 11:07 *dodges* Please do not make this harder than it needs to be. I promise this is all for something important.
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.22 11:08 What are you doing?! *aims another blast at him that is more inaccurate than the last as she forces herself to try to get up*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.22 11:09 *as she rises, staggering, her tail sweeps at him*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.22 11:13 *uses his wings to dodge both attacks* I must remove your souls from your bodies. It's complicated. I will explain it all later, just trust me.
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.22 11:16 Why?!
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.22 11:17 Why should I?! *makes her forcefield disappear* I don't understand-- *spreads her wings and tries to take off*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.22 18:28 *takes off after her and forces her back to the ground* I don't want to hurt you more than I already have to.
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.22 19:52 *cries out in pain and shudders**the sword was driven in deeper when she hit the ground*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.22 19:53 (Heck hol up(
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.22 20:11 *holds Vera down, which doesn't mean much since he is likely physically weaker than her.* I'm sorry you don't understand. Maybe you will sometime.
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.22 20:36 [Whoops, sorry for missing you. I'll only be coming here for a couple minutes at a time since I'm studying for the exam tomorrow and taking short breaks here and there. I'll probably be late tonight since I doubt I can finish my studying in the daytime.]
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.22 20:38 *coughs up blood, her breathing strained**takes several painful breaths and says as she tries to buck him off:* Nothing can be explained when I'm gone!
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.22 20:41 (Mmk)
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.22 20:42 [Can the sword be pumping magic into her to kill her when he's not touching it?]
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.22 20:43 Do you know how souls work? How they work where I come from?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.22 20:44 (Probably)
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.22 20:45 [Okay.] *tries to buck him off again but is getting rapidly weaker from the sword leeching magic into her* Why--*cough*--should I care?
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.22 20:46 I'm not from there- *her last word sounds very strained*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.22 20:47 Because that's where you are going for a short time, now stop causing more damage to yourself.
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.22 20:49 (Basically just labelling stuff for Amazon rn)
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.22 20:54 [Okie dokie. Well, on top of studying I now have something else I need to do, so see ya! XP]
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.22 20:55 *looks scared* I don't want to...I want to see my brother... [The Yang before Theo was Vera's twin brother; he died helping to kill Tiberion if I remember correctly. Anyways, bye!]
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.22 20:57 I said for a short time. I'm not awful enough to leave you in H***.
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.22 22:03 *looks even more scared*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.22 22:04 *manages to knock him off and tries to take off again, but isn't strong enough and all she really does is propel herself forward several meters**coughs up a lot of blood*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.22 22:05 *she used magic to knock him off BTW*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.22 22:35 *rubs his forehead, sighing* It's not as bad as you think. Besides, there's a whole area dedicated myself as well as my siblings. No one's there anymore so you'll be fine.
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.22 22:37 *stands up* This could have ended quicker. Dragons aren't exactly creatures I like to fight. *approaches Vera again* I know this is scary, but it'll work out. *summons a bit of magic to use on holding her down*
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.23 04:42 *her voice is fainter and tears come from her eyes* Please...just let me see my brother...
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.23 04:56 You can do that later. I cannot access that realm.
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.23 04:57 How much longer?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.23 05:13 You'll be dead in a few moments. From there just sit tight. Let me handle everything from here.
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.23 05:18 *her breathing is very shallow* I...don't want to...go...
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.23 08:30 I'm sorry.
18>Vera (Yin Dragon), YAyo.2020,Oct.23 08:40 *her eyes are filled with hurt until she slowly exhales one more time, and then her lids droop and her expression is somewhere between blank and melancholy*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.23 09:17 *removes the sword and cleans up/dresses the wound, then takes the bodies someplace cold*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.23 10:57 *it takes him another few hours of work before he returns to Mirizil to try and create a body with the soul and magic at hand*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.23 11:06 *after a while of work on Roffe's part, the soul suddenly binds to the magic*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.23 11:10 *the magic expands and forms the black and white body and clothes of an androgynous child*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.23 11:15 *is lying on their back on the sand**sits up slowly, blinking a lot*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.23 16:53 *tilts his head curiously*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.23 21:13 *can't see very well due to the bright desert sun**once their eyes adjust, they realize Roffe is there**they interpret him as part of the landscape until they see he's moving**gets up clumsily and abruptly and tries to run away, but they aren't accustomed
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.23 21:14 to their legs yet so they fall down after moving about a meter and then immediately try to get back up again*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.23 21:51 [I'm running kind of late today so I'm most likely going to have to do my midterm later tonight (at around the time I normally come online to RP). Its time limit is 2 and a half hours, though if I studied well enough I should be able to finish it
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.23 21:51 faster than that. I'll likely be a couple hours late tonight (or a bit less late if I manage to start it before 9 PM CT).]
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.23 23:55 Fascinating. *remains where he is for the moment*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.24 00:47 *keeps trying to run away, falling down repeatedly**they wind up crawling in addition to trying to get up and run*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.24 00:50 *is headed towards one of the few things around them other than sand and small bits of rock--a boulder*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.24 06:47 *makes it behind the boulder, falling onto their stomach once they get there**scoots around and, sitting on the ground, peeks out at Roffe from behind the boulder*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.24 08:34 *gets closer to Quasar and sits down about 8 feet away* I'm not going to hurt you.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.24 10:20 *ducks away again as soon as he speaks, then slowly peeks out at him again, eyes wide*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.24 10:59 *stares at him*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.24 19:22 (Forewarning that if I have no other ideas for Siegfried's headcanon voice it's going to be Brendon Urie.)
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.24 19:36 *makes himself appear as small and unthreatening as possible*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.24 21:22 [XD Oh my gosh, alright.]
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.24 21:22 [*imagines him randomly singing a P!ATD song on Earth and freaking people out*]
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.24 21:23 *gradually comes back out from behind the boulder, slowly walking towards him**blinks several times, their eyes still adjusting*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.24 21:24 *they hold onto the boulder with one hand to keep themselves upright on their unsteady feet*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.24 21:26 [I'd say Quasar currently looks about 7 years old BTW. They might be a little short for that age, though.]
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.25 04:30 (So uhhhh I can only be in call. Gimme time to charge my phone and I'll explain at about 10 when I can call?)
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.25 04:33 (I have temporarily stolen my mom's phone)
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.25 05:13 *doesn't make any effort to move forward* It's alright. My names Roffe. What's yours? Do you have a name?
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.25 05:14 *blinks at him once* Name...
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.25 05:15 It's what you are called. How people identify you.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.25 05:19 ...
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.25 07:25 If you don't have a name, that's alright. We can find one for you.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.25 07:43 ...Find?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.25 07:45 *nods*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.25 07:49 *steps towards him a little more, still cautious*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.25 09:48 *looks over at the boulder**to go any farther forward, they'd have to let go*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.25 09:48 *hesitates, looking at Roffe, and tries taking a few steps more forward**is super wobbly and falls again*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.25 10:09 *scooches back a bit towards the "safety" of the boulder as soon as they're down*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.25 20:03 Come on. It's okay. *gently gestures for Quasar to approach*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.25 21:21 *looks at his face, then at his hand when he gestures**scooches back towards him**tries to get up but can't without the support of the boulder**winds up slowly and cautiously approaching him on all fours*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.25 23:40 That's right, come here... There's nothing to be afraid of..
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.26 01:35 *pauses and shrinks back a little at his first sentence, but resumes their cautious approach at hearing the tone of the second sentence**tries to get up again several times and manages to stand by themselves*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.26 08:45 *tries not to move too quickly or say too much as he waits for Quasar to come to him*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.26 08:52 *even though they manage to stand by themselves, they fall again after taking a few steps**crawls over towards him, and stands up again once they're a few feet from him*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.26 09:00 *holds out his hands to Quasar*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.26 09:04 *looks at him, then at his hands**slowly mimics him, reaching out with both hands*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.26 09:38 *meets Roffe's hands with their own*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.26 09:53 *gently grabs their hands*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.26 09:58 *instinctively pulls back a little, inhaling in alarm*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.26 09:58 It's okay..
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.26 10:03 *was staring at their hands**looks up at Roffe's face*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.26 10:08 ...Name...
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.26 10:23 Do you have one?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.26 18:11 (I have sent some things to Hangouts that I've been thinking about at work)
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.26 18:53 *just looks a bit confused/worried*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.26 19:04 [It'd be too distracting to be on Hangouts right now, but I can sneak a few posts on here since the professor is just letting students ask him questions.]
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.26 19:24 [Can't concentrate on this as well now. See you later!]
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.26 19:30 I'll take that as a no, then.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.26 20:29 *still looks worried* It's...
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.26 20:30 ...okay?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.26 21:52 It's okay. You're okay.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.27 03:48 Name...
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.27 03:48 Rof...fe...
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.27 06:27 Yes, Roffe. That's my name. *gestures toward himself with one hand*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.27 06:31 *since Roffe gestured, one of their hands slips out of his**reaches straight towards Roffe with their now free hand* Roffe...
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.27 06:55 It's okay...
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.27 06:56 *said that with more certainty than most of their previous words*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.27 06:58 *smiles* That's right.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.27 07:18 *looks at his face again, stepping a bit closer, but then backs up abruptly, almost falling down but still holding onto one of Roffe's hands*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.27 07:18 *is blinking rapidly**looks at his gold necklace, confused*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.27 07:25 *follows their gaze* Oh. It's just a necklace. Shiny, isn't it? *touches the necklace*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.27 07:29 *the sun had shone off the necklace, throwing light in their eyes* Shiny.
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.27 07:38 *nods, then says mostly to himself* I have a lot to do, now don't I?
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.27 07:43 *looks uncertain again**points at the sun* Shiny?
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.27 07:43 *did that while he was speaking to himself **turns back towards him*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.27 08:52 *looks up* No no, bright.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.27 09:10 Have a l...lot...to do?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.27 09:17 *chuckles* I have a lot to do. A lot to teach.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.27 09:19 Teach?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.27 17:14 Mhmm. You learn fast, too. Let's begin with walking. *grabs Quasar's hand again and slowly stands up*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.27 17:30 (Also I have sent a bit on Hangouts. I have more but I need to get back to work)
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.27 22:35 *looks up at him with their wide eyes, but doesn't try to slip out of his grip*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.28 06:29 *tries to follow him the best they can*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.28 06:29 *stumbles after the first few steps*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.28 06:50 *starts falling forward and instinctively grabs onto Roffe with their other hand*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.28 07:29 *helps hold Quasar up for awhile*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.28 08:09 *gets more and more used to walking the more they do it*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.28 08:10 *soon they are still a bit slow, but they don't need Roffe to hold them**however, they hold onto his hand anyway*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.28 09:23 Good job!
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.28 09:26 *looks up at him* Good?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.28 16:42 Yes, good! Learning to walk can be difficult. I'm proud of you. *ruffles Quasar's hair*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.28 17:19 (Dang I need to design the light Aether.)
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.28 22:26 *looks bewildered at Roffe's gesture, but that expression is overtaken by a big smile*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.29 04:27 *by gesture I mean him ruffling Quasar's hair*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.29 17:23 (Once again I hate the drive to work. The ideas I get are awful)
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.29 19:27 We should find some food.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.29 19:33 [Crap, just missed your break. And oh?]
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.29 19:34 (Eeyy)
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.29 19:34 Food?
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.29 19:34 [Eyyy]
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.29 19:34 (I haven't clocked back in yet)
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.29 19:39 (I may not reply here for awhile. Too much thought required for responses)
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.29 19:45 [Alright.]
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.29 19:45 [There is a seaside village not too far away. It's easiest to find it by going towards the ocean/onto the beach and then going left.]
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.29 19:46 [Not sure if anyone there speaks English. I doubt it since it's so rural.]
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.29 19:49 (I did talk about a big oh no moment)
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.29 19:59 [What is the big oh no moment?]
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.29 19:59 [I'm working on schoolwork right now so my biological processor's memory resources are kinda being taken up right now. XD XP]
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.29 20:17 *frowns slightly with concentration* Find...food...and...name?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.29 20:24 (Sorry I got busy)
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.29 20:25 (My nose is bleeding)
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.29 20:26 We'll find both of those for you in due time.
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.29 20:28 (It's a wip Hagen moment. An idea that hatched this morning.)
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.29 20:39 [Oof... >__< That sucks (regarding your nose)]
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.29 20:39 Okay.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.29 20:51 [What's your idea regarding Hagen?]
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.29 20:56 (Well one idea revolves around issues Litho may run into regarding Hagen wgich will confuse him,)
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.29 20:57 (Litho will have a moment where he's just like "he's not faking it...")
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Oct.29 20:59 (I don't have time to retype the messages)
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.29 21:05 [Hmmm, alright.]
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.29 21:09 [I gtg in a minute, but I'll check Hangouts real quick.]
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.31 04:57 *they head towards the seashore, turn left, and walk for a while**often stares at the ocean or anything new they see (such as a few flying creatures over the ocean in the distance)*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.31 04:58 *tries to respond to Roffe the best they can whenever he talks to them**it doesn't take too long to reach the village**as they approach the outskirts, the tide begins to come in and water hits their feet*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Oct.31 04:59 *immediately jumps and runs from the shore a few meters, then stops and whips around, staring at the water*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Nov.7 18:17 *steps away from thr water, not wanting his shoes to get wetter than they already are*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Nov.10 07:48 *instinctively looks at Roffe's face, gauging his reaction to the water*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Nov.11 10:12 *doesn't seem particularly bothered by the water*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Nov.11 10:43 *walks back over beside Roffe, reaching for his hand again*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Nov.11 23:52 *takes Roffe's hand and continues following him into the village**the people are dark-skinned and have large, bright eyes; their clothes have intricate patterns of cool colors often paired with white, and the women tend to wear scarves over their heads*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Nov.11 23:56 *their buildings are reminiscent of a Greek coastal town--they are either white or pastel yellow with vividly colored roofs (often blue, green, or dark red-orange)*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Nov.11 23:57 *gold markings can also be seen on the people's clothes, architecture, or even what appear to be tattoos**they and Roffe receive wary looks from most of the people nearby**a young woman stares at them (Quasar); they stare right back at her*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Nov.12 11:02 *anyone nearby who's talking goes silent upon seeing them*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Nov.19 06:10 *glances at the people, but doesn't show them any sort of meaningful expression*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Nov.19 06:22 *there is a building that's slightly larger than most of the others that overlooks the ocean**smoke rises out of it, and the breeze carries a smell of food from it*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Nov.19 06:22 *points at some of the white buildings* Bright?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Nov.19 06:29 Those might be houses.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Nov.19 06:38 Houses...
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Nov.19 06:38 Bright...houses?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Nov.19 18:24 I guess so.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2020,Nov.19 22:51 *the roads and paths that wind throughout the buildings are made of either dirt or stones**they are on a bigger/main road; up ahead are some stands under canopies where people are buying/selling things*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Feb.25 18:18 We'll go there. *points at the people* Let's see what kind of people we have here.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.26 00:06 People...
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.26 00:06 People have...food and name?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Feb.26 01:15 Food, yes.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.26 04:55 Food...
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Feb.27 08:52 *leads Quasar to the stands and starts browsing*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.27 09:15 *stares at the goods*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.27 09:16 *points out a shiny band on one stand* Necklace? *it's too small to be a necklace, though it looks like it's made of some similar materials to Roffe's necklace*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Feb.27 09:20 No. A necklace fits around your neck. *gestures to his necklace* See, a bracelet fits around your wrist. *gestures to his wrist*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.27 09:51 Brace...let.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.27 10:12 Around...your wrist? *touches Roffe's wrist*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Feb.27 17:25 Yes.
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Feb.27 17:39 *picks up the bracelet and puts it on Quasar's wrist. It's a little loose* Like so.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.27 21:03 *stares at it*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.27 21:04 *the jewelry seller looks at them a little warily and states out loud the price of the bracelet, though he speaks in his native tongue*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.27 21:05 [This place is extremely rural. Probably nobody here speaks English.]
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.27 21:06 [Quasar will likely be able to pick up some words in their language, but it will be harder because the speed at which Quasar learns things is based on their hosts' experiences. A whole bunch of Quasar's hosts were English speakers, so they pick up that
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.27 21:06 language much more easily.]
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Feb.28 09:40 *stares at the bracelet for a few moments before removing it from Quasar's wrist and putting it back* We don't need it, though. I have plenty back home.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.28 09:53 Home?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Feb.28 10:12 Home can be a number of things. From the place you go to sleep every night to the world you live on, even to the universe you came from. A home is a place you belong. Where you can feel comfortable being you.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.28 10:14 Comfortable?
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.28 10:15 *their eyes are wide with confusion and curiosity at a lot of the new words*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Feb.28 10:19 I'll see to it that you get a proper English lesson when we turn in for the night. For now let's continue looking for food.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.28 10:24 Looking for food... *looks around*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.28 10:24 *one of the nearby stands has an array of various fruits*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.28 10:25 *most of them are unlike Earth fruits, but one person nearby can be seen eating a large kiwi-like fruit with red insides raw*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.28 10:33 *doesn't understand what food is or looks like, so they look around at all of the stuff on the stands*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Feb.28 10:38 *slows down as he passes some of the options*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.28 10:40 *stops looking around once they notice Roffe has slowed down**tries to look at whatever he is looking at*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Feb.28 10:51 *subtly takes note of his surroundings before approaching the stand with the fruit. Before actually reaching the stand he stops and kneels down to readjust the fittings on his boots. As he does so he releases magic into the shadows cast by the stand.*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Feb.28 10:52 *stands backup and straightens his suit jacket before approaching the fruit. clearly visually states his confusion toward the fruit.*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.28 10:59 *the vendor is a older-looking woman who is dozing off **someone else nudges her and she wakes up and stares at Roffe for a few moments**then she tries to explain the pricing, but she also doesn't speak English*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.28 10:59 *follows Roffe**puts their hands on the edge of the stand and stares up at the vendor*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.28 11:06 *the person who woke the vendor up starts speaking to her (likely telling her that these foreigners probably don't know their language)*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Feb.28 11:06 I'm sorry, I don't understand. *kind of talks with his hands as he speaks*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.28 11:08 *the vendor says something in response, also gesturing**her gestures exude a sort of "oh, well/oh, crap" kind of attitude*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.28 11:09 *stares at them both with their wide eyes**takes their hands off the stand and imitates both of their gestures a little bit*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Feb.28 11:12 *looks down at Quasar and chuckles*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.28 11:14 *looks back up at Roffe, as if awaiting further instruction or input*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.28 11:16 *the vendor talks some more with the person who woke her up*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.28 11:16 *it sounds like they're arguing**the vendor finally sighs and holds up a coin and one of her fruits, stating the number (in her language) that the coin is worth*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.28 11:27 *she sets the fruit and coin back down and waits for him to pick something*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Feb.28 11:30 *nods and begins deciding what he wants.*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Feb.28 11:45 *fumbles through his pocket, picking from his collection of rings. Finds one on the cheaper end, though it still isn't cheap, and slips it on his finger. picks a few fruit and shakes his head, saying he doesn't actually have any money. Points at the ring
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Feb.28 11:46 on his finger, then takes it off, offering it to the vendor*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.28 20:12 *several other vendors suddenly look over with a lot more interest than before*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.28 20:18 *the fruit-seller takes the ring and carefully examines it**she goes to nod, but hesitates, looking at Quasar*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.28 20:18 *she takes one of her larger, melon-like fruits and adds it to the fruits Roffe chose, then nods at him*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Feb.28 20:19 *another vendor heckles the fruit-seller, but she snaps at them, and they back off*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Feb.28 21:47 *thanks the vendor and starts walking away. He does walk at a slower pace as to allow himself time to take a look at the other stands*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.1 04:34 *stays near Roffe*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.1 04:36 *the other stands have various goods such as clothing, other foods, various trinkets, etc.*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.1 04:38 *soon finds a place away from other people where he can sit and eat in peace*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.1 04:42 *has still been imitating Roffe**sits down as soon as he sits and looks up at him*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.1 09:24 *pulls a knife and cuts the fruit*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.1 09:32 *intuitively reaches into their pockets, still imitating him*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.1 09:32 *has nothing to pull out, however*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.1 09:36 *before long he's cut up a couple of the fruit and set them on a handkerchief on the ground. Takes a slice and starts eating*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.1 09:45 *stares at the fruit, then at Roffe**brings one of their hands to their lips, but doesn't move to take a fruit slice*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.1 09:47 *gestures for Quasar to take whatever they want*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.1 09:53 *looks a little confused**picks up a fruit slice and observes him eating, then imitates him*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.1 09:53 *chews the slice and swallows it, then does the same to a second one*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.1 10:02 *soon, they've eaten a whole fruit*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.1 10:08 *has hardly finished the one slice he had started eating*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.1 10:13 *pauses and looks back up at him*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.1 10:21 *blinks* Hm?
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.1 10:24 *keeps looking at him*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.1 10:25 *suddenly puts their hand on their chest, looking uncomfortable&*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.1 10:25 **
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.1 10:39 *Immediately initially backs up, but then quickly moves to their side*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.1 10:44 *looks at Roffe* I'm okay??
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.1 10:46 I don't think so. Look that way. *points shead of them*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.1 10:50 *looks towards where he's pointing*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.1 10:58 *rubs their back*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.1 11:06 *seems rather confused**isn't sure what they're looking for, but they keep looking in the direction he pointed*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.1 11:07 *after a few minutes they make a gagging noise*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.1 11:24 *is even more confused**after another minute, they throw up the fruit slices onto the ground**there's not a trace of any sort of digestion or stomach fluid--it's as if all they did was chew the fruit and spit it out*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.1 11:25 *well, part of the fruit slices end up on the ground**the rest are on their legs*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.1 18:09 Huh...
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.2 05:44 *stares at the chewed up fruit slices*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.2 06:36 *after a little bit, they look up at him*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.3 04:52 *keeps focus on the
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.3 04:52 (Whoops)
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.3 04:54 *keeps focus on the fruit for a few moments* Fascinating... *lightly pats Quasar's back* It's alright.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.3 04:59 It's okay?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.3 05:01 Yes. It happens. Though it certainly is a strange occurrence this time... you'll be alright.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.3 05:04 Okay...
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.3 05:05 *looks at the chewed up fruit**scoots back a little, wriggling their legs**the fruit on them falls onto the ground*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.3 05:10 *hesitates, then goes to pick up a piece of the chewed up fruit and put it back in their mouth*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.3 05:11 *fies nothing to stop them*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.3 05:12 *eats it**doesn't seem put off by the taste of dirt/sand*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.3 05:25 *goes to pick up/eat some more of it*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.3 05:25 *watches and waits*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.3 05:33 *eats the d!rty, chewed fruit and doesn't seem affected**looks back up at Roffe, waiting for instructions*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.3 05:40 *after a few minutes their chest is uncomfortable again, though they don't have the urge to gag*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.3 05:47 *puts their hands on their chest again*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.3 05:47 *opens their mouth to speak, but doesn't know the right word to describe what they're feeling**looks worried*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.3 05:56 Uncomfortable?
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.3 05:57 Uncomfortable...?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.3 06:22 Is that what you feel right now? Not hurt, just weird?
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.3 06:46 Weird...
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.3 06:47 *looks confused, but has some intuitive sense of what some of those words mean**rubs their chest**pats it while saying the word "Uncomfortable" again*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.3 07:23 *nods*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.3 09:39 It's okay?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.3 09:44 I take it you do not feel okay.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.3 09:46 Feel...?
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.3 09:46 *hesitates, then pats their chest again* Not okay...
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.3 09:48 That's right
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.3 15:19 I think we should get going. *gets up and packs whatever he'd had out on the ground*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.3 19:52 *gets up as well, mostly just watching him, but imitating some of his gestures as well*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.3 19:52 **gets up too,
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.4 09:48 *follows Roffe for the next several hours, looking for a place to sleep with him (though they don't understand what they're doing)*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.4 09:49 *as night falls, they suddenly stop, putting both hands on their chest*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.4 10:16 '
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.4 10:16 [Oops]
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.4 22:30 *winces, looking a lot more uncomfortable than the first few times they did this*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.5 06:37 Sorry.
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.5 06:37 (WHOOPS)
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.5 06:37 (That happened to be loaded on my laptop)
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.5 06:37 (ignore that)
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.5 06:40 Hmm... *stops to try and help Quasar* Such an odd occurrence..
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.5 06:44 Uncomfortable...
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.5 06:44 *is clearly struggling to find words*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.5 06:55 *suddenly winces a lot more**retches*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.5 06:55 *the fruit come out a second time, looking almost unchanged**they've just been chewed a little more, and again there is no sign of any digestion*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.5 06:58 Perhaps... Let's try something.
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.5 07:00 Don't try to eat,okay?
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.5 07:08 Don't...eat?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.5 07:11 Don't eat.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.5 07:19 Don't eat...
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.5 07:30 For now at least.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.5 07:33 It's okay?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.5 07:40 Come on. Let's go. *lifts Quasar up onto his shoulders* Hold on, now. *keeps ahold of Quasar's legs*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.5 07:42 *isn't sure what to make of this, but likes it**puts their hands around Roffe's neck*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.5 07:53 *after a couple minutes they lean forward, resting their head on Roffe's*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.5 07:59 *smiles*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.5 08:55 *eventually finds a place to potentially stay for the night.*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.5 09:28 *they end up staying at a run down little tavern*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.5 09:28 *the room they get has a view of the sea and a balcony, but smells really musty and is rather small*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.5 09:34 *everything in the room is neat, but also dusty*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.5 09:38 *seashells and things reminiscent of corals have been used for decoration*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.5 10:07 4
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.5 10:07 [Oops]
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.6 04:51 Sorry I couldn't find anything much better. I'd have tried to take us to my house but I can't seem to open that connection to the Rift.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 04:51 Rift?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.6 04:58 That is the place I come from.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 05:08 Place...come from?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.6 05:20 My home
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 05:37 Home...
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.6 05:51 I cant wait to show you where I come from.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 05:59 Home...is okay?
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 05:59 *is struggling with words**shakes their head as if to say "nevermind"*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 05:59 My...home...
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 06:00 Where...?
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 06:00 [Scratch the "where," Quasar doesn't necessarily see home as a place.]
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.6 06:08 We'll find your home someday.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 06:15 Find...
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 06:15 *hesitates, then says:* Les...son?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.6 06:25 Oh? English lesson?
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 06:40 Okay?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.6 07:10 Alright, let's get started, then. *sits on the bed*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 07:20 *learns English with Roffe for hours*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.6 07:29 *settles into bed after his lesson. Yawns* It's time to get some sleep.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 07:35 Sleep?
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 07:35 How to sleep?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.6 07:40 Lie down and close your eyes. Sleep might come. I cannot guarantee.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 07:44 Okay... *lies down on the floor*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.6 07:48 *sits up* There's room up here.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 07:51 Up here? *gets up and climbs onto the bed*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.6 07:53 Yes.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 08:09 *lies down*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 08:09 *closes their eyes*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.6 08:14 *does so as well*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 08:15 ...Am I sleeping?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.6 08:24 No I don't think so. It's okay if you can't fall asleep. Just try to lay there. Quietly.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 08:29 Okay...
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 08:30 *after a while they rest their head against Roffe's shoulder*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 08:32 *they do eventually fall asleep, or come to some state analogous to that, though they don't look any different/more relaxed than before*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.6 08:42 *falls asleep after awhile as well*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 08:48 *they wake up when dawn breaks*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 09:13 *they open their eyes and look at Roffe**they notice light beginning to come through the window and sit up and stare at it*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.6 09:24 *the movement wakes him as well* Good morning.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 09:27 Morning is good?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.6 09:27 Yes, morning is very good.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 09:38 Very good...
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.6 09:46 *gets up and heads over to the window, staring at the sun as it comes up*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.13 07:06 *days pass, and to some extent they sense that Roffe is getting a bit restless*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.13 07:06 *one morning, a merchant ship comes to town*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.13 07:12 *it's old, a bit small, and kind of run down*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.13 07:27 *spends some time in the market before setting his sights on the ship. Finds a good place to hide* You stay right here, okay? I'll be right back.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.13 07:31 Stay here...
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.13 07:31 Okay...
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.13 07:33 *changes into a raven and takes off toward the ship*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.13 07:36 *does as they were told&
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.13 07:36 **
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.13 07:37 *lands on the ship and looks around*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.13 07:56 *the ship is being loaded with fish*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.13 07:57 *there are other things on it, presumably from other regions--spices, carpets, etc.*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.13 07:59 *most of the goods are below deck in crates, barrels, etc.*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.13 08:17 *below deck is rather crowded, but there are spaces to hide in*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.13 08:43 *there are only around 10 people on the ship*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.13 08:57 *the people are scruffy, but the ones in charge are better-dressed than anyone Roffe has seen so far*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.13 09:09 *when the coast is clear he changes into a rat and goes below deck. He finds some decent crates to hide behind, then opens a portal to Quasar* Alright come through
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.13 09:10 Quietly.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.13 09:32 *stares at the portal and at Roffe**doesn't recognize him*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.13 09:33 Roffe said stay here...
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.15 00:14 It's me. I am Roffe.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.15 03:56 *looks confused*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.15 03:57 *shakes their head* Roffe is big man... *gestures as if to indicate Roffe's height*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.17 06:49 I can't be sneaky if I'm big, can I?
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.17 07:18 *hesitates, then shakes their head, but still looks confused*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.17 07:18 Roffe is not animal...
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.17 07:35 Roffe can be whatever he wants. He chooses to be a bird right now. I still sound like Roffe, don't I?
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.17 07:57 Yes...
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.17 08:00 *rat
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.17 08:00 (Oop)
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.17 08:03 I'll change back once the boat leaves the harbor.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.17 08:06 *hesitates, then comes through the portal*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.17 08:09 *closes the portal* We'll be alright back here as long as we're quiet.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.17 08:12 *looks more worried once the portal is closed**looks around, really confused/disoriented*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.17 08:38 *turns around* No building behind me?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.17 08:52 No
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.17 08:59 Why?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.18 05:48 You're not in the same place.
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.18 05:54 How?
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.18 06:03 Magic
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.18 06:05 Magic...
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.18 06:09 *the boat leaves after a little while**seems confused when they feel it moving*
2>Roffe (Viscount), ?yo.2021,Mar.18 06:42 *changes back into a human*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.18 06:46 *grabs Roffe's hand tightly*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Mar.18 08:01 *the waves rock the boat and they end up falling onto their bottom, still holding onto Roffe*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Apr.17 11:27 *they are rather quiet for the rest of the boat trip**they and Roffe have a close call where one of the sailors comes down near where they are, but the sailor doesn't notice them*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,Apr.17 11:31 *they have fallen asleep by the time the boat arrives at a major port city*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,May.1 22:41 *presumably, Roffe wakes them up and gets them out of the boat while evading detection*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,May.1 22:45 *the port is huge, and goods are being unloaded/loaded everywhere**the buildings are tall and mostly beige accompanied by other colors like dark brown, green, and aqua**the architecture is reminiscent of Moorish and Mediterranean architecture*
8>Quasar (Child), ..yo.2021,May.1 22:46 *the city is bustling, and they inevitably receive stares from the locals*
6>Star (Agent), 19yo.2021,Jun.23 01:58 *cold* What happened here?
3>Saura (-), 24yo.2021,Jul.31 19:31  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=10  
3>Saura (-), 24yo.2021,Jul.31 19:33 yooo it's 10n

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