" Shoopin' "
This game is destined to players of 1 to 20 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

U Live Near a Shop, That Sells Many Things And U Buy Everything That U Need.

1>Anna (Shop Manager), 23yo.2015,Sep.5 23:45 The Super Shop Is Now Open!
1>Anna (Shop Manager), 23yo.2015,Sep.5 23:46 The Super Shop Is Now Open!
2>Felicity (Sassy girl), 11yo.2015,Sep.5 23:50 Hi!
1>Anna (Shop Manager), 23yo.2015,Sep.5 23:51 Hello Would u like 2 Buy something?
2>Felicity (Sassy girl), 11yo.2015,Sep.5 23:53  Buying Air Heads (BlueRasp) (x 3)  Yum!
1>Anna (Shop Manager), 23yo.2015,Sep.5 23:58  Dropping 3 Musketeers (x 5)  *Something Dropped At The Back Of The Shop And Anna Didnt seem to Notice And There Was No Alarm If Some1 Took Something*
1>Anna (Shop Manager), 23yo.2015,Sep.6 00:01 Thx 4 Coming!
1>Anna (Shop Manager), 23yo.2015,Sep.6 00:05  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Chocolates  
1>Anna (Shop Manager), 23yo.2015,Sep.6 00:05  Rolling 6 sided dice... Result=1  
1>Anna (Shop Manager), 23yo.2015,Sep.6 00:07 Its My Favorite Game! I < 3 Rolling Dice!*Anna Was Focasing On The Die*
1>Anna (Shop Manager), 23yo.2015,Sep.6 00:07  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Toy Pokeball  
1>Anna (Shop Manager), 23yo.2015,Sep.6 00:07  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=90  
1>Anna (Shop Manager), 23yo.2015,Sep.6 00:08 Yay!So Fun!
1>Anna (Shop Manager), 23yo.2015,Sep.6 00:08  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Whoopie Cushion  
1>Anna (Shop Manager), 23yo.2015,Sep.6 00:09  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=32  
1>Anna (Shop Manager), 23yo.2015,Sep.6 00:09  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
1>Anna (Shop Manager), 23yo.2015,Sep.6 00:10  Secret message to Felicity  
1>Anna (Shop Manager), 23yo.2015,Sep.6 00:13  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=8  
1>Anna (Shop Manager), 23yo.2015,Sep.6 00:16   + 50 Money points to Felicity  *Felicity Does Her Chores for a Month*
2>Felicity (Sassy girl), 11yo.2015,Sep.6 00:24 *sings**bounces around*
1>Anna (Shop Manager), 23yo.2015,Sep.6 00:27  Secret message to Felicity  
20>Kalista (Little Girl), 8yo.2015,Sep.6 01:00 Mom,I Did My Chores!Can I Get My Allowince Now?
20>Kalista (Little Girl), 8yo.2015,Sep.6 01:03  Taking 3 Musketeers (x 5)  
4>Kalista's Mother (Mothering), 31yo.2015,Sep.20 22:05 Yes my Dear, You May.
1>Anna (Shop Manager), 23yo.2015,Sep.20 22:08   + 20 Money points to Kalista  
5>Briana (Serial Shoppeuse), 15yo.2015,Oct.15 18:03  Buying Chocolates (x 1)  
5>Briana (Serial Shoppeuse), 15yo.2015,Oct.15 18:04  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Candy Banana  
5>Briana (Serial Shoppeuse), 15yo.2015,Oct.15 18:04 Hey
2>Felicity (Sassy girl), 11yo.2015,Nov.15 01:34 I haven't been on here in a while!
2>Felicity (Sassy girl), 11yo.2015,Nov.15 01:35 Kokoro, ni...
2>Felicity (Sassy girl), 11yo.2015,Nov.15 01:39 Hellooooo! Man, this place is boring. Nothing interesting ever happens.
2>Felicity (Sassy girl), 11yo.2015,Nov.15 01:43 MIBUFACE!
1>Anna (Shop Manager), 23yo.2015,Nov.15 13:10 Another day, another chance to get payed.
2>Felicity (Sassy girl), 11yo.2015,Nov.15 13:11 Yay! You're on!
2>Felicity (Sassy girl), 11yo.2015,Nov.15 13:12 Yakusoku
1>Anna (Shop Manager), 23yo.2015,Nov.15 13:12 Oh, There is a person who wants to work here? Well I guess that's fine.I'm lonely by myself all day.
1>Anna (Shop Manager), 23yo.2015,Nov.15 13:14 Well come on in
2>Felicity (Sassy girl), 11yo.2015,Nov.15 13:19 Yakusoku
2>Felicity (Sassy girl), 11yo.2015,Nov.15 13:57
2>Felicity (Sassy girl), 11yo.2015,Nov.15 13:58
12>Will (Time traveller), 15yo.2016,Apr.20 21:26 Hello you people of the past I am from 2055
12>Will (Time traveller), 15yo.2016,Apr.20 21:27 And I'm doing a school project about 2016 when my school was founded
12>Will (Time traveller), 15yo.2016,Apr.20 21:28  Buying Milky Way Bar (x 1)  
12>Will (Time traveller), 15yo.2016,Apr.20 21:29 Dollars? Woah that's so old! We use euros now as we've became part of Europe, because trump made an agreement
12>Will (Time traveller), 15yo.2016,Apr.20 21:30 May I work here Anna
12>Will (Time traveller), 15yo.2016,Apr.20 21:30  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Toy Sailboat  May I work here Anna
12>Will (Time traveller), 15yo.2016,Apr.20 21:30  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Steve Plushie  
12>Will (Time traveller), 15yo.2016,Apr.20 21:30  Selling Milky Way Bar (x 1)  
11>Gardenia (to go Shopping ), 14yo.2016,Aug.22 07:08 [can i join ??]

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