" You are a SLAVE!!! "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 100 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Hello. In this game you will find out what life was like for slaves in America. For role, please put 'slave' unless you want to be the master or the mistress. (There can only be one of each of these.) You have to gain your freedom by either escaping, buying your way out, or just being set free. (p.s. Real slaves did not talk the way we do, but just talk normal)

1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.2 15:23 thinking *what's going to happen to me*
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.2 15:23 GET TO WORK, YOU RAT!!!
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.2 15:24  Giving Whip (x 1) to William  
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.2 15:24 Whips Rose over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over...
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.2 15:25 *Almost cries*
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.2 15:25 I SAID GET TO WORK
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.2 15:25 Ok sir
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.2 15:25 DON'T TALK TO ME!!!!!!!!!
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.2 15:25  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Newspaper  
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.2 15:26 Now, what's the news today
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.2 15:27 "Slave Revolt In Virginia Successful" Yesterday, 5 innocent white men were killed in a vicious fight.
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.2 15:27 Got to keep this away from the slaves.
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.2 15:28 Don't want them thinking they can get away with that!
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.2 15:28   + 400 Money points to William  
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.2 15:29 *Hiding in the bushes, hears Mr. Robinson*
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.2 15:30 That should show everyone that we are strong! But, the white men were not innocent. They killed slave that were revolting as well.
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.2 15:30  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Hoe  
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.2 15:31 This hoe! Why do I need one? I don't work in the fields!
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.2 15:32 *Gives hoe to random slave passing by*
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Jul.2 18:02 *we walk by the field, singing* Lollipop, lollipop, oh, lolli, lolli, lolli, lollipop, lollipop, oh, lolli, lolli, lolli-pop!
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Jul.2 18:03 *we walk by the field, singing* Lollipop, lollipop, oh, lolli, lolli, lolli, lollipop, lollipop, oh, lolli, lolli, lolli-pop!
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Jul.2 18:10 *fina looks at the field and notices the slaves**she tugs at felicity's sleeve* Felicity, look. Felicity:*notices the slaves* What the.......
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Jul.2 18:21 *we run down into the field until we get to mr robinson*Fina: Excuse us, sir, but why do you have these slaves cooped up here? Felicity: Yeah, slavery is illegal! What do you think this is, 1865?!
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.3 00:53 And what do YOU think it is, the future?
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.3 00:54   + 200 Likableness points to Felicity  
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.3 00:55  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Pen with inkwell  
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.3 00:56  Giving Yarn doll (x 2) to William  
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.3 00:56  Giving Yarn doll (x 2) to Felicity  
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.3 00:56 here, go play some random game with these dolls
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.3 00:57   - 10 Likableness points to William  
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.3 01:30 Sir, why are these people here. Are they the mistresses daughters?
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.3 01:45 You MUST have had a better reason to talk to me then this. I HOPE YOU DID *waves whip in air*
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.3 01:47 I did sir. *cowers* One of the fences fell down.
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.3 01:47 Wh
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.3 01:47 Who cares! Fix it yourself!!!! *whips Rose*
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.3 01:47  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Hoe  
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.3 01:48 *runs away, with hoe*
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.3 01:49 *mutters to himself* that girl is trouble. thats probley the reason Master Roger only paid 50 dollars for her. more trouble than she's worth.
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Jul.3 02:13 *we find Mr Robinson* Both of us at the same time: Seriously! Slavery is illegal! It's 2015, not the 1800s! And we don't want these stupid dolls!
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Jul.3 02:20  Dropping Yarn doll (x 2)  Felicity: Seeya. *punches Mr Robinson in the face and knocks him out*
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Jul.3 02:21 *we walk away*
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.3 12:57 Wow. I've always wanted to do that
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.3 13:01 But, you are crazy. Haven't you seen a calender recenty. It's 1863, not 2015
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.3 13:03 *moans*
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.3 13:04  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=New blanket  
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.3 13:05 *puts blanket over Mr. Robinson*
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.3 13:07 Rose, what happened?
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.3 13:11 I don't know. Two girls came by, yelled at Mr. Robinson, knocked him out, and walked away!
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.3 13:12 *moans*
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.3 13:12 This will NOT be good.
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.3 13:13 Why? I mean, he'll come around.
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Jul.3 13:14 Fina: Wait, she says that it's 1863. Felicity: That's right in the middle of the Civil War. Fina: So that means......... Felicity: That time travel machine that we found in our closet actually worked!
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Jul.3 13:15 Fina: Wait, she says that it's 1863. Felicity: That's right in the middle of the Civil War. Fina: So that means......... Felicity: That time travel machine that we found in our closet actually worked!
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.3 13:15 But if he doesn't come around before the master comes, The master will blame us for it, and if he DOES come around by then, he'll blame us just to get us in trouble.
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.3 13:15 AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *screams*
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.3 13:18 How did YOU get here, and what right to you have to scare my brother half to death?
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.3 13:18 *moans*
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.3 13:19  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Inkwell  
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.3 13:19  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Newspaper  
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.3 13:19  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Books  
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.3 13:20 [out of game: Sorry, I got bored]
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.3 13:21 Mark hide those things, you know you can't have them
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.3 13:21 Sorry
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.3 13:21 *moans* *rolls over*
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Jul.3 13:24 Fina: Are you talking to us? Felicity: *whispers in rose's ear* We're not here to scare you. We'll get you and your brother out.
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Jul.3 13:33 Fina: Are you talking to us? Felicity: *whispers in rose's ear* We're not here to scare you. We'll get you and your brother out.
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.3 14:52  Secret message to Felicity  
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.3 14:53   + 10 Education points to Felicity   Secret message to Felicity  
4>Euodia (Slave), 10yo.2015,Jul.3 20:59  Buying Old jacket (x 1)  Hello what's wrong with Mr. Robinson, is he hurt?
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.4 00:10 Yes. these girls here punched him in the face and knocked him out.
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.4 00:11 *moans, tries to sit up*
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.4 00:12 *whispers* I need to tell you something. I have some books and a newspaper. You CAN NOT tell any one.
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.4 00:13  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=New blanket  
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.4 00:14 [if i roll a 1-50 Mr. Robinson blames the slaves, if i roll a 51-100, he blames Felicity and Fina]
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.4 00:14  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=43  
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.4 00:15 [he is going to blame the slaves]
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.4 00:17 *gets up*
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.4 00:17 What did you do, you evil things?
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Jul.4 00:18 What's going on here?
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.4 00:18 Those RATS knocked me out!!
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Jul.4 00:19 Who, the slaves or those two girls over there?
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.4 00:19 The slaves!!!!!!!!!!!!
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Jul.4 00:20 *whips slaves over and over over and over over and over over and over*
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.4 00:20 *runs to fields*
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.4 00:21 *runs away*
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Jul.4 00:21 That should teach you
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Jul.4 03:22 *we find rose and mark at the opposite edge of the field from where mr robinson and johnson are* Felicity: We'll get you out somehow. Our teacher said that slavesc
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Jul.4 03:25 slaves had Sundays off because of religion. Fina: Is that true?
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Jul.4 03:27  Secret message to Rose  
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.4 19:04  Secret message to Felicity  
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.4 19:05 Thanks. Maybe you could come on a Sunday, find us, and we could start our escape. But where would we go?
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Jul.5 14:07 I think that we should take you with us on Saturday night so we can cover more ground before Mr Robinson notices that you and your brother are missing, and nobody will see us.
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.5 17:16 good idea
8>Sarah (Slave), 10yo.2015,Jul.7 22:23 Hey, I want to escape too!
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Jul.7 22:25 Who are you?
8>Sarah (Slave), 10yo.2015,Jul.7 22:25 My name's Sarah.
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Jul.7 22:26 Felicity: Well, you can come with us if you want. Fina: Yea. Feel free.
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.8 01:29 Sarah, do you work in the house or in the fields?
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.8 01:29 I work in the fields
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.8 01:30  Secret message to Sarah  
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.8 01:30  Secret message to Sarah  
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.8 01:30  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Ink packet  
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.8 01:30 [sorry got bored]
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.8 01:31 *hides ink packet*
8>Sarah (Slave), 10yo.2015,Jul.8 01:49 I work in the house.
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Jul.9 18:43 Ok. Tomorrow night, we will get all of you out.
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.9 19:26 Okay, sounds like a plan
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.9 19:26  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=New blanket  
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.9 19:27  Giving Paper (x 1) to Felicity  
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.9 19:27 Here's a paper that you can use if you are stopped by anyone tomorrow.
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Jul.9 22:43 Felicity: How will we need the paper? Fina: Yea, it's just a blank peice of paper.
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.10 01:15 Oh yeah!
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.10 01:15 *writes something on paper*
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.10 01:16 "The holder(s) of this has permission to pass in and out of the Johnson plantation on Saturday-Sunday."
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.10 01:17 "Signed, C. Johnson"
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Jul.10 01:34 Felicity: You know how to write? Fina: Felicity, she might have been bornin Africa and not here.
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.10 19:06 I WAS born here, but i spyed on lessons with Mr. Johnson's son, that's how I learned
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.10 19:07 *spying on them*
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.10 19:07 *hears their escape plan*
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.10 19:07 *runs to Mr. Johnson*
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.10 19:08 Mr. Johnson, Mr. Johnson!
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Jul.10 19:08 What is it?
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.10 19:09 Rose, Sarah, and the girls that showed up are planning a escape!
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Jul.10 19:10 really?
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.10 19:10 Yes sir!
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.10 19:11 [for any people who are confused, Mark wants to be freed in return for betraying the girls]
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Jul.10 19:11 *walks over to the girls*
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Jul.10 19:14 Mark told me you are planning an escape! Is that true?!?!
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.10 19:15 *whispers in Mr. Johnson's ear*
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Jul.10 19:15 *shaking with rage*
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Jul.10 19:16 He also says Rose knows how to write, and wrote you two girls...*staring at Felicity and Fina* a pass to get on and off my property
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.10 19:16 *whispers again*
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Jul.10 19:17 AND he says Rose learned by spying on me and my son
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.10 19:17 *whimpers*
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.10 19:18 *hopes Felicity+Fina know a way to get her out of this trouble*
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Jul.10 19:19 Let me sum it up... Rose is trying to escape, a spy, AND a murderer. Is this right?
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Jul.10 19:20 [he said murderer because...]
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Jul.10 19:21 *dies*
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Jul.11 03:45 Felicity: Two things. One, I think it was me who murdered Mr. Robinson. Fina: She punched him in the face. Felicity: Two.........*kicks mr johnson in the stomach* Bye! Fina: *grabs rose's, mark's and sarah's wrists**runs* Change of plans. Run!
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.11 15:15 *runs into woods*
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.11 15:15 *breaks free and runs back to mr. johnson*
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.11 15:16 sir, are you okay, sir?
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.11 15:16  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Old hat  
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.11 15:16  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Old jacket  
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.11 15:16  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Slate  
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.11 15:16  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=90  
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.11 15:16 [sorry]
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.11 15:16  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Fancy food  
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.11 15:17 *feeds Mr. Johnson*
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.11 15:17 *gives him jacket and hat*
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Jul.11 15:17 *groans*
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Jul.11 15:17 Thanks...
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Jul.11 15:18 You... will.. be... re...war...ded
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.11 15:20  Giving Freedom paper (x 1) to William  
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.11 15:20  Giving Freedom paper (x 1) to Mr. Kensley  
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Jul.11 15:21  Giving Freedom paper (x 1) to Mark  
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Jul.11 15:21 You are now free
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Jul.11 15:21 *dies*
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Jul.11 15:22 *smiles and runs off*
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.11 15:23 Felicity, now you are a double murderer. You will be hanged if the law catches you. Now ALL of us are on the run, not just me and Sarah
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.12 01:36 [ Should I delete the two adults' slot, they died... :(
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.12 21:49 [Well I did]
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Jul.13 01:55 Is that when they hang me by my neck?
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.14 20:01 Wow... Where did you guys come from?
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.14 20:02 Can we go there? And also don't you know about Nathan Hale? He got hanged. I thought everyone who goes to school in this country knew that!
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Jul.14 23:22 Well...........we could try to get you to 2015. But are you sure that you want to live 152 years in the future?
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Jul.14 23:25  Secret message to Rose  
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.15 00:32  Secret message to Felicity  
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.15 00:33  Secret message to Felicity  
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.15 00:34 is it safe in this "future"?
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Jul.15 01:56 Almost entirely safe. There are only minor dangers, like falling out of a tree and spraining your ankle, and there are no major wars going on. It is almost guaranteed that you won't catch a life-threatening disease.
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.15 21:42  Secret message to Felicity  
4>Euodia (Slave), 10yo.2015,Jul.21 20:56 Hey guys can I have a say in the conversation?
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.21 22:29 Yeah, but we have to get a move on
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.21 22:30  Giving Fancy food (x 1) to Felicity  
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.21 22:30 I stole this from the master (after he died)
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Jul.24 00:13  Giving Fancy food (x 1) to Fina  Oh, thanks, Rose. Fina, want some?
6>Fina (Passer-by), 10yo.2015,Jul.24 00:14 Sure, Felicity. We should probably share it with the rest of them, though.
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Jul.28 00:28 Yes, please share
4>Euodia (Slave), 10yo.2015,Aug.6 21:46 Yeah I'm hungry but I have also got some food here take some
4>Euodia (Slave), 10yo.2015,Aug.6 21:48 🍟
4>Euodia (Slave), 10yo.2015,Aug.6 21:49 🍧🍜🍝🍕🍔🍟🍩🍪🍫🍰🍭🍬🍨🍞🍛🍖🍜
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Aug.7 21:54 Where did you get that from?
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Aug.7 21:54 Did you steal it?
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Aug.7 21:54 *shoves her food in mouth, and runs to a tree*
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Aug.7 21:55 *whispers* Someone's coming.
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Aug.21 01:47 hello
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Aug.21 01:48 now who are you?
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Aug.21 01:49  Buying Whip (x 1)  
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Aug.21 01:51 *whips them* I may be young but I am a mistress aswell. My parents died so I took over the plantation, the money, and the house
6>Fina (Passer-by), 10yo.2015,Aug.21 03:14 How did you find us?!
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Aug.21 03:14 Never mind that, sis, RUN!
8>Sarah (Slave), 10yo.2015,Aug.21 03:15 *screams* AAAAHH!
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Aug.22 02:25 *sighs and shrugs her shoulders* I don't have the energy to follow them
6>Fina (Passer-by), 10yo.2015,Aug.22 14:36 And good riddance! *does the pull-down-under-eye-skin-and-stick-tounge-out thing that so many anime characters do*
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Aug.22 23:02 *Looks at her confused* What are you doing?
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Aug.22 23:24 WHATEVER!
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Aug.23 01:37 *still behind the tree*
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Aug.23 01:37 *watches what's going on*
6>Fina (Passer-by), 10yo.2015,Aug.23 02:25 Come on, Rose! *pulls on rose's arm\
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Aug.23 19:28 Come on sis, let's go home. Our tutor will be waiting for us!
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Aug.23 19:29  Giving Books (x 1) to William  
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Aug.23 19:29  Giving Books (x 1) to Kalista  
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Aug.23 19:29 *stays put*
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Aug.24 00:55 HEY I THOUGHT I WAS IN CHARGE HERE!
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Aug.24 00:56 [I felt like you were talking to me so I went along with what I thought.]
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Aug.24 00:58 Okay fine *reads book as she walks**bumps into wall*
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Aug.24 00:58 [A girl can be funny right?]
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Aug.24 01:27 Ouch..
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Aug.24 01:27 Who were those kids?
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Aug.24 01:27 Pranksters?
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Aug.24 01:27  Buying Chalk (x 1)  
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Aug.24 22:24 Ouch is right
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Aug.25 01:21 Get in class.
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Aug.25 01:21 Now.\
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Aug.25 01:21 i have many matters to discuss with you.
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Aug.25 01:22 I have many matters to discuss with you, blah, blah, blah
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Aug.25 01:22 Did you just say that to my face?
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Aug.25 01:22 Yes.
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Aug.25 01:22  Buying Whip (x 1)  
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Aug.25 01:23 *whips William* You should know better.
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Aug.25 01:23 And you Kalista, should I whip you as well?
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Aug.25 01:23 What did SHE do?
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Aug.25 01:24 She acted like she was in charge of everone.
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Aug.25 01:24 AND she let those slaves escape
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Aug.25 01:24 When I am master...
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Aug.25 01:24 Wait, I'm the master!
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Aug.25 01:25 And Kalista is the misstress.
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Aug.25 01:37 [WHY CANT I POST
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Aug.25 01:37 [There]
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Sep.8 01:15 I will not be able to come on frequently because of school.
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Sep.16 02:19 *taps kalista on the shoulder* Tag, you're it!
6>Fina (Passer-by), 10yo.2015,Sep.16 02:19 *taps william on the shoulder* Tag, you're it!
8>Sarah (Slave), 10yo.2015,Sep.16 02:20 *throws a brown banana at mr kensley* Hee hee!
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Sep.18 01:19 *grabs Sarah*
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Sep.18 01:19 *whips her*
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Sep.18 01:19 Leave me alone!
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Sep.23 02:14 Ha! Amutuers *takes off shoes and hands them to William* Hold these. *puts shoes in William's hands*
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Sep.23 02:17 *runs after them**tags Felicity, Fina, and Sarah* Ha! Now you're it!
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Sep.23 02:18 Oh wait! You're ALL it! Ha ha ha!
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Sep.23 20:00 AWESOME!! *runs after kalista*
12>Willow (Slave), 13yo.2015,Sep.24 02:39 H-Hello?
12>Willow (Slave), 13yo.2015,Sep.24 02:40 H-Hello?
4>Euodia (Slave), 10yo.2015,Sep.24 20:23 Hello
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Sep.26 23:05 Yeah? What''s wrong.
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Oct.2 21:56 Oops! Missed some people! *tags Willow, Euodia, and Mr. Kensley* HA! TAGGED MY OWN TUTOR!
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Oct.3 15:37 [I can make Felicity and Fina cry if I want]
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 15:38 [No you can't.]
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 15:38 [I'm NO wimp.]
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 15:40 Guys, get away! I'll stall them!
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Oct.3 15:40 *grabs shoes out of William's hands and throws them at Mr. Kensley* HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH!
6>Fina (Passer-by), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 15:41 *grabs Sarah's wrist and runs away*
8>Sarah (Slave), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 15:41 Whoa!
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Oct.3 15:41  Secret message to Felicity  
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Oct.3 15:42  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  [should I run after them?]
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Oct.3 15:43 [Ok.]
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 15:44  Secret message to Kalista  
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 15:46  Secret message to Kalista  
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 15:46  Secret message to Kalista  
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 15:47 *sings the song that was playing in the background when phineas was telling everyone how to fold the map in "summer belongs to you"* Da da da...
4>Euodia (Slave), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 15:47 Hello Felicity
4>Euodia (Slave), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 15:48 Hello Felicity
4>Euodia (Slave), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 15:48 Hello Felicity what song is that?
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 15:49 It's from the future. Get away now!
4>Euodia (Slave), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 15:49 i just remembered
4>Euodia (Slave), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 15:49  Secret message to Felicity  
4>Euodia (Slave), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 15:53  Secret message to Felicity  
4>Euodia (Slave), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 15:54 Where is Kalista?! I need to talk to her NOW!
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Oct.3 15:56 Fine! What is it!?
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 16:01 Bllllllllllbllllllllblllllllll!
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 16:06 Lalalalalala! Gobblegobblegobble!
4>Euodia (Slave), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 16:10 Kalista don't go around spreading rumours about me again!
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 16:16 Kakokakokakokako!
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 16:27 Oo! Ka! Ooka!
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Oct.3 17:00 *whips Felicity, Willow, Euodia, Fina, Sarah, and Rose*
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 17:02 *puts hand over the red mark on cheek, which is where the whip hit* You think you're so special, Kalista.
6>Fina (Passer-by), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 17:03 Felicity, don't do anything too crazy!
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 17:04 *looks at Fina* That might actually be necessary.
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 17:05 *looks back at Kalista* Hiya! *kicks Kalista from the side of the leg*
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Oct.10 19:36 *punches Felicity and Fina* You are not given permission to hurt your mistress!\
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Oct.10 19:37 I will sell all of you as soon as the sherrif comes.
11>Sherriff Thomas (Law-enforcer), 32yo.2015,Oct.10 19:39 *comes along* Now, what's going on here?
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Oct.10 19:39 Kalista whipped us! Even the future girls! They aren't slaves!
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Oct.10 19:40 Nothing like that happened. The "future" girls kicked our mistress for no reason!
11>Sherriff Thomas (Law-enforcer), 32yo.2015,Oct.10 19:41 Hmmm.
11>Sherriff Thomas (Law-enforcer), 32yo.2015,Oct.10 19:41 Someone give me an official paper.
11>Sherriff Thomas (Law-enforcer), 32yo.2015,Oct.10 19:41 *random dude* Here. *gives him the paper*
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Oct.10 19:42 What is it?
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Oct.10 19:42 Be quiet! *whips her*
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Oct.10 19:42 Anyway, William, go inside.
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Oct.10 19:43 And Mark, you will not be sold. Here is your reward.
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Oct.10 19:43  Giving Fancy food (x 1) to Mr. Kensley  
1>Rose (Slave/Girl), 9yo.2015,Oct.10 19:44  Giving Books (x 1) to Mr. Kensley  
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Oct.10 19:44 And Mark, you will not be sold. Here is your reward.
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Oct.10 19:45  Giving Fancy food (x 1) to Mark  
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Oct.10 19:45  Giving Books (x 1) to Mark  
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Oct.10 19:45 Now go back with William.
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Oct.10 19:45 Okay. *runs back with Mark*
11>Sherriff Thomas (Law-enforcer), 32yo.2015,Oct.10 19:46 This says that no new slaves were bought by anyone at this plantation. Where did the two new ones come from?
6>Fina (Passer-by), 10yo.2015,Oct.12 14:44 *points at Felicity* Me and her aren't slaves.
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Oct.20 00:20 who cares
11>Sherriff Thomas (Law-enforcer), 32yo.2015,Oct.20 01:12 yes. you may be disguised slaves, and when you just hit the mistress, you can'tbe trusted
11>Sherriff Thomas (Law-enforcer), 32yo.2015,Oct.20 01:13 Now come on, march!
3>Mark (Slave/Boy), 12yo.2015,Oct.20 01:13 Do you need help "escorting' them to jail?
11>Sherriff Thomas (Law-enforcer), 32yo.2015,Oct.20 01:14 Can we trust him Mr. kensley
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Oct.20 01:14 Yes.
5>Mr. Kensley (Tutor), 42yo.2015,Oct.20 01:14 I will take the master and mistress to the house.
6>Fina (Passer-by), 10yo.2015,Oct.20 20:54 *pulls my hair and twin's hair*
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Oct.20 20:54 Ow! Fina, cut it out!
6>Fina (Passer-by), 10yo.2015,Oct.20 20:55 See? Our hair is staying on. That's proof that we're not slaves in disguise.
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Oct.21 22:25 Again who cares
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Oct.22 17:01 The sheriff would probably care.
11>Sherriff Thomas (Law-enforcer), 32yo.2015,Oct.23 01:38 No one cares about your hair. Your skin is what you disguised.
20>Kalista (misstress), 15yo.2015,Oct.23 22:16 *giggles* hee hee!
10>Kara (Kalista's older sis), 17yo.2015,Oct.24 00:03 Come on, Kalista. Let's get away from these dangerous people. *drags kalista away**we accidentally get caught in the lake* Well, this is a good way to escape them...
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Nov.1 14:50 You think I'm afraid of a little water?
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Nov.1 14:51 *takes off cute little sundress and flip-flops, revealing a swimsuit underneath* Think AGAIN!
7>Felicity (Passersby), 10yo.2015,Nov.1 14:51 RAAAAHHHH! *jumps into the water after them*
6>Fina (Passer-by), 10yo.2015,Nov.1 14:52 You wear a swimsuit under that?!
10>Kara (Kalista's older sis), 17yo.2015,Nov.1 14:53 Move it, move it, move it! *drags Kalista across the lake*
2>William (Master), 10yo.2015,Nov.22 00:26 Wait for me! *jumps into lake*
18>Rynn (slave), 19yo.2015,Dec.20 05:39  Taking Yarn doll (x 1)  
16>Erik (slave), 19yo.2016,Feb.17 00:51  Taking Yarn doll (x 1)  
17>Moral highground (your grandma), 99yo.2016,May.28 23:06 *grabs two whips* watch me whip and watch me NAE NAE
17>Moral highground (your grandma), 99yo.2016,May.28 23:07 Beatz
17>Moral highground (your grandma), 99yo.2016,May.28 23:08 awkwarrrrrrrrrrrd
14>bella (slave), 14yo.2016,Jun.5 01:45  Buying Old clothes (x 1)  
14>bella (slave), 14yo.2016,Jun.5 01:45  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=2  
15>Emily (Slave), 7yo.2016,Sep.21 19:19 *sniffs* Where is everyone? They're all gone and I'm just stuck here having to clean all by myself... *a tear goes down her cheek* *broom goes back and forth*
19>slave 4 (slave), 12yo.2016,Oct.25 13:43 hi
19>slave 4 (slave), 12yo.2016,Oct.25 13:43  Rolling 16 sided dice... Result=4  
19>slave 4 (slave), 12yo.2016,Oct.25 13:44 who is the boss

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