" A Day In The Life Of The Avengers And Friends! (An Action/Slice Of Life RP) "
This game is destined to players of 14 to 987 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

A Role-Play in the daily life of The Avengers!
The only rules are;
No Slash
No Hate
Nothing that Tony Stark's...um...'nightly activities' include!
And most importantly...have fun!
There will be fight scenes if anyone wants to initiate them...but it's mainly slice of life. ^-^

Feel free to use cannon characters or an OC.
When making an OC, have a very detailed description with your personality, backstory and appearance!
Remember, this can be anything! Action, drama, romance...the possibilities are endless! (Because screw cannon! If we played by the Movie rules it'd be boring!)

1>Luna Solstice (Avenger ), 31yo.2016,Jun.8 08:52 Hey, everyone!
1>Luna Solstice (Avenger ), 31yo.2016,Jun.8 08:55 I figured I should start with my character profile...so, without further ado...Luna Solstice! I can't wait to see what ideas everyone comes up with, or what characters they decide to play!
1>Luna Solstice (Avenger ), 31yo.2016,Jun.8 09:11 Luna Solstice. 31. She has rippling red hair and ivory skin. Her eyes are royal blue with flecks of silver. She is more often than not wearing a leather jacket-most of the time open and the majority of her shirts are black or navy blue. She also prefers
1>Luna Solstice (Avenger ), 31yo.2016,Jun.8 09:14 to wear black leather boots. Her insignia is a star. Her personality is rather random. She is quite cautious of people at first...but after awhile she will be a fiercely loyal friend. She also loves explosions and sometimes the cold, it's hard to say why
1>Luna Solstice (Avenger ), 31yo.2016,Jun.8 09:15 Backstory: A former S.H.I.E.L.D agent-Luna Solstice was a part of a strike team. One day-during a mission the team was captured by a group who were trying to recreate the Super Soldier Serum. It's still unknown who that organization was, but Luna was the
1>Luna Solstice (Avenger ), 31yo.2016,Jun.8 09:15 only one able to be rescued. She also gained new powers, only weaker than Steve Rogers. She joined the Avengers soon after S.H.I.E.L.D fell. Ever since then she's grown to be a valued member of the team.
14>New thing! (Follow me!), 4everyo.2016,Jun.9 10:42 Ok everyone! Luna here, right now I'm locked out of my profile and it won't let me back in which is super frustrating...so until then you can keep on rping. If I can't get it back up I'll start a new page. So sorry for this.
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2016,Jun.28 04:29 [Hello! This sounded like a pretty cool RP, so I decided to join!]
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2016,Jun.28 04:29 [If you're having trouble remembering your p-word, maybe you can go to my club/RP "A MESSAGE FOR THE WEBMASTER" and ask him to send you a reminder of what your password is?]
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2016,Jun.28 04:30 [Anyway, so I'll start things off with Captain America/Steve Rogers...'nuff said about him. XD XP]
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2016,Jun.28 04:30 [I'll probably create an OC, but it may take a while for me to come up with an idea for him/her.]
11>Alex Soto (supporter), 19yo.2016,Jul.1 16:09 hey there
17>qick siver (hero), 29yo.2017,Mar.1 02:47 hey
3>Thanos (Villian), 987yo.2018,Feb.1 18:20 [Comes up to captain america]
3>Thanos (Villian), 987yo.2018,Feb.1 18:21 [does the lightning power]
3>Thanos (Villian), 987yo.2018,Feb.1 18:21 LIGHTNING!!!!!
7>Jainie (Thor and Janes Kid), 16yo.2019,Feb.19 03:38 [ Hey guys my character is the daughter of Thor and Jane! Even though Jane and Thor arent together anymore, I can dream right? Anyways Im half human and half asgardian so that could be and issue. I have brown hair and blue eyes, Im really short and
7>Jainie (Thor and Janes Kid), 16yo.2019,Feb.19 03:38 Dress in dark colours.
7>Jainie (Thor and Janes Kid), 16yo.2019,Feb.19 03:39 I am a sophomore in high school and only 411
18>Dewmi (Dc), 13yo.2019,Feb.23 13:26 Hi frends
5>Spirit (her spirit is animal), 28yo.2020,Feb.18 13:36 hi guys! spirit is a superhero i thought of well lying in bed this morning. Emma stilling (her name) is upset at the loss of her dog/best friend ash
5>Spirit (her spirit is animal), 28yo.2020,Feb.18 13:37 she tries to get over it but she cant
5>Spirit (her spirit is animal), 28yo.2020,Feb.18 13:39 in till one day she is surrounded by theifs who want to take her money and jewelry, she feels something inside her, around her heart
5>Spirit (her spirit is animal), 28yo.2020,Feb.18 13:40 she heres a soft voice almost like a bark of a huskey beagle mix! (her dog)
5>Spirit (her spirit is animal), 28yo.2020,Feb.18 13:41 Ash LIVES INSIDE her heart! she tells emma to close her eyes and take a deep breath, she does what she says
5>Spirit (her spirit is animal), 28yo.2020,Feb.18 13:42 and as she feels herself falling, her spirit comes out of her! and it takes the form of a tiger!
5>Spirit (her spirit is animal), 28yo.2020,Feb.18 13:43 tiger kills bad guys and thats how she gets her power (her source is her "dead" dog ash)
8>HAPPY (Cook), 11yo.2021,Feb.16 02:29 HI GUYS
8>HAPPY (Cook), 11yo.2021,Feb.16 02:30  Buying First-aid kit (x 1)  
20>black widow (spy ), 30yo.2021,Oct.20 04:03  Buying First-aid kit (x 1)  
20>black widow (spy ), 30yo.2021,Oct.20 04:04  Buying Evening Gown (x 1)  hello
20>black widow (spy ), 30yo.2021,Oct.20 04:05  Buying Standard Hand Gun (x 1)  
20>black widow (spy ), 30yo.2021,Oct.20 04:06  Buying Taser (x 1)   Secret message to black widow  
20>black widow (spy ), 30yo.2021,Oct.20 04:07  Secret message to black widow  
20>black widow (spy ), 30yo.2021,Oct.20 04:07  Secret message to black widow  
20>black widow (spy ), 30yo.2021,Oct.20 04:13  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
20>black widow (spy ), 30yo.2021,Oct.20 04:14  Buying Epic Theme Music (x 1)  
15>Tony Stark (Brains), 48yo.2022,Jan.2 07:44 Hey what's up fellow avengers
10>Loki (Villain ), 1000yo.2022,Feb.8 10:44 Ah, Iron Man. It's great to see you.
10>Loki (Villain ), 1000yo.2022,Feb.8 10:45 It's good to see the rest of the Avengers too. Been a long time.
10>Loki (Villain ), 1000yo.2022,Feb.8 10:46  Buying Blueberries (x 2)  
10>Loki (Villain ), 1000yo.2022,Feb.8 10:46  Buying Poptarts (x 1)  
9>Wanda (Scarlet Witch), 28yo.2022,Mar.12 11:14 hi everyone
9>Wanda (Scarlet Witch), 28yo.2022,Mar.12 11:16  Buying Knife (x 1)  

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