" The Third OC Spring Break Ball! (private; do not join if uninvited) "
This game is destined to players of 14 to 100 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Hello and welcome to the Third OC Spring Break Ball! I am your host, Leonore/Brunnhilde. If you've been invited, claim your slots! Otherwise, please do not join.


1. Formal clothing is mandatory and your character(s) is/are expected to dance at at least one point.
2. The Spring Break Ball RPs are inspired by RaeAnna's annual OC Christmas party RPs. Like RaeAnna's Christmas parties, there is a truce (no fighting between OCs).
3. Like on all my other RPs, the general rules of no bullying, bad-minded messages, powerplaying, inappropriate/adult posts, posting/requesting overly personal information, etc. apply on here.
4. You must play as yourself (or your Sona) and bring at least one OC with you. That means you must claim two slots minimum.
5. Please be considerate when claiming slots. I do not know the exact number of people who will actually be participating, but here are how the slots are divided up so far:
Two slots are reserved for Caprial
Three slots are reserved for RaeAnna
Three slots are reserved for me/Brunny/Leonore; I have also asked and gained permission to borrow a fourth slot
Everyone else who has been invited gets four slots each (except the one whose extra slot I borrowed, though she can reclaim that slot if need be)
I may allow people with fewer slots reserved to take more slots if there's room to do so (this depends on how many slots each person takes and is content with).
6. Since several of us are most likely unfamiliar with each other's characters, just before the roleplaying begins, it will be mandatory for each of us to provide a brief intro outlining our characters' appearances, abilities, and personalities. Please be quick and concise during this stage.
7. Most importantly: have fun!!! :D
8. Please keep Quinlynn away from Alexa.

16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.19 04:26 [Nimnim is a pink bellied, purple blue and yellow fuzzy ball python her markings shift and float like a lava lamp she is wearing a Wizard hat since that is formal attire for magical flying fuzzy lava lamp ball pythons such as herself]
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.19 04:33 [Alright, I'll kick things off by providing a description for Leonore. Just use this description as a template for your characters' descriptions and you'll be fine. ^.^]
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.19 04:33 [Well heck, I should've refreshed. XD]
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.19 04:34 [Nimnim's description is fine, though. ^.^ Anywho, Leonore is my dragon sona. She has blue eyes, brownish-blondish spikes on her head, and dark purplish-blue scales with cyan-ish markings. At the ball, Leonore prefers to/I prefer to be in my human form,
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.19 04:36 though, which is rather tall (for a girl) with brownish-blondish hair and blue eyes. I am wearing my formal(ish) attire, which is a horizontally black and white stri ped dress with black leggings and black military-style boots.]
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.19 04:46 [Oh, and here's a few tips regarding descriptions: for Sonas describing personality is optional; for non-Sonas, describing personality is highly recommended. You can also provide drawings to assist others in imagining what your characters look like.]
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.20 03:52 [ht tps:/ /lh3.googleusercontent.com/-gRRe74bgJaM/XnGwrtunh6I/AAAAAAAAWl0/2zO2fW56oaAwWdcIDt0loMca8o15_HcvgCK8BGAsYHg/s0/Untitled.png]
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.20 03:53 [Sara looks like that delete the space between the t's and between the // and you should be fine]
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.20 03:58 [I mean, most everyone has met Sara before so personality wise I mean, she has been to all of these so If you haven't met her you'll find out, she is wearing a short sleeve dress with dinosaurs on it (drawing pending) along with her jeans and tennis shoes
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.20 03:58 ]
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.20 04:13 [Jane has short, slightly wavy blonde hair and big green eyes. She wears a green dress with yellow markings that Mayhem/Malaucay (whom she views as her adoptive parent) made for her.]
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.20 04:15 [She is highly energetic and does not like staying put. She doesn't follow rules all that well either (at least she doesn't compared to when her older half-sister, Eira, was younger). She likes writing in her journal, playing games that involve running,
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.20 04:15 and meeting new types of animals and creatures. She is the daughter of Aedona (Panthean goddess of twilight) and a deceased mortal man named Adelram.]
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.20 04:17 [I have sent a drawing of her before to most of you, but it is black and white/done with only a mechanical pencil. I have yet to make a drawing in color of her.]
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.20 04:20 [Char has spiky red hair that mostly sticks upward and gray eyes. His otherwise normal/black pupils shine golden in certain angles of light; this is because he is an immortal--a Panthean god. To be more specific, he is the Panthean god of heat and
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.20 04:25 everything that pertains to it. He primarily likes wearing black and neon red; tonight he wears a black leather suit with red markings and a bright red tie. He also wears red shoes and a black top hat with a red ribbon.]
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.20 04:27 [His shirt underneath the jacket is black, of course. Char is a charismatic and energetic deity who likes making those who think they're smarter than everybody else suffer. He is the most crafty of the Panthean gods and is their closest equivalent to a
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.20 04:28 trickster god; in a way, one could consider him to be to the Panthean pantheon as Loki is to the Norse pantheon. He also happens to be quite the party animal, hence why he's here.]
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.20 04:30 [Oh, forgot to mention that his shirt cuffs are red.]
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.20 04:38 [Midas is tall (a few inches over 6 feet) and has dark brown hair and amber eyes. He is one of my main OCs on Joan's Finding Samantha Summers roleplay series. Most of the time he dresses informally; at the ball, however, he is wearing a navy blue suit
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.20 04:50 with a matching tie and a white shirt underneath. He is a college student whose favorite classes are mathematics and philosophy; like my previous two characters, he is energetic, but he also has a philosophical and contemplative side to him. He cares a
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.20 04:50 lot about those who are close to him and has a wild sense of humor.]
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.20 04:52 [One of his main gags (that has been employed numerous times in Joan's RP) is where he takes on the persona of Don Mr. Dr. Sir Knight von Poopenschmirtz, a loose parody of Don Quixote. His best friend Josh, in turn, pretends to be Poopenschmirtz's Sancho
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.20 04:53 Panza. So do expect some roleplaying within this roleplay going on. ^.^]
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.20 05:06 [ht tps:/ /lh3.googleusercontent.com/-wGjpLTV7A9s/XnRBDyKFFAI/AAAAAAAAWnA/kxfCMeWyI-sRYD7_xOY5HHHGi9V_aOIdwCK8BGAsYHg/s0/Formal.png]
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.20 05:06 [here it is, Im not the best artist but it gets the point across]
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 05:08 [*applause* Now that's the best outfit in the ball! Only pirate Shyne can hope to usurp that outfit in greatness!]
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 05:08 [Very professional indeed. ^.^]
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.20 05:15 [Shyne is much too lazy to write a description so she give you an image: http s:/ /toyhou.se/Shyne#19910290 ]
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.20 05:16 [Wrong link skjvbjksdb]
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.20 05:16 [ http s:/ /toyhou.se/3234764.1-shyne-main-sona-/6046604.human-shyne-void-form-1-#19910290 ]
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.20 05:20 [Shyne brings a guest-- A silver-haired girl with blue eyes and an enthusiastic personality! She is wearing a bedazzled lab coat.. She has never been to an event before. She is 5'7 and wears a satchel with a DNA pendant on it!----
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.20 05:21 [ h ttps:/ /toyhou.se/3672928.quinlynn#20121713 !!]
20>Liegitu (Naedyrm), ?yo.2020,Mar.20 05:31 (Liegitu is a large, creamy orange draconic creature. She's got nothing in particular to wear, considering her size and physique, but she's well-groomed her mane and other patches of dark orange fur.)
20>Liegitu (Naedyrm), ?yo.2020,Mar.20 05:31 (https://toyhou.se/5869200.liegitu)
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.20 05:33 (Riding on Liegitu's back is a certain purple clothed tall boi with spiky blonde hair and pink horns. He appears half-asleep or at least somewhat sedated.)
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.20 05:34 (https://toyhou.se/3196575.polonius-pandemonium-)
18>Nixon (Silivii), ?yo.2020,Mar.20 05:37 (Following alongside them both is a man wearing a white suit with light gray embroidering. He fixes his glasses and subtly scans the area with his bright red eyes)
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 03:17 [Since most people seem to be only taking about two slots for themselves, I and another friend are going to take one extra slot each.]
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 03:17 [If anyone needs an extra slot and we run out, though, I promise to sacrifice one of my slots.]
4>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 03:21 (Being dragged into the scene by a couple of the sharp spikes on Liegitu's tail is a long-haired man with dark green eyes. He's mumbling something about where his coat went and why he was wearing gloves on his hands. He's wearing a dark gray suit)
4>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 03:23 (There isn't much in terms of actual drawings of him, but this is the best you'll get. https://toyhou.se/3196560.pericles-stigmata-)
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 03:23 [Eira has long, wavy, light blue hair, ultramarine eyes, and is 5'10". She wears a baby blue dress and has a dark indigo flower in her hair. She is Jane's half-sister; she is the daughter of Aedona and Saxon the Raven. As a Raven, she has a lifespan that
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 03:25 lasts thousands of years and various magical abilities. She is compassionate and loves art and painting. She has been assigned to keep watch of her much more mischief-prone sibling Jane.]
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 03:38 [I'll get things started now. We have two invited people who haven't claimed slots yet; they are totally welcome to do so and post their descriptions even though the ball has now officially begun. ^.^]
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 03:40 *has prepared the usual large dome-shaped building for the ball**the dome floats on a small, grassy island on the sky and has glass on the top 1/3rd of the dome*
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 03:40 *some of the glass panes are open and have vines hanging down through them**the walls are a nice pastel yellow*
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 03:41 *finishes setting up the snack tables with the Midas' help**makes sure the speakers are all working, turns on some soft, jazzy tunes, and opens the door to let in the guests*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 03:42 *is snoozing on top of the dome*
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 03:42 *watches the doorway, waiting for visitors to appear on the small path that leads to it*
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 03:43 *snaps her fingers, making Char appear about three feet off the ground next to her**he lands on the floor and lets out an exaggerated "OUCH!"*
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 03:43 Stop pretending that that hurt.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 03:44 *sticks his tongue out at Leonore and gets up* But what about my poor, poor cheeks? *rubs his backside*
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 03:46 Well, we have several doctors who are among the invited guests. You can ask them for help.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 03:52 *smiles a little* Maybe I will...
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 03:52 Done planting the traps, Midas?
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 03:52 Mmm hmm!
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 03:52 Good job. Thank you.
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 03:53 No problem! *goes and sits down*
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 03:53 *arrives with Jane**they are holding hands* Hi!
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 03:53 Hi! *waves*
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 03:54 Hey! Jane, I have a job for you. Here's a basket. *gives Jane the basket*
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 03:54 Each and every guest that enters from here on out will have a ticket of entry of sorts. Your job is to collect the tickets at the door, alright?
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 03:55 This job is very important. Are you up for it?
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 03:55 *smiles, nodding**sounds determined* Yeah!
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 03:55 Then get to it! *Jane runs over to the door and starts waiting, fidgeting with her feet a whole bunch*
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 03:55 *watches Jane from a distance*
20>Liegitu (Naedyrm), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:01 *comes to the door holding the tickets for everyone she invited. Nixon is the only one who is actually walking beside her.*
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 04:01 Eyyyy!
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 04:02 *stares at Liegitu in awe*
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:02 *is riding on Liegitu's back. He's mumbling nonsense and sometimes giggling to himself*
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 04:02 *walks over and holds up her basket**seems slightly/unusually shy* Hi!
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 04:02 *was too short to really notice Litho until she got closer*
4>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:03 *Is actually asleep, being dragged on the ground by the blades on Liegitu's tails*
20>Liegitu (Naedyrm), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:04 *carefully drops the tickets into the basket* Hello. *stands awkwardly for a few moments*
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 04:06 You're pretty!
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 04:06 *Shyne appraoches the dome shaped building and mutters to herself-- Shyne obviously isn't fond of parties-- but more notably, Shyne kidnapped a 23 year-old so she could attend; so does she hate parties really?* Hey, I made it-- I am here, hi.
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 04:08 *floats in in with Sara* Hello
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 04:08 Hey Shyne!
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 04:08 Please make sure to drop your tickets in the ticket basket. ^.^
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 04:10 *looks around at all the newcomers, looking a little bit overwhelmed**holds up the ticket basket higher, hoping that'll get their attention*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 04:10 OooOOOoooOoo-- I wonder what a party is like? I don't know why a stranger brought me here, but whatever! Man I hope-- *Quinlynn keeps rambling on as Shyne nods and guides her in, dropping the tickets in the basket*
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 04:10 *looks Leonore Dead in the eyes and eats both hers and Saras ticket*
20>Liegitu (Naedyrm), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:10 *as soon as she enters she rears up and practically throws Litho to the ground. She then flicks Siegfried off of her tail and fixes his clothes*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:11 *looks at Quinlynn* Your new.
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 04:11 *seems a little startled when she recognizes Siegfried*
18>Nixon (Silivii), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:11 *Seems only slightly interested in what's going on. For the most part he's just sticking close to Liegitu*
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 04:12 *looks at Nimnim, confused, then looks at Leonore, then looks at Nimnim again*
4>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:12 *yawns and sits up* ...Oh we're here.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 04:12 Oh, hi! *Shyne lets go of Quinlynn and wanders off* Yeah, I am new to parties-- how did you know??
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 04:12 Eating paper is bad for you!
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:14 I've been to every one of these things, Just wait till someone starts flinging food, thats when it gets good
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 04:14 *Approaches Liegitu* Heya, long time no see, huh?
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 04:15 who ever told you that Jane lied to you paper is great
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:15 *stumbles to his feet and makes his way to get a drink of water. He rocks back and forth a bit as he drinks*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 04:15 Shyne didn't tell me this would be that-- I should have brought something protective!
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 04:15 *hands Jane a peice of paper that tastes like cotton candy* here try this
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 04:15 My Mommy said so and my Mommy isn't a liar!
20>Liegitu (Naedyrm), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:16 Has been a long time, hasn't it? You've changed since last time. *nods* I like it.
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 04:16 *sees Jane take the piece of paper from Nimnim and comes over to Jane quickly* Jane, shouldn't you be making sure to get everyone's tickets?
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 04:16 Come on, I think you missed a few.
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 04:16 I never said she was a lair, you dont have to be a lair to lie, everyone lies even your mom but thats ok grownups always lie usually they are good lies
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 04:16 *floats with Jane and Eira*
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:17 *hear's Jane's voice and snaps his attention to her. Immediately gets excited and runs toward her* JAAAAAANNNNEE!! *right before he gets to her he's picked up by Liegitu's magic and brought back to sit by her*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:17 hey wanna see something cool? Nimnim said for me to bring this for the new people
20>Liegitu (Naedyrm), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:17 You're not ready to socialize yet.
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:17 *mumbles mockingly* "You're not ready to socialize yet."
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 04:18 *hears Litho and looks around, startled*
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 04:18 Yeah, decided to go back to my... human roots. *Looks a bit disgusted as she says human roots* Who'd you bring as your guest?
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 04:18 Litho?
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 04:18 *spots him through the crowd**puts the basket down and starts running over to Liegitu and Litho* Litho!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 04:19 Sure!!
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 04:19 Jane! *picks up the basket and follows her quickly*
18>Nixon (Silivii), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:19 *glances at Quinlynn. Double-takes* Wait... Quinlynn, how did you get here??
19>Joan (___), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 04:19 (Hey, Im here! Ill try to keep my descriptions short so as not to interfere too much.)
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 04:19 [Hey! That's fine.]
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 04:20 [I would appreciate it if everybody slowed down their posting a bit while Joan posts her descriptions. My spidey senses say that some of us are being overwhelmed at the speed posts are being made. XD]
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:20 *pulls an Amazon Alexa from her backpack and holds it out to Quinlynn* here
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:20 [ok]
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 04:21 *sees what Sara is doing and starts laughing a bit*
20>Liegitu (Naedyrm), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:21 (The price to be paid I guess)
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 04:21 *Quinlynn blankly stares at the Alexa, not noticing Nixon addressing her* ..... What.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 04:22 [ ;w; ]
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:22 nimnim told me to bring it for you
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 04:22 *grabs Jane's shoulder* Hey!
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 04:23 *wraps herself around Eiras arm on Janes shoulder* Let the kid have fun its a party worse comes to worse we wipe her memory after
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 04:23 I saw some new guests. You need to get their tickets, okay?
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 04:24 *Picks it up* Is... is this a better updated version? Because.. mine wouldn't self destruct..
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 04:24 *turns to Nimnim**says quietly and through gritted teeth* Party or no party, I'm not letting her near a murderer.
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 04:24 Jane you Have Fun I'll collect Tickets with Eira, come on Eira lets go
20>Liegitu (Naedyrm), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:25 Why don't you talk to Siegfried?
19>Joan (___), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 04:25 (Guys, I have to go. Im sorry. Ill be back tomorrow.)
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 04:25 And Eira if you didnt want her around murders you shouldn't have let her come because more than half of these people are murderers
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 04:25 [ who is Liegitu talking to?]
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 04:25 [ok! stay safe Joan!]
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:25 Siegfried hasn't even said a word to me since we met!
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 04:25 [Oh crap, okay. See you!]
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 04:26 [ Oh, okay]
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:26 no, but I bet I could make it blow up I got like 50 in my backpack wanna go make bombs?!
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 04:26 I've been assigned to protect Jane and I'm not leaving that duty behind.
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 04:27 I wanna talk to Litho...
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 04:27 *Quinlynn blinks* HAHA! YEAH! Let us update these pieces of GARBAGE! AHAHAHAA *Maniacal laughter ensues*
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 04:28 *uses magic to put a life Jacket on Jane* There perfectly safe
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 04:29 *sighs, waiting for his girlfriend to show up**Leonore comes over and whispers something to him* Dang it...
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 04:29 Go socialize with the weirdos. You'll be fine, you're just as weird as the rest of us.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:29 Nice lets go to...*points to a corner of the dome (curve if you wanna be technical)* that spot and make some! come on! *starts walking over there*
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:30 *crosses his arms and huffs* You're so mean! Lemme talk to the kid!
20>Liegitu (Naedyrm), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:30 No. You will stay here until you can walk properly.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 04:30 *tessers off and comes back with a set of drums*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 04:30 *lands right by Nimnim, Eira, and Jane**uses the drums to make a big BA DUM TSSSSS sound*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 04:31 *Quinlynn follows, still giggling to herself in a bit of a creepy way*
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 04:31 *watches Sara and Quinlynn and narrows her eyes*
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 04:32 ...Circles have corners...
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 04:32 Nice Drums Char! Help me get Eira to have fun so they Kid can have fun without a helicopter over her
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 04:32 ...Huh...
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 04:32 *looks at Litho* What did you do this time to warrant you being away from children?
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 04:32 *makes the drums disappear since they take up a lot of room*
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 04:33 *@ Shyne* A lot.
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 04:33 He killed her grandpa, though she doesn't know that yet.
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 04:33 Don't worry, with my magic she can't hear that either.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:33 *sits on the ground and dumps out 5 Alexs* we will start with 5... *grabs some tools and parts from her backpack and spreads them out* ever made a bomb before?
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 04:34 *sighs* Haven't we all-- But, yeah, stay away from children you creep.
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:34 I DID NOTHING! SHE *points at Liegitu* SEDATED ME! Little mother-*finishes the word with literal annoyed gibberish*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 04:35 Haha-- no--- I major in Biology slash Microbiology; still not accustom with abything else. But is Nixon can do it, I can too. Wait, has Nixon ever made a bomb? Hmmm... *Startes off into space, trying to answer her own question*
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 04:37 *Scoffs* Mhm-- You are such a baby-- Go make some real friends.
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 04:37 Here, I know something fun for you two sisters to do. *grabs Eira and Jane, pulling them away from Nimnim and Char* Go talk to the evergreen hobo.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:38 I have made several. *starts teaching Quinlynn a step by step guide to turning an alexa into a bomb*
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 04:38 Uh--he's not--
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 04:38 What's a "hobo??"
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 04:38 I'll explain later, and don't use that word around him, okay?
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 04:38 Aww Leonore Im trying to have fun
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 04:38 *Leonore shoves them both over to Siegfried*
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 04:38 ...Hi...
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 04:39 *@ Nimnim* Hey, you wanted them to have fun, so I just came to help.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 04:39 Huh? *Snaps out of her day-dreaming* Oh-- Yeah, cool!! Do we like, take it apart then add bomb-parts? Is that how it works?
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:39 I'm not allowed to be with any of my friends..
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 04:40 Are all your friends literal children? Or did you chase them away with your gross personality?
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 04:40 no I wanted ME to have fun
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:41 kind off, we add some bomb stuff but we also use parts from the Alexa itself
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 04:41 Then go play with Char.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 04:41 *grins cutely and innocently*
4>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:41 *raises his brow* Didn't really expect to see any familiar faces.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:41 *finishes up the first Alexa bomb* Ok tell it to Detonate then I'll chuck it, dont worry I doubt anyone will get hurt since its a party and people are oh so careful here
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 04:42 Okay, so, hear me out, what if we make them look like animals? I want a snake bomb!
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 04:42 ok *goes to Char* Wanna go spike the punch bowl?
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:42 Get me a dead snake or a fake snake and Ill do it
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 04:42 I investigated the punch bowl and it already has a trap of its own.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 04:43 I'm just waiting for one of the females to fall into that trap.
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:43 My friends are more fun to hang out with than YOU. All of Mom's friends are obnoxious and have a weird obsession with my brother.
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 04:43 But we NEED to spike it and watch everyone get tipsy its tradition!
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 04:43 Uh...yeah...hi...
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 04:43 Alrighty then. I have just the thing-
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 04:44 AHEM.
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 04:44 There is a minor in here who likes punch quite a lot.
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 04:44 I should have brought C.J...she always has mushrooms...
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 04:44 Mushrooms are kid SAFE We discussed this at the last Party
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 04:45 Ahaha *gets closer to him* That's so funny coming from you. Your whole personality is obnoxious. Also, you didn't answer my questions.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:45 anyways Ask it to detonate then chuck it, Im gonna be right back Im gonna get some punch
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:45 *gets up and walks over to the punch bowl*
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 04:46 I beg to differ.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 04:47 [ SO SORRY I DIDN"T SEE YOUR REPLY AMONG THE COLORS AAAA] No dead snakes... Okay!! Uh, *looks around* Shyne, catch!! Alexa detonate! *throws bomb*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 04:47 I have something farrrr better than that!
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:48 No.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 04:48 Seeing people get tipsy gets boring after a while. I have something that's safe and is a bit different.
4>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:48 Liegitu sort of dragged me here. Literally.
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 04:49 No spiking is C.Js thing Its her 1 thing let her have it
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 04:49 Hmmm...
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 04:50 Last I recall, getting tipsy and then breaking her best friend's heart at a party was her thing.
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 04:50 CHAAAARRRR...
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 04:50 Hm?
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 04:51 Stop knowing things you have no way of knowing!
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 04:51 Ehhhhhhhhhh no.
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 04:51 Surprising-- *gets hit with an Alexa bomb* QUINLYNN WHAT THE &^%$--!! *falls on the floor* Curse my lack of strength--
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:51 *dips the laddle into the punch bowl*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 04:52 I told you to catch!! Aren't you supposed to be powerful-- I'm sorry--!!!
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:52 *falls onto his back, laughing*
17>C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:53 [Irikurian C.J arrives I mean I think everyone knows what she looks like so yeah]
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 04:53 *looks at Litho* SHUT YOU AGITATING MOUTH!!
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 04:53 *has been looking for an opportunity to talk to someone*
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 04:53 *notices what Sara is doing and watches from afar*
17>C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:54 *C.J walks into the Party* Bakura?....did...anyone bring Bakura or is it just me?
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 04:54 *the ladle has what appears to be a giant dead rat that is bloody and frothing from the mouth on it*
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 04:54 *walks over to Nixon casually* Hey, I'm Midas. *holds out a hand*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 04:54 *runs over* Sorry, SHyne!! But you were being rude--
4>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:55 I'm not sure what I'll get up to. Now if something good comes up you can bet I'll be up and moving. Until then...
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:55 Oh nice! *puts the rat in the cup and runs to Quinlynn* Quinlynn! No snake but I found this in the Punch! *holds up the rat*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:55 *looks at Shyne* oh Hi nice to meet you Im Sara your new
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 04:56 Looks like jazz is playing this time...unusual...
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 04:56 *looks at rat* That's a health code violation.
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 04:56 Usually she plays classical.
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 04:56 I think I heard some swing too.
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 04:56 *looks down at Siegfried* What are you doing?
9>Bakura (Tenshi), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:57 *appears at the door* Where did- Oh. *catches up to C.J*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:57 *chuckles* Yeah....Wanna turn him into a bomb? I would do a real bomb but if we try that hear they wont let it happen so we have to be creative
9>Bakura (Tenshi), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:57 I'm here, too.
17>C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:58 *nuzzles him a bit* Thats good, Id miss you if you were not here
4>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:58 I like things with a lot of speed to them.
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 04:58 What are you doing?
4>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 04:58 *turns his attention to Jane* I'm sitting that's what I'm doing. What are you doing?
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 04:59 I was being rude because Litho is a *&^#%^***@^%!&*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 04:59 Shyne, Language!!
17>C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:00 wanna go spike the punch bowl and watch everyone stumble around as they hallucinate?
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:00 Yes she is indeed using Language nice observation
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 05:01 Uhh...
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 05:01 I was getting tickets.
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 05:01 What are you, my mom? *glares at Quinlynn*
9>Bakura (Tenshi), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:01 Of course I do. It wouldn't be a party if that didn't happen while you were here.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 05:01 Bad language.. you-- I forgot your name.
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 05:02 *glances across the room, keeping track of what's happening to the fake rat*
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 05:02 *teleports a note to Eira*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:02 Sara
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 05:02 Also, I guess not-- you must be older than me. *shrugs at SHyne*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 05:02 Oh, Sara is a nice name! I am Quinlynn!
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 05:02 *reads the note, then destroys it with her magic since she has nowhere to put it*
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:03 *suddenly wraps his arm around Shyne's neck* Heeeyyyy... How the heck do you know my mother? She's never mentioned a human friend before.
17>C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:03 awesome *smiles a bit and walks over to the punch bowl, notices rat residue so she replaces it with a new clean bowl of punch before spiking it*
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 05:03 *swears* Ahaha.. yeah--! I am older than 23-- Totally not a teen or anything-- haha---
18>Nixon (Silivii), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:03 *shakes Midas' hand* Nice to meet you. Call me Nixon.
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 05:03 HEY KEEP YOUR GRUBBY ANDS OFF ME
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:03 nice to meet you.
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 05:03 *HANDS
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 05:04 *Shoves Litho*
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:04 Come ooonnnn. Answer my question.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:04 OOH lets put fire crackers in this dead rat then chuck it at....him *points to Char*
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:04 *lets go anyway*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 05:05 I mean-- wouldn't that hurt-?
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 05:05 I wasn't in my human form when I met your mother-- I was a Demka.
9>Bakura (Tenshi), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:06 *glances at all of the new people* A lot has changed. Last I recall the parties were mostly animals.
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:06 I see. Welp. Bored now. *whips around and heads to grab some punch*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:07 no hes a god which is a fancy way of calling someone who has alot of magic but is a pompous jerk about it, and he is...not good
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 05:07 Where are you from?
17>C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:07 yeah I know...Kinda gross
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 05:07 *is picking his nose with a chopstick*
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 05:08 *tries to get up but wobbles and falls back down* Oh my &^%$*&@% christ.... *tries to get up again* BNDJKSBDV
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 05:08 *sees C.J.**beams and waves to her* Hiii!!
18>Nixon (Silivii), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:08 A planet named Kvetti. Beautiful place.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 05:08 That's not what a God is--
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 05:09 *has gotten a mild jelly legs effect**finally gives in and flops down on the floor*
20>Liegitu (Naedyrm), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:09 *walks over and lends Shyne her paw*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 05:09 [ Imagine saying a keysmash out loud]
4>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:10 I'll be honest I'd much rather be out exploring or something. Being cooped up in a building with other people just isn't my thing.
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 05:10 *Takes paw and tries her best to stand* I swear, I shouldn't have brought Quinlynn along-- She has no idea what she's getting into-- Is she that stupid--- Thank you, by the way.
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:11 *drinks some of the punch* This is pretty good stuff... *grabs a couple more glasses*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 05:11 *pushes himself back up and starts walking around weirdly*
17>C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:11 do you know whoes kid that is? *waves at Jane anyways*
9>Bakura (Tenshi), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:12 I'm not sure.
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 05:12 Well...um... *the music switches to something faster*
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 05:12 *pauses, listening, then says:* It may be more your thing now.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 05:13 *zips around Eira, Jane, and Siegfried, still doing the weird crouch-walk*
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 05:13 *laughs loudly upon seeing Char*
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:13 *stumbles over to Shyne again* Hey I'm ba-*gags slightly*-ack. Hehehehehe.... A new response. *giggles*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:13 That is Exactly what a god is
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 05:14 Litho, what kind of drugs did you take before coming here-- wait is the punch spiked?! These parties have horrible management--
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 05:15 *looks back at Jane to wave and wink at her as he zips away, but then bumps into Shyne*
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 05:15 HEY!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 05:15 Gods aren't characterized by their personality, Sara-- I read up on it! They are characterized by their magical prowess.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:15 anyways, *opens her backpack and shoves fireworks into the dead rat and lights it on fire, she chucks it landing it in chars lap due to his crouch walk*
4>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:15 *His eyes light up* Yesssss..... *jumps to his feet, bouncing with excitement* Do you dance?
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 05:15 Uh...oh--wait...
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 05:16 *chuckles* Sorry, I honestly forgot that a lot of the human-ish people here were extraterrestrials too.
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 05:16 I'm from Earth. Nice to meet you.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 05:16 Oh boy--
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:17 *hisses at Char and picks him up, lifting him over his head. He loses his balance, however, and falls*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:17 I dont need to read up on it, Ive met Gods, Ive killed Gods they are all pompous jerks with glorified magic and longer life spans
18>Nixon (Silivii), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:17 I'm technically not human.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 05:18 OI! *lands on top of Litho*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 05:18 ...Hey.
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 05:18 Oh my Shade-- Ack-- *glares at Char* Litho-- Stranger and Litho--- You both are dumb&^$$%
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 05:19 *@ Shyne* Correct!
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:19 *laughs* Hey there-
17>C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:19 would you care to dance?
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 05:19 Uh...a bit.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 05:19 Wait, you've killed a god-- *backs up slightly* That's cool--!
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 05:19 *rolls off of him into a draw-me-like-one-of-your-French-girls pose* So...you come here often?
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 05:20 Oh my Shade- You both get off of each other-- Yuck--
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 05:20 OH MY JNCJKDSN STOP
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:21 *shrugs* I kill alot of things gods get so offended when you kill them its great
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:22 *rolls to face Char* No, but I certainly wish I did.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 05:23 Erm-- really--? *Is a bit concerned for her own safety, but is hiding it* Well,, which god did you kill?
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 05:23 Both of you, die.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 05:24 *@ Shyne* No thank you.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:25 *list off a few names* yeah...they were burning down a planet full of toads... not cool
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 05:25 I mean, I can refuse you the choice if you don't stop--
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:25 Im not going to kill you buy the way its not like I kill for fun
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 05:25 I guess that's understandable--!
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 05:25 *when everyone's busy being annoyed by each other, she casually makes the contaminated punch disappear and fresh, good punch appear in the bowl*
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 05:27 Really?
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 05:27 How does that work?
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:27 Im a few centuries old hence why my body count would be higher than most
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 05:28 One of the rules says no fighting, so *blows a big, wet raspberry at Shyne*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 05:28 Oh--- I'm 23-- Haha--
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:28 anyways *looks at Litho* Hey! You look like your having fun wanna dance?
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 05:28 Are we dancing now??
9>Bakura (Tenshi), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:29 I thought you'd never ask
4>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:29 I'll teach you, then.
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 05:29 Killing doesn't have to be fighting. I could just snap your neck and be done.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 05:29 *puts his thumbs in his ears and waggles his fingers at Shyne as he does so*
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 05:29 *sidles up to Shyne* That counts.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:29 That dude with the v-neck he drank the punch and C.Js here so he is going to be fun
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 05:29 This RP has a truce. Killing breaks that rule.
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:30 But I'm talking to the hottie over here-
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 05:30 Sorry.
17>C.J (Chia wolf), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:30 *smiles as she makes her way to the dance floor*
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 05:30 You know what? You and Litho can go *&^% in the corner-- Obviously you two are made for eachother.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 05:30 Eyyyy! *winks*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:31 Yeah I tell you some good pick up lines come on
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 05:31 Oh *looks at Litho* Hi!
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 05:32 Okay, sure!
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:32 *sits up on his knees and stares at Quinlynn* I know you from somewhere I think
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 05:33 You do! You ripped off my right arm, remember? That sure was an experience. *Keeps a cheerful expression the whole time*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:33 *walks off and goes to Midas* hi
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:34 Oh yeah! *jumps up and picks up Quinlynn like a baby*
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 05:35 Hey. I think I remember you...Sara, right?
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 05:35 Eep! O-oh-- Glad you remember--!! *Smiles widely*
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 05:35 Oh-- are you serious. *stares at Quinlynn in disappointment*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:36 Yeah I dont remember you though so whats your name again?
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 05:36 *stands up, supporting himself by putting his hands on a nearby table*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 05:36 *looks at Quinlynn and Litho* Oooo, what's this?
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 05:36 Midas.
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 05:36 Nice work with the rat.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 05:37 *looks at Char* Hm? What is what?
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:38 thanks you should go get some punch, should be clean now
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 05:38 I can't believe-- Ugh-- I'm-- UGH-- *walks away*
4>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:38 *takes Eira out to the floor* So show me what you know.
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 05:39 *goes over to Jane* Hey do you like Candy?
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:39 *sticks his tongue out at Shyne*
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 05:40 *Turns and flips Litho the bird as she walks away* DON'T RUIN QUINLYNN-- OR I SWEAR I WILL KILL YOU AFTER THIS!
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 05:40 *tries her best, but she mostly remembers what her mother taught her, which isn't so bad but doesn't go along with swing very well*
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:41 *hugs Quinlynn*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 05:42 *Quinlynn hugs him back*
4>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:42 Hmm... Alright. Follow my lead. *starts showing Eira some of the steps*
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 05:42 Okay... *tries to emulate him the best she can*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 05:43 Hey!
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 05:43 I like hugs too!
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 05:43 *Approaches Nixon* Hey, can you do me a favor and watch you your child? *points at Litho and Quinlynn*
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 05:43 I'm good. I'm not a fan of punch.
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 05:43 *turns to Nimnim* Yeah!!
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 05:44 trust me everyone is a fan of this punch
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 05:44 *looks at her, then says:* Your fuzzy...can I pet you?
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 05:44 Great! *Hands her a king sized candy bar and a handful of pixie sticks* Eat them before Eira takes them away she dosent want you hyped up on sugar but thats no fun
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 05:45 Yes you can thank you for asking first
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 05:45 I...fly to if you hop on my back I can take you for a ride!
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 05:47 Okay!!! *hops on Nimnim*
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 05:47 *pets her* I like you!
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 05:48 Thanks I like you to hang on! *flys high above peoples reach and goes straight to Litho then lowers herself so Jane can get off* Look jane its Litho hurry and hug him before Eira sees
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 05:49 ...I don't know if I wanna hug him...
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 05:50 you dont have to, only talk to him if you want to but I thought you two were friends
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 05:51 Yeah, but he's been stressing out my Mommy...
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 05:52 Why do Mommy and Saxon keep arguing about you?
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 05:52 I like it more when Mommy and Saxon aren't arguing...
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 05:53 thats ok your mommy isnt here so it cant stress her out
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 05:53 *does pretty well, though she messes up sometimes*
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 05:53 wait they argue about Me?! what do they say?
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 05:53 *she was addressing Litho*
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 05:56 [I kow]
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 05:56 [*know]
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 05:57 *looks back at Nimnim* What??
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 05:58 when mommies and Daddies fault its beacause of their own grown up problems no one else, your mom and dad choose to fight no one makes them Litho certainly dosent make them fight
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 05:59 Hm? *somewhat focuses on Jane. Picks her up as well. It's hard for him to keep his balance* What?! Your mom doesn't like me??? I thought she was my friend
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 06:01 *smiles a bit as she slowly slithers around Eiras ankles so she cant run* Hi hows it goin?
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 06:01 *shakes her head*
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 06:01 *trips and falls as soon as Nimnim does that*
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 06:01 Hey!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 06:01 *looks at Jane* Hello!!
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 06:01 You hurt Mommy. She doesn't like you.
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:02 Nooo, that's Saxon
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 06:03 Im like the best pair of Ankle Warmers, also Litho is so good with kids! *she makes sure shes curled around tightly*
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 06:03 No, that's Mommy.
4>Siegfried (Urmukkan), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:03 :/
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 06:03 *frowns, then looks around and spots Litho* You sack of...
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:03 Saxon's a mommy?
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 06:03 *wriggles* Let go of me!
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 06:04 *laughs a little* No, Mommy's a Mommy.
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 06:04 Saxon's a Dad.
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 06:04 why? shes fine she has Pixie sticks and Litho only drank a little punch
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 06:04 *@ Sara* Care to dance?
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 06:05 "A little?!"
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:05 sure
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 06:05 Look, just let me go!
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 06:05 yeah, C.J makes great punch
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:06 Good... Saxon would be a terrible mom.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 06:06 *has been wiggling his way gradually to Litho and co. due to his jelly legs**jumps at them* CARRY ME TOO!
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 06:06 I mean but your so Fun to talk to Eira! I mean your one of my favorites shh dont tell the others!
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 06:06 Sure I am.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 06:07 I think Litho's hands are full! *@Char*
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 06:07 *starts dancing with her**is actually fairly good*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 06:07 *lands on them anyway*
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 06:07 *shrieks*
18>Nixon (Silivii), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:08 You're asking me to tell Litho to drop her?
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 06:08 AAAA-- Nooooo!
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 06:08 Of course you are thats why I pay so much attention to you havent you noticed?
18>Nixon (Silivii), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:08 Oh-
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 06:08 I don't know; do you like her hanging around with an unstable god? How bad of a father are you?
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:10 *crashes to the ground* SON OF A- I WILL (BLEEPING) EAT YOUR FEET!
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 06:10 Oh...Do you like 3 legged races?
18>Nixon (Silivii), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:10 He's not too dangerous. Liegitu wouldn't have brought him otherwise.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 06:11 *Is just laying where she landed* Ouch-- Eat feet??
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 06:11 Anyways *floats up and off Eira* go make sure Char didnt slam dunk your sister into the ground
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 06:11 You're gonna burn your mouth. *grins*
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 06:11 I guess... Still, kind of weird you're not at all worried.
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 06:11 *is laughing*
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 06:12 *gets up and hurries over to Litho and co.*
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 06:12 Jane, are you okay?
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 06:12 Yeah!
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 06:13 mission complete
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:16 GOOD!
18>Nixon (Silivii), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:18 I try not to let my worry show
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 06:18 Oh? Why not? It makes you seem cold to me.
18>Nixon (Silivii), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:22 That's a good thing where I work. Besides, even if I am worried, Litho seems to like her.
18>Nixon (Silivii), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:22 He usually doesn't treat adults like he does children.
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 06:23 *helps Jane up*
6>Shyne (A sona/creator), 17yo.2020,Mar.21 06:24 Hmph. He might like her now, but he's the type of person to ruin such relationships.
18>Nixon (Silivii), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:29 Maybe, but they're unlikely to be around each other long enough to actually let their friendship fall apart like that.
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 06:29 Come on, Siegfried's teaching me to dance. Maybe he can teach you too. Jane: My hands are full... Eira: You can eat while you watch.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 06:31 Now that's just-
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 06:31 AHEM.
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 06:31 Char, just so you know, you're correct.
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 06:32 Also I would think your jelly legs should be wearing off by now?
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 06:32 *gets off of Quinlynn and Litho and tests out his legs* Yep!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 06:32 *Is confused and sits up*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 06:32 These s*xy s*xy thighs are doing wonders once again!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 06:33 Erm, what?
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 06:33 Um...
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 06:33 *Looks at Char*
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 06:33 Come on. *quickly pulls Jane back over to Siegfried*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 06:34 I said-
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 06:34 DO YOU WANT THE DUCT TAPE TREATMENT AGAIN?
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 06:34 ...I mean, that's always temporary, soooooo...
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 06:35 Duct tape? I am confused.
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:35 *tackles Char* There can be only ONE!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 06:36 Aack-- One what??
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 06:38 *grabs Litho's nose and twists it hard*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 06:39 Oh- don't fight guys-- That's not allowed!!
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 06:40 *starts slipping out of Litho's grip very quickly*
20>Liegitu (Naedyrm), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:42 *pulls out a small speaker and plays "Sandstorm". It's not super loud.*
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:42 *involuntarily sneezes*
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:43 Ouchie-
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:43 *stop dancing and goes over to see the fight, she stands next to Quinlynn* Nice a fight!
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 06:43 *escapes his grip and stands back up* Gesundheit.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 06:43 *takes out his red handkerchief and holds it out to Litho with a gracious flick of his wrist*
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.21 06:44 *watches from afar while eating her candy*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 06:44 I don't know what's happening right now-- I think they're fighting but it has a weird atmosphere around it.
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 06:44 *cough*
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:45 *wipes his nose and realizes he's bleeding. Just kind of stares blankly at his hand*
20>Liegitu (Naedyrm), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:45 Oh boy. *runs over and picks Litho up* Aaaand you're taking a short break-
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 06:46 *Sees the blood and stiffens and looks away*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:46 yeah....thats what makes parties fun!
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:46 oh heck are you ok?
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 06:47 O-oh- I am g-good-- I just don't like b-b-blood-!!
20>Liegitu (Naedyrm), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:48 *cleans up Litho's hand and face, then puts headphones on him* Just settle down for a minute, okay?
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:48 *a minute passes and he's bouncing around a bit*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 06:49 Aww...
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 06:49 Just as things were getting interesting...
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 06:50 *Is trying to calm down a bit*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:52 come on lets go over here...*leads Quinlynn away from the blood and to the snack table*
20>Liegitu (Naedyrm), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:52 I'd rather he not become sober here.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 06:53 *Nods and allows Sara to lead her away while covering her mouth*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:56 here...have some food...not the punch though..unless you like seeing things
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 06:57 *Shakes her head at Sara with her hand over her mouth*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 06:59 If you need to throw up just go for it, this place is magic someone will probably clean it up
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 07:00 *mutters upon hearing Sara* Exploitation...
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 07:00 *Slowly takes her hand off her mouth* Nooo *She says in a small voice*
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 07:00 *turns to Liegitu* Ah...
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 07:01 *tessers away for a minute and comes back**is now levitating about 30 feet above Litho with a fishing rod in his hands*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 07:02 Its ok I promise you no one here is going to care at all, we have all seen worse crap then a little barf
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 07:02 *takes off one of his shoes, attaches it to the hook, and lowers the shoe down so that it winds up right in front of Litho's face*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 07:02 No, it's okay, the nausea will pass eventually...
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 07:04 or you can throw up in a shoe and chuck it into the fight
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 07:05 Noooo..! *Shakes herself* I am good- I am okay- it's all good! Just no more red and I am okay!
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 07:05 *growls as he latches onto the shoe with his teeth.*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 07:06 I remember the first time I saw alot of blood *chuckles a bit* I was 7 and I got hit by a truck....my life changed forever that day
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 07:08 O-oh? The first time I saw a lot of blood was when... *Stares at nothing with a look of horror* Nevermind! I never saw a lot of blood-- just don't like blood! Haha!!
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 07:09 If you ever want to get over your fear of blood let me know.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 07:09 *grins and starts trying to reel him in*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 07:09 W-why?
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 07:11 I get bored and have nothing better to do with my time. it will involve no one getting hurt I might add
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 07:11 or killed
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 07:11 *chomps the end of the shoe off*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 07:13 O-oh, well, I don't get into bloody situations aften, so it's okay!
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 07:14 that could change in an instant one day so be careful
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 07:15 I think I'll be okay! I don't get out much so-- I am all good!
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 07:17 I know lots of people who have lived in the same building their whole life.... never leaving and they see an awful lot of blood
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 07:17 Well-- You have a point-- But I am a coward so its okay-!
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 07:17 anyways its an open offer if your ever interested beacuase one day you might need it
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 07:18 and most of those people, were cowards to...didnt stop them from seeing blood
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 07:19 I'm sure! I will try to find you if I ever need assistance!
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 07:19 go to any populated area and yell out that you need to find me, someone will give you my number.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 07:20 Is it really that easy?/
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 07:20 yes I have a reputation positive to some negitive to others but eaither way they will give it to you
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 07:21 Oh, okay-! Thank you!!
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 07:22 no problem!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 07:23 Now, I think we should get that shoe out of Litho's mouth. He might choke in it and that'd be not so good.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 07:24 he will be fine its not like itl kill him and if it dose Please let it happen beacause that would be hilarious
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 07:26 I don't think that's funny.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 07:27 oh not everyone who dies stays dead
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 07:28 Still... That must be an awful experience.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 07:29 its honestly not that bad look *she snaps her own neck and crumples to the floor*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 07:30 *FREEZES IN HORROR* uuuuuuuuUUUUUUUhhHHHHHHHHH
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 07:30 *sits back up a few seconds later* See! not to bad *she stands up*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 07:30 *Looks like she's gonna cry*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 07:30 usually I prefer shooting myself in the head but you dont like blood
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 07:31 oh...heck are you ok?
18>Nixon (Silivii), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 07:32 That's enough. *ushers Quinlynn away from Sara* Have you no sense of decency?
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 07:33 I am decent! I didnt know she was gonna cry I wouldnt have if I knew id scare her... Sorry!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 07:33 *Sniffs* I-I am going to *sniff* go see w-what N-Nixon is doing-- *Walks away lowkey crying*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 07:33 Wha-
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 07:33 [Oh
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 07:33 HE TOOK MY BAIT!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 07:33 [Ignore that last thing from Quinlynn then]
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 07:34 *Quinlynn just quietly cries*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 07:35 *sara walks off muttering to herself about how stupid she is* Read the [Bleeping] Room sara... *she walks to a corner and starts making Alexa bombs*
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 07:35 Guess you're not the master at baiting anymore, huh?
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 07:36 *sighs and goes over to Quinlynn* Hey...
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 07:36 Are you okay?
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 07:36 You need a hug?
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 07:36 I-it's -o-okay---
18>Nixon (Silivii), ?yo.2020,Mar.21 07:36 She'll be fine. Just leave her be.
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.21 07:38 Alright...
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.21 07:41 *Quinlynn whimpers and leans against Nixon for comfort*
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.21 07:46 *has paused dancing to try to distract Jane from what's going on on the other side of the room*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 07:52 *reels what's left of his shoe up to him**shrugs his shoulders and takes off his other shoe, putting it on the hook and lowering it*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.21 07:57 *has added magic to this shoe so that it's quite hot*
19>Joan (___), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 01:53 (Once again, sorry I missed everything. Ill keep my descriptions brief. I am pretty short, and am wearing a knee-length black dress with lace sleeves; my brownish-red hair is tied in a bun.
19>Joan (___), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 01:53 Generally, Im a shy person, but Im looking forward to being here!)
2>Alexa (___), 20ishyo.2020,Mar.22 01:56 (Alexa is from my Finding Samantha Summers RP series and girlfriend of Midas. She has dark skin, curly black hair in a top knot, and brown eyes. Shes quite tall, and is wearing a short-sleeved, dark purple dress with a sort of flounced skirt)
2>Alexa (___), 20ishyo.2020,Mar.22 01:57 (Alexa is really friendly, bubbly, and nerdy. She likes being around people most of the time, but enjoys being by herself too.)
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 03:37 [Thanks for posting your descriptions! I look forward to RPing with you on here. :D]
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 03:37  Secret message to Joan  
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 03:54 [brb]
19>Joan (___), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 04:02  Secret message to Leonore  
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 04:04 [Back!]
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 04:05  Secret message to Joan  
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 04:05  Secret message to Joan  
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 04:07 *notices that some more guests have arrived**goes to the doorway to greet them*
19>Joan (___), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 04:12  Secret message to Leonore  
19>Joan (___), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 04:12 *she and Alexa have arrived* *looks a bit embarrassed* *Alexas smiling bashfully*
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 04:20 Hey! :D *runs over and hugs Joan*
19>Joan (___), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 04:26 Hi! *hugs Leonore* Great to see you!
2>Alexa (___), 20ishyo.2020,Mar.22 04:27 Sorry... were fashionably late.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 04:28 *looks up from his "fishing," intrigued*
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 04:28 Eh, it's fine. I'm just glad you're here. ^.^
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 04:28 Tickets, please.
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 04:34 [Context: everyone has tickets of sorts that show they were invited and allow them to enter. So you and Alexa each have one ticket.]
2>Alexa (___), 20ishyo.2020,Mar.22 04:35 *hands over her ticket* *so does Joan*
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 04:35 Thank you!
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 04:35 Come on inside! There's lots of snacks and jazz and swing are the choice of music tonight.
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 04:37 *says extremely quietly and uses magic to make sure no one except Joan and Alexa can hear* And don't tell anyone, but I switched out the punch with a fresh batch since C.J.--the she-wolf in the green hoodie--likes to put stuff in it...but be careful
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 04:37 anyways.
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 04:38 And be careful around the 7-foot-tall guy who thinks he's hot stuff...I think Liegitu--one of RaeAnna's Sonas--put him on something to make him relatively harmless, but he got to the punch before I switched it out, sooooo...
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 04:38 *reels in his shoe before Litho can get it and puts it back on**also puts back on the part of his first shoe (which Litho did get and bit a large chunk out of)*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 04:39 *flies down back to the floor and approaches Alexa and Joan* Eyyyyyy!
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.22 04:39 *sees Alexa**perks up and comes over*
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.22 04:40 *back on what's left of his first shoe
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 04:46 Who's this?
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 04:47 Friends who are not to be messed with.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 04:47 That's cute.
19>Joan (___), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 04:47 Id better get some while I can. *scoops up some punch, then notices Char* Oh, hi!
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 04:48 Char's the name, heat's my game. *summons a little reddish magic on his fingertip and twirls it around*
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.22 04:48 Alexa! How are you? What happened?
2>Alexa (___), 20ishyo.2020,Mar.22 04:48 Nice to meet you! *sees Midas* *her face brightens up* Heyyy!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 04:48 *Quinlynn had migrated to the far end of the room to collect herself from recent events*
19>Joan (___), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 04:53 *smiles upon seeing Char produce a small flame* Cool!
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 04:55 So... *leans against the table* You come here often?
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 04:55 *her tone has an edge to it* Charrr...
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 04:57 [Context for Joan: Sara likes to kill herself to shock or amuse people (she's immortal and pops right back up after dying). She snapped her neck in front of Quinlynn, but that just triggered Quinlynn and caused her to cry.]
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.22 05:01 *gets bored as well as aggravated by Eira's attempts to keep her from seeing what happened and notices that Quinlynn is off on her own**walks over to her*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 05:02 *spots Jane* O-oh, hi-
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 05:02 She's a teenager- Char: That didn't stop your favorite handsome devil, now, did it?
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 05:04 Well he was a terrifying yandere when his love interest was a teenager. Now his love interest's over 100 years old and he's a lot better.
19>Joan (___), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 05:05 *chuckles a little awkwardly*
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 05:06 [Context for Joan (and Bumble/Shyne too, maybe; I don't know how much she knows): these are references to the first AHAW story Mayhem appeared in where he was yandere for Aedona. Aedona was 17 when she first met him.]
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 05:06 Excuses, excuses.
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.22 05:07 Hi. What are you doing?
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.22 05:07 Where have you been?
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 05:09 Oh... I am just.. standing here-!
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.22 05:12 Why?
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 05:14 Oh, no reason, just a little nervous-!!
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.22 05:16 Why?
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 05:18 *sees Joan with punch and runs over to her* You didnt drink that did you?
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 05:18 Oh, someone made me cry earlier, but I am okay now. Well, it lingers but I will be okay-!
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 05:23 Yes she did.
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 05:23 It's fine.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 05:23 but C.J is here....you know what happens when C.J is around punch
19>Joan (___), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 05:24 *looks a little startled* Uh- no? Not yet.
19>Joan (___), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 05:24 Ill make sure to, uh, keep it hidden.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 05:25 no she already did it
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 05:28 It's fine, trust me.
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 05:28 Just don't tell C.J.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 05:29 just...she did it to the whole punch bowl so like unless you magiced your punch after you put it in your cup your in for some fun
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 05:32 speaking off I feel awful so im going to get some punch...see you later probably *walks off*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 05:33 *walks over to the punch and looks at it* ugh no....not my kind of thing
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 05:33 *goes and sits in the corner and pulls a Soda can from her backpack and starts drinking it*
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.22 05:35 Do you need a hug?
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 05:36 *she downs it then pulls out another one and downs that one, she downs several throughout the next few minutes leaving empty cans around her*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 05:37 *Quinlynn looks over to where Sara is* I think someone else needs a hug more than me! You wanna give her a hug? *Points at Sara*
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.22 05:38 *looks over at Sara* Okay!
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 05:38 *continues drinking from the soda cans*
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.22 05:38 *runs up to Sara and gives her a hug* Hi Sara!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 05:39 *Quinlynn follows Jane*
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.22 05:39 *looks at Alexa, waiting for her to answer*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 05:40 oh! hi.... *hugs Jane tightly*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 05:41 *Quinlynn crouches down to Sara's level* Hey... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you--
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.22 05:43 You cut your hair! It's like mine!
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 05:43 no...no its not you its me Are you ok? you are the one...*hiccups* crying *continues to hold Jane in her arms
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 05:43 *
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 05:45 no...long hair sara is my twin their are 2 of us so Im like her sister...Im also named sara whats your name?
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.22 05:46 Oh...I'm Jane!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 05:46 I recovered. You just re-opened healed wounds a bit-! But it is a-okay! I am fine, and I gotta get you to be fine!!
2>Alexa (___), 20ishyo.2020,Mar.22 05:48 *laughs a little* We were running a little late... transportation was a bit slow.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 05:49 Oh...Janes a pretty name...*looks at Quinlynn* Im...Im ok Im Im...this is normal *downs another Soda can and looks at Jane* I had a daughter who looked a little bit like you...her name was Joy
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 05:52 *Quinlynn blinks, understanding* Well, I think you could find a better way to express your pain. Painting is pretty good... Therapy, crafts...
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 05:54 *snorts a bit* no therapist knows what to do with me, Painting...is....joy...liked that....crafts I made you some Im sorry bombs! *pulls out 5 Alexa bombs and hands them to Quinlynn* here
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 05:56 *Quinlynn puts the bombs in her satchel* Well, there has to be something! I personally build things and go check out progress with magic in the lab to deal with my stress.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 05:58 I only check into the lab If Im super duper sad *downs some more soda cans*
2>Alexa (___), 20ishyo.2020,Mar.22 05:58 (I have to go now; hope all of you have a good night!)
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 05:59 Which lab?
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 05:59 see I grew up there and I was stuck for over 90 years in that lab and its not a fun place but if im doing really bad I go back
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.22 05:59 [Aw, goodnight!]
8>Midas (Maybe Don Quixote), 21yo.2020,Mar.22 06:00 Care to dance? *dances with Alexa*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:00 Hurting yourself won't do anything. How would Joy feel if she saw you?
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 06:01 Now shoo. I wanna talk to Joan.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 06:01 *sighs* Yes, your majesty... *bows*
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 06:01 *is visibly annoyed*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 06:02 *walks off and heads in the direction of Litho*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:03 *starts crying and hugs Jane* I'D do anything To see Joy again! But I cant I can never see her again! and she was still so young to!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:06 *Quinlynn stares at her* Yeah, people die. And it's awful. But since you can't die, what's the point in continuing to cry about it? I mean, I haven't cried in ye-- well, other than tonight-- in years. I've lost a friend before!
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:08 Yeah but One DAY You will die and you can see her in the afterlife and I cant! one day everything will die and I will be stuck floating in a void of nothing forever!
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.22 06:09 Ow...
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.22 06:09 Let go, I hurt...
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:09 Things have a way of existing. Everything is forever unless magic dies. And assuming it does, you will die with it. At least, those are my thoughts.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:11 *lets go* Oh no...Im sorry I Didnt mean to hurt you! *cries more before looking up at Quinlynn* No When everything dies I wont beacause of that stupid Snake! *chucks an empty soda can at nimnim* She wont let me die!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:12 What snake? Like, a literal snake or a metaphorical snake?
16>NimNim (Sona), 18yo.2020,Mar.22 06:12 *the can hits her and she looks at sara* Yeah Yeah I know you hate me Thats not gonna change my mind!
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:13 *points to Nimnim* That snake...
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:15 *looks at Jane* Im sorry...I didnt mean to hurt you...do you here... *opens her backpack* you can pick something Jane...
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:16 Well... Hm. What have you tried with her? Like, have you asked?
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:17 Yes Ive [Bleeping] Asked Ive tried everything.....she said no every time! Shes evil
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.22 06:18 Okay! *rummages through the backpack*
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.22 06:18 *takes out a tazer* What's this??
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:18 *Quinlynn pauses* If I were you I'd make your existence a burden on her. Or something like that.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:20 Oh thats...Thats a good one its a tazer... you point and shoot like a gun except instead of kill people it shocks then and makes them go all shakey...You can keep that *closes her backpack and puts it back on*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:21 I have tried that...Ive tried being nice being mean making her life crap making it the best nothing works...
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:21 *Quinlynn blinks* No, don't keep that-- *Takes it*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:21 *Looks at Sara* Is she more powerful than you?
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:23 shes a stupid Sona.... and hey... thats for Joy...Jane its for Jane give it back
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.22 06:23 Hey!
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.22 06:23 Sara said I could keep it!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:24 Hmmm, no, Jane is a child, she can't have a weapon.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:24 *Quinlynn gets up and takes the tazer*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:24 *Walks away with it*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:26 here...*digs in her back and gives jane another Tazer*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:26 dont let people steel your things if they try, point it at them and shoot, then you can run away away with it ok?
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:27 *Quinlynn whips around* Oh, no!! *Runs over, takes the tazer and the backpack*
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.22 06:27 Oka--HEY!
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.22 06:27 You're no fun!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:29
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:29 {Whoops, sorry}
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:30 *Gets up and Tackles Quinlynn to the ground and rips the backpack from Quinlynns arms* Do NOT Touch my bag! Understand!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:33 *Quinlynn freezes*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:33 *gets off Quinlynn and backs up holding her back tightly*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:34 No one touches it without my Direct permission...*stumbles back into her corner and grabs another Soda can and downs 3 more of them*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:34 *Quinlynn lays frozen on the floor, clutching two tazers*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:35 Quinlynn...here *rolls a full Soda can over to Quinlynn*
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.22 06:36 Ooo...can I have some soda?
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:36 *Slowly gets up* Erm........why..?
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:37 no its grown up soda not for kids
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:37 Because.... drinking B...Soda is better with others
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:39 *Quinlynn blinks, in thought. She thinks for a long moment before sighing and taking a soda* Only because I want to make you feel better.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:40 *chuckles* nice but seriously next time you touch my bag you will lose your finger privileges
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:41 *Takes a drink of the soda and winces, but continues to drink it anyway* Wouldn't be the first time.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:42 if you dont like it you dont have to here...If you dont want it give it back
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:43 *Quinlynn looks at Sara* The less alcohol you consume, the better. *Chugs the whole thing to establish her point*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:45 *smiles* nice...*pulls out a few more and starts drinking them*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:46 you have...nice...a nice nose...*she pokes Quinlynns nose and laughs* Boop
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:47
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:47 [ DAMMIT NOT AGAIN I AM DUMBJSBJKSD]
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:47 Mhm? *Continues to drink* That's... great.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:48 Do you wanna go Dance to a Song?! We should totally dance!
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:49 *drinks another 2 and hands 2 more to Quinlynn*
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.22 06:50 *goes back to her sister* Eira, what's grown up soda?
10>Jane (Panthean Demigod), 8yo.2020,Mar.22 06:50 And why are they so weird?
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:50 *Quinlynn, after a arms-ful of drinks, is pretty incherent* Pffft-- I don't think thagsf what you waaant.
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.22 06:50 Uh...
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:50 *Incoherent
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:51 Oh? what do you think I want?
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:54 I don'fft know.. Just.... I don't.... *stares off and laughs to herself*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:55 *laughs to* Oh Wait...I have something...ITs for you... *pulls a potato frim her bag and gives it to Quinlynn* here...his name is...*snorts laughing a bit* Toby Tot *laughs more*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:57 Whhhaaaaa..... *Takes it* I am.... I am in lojjhashacsj.... *Wheezes*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:57 You...You should buy him a *hiccups* A cape
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Mar.22 06:58 They've been drinking... Jane: Drinking what? Eira: Grown up soda. Jane: What's grown up soda? Eira: Soda for adults that makes you act funny.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 06:59 Wherfff would I egt one?? Somphwer I hoops....
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 06:59 You...I think I have sissors in my bag you can baroow a small Square from ltihos....Lithos cape and we can sew it back when...when we done
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:00 Then get.... Get Lifto offer her!
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:01 off of who?
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:02 Lifphtoo? Lifffta? Litlo? Some... oooone.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:03 *comes over to Quinlynn and Sara* Did I hear something about Litho? *smiles*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:03 Liftoo! Yeeaassssssssss..
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:03 are you thirsty? Im...Im thirsty here...*gives Quinlynn another can of soda and drinks one herself*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:04 Char....Char...We need a cape Square for Toby Tops....Tater tops...Toby tot
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:05 Tobbbbs? Top... Toalck.... *Drinks more*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:06 yeah...Toby Toalck Tot good middle name Quinlynn
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:06 see its her...her kid and it needs a cape Char!
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:07 Really?
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:07 Myyy whaaa.. kied?
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:07 Why, I think I could help with that...
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:07 *takes Quinlynn's can and drinks what's left in it*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:08 Ahhh...that's some good stuff, by the way.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:08 Yesss! Yes Toby Needs a cape...hes not a real kid Quinlynn hes just a potato but shh Toby dosent know that!
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:08 I make it myself...home brewed to be super duper strong
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:08 Look...I can distract Litho while you chop off part of his cape.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:09 Got that?
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:09 He's a... Noooo.. He is bbie-- bab? Cababra! Heeeeehe..
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:09 No, I liek Litloofio! Hess...... fun.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:10 Litho...is hes the grandpa so the cape square is the baby shower gift for Toby tor
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:11 Yeeee!! His newt newf nome is... Wormy. Heff is Wormy.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:12 Yes, Litho's the grandpa.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:12 Oh...ok Wormy..Tony jr... he needs a cape soon
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:12 Come along now. *starts leading them to the area Litho is in*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:14 *Quinlynn gets up to follow and face-plants and get back up again, stumbles, and face-plants*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:15 *chuckles**grabs Quinlynn* Alrighty, up you go! *throws her over his shoulder*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:15 no...She cant Walk Char her legs are broken!....You gotta be nice and find a shopping cart to ride us in it
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:15 A shoulder isnt nice! *grabs chars leg*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:15 Char we need a Shopping CART!!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:16 *Quinlynn just lays there holding Wormy*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:16 I know, but I don't think there are any shopping carts around here!
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:16 Besides, she'll only be up here for a few moments. LITHO!
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:17 *stumbles back to the food table*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:17 My dearest friend, I am deeply ashamed for my actions earlier. I am sorry for causing you to drop those you care about, so I have brought one of them back to you.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:17 NO!!! *Holds onto Chars leg* Ask the PArty hoster! the Leo door! As them!! the Spryo dragon! Spryo can make magic shoping carts I read it in a fanfic!
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:18 *comes over to Litho* So...here you go! You may hold her once again!
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:18 *is still holding onto Chars leg and looks at Litho* He wont give Us a shopping cart and QuinFin NEEEDS one!
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:18 As if I'd give MY shopping cart to the likes of YOU
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:19 ITS NOT FOR ME! ITS FOR HER SHE HAS A CHILD!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:19 *Quinlynn stares dreamily at Wormy, swaying a bit*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:19 *hobbles after Litho* Please accept my offering!
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:20 *gets up and stumbles over to Quinlynn and pets her head* Its...ok we can find you a shopping cart...with the basket seat for Wormy...
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:20 *uses a bit of magic energy to help him transfer Quinlynn from his shoulder to his arms**holds her out to Litho*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:20 Did ouw know... That... that... that.... Wormy is my son? He ifssss.
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:20 *backs up*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:21 Litlofftio!!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:21 Heia!
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:21 *nods* yeah...hes good boy...he needs a shopping cart really bad...
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:22 *looks confused* What's wrong??
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:22 Loftliftiola?
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:22 Is my offering not sufficient?
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:22 Hrmph
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:23 No
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:23 Char....We trally need a shopping cart....oh Quinlynn Wormy I got a good Idea....LEO DOOR SPYRO C'mERE
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:23 Liftto!!!!!!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:24 Do yows noft Love me anymore?
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:24 LEODOOR....we Need the purple Spyro Dragon Quinlynn
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:24 You're hurting her feelings!! : (
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 07:24 No you do not.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:24 Litho abandoned us he wont lut us use the shopping cart so we gotta get a better one
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 07:25 What you need is me. *summons a grocery cart and yeets it at Sara*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:25 LEODOOR WE need A shopping CART
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 07:25 That is a shopping cart!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:25 *Quinlynn clutches potato*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:25 YAY!!! *gets hit by the cart but stands up* Quinlynn...get in!
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:26 *dives into the shopping cart and rides it behind the table*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:26 Ill be the Pusher...Ill protect you and your son
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:26 Lictosiooo!!
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:26 No!! *starts crying* He stole it!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:26 Nifton..
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:26 Hpmpmp
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:26 *gets out of the cart and stands behind the table*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:27 He stole Spyros magic shopping cart and now Wormy isnt gonna make it through winter!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:27 My momsie alwaos told me not to... crif. But... *&^% herf! AAMAS
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:28 *hugs Quinlynn* Its ok! moms and Dads Are WRONG ALOT! *hugs her and cries*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:28 Nifton is good thos...
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:29 *just stands there, holding Quinlynn and smiling*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:29 Yes, Litho is mean, isn't he?
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:30 But surely there's more from where that came from, right? *looks pointedly at Leonore*
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 07:30 ....
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 07:30 *sighs*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:30 Naaaahk..... He is........ goft!
1>Leonore (Sona), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 07:30 *summons and yeets a second shopping cart at Sara*
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:31 *screeches and leaps over the table*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:31 Yay! *grabs the shopping cart* put Quinlynn is so Wormy and her are safest...
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:32 *looks at Litho* NO! THIS IS OURS!
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:32 QUICK Char put her in! she needs to gaurd IT!
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:32 *grabs Quinlynn and jumps into the cart again* MINE!!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:32 *Quinlynn leaps into cart*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:32 [NEVERMIND]
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:32 [I AM SLOW]
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:33 WOAOOA YoUS
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:33 oh...Quinlynn is in so its ok! *pushes the cart around* We need to go shopping Quinlynn for Wormy
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:33 Quinlynn what dose wormy need?!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:33 UFFT DIRT
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:35 *yeeted Quinlynn onto Litho and into the cart as well*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:35 *waves at Sara as she pushes them away* Bye!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:35 Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:36 Dirt...Ok...*goes to the snack table and hands a brownie to Quinlynn* Crumple it to make a dirt...anything else he needs?
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:36 *cradles Quinlynn. Glances at Char* Bye, dill weed!
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:36 Litho do you need any shopping?
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:36 I dont think they sell dill weed...
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:37 *Quinlynn dozes off*
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:37 *scoffs* I don't need ANYTHING!
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:38 *sways back and forth a bit*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:38 oh...shes sleeping... we gotta be shh,,,Quiet...
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:38 *gently pushes the cart around*
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:39 *hums*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:39 *Falls asleep*
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:41 ...And it's a great- DaAaaaAAAayY to be alive, I know the sun's still shinin' when I close my eyes and it's- *coughs* hard times in the neighborhood- Why can't every day be just this- GoOD!
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:41 *continues to gently push the cart*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:41 *Wakes back up* Afffft Day! What?A
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:42 Litho SHH she is sleeping!
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:42 YOU woke her up!!
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:42 *has decided to walk along behind Sara*
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:42 Hush!
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:43 That looks fun, can I join?
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:44 *quiets down a bit* ...There lived a certain man... In Russia long ago..
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:44 *jumps up, doing a flip over Sara, and lands on the part of the cart you push (but he's careful not to let his feet land on Sara's hands)*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:47 Is it juft me or... or...
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:47 NO! you will fall on Quinlynn!
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:48 *chuckles* No I won't.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:48 *Vomits on Litho*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:48 *points ahead* Onward, my comrades!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:48 Oh... whoopss
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:48 Whoopsies indeed.
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:53 AH-! The heck?! *his expression is blank for a few moments, then he throws some vomit at Char* Begone... THOT!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:54 I don't feel good..
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:54 *dodges the vomit*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:55 HEY! *flails around to dodge, winding up balancing on the cart on one leg*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:55 NOT ON MY SUIT!
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:55 (Bleep) YOUR SUIT!
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:55 She needs a bath! *Gets a gallon of water from her backpack and dumps it on Quinlynn*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:55 *uses some magic to help him balance himself again*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:55 *Groans* Where's Nixon..? Niiixonnn..
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:56 YOU D***
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:57 NIXON!!!
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:57 *runs with the shopiing cart* NIXON!!!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:58 *Quinlynn sways back and forth and lays her head back on Litho*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:58 *uses magic to snag some food off a table as they whip by it*
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 07:58 *quickly starts shushing Quinlynn*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 07:59 Mphh.... Nifty..
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 07:59 *snags a quiche**crouches down while still maintaining balance on the cart and slaps it onto Litho's face*
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 08:00 *eats it without hesitation*
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 08:01 *tries to use his magic to clean up Quinlynn, but only summons a bottle of sparkling cider* Oooooh.... *starts chugging the bottle*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 08:01 Ughh.... Wormy.. Is he..?
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 08:03 NIXONNN! *Races around the party with the shopping cart*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 08:03 Dead....?
18>Nixon (Silivii), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 08:04 *is having a conversation with Siegfried*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 08:04 *stops the cart* What?! Did they kill your son?...
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 08:04 Mmmmhm... My friend...
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 08:06 *Sits up but lays back down* I fewl horrriiiiiibibs.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 08:07 *starts crying and grabs Quinlynns hand* Im sorry! Itl all be ok...Look Ill be your friend and I wont ever never die!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 08:07 Oooffffff. Dieeeeed? Lofty.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 08:08 Niiiiiiiftooonn
18>Nixon (Silivii), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 08:09 *runs to Quinlynn* What's going on?! *just looks more confused than anything* What did you do?
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 08:10 She trew up and Wormy died!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 08:10 Doo? Naak, nope nooo...
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 08:10 Sara gave her some really special soda. *winks*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 08:10 Nixon...*pulls out a Soda can and holds it out to him* want one?
18>Nixon (Silivii), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 08:10 Of course she did. You're all insane.
18>Nixon (Silivii), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 08:11 No
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 08:11 Ahhhhaaaaaaaa.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 08:12 I had an accideeeent
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 08:12 here Quinlynn Nixon dosent want it you can have 1 more! *hands it to her*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 08:12 I am siiiiicks?
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 08:12 Oh-- okay..
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 08:12 Can I have one please?
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 08:13 *gets another Gallon of water and dumps it on Quinlynn*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 08:13 AAAACK!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 08:13 &*^%
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 08:13 WHY
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 08:14 No, you are to busy to drink you need to watch over Amadeus even tho your bad at it but I dont wanna see him beacause hes starting to look like his mom hes a good kid but he has her eyes and I cant face that
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 08:14 Beacause Water makes people FEEL good Quinlynn
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 08:14 If your sick you need Water!
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 08:14 STAHP POURING THAT VILE FLUID ON ME!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 08:14 Whaa??
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 08:14 *crinks the 'soda'*
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 08:15 Its not for you its for Quinlynn!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 08:15 Yes it is....? I...
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 08:15 Phhhine
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 08:17 It smellls bark in her.
14>Sara (Irikurian human), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 08:18 oh
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 08:18 But I'm thirsty...
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 08:18 You have any more of that water?
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 08:19 *Leonore teleports some into his hands* ...Oh.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 08:19 Okay then! *gleefully pours it all straight onto Litho's head*
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 08:20 I will eat your loved ones. Your associates.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 08:21 *grins* Bite me.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 08:21 Eat?? Blargh.. I don't want to eat ever again...
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 08:21 *smirks* Be careful what you wish for.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 08:23 Whaat... What is that face for mister??? *Pokes him* I am ssssssiiiiks.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 08:24 You should be careful of what you sink your teeth into.
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 08:30 Never.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 08:32 Never what?? Hmmm... I'm thirsty and we are out of drink.
5>Litho (Demon God), ?yo.2020,Mar.22 08:37 Thirsty? *tries to get out of the cart and ends up tipping it over*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 08:38 *falls to the floor*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.22 08:38 HOW COULD YOU?!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.22 08:40 *Also falls* Ewww, what am I covered in?? Yuck.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.23 04:00 Oh, it's just a little semi-digested adult soda, you'll be fine honey. *pats her on the head and starts getting up**tries to help Quinlynn get up*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.23 04:45 Ugh-- grossss--!!!
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.23 04:49 You'll be fiiine.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.23 04:51 Mmmmmmph.. *Tears up* I can't believe I vomitted at my first party-- I am horrible!!
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.23 04:56 No you're not.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.23 04:59 I aaaammmm!! I ruined everything--!! I knew I shouldn't have come..
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.23 05:00 Psh, you should've seen the mess I made at my first party.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.23 05:01 Hm? What did you do??
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.23 05:04 That's a story for another time. *winks*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.23 05:04 But it did involve silly string, duct tape, and a looooooot of special adult soda.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.23 05:05 Wow, so you're NOT going to tell me? LLLAaaaaaammmmmemememememee.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.23 05:11 Did you say "llamas?" Yes, it involved llamas too, how'd you know?
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.23 05:13 Teeeeelllll meeeeeeeeeeee.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.23 05:13 *smiles* No.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.23 05:14 Whhhhhyyy!!!???
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.23 05:16 Because I like torturing you.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.23 05:19 *Stares at him and sways a bit* In what context? Psychological warfare.. Thats not how that works, you gotta hit me where it hurts if you want to do that. Like, if you turned all the lights off I would freak.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.23 05:20 Or- or- told me I'm a piece of %^$& daughter and told me I am stupid and worthless, that'd work.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.23 05:20 You gotta step up your game, whoever you are.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.23 05:27 *chuckles* You think I'm REALLY trying to hurt you?
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.23 05:29 *Sways and almost falls over* Well, everyone else other than like, two people, have had it out for me for NOO reason and one of those two good people RIPPED OFF MY ARM.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.23 05:32 And I mean, only one person truly CARES for me. I never had a Mom who cared, you know. I mom who didn't show me off to the public because I'm SOO well behaved---
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.23 05:33 *Gets closer* But she never told them her methods... her methods of keeping me good. The secret was a shock collar. Just ONE button and whoosh! Behaved child!!
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.23 05:34 I mean, it SUCKED but like, the Dark Room was like... the worst. THE WOOOORSSST. I can't even TALK about it.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.23 05:34 You know?
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.23 05:37 Mmm hmm. *yawns*
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.23 05:39 Oh boy, and my dad was all like, weird. He would fight with my mom, and lock me in the Dark Room. Until he violently murdered my mom and almost got me too.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.23 05:39 It was WILD
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.23 05:39 Like, geez, didn't have to murder anyone.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.23 05:39 So now I hate blood.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.23 05:39 The end!
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.23 05:40 Cool.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.23 05:41 Thank you for letting me tell you all of this... It was kind of therapeutic. Honestly, I should see a therapist but uhhh, I am too busy for that. Pffft, haha.
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.23 05:41 I know you don't care, so Imma head out
12>Quinlynn (Scientist; a bby), 23yo.2020,Mar.23 05:41 *Falls over*
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.23 06:00 Okie dokie then.
3>Char (Panthean Heat God), Imrtlyo.2020,Mar.23 06:06 *looks at Litho**smiles, goes and gets the punch bowl, and dumps the punch on Litho*

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