" Star Wars The Next Generation "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 100 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Hey there! This a fun star wars roleplay that has different plots! Here are the rules.
1). No bad words
2). You can create your own characters, use them from the movies or other movies you enjoy!
3). The bad guys are Dark Helmet and Colonel Sandurz
4) There will be fun plots and serious ones! Just have fun!

1>Han Solo (Smuggler), 40yo.2015,Dec.22 19:20 (Some more rules that I forgot to mention are that each plot will be based on some of the Star War movies and will have the same scenes from them, but I would like them to be completely different also.)
1>Han Solo (Smuggler), 40yo.2015,Dec.22 19:21 (And please pick characters that you want to play and enjoy being!)
1>Han Solo (Smuggler), 40yo.2015,Dec.22 19:22 (First Plot will be this: Dark Helmet and Colonel Sandurz have been searching for a long time for the new Jedi that will be chosen at the end of this Roleplay. The Jedi will be training with Han Solo, Chewbacca, and a few others. The evil lord has some..
1>Han Solo (Smuggler), 40yo.2015,Dec.22 19:23 Evil tricks up his sleeve and will try to prevent the rebellion from training the Jedi and trying to capture them. Meanwhile, Leia was taken again captive by Jabba and Han and the new Jedi must save her.)
1>Han Solo (Smuggler), 40yo.2015,Dec.22 19:25 (This will start at the planet of Tatooine.)
13>Luke Skywalker (Farm Boy), 18yo.2015,Dec.23 20:30 I don't know much about Star Wars but I've watched a couple of episodes]
8>Kenzuki (Jedi), 15yo.2015,Dec.23 20:45 (Kenzuki is a girl who wants to be the new Jedi) (she have short, spikey, white hair and dark purple eyes)
8>Kenzuki (Jedi), 15yo.2015,Dec.23 20:50 (she lives in a beatiful hause in forest) (she is very active, she do perfect moves..)
2>R2-D2 (Astromech droid), ?yo.2015,Dec.28 18:56 *screams*
8>Kenzuki (Jedi), 15yo.2015,Dec.28 21:17 why does it scream?...
15>Rey (Scavenger), __yo.2015,Dec.30 02:38 (I'm going to play as Rey, from the newest Star Wars movie.)
2>R2-D2 (Astromech droid), ?yo.2015,Dec.30 07:37 (You know when R2 screams when he is in danger? I like when he screams.)
8>Kenzuki (Jedi), 15yo.2016,Jan.2 14:49 (k)
4>(Just saying) (Akofnhd), 1672yo.2016,Oct.19 00:35 I would like to just make a statement about the title of this RP.
4>(Just saying) (Akofnhd), 1672yo.2016,Oct.19 00:36 There is a Star Trek series called Star Trek: The Next Generation. I almost got confused on the title.
4>(Just saying) (Akofnhd), 1672yo.2016,Oct.19 00:36 Just sayin
9>Starlot (Jedi), 13yo.2018,Apr.27 19:30 By the way I just joined in
9>Starlot (Jedi), 13yo.2018,Apr.27 19:31 I don't really know the game
9>Starlot (Jedi), 13yo.2018,Apr.27 19:32 Can DROID be a jedidah as well
9>Starlot (Jedi), 13yo.2018,Apr.27 19:35 Sorry it was a mistake I meant jedi

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