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1>The Creator (making art), 8yo.2016,Mar.28 19:40 (BEFORE YOU PLAY YOU MUST READ BOTH DESCRIPTIONS!)
1>The Creator (making art), 8yo.2016,Mar.28 20:46 Who wants to be first to have a story or song or both?
7>Felicity (Girl), 11yo.2016,Mar.31 22:23 I didn't mean that in an offensive way! I was just stating my opinion! I'm sorry!
1>The Creator (making art), 8yo.2016,Apr.2 19:02 It's Ok. But I keep bumping into you on role play city because again, and I have said this 1,000 times, I am the McKeyla McAlister girl in the project mc2 roleplay
7>Felicity (Girl), 11yo.2016,Apr.10 22:07 I know you're the girl who made that RP! Click on your slot and you'll see why I know!
4>Becca (Holly Kyle), 13yo.2016,Apr.27 05:02  Rolling 6 sided dice... Result=3  hiii
4>Becca (Holly Kyle), 13yo.2016,Apr.27 05:03  Rolling 6 sided dice... Result=6  hiii
1>The Creator (making art), 8yo.2016,Apr.29 01:55 Hello everyone! Do you want a story or a song?
1>The Creator (making art), 8yo.2016,Apr.29 01:59 Here is a story of my French bulldog. Once upon a time... Oreo climbed the Luxor Obelisk when he went to Paris. He looked at it and thought, “I will be the first puppy to climb the Obelisk Mountain!” He had though it was a mountain. He was about to jump,
1>The Creator (making art), 8yo.2016,Apr.29 02:01 but then laid down with the sun on his back relaxing. Then, he went back to work! He jumped several times, but just couldn’t reach. He tried using his teeth, didn’t work. He tried using his claws, didn’t work. He snorted, “there is no way I can climb this
1>The Creator (making art), 8yo.2016,Apr.29 02:02 mountain!” He growled, but then looked at the gigantic nest on top, then at the motorcycle store. He prowled, “I think I have an idea” BOOM! He borrowed a red motorcycle (without paying for it) with orange flames on it. He was zooming all over Paris and
1>The Creator (making art), 8yo.2016,Apr.29 02:05 with his new doggy power-up; he created a ramp near the Obelisk Mountain. Seconds later, he zoomed up the Luxor Obelisk and landed on the birds’ nest, with the motorcycle still zooming off. But he didn’t know, that he was si
1>The Creator (making art), 8yo.2016,Apr.29 02:06 sitting in a VULTURES nest! Then almost instantly, he was… EATEN, but barfed out of the vultures mouth because his butt wasn’t tasty. When Oreo went to Paris, he climbed the Luxor Obelisk. The End!
1>The Creator (making art), 8yo.2016,Apr.29 03:14 sitting in a VULTURES nest! Then almost instantly, he was… EATEN, but barfed out of the vultures mouth because his butt wasn’t tasty. When Oreo went to Paris, he climbed the Luxor Obelisk. The End!
1>The Creator (making art), 8yo.2016,Apr.29 03:21 with his new doggy power-up; he created a ramp near the Obelisk Mountain. Seconds later, he zoomed up the Luxor Obelisk and landed on the birds’ nest, with the motorcycle still zooming off. But he didn’t know, that he was si
11>Cecilia (Story), 12yo.2016,May.7 14:51 Hello!
11>Cecilia (Story), 12yo.2016,May.7 14:55 Hello!
1>The Creator (making art), 8yo.2016,May.9 03:11 Hi!
1>The Creator (making art), 8yo.2016,May.9 03:12 But he didn't know he was sitting in a VULTURE's nest! Then he was eaten and barfed out of the vulture's nest! The end!
16>Lily (A bit of everything ), 15yo.2016,Jun.10 08:19 I don't see how anyone could hate this! It sounds like this will be fun! Awesome story by the way! I have a rap/song that I've been working on for The Winter Soldier, found an epic beat for it too! A Falcon one is in progress but I figured to it'd be a
16>Lily (A bit of everything ), 15yo.2016,Jun.10 08:20 A good first entry! Alright! Here we go!
16>Lily (A bit of everything ), 15yo.2016,Jun.10 08:20 Alright everybody! I'm here to share! It's a story of an assassin, So you best beware! Yeah, credited with multiple kills Known as The Winter Soldier A ghost of the past With a star on his shoulder! Born a good man From 1943 Until fallin off a train.
16>Lily (A bit of everything ), 15yo.2016,Jun.10 08:21 And losin' memory!Found with a lost arm, New bionics frozen in cyro When needed, unthaw him And it's a new mission, ready go! Now he's the killer And you better run. Not that it would do ya any good. When he gets out his gun. Eliminating targets. Left
16>Lily (A bit of everything ), 15yo.2016,Jun.10 08:22 and right. One shot, they're down. Can't catch him cause he takes flight. Caused the death of the Stark's. Cold as ice; deadly as fire. Report to the boss. Don't forget to say Hail Hydra! Back in black. He's the game thrower. No one can escape
16>Lily (A bit of everything ), 15yo.2016,Jun.10 08:23 The Winter Soldier. (Rap part stopped! Singing starts now!)
16>Lily (A bit of everything ), 15yo.2016,Jun.10 08:23 Longing, Rusted, Seventeen, Daybreak, Furnace, Nine, Benign, Homecoming, One, Freight Car. Ready to comply. Focus on the mission. It's who I am. I'm like a machine, Not really a man. I have to kill, It's what I'm told. Remake the century,
16>Lily (A bit of everything ), 15yo.2016,Jun.10 08:24 Shape the world. (The singing part ends here. Now back to the rapping!)
16>Lily (A bit of everything ), 15yo.2016,Jun.10 08:25 He has a mission. His new goal. Eliminate Shield's director. Raise the Winter Soldier's death toll. Fury now eliminated. Awaiting next mission. Target: Captain America Send the Winter Soldier in. Takes a fight, But the secrets out. A name forgotten
16>Lily (A bit of everything ), 15yo.2016,Jun.10 08:26 A man shouts Confused and amiss, The soldier pauses But not before a kick and a shot Now he's gone, and feeling nauseous. Now his story ain't over yet. "Mission report now" Winter Soldier's is silent but Hydra forces him to bow. "The man, who was he?
16>Lily (A bit of everything ), 15yo.2016,Jun.10 08:27 I knew him." They need to make him colder. "Wipe him and start over." Off with the mask since he's been revealed Fully rebooted Ready to kill Helicarriers up in the skies Gotta Keep Cap away. "How do we know the good guys from the bad guys?"(now sing!)
16>Lily (A bit of everything ), 15yo.2016,Jun.10 08:28 Kill, kill. The one word that rings. I have to stop them. Before they ruin everything. Hydra mustn't fall. It's what they say Now into the helicarrier I go. I can't delay. The Target thinks he can talk me down. Does he even know any fear?
16>Lily (A bit of everything ), 15yo.2016,Jun.10 08:28 even though I'm silent, It's plain that the answer is clear. (Rapping activate!)
16>Lily (A bit of everything ), 15yo.2016,Jun.10 08:29 Two down, one to go. Last one brings a confrontation. A stare down then fight. Now the Winter Soldiers other arm's broken. They both fought hard. Chip locked in place. Winter Soldier tackles Rogers Punches him in the face Cap refuses to fight
16>Lily (A bit of everything ), 15yo.2016,Jun.10 08:30 They're runnin out of time "YOU'RE MY MISSION!" "Finish it, I'm with you till the end of the line." Recognition kicks in but it's too late As the memories flash Everything goes down Helicarriers crash, Cap's falling and waters flex
16>Lily (A bit of everything ), 15yo.2016,Jun.10 08:30 There's Explosions and debris Winter Soldier trying to figure out what to do next. It seems to be the end of the tale told But it's not due to a brother of old. Death doesn't come for Steve Who is saved and kept from harm. The rescuer walks away.
16>Lily (A bit of everything ), 15yo.2016,Jun.10 08:32 His new mission? Go back to being Bucky Barnes. (Aaaaand the rapping ends, it's time for the final singing part!)
16>Lily (A bit of everything ), 15yo.2016,Jun.10 08:34 Just who am I? I don't know. I've got nowhere to turn Nowhere to go. Gotta distance myself Away from this man. Now to disappear and find out Who exactly I am. (That's it! It took me ages to come up with the lyrics to rhyme, so, copyright I guess? Lol!:))
1>The Creator (making art), 8yo.2016,Jul.5 23:58 WOW! That was amazing! here's a song I've been working on!
1>The Creator (making art), 8yo.2016,Jul.6 00:05 Rain drops, time stops, like we're frozen. You drop, we stop, I was chosen. I'm wondering if anyone will notice me
1>The Creator (making art), 8yo.2016,Jul.6 03:16 I wondering if anyone is gonna see... That we've been over this a thousand times! We could commit a thousand crimes!
1>The Creator (making art), 8yo.2016,Jul.6 03:16 We've been over this a thousand times.
1>The Creator (making art), 8yo.2016,Jul.6 03:16 (That's ll
1>The Creator (making art), 8yo.2016,Jul.6 03:17 (I mean that's all!)
1>The Creator (making art), 8yo.2016,Jul.6 03:17 I'm still working on it though
20>Asha (Joyful), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 17:36 Hi this is a poem I wrote in fourth grade...
20>Asha (Joyful), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 17:37 It's called THE FAIRY
20>Asha (Joyful), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 17:37 At midnight she awakes from her bud,
20>Asha (Joyful), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 17:37 And flies until she finds her destination.
20>Asha (Joyful), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 17:38 A single move,and she litters sparkles everywhere,
20>Asha (Joyful), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 17:39 With no care she flies on.
20>Asha (Joyful), 10yo.2016,Jul.31 17:39
5>Sky (harmless school girl), 18yo.2016,Aug.13 01:47 Hello, you guys are good. May I join?
1>The Creator (making art), 8yo.2016,Sep.24 14:32 Sorry! Yes you may join!
20>Asha (Joyful), 10yo.2016,Sep.25 15:49 I added to the poem
20>Asha (Joyful), 10yo.2016,Sep.25 15:50 Her dark tresses enframing her face,
20>Asha (Joyful), 10yo.2016,Sep.25 15:50 Her sweet face in view,
20>Asha (Joyful), 10yo.2016,Sep.25 15:50 A single word,and you hear,a soft tinker bell sound.
20>Asha (Joyful), 10yo.2016,Sep.25 19:11 She rests on top of
1>The Creator (making art), 8yo.2016,Sep.27 00:00 Nice poem. I just got mad and made a song of how mad I am! And weirdly, it sounds awesome!
5>Sky (harmless school girl), 18yo.2016,Oct.3 03:14 Thanks.
5>Sky (harmless school girl), 18yo.2016,Oct.3 03:18 Could you please delete my slot. I wont be on.
1>The Creator (making art), 8yo.2016,Oct.30 00:04 Sure.
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:20 Here's a Haiku I wrote:
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:22 Those who live near war,
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:22 Must sacrifice everything
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:23 Still, they stay hopeful
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:25 I also wrote this story:
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:26 Katherine bolted upright in her bed. Her head spun. The air was colder than normal. A lot colder. She took a deep breath in. The air almost froze her throat. Her Grandma had died not too long ago. She was having a horrible nightmare that moment.
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:27 The moment her Grandma whispered in her ear, at the hospital,
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:27 “I love you.” Then suddenly, Kat heard a loud beep, and she woke up. Her alarm that was set for six in the morning went off. A noise came from outside her window. She moved towards the noise.
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:28 When she opened the window, she squinted. It was very bright out. When her eyes finally adjusted, she saw white snowflakes, all bunched up together, blanketing the entire backyard. Then she saw it. It was red as blood. A red crayon mark on the white paper
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:28 The bird was her Grandma. Katherine stared at the bird, as if it would become human and be with her. Her Grandma would always be with her.
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:29 “Hi, Grandma,” Katherine exclaimed, softly so she didn’t wake up her parents, or scare away the cardinal. She smiled. “I miss you.” The bird turned it’s head toward her, as if it could understand Kathrine. Kat was so happy, she could have cried.
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:29 Just then the door of Kat’s bedroom opened, and the hallway light came flooding in, revealing the Ariana Grande posters all over Kat’s worn out pink wallpaper, covering the room.
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:30 The light must have been too bright, because the bird chirped loud enough to wake up the house, except it didn’t, flapped its wings, hard, silencing Kat, and took off, as easily as an airplane taking off at a runway. A tear dropped down Katherine's face.
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:30 “What's wrong, Kat?” Kat’s mother looked right into Kat’s eyes. Kat thought of the bird’s eyes. They were like small beads. They were black, too, the same color as hers. Kat got that from her Grandma.
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:31 “The bird.” Katherine's comment made Kat’s mom look at her like she had two heads. Kat noticed her mom’s confusion, and she changed what she was saying. “Grandma-” Kat had that I-have-a-lot-to-say-but-I-can’t kind of feeling right then.
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:31 She started to feel dizzy. She fell right into her mother's arms, who then wrapped he in a tight hug. Her mother’s skin was warm. Kat let her tears wet her mother’s silky pajama sleeves. Then Kat’s hair felt wet.
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:31 She looked up, only to see the light glistening on her mom’s face. A large drop of water fell off the tip on Katherine's mother’s chin.
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:32 Kat was sad, but she still felt the edges of her lips move upward. They formed a slight smile. Her mother understood. Kat wasn’t crazy for crying over this. Still, tears ran down her face, and soon, she was frowning again.
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:33 Kat’s mom pulled away from the hug. She wiped a tear from her face, and finally, she talked.
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:34 “Well, school was cancelled.” She had a habit of changing the subject. This time, though, Katherine knew why. Her mother changed it because she had the same stomach ache feeling as Kat, and wanted it to stop. Katherine just went with it.
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:34 “Snow day!” Kat didn’t care about letting her father sleep. Not then. Then, she didn’t care about anything. But she did care about the snow day. Every snow day she had spent with her Grandma. Every single one.
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:35 No wonder she saw the cardinal while it was snowing. She put on her clothes, gloves, snow pants and jacket. Her hat was a bit lopsided, and made her brown hair a little frizzy.
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:36 Later, after a long day of snowball fights, sledding, snow angels, and those sort of things, Kat went back upstairs to her room. Her hair was practically frozen, and looked a lot shorter than it was, if that was possible, without being bald.
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:36 She plopped down onto her bed. It felt cold inside, which made Kat shiver. She looked around. Her window was wide open. She groaned and walked towards the window.
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:36 That’s when she saw it. It was so startling, so surprising, Kat’s heart almost stopped. She moved slower towards the window.
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:37 “Hello again, Grandma.” She smiled. Her mom opened the door, just to check in. The bird stayed. Kat’s mom came over.
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:37 “Do you know who that is?” Kat’s mom said it like a teacher giving a quiz. She didn’t give time for Katherine to answer. “That is your Grandma.” She smiled, and they hugged. This time, the subject wouldn’t change for a while.
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:38 They both knew that. They also knew that the cardinal would watch over the family for a long, long time. That was because you don’t have to be sad about things that are gone, you just have to remember them.
9>Lindsey (Me), 12yo.2018,Jun.11 03:39 I apologise for taking up so much room. Also, I wrote this a while ago.

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