" Summer in the City "
This game is destined to players of 8 to 17 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

It's finally the Summer Holidays, and everybody's having fun out of school. But a group of kids have been told that they were chosen to solve the mystery of the Missing Diamond, which means they must sacrafice their holidays for work. But it's not like real work. It'll give these kids a chance to show off some skills, and be famous.

1>Inky (Girl), 10yo.2016,Sep.19 06:46 (Upon arrival, please describe your character. Thanks!)
13>Chrissy (Inky's Mum), 32yo.2016,Sep.19 06:48 *spreads out a tablecloth and drizzles pancakes with jam* Inky? Here's your brekkie! I have to go to the site of the case.
1>Inky (Girl), 10yo.2016,Sep.19 06:50 *runs to Chrissy* Right Mum.. Thanks. Can I come too?
1>Inky (Girl), 10yo.2016,Sep.19 06:51  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=72  
13>Chrissy (Inky's Mum), 32yo.2016,Sep.19 06:52 *flips through magazine before slamming it shut* Sorry hon. But it's adult's work.
3>Glossy (Tourist's daughter ), 13yo.2016,Sep.22 02:30  Buying Rasins (x 4)  *eats rasins*
16>Matt (Boy), 10yo.2016,Sep.22 02:35 What's the big case, Mum?
11>Linda (Matt's mother), 36yo.2016,Sep.22 02:36 I have no clue.
11>Linda (Matt's mother), 36yo.2016,Sep.22 02:37  Buying Coat (beige) (x 1)  I am not a police.
7>Luke (Boy), 9yo.2016,Sep.22 02:40 *goes to museum*
1>Inky (Girl), 10yo.2016,Sep.24 01:30 *waves to Chrissy as she leaves and runs to the Museum* So here's the deal, Luke?
2>Jeanie (Inky's best friend), 10yo.2016,Sep.29 02:42 *runs into museum*!Im herenim here!Sorry I'm late ainky!
2>Jeanie (Inky's best friend), 10yo.2016,Sep.29 02:45 [jeanie has light brown skin,but length cheese coloured blonde hair and hazel eyes that actually glow in the dark]
12>Mal (Camper), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 03:42  Buying Cat (x 1)  Hey um, can I buy this cute cat? I'm off summer camp for 2 weeks. I wanna surprise my mom and family!
12>Mal (Camper), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 03:43 [also Mal as brown curly hair brown eyes and caramel skin lol. She is very sweet and loves everything]
12>Mal (Camper), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 03:44  Secret message to Matt  
5>Violent (camper ), 11yo.2017,Mar.5 21:08 I think I would have to buy some soda.
5>Violent (camper ), 11yo.2017,Mar.5 21:08  Buying Soda (x 1)  
5>Violent (camper ), 11yo.2017,Mar.5 21:10 This is refreshing! I felt like I've been running a 100miles.
5>Violent (camper ), 11yo.2017,Mar.5 21:12 *wipes sweat of her face.
5>Violent (camper ), 11yo.2017,Mar.5 21:13  Secret message to Mal  
5>Violent (camper ), 11yo.2017,Mar.5 21:15 I hope we could be friends, Mal.
5>Violent (camper ), 11yo.2017,Mar.5 21:17 *Walks to the museum *
5>Violent (camper ), 11yo.2017,Mar.5 21:19 Oh Hi Jeanie! It's been a while!
5>Violent (camper ), 11yo.2017,Mar.5 22:15  Secret message to Mal  
5>Violent (camper ), 11yo.2017,Mar.8 00:11 Stephanie (blonde hair with blue eyes, likes to wear skinny jeans. )
5>Violent (camper ), 11yo.2017,Mar.8 00:13 I'm really sorry I din't describe my self at first.

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