" Teen Titans-The New Titan "
This game is destined to players of 13 to 18 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

One day, the awesome superhero group known as the Teen Titans were given a call. They found out a person created in a science lab called Experiment 5 had escaped the lab and was attempting to live a free life. The Titans helped the lab recapture Experiment 5, but eventually they grew fond of her and adopted her into the team. Experiment 5 was renamed Violet, and ever since Violet has been a loyal Teen Titan.
However, arch enemy Slade has taken a great interest in Violet, and now she could be one of his main targets...
Meanwhile, Violet soon begins to learn about her real identity and finds out that she wasn't created in a lab and is actually a mutated human. She also finds out that she and her own personal rival, Slade, are deeply connected. Can Violet, the New Teen Titan, truly prove that she is a hero?


1.No bad-minded messages.
2.No powerplaying.
3.You must come on at least once a week unless the Game Master says otherwise.
4.You must have seen the show Teen Titans to join.

7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 04:23 *quickly pretends he wasn't afraid at all**smiles evilly and viciously at Violet*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 04:25 *Violet struggles, but he manages to hold her down pretty well*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.1 04:25 Hey!! What the...Cyborg!?
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.1 04:26  Using Blow  *tries to twist and kick him*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.1 04:26  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=74  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 04:27  Using Blow  *resists*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 04:27  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=27  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 04:27 *Violet won, but he catches her when she tries to escape*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.1 04:27 *manages to break free, but MG grabs her again a moment later*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.1 04:28 [Forgot to refill Health. I won't deduct Health there since I mainly Used a Blow just now to see if Violet could resist MG for a moment.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.1 04:28   + 100 Health/Energy points to Violet  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.1 04:28   + 20 Health/Energy points to Robin  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.1 04:28   + 60 Health/Energy points to Beast Boy  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.1 04:28   + 20 Health/Energy points to Slade  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.1 04:29   + 20 Health/Energy points to Raven  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.1 04:29   + 40 Health/Energy points to Cyborg  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.1 04:29   + 40 Health/Energy points to Starfire  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.1 04:29 [Done!]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.1 04:29 *tries to escape again, but she is reluctant to fight him and a couple seconds later she is hoisted over his shoulder*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 04:30 *laughs* Let's carry this puny Purple Girl home! *jumps off the dumpster and starts walking alongside MG*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 04:31 *heads off, lair bound*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.1 04:32 *continues to resist, but in her current position it's much harder to try to break free*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.1 04:32 *feels like Bystrouska from The Cunning Little Vixen XD*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.1 04:32 Cyborg, you have to stop this madness!! I'm your friend - the Titans are your friends!
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 04:34 *mutters:* That was a long time ago. *isn't in the mood with shenanigans*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 04:35 *for
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.1 04:35 And take off those goggles and put down that hood - you don't need them. You're fine the way you are!
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 04:35 Just SHUDDAP!!
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 04:35 *they arrive at his "lair"*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 04:36 [Dr. Evil: *doing air quotes* "Lair".]
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 04:36 [In case you can't remember, Dr. Evil from the Austin Powers movies was famous for doing air quotes with his fingers. There's a buttload of hilarious memes with him doing air quotes.]
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 04:37 [One of my favorites shows a McDonald's ad saying: "100% real beef." Then it shows Dr. Evil, who is like: *doing air quotes* "BEEF"...]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 04:38 (Hahaha, that's hilarious!)
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 04:39 (Double air quotes because of their false depictions of burger patties in commercials and stuff.)
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 04:39 [Yeah!! You can look them up on Google Images if you want. I love reading those sort of jokes, and I do them myself sometimes!]
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 04:40 [Just looked up a couple more...there's one where it shows a place covered in snow, and it says: Spring break next week! *Dr. Evil doing air quotes is shown* "SPRING"]
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 04:41 [X'D There's one I just found that is SO TRUE! It shows the Fox News logo and then...you guessed it: Dr. Evil: "NEWS"]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 04:42 (Haha, that is pretty true. I saw one that was like, "can I have a '10 minute break'?")
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 04:43 [Another good one: Dr. Evil: Can I get a "10 minute" break?]
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 04:43 [Holy crap!! JINX!!]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 04:44 (Literally the ultimate jinx!)
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 04:44 [Yeah!!]
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 04:46 [Dr. Evil: Oh, so you have "swag"]
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 04:46 [Kinda funny...I keep hearing about how great people have "swag." What the heck IS swag, anyway? :/]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 04:47 (Why are all of these so true? It's amusing.)
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 04:47 (To be honest, I have no clue... it's kind of hard to define.)
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 04:48 (I mean, there's a definition and all, but these days, people just throw it around really lightly.)
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 04:50 [Oh my freaking god. I saw one that shows Putin doing air quotes and then Dr. Evil doing air quotes.]
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 04:50 [Do you sense the connection too?!!]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 04:51 (I do.)
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 04:51 (Really, they kind of LOOK the same... kind of.)
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 04:52 [Yeah... X'D]
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 04:52 [I saw another true one: *a guy is shown* (So-and-so) from Dancing with the Stars. Dr. Evil: "Stars"]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 04:53 (Man, these air quote memes just start becoming more of a scream every time.)
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 04:54 [Yeah!! XD]
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 04:55 [OK, let's RP again. The memes are being too distracting and I'm afraid we'll laugh ourselves until we faint from lack of air.]
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 04:55 *laugh until
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 04:58 *they head down into his basement**Violet is put down**turns to face her and says epicly and creepily:* Welcome, Violet...to my lair.
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 04:59 [BTW, I'll probably be able to stay on until 11:30 or 11:45 your time, so hopefully you'll be able to stay on until then too!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.1 04:59 *Dr. Evil makes a special appearance, popping up out of nowhere*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.1 04:59 Dr. Evil: *does air quotes* "Lair."
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 05:00 What the FLAPJACKS?!!! OH, COME ON!!!! *Dr. Evil vanishes*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 05:00 >__________<
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 05:00 (Sorry Paige) MG: Are you oka- SN: JUSTPUTHERINTHECELL.
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 05:00 (Ok, great!)
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 05:01 *roughly shoves Violet into one of the "cells"*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:02 *stumbles back into an area in a corner surrounded by bars**MG closes the door of the "cell" (*cue Dr. Evil meme*) and, upon locking it, it hums as if it is electrified*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 05:03 *hears the hum* Ahh...the sweet sound of anti-power material being activated. Don't try to blast your way out, Purple Girl. It won't work.
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 05:05 *note that MG took her tracker away from her and disabled it before putting her in the cell* [Forgot to include that part...sorry... :P]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 05:05 *meanwhile drags a stool and a couple of various tools over to the cell*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 05:05 (It's fine!)
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 05:05 *sits down at his desk and types away on his computer*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:06 *sits down on a (*cue Dr. Evil again*) "bed" near the bars of the cell and sighs*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 05:07 *takes a seat, pulling his blaster out* *picks up some tools and dabbles around with the blaster for a while*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:09 *looks at MG, thinking about what she can do next**decides to try to talk to him again*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:09 Hey, um...Cyborg...or Mega Geek...
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:09 I know you've changed a lot, but...what caused you to change?
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 05:11 *looks up at her* Well, I dunno. Maybe I needed a change. *focuses hard on his blaster*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:13 Are you sure you needed a change?
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:13 I mean, you were happy. All of the Titans were happy. Until Super Nerd came along and...something happened.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:14 What IS that something? I can help you. I can save you. You just need to let me.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:17 [Maha? XD]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 05:19 (Sorry for disappearing there.)
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 05:19 Just... just leave me alone, okay?! I don't need your help. You're a prisoner, so be quiet and stay quiet.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:20 *sighs* Okay. *knows he figured out what she was trying to do**lays back on her bed*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:21 ~MEANWHILE...~ *they are brainstorming and coming up with ideas on where Violet went off to* [Note: The reason Vi left was to go to Cy and try to turn him good, of course. Feel free to improvise and have your characters make suggestions before finally
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:21 having BB figure it all out.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:22 She goes on walks sometimes. Maybe she did that and she was attacked by a villain? *one of the other Titans points out that if a villain was attacking in some way, she would have contacted them, the alarms may have gone off, or both*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:22 True... *thinks some more**is pretty stumped*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.1 05:24 *remembers talking with Violet about Cyborg just days ago... and Cyborg just revealed himself as SN's sidekick not long before that*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.1 05:24 I think I might know where she is.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:25 [They had their chat earlier on this same day (RP time) BTW. You must be confusing things with real time. But that's OK!]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:25 *Robin, Starfire, and she look at BB with interest*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:26 *suddenly frowns* Please...don't let it have anything to do with laser sharks or tsunamis.
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.1 05:29 Uhhhh... does Super Nerd count? *raises an eyebrow, feeling hesitant about his response*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:30 *she and the other two think for a moment and then nod*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:35 [Still here?]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:36 Seems legitimate. But the real question is, how do we get her? Super Nerd may seem stupid, but he's actually really cunning.
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.1 05:39 Welllll.... *is at a loss for an answer*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:40 *suddenly flies to the computer**presses some keys, and a big screen comes up* The computer records history of where we have been through our trackers.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:41 If Super Nerd didn't turn off her tracker before he took her to wherever his hideout is, then she led us straight to him.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:41 *a line has been drawn on a map on the computer screen, signifying where Vi has been* Her tracker is currently disabled, but it wasn't disabled before she was taken to this location. *points at a house in the suburbs*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:42 *the rest of the Titans gather around**most of them focus on the location Rae pointed to, but Robin notices something else...which is that the line leads at first in the direction of Slade's lair, disappears (as if the tracker was disabled), and then
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:43 reappears in an alley not too far away from Slade's lair*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:45 *leans further, checking his previous analyzations*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.1 05:45   + 5 Cleverness points to Beast Boy  
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:45 *forward
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.1 05:45   + 2 Cleverness points to Raven  
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:46 *the rest of the Titans haven't noticed what Robin has and are looking at him expectantly, as if waiting for him to signal that they should go to the house in the suburbs*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:49 *Robin indeed says "Titans, GO!" and they head out*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:49 *turns to the Titans* TITANS, GO!
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 05:50 *is meanwhile constructing yet another improved blaster for Mega Geek**then an air horn (SN's ultra cheap alarm) sounds in MG's face out of nowhere*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.1 05:51 [gtg! *offline* I'll see you tomorrow, around the fixed times! I'm going to have a very busy day tomorrow, so I may be late. I'll try my best to get on in time, though. Continue the storyline if you want! :)]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.1 05:51 (Ok, see you!)
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 05:53 *jumps back, having had a scare* *unfortunately, his stool knocks into a ceiling-high shelf* *cardboard boxes plummet to the ground, along with candy/chip bags and wrappers, sheets of loose leaf, various encyclopedias, and other crap*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 05:54 *lets out a scream of annoyance* *has to swim his way out of the crap, throwing a Nerf gun aside*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.1 05:54 (By the way... "alarm system".)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.2 04:12 [I'm on!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.2 04:12 [>XD You just couldn't help it, could you?]
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.2 04:17 *jumps to his feet and grabs some blasters* INTRUDERS!!
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.2 04:19 (Hi!)
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.2 04:20 [XD Found another classic Dr. Evil meme just now: *Edward and Bella from Twilight are shown* Dr. Evil: "LOVE STORY"]
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.2 04:20 [Hey!]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 04:21 (Oh, that one's already an instant classic.)
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.2 04:21 [Yeah!!]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 04:21 *breaks the basement door down, looking enraged*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.2 04:21 [Oh, and the Austin Powers "I also like to live dangerously" memes are often good too.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 04:24 *she, Robin, Starfire, and BB come down into the basement*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 04:25 [BTW, I Dr. Evil-ed one of my friends today. It was like: My Friend: I'll be ready in 10 minutes. Me: *air quotes* "10 minutes." >:D
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 04:26 *]
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.2 04:26 How the heck did you find my lair?!?!
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 04:29 (Hahaha!)
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 04:29 Well, for starters, your LAIR isn't very SECRET.
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.2 04:30 [I might disappear. My Internet connection isn't behaving.]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 04:31 (Ok.)
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 04:32 AND your "lair" isn't exactly a lair.
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.2 04:32 *remembers the moment with Dr. Evil**has a great sense of deja vu*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.2 04:35 *sees what's going on and stands up* *slowly makes his way to SN's side*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.2 04:36 *rushes to the bars around her cell**tries to clutch them or reach through them, but the bars sting her, preventing her from getting past them, touching them, and using her powers beyond them*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 04:37 *she and her comrades attack*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.2 04:38 *sees Violet signaling for help* *not too long before that, he spotted some keys on the wall* *goes over to fetch them*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 04:39 [This is another freestyle battle. In fact, feel free to improvise everything here if you wish; the only thing you're required to do is that, after some fighting, Robin and BB will have to work together to get the keys that will unlock Vi's cell.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 04:39  Using Blow  *eyes glowing, she uses telekinesis to launch some boxes at SN*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 04:40  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=33  [Note: Since no one will be knocked out, Health points will not be deducted.]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.2 04:40 *sees BB running towards the keys* *is in hot pursuit shortly after he sees this*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 04:44  Using Blow  *throws a Birdarang towards MG to distract him*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 04:44  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=59  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.2 04:45  Using Blow  *turns around and tries to fight Robin*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.2 04:45  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=43  
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.2 04:45  Using Blow  
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.2 04:45  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=6  
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.2 04:46  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=87  
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 04:46 *is blasted back*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.2 04:47   + 1 Agility points to Super Nerd  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.2 04:47   + 1 Agility points to Robin  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.2 04:47 *got caught up in a little altercation with Robin*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.2 04:52 *BB manages to get hold of the keys*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.2 04:53 *is freed**nods thankfully to BB and turns towards SN and MG, eyes glowing**the two baddies find themselves surrounded*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.2 04:53 *takes out and activates his one and only...
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.2 04:53 ...fart bomb*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.2 04:54 *quickly gives MG a gas mask**puts on a gas mask himself **the Titans begin to choke and gag*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.2 04:55 *runs towards BB just before the fart bomb is set off* *successfully throws him to the ground*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 04:55 *coughs as a green gas cloud forms* Can't...see!!
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.2 04:55 *loses the keys in mid-fall due to MG's blow and the gas clouds*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 04:57 *might be able to see somewhat clearly, thanks to his mask* *witnesses BB being confronted* *dives into the gas cloud in order to retrieve the keys*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 04:58 [Violet was already freed.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 04:59 [The keys don't matter anymore.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 04:59 [However, feel free to include the part where MG throws down BB anyway.]\
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 04:59 *]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:04 (Ok. Sorry.)
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:04 [It's fine!]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:05 Titans!! *hacks and coughs excessively* O-out!
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:09 *the Teen Titans escape*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:09 *flies out alongside Starfire, and Violet grabs BB, helps him get up, and escapes with him**Robin leads the way out*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:10 *they run/fly towards the Tower, just grateful to be out of SN's lair and to have Vi back*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:10 [A synopsis continued...]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:11 [Back in SN's lair, there is another funny argument between SN and his fat mom before SN takes MG down a secret trap door, down some stairs, and into him a GIANT underground room.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:12 [SN shows Mega Geek his new suit - one that he has been working on for a VERYYY long time. On the outside, it is shaped and looks exactly like Cyborg, except it is black and all of the lines/outlines glow light blue.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:13 [It is taller than the Tower itself. Super Nerd tells MG that he will have MG get in this suit and MG will be able to defeat the Titans once and for all with it, but first SN has to do some so-called "hardware updates" on MG's system.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:18 [They go back upstairs, and Mega Geek lays down on a table. About an hour later, his original blasters are installed again; MG asks why he can't keep the orange blasters, but SN states that with MG's new suit, he won't need his new blasters anymore.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:19 [SN suddenly begins tampering with the cybernetics on MG'
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:19 *MG's head. MG asks what he is doing, and SN states that he's just doing some software updates. MG seems hesitant and reluctant to let SN do this, for he senses that something just isn't right, but he continues to lie still anyway.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:20 [SN takes out the chip in the back of MG's head, puts new software on it, and plugs it in before MG's old self can return. Mega Geek gasps, suddenly feeling all his emotions and willpower being drained out of him...]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:22 [The next morning, the Titans are in the Tower, doing their normal stuff. Violet is gazing out the window when a distant boom shakes the city - including the Tower. The alarm sounds and Robin rushes to the computer and states that there have been many
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:22 giant explosions in the middle of the city.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:23 [They spring into action and rush to the scene of the crime to see Mega Geek in his GIGANTIC suit. The Titans are in complete shock at the devastation MG's blasts have caused and at the size of MG himself.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:24 [A bus full of innocent people screeches to a stop nearby just as MG looks down at them and blasts them with a GIANT laser beam. The Titans BARELY dodge and the bus is incinerated.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:24 [MG begins to advance towards them, nearly crushing them with his giant feet. Knowing that they'll have to retreat to avoid getting destroyed themselves, Robin urges the Titans to run. Violet splits away from the group, despite Robin's yells of protest,
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:25 and gets in the bus. BB runs after her and helps her rescue the only survivor - a little girl - just before MG's foot crushes the bus.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:26 [Violet urges the others to run while she'll take the girl back to her home. All of the Titans obey except BB, who decides to stay behind and distract the gigantic MG.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:27 [Violet runs away while BB transforms into various animals, flying, hopping, and running around MG, barely dodging his blows. At one point, while BB is flying, MG swipes BB out of the air with a wave of his giant arm. BB falls down onto the roof of a
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:28 nearby building and is rendered unconscious from the drop. MG is about to blast him when Starfire arrives, launching Starbolts at him; Raven and Robin join in on the fray, but all three Titans are also quickly defeated.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:29 [Violet, guided by the little girl, carries the girl back to her apartment. However, MG, who has gone in search of Vi after knocking out all the Titans, rips the wall off of the side of the apartment building, exposing Vi and the girl.]\
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:29 *]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:29 (I'm going to have to go now. See you!)
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:30 [Vi gets the girl to flee and then rides a forcefield disc around and away from MG in order to distract and then escape him. A chase ensues where MG tries to defeat Vi while Violet rides her forcefield disc and tries to escape.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:30 [Aw, bye!]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:37 [BB meanwhile wakes up and sees Mega Geek towering over some buildings not too far away. He flies to Vi's aid, turns human again, and rides with her on her forcefield; they discuss what to do next while dodging MG's mighty blows.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:38 [They decide that while BB distracts MG on the outside, Violet will break inside the giant suit and reach the real MG in order to try to get him to turn good again.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:39 [They put their plan into action; Violet breaks into Mega Geek's shoulder and goes up a ladder into his giant head while BB flies and races around him.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:42 [Violet finds MG/Cyborg on a giant platform in the middle of his suit's head. He is seemingly asleep standing up, his back and arms connected to countless wires that connect to a big computer in the ceiling.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:43 [SN's face appears on some TV screens on the walls of the room; he taunts Violet and tries to discourage her, but she only becomes more determined to redeem Mega Geek. She disconnects all the wires from him and Super Nerd turns off the TV screens, ending
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:44 his conversation with her. Mega Geek opens his eyes and looks grim and serious; Violet talks to him, but he remains completely silent. She says "Cyborg...?"]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.2 05:44 [And that's when Mega Geek throws a powerful punch at her. Could his true self be gone forever? Stay tuned...]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.3 04:19 [I'm here! Sorry I'm a bit late. I was watching Skyfall again.]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.3 04:20 (Hi!)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.3 04:28 [Hey!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.3 04:28 [Sorry about the slow reply. RPing?]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.3 04:28 (Yeah.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.3 04:29 [BTW, I found another good Dr. Evil meme: Dr. Evil: AMERICANS SPEAK *air quotes* "ENGLISH"]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.3 04:29 [Anyway, RPing! XD]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.3 04:31 (Oh, that's a great one!!)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.3 04:32 [Yeah...want REAL English? Go to Britain. Want "English?" Go to the USA. XD]
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.3 04:33 ~MEANWHILE...~ SN's Fat Mom (AKA SNFM): WHAT'S THAT SMELL?? HAVE YOU BEEN EATING AT THAT MEXICAN RESTAURANT AGAIN?!!!
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.3 04:34 *yells up to his mom:* >__< NO MOM!!! IT'S...uh...ONE OF MY INVENTIONS!!! I SORT OF MESSED UP!!!!
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.3 04:35 SNFM: WELL, THIS SMELL HAD BETTER GO AWAY SOON!!! IT REMINDS ME OF THE TIME WHEN YOUR FATHER ATE THAT PICKLED EGG... Super Nerd: O___O' *turns pale at the thought of that*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.3 04:35 *sees MG openly smirking* Ugh...WHAT'RE YOU LOOKIN' AT?!!!
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.3 04:38 *sighs* Just follow me...I have something to show you.
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.3 04:38 *follows SN*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.3 04:46 *takes him down into the giant secret underground chamber, where MG sees his GIGANTIC suit*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.3 04:46 Tomorrow you'll get inside this giant robot - or suit - that I based on you and take it to Titans Tower, where you can annihilate your former "friends" and then we'll be free to do whatever we want.
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.3 04:47 But first, I need to...update your system.
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.3 04:49 *follows SN back upstairs*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.3 04:51 *gets MG to lay on a table* ~ONE HOUR LATER...~ *his original blasters are back in place, and he has taken off the orange hoodie, goggles, etc. - he now wears a black bodysuit with glowing cyan crack-like markings all over it (the bodysuit matches the
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.3 04:52 gigantic suit/robot downstairs)*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.3 04:56 *suddenly begins to tamper with the cybernetics on MG's head*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.3 04:57 Uhh... what are you doing?
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.3 04:59 Just a couple software updates to enhance the way you think.
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.3 05:03 *takes out the chip with "SN" engraved on it and walks over to his computer**plugs it into his computer and puts some new programs on the chip*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.3 05:03 *remembers the chip SN sent him through the mail and starts feeling a little wary* *shrugs the feeling off and just lets SN go along with it*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.3 05:06 *a minute later he plugs the chip back into MG's head; there are programs on it that take away MG's independence and emotions and basically allow SN to control him*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.3 05:09 ~THE NEXT MORNING...~
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.3 05:10 *lets out a gasp as all of the emotions he thought he was capable of controlling slowly fade away*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.3 05:10 *though Cy isn't there, it's a normal morning at Titans Tower**stares out the window while the others do their normal stuff*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.3 05:10 *is seen knitting in the background*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.3 05:13 [Sorry about my slow replies; Caprial and Lauren are on. You can help continue the storyline if you want; having me continue it all by myself is a bit boring.]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.3 05:14 *is looking through the fridge for something, when a sudden boom shakes the Tower* *the fridge's contents spill out, and the alarm blares at the same time* *the situation is the definition of chaos*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.3 05:15 *dashes to the computer, nearly tripping over an apple* *scans the screen quickly* There have been numerous explosions across the city. *sounds factual yet urgent*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.3 05:17 *floats over, dropping her knitting needles**looks at the computer grimly*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.3 05:17 This is serious.
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.3 05:17 Titans, GO!
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.3 05:18 *for a moment she glimpses a giant figure stomping through the city at a distance through the buildings; then it is out of sight again*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.3 05:18 *doesn't even waste time getting there*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.3 05:18 *turns, creates a forcefield disc, and jumps onto it*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.3 05:18 *they arrive at one of the areas that received major damage*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.3 05:19 *the area is gruesome; what was once a normal street has been reduced to a crater*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.3 05:20 *can hardly believe the damage* *stands there for awhile, unsure of what to do*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.3 05:21 *spots MG marching around in the vincinity* *is shocked*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.3 05:21 *floats above the others, taking it all in*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.3 05:22 *eyes a bus that had been flipped over* *robotically aims his blaster at it, and a laser beam forms, taking a couple of seconds to launch itself at the bus*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.3 05:23 *there is a bright orange flash, and what was once the bus is now a pile of ash*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.3 05:23 (I have to go now, bye!)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.3 05:24 [Aw, bye!]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.3 05:25 [Note: All the laser beams MG emits are now blue again. Sorry for not informing you earlier.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.3 05:26 *she and Raven had to combine forces to create a forcefield strong enough to withstand the blast, even though the blast wasn't even aimed at them*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.4 04:23 [I'm on!]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.4 04:23 (Hi!)
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.4 04:24 [Sorry I'm late. I got carried away writing the Violet vs. Robin story...I'm almost done with the story (I'm going to do the drawing next, of course), but my freakin' word processor program was misbehaving. >_< ]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.4 04:24 [I was like: *clicks "Save" button* Program: *dumb face* Sorry, can't do that, error, uh, can't save that, sorry... *drools all over itself* Me: >____< ]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.4 04:25 [I should just stick with Geany (which is an integrated development environment; it can also be used for making text files. However, for the story I've been using a more special program so I can include boldface, italics, pics, etc.) . ~_~]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.4 04:26 (It's okay! )
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.4 04:26 (That's why I just write my stories on paper. Helps me to get more in depth.)
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.4 04:28 [Yeah...I prefer typing though. Typing is much faster for me and it allows me to create my stories into Ebooks (I haven't done this yet, though I'm considering doing that with my books). It also makes my stories easier to send to others.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.4 04:30 [Anyway, RPing?]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.4 04:32 (Why not? Sure.)
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.4 04:33 *the giant MG begins to advance towards them, his footsteps shaking the entire area*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.4 04:35 *is the most calm one there, as usual*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.4 04:36 *doesn't see any way out of MG's path of destruction* Titans, RUN!
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.4 04:37 *keeps yelling at the Titans to move as he gestures for them to follow*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.4 04:38 *immediately flies after Robin*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 04:39 *at first runs after Robin, but she hears a whimper coming from the bus**turns and streaks across the broken ground towards the bus*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.4 04:41 *notices that Violet branched off from the group* *follows her*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 04:41 *gets in what was once the bus and looks around**uses forcefields to blast away debris and soon uncovers a little girl*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 04:43 Girl: Don't...hurt...me...!! Violet: It's okay. *goes over and kneels by the girl* I won't hurt you. I'm here to help you. *holds out her arms to the girl* Come on.
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.4 04:49 *Violet turns away with the girl* *yells:* I'll just stay here! *has a plan - he's going to distract MG from the Titans*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 04:50 *looks at BB, then at MG, and understands BB's idea**nods at him with gratitude and runs away, carrying the girl*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 04:50 [Go ahead and have MG battle BB.]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.4 04:54  Using Blow  *notices BB hopping from roof to roof with great agility* *sends a laser his way*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.4 04:55  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=60  
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.4 04:55  Using Blow  *hops out of the blast's way*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.4 04:55  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=28  
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.4 04:56 *is brought down*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.4 04:56  Using Blow  *gets back up from the ground, barely strong enough* *is this time in the form of a bird* *flies out of MG's way*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.4 04:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=74  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.4 04:57   + 1 Power points to Cyborg  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.4 04:57   - 50 Health/Energy points to Beast Boy  [Since MG is so powerful, each blow BB takes will subtract 50 points from his Health.]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.4 04:57  Using Blow  *sends another laser right his way*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.4 04:57  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=40  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.4 04:58 [Also, since MG is practically invincible on the outside, he will not lose Health if BB wins. However, BB will still earn points.]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.4 04:58  Using Blow  *missed, but that doesn't stop him from shooting again*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.4 04:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=63  
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.4 04:58  Using Blow  
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.4 04:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=27  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.4 04:58   + 1 Agility points to Beast Boy  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.4 04:58   - 50 Health/Energy points to Beast Boy  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.4 04:59   + 1 Strength points to Cyborg  
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.4 04:59 *is brought down this time* *plummets down to a rooftop, comatose*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.4 04:59 *BB is knocked out cold*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.4 04:59 *MG prepares to finish BB off once and for all*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.4 05:00  Using Blow  *sees that MG is about to finish BB off, blaster poised to shoot* *launches an influx of Starbolts his way*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.4 05:00  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=15  
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.4 05:00  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=87  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.4 05:01  Using Blow  *might have been too focused on getting rid of BB, although his armor could have resisted the blasts*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.4 05:01  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=66  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.4 05:01   + 1 Power points to Starfire  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.4 05:02 *it was pretty close - Starfire won, but got his attention nonetheless* *slowly turns around and faces the remaining Titans, a sinister twinkle in his eyes*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:02  Using Blow  *flies after Starfire, lifting up an entire building via telekinesis and launching it at MG*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.4 05:02  Using Blow  *shoots at Robin first, knowing he's an easy target*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:02  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=60  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.4 05:02  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=71  
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:03 [In fact, every hit the Titans take will result in -50 Health.]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:03  Using Blow  *holds his staff up in self-defense, but it probably doesn't do diddly*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:03  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=12  
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:04 *is flung back*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.4 05:04  Using Blow  *attempts to drop-kick the building*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.4 05:04  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=7  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.4 05:04  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=98  
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:07 *the building is kicked right back at her**forms a black energy shield around herself, but gets hurt nonetheless*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.4 05:07   - 50 Health/Energy points to Robin  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.4 05:07   - 50 Health/Energy points to Raven  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.4 05:07   + 1 Cleverness points to Cyborg  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.4 05:08   + 1 Strength points to Cyborg  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.4 05:09  Using Blow  *faces Starfire* *what's to come should be evident*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.4 05:10  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=16  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.4 05:10  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=73  
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.4 05:10  Using Blow  *tries to defend herself*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.4 05:10  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=58  
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.4 05:10 *like Robin, she goes flying*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.4 05:11   + 1 Strength points to Cyborg  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.4 05:11   - 50 Health/Energy points to Starfire  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.4 05:11 *marches off, in search of one last Titan*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:11 *all Titans are now down except her**she reaches the girl's apartment and sets her down* There...you're okay now. You're safe.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:12 *then the whole building shakes as MG tears the side of it off, revealing Violet and the girl standing in one of many rooms*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:13 *her eyes grow wide**freezes for a moment, unsure what to do**thinks quickly and turns to the girl* Run. Hide. NOW!! *the girl nods, turns, and flees, escaping out the door and deeper into the building*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:13 *turns to face MG**says quietly:* You're not gonna get me... *jumps up on a forcefield disc and rides right towards MG*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:14 *he tries to grab her out of mid-air, but she swerves around his giant hands and turns**starts flying away down an alley*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:16 *hears booms behind her; MG is following her*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:16 [Go ahead and have MG battle Vi now! :D]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.4 05:18  Using Blow  *follows her, shooting laser after laser*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.4 05:19  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=46  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:21  Using Blow  *swerves epicly, trying to dodge the giant laser beams and launch forcefield spheres back at him*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:21  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=47  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:21 [Holy.]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.4 05:21 (Wow.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:22 [Freaking.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:22 [Crap.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.4 05:22 ["Wow" is right... XD O.O]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.4 05:22   + 1 Agility points to Violet  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.4 05:24 *BB meanwhile wakes up and sees MG stomping around not too far away*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:26 *is seen flying up and over a building in order to escape MG, but MG begins to simply blast away the building in order to follow her*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.4 05:26 *flies towards Violet, sensing she needs desperate help*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.4 05:26 *turns human and jumps down on her forcefield disc*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:28 Whoa, what the...? Beast Boy?
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:29 *MG tries to blast them**swerves upwards sharply, dodging the laser beam; BB has to hold onto her for dear life*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.4 05:29 I'm here to help you out!
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:29 What do we do now?!?
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.4 05:29 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:30 There's no way to stop him!! Unless... *looks over her shoulder at MG, and then looks at BB**they both suddenly get the same idea*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:30 [Aw, bye!]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:31 (Sorry Joan) BB: *finishes Vi's sentence* Unless you can attack him on the inside! Okay, I'll distract - Violet: While I'll get inside that giant suit and try to get to Cyborg himself.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:32 *turns and nose-dives towards MG**BB turns into a pterodactyl and breaks away from her*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:32 *MG tries to swipe at them and knock them out of the sky**she and BB dodge MG's mighty hand**lands with a clang on MG's shoulder while BB starts flying around MG's head*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.4 05:34 *blasts his shoulder as hard as she can, creating a hole in the metal**hops inside and nearly falls down a giant hole in the middle of his even greater arm, but she grabs onto a ladder and starts climbing up into MG's suit's neck*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.5 01:50 (Hey, I don't think I'm going to be on tonight or tomorrow night. There's been a bit of a family calamity, and I need a couple of days to process what happened. Facts aside, I'm going to see a movie tomorrow night anyways.)
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.5 01:53 (If you want, you can finish this up. Maybe I'll be on tonight or late tomorrow night, but the chances are pretty low. )
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.5 01:53 (I'll see you around!)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.5 04:04 [Alright. I hope you feel better soon. See you around!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.5 04:13 [I'll stick around in case you do come on.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.5 04:42
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.6 04:23 [I'm on!]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.6 04:26 *gets to MG's suit's head**finds that it is a giant, elliptical room where the walls are covered in glowing technology**there is a plateau-like platform in the middle, but no stairs or bridges lead to it; it is like an island*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.6 04:27 *sees MG standing in the middle of the platform, eyes closed and the cyan cracks in his bodysuit glowing**thick cables are plugged all over the place on MG (mainly his back, shoulders, and upper arms), and the cables are attached to a giant, complex box
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.6 04:27 hanging from the ceiling*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.6 04:28 *hops on a forcefield disc and flies to MG* Cyborg! Cyborg!! *shakes him, but he doesn't budge or "wake up" or anything**screens located all over the walls suddenly come to life, showing SN's face*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.6 04:31 Heyyy Purple Girl, I wouldn't do that if I were you... Violet: *turns, looking at SN, and finds that his freckly face is staring at her from all directions* I don't need your advice. SN:
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.6 04:32 *SN: Be careful what you wish for. Cyborg is gone. Mega Geek exists now. Vi: Cyborg is not gone! He never was and never will be! Now I'm going to bring him back and you can't stop me! SN: I already have stopped you. *is hinting that he's taken control of
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.6 04:32 MG* But oh well. You won't listen now...but maybe you'll listen once he's awake. Buh-bye, Teen Twerp. *the TV screens go blank*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.6 04:33 *turns and tries to wake up Mega Geek several more times, but all of her attempts are in vain**finally she begins yanking cable after cable off of him, unplugging him from the suit*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.6 04:34 *meanwhile, Robin, Starfire, and Raven have awoken and are flying over to help BB**Violet manages to unplug the last cord, and the giant suit goes completely still*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.6 04:38 *MG opens his eyes**stands in front of him, looking at him* Cyborg?
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.6 04:38 *silence*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.6 04:38 Cyborg, are you o- *still remaining grim and silent, he throws a powerful punch at her**ducks, BARELY avoiding it (his fist literally skims her hair)*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.6 04:39 [I'll continue the synopsis. I decided to finish up the previous segment of the mission since it doesn't really include your characters (except they make cameo/silent appearances).]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.6 04:41 [Outside, the Titans are standing/floating in front of the dormant, giant suit, wondering what is going on now. Suddenly SN's freckly, pimply face appears on a jumbotron on a nearby building.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.6 04:42 [He taunts the Titans in order to distract them, but his evil, "superior" moment backfires when he sneezes on the screen, causing Starfire to wince (this hilarious moment is actually from the original Super Nerd missions).]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.6 04:44 [After this funny taunting scene, we go back to the more serious Violet vs. Mega Geek/Cyborg situation.
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.6 04:44 *]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.6 04:45 [Violet and Mega Geek/Cyborg have a final Tris vs. Tobias-like battle (you know, where Tobias/Cy is being controlled by Erudite/Super Nerd while Tris/Violet is trying to save him), where Violet, after getting behind MG, spots the chip on the back of his
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.6 04:47 head and suddenly realizes what's going on. She forces the chip out of MG's/Cy's head (though he does try to resist and knock her away as she does so). MG however manages to get in a position where he is about to kill her, but his real self begins to
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.6 04:50 return and he stops himself from doing so. Cyborg spends a couple moments recovering and taking in everything, and Violet helps him get out of the suit.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.6 04:51 [Not long later, Super Nerd is in his lair, packing his bags and preparing to flee. Suddenly the Teen Titans drop down into his basement; SN lamely tries to escape, but Robin gives Cyborg (who has removed his bodysuit and is a Titan again) a nod and Cy
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.6 04:52 grabs SN. Minutes later, Super Nerd is being dragged towards jail by Cyborg; Violet and BB are at Cy's side while the other three Titans are in the background, watching.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.6 04:52 [As they walk along, Cyborg makes amends with Beast Boy and Violet. Suddenly a familiar voice is heard nearby; SN's Fat Mom has appeared and wants SN to come with her.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.6 04:53 [The three Titans and villain halt. SN freaks and tries to get Cyborg to keep dragging him to jail, but Cyborg, Violet, and BB suddenly smile at each other slyly/evilly and then smile at SN in that same fashion.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.6 04:54 [SN begs for mercy, but Cyborg sends him flying over to his mom anyway. SN is then dragged away by his Fat Mom, and Cyborg, Violet, and BB laugh.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.6 04:54 [The Titans then turn and begin walking home.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.6 04:55 [Hours later, it is night. Super Nerd drags himself into a familiar clockwork-filled lair, and an equally familiar one-eyed man speaks with him, chastising the nerdy boy for failing his mission.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.6 04:56 [After the two villains finish talking, the lights go out, and the mission ends...maybe.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.6 05:01 [I'll wait for you guys to come on again before starting the rest of the mission.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.6 06:16 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 03:58 [I'm back online!]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 04:10 [Hello?]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 04:21 [Maha?]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 04:24 (Hi!)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 04:26 [Hey!]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 04:26 [Ready to roleplay?]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 04:27 (Yeah!)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 04:28 [Caprial's on. Replies might be slow here and there (I switch back and forth).]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 04:28 (Ok.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 04:29 [Anyway, RPing!]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.7 04:30 *floats beside Robin**Starfire and BB are loitering around in front of them; all four of them are wondering why the giant suit stopped and if it's going to start up again out of nowhere*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.7 04:31 *his voice suddenly booms throughout the area* HEYYY TWERP TITANS!!!!
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.7 04:33 *turns to a nearby jumbotron, glaring at their rival*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.7 04:33 How do ya like my latest technology?
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.7 04:34 [Feel free to have Robin, BB, and Starfire respond to SN's questions and insults! :D]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.7 04:34 *mutters:* I've seen better.
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.7 04:36 Um, what?
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.7 04:36 That thing whipped your butts several times and once it wakes up it'll whip your butts in a...permanent way. And you're saying you've seen better?
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.7 04:37 *snorts with laughter* You idiotic, acerebral gorillas!
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.7 04:37 Erm...aren't the terms "idiotic" and "acerebral" slightly redundant?
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.7 04:38 Oh SHUDDAP!!
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.7 04:38 Let's just say I'm in no mood to deal with your bragging. *sounds very pointed*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.7 04:38 *decides to go Monty Python on them**yells at the four Titans:* I fart in your general direction!! Your mothers were hamsters and your fathers smelled of ELDERBERRIES!!!!
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.7 04:39 *pats his own head with his hands, sticks out his tongue, and makes fart noises with his mouth/tongue at them*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.7 04:39 *frowns slightly* Um...
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.7 04:40 *even as the jokester of the Titans, he finds this to be pretty annoying*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.7 04:43 *continues insulting them French Knight style* I don't want to talk to you no more, you empty-headed animal food trough wiper!
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.7 04:43 *wipers
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.7 04:43 Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time!
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.7 04:44 If you don't want to talk to us...why are did you contact us through the jumbotron?
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.7 04:44 *looks stunned**has no idea how to answer that XD*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.7 04:45 Errrr... *uses the French Knight's excuse for why a French fort was located in the middle of England* Mind your own business!
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.7 04:46 [I have an insult coming, but it requires one of the Titans to insult SN. Can you have a Titan call him a name or something?]
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.7 04:47 Oh, get outta here, you bonehead!
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.7 04:49 Well if I'm a bonehead, you must be CONTAGIOUS!
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.7 04:50 First you plagiarise Monty Python, and now you plagiarise the movie Ladybugs? You're so imaginative.
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.7 04:50 *raises his eyebrows - did not see that coming, and frankly, he doesn't really have a comeback*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.7 04:50 *can't stand how much Raven keeps ruining his insults* You...SHUT...you CAN'T just...you... *huffs and puffs; a big sneeze is coming up*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.7 04:51 *reaches for a Kleenex, but it is too late* Ah...AH...AAAAHHHHHH-CHOO!!!!!!! *sneezes in the screen**snot flies all over it*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.7 04:52 [That's the great moment from the original Super Nerd missions that I just had to keep in! :D]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.7 04:53 *winces pretty hard* Er...
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 04:55 *meanwhile, the Violet vs. Mega Geek/Cyborg battle has begun*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 04:56 [BTW, I'm just curious: Have you seen The Emperor's New Groove?]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.7 04:56 (I have not.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 04:58 [You really should. It's a Disney movie that is absolutely HILARIOUS!!]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 04:58  Using Blow  *throws a punch at Violet*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 04:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=19  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 04:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=3  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 04:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=19  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 04:58 [I saw it and loved it when I was really little, and I still love it. But it's not just full of jokes - it has good morals here and there too.]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 04:59 (Yeah! I remember seeing trailers of it when I was younger, and it looked kind of funny.)
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 04:59  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=22  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 04:59  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=43  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 04:59 [It may be animated, but it's one of those good movies that adults can enjoy too.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 04:59 *those good movies for kids
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 04:59 (That's good. A little bit of everything.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:00 [The plot is basically this: Kuzco is the youthful (and selfish) emperor of an Aztec-like kingdom. His evil advisor is Yzma, and Yzma's kinda stupid but nice and funny assistant and bodyguard is Kronk.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:01 [For his birthday, Kuzco plans to destroy the kind peasant Pacha's home and village and replace it with an awesome, giant palace called "Kuzcotopia." Meanwhile, Yzma has recently been fired by Kuzco and plans revenge.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:02 [She poisons Kuzco, but it backfires and he is turned into...a llama. XD I'm not spoiling the rest though.]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 05:02 (Haha, sounds pretty good.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:03 [There are hilarious Emperor's New Groove memes. One of my favorites says "Me writing essays" and then shows a scene where Kronk is talking to Yzma, and he's like: "Oh right, the poison. The poison for Kuzco. The poison chosen specially to kill Kuzco.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:03 Kuzco's poison. *moments later...* That poison??"]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:03 [XD Classic...]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:05 [There's also a scene where Kuzco and Pacha are tied to a log and are in a river; they are about to go down a river. There are tons of funny memes parodying their brief conversation before they go over the waterfall; I recommend that you look them up!]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:08 [Anyway, RPing...sorry, I got carried away...]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 05:08 (It's fine!)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:11  Using Blow  *ducks and tries to swiftly kick Cy/MG in the leg*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:11  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=43  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:11 [Holy crud!!]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:12 [Let's both re-roll.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:12 [You go first.]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 05:12 (Ok!)
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 05:12  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=42  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:13  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=8  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:13 *is sent skidding back*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.7 05:14   - 20 Health/Energy points to Violet  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.7 05:14   + 1 Strength points to Cyborg  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:17 *Cy approaches her, remaining completely silent and cold* Cyborg, what are you doing?! It's me!!
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 05:19 *doesn't care* *is too controlled to come to any conclusions*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:22  Using Blow  *Cy lunges at her**protects herself by creating forcefield spheres and making them explode around him*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:22  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=55  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:27 [Still therE?]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:27 *there
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 05:28 (Yeah.)
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 05:29  Using Blow  *activates his blaster*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 05:29  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=24  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 05:29 *got distracted, and that causes him to stumble*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.7 05:36 [Got distracted myself for a moment...sorry about my disappearance. Replies will be faste.r]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.7 05:37   + 1 Agility points to Violet  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.7 05:37   - 20 Health/Energy points to Cyborg  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:38  Using Blow  *reluctantly lunges at Cyborg, who automatically attacks her once she gets close enough**jumps up, doing complex martial arts moves*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:38  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=99  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 05:39  Using Blow  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 05:39  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=55  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:40 *manages to give Cyborg some quick but powerful blows before flipping clear over him**lands epicly behind him, and then suddenly notices the chip plugged into the back of his head*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:41 *has flashbacks of what has happened**her eyes widen as she pieces things together, but she doesn't have time to react because Cyborg spins around and aims his blaster at her* [Go ahead and Use a Blow!]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 05:42  Using Blow  *prepares to shoot her down*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 05:42  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=30  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.7 05:43   + 1 Agility points to Violet  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.7 05:44   - 1 Health/Energy points to Cyborg  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.7 05:44   - 19 Health/Energy points to Cyborg  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:45  Using Blow  *raises her arms in front of her and begine creating a forcefield in self-defense*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:45  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=56  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:46  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=93  [Violet's being invincible...re-rolling.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:46  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=52  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:47 [Let's just pretend her score was under 30. :P] *is blasted back**falls backwards and goes right off the platform**grabs onto the edge of it, hanging in mid-air and barely keeping herself from falling to her death*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.7 05:50   + 1 Strength points to Cyborg  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.7 05:50   - 20 Health/Energy points to Violet  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 05:51 *makes his way towards the edge of the platform* *is ready to kick Violet right over to her death*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:52 *Cyborg walks to the edge of the platform and prepares to blast Violet one final time**looks up at him, scared**suddenly becomes determined and brave* This has to end, Cyborg.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:52 *to kick [Typo]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:53 And it's going to end NOW! *flips back up onto the platform**leaps over Cyborg, twisting in mid-air and landing on his back piggy-back style**reaches for the chip, but he resists*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 05:55 *suddenly throws her off of him and pins her against the wall, in a chokehold* *is squeezing pretty hard, until he realizes what he's doing* *loosens his grip*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:56 [Note: They're on a flat platform; there aren't any walls. But we could say that he pinned her to the floor.] *she managed to pull out the chip before being thrown down*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:57 *gasps for breath**as she does so, she speaks to him quietly, trying to help speed up the return of his former self:* It's okay...it's me...it's me...everything's alright...
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 05:58 Everything's better now.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 06:00 *he lets her go and stands up, horrified at what he was doing**stands up; is panting and recovering when suddenly he grabs her in a tight hug**hugs him back; both of them remain silent*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 06:00 *his eyes grow wide* *gets up and takes a few steps back*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.7 06:00 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late. Go ahead and continue the storyline if you want! :)]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 06:03 (Okay, see you!)
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.7 23:56 (Hey, I won't be on tonight. I'll see you tomorrow night!)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.8 03:55 [Crap...see you!]
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 04:21 [I'm on!]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.9 04:21 (Hi!)
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 04:28 [Hey! Sorry about my disappearance; I was checking SOTW mail.]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.9 04:32 (It's fine.)
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 04:33 [RPing?]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.9 04:35 (Sure!)
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.9 04:37 *is helped out of the suit by Violet*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 04:38 *the Titans look at Violet and Cyborg approaching and prepare to battle Cy, but Violet assures them that it's alright - he's back on their side*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 04:39 *they head back to the Tower, and Cyborg scans the chip on his computer**he soon explains that the chip controlled him, etc.*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 04:39 *the Titans thus decide to head to the person who was REALLY responsible for all this**that person is currently in his basement, frantically packing stuff in a suitcase*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 04:42 *whimpers* Gotta get out of here...where's my squid blaster?...oh, here it is... *is cramming his squid blaster into his suitcase when a familiar, stern voice says "Going somewhere?"*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 04:42 DAAHH!!!! *jumps and spins around to see that those words came from Robin*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 04:42 *the Titans are gathered around Robin; Cyborg now has his bodysuit off*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.9 04:42 *drops down into the basement once again, the other Titans at his side* Well, well, well. Look who decided to make a quick getaway. Well, you may as well stop packing. You have company.
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 04:45 I...er...dah... *terrified*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 04:45 *points in a random direction* LOOK A DUCK!!!?!!!
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.9 04:45 *gives Cyborg a nod*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.9 04:46 *is clearly not amused**looks at SN, frowning*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 04:47 Uhhh... *knows that that didn't work XD*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 04:48 *tries to get around Cyborg and the Titans**runs to the right, jumps up on his table, runs across the tabletop, and tries to leap (kinda) epicly past Cy and to the stairs*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.9 04:49 *grabs SN in midair, pulling him down to the ground*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 04:51 DARR!! *is slammed down onto the ground*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 04:51 Uncle!! UNCLE!!!!
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 04:52 ~MINUTES LATER...~ *Cyborg is clutching his wrist tightly and he is being dragged to jail**looks pretty grouchy**meanwhile, Violet and BB are flanking Cy and Robin, Raven, and Starfire wait in the background*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 04:53 [SN's escape attempt and capture were so lame, weren't they? XD]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.9 04:54 (Yes, very lame.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.9 04:55 *she and Cyborg are laughing at one of BB's terrible puns*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.9 04:55 *is talking with BB and Violet* Listen, guys. I'm really sorry about what happened. It wasn't in my control.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.9 04:55 *is mainly laughing because of how terrible it is*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.9 04:56 *stops laughing to listen to Cyborg*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.9 04:58 I know that. It wasn't your fault.
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.9 05:00 *nods slowly* Yeah. We're still your friends.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.9 05:01 There's nothing to apologize for.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.9 05:02 Except for not playing video games with Beast Boy. That was torture, wasn't it? *nudges BB playfully*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.9 05:04 *BB is in the middle of nudging her back in a little play-fight type scenario when suddenly a screechy voice is heard nearby*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.9 05:04 *SN's Fat Mom has appeared in all her glory, wearing a giant pink dress with yellow flowers printed on it*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.9 05:04 *BB actually shrieks and jumps back at the sight of her X'D*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.9 05:05 (Sorry Joan) BB: IT'S THE APOCALYPSE!!!!!
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.9 05:05 SN's Fat Mom: NED!!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING???? WE NEED TA GO TO MCDONALD'S!!!!!
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.9 05:06 *helps BB get up* Actually, it's Super Nerd's - or Ned's - fat mom...
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:06 O.O' Uhhhh... *tugs on Cy's arm* Please take me into the jail now.
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:07 *SN's Fat Mom takes a step forward**everything within a 12 mile radius shakes a little, like a small earthquake has occured**says through gritted teeth:* HURRY!!!
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.9 05:10 *looks in the direction of the jail, then at SN's fat mom* *suddenly smirks* I think I have an even BETTER idea...
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:10 [Hello?]
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:10 [Nvm.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.9 05:11 *also smiles slyly and looks at Cyborg and BB*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.9 05:11 Yeah...
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:11 *looks at Cyborg then at Violet then at BB**all three of them smile evilly at each other and then smile evilly at him**shakes his head wildly* No...no...NO!!
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:12 NOT THAT!!!!
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:12 PUH-LEEZE!!!!! *is practically sobbing* MERCY!!!!
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:14 *is on his knees, clasping his hands - and he is also ready to be drop kicked*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:14 [Still there?]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.9 05:18 (Yeah, sorry.)
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.9 05:19 *drags SN over to his mom*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:20 NUUUUUU...
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:21 SN's Fat Mom: *grabs SN in her giant, flabby arms* Come on, Neddy-poo! Time for McNugget supper!! >:D
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:22 *SN's Fat Mom grabs his leg**is literally dragged away**clings to the ground, leaving fingernail/scratch marks on the concrete XD* NUUUUUUUUUUUUU...
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:22 *is yanked around a corner, possibly to his greasy, fatty death at McDonald's XD*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:23 [Don't worry, he won't die...as one might recall, in the original RP he returns in the cruise ship mission as a bonus character we run into by accident (but otherwise isn't part of the plot).]
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.9 05:24 *has a pretty hard laugh over that*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.9 05:25 *laughs too*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.9 05:26 *the trio walk back to Robin, Starfire, and Raven (who have also cracked up - well, Raven didn't laugh, but she did smile) and the six Titans start walking back home*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:27 ~HOURS LATER...~ *it is a very dark night**his clothes are torn and ragged**literally drags himself into a pitch black, mysterious place**squints when a spotlight turns on above him*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:27 *a silhouetted, one-eyed man sits on a chair nearby**clockwork comes to life with a loud creak nearby*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:27 *yes, I said "nearby" way too many times*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:28 *stands up weakly*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:29 I'm sorry...I did my best... *sounds pretty tired*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:30 I did what you wanted. I got Nuts n' Bolts on my side and got him to use the giant suit you helped me build, but those Teen Twerps got out of it...I don't know how, but I bet it was that stupid Purple Girl and that Greasy Green Boy who did it...
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.9 05:30 (Well, I have to go now. I'll see you tomorrow!)
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:30 I was gonna have him destroy the Tower, the city, them, everything, but-
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:34 One-Eyed Man: I know. I saw everything through the cameras. You failed.
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:35 Bu- *is trying to find an excuse that'll make this mysterious master of his favor him a bit more* One-Eyed Man: *rises from his chair* And if I hire you again, you'll fail me again.
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:36 One-Eyed Man:
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:37 *One-Eyed Man: No matter how many different people I recruit, the Titans avoid being destroyed. But among all those different failures, this was the worst I have seen by far.
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:38 *visibly flinches**even this guy can see how pathetic SN is*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:40 One-Eyed Man: Not to worry, though. I don't need you anymore. I have found a replacement that is stronger than you, faster than you...bolder than you.
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:44 One-Eyed Man: And I am sure they will not fail me. Is this right? *turns to face a group of silhouetted figures behind him; all six of their silhouettes highly resemble the silhouettes of the Teen Titans* The Mystery Group: *in unison:* Of course.
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:45 *looks at the six silhouettes, eyes wide in many emotions - but mainly confusion and curiosity**then the lights go out*
7>Super Nerd (Supervillain), 13yo.2016,May.9 05:45 ~THE END...MAYBE~
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.9 06:07 [Almost forgot to say this: OK, see you tomorrow!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.9 18:45 [Well, that was quite an intense (and a slightly comedic) mission! But now it's time for full-out comedy (with some interludes of epicness and intensity, of course)!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.9 18:46 [It's time for Mission #7: Clash of the Titans!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:27 [Here's how the plot begins...]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:28 [The Titans are all doing their normal stuff in the living room...but, like in the last mission, the trouble all begins when someone rings the doorbell. Cyborg goes downstairs and opens the door to be shoved back by six Titan-like so-called heroes.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:29 [The six superpowered people barge in, going past Cyborg and going upstairs to greet the rest of the Titans; Cyborg follows them. The Titans then meet similar superheroes - the Other Teen Titans.]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.10 04:29 (Hi! )
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:30 [The real Teen Titans each find that their counterparts get along with them very well, but the real Titans also find that there is something fishy about the Other Titans.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:36 [Hi! Sorry about my disappearance. I had to update all my clubs via putting my password in them (I saw that they had to be updated and had a panic attack since often people delete all the text on my clubs whenever I don't update them XD).]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:37 [Anyway, the Other Titans hang out with the real Titans at Titans Tower for a while. At first they get along fine, but eventually the OTT turn out to each be rather annoying in various ways (e.g. Viborg's obsession with fast food gets on Cy's nerves,
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:38 Raven gets rather upset when she finds out that Animal Dude skateboarded into her room and was checking out her stuff without permission, etc.).]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:39 [Just as the Titans begin to consider confronting the OTT about their rudeness, the alarm sounds. The TT and OTT head out to confront and deal with a villain, but their attack fails, for the OTT keep getting in the TTs' way. The villain escapes.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:41 [Upon returning to the Tower, the Teen Titans finally lose their cool. Robin confronts the OTT and yells at them about what they have done, but the OTT suddenly become less rude and more sinister. The OTT turn on their heroic counterparts, battling them
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:41 and trying to drive them out. The Titans aren't prepared and are easily outmatched; they are forced to flee, and the Tower soon belongs to the Other Teen Titans.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:42 [Could a new, more villainous group of Titans now rule Jump City? Or will the real Titans prevail? Stay tuned.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:43 [Note that you guys actually were "in control" of the storyline for this mission in the original RP. All I really remember is that the TT and the OTT were at first friends, but then the OTT turned out to be rude and cruel and they took over the Tower.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:44 [I also remember a funny scene where the OTT are at McDonald's and I remember that the Titans eventually had a final battle with the OTT in front of the Tower, but that's about it.]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.10 04:44 (Yeah. It might not be exactly the same, but we'll do our best to recreate it.)
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.10 04:44 (So I'm guessing that this mission will be fairly short?)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:45 [Oh, and I also remember a love triangle (Starfire+Robin+Moonfire), so there will be some drama, and the Starfire vs. Moonfire battle during the finale will probably be the most important part of the final TT vs. OTT brawl.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:46 [I provided most of the first part of the plot (I improvised here and there; for instance, I don't think the TT+OTT vs. a villain battle was included in the original mission) to get things rolling. Otherwise I don't remember much, so once we get to the
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:47 part where the Titans get kicked out I may let you take over (you'll just have to make sure there's a scene where the OTT decide to head to McDonald's and that all the events lead up to a final OTT vs. TT battle by the Tower). Currently I don't know how
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:47 long the mission is.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:47 [Wait...I had a flashback! I think I remember that Robin was coaxed into becoming an Other Titan by Quickster and Moonfire.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:47 [But he switched back to being a Titan during the final battle.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:48 [Do you guys remember that?]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.10 04:48 (I don't think I do.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:49 [Hm...well, I recall that Robin sided with Moonfire at one point, and Quickster may have helped influence that.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:50 [Should we include that betrayal anyway? Or do you think there's been enough betrayals already (Robin became Slade's apprentice in the Final Countdown, Cyborg became SN's comrade in Sidekick, and Vi will become Slade's apprentice in Traitor)?]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.10 04:52 (Personally, I think there have been too many betrayals, so let's just cut that.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:54 [Yeah. Good point.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:55 [Alright, so here's the "timeline": We'll first do what I provided in the synopsis above. Then I'll let you take over; at a certain point there will be a scene where the OTT head to McDonald's. You may take over here again. Finally, the TT and OTT will
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:56 face off for one final battle in front of the Teen Titans Tower. Note that in the parts where you take over, I will probably help out by making some plot ideas and suggestions.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:57 [If you want, you can just mash it all together (right after the TT get kicked out of the Tower, we'll skip time and go to a part where the OTT eat out at McDonald's the next day; the OTT return to the Tower to find that the TT are blocking their path).]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 04:58 [But since you will take over, it's your choice. Ready to roleplay?]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.10 04:59 (Yeah!)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 05:00 [Then let Mission #7: Clash of the Titans...BEGIN!]
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.10 05:02 *is gaming, typically*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.10 05:03 *meditating, as usual*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.10 05:03 *is also in the living room; she is reading the Book of Sassumeria*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.10 05:07 *is probably in the kitchen when the doorball rings* *peers out of the kitchen* Is someone at the door?
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.10 05:07 *looks up from a comic book* Why don't you go look?
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.10 05:08 Okay... be right back. *goes downstairs to answer the door*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.10 05:08 *was disturbed by the sound of the doorbell**opens one eye and sighs* Someone please go to the door.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.10 05:08 *that was before Cy left*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.10 05:09 *opens the door, only to see a bunch of TT doppelgangers* How may I-
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.10 05:09 *shoves past Cyborg*
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.10 05:09 *mutters:* Nice to meet you. *doesn't really sound meaningful*
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.10 05:10 *swaggers on in* Kewwwwl pad, bro. Now get me a sandwich.
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.10 05:11 WHOAAAA, HOLD UP!!! DID SOMEONE SAY "SANDWICH"?!?! *barrels in, knocking Cyborg against the wall*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.10 05:11 Heya. *gives Cyborg an "accidental" shove while walking in past him*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.10 05:11 *pretty much shoved him harder into the already damaged wall*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.10 05:11 Um... who... are you? *can't even take them seriously, not to mention trust them*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.10 05:12 I believe Animal Dude said "sandwich."
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.10 05:12 Oh... whoops. *looks at Cyborg and shrugs* Guess we forgot to introduce ourselves.
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.10 05:12 *the OTT just ignore Cy and start clambering up the stairs*
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.10 05:13 *hears Nova* Eh, that'll be for another time.
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.10 05:13 *yells over her shoulder to Cyborg:* Follow us and you'll find out!
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.10 05:14 Wherever it is, I want it!!
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.10 05:15 It better be a McChicken sandwich!
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.10 05:15 We'll see, Viborg. This place is HUGE. There's PROBABLY a McDonald's...
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.10 05:16 *reaches the top* *doesn't even bother knocking; just barges in*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.10 05:17 *looks up, making eye contact with Quickster* *nearly screams; Quickster is practically a mirror image of him*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.10 05:19 *shoves through the OTT, desperate to get back to his friends*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.10 05:19 *sees Cyborg* *looks at him for an explanation*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.10 05:20 *doesn't know what to say - he hasn't even been properly introduced to these people*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.10 05:20 Um... can we help you?
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.10 05:21 One word: FOOD.
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.10 05:23 [Sorry about my disappearance!]
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.10 05:23 (I have to go now, see you!)
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.10 05:25 [Aw, bye!]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.10 05:26 *jumps at the sight of Inferno; though their hair, eye, and clothing colors are all different, they are otherwise exactly the same (physically)*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.10 05:26 *is wearing a sly and casual smile, as usual*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.10 05:27 *a second of silence passes, and then all the Titans and Other Titans start talking at once (with the exception of Raven and Nova)**all the talking gets overwhelming and highly confusing*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.10 05:28 *is standing up and watching**plugs her ears with her fingers, wincing**finally lowers her hands and shouts:* QUIET!!!!!
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.10 05:28 *everyone indeed goes silent*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.10 05:28 Alright...WHO are you and WHY did you interrupt my meditation?
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.10 05:29 *Quickster opens his mouth to retort, but she puts a hand on his shoulder, as if silently telling him it's time for the introductions*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.10 19:12 [@ Paige and Joan: BTW, good news: Silver has returned! She made a roleplay called Star Child. It's very interesting and I recommend you join - it's definitely worth your time! :D]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 04:13 [I'm on!]
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.11 04:20 (Hi!)
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 04:23
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 04:23 [Oops. Hi!]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 04:25 [RPing?]
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.11 04:26 (Sure!)
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 04:27 *looks at the Other Titans, arms crossed**waits for an answer*
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.11 04:27 Uhhh... okay. So, we're the Other Teen Titans, and I'm the leader. *points to himself* Quickster's the name.
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.11 04:29 My name is Moonfire.
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.11 04:30 *Animal Dude is busy picking his nose**gives him an irritable nudge*
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 04:31 *stares at his phone* Waiiiiit.... wuh?
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 04:32 Ohhh. Okay. I'm, um, Animal Dude. Yo. *shifts from foot to foot, looking expressionless*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 04:32 *steps in smoothly and puts an arm around Animal Dude* I'm Inferno. And this is - *firmly slaps AD's phone away* - Animal Dude.
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 04:32 [Scratch that.]
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 04:33 *crosses arms coolly* Inferno.
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 04:35 *looks at Viborg and Nova*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 04:35 *gives them a nod*
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.11 04:38 *looks around at the other Titans pretty suspiciously* *is hardly audible, and her voice is deep and scratchy* Um. Nova.
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.11 04:39 *practically makes everyone go deaf* HEY Y'ALLZ!!!! Viborg is IN DA HOUSE!!! *does a weird finger-snapping routine* Mmmm-hmm!
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.11 04:40 *is nearly thrown clear over the couch by Viborg and her routine* O_O Okay...
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.11 04:45 So... yeah. *nods his head slowly** That's us. *keeps bobbing his head up and down slowly as an awkward silence ensues*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.11 04:45 So...what do you mean by saying you're "The Other Teen Titans?"
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.11 04:46 Well, you guys were always the originals. We just formed not that long ago.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.11 04:47 So you're another superhero group? Like us?
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.11 04:50 *nods* Yeah.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.11 04:50 [Can't help but share this funny quote: "Two things are infinite. The universe and human stupidity....And I'm not so sure about the universe." -Albert Einstein]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.11 04:51 [So true. XD]
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 04:51 *walks over to Violet* You're curious...so you're Violet? Violet: Yeah.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 04:51 *the Other Titans begin to talk with their Teen Titan counterparts*
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.11 04:54 (Haha, it is.)
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 04:54 *talks with BB for a bit, and then they go play some games*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.11 04:54 *went to isolate himself in the kitchen for a while*
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.11 04:55 *it isn't long before she heads over to the kitchen* So, whatcha got cookin'?
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 04:55 *she and Nova were basically left standing there dully*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 04:56 *looks at Nova* So...you like meditating?
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.11 04:56 Uhhh... nothing really. *laughs dryly*
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.11 04:56 Meh. Every once in awhile. *stares at her black fingernails* It's a nice way for me to escape from, like, Animal Dude and Viborg.
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 04:59 *starts up a conversation with Quickster about his group*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.11 04:59 *floats around Moonfire* Which planet are you from?
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:00 Want me to tell you about some of my tricks on how to meditate?
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.11 05:00 Tamaran, like you. *however, unlike Starfire, when Moonfire crash-landed on Earth she WAS a criminal...*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.11 05:06 [Hello?]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:06 *is showing Inferno the Book of Sassumeria*
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.11 05:06 *finally looks up* Sure.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:09 *she and Nova sit down**begins to give Nova tips on breathing and such*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:13 [Go ahead and continue improvising. You can start having the Other Titans begin to seem annoying and/or suspicious.
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.11 05:14 How do you like it on Earth?
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:15 *Inferno constantly asks questions**answers them intricately, but whenever she asks Inferno a question about (Inferno) herself she gives her a quick, vague answer*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:15 *frowns* So...where DID you come from again? Inferno: Eh...somewhere near the Atlantic... Violet: That's what you told me before. Inferno: I was created in a lab, like you.
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:16 But since you know the planet of Sassumeria so well, are you all that sure you were created in a lab?
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:16 I was tricked into thinking I was created in a lab. I AM in fact of Sassumerian descent.
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.11 05:16 Oh, it's wonderful!
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:16 Oh. So who's your parents?
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.11 05:17 It's not so bad to me either.
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.11 05:17 *is bothering Cyborg in the kitchen* Make something yummmmyyyyyy!! *is being really whiny*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:17 Uh... *doesn't really want to answer that question**suddenly smoke begins wafting out of the kitchen**quickly changes the question* What the heck is going on in there...??! *looks at the kitchen*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.11 05:18 *says calmly:* I told you no. You can have something at dinner.
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.11 05:18 *lets out an anguished moan*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:19 *looks in the direction of the kitchen* Is... everything okay in there?...
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:19 *yells to Cyborg and Viborg:* Are you okay in there?
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:19 *looks at Robin* Er...jinx?
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.11 05:19 *says factually:* Oh, don't worry about it. Viborg just can't go very long without food, that's all.
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.11 05:20 *bellows:* NOOOOOO!!....
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:20 *raises one eyebrow suspiciously*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:21 *her and Nova's meditation is interrupted by the smoke**cringes and looks at Quickster out of the corner of her eye* Um...so your...er...friend...releases smoke?
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.11 05:21 *has meanwhile been beaten in the video game for the 6th time* Come ON! *throws his controller down in defeat*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:21 Or has Cyborg been getting distracted from his cooking and the oven is releasing smoke?
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:22 *looks smug* Yessssss.... *continues gaming*
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.11 05:22 *looks pretty confused* What?
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:24 By saying "Viborg just can't go very long without food" you're suggesting that she's the one creating smoke.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:25 Raven, I'm not sure he understood that we were concerned about the smoke, not about Viborg yelling...
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:25 *getting more and more irritated by the second* I can see that.
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.11 05:26 But, you know, the Earth DOES have its issues...have you ever wanted to return home?
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:27 So, what about your par- Violet: *avoids the question by walking towards the kitchen to see what's going on*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:28 *sighs*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.11 05:28 Some of the time, but I mostly enjoy it here with my friends.
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.11 05:29 *another scream and a whispery, victorious "Yessssss" is heard* *glances at the gaming room worriedly*
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.11 05:30 *looks at Raven, then Violet and Inferno* Who do you think you are, stirring up all dis drama? *waves an index finger around, sporting a poker face* Ain't nobody got time for that!!
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.11 05:30 *has clearly recovered pretty quickly*
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.11 05:31 (I have to go now. I'll see you!)
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:36 [See you!]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:37 So now she's stooped low enough to imitate a well-known meme. How original.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:37 *mutters* Ain'
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:37 *Ain't nobody got time for your "ain't nobody got time for that" meme imitation...
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:38 I'm going to my room... *exits the living room, unaware that Animal Dude has disappeared**enters her room to see that he has skateboarded in there and is looking through her stuff*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:38 *goes from neutral to POed and 1.2 seconds* Um...what are you doing?!
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.11 05:39 This is MY room. NOBODY goes in MY room!! *steps aside and points at the doorway* OUT.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.12 04:21 [I'm on!]
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 04:23 (Hi!)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.12 04:23 [Hey! Have you checked out Star Child yet?]
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 04:26 (I have, but I'm not sure if I'll be joining or not.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.12 04:26 [Silver and Caprial are on Star Child right now, so replies will be a bit slow. Feel free to join in! :D]
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 04:28 (Ok! I might.)
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 04:28 *smirks* Okay. *is shoved out of there*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.12 04:29 *slams the door telekinetically*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 04:30 *Raven did that, not Violet*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 04:33 *sneaks up behind Robin**is putting her nose in other people's business...as usual*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 04:33 So...watcha doin'? *Robin had no idea she was there and freaks*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 04:36 Agh!! Um... nothing! Heh, yeah. Nothing. *was secretly reading comics*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 04:39 *throws the comic book to the ground, suddenly pretty annoyed*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 04:43 *noticed the comic book* Hm...nothing, you say? *smirks**Robin glares at her* What? Sorry. Thinks: Sike.
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 04:43 *casually strolls away*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.12 04:44 Ugh...something smells hideous! *floats into the kitchen and sniffs around**realizes that the smelly thing is something Cyborg is cooking* Aha! So that's what smells so bad! *uses laser eyes to turn the food into a pile of ashes**nearly blasted Cyborg's
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.12 04:44 hands in the process*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.12 04:46 *screams* *was probably cooking something pretty good, until Moonfire ruined it all*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.12 04:47 *gives Moonfire a glare* *murmurs:* You just made it worse. Smooth move.
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.12 04:47 There! *crosses arms and nods curtly with content**then floats out of the kitchen*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.12 04:47 *didn't hear Cyborg, and if she did hear him she didn't care about what he had to say*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.12 04:48 *the alarm suddenly sounds*
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.12 04:48 *wanders around the living room boredly* *finds one of Raven's trinkets sitting around on the coffee table* Hmmmm... *picks it up*
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.12 04:49 *drops the item, possibly breaking it* Oops... *glances in the alarm's direction*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 04:49 *rushes to the alarm*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 04:50 There's trouble. Titans, go!
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 04:51 *arrived**notices that her trinket is broken* Um...who did this? *looks around suspiciously*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 04:52 *hears Robin say "Titans, go!"**sighs and follows him*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 04:52 *they arrive at the scene of the crime - a bank Mumbo Jumbo is robbing* [Since there is no slot for Mumbo, we'll Use Blows against the Aqua slot.]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 04:53 (Ok.)
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 04:53 [Here's how this battle will go: Each real Titan will take a turn (the order doesn't matter) attacking Mumbo. An Other Titan will also Use a Blow and attack; however, if the Other Titan's score is higher than the Titan's score, then the OT got in the real
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.12 04:54  Using Blow  *steps forward* Kiss your life goodbye, suckah!! *raises a pink blaster, and blasts pink energy hearts at Mumbo*
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.12 04:54  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=25  
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 04:54 Titan's way and Mumbo won't have to respond to either of the Blows. However, if the OT's score is lower, Mumbo will Use a Blow once (it will count against both attacks).]
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.12 04:54 (Okay. Not sure if Viborg was supposed to go yet, but I guess it's been said and done.)
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 04:55  Using Blow  Azarath Metrion- *was trying to attack Mumbo when Viborg got in the way*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 04:55  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=35  [Don't worry, I made it so Viborg's thing counts.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.12 04:58  Using Blow  Mumbo Jumbo: ALAKAZAM! *points his wand at the two, and tons of bunnies are sent flying at them*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.12 04:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=90  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.12 04:58 *the two are submerged in a sea of white bunnies*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.12 04:59 [Note: No Health points will be removed since no one will be knocked out.]
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.12 04:59 *lets out an ear-piercing shriek*
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.12 04:59 AAHHHHHHH!!!! BUNNIES!!!!
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 04:59 *uses the power she was going to direct at Mumbo to blast away some of the rabbits instead**she and Viborg are left sitting in the middle of the street, bunnies hopping on them and around them**glares at Viborg* Thanks a lot...
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 05:00 [XD Viborg's terrified of bunnies...]
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.12 05:00 (Hahaha, yeah.)
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 05:04  Using Blow  *attacks Mumbo with his staff, making various skillful moves*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 05:04 [Anyway, go ahead and have a Titan Use a Blow. The order of things doesn't matter as long as each Titan and Other Titan has a chance to Use a Blow.]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 05:04  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=86  
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 05:04 [Nvm.]
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 05:04  Using Blow  *jumps over obnoxiously and uses her own martial arts moves, getting in Robin's way several times*
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 05:04  Using Blow  *turns into a fantasy dragon and threatons Mumbo with his talons*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 05:04  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=87  
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 05:05 (Oops. I'll hold off with Animal Dude.)
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 05:05 *accidentally knocked Robin back several meters instead of Mumbo**says dully:* Sorry... *doesn't really mean it, though*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.12 05:06 Mumbo: *laughs crazily and blasts Inferno back with a wave of cards*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 05:06 *sits on the ground, mostly out of it*
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 05:08 *anyways, he comes back at Mumbo, taking the form of a giant fantasy dragon*
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 05:08  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=4  
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 05:08  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=35  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.12 05:09 *swoops at Mumbo on her forcefield disc at the same time**is throwing forcefield spheres at Mumbo Jumbo when Animal Dude begins to rise up in the form of a dragon*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.12 05:09  Using Blow  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.12 05:09  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=58  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.12 05:09 *was nearly thrown off her disc by AD's head, but luckily she managed to dodge*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.12 05:09 *yells at AD:* Watch it
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.12 05:09 *!
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.12 05:10  Using Blow  Mumbo: *pulls super long ropes made out of handkerchiefs and uses magic to make them wrap themselves around Animal Dude and try to catch Violet and bring them both down*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.12 05:11  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=91  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.12 05:11 *they are both easily tied up and left laying and squirming on the road*
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.12 05:12 *returns to his human form* Aw, come on! *struggles*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.12 05:13 *is flying alongside Starfire*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.12 05:13  Using Blow  *tries to attack Mumbo, in gorilla form*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.12 05:13  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=35  
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.12 05:14  Using Blow  *zips in front of BB, blasting Mumbo with blue energy*
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.12 05:14  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=79  
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.12 05:15 *can't really see since blue energy is blocking his view* *grunts loudly*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.12 05:17 *Mumbo disappears, reappears a couple feet behind Nova and BB, and trips them with handkerchief ropes*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.12 05:20 *it is now either Starfire's or Cyborg's turn*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.12 05:21 *blasts Mumbo with Starbolts*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.12 05:21  Using Blow  
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.12 05:21  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=74  
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.12 05:23  Using Blow  *flies alongside Starfire - and then in front of Starfire**launches her own light blue/cyan Starbolts at Mumbo*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.12 05:23  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=14  
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.12 05:23  Using Blow  *races towards Mumbo, trying to attack him*
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.12 05:23 (Oops)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.12 05:25  Using Blow  Mumbo: Hocus pocus! *uses a giant card as a shield* Abracadabra! *creates and launches exploding flowers at Starfire and Moonfire*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.12 05:25  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=71  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.12 05:26   + 1 Strength points to Starfire  *Moonfire is brought down but Mumbo is blasted once or twice by Star*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.12 05:26 Mumbo: *turns to face Cyborg and Quickster*
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.12 05:26  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=43  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.12 05:27  Using Blow  *tries to blast Mumbo, but Quickster keeps running in his way* *gets only a few shots in*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.12 05:27  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=34  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.12 05:28 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.12 05:30 [Bye!]\
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.12 05:30 *]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.12 05:31 Mumbo: *easily casts a spell on them both**a pink tutu appears on Cyborg and Quickster starts speaking like he has inhaled helium*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.12 05:32 Mumbo: *laughs and takes off his hat* I hope you enjoyed the show, folks! *the Titans and Other Titans all moan in response; he pretty much beat them all quite easily*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.12 05:33 Mumbo: *bags of money are around him**the money is all sucked up into his hat**puts his hat back on and runs off*
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.13 04:41 All right, guys. Our job is done. *says casually:* Let's go back to the Tower.
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.13 04:42 Coolio. *follows Quickster*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.13 04:42 *Quickster leads everyone back to the Tower* *can't believe he's letting this fly*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.13 04:45 *once they get back to the Tower, he finally loses his chill* *says with a hint of aggression:* Okay. I think your time is up.
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.13 04:46 WHAT?! BUT WE JUST GOT HERE!!
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.13 04:47 I don't really care. This is OUR Tower, and YOU'RE intruders.
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.13 04:47 *sighs, crossing his arms* This is STUPID!
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.13 04:48 Let's... let's just go to McDonald's. *is already preparing to walk out the door*
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.13 04:49 Hold that thought, Nova. I have a better idea. *turns around, then spins back around towards Robin, staff wielded*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.13 05:34 [I'm finally on!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.13 05:35 [I'm sorry I'm so late. My Internet tower was down; it just got fixed, and the Internet's back up here.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.13 06:05 [Anyway, I gtg. See you tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late due to chess club, but I'm not sure if I'll go to chess club tomorrow. *offline*]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.14 04:14 [I'm on!]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 04:15 (Hey!)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.14 04:18 [Want to switch to Star Child only tonight? I want to help Silver get things going on there, but I'll go back to multitasking (being on here and Star Child) tomorrow.]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 04:18 (That's fine with me. Just wanted to let you know though that I won't be on tomorrow night.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.14 04:21 [Oh, OK. We'll get back to being on here on Sunday, then. Anyway, to Star Child!]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 04:24 (I'll see you there!)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.14 05:48 [Here!]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.14 05:48 *is surprised*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 05:49 *smirks, creating orange-brown/tan forcefields*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 05:49 *summons cyan Starbolts*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 05:49 *looks at the Other Titans darkly**puts her hood up*
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.14 05:49  Using Blow  *takes a c h e a p shot on Robin*
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.14 05:50  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=51  
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 05:50  Using Blow  *was caught off-guard, so he may not have been able to defend himself very quickly*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 05:50  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=39  
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 05:51 *tumbles to the ground, basically confirming the fight*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 05:51 [This will be a "freestyle" battle; characters can Use Blows against each other at any time. It doesn't matter who fights against who. We'll just have them fight for a while and I'll decide when it's time to get the storyline going by having the real
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 05:51 Titans get kicked out. So...Titans, go! :D]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 05:51 (Ok!)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 05:51   + 1 Agility points to Quickster  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 05:52   - 20 Health/Energy points to Robin  
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 05:52  Using Blow  *sends Starbolts flying Moonfire's way*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 05:52   + 50 Health/Energy points to Robin  [Crap...forgot to refill Health.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 05:52  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=77  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 05:52   + 100 Health/Energy points to Beast Boy  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 05:52   + 40 Health/Energy points to Cyborg  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 05:52   + 50 Health/Energy points to Raven  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 05:53   + 40 Health/Energy points to Violet  
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 05:53  Using Blow  *blasts BB into the nearest counter*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 05:53   + 50 Health/Energy points to Starfire  
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 05:53  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=40  
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 05:53  Using Blow  *swerves in mid-air, trying to dodge while throwing Starbolts back at Starfire*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 05:53  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=21  
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.14 05:53  Using Blow  *tries to shrink into a mouse in order to avoid the blow*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 05:54  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=15  
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.14 05:54  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=41  
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 05:54  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=8  
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 05:54  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=77  [WT*?]
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 05:54 [Holy.]
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.14 05:54 *it was very close; he just barely made it* *scampers away into hiding*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 05:54 [Crap.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 05:55   + 1 Agility points to Beast Boy  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 05:55   - 20 Health/Energy points to Nova  
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 05:55 (It's kind of weird, considering BB and Nova's battle as well.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 05:55 [Let's both re-roll.]
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 05:55  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=79  [Agreed.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 05:56  Using Blow  *flies at Nova to help defend Beast Boy* Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS! *launches the couch at her*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 05:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=16  
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 05:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=74  
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 05:57  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=99  
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 05:57  Using Blow  *comes at Cyborg out of nowhere* Hiii-YA! *tries kicking and punching him skillfully**uses forcefields to make her blows hurt more*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 05:57  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=68  
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 05:57 [Whoa mama. XD]
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 05:57  Using Blow  *tries to trap the couch in a cloud of blue energy*
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 05:57  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=18  
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 05:57 *got blasted hard into a wall*
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 05:57  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=14  
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 05:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=1  
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 05:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=73  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 05:58   + 1 Power points to Starfire  
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 05:58 (And it happens yet again...)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 05:58   - 20 Health/Energy points to Moonfire  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 05:58 [What the heck is going on?!]
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 05:58 *got hit by the couch, but not too hard*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 05:58   + 1 Power points to Raven  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 05:59   - 20 Health/Energy points to Nova  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.14 05:59 (I know. Something is up.)
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.14 05:59  Using Blow  *is forced to use one of his blasters*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.14 05:59 *finds herself face-to-face with...Viborg (dun...dun...DUNNNN)*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.14 05:59  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=39  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.14 05:59 *it wasn't very effective*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.14 05:59 *raises her hands and creates forcefield spheres around them defensively*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 06:00   - 20 Health/Energy points to Cyborg  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 06:00   + 1 Power points to Inferno  
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 06:00  Using Blow  Hey, hun! I hope you know that I'll be able to take you down presto! *blasts Violet silly*
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 06:00  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=57  
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 06:00  Using Blow  *sees BB running around nearby in mouse form**tries blasting him with laser eyes*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 06:01  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=78  
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 06:01  Using Blow  *mounts his skateboard and kickstarts it, barreling towards Raven* *tries to run over her*
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 06:01  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=55  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.14 06:01  Using Blow  *raises her forcefield-clad hands in front of her face in an effort to block the blast*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.14 06:01  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=47  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.14 06:01 *was taken down presto, alright*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.14 06:02  Using Blow  *squeaks, then tries running out of the way*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.14 06:02  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=67  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 06:02   - 20 Health/Energy points to Violet  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 06:02   + 1 Power points to Viborg  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 06:02   + 1 Power points to Moonfire  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 06:02   - 20 Health/Energy points to Moonfire  
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.14 06:02 *lets out a maniacal cackle as she casually ambles across the living room, back turned to Violet*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 06:02   - 20 Health/Energy points to Beast Boy  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 06:03   + 20 Health/Energy points to Moonfire  
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 06:03  Using Blow  *turns around just in time to launch her foot at Animal Dude's face*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 06:03  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=3  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.14 06:03 *tries to blast Quickster across the room*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 06:03  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=74  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.14 06:03  Using Blow  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.14 06:03  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=87  
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 06:04 *AD indeed gets to taste the bottom of her shoe*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 06:04  Using Blow  *confronts Robin, throwing forcefield sphere after forcefield sphere at him*
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.14 06:04  Using Blow  *is quick to get running*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 06:04  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=25  
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.14 06:04  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=77  
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 06:04  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=8  
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 06:04  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=63  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 06:05   + 1 Agility points to Raven  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 06:05   - 20 Health/Energy points to Animal Dude  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 06:05   + 1 Power points to Cyborg  
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 06:05 *is kicked right onto his skateboard, which rolls out from under him* WHOA! *hits the ground HARD* *his face contorts into a cry face*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 06:05   - 20 Health/Energy points to Quickster  
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 06:06  Using Blow  *attempts to block the blasts with his staff*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 06:06  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=79  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 06:06 [gtg! *offline* I'll see you on Sunday unless you come on tomorrow anyway! Bye!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 06:06   - 20 Health/Energy points to Robin  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 06:06   - 20 Health/Energy points to Inferno  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 06:06   + 20 Health/Energy points to Robin  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 06:07   + 1 Strength points to Robin  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.14 06:07 [Anyway, bye!]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 06:07 (Bye!)
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.14 20:02 (Hey, just wanted to pop in and let you know that we may not be on tomorrow night, either. I'm not 100% sure, but I just wanted to give you a fair warning. See you soon!)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.15 18:39 [Alright. Hopefully you do come on tonight (Sunday night). See you!]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 00:09 (Fortunately, I'll be able to make it tonight. )
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:10 [Yay!]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:14 (I'm here!)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:16 [Wahoo!]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:17 [I saw the movie Fantastic Four tonight. It was epic!! :D]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:17 (The older one, or the newer one?)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:18 [Some of the moments were pretty funny. I like how Johnny Storm introduced Victor von Doom: "This is Victor von Doom and he's a d***." XD]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:18 [The one from 2015, I think.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:18 [Starring the guy who plays as Peter from Divergent.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:19 [Storm's introduction was actually pretty accurate. XD]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:20 [I also like the part when they get in the teleporter and Reed is like: "Don't blow up don't blow up don't blow up..." Meanwhile Johnny Storm is like: "Yeah, that's not the kind of thing I want to hear before teleporting to another dimension!!"]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:21 (Yeah, I saw that one too. It wasn't bad, but apparently it was pretty crap compared to the older version.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:21 [Really?]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:22 [It was obviously meant to set up a sequel, but I did like it. It was better than Guardians of the Galaxy, in my opinion. Out of Marvel's various movie series, the X-Men series is still my favorite, though.]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:23 (I honestly don't understand what all the hate was about myself, but.. *shrugs*)
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:25 (About X-Men, I'm excited to see what Apocalypse has in store. It seems like it's going to be pretty awesome.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:27 [Yeah...haters gonna hate. :/ Also, about X-Men, I am too!! :D I recommend watching X-Men (the first movie of the series) and X-Men 6: First Class before watching Apocalypse though. Those two movies provide the most explanations on who the X-Men are and
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:27 how they were formed, and the first movie (X-Men) is especially focused on Rogue, which is probably why I'm a fan of her.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:28 [So, RPing?]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:29 (Yeah. I have to get around to that soon.)
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:29 (Sure!)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.16 04:30 [I shall end the battle now and continue with the storyline.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.16 04:30 *the Teen Titans are holding their own (barely) but the OTT suddenly come together and rush at the Titans all at once*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.16 04:31 *Cyborg and Starfire are blasted right through the window and into the ocean**Violet and Beast Boy are driven downstairs by Viborg and Animal Dude and then they are literally kicked out the door*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.16 04:32 *Raven and Robin are still holding their own, but in the end they are overwhelmed and forced to flee*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.16 04:32 *the Titans are now scattered; Cyborg and Starfire are swimming in the sea, Violet and BB are hiding in some bushes near the Tower, and Robin and Raven are looking around for the others*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:35 *looks around* See anyone yet, Robin?
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:35 *shakes his head* Nope. I don't see anyone.
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:36 *sighs* They'll show up... we just have to give it time.
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:37 *much later, he and Raven reach the Tower* *there, they uncover Violet and BB*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.16 04:38 *sounds annoyed* I never thought you guys'd show up!
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:39 Perhaps you could've come before I got a headache and before I became slightly deaf... *rubs her temples**the whole Tower nearby is shaking and booming from pop music*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:42 *frowns* They're here.
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.16 04:42 YEAH they
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.16 04:42 *they're here!!
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:42 Yeah...they've been in the Tower the whole time. They've pretty much taken over.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:43 Have you guys seen Cyborg? Or Starfire?
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:46 *shakes his head* No. The Other Teen Titans must have blasted them pretty far.
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.16 04:47 *is meanwhile drying out his technology on the beach* *Starfire floats around him*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:49 Why don't we go out looking for them? It couldn't hurt.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:54 *nods* But we'll have to avoid being seen. Beast Boy and I tried to get to the beach by running past the Tower, and the Other Titans laughed at us and nearly blasted us to bits.
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:56 Then we'll just have to take the long way.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 04:58 *sees that BB is about to whine, but she nudges him irritably*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 05:00 *they go around the place until they reach the beach**they quickly spot Starfire and Cyborg drying themselves off*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 05:10 [Paige? Joan?
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 05:10 *]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.16 05:11 *waves to them, and Starfire comes over*
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.16 05:13 *is meanwhile lounging on the couch, eating chips and watching reality TV* I'm hungreh. Let's go to McDonald's.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 05:14 [Whew! Thought your Internet had crapped out on you for the rest of the night or something...]
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 05:15 *huffs* Again?
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.16 05:15 (Yeah, sorry about disappearing.)
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 05:15 *sits down by Viborg* Come on, this is my favorite season of The Bachelor. [*runs away screaming in horror*] Let's stay here for just a couple more minutes...
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 05:15 [It's fine!]
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.16 05:16 Well, I'm sure it wouldn't be TOO bad... admittedly, I could go for some McNuggets and a large fry.
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.16 05:19 *ignores Quickster and Viborg* Ooo, who got kicked out this time?
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.16 05:19 *eagerly joins Inferno*
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 05:20 *instantly starts whining because no one is going to McDonald's and/or satisfying his hunger*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.16 05:22 I'm hungry too. We NEED to go to McDonald's.
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.16 05:22 *gives Quickster a creepy, intense stare*
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.16 05:24 Okay then... *chuckles nervously* To McDonald's! *points an index finger towards the door and begins walking*
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 05:24 *quickly changes his mood since he got his way* Yesssss...
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 05:26 *whines, grumbles, and follows very slowly*
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.16 05:26 OH YEAH, UH HUH, OH YEAH, UH HUH. *jukes and jives, doing a ridiculous victory celebration*
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.16 05:28 *revvs up the T-Car and drives it to McDonald's*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 05:28 Don't push it. -____-
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 05:30 Hey Quickster, mind turning up the tunes?
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.16 05:30 Yes, please!
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.16 05:31 Yeah, sure. *cranks the volume to the max* *horrid music starts shaking the T-Car and other surrounding cars* *who knows, maybe even the Titans can hear it*
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.16 05:31 *everyone starts jamming and singing along... or should I even call it singing*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.16 05:33 [Can't help it, but...*air quotes* "Singing."]
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 05:34 *is way off pitch*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 05:34 *since Cyborg and Starfire okay, they take the long way back home* *however, on their way, they notice the T-Car* *at first, he thinks it's an illusion due to the music* *Quickster's spiky hair gives it all away, though*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 05:34 *eventually decides to lip sync instead*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.16 05:34 *is screeching with all her might and power*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.16 05:35 *Cyborg flips out upon seeing the T-Car*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 05:38 *her hood is still up**frowns*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.16 05:39 WHA- HUH?!?! WHO STOLE THE T-CAR?!?! *grabs both sides of his head*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.16 05:40 I think we all know who. *looks angry*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.16 05:40 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 05:42 [Bye!]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.16 05:42 I think the question should be...how do we get it back?
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.17 04:07 We're going back to the Tower. It might sound crazy, but we need to reclaim it before they return.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.17 04:09 [Hey!]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.17 04:15 (Hi!)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.17 04:16 [I'll be on here and Star Child!]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.17 04:18 (Ok!)
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.17 04:19 But what about the T-Car?!
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.17 04:19 We have other issues. *pauses* Let's go.
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.17 04:21 *the OTT have made it to McDonald's**Viborg is "singing" some song about "McD's"*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.17 04:23 *looks up at the menu*
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.17 04:24 Mickey D's is so good!!! They have really good food!!! You'd like it, yes you wouullld!! I'd eat there every day if I couullld! *singing, of course*
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.17 04:25 *makes eye contact with the employee, who gives him a weird look*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.17 04:26 *does some humming/"ooing" and "aaing" that is totally (not) in harmony with Viborg's singing* Ooohhhh...aaaahhhh...wwhhoooaaaa...
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.17 04:27 *spots someone passing by with McNuggets* Ooo... *turns to Quickster* Can we get some Nuggets of Mc?
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.17 04:27 Mc- *takes in a huge breath before screeching again* DOOOONNNNNAAAAAAAA - *another pause* *the entire place goes silent* AAAAAAAAAAAAAALLLLLDDDDDSSSSS WHOOOOAAA WHOOAA WHOAAA...
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.17 04:28 Yeah. We'll get a 20-piece to share.
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.17 04:28 Wait. I thought I was getting a 20-piece for myself??
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.17 04:29 *sighs* *says in a breathy, quietly annoyed way:* Okay, okay. Fine.
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.17 04:30 But I wanted Mcfish bites...
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.17 04:30 [Just found a funny meme...it says "Meanwhile in Scotland" and it shows a sign that says "SLOW DOON." XD]
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.17 04:31 (Hahaha!!)
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.17 04:31 They don't have McFish bites anymore, Inferno!!
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.17 04:32 Guys?.... I don't know if you've noticed, but, um... the line is like, super long.
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.17 04:33 Oh really? *is pretty unfazed* Alright then, we'll order.
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.17 04:33 *looks around* Where?
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.17 04:33 Behind us.
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.17 04:36 *turns to Viborg* I don't care. I want McFish bites!!
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.17 04:38 *begins reciting the order, despite Viborg and Inferno's bickering*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.17 04:42 *bothers Quickster by telling him more things she and the others want*
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.17 04:43 *starts getting irritated quickly* I'm trying to order!
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.17 04:45 *paces around in the background, staring at his phone*
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.17 04:46 *wraps up the order, then ends up waiting forever*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.17 04:46 *they FINALLY sit down*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.17 04:49 *is still mad about the nonexistent McFish bites*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.17 04:49 [Lauren and Caprial are on; replies might be slow.]
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.17 04:49 (Ok.)
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.17 04:49 *starts gobbling everything down before even sitting down*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.17 04:52 *eagerly eats some McNuggets*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.17 04:52 *grabs a burger that Viborg is also grabbing**she and Viborg glare at each other intensely*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.17 04:52 Excuse me...that's MY burger.
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.17 04:53 *shakes her head insistently, eyes bulging* Nuh uh!!
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.17 04:56 GUYS.... *doles the food out placidly*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.17 05:01 I said IT'S MINE!! *she and Viborg basically play tug-a-war with a burger instead of a rope*
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.17 05:06 (I have to go now. See you!)
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.17 05:07 [Aw, bye!]
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.18 04:16 [I'm on!]
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.18 04:20 (Hi!)
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.18 04:22 [Hey! Silver and Caprial are on Star Child, so I'll be on here and there!]
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.18 04:24 (Ok!)
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.18 04:24 Please...calm down!
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.18 04:25 *they don't stop**suddenly becomes fierce* I said CALM DOWN! *blasts the burger with laser eyes**pieces of burger are flung all over Viborg and Inferno*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 04:25 *pauses dramatically*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 04:27 *then her hands light on tan-colored fire**glares at Moonfire*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 04:28 *Viborg is heard saying "OH NO SHE DID-UUUNNNT!"*
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.18 04:32 *immedietly following the incident, she starts ranting*
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.18 04:33 *holds up a fry, dramatically sighing* Can I just EAT in PEACE for one day?! Geez.
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.18 04:34 *everything is silent* *starts chewing a little slower, looking down at the table*
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.18 04:42 -15 MINUTES LATER-
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 04:42 *makes the fire disappear and sits down* Psh. Whatevs.
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 04:42 *that was before the "15 minutes later"*
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.18 04:42 *lets out a loud belch once her gorging session has come to its end* *loudly declares that she's full*
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.18 04:43 Okay. Guess we should return to the Tower, then.
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 04:44 *has since reclaimed the Tower, only to find it in shambles* *is fixing it up with the other Titans*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.18 04:44 *quickly finishes up by gulping down some ice cream**winces* Oh no! I have the freeze of the brain!
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 04:45 *comes into the living room, looking furious* Most of my stuff. Is on. THE FLOOR.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.18 04:45 *enters, clutching a broken alarm clock* My room's been trashed too.
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.18 04:45 But what about dessert?! Quickster: You had your chance. We need to leave now.
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.18 04:46 Who could have done such terrible things? *looks upset*
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.18 04:46 *consents, but whines all the way out the door*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.18 04:47 *starts screaming once he gets ahold of his games*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.18 04:50 Well, the kitchen's in ruins. I can only guess who raided the fridge.
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 04:51 *sighs, wiping his brow* *is clearly stressed out*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.18 04:53 I can't find any of my classical music...they probably threw it all in the trash. And my piano is all out of tune.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.18 04:54 *sighs* Better get to work... *goes back to her room and starts tuning her piano*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 04:54 *also goes to her room**uses telekinesis to put everything back the way it was in a matter of seconds*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 04:56 *is just sort of standing around when the door bursts open*
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.18 04:57 HEEYY-O!! WE'RE HOME!! WAIT. What are YOU people doin' here?
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.18 04:57 We actually live here. FYI.
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 04:59 *spins around, glaring* Get out. NOW. *is in absolutely no mood for games*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:00 *she enters the living room**Violet stops tuning her piano upon hearing Viborg and rushes into the living room too*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:00 This is OUR home.
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.18 05:01 Well... we're gonna kick you guys out real soon.
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.18 05:02 Psht. That's a lame excuse. *rolls his eyes*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.18 05:04 *summons Starbolts**looks at Quickster, waiting for the cue*
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.18 05:08 Oh yeah? *reveals his staff* *the OTT follow suit with their weapons*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:08 *puts her hood up, eyes glowing**black energy forms on her hands*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:09 *her eyes glow purple and forcefield spheres appear around her hands*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:11 *takes his own staff out, looking fierce*
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.18 05:11 *turns around and runs out of the Tower*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:14 *her eyes stop glowing; she looks confused*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:14 Should we go after them?
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:14 TITANS, GO!! *pursues Quickster* *eventually, they are all gathered outside of the Tower*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:14 *looks at Robin*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:16  Using Blow  *makes the first move against Quickster*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:16  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=42  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:17 [Can you reply faster on Star Child? Mortem has just attacked! :D]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:17 [It's gonna be epic!!]
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.18 05:21 (Yep!)
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.18 05:21  Using Blow  *darts out of the way*
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.18 05:21  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=7  
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.18 05:22  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Energy Manipulation  
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.18 05:22  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=80  *
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:23  Using Blow  Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS! *launches a black energy raven at Nova*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:24  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=65  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.18 05:27   + 20 Health/Energy points to Violet  [Refilling Health.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.18 05:27   + 20 Health/Energy points to Cyborg  [Refilling Health.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.18 05:27   + 20 Health/Energy points to Beast Boy  [Refilling Health.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.18 05:27   + 20 Health/Energy points to Inferno  [Refilling Health.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.18 05:28   + 20 Health/Energy points to Moonfire  [Refilling Health.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.18 05:28   + 20 Health/Energy points to Quickster  [Refilling Health.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.18 05:28   + 40 Health/Energy points to Nova  [Refilling Health.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.18 05:28 [Oops...redundancy. XD]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.18 05:31   + 1 Agility points to Quickster  
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.18 05:31  Using Blow  *responds with her own blue energy*
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.18 05:31  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=46  
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.18 05:31 *is attacked by the raven*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.18 05:31  Using Blow  *blasts Inferno*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.18 05:32  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=30  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.18 05:35   + 1 Agility points to Marc.+Dem.+Pop.+Hea.  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.18 05:35   + 1 Agility points to Raven  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.18 05:35   - 1 Agility points to Marc.+Dem.+Pop.+Hea.  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.18 05:35   - 20 Health/Energy points to Nova  
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:36  Using Blow  *creates a tan forcefield shield and launches it at Cyborg after blocking the blasts*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:36  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=12  
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:36  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=68  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.18 05:40 *is blasted back by Inferno
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:40 *takes Cyborg's place and runs at Inferno, eyes glowing*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.18 05:40 *Inferno's forcefield shield*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.18 05:40   + 1 Strength points to Inferno  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.18 05:41   - 20 Health/Energy points to Cyborg  
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:44  Using Super Blow  *speeds towards BB on his skateboard*
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:44  Using Blow  *
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:44  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=92  
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.18 05:44  Using Blow  *rises into a giraffe*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.18 05:45  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=36  
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.18 05:45 *wasn't quick enough, so he was thus mowed over*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:45  Using Blow  Hey again, Purple Girl. Ready for the SHOCK of your life? *smirks and launches orange electricity at Violet*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:45  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=66  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:46  Using Blow  Not really. *counters her attack with purple electricity*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:46  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=27  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:46 *is given a serious electric shock**spasms and falls down, moaning*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:47 *approaches Violet* You aren't getting scared, are you? *knows Vi's weakness, of course*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:47 Better be careful.
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.18 05:49  Using Blow  *lauches Starbolts at Moonfire*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.18 05:49  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=58  
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.18 05:51  Using Blow  *launches cyan ones at Starfire*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.18 05:51  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=43  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.18 05:51 *Moonfire is blasted back*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.18 05:51   + 1 Agility points to Animal Dude  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.18 05:51   + 1 Power points to Inferno  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.18 05:52   + 1 Power points to Starfire  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.18 05:52   - 20 Health/Energy points to Beast Boy  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.18 05:52   - 20 Health/Energy points to Moonfire  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.18 05:52   - 20 Health/Energy points to Violet  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:52 *sits up* Not at all. *is lying; Inferno's power has scared Violet a little bit*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:57 Come on, don't lie, Vi. I saw the fear in your eyes.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:58  Using Blow  I said...*gets up and starts lunging at Inferno*...I'm NOT scared!! *throws some punches at her*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=30  
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:58  Using Blow  *easily dodges and blasts her back with a forcefield sphere*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:59  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=23  
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:59  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=18  
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 05:59 *or not**falls back*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 06:02 [I'll wrap up the Inferno vs. Vi battle. Note that Inferno wins, though in the end the Titans overall will win the battle against the OTT.] *quickly launches a forcefield sphere at Violet as she tries to dive on her**Violet is blasted back**gets up*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 06:08 You know Violet, you're a terrible liar. Fear turns to anger. Look at what just happened now.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.18 06:08 Do you really think I care? Inferno: Yes, I do, actually... *approaches Violet* And if not, I'll MAKE you care. *tan forcefield spheres appear everywhere around the two**Violet gets scared and thus gets impulsive*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.18 06:09 *gets up and rushes at Inferno, throwing forcefield spheres at her, but Inferno easily blocks and blasts Violet**falls down on her knees*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 06:11 *watches the battle, but doesn't dare interfere*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 06:11 You try to be so brave Violet. It's inspiring, but at the same time quite lame and absurd. *continues approaching Violet**a tan forcefield forms around Violet and starts rising/growing bigger, at first behind only over Vi's legs and then gradually coming
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 06:11 up over her back and chest**meanwhile, the rest of the Titans are busy battling their counterparts*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 06:12 But you're still so scared - of your father, of what you are, of me, of so many little secrets about yourself being put out in the open, of being exposed as a coward...
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 06:13 Violet: *is bent over; her eyes cannot be seen from the position she's in* Shut up. Inferno: *crouches in front of Violet, smiling as she speaks* But in the end, you're nothing but a scared, little, insignificant girl.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.18 06:15 *finally looks up**her eyes are glowing bright red*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.18 06:15 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.18 06:17 (Ok, see you!)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.19 04:28 [Here!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.19 04:29 [Sorry about being late. I was doing something else and got distracted.]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 04:32 (Hi! It's okay.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.19 04:39 [I'll be on here and Star Child again!]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 04:39 (Ok!)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.19 04:39 *fire forms around her**rises 20 feet; she is using the fire to propel herself, but the fire hides her body from the waist down so it almost looks like her legs grew longer*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.19 04:40 *her clothes and the tips of her hair turn red, of course*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.19 04:43 I ADMIT IT! I'M SCARED!! I'M TERRIFIED!!! *fire tentacles and fireballs are flung repeatedly at Inferno**Inferno is now scared herself; she barely dodges/blocks the fire* BUT I AM NOT...INSIGNIFICANT!!!!!! *leans forward towards Inferno*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 04:47 *has been backing away**puts on a brave face again and her eyes glow orange-tan**raises her hands and aims them at Fiery Violet; arm-shaped tan forcefields are created*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 04:47 *the forcefields grab Violet and start pushing her back**Violet moans on an almost demonic/scary way as she is forced back and down*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.19 04:48 *tries to push back up against the forcefields, but Inferno creates more**the fire under her shrinks as she is forced towards the ground; finally she is left kneeling and squirming, trying to escape the grip of the forcefield arms/hands*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.19 04:48 *some fire still blazes around her*
15>Inferno (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 04:49 *approaches Violet, eyes still glowing**raises her hands, creating a big forcefield fist* I wouldn't be too sure of that. *launches the fist down at Violet**Violet is hit hard**there is a flash of orange, and all of Inferno's forcefields have disappeared*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.19 04:50 *is lying on her back, eyes closed**is motionless**her hair and clothes quickly change from red to purple*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.19 04:51 [Alright, it's time to roleplay out the Titans battling their counterparts in the traditional way (like I did with Violet and Inferno). 4 out of 6 Titans must beat their counterparts; Vi failed, so only one other Titan can fail.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.19 04:51 [The order doesn't matter as long as Starfire vs. Moonfire comes last.]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 04:51 *the Titans and OTT have come to a standstill at this point*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 04:52 (Ok.)
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.19 04:53 Well? *corners Robin* Are you just gonna stand around or what, leader? Let's go!
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 04:54 *pulls out his staff, but at that point, Quickster takes off running* *follows him, running as fast as he can*
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.19 04:56 *sees Robin catching up to him, and eventually Robin does* *is brought down after Robin gets a couple of lashes in with his staff* *gets back up quickly, though*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 04:58  Using Blow  *gets tired of running around in circles after awhile* *pulls out a grappling hook and throws it at Quickster, in hopes of throwing him against the wall*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 04:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=94  
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.19 04:58  Using Blow  *tries to run out of harm's way*
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.19 04:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=94  
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 04:59  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=89  
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.19 04:59  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=30  
17>Quickster (Other Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.19 05:00 *is caught by the grappling hook, tossed into the wall, and knocked unconscious*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.19 05:00   + 2 Strength points to Inferno  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.19 05:01   + 2 Cleverness points to Inferno  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.19 05:01   + 1 Power points to Inferno  
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 05:01 *his mouth drops open* What?...
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.19 05:01   + 3 Agility points to Robin  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.19 05:02   + 1 Cleverness points to Robin  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.19 05:02   + 1 Strength points to Robin  
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 05:02 *suddenly gets fierce* WHAT DID YOU JUST DO TO QUICKSTER?! *his face is red and contorted with rage as he charges towards Robin with his skateboard*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.19 05:02 [As you can see, the winner of each "round" gets 5 points.]
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.19 05:02 *stands in front of Robin and AD defiantly* *rises into a bear*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.19 05:03 [BTW, sorry for playing as your characters, Paige, but I'm going to throw in a hilarious Viborg vs. Cyborg moment from the original Clash of the Titans mission...]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.19 05:04 Viborg: *is meanwhile chasing Cyborg* FEEL THE POWER OF LOVE!!! *shoots heart-shaped lasers at him**they float all around him* Cyborg: *freaks out a little while running* UGH!!! EW!!!! GET AWAYYYY!!!!!!!
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.19 05:04 [Couldn't help it. X'D]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.19 05:04 [Also, since Silver's gone, I'll be on here only now.]
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 05:05 *leaps off of his skateboard, transforming into a huge griffin* *a battle of clawing begins*
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 05:05 (Hahaha!! I'm starting to remember some of that.)
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.19 05:06  Using Blow  *strikes AD with his razor claws*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.19 05:06 [I probably should have made Viborg say "DA POWER" instead of "THE POWER"...oh well. XD]
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.19 05:06  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=18  
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.19 05:06  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=1  
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.19 05:06  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=27  
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.19 05:07 (Eh, whatever. I'm planning on having BB lose this one, so ignore the low numbers.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.19 05:07 [Note that by "traditional roleplaying," I meant no use of Blows. But you can use them if you want; however, feel free to bend the rules and re-roll as much as you want (for instance, if you want BB to win, go ahead and re-roll anyway).]
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 05:07  Using Blow  *tries knocking BB over*
10>Animal Dude (Other Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 05:08  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=37  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.19 05:08 [Also, okay. Scratch my suggestion about having BB win.]
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.19 05:08 *collapses*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.19 05:08 (Ok. Thanks for letting me know.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.19 05:08 [But you can still re-roll all you want since we're not doing the "modern" form of RPing.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.19 05:09   + 2 Power points to Animal Dude  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.19 05:09   + 3 Strength points to Animal Dude  
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 05:09 *she and Nova are dueling - telekinetic style*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 05:10 *her hood is up and her eyes are glowing**raises some nearby trees, thus covering them in black energy, and flings them at Nova* [Note: The Titans will win all their next battles since Vi and BB lost.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 05:11 [I will only Use a Blow against Nova, however, when I want Raven to deal the finishing blow. For now we'll battle back and forth traditionally.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 05:11 [That last sentence was @ Joan since she plays as Nova.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 05:12 *the trees come whizzing at Nova*
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.19 05:14 *tries to stop them by capturing the trees in blue energy*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 05:16 *the trees come flying back at her since Nova has taken control over them**slices them apart using black energy before they can hit her and aims her hand at a little building nearby*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 05:16 *raises the building using telekinesis and flings it at Nova, this time controlling it very well so that Nova can't control it*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 05:17 [BTW, I have the plot of my Metropolis LE RP planned out in my head. I sent it to Lauren to see what she thinks of it (she hasn't been on much so I haven't gotten a reply yet); mind if I send you the plot info too?]
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.19 05:19 (Yeah, sure.)
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.19 05:19 *sees the building being raised* *gasps and starts running*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 05:24 [OK, email sent!]
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.19 05:24 (I'm going to have to go now. See you!)
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 05:24 *the building crash-lands behind Nova; some of its utilities explode*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 05:25 [Alright, see you! I'll finish up the Raven vs. Nova thing.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 05:25 *winces and looks away since the explosion is bright**looks over at where Nova was to see nothing but debris*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 05:26 *looks around, but suddenly Nova (who has transformed into blue energy to render herself intangible) rises out of the ground behind her and prepares to blast her*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 05:27 *spins around and blocks the blast just in time* Your powers are a good imitation of mine, but ultimately I doubt you are stronger than me. (Sorry Joan) Nova: *says darkly:* And why is that?
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 05:28 Mine are real and inherited! *is perhaps pointing out that she's pretty much the most powerful character in the Teen Titans TV series*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 05:28  Using Blow  *unleashes a powerful black energy raven soul-self on Nova*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 05:28  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=10  
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 05:28  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=3  
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 05:28  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=79  
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.19 05:29 [Next time you come on, go ahead and Use a Blow against Raven, even if I'm not online.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.20 04:08 [I'm on!]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.20 04:15 [Maha?]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.20 04:21 [Hello?]
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:27 (Hi! Sorry I'm a little late.)
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:28  Using Blow  So that's your greatest claim to fame? In a battle? Ha! *sends a blast of energy at Raven's raven*
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:28  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=41  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.20 04:29 [Hey! It's fine!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.20 04:29 *Nova is overwhelmed by Raven's power and rendered unconscious*
8>Nova (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:29 *gets blasted back anyways, her screams barely heard*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.20 04:29   + 5 Power points to Raven  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.20 04:30 [Caprial is on. Replies might be slow.]
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:30 *gasps dramatically, grabbing her head* NOVA!! NO...
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:31 (Ok.)
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:31 *faces Cyborg* Prepare to feel the POWER OF LOVE!! *is definitely not in a very loving state right now* *blasts pink energy hearts at him*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.20 04:32 Ugh, no!!! *dodges the energy hearts* *takes his mega blaster out in self-defense*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.20 04:32 I'm warning you! Back. Away! *blasts the nearest bush to shreds*
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:33 *lets out a short laugh* Really? I ain't scared. *laughs sinisterly* *reveals her own mega blaster*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.20 04:33 *wasn't expecting that, but he doesn't let it show*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.20 04:34  Using Blow  *shoots at Viborg*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.20 04:34  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=24  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.20 04:34  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=54  
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:34  Using Blow  *shoots right back at him*
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:34  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=50  
5>Viborg (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:35 *it was pretty close, but in the end, she couldn't take it* *shrieks - a loud and shrill one, too*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.20 04:37   + 2 Agility points to Cyborg  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.20 04:37   + 1 Strength points to Cyborg  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.20 04:37   + 2 Power points to Cyborg  
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:38 *seeing that most of the Titans are winning, she flees towards the sky**Starfire flies up after her*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:39 *looks down at Starfire*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:39 *Starbolts form at the tips of her fingers* *isn't going to let Moonfire get away without a fight*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:39 Ugh, why won't you stupid Titans leave me alone?! *shoots cyan laser beams out of her hands down at Star*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:40 You've had your fun.
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:42 So have you! *sends an influx of Starbolts towards Moonfire*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:43 *dodges, but just barely**gets grazed and stung by one*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:44 *remembers how Inferno got Violet to lose control of herself in order to defeat her**decides to use a similar strategy on Starfire* You know, it is very ironic that one of the Titans likes me better than you.
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:45 *frowns, refusing to believe it* I do not think you are telling the truth, Moonfire!
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:48 Oh, really? Didn't you notice the way Robin looked at me when we first met?
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:49 And the way he and I talked when the Other Titans and you guys were allies? *in the background, she and Robin had been talking here and there, and he indeed liked her*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:49 Come on, admit it - I was always the more attractive Tamaranean. Don't you think?
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:50 *is already fighting back tears* *looks at Robin for an explanation, but he doesn't give her any sort of signal*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:50 And I know far more about Earth and how their inhabitants act and speak than you do - he and I could REALLY have good conversations! Meanwhile you're still talking about your trip to "The Pan of Ja" and all that jazz...
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:51 *of course, Starfire doesn't exactly realize that "all that jazz" is an expression and takes it a bit literally XD XP*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:51 *finally gathers more courage to address Moonfire* Beauty does not always lie in the exterior of a person.
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:52 (''Pan of Ja'', haha.)
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:54 [That's probably the way Starfire would say "Japan," so I used it in that fashion. XD]
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:55 Erm, excuse me?
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:56 Just because you look beautiful doesn't mean that you are beautiful inside.
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 04:58 Then why did Robin like me so much? That comes to show you that I AM beautiful - inside and out. *ironically that was quite a selfish statement*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 05:04 [BTW, did you read the email I sent you?]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 05:04 Unfortunately, I cannot choose who Robin befriends. But he is my friend too, and he likes me all the same.
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 05:05 (I did, but I didn't have the time to reply. I will tomorrow.)
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 05:06 [OK. Did you like it?]
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 05:07 You can't be too sure of that.
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 05:11 (It was pretty good, yeah.)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 05:12 And how can you be so sure of that?
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 05:12 [Great!]
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 05:12 Well... *wasn't expecting her own question to be thrown back at her**pauses, trying to come up with an answer*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 05:13 Because you're a WEAKLING! *eyes glowing, she launches Starbolts down at Starfire* And I'll PROVE IT!!
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 05:20  Using Blow  *winces, but she doesn't waste any time in firing a couple of Starbolts at Moonfire*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 05:20  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=9  
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 05:20  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=68  
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 05:21 *by now, her eyes are glowing green*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 05:23 (I have to go now, see you!)
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 05:26 [See you!]
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 05:27  Using Blow  *eyes glowing cyan, she tries to dodge and strike Starfire with her own cyan Starbolts*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 05:27  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=20  
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.20 05:28 *ultimately Starfire's lasers hit Moonfire squarely in the chest**falls down, down, down to the ground**being a strong alien, she survives the fall, but she is rendered unconscious*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.20 05:39   + 1 Strength points to Starfire  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.20 05:40   + 1 Power points to Starfire  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.20 05:40   + 3 Cleverness points to Starfire  [Starfire was wise, and therefore she gets the most Cleverness points!]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 04:28 [Here!]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 04:29 [Sorry about being late. I was at chess club; I just got home.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.21 04:33 (Hi! It's fine, I've been keeping busy myself.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 04:35 [Hey! OK. I'll continue the summary. Replies might be slow; Caprial's on.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 04:37 [Alright, the rest of what happens is pretty basic: The OTT are dragged off to jail, and we skip time, going to a couple hours later. The Titans are celebrating.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 04:38 [BB, Cyborg, and Violet are having a breakfast food party; they often brawl over what to prepare and serve (Cyborg wants lots of meat and BB+Vi want lots of tofu). Raven is struggling to cope with all the yelling and wrestling.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 04:38 [Starfire and Robin are meanwhile making up for what happened (their relationship has been rocky since The Final Countdown, and Robin's liking for Moonfire only made things worse). They talk to one another and become a couple again.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 04:39 [BB, Cy, and Vi finish preparing food and present it to everyone (BB makes sure to throw tons of confetti on Raven - and the food). Vi and Cyborg are annoyed with BB and prepare to send him flying out of the room when the alarm sounds.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.21 04:40 (Ok.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 04:41 [The Titans rush to their computers were put in to find that they have escaped, and that there is no trace of them throughout the entire city. They are left in mystery, but are relieved that the OTT have fled; they decide to continue their party.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 04:42 [Meanwhile, in a dark, underground lair, a one-eyed figure chastises the Other Teen Titans for failing him. The mission ends when the lights go out.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 04:42 [RPing!]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 04:45 ~POLICE ARRIVE AND THE OTHER TEEN TITANS ARE DRAGGED OFF TO JAIL~
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 04:45 ~A FEW HOURS LATER, INSIDE THE TOWER...~
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.21 04:47 BREAKFAST FOOD PARTY!!! *gets cooking in the kitchen*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.21 04:49 *starts frying t o f u*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 04:50 *opens some cabinets and starts grabbing more to*u**prepares to dump it all over the bacon Cyborg's preparing*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 04:50 This'll add some awesome flavor!
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.21 04:50 *sees this* Ohhh no! We're having THIS! *shoves packages of bacon and sausage in BB's face*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.21 04:51 *winces and puts her hands over her ears; BB's scream hurt her ears* Ow...
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.21 04:51 Hey! No! *swats Cy's hand away*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.21 04:54 *sees Starfire sitting on the couch* *goes over to join her* Hey.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 04:54 Hey, what the heck?! I was about to put tofu on those! *tries grabbing the bacon packages*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.21 04:54 *is standing near the kitchen**watches as chaos ensues* -.-
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.21 04:54 *looks up at Robin, then immedietly looks down at her lap* Hello.
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.21 04:55 Listen, Star. I'm really sorry about what went down. Don't take it personally, okay? You're still my friend. Uh... girlfriend, actually. *kind of blushes*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.21 04:56 *looks up at him, ecstatic* Girl...friend? Robin: *nods, smiling* *they hold hands*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.21 04:57 Stop it, guys! Don't ruin something good.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 04:59 Ruin something good? I'm trying to make his meat good by putting tofu on them!! How can you not approve?!
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.21 05:02 You guys are all acting so mature.
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.21 05:03 You could stop fighting about it. I'm trying to cook here.
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.21 05:03 Why don't we make a bit of everything? Not everyone likes what you guys like.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 05:06 Yeah. Like, let's make a little bit of fried tofu, a little bit of bacon, a few sausages, AND LOTS OF TOFU BACON!!! *continues trying to yank the bacon away from Cyborg*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 05:06 *while she and Cyborg struggle, they accidentally bump into, elbow, etc. BB*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.21 05:09 *gets pretty annoyed* Ugh!! MOVE!
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 05:10 No, you move!!
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.21 05:13 YOU move!! I'm the cook!
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 05:13 I'M a cook too!!
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.21 05:18 Calm down, guys. We're almost done. *pulls some confetti out of a cabinet*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 05:19 Fine... *calms down and gets back to work**prepares some tofu bacon and tofu waffles*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 05:19 *also helps prepare some normal waffles*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 05:20 *soon, they are all ready**BB is put in charge of the confetti while she and Cyborg begin to set the dishes on the table*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.21 05:20 *is still watching, hood down and arms crossed*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.21 05:23 *once Violet and Cyborg set down all of the food, he throws confetti all over it* TA-DAAAA!!
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.21 05:23 *goes over to Raven and dumps the extra bit on her* Surprise! *smiles brightly*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.21 05:24 >_<
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.21 05:24 Wow. I'm the luckiest girl in the world.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 05:25 *she and Cyborg are a bit POed themselves*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.21 05:25 I hope you guys enjoy your breakfast with a side of confetti...
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 05:28 Yeah...I hope you guys like plasticky food.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 05:29 *she and Cyborg look at each other and suddenly smirk**they come up to BB**Cyborg lifts him up and she prepares to kick him epicly out of the room**in a funny anime animation, she looks pretty POed*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 05:29 *suddenly the alarm goes off*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.21 05:30 Uh oh. *heads to the alarm*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 05:31 *Cy drops BB ungraciously onto the floor**follows Cyborg to the computer*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.21 05:32 *floats past BB, slapping him on the back of the head, and goes to the computer too*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.21 05:33 The Other Teen Titans - they've escaped the city, which is good news.
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.21 05:34 *shrugs* Kind of unsettling, but good.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.21 05:36 *frowns slightly* But isn't the fact that they aren't in jail anymore BAD?
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 05:37 Yeah, but at least it looks like they aren't planning on messing with us again.
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.21 05:38 If they wanted to mess with us, they'd stay in Jump City.
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.21 05:39 Okay, okay, I get it! They're gone! Now, can we party? Please?
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.21 05:40 *looks down at BB for a minute* Well... okay.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.21 05:42 Whoo!
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.21 05:44 *the Titans all rush over to eat dinner**smiles a little and joins them**they talk and laugh while brushing away confetti*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.21 05:45 ~MEANWHILE...~ One-Eyed Man: First Robin...then Super Nerd...and now YOU? *is silhouetted and sitting on a chair**slams his fist onto the arm rest; all of the Other Titans, who are standing in front of him under a spotlight, jump a little*
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.21 05:45 *she and Animal Dude whimper a little**they give Quickster a shove, as if urging him to defend them since he's team leader*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.21 05:45 (I have to go now, I'll see you!)
16>Moonfire (Other Teen Titan), 17yo.2016,May.21 05:46 [Alright, bye!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.21 05:48 [I'll finish up the mission real quick.] (Sorry Paige) Quickster: *sighs, giving Moonfire and AD an annoyed look, and turns to the "mystery" man* They were stronger than we thought, and we were very hungry - we hadn't eaten in many hours, you know - so we
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.21 05:48 had to- One-Eyed Man: Enough with your excuses. They change nothing.
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.21 05:55 One-Eyed Man: You are done with. There is still one more person who I can use to destroy them. And trust me...she will NOT fail. *screens turn on across the walls, showing the Titans via one of their security cameras in the Tower**they are eating, talking
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.21 05:55 and laughing**the cameras zoom in on one Titan in particular - the New Titan*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.21 05:56 *the Other Titans look at the one-eyed man in surprise and confusion**then the screens turn off, and the lights go out*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.21 05:56 ~THE END...PERHAPS~
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:14 [I'm on!]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 04:16 (Hi!)
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 04:17 (I have awesome news regarding the new X-Men movie!)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:17 [Well, the more comedic mission of this season - Clash of the Titans - has ended. The next mission will be far more serious. The next mission is Missio #8: Traitor.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:17 [Really?! :D]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:17 [Also, hi!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:19 [What's the news? :D]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 04:20 (I was looking at the soundtrack, and it looks like there's actually going to be Beethoven on it - Symphony # 7, movement 2, to be exact.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:23 [Cool!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:24 [Kind of fits...the name in the movie and the commercials both show that some evil god guy named Apocalypse is going to cause an apocalypse (dur XD), and mvt. 2 of Beethoven's 7th symphony is quite melancholy.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:25 [Speaking of classical music, I can't help but quiz you. Here's a question: Which composer's music has been stolen the most and put in other stuff (e.g. other music, movies, etc.)?]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:27 [Don't Google it. That's cheating. XD XP]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:27 [I'll give you a hint if you need one.]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 04:28 (Well, generally a lot of composers get their music stolen and put into movies because they're dead.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:28 [Yep...but who had his music stolen the most?]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 04:28 (Anyways, I'd place my bet on either Beethoven or Wagner.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:29 [One of my friends is a classical music and opera guru...he told me the answer (or at least the answer is his opinion).]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:29 [Beethoven is a good guess, but nope...]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:29 [If you had asked for a hint, I would have told you the composer's first name is Wilhelm...]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:30 [...because Wilhelm Richard Wagner is the answer! :D]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 04:30 (Dang it, I'll have to think about this one.)
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 04:31 (Okay, I was going to guess that. I THOUGHT there was a Wilhelm Richard.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:31 [I gave you the Alex Trebek treatment, didn't I? XD (I believe he leaves his contestants in suspense for a few moments before revealing that they got the answer right sometimes; correct me if I'm confusing him for a different guy)]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:32 [I was listening to some Wagner myself today - I was listening to act 2 of Parsifal.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:33 [And later I listened to some parts of act 3 of Lohengrin (weirdly enough, the knight Lohengrin is Parsifal's son).]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:33 [Have you listened to the Good Friday music yet?]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 04:33 (Sometimes he does that, but not very often.)
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 04:34 (Actually, I can do that right now.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:36 [OK, great!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:36 [Anyway, I'll post the first part of the synopsis of Mission #8: Traitor...]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:37 [Violet is scrolling around on Cyborg's computer; no one else is in the living room. Suddenly Cyborg bursts in yelling "MAIL CALL!!!" and, with a startled gasp, she shuts down his laptop and pretends she hadn't been doing anything.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:38 [The rest of the Titans rush in and BB finds that the new video game he's been waiting for has arrived - "Super Macho Mania 9000." At first the rest of the Titans are annoyed as he tells them how great the game is and explains how it's a game in which
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:39 you play as muscular dudes and battle to see who's the "most macho man of all", but BB manages to talk Robin and Cyborg into playing it with him.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:40 [Hours later, it is twilight, and the three boys are STILL playing the game - they are completely obsessed with it. The three girls have meanwhile noticed that a carnival has been set up near the seashore. They decide to go and try to invite the boys, but
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:40 they completely ignore the girls. The girls, getting tired of hearing the three boys yelling at each other about how macho they are and watching them mash buttons, leave for a fun-filled girl's night out.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:41 [The female Titans head to the carnival and have a lot of fun (we improvise here, having them play games, go on rides, take pictures, get junk food, etc.). However, as they walk through a dark area in between two tents in order to get to the next ride, a
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:42 familiar one-eyed figure confronts them. He says strange things that confuse Starfire and Raven but distress Violet. The female Titans try to escape, but the man - Slade - goes right for Vi and a battle ensues.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:44 [The trio manage to run away and hide in the back of a tent. They begin to discuss what to do next, but Slade finds them and attacks them again; Raven and Starfire urge Violet to flee and get help while they distract him.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:45 [Vi indeed flees while Rae and Star fend off Slade. However, Slade soon overpowers them and runs off to pursue Violet. Violet has meanwhile got to the beach; rather than going for help, she is distressed and deep in thought.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:48 [Slade sneaks up on her and he and she have a conversation.
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 04:49 (Just got done listening to the Good Friday Music. It was really good! I expected it to sound a little more solemn, but instead it was a lot more Wagner-esque, like his typical style.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:49 *conversation. The conversation reveals that she is actually a traitor and has been working for Slade ever since the end of the Inner Evil mission. Raven and Starfire have meanwhile recovered and gone to look for Violet; they spy on Vi and Slade nearby
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:50 and overhear enough to tell that Violet is a traitor.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:51 [Yep...however, when compared to the rest of Wagner's works, Parsifal stands out - it's unique. It's actually technically a "modern style" opera, but it's really, really, REALLY good anyway.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:51 [It's unlike anything before and after it, really.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:52 [Nothing past Parsifal has been able to parallel it - some of Richard Strauss' music probably came close, but in my opinion there has been no opera that came after Parsifal that is as good as Parsifal.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:53 [Anyway, what will Raven and Starfire do next? Stay tuned.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:53 [Ready to roleplay?]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 04:53 (Well, I'll take your word for it.)
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 04:53 (Sure! Things are seeming interesting.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.22 04:56 *as stated above, things begin when she sits down in the living room**Cyborg has left his computer sitting on the table*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.22 04:56 *boots it and begins to look through some files**specifically looks for ones labeled "Private" or "Restricted"*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.22 04:58 *barges through the door* MAIL CALLLLLL!!!
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.22 04:58 *sprints into the living room* Is it here?! Is it here?!
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.22 04:59 *gasps**quickly shuts down his computer, gets up, jumps backwards, and leans against a wall behind her*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 04:59 *flies in, a book tucked under her arm and her hood down*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.22 05:00 *looks at a small box among the pile of mail* Well, I believe this IS addressed to you...
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.22 05:00 *grabs the box right out of Cyborg's hand and runs right out of the room*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.22 05:01 *shrugs a little, watching BB* Well, whatever makes the dude happy...
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:01 *Robin and Starfire enter too just as BB races past them*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:01 Um...what was that about?
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.22 05:03 *gladly explains from the living room* I got a new video game! It's called Super Macho Mania 9000. Basically, you just battle other macho dudes to see who's the most macho.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:07 Sounds sooo exciting. *is being sarcastic, of course*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:08 Uh...what? *laughs a little*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:09 I have to say, it DOES sound pretty fun.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:10 *looks at Robin, raising an eyebrow**was definitely not expecting that*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.22 05:11 I don't know. Seems kinda stupid to me.
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.22 05:11 Can you guys play with me? I need more players.
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:12 I wouldn't mind...
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.22 05:12 Hmm... like I said...
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.22 05:13 Puh-leeaaase??
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.22 05:14 Okay, okay, fine! *he and Robin disappear inside the gaming room*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:15 [I don't think there's a gaming room in the Tower...I think they just use the video game console that is attached to the TV in the living room.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:16 [That's what I remember, at least.]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.22 05:16 (Ok.)
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:21 [BTW, I recently found a Teen Titans meme. It said: "Teen Titans taught me that when eyes start glowing, run like h**l." And then it showed pics of Raven, Starfire, Terra, and Jinx, all with their eyes glowing...pretty scary. XD]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.22 05:22 (Haha. )
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:23 [Anyway, RPing.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:23 *she and the other two girls are left standing there awkwardly*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.22 05:23 *after hours of gaming, he and Robin find themselves to be hooked to the game*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:23 ~HOURS LATER...~ *is trying to meditate but the game sounds (and the sound of the male Titans' yelling) are super loud; they shake the whole Tower*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:24 *is trying to play piano, but the game sounds and the male Titans' yelling are both super loud and super distracting*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:24 *she and Raven leave their rooms and meet up with Starfire in the hallway*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:25 *is atypically screaming* I'M THE MOST MACHO!!! YEAHHHH!!
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:25 That's it. This noise has become too much for me.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:25 Yeah. Let's go see if we can get them to stop.
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.22 05:25 *nods in agreement*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:26 *the three girls head to the door that leads to the living room**as soon as they open it...Game Music: "NA NA NA MACHO WACHO..."*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:26 *all three of them are blown back several meters*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.22 05:28 *gasps* What is - what was that?!
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:30 *gets up, rubbing her head**air quotes* "Music."
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.22 05:34 It's just the game soundtrack! OH!! YOU GOT ME!!! NOOOOO...
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:36 *the girls enter the room**Starfire suddenly notices a carnival being set up near the beach not too far away from the Tower*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.22 05:40 Why don't we leave? I think there is a carnival taking place by the beach.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:40 [Hello?]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:40 [Nvm.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:40 *doesn't look too excited*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:41 *she, however, is eager to go* Yeah, that sounds great! *goes to the couch**yells over the music (and the guys' yelling):* HEY GUYS, THERE'S A CARNIVAL IN TOWN! WANT TO COME WITH US?
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.22 05:46 *doesn't reply*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:46 *doesn't reply*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.22 05:46 *doesn't reply*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:48 [XD Well that moment made me laugh.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:48 o_o
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:48 -_-
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:48 *turns to Starfire* Let's just go.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:49 I think I'd rather be out of here without them than in here with them myself...I'm not a carnival person, but if I stay here any longer I think I'll be sick.
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.22 05:49 Yes. Let's go have fun.
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.22 05:52 *heads over to the carnival with the other two*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:52 *they arrive**looks emotionless, but Violet and Starfire are both quite excited*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.22 05:54 Oh, it looks like so much fun! *claps her hands together, goggling over the rides and stuff*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.22 05:55 What shall we do first? *is looking towards a food stand*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.22 05:56 *is more interested in the rides than the food* Why not go on that rollercoaster over there?
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.22 05:56 *nods eagerly*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.22 06:00 *they head over and get on the rollercoaster**it starts going up and up and up*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.22 06:01 *shrieks in excitement as the rollercoaster goes up and down*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.22 06:03 *whoops and holds her arms up in the air*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 06:03 *holds on tight, a bit startled**actually looks scared and a bit energized for once*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 06:06 *soon the rollercoaster comes to a halt and they get off*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 06:06 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.22 06:07 (Bye!)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.22 06:07 *laughs a little* Let's do it again!
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.22 18:43 *her face looks green and overall she looks a bit disheveled* Uh...no thanks, Star.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.22 18:45 *looks around* Hm...what else do you think we should try?
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.23 04:18 [I'm on!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.23 04:29 [Hello?]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.23 04:29 (Hi! Sorry I'm a little late.)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.23 04:31 *points out an entertaining carnival game she thinks they should check out*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.23 04:38 *heads over to that game* *the goal is to shoot water via a water gun directly on the target in order to get a prize of some sort* *decides to have at it*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.23 04:39 [Hey! It's fine. Sorry about my slow replies; Caprial is on and I had to update one of my clubs.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.23 04:39 [There were like five different people communicating on Brunny's Awesome World of Randomness and a couple little, dumb-ish arguments popped up...getting who said what arranged in my head was chaos. XD]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.23 04:40 (It's ok.)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.23 04:40 (Ha, understandable.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.23 04:40 *she and Raven join in and compete against Starfire*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.23 04:40 *is surprisingly accurate due to her telekinesis power helping her make her shots precise&*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.23 04:41 **
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.23 04:43 [At one point I was like: "Guys. Guys. Guys. Guys. Guys. Dude. Like. Uh. Chill." XD]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.23 04:43 [I don't think that got across to them very well. XD]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.23 04:45 (Yeah, probably not.)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.23 04:46 *doesn't have her control of the water gun down pat, but she's doing okay*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.23 04:47 [BTW, have you replied to my email about the Metropolis RP yet?]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.23 04:48 *is about average, like Starfire*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.23 04:48 *in the end she wins...a big stuffed chicken* ~.~ Oh yay.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.23 04:49 *hates chickens (she's allergic to their feathers, but at least this chicken is a toy/is fake)*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.23 04:49 Good for you! *smiles**chuckles a little*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.23 04:49 (I've looked at it, but haven't replied. Sorry to be so lax about it, but I've gotten caught up in other things and have sort of forgotten about it from time to time. But... since I'm online right now, I might as well answer it really quick.)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.23 04:50 Congratulations, Raven! *claps*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.23 04:50 [Okie dokie.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.23 04:55 Thanks... *sort of does and sort of doesn't mean that*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.23 04:55 Let's just get a move on, shall we?
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.23 04:55 *sniffs the air and smells delicious (unhealthy) carnival food*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.23 04:59 (Just finished replying.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.23 05:01 [Thanks! I'll reply to your reply. XD XP]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.23 05:01 [Yes, that sounds rather redundant.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.23 05:03 [I'll give you the chance to lay some early character claims (via email) to starting the RP will be faster.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.23 05:03 [Both of you will join, right?]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.23 05:04 (Not sure yet, but we both know about it.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.23 05:04 [I'm planning for there to be about four or five members and I'm still evaluating how many characters there'll be, so you'll get to probably choose three to five characters depending on what happens.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.23 05:05 [I was initially thinking the members would include myself, Silver, Caprial, and you two, but Silver has disappeared again. If she doesn't turn up and start coming on regularly I'll probably require both of you to claim characters to fill up the slots.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.23 05:06 [The RP will be fast-paced, so I've mainly been inviting players on RP-City who come on almost every night.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.23 05:07 (Ok.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.23 05:09 [Let's RP. I'll multitask (I'll work on my reply while RPing on here and with Caprial).]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.23 05:10 (Alright!)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.23 05:11 Mmm...something smells good...
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.23 05:12 *looks at Violet, then at a food stand*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.23 05:17 Why not go over there next?
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.23 05:17 *nods* Yes, let's!
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.23 05:26 (Well, I have to go now. Bye!)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.23 05:27 [Aw, see you!] *she, Starfire, and Raven go over and get food**gets a churro while Raven gets some popcorn*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.24 04:28 [I'm on! Please check your email again! :D]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.24 04:29 (Hi!)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.24 04:29 (I actually looked at it today, unless you sent a new e-mail.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.24 04:30 [Did you get my revised version of the Metropolis characters list?]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.24 04:31 [I sent some new emails to you around noon.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.24 04:31 [Your time, I mean.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.24 04:31 (Ok, I'll go look at it real quick.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.24 04:40 [Hola?]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.24 04:42 [Wait, nvm. I'm guessing you're still looking at it since the list is long and detailed.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.24 04:50 (Just finished the email!)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.24 04:50 (Sorry that took so long.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.24 04:51 [It's fine!]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.24 04:54 *gets a cone of cotton candy* I'm tasting the clouds!
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.24 04:56 [One sec...I'm replying to you...]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.24 04:57 (Ok.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.24 05:02 [Done!]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.24 05:03 Actually, Star...that's cotton candy. It's mostly sugar.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.24 05:03 *takes a bite of churro* Mmm...this is pretty good!
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.24 05:04 *once they finish (sorry about rushing this; we've been doing the "carnival fun" scenes for a while now, though) she hears music coming from a carousel*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.24 05:05 Hey, it sounds like there's a carousel past those tents. *points at two tents; a dark alley-like gap is in between them* Why not go over there and see if we can find it?
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.24 05:06 *nods, finishing off the cotton candy*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.24 05:09 *leads the other two girls into the dark alley*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.24 05:11 I think we're getting closer...the music sounds louder-
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.24 05:11 Hello, girls.
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.24 05:11 *the trio freeze in their tracks and turn around to see a silhouetted Slade looming over them* Having fun?
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.24 05:13 *is not having so much fun anymore, for lack of better word*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.24 05:15 Unfortunately the fun is over for you. *looks directly at Violet, though Raven and Starfire aren't quite sure if he's talking to all of them or just Vi* It is time.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.24 05:16 *is distressed, but the other two seem confused**opens her mouth to say something, but Raven speaks first*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.24 05:16 *is very confused* W- what?...
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.24 05:16 *glares* What do you want?
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.24 05:19 I believe your...friend here knows what I want.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.24 05:20 *glances awkwardly at the other two girls**then Slade attacks* [This will be a "freestyle" battle.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.24 05:21   + 20 Health/Energy points to Violet  [Refilling Health.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.24 05:21   + 20 Health/Energy points to Robin  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.24 05:21   + 20 Health/Energy points to Beast Boy  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.24 05:21   + 20 Health/Energy points to Cyborg  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.24 05:25  Using Blow  *quickly makes a forcefield disc shield and tries to use it to push Slade away from her*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.24 05:26  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=53  
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.24 05:26  Using Blow  *continues coming at Violet; he is trying to resist her forcefield*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.24 05:26  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=60  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.24 05:27 Augh! *is pushed back**falls on her butt**despite being pushed, she's pretty much unhurt*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.24 05:27   - 20 Health/Energy points to Violet  
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.24 05:28 *puts her hood up**raises her hands* Azarath Metrion-
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.24 05:28 (I have to go now, see you! You can use a blow against Starfire if you want; I'll be sure to reply to it sometime tomorrow.)
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.24 05:28  Using Blow  *pulls Raven's hood down over her eyes before she can finish and grabs her**tries to shove/throw her right into Star*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.24 05:29  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=91  
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.24 05:29  Using Blow  *tries to say "Zinthos" and blast Slade away, but she's virtually blind due to her hood being in the way and Slade definitely has the upper hand here*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.24 05:29  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=85  
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.24 05:30 *is thrown right into Starfire**she and Starfire tumble to the ground* [OK, see you!]
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.24 05:31 I don't think you know my daughter as much as you think you do.
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.24 05:31 Would you be interested if I- *Starfire goes into battle mode**eyes glowing, she rises up and summons Starbolts* It appears you aren't interested. Oh well.
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.24 05:32  Using Blow  *Starfire comes at him**tries dodging the Starbolts, grabbing her, and knocking her down to the ground with a mighty punch*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.24 05:32  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=26  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.25 04:22 [I'm on!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.25 04:23 [Caprial has chosen all her characters for Metropolis. Unfortunately I recently got an email from Caprial stating that she has to quit RPing and thus she can't join Metropolis.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.25 04:24 [I think I remember that she has done this sort of thing before but ultimately returned. In case she changes her mind I will delay opening Metropolis; if she doesn't change her mind I will try to find someone else to replace her.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.25 04:24 (Hi!)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.25 04:25 (Ok. That's too bad, hopefully everything will work out.)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.25 04:25 (Sorry to be late, by the way. We had a concert and it ran for awhile.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.25 04:25 [If I can't find someone else then I'll just have to open Metropolis and we'll be the only members.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.25 04:25 [It's fine! I'm a bit late myself.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.25 04:29 [Anyway, let's RP.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.25 04:30  Using Blow  *manages to be strong and fire away at Slade*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.25 04:31  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=70  
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.25 04:32 *stumbles back*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.25 04:33   + 1 Strength points to Starfire  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.25 04:33   - 20 Health/Energy points to Slade  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.25 04:34 *quickly gets up and grabs Raven and Starfire's wrists urgently* Let's get out of here. *is eager to flee**the other two, who have been surprised and confused by Slade's arrival, nod in consent*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.25 04:34 *they run out of the alley and into a random, dark tent**they hide in the back of it around random carnival stuff*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.25 04:35 *clutches her stomach and catches her breath*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.25 04:35 *is more confused than scared now* *shakes a little*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.25 04:36 It's obvious that Slade is mainly targeting you. What does he want?
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.25 04:36 *continues panting so that she has an excuse not to reply via speaking**shrugs her shoulders*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.25 04:37 *frowns slightly* Well, whatever it is, it can't be good. We need to do SOMETHING... *is trying to come up with a plan*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.25 04:37 Do you think-? *trails off, too scared to speak, really*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.25 04:39 *appears so quickly that Raven and Violet aren't sure whether Star trailed off or if his appearance interrupted her*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.25 04:39 Hello again, Titans.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.25 04:40 *is clearly scared*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.25 04:40 You know, Raven and Starfire, I wouldn't be discussing plans with Violet. She is a-
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.25 04:41  Using Blow  NO! *throws a forcefield sphere at Slade*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.25 04:41  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=27  
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.25 04:41  Using Blow  *raises his arms, taking the blow and skidding back a little**isn't affected by the blow at all, really*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.25 04:42  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=77  
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.25 04:42 Now, now...let's not become uncooperative...
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.25 04:42 *however, all three girls are frowning at him, prepared to fight*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.25 04:42 But I see I have no choice here.
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.25 04:43 *lunges at Violet but is intercepted by Raven and Starfire*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.25 04:43   - 20 Health/Energy points to Violet  
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.25 04:45  Using Blow  *launches Starbolts at Slade*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.25 04:45  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=29  
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.25 04:47  Using Blow  *eyes glowing, she also attacks Slade**raises her arms, trying to throw him back and into Starfire's line of fire using a wave of black energy*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.25 04:47  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=34  
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.25 04:47  Using Blow  *tries to dodge some of Starfire's first Starbolts*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.25 04:47  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=48  
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.25 04:48  Using Blow  *tries to break free of Raven's wave, avoid being hit by more Starbolts, lunge forward, and throw both Starfire and Raven back with some swift martial arts moves*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.25 04:48  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=67  
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.25 04:49 *both of them are thrown back; all three girls are still stuck in a corner at the back of the tent*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.25 04:49   - 20 Health/Energy points to Raven  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.25 04:49   - 20 Health/Energy points to Starfire  
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.25 04:50 *creates black energy around her hands**glares at Slade with determination* Violet, get out of here. *exchanges a glance with Starfire, and Starfire realizes why Raven wants Vi to flee*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.25 04:50 We'll distract him.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.25 04:55 [Hola?]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.25 04:57 (Sorry about that. I may have poison ivy or something (which was bothering me) so I had to go check it out.)
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.25 04:58 [Aw, crap...that sucks.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.25 04:58 [Today I went in the bathroom for a couple minutes...when I came back out I realized that two really itchy mosquito bites had mysteriously appeared on my right leg.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.25 05:00 [WTH...?]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.25 05:03 [Anyway, RPing. Go ahead and have Star help Raven insist that Vi should go get help.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.25 05:06 *flies towards Raven and Vi* You must go! We can handle this!
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.25 05:07 (Wow, that IS cryptic... mosquito bites are just as annoying, so I'm sorry about that.)
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.25 05:11 [Yeah. I'm guessing some mosquito managed to get in the house and got me while I was on the "porcelain throne."]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.25 05:11 Get help! Now!
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.25 05:12 *nods and starts running**Slade turns towards her, but Starfire and Raven, eyes glowing, fly over and block his path*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.25 05:13 How...noble of you. It's a shame that help won't come in time, because I doubt she'll even go for help. *withdraws his staff*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.25 05:16 *escapes the tent and runs towards the beach*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.25 05:17  Using Blow  *attacks**lunges at the two girls and swiftly tries to hit them with his staff (and his fists)**his martial arts moves are all very precise and very hard to avoid*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.25 05:17  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=56  
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.25 05:18  Using Blow  *that first blow was @ Starfire**this one is @ Raven*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.25 05:18  Using Blow  *tries blocking and or/deflecting his moves with Starbolts*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.25 05:18  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=49  
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.25 05:19  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=58  
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.25 05:20  Using Blow  *creates black energy shields with swipes of her hands*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.25 05:20  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=61  
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.25 05:20 *Starfire is knocked back, but she (Raven) manages to successfully block most of Slade's blows and strike him with some dark energy*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.25 05:21   + 1 Agility points to Raven  [Since Slade himself was fast, Raven had to be quick and precise when she shielded herself; thus she gets an Agility point instead of a Strength or Power point.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.25 05:21   - 20 Health/Energy points to Starfire  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.25 05:21   - 20 Health/Energy points to Slade  
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.25 05:22 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.25 05:24 [Aw, bye!]
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.25 18:32  Using Blow  *acts as if he's turning to attack Starfire again, but then he spins around and tries to hit her with his staff, taking her by surprise*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.25 18:32  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=82  
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.25 18:33 *tries to hit Raven with his staff
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.25 18:33  Using Blow  *tries to block with telekinetic black energy again, but this time Slade was probably too fast for her*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.25 18:33  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=65  
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.25 18:34 *is knocked back into some crates**is left half-conscious, and thus she isn't strong enough to do anything more; Slade gets away*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.25 18:35   - 20 Health/Energy points to Raven  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.25 18:35  Giving Blow (x 89) to Slade  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.25 18:36 *has meanwhile gone to the beach; surprisingly, she didn't go get help, just as Slade predicted**instead, she is standing and looking out at the waves; is clearly distressed**is trying to figure out what to do*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.25 18:37 *a familiar voice says "I knew you wouldn't go for help."**gasps and spins around to see Slade standing 4 meters away from her*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.25 18:37 If you did, you would risk having your secret discovered...OUR secret discovered.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.25 18:38 *becomes agitated* What is it you want now?! I did everything you told me to do!
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.25 18:40 I think you know what I want. Your time with the Titans is over. You've done enough.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.25 18:41 *is speechless**many different emotions and thoughts are flying through her mind*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.25 18:41 *gets up, rubbing her head**her hood has fallen down, revealing her purple hair**sees Starfire nearby; she is also rising and recovering*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 04:21 [I'm on!]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.26 04:25 (Hi!)
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 04:28 [Hey! Sorry about my slow reply; I was replying to some emails. Replies will be fast tonight!]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.26 04:30 (Ok!)
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 04:31 [I'll begin the synopsis for the next part right here...I didn't explain what happened next in enough detail.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.26 04:31 *looks at Raven* Do you know where she went?
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.26 04:31 (Ok.)
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 04:32 [Starfire and Raven stand around for a minute and notice that no help has come and things are too quiet. They set out to find Violet; Raven calls for help while running, but none of the male Titans answer (the game music is too loud and they're too busy
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 04:33 shouting at one another about how macho they are). A highly irritated Raven gives up and the two girls continue running; they are going along when Starfire spots some footprints in some nearby sand dunes.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 04:34 They see that the footprints are "fresh" and follow them. They hide behind some buildings/shacks set up by the carnival people and listen in on Violet's and Slade's conversation; they soon realize that Violet is a traitor, like Terra.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 04:35 [They step forward and confront Violet. After they talk for a bit, Starfire and Raven decide to arrest Violet, but their attempts are failed (they are unable to overpower Violet, but Violet is unable to escape them).]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 04:35 [Raven calls the boys for help again. This time the boys hear the communicator beeping and all three of them argue back and forth about who should pick it up. Finally Raven yells into the communicator that they are in a desperate situation and Robin goes
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 04:36 into Crazy Mode and picks it up. Soon, BB and Cyborg are forced away from the TV by Robin and all three boys arrive at the beach; Violet is still there, but Raven and Starfire are getting tired (Violet won't stop trying to escape).]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 04:37 [Slade has meanwhile fled, leaving Violet to defend herself; the Titans all briefly (and reluctantly) try to capture her, but they are stalemated. Violet, who has become deeply hurt by the Titans' actions (they showed her no real sympathy and basically
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 04:38 treated her like a criminal probably because they were trying to prevent what happened with Terra, but they only made things worse), warns them about things to come and manages to finally escape.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 04:40 [We skip ahead to a week later. The Titans are recovering well from Violet's betrayal; only Cyborg still seems a bit depressed and Starfire and Raven (yes, you read that right) seem a bit moody here and there, but otherwise the Titans are okay.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 04:41 [They are sitting outside at their favorite pizza place when they see some of Slade's minions trashing the inside of the place. They rush in to stop the minions and easily take them all out in a matter of seconds.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 04:42 [As they begin to question why the minions attacked, a girl with black hair over her right eye who is wearing a jet-black bodysuit with gray armor all over it appears...and blasts them clear out of the place.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 04:42 [The synopsis will be continued at that point. RPing!]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 04:47 *shakes her head* I'm not sure.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 04:47 *they stand around for a minute* It's quiet...
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 04:47 *frowns* TOO quiet.
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.26 04:49 *says quietly but seriously:* We must find Violet.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 04:51 *nods* Let's go. *she and Starfire run out of the tent and start running through the carnival**takes out her communicator*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 04:51 *says while running:* Raven to Robin. Over.
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 04:54 *his communicator isn't in reach, but Raven can hear the loud game music and the screaming boys*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 04:54 *gets nothing in response but the game music (which is going "BADA BADA BADA WADA WADA WADA IT'S SO MACHOOOOOO!!!!!!") and the three boys screaming at each other (you can fill in what they're saying XD)*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 04:54 [Jinx, kinda!]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 04:54 *is even heard screaming, "I'M THE MOST MACHO!!! YUSSSS!!!"*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 04:55 (Yeah!)
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 04:55 *says again through gritted teeth:* Raven to Robin. Over.
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.26 04:55 *listens to the static-y sounds of more game music and screaming*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:00 [Sorry about my slow reply...I was recalling a terrible pun I found today.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:00 [Want me to tell it to you? Beware - it may cause permanent damage to your soul.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.26 05:00 *kind of wanders around while Raven waits for a reply* *sees some footprints in the sand, and they look relatively fresh* Raven - look! *points to them*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:00 -_- *tucks her communicator under her brooch again*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.26 05:00 (I think I can take it!)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.26 05:01 I think this might be a clue.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:01 *looks at the prints* Hm...they look new. Maybe she went that way. Come on! *stops running and starts floating**floats over to the prints*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:01 [Alright...brace yourself...]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:01 [Why do cows have hoofs instead of feet? Because they lactose.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:02 [...It makes me moan just to remember it. XD XP]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:03 *Starfire follows**they soon arrive behind some small buildings on the outskirts of the carnival; the buildings are located at the bottom of a slope that goes up past the dunes and into the carnival*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:03 But...I'm...I'm just not ready.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:03 I can't. Not yet.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:04 *they arrive just in time to hear Vi say "I'm just not ready"**they peer through the darkness and see Violet and Slade talking to each other in the moonlight at the seashore*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:05 *Starfire tries to go forward, but Raven is interested in what Violet and Slade are talking about**holds her arm in front of Star, stopping her*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:05 *arm out
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:05 [Whoops...sorry, I meant "hooves." You still get the point, though.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:05 [Pretty terrible, isn't it? XD]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.26 05:06 (Oh... I just cringed so hard.)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.26 05:08 *tunes into the conversation*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:08 [I know...I was in the library when I read that pun and I cringed and moaned out loud. Luckily I wasn't TOO loud, but still...]
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.26 05:09 It is unavoidable. You know that.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:10 *looks down at her feet**some strands of hair fall over her right eye*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.26 05:10 *walks towards Violet* You have done very well as a spy...you may have even been better than Terra.
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.26 05:11 (Sometimes puns can be so bad that you can literally feel them damaging you, haha.)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.26 05:11 *widens her eyes, remembering full well what happened to Terra during her time with the Titans*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.26 05:12 You have made me proud to call you..."daughter." *Raven and Starfire by now are confused and a little creeped**stops in front of Violet* But all things have an end. *reaches forward and pushes the hair out of Vi's face, tucking it behind her ear**she
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.26 05:12 looks up at him* This was meant for you. It is time for you to come with me. It is time for us to set our plans into action.\
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.26 05:12 *.
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.26 05:13 [Yeah, exactly!!]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:13 But I don't want to... *sounds more like a little girl pleading for a parent to change something rather than her usual, headstrong self*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.26 05:13 *looks at Raven, as if trying to say something important with her facial expressions*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:14 They're my friends.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:14 *remembers what happened to Terra all too well**looks back at Starfire, understanding why Starfire is looking at her in that way*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.26 05:15 You have no choice. You were never destined to be with them and you never will be; we made a deal.
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.26 05:16 *adds while turning his head to look directly at where Raven and Starfire are hiding:* And I doubt they were the friends you thought they were.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:17 *looks at where Slade is looking just out of curiosity**Raven and Starfire, knowing that they have been "busted," stop hiding and step forward into the moonlight*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:17 *gasps, startled and scared upon seeing them* Starfire! Raven! You...but...I... *looks at Slade and then at them again*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.26 05:18 What is going on, Violet??
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:22 *Vi is speechless**looks darkly at Violet* I think we all know what's going on here, Starfire.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:22 Violet was a spy. She was just another Terra. And she needs to be stopped before she can do any more harm.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:23 *watches as Starfire and Raven switch from calm to aggressive; Raven puts her hood up and her eyes glow* Wait...guys...? Can we...just...
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.26 05:23 *processes what Raven says, and finds herself agreeing* *sounds dark and daunting, not to mention angry* Yes...
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.26 05:24 I will see you at my place. *turns and runs away, escaping into the darkness*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.26 05:24 *shakes her head at Violet, glowering*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:24 *is scared and not sure what to do*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:24 *backs away a little**looks over her shoulder several times in the direction Slade went, as if wondering if she should try to follow him*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:25 Guys...look...I can expla- *Raven and Starfire fly at her*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.26 05:26 *has Starbolts at the ready*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:28 *opens her cloak wide, revealing nothing but darkness/dark energy underneath - her body is not visible*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:28 There is nothing more to explain!
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:28 [Go ahead and start Using Blows against Vi!]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.26 05:30  Using Blow  *fiercely releases her Starbolts on Vi*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.26 05:31  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=24  
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.26 05:31  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=17  
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.26 05:31  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=39  
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.26 05:31 (I have to go now, see you!)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:32  Using Blow  *creates a forcefield shield and tries to block the Starbolts**unleashes some electricity in an effort to cause Starfire to fall to the ground*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:32  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=23  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:32 [Alright, bye!] *is blasted**skids back*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:33  Using Blow  *flies to Violet and wraps her cloak around her, engulfing Violet in a world of cold, airless darkness*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:33  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=79  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:34  Using Blow  *falls on her knees**can see nothing**creates a forcefield dome around herself and makes it expand in an effort to break free and throw Raven back*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:34  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=77  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:34  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=41  [Alright, if Vi loses she'll be near death, and this battle should be more of a tie, so...re-rolling.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:34  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=18  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:34  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=66  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:34  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=47  
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:35  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=21  [I'm going to re-roll as Raven against Vi's 77 roll instead.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:35 [Sorry for bending the rules. I didn't want Vi to lose this battle altogether, though.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.26 05:36   + 1 Strength points to Starfire  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.26 05:36   + 1 Power points to Violet  
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.26 05:36 *the dome becomes too big for her to hold under her cloak, and it explodes, resulting in her being flung back**bounces off the water like a rock and catches herself in mid-air by hovering to prevent herself from falling into the water again*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.26 05:37   - 20 Health/Energy points to Violet  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.26 05:37   - 20 Health/Energy points to Raven  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.27 04:25 [I'm on! Sorry I'm late...technical difficulties... XP]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.27 04:25 [After I didn't remove some drives safely, my computer decided to choke and puke on itself by becoming reallyyyyy slow. Luckily rebooting fixed everything.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.27 04:27 (Hi!)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.27 04:29 (Well, that's annoying. Good thing you fixed it.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.27 04:33 [Yeah...and my computer didn't shut down properly either. Usually in Fatdog the screen goes black with white text that prints out what it's doing, but the screen just went black. I had to shut it down by force by pressing the power button.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.27 04:33 [I'm eating French bread right now, so replies might be a little slow...anyway, let's RP!]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:34  Using Blow  *turns to Starfire, eyes still glowing**launches a powerful bolt of purple electricity at her*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:34  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=48  
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.27 04:36  Using Blow  *sends some Starbolts at Violet*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.27 04:36  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=58  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:37 *is blasted back**while she's trying to recover from the blows, Starfire flies over and grabs her from behind, trapping Violet in a bent-over position*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:37 *the only thing preventing Vi from escaping is the fact that Starfire has the power of super strength*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:38 *struggles, but can't break free**Raven flies over to help, but every time Starfire and Raven try to move Violet and thus force her to come with them back to the Tower, Vi struggles vehemently; they get absolutely nowhere*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:38 *decides to give calling the boys another try while Starfire continues holding Violet**takes out communicator* Raven to Robin. Over.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:39 *luckily the communicator beeps during a brief pause in the game music**upon hearing the communicator, all three boys moan*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:39 [Go ahead and have Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg argue over who should pick up the communicator!]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:39 *FINALLY hears the communicator, but he's too busy trying to win the game to pick it up* Somebody go get that!
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:40 [And make sure to throw in funny excuses on why they shouldn't - e.g. "I'm 'busy'" or "My arm can't reach that far" or "It's too heavy"!]
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.27 04:40 NO!! I'm too busy!!
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.27 04:40 *stares at the screen pretty blankly* Why don't you get it.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:41 *can hear everything via her communicator* ~___~
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:41 Ugh! Fine! *gropes the carpet for the communicator, then picks it up without tearing his eyes away from the screen* Yeah?
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:42 *of course, she had to yell "IT'S AN EMERGENCY!" to get Robin's attention*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:43 *she yelled that before he picked it up*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:44 Starfire, Violet, and I went to the carnival that's going on nearby. *of course Robin had no idea there was a carnival XD* Slade confronted us, and it turns out that Violet is a traitor - she was working for him all along. She's nothing but another Terra.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:44 Starfire and I have been trying to capture her, but we need your help. Come here - quickly!
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:45 *suddenly turns serious* We'll be there in a minute.
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:46 *faces Cyborg and BB* Guys, off of the games - now!! BB: Whyyy? Robin: It's an EMERGENCY!!
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.27 04:46 *is more responsive to Robin than BB is*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:47 *once BB cooperates, they make their way to the beach*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:49 *as the boys approach the beach, she finally manages to break free by creating a electricity explosion; Starfire is thrown back*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:49 *once he and the other two get to the beach, they are greeted by the sight of Violet struggling against Raven and Starfire*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:49 *looks at Starfire darkly and rubs her wrists (which Starfire had been grasping tightly behind Vi's back)*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:49 *after he sees what Violet just did, he gets infuriated* *runs towards her, trying to stop her*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.27 04:50   + 60 Health/Energy points to Violet  [Refilling Health since Violet is at too high a risk of being knocked out (the same is with Star and Rae).]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.27 04:50   + 60 Health/Energy points to Raven  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.27 04:50   + 40 Health/Energy points to Starfire  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:51 *turns to see the boys; is surprised at how aggressive Robin is acting* Robin! What are you- *has no time to finish her sentence*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:53 I think the same question applies to you, too. *winds her hands behind her back*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:54 There's no escaping now, Violet. I mean, TRAITOR. We've caught you.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:55 You've just got to listen to m- *squirms* Ugh, let me go!!
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:55  Using Blow  *tries to stomp down on Robin's feet with her heels and jab him with her elbows - basic moves used to break free from some holding her from behind*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:55  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=11  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=24  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=4  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 04:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=72  
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:00  Using Blow  *grits teeth* I know what happened already. There's no need to explain! *jerks her back in order to stop her from retaliating*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:00  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=56  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:04 *breaks free**creates forcefields in between her hands and the rope and uses them to break the rope*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:04 *now all five Titans are on the attack*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.27 05:06  Using Blow  *doesn't want to, but he ends up using his blaster on Violet*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.27 05:06  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=64  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:08  Using Blow  *swiftly forms a forcefield dome around herself to shield herself **eyes glowing, she makes electricity radiate off her forcefield and tries to make it strike Cyborg, though she too is reluctant to fight him*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:09  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=12  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:09  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=96  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.27 05:09   + 1 Agility points to Violet  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.27 05:09   + 1 Power points to Violet  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.27 05:09   - 20 Health/Energy points to Robin  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.27 05:10   - 20 Health/Energy points to Cyborg  
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.27 05:10  Using Blow  *attacks with Starbolts when Cyborg is brought down*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.27 05:10  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=97  
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:10  Using Blow  *flies at Violet**creates a raven soul-self and launches it at her*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:10  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=23  
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:10  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=26  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:11  Using Blow  *her dome disappears*turns to face the two girls**tries to block Starfire, but she was probably too fast*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:11  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=55  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:12  Using Blow  *is struck by Starbolts**stumbles back and tries to block the black energy raven with a forcefield, launch the forcefield through the raven, and thus cause the forcefield to fly at and hit Raven*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:12  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=53  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.27 05:13   + 1 Strength points to Starfire  [Forgot to give Star a Strength point when she defeated Violet earlier and almost captured her.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.27 05:13   + 1 Agility points to Starfire  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.27 05:13   - 20 Health/Energy points to Violet  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.27 05:13   - 20 Health/Energy points to Raven  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.27 05:13   + 1 Strength points to Violet  
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.27 05:14  Using Blow  *comes to Raven's defense* *viciously attacks Violet*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.27 05:14  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=81  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:14 *turns to see BB charging at her*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:15 Beast Boy, no - wait - remember when my Inner Evil was out of contro- *has to defend herself to prevent herself from getting mauled since BB has now pounced on her*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:15  Using Blow  *tries to kick him and then blast him back with a forcefield sphere*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:15  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=88  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:16 *barely escaped BB**crawls away from him, eyes wide; she wasn't expecting him to be nearly as vicious as he was**gets up and brushes some sand off her sleeve*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.27 05:16   + 1 Power points to Violet  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.27 05:16   - 20 Health/Energy points to Beast Boy  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:18 *is getting pretty scared in general now**gets up and tries running away, but Robin epicly drops down in front of her*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:18 *backs away a little upon seeing him aim his staff at her*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:19 All you have to do is surrender.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:19 *raises her hands, creating forcefield spheres on them so that all her punches will be stronger and sting a little (her forcefields are actually made out of electric energy that has been pressed together; that's why she can generate electricity too - her
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:19 powers are completely electric-based)**puts on a brave face*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:20 I'm not going to jail. Not when I don't deserve it.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:20 Now if you would only listen to me- *Robin attacks before she can say anything more*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:20  Using Blow  *realizes that Violet isn't going to consent, so he swings his staff at her*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:20  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=65  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:21  Using Blow  *raises her hands in front of her face to block the blow with her forcefields and then tries to punch him several times*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:21  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=87  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:21  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=46  [Alright, Vi's being invincible. Re-roll.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:22 *she managed to block the blow, but when she punched Robin he managed to dodge, slip to her left, grab her, and push/throw her**half flies, half stumbles forward*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:22 *manages to prevent herself from faceplanting**turns around to see all five Titans looking at her darkly, ready to fight*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:23 *glances behind her to see that the few, dark/empty carnival buildings that are on the beach are only a couple meters away from her*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.27 05:23   + 1 Strength points to Robin  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.27 05:24   - 20 Health/Energy points to Violet  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:24 *everything has come to a standstill, and everything has become very quiet*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:25 *her brave face is gone, revealing a more sad, innocent look**looks at each Titan, one at a time, searching for any sign of support or sympathy so that maybe she can try to explain things**although for a moment she thinks she spots a flicker of supportive
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:25 pity coming from Cyborg, all the Titans seem cold and hostile*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:25 (I have to go. See you!)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:26 *something changes in her mind, and she decides that she is done with them, and she decides not to try explaining things**frowns, now looking truly dark*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:26 [Alright, bye!]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:27 I admit it. I was a spy. I was a traitor. Is that what you want me to say? If it is, then there you go.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:29 *starts backing away veryyy slowly* Apparently you aren't interested in what I have to say. Maybe you never were. But now I DO have something interesting to say. Listen closely...
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:30 This is not the end. This is nowhere near the end. This is only the beginning. I will return...and when I do, you will wish you had never been born.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:32 Don't try to stop any of this. This is not something where you can make a compromise or a deal. This is not something you can change.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:32 This is a warning.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:33 What will come WILL come...I will get my revenge. And that is a promise.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:34 *with a sudden, quick wave of her arms, she releases an electricity explosion**the Titans are blinded by it and they do whatever they can to shield themselves, though the explosion came too fast and too unexoectedly for them to really do much about it*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:35 *meanwhile, she runs off into the darkness*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.27 05:35 *by the time she and the others recover from the blast and look around, Violet is gone*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.28 04:13 [Here!]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 04:15 (Hi!)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.28 04:24 [Hey! Sorry about the slow response. I have an Italian penpal who is working on a melodrama-related project and she asked me for some info on Richard Wagner.]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 04:25 (It's okay.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.28 04:33 [Done sending her the message! RPing!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.28 04:36 *the Titans are left standing there, somewhat tired, somewhat shocked, and somewhat saddened*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.28 04:37 *Cyborg is the saddest of the Titans while BB is the most anxious Titan (he alone can tell that something Aftershock-like is definitely coming)*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.28 04:37 ~ABOUT A WEEK LATER...~ *the Titans are sitting on a table just outside their favorite pizza place*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.28 04:39 [Hola?]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.28 04:41 *at a table
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 04:43 *hasn't really been wondering about Violet, to be honest* *what's happened has happened, and he's learned to accept that*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.28 04:44 *begins chowing down on his fifth piece until something outside distracts him* *turns to see... Slade's minions*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.28 04:44 What... *rises from his seat*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 04:45 *has her hood down**looks up upon hearing a crash coming from inside the pizza place*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 04:46 *sees minions trashing the inside of the pizza place**the ones BB spotted come rushing into the pizza place to help the others who Rae spotted*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 04:46 *Robin, Starfire, and Cyborg notice Raven frowning and BB looking confused; they too turn and see the minions*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 04:47 *all five Titans rise to their feet*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 04:48 [A quick note/fun fact I want to throw in: In each main mission, as stated before, one or two other Titans will be like the "second place main Titan(s)" while Vi is the main character/Titan. In Mission #1 is was Robin, obviously (though Starfire and Raven
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 04:48 had a few important moments); in the Inner Evil mission it was Beast Boy (though Cyborg had his important moments as well). In this mission it'll be Starfire and Raven (but each of the other three Titans will have their important moments when Violet
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 04:49 battles them; when I continue the summary you'll see where Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Robin have their moments in the limelight).]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 04:49 [Just wanted to let you know.]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 04:49 *recognizes the minions as Slade's minions* *reveals his staff* Titans, GO!
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 04:50 (Oh, cool. I think I recall you telling me earlier.)
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 04:50 [Oh, and BTW, Starfire will be to Violet as Raven was to Terra in Aftershock (they'll especially dislike each other and irritate one another; this hidden hatred probably came from the love triangle in Mission #1).]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 04:51 [Ah, okay. Sorry for repeating myself, then.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 04:51 *puts her hood up and flies forward**all the Titans burst inside the pizza place* [Here we'll just improvise. Each of us will show our Titans defeating some minions without the Use of Blows.]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 04:52 (It's fine - you actually told me when the club was opened back up.)
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 04:52 [Here's an example of what I mean...] *her eyes glow* Azarath Metrion ZINTHOS! *raises her arms**uses telekinesis to lift up all kinds of things - mainly broken tables - and hurl them at the minions**also uses telekinesis to hurl other minions into each
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 04:52 other*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 04:52 *takes several out with his staff*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 04:53 [Yeah. I guess it didn't hurt to throw in a reminder for all of us.]
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.28 04:54 *turns into a rhino and tosses several minions into a wall with his horn*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.28 04:54   + 40 Health/Energy points to Violet  [Refilling Health...]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.28 04:54 *blasts incoming minions with Starbolts*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.28 04:54   + 20 Health/Energy points to Robin  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.28 04:54   + 20 Health/Energy points to Beast Boy  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.28 04:55   + 20 Health/Energy points to Raven  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.28 04:55   + 20 Health/Energy points to Cyborg  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.28 04:55 *pulls out his mega blaster* *with one shot, several minions are decimated*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.28 04:56 *all minions are destroyed*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 04:56 *her eyes stop glowing**floats back down to the ground*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.28 04:58 *transforms back into a human, wiping his hands together*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:00 *Robin looks thoughtful, and by now all of the Titans are wondering why the minions came along*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:01 That was odd. I wonder why Slade's minions decided to wreak havoc here...
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.28 05:01 *sounds pretty annoyed* Don't you even remember what happened with Violet?
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:02 That still doesn't explain anything.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:03 *suddenly one of the pizza place employees is heard screaming**the Titans turn towards the counter to be blinded by a purple glow**they are sent flying clear out of the place by a POWERFUL electricity explosion*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:05 *rises moments later in the city streets, disoriented* *looks up*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.28 05:06 *stands up, gazing through the dust* *sees a familiar-looking person...*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.28 05:06 Violet? *is almost talking to himself*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:06 *has indeed returned**is standing at the doorway of the pizza place, smiling evilly*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:07 *her hair has been pushed in front of her right eye, Terra-style, and she is donning her apprentice suit*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:07 Actually, Raven, what he said DID have a point.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:07 *sits up, glaring at Violet*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:08 *takes her eyes (or eye, since her right eye is hidden) off Raven and looks at all five Titans in general* Hey again..."friends."
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:08 No warm welcome?
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:09 *stands firmly and strongly**her hair blows in the wind*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:11 [Oops...totally forgot that I was supposed to continue the summary here. XD XP]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:11 [I was like "Why aren't the Titans replying...?" Then finally I realized: "Oops. You guys don
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:11 *don't know what to do here."]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:12 [Alright...I shall now get my brain to stop farting and start coming up with a continuation of the summary. Here it goes...]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:13 [The Titans reply to Violet briefly and then Violet attacks. This will be a freestyle fight (I recommend having various Titans work together and/or attack Violet together; that helps "mix things up"). The Titans defend against her, but she begins to get
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:14 the upper hand (mostly because they aren't as angry at her as in the first fight and thus they don't want to hurt her). At one point most of the Titans are down and Violet confronts BB; it is one-on-one.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:15 [BB is highly reminded of the Terra story and feels sorry for Violet; he understands why she has switched sides. (Here are the reasons in case you're wondering: First of all, like Terra, Violet had trouble controlling her powers - specifically her Inner
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:16 Evil - and Slade alone was able to teach her how to control them. In exchange for this she worked for him as a spy. Also, she secretly held grudges for the times when the Titans treated her badly - e.g. when she was promptly banished from the team in
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:17 Mission #1 upon being framed. Her secret dislike for the Titans only grew more vast and hateful when they treated her horribly last week (RP time) by ruthlessly trying to attack and arrest her; they acted this way because they didn't want another
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:18 Aftershock, but they overreacted and thus only made things far worse by not listening to her and instead treating her so badly. Now she is unleashing her hatred on them.)]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:19 [(Oh, and another reason: The first prophecy forced her to become this - though the events that happened have led up to this, Violet felt somewhat obliged to do and become all this because she knew about her true fate.)]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:20 [Beast Boy talks to Violet and tries to urge her to turn good, explaining that he understands why she became evil and that he can help her, but Violet remains true to Slade. She slams her hands on the ground, creating an electricity explosion that
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:21 accidentally is channeled into a sewer just below her and BB's feet; the explosive electricity causes the ground to cave in and BB to fall into a river of..."stuff."]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:22 [Right after BB falls, the other four Titans come at Violet together; being a bit overwhelmed by their sudden attack, she flees, but she still is victorious.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:22 [When the Titans look down at the hole in the street, they see that BB is completely missing, and they can't get any signal from his tracker, either...he probably drowned.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:23 [Not long later, the Titans are using the computer to analyze maps and data; the computer shows various locations that BB could have floated off to by this point. The remaining Titans split up into four groups and go to the four locations where it is most
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:24 likely BB is present.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:24 [All Titans except Starfire arrive to find minions guarding the locations; while the boys battle the minions, Violet arrives promptly after Starfire arrives.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:25 [The two battle it out in a fight similar to the Terra vs. Raven one (out of all the Titans, Starfire is probably the one Violet dislikes the most, though one could argue that the one she dislikes the most is Robin).]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:27 [Violet ends up being victorious. She sets off to battle her next target: Cyborg. Out of all the Titans, Cyborg is the most reluctant to fight Violet, and the quickest to be annihilated.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:28 [Raven finishes off the last minion only a couple minutes before Violet arrives to take her on. Raven, who has a strange, respectful bond with Violet (they can relate to one another since both of them have evil fathers and both of them know what it's like
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:28 to try to fight an evil destiny/evil heritage), is the one who manages to come nearest to turning Violet good again, but Violet ultimately exploits Raven's weakness (anger) and defeats her.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:29 [Robin has meanwhile realized he's in grave danger and that his friends are falling, one by one. After defeating the last minion he flees. Violet doesn't arrive in time to catch him.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:30 [(Note that he realized this through his communicator; the computer in the Tower was sending alarms to his communicator, indicating that the signals of his friends are being lost, one by one.)]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:30 [The synopsis will be continued at that point. RPing!]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:32 *she and her comrades get up*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:32 Considering what you've done, your welcome should be anything BUT warm.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:36 That's too bad...but I honestly didn't expect one from people like YOU.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:40 *her eyes glow purple, and she creates forcefield spheres around her hands**starts throwing them ruthlessly at the Titans(
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:40 **
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:41 *continues making more forcefield spheres and throwing them*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.28 05:43 *comes back at Violet with Starbolts of her own*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.28 05:43 *gets hit by a forcefield sphere* *is more hurt inside than physically*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:45 *swiftly shields herself with dark energy*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:46  Using Blow  *deflects Star's Starbolts with forcefield spheres that are around her hands**then combines the two spheres to make one slightly large sphere and expands that sphere, making it even bigger**launches the big sphere at Star*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:46 *helps Starfire out by deflecting some of Violet's spheres*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:46  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=3  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:47  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=63  
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.28 05:47  Using Blow  *defends herself with a Starbolt blast*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.28 05:47  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=27  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.28 05:48   + 1 Agility points to Violet  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.28 05:48   - 20 Health/Energy points to Starfire  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:49  Using Blow  *turns to the nearest Titan, who turns out to be BB**charges at him and then leaps at him, trying to kick him epicly*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:49  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=25  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:49  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=66  
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.28 05:51  Using Blow  *attempts to leap out of the way*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.28 05:51  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=34  
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.28 05:54 (I have to go. Bye!)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:54  Using Blow  *hears the familiar sound of Cyborg activating his blaster right behind her**spins around and throws a forcefield at him before he can shoot*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:54  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=52  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:54 [Alright, see you!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.28 05:55   + 1 Agility points to Violet  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.28 05:55   - 20 Health/Energy points to Beast Boy  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.29 04:03 [I'm on!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.29 04:09 [Hola?]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.29 04:14 [Maha? XD]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.29 04:15 (Hi!)
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.29 04:15 (I'm making cookies, so my replies may be slow.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.29 04:21 [Okie dokie.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.29 04:21 [Can I have a (virtual) cookie once you're done? :D]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.29 04:21 [*puppy eyes* Pweeeaaase?]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.29 04:22 [Pretty please with pink sugar on it?]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.29 04:24 [BTW, check your email! I sent you guys something I've been working on for quite a while!]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.29 04:25 (Haha, sure!)
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.29 04:25  Using Blow  *wastes no time in shooting*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.29 04:25  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=65  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.29 04:28   - 20 Health/Energy points to Violet  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.29 04:28   + 1 Agility points to Cyborg  *Violet wasn't quick enough, but Cyborg was*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 04:28 *was blasted**stumbles back*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 04:37 [Hello?]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 04:43 [Still here?]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.29 04:50 (Ok, sorry about the wait. My replies should be a little quicker now.)
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.29 04:50 (I looked at my email by the way; thanks for sending that! I'll be sure to look at it.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 04:53 [No problem!]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 04:54 [Anyway, RPing!]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 04:54 *stumbles back right towards Raven*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.29 04:55  Using Blow  *eyes glowing, she tries to engulf Violet in black energy*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.29 04:55  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=14  
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.29 04:55  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=22  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 04:56  Using Blow  *unleashes a blast of electricity in an effort to push back Rae's energy and blast her back*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 04:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=26  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.29 04:56   + 1 Power points to Violet  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.29 04:57   - 20 Health/Energy points to Raven  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 04:58  Using Blow  *creates a forcefield disc under her feet and attacks another Titan - Robin**rides the disc at him while throwing forcefield spheres at him*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 04:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=26  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 04:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=47  [Re-rolling due to repetitiveness.]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.29 04:59  Using Blow  *rolls under the forcefield disc*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.29 04:59  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=86  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:00 [Been looking up memes lately...the clean ones are often generally really funny (other times they're just stupid), but I often run into "bad apples" despite the fact that I put in "appropriate" and "clean" in most of my searches.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:01 [WT* is with people nowadays?! There's the not-so-funny-but-luckily-clean-and-childish memes, the actually-funny-and-quite-clean memes, and then the completely-inappropriate-and-adult jokes!! >_< ]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:01 [Luckily they don't show anything, but what the jokes are about is obvious since memes pretty much all have text...]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:01 [Are you also annoyed by this?]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:02 [Most of the time I search for memes I'm smiling, but then I see an adult joke and I'm just like: -____-]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:02 (Some of them I can tolerate, but others are just... just stupid. And absurdly innapropriate.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:03 [Sorry for interrupting the RPing. We often chat and complain about random crap we are irritated by, and I felt like chatting.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:03 [Yeah, I know! >.< Ugh...]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:03 [Most of them are so freaking absurd.]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:05 (I just looked up "memes" on Google Images. A lot of them are pretty tolerable, but there was one at the beginning that was pretty obscene.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:06 [And sometimes when I search for certain memes with the search prefaced "appropriate" or "clean," I often get memes ABOUT appropriate memes/jokes and memes ABOUT cleaning. Could the search thing be honestly that stupid?!]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:07 [Yeah. Even when I put "appropriate" in front of stuff there's usually an adult joke that crept into the top 20 or 30 memes. So annoying.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:07 [At first I sort of just try to ignore them, accept that they're there, and concentrate on the good memes, but sometimes I have just had enough.]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:10 (Yeah. So far I haven't found many innapropriate ones, but we'll see how far I go before they start showing up.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:13 [Something I've learned about doing searches on Google Images: Do NOT scroll down too far. That's where most of the bad, unrelated crap is. Some of the bad crap can sneak up pretty high in the rows of pics, but most of it is located farther down the page.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:13 However, if you find too much adult stuff too high up, then don't search for that kind of meme because it'll only get worse the farther you go down.]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:14 (That's very true, which is why I keep my Google Images searches brief.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:15 [Honestly I'm shocked that those kinds of jokes are visible to everyone, but oh well...at least the clean memes are generally very funny.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:15 [I would try out other sites (I've heard of sites specifically made for memes, e.g. MemeCenter), but I'm worried that they too have bad memes.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:16 [Though I did once discover a site dedicated to Clean Memes...unfortunately a lot of the jokes weren't all that funny, but the ones that were were really good.]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:18 (It's a good thing that there are alternatives.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:18 [I think the Clean Memes website had the terrible pun I mentioned earlier (you know, "They lactose").]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:19 [I can remember what kind of memes to search for that have mostly clean results...I NEVER search for adult memes, but sometimes when I search for a certain kind of meme I'm interested in (e.g. Grammar Guy, overly manly man, etc.) it turns out that people
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:19 have put adult jokes on that kind of meme.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:23 [Speaking of memes, I just found a hilarious animal one...it shows a dog smiling and it says: "I SEE YOU JUST GOT THE CARPET CLEANED. IT WOULD BE A SHAME IS SOMEONE...[BLEEP] ALL OVER IT"]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:23 [The captions go perfectly with the dog's sneaky smile... X'D]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:26 [Anyway, let's get back to RPing. I've gotten over my anti-inappropriate meme rage. XD XP Just had to blow off some steam.]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:27 (Haha! )
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:28 (Well, I get it. It can be annoying. And yes, there were some pretty bad ones that I found when I conducted that recent search (bad as in not very funny).)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:28 *was blasted by a Birdarang Robin sent flying at her while he dodged her*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:29 *falls down to the ground, her forcefields disappearing*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:29 [Yeah...just be grateful they're the "not funny" kind of bad, and not the "other" kind of bad...]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.29 05:29   + 1 Agility points to Robin  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.29 05:30   - 20 Health/Energy points to Violet  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:35 *the Titans all come at her together, but she unleashes a powerful blast, combining forcefields and electricity**BB, who was at the back of the group, gets blasted back but doesn't get knocked out*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:36 *however, Raven and Robin were rendered unconscious, Cyborg was flung through several walls and is thus separated from the others, and Starfire was sent flying into traffic and is half conscious and stuck under some cars*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 05:36 *BB is laying in the middle of the road, conscious and somewhat sore from the blast and hard landing*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.29 05:38 *looks up at Violet hovering over him, hair blowing in the wind* Why are you doing this?...
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.29 18:55 [Hey guys, I'm sorry about disappearing last night. My Internet stopped working; it often does that late at night on weekends. I think that's because the Internet company people do maintenance, but I'm not sure.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.29 18:55 *do maintenance at that time,
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.29 18:56 You should know why. You all should know why.
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.30 04:25 [I'm on! Sorry I'm a bit late...I was discussing El A**o Wipo with someone else and I got carried away... XD XP]
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.30 04:30 (Hi!It's fine. Same with last night, too.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.30 04:31 [Anyway, I may disappear again. The Internet people are so convenient when it comes to fixing their stuff... -.-]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.30 04:32 [They make sure to choose the best times - e.g. when I'm online.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.30 04:33 [Let's RP, shall we?]
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.30 04:34 (Sure.)
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.30 04:35 (That doesn't make sense, but ok. They should probably do it in the middle of the night instead.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.30 04:35 [It is the middle of the night dude. XD XP]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.30 04:37 *looks down at BB*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.30 04:37 *looks pretty sinister*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.30 04:39 (Considering the vast majority doesn't stop using the Internet close to 12, it seems fairly reasonable.)
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.30 04:39 Violet, I understand why you think you have to do this! I can help you!
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.30 04:40 You don't have to be like this forever.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.30 04:41 [Yeah...maybe doing their maintenance past midnight would be a better idea, but all I can really do is complain to them about it.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.30 04:42 It's too late. You don't understand. I was meant to be this way.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.30 04:42 *though they both know her problems with her Inner Evil caused her to side with Slade, she knows about the first prophecy - and Beast Boy doesn't*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.30 04:43 *looks really sad and hopeless - first Violet, then Terra*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.30 04:47 [BTW, I just found a hilarious meme!!]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.30 04:48 *first Terra, then Violet [Sorry...couldn't help correcting things... :P]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.30 04:48 *her eyes glow**her hands and arms become electrified* And you were meant to be ANNIHILATED!!! *raises her hands and then slams them down at the ground*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.30 04:49 *expects this to trigger an electricity explosion that'll knock BB sky high, but instead the electricity goes right down into the ground; it made contact with metal that is part of a sewer*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.30 04:49 *her eyes stop glowing and the ground rumbles; her electricity is causing explosions and damage just below her and BB*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.30 04:49 (Oh really?)
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.30 04:50 *falls underground amidst the rubble and right into a sea of crap, basically*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.30 04:50 *however, it is mainly under BB**the ground starts to cave in under him; purple electricity is released through some of the holes opening up**quickly makes a forcefield disc under her feet and rides it up to prevent herself from
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.30 04:51 falling in*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.30 04:52 [Yep. The meme showed an article saying: "You are 22 times more likely to be killed by a cow than by a shark." Then it showed a comment under the thing that said: "This is true. My ex chased me with a knife once."]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.30 04:55 *as stated above, BB falls in and sinks underwater (Dr. Evil: "Water"...), seemingly never to return*
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.30 04:56 (Hahaha, that's hilarious!)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:00 [Yeah!! I'm surprised that sort of insult wasn't used by Al Bundy!]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:00 [Maybe it was and I don't remember...but still, it's great!]
4>Beast Boy (Teen Titan), 15yo.2016,May.30 05:00 (Exactly.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:02 *is looking down at the giant hole (and the "river" that is down inside the hole) in shock**is still on her forcefield disc*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:03 *meanwhile, Cyborg has come through the various Cyborg-shaped holes in the buildings he was sent flying through and returned to the street Vi is on**Raven and Robin have awoken, and Starfire managed to break free from under the cars*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:03 *all of them came/woke up just in time to see BB fall down into the "water"*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:05 *of course, all four Titans are shocked - and POed*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:08 *is especially offended, though she hides it and does her best to suppress her anger (otherwise she'll go into her demon-self state)*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:08 *is probably the most irked of them all* *wants his revenge, and he wants it soon* *says solemnly:* He's a goner.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:08 *all four Titans at first stare wide-eyed in shock, but seconds later they frown angrily, have had enough, and come at Violet together*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:09 *snaps out of her dazed, startled state; is still floating over the hole on her forcefield disc**looks around to see the four Titans all running towards her*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:10 *creates forcefield spheres on her hands**deflects and blocks Starbolts sent at her by Starfire and Birdarangs sent at her by Robin with them*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.30 05:10 *has lost 100% of the benevolence he had left, and it shows*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:10 *swerves on her disc in order to avoid Raven's dark energy and Cyborg's laser beams**knows that she can't make any more progress here and she could perhaps easily lose this battle, so she starts riding the disc away from them*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:14 *Starfire and Raven try to fly after her while Robin and Cyborg make last attempts at throwing/shooting stuff at her, but she unexpectedly creates a forcefield inches away from Starfire and Raven; the two bump into it and nearly fall into the hole*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:14 *disappears into a dark alley, still riding her forcefield*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:15 *Raven managed to telekinetically catch herself in mid-air, but Robin had to throw a Birdarang with a rope attached to it to Starfire to prevent her from falling in*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:15 *flies up to Robin and Cyborg as they hoist Star to safety*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:16 *stands by her comrades and puts her hood down**is actually pretty worried about Beast Boy, and the look on her face shows this*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:19 *isn't really saying anything about it, because for once, he's not sure what to do*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:20 *looks at the others, wondering what to do next**glances at the others' communicators, wondering if one of the others will try to contact BB*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.30 05:25 *tries to contact BB, but it doesn't go through* *looks up at everyone, shaking his head*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:28 *changes from worried to depressed**is doing well at suppressing her emotions, but this time her emotions are showing on her face*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:29 *feels pretty shocked himself, and because of this, he tries not to let it show*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:31 ~NOT LONG LATER...~
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:32 *the Titans are all crowded around their computer; its screen is being projected on the TV*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:32 *they are analyzing maps of sewer systems*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:33 *has various maps and data pulled up* *points to one of the maps* It's always possible that he could be here.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:35 *points at another part of the map* There's another tunnel he could've gone down that goes here.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:35 *as she, Robin, and Starfire debate about where BB could have floated to, Cyborg is typing away on the computer; he is doing calculations based on the approx. velocity of the water and the time they've spent looking for BB, and using these calculations to
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:36 estimate the distance BB could have traveled and thus find the places he could be**Cyborg finally hits the "Enter" button and four dots signifying where BB could be show up on the map; the other three Titans go silent*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:36 What do these mean, Cyborg?
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:39 *gestures towards the dots*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:43 [Hello?]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.30 05:43 These coordinates are all potential locations as to where Beast Boy might be.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:47 *nods along*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:49 *looks at Robin, waiting for him to suggest a plan*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:52 Whether or not these coordinates are accurate... it's worth a try.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:53 So we should split up and search for him?
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:55 *Robin nods**they each choose a location and set out*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:55 *set out to find BB*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:55 [I'll tell you what sort of places the Titans have gone to.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:56 [Robin went to the docks, perhaps where crap in the sewers pours into the ocean.]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:56 (Ok.)
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:57 [Cyborg went more into the heart of the city, into a special building where the "bad" water is converted into "good" water; chances are BB got stuck in one of the machines or tunes there.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:58 [Raven has gone to find a sewer cap in the darker, more crime-filled alleys of the city so she can go down into the sewers and see if she can find BB in the general area.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 05:59 [Finally, Starfire has gone into a more luxurious part of the city full of lights and towers/tall buildings/skyscrapers. Like Raven, she's in search of a specific sewer cap.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 06:00 [Raven will manage to enter the sewers before being ambushed by the minions, but Starfire will be unable to get inside the sewers before being ambushed; the minions will attack her right on the street.]
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.30 06:01 *meanwhile, in his lair, screens on the walls show each Titan setting out to find BB; he and Violet are completely aware of what they're doing*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,May.30 06:02 [Wait, I forgot, Starfire WON'T be attacked by minions; Violet, however, will go after her right away. Starfire won't be able to make it into the sewers anyway.]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 06:02 [RPing!] *flies towards the darker part of the city*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 06:02 [gtg! *offline* I'll see you tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.30 06:03 (All right, see you!)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 04:20 [I'm on!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 04:21 [Replies will be very slow. I'm watching Forrest Gump!]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 04:21 (Hi!)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 04:21 (Cool! How are you liking it?)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 04:22 [It's really good!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 04:24 [I laughed at the part where Bubba was listing all the ways shrimp could be prepared.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 04:25 [It went on and on and on and on... XD]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 04:25 (Yeah, that's a great scene. Great movie too, although I'm usually left pretty depressed when it's over.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 04:26 [Don't spoil the end!]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 04:29 (Don't worry, I won't.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 04:29 [I'm watching the part where he runs across the country since he has nothing else to do. The scenery is beautiful!]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 04:30 (Also, it's a great movie to learn history from. It actually aided me in parts of US history this year, I will admit.)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 04:30 (Yeah, it really is.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 04:31 [Yeah...just make sure not to include Gump himself in your descriptions of what happened to the various presidents. XD]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 04:34 [The "running days" thing just ended.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 04:34 [Anyway, shall we RP?]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 04:35 (Hahaha, thankfully I haven't.)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 04:35 (Sure!)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 04:35 [BTW, just now I thought to myself: "Tom Hanks must've gotten a LOT of exercise when this movie was made."]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:36 *the Titans get to their destinations*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:36 (That's probably true!)
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:37 *is by some sewer pipes over near the docks*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:38 *has her hood up**quickly locates the sewer cap and telekinetically removes it from the ground*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,May.31 04:38 *headed over to a water filtration system, which he is currently inspecting for any signs of BB*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:39 *floats down into the sewers**looks around**suddenly minions appear out of the darkness and surround her*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:40 *minions unexpectedly ambush Robin and Cy too*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:41 *Starfire arrives in a street where happy Jump City citizens talk and walk on the sidewalks*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:42 *the buildings and lamps are all lit up*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:42 *pulls out his staff, fighting off the minions that have cornered him*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 04:43 *is just looking around when she is confronted by a familiar silhouette* *freezes in her tracks*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:44 *is at first surprised, but then she becomes calm and focused again*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:44 *people scream as she easily pushes cars aside with forcefields*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:45 *Starfire was bending down to lift the sewer cap she found, but freezes upon seeing Vi, as stated above*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:50 [The movie just ended!]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:51 *looks at Starfire and smiles* Hey, Star. I'm back.
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 04:51 *is really too scared to say anything reasonable* What did you do to him?
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 04:51 (What did you think?)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:51 *eyes glowing, she launches a bolt of electricity at Starfire, blasting her away from the sewer cap*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:52 [It was great! No wonder many people consider it a classic.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:53 [It also helped me understand some of the jokes from Gump Fiction; they have a part where they sort of parody the scene where Bubba lists all the ways shrimp can be prepared.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:53 [Have you seen Gump Fiction yet?]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:54 *sighs* You're just like the rest of the Titans...gullible and always boo hooing about something that doesn't matter.
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 04:54 (No I haven't. I kind of forgot about that, but now sense you've mentioned it, I'll have to watch it sometime soon.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:55 [Oh, and before we continue the battle, I'll provide some info that will be helpful...]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:55 [Gump Fiction is only three or four minutes long. You could watch it know while I post the info.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:55 *now
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:55 [Oh my god... o.o I never thought I'd make the dreaded "now" vs. "know" typo.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:56 [Grammar nazis are gonna be p***ed. XD]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 04:56 (Ok, will do.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:56 [Anyway, on to the info...]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 04:57 (I don't consider myself to be a grammar Nazi, but I'm pretty observant when it comes to grammar errors, even the smallest ones. I've nearly made that mistake, but caught myself, haha.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:58 [Violet vs. Starfire will be similar to Raven vs. Terra, but for different reasons (in the Rae vs. Terra thing, Raven suspected Terra of being a traitor all along but then grew to be fond of her; after betraying the Titans, Terra took advantage of this
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:58 and used it to make Raven lose control of her anger).]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 04:59 [Yeah, I'm quick to notice grammar errors too. Sometimes correcting someone is just too tempting though...I guess I have one foot in the "Ignore errors and deal with it" world and another foot in the "Correct all the hideous grammar errors" world. XD XP]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:00 [Anyway, more info: As stated before, the love triangle in Mission #1 sort of automatically created a rift between Violet and Starfire. At the end of Mission #1 Violet forgave Robin, Starfire, and Raven, and in Mission #2 she seemed happy that they were a
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:01 couple, but as I revealed in the Last Titan Standing story, it turned out that Violet had secretly not forgiven the Titans for anything, and for a while even she didn't know she was still angry and jealous.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:01 (Oh my gosh, that was hilarious. Especially the beginning and how they used the "run Forrest, run" quote.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:02 [Since Starfire was a Titan and was also involved in the other things Violet will later condemn Robin for, Violet will condemn her for the same reasons, though unlike with Robin she won't tell Starfire what these reasons are.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:03 [Yeah!! I especially liked the thing where they guy was trying to name a kind of burger in French and Forrest was like: "No. No. No. No. No. No. No..."]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:04 [Anyway, like in Raven vs. Terra, Starfire and Violet will both show a great dislike for one another. The fight will start out where they don't talk much and they just attack each other over and over.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:06 [At one point Violet will say something that exploits one of Star's weaknesses by accident. Realizing what some of her weaknesses are, Violet will continue to talk to her until Starfire is so depressed that she can't tap into her powers in any way. Violet
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:06 will then seemingly destroy Star.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:07 [Here's a list of Star's weaknesses, by the way: 1. Like all Tamaraneans, she is not immune to her own energy blasts.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:07 [2. She is allergic to metallic chromium, which causes her to sneeze and accidentally trigger Starbolt blasts that singe herself and anyone around her.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:08 [3. She's naive; people can easily take advantage of her and trick her. Note: Starfire will secretly be upset with herself for being naive enough to believe Violet was her loyal friend; Vi will point this out to upset her more.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:10 [4. Though very few have exploited this weakness, Starfire's fierce love and loyalty to Robin can be a weakness. If she feels like she must protect Robin no matter what the cost, she'll become enraged to the point of being temporarily insane.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:10 [5. As seen in Stranded, if Starfire is very depressed and confused, she will be unable to summon certain emotions she needs to activate her various powers.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:11 [This renders her powerless.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:11 [Anyway, whew! Done! Was that info helpful?]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:14 (Yes, thanks!)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:15 [OK, let's start this battle!]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:16 [Oh, and when you get the chance to (e.g. if I go offline before you do), please check out The RA. Silver returned and posted a message.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:16 (Ok.)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:17 *goes skidding against the concrete* *raises one knee and pushes herself up from there* *Starbolts form at her fingertips, and she looks angry*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:18 (By the way, I got the chance to see Apocalypse today, and I've been pretty inspired to create that superhero RP I mentioned before soon.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:19 [Wow, awesome! OK! Was X-Men 8 really awesome?]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:20 (It was pretty awesome. I had a couple of awesomeness overloads during the movie. Hopefully I'll be able to see the other movies - it's part of my summer plans.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:21 *stops smiling and gets serious and angry**decides to hold nothing back - not that she hasn't already stopped holding things back*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:21 [Awesomeness overloads?! :'D I HAVE to see it!!]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:21  Using Blow  *Starbolts go flying every which way* *is quickly trying to defend herself*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:21  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=24  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:21 [Let me guess - you had an awesomeness overload during a scene where Magneto moves something HUUUUGE.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:22  Using Blow  *eyes glowing, she rides a forcefield disc at Starfire**throws forcefield spheres back at her while trying to swerve out of the way of her Starbolts*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:22 (It's pretty great, although I still sort of prefer Days of Future Past over Apocalypse. I liked all of the characters in this one, though. Magneto really justified himself.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:23  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=19  
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:24 (I'm trying to remember because there were honestly so many... one of them was definitely Quicksilver's trademark scene. You'll have to see it soon so we can discuss it!)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:24  Using Blow  *is hit and stung by a Starbolt, but she keeps coming at Star**leaps off her forcefield and grabs Star; they go tumbling to the ground**tries to punch and kick her - Vi's still holding onto her*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:24  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=48  
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:24 (-also, simply because it's awesome.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:25 [Alright! :D BTW, if you want to see something that'll make your jaw drop right to the floor, watch X-Men 3: The Last Stand. It's actually one of the worst movies in the X-Men series - it was about average - but there's one Magneto scene that was
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:25 FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:25  Using Blow  *can't really defend herself in this situation, but she tries to shove Violet away* *grunts from the strenuous effort*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:25  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=79  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:26 [But still, you probably should watch X-Men 1 and X-Men 6: First Class before watching that. Those two movies are some of the best ones of the series and they explain a lot.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 05:26 [Refilling Star's Health. No need to refill Vi's, though.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:26 (I'll be looking forward to seeing that one, then!)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 05:26   + 2 Strength points to Starfire  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 05:27   + 20 Health/Energy points to Starfire  
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:27 (Yeah, that's my plan. I'm thinking about watching them all in order, minus the Wolverine ones.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 05:27 [The Magneto scene in X-Men 3 was basically the highlight of the movie. The rest wasn't so good, though some of Jean Grey's use of telekinesis was amazing...to the point of being frightening. O.O]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 05:28 [Sorry to spoil it for you, but Jean Grey...erm...telekinetically disintegrates people in X3. o___O]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:28 (I'll open the RP soon. Since it's going to be modeled heavily off of Movie RP, I'd like to recruit Jack. The thing is, he doesn't seem to make any online visits.)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:29 (That's... pretty extreme. )
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 05:30 [BTW, check out this page on Superpower Wiki (a wiki that's obviously like a dictionary for all kinds of powers and sub-powers and sub-powers of sub-powers and sub-powers of sub-powers of sub-powers... *pants*). It has a GIF of Magneto flipping over a
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 05:30 truck in X3; though this isn't the freaking amazing scene I was mentioning, this in itself was pretty impressive: ht tp://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Magnetism_Manipulation]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 05:31 [I remember that you used to communicate with Jack via email. Do you still have his email? If you do, you can send him one.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:32 (I might, I'll have to look.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 05:33 [Also check out this link: ht tp://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Bodily_Gas_Manipulation]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 05:33 [I get this power whenever I have Mexican food for dinner.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:34 (Ok, that was pretty awesome.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 05:35 [Yeah...I saw that image and I was like: "That's...unfair. XD"]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:35 (Hahahaha!!! Never knew such powers existed!!)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 05:35 [You can't just do that!! Magneto: *appears* What was that you said? Me: Errrrrm...nothing. o.o']
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 05:36 [They do exist indeed! My powers become ESPECIALLY strong when I take on my Gasbag form. >:D]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 05:36 [I love how the page lists the limitations of the power, and its first one is: "This power disgusts most people." X'D]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 05:37 [Also, just watch an episode of Johnny Test when he turns into his superhero form: Johnny X. He has the power to release flaming farts!!]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:38 (The article is so proper about it; it's hilarious.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 05:38 [Agreed!!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 05:39 [I mean, the person who wrote it must be pretty serious in general. It's so formal it's hilarious!!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 05:39 [Anyway, let's get back to RPing... XD]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:39 (Yeah, true!)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:41  Using Blow  *is kicked off of Starfire**falls back on the street**quickly gets up and runs at Starfire, summoning forcefield spheres around her hands to make her punches hurt more**starts using martial arts moves on Star*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:41  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=17  
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:41  Using Blow  *a Starbolt goes whizzing into Violet's chest* *looks enraged*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:41  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=28  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:43  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=8  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:43 [Crap...got distracted. Late re-roll. Does it count? Or should Violet get hurt again?]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:43 [If it counts, then I'll re-roll until I get over 25.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:46 (I'll let you make that decision, since you're the Game Master.)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:47  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=35  [Alright...Vi's supposed to win and Starfire has already won twice, so I'll re-roll.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:47 *win this battle
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:47 *manages to knock Star down*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:48 *raises her arms, creating a glowing forcefield sphere that is covered with purple electricity*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 05:48   + 1 Agility points to Violet  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 05:48   - 20 Health/Energy points to Starfire  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:50 *is about to send it down onto Starfire*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:51 *prepares to block it with Starbolts*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:52  Using Blow  *launches it down onto Star*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:54  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=87  
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:55  Using Blow  *tries to protect herself*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 05:55  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=70  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:57 *it was close, but Starfire took the most damage**Violet was blasted into the air from the explosion caused by her electrical energy and Star's Starbolt energy mixing, but Violet catches herself by flipping upright and creating a forcefield underneath her
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:58 feet*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:58 *casually brushes some dust and bits of stone (part of the street was damaged) off her right sleeve as a battered Starfire struggles to sit up* I doubt Robin would be all that proud of you if he saw you right now...
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 05:59 You know, it's funny...you have spent years with him, and yet during my first day with a Titan he liked me much better than you. Of course, all of you Titans are treacherous, anyway...
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 05:59   + 1 Power points to Violet  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,May.31 06:00   - 20 Health/Energy points to Starfire  
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 06:00 *leans on her right arm, looking up at Violet* What makes you say that? *sounds defiant*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 06:02 Why, don't you remember how close Robin and I were to kissing? Meanwhile it took you years to even admit that you liked each other.
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,May.31 06:02 (Unfortunately, I have to go. I'll see you tomorrow!)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 06:02 Perhaps that shows just how PATHETIC you are.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,May.31 06:02 [I have to go too. See you! *offline*]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 03:59 [I'm on!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:01 [I might disappear. It's been really stormy for the past few days and it's thunderstorming right now.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:19 [Hello?]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 04:20 (Hi! Sorry to keep you waiting.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:22 [It's fine! BTW, I have some questions regarding Superhero RP.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 04:23 *is really annoyed with Violet's comment (and I'm not gonna lie - in fact, I'm gonna be brutally honest, but the common sense in her comment su cks)* *because of this, she allows herself to feel deeply offended*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 04:23 (All right, shoot!)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:24 [Holy crap...I completely predicted you'd say "shoot!" O.o]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:24 [I was thinking: "I'll refresh the page...I'll probably see 'OK, shoot'...HOLY CRUD!!!!"]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 04:25 (Hahaha!! That's weird, but cool.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:27 [Anyway, so...I know you can choose any baddie you want, whether or not he/she is a true supervillain or a bad guy from some non-superhero movie.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:27 [But I need info about choosing protagonists. Are we restricted to choosing superheroes and superheroines (for instance, we can choose Captain America, but we can't choose Ferris Bueller)?]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:28 [If not, then why not just re-open Movie RP? If we can choose ANY hero and ANY villain, then it wouldn't truly be a superhero RP. It'd be almost identical to Movie RP.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:29 [Also, I was wondering if I could include Ashley from The Caverns...obviously I haven't finished or published the book, but she has pyrokinetic powers and she is a hero in some sense - like Katniss and Tris, she's the hero in a dystopian world.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 04:32 (That's a good question. Since this initially evolved from Movie RP, there's obviously going to be some sort of connection, which I have already incorporated. I know some of the characters were close associates of BW.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:33 [What sort of connection is that?]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 04:34 (The thing is, the characters have to serve some sort of purpose. They'd have to be skilled in something, so I don't think characters like Ferris Bueller or Harry Potter would benefit too much.)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 04:35 (I'm willing to make an exception though, which is this: there can be some movie character cameos if the mission plot calls for it. We may be strapped for characters, so this might come in handy.)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 04:36 (The connection has a lot to do with Andy and mutants, which will be explained further in the RP. I think I could allow Ashley, providing that she's some sort of mutant (which it seems like she sort of is I guess, with her powers and all)*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 04:37 (In fact, I may allow a few made-up characters, like Violet.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:38 [I was actually planning on asking if we could make up our own heroes/villains, too!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:39 [I'll explain how Ashley got her powers; note that it'll contain spoilers that I was planning on revealing in book two.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 04:41 (Yeah. That might make the character list more diverse. I think I'll limit the amount of made-up characters though, and I highly recommend that you come up with a face claim/drawing of the character if you do.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:41  Secret message to Starfire  
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 04:41 (Ok! That should be cool.)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 04:42  Secret message to Aqua  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:42  Secret message to Starfire  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:43  Secret message to Starfire  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:44  Secret message to Starfire  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:44  Secret message to Starfire  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:47 [BTW, I don't see how Harry Potter wouldn't be able to join. He's skilled in something - magic!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:48 [But I can see how Ferris wouldn't be able to join...unless they needed someone to lip-sync "Twist and Shout." XD]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 04:48  Secret message to Aqua  
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 04:49 (You make a point. And yes, haha. Ferris could be used for comic relief.)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 04:50 (The only reason I'm not opening Movie RP back up again because I've tweaked the plot and there were A LOT of characters to keep track of. This RP is kind of like the "next generation", but different.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:51  Secret message to Starfire  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:51 [Ah, OK. Hey, I have an idea!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:52 [How about we have a (small) team of made-up heroes who are teenagers? They could eventually get in touch with BW, work with BW's team, and perhaps eventually join it.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 04:53  Secret message to Aqua  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:54 [Violet could be with the teens. And maybe Ashley.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:54 [BTW, remember Kai from The Caverns?]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 04:54 (That would be a cool idea! Maybe like, one made-up hero per person or something like that?)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 04:54 (Vaguely... not really sure.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:55 [Yeah, sure! Does Ashley count as a made-up hero? Or is she an "official" one since she's in a book?]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:55 [Kai was one of Izzy's characters. I kept his personality but I changed his appearance and his relationship with Lizzy (Izzy's other character; in the RP Kai and Lizzy were friends, but in the book they're twins).]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:56 [Kai has powers; so does Lizzy. However, these facts won't be revealed until the second book - they'll just be hinted at in the first book.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 04:56 (Probably made-up, since she's not officially published yet.)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 04:57 (Oh yeah! Now I'm starting to remember.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:58 [Unless you guys want to make up your own characters, I could describe Lizzy and Kai to you in more detail via email and you guys could claim them.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:59 [Since Ashley would be a made-up hero and I'm limited to one made-up person, then I probably won't bring Violet into the RP.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 04:59 (I think I'll come up with some characters of my own, but thanks for the offer!)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 04:59 (Ok.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 04:59 [If you want I can send you an email right now describing Kai and Lizzy.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:00 [Wait, nvm. OK!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:00 [Ashley's gonna be lonely. XD XP Oh well...]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:01 [I predict a made-up hero named The Spartan (AKA Connor) will appear.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 05:01 (I'm sure she'll be able to find some friends! )
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:02 [Alright, so basically characters who have certain powers/special abilities will be allowed to join BW's new team, and this manages to limit the characters to mainly superheroes (but other characters with special skills - e.g. Katniss and her archery
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 05:02 (I predict that you're probably right about that, haha. We'll see.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:03 skills - may join)...but "normal" characters from the original RP will make occasional appearances. Right?]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:03 [Yep, Ashley will!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:04 [Connor: *comes charging in with his new super strength powers* THIS...IS...SPARTAAAAA- Me: Not yet, Connor. Paige and Joan haven't opened the RP. Connor: Aww...]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 05:05 (Yeah. Plus, Katniss was one of the co-leaders I think, so that will probably increase her chances of being around the team often.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:05 [Can Bill from The Red Green Show return? He has a special ability - wrecking stuff! XD]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:05 [I know for sure I'm claiming Katniss BTW! And Raven and Ashley. I'll have to select a couple male characters soon, though.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 05:06 (I'll have to think about it, but without him, it wouldn't be the same.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:07 [I can already predict the return of Rogue and Indiana Jones...hopefully I don't "overload" on my characters. I kind of want to claim them all again, but I know I shouldn't.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:08 [Maybe he can just make cameo appearances. He doesn't really have a special ability - I was half joking when I mentioned him, anyway.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:08 [By "he" I mean Bill.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 05:09 (Again, he was a classic! Really, you can feel free to claim all you want.We'll probably be switching out slots after every mission, and I'll make sure to put a list up in the description.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:09 [I also want to bring back Johanna (she's skilled with an axe) and Clouseau (he has...some...skills...maybe XD)...I'll still have to try to limit who I claim.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:10 [Eh...that's actually one of the things I disliked about Movie RP. We could never have the whole team come along except on special missions - the team was just too big.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:11 [And remembering all our characters was hard. Maybe you should put a limit on how many protagonists one can claim?]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 05:11 (Yeah, true.)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 05:11 (If it comes down to it, I might. )
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:12 [I also found the fact that there were so many good guys and so few bad guys annoying. I mean, there'd be missions where 10 baddies would raid the house and like 30 of the good guys would chicken out and hide in a closet as if they're oh so dangerous.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:12 [The fact that 10 bad guys were beating 30 good guys with ease just wasn't believable. It became more believable when Andy sent soldiers at them, but still...]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 05:13 (Hahaha, I think there were probably fewer than 10. Possibly 2!)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 05:14 (Also, elaborating on your previous point: the protanganists I plan on choosing would probably be the only few I'd ever play as on Movie RP. The rest would just be... ditched.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:14 [Yeah!! Internally I was like: "Really? o.o -.-"]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:15 [Are most of the protagonists you guys are going to choose boys? Currently I want to limit myself to about 7 heroes, and four of them are female (Raven, Katniss, Rogue, and Ashley).]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:16 [I'm hoping for a gender "balance." In some missions I remember there being mostly boys or mostly girls.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 05:16 (Some of the plots were pretty unrealistic. A few moments ago I actually laughed remembering the time the house burned to the ground.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:16 [And in most RPs the majority of the characters are girls because about 100% of the players are girls.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:17 [Yeah. I mean, seriously...YOU'RE FREAKING HEROES!! JUST RUN OVER EPICLY AND GRAB THE FREAKIN' FIRE HYDRANT!!!]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 05:17 (Yeah, we have a fair amount. I wouldn't mind throwing in a few more, though.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:18 [And sometimes the heroes made decisions that were obviously illogical. Yes, it allowed there to be a plot twist that was intense and epic, but what was done to get to that point was kind of stupid.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 05:18 (And it took them a REALLY long time to get out. Everyone survived.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:19 [Nah, it's fine...I'll probably choose the following characters: Katniss, Raven, Indy, Ashley, Rogue, (possibly) Bill, and one more character who is a superhero.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 05:19 (I think I'll quickly open the RP right now.)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 05:19 (Are there any slots you'd like to claim?)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:21 [Wait, I thought you were going to claim this on the Thematic Clubs.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:22 [There's not nearly enough space for all of us (remember that you wanted Jack to join?) unless we cram a bunch of our characters into one slot. I think this RP is more suited for the Thematic Clubs.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:23 [I don't like having to cram a lot of characters into one slot; it's awkward.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 05:23 (I'm just going to open it on here since I prefer it. If any problems arise, we'll switch out slots every mission or so - not a big deal, since we probably won't be using every baddie, etc.)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:24 [Okay.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:25 [One sec...thinking about which slots to choose...will we be the only members?]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:27 [I know I'll claim slot 18. I'll probably use that for Katniss, Rogue, and Bill.]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 05:28 (Ok.)
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.1 05:29 (Ok, it's open!)
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:30 [I'm still deciding on characters...I know that I'll have Katniss and Ashley be among the good guys for sure. I'm considering leaving out Raven - or at least not introducing her for a while.]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:30 [I might leave out Rogue too...]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:30 [What's it called?]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:31 [Wait, found it!]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:33 [Alright...I decided to shrink my no. of protagonists to five or six (I discarded Raven).]
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.1 05:34 [Or maybe not...still deciding.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.9 05:07 [Here!]
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.9 05:08 (Here also!)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.9 05:08 *Starfire looks quite offended**sees this and smirks*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.9 05:08 *her smile disappears when Star loses control of herself and comes at Vi*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.9 05:12  Using Blow  *blasts Violet with Starbolts, seemingly very angry*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.9 05:12  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=23  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.9 05:14 *quickly shields herself with a forcefield, though Starfire is so wild that a lot of her Starbolts miss**quickly converts her forcefield (which is like solid/compressed electricity/electrical energy) into pure violet electricity and sends a beam of that
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.9 05:14 electricity at Starfire*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.9 05:14  Using Blow  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.9 05:14  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=7  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.9 05:15  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=74  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.9 05:16   - 20 Health/Energy points to Starfire  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.9 05:16   + 1 Power points to Violet  
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.9 05:16 *goes shooting back once Violet's electricity beam comes into contact with her*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.9 05:17 *Starfire is blasted back; she bounces and skids on the street upon landing*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,Jun.9 05:18 *says to Vi via her earbuds:* Good. You are exploiting her weakness. Continue.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.9 05:19 *smiles and floats over to Starfire on top of her forcefield disc* Ooo...you aren't getting dramatic, are you?
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.9 05:20 Robin told me all about your trouble with summoning your powers whenever you're overly emotional.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.9 05:24 I sure wouldn't want you to be rendered ABSOLUTELY POWERLESS...since battling you is already too easy, considering the fact that you're so naive.
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.9 05:24 *sits on the pavement, hands outstreched, knees propped up* *it's true - she's really emotional right now, and can't really access her powers*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.9 05:25 *looks up at Violet, lip quavering and eyes brimming with hot, heavy tears* *sniffles; her face gets noticeably red*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.9 05:28 What? No smart remark? No brave reply? You're just going to go "boo-hoo?" What a shame. I would have expected something more from a Teen Titan.
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.9 05:29 I- I... *her voice cuts short, cracking*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.9 05:29 *(Sorry Joan) Starfire makes one last attempt to fight back, even though she's crying and practically powerless right now**Star rushes forward and jumps up at Vi, but Violet easily blasts her back with a forcefield*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.9 05:29 *quickly swipes some of her tears away*
18>Starfire (Titan), 17yo.2016,Jun.9 05:33 *tries to defend herself from the forcefield, but she can hardly create one Starbolt* *finally collapses in a heap*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.9 05:34 *raises her hands, creating one giant, glowing forcefield**throws it down on Starfire; there is a big purple explosion*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.9 05:35 *soon nothing is left of Star but a small crater in the street where she once was*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.9 05:36 *was looking away and raising her arm in front of her face since the explosion was so bright**turns to see the crater**smiles victoriously a little* Who's the naive, insignificant little girl now?
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.9 05:36 *is perhaps referencing something from her own past*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.9 05:41 *Cyborg has meanwhile just taken out the last minion**he hears a faraway boom*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,Jun.9 05:42 *looks up, knowing something is up* *runs from the water filtration system and towards the sound*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.9 05:46 *suddenly the wall behind Cyborg is blasted open and she comes flying in on her forcefield disc*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.9 05:46 Hey again, Cyborg. Ready to be wiped off the face of the Earth?
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,Jun.9 05:49 *wasn't expecting this kind of greeting* Violet - *pauses for a long time* Who ARE you?
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.9 05:50 What do you mean, who am I? I am who I am. This is who I was meant to be.
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,Jun.9 05:51 So you were faking yourself all along. Brilliant. *doesn't want to believe the harsh truth*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.9 05:55 No I wasn't I - well, the past is the past. This is now. Things have changed, and now I must destroy you and the last of your - your pathetic team!!
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,Jun.9 05:57 *glowers* That's not going to happen.
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,Jun.9 05:59 (I have to go; see you tomorrow!)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.9 05:59 [OK, bye!]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,Jun.19 04:24 (Here!)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 04:26 [I'm here too!]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 04:30 *says darkly and slightly quietly:* You have no idea what you have gotten yourself into.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 04:30 *rides her disc at Cyborg, creating forcefield spheres around her hands*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,Jun.19 04:31 Maybe I don't. Maybe YOU don't.
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,Jun.19 04:31 *aims his mega blaster at Violet*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 04:32  Using Blow  *throws the forcefield discs at Cy*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 04:32  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=22  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 04:32  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=55  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.19 04:33   + 40 Health/Energy points to Violet  [Forgot to refill Vi's Health.]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,Jun.19 04:38  Using Blow  *fires the blaster thrice*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,Jun.19 04:40  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=51  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 04:48 *Cyborg is sent skidding back, but he doesn't fall down*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 04:49  Using Blow  *jumps off her forcefield disc and leaps at Cyborg**tries to kick him while in mid-air, but he deflects her foot with his arms**lands in front of him and starts quickly using martial arts moves, punching and kicking him with all her might*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 04:49  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=6  *also, above, I meant "throws the forcefield spheres," not "discs"**
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 04:50  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=41  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.19 04:50   + 1 Strength points to Violet  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,Jun.19 04:51  Using Blow  *is sort of able to defend himself because of his resistant body armor*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,Jun.19 04:51  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=81  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.19 04:53   - 20 Health/Energy points to Cyborg  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.19 04:53   - 20 Health/Energy points to Violet  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.19 04:53   + 1 Strength points to Cyborg  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 04:59  Using Blow  *ends up stumbling back a little**eyes glowing, she unleashes a powerful blast of electricity on Cy*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 04:59  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=61  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,Jun.19 05:01  Using Blow  *blocks it with his arm*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,Jun.19 05:01  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=15  
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,Jun.19 05:02 *lights up with electricity* *some of his gear goes up in smoke*
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.19 05:12   + 1 Power points to Raven  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.19 05:12   - 20 Health/Energy points to Cyborg  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.19 05:12   + 1 Power points to Violet  
1>Aqua (Ice Master), 15yo.2016,Jun.19 05:12   - 1 Power points to Raven  
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:16 *Cyborg is pretty weak now**rises up on her forcefield disc**electricity appears on and around her hands*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:16 *Cyborg looks up at her weakly and sadly*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:17 *for a moment he sees a flicker of regret and sadness appear in her eyes, but then it's gone*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:20 [Go ahead and have Cyborg say/ask one more thing! Just for drama, of course.]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,Jun.19 05:22 *is on his knees, sputtering and coughing* *looks up at Violet, his eyes bleak and sad-looking*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,Jun.19 05:23 *his voice is hoarse* Why?
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:25 *looks down at Cyborg coldly* Because all of this was meant to be this way.
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,Jun.19 05:26 *doesn't nag for a further explanation*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:27 *releases more electricity out of her hands**it unexpectedly hits some of the plumbing and machinery and such throughout the room**steam spurts out of several of the machines and tubes and sparks are sent flying**looks round, eyes wide*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:27 *quickly swerves backwards on her forcefield disc when a giant cylinder of liquid starts falling - directly at Cyborg*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:28 *there is a huge crash and she is blinded by all the steam and smoke**holds her arms over her face, coughing*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:28 *lowers her arms to see broken glass and spilled liquid everywhere, as well as a few stray pieces of cybernetics that crackle with a few last bits of electric charge*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:29 *looks at the scene, taking it in**then turns around on her disc and rides it away in search of her next targeted Titan - Raven*
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,Jun.19 05:30 *is out cold, no doubt*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:35 [Spoiler alert: Cyborg actually escaped, though Violet and Slade think he's dead. He's obviously very, very weak now, though.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:35 [Same with Starfire and BB, actually.]
14>Cyborg (Teen Titan), 18yo.2016,Jun.19 05:35 (Ok. I'm curious as to how they escaped!)
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:45 [That may or may not be revealed... >:)]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:46 [But one can guess (for instance, BB might have still been conscious when he fell into the..."water" and he could have turned into a fish or something and swam away).]
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:49 [Note: To speed things up in the Vi vs. Rae battle, I won't use Blows.] *has just finished defeating the minions*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:50 *starts walking through the sewers when she hears some clanks and crashes**looks behind her suspiciously*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:50 *begins to turn back around just in time to see Violet drop down in front of her and launch her foot at Rae's face*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:50 Ooo!! *is knocked back, her hood falling down*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:50 *sits up, rubbing her head**glares at Violet*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:53 You...
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:53 Hello, Raven. *smiles evilly*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:54 *says as Raven gets up:* I just stopped by to DESTROY you.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:55 You're just another Terra. Violet: And what's that supposed to mean? Raven: *her eyes glow white and black energy forms on her hands* That means you'll destroy yourself before you destroy the Teen Titans!
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:55 *Violet's smile disappears and turns into a sinister frown**the two girls lunge at one another and engage in hand-to-hand combat, where Violet reinforces her blows with forcefield discs and Raven reinforces hers with black energy*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:56 *manages to catch Vi off guard at one point and knock her back into a wall with a blast of dark energy*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:59 [You can make comments in brackets if you want.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 05:59 *shakes her head a little to clear it**creates a forcefield disc beneath her and uses it to rise up in the air*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 06:00 *forms a large forcefield sphere and throws it at Rae*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 06:00 *turns herself into black energy, rendering herself intangible**passes through the forcefield and turns back into her normal self*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 06:01 *puts her hand on a wall; the wall and what it hides behind it turn black as she telekinetically "scans" it**locates some pipes and telekinetically rips them through the wall, aiming them at Violet*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 06:01 *creates a forcefield shield, blocking the blast of water*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 06:02 *while guarding herself, her eyes suddenly glow, and she unleashes a powerful bolt of electricity at Raven**Raven is blasted back several meters and she skips on the ground and water like a rock across a pond*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 06:03 *stops herself in mid-air via flight, eyes glowing**the pipes aimed at Vi run out of water, and she makes her forcefield shield disappear**the two girls look at each other*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.19 06:04 [gtg! *offline* I'll see you tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.20 19:13 You know, Raven, it was a little late for you to say that...you know, "You'll destroy yourself before you destroy the Teen Titans." I thought that by now with your *air quotes* "special demon pyschic powers" you'd be able to tell that Beast Boy, Starfire,
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.20 19:14 and Cyborg have been ANNIHILATED by now.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.20 19:14 *her eyes widen and her determined frown intensifies**obviously that has angered her a bit*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.20 19:15 You still should know you're going to lose.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.20 19:16 Oh, really? Even though you have these nasty tantrums where you instantly revert to having the mind of a feral 2 year-old? And even without your tantrums, you aren't all that intelligent-
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.20 19:18 *is angered by those words, especially the last part about her not being intelligent**Raven is intelligent, but Raven wasn't smart/observant enough to be able to at least sense that Violet was a spy (like she sensed that Terra was a spy),which stings Rae*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.20 19:19 *runs towards Violet and half jumps, half flies at her, letting out a yell of anger**Violet quickly creates a forcefield sphere and throws it at Raven; it hits her with lightning speed and knocks her back down*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.20 19:21 *makes a nasty, ugly, and slightly dull frown, hunches over, and imitates Raven* "You still should know you're going to lose" - nah nah nah nah nahhh! *stands straight again and smiles slyly* What irony.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.20 19:22 *is annoyed by Violet's nasty imitation of her, as well as how Vi is busting her chops* SHUT UP! *stands back up and launches a beam of black energy out of each of her hands*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.20 19:23 *creates three forcefield discs in front of her**two block the black energy while the third flies in between the black energy beams and hits Raven squarely in the chest**she falls back with a moan*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.20 19:24 *starts floating over to Raven on her forcefield disc as Raven sits in a few inches in sewer water, hunched over* Come on, Rae, I know why you're so angry with me...
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.20 19:29 Let's name a few reasons, shall we? I've already killed three of your friends, I betrayed you and you didn't even CONSIDER the fact that I could have been a spy all along, when I was a Titan it was obvious that most of the others liked me much better than
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.20 19:30 you, and let me guess...you honestly thought I could be trusted and that I was hero. Well, that's too bad.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.20 19:30 I told you to SHUT UP... *is still facing the ground; her face isn't visible*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.20 19:32 *lands on the ground in front of Rae, her forcefield disc disappearing**bends down, putting her hands on her knees, so that Raven can hear her better* And, most of all, what hurts you the most is that you haven't been able to and you can do nothing to
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.20 19:33 stop any of this. You'll just have to bear it as the pathetic Teen Titans, including yourself, are destroyed one by one by a person you genuinely thought was a true friend of yours.
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.20 19:34 *finally loses it**raises her head, revealing that four glowing demon eyes have replaced her normal violet-blue eyes**rises up in front of Violet, becoming really tall**pure black energy spikes up around her* RRAAAHH!!!!!!
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.20 19:35 *takes a few steps back, her eyes wide with fear*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.20 19:37 RRRRAAAHHHH!!!!! *lunges forward towards Violet**black energy tendrils shoot towards Vi*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 04:37 *his communicator signals that all of the Titans are missing/being brought down* *naturally, he's worried*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 04:37 *is definitely scared, but she quickly changes her fear to anger and determination**holds out her hands, her irises glowing purple faintly, and creates a parabolic (satellite dish-shaped) forcefield in front of her*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 04:38 *makes the forcefield expand/grow larger, blocking all the black tendrils**then uses her powers to push the forcefield forward, hitting Raven and driving her back*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 04:39 OOO!!!! *moans and cries in a scary/demonic way as she resists the forcefield, but she gets pushed back more and more*
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,Jun.21 04:39 *says to Vi via her earbuds:* Finish her off! Now!
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 04:40 *looks up to see that large cracks have appeared in the ceiling above Raven; throughout the battle the area around them has become damaged**her eyes glow purple and she unleashes powerful bolts of electricity which strike the area above Raven*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 04:41 *her eyes stop glowing and she rises up and "flies" backwards on top of a forcefield disc when the ceiling starts to cave in on Raven*
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 04:42 *since she leaned forward and made her body longer rather than actually walked forward earlier, when she was pushed back, the forcefield was forcing her to shrink back down**is at close to normal height now**looks up, her eyes going back to normal, just
12>Raven (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 04:43 before tons of rubble falls down on her*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 04:45 *when the dust clears, she floats over to the newly made pile of rubble**sees Raven's brooch poking out of the debris; there is no other sign that she was even here**smiles wickedly and rides away on her forcefield disc*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 04:53 *Robin has meanwhile seen the signals of his friends vanish from his communicator, one by one**he defeats the last minion just as Raven's signal disappears*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 04:53 *he knows he's in danger and that Violet is coming for him next**he flees from the docks, sticking to the shadows and turning off his communicator and tracker so that there's no way for Violet to find him*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 04:54 *arrives at the place where Robin fought the minions only a few minutes after he left**lands and looks around*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 04:57 Slade: Do you see him? Vi: No...he got away. But I'll find him. ~NOT LONG LATER...~ *is walking along on the beach not too far away from the docks* [Alright, here's a continuation of the synopsis...]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 04:57 [The events of Last Titan Standing take place (you can either improvise or completely re-enact what happened in that story; it's your choice).]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:01 [The next day, Jump City has been taken over by Slade and Violet, and they make plans to take over other places soon. The only place that hasn't been secured is a facility with extremely high security; it guards a special laser weapon that Slade would
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:01 find useful. He sends Violet there to aid the minions in breaking into the place and defeating the last people who are making a stand against Slade.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:02 [She and the minions successfully break in...to find themselves face-to-face with the Teen Titans. Now hardened and angered and merciless, the Titans are quick to overpower her and easily defeat all the minions.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:04 [Violet tries to fight back but is forced to flee. She manages to hide in a nearby building and the Titans set out to find her and take her down. Starfire finds her first and a brief battle ensues where Star easily gets the upper hand.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:04 [Starfire prepares to give Violet a finishing blow, but Raven arrives and stops her; she asks why Violet is doing all this. Raven soon realizes that Vi is bound by a prophecy (like Rae herself is) and some of her hate for Violet fades away.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:05 [Raven tries to help Violet, but the boys burst in, wanting blood and distracting Starfire and Raven. Violet takes advantage of all the confusion and escapes.[
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:06 *]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:09 [Raven and Starfire are now determined to help Violet. Not having the time to tell the boys what's going on, they abandon Robin, Beast Boy, and Cyborg and go after Vi.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:10 They eventually find her and corner her in the hallway of a building. The two (mainly Raven, who understands what's going on much more than Starfire does) try to talk Violet into turning good again.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:11 [She almost turns good again, but her beliefs and emotions conflict one another and she escapes again. The boys arrive- only a minute or two after Vi escapes and ask what's going on; Raven somewhat reluctantly explains.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:11 [Meanwhile, Violet has arrived in Slade's lair, and he isn't happy with her at all...but we'll continue what happens later.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:11 [RPing!]
9>Slade (Supervillain), 35+yo.2016,Jun.21 05:20 Any sign of him?
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:20 *touches her ear* Not yet. But I'm on his trail. I think I might be able to find him around-
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:23 *whacks Violet with something - possibly his staff or a Birdarang*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:24 [He threw a bomb at her, but that'll do.]
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:24 *wasn't expecting that - was pretty much attacked from behind**is sent tumbling down the sand dunes and onto the beach*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:29 *stands over Violet* This has to end now, Violet.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:32 *catches herself and looks up to see Robin**stands up straight and brushes some sand off of her bodysuit and armor**smiles and even laughs a little* End? This is only the beginning.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:33 I thought you might have been smart enough to realize that. But if something IS going to end, it's you.
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:42 *pulls out his staff* I don't want to turn on you completely. Not yet.
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:42 *mutters* I'm giving you one more chance....One.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:44 Or what?
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:48
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:49 [Oops]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:51 *kind of narrows his eyes* Or I'll destroy you myself.
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:54 *Robin comes leaping at her**her smile vanishes**quickly creates a forcefield disc and shields herself with it; his foot slams into it*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:55 *pulls out his staff*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 05:55 *smacks the disc repeatedly*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 06:00 *backs away a little, quickly blocking each blow with her forcefield shield**panics a little, but pushes her fear down, breathes deeply, and launches her foot at his leg*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 06:00 [gtg! *offline* I'll see you tomorrow, around the fixed times! I might be late.]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 06:01 (Bye!(
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 06:01 *)
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 06:02 *Violet gets him in the knee* *falls as his leg collapses from under him*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.21 19:17 *launches her forcefield disc forward; it slams into him and sends him flying back*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.22 04:51 [Here!]
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.22 04:58 *doesn't even have time to defend himself - he goes flying back, and his staff disappears in or near the ocean*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.22 04:58 *Robin manages to do a handspring while in mid-air and land back on his feet, but she's already on the attack**runs at him, trying to punch him and do martial arts moves he himself taught her*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.22 05:00 *blocks her moves rapidly*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.22 05:08 *starts getting frustrated**throws a wild but slightly slow punch at his head which he can easily take advantage of*
3>Robin (Teen Titan), 16yo.2016,Jun.22 05:10 *grips her wrist, forcibly bending it all the way to the small of her back*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.22 05:18 *almost screams as Robin gets behind her, pinning her arm to her back**grits her teeth*
2>Violet (Apprentice), 16yo.2016,Jun.22 05:18 *Robin throws his weight onto