" The Manor "
This game is destined to players of 7 to 150 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Welcome to The Manor! Here is what this game is going to be about:
A big (And poor) family who lives in New York City during the 1930s is forced to move to Vermont, after a relative dies and leaves a strange will, which claims they are the only heir to his Manor. The family moves into the Manor at once, at first very excited to own it, but then getting more and more suspicious as time goes on...strange things have been happening in the Manor, and maybe it's just up to the family to find out this mystery...before something far more dangerous happens. I imagined this roleplay as having the players choose to be either a member of the family, a ghost, or a guest staying at the Manor.
Here are the rules:
1. No swearing!
2. You can't hog an place! The limit of people an person can have is 4.
3. Try to come as often as you can.

1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 15:24 Welcome to The Manor!
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 15:25 Please read the rules before joining.
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 15:26 We will start when we get more people.
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 15:26 Enjoy!!!!!
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 15:26 And Have Fun!
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 15:27 [#first one to join!]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 15:28 #Welcome
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 15:28 [That was really cheesy.]
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.5 15:29 [Can we go on Summer--The One That Got Away?]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 15:29 [Sure!! I think Cap
7>Rika (Child), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 15:29 [I'm here!]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 15:30 RIal will join.]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 15:30 Cool! I will multitask from here to your RP.
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 15:31 :D
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 15:33 [Can you create your characters first??]
7>Rika (Child), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 15:39 [Rika: Shoulder-length red hair in a ponytail, lavender eyes and pale skin.]
7>Rika (Child), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 15:45 [White tee with light blue sleeves, long blue pants (it was acceptable for girls to wear pants back then), yellow scarf and red shoes.]
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:06 [Amber: Long hair with green highlights, Black eyes and slighty dark skin]
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:08 [Amber: Long hair with green highlights, Black eyes and slighty dark skin]
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:09 [hi]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:09 [Hey!]
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:11 [hi]
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:13 [hello]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:15 [Hello! Thank you for joining!]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:15  Giving Welcome Card (x 1) to Amber  
18>Mizuki (Child), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:15 [Actually, Mizuki is the eldest. She's 16.]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:15  Giving Welcome Card (x 1) to Kristine  
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:16  Giving Welcome Card (x 1) to Rika  
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:16  Giving Welcome Card (x 1) to Ryo  
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:16  Giving Welcome Card (x 1) to Mizuki  
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:16 me too
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:17 [Felicity, are you mad at me?]
18>Mizuki (Child), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:18 [No. I just want you to correct it. Amber is not the eldest. Mizuki is.]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:18 [Before we start, can everyone write an description for their characters. It really helps.]
18>Mizuki (Child), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:19 [Mizuki: Waist-length blonde hair, blue eyes and pale skin.]
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:19 [Not because of the Mizuki-Amber thing. Also we're the same age]
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:20 [Amber is quiet, calm and loves reading.]
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:21 [can replies be faster?]
18>Mizuki (Child), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:21 [Pink knee-length sundress and black flats.]
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:22 [ Oh and all of you should check out my ''DESCENDANTS'' rp now and create a character.]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:22 [Well I think what Felicity is trying to say is that Mizuki is 16 and Amber (yours) is 13. It really doesn't matter who's the oldest, though.
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:22 [ mine is 16]
18>Mizuki (Child), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:22 [I've stopped providing personality descriptions for now. I'm not good at making characters.]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:23 Sounds cool Euodia!
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:24 [then check it out]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:24 I'm bad at making names. :(
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:24 [what names]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:24 @Amber: I will.
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:25 Any names. And personalities.
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:25 [you can read the backstory of Descendants]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:26 [Let's get back to RPing.]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:26 Anywho..
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:26 [Ceci,go with the names in the backstory of the rp.]
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:26 Okay folks. let's go down for dinner.
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:26 [I just checked it out. I will join sometime today.]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:27 [Wait. Need more people.]
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:28 [then what rp should we go on?]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:28 [You can call me Ceci. I like it!]
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:28 [are you on any social media?]
7>Rika (Child), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 16:29 [I'm bored. Bye.]
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:29 [Hahahaha, you're classic Ceci, I pronounce it Ci-Ci
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:29 [where r u going?]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:29 SC??
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:30 [what's SC
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:30 *]*
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:30 Sorry if you got bored. Evacuee Story?
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:30 [yes]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:30 Summer Camp
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:31 [Ok.]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:32 [
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:32 [both]
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:32 [are you on any social media?]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:33 [Sorry. Bye! ]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:34  Secret message to Amber  
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 16:34 [where are you going?]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:38  Secret message to Amber  
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:40 A message to anyone who's joining: Welcome! Please read the rule's above. Then make sure you have an detailed description for your character.
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:40 For example here's mine:
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:50 Mary: Mary has short blonde hair. She wears an green dress with red flowers on it. She wears red shoes with white socks.
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:51 She can be very hyper but she is very bright. She loves learning new things. She can sometimes be overly confident, though.
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:54 We still need an father and mother and a few brothers. Anyone want to be them??
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 16:55 Also, some ghosts and some visitors for the Manor.
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 18:00 We will start when a few more spots are opened.
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 20:09 Amber, Kristine, Rika, Ryo, Mizuki and Edward (Your a life-saver Euodia!) all need to have descriptions. Could you make them, please?
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 20:11  Giving Welcome Card (x 1) to Edward  
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 20:12   + 10 Experience points to all players  
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 20:13   + 1 Health points to all players  
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 20:13   + 9 Health points to all players  
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 20:14   + 10 Wisdom points to all players  
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 20:17   + 100 Joining Points points to all players  
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 20:25   + 1000 Awesomeness points to all players  
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 20:40 Now we just need an mother.......
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 20:47 Scrach that.
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 20:48 Amber already did her description.
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 20:49 Thank you all for joining!
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.5 21:31 Also, Mary has green eyes.
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.6 14:37 I'm going to be the mother.
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.6 14:40 Margret, (The mother) has light brown hair, and brown eyes. She is very protective of her children, and wants them all to have the very best lives. Overall, she is the tipical mother.
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.6 14:40 *,
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.6 14:41 who, doesn't work.
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 14:45 [Anyone else on?]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.6 14:46 Mere!!!
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.6 14:47 *eeeee. Typo. :|
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 14:47 [Can we go on Summer--The One That Got Away?]
7>Rika (Child), 14yo.2015,Dec.6 14:47 [Hi!]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.6 14:47 Sure.
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.6 14:48 Hello!!!!!!!!!
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 14:48 [And kidnapped?]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.6 14:48  Giving Welcome Card (x 1) to Margret  
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.6 14:49 Sure. But I haven't been one it in awhile because I'm nowhere near where Rika and the other people are.
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.6 14:49  Giving Present (x 1) to Rika  
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.6 14:50  Giving Awesome thing (x 1) to Kristine  
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 14:50 [Have you seen the rp Rift? Can you make a profile on it? It's really fun!]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.6 14:51 Wait. But can you do your discriptions???
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.6 14:52 Yeah. I will. I will play once I make an slot.
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 14:53 [Kristine: Brown hair in a bobcut with her bangs held back by a pink, flowery clip, pale skin and purplish-hazel eyes. White blouse with a pink sweater and indigo flats.]
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 14:54 [I used the same description as Haru.]
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 14:55 [I'll only be on this rp.]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.6 14:55 :D
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 14:56  Selling Awesome thing (x 1)  
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 14:56  Using Welcome Card  
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.6 14:57 :D
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.6 15:04 I created my character. :)
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.6 15:14 [GTG. Bye. I will come back in about 20 min.]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.6 15:43 Back!
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.6 15:53 [Me two.]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.6 16:14 Great! Let's wait until Caprial joins, (because she said she would) and then we can start.
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.6 16:15 Great! Let's wait until Caprial joins, (because she said she would) and then we can start.
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.6 16:33 *Sigh* Double post.
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.8 20:08 (Numi: died when she was 14 in the manor she has brown hair and palish skin she is see through she is usually wearing nice blue dress sometimes she switches between dresses from her diffrent memory dosent like people staying were she lives)
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.8 20:09 (she feels responsable to take care of the house even though she knows the rest of her family is dead to she dosent want anyone to ruin it in case her family comes back at night she cries sometimes beacause she is lonely)
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.8 20:10 (btw thanks for waiting for me :3 )
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.9 04:43 (so we still waiting for more people?)
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.9 13:24  Giving Welcome Card (x 1) to Elizabeth  Not, really. Should we start on Saturday??
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.9 19:28 (well if we have all the people we need ehy would we need to wait til saturday? thats just my opinion its your rp you can start it whenever)
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.9 23:38 Well, I guess, but I want to make sure that everyone is here, when we start.
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.11 00:30 So, should we start on Saturday?
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.11 21:40 (sure why not?)
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.11 23:10 Great! I'm free any time to start. You?
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 09:50 [Edward is the father has dark hair and light skin. He wears shirts and calico/khaki pants with ties.]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 13:41 Great! When/If anyone get's on, we will start RPing!
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 14:42 10:00 A.M E.T maybe??
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:06 Welcome to The Manor! It will start in 5 seconds!
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:07 5!
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:07 4!
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:07 3!
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:07 2!
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:07 1!
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:07 0!
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:08 The Manor will start right now!
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:10 [Still here?]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:12 *A family lives in a small, black house.*
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:12 [Yes!]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:14 [Are you?]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:15 [Stop leaving me!!!]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:17 *Looks outside**Yells* MAIL IS HERE!
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:18 [Back!]
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:18 [Still here?]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:18 [Yay!]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:19 [To RPing we go!]
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:19 [Can you go on rift?]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:20 [I will try. I'm wrapping Chistmas presents.]
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 18:21 Yes, dear. Let's look at what we got today. Kristine come here.
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 18:22 KRISTINE! Please come here.
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:22 Coming! *comes downstairs*
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 18:24 Now that you are here, we shall look at the mail.
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:26 Why are you talking really fancy? It's the 21st century!
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 18:27 [It's the 1930's.]
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:27 [Can we also go on Summer--The One That Got Away?]
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 18:27 [I will talk less fancy, though.]
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 18:28 [Sure!]
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:28 [Oh. Can we not talk all fancy?]
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:31 [Brb]
7>Rika (Child), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 18:31 [So we're gonna talk normal?
7>Rika (Child), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 18:31 [*]]
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 18:32 [OK. I need to keep wrapping anyway.]
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:32 [Back!]
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 18:32 [Hey! Yep we are.]
7>Rika (Child), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 18:32 [And people in the 1930s didn't talk like 'now that u r here, we shall open the mail'.]
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:33 [Can you be all scared about my storm?]
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:33 [Oops]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:33 [They didn't.]
7>Rika (Child), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 18:33 [they talked similar to how we talk today, but a bit different.]
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:33 [Can you go on rift?]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:34 What's inside the mail today??
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:34 [Can you go on rift?]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:34 [Sure! ]
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:34 [Can you go on rift?]
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:34 [Yes!]
7>Rika (Child), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 18:36 Hey, Mom, I heard at school that there are these fancy new television gadgets. Yes, I know we can't afford it, but I just wanted to tell you.
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:37 *I find a large package addressed to me* Oo!
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:38 [Why is no one on rift?]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:38 Well, what does it do Rika??
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:39 [Sorry!]
7>Rika (Child), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 18:39 [I don't think that they're together.]
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:39 How do I open this?
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 18:40 *Ignores Rika doesn't like how they are poor*
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:40 [No, we're together!]
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 18:40 [Whos together???]
7>Rika (Child), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 18:41 It's like a box with a glass sheet in front that picks up signal things and shows entertaining moving pictures.
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 18:41 [*'s]
7>Rika (Child), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 18:41 [I don't think that Mary and the family are together.]
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:41 [All of us!]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:41 Sounds cool!
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2015,Dec.12 18:42 [Mary's part of the family.]
7>Rika (Child), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 18:42 [how do you know, Kalista?]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:42 [The family is together.]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 18:43 [What do you mean by " Mary's part of the family"???]
7>Rika (Child), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 18:43 [Is Mary part of the family?]
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 18:48 Well, there is a letter addressed to you and your father! It's from your father!
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 18:48 [Yes, she is.]
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 18:51 *It's from the wil organization!*
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 18:51 *l
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 18:54 Yes dear, Mary was adopted by us.
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 18:56 Maggie, let's talk privately. This is about the children.
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 18:57 [No. Mary is part of the family.]
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.12 18:58 ( That's what I said)
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.12 18:59 Mommy, can I get a telephone with wires
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.12 18:59 ( hey I have charge my iPad so i'll be back in
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.12 19:00 Thirty minutes, please stay)
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 19:00 Okay, then. * Starts walking.*
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 19:00 Okay I will.
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.12 19:02 I might come back VERY soon!!!!!!
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 19:09 [Great!!]
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 19:14 [Euodia, I forgot to say hello. So HELLO!!!]
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 19:32 [Still here??]
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 19:33 Well Edward, what is it??
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 19:34 (hi im here)
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 19:36 (so wait is this in the past before Elizabeth died?)
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 19:37 [BRB 15 min, hey Caprial!!]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 19:39 Back!
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 19:40 (hi)
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 19:40 [Oh Caprial, well, if Elizabeth recently died, then yes, it is. But they are about to move to The Manor.]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 19:41 (i just woke up a few mins ago btw so excuse me if i make a few spelling errors my fingers dont move as smothly in the morning)
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 19:41 [Hello!]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 19:42 (oh if its before they moved to the mannor she is alive beacause she died in the mannor)
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 19:43 *runs into the room* Mother! Look! i saved up all my money and bought this beautiful blue dress! isn't it lovely?!
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 19:45 *folds it up gently and puts it back in the box that it was bought in* im going to save it for a special occasion
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 19:48 [It's okay. I don't rea
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 19:48 Ally care.]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 19:48 (k)
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 19:50 I can't belive we are moving into a manor! its going to be amazing! manors are so big!
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 19:56 people will definitly start loooking at us diffrently if we walk out of a manor every day
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 20:36 Meanwhile...
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 20:36 What is it, dear??
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 20:38 Oh, and here is a letter I got in the mail, I think it is for you. *Giving him the letter.*
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 20:57 Hmm.
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 21:01 [Hello!]
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 21:01 Do you want me to read it??
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2015,Dec.12 21:04 *Coming inside the small house.* I'm home!!
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2015,Dec.12 21:06 Mother?? Father?? Where are you??
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 21:06 In a minute Robert. Your father and I are talking.
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2015,Dec.12 21:07 Okay then.
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2015,Dec.12 21:07 *Putting bags on the floor.*
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 21:09 I just got the mail, want to see it???
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 21:11 *See's Robert.*
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2015,Dec.12 21:12 Sure! *Taking the mail pile.*
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2015,Dec.12 21:14 *Look's at the mail.*
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2015,Dec.12 21:46 *Starts reading some sience- fiction magazine.*
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.12 21:47 Well, I've been waiting forever to hear your news. What is it??
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 22:23 Kristine! Rika! Mizuki! Where are you??
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.12 22:24 [Forget I said that.]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.13 01:28 (oh and btw tv was not invented till the 1950's)
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.13 13:38 [We all know that.]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.13 15:01 So Kristine, what is in your package???
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.17 20:14 *smiles*
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 14:02 [Hey Caprial, is it okay if Margret is your mom too, besides the children's mother. They will be two different moms, though.]
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.19 14:28 (Katie likes to act like a princess, she have long blond hair and blue eyes, she loves cake, she will be the only one who'll be able to see the ghost)
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.19 14:30 *comes downstairs* good morning dady good morning momy and others! what will we have for brekfest?
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.19 16:33 [Welcome!]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.19 16:35 [Also, everyone will be able to see the shadows of the ghost.]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.19 16:36 [Could you put
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.19 16:37 [Could you please say what your character wears, what they like, etc?]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.19 16:37 [Glad you joined!]
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 16:39 Good morning Princess! Your father and I are talking it is very important.
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 16:42 [You also joined a few minutes ago!]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.19 16:43  Giving Welcome Card (x 1) to Elizabeth  
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.19 16:43  Giving Welcome Card (x 1) to princess  
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.19 16:50 (she usually wears a dress like princess, she likes pupies)
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.19 16:51 ok I will wait you in the kitchen
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.19 16:55 Hey! Katie!
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.19 16:58 [Still here?]
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.19 16:58 hey :)
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.19 17:01 [yes]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.19 17:04 [Cool.]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.19 17:29 What are you having for breakfast?
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.19 17:29 I'm having toast.
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.19 17:34 [Happy Birthday Cindy!]
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.19 17:37 can you make some for me too please?
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.19 17:37 [thanks! ^^]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.19 17:40 Sure! *Start's making toast*
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.19 17:41 [@Everyone: Try to remember, that this family doesn't have a lot of money.]
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.19 17:49 thank you
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.19 17:50 thank you
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.19 17:53 Your welcome! *Giving Katie the plate.*
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.19 18:01 ^_^
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.19 18:15 *smiles, eats the toast* it's yumy! ^^
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 18:19 Honey, please read the letter.
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 18:20 Princess, please go up and bring me my money bag. I need to give your mother some money.
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 18:23 Well, *Starts reading it.*
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 18:23 WHAT!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 18:26 Edward, look! Look what it says! It absolutely can't be for us!
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 18:31 *Showing him the letter.*
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 18:33 See??
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 18:38 *Panting*
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 18:49 A Manor?? That's crazy!
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.19 19:07 *brings dady his money bag*
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.19 19:08 is something wrong?
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 19:12 *Tries to look nice.* No. Nothing is wrong.
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.19 19:13 hm... ok
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 19:14 *Takes the money bag and gives it to Edward.*
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.19 19:14 can I go play outside?
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2015,Dec.19 19:15 What happened??
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2015,Dec.19 19:15 With whom?
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 19:16 Whith whom?
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 19:17 *Wih
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 19:18 *With
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 19:18 Are you going to go with?
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 19:22 Yes. You may go outside.
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.19 19:23 ok *goes outside*
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2015,Dec.19 19:24 *Runs to Princess.* What happened??
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.19 19:26 I don't know... she read a letter
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.19 19:27 I know!
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.19 19:27 She was looking at it when we were opening the mail!
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.19 19:28 It said it was from the death service.
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2015,Dec.19 19:29 Hmmmmm......
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.19 19:30 I heard momy sed Manor or something like that..
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2015,Dec.19 19:31 No idea.
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.19 19:31 Me either.
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 19:33 (i got to catch up)
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.19 19:34 [Hey Caprial!]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 19:34 (and yes margret can be her mom who is Elizabeth related to?)
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.19 19:34 [Glad you came!]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.19 19:35 [I'm clueless. 0-0]
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 19:36 Meanwhile, at The Manor.......
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 19:36 (k im all caught up on the reading part)
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 19:37 (wait am i dead allready or am i still alive? idc eaiter way i just wanna know)
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 19:37 [This will be the part where Margret, Elizabeth's mom dies. OK?]
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 19:38 [Still alive, but your mom is about to die.]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 19:38 (k is she sick or freak accident?)
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 19:38 [Freak accident.]
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 19:39 Well Elizabeth, I better go make dinner. *Walks down stairs.*
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 19:40 AhHHHH!!!!!!!!!
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 19:40 *TripsI*
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 19:41 !!!!!!!
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 19:41 Mom!! *rushes ove to her*
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 19:41 Father! Father Quick Someone fetch the doctor! hurry!!!
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 19:42 *Note: That this Margret is Elizabeth's mom. NOT Mary's mother.*
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 19:42 Robert! Princess Someone!!!
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 19:43 *Holds Elizabeth's hands tight.* I love so much, Elizabeth.
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 19:43 *is in tears* hey its ok
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 19:43 we.. were going find help its going to be ok
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 19:44 *Elizabeth is not in their family*
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 19:44 *Dies.*
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 19:44 Please! dont.. don't leave me please!
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 19:45 *Whispers* Bye.
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 19:45 *cries* Mom.. wake up please mom please...
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 19:45 (im assuming She died in the mannor beacause that is the only stair case big enough to kill someone unless her mom was like 90)
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 19:46 Note: Margret, Elizabeth's mom will not became a ghost because she did not die in the Manor.
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 19:47 [I will have to create a new character then.]
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 19:48 [Cindy? Still here?]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 19:48 (oh ok so not in the manner ok just concreate at the bottom of the stairs that would do it on any stair case)
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 19:49 (oh btw im on evacuee story as well)
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 19:49 [Yeah! Let's pretend that happened.]
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 19:50 [Cool! I will go there.]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 19:53 (k)
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.19 19:53 [yes here]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 19:55 (yay!)
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 19:57 *is in tears Runs to the Manor which they moved out of to give to a family who needed it more*
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 19:58 *runs up the stairs to the balcony that overhangs the living room In a fit of tears she jumps off and dies*
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.19 19:58 [wait what do I have to do?]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 20:00 (um idk)
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.19 20:00 So want to play outside??
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.19 20:00 yes yes
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 20:01 *wakes up a few seconds later as a ghost* NO! I was saposed to die im ment to be dead!
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.19 20:02 [Everyone, what just happened about Elizabeth was the past. Her mom, left the will and now the family is about to find out that they are going to live in a Manor!]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 20:02 Wait dose that mean my mom is a ghost to?! *floats to the door but cant leave the manor* no no no! *screams* I want to find my mom! *kicks a wall but her leg floats through it*
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 20:04 *starts moving objects around in the house so it was exactly the way it was before mother died* there perfect
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 20:05 *goes upstairs and float sleeps above her old bed wont wake up unless someone enters the manor*
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2015,Dec.19 20:06 I will go outside too!
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 20:07 (so if that stuff is in the past what year is it now?)
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2015,Dec.19 20:08 [That was in 1931 now it is 1935.]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 20:09 (ok so not much diffrent ok)
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2015,Dec.19 20:10 [Yeah. Not much of a difference.]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 20:11 (kk)
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.19 20:14 (what time of year is now?)
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2015,Dec.19 20:18 [No idea. O_0]'
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2015,Dec.19 20:19 [It's what you want it to be!]
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 20:24 Kids, don't worry everything is alright. *faints*
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2015,Dec.19 20:27 What?! * Gets Edward up.*
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 20:28 What! Dear me.... No! * Lifts Edward up.*
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 20:30 Well, should we tell them??
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.19 20:32 (if it's winter I wanted to sing "do you want to build a snowman?" :D)
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.19 20:33 [:D That would be funny.]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.19 20:38 *is still asleep in the manor*
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.19 20:45 (so it's winter?)
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.20 00:03 [Yeah. I guess so.]
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.20 15:06 I just had the strangest dream that we had been asked to go and live in A Manor.
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.20 15:07 Is that what was in the letter?
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.20 16:34 what is Manor dady?
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.20 19:38 Ask mummy
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.20 20:15 No Edward, it's real! We are to live in a Manor! *Panicking*
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.20 20:30 And Princess, a Manor is basically a big house, with fancy things inside.
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.20 20:52 wow.. great
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.20 20:56 Yeah!
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.20 21:14 should I pack my bag? I don't know how to do it....
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.21 00:25 *drools extoplasium onto the pillow*
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.21 14:36 I think I know how. But I never tried it.
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.21 14:38 But, we don't have any bags!
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.21 14:47 We'll just use some bags I found over the years.
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.21 14:50 I will take my tedy bear *goes to her room*
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.21 14:55 *comes back* when will we go?
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.21 14:57 Well, Edward what do you think?
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.21 15:25 For now, you children, you all may go and pack up.
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.21 15:29 Okay.
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2015,Dec.21 15:29 Okay.
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2015,Dec.21 15:38 *Both start packing up*
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.21 15:39 I don't know what should I pack...
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.21 15:43 Me either. I really don't own anything but two dresses and doll, that mother sewed me. I guess I'll pack those things.
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.21 15:44 yes me too I gues...
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2015,Dec.21 15:45 Me three!
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.21 16:06 *packs her things* I think I'm ready, well wasn't much pack so
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.21 16:06 when will we go?
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.21 18:40 *packs*
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.21 18:41 In the evening we will go.
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.21 18:42  Buying New Dress (x 8)  All of you will get a new dress to pack.
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.21 18:44  Giving New Dress (x 1) to Mary  
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.21 18:44 Thank you father!
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.21 18:44  Giving New Dress (x 1) to Amber  
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.21 18:44 [Hello! Are you still here?]
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.21 18:44  Giving New Dress (x 1) to Kristine  
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.21 18:45 (Yes)
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.21 18:45  Giving New Dress (x 1) to Robert  
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.21 18:45  Giving New Dress (x 1) to Rika  
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.21 18:45 [Does Robert want a dress?]
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.21 18:46  Giving New Dress (x 1) to Ryo  
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.21 18:46 ( his own is a shirt and pants)
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.21 18:46 [OK.]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.21 18:48  Giving New boy clothing (x 1) to Robert  
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.21 18:48  Giving New boy clothing (x 1) to Ryo  
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.21 18:51  Giving New boy clothing (x 1) to Edward  
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.21 18:52 Edward, are you to pack?
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.21 18:54  Giving New Dress (x 1) to Mizuki  
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.21 18:54 Yes
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.21 18:54  Buying Flowers (x 1)  
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.21 18:55  Giving Flowers (x 1) to Margret  For you dear
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.21 18:55 For you dear
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.21 18:56 Thank you! *Taking flowers*
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.21 18:57 (Gtg offline, be back soon)
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.21 18:59 [Bye! How long should I wait?]
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.21 19:04 [hi]
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.21 19:04 [thirty minutes]
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.21 19:23 [are u back]
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.21 19:36 [will I get a dress?]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.21 19:42 [I'm here!]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.21 19:42  Giving New Dress (x 1) to princess  
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.21 19:46 *Starts packing*
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.21 19:46 yay a new dress! ^^ thank you!
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.21 19:50 Your welcome, Princess.
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.21 19:56 *goes to her room to dress up the new dress...*
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.21 20:00 *comes back*
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.22 01:08 (name-Emmerick Cross. Age-17, a lone run-away child looking for a resting place when he arrived at the Manor. Blonde with green eyes and tall, he is extremely good looking, so much people stare. very well dressed for a "runaway", except for a bloodstain
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.22 01:11 on his sleeve. He has very pale skin, and hates being touched. he knows when people are coming and is near impossible to sneak up on. he is quiet and will turn the tables, sneaking up on you. he talks in a quiet voice, has not been seen eating, and
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.22 01:12 seems to disappear when you turn away from him.)
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.22 01:15 *walks up towards manor door**knocks loudly three times* *sings a song quietly while he waits*♪Snow falls ever gently, yet across the room, my lover awaits her doom....♪
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:16 (hi are you still here?)
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.22 01:16 [Yeah I am.]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.22 01:16  Giving Welcome Card (x 1) to Emmerick  [Welcome!]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:17 (cool)
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.22 01:17 [Are you?]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.22 01:18 [NVM.]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:18 *wakes up looks out the window to see Emmerick*
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.22 01:18 [Do you want to play on Evacuee Story or here?]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:19 (um curently im on both but id rather be here but i could do any of them)
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:20 *floats down the stairs then remembers she cant open the door or leave the building* Ugh!
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.22 01:21 [Yeah I'm with both.]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:22 (k)
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:23 Thanks for waking me up! NOT!
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.22 01:24 [BRB.]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:26 (K)
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.22 01:26 (here)
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:28 *goes to the cuppoard and picks up a cup puts wather in it trys to drink it but it just floats through and falls on the floor* dang it! *puts the cup back* dumb water..
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.22 01:28  Using Welcome Card  
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:28 (Yay!)
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:28 (oh btw only certain people can see and here me are you one of those people?)
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.22 01:30 *humming*
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.22 01:30 (yes)
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:31 *looks out the window* Ugh he is still there... I CANT OPEN THE DOOR!
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.22 01:31 *tries handle and door opens*
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:32 but im a ghost so he probably cant hear me.
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.22 01:32 *sees Elizabeth* Pardon me for barging in.
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.22 01:34 *bows* My name is Emmerick Cross.
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:34 *glares at Emmerick* why are you here what do you want?
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.22 01:36 (btw Emmerick can hear, see, and touch ghosts for special reasons to be revealed later:))
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.22 01:37 *rises* i was hoping to find a place to rest, as i have no home anymore.
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:38 if you dont leave you might get framed for my death
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:38 and i dont want you touching anything eather!
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.22 01:38 *looks around manor* May i stay? i assure you i mean no harm. My only intentions are to find a resting place. i will help around here if needed.
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.22 01:42 *hums and grins*
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:42 *points* my body is over there dont touch it! and put everything back exactly as you found it or else
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 01:51 I dont think i want you staying here
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.22 02:59 But, you see, i have a welcome card. *hums loudly, losing his smile, then sings* ♪Copper boat on a crystal lake, *gets close to Elizabeths face* dancing 'round your words for my own sake♪
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.22 03:00 *backs away, and walks out of view of Elizabeth* So i may stay?
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 03:05 No
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 03:10 I dont except Welcome cards go away
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.22 15:13 Kids can we go now
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.22 15:16 yes!
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.22 15:20 Princy, go and get mummy's bag for her.
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.22 15:20 I can..
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.22 15:21 ok
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.22 15:21 *gets the bag*
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.22 15:22 here *gives it to mummy*
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.22 15:26 Sit in the station wagon
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.22 15:29 ok
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.22 15:33 ( hi)
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.22 15:33 (hi)
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.22 15:44 ( are u there)
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.22 15:48 (yes)
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.22 15:56 ( okay)
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.22 18:46 Thank you. *Takes the bag* AMBER! MARY! KRISTINE! MIZUKI! RIKA! ROBERT! The station wagon is waiting! Please, I don't want to be late.
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.22 18:53 Coming!
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2015,Dec.22 18:55 Me too!
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.22 19:09 RYO! HURRY UP!
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.22 19:56 Fine but stay in the basement you can keep the basement the basement is yours *floats back to her room and sits on her bed*
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.22 22:21 [Ryo isn't in the family.]
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.23 02:55 *hums and walks towards basement*
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.23 18:13 Coming, father!*takes her bag and rans to the station wagon* Here father.
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.23 19:10 everyone here? let's go! yay! *happy*
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.23 20:19 No, its left with Kristine, Rika and Mizuki.
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.23 20:22 oh...
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.23 20:32  Buying Present (x 1)  Don't look sad.
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.23 20:32  Giving Present (x 1) to princess  Here take.
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.23 20:33 [Hi!]
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.23 20:33 [hey]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.23 20:34 [I'm thinking about deleting Mizuki, Kristine and Rika, they need to come here more often.]
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.23 20:35 [have you asked Felicity?]
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.23 20:36 [do you know omegle?]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.23 20:37 [I will ask her later.]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.23 20:37 [No. What is it?]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.23 20:40 [Still here?]
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.23 20:40 [yes]
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.23 20:42 [gtg]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.23 20:42 [Cool.]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.23 20:43 [Bye! Merry Chirstmas!]
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2015,Dec.23 20:52 ( hey)
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.23 20:54 (hi)
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.23 20:58 *takes the present* whats in it? *smiles*
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.23 20:59 *floats around the mannor* I am sooo bord! UGH!
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.23 21:07 is there hm... candys?
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.23 21:09 * floats upside down* UGH!
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.23 23:14 *walks around manor and bumps into Princess**stops humming and tries to walk away fast*
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.23 23:17 [um... I think we are still waiting for someone at our old home..]
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.24 10:38 ( we are at the old home)
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.24 16:01 [We are.]
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.24 16:50 [what is in my present dad?]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.24 19:21 *wanders over to Emmerick* Im bored!
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.24 20:33 (ignore me bumping in then lol)
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.24 20:35 *goes into tiny bag and pulls out a full sized bass and a violin, hands Elizabeth the violin, which she can hold despite being a ghost for some secret reason*
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.24 20:36 My grandfather gave me these instruments. You don't need to know how to play, they play you
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.24 20:37 [Hi!]
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.24 20:55 [princess its candy]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.24 20:57 [Hi! Still here?]
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2015,Dec.24 21:40 [yes]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.24 22:04 I know how to play the violin *starts playing it* Haha! yes! most things i can't hold but i can hold this!
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.25 12:56 *opens the present* yay it is candys! thanks dad.. sso when will we go?
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.25 13:06 *eating candys* (*eating candys in real life*)
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.25 13:07 anybody want a candy? *gives them to other kids*
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.25 23:36 *plucks the strings, then moves bow across them as they are out of tune*
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.25 23:37 *singing* So, my dear, who lives here?
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.26 20:15 Thank you. *Takes candy*
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2015,Dec.26 20:30 Edward, how did you get the money for such a thing? *Is joking, and everyone can tell that.* You know they don't deserve such a thing!
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2015,Dec.26 20:31 Yum! *Takes candy, and eats it all*
3>Misty (Ghost), 200yo.2015,Dec.26 20:35 [I decided to create a big bad ghost.]
3>Misty (Ghost), 200yo.2015,Dec.26 20:38 [Misty: Backstory: Misty has been living in The Manor for over 200 years. She was the first to die too. She will be unknown until one of the last parts of this RP. ]
3>Misty (Ghost), 200yo.2015,Dec.26 20:40 [She used to have curly red hair, and brown eyes. She died from a awful sickness.]
3>Misty (Ghost), 200yo.2015,Dec.26 20:41 [She used to be hyper, smart and a person everyone woulld want to meet. Then, she became a ghost.]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.26 21:24 I think its just me
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.26 23:50 momy will we be there soon?
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.26 23:52 [ok ghost but why Katie will see only Elizabeth?]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.27 14:16 [Everyone can see Misty, when they find her.]
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.27 23:34 [oh.... ok]
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.28 00:07 SPOILERS(Emmerick is really a ghost who died a little more than 170 years ago. He was shot in the chest trying to protect a slave and tried covering it with his arm which is why he has a bloodstain on himself. Please avoid touching him until he reveals he
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.28 00:08 Is a ghost so you won't ruin his surprise)
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.28 15:59 [OK! He will be the second generation that lived in The Manor.]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.28 16:00  Giving New boy clothing (x 1) to Emmerick  
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.28 16:04 [I knew it! I knew you are ghost! that's why I like you ^^]
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.28 16:04 [I mean your character..]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2015,Dec.28 18:38 [Cindy, are you still on?]
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2015,Dec.28 21:02 [I am now]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.29 00:54 UGH! its so boring here there is nothing to do!
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.30 22:46 *tapsElizabeth on the shoulder*(which is weird since no one should be able to touch her since she's a ghost but shhhhhhhh) Do I have to wear these clothes?
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.30 22:50 I REALLY prefer my own. They are not soiled, they smell good.*suddenly the room smells like vanilla and roasted peanuts*
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2015,Dec.30 22:53 *taps foot, looking over shoulder* Well, come down to the basement when you decide whether I must wear these or not. *jumps off railing and lands balanced on the floor below, walks to basement and begins playing a piano that was not there before*
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2015,Dec.31 02:13 *goes to the basement* I dont care what you wear!
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.1 14:23 [I dont want to wait anymore]
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.1 14:23 *we have finaly arrived to Manor*
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.1 14:24 yay we're here! ^^
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2016,Jan.1 18:08 Please take the bags inside the house.
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Jan.1 20:02 Someone is in the manor! *goes upstairs looks at Edward* Get out!, Hey dont ignore me that is rude! hey are you even listening?!
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,Jan.1 21:29 [Can the others see the ghosts/VisitorGhost?]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,Jan.1 21:34 [I thought they would find the ghost later, when they got there, but it's your decision😊😊😊]
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.1 23:08 [everyone can see shadows but only I can see Elizabet so it's like: what are you talking to? :D ok yeah but hm... wait there is Emmerick too..... ok I see all ghosts but you shadows and as you sed we all will see Misty at the end...]
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.1 23:11 *takes other bags and goes to dad* *sees Elizabet, but too confused so tries to act like she's not there* um... here is other bags dad *gives him the bags*
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.1 23:14 *fast goes out of that room* *sights*
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.1 23:15 *thinks: who is she? :|*
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Jan.2 20:41 *is mad goes into the kitchen grabs a glass from the coubord and fills in with water starts dumping water onto the kitchen floor*
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.2 22:09 *follows hiding behind things* *then comes out* *asks silently* hello.. who are you?
7>Rika (Child), 14yo.2016,Jan.2 22:12 *blows a bubblegum bubble[bubblegum existed back then]*
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2016,Jan.2 22:43 (Everyone can see, hear, smell, whatever me just don't touch me)
14>Emmerick (Guest(????)), 17yo.2016,Jan.2 22:44 (Plays Tchaikovsky's 1812 overture)
7>Rika (Child), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 00:09 [Can I have a summary?]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,Jan.3 00:39 [I was about to delete your slot, glad I can't! They are just moving into The Manor.]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 03:43 I live here and you guys are invading my space and ignoring me Get out of my Manor!
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Jan.3 03:48 and take the others with you!
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2016,Jan.3 13:49 [ Noone can see Elisabeth, she is supposed to scare us and try to make us leave.]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,Jan.3 13:55 [That's what I thought!]
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2016,Jan.3 15:01 [Princess you can't see Elisabeth!]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,Jan.3 15:44 [Yes she can, but she/the whole family hasn't found the ghost/visitor yet.]
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2016,Jan.3 15:47 [Don't let her see the ghost]
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2016,Jan.3 15:47 [ i mean elisabeth]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,Jan.3 16:15 [OK.]
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.3 19:19 [I can see ghosts (in this game)]
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.3 19:20 sorry we can't leave...
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,Jan.3 19:24 [I'm getting confused, I thought they didn't meet anyone yet.]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,Jan.3 19:25 [Yeah, you would be a ghost if you saw ghost's in real life..... XD]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,Jan.3 19:26 [GTG! *offline*]
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.3 19:27 [kay]
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2016,Jan.3 20:35 ( no Princess you can't see her)
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,Jan.3 21:07 [Yes, she can. We all can, but when we find them.]
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2016,Jan.3 22:15 [okay but Princess hasn't seen her yet, we are still outside removing the bags!]
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.3 22:21 [no you are upstairs and I am in kitchen with Elizabet...]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Jan.4 05:24 (im confused im just going to just be in the kitchen with Princess because even if she dose see me no one will belive her beacause she is 7!)
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Jan.4 05:24 Why not?! you have legs use them and get out! now! go! see you never now LEAVE!
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2016,Jan.4 10:34 [NO PRINCESS, EVERYONE HASN'T YET COME OUT !!!!!!!!!!]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Jan.4 18:26 ( im confused @_@ what is going on?! who is were doing what?!)
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.4 19:27 [wow calm down Euodia... it is like that and you can't change it so play as it is please...]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Jan.4 19:29 (yes please stop power playing)
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.4 19:30 (and yes Caprial we are at kitchen and they won't believe me so you are right :)]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Jan.4 19:31 (ok)
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Jan.4 19:31 go on run back to were ever you came from go!
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Jan.4 19:32 (and btw Cindy im also on the horibly amazing world rp)
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.4 19:32 *runs outside the Manor where mom still is* MOoM! there is someone and she's angry!
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.4 19:33 (ok I'll go there)
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Jan.4 19:33 *smiles with her arms crossed in the kitchen*
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,Jan.5 00:47 [Wait. I thought they haven't found the ghost's yet.]
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.5 19:56 [princess can see them, but others don't believe her]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,Jan.8 01:06 [Yeah! But have they found Elizabeth yet? I sure hope not.]
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.8 12:00 [I have... others don't see her yet..]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,Jan.9 14:56 [Wait. Whaa?]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,Jan.9 19:42  Secret message to Elizabeth  
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,Jan.9 19:42 [Can we pretend that they haven't found the ghosts yet?]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,Jan.9 19:54 [Is Caprial ever going to come?]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,Jan.9 19:57 [C'mon!]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 21:19 (hi sorry about that)
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 21:20 (and yeah i will)
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2016,Jan.9 21:24 [hi]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,Jan.9 23:17 It's fine! Hi Euodia!
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.9 23:18 [so what now?]
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Jan.9 23:32 *stays in the kitchen and continues to dump water onto the floor*
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.9 23:55 [will mom say something?]
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2016,Jan.10 11:02 *enters kitchen* DAD!!! I think Princess has poured water on the floor!
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2016,Jan.10 11:04 *comes into kitchen* Now what? *looks at water* Princess! Did you do this?!
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2016,Jan.10 15:15 This wasn't a funny joke Princess!
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 16:19 Hey! she didnt do it i did! look at me hey! stop ignoring me!
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2016,Jan.10 16:22 Princess tell the truth.
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2016,Jan.10 16:22 Did you do it?
7>Rika (Child), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 16:28 [Hi!]
7>Rika (Child), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 16:28 [Nvm.]
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2016,Jan.10 16:38 [hi]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,Jan.10 16:39 Hi!!!! I really hope you are still here!
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,Jan.10 16:40  Secret message to Amber  
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,Jan.10 16:42 [Wait. Euodia came. Caprial came. Felicity came. ALL WHEN I WAS GETTING A VISA TO MOVE!!!!!]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,Jan.10 16:42 [Stupid Visa.]
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.10 18:53 :( ..... yes I did it... sorry
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2016,Jan.10 18:58 Go get a mop and cleanup now!!!
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2016,Jan.10 18:59 Dad will be mad!!!
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.10 19:14 ok... *cleaning*
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.10 19:24 *looks up to Elizabet, asks in a calm voice* why did'nt they see you?...
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.10 19:29  Secret message to Elizabeth  
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Jan.13 20:33  Secret message to princess  
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Jan.13 20:35 maybe its because im dead oh by the way dont open the closet in the basement my body is in there and Why did you take the blame! i was doing that so they knew i was here
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Jan.13 20:37 *opens the fridge and grabs the ketchup* now I need to go write with this on the wall and Dont take the blame for it! *floats upstairs writes on the parents wall with Ketchup the words "Get Out!"*
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Jan.13 20:38 *throws the ketchup bottle out the window*
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.14 14:47 okay... *goes outside*
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.14 14:47 *siting in the garden*
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Jan.15 03:51 *waits in the room for Edward or someone to see the ketchup message on the wall*
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2016,Jan.18 15:56 *Goes inside The Manor.* Wow. *Looks around* Why, it looks marvelous!
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2016,Jan.18 15:57 Now, well, it needs to be cleaned up, but it's fine for a little while.
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2016,Jan.18 15:59 Now, where did Mizuki, Rika, Kristine, Amber, Robert, Princess and Mary go?
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2016,Jan.18 16:02 *Mumbles* Thoose rambunctious kids! *Yells* ROBERT! MARY! PRINCESS! KRISTINE! RIKA! MIZUKI! Where are you?
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2016,Jan.18 16:05 *Goes inside and puts his trunk on the floor.* Sorry mother, I was getting some things in.
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2016,Jan.18 16:07 It's OK. I was just a little worried. I didn't want you to get lost in this huge Manor!
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2016,Jan.18 16:08 *Smiles*
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2016,Jan.18 16:09 We need to go find your sisters! Come along! *Runs slowly.*
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2016,Jan.18 16:41 Robert, I think I hear your father calling you. Could you help him? I promise I will find your sisters.
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2016,Jan.18 16:42 Where could they be?
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2016,Jan.18 16:43 OK. I will help father with the trunks.
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2016,Jan.18 16:48 Let's see if anyone is in the garden. *Walks to the garden.*
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2016,Jan.18 17:05 Let's see if anyone is in the garden. *Walks to the garden.*
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.19 15:16 *sees mom* hello mom...
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2016,Jan.20 06:38 Ah! There you are son. I need you tohelp me move these trunks. I'm it's your mother's clothes. She has so many!*laughs*
2>Amber (Eldest Sister), 16yo.2016,Jan.20 06:38 Yes mom.
6>Robert (Kid), 12yo.2016,Jan.20 13:11 Yes father! *Takes the trunk and brings it inside.*
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2016,Jan.20 13:14 Isn't this place wonderful! *Looks at Princesses somewhat sad face.* What's wrong?
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2016,Jan.20 14:08 Isn't this place wonderful! *Looks at Princesses somewhat sad face.* What's wrong?
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.20 15:06 yes it surely is wonderful.. but... well you won't believe me but here really is someone.. who want us to get out...
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.20 15:10 and I want you to know that I didn't pour that water on floor... it was her...
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2016,Jan.20 23:32 Oh really? Who is this person?
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2016,Jan.21 00:11 Oh really? Who is this person?
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.21 19:01 um...
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.21 19:01 ...
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.21 19:01 ghost...
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.21 19:02 ...
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Jan.24 05:43 *goes behind Margret pours a cup of water on her then drops the glass on her head*
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.24 11:44 *laughs a little* *but gets back serious fast* sorry..
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2016,Jan.24 14:01 Ghost?!? Princess, please tell me that this is a silly joke of yours.
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2016,Jan.24 14:04 *The cold water rushes down her spine.* PRINCESS! Do you have any idea who did that! If not, I'd say that this is one of the baddest things you have done to me! Tell me.
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.24 20:26 it's her! ghost. she tries everything to get us away
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.24 22:04 and how could I pour that water on you if I'm here and you don't see her... she's right behind you... if you don't believe me than... I'll go to my room and never talk about ghosts anymore... and if you still don't believe... I don't know what is in her p
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.24 22:07 power to do... *walks away..*
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.24 22:08 (I have no idea what did I just write... :/ :d)
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,Jan.26 02:58 [:P]
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2016,Jan.26 02:59 Please. Please Princess. Please.
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2016,Jan.26 03:00 Ghost.
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Jan.26 07:57 *moves the water droplets in the air in front of Margret to make the word "Yes?"*
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2016,Jan.26 17:58 *Reads the water droplets.* Yes. A ghost.
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Jan.26 21:08 *watching the droplets, thinking, so cool..*
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Jan.27 11:00 *moves the droplets to form the words* "Go away Get out of my Manor"
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2016,Jan.30 03:32 Ghost. This can't be true. I need to alert father.
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2016,Jan.30 04:12 Ghost. This can't be true. I need to alert father.
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Feb.1 10:15 *moves a chair in front of the door to keep her from leaving the room starts laughing* oh man i am enjoying this *while she is talking she acidently takes a form where Margret can see and hear her* i wonder how else i could mess with them
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2016,Feb.6 19:31 ( we are in a garden) *comes* Magaret what is it?
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2016,Feb.7 13:49 *Eyes widen.* *Stambers* Ghost.
16>Edward (Father), 35yo.2016,Feb.7 19:26 Don't be silly. Maggie you know that ghosts aren't real. I'm f I hear you say anything about ghosts you'll see.
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Feb.10 22:42 *goes to the terace overlooking the garden and dumps a pitcher of water on Edward and Margret chuckles to herself and puts the pitcher in Princesses room*
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Feb.15 01:01 heey! I saw you. soo what should I say? why did you put it here? I thought you want them to think it's you not me..
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Feb.15 04:03 Yeah i thought that untl i realised it is really funny when you get in trouble for things I do
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Feb.15 12:15 yea right... it's not funny for me. then I have to say it was you?
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Feb.16 09:08 oh mommy daddy ther is a ghost in the house it is doing bad things not me! Seriously who would belive that? well i know your mother dose but if she keeps telling your father she will end up in a mentel institution
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Feb.17 23:01 okay..
4>Elizabeth (Ghost), 14yo.2016,Feb.18 07:39 Im going to go make you life misrable see ya around! * floats off*
5>Kristine (Family member), 13yo.2016,Feb.19 04:30 [I got a lot to read.]
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Feb.19 14:40 fine! *lays in her bed and reads a book*
17>Margret (Mother), 35yo.2016,Mar.29 14:36 Sweetie, let's go inside and drink some Lemonade, then I shall sew you some new clothing.
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,Mar.29 14:37 *Walks along the river and the countryside* Wow, it's so pretty here. I wish I could stay here forever...
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Apr.16 15:51 [I would like to take them but I will be able to play only on my times but that's okay right? well okay but anyway so what's the password? and which of tge characters was hers? and what is her characters doing right now?)
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,Apr.24 01:45 Cindy, you may take her characters, create them.
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,Apr.27 22:46 [umm can you remind me who was her characters and what was their names and other stuff?..]
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,May.7 14:53 Rika (Child), Ryo (Visitor), and Mizuki. (Child)
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,May.7 14:53 Again, Cindy thank you for taking her characters.
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,May.9 22:57 [np :) hm now how old is Rika and Ryo? actually I can't find Ryo's defination so that means I can create him?]
9>Dring (driver), 9yo.2016,May.11 15:36  Buying Awesome thing (x 1)  
9>Dring (driver), 9yo.2016,May.11 15:36  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
1>Mary (Kid), 10yo.2016,May.14 02:59 [Yes you may. Rika is 14, Ryo is 15, and Mizuki is 15.]
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,May.16 15:38 (I thought Mizuki is 16?)
10>princess (kid), 7yo.2016,May.16 15:57 [and the last question before I create Ryo. were are all of them right now?]
8>Ryo (Visitor), 15yo.2016,May.16 16:01 (blonde hair and brown eyes, wears hmm what was the boy clothing in that time, he's brave and cute x)
12>Sofie (Ghost), 13yo.2018,Jul.26 05:33 (Is anyone still active?)
12>Sofie (Ghost), 13yo.2018,Jul.26 05:41 Backstory:Lived in the manor gor 10 years, and went missing. The body was found by a man, who was murdered a year later. Her ghost haunts the mansion. Her body was found after she killed herself.
20>Hectorni (Ghost), 30yo.2019,Mar.19 21:25 Into about Hectorni: a rather dapper fellow from the year 1900 he was found dead in an alley it was thought that a their killed him as his very large wallet was missing.... But his remaining pocketwatch and tailored suit suggested a different killer...
20>Hectorni (Ghost), 30yo.2019,Mar.19 21:25 He now lives here in search of his brother, robern
20>Hectorni (Ghost), 30yo.2019,Mar.19 21:26 He seeks vengeance on the mysterious force that murdered him he suspects this has something to do with cats and so is very superstitious
20>Hectorni (Ghost), 30yo.2019,Mar.19 21:28 He lives in the attic where he has a good n old record player and armchair along with an extensive collection of charms and herbs to ward of cats and other evil beings.
20>Hectorni (Ghost), 30yo.2019,Mar.19 21:31  Secret message to Emmerick  
20>Hectorni (Ghost), 30yo.2019,Mar.19 21:33  Secret message to Emmerick  
20>Hectorni (Ghost), 30yo.2019,Mar.19 21:33  Secret message to Emmerick  
20>Hectorni (Ghost), 30yo.2019,Mar.19 21:34  Secret message to Emmerick  
19>Kininio (enfant de la famille), 6yo.2022,Jan.28 11:07  Buying Flowers (x 1)  
19>Kininio (enfant de la famille), 6yo.2022,Jan.28 11:07 bonjour
19>Kininio (enfant de la famille), 6yo.2022,Jan.28 11:14 pourriez vous m'expliquer on en est o?
19>Kininio (enfant de la famille), 6yo.2022,Jan.28 11:16 euh.. a joue encore?
19>Kininio (enfant de la famille), 6yo.2022,Jan.28 11:16  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=37  

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